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Jenny Simpson wins USA 1500m title! Photo by PhotoRun.net

Jenny Simpson is 2011 WC gold, 2013, WC silver and one of toughest racers over the distance. She has just won the USA 1,500m title and moves on to Beijing now to race the worlds' best. Jenny Simpson embraced cross country early in her career to help build her endurance, and also, because, well, it was just fun! 

Train this summer to race well in the fall! 

Week 3: Getting the Habit Started

Make sure you're doing your runs on a variety of surfaces--dirt, grassy fields, sand, road, track. It's good for the feet and helps you use your feet in a healthy variety of ways. You'll be a little sore this week as your body adjusts. Drink your liquids, sleep, eat well, and hang out with your friends.

Week Three, Day Two, June 30, 2015...Tempo Run

Tuesday: 1-mile warm-up; 20-min tempo run; 1-mile cool-down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: If you currently run 19 min for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds to get your tempo run pace of 6:40 per mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, about once a month.

Thumbnail image for Pichardo_PedroPablo1-Doha15.JPg

Pedro Pichardo, Numero UNO moment for first half of DL 2015 ! 
photo by PhotoRun.net

We asked Cathal Dennehy to opine on the top ten moments of the first half of Diamond League 2015! Here is what he thinks, how about your ideas? Write to me at [email protected]
The 2015 USATF Outdoor Champs will be remembered, I believe, for the emergence of several athletes and the departure of some as well.

Cragg, Huddle, Flanagan, Infeld, in Women's 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

That is the excitement of our sport; athletes put all of their hard work for the last year or more, on the line, to finish in the top three in the US Champs. Make the top three, or you do not go! 

Yet, there are more stories to our hallowed championships. Here are the complete results of the USATF Outdoor Championships, from rounds to finals, courtesy of USATF. 

I found myself very fortunate this year to be able to watch the championships, and know that a seat in the media section had been reserved for the late James Dunaway, who wrote so eloquently about this meet for over fifty years. 

Dr. Frank Zarnowski, aka "Zeke", the dean of the decathlon, photo courtesy of  USATF.TV

If one had been to a decathlon competition in the past forty years, then, one had heard the thoughtful, lucid voice of Zeke, aka Dr. Frank Zarnowski. The guy knows so much about the decathlon, and his preparation for announcing multi events sets the standard, quite frankly, for how athletics should be covered. 

In 2012, his announcements on Ashton Eaton's WR Decathlon was one of the highlights of my 42 years of watching or running in track meets. 

Elliott Denman, working in that hot, humid, virtual Turkish bath that was the Media tent in Eugene this past, week, told me about his idea of a piece on Zeke. I loved it. 


The Skechers Performance story is fascinating. 

The GoRun product was developed around one athlete at the beginning-Meb Keflezighi. When Meb told me in 2012 that he was training without orthotics, I knew he had found something that worked for him. 

Skechers had many challenges getting into running. Run Specialty is suspect from day one of anyone new and one with their own retail chain makes it even harder on the Skechers sales team. 

Rick Higgins.jpeg
Rick Higgins, SVP, Merchandising/Marketing, 
Skechers Performance Division

GoRun product and GoWalk (which is one of the largest selling shoes in North America), have opened many eyes. When one of our most critical observers noted, "Hey, Skechers GoRun is not that bad. I can run in it." I almost fell on the floor. 

Skechers signed a deal with Kara Goucher, one of the most recognizable women elite athletes, who has support via social media as well and looks to have a long and interesting career in the world of fitness after her racing career ends. 

So, in early May, we sat down with Rick Higgins,  SVP - Merchandising/Marketing, Skechers Performance Division, at the Skechers offices in NY. We wanted to get Rick's view of why Skechers is doing so well, about their long term commitment and about where he sees the brand going. 

Rick oversees Skechers Performance. Their involvement in races, athletes, retail programs, and communications are where he excels. The evolution of Skechers over the past five years has been fascinating, and we thought it was time to get some of Rick's views in an interview. 

Special thanks to Rick Higgins for his time on a very busy day and for Jolene Abbott, Communications manager, for her kind assistance! 

Week 3: Getting the Habit Started

Make sure you're doing your runs on a variety of surfaces--dirt, grassy fields, sand, road, track. It's good for the feet and helps you use your feet in a healthy variety of ways. You'll be a little sore this week as your body adjusts. Drink your liquids, sleep, eat well, and hang out with your friends.

Monday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 2x150 yds relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest in between; cool down.


Chris Derrick, XC 2015 champ, photo by PhotoRun.net

PHOTO: Nick Symmonds (left) just about to pass Erik Sowinski (purple) Cas Loxsom (yellow) and Duane Solomon to won the 2015 USA 800m title at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

The distance races on the last day (800 meters, men's steeple and both 5,000 meters, plus the women's 1,500 meters) were tremendous races and extremely riveting. None more in the riveting category than the men's 800 meters, where Duane Solomon went from first to last in a few meters. 
Here is the feature by David Monti and Chris Lotsbom. David and Chris did wonderful work all weekend, and we thank them for their coverage! 
Molly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net

The conditions were warm, and humid. Not the kind of weather one would order when one is racing 25 laps of a 400 meter Beynon track. 

Yet, the fans stayed, and they cheered, and they screamed and they worshiped their heroes. 

And for sixty minutes, the world was a good place.....
Just in case you forgot, here is the recap of the 2015 USATF Outdoor Champs, Day three, as done by our resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson.

Roy Stevenson braved those stands each day to provide you the day to day updates on this fine competition! 

Matthew Centrowitz wins the 1,500 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ben True calling on his inner sprinter, with David Torrence, Ryan Hill, Garrett Heath, Galen Rupp, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

The 5000 meters today were supposed to be hot and humid. Instead, they were overcast, cooler than the last several days, and yes, humid. 

The women's race was much faster, and full of surprises. The men's race, extremely tactical, was full of its' own intrigue and challenges. 

Murielle Hall, Emily Infeld, Dabby Dagastino, Nicole Tully, off to the finish! photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

Here is how Chris Lotsbom and David Monti saw both races, and we thank them for their insights! 

Nick Symmonds, Indoors 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

NIck Symmonds is back. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts BEFORE his masterful final in the 800 meters. 

This is a fantastic interview.

Watching Nick Symmonds after the his masterful 800 meters victory at the USATF Outdoor Championships makes this interview even more amazing. 

Symmonds ran seasonal bests in the first two rounds. 

His comments on the "right moral code" is well done. He showed class in noting that he might owe Alberto Salazar an apology. He also noted that the process is very important for the sport. 

Nick Symmonds has made every team he has tried for and this was no exception. As Duane Solomon collapsed, Casmir Loxsom and Eric Sowinski went by. 

And then, came Nick Symmonds! 

Trey Hardee, photo by PhotoRun.net

Trey Hardee scored 8725 to take the 2015 USATF Decathlon title. Interesting enough, the 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the decathlon national championships. 

David Hunter provides us with a birds-eye view into the two day challenge and with some of the athletes who have devoted their lives to pursuing the ten eventer. 

So, the Decathlon is a two day journey into the cold corners of your mind. As the late Bob Mathais would tell me, " the decathlon is ten opportunities to make mistakes." And the 1948 and 1952 Olympic champion would know. 

Trey Hardee, photo by PhotoRun.net

Covering the decathlon forensically, we asked David Hunter to comment on the day by day breakouts of the competition, so be patient, dear readers. 

This is the recreation of day one and next will be the final day and how the decathlon plays out. 

This is the 100th anniversary of the Decathlon in the US championships, and we are honored to write about the iconic event. 
Mike Hartfield, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have been watching Mike Hartfield all spring. From a cold as hell day in Manchester, UK, to a series in Birmingham, England on June 8 that had me convinced that Hartfield is a giant killer. 

