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sundlun_photo.jpegTracy Sundlun, by Dillon Vibes

Tracy Sundlun is an honorable man, a bit eccentric, but an honorable man. He has not seen an endurance event, from the marathon to the 50k Race Walk that he does not support. Romaine Soh captures his love of one of the most iconic events in the Olympic tradition. This is Romaine's first piece for RunBlogRun. We thank Lori Shontz, Romaine's professor of Track & Field Journalism, at the University of Oregon, for her support and assistance fo these fine young journalists.

john_nunn_20K_racewalk_winner.jpegJohn Nunn, photo by Dillon Vibes

John Nunn made the 50k team and cemented his spot for the longest event on the Olympic roster way back in March 2016. In the 20k, John Nunn won, but he did not walk fast enough for an American to go to Rio. Here is how Isaac Gibson viewed the event. Isaac Gibson is writing for RunBlogRun for the first time and we are most grateful. We would like to thank Lori Shontz, the journalism professor at the University of Oregon who champions the track & field journalism class from which Isaac Gibson honed his writing skills.

Nick Symmonds, the 2013 World Outdoor silver medalist at 800 meters, will be unable to participate in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. The 800 meter specialist made the semi-finals in Beijing in 2008, and placed fifth in the World record producing final in London 2012. In 2009, at the World Champs in Berlin, Nick took sixth and in Daegu, Nick Symmonds was fifth in the final. Nick Symmonds cited a high ankel injury, which means, in laymen terms, a torn ligament and a stress fracture. Coach Danny Mackey said it was very hard to watch Nick Symmonds try and run this morning, to test the ankle. This was the announcement, done at the Brooks House in Eugene, Oregon on June 30, 2016.

womens_20K_top_two.jpegMiranda Melville and Maria Michta-Coffey, photo by Dillon Vibes

The 20k Race walk is nearly 90 minutes of physically draining effort. Consider this, running 20k at 8 minites or better pace, and having to keep your form! While the history of racewalking is rich globally, it is has its ups and downs in the US. Here is a fine story by Kylee O'Connor, her first story, in fact, for RunBlogRun. We thank her professor, Lori Shontz for developing the journalist program on track & field, which is supported by the University of Oregon.

Welling_Tara-Arizona16.jpgTara Welling, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have followed Tara Welling for several years now. Her alma mater, Loyola Marymount, was in my conference in my college days (Santa Clara), and I have enjoyed her racing and her focus. When she returned to the sport, after her injuries, it was great to see her back. Now racing under the watchful eyel of Jonathan Marcus, I am even happier for her. This is a wonderful piece by Cait Chock on Tara following her dream.

Nwaba_BarbaraJav-USout15.jpgBarbara Nwaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mark Winitz starts off his coverage for the US Olympic Trials for RunBlogRun and Caltrack.com with his feature interview on Barbara Nwaba.

Cameras-OlyT12.JPGFinish line cameras, photo by PhotoRun.net

We asked Jeff Benjamin to review the coverage fo the last day of the NCAA Men and Women's coverage on ESPN from June 8-11. This is the review of the last day of the women's coverage, which was a fantastic day of track & field!

Huddle_Molly-Pre16.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle is a doe-eyed beastmaster. Ever observant, ever focused, Molly had dedicated much of the last decade into seeing just how fast and long she can run. Her form may be the cleanest of any active American woman, Molly Huddle is built to run fast over 5000 meters and 10,000 meters. And her finish is unrelenting.

But this, dear readers, is the eve of the Olympic Trials, and some believe, that, for Molly Huddle, this may be a spectacular Trials. Can she win the 10,000 meters? Can she win the 5,000 meters? Heck, will Molly Huddle win both the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters.

In this thoughtful piece by Cait Chock, Molly Huddle is building towards a fall marathon, in the Big Apple. That she has taken her time to build to the 26.2 mile distance is most important. But for a track fan like myself, I continue to want to see her run 25 laps, as I believe, she has another American record for which to reach out.

Ayana_AlmazFV-Rome16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by PhotoRun.net

10 000 m World Leads by Ethiopians
HENGELO (NED, Jun 29): World leads highlighted the special Ethiopian 10 000 m trials in Hengelo organised by Global Sports Communication of Jos Hermens. Almaz Ayana won in 30:07.00, what is not only top mark 2016 but also 8th best of all-time. It was also her debut at the distance on the track. Second Gelete Burka 30:28.47 PB and third Olympic winner Tirunesh Dibaba 30:28.53. This are top 3 times by Ethiopians for Olympic selection. Fast times also for 4th Netsanet Gudeta 30:36.75 PB, 5th Genet Yalew 30:37.38 PB, 6th Senbere Teferi 30:40.59 in debut, 7th Belaynesh Oljira 30:50.25, 8th Ababel Yeshaneh 30:54.12 and 9th Goytotom Gebrslease 31:14.52 PB. In 12th position Elizeba Cherono of Netherlands 32:15.53 PB and 13th Nazaret Weldu national record for Eritrea 32:58.28. Also in men race Yigrem Demelash clocked World lead and PB 26:51.11 beating Tamirat Tola 26:57.45 and Abadi Embaye 26:57.88 debut. They are now top 3 Ethiopians by time for Olympic selection. Fourth Belay Tilahun 27:11.83 PB ahead of Adugna Takele 27:20.65 and Leul Gebresilase 27:26.69. Top 11 went under 28 minutes. Among non finishers Ibrahim Jeilan and Yenew Alamirew with Imane Merga and Kenenisa Bekele.

Larry Eder opines: Almaz Ayana is coming into her own. After 8:23.11, 14.12.59 and now, 30:07.00, I doubt if any athlete in the world can complete with her over the 5000 meters to 10,000 meters. Nice to see Tirunesh Dibaba in shape once again. Yigrem Demelash ran 26:51.11 for the world leader. Big question is, can one

Here is Justin Lagat's piece on the preparation and focus of Betsy Saina before the Kenyan Olympic Trials and her plans for the future! We thank Justin Lagat for his weekly coverage for RunBlogRun on Kenyan athletics!

Saina_Betsy-Beijing15.jpgBetsy Saina, Beijing 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ashton Eaton is the greatest athlete in the world, by tradition, and quite frankly, in reality. In a tradition that goes back 104 years, to the 1912 Olympics, Ashton Eaton's domination of the decathlon gives him the title of Greatest Athlete in the World, first bestowed by the King of Sweden on Jim Thorpe, winner of both the decathlon and pentathlon in 1912. Anyone who watched Ashton win the 2012 US Olympic Trials in Eugene, and set the World Record knew they were seeing greatness. It is not only the way he competes, but the way he comports himself and how he supports his wife, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, a champion in her own right. This interview was conducted by the Shoe Addicts at the US Olympic Trials Press conference one, held on June 29, 2016.
Justin Gatlin took two silver medals at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, running behind only one Usain Bolt. What will 2016 bring? Overcoming an ankle injury, Justin Gatlin and his coach, Dennis Mitchell planned to start 2016 slow, and they did. In May, Justin Gatlin began to run well, and now, at the press conference for the 2016 US Olympic Trials, on June 29, Justin tells the Shoe Addicts that he is ready and able to challenge the best in the world, once again, over 100 meters and 200 meters. At the age of 34, Justin Gatlin knows that he still has something to say.
The truth is this: Allyson Felix has been a professional athlete for nearly half of her life. In 2003, in Saint Denis, France, Allyson Felix donned her professional kit, and put a smile on many of our faces. Since then, she has challenged the world's best over 100 meters, 200 meters and now 400 meters. The 400 meters may be her best event of all! Her smooth stride, her focus and her drive at the end of a race are some of the pleasures of watching this fine athlete in top form. 2016 has been a challenge for Allyson as she had a late start, due to some injury issues. This interview was done at the USATF Press conference on June 29, 2016 by the Shoe Addicts, for RunBlogRun.

Rohler_Thomas1-PreC16.jpgThomas Rohler, Pre Classic 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rohler twice over 91 m
TURKU (FIN, Jun 29): German Thomas Rohler achieved two 91 m throws at the Paavo Nurmi Games meet (EA Premium) with 91.28 in round three and 91.04 in round five. It is not only World lead, personal best but also 11th best performer ever. Second Julian Weber 86.83 over Antti Ruuskanen 83.10 and Tero Pitkamaki 83.03. World champion Pawel Fajdek confirmed with 81.12 superb hammer position in the World. Second Dilshod Nazarov way back 78.87 ahead of Wojciech Nowicki 78.04. Another Polish win Michal Haratyk in shot put 20.25. Guyana´s Troy Doris won triple with windy 17.06 (+2.2). In the 400 m hurdles Le Roux Hamman clocked 49.44 to beat Oskari Moro 49.50 and Estonian Rasmus Magi 49.59. Other winners Hungarian Balazs Baji 13.43 (0.0, also 13.41 +0.7 in heats) at 110 m hurdles, Moroccan junior record holder Mostafa Smaili 1:47.07 in the 800 m and Ghana´s Sean Safo-Antwi 10.23 (+0.6) beating Dutch Solomon Bockarie 10.24. Fast 5000 m had Kenyan Josephat Menjo winning 13:20.51 over Australians Pat Tiernan 13:20.88 and David McNeill 13:23.87 with Andy Vernon fourth 13:26.16. In women events local star Nooralotta Neziri posted 12.91 (+0.2, also 12.87 +1.2 in heats). Sara Petersen of Denmark 56.07 at 400 m hurdles, Poland´s Danuta Urbanik 4:06.58 in the 1500 m and French Ophelie Claude-Boxberger 9:34.96 ahead of Sviatlana Kudzelich of Belarus 9:41.21 and Denmark´s Anna Emilie Moller 9:41.43. Taika Nummi clocked 12:30.81 in the 3000 m walk. In javelin Australian Kathryn Mitchell 63.80 beat Li Lingwei 61.79 and Christina Obergfoll 61.38. In anticipated pole vault highlighted top three got over 452, winner Minna Nikkanen and tie for second for young Wilma Murto and Swiss record holder Nicole Buchler.

This interview of Terrance Mahon is from our meeting with Coach Mahon on June 16, 2016. Terrance is the coach the elite project of the Boston Athletic Association. In this series, Terrance speaks about the development of middle and long distance runners, a subject dear to his heart. This interview was done by the Shoe Addicts.

Medhin_Teklemariam-Hengelo12.jpgHengelo 2012, 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

HENGELO (NED): Loaded fields have been assembled for the FBK 10,000m Challenge in Hengelo which doubles up as the Ethiopian trial race for the Olympic Games on Wednesday, informs Global Sports Communication. World 10,000m record-holder Kenenisa Bekele makes his comeback to the track after failing to make the Ethiopian marathon team where he will face the likes of former world champion Ibrahim Jeilan and other sub-27 minute performers Tamirat Tola, Yigrem Demelash and Imane Merga. A blockbuster women's race has been set up with Almaz Ayana and Meseret Defar the favourites for places on the Ethiopian team along with Gelete Burka, Meselech Melkamu, Alemitu Haroye, Belaynesh Oljira and Senbere Teferi. European champion Jo Pavey, 42, will also chase a last minute qualifying standard for Rio. Tirunesh Dibaba was due to race but pulled out.

Wild Duck Cafe

2016 Trials Official Playbook

(Everyone Goes Here After & Before the Meet!!)

The Wild Duck Cafe, located at 1419 Villard St., 453 m from Hayward Field, is the largest, most modern, friendliest, most comfortable, best value bar in Eugene. It is the Social Hub for All Things TRACK & FIELD during the 2016 Trials! Just ask anyone who was there in 2008 or 2012!

Session One

Thurs., 6/30 at 7 pm-Close HOKA ONE ONE Welcome to Eugene People's Party

Fri., 7/1 at 8:30-9:30 am FREE Coaches "Clinic" with Coach Joe Vigil. Refreshments Served.

Fri., 7/1 at 7 pm-Close HOKA ONE ONE & MONDO Party- Premier Coaches Kick off!

Fri., 7/1 at 8 pm to Close WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

Sat., 7/2 at 8:30 am HOKA ONE ONE Recovery Run: HOKAS & Mimosa's! Drink Specials

Sat., 7/2 at 8:30-9:30 am FREE Coaches "Clinic" with Mac Wilkins. Refreshments Served.

Sat., 7/2 at 4-7 pm ElliptiGO 400m Challenge: "Crush It, Win Prizes!"

Sat., 7/2 at 8 pm to Close WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

Sun., 7/3 at 8:30-9:30 am FREE Coaches "Clinic" with Lance Harter & Bob Larsen- Refreshments

Sun., 7/3 at 9:00 am-1 pm ElliptiGO Community Ride! Please RSVP to [email protected]

Sun., 7/3 at 9:30-10:30 pm LIVE RunnerSpace Fireside Chat Broadcast- Secret, Special Guests!

Sun., 7/3 at 9:30- 10:30 pm WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

Mon., 7/4 at 8:30 am HOKA ONE ONE: Run With the Olympians! (All Olympians Invited!)

Mon., 7/4 at 7 pm-Close HOKA ONE ONE 4th of July Party! "Night of the Olympians!

All Olympians Invited. Drink Specials.

Session Two

Thurs., 7/7 at 8:30-9:30 am FREE Coaches "Clinic" with Rob Johnson/Mike Holman- Refreshments

Thurs., 7/7 at 8 pm to Close WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

Fri., 7/8 at 8:30 am HOKA ONE ONE Run: Tour of TrackTown (Pre's Rock, Trails, etc.)

Fri., 7/8 at 8:30-9:30 am FREE Coaches "Clinic" with Jeremy Fischer- Refreshments served

Fri., 7/8 at 8 pm to Close WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

Sat., 7/9 at 8:30 am Hootie Un-Sponsored Bloody Mary 5k- Drink & Breakfast Specials

Sat., 7/9 at 7 pm-Close HOKA ONE ONE Party: Celebration of Athletes- Drink Specials

Sat., 7/9 9:30-10:30 pm LIVE RunnerSpace Fireside Chat Broadcast- Secret, Special Guests!

Sat., 7/9 at 8 pm to Close WDC Ducktown DJ & Karaoke

To download the pdf of the Wild Duck Cafe Official Playbook, please go here: Final WDC Official OT Playbook.pdf

We have alot coming up with the the next two weeks. The British Olympic Trials, the U.S. Olympic Trials, and the European Champs. Watch for coverage coming up this week! U.S. Olympic Trials coverage begins on June 30, 2016.
Terrence Mahon was interviewed by the Shoe Addicts at the adiRunBASE Boston on June 16, 2016. The question answered in this interview was how young athletes should be developed. It is a fascinating look into what one of our finest coaches looks for with young athletes.

Hudson-RooneyFL1-Euros14.jpgHudson and Rooney, 2014 Euro Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net


BIRMINGHAM (GBR): British Athletics will be sending their largest ever squad for a European Championships to Amsterdam next month. The 98-strong team includes six reigning European champions: Martyn Rooney (400m), Greg Rutherford (long jump), Jo Pavey (10,000m) and Tiffany Porter (100m hurdles). Reigning European 100m champion James Dasaolu will only run the 4x100m relay while reigning European 200m champion Adam Gemili will contest the 100m and 4x100m relay. The British team will be particularly strong in the sprints with James Ellington and Richard Kilty also selected for the 100m while top-ranked European Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake will make his senior debut in the 200m alongside Danny Talbot and world finalist Zharnel Hughes. On the women's side, UK champion Asha Philip and Desiree Henry will run the 100m and world finalist Dina Asher-Smith and reigning silver medallist Jodie Williams will run the 200m. Former Olympic and world champion Christine Ohuruogu will run the 400m but has ruled herself out of the relay. On the field, Robbie Grabarz will compete in the high jump, a strong triumvirate of Shara Proctor, Jazmin Sawyers and Lorraine Ugen will challenge for medals in the long jump while world junior champion Morgan Lake goes in the heptathlon.

