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It is early on Friday morning, March 31. I am sitting in my room, catching up on some editing before I lull myself back to sleep. It will be a busy day. A nice walk with my son, helping a family member move houses, and hopefully, attending the evening session of the Stanford Invitational.

james dunaway .jpgJames Dunaway, pixelated an all, photo from

A couple weeks at home before the athletic season begins, and I am trying to understand the challenges of our modern world. Fake news, polarizing news, social media that pretends to be news, have we just gone too far?

I take a deep breath, and it is time to channel the late James Dunaway, my mentor, former editor and dear friend. What would James Dunaway say today?

CxjqgPnUQAEdeUW.jpgIAMBolt, the movie, photo courtesy of IAMBolt

on the red carpet.jpgUsain Bolt on the runway, courtesy of Stuart Weir

Parents Jennifer and Wellesley Bolt.jpgParents Jennifer and Welleslley Bolt, photo by

Stuart Weir gets some of our toughest assignments. This one was to review and attend the opening for the new Usain Bolt movie. Our friend in athletics did a nice job!

The Shanghai Diamond League meeting is one of the finest of DL circuit each season. This year will be no different, as 13 Rio Olympic champions will be contesting the second stop of the DL League in 2017!

Ayana_Almaz1a-Doha16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by

McLeod_Omar1-Lausanne16.jpgOmar McLeod, photo by

Rudisha_David1a-LondonDL15.jpgDavid Rudisha, photo by

Sambu_Stephen-BAA5km.jpgStephen Sambu, photo by

The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k is one of the true rites of spring in the Windy City. I have enjoyed watching the race in past years, and the cavalcade of fine runners who traverse the Shamrock Shuffle course. The 8k course is fast, and there are many fast runners, and not so fast, trying to shake out the rust from a cold winter. Good luck to all competing and we will look for results on Sunday, April 2.

Here's our interview with Carsten Preiz, VP of Branding and Communicaitons for the Conqur Endurance Group, LLC, which manages seven properties, among them, the Skechers Performance LA Marathon.

A fun interview to see how the Conqur group oversees the Skechers Performance LA Marathon and their other properties!


The last day in March. This weekend, around the country, there are huge road races, outdoor track invitationals, and small duel meets. On the 22,000 plus outdoor track across the U.S., there is something going on many of them.

But, there will be some, where the quiet sounds of runners, and joggers, and an errant soccer ball will be heard. Some days, those sounds of silence are really treasured, and some times, the sounds of fans screaming at a close finish and boisterously applauding at a well executed and spirited triple jump are welcome as well!

Huddle_MollyFV-NycHalf17.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

Friday, March 31, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Chelimo_PaulQ1-Rio16.jpgPaul Chelimo, photo by

One of the most inconic of road events, the Carlsbad 5000, will happen on Sunday, April 2. Here's David Monti's fine piece on the fields at the true rite of spring.

This is Thursday, March 30. This is a nice workout for today! It is challenging and will tire you, but that is what Thursdays are all about.

Fauble_Scott8-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Thursday, March 30, 2017. warm up, 3 times mile, at current two mile pace, 800 meter jog, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown. cooldown.

noname.jpegTom Whelton, BAA President, 1990-1994

Please keep Tom Whelton and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We received this at RunBlogRun early this evening.

Dear BAA OC Members:

Just wanted to make you aware of some sad news that long-time B.A.A. member and former Association President Tom Whelton passed away this week surrounded by his family. Tom served on the Board of Governors from 1985 through 2016 and President of the B.A.A. from 1990 to 1994, playing an instrumental role in the BAA's organization's growth and progress. I will always remember Tom as a quiet and humble man. He was always one of the first people to respond to my early morning emails and was always very kind and complimentary in his responses. In my early years, I looked to Tom for guidance and as a sounding board. He was always there willing to listen and offer sage advice and was always good for a handshake and friendly smile. I, for one, will really miss him. He was a good, kind-hearted person and friend....Dave



Tom Whelton, a resident of Centerville, Mass., served as a member of the B.A.A.'s Board of Governors from 1985 through 2016, and as President of the B.A.A. from 1990 to 1994. Over the course of his 31 years of service to the organization, Tom's leadership helped foster enormous growth across all aspects of the Boston Athletic Association, from the Boston Marathon through community partnerships and elite athletics.