Well, on Friday night, June 26, Mike Hartfield had what we call "the sweet spot in time": on the right day, at the right time, Mike Hartfield called on something in himself, and there was an answer. 

A personal best that put him on the road to Beijing!

This story is written by Lindsay Rossmiller, a student in journalism at the University of Oregon's spring track journalism program, overseen by Lori Shontz. 

Lindsay Rossmiller has a voice, which some writers search for and never find. Her ability to reach out to the reader with a story of Mike Hartfield being able to visit his mother for the first time in a year catches one's heart strings. 

We look forward to seeing more pieces from Ms. Rossmiller. 
Today is the seventh day of week two. It is a long run day. Run six miles with your friends, and then, watch the last day of the USA Outdoor Champs! The 5,000 meters and 110 hurdles will be amazing! 

Evan Jager, photo by PhotoRun.net

June 28, 2015. Sunday: Long run today, six miles, relaxed with friends. Enjoy your run! 
Emma Coburn, photo by PhotoRun.net

A wonderful third day of track & field in hot and humid Eugene, Oregon. The competitions are more than living up to the hype. 

Emma Coburn made her run from three laps out and set a new meet record with her 9:15.59 win. 

Matt Centrowitz took the race out at 600 meters and used a 51.95 last 400 meters to hold off fast charging Robbie Andrews and Leo Manzano. 

Here is how David Monte and Chris Lotsbom saw the middle distance races on the third day of the US Champs! 

Matthew Centrowitz, photo by PhotoRun.net

A compelling day of track and field on Friday, June 26, 2015. The weather, hot and blustery gave no respite for fan or athlete. 

The 100 meter races were full of fast rounds and finished with some new faces and some veterans as well. 

Roy Stevenson captures all of the action for you, round by round, with his first hand view of the national championships. 

His observations are hard one; as there was no cooling air in the media area either under the tent nor in the stands. 

The Galen Rupp Press conference was a huge melay. Tim Jeffreys videod the entire conference for us so that you can see how Galen handled the media attention. There were media from UK, Japan, and US among others.

Like he ran his 10,000 meters, Galen Rupp handled his press conference and stayed on message. 

And now, for Galen Rupp, it is the 5,000 meters on Sunday! 

So, we asked Chris Chavez to try some multi media work for us. Chris is writing a daily column (On Thursday, it was Galen Rupp, and one Friday, Casmir Loxsom). 

This project is on ESPN's Jill Montgomery, who spoke with Chris Chavez for just over a half an hour. 

Cheserek, Edward, Eric Jenkins, Will Geoghegan, William Kincaid, Kemoy Campbell.JPG
Robert Cheserek, Eric Jenkins, 
photo by Cheryl Treworgy, Pretty Sporty

Get in your run, grab a cold one (water, adult beverage), and listen to this provocative discussion. 

Jill Montgomery had some fine comments on the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Jill Montgomery is a renaissance women: she is a investment manager for Erik Kynard. 

Listen to this for five minutes and you will love Ms. Montgomery, she loves track and field and tells it like it is. 

Nice job by Chris Chavez and Pat Price. 

The journey of a young journalist is fraught with challenges. Finding the support to pursue one's profession is even harder in this day of media confusion. The major companies have no better idea of how the world of journalism will turn out than the small companies. Everyone has an opinion. 

Cas Loxsom, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sports journalism is no different. The world of running is a case in point. Few major organizations dedicate journalists to the world of athletics and running. 

That is Chris Chavez's dream, and he is fulfilling it. Chavez has recently signed with Sports Illustrated, and this summer, we are fortunate to have Chris developing several projects for RunBlogRun. 

During the USA Outdoors, Chris is doing a daily column and a podcast for us. 

Here is his column on Cas Loxsom, one of our most promising 800 meter runners. We think that you will like it as much as we have enjoyed reading it. Chavez has the ability to bring you into his story, and provide you with insights into his subject. 

This is Zac Neal's first piece for RunBlogRun. Zac is a student under the watchful eye of Lori Shontz, who is a Journalism instructor at the University of Oregon. Lori developed a program for journalists in track & field.

Zac Neal's piece on Jasmine Todd and her third place in the women's 100 meter final on Friday evening is a story of redemption.
Jasmine Todd, photo by Adam Eder/Shoe Addicts
Redemption is a big thing for athletes, as there are both good days and bad days. Two weeks ago, Jasmine had a rough one.
But, on Friday, June 26, Jasmine Todd ran a glorious 100 meters.
Enjoy the story by Zac Neal.
Jeremy Wariner, photo by PhotoRun.net

As Elliott Denman writes, the media room gets hotter and hotter. The media room is a large tent with little or no fans and the heat from the track is magnified in a tent area where any hint of a breeze would be applauded. 

In this virtual steam room, Elliott Denman has been penning articles, one each day for our coverage of the 2015 USATF Outdoor Champs. 

Here is Elliott's second piece of the championships, and it features 2004 Olympic champ Jeremy Wariner, who did not qualify for the final in 2015.

But, as Jeremy Wariner settles into the blocks in his next race, his eyes will be on the road to Rio for 2016....
Chris Derrick, BUPA XC Edinburgh, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

This is the week two of the RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge. Today is the easy, easy day, so enjoy it. I have some fun but challenging workouts in your future, so enjoy the calm before the storm. 

June 27, 2015, Week Two, Day Six, Saturday: No workout. Walk, bike, watch a movie. Seriously, turn on the USA outdoor champs and watch some great track and field! 

Sean Furey, photo by PhotoRun.net

On Thursday night, I was sitting in the stands, near the start of the 1,500 meters, and watching the javelin with some of my friends. I chanced to look up and watch Sean Furey, on his last throw, let er rip and that javelin stayed in the air for long enough to hear "oooooh" and "whoooooa" from the javelin geeks sitting in front of me. 

Sean Furey won the javelin on his last throw, with  PB of 83.08 meters and a English measurement of 272 feet, 8 inches. 

Sean Furey is sponsored by ASICS. ASICS Tony Herr told me that Sean was one of his fun finds. "Sean just wanted to continue throwing and needed some support." 

Nice how those things happen. 

For javelin throwers, Sean Furey is pretty normal. Throwers have big personalities, like Breaux Greer, or Tom Petronoff. Sean Furey emotes when he throws, willing the javelin to find a current of air and just stay suspended for that many more seconds. 

A long javelin throw can take one's breath away. 

Here is a fine piece by Elliott Denman on Sean Furey and his magnificent obsession with the javelin. 
Matthew Centrowitz, photo by PhotoRun.net

Leo Manzano, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the true battles that many are looking forward to this weekend is Leo Manzano vs Matthew Centrowitz. It is just one of the four that we asked Alex Mills, our columnist from the British Isles, to write about. 

Molly Huddle, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle's 10,000m with, and her battle with Shalane Flanagan, and Galen Rupps battle with Ben True were two of the highlights of the Day One. Our resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson, opines on day one and provides you a review of a fine night of athletics! 

Galen Rupp, photo by PhotoRun.net

Chris Chavez is an up and coming journalist, who will be working for Sports Illustrated in the fall. He has recently finished a stint at ESPN. 

We have asked Chris to provide us with some of his views of the weekend in Eugene, from podcasts to columns.

Here is his first, on the lingering allegations that Galen Rupp must contend with after his fine victory, numero seven in a row, last night. 

It is what we see in other professional sports, and it is now coming to athletics. 

Unfortunately, some media here are in attendance to see what they can squeeze out of Salazar, NOP and those aggrieved parties. 

More to come...