PARIS (FRA): A 72-strong French squad will compete in Amsterdam next month. Christophe Lemaitre has entered the 100m, 200m and 4x100m while joint European record-holder Jimmy Vicaut will just compete in the 100m and 4x100m. On the in-field, Renaud Lavillenie will be looking to claim his fourth pole vault title in succession while bronze medallist Kevin Menaldo will also challenge for another medal after clearing 5.80m at the French Championships. European silver medallist Melina Robert-Michon and world bronze medallist Alexandra Tavernier start as medal contenders in the discus and hammer respectively while European marathon champion Christelle Daunay, 41, could become the oldest woman to win a European title if she wins the half marathon.

ROME (ITA): Italy will be sending a squad of 75 to Amsterdam next month. The leading name on the team is world indoor high jump champion Gianmarco Tamberi who cleared 2.36m at the Italian Championships while Alessia Trost and Desiree Rossit will challenge for medals in a wide open women's high jump. Libania Grenot will defend her 400m crown next month while Italian champion and record-holder Matteo Galvan will challenge for the title in the men's equivalent. European marathon champion Daniele Meucci leads a strong men's half marathon team while former world marathon silver medallist Valeria Straneo also contests the half marathon.

PRAHA (CZE): Czech Republic is also sending the biggest team ever for European Championships with 52 athletes. They are 20 women and 32 men. Still two athletes are waiting for the possible place in their events (Lucie Sekanova in steeple and Lucie Majkova in triple). Only one missing due to health reasons is Eliska Klucinova, heptathlon. But all the other top stars are in the team with Zuzana Hejnova for 400 m hurdles, Barbora Spotakova in javelin, Jirina Ptacnikova in pole vault, Katerina Safrankova in hammer and young star Michaela Hruba in high jump. On the men side Pavel Maslak at 400 m, Jakub Holusa in the 1500 m, Jan Kudlicka in pole vault, Radek Juska in long jump, Ladislav Prasil and Tomas Stanek in shot put and top javelin throwers Vitezslav Vesely, Jakub Vadlejch, Jaroslav Jilek.

TALLINN (EST): Estonia will have 25 athletes with 7 more still hoping to be accepted. Rasmus Magi runs the 400 m hurdles and 4x400 m relay. Ksenija Balta is in long jump, Gerd Kanter in discus together with Martin Kupper. Strong javelin trio is Tanel Laanmae, Magnus Kirt and Risto Matas. Another strong trio in decathlon with Janek Oiglane, Kristjan Rosenberg and Mikk Pahapill.

DUBLIN (IRL): Ireland has named a full strength team for Amsterdam including reigning 800m bronze medallist Mark English. Two-time European cross country champion Fionnuala McCormack will contest the 10,000m and World University Games champion Thomas Barr will challenge for a medal in the 400m hurdles. Ireland will send teams for all four relay events and full teams for the men's and women's half marathon.

LISBON (POR): European indoor champion Nelson Evora leads the Portuguese for Amsterdam. The team is particularly strong in the women's long distances with Jessica Augusto in the half marathon while Sara Moreira and Dulce Felix have entered the 10,000m and half marathon. Triple jumpers Susana Costa and Patricia Mamona could challenge for medals as well. Also of note: 2004 Olympic 100m silver medallist Francis Obikwelu, 37, has been named in the 4x100m relay team.

BERN (SUI): Reigning European 400m hurdles champion Kariem Hussein leads a 48-strong Swiss team for Amsterdam. Other top names include Mujinga Kambundji in the 100m and 200m (but not the 4x100m), Selina Buchel in the 800m, Lea Sprunger in the 400m hurdles and Nicole Buchler in the pole vault.

MINSK (BLR): Belarus is sending a solid team to Amsterdam although one notable absentee is reigning world and European 800m champion Maryna Arzamasava. Medal contenders include world bronze medallist Alina Talay in the 100m hurdles, Yulia Leantsiuk and Alyona Dubitskaya in the shot put and Ivan Tikhon in the hammer.

WARSZAWA (POL): Poland will have in Amsterdam 73 athletes and will their biggest ever and one of the largest teams. Title defenders Anita Wlodarczyk and Adam Kszczot are the headliners. Missig from the elite are only high jumper Kamila Licwinko, hurdler Patryk Dobek and shot put Olympic winner Tomasz Majewski. But in his event Michal Haratyk and Konrad Bukowiecki achieved this year better results and will replace him with pride. Also Piotr Malachowski in discus and Pawel Fajdek in hammer are the top candidates for the win. In the men steeple Krystian Zalewski could be one of the favorites.

BRATISLAVA (SVK): Slovakia will have at least 21 athletes in Amsterdam but asked in their entry for more names depending on the number of athletes in each event concerned. Hammer throwers Marcel Lomnicky and Martina Hrasnova, Lucia Hrivnak Klocova entered for both 800 m and 1500 m, Veldakova twins Dana for triple and Jana for long jump are the headliners. Talented sprinter Jan Volko is in both sprints, Jozef Repcik in 800 m, Matus Bubenik in high jump. Alexandra Bezekova will go for both 100 m and 200 m, Iveta Putalova in the 400 m. Slovakia will also have both women relays.

Maurice Greene is one of the finest American sprinters in our sports' history. World Champion at 100 meters in 1997 and 1999, Olympic champion at 100 meters in 2000 and bronze for 100m in 2004, Maurice Greene also was a member of gold and silver medal teams in 2000 and 2004, respectively. This interview was conducted during the first night of the adidas BOOST Boston Games on June 17. This part of the interview was focused on what Mo Greene thought about young athletes going pro early in their careers.

Hitchon_SophieWideQR-Beijing15.jpgSophie Hitchon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The British Olympic Trials were held June 24-26, 2016. Here is Alex Mills' highlights of some of the top performances and qualifiers from this past weekend!

Butchart_Andrew-Euro10k15.jpgAndrew Butchart, photo by PhotoRun.net

BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Jun 25): An exciting men's 100m final climaxed the second day of the British Championships. European champion James Dasaolu stopped the clock at 9.93 with James Ellington (9.96) and Chijindu Ujah (9.97) also going sub-10 albeit with a 3.0 m/s tailwind on their backs. Asha Philip set a season's best of 11.17 to win the women's 100m ahead of Daryll Neita (11.26) with pre-race favourite Desiree Henry third (11.26) and not guaranteed an automatic spot on the British team for Rio. Tiffany Porter (12.91, +2.0) edged out her younger sister Cindy Ofili (12.93) in the 100m hurdles while Andrew Butchart won the 5000m in 13:44.00 with a 5:10 last 2km to confirm his place on the British team for the Olympics. Holly Bradshaw cleared 4.60m on her first attempt before three failures at 4.72m in the pole vault while Morgan Lake cleared cleared 1.90m before three attempts at a UK junior record of 1.95m. World fourth placer Sophie Hitchon won the hammer with 69.99m while veteran Nathan Douglas set a season's best of 16.58m to win the triple jump. In the 400m hurdles heats, Seb Rodger was the fastest with 49.99 but there was an upset with 2011 world champion Dai Greene failing to make the final with 51.16.

Berian_BorisFV-PreC16.jpgBoris Berian, photo by PhotoRun.net

EUGENE (USA): Nike has dropped its lawsuit against Boris Berian ahead of the American Olympic Trials in Eugene, informs AFP. "Nike has dropped the lawsuit against Boris. Boris will compete in the Olympic trials. He is in a good frame of mind," said his agent Merhawi Keflezighi. Berian moved from Nike to New Balance earlier this season but Nike maintained it had tabled an offer equivalent as they were free to do as stipulated in the contract.

Larry Eder opines: This was a great PR decision for Nike. While there is much to this lawsuit that may have not revealed in public, this was a PR nightmere. Glad to see Boris Berian competing, as that 800 meters is going to be amazing in Eugene! Our sport is polarized, too focused, and inward looking, not outward looking. It is also much more complicated than outsiders see. Our sport is at a cusp. This may be the last time we can actually make progess in cleaning up the sport. This may also be the last time we can take the sport from the 19th century and its autocratic birth, to the possiblity of making athletics the largest sport, for entertainment and fitness.

Ed Cheserek.jpgEd Cheserek, photo by Cheryl Treworgy/Pretty Sporty

RunBlogRun opines: This is the review we asked Jeff Benjamin to do regarding NCAA Outdoor Track & Field's Friday night on ESPN. The Thursday NCAA broadcast had a higher rating on ESPN than the COPA Soccer coverage.

LeMaitre_ChristopheR1-EuroInd11.jpgChristophe Lemaitre, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is report 7 for the 2016 European Athletics Outdoor season, as compiled by our friend, Carles Baronet. Carles puts together reports on European, US in indoor and outdoor athletics, plus cross country.

LeMaitre_ChristopheR1-EuroInd11.jpgChristophe Lemaitre, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is report 7 for the 2016 European Athletics Outdoor season, as compiled by our friend, Carles Baronet. Carles puts together reports on European, US in indoor and outdoor athletics, plus cross country.

jonas_hedman_Deca_540pxl-300x200.jpgJonas Hedman, photo courtesy of Jonas Hedman

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Swedish expert Jonas Hedman started a new website last week. The goal is the publish news about Swedish and Scandinavian athletics every week at www.friidrottaren.com.

Larry Eder opines: Jonas Hedman is a fine writer! He has worked on this site, for nearly a year now. We are happy to see a site dedicated to Swedish athletics. Make sure you check it out often!

SprintStarts-Osaka07.jpgTrack meet in Japan, photo by PhotoRun.net

Suzuki 31:18.73
NAGOYA (JPN, Jun 24): The 100th edition of the Japanese National Track and Field Championships kicked off Friday at Nagoya's Paloma Mizuho Stadium amid on and off rain and the race of the day was the women's 10000 m, where Ayuko Suzuki and Hanami Sekine worked together to both break the JAAF's tough selection standards with success. Suzuki clocked 31:18.73 and Sekine 31:22.92 PB and standard. Third Yuka Takashima 31:35.76 PB. In the men 10 000 m Suguru Osako posted 28:07.44. In the women's long jump Konomi Kai won with 636 (+0.5) sealing her trip to Rio after having already hit the JAAF standard of 6.84 m. The rain prevented quality marks in the men's pole vault but couldn't hold back an exciting battle between national record holder Daichi Sawano and rivals Seito Yamamoto and Hiroki Ogita as all cleared 560 in the mentioned order. Hammer legend Koji Murofushi made a return to the men's hammer, but with a throw of only 64.74 m placed just 12th. Julian Walsh clocked 45.54 PB to lead the qualifiers in men 400 m. Women's 100 m national record holder Chisato Fukushima, the only Japanese woman to have qualified for Rio so far, had a minor upset in the heats, taking only 2nd overall in 11.85 after some bad luck with a -2.1 headwind. In men 100 m semifinals Asuka Cambridge achieved 10.25 (-0.3) and Ryota Yamagata 10.26 (-1.4) over Yoshihide Kiryu 10.29 in second one. Keisuke Nozawa with 49.22 was the fastest in 400 m hurdles prelims. Informs Brett Larner on his website.

Semenya_Caster1-Rome16.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya 4:01.99, Thebe 44.69
DURBAN (RSA, Jun 24): South Africa's Caster Semenya and Botswana's Baboloki Thebe made the biggest impression on the third day of the African championships. Caster Semenya started the competition with a win in the 1500m, in 4:01.99 PB, the second fastest time ever by a South African after Zola Budd (4:01.81). She was followed by Morocco's Rabab Arafi in 4:03.95. Baboloki Thebe who switched from the shorter sprints to the 400m confirmed his great talent at sea level one month after his African junior record of 44.22 set at altitude in Gaborone on May 21. He claimed victory in 44.69 ahead of teammate Karabo Sibanda (45.42) and US-based Nigerian Chidi Okezie (45.76) who denied Botswana's a full sweep as Isaac Makwala faded to 4th (46.58). There was second gold for Botswana as Nijel Amos made his way to victory in the 800m in 1:45.11 following a few weeks marred by illness and a hamstring problem. Behind him, South African Jacob Rozani clocked an Olympic qualifier of 1:45.38. Kenya claimed medals in the 400m hurdles, gold for Boniface Mucheru in 49.21 and bronze for Nicholas Bett's brother Haron Koech in 49.41, the same time as silver medallist Amadou Ndiaye of Senegal. Local star LJ van Zyl was only fourth in 49.46. Kenya also won the high jump through Mathew Sawe (2.21m) a first in the history of the championships, but was denied victory in the 3000m steeplechase dominated by Ethiopian Chala Beyo (8:21.02) and Gigsa Tolosa 8:22.79. After her silver medal in 2014, and the All-African Games title in 2015, Zambia's Kabange Mupopo claimed the African title in the women's event, the only athlete in the race to finish in a sub-52 (51.56). Two Nigerian athletes won the women's field events, Ese Brume in the long jump (6.57m) and Nwanneka Okwelogu the discus (56.75m). The day ended with loud cheers from the crowd as South Africa shone in the 4x100m relays claiming both titles, the women's in 43.66 and the men's in 38.84, as Akani Simbine held off 100m champion Ben Youssef Meite of Ivory Coast (38.98) in the last meters.

Larry Eder opines: Per CAS decision last week, Caster Semenya will have a focus on her that is not disimilar to her experience in Berlin in 2009. This is not fair, but complicated matters were decided with antiquated information. Caster Semenya is a fine athlete, and she will be nearly unbeatable over 800 meters, but will have some challenges over 1,500 meters.

In this Conversation with Larry, I thought I would try to express my thoughts on the recent IAAF vote on Russia and the recent Jama Aden arrest in Spain. In order for the sport to be cleaned up, this is how it begins.


Yulimar Rojas, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rojas for first time over 15 m
MADRID (ESP, Jun 23): The 34th Meeting Madrid at Mortalaz Stadium (IAAF World Challenge) was highlighted by new Venezuelan record by Yulimar Rojas 15.02 15.02 (-0.4). She confirmed with that her Rio podium ambitions. Behind her Susana Costa of Portugal 14.31 (+0.2), Dominican republic record for Ana Jose Tima 14.22 (+1.2) and Patricia Mamona 14.17 (+0.4). Another record event was men 100 m. Winner Hassan Taftian clocked national mark for Iran 10.04 (+1.0) and second Bruno Hortelano Spanish record 10.06 (in heats first NR 10.08 +1.4). Third Kemar Hyman 10.13 (in heats 10.12 +1.5). In men 400 m national records for top two, Nery Brenes of Costarica 44.60 and Slovenian Luka Janezic 45.22. Orlando Ortega confirmed good hurdles shape with 13.17 (+0.9) over German Gregor Traber 13.37. US Jeshua Anderson won the 400 m hurdles 48.96 just edging Eric Cray of Philippines 48.98 NR, third Sergio Fernandez improved to 49.02 and fourth Rasmus Magi comes into shape 49.04. Amel Tuka with great finish won the 800 m 1:45.23 beating by 0.01 Antoine Gakeme of Burundi 1:45.24 and 2013 World champion Mohamed Aman 1:45.62. Other men winners Benson Seureui of Bahrain 3000 m (7:50.65), Norway´s Erik Dolve 550 pole vault, German Fabian Heinle long jump 801 (+1.8) and Austrian Lukas Weisshaidinger discus 64.42. Home star Ruth Beitia beat on count back Italian Alessia Trost, 193 for both. Rest of the women events had overseas winners. Nigerian Blessing Okagbare who is missing African Champs 11.09 (+1.0) over Ecuador´s Angela Tenorio 11.13. Canadian Carline Muir 400 m PB 51.05 ahead of Catia Azevedo Portugal record 51.63. Cuban Rose Mary Almanza topped the 800 m in 2:00.22 beating Ukrainian Nataliya Lupu 2:00.36 and Iceland´s Anita Hinriksdottir 2:00.86. Ethiopian Birtukan Fente got the steeple 9:42.64 and Chinese Li Lingwei javelin 61.96.

image2.JPGGeoff Smith, Litchfield First Selectman Leo Paul, Jr., Rod Dixon, photo by Jeff Benjamin

This is Jeff Benjamin's story of the 40th Litchfield Road Race and its origins.

RunBlogRun opines: Phoebe Wright has provided us an amazing piece on what it takes to go PRO for track athletes. This is part one, and there is a lot of hard earned knowledge here.

