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The Doha DL was an exceptional opening for the Diamond League in 2015.

Pichardo leaps 18.06 meters, photo by
For our SATV+RBR Battle of the Month for May we offer the Battle of the Triple Jump. Teddy Tamgho, Pedro Pichardo and Christian Taylor. 

Pedro Pichardo followed up his brilliant jumping in Cuba with his 18.06 meters, the best jump since 1996 and Kenny Harrison's 18.09 meters! 

Teddy Tamgho gets injured, sadly in the competition, requiring surgery. 

And in round six, Christian Taylor leaps 18.04 meters! 

Christian Taylor responds in 18.04 meters, 
photo by

NEVER, EVER have two men leaped over 18 meters in a event that Sebastian Coe once told Sports Illustrated was the cruelest of events on
an athlete's body. 

For this epic competition, we at RunBlogRun give the Doha DL Triple Jump our May 2015 Epic Battle of the Month! 

The Bowerman Mile, photo by

Nijel Amos and Mo Aman; titanic struggle! photo by

Here is the view of Saturday from Chris Lotsbom of RRW! Great races in middle and long distances! 

Alex Mills raises some good questions. 

Alex Mills has been writing for RunBlogRun for about a year. He joined yours truly in Eugene this year and provided some wonderful columns on the Pre Classic. 

This column is a good one. 

At the Pre Classic, the depth is fascinating and the rivalries are built up, but does the ever changing winners in some events take away from the understanding our sport?

What do you think?

Let us know at [email protected]

We will post some of your thoughtful responses. 

Jenny Simpson wins the Pre 1,500 meters! photo by
Meb Keflezighi, RNR San Diego, photo by

Meb Keflezighi is a complete runner. Honing his skills on the cross country courses in Southern California, then, began to race high school track & field. In college, under the thoughtful eye of Coach Bob Larsen, Meb began to take that high school talent and truly hone it. 

I became a believer when Meb broke Mark Nenow's long standing AR of 27:13.98 in 2001. I was standing in the center of Stanford's grassy field, watching Meb churn out the laps. 

His 2004 Olympic silver medal was won the old fashion way. In absolutely hellacious conditions ( I was there), Meb kept to his plan with Coach Larsen and pursued his dreams through the streets of Athens..

In 2014, Meb Keflezighi gave all of America's running fans what they had desired since 1983-an American win at Boston. 

Now, as the runner looks at Forty, what has changed?

Nothing, as far as I can see....
Mutaz Barshim clears 2.41 meters at Pre, photo by

Renaud Lavillenie clears 6.05 meters at Pre! photo by

I have missed only a couple of Pre's in the past 25 years, and this years version, most appropriately, was all about the excitement of the sport! Here is Alfons Juck's succinct review of each event. 

I will be posting pieces on Friday night and Saturday night today! 

Farah, Kamworor and Tanui battle, photo by

The Friday night at Hayward Field was an addition to the Pre Classic that has taken root and prospered. In 2015, I estimated the crowd at eight thousand fans, loving field and track, or track and field. 

While the fans were there to see Galen and Mo do their thing over 12.5 and 25 laps, they were attentive and responsive to fantastic long jumping from the women, shot putting and discus throwing from the men. 

The race of the night, in my mind, was the 10,000 meters. It may not have been as fast as Mo Farah wanted, but, it was probably the race that he needed before Beijing. Paul Tanui and Geoffrey Kamworor, he of two World XC and World Half marathon titles, tried everything that they could to break him. Mo then controlled the last 1000 meters and when that happens, the party is well, over. 

The 5,000 meters was a fine opening race for Galen Rupp. Yomif Kejelcha, the World Junior champion in Eugene last summer, used a tactic he had tried in Doha nearly two weeks ago. In Doha, he ended fourth, in Eugene, he nailed Galen Rupp, who looks fit, just short of racing (give him a month). 

This night, May 29, 2015, was the actual night, forty years ago, of Steve Prefontaine's last race, a 5000m, where he dueled with Frank Shorter, and went on to win in one of his fastest 5000m times. 

He died in the early minutes of May 30, 1975, in a crash that was first described as a single car accident, but more than likely was due to the young track star trying to avoid a head-on with another automobile. 

In the aftermath, America lost a driving spirit in athletics, before he ever saw his potential. 

That is the tragedy, some forty years later. 

Tanui, Garah, Kamworor dueling, Pre Classic, photo by

The twenty-five laps of the PreClassic 10,000 meters in 2015 saw racing at an entirely new level. I noted before the race that the time would not be screaming fast, as that was not the goal of everyone but Mr. Tanui and Mr. Farah. The rest of the field was there for one reason: beat Mo Farah.

The double double Olympic and World Championship gold medalist has a bulls eye on his back everytime that he races. And Mo knows how to race. In Doha, they caught him at his own game, with a 7 1/2 lap fartlek session, and taking Mo out of his comfort zone. 

My contention stands: the best thing that could have happened for Mo Farah to defend his 10,000 meter title in Beijing was a race such as what happened on this past cool Friday night, when Paul Tanui and Geoffrey Kamworor gave it all they had to get Mo Farah.

And Mo Farah persevered. 

The following is a fine piece by Chris Lotsbom of RRW. 
Tanui, Garah, Kamworor dueling, Pre Classic, photo by

The twenty-five laps of the PreClassic 10,000 meters in 2015 saw racing at an entirely new level. I noted before the race that the time would not be screaming fast, as that was not the goal of everyone but Mr. Tanui and Mr. Farah. The rest of the field was there for one reason: beat Mo Farah.

The double double Olympic and World Championship gold medalist has a bulls eye on his back everytime that he races. And Mo knows how to race. In Doha, they caught him at his own game, with a 7 1/2 lap fartlek session, and taking Mo out of his comfort zone. 

My contention stands: the best thing that could have happened for Mo Farah to defend his 10,000 meter title in Beijing was a race such as what happened on this past cool Friday night, when Paul Tanui and Geoffrey Kamworor gave it all they had to get Mo Farah.

And Mo Farah persevered. 

The following is a fine piece by Chris Lotsbom of RRW. 
The results speak for themselves, but of course, we will for the next few days.

For that, dear readers, is what athletics fans do. 

Over and over...


Where do we start?

The women's 100 meters, both of them showed just how fast women sprinters can go,
and how hard it will be to win in Beijing. 

The men's steeplechase gave North America a chance to see a fit and friendly Ezekial Kemboi take on Jarius Birech. 8:01.73! Amazing.

It also showed just how close Evan Jager is to the medals in Beijing and Rio. 

The pole vault showed just how exciting a field event can be, with Renaud Lavillenie, clearing 6.05 meters, second only to the mighty Bubka outdoors. 

And in the women's triple jump, two jumpers over 15 meters, with Ibarguen jumping 15.18m to take win from Koneva's 15.04 meters.

And then, the Bowerman Mile, with Souleiman, Centrowtiz and Kiprop rounding into shape, dueling and leading 14 under four minutes! Just an hour before, 11 others had broken four minutes for the still magic mile! 

Mutaz Barshim cleared 2.41m to show who is the man in the high jump.

And Jenny Simpson, showing elegance and poise, took the 1,500 meters from the crowd
who will challenge her in Beijing....

All on the 40th anniversary of a young man taken too early from his people. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_MoFans-Pre11.JPG

Mo Farah and his fans, May 2011, photo by

Mo Farah won the 10,000 meters at the Pre Classic Friday night at the races with a style and confidence that his fans love. 11,000 fans parked themselves in Hayward Field to watch the long jump, shot put, 5000 meters and 10,000 meters. 

Galen and Mo.

Galen took third in the 5,000 meters.

But Mo, won the 10,000 meters in a roller coaster race, much like Bekele's victory in Beijing in 2008. 

Mo did not crack, but he was unhappy afterwards because he wanted a fast time.

I mentioned to his manager, Ricky Simms, that this race could be a mimicking of Beijing this summer, except that it will be 30 degrees warmer.

Here is Alex Mill's piece on the fantastic Mo Farah. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Barshim_Mutaz1b-nyDL14.JPG
Mutaz Barshim, NYC 2014, photo by

Face it. Barshim and Bondarenko made the high jump a crazy fun event last year. And it will not stop. 

Barshim is at Pre and he will jump high this weekend. 

Read this piece by Alex Mills from the presser on Friday! 
Jenny Simpson and Shannon Rowbury, photo by

Jenny Simpson looks ready to race. Here is Alex Mills' piece on her dreams and plans for the this year, and next....
Mo Farah won the 10,000m in 2011, and again in 2015! photo by

A great night of track and field. The long jump and shot put were fantastic as Joe Kovacs won the shot from David Storl. In the long jump, Tianna Bartoletta got a 7.11m leap off and that was not her best jump!

In the 5,000 meters, a gutty and fun race with Galen Rupp opening his season in third, and in the 10,000 meters, Mo Farah showed his stuff--and won in a race that was tactical and full of pace changes! 
Thumbnail image for Dibaba_Genzebe1k-Carlsbad15.JPg
Genzebe Dibaba, photo by

The women's 5000 meters will be held at 2.12 pm on Saturday, May 30 at the Pre Classic, day two! 

Here is Chris Lotsboms' feature on Genezeb and her chances at a world record that resides in her family already! 

Thumbnail image for Sambu-KorirFHH1-NycHalf15.JPG
Stephen Sambu vs Leonard Korir, NYC Half, photo by

The Healthy Kidney 10k, to be held on Saturday, May 30 in Central Park, in the Big Apple, will be an epic road race! Korir and Sambu duking it out with a very fit Ben True, and it could be a very fast one! 

Sabrian Yohannes wrote this piece on Mr. Korir and his chances tomorrow. 
Mo Farah, photo by

In 2011, Mo Farah won the 10,000 meters in a stunning race in Eugene, Oregon. The Kenyan Olympic Trials held their 10,000 meters in Eugene in 2012. In 2014, Galen Rupp set a new AR over 10,000 meters in 2013.

The 10,000 meters will feature a tremendous field this year. Next to the World champs in Beijing, this should be the best 10,000m of 2015. 

Looking forward to covering it on RunBlogRun! 

Update: May 29, noon

Heading to presser. Flotrack predicts 26:36, Let's run predicts somewhere more probably under 27 minutes. 

RunBlogRun predicts 26:45-it is about one thing, the win. If Mo is there with 250 to go, party is over. If they break him 500 meters out (doubtful). Should be a fantastic race! 

Ashton Eaton, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, Harry Marra, Eugene, Oregon, April 2013, 
A Day in the Life, by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images, IAAF

Last summer, at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, I observed Ashton Eaton cheering on his wife, Brianne Theisen Eaton, as she won the heptathlon. When we spoke, two things were certain: one, Harry Marra, their coach, was nearby,and two, "all roads lead to Beijing and Rio. "

Enjoy the preview of Gotzis by Alex Mills. 

Steve Prefontaine, photo by Jeff Johnson, courtesy of 
Copyright of photo retained by Jeff Johnson. 

Updated May 29, 2015 for Pre Classic. 

I did not know Steve Prefontaine. I had watched him race on TV, but never got to see him race in person. I knew who he was, as Steve Prefontaine was more than an athlete, he was a rock star. 

Prefontaine was a runner who wanted to see just how good he could be. He turned down $250k to become a pro runner on the ill fated ITA series, because he wanted to take on Viren in Montreal. 

When I read Tom Jordan's book, Pre! I got it. Pre was a 24 year old who died way too early, but who had accomplished much in that short life. He had finished fourth in one Olympics, owned American records from 2000m to 10,000 meters, and was part of the a little shoe company called Nike.

I was seventeen when Steve Prefontaine died. I remember his death on TV that night. I remember reading it in the paper. It hit me in the gut very hard. 

The Pre Classic is the sanctuary where Pre's people celebrate his life. Tom Jordan has managed that wonderful event for 40 years now. 

In the video below, I challenged the Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, to answer the question, What is Pre? 

I think that they did a nice job. 

Why do we celebrate track & field for two days at Hayward Field at the end of each May? 

We do it because, for too short a time, Steve Prefontaine, a plucky kid from Coos Bay adopted the city of Eugene and won 25 straight races at Hayward Field. 

Pre lives. 

The 5,000 meters, to be held on Friday night , at 9 pm is to honor the memory of the late Steve Prefontaine, forty years to the night of his last race! 

Usain Bolt in Ostrava (2011), photo by

Ostrava flash-back

STATS: 3 World leads, 4 meet records, 15 000 spectators. 2nd oldest meet record broken by Sharika Nelvis at 100 m hurdles (12.55 -1.7). Grazyna Rabsztyn ran 12.65 in 1980 and afterwards it was twice equaled (in 2003 by Bridgette Foster-Hylton and in 2012 by Tiffany Porter).

RUDISHA: Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha assured that the injury he sustained during the 600m in Ostrava is not serious. He tweeted, "Its just a thigh muscle spasm not very serious problem. With few days of good care I hope to be back onto training."

ZELEZNY: The meet director was happy with quality of javelin men competition mainly with 8 athletes over 80 m. "Pity that we had such a bad weather. Despite that the throwers showed top results and that means they were in top shape and also the event looks to be improved for this season." 