Mo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah started his 2014 off with a 2 mile World Best in Birmingham in February, a swift half marathon in Lisbon in March. In May, he battled a field of 18 Kenyans and Ethiopians wanted to kick Mr. Farah's butt, in Doha. Over the 3,000m distance, Mo took second (May 15, 2015). Two weeks later, Mo Farah won the 10,000m at the Pre Classic in 26:49 in a very tactical race (May 29). 

Then, all hell broke loose. At the Birmingham GP on June 8, I asked one of the two (of estimated 30) questions, the rest on doping allegations from BBC Panorama. Mo said several times, " You guys are killing me." And he was right, the British media were and still are, on a bit of a feeding frenzy, always noting that there are no claims against Mo Farah, but taking virtually every accusation and comment on Alberto Salazar and giving them credence. 

Alberto provided his response on Wednesday, June 24, in a nearly 12,000 word missive, which several very critical observers of Mr. Salazar noted as "pretty impressive."  

Galen Rupp won the 10,000m last night in a thrilling race. Galen, not one to be on social media, did tell the thronging press that he was for a clean sport and that the last few weeks had been trying. 

Mo Farah is now getting back to racing, with 5000 meters in Lausanne on July 9 and Monaco on July 17 (a 1,500 meters). 

As I heard that some British media were trying to find Mary Cain this weekend and seeing if she would spill the proverbial beans that are needed to make Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and Alberto Salazar scream, I am not sure this will go away.

It is the underlying story and theme on drug cheating in world of sports. Cheaters cheat and lie, and they hide things. Many times, in the search for a story on drug allegations, one is lead down misleading alley ways and turns. 

As Toni Reavis noted in his fine piece Salazar fires back, this entire episode, which has been repeated with different names over the past two decades, resembles a witch hunt. 

Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka: IAAF Presidential candidates, by PhotoRun.net 

Sergey Bubka and Seb Coe are both bidding for the presidency of the IAAF. This decision will be made on August 19, 2015. Much is riding on the new leadership of the IAAF, as we are at pivotal time in the sport, from sponsorships, to marketing to building an effective challenge to drugs in sports. 

Here are two recent statements from the candidates. 
Laura Thweatt, photo by PhotoRun.net

For your body to get stronger, you need recovery days as well as hard days. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is on not respecting the bodies' needs to recover. 

This is Friday, June 25. Today, you have an easy day, so enjoy it. As we get going next week, the workouts get tougher and tougher. You will treasure the easy days. 

2015 RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge, June 26, 2015, 

Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.

Tracktown 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter wrote this piece on Thursday, as a bit of a preview of the USA Outdoors. It goes well for a nice, relaxed read as you battle the sun and heat in the track capital of Lane County (this was how James Dunaway referred to Eugene), Tracktown USA. 

Thumbnail image for Stowers_Jasmine-Doha15.JPg
Jasmin Stowers, photo by PhotoRun.net

So, Alex Mills asked about two weeks ago, is it easier to fly to the moon or to make the U.S. women's 100 meter hurdle squad?

Alex attempts to answer that query right here, right now! 
Jenn Suhr is the 2008 Olympic silver medalist and 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault. The second women over sixteen feet, and the 2013 WC silver medalist, Jenn is healthy and ready to vault.

This interview was done in the Big Apple for the adidas Grand Prix on June 12, 2015. We  hope you enjoy it. 

Jenn Suhr is a tactician and student of the event. One of the most physical athletes I have ever seen, Suhr could be a multi eventer in a heart beat. 

Watch what she does in Eugene and Beijing! 

Ajee Wilson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is our preview on the women's 800 meters, by one of our favorite Britons, Alex Mills. 
Christian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Christian Taylor leaped 18.04 meters. I should know, I witnessed it! That day, Christian's coach, Rana Reider confided: " Christian needed that jump, now he can focus on the competition."

In Eugene, Christian Taylor will be jumping in the long jump as he has an automatic in the TJ to Beijing. 

Here is Elliot Denman's piece on our fabulous jumper. 
Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

In the 1990s, Vic Holchak, a Hollywood actor, track fan, and man with the voice made for radio, ran 1-900-TRACK. One would call up the number and hear live calls of many of the major meets across Europe. Vic Holchak found sponsors (the IAAF sponsored him for some time), and this kept, for many track fans in TV befuddled US of A, a way to keep your enthusiam up between issues of Track & Field News and American Athletics. 

So, in honor of our late friend, Vic Holchak, I, from time to time, take shots at doing races live on audio. It more is me, in high voice, speaking over the crowd noise.

In the end, it is kind of fun! 

One final thought: Usain Bolt and Coach Mills have some work to do. 

Emma Coburn is in fine shape, in a very hot Eugene, Oregon this weekend. Her goal is to make the US team bound for Beijing. 

Emma Coburn, photo by PhotoRun.net

I had the luck of watching Emma compete all last summer. I like her style and her "spunk". In the final race of the year, her clobbering of Hiwot Ayalew was a fitting end to a season where she really emerged as a world beater. 

This piece is by RRW's Chris Lotsbom gives you an idea of how hot this race should be! 

This is the preview by resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson. The late James Dunaway, our editor emeritus and now editor from track valhalla (James was agnostic, so I do not want bolts of lightning sent down from on high), encouraged me to work with Roy, and it has been a fun journey. 

Evan Jager, photo by PhotoRun.net

So, Roy got the big one; predict all he could from Eugene. 

I think he did a pretty good job! 

Your thoughts? 
This is our weekly column from Justin Lagat of Kenyan Athlete. It is nice to see that the athletes in Eldoret have free use of a track. Great facilities are important for all athletes around the world. 


Kip Keino, photo by PhotoRun.net 
The future is in the hills. 

Want to get into shape fast and keep the injury chances low? Embrace hills. We do a hill workout once a week, and it is a gradual buildup. 

Thumbnail image for Hall_Sara-FifthAve09.JPG
Sara Hall, photo by PhotoRun.net

But, if you want to be tough in the fall cross country season, then, embrace the hills. Remember, these hill workouts are starting points. Several of our coaches write and an suggested some variety, like three hilly mile repeats, or a mile, a half mile and a steep quarter mile. All of those work, you just need to build up to them. 

I recall a workout when we were in about 32 minute 10k shape, where our coach had us run the most awful hilly mile. I was so proud after climbing for eight minutes to run an 8:15. I thought I was going to die. However, Coach had a reason for that hilly mile. After running the monster hill, courses were always compared and nothing really did. I began to relax on hills. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015. Week Two, Day Four, Hill workout! 

Thursday: 1-mile warmup; 2 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start; repeat once with no rest); 1-mile easy cool-down.
Ben True dueling Nick Willis, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ben True surprised a few people with his brilliant win in New York on June 13th! Sabrina Yohannes wrote this piece on Ben and his goals for the USATF Outdoors, this coming weekend! 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Flanagan-Kipyego-Payton11.JPG
Shalane Flanagan, Payton Jordan 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

Just two weeks out from Boston, I watched Shalane Flanagan run a fast 10,000 meters. She lead for 9,800 meters and was passed by Gelete Burka, who took the race and a PB of 31.08.16 to Shalane Flanagan's 31:09.12. 

In speaking with Shalane after the race, I was struck with how quickly she recovered, even with a 24 mile run earlier in the week! 

This time, at Hayward, Shalane will be rested, and she will need it, as she runs with Molly Huddle, who is at the top of her form and promise at the 10,000 meter distance. 

Here is David Monti's fine piece on that upcoming battle. 
FootLocker 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Your success in fall cross country depends on your summer training. Without the training over the summer, your fall cross country and subsequent spring track seasons just do not have the base work that you need. 