Wright_Phoebe-PreC15.jpgPhoebe Wright, photo by PhotoRun.net


The Safaricom Lewa Marathon is a unique race even for the Kenyan road racing scene. Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the race and what it does for the community.

Schwazer_AlexH-Rome16.jpgAlex Schwazer, photo by PhotoRun.net

Schwazer new situation
ROME (ITA): Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Beijing Olympic champion in race walk Alex Schwazer is facing another doping case. His sample collected on January 1, 2016 was retested on May 12 and showed positive traces of steroids (testosterone). Schwazer, who was banned for three years and nine months after testing positive for EPO before the 2012 Olympics, returned to competition and won the 50km race at the World team race walking championships in Rome in May and qualified to Rio Olympics. Schwazer's lawyer, Gerhard Brandstaetter, said the newspaper report was "false and unbelievable," and threatened legal action, but FIDAL confirmed to AP that the Gazzetta report was accurate. "At the moment I'm shocked," FIDAL president Alfio Giomi is quoted by AP. "We're attempting to understand it." Schwazer said that for him it is a conspiracy and denies the accusations. "Someone doesn't want me to go to the Olympics, the time is short, but I'll go all the way to clear everything up. Back then I did, but this time no. I've been doing my utmost with [coach] Sandro [Donati] to show that my return is clean," said Schwazer. The B sample will be analyzed by July 5. Afterwards this might be another case for CAS as Schwazer denies any wrongdoing.

Larry Eder opines: Mr. Schwazer should retire with the little dignity he has left and find a new activity. This guy embarrassed his country already. Time for him to go away, but, I fear, he will not. Nice job, IAAF.

Kiplimo-Kiprop-Kiplagat-KenyaOT12.jpgKiplimo, Kiprop, Kiplagat battle in Kenyan Olympic Trials, photo by 2012 PhotoRun.net

Here are Justin Lagat's reasons why the the Kenyan Trials next week will be exciting to see and visit! We will rely on Justin's observances of the Kenyan Olympic Trials!

Vlasic_Blanka-Glascow14.jpgBlanka Vlasic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Vlasic in good training
SPLIT (CRO): Croatian high jump star Blanka Vlasic continues in her olympic preparation in good mood. As her management agency confirmed she will open the season at the London Diamond League meet in July. She only competed once in winter with 195 win in Split end of January and because of achilles problem ended the indoor season in order to be ready for Olympic Games. Her last outdoor meet was the silver one at World Champs in Beijing.

Courtney Frerichs won the NCAA steeplechase, and broke the collegiate record of another notable steepelchaser-one Jenny Simpson. Courtney has blossomed over the past year, and David Hunter captures that brilliant adventure in this fine piece.


This interview of NIck Willis happened at the adidas Presser for the adidas BOOST Boston Games. Nick Willis, the 2008 Olympic silver medalist and 2016 World Indoor Champs bronze medalist, spoke with The Shoe Addicts on June 16, 2016. In this interview, Nick Willis explains how we was using the race last Friday as part of his preparations for the Rio Olympics.
Ajee' Wilson ran her best race outdoors on June 17, 2016. Running 1:59.72, and holding off Molly Ludlow (1:59.93), Ajee' showed the shape she told us she was in: and it is fantastic. This interview was done by the Shoe Addicts with Ajee' on June 16, 2016 at the adiRunBase in Boston.

Isinbaeva_Elena1-WorChps13.jpgYelena Isinbayeva, photo by PhotoRun.net

Isinbayeva 490 and one try at WR
CHEBOKSARY (RUS, Jun 21): Two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva in her return into the competition after maternity leave won during second day of Russian national championships her event with 490 (better than official World lead) in third attempt. Isinbayeva started from 460, then 470, which she went over in first attempts, used two jumps to cover 480. Finally, Yelena tried at World record height 507 but refused to continue after first unsuccessful effort. European champion Anzhelika Sidorova second with 485 PB and Olga Mullina 460 PB are also with Olympics standards. World champion Sergey Shubenkov clocked 13.20 in the 110 m hurdles. Yekaterina Galitskaya won women hurdles with 13.18. Antonina Krivoshapka was fast over 400m 50.70 ahead of Alyona Mamina 51.52 and Kseniya Aksyonova 51.74. Pavel Ivashko topped men final with 45.71. Artem Denmukhametov (45.95) and Vladimir Krasnov (45.96) were second and third respectively. Dariya Klishina leaped to 684 in women long jump over Anna Misochenko 6.69 and Yuliya Pidluzhnaya 663. Yekaterina Ivonina finished first in women steeplechase with 9:24.66 ahead of Yekaterina Sokolenko 9:28.02 and Nataliya Vlasova 9:31.95. Favourite in men steeplechase Ilgizar Safiullin was beaten by Viktor Bakharev 8:25.81 to 8:25.34. Yekaterina Strokova ruled in women discus with 61.83m over Yelena Panova 60.01. Unexpected winner in men shot put Maksim Afonin achieved 20.96m. Aleksandr Lesnoy took second position with 20.70m and Konstantin Lyadusov was third 20.62m. Aleksandra Gulyaeva covered 800m by 2:01.22 ahead of Svetlana Uloga 2:01.72 and Yelena Arzhakova 2:01.79.
European indoor champion Ilya Shkurenyov scored 8292 points in men decathlon. Artem Lukyanenko finished second 8055 and Yevgeniy Sarantsev was third with 8017 points.

Yohan Blake is the second fastest man in the known world. His 100 meters and 200 meters are only behind one Usain Bolt. Yohan is also the 2011 World Champion over 100 meters. His two year battle to overcome injuries has left him stronger, and wiser. In 2016, Yohan has run 9.94 so far and this past weekend, he was second in a photo finish 100 meters on the street, with Marvin Bracy. Yohan gave the Shoe Addicts a few minutes on June 16 at the adiRunBase Boston store, right after the adidas BOOST Boston presser.
Last Friday night, I watched Wayde Van Niekerk run a wonderful 400 meters in 44.29. Not his best of the year, but a fine performance from the only man who has run sub 10 seconds in the 100 meters, sub 20 seconds in the 200 meters and sub 44 seconds in the 400 meters. And his 300 meters is number two time in the world. This interview, produced by the Shoe Addicts, was done at the adiRunBase Boston, on June 16, 2016, prior to the two day adidas BOOST Boston Games. Wayde Van Niekerk is a thoughtful young man, who enjoys his sport, tries to juggle the world travel as well as he can, and who, I believe, will provide us with a magnifiscent 400 meters in the Rio Games in August 2016.

Jama Aden.jpg

SABADELL (ESP): The Catalan police launched a raid at a hotel just outside Barcelona where world 1500m record-holder Genzebe Dibaba and her Jama Aden-coached training partners are based, informs El Pais and agencies. The operation was launched in collaboration with the Spanish anti-doping agency who raised their suspicions about the group. Aden and a physio associated with the group were both arrested on charges of administering and distributing doping substances and endangering public health. Both detainees should face prosecution within the next 72 hours. EPO, anabolic steroids and used syringes were seized during the raid. Testers from the IAAF anti-doping department also appeared at the training base to test the athletes en masse. Dibaba hasn't raced outdoors this summer while Aden's other star pupil Ayanleh Souleiman has only raced once in his home country of Djibouti since the World Indoor Championships.

RunBlogRun opines: Congrats to this joint operation between Interpol, Spanish authorities, the IAAF and certian media organizations. Until the sport sees that even the biggest stars and coaches must adhere to doping rules, we will have problems with doping. Right now, it is a business decision, with a slight chance of discovery. This snatch of Jama Aden, reportedly caught with products used for doping and some nicely done out of competition drug testing, will be an anti-doping passion play with the message: Cheat and you will be found out.

Tori Bowie continues her focus and building towards the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials and the Rio Olympics. This interview took place at the adiRunBASe in Boston during the adidas BOOST Presser for the inaugural adidas BOOST Boston Games. This interview was produced on June 16, 2018, by the Shoe Addicts. Tori Bowie ran 11.03 on the new street track, located on Charles Street, on June 18, 2016.
McLaughlin 54.46 World U18 all-time best
GREENSBORO (USA, Jun 19): Sydney McLaughlin confirmed her super talent at the New Balance High School Nationals. She improved the all-time U18 best to 54.46 and missed the official IAAF World U20 record by 0.06. Second Anna Cockrell also good 56.28. She will next compete at the US Junior Championships next weekend in Clovis, California, before turning her attention to next month's US Olympic trials in Eugene. Also to note Champion Allison winning the boys 200 m in 20.71 (+1.1), Jayda Kirkland 23.15 (+1.6) in girls 200 m and Tyrese Cooper (born 2000) 45.69 in the 400 m.

Justin Lagat's writing goal, each week, is to provide us insights into running in Kenya. Justin is also a huge fan of Kenyan athletics, and he should be! His country has a proud tradition of producing fine athletes who honor their country with their sporting exploits.

Kenya wants gold medals in the 10,000m and 5,000m. Well, a British gentleman has been holding those dreams at bay recently. Note that, Justin Lagat, our correspondent from Kenya, does not let that stop him in his dreams for his countrymen and countrywomen!

Obiri_Helen-Pre16.JPGHelen Obiri, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jenn Suhr is the 2008 Beijing Olympic silver medalist and 2012 London Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault. In March, in a fascinating battle for pole vault supremacy, Jenn Suhr won the 2016 World Indoor Champs. Right now, Jenn Suhr is juggling the needs to train and rest before the trials. This interview was done June 16, at the adi RunBase in Boston. Unfortunately, Jenn Suhr, after warm up on June 18, decided not to compete. She has to save those legs for the US Olympic Trials.
Tori Bowie is having an amazing Spring 2016. She started in Doha with a fine 10.80 WL. Then, it was a 10.94 in the cold of Herzogenaurach, Germany. Tori battled Dafne Schippers for a second time, at Pre Classic on May 28, when she ran 21.99 her first time under 22 seconds. This interview was done two days before the adidas Boost Boston day two. Tori ran a fine 11.03 on the street games Mondo track on Charles street, in front of an appreciative crowd on June 18. Now, off to the city of Eugene, Oregon, in less than two weeks.

"And the rain came down." That is from a Steve Earle song. Steve Earle is a wonderful writer and musician of the alternative country niche. I like to describe Steve Earle as the Keith Richards of country music.

StockholmDL.jpgKendra Harrison and Susana Kallur, photo by Deca Text&Bild

That song could have described the day and night in Stockholm that greeted 7,000 die hard fans at the Bauhaus Stockholm DL. The stadium seats 14,500, and until 2012, that stadium had never truly seen an open seat in three plus decades. But changes happen in the meet management and the meet began to fail.

It is part of our sport, that the genius at creating events, and bringing a city together to support an event are not appreciated. And now, less than four years after the long term meet director left, the Stockholm DL is in crisis.

Despite that, the meet provided some great moments. Here is how Jonas Hedman saw the meet.

Updated June 19, 2016

DeGrasse_AndreQ-Beijing15.jpgAndre DeGrasse, photo by PhotoRun.net

BURNABY (CAN, Jun 17): World medalist Andre de Grasse won both sprints at Harry Jerome Classic, first meet of National Track League 2016 in Canada. He clocked 10.32 (-1.4) and 20.46 (+0.2). Twice second US Joe Morris 10.41 and 20.61. Best woman result in the 800 m by World medalist Melissa Bishop 1:58.79 ahead of Brenda Martinez 1:59.89. More US wins by Shannon Rowbury 4:09.47, Bridget Franek 9:49.37 steeple and Jenna Prandini 11.44 (-1.0) in the 100 m. Surprise in women javelin as national record holder Liz Gleadle with 57.00 was beateny by Krist Woodward by 1 cm 57.01. Jeremy Wariner was the best in the 400 m 46.64, Jordan McNamara 3:39.42 in the 1500 m and Donn Cabral 8:29.37 in steeple. Canadian World champion Derek Drouin cleared 220 to win high jump and US Riley Dolezal 80.42 in javelin.

Jonathan Marcus puts on the Adrian Martinez Classic, as well as the Portland Distance Festival. I caught up with Jonathan after the Adrian Martinez on June 2 and asked him about what he does. Jonathan puts on what I might called community supported events. He is most focused on answering the needs of his community and the competitors. His meets are on time, feature strong fields and have a core, grass roots feel.

This interview was done on June 2, 2016. Special thanks to Jonathan Marcus.

Yohan Blake is the 2011 World Champion at 100 meters. In 2012, he was the silver medalist at the 100 meters, and 200 meters, as well as part of the gold medal 4x100m relay WR team for Jamaica. Then, the injuries hit, and between 2013 and 2015, he battled his way back! In 2016, Yohan Blake is running better than he has in three years, opening at 10.03 and recently running 9.94 for 100 meters. The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun caught up with him at the adiRunBase Boston, two days before the adidas Boost Boston street meet. Yohan Blake is confident and looking forward to running fast this weekend and for the rest of the summer.
**Gebremeskel, True Impress In Elite Races**
By Chris Lotsbom, @ChrisLotsbom
(c) 2016 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved, used with permission.

PHOTO: High school junior Kate Murphy of Burke, Va., wins the high school 1500m at the first adidas Boost Games in Somerville, Mass., on June 17, 2016 (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)


PHOTO: Dejen Gebremeskel and Hagos Gebrhiwet of Ethiopia competing at the 5000m at the first adidas Boost Games in Somerville, Mass., on June 17, 2016 (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

SOMERVILLE, Mass., USA (17-Jun) -- For a meet that was filled with Olympic medalists and global stars, it was high school junior Kate Murphy who had the most jaw-dropping performance here at the first adidas Boost Boston Games. Only 16 years-old, Murphy stormed to an upset victory over Katie Rainsberger in the adidas Dream High School 1500m, posting a time of 4:07.21. The mark is the third-fastest ever by an American high school girl, and was even quicker than the winner of the women's professional race here tonight.

"Ummmm wow," said a speechless Murphy when told that her time was better than Corey McGee's 4:08.65, posted to win the women's pro race. It also qualified Murphy for the U.S. Olympic Trials. "I was trying to race fast... I don't know [what to think]!"

McGee's response was apropos: "I wish I was in the high school race! Wow that's fast!"

Murphy, a native of Burke, Va., burst onto the scene last year when she won a Penn Relays wheel and ran 4:16.98 to win the USA junior title. Improving steadily, she didn't think a time like 4:07 was possible today. She simply wanted to run against her competition.

"Coming in I knew I needed to get it done, this field was not joking around," she said. "When I went out I felt really good and this was one of my last shots at getting [the Olympic Trials standard]. I was just trying to be really brave and I pushed the pace because I knew I didn't want to come through with one lap and close really, really hard. So I just felt really, really good."

Facing Rainsberger, who will attend the University of Oregon next fall, Murphy kept her focus lap after lap and completed her final circuit in 62.05 well out ahead of the field; she'd win over Rainsberger 4:07.21 to 4:14.12. For her efforts and winning time, Murphy earned both the Champion's Belt (similar to what a world-class boxer would don) and a starting spot for the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore., in July.

"It feels amazing. I've been patient over this whole season, and I feel like it really all came together," she said. "My number one goal was just to come out and compete.... The goal was to compete and really just be brave."

Murphy's time ranks only behind Mary Cain (4:04.62 in 2013) and Alexa Efraimson (4:07.05 in 2014) on the all-time USA high school list. Exhausted from the effort and still gasping for air some 30 minutes after her race, she was elated and still trying to comprehend the effort.

In the professional section, McGee held off Rachel Schneider and Mary Cain in a tough, tactical race. McGee's time was 4:08.65, with her competitors 4:09.29 and 4:10.84 respectively. Though not as quick as Murphy, McGee took confidence from the performance.

"It's fun to win, so I'm definitely excited about that," said McGee, who trains in the Boston area. "I think it will take faster than what I ran today to get into the [Olympic Trials] final. I'm not too worried about it, I know it will come."

Mary Cain did not speak to the media after her race, telling Race Results Weekly that she had to go quickly to do a workout elsewhere.

A pair of Olympic medalists in Dejen Gebremeskel and Meseret Defar took to the track for 5000m seeking times good enough for Olympic selection by the Ethiopian federation. One would succeed, while the other likely faltered despite giving her all.

