#TRE16 Interview w/ Dr Simon Bartold at Salomon Pt. 2


Simon Bartold is one of the true grand characters of our sport. A footwear enthusiast, yes, but, as I have said before, a true provacateur. In his current evolution, Simon is the VP of Special Projects at Salomon, one of the iconic brands in performance footwear. Dr. Bartold is doing something unique is his career: he is simplifying a line of running product, down to three models, which take into account his real focus: the changing needs of the runner as they evolve in fitness.

IMG_6850.JPGDr. Simon Bartold, Larry Eder and the Shoe Addicts, photo by the Shoe Addicts

Many brands have spoken of keeping their models limited, but for very different reasons that the good doctor. Simon Bartold spoke to us of vibration and how it affects runners footstrike. Once one understands that, one then will follow Dr. Bartold's assertion that, as a runner increases fitness level, he or she may need a shoe that evolves with those needs.

Bartold is positioning Salomon to answer those needs. We think he is onto something. Listen to the good doctor in this second part of the TRE 16 interview we did in Orland, Florida on December 2.

Simon Bartold, photo by PhotoRun.net

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