In October of 2016, Tom retired from the Board of Governors and was presented with a replica finish line for his dedication to the B.A.A. While on the Board, Tom had been active serving on important committees such as the Compensation Committee, Nominating Committee, and the Charity Committee. He was a core member of a team that has served the organization well in times of great triumph, tremendous growth, and unwelcome tragedy. Surrounded by wife Lucy West and children Dexter and Christina, Tom passed away this week.

From the entire Boston Athletic Association membership, we wish our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Tom Whelton.

Dave McGillivray

Race Director - B.A.A. Boston Marathon

President - DMSE Sports, Inc.


This is our 15th report on results from Carles Baronet for the USA and Canada in 2017. Our friend from Catalonia provides results from around the world for RunBlogRun. Follow Carles at @trackinsun on twitter as well!

Crouser_RyanW-USOlyTr16.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Justin Lagat continues to provide RunBlogRun wonderful pieces from the view of a runner and journalist in Kenya. His view, in this column, about the World Cross Country having a permanent home in East Africa, is fascinating. The success of the meet in Kampala can not be underestimated. I believe it shows the continued potential of the oldest and most primal part of our sport, cross country.

Jacob Kiplimo u 20 .jpgJacob KIplimo, photo by

My issues are with nationality issues, which was major reason why only two European countries featured full senior men and women's teams, considering that over 49 countries just participated in European Indoor Championships and the same number at the European Cross Country Championships.

Lord Coe made some suggestions in Doha last year on where cross country is going, and where it should be. I also support Lord Coe and the IAAF in building athletics in Africa, it is very important as many of our finest athletes are from the continent. I also see women's athletics in Africa as being important in providing women across Africa with more opportunities to challenge themselves and how their communities view women. This is where sport can affect great and important change.

None the less, cross country deserves more respect in our sport and rules that gives confidence to Federations that their teams, while not medal worthy, will be able to compete in a respectable manner.

Thanks to Justin Lagat for this fine column.

Press Photo 8 - CPH Half 2016 mindre.jpgStart of the Copenhagen Half Marathon, photo courtesy of Copenhagen Half Marathon

Congrats to our friends in the Danish Federation and the Copenhagen Half Marathon. I was fortunate to cover the World Half Marathon in March 2014. The race was fantastic, the city was wonderful and the reception of the race was fantastic. The Federation and Sport Event Denmark should be quite happy making the Gold Label level from the IAAF. And to have two minutes of David Katz, a very thoughtful and precise road running expert, speaking so eloquently on the event is, as some might suggest, the coming of the end times. The last comment was done in jest, but truth is this, David Katz praises nothing that is not well deserved. One of the many reasons we enjoy conversations with Mr. Katz.

Press Photo 6 - CPH Half 2016 mindre.jpgCopenhagen Half Marathon, photo courtesy of Copenhagen Half Marathon

Congratulations once again to our friends in Copenhagen. Remember, next race is September 17, 2017!

The outdoor season is upon us. You have now been training with us for eleven weeks. Thanks for your support and let me know if you have questions, [email protected] Easy days are very important. Keep them easy.

Fauble_Scott6-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, USATF XC, photo by

Easy days are there to allow you to recover so you can tackle tough workouts once again!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Hawkins_CallumH-NyHalf17.jpgCallum Hawkins, 2017 United NYC Half, photo by

MANCHESTER (GBR): Callum Hawkins will be aiming to become the first British man to win the Great Manchester Run on 28 May, informs Athletics Weekly. "I'm looking forward to Manchester as I build on my preparations towards the World Championships in London. Ten kilometres is a distance I don't get the chance to race much and my time is certainly due a revision," he said. Hawkins' lifetime best stands at 29:19. The last British winner of the event was Helen Clitheroe in 2011.

RunBlogRun opines: Callum will probably have to run 28 minutes or better to win Manchester. Truth is, with his half marathon speed, that should be in his fitness level. Callum Hawkins is a quite impressive young runner, who races fearlessly. Looking forward to seeing him race once again.