Gebremeskel and countryman Hagos Gebrhiwet traded the lead multiple times lap after lap, keeping the tempo consistent on 13:00 pace. Knowing that they'd need to run 13:00 or better to jump into the top three on their national descending list, the pair used the crowd's roars to their advantage. Standing in lane five, the crowd clapped and screamed the competitors onwards.

Through 3000m in 7:50.98 and hitting the bell lap with 12:02.42 on the clock, both Gebremeskel and Gebrhiwet picked up the pace as much as they could, rounding the track in 57.48 seconds. They were rewarded with times of 12:59.89 (Gebremeskel) and 13:00.20 (Gebrhiwet), good enough for second and fourth in the world this year (not to mention second and third fastest among Ethiopians).

"This was really fantastic, a really nice race," said Gebremeskel, the reigning Olympic silver medalist at 5000m. "They ran 13:03 [in Stockholm at yesterday's IAAF Diamond League meet] but we run 12:59.89, so I am so glad to run this meet in Boston.

"I came four times to Boston and I win four times," Gebremeskel said, reflecting on his success at the B.A.A. 5K, B.A.A. Invitational Mile, and New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. "In my mind, I feel I can win and will win when I come to Boston. I always come to run fast in Boston... Before I came I say that I could run under 13-flat and a world lead and I came here and run that [under 13 minutes] and I am so happy."

Gebrhiwet, who sported sleek red adidas sunglasses he got here in Boston, was pleased as well. In halting English, he noted that working with Gebremeskel helped him very much, and that he was extremely happy to be among Ethiopia's top three athletes at the moment.

As for Defar, a 15:06.96 winning time would not be enough to crack into the top 20 globally. Dealing with a pair of calf injuries that flared up mid-race, Defar hung tough to earn a commanding, six second win over Americans Marielle Hall (15:13.66) and Abbey D'Agostino (15:22.29). Running most of the race alone, Defar drew an ovation from the crowd.

"I am not satisfied with the time," Defar said. "It is a difficult time for me now because the Olympics is too close, the deadline is maybe only 25 days [away]. I don't know what happens after this, but I will try my best. This is a difficult moment in my athletics career."

Trying to enter this year's U.S. Olympic Trials without any pressure, Hall stuck to her plan and got another step closer to making her first Olympic team.

"It's not about training anymore. The people who make the team are the one's who think they are going to make the team, you know," Hall said. "I'm going into it confident and positive. I'm just going to trust my coach, trust the advice that he gives me, and on race day put myself in it. I know I'm good enough to compete with the best, and that's what I'm going to do."

D'Agostino was grateful to be healthy and fit with three weeks to go until the Trials. After a tumultuous year and a half of injuries, she's making the most of every day running.

"I'm really thankful and I know that more work can be done in the next three weeks," she said. "I'm on the track and back to normal now."

Sadly, Britain's Jo Pavey just missed the Olympic 5000m standard of 15:24.00, running 15:24.74. If it weren't for a brief stumble on the rail near the finish, she may have had the mark and a ticket to her fifth Olympic Games.

Not known as a miler, American long-distance ace Ben True stole the thunder in the men's 1500m, recording the fastest time by an American this year (and an Olympic qualifying standard) of 3:36.05. Though he didn't win, True's mark was by far the most impressive of the contest. Kenya's Collins Cheboi prevailed in a sprint to the line over Nick Willis, winning 3:35.82 to 3:35.95.

"Man that was quick!" True proclaimed after the race, smiling at media members track-side. Having not raced a 1500m in years, True got the most of dropping down in distance; his race was over in the blink of an eye.

"I was a little surprised," True said of his time. Now primarily healthy (though still dealing with occasional nagging pain in his Achilles), he is gearing up for the Trials distance double. Though first he'd test his speed. "Two years ago I did a time trial on the Dartmouth track by myself and ran 3:37; my training partner at the time Sam Chelanga held the stopwatch for me. So I knew I was a little bit faster than my PR from I don't know how many years ago indicated. But no, I did not think that I was going to have the strength that I had."

True says he'll race both the 5000m and 10,000m at the U.S. Olympic Trials, though if he was to qualify for both he'd chose the 5000m. Calling the 5000m a 'whole different animal' compared to the 1500m, the Dartmouth alum did think that this was a good indication of his fitness.

Ajee' Wilson and Molly Ludlow both dipped under the 2:00 barrier in the women's 800m, finishing a stride ahead of the field. Wilson took control of the slow pace after the bell was hit in 59.44, and went on to win in 1:59.72 to Ludlow's 1:59.93.

"I wasn't sure how the race was going to go," Wilson said. "I definitely have gotten better since my last race. My coach and I have tried to time this perfectly [peak-wise] and I think we are on the right track."

Jack Salisbury of Rhode Island won the adidas High School Boys' Dream Mile, overtaking favorite Thomas Ratcliffe steps from the line. Their times were 4:04.20 and 4:04.41.

"I knew I could pick off kids, I knew I was probably going to run a PR, but I didn't know I could win," said Salisbury. "Honestly I didn't know I could win until 80 or 90 [meters] to go."

The adidas Boost Boston Games continue tomorrow, as sprints take center stage in downtown Boston as part of a street meet festival.

Carmelita Jeter is not only fast, but enduring. I can close my eyes and see her face and reaction to the WR in the 4x100 meters in the 2012 London Olympics. Now, four years later, Carmelita is focusing on the 2016 Olympic Trials and the Rio Olympics.

Here is David Hunter's fantastic story on the sprinter who has endured through injuries, rough races to win three Olympic medals in 2012. The road to Eugene is a few weeks away and less than two months for Rio.

And Carmelita Jeter is focused.

Jeter_CarmelitaLook-OlyTr12.jpgCarmelita Jeter, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ajee' Wilson is fit and back! After her silver medal in the World Indoors, Ajee' took some time to get into fitness for the road to Rio, but, her run last night, showed that she is ready for Eugene. Taking control of the race early, Ajee' Wilson held off a spirited challenge by Molly Ludlow, with both going under two minutes and Ajee' running 1:59.75 for the win. This interview was done at the adidas RunBase in Boston, for the adidas BOOST Boston event on June 16, 2016. This was filmed by The Shoe Addicts.

Defar_Meseret1d-Carlsbad16.jpgMeseret Defar, Carlsbad 2016 (April), photo by PhotoRun.net

Defar first track outdoor race since 2013
SOMERVILLE (USA, Jun 17): Race Results Weekly informs that for a meet that was filled with Olympic medalists and global stars, it was high school junior Kate Murphy who had the most jaw-dropping performance here at the first adidas Boost Boston Games. Only 16 years-old, Murphy stormed to an upset victory over Katie Rainsberger in the adidas Dream High School 1500m, posting a time of 4:07.21. The mark is the third-fastest ever by an American high school girl, and was even quicker than the winner of the women's professional race here Corey McGee 4:08.65.
In the 400 m World champion Wayde van Niekerk clocked 44.28 over Machel Cedenio 44.87 and David Verburg 44.98. In women race Francena McCorory 50.46. Meseret Defar in her first track outdoor race since 2013 won the 5000 m in 15:06.96, but that is far away from 3rd best position in Ethiopia this year (14:37.51) for the Olympic qualification and that is without Genzebe Dibaba. Sadly, Britain's Jo Pavey just missed the Olympic 5000m standard of 15:24.00, running 15:24.74 as fifth. More luck for 5000 m male runners as Dejen Gebremeskel with 12:59.89 and Hagos Gebrhiwot 13:00.20 are now number 2 and 3 in Ethiopia this year. Ajee' Wilson and Molly Ludlow both dipped under the 2:00 barrier in the women's 800m, finishing a stride ahead of the field. Wilson took control of the slow pace after the bell was hit in 59.44, and went on to win in 1:59.72 to Ludlow's 1:59.93. Collins Cheboi topped men 1500 m in 3:35.82 over Nick Willis 3:35.95.

Wayde Van Niekerk is the 2015 World Champion at 400 meters. He is also the only man to run sub 10 seconds for the 100 meters, sub 20 seconds for the 200 meters, and sub 44 seconds for the 400 meters. He also ran the second fastest time in the world ever for the 300 meters. " I had hoped to run under 31 seconds for 300 meters, but I want out too easy for the first 100 meters." noted Wayde in our interview. Last night, at the Dilboy Stadium, Wayde ran 44.29 for the 400 meters, looking smooth and relaxed. This was my first interview with Wayde Van Niekerk. What an enjoyable interview. Looking forward to seeing him clash with Kirani James and LaShawn Merritt later this summer!

Nick Willis, I have to admit is one of my favorites. While Nick is known as a miler or 1500m man, his 3000 meter race indoors in the 2003 NCAA versus Alistair Cragg is, well, EPIC.

Nick Willis broke the legendary John Walker, 1976 Olympic gold medalist, 1500m record in 2005, I believe. He also gave New Zealand its first Olympic medal in the middle distances since 1976, with his 2008 Olympic silver medal.

This interview was done at the adiRunBASE Boston store prior to the adidas BOOST Boston Games. On Friday night, after a hard week of training, Nick Willis held off Collins Cheboi until the last meter of the race, taking second in 3:35.85. When I congratulated him after his race, Nick Willis, in his typical form, with a half smile noted, "it was not a really good race."

Nick was simulating the hard weeks at the Olympics, with three rounds of 1,500 meters.

Nine weeks until Rio.

Thomas Ratcliffe ran 4:01.50 at the Adrian Martinez Classic on June 2, 2016, in the Adro Mile. Running in the pack for three laps, Thomas kept his cool and ran a gutty last lap, to run 4:01.50 and take the top position on the list of fine Massechuesetts high school boys who have raced the mile distance.

On June 17, in the adidas Dream Mile, Thomas Ratcliffe pushed the pace, searching for that sub four minute mile. His heart and his legs battled, and he nearly held on for the win, until Jack Salisbury went by with six or seven meters to go, winning in 4:04.21 to 4:04.40.

Here is Thomas after the Adrian Martinez mile. Ratcliffe ran brave races at both.

He was sad after the mile at adidas BOOST Boston, but I congratulated him anyway, telling him that he showed guts and spirit in his Dream Mile race!

So, the story goes like this. adidas wanted to do something different. How does one use the natural excitement of track & field and bring it to the people? Spencer Nel, adidas global sports marketing and Mark Wetmore, CEO at Global Athletics had a conversation about this conundrum. Out of that conversation, and many more, and much hard work, came the adidas BOOST Boston Games.

The first night of the adidas BOOST Boston was fantastic. A nice crowd at Dilboy Stadium, saw one of the fastest 400 meters in the world, a high school girl run the fastest women's 1500m of the night, and the only sub 13 minute 5000m run outside of Eugene, Oregon in North America, among others.

Here is Mark Wetmore, at the Thursday, June 16 presser, telling the media about how the adidas BOOST Games would go! His prescient commentary reveals much planning, hard work, a supportive sponsor and a great event team at Global Athletics!

This is Meseret Defar. Meseret Defar has won two gold medals in the Olympic 5000 meters (2004 and 2012). Meseret has also won two golds in World Champs at 5000 meters (2007 and 2013), plus four time World Indoor Champ at 3000 meters (2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010). Plus her 5k road World Best (14:46) and a fine two mile WR (8:58.58) show that Meseret Defar is not an athlete for which one would trifle. Meseret is running the 5000 meters at the @adidasBOOSTBostonGames on June 17!
Nick Willis is the 2008 Beijing silver medalist from the 1,500 meters. He is also the bronze medalist in the 1,500m from the 2016 World Indoor Champs in Portland. Nick Willis is one of the toughest racers on the circuit. His move with two laps to go in Portland was brilliant. In this interview, done the day before the @adidasBOOSTBOSTONGames, we spoke about his plans for the summer and his focus on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Defar_Meseret1d-Carlsbad16.jpgMeseret Defar, photo by PhotoRun.net

Defar opener
BOSTON (USA): Top middle and long distance running will highlight the first day of the Adidas Boston Boost Games. Meseret Defar competes in the 5000m while her team-mates Dejen Gebremeskel and Hagos Gebrhiwet go head-to-head in the men's equivalent. Nick Willis highlights the men's 1500m while Ajee' Wilson goes head-to-head with in-form Morgan Uceny in the 800m. World champion Wayde Van Niekerk faces world junior champion Machel Cedenio in the 400m while Francena McCorory is the top name in the women's event. Day two highlights: Jeff Henderson vs. Will Claye in the long jump, Jenn Suhr in the pole vault, Tori Bowie vs. Kelly-Ann Baptiste in the 100m while Jamaicans Yohan Blake and Warren Weir headline the men's 100m. World champion Danielle Williams competes in the 100m hurdles while the 110m hurdles field includes Orlando Ortega and former world champions Jason Richardson and Ryan Brathwaite.

Taylor_Christian-Pre16.JPGChristian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net
Taylor 17.59 in rain
STOCKHOLM (SWE, Jun 16): The Bauhaus Galan suffered with rain and cold weather. One meet record was registered in women steeple, top mark in wet conditions by Taylor in triple jump. Also results of Spanovic and Perkovic in the given conditions must be credited. Sensation of the evening, David Rudisha only fourth in the 800 m. Ethiopian Olympic selection process continued with Jeilan winning the 5000 m.

Event by event


100m: Jak Ali Harvey clocked 10.18 a week after going sub-10 in Turkey and after some mess with false starts.
800m: Ferguson Rotich maintained his good DL form with victory in 1:45.07. David Rudisha only fourth in 1:45.69.
5000m: Surprise win for former world 10,000m champion Ibrahim Jeilan in a 13:03.22 PB ahead of Yomif Kejelcha (13:03.66) and Muktar Edris (13:05.54).
400m hurdles: After a poor run in Lucerne, Javier Culson returned with victory in 49.43. Michael Tinsley was a DNF while Bershawn Jackson was a DQ.
Triple jump: Christian Taylor posted an impressive 17.59m in poor conditions. Nobody else surpassed 17m. Possibly the male result of the meet.
Pole vault: Renaud Lavillenie nearly no-heighted at 5.65m but cleared it on his third attempt before sealing the win at 5.73m ahead of world champion Shawn Barber.
Javelin: Ihab Abdelrahman went out to 86.00m to beat world-leader Thomas Rohler (85.89m) and world champion Julius Yego (83.09m).


200m: World finalist Dina Asher-Smith clocked 22.75 in her first 200m race of the year.
400m: Novlene Williams-Mills clocked a modest 52.29 for the victory.
1500m: Surprise 1500m win for Angelika Cichocka (4:03.25) in a messy race ahead of home favourite Meraf Bahta (4:04.37). Only then Africans followed.
3000m steeplechase: Ruth Jebet passed through the first kilometre under world record pace in 2:58 but tired in the last two laps. Her time of 9:08.37 was still a meeting record.
100m hurdles: No fast times tonight but Keni Harrison won again in 12.66. Susanna Kallur clocked 13.00 in fifth in her first hurdles race since 2010.
Discus: Sandra Perkovic had the four best throws of the competition: 66.11m, 65.44m, 68.32m, 67.26m. She remains unbeaten this year.
Long jump: Ivana Spanovic turned the tables on Brittney Reese with 6.90m but Reese came close in the last round with 6.88m.
High jump: Poor conditions affected the competition. Ruth Beitia was the only jumper to clear 1.93m.

Blake_YohanR1d-Lausanne12.jpgYohan Blake, photo by PhotoRun.net

After two years of juggling injuries, Yohan Blake is back. In the cold and wind of Herzogenaurach, Germany , Blake ran 10.03, telling us afterwards, with a smile, " I did not feel my legs."

Then he ran 9.94 in Kingston last week, and the world was, for Yohan Blake, suddenly, a better place.

ANP Jos&Haile Amsterdam Marathon 2005.jpgHaile Gebrselassie & manager, Jos Hermans, Amsterdam Marathon 2006, photo courtesy of GSC

ADDIS ABABA (ETH): Haile Gebrselassie has said Kenenisa Bekele would have been his first choice if he was in charge of selecting the Ethiopian marathon team, informs AFP. "If I was on the selection committee my first choice would be Kenenisa. An athlete like Kenenisa, it doesn't matter if he wins or not. Morally his presence means a lot for the rest of the group. That's why I wish to see him in Rio," he said.