WEATHER: The worst weather since nineties with 10 degrees and rain the whole meeting. Despite that the spectators filled the stadium.

BOLT: From his 7 appearances as per weather 2015 was the worst, also first time in 2006 was similarly cold but no rain, in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 solid but not hot, in 2010 during 300 m rain. "I will return every year until end of my career," he said for local media.
The IC4A's is a championship rich in tradition and history. Elliott Denman wrote the following piece about the fabled Championships. A long time writer for RunBlogRun, American Athletics, American Track & Field, and of course, Track & Field News. 

Elliott thought this was an important piece for our readers.

And he was right. 
I do not know how to explain Gary Morgan, except that he is my friend and travels more than I do. Perhaps it should be said,  to call Gary by the moniker, " Mr. Ubiquitous" just does not do the man justice. 

Think of the Gene Wilder character in Willy Wonka. & the Chocolate Factory. Gary Morgan is Gene Wilder if he were a race walker. A little eccentric, but, in a very good way. Gary is pacing a race nearly every weekend. 

The man has the ability to observe details that make his travels and travails universal. Enjoy a weekend with Gary Morgan, our man from Michigan Runner. 

Gary Morgan, photo by

The Adrian Martinez meet is another example of how a community can come together and build an event that creates opportunities for young and not so young, and elites to enjoy an evening of athletics. 

Last year, I visited the event and was taken by the performances and support of the local community as well as the introduction of elite athletes to such an event. A wonderful track, and an event in honor of a young man who loved the sport. 

We also like the support from HOKA ONE ONE. It is another example of supporting the grass roots by a brand that is grass roots running. 

RunBlogRun will be there on June 4 to cover the event live. We look forward to updating you on the Adrian Martinez Classic. 
Genzeba Dibaba, photo by

Sabrina Yohannes wrote this piece for RunBlogRun on Genzebe Dibaba as she looks forward to the 2015 outdoor season. 

Seb Coe, photo by

At the Doha DL, the media were able to interview both Sergey Bubka and Seb Coe. This is the interview with Seb Coe. 

Both Coe and Bubka were very open and neither would discuss or belittle the other's campaign. I found that classy on both parts. 

My belief? Sergey Bubka and Seb Coe both have skill sets that are complimentary. Both skill sets are quite different and the administrations of Sergey Bubka and Seb Coe would be quite different. 

I asked Sergey Bubka what his administration would look like. With Seb Coe, I asked questions about the dearth of TV in US. Seb noted that he was pretty sure that Americans had not seen a live 100 meters since 1996. I think he is correct. We also spoke on XC, and several other issues of note. 

Listen to Seb Coe's entire press conference. The future of our sport depends on the next round of leadership for the IAAF. Much is on the line in 2015 and beyond. 

Andy Vernon, BUPA London 10,000m, courtesy of BUPA London 10k

Jo Pavey, BUPA London 10,000m, courtesy of BUPA London 10k 

Andy Vernon and Jo Pavey were the winners today in London at the BUPA London 10k. Story courtesy of London Marathon media. 
This is a press release from Sergey Bubka today on his thoughts about World Athletics Day and his bid for IAAF Presidency in August 2015. 
The BUPA Westminster Mile honors Steve Cram's masterful mile thirty years ago, when he ran 3:46.32 in July  1985 at the Dream Mile. 

Steve Cram was there on Sunday to present the Roger Bannister trophy to the winners. 
Christian Taylor, Doha 2015, 
photo by

Taylor speaks about WR

OSTRAVA (CZE): A series of press conferences took place on Monday morning with some of the leading athletes that will take part in the 54th Golden Spike. Ahead of their clashes in Ostrava and Eugene, Asbel Kiprop of Kenya and Jakub Holusa of the Czech Republic spoke to the media. Kiprop said that he wants to cover the first 800m of the 1000m race in 1:46, while Holusa hopes to stay as close as he can to the front in the last lap. Kiprop stated that the world record over 1500m is still at the forefront of his mind. Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha said that he is in better shape than he was last year and hopes to be able to run under 1:42 later in the year. He hopes to cover the first 400m in his 600m race in 47 seconds. Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor revealed how he has found it hard to sleep after his incredible performance in Doha. He believes that it is only a matter of time before the world record changes hands and he truly believes that he can achieve it. The final press conference of the day featured some of the best javelin throwers of all-time, with world record holder Jan Zelezny, world leader Tero Pitkamaki, world champion Viteszlav Vesely and Petr Frydrych all in attendance. Vesely explained that being ranked third in his training group has given him extra motivation to perform well; he is satisfied with his preparation so far. After their strong early season performances, all the throwers were optimistic for Tuesday.


Christian Taylor, Doha 2015, 
photo by

Taylor speaks about WR

OSTRAVA (CZE): A series of press conferences took place on Monday morning with some of the leading athletes that will take part in the 54th Golden Spike. Ahead of their clashes in Ostrava and Eugene, Asbel Kiprop of Kenya and Jakub Holusa of the Czech Republic spoke to the media. Kiprop said that he wants to cover the first 800m of the 1000m race in 1:46, while Holusa hopes to stay as close as he can to the front in the last lap. Kiprop stated that the world record over 1500m is still at the forefront of his mind. Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha said that he is in better shape than he was last year and hopes to be able to run under 1:42 later in the year. He hopes to cover the first 400m in his 600m race in 47 seconds. Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor revealed how he has found it hard to sleep after his incredible performance in Doha. He believes that it is only a matter of time before the world record changes hands and he truly believes that he can achieve it. The final press conference of the day featured some of the best javelin throwers of all-time, with world record holder Jan Zelezny, world leader Tero Pitkamaki, world champion Viteszlav Vesely and Petr Frydrych all in attendance. Vesely explained that being ranked third in his training group has given him extra motivation to perform well; he is satisfied with his preparation so far. After their strong early season performances, all the throwers were optimistic for Tuesday.

Editor's note: Christian Taylor and Pablo Pichardo went 18.04m and 18.06m respectively in Doha just over a week ago! Taylor's coach, Rana Reider, told RBR that the 18 meter jump freed Christian to now focus on Beijing. The 18 meter triple jump is a daunting challenge, with only two done since 1996!

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton, April 2013, A Day in the Life, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/ Getty Images for IAAF

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton are competing in Gotzis in a week. Today, they competed in Hengelo, The Netherlands. 

Ashton Eaton ran 10.42 for 100 meters, and 8.03 meters for Long Jump. Brianne Theisen-Eaton hurdled 13.05 over the 100 hurdles. 

Jimmy Vicaut, photo by

Vicaut 10.02 European Leader

TOURCOING (FRA, May 24): Jimmy Vicaut's European lead of 10.02 (-0.7) highlighted the action at the French Interclubs meet. Christophe Lemaitre finished second in 10.23. Lemaitre also had to settle for second in the 200m, which was held earlier in the programme.  He ran 21.11 (1.8) and was beaten by Guy-Elphège Anouman's 20.89. Ìn the long jump, Kafétien Gomis jumped 797. Mickael Hanany beat Abdoulaye Diarra in the high jump, both jumped 225. Valentin Lavillenie went highest in the pole vault, clearing 560 to beat Baptiste Boirie (550) and Kevin Menaldo (540). There were good marks over 400mH. The men's race was won by Tunisian Mohamed Seghaier in 50.20, with Belgium's Michael Bultheel second in 50.29. In the women's race, Lamiae Lhabz of Morocco won in 57.00. In the 3000mW, Katarzyna Golba won with 12:48.72.

Editor's note: Vicaut is a talented young French sprinter, who seems to have quite delicate legs and feet. His superb early season running is quite impressive as he and Lemaitre dueled over the 100 meters. Nice to see Guy-Elphege Anouman running so well. Lemaitre had a decent double, just not wins, as many have come to expect out of him. 

Watch Lemaitre at Rome. 
Thumbnail image for Schippers_Dafne200FH-Euros14.jpg
Daphne Schippers, photo by

Schippers 10.94 and two World leads

HENGELO (NED, May 24): There were two world leads set at the AA Drink FBK Games in Hengelo. World youth champion Robert Biwott of Kenya improved to 3:33.64 to set a world lead in the 1500m. In second, Ronald Musagala ran a Ugandan record of 3:35.02. 17 year old, Anthony Kiptoo, the African Junior champion, finished third in 3:35.33. Pieter Jan Hannes ran a European lead of 3:35.95 for 6th.  The women's 3000m also had a world leading performance. Kenya's Irene Jelegat ran a PB of 8:36.90 (Almaz Ayana had 8:36.53 split in her 5000 m race in Shanghai) to finish ahead of Laura Muir of Great Britain (8:38:47 EL, PB) and Madeline Heiner of Australia (8:44.20 PB). Further down the field, Stella Chesang ran a Ugandan junior record of 8:52.39. The women's 100m brought fireworks. Dafne Schippers stormed to a Dutch record and European lead of 10.94 (1.8) with 19 year old Dina Asher Smith running a British record of 11.02 in second, a 0.12 improvement. Schippers now sits 14th on the European all-time list, her time is the fastest by a European since 2004. Asha Philip set a lifetime best of 11.10 in third. As hoped by event organisers, there was a Dutch record in the women's 1000m. Sifan Hassan ran 2:34.69 to get the better of Joanna Jozwik of (2:35.57), Jenny Meadows (2:36.13), Angelika Cichocka (2:36.50) and Anita Hinriksdottir of Iceland (2:36.63 NR). In the women's 100mH, Alina Talay ran a PB of 12.70 (1.4) to finish ahead of Cindy Roleder (12.92), Nadine Visser (12.97) and Brianne Theisen Eaton (13.05). Ashton Eaton competed in the men's 100m, running 10.42 (-0.3). The top three were: CJ Ujah (10.09), Akani Simbine (10.12) and Adam Gemili (10.19). Eaton also competed in the long jump, jumping 803 (-0.7) for third. He was beaten by Paralympic athlete Markus Rehm (807, 1.0) and Tomasz Jaszczuk (805, 1.2). In the women's contest, Sosthene Moguenara won with 677 (1.2) over Erica Jarder (6.69, 2.4). World pole vault leader Nikolia Kiriakopoulou cleared 460 on her third attempt to beat Silke Spiegelburg (455). Fabiana Murer (455) and Nicole Buchler (455) were joint third. There were good marks in the discus. Piotr Malachowski won the men's competition with 65.87 over Philip Milanov (64.57) and Robert Urbanek (64.47) while Denia Caballero threw 65.46 to win the women's competition over Julia Fischer (62.78). Poland's Jakub Szyszkowski set a PB of 20.42 to win the shot. There was another Polish win in the 800m. Marcin Lewandowski running 1:45.46 to beat Robin Schembera (1:45.48) and Andre Olivier (1:45.73). In an untidy men's 110mH, Lawrence Clarke got the win in 13.54 (0.5). Dutch fans were treated to a win by Churandy Martina in the 200m. His 20.66 (0.0) just beat Danny Talbot (20.67).

(Editor's note: The FBK Hengelo is a fantastic meeting. The conditions are normally quite nice and an unofficial opening for many European athletes with some fantastic throwing conditions. This year, Dafne Schippers ran amazing 100 meters with Dina Asher-Smith running 11.02, for a new British record.)
Gladys Cherono, photo by

G. Cherono 30:56 CR

OTTAWA (CAN, May 23): World half marathon champion Gladys Cherono of Kenya won the Ottawa 10km (IAAF Gold label) in a course record and personal best of 30:56. Her time was comfortable below Mary Keitany's former mark of 31:21. Cherono also didn't get caught by the elite men, who started 3:25 after the women. Peres Chepchirchir (31:18) finished as the runner-up, with Lanni Marchant (31:49) taking the Canadian title in third place overall. Canadian 10,000m record holder Natasha Wodak ran 31:59 for fourth. It was closer at the front of the men's race. Nicholas Bor ran 27:55 to beat fellow Kenyan Simon Cheprot by two seconds. David Kogei (28:15) and Amos Mitei (28:31) made it a Kenyan 1-2-3-4. Switzerland's Tadesse Abraham ran 28:35 for fifth, the third fastest time by a European this year. The top Canadian was Eric Gillis in 7th (28:58). 
Rose Mary Almanza, photo by

WL in 800 m, Culson beaten

PONCE (PUR, May 23): The Ponce Grand Prix was highlighted by the first sub two minute 800m of the year for women. Rose Mary Almanza won in a world leading 1:59.35, with fellow Cuban Sahily Diago also going sub two (1:59.91). In third, Jamaica's Simoya Campbell ran a PB of 2:01.59. In the men's 400m, Michel Cedenio (44.97) was a clear winner over World champion Lashawn Merritt (45.42). Further back in the field were Luguelin Santos (46.19) and Jeremy Wariner (46.22). Local hero Javier Culson suffered a rare defeat here over 400mH. Jeffery Gibson of the Bahamas ran 49.19, relegating Culson to second (49.31). In the men's 110mH, former world champion Jason Richardson (13.34, -0.8) beat Cuba's Yordin O'Farril (13.35). In the men's 800m, Charles Jock of the USA (1:45.40) beat Rafith Rodriguez of Colombia (1:45.53). World medallist Nick Symmonds ran 1:46.37. Jessica Young won the women's 100m (11.38, -0.2) with Keston Bledman (10.17, -0.8), Harry Adams (10.253) and Antoine Adams (10.254) the top men. The top two in the women's long jump were Yariadamis Arguelles (6.66, 0.9) and Bianca Stuart (659, 0.5). In the men's triple jump, Yordany Duranona of Dominica (16.73, 0.0) got the better of the US pair of Chris Carter (16.57, 0.3) and Omar Craddock 16.56 (-0.5).
Loren Seagrave, photo by IMG Academy

Loren Seagrave is an observer and teacher of tiny details. Perfecting the iconic athletic pursuits of running, jumping and throwing. Cathal Dennehy wrote this second part of the interview and we posted it today. 