In the RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge, we build you up over twelve weeks and, if you follow our program, you will be ready for the fall racing season. 

Today is a recovery day, an easy three to five mile run. Enjoy it, share it with friends and remember to vary your surfaces. 

June 24, 2015, RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge, Week Two, Day Three, Wednesday: Warm up, 5 Miles easy running (400 miles: 3 miles/300 Mile: 3 Miles: cool down. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Eyestone-Porter-Williams-USxc93.jpg
Pat Porter, Ed Eyestone, Todd Williams, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is day two of week two of the 2015 RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge. Today is the tempo run. Tempo runs, along with hill workouts and long runs are key to your summer training. 

This is an important workout and it challenges you, but just the right amount. 
June 23, 2015, Week two, day two:

Tuesday: 1-mile warmup; 20-min tempo run; 1-mile cool-down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: If you currently run 19 min for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds to get your tempo run pace of 6:40 per mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, about once a month.


Seb Coe to Encourage Strong Regional Competitions

20 June, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria:  Seb Coe has today called for a greater focus on creating and supporting strong regional competitions to enhance Member Federation development and create new opportunities for athletes.

Speaking from Bulgaria where Seb Coe is attending the European Athletics Team Championships 2nd League, Coe also paid tribute to European Athletics which has recently agreed to provide a support package for a new competition to be organised by the Small States of Europe in the Olympic year, starting in 2016.

Seb Coe said:

"It is especially important for smaller nations and their athletes to have more opportunities to compete at international events given that they are often not able to field large teams at the Olympic Games or IAAF World Championships. By creating strong regional championships that cater for both major and developing athletics nations, you provide athletes with international level experience and a clear route map for top level competition outside of their own borders.  This is a win-win for the athletes, their Member Federations and for growing interest in the sport in emerging nations. 

"I very much endorse the recent news by European Athletics which is to provide support for a new competition to be organised by the Small States of Europe in the Olympic year, starting in 2016. This weekend we will see 47 teams compete in the European Team Championships across four different tiers, providing vital experience and focus, especially for smaller athletics nations.  I certainly want to look at this model and see what more the IAAF can do to support and build stronger regional championships across all our Areas if I am elected IAAF President."  

(Editor's note: Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka are running for IAAF President, which will be decided in August 2015. Much depends on how these elections turn out, and we hope that those who vote consider that with their votes in August.) 

Week Two has begun. Get your friends to join you. Week two is again part of the way we start up summer training and the summer challenge. 

Week Two, Day One, June 22, 2015, Monday:
 Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down. 

Nicole Tully, photo by PhotoRun.net
Dafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net

EME News provided us with the special reports on the 2015 European Athletics Team Championships. I like the concept, and want to see the champs in the next few years. 


Adrian Martinez memorial, June 4, 2015, photo by Kevin Morris/PhotoShelter

The Long run is one of our three important weekly workouts, along with the hill workouts and tempo runs. Join friends for your long runs, vary your surfaces, and have some fun. You have nearly made it through week one! 

After your run today, check out the videos of the New Balance Nationals and Brooks PR Invitational. 

And remember to get your Dad a Father's Day card. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015. Week One, Day Seven. 

Sunday: Easy 6-mile run on grass or dirt with friends. (400 Mile: 5 miles/300 Mile: 5 miles)

Nijel Amos and Mo Aman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Watching Nijel Amos as he sprints while gesticulating wildly down the final straight, one might think of the late singer Joe Cocker in his wild stage shows. Amos has wild form, but it hides a maddening finish and a personality that makes him a future star in global sport. 

Cathal Dennehy wrote this interview of Nijel Amos. Mr. Dennehy is one of our frequent contributors and this was one of his safer columns. If you are confused about that last comment, just read his columns about the Bahamas and the World Relays, which we will retitle Fear and Loathing at the World Relays. 

(Oh, and you can read more of Mr. Dennehy at Jumping-the-Gun.com, our partner in Ireland!)
Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

Usain Bolt returned to the Big Apple for the first time since 2008, when he set a 100m WR. Alex Mills opines about Bolt's return and his less than perfect (Mr. Bolt's opinion) 200 meter race. 

Our Summer training program is twelve weeks long, and runs from June 15 to September 15. It is a progressive program. Along with the long runs, tempo runs and hill runs, the recovery days are key. 

Saturday, June 20, Week One, Day Six:
Saturday: No workout. Walk, bike, watch a movie. 

Nicole Tully winning the Adro Mile, photo by Kevin Morris/PhotoShelter
Alex Mills wrote this piece the day before the adidas Grand Prix, where David Rudisha ran his fastest time in two years, 1:43.58. 

Alex was able to speak the London 2012 gold medalist for RunBlogRun in the pressers before the AGPNYC.

David Rudisha is now back to training, preparing for the Kenyan Champs and the World Champs in Kenya. 


Nguse Amsolom, photo by PhotoRun.net

Nguse Amsolom had run, at the Pre Classic, what he thought was a huge PB in the 10,000m, only to find that he was disqualified for stepping off the track. Now, Amsolom must find a 10,000m race to run a qualifying time and be placed on his country's team. 

Adrian Martinez Memorial, photo by Kevin Morris/PhotoShelter
June 19, 2015, Week One, Day Five of the 2015 RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge! 

Today is a rather easy day. In order to get the benefits of our program, tested out with teams from across the country for the past decade, one must have days like this. Relax, run with friends, and know that you have nearly made it through our first week. Oh, and get your friends from cross country involved. Even those who run in NB Outdoors and USA Juniors can join up July 1, so remind them! 

 Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.


Yuriy Borzakovskiy, photo by PhotoRun.net

Borzakovskiy Adjusts to New Role and Predicts World Records

Just two years ago, the Athens 2004 Olympic champion the 800m Yuriy Borzakovskiy was aiming to compete at the home World Championships, but a severe cold got the best of him. This summer the 34-year-old father of two is definitely going to the World Championships in Beijing, as the head coach of the Team Russia. Being in this role for just __ months, he has already won two big competitions - the European Indoor Championships in Prague and the European Cup Race Walking in Murcia. Next goal - the home victory at the European Team Championships.

The European Athletics Association is leading instead of following. Their embrace of social media, streaming video and high quality content is providing a new generation with inspiration to become involved in our sport! 

RunBlogRun will be covering the European Athletics Team Championships with several stories this weekend! 

Watch for our upcoming piece on the Russian National coach, Yuriy Borzakovskiy....

The NCAA Championships, by all accounts were a huge success last week. Here is David Hunter's fourth piece on the the final day of the NCAA Outdoors. The Oregon women won their first championships since 1985, and Oregon won its first men's and women's championships ever! 

Hurdles at Eugene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Cameras in Eugene, photo by PhotoRun.net

In reading Roy Stevenson's final piece on the NCAA's one is struck by this Kiwi's opening notes: he prefered women's final day for drama over the mens! 

Bravo! Not just for enjoying women's track and field, but for media and fans seeing that track & field has such drama, and in the NCAA Champs, that team culture that Americans love so much. 

Roy Stevenson and Dave Hunter will be joining me as part of our daily coverage of the USATF Outdoors! 

See you next week (oh, and yes, make sure you are at the Wild Duck Cafe each and every night). 
Andre DeGrasse wins NCAA in 9.75! photo by Cheryl Treworgy, Pretty Sporty

The 2015 NCAA will be remembered for many reasons. Trying something new, with the focuses on Men's and Women's races on single days. This is Roy Stevenson's column for the third day, June 12. 


Molly Seidel wins the 10,000 meters! photo by CherylTreworgy Pretty Sporty

Roy Stevenson wrote this series of columns on the 2015 NCAA Champs, this is the second of four, on the NCAA Outdoor Champs which happened, June 10-13, 2015. This is Roy's column on the second day of the NCAA's held in Eugene, Oregon. 