Kenenisa&Jos_Hartnett.jpgKenenisa Bekele and manager, Jos Hermans, photo by Sean Hartnett, photo courtesy of GSC

Taylor_Christian1-Pre16.JPGChristian Taylor wants a Meet record, by PhotoRun.net

Here is a piece from the Bauhaus Stockholm DL presser today, with special thanks to our friend in Stockholm, Jonas Hedman!

P6121666.JPGElla Donahue, Katie Rainsburger and Christina Aragaon, Portland Track Festival, photo by Peter J.L. Thompson

The Portland Track Festival, held on June 11 and 12, has become a place where the Portland running community gets excited and involved. Here is Lindsay Rossmiller's piece on the meet, after covering the NCAA Outdoors for RunBlogRun for four straight days!

LaRosa-Butchart-EuroTeam15.jpgAndrew Butchart at Euro team 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Andrew Butchart has been having an amazing season. In this column. Alex Mill visited with Andrew after his brilliant fourth and huge PB over 3000 meters in Birmingham last weekend. Alex will be covering the British Trials for RunBlogRun as well.

Rudisha_David1-LondonDL15.JPgDavid Rudisha: Chasing a fast 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rudisha chasing fast 800 m

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Bauhaus Galan at historical Olympic stadium ends the June part of the IAAF Diamond League. Next meet Herculis in Monaco will be held only after European Championships. Top highlights include David Rudisha in the 800 m, Kendra Harrison over the hurdles with Ruth Jebet going for fast women steeple, possibly close to global maximum. Spectators will also wait for comeback of Susanna Kallur.

Event by event


100 m: Open contest but Meite and Harvey clocked sub 10 this year already.

800 m: One of top races with Rudisha against Aman, Kszczot and Bosse. WL 1:43.37 the target.

5000 m: Edris leads the DR and is also World leader. Who can beat him?

400mH: Batman Jackson returns as MR holder in first race since Pre. Tinsley leads DR.

PV: Another clash Lavillenie vs Barber. They want to attack Kendricks´s WL 592.

TJ: Taylor is the clear favorite.

JT: Rohler so far won 4 from 5 meets this year. Yego, Ihab but also Vesely is back.


200 m: Asher-Smith is there with best PB, but Facey has top SB.

400 m: Williams-Mills the favorite, but Bundy-Davies showed great shape in Geneva.

1500 m: Can Muir be there with African favorites Seyaoum and Obiri?

Steeple: Jebet for WR?

100mH: Kendra Harrison aims for another fast time, MR of Devers is 12.42.

HJ: Licwinko and Beitia, but Rossit is the surprise World leader.

LJ: Spanovic leads the DR, but Reese, Bartoletta and Nettey with Stratton should be noted too.

DT: Perkovic and her aim to improve the meet record (her own) 68.77.

Clayton Murphy goes Pro


Murphy_ClaytonQ-World15.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by PhotoRun.net

AKRON (USA): Clayton Murphy will forego his final year of eligibility and turn professional, informs Zips Track & Field. Murphy won the NCAA 1500m title last week in 3:36.38 and also claimed the NCAA indoor 800m title in March in 1:46.68. "Turning professional was a very tough decision I made following the NCAA Championships. I decided to take the next step in my running career because I feel I am ready to compete against some of the best in the world in every race," he said. Murphy will be represented by the Doyle Management Group and is aiming to make the American Olympic team this summer.

RunBlogRun opines: We wish Clayton Murphy much luck. Especially in his decision to turn pro. The NCAA 1,500m was a very exciting race. If Clayton can add that kind of excitement to the USA Trials 1,500 meters, then, we will have some amazing racing.

Ward_Jared-USOlyT16.JPGJared Ward, photo by PhotoRun.net

ATLANTA (USA): Former two-time world marathon champion Edna Kiplagat will compete in the AJC Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on 4 July, informs organisers. The Kenyan finished second in the Great Manchester Run last month in 31:25 which was only seven seconds outside her PB which was set in this race in 2010. Other top names include Ethiopia's Buzunesh Deba, New Zealand's Kim Smith and home favourite Neeley Spence Gracey. First and second last year, Ben Payne and Scott Overall will compete in the men's race along with Rio-bound Jared Ward.

RunBlogRun Opines: The AJC Peachtree continues to support elite running and team running in many innovative ways. This year, Jared Ward, third place in the U.S. Olympic marathon Trials will be racing. Jared ran one of the most under rated performances of the Trials, with his fine come from behind third place. His style of racing and training should give him a few advantages in Rio, where the conditions will be much like Athens in 2004: hot, humid and grimy.

rudisha.jpgRudisha, adidas NYC GP, June 2015, photo by Kevin Morris


STOCKHOLM (SWE): David Rudisha believes he is returning to his very best form in the lead-up to the Stockholm Diamond League on Thursday where he will contest the 800m, informs Xinhua. "My training has been better and my body is coming back to its best years," he said. Rudisha's last race was over 600m in Birmingham where he ran the second fastest time in history of 1:13.10. He will face as main opponents 2013 World champion Mohammed Aman, European champion Adam Kszczot and French record holder Pierre-Ambroise Bosse.

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Meraf Bahta has not decided whether she will contest the 1500m or 5000m at the European Championships, informs the Expressen. Bahta missed the majority of the 2015 season through injury but has returned this summer with Swedish records across all distances. "I'm really surprised that it started so well right away. I was good two years ago, but now I'm better. I thought I could run as fast in the practice sessions, but not in races," she said. In her first race of the year at the 1500 m she will compete on Thursday at Bauhaus DL.

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Big Shot will be held already on Wednesday with men competition as part of the Diamond League. Main name is World indoor champion Tom Walsh from New Zealand, top all-time junior Konrad Bukowiecki with team-mate Michal Haratyk from Poland and also to mention Canadian Tim Nedow as favorites. Interestingly no US throwers. Walsh with potential win can come by 2 points to leader Joe Kovacs in the Diamond Race standings. The event will be held in Ralambshovsparken an urban park in nice area. There will be also competitions held for young putters and anybody who would want to try the event from the fans.

Larry Eder opines: Since 2010, I have been fortunate to go to the Stockholm DL. I am sorry that they moved it up so early in 2016, but the historic meet, and stadium deserves much respect in our sport. It has come on hard times for the past few years, but I hope that the community understands that someone who put so much energy and effort into the meet for decades has very special skills.

Vicaut_Jimmy200Q-Worlds13.jpgJimmy Vicaut, photo by PhotoRun.net

Vicaut ran twice
LUZERN (SUI, Jun 14): The jubilee 30th Spitzenleichtathletik meet (EA Classic) had despite cold and partly rainy weather excellent crowd which saw three important Swiss wins. Nichole Buchler in pole vault with 470 (and attempts at 481) ahead of Wilma Murto 450 (equaled her outdoor national junior record) and Fabiana Murer also 450. Kariem Hussein after strong finish at the 400 m hurdles 49.47 over US Jeshua Anderson 49.51. Also in women steeple Fabienne Schlumpf 9:53.61. In the 100 m World leader Jimmy Vicaut first clocked 9.98 but the race did not count after a false start where the gun was not well heard by 3 sprinters who finished the race. After ten minutes Vicaut won again in 10.08 (-0.6). Second Ibrahim Meite 10.26 and tie for third for Brits James Dasaolu (he clocked earlier 10.15 +0.9) and Richard Kilty both 10.31. In the 200 m Beejay Lee who was one of the 3 finishing the first 100 m was not running for second time but instead won the longer sprint in 20.66 (-2.3) over Aldemir Gomes 20.72, Danny Talbot 20.79 and Ameer Webb 20.80. In women sprints Briton Darryl Neita 11.30 (-1.2, equaled PB) and Gina Luckenkemper of Germany 22.91 (-1.4, ahead of South African Alyssa Conley 23.00 PB) were the winners. US Queen Harrison 12.84 (-0.7) and Briton Lawrence Clarke 13.42 (-0.7) were the best in the hurdles sprint. Denmark´s record holder Sara Petersen opened her summer season with winning the 400 m hurdles 55.20 ahead of British Eilidh Doyle 55.57. Women 800 m winner Lynsey Sharp clocked 2:02.87 ahead of Anita Hinriksdottir 2:03.17, on the men side Bosnia´s World medalist Amel Tuka 1:45.56 beating Kenyan Alfred Kipketer 1:46.00. In technical events Valerie Adams got women shot 19.37, men competition for Brazilian Darlan Romani 20.36. Australian Kathryn Mitchell topped javelin 62.97 and Canadian Christabel Nettey long jump 656 (-1.0) in difficult conditions.

Pearson_SallyR-London13.jpgSally Pearson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Pearson back in Australia
GOLD COAST (AUS): Sally Pearson has cancelled the remainder of her European tour but insists she is not injured. She wrote on her official Facebook page: "I would like to reassure everyone that my body is healthy! I have no injuries and my Achilles is definitely NOT the reason as to why I came home 2 races early, according to the media! I personally decided to come home early to get another week of training in for my preparation for the Olympics!"

Conley_Kim-Pre16.jpgKim Conley, Pre Classic, May 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

PORTLAND (USA, Jun 12): At Track Festival meet Drew Windle in 1:45.65 PB and Clayton Murphy 3:36.23 PB were the 800 m and 1500 m winners. Galen Rupp was back when winning the 5000 m in 13:20.69. On the women side Brenda Martinez got the 800 m in 2:00.21, Kate Grice 1500 m in 4:05.93 and Briton Lennie Waite steeple in 9:35.91 life-time best. Kim Conley was the best in the 5000 m 15:16.75 over Gabe Grunewald 15:19.50.

RunBlogRun opines: Another wonderful effort from Jonathan Marcus and his team. Jonathan is the man behind HOKA ONE ONE Oxy Middle Distance, Adrian Martinez Classic, and Portland Track Festival. Jonathan told me that he is interested in creating small events where the athletes' interest are truly considered! Well done, Jonathan. You are now on my list for 2017. And Drew Windle, Clayton Murphy, Kim Conley, Brenda Martinez and Gabe Grunewald all show the success of the event!

Shorter_Frank-VaBeach12.jpgFrank Shorter, VA Beach, 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

I remember watching Frank Shorter on TV winning the Munich Olympic Marathon. I next, in Sport magazine, read a piece about Frank, written by Neil Admur, I believe.

When I finally met Frank Shorter, after the 1974 AAU Cross Country at Crystal Springs, I was fifteen years old. Frank had just lost his first AAU cross country in five years. He would go on to win the fourth of his Fukuoka marathons a few weeks later. Shorter was quite nice to this group of nerdy fifteen and sixteen year olds. He signed our autograph sheets ( I still have them) and he spoke to us for five or ten minutes. It was the thrill of my young life and I always thanked Frank Shorter for being so kind.

This piece by Jeff Benjamin tells some of the story of the 1976 Olympic marathon, and the challenges Frank Shorter faced, the challenges that shaped him into becoming, along with Steve Prefontaine, the finest American distance runner of his generation.

LeMaitre_Christophe-London12.jpgChristophe Lemaitre, photo by PhotoRun.net

NANCY (FRA): The Stanislas meet in Nancy on Tuesday (EA Classic) is offering from French stars Christophe Lemaitre in the 200 m, Yohan Diniz in 5000 m walk and Dimitri Bascou at 110 m hurdles. In women 400 m current European leader Floria Guei is running against British star Christine Ohuruogu. World Indoor champion Nia Ali is in the hurdles. Men 800 m has Olympic winner Taofik Makhloufi and European champion Marcin Lewandowski. In women javelin Belarus Tatsyana Khaladovich is facing French record holder Mathilde Andraud and Slovenian record holder Martina Ratej.

Little_ShamierQ-USout15.jpgShamier Little, USA Outdoor 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Little 53.51 WL
EUGENE (USA, Jun 11): NCAA Champs ended with women day and World leading 53.51 (also a PB) of World medalist Shamier Little at 400 m hurdles was the highlight. Second Kiah Seymour 54.67 PB with Canadian Sage Watson third 54.85 and also sub 55 for Autumne Franklin 54.91 PB and another Canadian Chanice Chase 54.94 PB. In women triple jump new US record for Keturah Orji 14.53 (+1.2). Ariana Washington got sprint double with windy 10.95 (+2.6) and legal 22.21 PB (+1.9). Second place in the 100 m Ashley Henderson 10.96 over Morolake Akinosun 11.07. In the 200 m second Deajah Stevens 22.25 PB and third Gabrielle Thomas 22.47 PB over Akinosun 22.54. Courtney Okolo fulfilled 400 m favorite role in 50.36 ahead of Taylor Ellis-Watson 50.86 and Shakima Wimbley 51.43. Puertorican record holder Jasmine Camacho-Quinn was the best over the hurdles with windy 12.54 (+3.8) ahead of Nigerian Tobi Amusan 12.79. LSU won short relay in 42.65 beating USC 42.90, Oregon 42.91 and Texas AM 42.95. In the 4x400 m Texas in 3:27.64 was the best ahead of Arkansas 3:27.94. Excellent 9:24.41 PB by Courtney Frerichs to win the steeple. Portugal´s Marta Freitas was the best in the 1500 m in 4:09.53 just 0.01 over Elise Cranny 4:09.54, for both life-time bests. Raevyn Rogers got the 800 m 2:00.75 and Dominiques Scott after 10 km also the 5000 m for the South African 15:57.07. In remaining technical events wins for Jamaican Kimberly Williamson in high jump 188 and Kelsey Card 63.52 PB in discus over Jamaican Kellion Knibb 61.44 national record. Kendell Williams scored 6225 points personal best to top the heptathlon. Second Erica Bougard 6088 and third Akela Jones 6063.

ub4.jpgUsain Bolt, adidas GP, June 2015, photo by Kevin Morris

Bolt says ready to give medal back
KINGSTON (JAM): Usain Bolt has said he would be heartbroken if he has to return his Olympic relay gold medal from 2008 due to the doping violation of his team-mate Nesta Carter, informs Reuters. "It's heartbreaking because over the years you've worked hard to accumulate gold medals and work hard to be a champion but it's just one of those things," he said.
"Things happen in life, if it's confirmed or whatever and I need to give back my gold medal it's not a problem to me," Bolt was quoted by The Gleaner as saying.

Hurdles-USout11.JPGHurdles in Tracktown, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Lindsay Rossmiller's column on day 4 of the NCAA Champs! Obviously, the new format is a big success and the rest days between rounds and finals are meaning alot. Some fine performances, and if these young athletes can keep their fitness, they will be dangerous at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Felix_Allyson-Birmingham15.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by PhotoRun.net

SAN DIEGO (USA, Jun 11): At Last Chance Qualifier for 2nd time this summer Allyson Felix competed and lowered her season best in the 400 m to 51.23. Emanuel Matadi of Liberia won both sprints 10.26 (-0.9) and 20.51 (-1.0). Ronnie Taylor with 794 in long jump beat Will Claye 788. Stephen Mozia from Nigeria was the best in shot put 20.32. Turquoise Thompson won the 400 m hurdles in 55.22.

This is a photo essay (plus links) on the great Rod Dixon's visit to Staten Island, as captured by Rod Dixon. After you check out the photos, you might enjoy seeing the video, which includes some of Rod's career highlights. I can tell you that Rod Dixon is one of the nicest people in the sport, and he has given back so much good to the next generation of young runners!