I love the art of coaching. 

I am fascinated with the science of coaching. 

Loren Seagrave knows both art and science. 

Enjoy this second part of Loren's interview. 

Eliud Kipchoge, VM London 2015 winner,
photo by

Eliud Kipchoge is one of my favorite athletes. From his first gold medal in Paris in 2003, this guy has been the athlete in it for the long haul. In 2014, when Eliud dusted Kenenisa Bekele at 34k in Chicago, his smile was from ear to ear. The zen marathoner became the zen warrior. 

I asked Justin Lagat to meet with Eliud and Mr. Kipchoge was gracious enough to RunBlogRun to meet with Justin. 

We thank Eliud Kipchoge for meeting with Justin Lagat. 
Magdalene Masai, photo by Getty Images for IAAF

The IAAF World Challenge in Dakar, Senegal took place earlier today. Some nice performances in Dakar, with fast sprints and a deep steeplechase performance. Caster Semenya was fifth in the women's 800 meters, running 2:04. 

Loren Seagrave, photo from IMG Academy

This is part one of a two part series by Cathal Dennehy on Loren Seagrave. I was able to spend some time with Loren in Doha last week, doing what I love to do best with the former Badger coach (On Wisconsin): talk track. 
Stephen Sambu, photo by

Watching Stephen Sambu at the Manchester Great Run 10k, I was taken by his form, and his control during the 27:30 race. He was running against a tough field and he and Steve Mokoka (RSA) dueled. 

Steve Mills, a fine writer who is starting to write for RunBlogRun and has been writing for the IAAF for some time, interviewed Bernard Lagat, who set a World Masters record on May 10, with his 27:48. Lagat trains with Sambu and has unique sense of his training partner. Steve Mills spoke to Lagat on Sambu and this is what Bernard Lagat had to say about Mr. Sambu. 


Sheila Reid, photo by

World-class athletes headline Portland 2016 Countdown Celebration


PORTLAND, Ore. - Fifteen of the world's greatest track and field athletes will headline a star-studded lineup of Olympic gold medalists, world record-holders and World Champions at the Portland 2016 Countdown Celebration on Wednesday, May 27 from 3-7 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square.


Over the course of their professional careers, this illustrious group has combined to establish seven world records and compete in 18 Olympic Games, ranging from the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney to the 2012 Olympics in London. During that span, they collected three gold medals and one silver medal.

Thumbnail image for LagatLedRuppHill-USAind14.JPG

 Bernard Lagat, photo by

At the IAAF World Championships, indoors and outdoors, they have earned a total of 34 medals, including 15 gold medals. In all, these 15 athletes have made nearly 50 appearances on IAAF global stages.


Clearly, you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and hear from these highly decorated athletes as they speak about the growing excitement for the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships to be held March 17-20 in Portland, the first time in nearly 30 years, and only the second time ever, on U.S. soil.


Who are they?


From Team USA, which will enjoy a rare home field advantage at the two Portland venues - the four-day meet kicks off at the Moda Center with the men's and women's pole vault on March 17, followed by three days of competition in a temporary 7,000-seat stadium in the Oregon Convention Center - are Bernard Lagat, Aries Merritt, Andrew Wheating, Elijah Greer, Ben Blankenship and Jordan McNamara. Lagat has won medals in 13 World Championships and Olympics, Merritt is the reigning Olympic gold medalist in the 110m hurdles and University of Oregon alum Wheating is a two-time Olympian. Wheating, Blankenship, Greer and McNamara all compete for Eugene-based Oregon Track Club Elite.


Renaud Lavillenie, Praha 2015, photo by


The international lineup features: Renaud Lavillenie (France, pole vault, world record-holder); Genzebe Dibaba(Ethiopia, distance, world indoor record-holder in four events from 1,500m to 5,000m); Liu Xiang (China, 110mH, 2004 Olympic gold medalist, retired); Eunice Sum (Kenya, 800m, reigning WC); Silas Kiplagat (Kenya, mile, #1 world ranking); and Ivana Spanovic (Serbia, long jump, #2 world ranking).


In addition, three global athletes who are members of OTC Elite will be on hand: Sally Kipyego (Kenya, distances, 2012 Olympic silver medalist); Mohammad Aman (Ethiopia, 800m, 3-time WC) and Sheila Reid (Canada, middle distance/distance, 2012 Olympian).


 Eunice Sum, Roma 2014, photo by

The Portland 2016 Countdown Celebration will also include the public unveiling of the City of Portland-sponsored Countdown Clock, a chance to purchase all-session tickets one day in advance of the public ticket launch on May 28, appearances by local and visiting dignitaries, live music, food, beverages, youth activities, photo and autograph opportunities.


So, don't delay. Mark your calendar to be at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on Wednesday, May 27 from3-7 p.m. to meet world-class athletes and take part in a celebration of the sport of track and field.


For more information, visit

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.11.10 AM.png
Mark Mastalir, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Mark Mastalir, in this multi part series, explains how HOKA ONE ONE has focused its marketing on the performance running market. By staying true to the sport, HOKA ONE has developed a loyal following, which is spreading to younger runners. In this portion of the interview, Mark discusses the dream demographics of all running footwear companies; finding a younger demographic. 

As the HOKA ONE ONE product expands, and their marketing programs, such as the 2 mile postal, grow, it will be fascinating to see the support garnered for the brand. 

Thanks to Mark Mastalir for his time and to the Shoe Addicts for developing this video series. 

Justin Gatlin, Doha 2015, photo by

Gatlin not running

BEIJING (CHN): Organisers of the Beijing IAAF World Challenge have reportedly told Justin Gatlin that they do not want him to compete in their meet, report Reuters. The US sprinter had complained of a hamstring cramp and dehydration on arriving to Beijing, but was given the all-clear to be able to compete after a training session on Monday. Gatlin's agent Renaldo Nehemiah said that organisers have made Gatlin's team pay for their flights and accommodation, at a cost of over 12 000 USD. Gatlin commented on the situation, "I think they thought I wasn't man enough and I might pull up in the race, or not finish it and then still ask for money. "I'm not the kind of guy to cheat people of their money or let the fans down... that's not what I do." That means the top favorite in men 100 m will be another US sprinter Mike Rodgers who clocked in Doha sub 10 behind Gatlin. 

(Editor's note: So, Reuters wrote two pieces on it and what we can gather is the following: Mr. Gatlin had some cramping when he arrived in Beijing. He communicated this to the meet management, then, worked out on Monday and noted he could compete on Wednesday. By this time, meet management seemed to be less than interested in the fastest man of 2014 and now 2015. Our contacts told us that a sub 10 second 100 meters beats one's body up, and the cramps sounded pretty normal. There seems to be more to the story, but Beijing meeting management has kept their lips sealed.) 


Kirani James for Rabat

RABAT (MAR): Top stars of the 8th edition of the Meeting International Mohammed VI in Rabat (IAAF World Challenge) on June 14 will be world stars like Kirani James from Grenada in the 400 m. Kenyan DL winner Silas Kiplagat (1500 m) and Jairus Birech (3000 m steeple). French Pascal Martinot-Lagarde is scheduled for 110 m hurdles, in high jump World and European Champion Bohdan Bondarenko. On the women side US Allyson Felix in her first top 400 m of the season and returning Kenyan World champion Vivian Cheruiyot in the 3000 m. Poland´s Adam Kszczot will have African opponents in the 800 m, South African Khotso Mokoena looks to be long jump favorite, best African javelin throwers Ihab Abdelrahman and Julius Yego will face some top European throwers. Men hammer as part of IAAF HT Challenge will have the top two in the World Krisztian Pars and Pawel Fajdek. In-shape Ukrainian Anna Mishchenko and Albanian record holder Luiza Gega will have some top opposition in women 1500 m, fresh DL winner Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou will be the star of women pole vault. 
Jessica Ennis-Hill, CityGames15, Manchester, photo by Dan Vernon Photography for Great Run Company 

Olympic heptathlon champion Jess Ennis Hill will compete at the Gotzis heptathlon at the end of May, report Athletics Weekly. The British athlete said that she was happy with her "promising" early season performances and that her body responded well to competing at the Loughborough International. "I felt pretty good the next day and my Achilles felt fine which is brilliant," said Ennis-Hill, who won in Gotzis in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Her main goal is to achieve the Olympic qualifying standard.
The Golden Fly Series will feature the Golden Rooftop Meeting on 31 May 2015, from Innsbruck, Austria. Most of us can not fly to Austria for the weekend, so our friends at EVERSPORT offered us an embed to watch the meet Live from Innsbruck. The particulars are below and the embed is right below that! 


The first time I saw a pair of New Balance spikes in action was about 1991. I think it was Rocky Morris, a 14.28 110m high hurdler. Rocky was quick, and wonderful over the hurdles. When I asked him why he was wearing New Balance, he smiled and said, " No one else is." 

That is track cool. Trying to have something no one else does. 

New Balance LD 5000 v2 is our Best Shoe of 2015, as picked by Cregg Weinmann, Running Network's long time Shoe Review Editor. If you would like to read the complete review, please click here: TFSpikes Sp2015.pdf

Special thanks to Cregg Weinmann, and Christine Johnson on the Track spike review. Special thanks to Breanne Ward on editing my notes and scribbles and make them a cogent press release. 
Track spikes are to get you, fit and fast, from point a to point b as fast as possible. Cregg Weinmann has seen a few track spikes (few hundred) over the years. This is a fun review. So we asked Cregg to pick a Best Value and Best Shoe. The Brooks PR LD 3 is his best value! Read the review below and if you would like to read the entire review, click here: TFSpikes Sp2015.pdf

RN best value.jpg
750,000 pairs of track spikes are made worldwide in 2015. Most brands make little or no money from them. Watch for the new stuff coming out in 2016 for the Olympics! Key to track spike biz: the young athletes who purchase track spikes (one in three in track), also purchase five pairs of training shoes a year. Some brands make a sprint and distance shoe, and a cross country shoe. Some brands make complete lines, to support the sport. 
Belgium's 4x400m celebrate their NR in Nassau! photo by Getty Images for the IAAF

Carles Baronet, is back at what he does best. His European results are one of our most popular reads and downloads most of the year. Carles puts together results from cross country, indoor, roads and outdoor. He is starting a column en espanol for us starting in the next few weeks. It will appear on, our partner site and 
Eliud KIpchoge, winner 2015 Virgin London Marathon, photo by

The pace was relentless as the best of the best went off the pack. It was down to three when, Dennis Kimetto, he of most recent World Record was gone. 

And now, it was down to Dennis Kimetto and Eliud KIpchoge. They pushed it other like no two other marathoners in the world could do. A 4:33 final mile, and finally, with 600 meters to go, the 2003 World Champion at 5,000 meters sprinted away from Wilson Kipsang, the former world record holder in the Marathon, London winner and Olympic bronze medalist. 

Five seconds separated Eliud Kipchoge and Wilson Kipsang at the finish of the London Marathon. Perhaps the most satisfying London marathon in some time, Eliud Kipchoge, who has won four of his five marathons, is the zen master, the Obi-Wan of the marathon, with his decade long tenure racing cross country, track and now, the roads. A complete racer, Eliud then gave a coaches clinic in the media room, reminding all who listened that if you wanted to be the best, then go "old school": run cross country, then, track, then, the marathon. 

Many were taking notes. 

For the man who smiles at the ends of his marathon, we give Eliud Kipchoge our April 2015 Global Athlete of the Year award. The battle between Kipchoge and Kipsang was much more satisfying than a boxing match, and with much more drama as well! 

Great Wall Marathon participants take in breath-taking vistas as they traverse the 42.195 km course, including more than 5,000 steps. What a testament to the strength of the human spirit!

Abbott, the first title sponsor of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, is putting its money where its press releases are. Highlighting fitness and exciting examples of it, Abbott sponsored the Great Wall Marathon in China! 

As someone who toiled for three hours to reach the Great Wall in 2008, and tried to walk up and down steps with size 13 feet on steps meant for size 9, I can attest that 42.195 kilometers upon the great wall, including 5000 steps is no mean feat! 

Abbott has very thoughtfully executed local sponsorship involvement with Marathon Majors in Tokyo, Boston and London. Their approach to fitness and their approach to reminding people that fitness starts with little steps is key. 