Thumbnail image for Manzano-Casey1-USout14.JPG

RBR Summer Cross Country Challenge, June 18, 2015, Week One, Day four--it's the hills

Hills make you stronger. Hills make you tougher. Hills are the secret sauce of our summer training program. Remember, the workouts start small  and build up. Stretch before and after your run. 

Thursday: 1-mile warmup; 2 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start; repeat once with no rest); 1-mile easy cool-down.

Geleta Burka, photo by PhotoRun.net

Geleta Burka WL

HENGELO (NED, Jun 17): At the Ethiopian 10 000 m trials former middle distance runner Gelete Burka won the women race in life-time best World leading 30:49.68. Second Alemitu Haroye in track debut at the distance 30:50.83 and third 2013 World bronze medalist Belaynesh Oljira 30:53.69. This three could be potential Beijing starters, title defender and Wild card holder Tirunesh Dibaba gave birth to a baby boy end of March, that means she could still make it to China in case. Fourth Mamitu Daska 30:55.56 PB and fifth Wude Ayalew 30:58.03. All nine 9 finishers went sub 32 minutes. Among non-finishers Meselech Melkamu and Kenyan World Half marathon record holder Florence Kiplagat. World CC bronze medalist this year Muktar Edris won the men race in 27:17.18 PB over Imane Merga 27:17.63 and surprise Mosinet Geremew 27:18.86 debut on the track at the distance. Fourth another marathon runner Adugna Takele 27:19.34 PB and fifth Tebalu Zawdie also a marathon runner with 27:20.54 PB. On the sixth place Tamirat Tola 27:22.64 (his first track race at this distance) and seventh Leul Gebriselase 27:22.89 PB. Among non-finishers Ibrahim Jeilan (silver in Moscow 2013) and Tariku Bekele.

Muktar Edris, photo by PhotoRun.net
Andy Edwards of Race News Service interviewed Rene Kujan before his run at Mattoni Vary Half Marathon. 

Andy Edwards travels the world writing about global marathons, and provides audio interviews and sometimes video for our readers. We hope you enjoy this one! 

Race News Service caught up with Eunice Chumba just before she ran the Mattoni Very Half Marathon. Eunice is 21 years old and runs for Bahrain. She has run 32:27 for 10k in 2014, and was sixth in the recent Asian Games. 

Andy Edwards of Race News Service did this interview for RunBlogRun. Andy added in the notes, " Eunice speaks of her training parters in Iten, Kenya. They have no animosity for Eunice switching allegiances to Bahrain." 

Such is the life of some young runners who will never compete for their birth countries. 

Grant Fisher won the FL Cross country in 2014, in 2015, 
he ran 3:59.31! photo by PhotoRun.net

Welcome to the third day of week on in RBR Cross Country Summer Challenge! Remember to keep it relaxed and run with friends. This program is about how you will be in 12 weeks. Just follow the workouts and you will do well! Remember to get some new training shoes now! 

June 17, 2015, Week One, Day Three, Wednesday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 3 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.

The rest of info for first two weeks plus reasons why you should train are right below! 

As they always do, the social media world announced that Ron Clarke, one of the most remarkable distance runners of all times, had died. Clarke had had health issues for some years, and died of kidney failure per media sources in Australia. 


Ron Clarke, Michel Jazy, Kip Keino, photo supplied

Ron Clarke, in my mind, was the greatest distance racer of the twentieth century. His gutty, front running style put him in constant chance of being caught by a fast finisher. Clarke would get himself in such great shape, that he could endure fast consistent miles during the toughest part of the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters-the middle portion of the race. 

I was taken by the obituaries of Mr. Clarke. None of them mentioned that prior to 1956, when he was given the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron, he had been a fine junior miler, running 4:06.5. A race that had taken on legendary status, the one where he fell and was spiked by John Landy, who stopped to check on him, then, 40 yards behind, caught Merv Lincoln and won the Australian national championships. 

When Ron Clarke returned to running, he focused on training over hills and long runs, building his strength and endurance to levels most could not have conceived. In 1965, he ran 56 races, from two miles to one hour. Consider that Caleb Ndiku in 2014 ran 14 races, Galen Rupp ran 15 races. 


Jenny Simpson uses cross country, who don't you? 

photo by PhotoRun.net

June 16, 2015, Week 1, Day Two Tuesday: 1-mile warmup; 20-min tempo run; 1-mile cool-down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: If you currently run 19 min for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds to get your tempo run pace of 6:40 per mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, about once a month.

To read all of our start up information for cross country, just read below! 

Welcome to the 2015 RunBlogRun Summer Cross Country Challenge! 

Coaches & Athletes: 

A strong cross country team is built during the off season, so take your squad to the next level with our daily workouts at www.runblogrun.com, posted each morning, June 15-September 15. 

 We will post training tips daily, as well as workouts and notes of inspiration off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all at runblogrun.com 

American Track & Field has done summer and fall cross country training programs since the late 1990s. This year, as we have since 2006, we teamed up with RunBlogRun.com

The program is turn-key. If you can run 40 minutes, you will be able to start this program and build up over 12 weeks to being a strong cross country runner. Make sure that you share this program with your coach. Always run training by your coach, that is why they are there! 


Dathan Ritzenhein running cross country ! photo by PhotoRun.net

Great Summer Training = Great Fall Racing

Summer training is vital to success, not only in cross country this fall, but also for the following spring track season. The key is to build yourself up, both physically and mentally. To help you crush your goals this year, American Track & Field and RunBlogRun have created a 500-mile summer training program. There are also 400- and 300-mile options for younger and less experienced athletes.

Before You Begin:

1. Get your gear in order. 

If possible, you should have two pairs of good training shoes so you can rotate them. Most training shoes last for 8-10 weeks, depending on your training. Take your time at your local running store when selecting shoes and remember to go at the end of the day as your feet swell during the day. Bring a clean pair of socks and be prepared to check out 5-7 different shoes to find the right one for you. Assess your stash of socks, shorts, tops.

2. Hydrate yourself. 

Eight to 10 glasses of water a day plus sports drinks and juice are a good start. Minimize the amount of coffee, tea, and carbonated soda you drink.

3. Fuel your engine with the right food. 

Get the proper amounts and types of food into your system. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pasta, and modest amounts of fish, chicken, and beef make sense. For snacks, try apple slices spread with peanut butter. Nuts are also good. Pizza, tacos, and fast food places are fine as infrequent treats.

4. Sleep! 

I know that at 17 or 18 you can text all night or check out the newest game on Xbox, but it will affect your training. Get 8-10 hours of sleep and, if you can, try for a nap (yes, a nap) on a few afternoons.

5. Establish your training group. 

Though some people prefer to train alone, a group helps with the hard days and long runs. Figure out what works for you and your training style.

6. Inspiration. 

Find some good books that support your running goals. Some classics include Once a Runner, The Irishman Who Ran for Britain, The Lonely Breed, A Cold, Clear Day, and Self-Made Olympian. Music can also be a great motivator. Find great additions to your playlist by talking to your friends and searching online, plus we'll post the Shoe Addicts' running music lists. We don't recommend running with earbuds or headphones, however, since they compromise your awareness and possibly your safety. They can also mess with your ability to "tune into" the pace you're running, which is essential come race time. We just saw McFarland USA, a really nice cross country movie! 

7. Set your goals.

Do you want to make the top 7? Improve your times at your league and section meets? Race better over the second half of the course? Think about these things now, write them down and prop them in your room where you can read them each day. It will help you stay on track.