Here is the link on his story: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=2vAIfnxg_A4

usainbolt.jpgUsain Bolt with fan, adidas GP 2015, photo by Kevin Morris

Bolt beats them in 9.88
KINGSTON (JAM, Jun 11): World and Olympic sprint double champion Usain Bolt beat despite stumble at the start Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell inaugural JN Racers Grand Prix in the National Stadium. He clocked his season best 9.88 (+1.0) with Nickel Ashmeade second 9.94 over Blake 9.94 and Powell 9.98 (his 95th legal sub 10). Fifth Kemar Bailey-Cole also impressive 10.00. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the two time Olympic Games 100 m gold medalist topped the women 100 m in
11.09 (+0.6) over US Barbara Pierre 11.11 and Trinidad´s Kelly-Ann Baptiste 11.15. Another sensational mark was the African 300 m record by World Champion Wayde van Niekerk 31.03 over LaShawn Merritt 31.23. It is also third fastest ever behind Michael Johnson and Usain Bolt. Fast also third Tony McQuay 31.64, fourth Gil Roberts 31.81 and national record for Isaac Makwala from Botswana 31.91. World leading 48.10 by Johnny Dutch at 400 m hurdles was another highlight with Roxroy Cato second 48.98 and Annsert Whyte 49.25. David Oliver won the high hurdles in 2nd fastest of the year 13.09 (+0.2) ahead of Deuce Carter of Jamaica who improved hugely to 13.20 ahead of Jarret Eaton 13.28. Miguel Francis of Antigua with his 19.88 (+1.2) national record at 200 m also got 3rd fastest of the year. Second Julian Forte 20.18 and third Olympic medalist Warren Weir 20.32. Another top time was the national record for Bahamas by Shaunae Miller in women 200 m 22.05 (+0.8) over Jenna Prandini 22.39. In the 400 m races also fast times, Machel Cedenio of Trinidad in 44.37 beat Bralon Taplin 44.76, home Javon Francis 44.81 and Lalonde Gordon 44.84. In women section Shericka Jackson 50.72 ahead of Christine Day 51.22. US Sharika Nelvis in 12.61 (+0.3) beat World champion Danielle Williams 12.77 over 100 m hurdles. Natoya Goule won the 800 m in 2:00.23. In technical events wins for US athletes Tavis Bailey in discus 63.96 and Chaunte Lowe 193 in high jump. German Lars Hamann topped javelin 80.73 over Czech Petr Frydrych 78.88. Impressive also B-races as Jason Livermore clocked PB 10.03 (+1.6) in men 100 m, Christania Williams also PB 11.10 (+1.3) in women 100 m B race and in the 400 m Delano Williams 45.50 ahead of youth athlete Christopher Taylor 45.66.

Ahoure_MurielleQ-LondonDL15.jpgMurielle Ahoure, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ahoure 10.78 WL
MONTVERDE (USA, Jun 11): Murielle Ahoure posted at Star Athletics meet at Montverde Academy in Florida African record and World leading 100 m 10.78 (+1.6) ahead of Veronica Campbell-Brown 10.83 and Jo Atkins 11.09. Young guns followed Kaylin Whitney 11.17 and Candace Hill 11.19. Ahoure was fast also in heats with windy 10.80 (+2.1). Candace Hill later topped 200 m in windy 22.38 (+2.1) beating Shalonda Solomon 22.59 and Jamaican Kerron Stewart 22.69. Trinidad´s Semoy Hackett posted in another race 22.62 (+2.0). Fast also men sprints. In the 100 m Canadian Aaron Brown in heats 9.96 PB (+2.0) over Tyson Gay 9.97 and Justin Walker 10.05 PB. In the final without Gay the winner Marvin Bracy clocked 9.94 (1.8) beating Brown 10.01 and Clayton Vaughn 10.02. In another final Keston Bledman from Trinidad 10.07 (+2.0). Tyson Gay won the 200 m in 20.21 (+1.6) beating Justin Walker 20.26 PB. Anas Beshr won the 400 m in national record for Egypt 45.40 ahead of Bahamian Michael Mathieu 45.42. In hurdles Ronnie Ash 13.18 (+1.4) and Candice Price 12.75 (+1.4) ahead of Evonne Britton 12.87.

Barshim_Mutaz1-Doha16.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net

Barshim 240 WL
OPOLE (POL, Jun 11): Excellent World leading 240 high jump by Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim at the 11th Opole Jumping Festival. He also offered the spectators two solid attempts at World record height of 245. Before he jumped 235 in first and 238 first WL and meet record in third attempt and 240 in first. What a shape as second placer Wojciech Theiner jumped only 223 as third Jaroslav Baba also 223. Urszula Gardzielewska won women with 186 cm. Italian World Indoor champion Gianmarco Tamberi was a late withdrawal after ankle pain from Birmingham.

Murphy_ClaytonQ-World15.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by PhotoRun.net

The pace was fast: 56 seconds for 400 meters, 1:56.4 for 800 meters and 2:53 for 1200 meters. This was no normal, boring, sleeping championship 1,500 meters. These guys were out to run. Coming off the final turn, Clayton Murphy, running with the "controlled aggression" of man from the 1976 Trials (Mike Durkin), took the race for his and ran 3:36.38!

As David Hunter writes here, Mr. Murphy and his coach have some decisions to make over the next few weeks. That will be, after he runs another 1,500 meters on Sunday, at the Portland Track Festival!

donovan brazier kagtv.jpgDonovan Brazier, photo courtesy of KAG-TV

If we had dropped an alien being into the US yesterday and they sat on my sofa and watched the NCAA Day three, even they would have been excited by the amazing day of track finals. For once, we did not shoot ourselves in the foot. The finals were exciting, with surprises and the announcing was warmed up and supported the broadcast.

Here is how Lindsay Rossmiller, who has been providing updates each day for RunBlogRun on the NCAAs, saw day three!

Craig Vanderoef is the perfect example of how one can take their vocation and avocation into a career. Craig Vanderoef lives and breathes form and function, and he is perfectly suited for his job as adidas' Senior Director of Global Product Running. Here is the first part of his multi-part interview. This interview is not just about the apparel business, but also the creative process. The interview was done by the Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

Vicaut_JimmyFHL-RomeDL15.jpgJimmy Vicaut, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunBlogRun opines: Jimmy Vicaut is a very talented sprinter. Last summer, I watched him run the 100m and 200m at the French Elite Champs in Lille. Vicaut is deceptively fast. His movement is ordered, and precise. His 2016 is coming along just fine.

MONTREUIL (FRA): Jimmy Vicaut admits he was surprised to equal the European 100m record of 9.86 in Montreuil on Tuesday, informs L'Equipe. "I was not thinking about it at all, I was just thinking to run well. I cannot tell you what I thought about my race. I must continue to work on my goal which is the Olympics," he said. On comparing his race to his season's opener in Rome where he clocked 9.99, Vicaut said: "In Rome, I make two small mistakes: I got up too quickly and in the final part, I begin to tip backwards."

In this week's Conversation with Larry, the newest rage documdrama NOT on NetFlix, yours truly opines on the upcoming adidas BOOST Boston Games, to be held on June 17-18. The first day, June 17, will feature adidas Dream 100 meters and Dream Miles, featuring the best high school boys at 100 meters and the mile! The second day, will feature a track on the street at Charles Street near Bolyston. And of course, there is our weekly triublte to Warren Weir, who caught me sleeping in Germany and recorded the session for all to see on his blog.

Hurdles-USout11.JPGHurdles in Tracktown, photo by PhotoRun.net

EUGENE (USA, Jun 9): Second day of NCAA was about women events, only male input was the final day of decathlon with top 5 over 8000 points. Winner Lindon Victor from Grenada scored 8379 ahead of US Zach Ziemek 8300 PB and Estonian Maicel Uibo 8294. Fourth Pau Tonnesen of Spain 8103 and PB for fifth Harrison Williams 8032. In women finals two College records, in shot put Raven Saunders 19.33 and in javelin Maggie Malone 62.19, for both also big PB´s. Deanna Price won hammer 71.53, Jamaican Chanice Porter long jump 667 (-0.5), Lexi Weeks pole vault 450 and South African Dominique Scott the 10 000 m in 32:35.69. In prelims the top times for Ariane Washington 11.18 (+1.1, equaled PB), Deajah Stevens 22.32 (+0.3, PB), Courtney Okolo 50.48, Puertorican Jasmine Camacho-Quinn 12.75 (+1.7) and Shamier Little 55.48.

Cameras-OlyT12.JPGTiming Cameras, photo by PhotoRun.et

EUGENE (USA, Jun 8): First day of NCAA Division I Championships had Jarrion Lawson winning long jump 815 (+1.6, he also competed in heats of 100 m and 200 m). Croatian Filip Mihaljevic improved in shot put to 20.71 ahead of Chukwu Enekwechi 20.37 and Egyptian Mostafa Hassan 20.19. Jake Blankenship cleared 560 in the pole vault and Briton Nick Miller won hammer 73.98. Curtis Thompson topped javelin 77.64 and Edward Cheserek won the 10 000 m in 29:09.57, In 100 m heats Jamaican Senoj Givans clocked 9.96 (+1.6) PB as the fastest time. In his fastest heat also qualified Chris Coleman 10.03 PB, Markesh Woodson 10.05 and Kenzo Cotton 10.07. Out for NCAA indoor champion Ronnie Baker 10.09. Briton Nathaneel Mitchell-Blake won the other heat in 10.09 (+1.3) and equaled his PB. He was also fastest in 200 m heats 20.17 (+0.3). Top time in 400 m heats 45.07 for Nathan Strother PB. Junior Donovan Brazier improved in 800 m heats to 1:45.07, with Canadian Brandon McBride clocked also fast 1:45.48 in his heat. Devon Allen topped 110mHurdles first round 13.38 (-0.8) and Eric Futch 400 m hurdles heats 49.07 PB. Zach Ziemek leads decathlon 4338 over Lindon Victor from Grenada 4308.

NCAA Championships Athletics.jpgDominque Scott wins 10,000m, photo courtesy of Ryan Kang/AP photo

Dominique Scott ran 23 laps and raced for two laps to win the 10,000 meters last night. In this feature on day two, David Hunter tells RBR readers all that they want to know about the Arkansas Razorback star!

Schippers_Dafne-Pre16.JPGDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Runblogrun opines: Dafne Schippers started out the season on May 6 with a 10.83. Then, she ran 10.94 in Manchester on May 20 and 22.02 in Hengelo on May 23. At Pre, she ran 22.11 on May 28, and in Oslo, in a chilly wind, Dafne blew it open with a 21.93! As one fan emailed me: " I can not wait to see Dafne Schippers when she rounds into shape for Rio!" Well said.

Schippers sub 22 in cold

OSLO (NOR, Jun 9): Two one mile World Leads were appopriate for Bislett Games tradition, the same goes for javelin top mark 2016 by German Rohler. But the very best result of the rather chilly evening was the 200 m sprint by Dutch Dafne Schippers after excellent curve running.

Event by event


100m - Andre De Grasse 10.07 ahead of Mike Rodgers in 10.09. Kim Collins was leading at 60m but pulled up with cramp.

Mile - Victory No.5 in the Dream Mile for Asbel Kiprop in 3:51.48 ahead of Elijah Manangoi (3:52.04).

5000m - Hagos Gebrhiwet produced a 1:53.14 last 800m to win in 13:07.71 ahead of Muktar Edris (13:08.11).

400m hurdles - Yasmani Copello won from the inside lane in 48.79 ahead of Javier Culson (48.99) and Michael Tinsley (49.02).

Triple jump - No big marks here. Alexis Copello's 16.91m was enough for the win.

Pole vault - Renaud Lavillenie needed three attempts at his opening height of 5.65m but won the competition at 5.80m ahead of Shawn Barber (5.73m).

Shot put - Brilliant competition with Joe Kovacs going out to 21.51m and 22.01m in the fifth and sixth rounds. Konrad Bukowiecki set another world junior all-time best of 21.14m in second.

Javelin - Thomas Rohler improved his world-lead to 89.30m PB ahead of Johannes Vetter (87.11 PB) and Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott (86.35m). Julius Yego seventh in 80.90m.


200m - Dafne Schippers is back to her very best. Her 21.93 was a world-lead, meeting record and Diamond League record. Elaine Thompson 22.64 way back in second.

400m - Stephenie McPherson 51.04 for her first Diamond League win of the year.

Mile - No world record in cool and windy conditions but Faith Kipyegon ran a fast 4:18.60 world-lead ahead of Laura Muir (4:19.12) on her mile debut.

3000m steeplechase - Pacemakers missed their splits but Hyvin Kiyeng still ran a fast 9:09.57. There could be a post-Rio world record attempt.

100m hurdles - Brianna Rollins took advantage of Keni Harrison's absence to claim victory in 12.56 by nearly two-tenths ahead of Dawn Harper-Nelson (12.75).

High jump - Conditions played a factor with Ruth Beitia the only jumper to clear 1.90m.

Long jump - Ivana Spanovic the class of the competition with the two best marks of the day: 6.79m, 6.94m. Nettey 6.68m and Proctor 6.67m in second and third.

Discus - Sandra Perkovic had the four best throws of the competition: 65.34m, 66.28m, 67.10, 64.10m. She is four from four in 2016.

Bob Larsen is one of the finest coaches in our sport, ever. It is not only his understanding of the basic action of distance running, but it is also that he is a master of the art of coaching. Coach Larsen is one of the most beloved coaches that one could ever meet. From his days coaching high school, to the Jamul Toads, to Grossmont Junior College to UCLA, to his days coaching at Mammoth and his nearly twenty years wtih Meb Keflezighi, Bob Larsen is a role model for many coaches.

The clinic that Bob Larsen put on August 15, 2015 at the HOKA ONE ONE Endurance Cross roads was one of the best clinics that this writer has ever witnessed.

Here is the a nearly complete audio version of the clinic where Coach Larsen spoke with a packed room of coaches on the care and development of distance runners.

Listen to this closely, and pass it around to your staff. And remember, if you can get to the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Endurance Crossroads Clinic, you should do it!

Hurdles-USout11.JPGHurdles at Tracktown, photo by PhotoRun.net

I watched a couple of hours of the ESPN coverage of day two of the NCAA Champs. My buddies were texting me during the broadcast, telling me how much they loved the new format and how, one day one, Zeke Zarnowski, the dean of announcers for multi events, was amazing. One keen observer, said that " Zeke was the best announcer I have heard in my 40 years of going to Eugene." Well said.

This is LIndsay Rossmiller's column for day two of the NCAA Champs. I asked her to give us the flavor of each day of the champoionships. Here is day two.....

Huddle_Molly1b-Pre16.JPGMolly Huddle racing 14:48.12, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle, our premier American women over 5000 meters and 10,000 meters, will debut over the Marathon at the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon.

Molly had run 1:07:41 for the half marathon, and her 10,000m speed should help her over the marathon. Ms. Huddle has been considering the marathon for several years. Some, including this writer, have been hoping that she would wait until after the Rio Olympics to venture onto the marathon distance.

We wish Molly Huddle huge success over the marathon distance.

LaVillenie_Renaud-Pre16.JPGRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is the sixth 2016 European Athletics results report for the Outdoor season, compiled by Carles Baronet, for RunBlogRun.

Ed Cheserek.jpgThe King, NCAA 2015 (his second 10k, now he has a third!), photo by Cheryl Treworgy/Pretty Sporty

Ed Cheserek won the 10,000 meters last night, during night one of the NCAA Outdoors. Here is how David Hunter recapped the twenty-five lapper and the absolute skill that Ed Cheserek uses during his third win over 10k and his 14th NCAA title!

EDChes, EricJenkins.jpg

Ed Cheserek, Eric Jenkins, NCAA 2015, photo by Cheryl Treworgy/Pretty Sporty

Last night, Ed Cheserek won his 14th NCAA title, with his tactical 10,000 meter win, his third at the distance. Track geeks reminded us that the last time someone won three 10ks in a row was the great Suleiman Nyambui in 1981-1983!

Here is LIndsay Rossmillers' column on the happenings at Day one

The Great Run 10k was held in Manchester, England on May 22. I was lucky enough to attend, thanks to the Great Run Company's Tom Broadbent.

The race was the first from Tirunesh Dibaba since her last run there in 2014, and the birth of her baby.

Her win there gave Tirunesh a good indication of her fitness. In the interview, Tirunesh Dibaba, through a translator, told me that she was looking to run a 10,000m soon to show the Ethiopian selectors her fitness level.