We look forward to seeing where Abbott's involvement in running takes them next! 
Alex Mills wrote this piece about David Oliver after David had won the Shanghai DL. Mr. Mills heaps much praise on David Oliver's tenacity and focus in light of challenging years. Alex is writing about what most elite athletes and coaches know: you have good times and bad times in sport. Even when workouts are going well, there are times when your body can not race the way your spirit demands. 

David Oliver is one of the old guard. He has battled from selling shoes in a shoe store during the day, following that up with workouts, to hearing who the next hot hurdler is in the US. The 110 meter hurdles is a terribly tough event globally. But in countries like Cuba and the US, the battle to get on the team is harder that most fans could realize. 

To make the teams in 2015 and 2016, American hurdlers will battle three World Champions, the world record holder and Olympic champion, a new kid or two on the block. 

It will be tough, but David will be he was in Shanghai on Sunday.

David Oliver, photo by
In the second Diamond League meeting of the young 2015 season, Almaz Ayana ran 14:14.32, the second fastest 5,000 meters in history, David Oliver won the 110m hurdles in 13.17 over a distinguished crowd, Blessing Okagbare ran 10.98 to defeat a stellar crowd in the 100 meters, and Alexandr Menkov leaped 8.27m, with three others over 8.21m and Jarius Birech won the steeplechase in 8:05! 

Eunice Sum, photo by

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend, in Manchester, David Oliver hit a hurdle hard and went down, only to finish last. Aries Merritt and Orlando Ortego battled on, going 1,2 in Manchester. This weekend, in Beijing, David Oliver stays vertical, finishes first in 13.17! 

More great performances to come! 

Almaz Ayana, Paris DL, 2013, photo by

As I get off the plane in Chicago, after an all night flight from Doha to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Chicago, I see the news that Ayana has run 14:14.32! Amazing race, and that is just one of the highlights of the Shaghai DL. In less than 72 hours, the 2015 outdoor season of Athletics is on! 

Hagos Gebrhewit, Mo Farah, Doha 3000m, photo by

Justin Lagat took a shot at the middle and long distance races in Doha and Shanghai with this column. Two great meets to start off the season with, Doha and Shanghai are within two days of each other, making it a bit difficult to reach both for this writer. 

I am trying to channel the late Vic Holchak. Vic did the 1-900-Track service in the 1990s, where you would call in and hear Vic's life play by play's on great track meets. As we were being screwed on TV in US on athletics, Vic kept track geeks like me alive. Vic passed away a few weeks ago. 

Hagos Gebrhiwet defeats Mo Farah in hard won race! 
photo by 

So, in this is my homage to Vic Holchak. 

The Doha DL, where do I start?

This is what a world class track meet should be about! 

I have not been here since 2013, and the Qatar Sports Club was set up even better than before. In the background, you are hearing locals getting ready for a concert of a famous Filipino music star. 

The crowd stayed through the entire meet. In early years, the crowd would leave halfway through the meet, and the management was dumbfounded. But, early on, the Ethiopians would be racing in early events. With Hagos Gebrehiwit defeating Mo Farah, the proverbial roof was blown off with the joy and waving and screaming by the fans. 

Again, a fantastic meet. I am still pleased about this meet, and I am back in Fort Atkinson, WI for some business meetings. 

Special thanks to my brother, Brian, who endured me coaching him for a couple of years in high school, and now, manages RunBlogRun. Being able to work with my brother, Brian, and my son, Adam are two of the reasons why I am in my happy place today. 

See you all at Pre Classic, where, thanks to Nike Pegasus 32, we will be promoting the meet from May 25-May 30 and the Pegasus 32 from May 25-June 5! 

Leo Manzano, waiting to pounce, photo by

Katie Mackey won her 1,500m heat, photo by

I was watching the meet from Doha, tweeting away with Peter Abraham. When, the rain came down! After the 800 meters, steeplechase, women's 1,500 meters and one heat of the men's 1,500 meters.

The HOKA ONE ONE Middle Distance Classic was a noble effort by HOKA to put something back into the sport. The weather gods were not talking to the track gods on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

David Monti wrote the following story for us...

Pedro Pablo Pichardo goes 18.06 meters! photo by

Christian Taylor goes 18.04 meters! photo by

Teddy Tamgho, 17.24m, then a ruptured achilles, photo by

In a historic and epic triple jump competition, the first 18 meter jump since 1996 at 18.06m! Then, an 18.04m, for two 18 meter jumps in one competition ever!  Then, a ruptured achilles for Teddy Tamgho, which happened before the second 18 meter jump. Teddy Tamgho, one of our favorite athletes, had surgery on Saturday in Doha, Qatar, we wish him a speedy recovery. 

Alex Mills wrote this piece on the Cuban and the American and how their triple jump battles will be focused on Beijing in a few months. 

Asbel Kiprop and Mo Aman, Doha Presser, photo by Larry Eder

This interview was with Asbel Kiprop, Olympic and World Champion at 1500 meters, and Mo Aman, World Champion, Indoors and Out, for 800 meters. 

The interview took place on Wednesday, May 13 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Doha in the Media room. Asbel gave an impassioned commentary on his frustrations with Athletics Kenya and their ridiculous (my words) probation of Rosa International. Mo Aman spoke about training with Mark Rowland and how he wants the World Championships at 800 meters this year. 

Their performances were quite different on Friday. Asbel stayed in the thick of things until the very end, finishing fifth in 1:45.12. Mo Aman looked just short of racing, having run a 1:47 for the 800 meters. 

Asbel Kiprop will run the 1000 meters in Ostrava on May 26 and the Bowerman mile at Pre on May 30. Mo Aman, our guess is, will run at Pre. 

Christian Taylor and Teddy Tamgho spoke to the media on Thursday, May 14. Christian was in his Nike t shirt and Teddy in his Chicago Bulls jersey. Both were relaxed, and praised each others jumping skills and looked with interest in jumping against Senor Pichardo. 

Christian Taylor and Teddy Tamgho, photo by Doha 2015 

On Friday night, Pablo Pichardo of Cuba leaped 18.06 meters, Christian Taylor had leaped 17.46 meters and Teddy Tamgho had jumped 17.24m. In the fourth round, Teddy Tamgho ruptured his achilles, and will have surgery in Doha tomorrow with a team of reknowned sports surgeons at the hospital near the Aspire Academy. We wish the French star a speedy recovery.

In the sixth round, Christian Taylor had his finest run of the day and just flew through the next two sections of the jump, leaping to 18.04 meters. Never in history have two jumpers cleared 18 meters in the TJ.

We were hoping that Teddy Tamgho would go over 18 meters as well, but perhaps, the gods of track and field have left that for another day. 

allyson and sanya.jpg
Allyson Felix & Sanya Richards-Ross, photo by Larry Eder

This interview was one of the eight press conference opps that Doha provided to the media. Just a few of us were there, and I was able to ask Allyson and Sanya about training, their seasons so far, juggling travel and also, learnt that neither do supplements are very conscious of the benefits of juices and vegtables. 

Allyson Felix won the 200 meters in 21.96 and Sanya Richards-Ross took second in the 400 meter sin 50.79. Both good days in the office, and indications of how amazing our US women's team truly is. 

I love track & field. 

I Love field & track.

I Love athletics. 

Earlier this evening, during the Doha DL my head was moving right to left, left to right, as I tried to enjoy the plethora of athletic experiences that were going on. Watching David Storl pop his big throw tonight (21.51m) after a less than good throw, which Storl, normally very taciturn, gave an expression that many saw and enjoyed. 

Tianna Bartoletta with her 6.96m opener, and finishing in 6.99 meters. Shara Proctor, who heard a team-mate break the British record, then did not, finally put her name on the British record books, with her 6.95m leap, and this after a rupture that involved rehabbing a leg from the hip down. 

The smile on Dawit Seyaum's face the last thirty meters as she passed Sifan Hassan, and then her collapse, with same smile. 

But for me, four American performers went above the win: 

Christian Taylor, photo by

Christian Taylor coming back in the Triple jump to nail a 18.04 meter Triple Jump-never have two men jumped over 18 meters in one competition, with Senor Pichardo of Cuba.  

Allyson Felix, photo by

Allyson Felix's elegant victory over 200 meters in 21.98, the fastest time since London 2012. And her furlong victory looks even more amazing when one remembers her hamstring injury.


Justin Gatlin's fierce 9.74 PB at 100 meters-honoring his " I want to make a statement" comment to media on Thursday. He made a statement: he has won 16 sprint races, and is running at warp speed.

Jasmin Stowers, photo by

And last, but not least: Jasmin Stowers. Jasmin had an okay start, but turned on the afterburners about the third hurdle and her sprinting and hurdling were nearly flawless. Faster than the speed of light, well, almost, Jasmin ran 12.35! 


I am still in shock. What a track meet! And what a start to the 2015 Diamond League! Eleven World Leaders (100m men, 800m men, 3000m men, 400m hurdles men, Triple Jump Men, Javelin Throw men, 200m women, 1500m women, 3000m steeplechase women, Long Jump women), three Diamond League records, six meet records and three national records! 


For me, the triple jump with Pablo Pichardo, a young man who jumped 16.40m at the age of sixteen, his first time over 18 meters-18.06m-and the first time an eighteen meter jump has happened since 1996. And then, in round six, Christian Taylor, the 2012 Olympic champ, 2011 World Champ, leaped 18.04m. Never, ever, has there been two men over 18 meters, in the same competition in the triple jump.

For drama, the women's 1,500 meters with Dawit Seyaum, all of 18, dueling with European Champion Sifan Hassan, and winning in 4:00.96. As she collapsed to the track, Dawit was still smiling. 

The women's 100m hurdles was a barn burner. Fast, fast, and fast, as Jasmin Stowers ran 12.35, a WL, MR, DLR. With two Olympic champions in the final, the 100 meter hurdles continues to astound. Allyson Felix won the 200 meters, in her fastest time since August 2012, with a fine 21.98. Allyson looks so strong and elegant as she lopes around the furlong, and she did not let up, as Murielle Ahoure battled her until 170 meters. 

And then, Justin Gatlin, who is now on an unbeaten streak of sixteen with his 9.74 for the 100 meters today. Finally, for Justin, a personal best. 

To close the meet, the battle of the 3000 meters, with Mo Farah so far back with a lap to go, and then he climbing up the field, and Hagos Gebrhiwet going by, and winning from Mo Farah, and Hagos' emotion filled finish. He had beaten a double double world and Olympic champion! 

And to think, just two days from now, the world will be watching Shanghai! 
Justin Gatlin is the fastest man in world from 2014, in the 100 meters and 200 meters. In 2015, he told us that he "wants to make a statement." Justin wants the American record at 100 meters, he also wants to run a very fast 200 meters.

Justin Gatlin Interview, Doha, photo by Larry Eder

His interview was poised, thoughtful and provided the side of a man we seldom see. Perhaps that is because of the shell he has to live in due to the polarizing nature of his career. In any case, Justin Gatlin is the man many love to hate, and many love to cheer for. 

In the US, most want to see him win, and get that relay baton around his leg so the US beats Jamaica. 

This interview was done on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the Doha Presser. 

Mo Farah, with Bob Ramsak, photo by Larry Eder

Mo Farah was interviewed at Doha DL on Thursday, May 14, 2015. This audio is a group interview with several questions by yours truly, Larry Eder.

My thoughts on Mo? He is an athlete at the top of his game. His training, his race confidence and his support group are second to none. I do not believe that Mo Farah, under Alberto Salazar, does anything really new. Alberto Salazar teaches his athletes how to race, they have amazing core strength and they work quite hard. The key to success is still, hard work. 

Mo Farah is a great racer. He will need all of his speed, endurance and racing savvy tonight in Doha (May 15) as he faces a tough crowd, hungry to take down Numero Uno. Mo is up to the task. 

After Doha, Mo will return to the US and race the 10,000 meters on Friday at Pre (May 29), then the 1,500 meters in Birmingham (June 7).

Thanks to Doha's media team, who put these fine interviews together for us. And of course, thanks to Mo Farah.  

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_MoFV_Pre11.jpg
Mo Farah winning Pre 10,000 meters in 2011, photo by

The Doha Diamond League is living up to the hype this year, and with fantastic fields in just about every event, the Diamond League is living proof of what is best in our sport: Rivalries and real competition. 

The men's 3000 meters, the men's 800 meters, the men's triple jump, the women's 100m hurdles, the women's 1,500 meters, the women's 200 meters! 

And that is just at first glance.

Alfons Juck, our man about the globe, had this concise preview of the the 2015 DOHA DL, to be held May 15, 2015. 

The RunPro Camp is a great way for young and upcoming distance runners in the US to learn about the world of professional running. Sponsored and hosted by the RRCA, this is a fantastic program! 



LoLo Jones is one of first athletes to commit to the American Track League, the brain child and labor of love of agent and manager Paul Doyle. Doyle launched the League with some success in 2014, and Alex Mills writes on its sophomore year. 
Justin Lagat ran the Kericho Tea Marathon this past weekend. Here is how he wrote about his experience and the land of enchanted tea trees (enchantment provided by falling monkeys). 