8. Calculate your workout amounts. 

To run 300 miles over 12 weeks, for example, you'll need to average 25 miles a week, which is very good for freshmen and sophomores. To reach 400 miles over the summer, you need to average 34 miles a week, and to reach 500 miles, it takes a weekly average of 40 miles. The default numbers noted in the daily workouts (miles, reps, minutes) are for those accepting the 500 Mile Challenge. Numbers for those in the 400 Mile and 300 Mile Challenges appear in parentheses that follow. If there's only one number/amount, it's for all runners.

9. Questions? 

Email us at [email protected].com or tweet us @runblogrun and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We asked Roy Stevenson, one of our long time writers, to give us a day by day recap of the NCAA outdoor Champs. Here is his piece on Day 1. We will post Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 to give you a redux of the NCAA action! 

EDChes, EricJenkins.jpg

Ed Cheserek, Eric Jenkins lead the charge, photo by Cheryl Treworgy/Pretty Sporty

The new NCAA program has obviously a huge success, and the performances kept everyone talking! 

David Hunter wrote this column on his NCAA championship viewing on the amazing performances of Edward Cheserek and his fellow Ducks! 

We thank David Hunter and Roy Stevenson on the writing side and Cheryl Treworgy of Pretty Sporty Photos for their robust coverage of the NCAAs in Eugene! 

Ed Cheserek.jpg

Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2015 adidas Grand Prix was a huge success. A celebration of track and field with highlights of some fine field events and some great sprint and distance races. Here, Elliott Denman reminds us what is at the core of our sport! 

David Rudisha races! photo by PhotoRun.net

The adidas Grand Prix in 2015 was the best meeting in NYC in at least eight years. The weather, the fans, the fields and the races, kept the meet fast paced and exciting. Here is how Alfons reported the results! 
The adidas Grand Prix has been on the receiving end of some god awful weather  in the past years. The last time Usain Bolt was here, there was thunder, lightning, delays and three false starts before Usain streaked away to history. 

Today, the track gods proved that they love the Big Apple, as adidas Sports Marketing Director noted, New York as the "greatest city in the world". 

Gracing the city with fine weather for their Oakley Mini-10k in the morning, the 16,000 fans in Icahn Stadium were graced by sunny weather, sometimes windy, but also performances that suggest 2015 is a championship season. 

The story below is an event by event breakout of the finest performances of the day, as noted by yours truly. 

Usain Bolt does his thing, photo by PhotoRun.net
In the NCAA Championships, we always hear about the 100 meters and relays. David Hunter today wrote about the hammer throw and the shot put. Our sport of athletics is Track & Field, Field and Track.

David Hunter's features always leave me with an anecdote that makes me smile. It is the smile of recognition, a Eureka moment, perhaps. 

Watch for the Eureka moment with Coach Smith in this one. 

Coach Smith, we suggest, should purchase several good razors for that beard shave. 

Retrieving a hammer, photo by PhotoRun.net
David Rudisha, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Rudisha is a man of some complexity. In a press conference, he is quietly spoken, but with authority. 

On the track, David Rudisha is a fearless competitor. His speed, and his drive take him to a place few others can fathom, much alone run near. 

This short piece is a fun one, regarding my shared taxi ride from 
JFK to the hotel for the adidas Grand Prix. 
The Exxon Mobil Bislett Games had some grand performances, and some grand attendees, from John Walker and Henry Rono to Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka.

We asked Alex Mills to give us his views on the fiftieth running of Oslo! 

Photographers in the rain, photo by PhotoRun.net

Shawn Barber, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is David Hunter's second piece on the NCAA Outdoor Champs. Nice to see Mr. Barber winning the pole vault, and as the young man hails from Akron, Ohio is a good thing, especially to David Hunter, who hails from the lovely city of Akron. 

David Hunter is preparing himself for nine days of writing in Beijing coming later this summer, with his series on the NCAA outdoor championships this week. 

We hope that you enjoy his stories. 

Kiprop, Centrowitz, Souleiman, Pre 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Asbel Kiprop, taking some key advice, held his kick until 200 meters and blasted away from the Dream Mile field. This race was one of the true highlights of the Exxon Mobile Bislett Games. 

Here is Cathal Dennehy's commentary on Bislett number 50. 
Judi St. Hilaire wins the 1990 L'eggs Mini-Marathon 10-K (archive photo courtesy of New York Road Runners; photographer unknown)

Talk about a blast into the past. 

In 1990, we were in the first year of American Athletics, and explaining what that name meant, and John Hancock was in their fourth year of sponsorship of the Boston Marathon. 
The Oakley 10k on Saturday is a fun event to observe. Running from women has gone from being a curiosity to becoming the strongest social movement in running. 
I am on the press truck tomorrow and enjoy the elite race. Last years with Molly Huddle had me entranced. A battle for Huddle in 2014 that was exciting until the very end. 
Enjoy the piece by Chris Lotsbom, and see you out there tomorrow! 

Guowei Zhang, photo by PhotoRun.net

On the 50th anniversary of the Exxon Mobil Bislett Games, there were some fascinating battles, some good fast times and some surprises.

In the year of the high jump, the javelin took the story in Birmingham, the pole vault in Eugene, the triple jump in Doha, and a nice high jump in Shanghai.

Is it Field and Track in 2015? I for one, love it. 

But, for me the story of Oslo is Chinese high jumper, Guowei Zhang, who took down Mutaz Barshim and Bohdan Bondarenko. 

Watch Mr. Zhang in Beijing. 


The eye on Oregon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The NCAA is taking some chances and evolving. As Sam Seames, Executive Director of the USTFCCCA would tell you: change is good. The new format in the NCAA champs that is going on June 10-June 13 is being welcomed by many.

Dave Hunter is penning a story each day for us of the NCAAs. Here is his first. I apologize on posting this on Friday morning, but my jet lag got the better of me, and I slept last night. 

Watch for some great stories from David over the next few days. 

Ben True racing in adidas GP in 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sabrina Yohannes caught up with Ben True as he was preparing for the 5000m at the adidas GP on June 13. 

Ben True is preparing to run at the US Nationals, and has yet to decide which of the two events to run in Eugene, the 10,000m or the 5,000m? 

With an AR in the 5,000m on the road, and a US leader at 10,000m on the track (until Hassan Mead broke it), Ben True is one of the handful of  guys in real contention in both events. 

But, the big question is, does he double or focus on one event? 

Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

The rain and the thunder stopped the meet. And then, the world of sprinting changed, as Usain Bolt in June 2008, broke the WR for the 100 meters. A talented athlete who had actually trained and listened to his coach for ten months since he had been beat in the 200 meters in Osaka. 

Usain Bolt is back, and running his favorite event, the 200 meters! But Cathal Dennehy has picked five events to watch in this Saturdays' adidas Grand Prix NYC. 
Pretty Impressive that Grant Fisher broke four minutes for the mile last week! Now he will be coming to the adidas PG for the adidas Dream Mile for Boys! 


Let's see how fast Grant Fisher, aka @Phresh_Fish, can run on Saturday!  

In Time Square, on the NASDAQ wll, a thirty second video of the adidas Grand Prix NYC went live today, exclusively from 9-10 am today and in rotation the rest of the day.

The video features Usain Bolt, David Rudisha, Jenn Suhr and a whole bevy of global athletic stars! 

A great way to get the adidas GPNYC to stand out in the media capital of the world. 

Nice job by Global Athletics!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Bondarenko_Bohdan1-Rome14.jpg
Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mutaz Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Exxon Mobil Bislett Games is in its fiftieth year! The meet takes place on 11 June and here is how EME News handicaps the meet! 
Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka, IAAF Gala, 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

Seb Coe and Sergey Bubka are the two candidates for the IAAF Presidency, which will be decided in August 2015.