Stefanidi_Ekaterini-ParisDL15.jpgEkaterini Stefanidi, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stefanidi 4.86m WL
ATHÍNA (GRE, June 8): Ekateríni Stefanídi was the star of the 17th edition of Filothéi Women Gala. In an emotional homecoming to the small stadium of her club where she spent her formative years, she delivered a rousing performance with perfect clearances at 4.60, 4.74 and WL 4.86, all in first tries with several cms to spare. But the swirling, unpredictable wind was not in her favour during her attempts at 5.00m, forcing her twice to abandon her approach. Her third attempt was the best, though not entirely close. Last time she competed at Filothéi was in 2008. Huge mark and pb for Paraskeví Papahrístou with a first-round 14.73 against a 1.3 m/s wind, she only jumped again in the third round with a marginal foul at around 14.40. It is European lead 2016. In high jump Svetlana Radzivil from Uzbekistan cleared 1.95 and tried unsuccessfully for WL 1.97, beating her compatriot Nadezhda Dusanova who managed 1.93. Good race at 100m hurdles with Finn Nooralotta Neziri edging local Elisávet Pesirídou for 9/1000ths. Both were credited with 13.15 (+0.2), while third was U20 Elvira Herman from Belarus with 13.34. Ukraine's Nataliya Pohrebnyak benefited from a 1.9 tailwind and clocked a fast 11.18 in the 100m, while in long jump Greek Háido Alexoúli was the winner with a wind-assisted 6.50 (+2.5).

Stuart Weir wrote columns for us on Rome and Birmingham. Here is his piece on Birmingham.

Niyonsaba_FrancineFV1-Worlds16.JPgFrancine Niyonsaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Symmonds_NickFHL1a-USout15.JPGNick Symmonds wins 2015 USATF Outdoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunGum, the company founded by Nick Symmonds, and the company he uses to support a plethora of young athletes, has lost in the courts. They challenged the USOC's primacy by using the Sherman Anti-Trust act.

Hats off for Nicky Symmonds trying to challenge the system currently in place.

The review of the case in the NATLAWREVIEW.COM is quite compelling. Read on.

Holusa_Jakub-Pre16.JPGJakob Holusa, photo by PhotoRun.net

I like watching Jakob Holusa run. I first became familiar with him in 2014, and then, watched him win the Euro Indoors in a gut wrenching finish where the crowd went bezerk! In the 2016 World Indoors, Jakob almost stole the show, taking silver in the 1,500 meters with a brilliantly timed finish.

Enjoy the Euro Results Report 5, by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, a man who juggles compiling 28 plus countries in Europe while dealing with me. A difficult task, I must say.

Kiprop_Asbel1b-Pre16.JPGHow fast will Asbel Kiprop run in Oslo? photo by PhotoRun.net

Kipyegon_Faith1b-Pre16.JPGFaith Kipyegon: can she run her Mile PB in Oslo? photo by PhotoRun.net

Kiprop and Kipyegon are ready
OSLO (NOR): Famous Bislett Games as 7th IAAF Diamond League of the year will be highlighted by fast Dream Miles for first time by men and women. Great duels by Schippers-Thompson, Lavillenie-Barber. The meet is nearly sold out and no-wind is predicted for the event with good temperatures.

Event by event


100m - Three athletes in the field have broken the 10 second-barrier this year: Kim Collins 9.93, Ameer Webb 9.94 and Mike Rodgers 9.97 but Andre de Grasse is racing himself into form with a fast win over 200m in Birmingham.
Mile - Asbel Kiprop is looking for his fifth Dream Mile win. Pacemakers have been asked to hit 800m in 1:51 and 1200m in 2:47. Should be fast, first sub 3:50 of the year.
5000m - A third DL win for Muktar Edris? Pacemakers have been asked to reach 3km in 7:44. WL very possible.
400m hurdles - Michael Tinsley will be looking for his third DL win of the season. He is narrowly the fastest on paper this year at 48.74.
Triple jump - Wide open event. American Chris Benard has the best season's best at 17.19m.
Pole vault - Should be a head-to-head between Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie and world champion Shawn Barber.
Javelin - Another excellent field has been assembled for one of the event's highlights. Top names include world champion Julius Yego, Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott and world-leader Thomas Rohler.
Shot put - Joe Kovacs leads the world rankings by a large margin with 22.13m from the Eugene DL. Konrad Bukowiecki makes his DL debut.


200m - Expect a World Champs rematch between Dafne Schippers and Elaine Thompson. Schippers is the fastest on paper with a 22.02 clocking.
400m - Three athletes have broken 51-seconds in 2016: Natasha Hastings (50.86), Novlene Williams-Mills (50.87) and Stephenie Ann McPherson (50.98).
Mile - Faith Kipyegon is aiming to break Svetlana Masterkova's 4:12.56 world record. Jenny Meadows has been asked to hit 800m in 2:06.5 and 1000m in 2:38
3000m steeplechase - The pacemakers have been asked to reach 2km in 6:03. Will world champion Hyvin Kiyeng break the nine minute-barrier after running 9:00.01 in Eugene?
100m hurdles - Brianna Rollins and Jasmin Stowers will be looking to capitalise in the absence of the World leader.
High jump - A typically wide open event. Levern Spencer leads the Diamond League race thanks to a win in Shanghai and a runner-up finish in Eugene.
Long jump - Top four from the World Champs (Bartoletta, Spanovic, Proctor, Nettey) all in action.
Discus - Sandra Perkovic is unbeaten and holds the two longest throws in the world in 2016. Top four from the World Champs (Caballero, Perkovic, Muller, Perez) all compete.

Kipyegon_Faith1a-Pre16.JPGFaith Kipyegon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Faith Kipyegon will be running the Women's Dream Mile at the iconic Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, June 9. The meet is so steeped in tradition and is on my bucket list to visit, perhaps in 2017.

This year's middle distance events, from the Dream Miles to the women's steeple, to the men's 5000 meters, look to be some serious racing! Here is how Justin Lagats sees the fields...


ADDIS ABABA (ETH: Daily Nation informs that Ethiopia athletics could be headed for turmoil after legendary Haile Gebrselassie led active and former athletes and coaches to a meeting on Tuesday to discuss Rio Olympic selection and poor management by their athletics federation. The meeting held at Addis Ababa Stadium, with over 80 young and senior athletes in attendance, including the 2004 and 2008 Olympic 10,000m champion Kenenisa Bekele who had earlier protested his exclusion from the marathon team for Rio Olympics.

RunBlogRun opines: The Ethiopian federation got its get out of jail card free recently, when the government pledged money to conduct deep testing on Ethiopian athletes by November 2016. Their anti-doping program is not the worst, but it is far from the best. But this should surprise no one. When RunBlogRun interviewed Kenenisa Bekele after his fine 10k win in Manchester on May 22, Kenenisa was quite clear. Bekele noted that there are other races besides the Olympics. He was beside himself that Ethiopian selectors, with his record, would not pick him for Rio. The Ethiopian federation, if reports and athletes are to be believed, remind this writer of how the Mexican federation was in the 1970s, taking up to 80 percent of athletes money and managing their racing schedules.

Rooney_MartynFH-Euros14.jpgMartyn Rooney, 2014 European Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

LOUGHBOROUGH (GBR): Martyn Rooney has been granted permission by British Athletics performance director Neil Black to defend his European 400m title in Amsterdam next month, informs Athletics Weekly. The selection policy states any track athlete who gains selection for the Rio Olympics won't be allowed to compete in Amsterdam unless they are granted an exemption by the performance director.

RunBlogRun opines: We commend British Athletics on their decision to allow Martyn Rooney to defend his 2014 Euro title in Amsterdam. We are just unhappy we won't be able to be in the stands as the meet goes on during the U.S. Olympic Trials, and you know where we will be!

Vicaut_JimmyFHL-RomeDL15.jpgJimmy Vicaut, photo by PhotoRun.net

Vicaut 9.86 WL and EReq
MONTREUIL (FRA, Jun 7): French sprinter Jimmy Vicaut showed top shape at the Pro Athlé Tour meet. He won the 100 m in 9.86 (+1.8) what is new World lead and also equaled so the European record. He said after the race that he is surprised. Second Wilfried Koffi 10.10 and third Briton James Ellington 10.11. Fast 800 m by Kenyan Nicholas Kipkoech 1:43.85 over Jonathan Kitilit 1:43.89 with Pierre-Ambroise Bosse third 1:44.53. Fourth fastest of the year 1:57.52 by Margaret Wambui in women 800 m. World record holder Anita Wlodarczyk got 76.61 in hammer with Hann Skydan Azerbaijan NR 73.87 as second. US Dalilah Muhammad won the 400 m hurdles in 54.37 and Phara Anarchasis clocked Olympic standard 55.84 as fourth. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde posted windy 13.23 (+2.6) over the hurdles, behind him surprise Aurel Manga 13.25. Queen Harrison was the best in women hurdles 12.61 (+3.3) over Jackie Coward 12.74, Nia Ali 12.76 and Sally Pearson sixth 12.92. New name Jean-Pierre Bertrand improved three times to 803 (+1.4) in the long jump, but the winner was Damar Forbes 821 (+2.8). Yaimi Perez won discus 67.91 with Melina Robert-Michon third 61.46 as Ukranian Natalya Semenova was second 62.93. Kenyan Benson Seurei got the 1500 m in 3:36.23 and US Alex Anderson women 200 m in 22.75 (+1.3).

PoleVault-Doha16.jpgPole Vault, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter has covered the NCAA Championships for us for several years now. This is his arguement for the NCAA Championships and how important they are in our sport. We look forward to David's daily columns (along with Lindsay Rossmiller's) on the NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Championships, held in Eugene, Oregon, from June 8-11.

When I first began going to meets in the UK, I was fortunate to hang out with Ian Stewart. At the time, Ian was the meet director for British Athletics. It was Ian who orchestrated the race fields, the schedule and the feel of the events. I was fascinated how he would not only have the best athletes in the world, but also include young Brits and Americans, giving them a chance to race.

Farah_Mo1b-Pre16.JPGMo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net

When I asked Ian about his philosophy of meet direction, Mr. Stewart reminded me that one always, always must have something that the local crowd enjoys, and one must always end meets with a great race, so that the fans would return the following year.

This year, Kim Collins and Mike Rodgers dueled in a non-DL 100 meters, and Kim Collins, all of 41, got the nod in 10.11. This was one week after Kim Collins ran his PB of 9.94!

Spencer Barden, who worked with Ian Stewart for several years, now manages the meet fields. In 2016, with world leaders in the steeplechase, 1,500 meters and 600 meters, Spencer had the 3000 meters at the end of the meet. Mo Farah broke the 34-year old British record of David Moorcroft, and ran 7:32.62.

The new British record was a welcome finish to the Birmingham DL, held in Alexander Stadium. And it was that perfect ending for a fine day of athletics. As Ian Stewart would tell you, putting on a succcessful meeting is both sport and entertainment. The key is, kind readers, how to combine both in a successful manner.

Results are below (from BBC Sports):

Allyson Felix runs 51.57 !


Felix_Allyson1c-Pre15.jpgAllyson Felix is back!

Felix 51.57 in the 400 m
CERRITOS (USA, Jun 4): Olympic winner and World champion Allyson Felix was back after injury at South Cal Jim Bush Championships. She clocked 51.57 400 m win over Monica Hargrove 51.72. Tyson Gay won the 200 m in windy 20.22 (+3.3). Also to note Lalonde Gordon from Trinidad 45.09 in men 400 m. In the hurdles Virginia Crawford 12.83 (+1.8) and Ryan Wilson 13.54 (+1.7). Remontay McClain clocked 10.19 (+1.8) in the 100 m. Lekeisha Lawson topped women 100 m in 11.11 (+1.9) and also the 200 m in 22.98 (+1.2). But in other race the same 22.98 (+1.9) also by Marie Veale PB. Whitney Gipson got long jump 672 (+1.9) and on the men side Ted Hooper of Taiwan windy 815 (+2.7) and legal 805 (+1.5).

Colm-Rudisha-KenyaOT12.jpgBrother Colm and David Rudisha, Kenyan Olympic Trials, 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

NAIROBI (KEN): Athletics Kenya confirmed again that the Olympic Games Trials will be held 30th June and 1st July in Eldoret at the Kipchoge Keino Stadium.

Larry Eder responds: RunBlogRun had reported that the Olympic Trials would move from Eldoret to Nairobi. We regret the error.

I retweeted a tweet earlier today a story from BBC Sports suggesting that Lynsey Sharp was not happy with Caster Semenya racing 800 meters once again.

Sharp_LynseyQ1-Worlds15.jpgLynsey Sharp, photo by PhotoRun.net

Did the BBC pressure Lynsey Sharp into speaking about Caster Semenya?

Per a keen observer of the sport, who was there, Lynsey Sharp said that she did not want to speak about Caster Semenya. In fact, she said she wanted to focus on herself and getting faster. Sharp thought she could run 1:56, and if son, she would be in the mix.

GB journalists asked her if she "thought athletes should boycott Semenya races?". Our observer noted that Lynsey Sharp was asked the same question repeatedly.

Ms. Sharp was asked " Would you say that if Semenya was in a race your are running for second place?". She (Lynsey) said yes, hesitantly, but ti did not represent what she wanted to say.

As our observer finally noted, " But hey, let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story."

So, RunBlogRun thinks the whole issue is a cluster. Caster Semenya has been treated poorly since 2009, but the CASS ruling is an example of how people who neither understand nor appreciate science can screw things up.

RunBlogRun does not believe it is fair to push Lynsey Sharp or any other athlete to push any agenda. If the a journalist thinks that it is horse Sh#T that Ms. Semenya is allowed to run, then, say so, do not hide behind an athlete.

Truth is, for track fans, the story should be that Lynsey Sharp had just run two 1:59 800 meter races in four days, meaning she is returning to fitness.

The Caster Semenya story will be told in all of its lurid details during the Olympics, especially by media who do not have the whole story. Easy, lurid stories get fast attention.

Oh, nice racing, Lynsey Sharp!

Flanagan_Shalane-SanDiego16.JPGShalane Flanagan flying thru San Diego, photo by PhotoRun.net

Another wonderful race to miss this past weekend. In past years, I would jump on a flight from Eugene to San Diego, get a few hours sleep and be up for the press truck in San Diego. The half marathons were epic the past few years, but spending a morning with Dan Cruz, RNR Pr dude, and then surviving an evening with Matt Turnbull, RNR elite manager, were worth the travel.

Shalane and Amy both scored PBs on Sunday, on a rather tough course through San Diego. They were two of the 33,000 runners in the event that gave RNR series its start.

Barshim_Mutaz1a-Doha16.jpgEssa Mutaz Barshim: He's back! photo by PhotoRun.net

The Birmingham DL is one of my favorite meets on the circuit. Unfortunately, fate is such that I was unable to visit for the first time in a decade. Besides wonderful friends, and wonderful curry, the city of Birmingham puts on fine athletic events, both indoor and outdoor, as well as one of the largest 10 k races in the world.

This is the fifth blog from Phoebe Wright. When Phoebe and I speak, I encourage her to write about things that are close to her heart. Her four previous blogs have shown RunBlogRun readers what is in the heart of a middle distance runner.

In this column, Courage over Confidence, Phoebe Wright speaks about some of her most important races. Those moments that change us, challenge us and scare us. But those moments, dear readers, are when we are most alive.


Rudisha_David1a-LondonDL15.jpgDavid Rudisha (from London DL 2015), photo by PhotoRun.net

Rudisha close to Johnny Gray, top shape by Kenyans Kipruto and Kiprop

BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Jun 5): Nearly full Alexander Stadium saw in sunny weather in total seven World leads and six meet records, also two Diamond League records and second fastest 600 m ever. British record of Mo Farah in the 3000 m was the great ending of a succesful meet.