Emmanuel Mutai Training Group, photo by
This book is needed by coaches and athletes. The mile is a tactical race, and Jeff Hollobaugh has asked some of the finest athletes about their finest races. A great learning tool, we highly recommend it! Jeff is a long time contributor to many of the magazines that you love: TFN, Michigan Runner, plus 

After reading the press release below, check out the website, noted below! 


Haile Gebrselassie, photo by

Last weekend, in Manchester, England, Steven Mills caught up with Haile Gebrselassie to speak about the future of Ethiopian marathon running. Haile also announced his competitive running retirement. 

Here is a thoughtful column from Steven on what Haile sees as the future of Ethiopian marathoning. Haile knows a bit about running in Ethiopia. 
The Diamond League begins in Doha, Qatar on the 15 of May. Alex Mills sent this piece all the way from his local coffee shop to remind us of seven things we need to know on the 2015 Diamond League. 

Thumbnail image for Rudisha_David-Birmingham14.JPG
David Rudisha, Birmingham DL 2014, photo by
AW Cover, courtesy of AW

Athletics Weekly has been bought by The Great Run Company, formerly known as Nova International. The magazine will continue to be run by the same publisher and editorial team. A new independent editorial board will be established, to be chaired by Dave Gordon, the former head of major sporting events at the BBC. The Great Run Company will also be involved in all Diamond League broadcasts in Britain, with FilmNova holding the rights for the UK meetings and Athletics Weekly sponsoring the EuroSport broadcasts.

(Editor's note: Athletics Weekly was started in 1945, just after the Second World War. Track & Field News started in 1948. Both magazines were huge influences on my career. In 1989, when I founded American Athletics, the three influences were 1970s issues of AW and TFN, and Nike's seminal magazine, Running. 

AW has been on the market for some time. Reinvented with strong digital and social media sites, the magazine needed financial support and a stronger business support system. They will find that with their new owner. 

AW has found a home. The Great Run company was founded, as Nova by Brendan Foster, a man who took his athletics acumen and built the largest event company in GB. Look at Mr. Foster as an media angel, who, we hope will provide innovation and evolution of a magazine that should be the global leader in athletics. 

Congrats to the AW team.)

Thumbnail image for Ritzenhein-Farah-Oxy12.jpg
Galen Rupp will be at Oxy, with Centro, while Mo Farah is in Doha! Oxy 2012 photo by
The Hoka One One Middle Distance Classic will take place on Thursday. World silver medallist Nick Symmonds is entered for the men's 800m, alongside Matthew Centrowitz, Brandon Johnson and Sweden's Johan Rogestedt. Entered in the 1500m is Olympic medallist Leo Manzano, Great Britain's Chris O'Hare, Andrew Wheating and Pat Casey. The 5000m field includes, Galen Rupp, Cam Levins, Kenya's Lawi Lalang, Belgium's Bashir Abdi and Japan's Suguru Osako. In the women's 800m, Chanelle Price, Maggie Vessey, Charlene Lipsey, Mary Cain and Shannon Rowbury are entered. Entries for the 1500m include: Sally Kipyego of Kenya, Emma Coburn, Mary Cain, Shannon Rowbury and Morgan Uceny. The 5000m field includes Buze Diriba of Ethiopia, Steph Twell of Great Britain and Kara Goucher.

(Editor's note: The HOKA ONE ONE Middle Distance Classic is one of those events that celebrate performance. The three thousand fans watch from the small facility that houses the HOKA ONE ONE Classic is informed and enthusiastic. 

If you can not be there, you can enjoy social media updates from RunBlogRun. We will have Peter Abraham on the field and Larry Eder watching from Doha with updates, color commentary and thoughtful bon mots. )
Thumbnail image for Rotich_CarolineFHH1-BostonMar15.jpg
Caroline Rotich wins 2015 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by

In 1986, when John Hancock became the first professional sponsor of the B.A.A. Boston marathon, the field was a humongous 6,600 people, I believe. Then chairman of John Hancock David D'Allesandro, always quotable, said, "For three million dollars a year, I own the city of Boston for one day." And right he was. 

The most iconic and historic marathon in the world was dragged, kicking and screaming from some, into the modern world of road racing. That past few years have been full of ups and downs for Boston and its fans. 

But 2015 brought the race full circle.  The ebullient Caroline Rotich showed us that it was okay to truly celebrate a hard fought win. And Lelisa Desisa, who had won in 2013, and gave his medal and some of his prize money back to the marathon he loves, came back won in 2015, and took the medal home: his second win, and his first medal. 

But it is the Boston marathon, its fans, its sponsors, the BAA, its city that we salute, in wind, cold and rain, that make this race an institution and fitting of being the RBR Event of the Month for April. 

The Boston Marathon has earned it each and every year, but 2015, was just a bit more special and poignant. 

and, as the voice over noted, " a day for Boston."

Thanks to the Shoe Addicts for developing this video as they always do for RunBlogRun Awards. 

Justin Gatlin Interview, May 13, 2015, photo by Larry Eder

This is a short piece on our group interview with Justin Gatlin. The entire interview will be posted in audio format on RunBlogRun this weekend. Justin Gatlin is racing the 100 meters at the Doha DL on Friday, May 15, 2015. 
Bohdan Bondarenko soared, photo by

Tianna Bartolleta leaped, and sprinted! photo by

Bohdan Bondarenko soared over 2.37 meters for his opener, and Tianna Bartolleta sprinted  11.26  and leaped 6.69m  in the Seiko Grand Prix on 10 May! 

An exciting meet, lead by brilliant racing over 110 meters and 100 meter hurdles, and Asafa Powell's 9.84 World Leader for the 100 meters! 

Deep 100 meters for men and women, plus a wonderfully deep 200 meters for women as well! 

Does it get any better than that? 

Sharing the Love: Bolt and Powell, Rome 2011, photo by
PHOTO: NYRR president and CEO Mary Wittenberg presents the Rudin Award to 2014 TCS New York City Marathon winner Mary Keitany of Kenya last month in London (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

In a stunning announcement, Mary Wittenberg has resigned from the NYRR to take the position of launch CEO with new Virgin Sport venture. George Hirsch, Chairman of the NYRR board, named Michael Capariso and Peter Ciaccia as the new leaders of the NYRR, showing the NYRR as an organization with an eye to the future. 
In a surprise announcement today, Mary Wittenberg, CEO and President of the NYRR, has resigned to become the launch CEO of Virgin Sport, a new brand from the Virgin companies. George Hirsch, chairman of the board of the NYRR, named Michael Capiraso as President and CEO of the NYRR and Peter Ciaccia as President of NYRR Events. 

Grete Waitz, Allan Steinfeld, Mary Wittenberg, 
photo by

Hirsch praised Mary Wittenberg's leadership and her foresight in preparing Mr. Capiraso and Mr. Ciaccia, her chief lieutenants, for their new roles. 

Wittenberg has lead the second largest running group in the sport through some tumultuous times and events. Mary has championed American athletes in her tenure and opportunities for women in sport. 

RunBlogRun and the Running Network wish her the very best in her new and exciting adventure. 

It is also important to see, as George Hirsch has suggested, that NYRR, continues to thrive with strong leadership and vision. That is how I have read the release and comments. 

Best wishes also for Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia in their new and exciting roles in the NYRR. 
I was heading out for a nice three mile walk, minding my own business.

That is when it happened, as it always happens.

The foyer of the Radisson Blue Edwardian, which was coursing with runners, and Man City footballers only a few hours ago was quiet. 

Jo Pavey, Haile Gebrselassie, Great Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography for the Great Run Company

Tom Broadbent, Elite Athlete manager of the Great Run Company, the man who assembles the fields for the Great Runs, was gently walking a stroller with his baby boy. Tom said, " Are your writing about it yet? Haile announced his retirement from competitive racing." 

I was dumbfounded. "When did he do that?" 

Tom replied, " After the race today to the media and the runners. I wish he would have given us some notice, we would like to do something special for him." 

Tom is a good guy, who loves the sport. Like many of us, we did not want to see Haile call it quits like this....but perhaps, that is what he wanted. 
Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis Hill, Katerina Johnson Thompson, Jo Pavey, Haile Gebrselassie, Richard Kilty, photo by Dan Vernon Photography for the Great Run Company

The Manchester CityGames and Great Run are a weekend of sport. CityGames celebrates all things track and field, in the center of the city, with fans up close and the races and jumping fast. The Great Run, the next day, allows 30,000 plus road warriors to mix it up with the best women and men road racers around. 

Here is what Alex Mills learnt from the Great City Games and Great Run Manchester this past weekend. 
This is part two of our series with Jennifer Collins of HOKA ONE ONE On Sports Marketing at her company. In part two, I asked Jennifer to speak to the wider audience with this question: What would you ask runners, if you had a bunch of them in front of you, to do to better appreciate HOKA ONE ONE? 

Jennifer Collins spoke with me during the week of the 2015 Boston Marathon. HOKA ONE ONE had taken over the Charlesmark Hotel, at the finish line of the Boston marathon on Boylston street, and my official hotel in the fine city of Boston. 

We hope you enjoy this video and remember that there is more to come. 

So, I asked Casey Edison, a long time professional in the arena of Electronic video games to take a stab at an article I had been considering: video gaming and the student athlete. Casey wrote this informative piece just below on the origins of video gaming and also how it can benefit athletes.

So, Casey has me intrigued. She and I, plus our our video team, the Shoe Addicts, will be posing those questions to Electronics gaming companies at the upcoming E3 Shoe. And also, we went them to create a very cool track and field game! 

Casey Edison will be attempting to educate us in all things sports video gaming, so read and send us your thoughts. 

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The quandary for publishers is how, when one is multi platform, does one reveal winners of various awards and contests? Some readers get upset when they see the awards online before their print issue arrives, and some, well, just do not care. As a publisher, I try to keep all happy. Truth is, that gets more difficult by the day. 

We are trying things a bit different, waiting until all of our publications have mailed print and digital formats to remind our readers of the best in spring running shoes. 

Give us your thoughts. Please send me a note to [email protected]

To read the entire six page review, please click here: 2015 Spring Shoe Review v3-3.pdf

Thumbnail image for adidas_shoe.jpg
Shoes have improved since this beauty, from the Dassler collection,
 and dating back to 1928, was made. 

Mo Farah, London 2012 5000m final, photo by

Thumbnail image for Hassan_SifanFV-Euros14.jpg
Sifan Hassan, Euro 1,500 (2014) photo by

The Doha Diamond League has put together a field worthy of its status. As one of the 14 most important meetings of the athletics year, highlighting rivalries and the fierce competition on the world stage is key. 

And Doha DL has done just that! 

Here is Justin Lagat's fine piece on the middle and long distance races in Doha. I have to admit that I am quite excited about the field events and hurdles as well! After all, this is track AND field! 
PHOTO: Haile Gebrselassie setting the world record in the marathon at the BMW Berlin Marathon in 2007 when he ran2:04:26 (photo courtesy of the BMW Berlin Marathon), used with permission
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.07.33 AM.png
Jennifer Collins and Larry Eder, photo by The Shoe Addicts

When I first started in the business in 1981, the only women I knew in sports marketing was Jan Lester of Onitsuka Tiger then, and now ASICS America. The next generation of women professionals in sports marketing was exemplified by Jennifer Thomas, who spent tenures at both Reebok and adidas, and is now an executive in global running at adidas. Both Jan and Jennifer have done well in a business that is still pretty male dominated. They have done it by communicating well, staying focused and possessing finely tuned senses of who they are. Both Jan and Jennifer were also fine athletes: that love of sport and understanding keeps them at the top of their game. 

In this newest generation of women sports marketers, Jennifer Collins of HOKA ONE ONE sat down with The Shoe Addicts and Larry Eder of RunBlogRun during a very busy week at the Boston Marathon. Jennifer is a marathoner with a PB of 3:09, and has a genuine love and respect of the athletes she manages. Jennifer Collins also understands social media and that the goal with social media is not quantity, but quality. 

What I also find quite fascinating, is how Jennifer Collins encourages the brand development of the individual athletes, such as Leo Manzano, Sage Cannaday and Magdelana Lewy-Boulet. "When their brand is strong, so is HOKA ONE ONE."

This is the first part of a several part series on Jennifer. Special thanks to Ms. Collins. Thanks to the Shoe Addicts, digital partners of the Running Network and parent company, Fortius Media Group, LLC.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.11.10 AM.png
Mark Mastalir, photo by the Shoe Addicts

Mark Mastalir is the Vice President of Marketing for HOKA ONE ONE. An experienced marketing executive, Mark cut his teeth at Reebok, then, Nike, NBA, Wrigley's and has been with HOKA ONE ONE for a year. A fine athlete in high school and college, Mark and his brother Eric, attended Jesuit High School and Stanford University. 

This is the first of several short interviews we did with Mark last month at the Boston Marathon. Our series is on the marketing activations of HOKA ONE ONE and how Mark envisions those approaches for his brand. 

HOKA ONE ONE, a division of the Deckers Corporation is the fastest growing brand in running in 2015. As they did in 2014, HOKA ONE ONE continues to evolve, sponsoring the HOKA ONE ONE Middle Distance Classic on May 14, as well as numerous track athletes, road athletes and trail athletes. 