On May 9, I was one of a group of media members who interviewed both Coe and Bubka a the Doha DL presser. 

I had posted Seb Coe's presser a couple of weeks ago. Here is Sergey Bubka's interview. 

Sergey is the fittest I have seen him in 20 years. He was also, thoughtful and articulate. The truth is, we are dealing with two truly Alpha males, who both like to win and want to run the sport that they both love. 

I asked Sergey the first question, which was, How would an administration with Sergey Bubka as president of the IAAF behave? 

Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Julius Yego and his mighty throw! photo by PhotoRun.net

Instead of being able to focus on a great potential track meet, the BBC Panorama program was the focus of the week. The press conference on Saturday as an emotional ride for Mo Farah and he left Birmingham and returned to Portland, Oregon. 

As Alex Mills notes here, the performance of Julius Yego, Christian Taylor, Greg Rutherford, Dina Asher-Smith and Adam Gemili reminded the crowd what athletics is all about: the performances. 

Thumbnail image for NCAA Champ 6-7-13  0980.JPG
NCAA 800 meters, Pretty Sporty by Cheryl Treworgy

The beauty of our sport is that you can find a track meet on just about anywhere, and anytime. The NCAA is doing some fantastic new programming, thanks to TrackTown, USTFCCCA and Runnerspace.com. 
Julius Yego, photo by PhotoRun.net

With the longest javelin throw since 2006, Julius Yego threw 91.39 meters to set a Diamond League record. The meet had superb performances, with Rutherford's 8.35m LJ, Hassan's 4:00.31 and some fantastic sprinting! 

In the 100 meters, Adam Gemili broke ten seconds, becoming the sixth Briton to accomplish such a feat, with his 9.97. Gemili also injured himself at the finish line, in what is believed to be a hamstring injury. 

Dina Asher-Smith ran 22.39 in the 200m for third, against Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh. 

Here is how EME News noted the high lights of the fifth Diamond League of the season. Next stop is Oslo. 
The athletics gods were kind today. A sunny, warm day in Birmingham, England! And then, the crowd was treated to some amazing performances! 

Julius Yego, Rome DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Greg Rutherford, coming back from an abductor tear in Shanghai, and in Birmingham? Well, Rutherford starts out in 8.11 meters, then, 8.35 meters, then, 8.24 meters. With the first and second longest of the day, Greg was ecstatic. Michael Hartfield of the US leaped 8.23m, with six over 8.06 meters! 

In the men's 100 meters, Marvin Bracy won, but it was in the battle for second, as Adam Gemili and Mike Rogers dueled, and Gemili became the sixth Briton to break 10 seconds as well as the first to go sub 10 seconds for the 100m and sub 20 seconds for the 200 meters! Gemili may have torn a hamstring, as he fell to the ground after his 9.97 (same time as Rodgers). 

Greg Rutherford, by Getty Images for British Athletics 

In the women's 200 meters, Dina Asher-Smith, the smiling and prolific young British sprinter, just off her NR in the 100 meters, ran the #2 time in the 200 meters in 22.39. But, it was the way she did it, as she lead off the turn from Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix, who went on to run 22.29 and finish, one and two, with Tarmoh getting the nod. 

But the performance of the day had to be Julius Yego, the Kenyan javelin thrower. I was watching his last throw and it just kept going, and going and landed near a sector line and at first was noted as a foul. Julius appealed, as is his right, and his appeal won! 

Julius Yego had thrown 91 meters and 39 centimeters, the SECOND longest throw ever in UK, and the NR for Kenya, Area Record, Meet Record and Diamond League record. Vitezlav Veseley was second in 88.18 meters! 

A fantastic meet that had started with Mo Farah flying back to US, admitting to being emotionally exhausted from the week of inquiries into his coach and training partner. The crowd was treated to the depth and excitement of a wonderful event, held in a fine stadium in Birmingham! 

In an absolutely stunning press conference, Mo Farah and British Athletics managed damage control that had threatened to sink one of the most important figures in British Athletics in a half century-Mo Farah. 

Mo Farah Press Conference, 6 June 2015, photo by Larry Eder

Last week, BBC and Pro Publicic, a non-profit investigative media group, showed the third part of a three part series on Drugs in Sports. In the third episode, the focus was Alberto Salazar and his athlete Galen Rupp. Allegations were made by a one time coach for Mr. Salazar, Steve Magness, as well as former athletes Adam and Kara Goucher. 

Mr. Salazar and Mr. Rupp refuted the allegations, as did their sponsor, Nike. 

In a stunning press conference, where British media was given thirty minutes to question Mo Farah, all but two questions were about the allegations on Salazar, Mo Farah's coach. 

Here is how I saw the press conference...
Mike Rodgers, will tomorrow be his fast one? photo by PhotoRun.net

Mike Rodgers, I have to admit is one of my favorites. But don't tell him that. Mike is from the same city as I : Saint Louis. A guy who has come up through the ranks, Rodgers continues to improve and races prolifically. 

His run at the Pre Classic was one of his best of the year. A gutty race with Justin Gatlin, and Mike Rodgers gave it his game. 

On Sunday, Mike Rodgers is racing Jimmy Vicaut, one of France's true talents, but a young man who has seen his share of injuries. Now healthy, and with conditions that look prime time for sprinting, I am expecting a fast one. 

Some of Mike Rodgers' big fans believe that the man from the Show Me State is ready for a really fast one. A quiet confidence, always a warm greeting, Mike Rodgers is one of those sprinters who let his feet do the talking. 

Let's see what he can do in Birmingham on Sunday in about fourteen hours! 
Peter Thompson, one of those wonderful people who inhabit our fair sport, emailed me earlier this evening. He wanted me to post the amended results from the Adrian Martinez meeting. It was a task I do with pleasure. 

Nicole Tully, photo by PhotoRun.net

In one of Kenny Moore's stories for Sports Illustrated in the 1970s, The Long Blue Line, he related a conversation between Frank Shorter and himself. It was after the Munich terrorist attacks, and Moore had noted that perhaps the sport needed to return to small meets, held in quiet, secluded spots. 

Such is the Adrian Martinez Memorial. A labor of love by the community and the company that supports it, the meet is about friends running, talking about running, celebrating running, and going away with a better feeling than which had one arrived.

I told the meet director, Jonathan Marcus, my new friend, that I gave up going to Rome DL to see the meet. 

That was true. But, there are no regrets. Seeing Nicole Tully run to win, and Reed Connor (On Wisconsin!) take the 5000 meters was a wonderful evening. 

Mo Farah, Doha DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Sainsburys Birmingham DL is one of two Diamond League meetings in the UK. The only other country with two DLs is the United States. 

The Birmingham DL has taken on a lot more pressure and anxiety due to the programs from the BBC and publication of the article by Pro Publica. 

Cathal Dennehy wrote on his five favorite events in the upcoming meeting.  As I spoke to both he and his partner, Fiedlim Kelly, of Jumping-the-Gun.com (one of our partners), we had a good talk on what will be exciting tomorrow! 

We will just have to wait and see, I guess. 

Bershawn Jackson flying in Doha, photo by PhotoRun.net

To say that I was pleasantly surprised by Bershawn is an understatement. Bershawn, aka Batman is a premier 400 meter hurdler. The 400 meter hurdles is one of the most sadistic events in our sport. Take the 400 meters, a difficult event if there ever was one, and add hurdles. The later in the race, as the lactic acid runs up your legs, those hurdles get taller and taller. Watching an elite 400 meter hurdle race is like watching a Formula 1 car race; you wonder just how they do it?

David Hunter interviewed Bershawn and captured the charm and potential of an athlete who has graced our sport for over a decade. 