Mekhissi_MahiedineQ-WorChps13.jpgMahiedine Mehkissi, photo by
Mekhissi to compete only by end of June
PARIS (FRA): European steeple record holder Mahiedine Mehkissi will start the season later as initially planned. He will resume competition only by end of June. After an indoor season limited to a single appearance, in early February in Val de Rueil at the 2000 m, just after returning from two and a half months of training in the United States he is now with his coach Farouk Madaci at the INSEP to cure his achilles tendons. "I do not have permission to run yet. I prefer to recover before thinking about competition," he said. "I prefer to take care of myself, I have enough to run with pain. The Federation is aware of all this, in agreement with my coach, everything goes well. And for the World Championships? That is the real objective. Meetings, I do not care. I am an eternal fighter. It does not change my mindset," he said by L´Equipe.
RunBlogRun opines: Mekhissi is not only highly entertaining to watch, he is deadly anytime medals are on the line in the steeplechase. His last 500 to 600 meters are brutally fast when the rest of the field is praying for a nice bottle of water and a blanket. Mekhissi runs down his competition, and should never be discounted. This year, he has achilles issues. If he can get healthy, Mekhissi will be tough in the final in London. He should have been an American professional hockey player.

VanNiekerk_WaydeWR1-Rio16.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by Photo

JOHANNESBURG (RSA): World and Olympic 400m champion Wayde van Niekerk believes he could become the first athlete in history to break the 43-second mark in the 400m. "I feel that like it's really, the beginning of so much I can do as athlete, so why not believe in getting that sub-43 but at the same time, it's going to take even more hard work and discipline but I believe I can, why not?" he said. Van Niekerk also said he is still toying with the idea of contesting both the 200m and 400m at the World Championships in London. "I would really love to but I'm sure, only time can tell. I'll definitely put in the hard work, I would love to double, if there are opportunities there, I'll take it.

RunBlogRun Opines: Wayde Van Niekerk is capable of breaking 43 seconds. Last summer, while we were doing the Mo & Larry show, Maurice Greene told me that Wayde Van Niekerk is the near perfect 400 meter racer. "The guy has shown he will give his all to race the distance. How do you compete against that?" Greene's comments were prescient then, before the 400 meter final in Rio, and are even more valuable now. Wayde Van Niekerk in the London Olympic stadium, this coming August, could be an amazing race!

There will come a day, over the next few years, when the mantle of world's best male distance racer will go from Mo Farah, to someone else. Mo will move to the roads, and explore the major events around the world, add a few quid to his bank accounts and enjoy the last few years of his amazing career.

Who will succeed Mo Farah?

One of my suggestions is Geoffrey Kamworor. His race in Kampala told me alot about the Kenyan athlete. But with his win in Kampala, Geoffrey has, I believe, moved to another level.

LeMaitre_Christophe200R-RioOlyG16.jpgChristophe Lemaitre, photo by

PARIS (FRA): French sprinting star Christophe Lemaitre confirmed that he will try to run both events in the coming season with equal intensity, whether it will be 100 m or 200 m. His goal is to target the podium at both events at World Championships in London. Informs Le Parisien. After training camp in Reunion he plans to run at IAAF World Relays in Bahamas and then French Interclubs, French Championships, European Team Championships in Lille and Diamond League meetings in-between.

RunBlogRun opines: Christophe Lemaitre took the bronze in the 200 meters in Rio. One of the things that I like about Lemaitre is that he is slowly developing and his coach is quite old school. The attention to detail, the daily reminders that you are, as an elite sprinter, actually training for a marathon (long term), not a sprint (short term) is part of the focus. Watch the young Frenchman this season.

Yesterday, I spoke to a former team mate who I had not seen or spoke to in over 40 years! We started talking about our workouts back then, how we were as teenagers and where our lives have gone. It was fun, and it was emotional.

Tony Migliozzi .jpgThese guys are running a marathon on a 200 meter track! courtesy of Armory TC

All I can tell you is this. Many of the major relationships in my life were from the guys I ran with in high school and college. Sharing miles together is a big deal. Savor the time, breathe in the workouts and cherish the friendships.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017. warm up, four sets of 200-400-600, with half distance jog. 200s and 400s are at 400 meter current pace (If you can run 800 in 2:20, 400 meter pace is 65), 600 meters at 800 meter pace, do 400 meter jog between sets, and then,ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.cooldown.

The outdoor season is upon us. You have now been training with us for eleven weeks. Thanks for your support and let me know if you have questions, [email protected] Easy days are very important. Keep them easy.