What one continues to see from these interviews is how important the one to one relationship between consumer and band is, and how social media can either assist or hinder those relationships. 

We thank Mark Mastalir for his time and thoughts. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of the Running Network and parent company, Fortius Media Group, LLC. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Powell_AsafaPC-Lausanne11.jpg
Asafa Powell, photo by

Asafa Powell back to business: 9.84 WL

KINGSTON (JAM, May 9): At Jamaican Invitational (IAAF World Challenge) the 21 year old Shaunae Miller ran a world lead and Bahamian record of 22.14 (0.2) to win the 200m over a strong field, including Tori Bowie (22.29), Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (22.37) and Sherone Simpson (22.64). US hurdler Jasmin Stowers lowered her world lead by 0.01, stopping the clock at 12.39 (2.0) to move to equal 10th on the world all-time list. Danielle Williams (12.77), Shermaine Williams (12.89) and Phylicia George (12.94) followed. Sanya Richards Ross continued on from her impressive showing in the Bahamas, by posting a world leading 49.95 to beat a world class 400m field. Francena McCorory (50.73), Stephanie Ann McPherson (50.98), Novlene Williams Mills (51.32) and world champion Christine Ohuruogu (51.48) were all left in her wake. Top hurdler Kaliese Spencer clocked 51.70. Asafa Powell ran a world leading 9.84 (1.8) to win the 100m, his fastest time since 2011. Ryan Bailey (9.93) and Nesta Carter (9.98) both recorded season's best behind him. Andrew Fisher (10.01 PB), Richard Thompson (10.04) and Daniel Bailey (10.11) followed. Aleec Harris equalled his world lead in the 110mH, running 13.16 (1.0) to ward off the challenge of Jeff Porter (13.36). Caterine Ibarguen showed she is in great shape again, winning the triple in a world lead of 14.87 (0.3). Bershawn Jackson was just 0.03 behind the current world lead, clocking 48.47 to win the 400mH over Leford Green (49.22). World champion Jehue Gordon finished 6th in 49.97. Asian record holder Youssef Al-Masrahi (44.59) beat world champion Lashawn Merritt in the 400m. Merritt's 44.80 was a good improvement on his season opener. Jamaican talent Javon Francis set a new best of 44.90 for third, with Jonathan Borlee (45.06) and Isaac Makwaala (45.10) next home. Luguelin Santos trailed in 45.89; he won here last year in 44.82. USA dominated the men's shot, Christian Cantwell (21.08) went over 21m for the 126th time to defend his title and beat Cory Martin (20.74) and Ryan Whiting (20.54). O'Dayne Richards (20.48) was top Jamaican. World 100m leader Elaine Thompson ran 10.97 (0.2), her second fastest ever, to beat Blessing Okagbare (11.05) and Allyson Felix (11.09). World 800m leader Ajee' Wilson topped the 800m field with 2:00.65 over Molly Ludlow (2:01:09). Kori Carter ran 55.12 to win the 400mH for the second year in a row. Behind her was Janeive Russell (55.29) and Tiffany Williams (55.35). Nickel Ashmeade clocked 20.25 (0.7) to win the 200m narrowly over Rasheed Dwyer (20.28) and Canada's Aaron Browne (20.30). Vikas Gowda won the discus in a good 65.14. Brad Walker was best in the pole vault, clearing 560. In the 3000m, Juan Luis Barrios ran 7:59.92 to win. #jamainvite,

(Editor's note: a fantastic meet with some amazing performances! Asafa is surely running well once again, and I believe he will be first man over 100 sub ten second hundred meter races! Sanya Richards-Ross was superb, as well as that women's 200 meters? Wow! )
Thumbnail image for Bondarenko_Bohdan1-Rome14.jpgBondarenko 237 WL

KAWASAKI (JPN, May 10): Four World leading marks highlighted the Seiko Golden Grand Prix (IAAF World Challenge) at the Todoroki Stadium here. World champion Bohdan Bondarenko cleared 220 (first), 231 (first) and 237 (second, WL) and then tried at new meet record height of 241. Second was Chinese World leader until Kawasaki Zhang Guowei with 228. Another World lead in women 1500 m by Ukrainian Anna Mishchenko 4:02.47, also meet record. Second Ethiopian junior Gudaf Tsegay 4:03.09 and third US Aissa Praught 4:05.52 PB. Third World lead was expected in men steeple by Kenyans. Winner Bernard Nganga 8:23.77 ahead of Clement Kemboi 8:25.32 and Lawrence Kemboi 8:25.64. The second top star of the meet with Bondarenko also won her event, Sally Pearson the hurdles in 12.66 (+0.9) over Americans Queen Harrison 12.75 and Tenaya Jones 12.83. Tianna Bartoletta scored a nice double. In long jump 669 (+1.7) over Russian Darya Klishina 668 (+1.3) and another close one in the 100 m with 11.256 (+1.2) over Marie Josee Ta Lou of Ivory Coast 11.259 and Simone Facey from Jamaica 11.264. Facey later won the 200 m in 22.65 (+1.0) ahead of Tiffany Townsend 22.85 and Ta Lou 22.88. Close situation also in men 100 m as Wilfred Koffi of Ivory Coast and home Kei Takase clocked 10.084 and 10.085 PB with Chinese Su Bingtian third 10.10. Japanese win for Kenji Fujimitsu in 200 m 20.33 (-0.5) PB ahead of World leader Carvin Nkanata from Kenya 20.50. Foreign running wins for Colombian Rafith Rodriguez 800 m 1:45.84, Estonian Rasmus Magi 400 m hurdles 49.48, Nigerian Regina George 51.30 in the 400 m and Australian Lauren Wells 56.19 in 400 m hurdles.  All throws brought top results. In women javelin Elizabeth Gleadle new Canadian record 64.83 over US Brittany Borman huge PB 64.75, Madara Palameika of Latvia 64.07 and Japanese record for Yuki Ebihara 63.80. In men javelin Czech Jakub Vadlejch personal best and second best in the world this year 85.13 over Rolands Strobinders of Lithuania 82.05. Women hammer was part of IAAF HT Challenge and the winner was Slovak European medalist Martina Hrasnova with last round effort 74.27 (meet record) over Chinese World leader Wang Zheng 73.68 and Canadian Sultana Frizell 73.66. Another meet record in women shot put won by Hungarian Anita Marton 18.94 ahead of US Brittany Smith 18.61 and Cleopatra Borel from Trinidad 18.41. China clocked 43.22 in 4x100 m and Japan 3:34.87 in 4x400 m by women. Seito Yamamoto won pole vault 550 and Cuban Alexis Copello triple 17.24 (+3.3, also best legal jump of the day 16.95 +1.3 WL).

(Editor's note: Bohdan Bondarenko is looking fantastic. Nice to see the season getting going. Tianna Bartoletta is also starting off quite well! Looking forward to a great season! ) 

Jo Pavey with Haile Gebrselassie, Manchester Great Run 10k, 
photo by Dan Vernon Photography for Great Run Company

Jo Pavey and Gemma Steel are views into different generations of British distance runners. Jo Pavey, after over 22 years of racing, won the bronze in the Commonwealth Games 5,000 meters, and then, the gold in the European Champs 10,000 meters. 

Gemma Steel is not a track athlete. She will tell you that. Gemma has come through rigorous cross country racing and found that, as the distance gets longer, she gets better, with a 68:18 PB at the half marathon. Gemma is considering her marathon debut at Amsterdam in October 2015.

This presser was done on Friday, 8 May. Jo Pavey is pretty chatty, but Gemma is not comfortable yet with the interview process, but she did pretty well considering that. 

Both Gemma Steel and Jo Pavey will be racing the Manchester Great Run 10k on Sunday, May 10, 2015. 

Thanks to Gemma Steel and Jo Pavey for their time and answers. 

I like Richard Kilty. 

That simple. He answers questions well in an interview. He has opinions that are his own, and he is proud to wear his country's vest. 

Richard Kilty, photo by

Also, Mike Rodgers hangs with him. And Mike Rodgers, one of our top US sprinters, and world's calmest guy, is a good judge of character. 

Also, the guy is a talent. He will get under ten seconds soon, but I will state, watch this young Briton has he runs some fast 200 meter races, perhaps his best distance. 

The 2014 surprise World Indoor Champion, and in 2015, the European Indoor Champion, Richard Kilty is understanding the opportunity that he has and his countrymen have: that, if they focus, and commit to the common goal, that GBR could be a medal contender if not winner in Beijing over the 4x100 meters. 

We interviewed Richard KIlty at the Manchester Great City Games presser on Friday, 8 May 2015. 

Thanks to Richard Kilty for his forthrightness. 

Katerina Johnson-Thompson had a busy winter. She set British records in both the indoor High Jump and indoor Long Jump. And then, after winning the European title, she missed the world record at the indoor pentathlon, coming heart breakingly close, due, in my opinion to the moving up of the final event by one hour from the stated schedule. 

Thumbnail image for Johnson_KatarinaHH-EuroInd15.jpg
Katerina Johnson-Thompson, 
European Indoor Champs 15, 
photo by

In this interview on May 8, Katerina was pleasant and honest. She also corrected me, rightly so, that her new high jump run up is shorter than her previous, only requiring nine steps. KJT is a wonderfully talented athlete, who also possesses that trail of the great ones: the ability to make light of much in difficult situations. 

Katerina Johnson-Thompson finished second in the 200 meter hurdles, to Meagan Beasley. In fact, Ms. Johnson-Thompson was leading but had an issue as she cleared the last hurdle. Such is the day to day battles of one who could soon be the world's greatest female athlete. 

Special thanks to Katerina Johnson-Thompson for her honest answers. 

Jessica Ennis HIll was both effusive and nervous in her presser on Friday, 8 May. After having had a baby, and enjoying that time with her little one, she is back on the track, training and realizing that the fitness she took for granted is hard won. 

Jessica Ennis-Hill, 
photo by Dan Vernon Photography for the Manchester 
Great CityGames

She should not have fretted, as she did pretty well in her first race in nearly two years. Ennis-Hill was competitive and now has a place to judge her fitness so far. 

The 2012 Olympic champion is a tremendous athlete. She told us that getting back into shape is daunting, but her 800 meter endurance is coming along, as she adds strength and time. Jessica has 18 months to round into shape for Rio 2016, which should be the real goal of her training. 

One thinks that Beijing will come soon, and even an Olympic gold medalist has to be patient. Special thanks to Jessica Ennis Hill for her patience with our questions. 

Greg Rutherford is the Olympic champion, European champion and Commonwealth Games champion. He is also a new father, of a young son named Milo. Those around him, credit Milo and his lovely mum, Susie, with providing Greg with a quiet confidence and demeanor that is allowing him to focus on the battle to gain the only medal he is missing: a World Outdoor Championship medal. 

Thumbnail image for rutherford.jpg
Greg Rutherford, 
photo courtesy of Dan Vernon Photography for the GreatCityGames

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, with imminent rain, and cold and wind in their faces, the long jumpers braved challenging conditions with the support of a vocal and cheering crowd. Greg Rutherford jumped 8.01m, 7.96m, 7.86m and 7.92m to win the competition. 

After the second jump, Greg came over and said to me, smiling, " The sun is out, perhaps it will help with some better jumps!" Greg was totally relaxed. 

This interview was done on Friday, 8 May at the GreatCity Games presser. Special thanks to Greg Rutherford for his relaxed nature and sense of humor. 

Diana Asher-Smith vs Dafne Schippers, 
photo by Dan Vernon Photography for GreatRunCompany

Impressive Asher-Smith

MANCHESTER (GBR, May 9): Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis Hill returned to competition at the Great CityGames Manchester with a third place finish in the 100mH. 

Tiffany Porter
photo by Dan Vernon Photography for GreatRunCompany
The race was won by British record holder Tiffany Porter in 12.86 (-0.4), over Lucy Hatton (13.06) and Ennis-Hill (13.14). 

The 110m hurdles, 
             photo by Dan Vernon Photography 
for GreatRunCompany

The best clash of the day took place in the 110 m hurdles. World champion David Oliver hit a hurdle and then went down over the final flight. That left the race up to Olympic champion Aries Merritt of the USA and Orlando Ortega of Cuba. They both finished with 13.32 (+0.2), but the Cuban was given the edge. Lawrence Clarke was third in 13.57. At 60 m mark Merritt was leading 7.59 with Ortega 7.60 and Oliver 7.68. 

In the women's 150m, world junior champion Dina Asher Smith got off to a blistering start and went on to win in 16.82 (+0.3), beating double Euro sprint champion Dafne Schippers (16.95). Dina Asher Smith had an excellent 100 m split 11.15 (Schippers 11.21) and also performed well in the meet ending 2x100m relay, beating 100m winner Jessica Young on the first leg. 

Young won the women's 100m in 11.33 (0.0), over her compatriot English Gardener (11.37). USA also won the men's 100m, Michael Rodgers crossing the line in 10.25 (-0.6), over world indoor champion Richard Kilty (10.29), Kim Collins (10.33, was leading at 50 m 5.64) and CJ Ujah (10.35).