Watch Bershawn in 2015! 
Nicole Tully celebrates after winning the mile at the Hoka One One Adrian Martinez Classic in Concord, Mass., in 4:31.4h (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

I venture to this meet each year, because it reminds me what our sport is truly about. Running races, simply and with joy, and talking about it. The 177 athletes who were there this year was a huge increase from the 55 from last year. 
Kudos to HOKA ONE ONE on making this meet possible. Quite impressed with Nicole Tully, Robbie Andrews and the two 5000 meters. 
Most of all, great to see all of my friends in New England. 
Yomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.net

An excellent fourth DL event, held in the Stadio Olimpico on Thursday night, June 4 in Rome. Here a brief synopsis of the meet in the eternal city. Sorry to Jenny Simpson for not recognizing her victory in the 1,500 meters at first, but a reader much more observant than I noted my error. It has been corrected. 

Updated Friday, June 5, 2015

Amos, Aman, one week apart, same results, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Golden Gala Pietro Mennea had some fine performances within the Stadio Olimpico in the eternal city that is Rome. 

Justin Gatlin just ran away from everyone, running a  MR of 9.74.  Yomif Kejelcha lead five runners under 13 minutes for 5000 meters. Pedro Pichardo leaped 17.96m, which is pedestrian if one judges from his two forays over 18 meters. Renaud Lavillenie showed that, yes, he is human with his 5.91m clearance. 

In the women's 1,500m, Sifan Hassan got the better of Jenny Simpson, who dueled with Hassan and Dawit Seyaum. In a preview of the Beijing final, Hassan ran 3:58.68 to Simpson's 3:59.31 to 3:59.76! 

Mo Farah, before the 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Alex Mills covered the Pre Classic for RunBlogRun this year, for the first time. We asked one of our newest RunBlogRun bloggers to give us his thoughts on the greatness of the Pre Classic.

He kindly obliged. 

Virginia Nyamubura wins Doha steeple! photo by PhotoRun.net

I was surprised to see Virginia Nyamubra outkick Hiwot Ayalew, in the Doha steeplechase. As is his way of operating, Justin Lagat, our voice from Kenya, found Virginia and spoke with her recently. 

Virginia is racing in Rome tomorrow! More to come on this steepelchase phenom who dropped 32 seconds from her PB. 
Along with the NCAA outdoor champs having a remarkable format with Men and Women's track days, USTFCCCA and TrackTownUSA have teamed up for two days of previews of the Men and Women's coverage of the NCAA outdoor T& F Champs! 

Great idea! 

Watch it! 
Mo Farah, Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Some of the world's best athletes will line up at the Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix on 
Sunday 7 June with 14 Olympic champions and 27 world champions confirmed as competing at the IAAF Diamond League event. All three of Great Britain & Northern Ireland's London 2012 Olympic gold medallists from 'Super Saturday' will be at the Alexander Stadium. Jessica Ennis-Hill will compete in the 100m hurdles and shot put fresh from completing her first heptathlon since London 2012 in Gotzis last weekend,  Mo Farah will step down to the 1500m and Greg Rutherford will contest the long jump. The women's 100m hurdles will be fiercely competitive with Ennis-Hill being joined by Olympic champion Sally Pearson of Australia, world champion Brianna Rollins of the USA, GB & NI's reigning European champion Tiffany Porter and breakthrough star Jasmin Stowers, who shot to seventh all time in the world with a time of 12.35 at the Doha leg of the IAAF Diamond League. There will be strong British representation in the men's 100m with European 200m champion Adam Gemili and world and European indoor 60 m champion Richard Kilty facing the likes of Mike Rodgers and Kim Collins. 99 men in history have run sub-10 seconds for 100m so one of the British duo could become number 100 in Birmingham. American Christian Taylor will compete in the triple jump after elevating himself to fourth in the world all time lists with a jump of 18.04m in Doha. The 2011 world champion and 2012 Olympic champion holds the current Alexander Stadium record of 17.66m.
Merrell Noden, photo courtesy of Princeton.edu

Merrell Noden was a giant of a writer. His writings on sport and anything he sunk his considerable wit and thoughtful style to, was reading material for me. I recall a piece for the Runner magazine around 1984 on Seb Coe and a how Merrell got chomped to pieces in a time trial for Coe before the LA Olympics. 

I was in awe of Merrell (still am). He was close to the late James Dunaway, my mentor. Noden was a  real writer: one learnt from reading Noden, insights that one could not get one one's own, without twenty years of crashing Merrell's reading list. 

One of my few notes with Merrell was just this past Spring as we grieved over James Dunaway. 

On Merrell's FB page, his sister in law wrote how he died, as he lived, with love of his family  and some dignity. 

Tonight on my walk, through mid town Manhattan, I took a moment and wondered what Merrell Noden would say about my conversation earlier with a taxi driver from Uzbekistan or the three lovely women sharing friendship and jokes at a small French cafe I frequent. 

But it was okay, as it was raining and no one noticed my tears. Nice to sometimes be in the Big Apple on a rainy, Tuesday night. 

I continued on my way, thinking of a friend gone. 

I thank Jeff Benjamin for writing the following obit. Jeff wrote two obits this weekend (Pat Petersen and Merrell). 

Keep Merrell's spirit by reading his piece on Charles Dickens, it is included below...
Pat Peterson running 30:15, photo courtesy @TCSNYCMarathon

There was a time, in the late 1980s and 1990s when American distance runners who understood that one had to work hard, train hard and race hard were few and far between. In the lonely era, when 13:45 was a winning time at US Championships for a 5000m, Pat Peterson, like Buddy Edelen decades before, was truly a lone pair of feet, running the streets of New York, as an American marathoner who got it. 

Taken too early from his family and friend, Pat Petersen succumbed to pancreatic cancer over the weekend. His wake is Wednesday night, June 3 and funeral is Thursday, June 4. Please read the note at the bottom of Jeff Benjamin's fine obit from Mike Polansky. 

The Petersen family is having a terrible financial strain besides the horrible loss of their husband, father, and friend. Please help if you can. 
Carles provides us European Results on a bi-weekly basis. This week, he is starting a weekly column en espanol for RunBlogRun. 

Micheal Shrader, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jenn Suhr, photo courtesy by Global Athletics

Olympic champion and vault goddess, Jenn Suhr, will be competing at adidas Grand Prix. So, buy a ticket and get a hotel room to visit Randalls Island and worship the gods and goddesses of track and field at Icahn Stadium.

Usain Bolt, Jenn Suhr, Pedro Pichardo: they will all be there! 

The big question, dear reader is, will you be there?

Barshim soars, 2.41 meters! photo by PhotoRun.net

Barshim and much more

WUHAN (CHN): The 21st Asian Athletics Championships will take place from June 3 to 7. The men's high jump will attract attention due to the presence of Mutaz Essa Barshim and Zhang Guowei, who improved to 238 in Eugene. Another good competition should come in the men's 400m, where junior sensation Abdalelah Haroun will take on Asian record-holder Youssef Al-Masrahi. Kemi Adekoya will try and achieve the women's 400m-400mH double, which she managed last year at the Asian Games. In the throws, Vikas Gowda is the favourite for the men's discus and Tajikistan's Dilshod Nazarov, the defending champion, is the favourite for the men's hammer. In the women's hammer, China's Zhang Wenxiu should have the edge. Musaab Abdelrahman Bala will defend his 800m title, while Tintu Luka is the women's favourite. In the men's 5000m, Mohamad Al-Garni and Albert Rop will battle. Shitaye Eshete of Bahrain will defend her 10,000m title. In the men's 100m, Femi Ogunode and Zhang Peimang will duel. The recent Chinese record holder Su Bingtian (9.99) in Eugene will not compete.

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