Event by event


100m (non-DL) - Kim Collins and Mike Rodgers were both timed at 10.11 with Collins given the verdict (-0.8).
200m - Andre de Grasse 20.16 to Alonso Edward 20.17 (-1.5). Rome DL winner Ameer Webb was never a factor in fifth in 20.62.
400m - Kirani James was unchallenged in victory in a 44.23 meet record.
600m (non-DL) - African all-time best for David Rudisha (1:13.10) and a European all-time best for Pierre-Ambroise Bosse (1:13.21) to move to second and third on the world all-time lists.
1500m - Asbel Kiprop improved his world-lead by nearly three seconds to 3:29.33 to break Hicham El Guerrouj's British all-comers' record. Abdelaati Iguider a distant second in 3:33.10.
3000m (non-DL) - Mo Farah closed the programme with a solo run. He broke the 34-year-old British record of 7:32.79 by 0.17, also a WL.
3000m steeplechase - Conseslus Kipruto made it four from four on the DL circuit this year but missed the eight minute-mark which he wanted to break. His time of 8:00.12 was a world-lead and PB with Brit all-comers' record. Jairus Birech only fifth in 8:20.31.
Long jump - Marquise Goodwin produced some of his best form to win with 8.42 (+1.0) ahead of Mike Hartfield (8.29, +1.3). Greg Rutherford's win streak came to an end in fifth with 8.17 (-0.3).
High jump - Mutaz Essa Barshim back in form with a 2.37m world-lead before attempts at 2.40m and 2.44m. Erik Kynard 2.35m, Zhang Guowei 2.32m.
Discus throw - After fifth in Rome, Piotr Malachowski returned to form with a 67.50m victory ahead of Robert Harting (65.97 SB).


100m - English Gardner confirmed she will be a factor at the US Oly Trials with a 11.02 win ahead of Dafne Schippers (11.09) against -1.2 wind.
400m (non-DL) - Big European lead for Floria Guei with a 50.84 PB. Christine Ohuruogu only seventh in 52.40.
800m - Francine Niyonsaba proved she's the world's second best with her fastest time in three years of 1:56.92. Renelle Lamote 1:58.02 PB in second.
5000m - Vivian Cheruiyot produced a 59.72 last lap to outsprint Mercy Cherono, 15:12.79 to 15:12.85.
100m hurdles - Yet another meet record from Keni Harrison at 12.46 (-0.3) ahead of Brianna Rollins (12.57) who twitched in the blocks. Sally Pearson only seventh in 13.25.
400m hurdles - Very close finish with Cassandra Tate given the verdict ahead of Eilidh Doyle. Both athletes were timed at 54.57.
Triple jump - A big upset with Olga Rypakova ending Caterine Ibarguen's 34-competition win streak which dates back to the 2012 Olympics. Rypakova jumped 14.61m to Ibarguen's 14.56m.
Pole vault - After an indifferent start to the year, Yarisley Silva improved her season's best to 4.84 WL and DLR to beat in-form Ekaterini Stefanidi. Fabiana Murer 4.70m in fourth with Rio approaching.
Shot put - Tia Brooks produced a 19.73m PB in the fourth round to beat two-time Olympic champion Valerie Adams by ten centimetres.
Javelin - Madara Palameika won her second DL of the season with a season's best of 65.68m and had the four best throws of the competition. It is non-Russian WL.

Updated June 5, 2016

Sanya Richards-Ross is the Olympic champion over 400 meters from London 2012. She has competed at the Pre Classix an estimated sixteen times, the first time when she was 16! This was to be her last time competing at the Pre Classic.

In my short interview, I asked her about her shape, how her plans for 2016 were shaping up and how fast she had run in a recent workout. SRR is a wonderful athlete and a great media savvy athlete as well. This interview was done at the Pre presser on May 27, 2016.

On June 4, Sanya Richards-Ross did not finish the 100 meters at the American Track League in Atlanta. We are waiting to learn if there was an injury or it was a cramp. More Details to come.

163957250DP093_IAAF_Day_in_.jpgAshton, Brianne and Harry Marra, Eugene, Oregon, April 2013, A Day in the Life, by Doug Pensinger, for Getty Images/IAAF

VANCOUVER (CAN): Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton will compete in the Harry Jerome International Track Classic on 17 June, informs Vancouver Sun. Eaton is scheduled to compete in the 400m and high jump while Theisen-Eaton is due to compete in the long jump and 100m hurdles.

Rupp_GalenFHL-USout15.JPGGalen Rupp, 10,000m, USA Outdoors 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

PORTLAND (USA): Galen Rupp and Matthew Centrowitz are set to compete in the Portland Track Festival on 11-12 June, informs FloTrack. Centrowitz will race in the 800m and 1500m while Rupp will contest the 5000m.

Centrowitz_Matt1e-USout15.JPGMatt Centrowitz, 1,500m, USA Outdoors 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net


Mikhou 3:32.30 in the 1500 m

HUELVA (ESP, Jun 3): At Meeting Iberoamericano as every year excellent distance races. Running for Bahrain Alsadik Mikhou won the 1500 m in 3:32.30 over David Bustos 3:36.14 and Norway´s Filip Ingebrigtsen 3:36.21. Also in the 5000 m Cornelius Kangogo 13:10.80 ahead of Moroccan Ilias Fifa 13:11.83 and junior Aron Kifle of Eritrea 13:13.39 and Leul Gebrselassie 13:13.88. Fifth best European home Adel Mechaal 13:15.40. In steeple Soufiane El Bakkali from Morocco 8:17.19 and Ethiopians Tafese Soboka 8:17.75 and Chala Beyo 8:17.84. Costarican Nery Brenes won the 400 m in 45.47, Kenyan Edwin Melly the 800 m 1:45.43 ahead of Kevin Lopez 1:45.61 and Australian Hamish Peacock 83.17 in javelin. In women races Kenyan wins. Margaret Wambui 1:59.54 in the 800 m ahead of Jenny Meadows 2:01.36. Mary Kuria in 1500 m 4:04.13 over Serbian Amela Terzic 4:05.53 and Colombian record for Muriel Coneo 4:06.99. In steeple Agnes Chesang 9:28.03 over Moroccan Fadwa Sidi Madame 9:33.97. Ethiopian Alemitu Hawi won the 5000 m in 15:10.13.

mens readport londonheader.jpgEliud Kipchoge, April 24, 2016, London winner, photo courtesy of Virgin Money London Marathon

ELDORET (KEN): Eliud Kipchoge has been appointed the Kenyan marathon team captain for the Rio Olympics, informs The Star. "I am delighted to oversee this team and make sure that we do well. I have confidence the marathoners selected and we are hopeful we will deliver," he said.

Larry Eder opines: Eliud Kipchoge is to the marathon what Asbel Kiprop is to the 1,500 meters : the global standard bearer. Eliud is fighting against, however, the long tide of Olympic marathon history. Marathon champions, in many cases in the Olympics, are near surprises, as the competition at the marathon is much higher than many other global sporting disciplines, and it takes a huge price from the body and the mind. Eliud Kipchoge, in this writers' mind, is up for the task. But that, dear friends, is why we call it a sport.

adidas boston .jpg
PHOTO: Meet director Mark Wetmore holds an artist's rendering of the track which will be used for the first adidas Boost Games to be held in Boston on June 17 & 18 (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)
The handsome gent with the digitally enhanced photo of the soon to be adidas BOOST Boston Games is Mark Wetmore. Mark is the founder and principal with Global Athletics & Marketing, which put on the adidas NYC GP for over a dozen years and the NB Indoor in Boston for twenty years.
The adidas BOOST Boston Games will be old school meets new school. Combining the best of old school track and new school track, Wetmore hopes to bring new eyeballs, fans and participants into the sport. And so does adidas, his major sponsor. The number two footwear and apparel brand in the world, adidas has the longest heritage of any brand besides Reebok (which it owns). adidas has been looking for ways to bring in the Next Gen, the alert, astute and mobile 14-22 year olds who will be the next great wave of consumers locally, nationally and globally. The adidas BOOST Boston Games is one of those events that adidas sees to have the potential to bring Next Gen aboard.
Watch for more details on adidas BOOST Boston Games, to be held June 17-18. And yes, as Gil Scot-Heron said so many years ago, the revolution will be televised (streaming video).
This is our Conversations with Larry series. Today's topic is the Prefontaine Classic and why it is three hours of track nirvana. I am allowed five minutes to emote or communicate my theories. If I go over the desired time, my chair, made of corinthian leather, will be melted with me in it. Either my pithy comments are exciting or a large leather chair melting will make YouTube history.

File Jun 03.jpegCragg and Flanagan ready to rock - Credit: Ryan Bethke

Here is a fun interview with Amy Cragg, Shalane Flanaga and Meb Keflizighi, done before Suja RNR San Diego, which will be held on June 5.


ATLANTA (USA): Asafa Powell will be the biggest star of the American Track League meet here on Saturday. Sanya Richards-Ross is scheduled for 100 m and 200 m. Candace Hill is set for 100 m for her outdoor pro debut. Kamaria Brown is the 200 m favorite as is Ashley Spencer in the 400 m hurdles. Lolo Jones should make her season debut over the hurdles against Sharika Nelvis and Queen Harrison. World champion Shawn Barber is the star in pole vault along with Sam Kendricks.


In our newest historical docudrama, Conversations with Larry allows yours truly to opine for up to five minutes about all things athletics. As part of the process, an Everready battery is hurled at me if I go over five minutes and ten seconds. Tell us what you think of these daring programs. Today's feature is on Friday Night at Hayward Field!

Brie Feinagel .jpg

PHOTO: Brie Felnagle (r) leads Brook Handler, Emily Lipari and Lianne Farber in the mile at the 2016 Adrian Martinez Classic (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Ayana_AlmazFL-Doha16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fantastic meet in Rome last night! Great coverage on BEin Sports, and commentary by Tim Hutchings and Steve Cram! Here are the highlights from last night courtesy of Alfons Juck!

Viljoen_Sunette-Doha16.JPgSunette Viljoen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart Weir is one of the key writers that I am fortunate to not only work with, but call friends. Stu, Dave Hunter, Linsday Rossmiller, Cathal Dennehy, Justin Lagat, Mark Winitz, Elliott Denman, Cait Chock, Carles Baronet, Alfonz Juck and our partners, The Shoe Addicts, all provide fascinating views of the culture and condition of our sport. For us to appreciate athletics, we must undersand where it has been. For us to change the sport in the future, we have to understand its present circumstances.

The Golden Gala Pietro Mennea is one of the most iconic meets on the Diamond League circuit. As one enters the Stadio Olimpico, one is taken by the history, the pagentry, the iconography of our sport and the Olympics.

Ayana_AlmazFL-Doha16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by PhotoRun.net

Running all by herself from six minutes and fourteen seconds, Almaz Ayana came within one unforgiving second of the World Record held, even after Almaz' furious attempt, by one Tirunesh Dibaba.

Rome also showed the power of Ameer Webb, who won the 200 meters, and came back, and finished second by .01, with only Justin Gatlin in front of him. Watch the video, as Justin continue to lead, Ameer comes up from behind, to nearly steal the race!

Webb_AmirR-Doha16.JPgAmeer Webb, photo by PhotoRun.net

And then, Ryan Gregson, the Aussie who challenged for the win in the men's 1,500 meters, finishing fourth in his finest time so far in 2016. Ryan Gregson recieved much attention on social media.

Semenya_CasterR-Doha16.JPgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

Finally, Caster Semenya. Caster was treated poorly in 2009, through no fault of her own. However, her new found fitness and strength are putting her, once again, in an unwelcome light. Ignorance of sophisticated issues such as gender identity by CASS has put sports on a head on, full speed collision with modern gender culture, and someone, many, could be hurt.

Ten Weeks to Rio.

This interview was done with Sam Kendricks during the second press conference for the US Olympic Trials. Sam Kendricks is the World Indoor silver medalist and has a new Personal Best in the pole vault of 5.92 meters. A thoughtful athlete who will be challenging the best in Eugene, Sam Kendricks should be challenging the best in the world in Rio.

The Adrian Martinez Classic is here! So, watch The Rome DL this afternoon, and then, watch the Adrian Martinez, as they have some exciting fields! See you there!

Morris_150604_6803.jpgThe Adrian Martinez 800m, June 2015, photo by Kevin Morris

Coburn_EmmaFV-PreC16.jpGEmma Coburn, 9:10.76 AR, photo by PhotoRun.net

Gardner_English-Pre16.JPGEnglish Gardner, photo bh

The adidas BOOST Boston Games will be held on June 17-18, 2016 in the sports crazy city of Boston. The two day event will include the best of old school track and new school. A night of track & field on Friday night and a day of street track on Saturday afternoon, featuring many of the finest of adidas iconic athletes, from Yohan Blake to Jenn Suhr to Nick Willis! This teaser, developed by the Shoe Addicts, is to remind you about the event, coming to the Boston, and also being viewed via streaming video as well! Updated June 2, 2016.

Ayana_AlmazFL-Doha16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, will she get the WR in Rome? photo by PhotoRun.net

VanNiekerk_Wayde1a-LondonDL15.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, can he run the faster than 44.08 in Rome? photo by PhotoRun.net

Tamberi_GianmarcoFace-Stockholm15.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, how high will he go in HJ in Rome? photo by PhotoRun.net

Ayana, Van Niekerk, Tamberi

ROME (ITA): First this years European IAAF Diamond League meeting offers plenty of top action at Stadio Olimpico. Wayde van Niekerk runs his first international 400 m, home star Gianmarco Tamberi is in top class high jump and Almaz Ayana will again attack 5000 m World record.

Event by event


100m (non-DL): Will Justin Gatlin break the world-lead of 9.91 after a windy 9.88 in Eugene?
200m: Ameer Webb will be looking for his second DL win of the season after winning in Doha last month.
400m: World champ Wayde Van Niekerk should be unchallenged with LaShawn Merritt and Kirani James both absent. Will he threaten James' world-lead of 44.08?
1500m: No Asbel Kiprop but Kenyans should still dominate with Silas Kiplagat and Elijah Manangoi in the line-up. World-leader at 800m Nicholas Kipkoech steps up to contest his first 1500m of the year.
3000m steeplechase: Another head-to-head between Conseslus Kipruto and Jairus Birech. Birech has suggested he wants to attempt the WR but has been beaten twice this year.
110m hurdles: Doha runner-up Orlando Ortega starts as the favourite with the top Americans and Jamaicans absent.
High jump: Gianmarco Tamberi performs on home soil for the first time since winning the World Indoor Champs. He faces top level opposition from Mutaz Essa Barshim, Bohdan Bondarenko and Zhang Guowei.
Long jump: Greg Rutherford is unbeaten this year but faces top opposition from world-leader Marquise Goodwin and Rabat DL winner Rushwal Samaai.
Discus: Top three from the World Champs (Malachowski, Milanov, Urbanek) are in action while Robert Harting makes his season's debut.


100m: Elaine Thompson ran a wind-aided 10.81 last month but English Gardner is the likely favourite after running 10.81 in Eugene.
800m: Will Caster Semenya improve her world-leading mark of 1:56.64? World indoor champion Francine Niyonsaba should be her closest rival again but Semenya is unbeaten in 2016.
5000m: Almaz Ayana ran 14:16.31 in Rabat with limited assistance from the pacemakers. With better pacing, will she challenge Tirunesh Dibaba's world record of 14:11.15?
400m hurdles: Georganne Moline makes her Diamond League debut after running a 53.97 world-lead. Doha DL winner Eilidh Doyle and Rabat DL winner Janeive Russell also compete.
Triple jump: Expect another head-to-head between Caterine Ibarguen and Yolimar Rojas. Olympic champion Olga Rypakova and three-time European champion Olha Saladukha also in action.
Pole vault: World champion Yarisley Silva is in action but favourites are Nicole Buchler and Ekaterini Stefanidi with Americans Sandi Morris and Jenn Suhr absent.
Shot: Valerie Adams is returning to form but will be tested by in-form Doha winner Tia Brooks.
Javelin: What sort of form will Barbora Spotakova display on her season's debut? World champ Katharina Molitor, Olympic silver medallist Christina Obergfoll and Rabat DL winner Madara Palameika also compete in a wide open field.
Morris_150604_7068.jpgThe Adrian Martinez Meet, photo by Kevin Morris
This meet is one of my favorites. A nice combination of a community track meet and an elite track meet. What a wonderful legacy for a young man who loved the mile distance. And kudos to the Adrian Martinez Classic for including Unified events. The best way to change the world is by example. See you all there.

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