In the men's 200mH, South Africa's LJ Van Zyl equalled Andy Turner's world best of 22.10 (1.8), beating Ray Stewart (22.85) and Olympic 400mH champion Felix Sanchez (23.05). 

Meghan Beesley defended her 200mH title, running 25.28 (0.5) to beat Katarina Johnson Thompson (25.31), who was in the lead and stumbled after the last hurdle; Yadisleidy Pedroso (26.06) and Eilidh Child (26.23). 

In the men's 150m, Churandy Martina had a strong second half, taking the win in 15.21 (-1.1) over the fast starting Danny Talbot (15.30) and James Ellington (15.37, leading at 100 m 10.32). 

Greg Rutherford
photo by Dan Vernon Photography for GreatRunCompany

Olympic champion Greg Rutherford won the long jump with 801 (0.0) in the first round, beating Mike Hartfield 795 (1.0) and Dan Bramble 780 (0.1). 

Jazmin Sawyers beat Dafne Schippers with a last round jump of 644 in the women's competition. Schippers best of 640 (0.0) came in round one.

 In wet conditions in the women's pole vault, Yarisley Silva won with 430 on her third attempt. 

The 2x100m was won by Asher-Smith and Ujah with a time of 20.30 (0.9, 11.07 and 10.23), over Bianca Williams and Kilty (20.78, 11.48 and 10.30) and Chantel Malone and Collins (21.38). Rodgers and Young botched their baton exchange. 
David Owen is one of my favorite writers on the politics of sport. He has been one of my favorites for several years, but moved up the food chain for recently quoting George Orwell's note that sport is war without the bullets. The advent of social media is another weapon in this battle for sport supremacy and sports marketing dollars. 

Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka, photo by

But do not be confused. 

Raw numbers mean little. Sports Politics is every so challenging in this day and age. But influence is king, and if one had 1,000 twitter followers who were key influencers as opposed to the six million followers of a popular, whose followers are looking for a train wreck, then, one could defeat the person with raw number superiority. 

Actions speak louder than tweets.  

The battle for the IAAF Presidency is much, much closer than one could imagine. Truth be told, the votes for either Mr. Bubka or Mr. Coe will be won or loss with personal visits. The social media world is a great PR gesture, but this is a true battle of great athletes and sports politicians. 

Discount either at your own risk. Both Coe and Bubka have skill sets that are fascinating. Both men are at their very best in one on one situations. Both possess an elegance and a gift of conversation. And both want the job very, very much. 

But note this, Bubka and Coe know how to play well together. Without the work of both of them, the World Champs coming to the US would never have happened. 

If they are not saying it now, by 2012, members of the IAAF will recognize that have an outdoor World Champs in the US not only opened doors to American marketers but may be the catalyst for American TV to give track and field its properly deserved coverage as one of the worlds' most prestigious and historic sports. 

Mo Farah, Pre 10,000 meters (May 2011), photo by

Important addition into the item about new broadcast deals for IAAF Diamond League is that as well as Eurosport coverage in UK that the BBC as well as covering Birmingham and London live will broadcast 50 minutes highlights programmes after each of the other 12 IDL meets. What's best this for the first time be on main channels BBC 1 and 2 and not digital channels BBC3 or red button. 

(Editor' note: While BBC has cut back on number of events that they will cover for British Athletics, the Eurosport deal to cover Birmingham and London LIVE and give 50 minutes highlight programs of each of the other DL meets means that Brits can actually see the entire season without owning cable. 

It has been one of my big frustrations with DL in Europe is that terrestrial TV has been given short shrift and cable TV cuts out many in Europe from seeing Diamond League. Now, if they could only do something in the US with all of the Diamond League meetings! And Universal, as good as they might be, is not the answer.)
Pedro Pichardo, Sopot 2014, photo by

Pichardo 17.94 NR, WL

HAVANA (CUB, May 8): Cuban Pedro Pablo Pichardo achieved at the open meet at Estadio Panamericano new national record and world leading 17.94 (0.0) in triple jump. He also had in series 17.34 and 17.52 and improved the mark of Yoelbi Quesada 17.85 from 1997. Junior talent Lazaro Martinez was second 16.73. Another top improvement in women discus, Denia Caballero to 67.87 m. Roberto Janet achieved personal best 77.14 in hammer what is Beijing standard and Lazaro Borges cleared 520 in the pole vault. "I knew it was good, expected more 17.50, but not such a big leap, considering I had a year without jumping I lacked a bit of rhythm," Pichardo told Radio Havana Cuba. He also added: "I'm still the same and the sanction was wrong," he said about his ban last year when he did not compete from disciplinary reasons.  "Now I'm looking for the barrier of 18 meters and the world's gold," Pichardo who will compete at Doha DL opener said. His new coach is Daniel Osorio.

(Editor's note: As the IAAF site noted, Senor Pichardo has a habit of breaking his PB in his first jumping event of the season. "Why break the habit of a lifetime?" is how our friends at noted it. 

Pablo Pichardo is the silver medalist from 2013 Moscow in the triple jump at 17.68m. That day, Teddy Tamgho jumped 18.03 meters and took gold and the longest jump in 2012. Pichardo has the longest in 2014, and also took the bronze in Sopot at the world indoors. And  now, on May 8, 2015,  he is leading el mundo in 2015! 

What will this guy do with some competition? ) 
The Running Network TV was the brainchild of Art & Jennie McCafferty, publishers of Michigan Runner. Most weekends, they are hard at work at various events around the Midwest. Their associate editor, Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, travels around the world, camera and microphone in hand
The first time that I really paid attention to Greg Rutherford was the 2011 Nike Pre. I had seen him at FBK Hengelo that season as well. Rutherford jumped well, I remember jotting down in my notebook after FBK Hengelo. 


image (20).jpeg
A brilliant beach, photo by Cathal Dennehy

As I was writing on Thursday at Anthony's Grill, I started receiving emails from some media associates, asking me if I knew how Cathal Dennehy was doing. Cathal is one of our writers, and made a last minute mad dash to the Bahamas for the World Relays. His first column at, an excellent blog site Cathal Dennehy and his partner, Fiedhlim Kelly produce. 

Outside of the stadium, wifi worked in my breakfast place, Anthony's Grill. I then used bluetooth most of the time to insure I was able to communicate. 

The following story may scare the hell out of you. Cathal's ability to write about his travels, warts and all, is what makes him popular. He is a bit in the style of Hunter S. Thompson without the hallucinogens or life long drug use.  

The story has a view of the Relays that most of us did not experience. From the media hotel (Club Land Dor), I had safe and clean hotel in an older hotel. Truth was, I would go back again. 

The disparity of rich and poor in the Bahamas is quite evident, as we experienced on our walk from Paradise Island to the center of Nassau. 

In reading of Cathal Dennehy's Bahamanian Odyssey, the theme comes through: with blackouts, with brutality, there was also beauty and brilliance. 

And yes, we will be back. 

I promise I will find Cathal Dennehy a much safer hotel next time. 

Usain Bolt and President Lamine Diack, 
photo courtesy of Getty images for the IAAF

(Gary wanted to be in the above picture, but he missed his historical moment. Our Gary was crushed. And so, quite frankly, were we.  ) 

Gary Morgan is Mr. Ubiquitous. He is a cult hero. And I, for one, worship the guy. I am building a statue of him, surrounded by Gnomes, in my flower garden in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. By 2017, when the statue will be completed, it will become a shrine. 

The man travels more than yours truly. 

A 1988 Olympian at the 20,000 meter Race Walk, Gary is also an associate editor of Michigan Runner and a dear friend. 

His fans are legend, and his new twitter feed, RunGaryRun, should be followed and savored. It is sure more fun than Charlie Sheen's and you already follow Charlie, right? 

His whirlwind trip to the Bahamas is pretty special. The only thing he does not blog on is how many times he breathes in an hour. Every day has a Moment of Gary (kind of a Jon Stewart Zen Moment, only about Gary Morgan). 

Most importantly, Gary Morgan loves the sport, and you will, after you read his journal. 

If not, do not say a word, or Gary and I will visit your house for a few days. 

Gary will wake you up quite early and after an exciting slide show of all the races he has paced in 2014, I will take you out on a two hour walk and discuss the politics of Moldova (I can, and what is more important, I will). 

You will become an enlightened anarchist and take a job as a barista, making imperfect caffe lattes, half soy, half non-fat with a pistachio hint. 

Get my drift? 
Thumbnail image for Isinbayeva_Elena1-Worlds13.jpg
Yelena Isinbayeva, Moscow 2013 (World Champs), photo by

Olympic winner Yelena Isinbayeva has signed a five-year extension to her contract with the Russian army, a news report said Wednesday. The 32-year-old pole vaulter, who was made a captain of the Russian army in 2008, will serve as a track and field coach for CSKA Moscow, which is the Central Sports Army Club, the TASS news agency cited club spokesman Sergei Vlasov as saying. Isinbayeva should be back competing in 2016. 

(Editor's note: What does this mean? I am not sure, except that for many years, athletes in many companies continued to compete while being in the military services. Does this mean that Isinbayeva will compete for five more years? Who knows? We will have to see how Isinbayeva competes in 2016.)
Dani Samuels, photo by

The Commonwealth discus champion and 2009 World champion Dani Samuels will also battle it out this weekend. Choosing to once again open her international campaign at the Werfer-Cup in Weisbaden, Germany, Samuels will look to improve on the 67.99 throw she achieved at the event last year as she inches closer to the 68.72 Australian record. She remains undefeated so far in 2015, taking victory at Australian Athletics Tour meets in Adelaide and Sydney, as well as at the Queensland Athletics Championships and the Australian Athletics Championships. Her season best is 66.21.
How does one innovate in this day and age in road running? How does one lift the brand recognition of the largest 10k in North America, in a time, when, while running is continuing to thrive, there are just so many races that one can run, walk or collect the proverbial t-shirt on?

AJC Peachtree is the largest 10K in North America. 60,000 plus runners will be running and all want (but will not get) the hallowed "Sixty minute t-shirt". This year, new Executive Director Rich Kenah has been instituting changes, from how the t-shirt is presented, to the all encompassing Mizuno sponsorship, to the inaugural Peachtree Cup. 

Kudos to AJC Peacthree and the Atlanta Track Club on this new program for Peachtree. RunBlogRun is looking to visit the hallowed race for the first time, hopefully this summer. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Defar_MeseretFH-Zurich13.jpg
Defar in Zurich 2013, photo by

Return of Defar

MANCHESTER (GBR): The Great Manchester Run 10km (IAAF Gold Label) takes place on Sunday with a fantastic women's race in store. Track star Meseret Defar will make her comeback after maternity leave in a race that also includes global marathon champions Tiki Gelana and Edna Kiplagat. Kiplagat is the fastest of the three, with a 31:18 best from 2010. Defar only has one 10 km to her name. She had been originally set to make her return at the Boston Indoor Grand Prix, but didn't compete in the end. Gelana has shown the best form this year, running 2:24:26 for third at the Tokyo Marathon, her best performance since 2012. However, it may not necessarily be an African affair as European 10,000m champion Jo Pavey and Gemma Steel will provide a strong British challenge. Both are well versed over 10km, Pavey with a 31:47 best set in 2007 and Steel with a 31:27 best, set in 2014. The men's race is fronted by former marathon world record holder Wilson Kipsang of Kenya, who finished runner-up in last year's race. On that occasion he was beaten by Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele. This time his Ethiopian rival will be Haile Gebrselassie who is aiming for his sixth victory, with his last title coming in 2012. Stepping up in distance for his first road 10km is the USA's Bernard Lagat. Last year's third placer, Stephen Mokoka of South Africa and 10km world record holder Leonard Komon of Kenya provide further depth at the head of the field.

(Editor's note: Fantastic fields on the Manchester 10k! Meseret Defar, Tiki Gelana, Jo Pavey and Gemma Steel on the women sides. In the Men's 10k, Haile Gebrselassie, Wilson Kipsang, fresh off his London second place, Stephen Sambu, and Bernard Lagat! Should be a lot of fun!)

Alex Mills, one of our most frequent writers, had some definite opinions regarding the importance of the World Relays, and why athletes who were not there should be competing there in 2017. He also wants a hurdle relays added, among other things. 

I am curious to hear what our readers think of Alex's comments. Send your thoughts to [email protected]

Robbie Andrews, after finish of the USA 4x800m team, 
photo by Getty Images for the IAAF
Alexi Pappas is one of my favorite young athletes. She also is someone who can chat about film and art as well as long runs and fartlek. Part of what should be attractive to potential sponsors about Alexi is that she truly is a "renaissance women." 

HAWI management gets that. As Hawi Keflezighi develops his athlete portfolio, he has chosen athletes who have personalities and unique skill sets. 

We wish Alexi the best of luck in her athletic endeavors and are convinced we will see her accepting an award not only in athletics, but also in film making, down the road. 

Bank-of-America-Shamrock-Shuffle_2 (1).jpg
Alexi Pappas winning 2015 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, 
photo courtesy of  Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle

Start of BERLIN25k, photo by

The BERLIN BIG 25k is coming Sunday, May 10. Fast times and deep fields showcase this race, now in its 35th year. With a vibrant running community in Berlin, this event is one of the largest 25k races in the world. 