Fauble_Scott3-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Easy days are there to allow you to recover so you can tackle tough workouts once again!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

The elite women's marathon race was not only compelling, but a big surprise. That is why the presser before the race is so interesting. Why do elite runners have good days and bad days? It is because they are human?

Well, the 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon was quite a race on March 19, 2017. The pressers, held on March 17, were great teasers for some compelling races. This presser was again managed by Toni Reavis, who uses his experience to encourage the racers to speak about their racing, their philosophy on racing and their level of fitness.

The video was filmed by The Shoe Addicts, digital partners of RunBlogRun.

Lead women @lamarathon approaching Mile 4 @SkechersPerformance #lamarathon #running #GOrun #losangeles

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Gelana_Tiki-Boston16.jpgTiki Gelana, photo by

Kiprotich_StephenFV1f-Worlds13.jpgStephen Kiprotich, photo by

The HASPA Marathon Hamburg has assembled quite a field for 2017, with Stephen Kiprotich and Tiki Gelana, the 2012 London Olympic champions. Both athletes are running well once again, and their races in April 2017 should be fascinating to observe!

Toni Reavis, the announcer, is always fascinating to observe in his natural habitat. Toni has emceed the LA Marathon for years, actually all 32 years on Television. On Friday, March 17, Toni emceed the pressers for the marathon and this is the elite mens' presser. It is always a challenge, for those who are not native speakers of English, a bit shy, a bit jet lagged. This presser was light, and fun, and humorous.

Filmed by The Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of RunBlogRun.

#lamarathon lead pack #BeverlyHills #regram @jreed22 #lamarathon lead pack #beverlyhills ---- #gorunla

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Semenya_CasterFH-OlyGames16.jpgCaster Semenya, Rio Olympic Champion, photo by
Semenya, Jebet, M. Carter
DOHA (QAT): Olympic champions Caster Semenya, Ruth Jebet and Michelle Carter are the latest names confirmed for the Doha IAAF Diamond League on 5 May, informs organisers. Semenya will face Olympic silver and bronze medallists Francine Niyonsaba from Burundi and Margaret Wambui from Kenya while Jebet faces world champion Hyvin Kiyeng and Emma Coburn, who won silver and bronze medals behind her in Rio de Janeiro last summer. Carter will go head-to-head with Olympic bronze medallist and two-time European indoor champion Anita Marton in the shot put. Previously announced names include Elaine Thompson, Dafne Schippers and home favourite Mutaz Essa Barshim.
RunBlogRun opines: Under new management, the Doha Diamond League meet, the opening event of the 2017 DL season, is announcing their season. The warm weather, the enthusiasm of the crowd and the fitness of the athletes make Doha a compelling event. RunBlogRun will be there once again this year, watch for our live coverage via social media!

Wheelchair athletes play an important part in many road races across the country and the world. They show the accessiblity of the sport and inspire many of us. The Skechers Performance LA Marathon has had a long history of supporting wheelchair athletes. This is a fun interview about the challenges on the course for wheelchair athletes, namely, the two challenging hills and the fast moving downhills. The interviews were conducted by Toni Reavis, the presser announcer.

The video was produced by The Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of RunBlogRun.

The aftermath of thirsty runners @skechersperformance @lamarathon #losangeles

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callie macumber.jpgCally Macumber, 2017 Great Edinburgh XC, photo by Justin Britton

This piece from Cait Chock is a fascinating study of an elite athlete fighting her way back from injuries. Cally Macumber finds herself fit and ready to race for Outdoor season 2017, a first in several years.

We learn from Cally Macumber, but we also identify with her as she cross trains to rebuild her body and make her dream a reality.

Cait Chock has written for RunBlogRun for several years, and we always appreciate her approach to telling the athletes's story.

The video below was the opening session of the 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon Press Conference, with Toni Reavis, long time announcer and Road Running pundit, and Tracey Russell, CEO, Conquer Endurance Group. The 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon was a huge success, with fine weather and two compelling races up front and 20,000 plus finishers from 63 countries and 50 states.