From the company that brought you the Running Event, here is a conference on Women's Running & Fitness. The most important part of conferences and trade shows is the human inter-action. 
Thumbnail image for Vlasic_BlankaTowel-Glascow14.JPG
Blanka Vlasic, photo by

Ruth Beitia, photo by

Svetlana Shkolina, photo by

Great women high jump planned
ROME (ITA): Organisers of the Golden Gala, Rome IAAF Diamond League have announced more names for the meet which will take place on June 4. Justin Gatlin will try and win his third title here in three years over 100m. His competition includes Nesta Carter, Mike Rodgers and Kim Collins. French sprinter Christophe Lemaitre has opted for the 200m. The men's 800m promises to be a good show, with world champion Mohammed Aman, the Olympic silver medallist Nijel Amos and European champion Adam Kszczot all confirmed. Joe Kovacs' recent form makes him a big favourite in the men's shot, even though world champion David Storl and Christian Cantwell are in the field.  In the men's javelin, Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott will take on world champion Vitazlav Vesely. The women's 100mH will feature the last two Olympic champions, Dawn Harper Nelson and Sally Pearson, as well as the world champion, Brianna Rollins. Teddy Tamgho will continue his return in the triple jump, he will face Will Claye who has already beaten him this season. Olympic long jump medallist Yelena Sokolova returns to competition after giving birth to a boy in August, she will face Ivana Spanovic and Darya Klishina. Renaud Lavillenie's entry has already been confirmed, but now we know who he will vault against: world champion Raphael Holzdeppe and former world champion Paweł Wojciechowski. The women's high jump field adds Blanka Vlasic, Svetlana Shkolina and Ruth Beitia to a list that already contains Mariya Kuchina, Kamila Licwinko and Alessia Trost. Italian fans will cheer for Trost, as well as European 400m champion Libania Grenot and rising star Federica Del Buono.

(Editor's note: The Rome DL is a meet to behold. The stadium is fantastic. I visited the meet in 2012, and truly enjoyed the meet. 2015's meet looks to be shaping up to be a fine meet.)

Lelisa Desisa, 2013, 2015 Boston Champion, photo by

Kipsang and Desisa battle NYC 2014, photo by

Sambu and Korir, NYC Half, photo by

Runnersworld informs that two of the world's best current marathon-runners will be in action at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park on 30 May but reigning champion Stephen Sambu will be looking to repeat Wilson Kipsang and Lelisa Desisa were involved in a thrilling head-to-head in the New York Marathon last November and the first and second placers will be going head-to-head again over 10km in the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park on 30 May. However, the fastest runners in the line-up over 10km are former two-time New York Marathon winner Geoffey Mutai and Stephen Sambu with PBs of 27:19 and 27:25 respectively. The reigning champion in the women's race Joyce Chepkirui is also looking for back-to-back titles in Central Park. Chepkirui will face IAAF world half marathon champion Gladys Cherono, Ethiopia's Mamitu Daska and Great Britain's Gemma Steel.
Joe Kovacs, photo by

Thumbnail image for Perkovic_SandraWide-Stockholm14.jpg
Sandra Perkovic, photo by 

Keshorn Walcott, photo by

The Diamond League opens at the Doha DL on May 15. This is my second time going to the meet. What is special about Doha? 

To me, it is about making athletics a Global sport. In 2013, when I visited Doha for the first time for an outdoor event, there were amazing throws in the shot put (Ryan Whiting), long Jump (Brittney Reese) and several fantastic distance races. 

This year, it is a true track AND FIELD meeting. Shot put, discus and javelin, plus some great middle distance races. Mo Farah will be in the thick of it over 3000 meters.

More to come. 

Sowinski hand off lo res.jpg
4x800m hand off (Sowinski), photo by The Shoe Addicts, Mike Deering

Justin Lagat sent this piece mid day in the Bahamas, and it puts Kenyan track fan's frustrations on the table (to be ball park frank, our US drops of 4x200 meter batons was infuriating and amazing, in Justin Gatlin's great run). 
Ryan Bailey lo res.jpg
The sprint leg seen around the world, Ryan Bailey anchors US 4x100m, photo by The Shoe Addicts/Mike Deering

This is Cathal Dennehy's Ten points on the World Relays and he has some great ones! What do you think? My thought is this: we are poised for a fantastic season of track and field, and I sure hope NBC, ESPN, Euro Sport and BBC see how captivating our sport can be. 
The second year of the World Relays was even better than the first! A fantastic crowd, great races and thrilling rivalries that will set up Beijing, Rio and London. Exceptional support for media, and IAAF working to expand media opportunities including supporting Getty images to provide media organizations without photo support key images to showcase this event. This is a huge deal, as it shows that the IAAF is working to elevate the viewing and perception of our sport (which is huge part of the reason why Eugene has won 2021).

Here are some thoughts from EME News's Alfons Juck on the success of Day two and some fun stats! 
Felix Kandie won the VW Prague Marathon today, in front of 10,000 fellow marathoners, in 2:08.32 to Evans Chebet, who was second in 2:08.50. 

This interview was done by Andy Edwards of Race News Service. 

The interview was done after Felix Kandie's victory on Sunday, May 3 in Prague. 

Thanks to Race News Service. 

The US women's 4x400 meters, courtesy of Spikes Mag/Powered by IAAF/Getty Images

A second night of great racing followed up a first great night of relay racing. The women's 4x400 meters was a particular highlight. With Phllyis Francis, Natasha Hastings, Sanya Richards Ross and Francis McCorrory, the US team ran 3:19.39 for the WL and CR. SRR just broke the race open. 

The mens DMR was not only fun to watch, but amazing to see the US win both men and women's DMRs, setting WRs in both but also both 4x800 meters. In the men's DMR, Ben Blankenship showed racing savvy, running a 3:51 mile after Timothy Cheruiyot took the first lap of the mile in 52 seconds! 

The women's 4x100 meters pitted the US against Jamaica, and this time, Veronica Campbell-Brown took on Carmelita Jeter on the last leg and won, in 42.15, a WL. The US and Jamaica, men and women will be dueling in Rio, Beijing and London over this relay. 

The final event of the night, the Men's 4x400 meters, was fantastic. Young Bahamanian Gardner ran the third leg and took Jeremy Wariner head on, leading for about 100 meters, until Jeremy Wariner dropped his biz card, and took the lead back on the final straight. LaShawn Merritt had a nice lead, as Chris Brown made the titanic effort to catch him, coming oh so close.

But, dear readers, in my mind, it was the third place team, the Belgian men, who ran an NR of 2:59.33. 

If one discounts the three Borlee brothers and their countrymen over the 4x400m, remember, Bahama surprised the US in the 4x400m in London. 

This, remember, is a sport. 
The highlights of the World Relays in 2014 was the battle between the Bahamas and US over 4x 400 meters. This was a grudge match. The Bahamas had kicked US butt in London and the teams were here to settle the score. 

The race lived up to the hype (as it did in 2015 as well). 

This interview was fun. The IAAF allowed me to get in two questions, one to Chris Brown on if he had been focusing on this race with the US all year. Then, I asked Usain, if he was excited to run in the 4x200 meters or 4x100 meters more? In the end, Usain did not run the 4x200 meters. Usain was beat in the 4x100 meters, another relay race in Beijing will be his focus...

In the 4x400 meters, Chris Brown made one huge, titanic move to get LaShawn Merritt, and the crowd went home, satisfied that the 4x4 from the little country of the Bahamas took the USA to the wire. 

Ryan Bailey lo res.jpg
Ryan Bailey anchoring USA 4x100m, photo by The Shoe Addicts/Micheal Deering

While we were enthralled with the World Relays on night one, there was lots of track and field going on around the world. Thanks to our partners, EME News and their compilation of some of the finest results and meetings. 
Our roving Irish correspondent, Cathal Dennehy, who came down to the Relays at the very last moment, surely got his money's worth tonight! A World Record in the DMR, a huge upset in the 4x200 meters, three US wins (DMR, 4x800 and 4x100 meters) were some of the highlights. 

As Cathal and I finish up our writing, and we are nearly the last writers in the Thomas Robinson Stadium, there is lots to consider for tomorrow's second session! 

But, for now, savor the words of Cathal Dennehy, as he waxes poetically about a Saturday night at the World Relays! 

Updated May 3, 2015 at 2:22 PM. Originally posted 11:04 pm May 2, 2015. 

Asafa Powell and Ryan Bailey, NB Indoor 2015, 
photo by

A. Powell 10.08 against -2.4 wind

BAIE MAHAULT (FRA, May 2): Jamaican former world record holder Asafa Powell won the men's 100 m at International Meeting Region Guadeloupe in 10.08 against strong wind (-2.4). "I wanted to go sub-10, but the track is hard, it's a old track, and it was minus 2.4, so that's a great opener for me," Powell said. Diondre Batson of USA was second in 10.21, Jamaican Winston Barnes third in 10.35. Ever young Kim Collins of St. Kitts and Nevis finished 4th in 10.42 in his season opener. World and Olympic winner Brittney Reese leaped to windy 672 (+2.4) in the women long jump. Bianca Stuart of Bahamas 664 (+1.3) was second. Donald Thomas of Bahamas was also in record-breaking mood. He cleared 233 meet record. French Mickael Hanany second 225 and Ryan Ingraham, also of Bahamas, third 225. In the all American women's 100m, Tori Bowie topped the field in 11.13 (-1.6) ahead of English Gardner 11.34 and Lekeisha Lawson 11.54. In the most highly anticipated race of the night, the men's 110m hurdles, US World leader Aleec Harris 13.18 (0.0) beat hometown hero Wilhem Belocian 13.30 PB and Cuban Yordan O´Farril 13.40. In the women's sprint hurdles, Sharika Nelvis upstaged reigning World champion Brianna Rollins 12.77 to 12.84 (-1.0). US Cassandra Tate won the close finish at 400 m hurdles 56.31 over Tiffany Williams 56.82 and Rushell Clayton 56.83. In the men's 400m hurdles, Bershawn Jackson topped the field in 49.11 ahead of fellow American Johnny Dutch 49.36. Kineke Alexander of St. Vincent won the women's 400m in 51.49 ahead of Americans Shapri Romero 51.99. US  Patrick Feeney 45.51, James Harris 45.53 and Calvin Smith 46.09 dominated the men's 400 m. Jamaican Damar Forbes won the long jump with 817 (+1.5) over US triple specialist Will Claye 811 (+2.4). Charlene Lipsey won the 800 m in 2:03.92. Michelle Carter won the women's shot put with 18.51 over fellow Americans Jeneva Stevens 18.49 and Felisha Johnson 17.94. Based on info from Trackalerts.
A great introduction to the Distance Medley for the 15,000 fans in Thomas Robinson stadium! 

USA defeats Jamaica in the 4x100 meter relay! Dynamo hum! I did not think I would see that soon!

Andy Edwards of Race News Service, interviewed Geoffrey Ronoh at the pre race press conference for the VW Prague Marathon. 

Race News Service is one of our friends on the road racing scene. Enjoy Ronohs' thoughts on racing. 

Special thanks to Andy Edwards for this interview. 

This is why I am going to Doha! 

It is all about the racing! 

Paul Koech, Doha DL, May 2012, photo by

Thumbnail image for Bolt-Blake4x1-World11.JPG
Usain Bolt, Daegu 2011, photo by

Usain Bolt, surviving Rome presser, 2012, photo by

Our guess, from having watched Usain Bolt for most of his career, is that the toughest part of his job is the media events. Bolt creates a fever where ever he goes. Why is that?

My belief is that Usain Bolt is that perfect storm of super athletic talent meets a coach who knows how to motivate him. His superb performances and his electrifying post race histrionics have captured young and old.  Bolt makes sprinting at the near speed of light look easy. It is not. And few people can do it. His body has taken a beating. 

One of the other parts of Usain that the sports fan identifies with is his support and respect of his relay team partners. Big deal in North America, where the word team is in every sport vernacular. 

Cathal Dennehy, from, wrote the following piece for us on Friday, May 1, 2015, on the eve of the World Relays. 

Men's 4 x 800 meters, World Relays 2014, photo by

The World Relays is a success in its second year. It has more than doubled the teams from 2014. The weather looks to be clearing up, and if the presser is any indication, then, the Relays has done a lot to excite sports fans around the world. As Seb Coe said in his release this morning, innovation in the sport is key. 

I also want to put my vote in for the Bahamas being the permanent home for the World Relays. It just makes sense. Putting major events in locales and cultures that totally embrace the event focus makes complete sense. 

Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka are both running to be the next IAAF President. The vote is in August 2015. Both possess particular skill sets and both bring a thoughtfulness and charm to the position, which are both talents needed in the world of modern global sports leadership. 

This press release came from SebCoe 2015 this morning, as I woke up in rainy Nassau. Seb Coe makes some good comments and observations. 

Thumbnail image for Coe_SebPC1-IAAF13.jpg
     Seb Coe, photo by

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