The entire presser was broken up into digestable parts, and RunBlogRun will post all four. The Shoe Addicts are the digital partner of

Wall of #runners @skechersperformance @lamarathon expo #lamarathon

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Fredericks_Frank1b-IAAFpc15.jpgFrankie Fredericks, photo by

KAMPALA (UGA): AP writes that Frank Fredericks has stepped aside from all his duties at the IAAF and "indicated" he won't attend its council meeting in London next month while he's the subject of an ethics investigation, IAAF President Sebastian Coe said on Saturday.

RunBlogRun opines: Corruption in global sports is a sad fact. I am not sure that it was much different in the ancient Olympics. However, with the pressure of modern media, and social media, the IAAF has to be seen as not reacting, but being in front of the narrative. The Le Monde investigation is not over, and neither are the French authorities done with Pappa Diack. After Pappa's recent article,, it is obvious that Pappa Diack will practice an absolute Scorched Earth policy to protect himself. The IAAF needs to be prepared. Between the great days, like Kampala, there will be days of absolute stench.

The sport is bigger than us. It is nice being part of something so historic, so living and breathing, and so important. Yesterday, 559 athletes from 59 countries raced in Kampala, Uganda over a tough cross country course.

I was so happy for the fans in Uganda when Jacob Kiplimo won the U20 title. It was the first gold medal for Uganda in world cross country! There are 290 plus countries in the world, and probably one fourth are involved in some conflict at this time. Consider that 59 countries sent athletes to this event, it is even more important than ever.

Jacob Kiplimo u 20 .jpgJacob Kiplimo wins U20. Uganda's first gold medalist at the World Cross Country Championships, photo courtesy of Roger Sedres (copyright)/IAAF

Monday,March 27, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Geoffrey Kamworor senior mens race roger sedres .jpgGeoffrey Kamworor defends his senior men's title, photo: Roger Sedres (c)/IAAF

Kamworor defended, Kenya dominated
KAMPALA (UGA, Mar 26): Kenya won both senior titles with Irene Cheptai and defender Geoffrey Kamworor. Emotional leader in men race Joshua Cheptegei initialized early festivities among fans, but faded and was happy to finish. But Uganda still got its first ever gold medal, in junior boys race Jacob Kiplimo was the best. Kenya won first mixed relay and Gidey defended her U20 girls gold medal. The race was staged on former airport grounds with grass and in hot weather. First ever IAAF Championships in Uganda. Discussions about future of this event to be held in 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark will continue.
Event by event
Mixed relay: Led off by Asbel Kiprop, Kenya took a gun-to-tape win in the inaugural mixed relay in 22:22 from Ethiopia (22:30) and Turkey (22:37). Genzebe Dibaba tried during last leg, but the margin was too big.
Junior women: Reigning champion Letesenbet Gidey easily defended her 6km title in 18:34 from teammate Hawi Feysa (18:57) and Kenya's Celliphine Chespol (19:02). Team: ETH 19, KEN 20, UGA 63.
Junior men: Jacob Kiplimo was a hugely popular winner over 8km, winning Uganda's first ever gold medal at the World XC Championships in 22:40 from Ethiopia's Amdework Walelegn (22:43) and Kenya's Richard Yator (22:52). Team: ETH 17, KEN 28, ERI 55.
Senior women: Kenyan trials winner Irene Cheptai led her country to a sweep of the top six places. She covered the 10km course in 31:57 ahead of Alice Aprot (32:01) and Lilian Kasait (32:11). Olympic 1500m champion Faith Kipyegon finished sixth in 32:49 with Olympic 3000m steeplechase champion Ruth Jebet from Bahrain seventh in the same time. Team: KEN 10, ETH 45, BRN 59.
Senior men: Joshua Cheptegei looked poised to claim victory on home soil but fell apart in the last 800m, fading back to 30th in 30:08. Geoffrey Kamworor became the first runner to defend his title since Kenenisa Bekele in 2006 10 km in 28:24 ahead of teammate Leonard Barsoton (28:36) with Ethiopia's Abadi Hadis bronze (28:43). Team: ETH 21, KEN 22, UGA 72.
Medals: Kenya 4-5-3, Ethiopia 4-4-1, Uganda 1-0-2, Turkey, Bahrain and Eritrea 0-0-1.
Europe: The best individual result was in women race by Trihas Gebre as 19th. Best team result was the bronze of Turkey in mixed relay followed with 7th place of Spain in women race.

Kenya's Kamworor won the #iaafkampala2017 senior men's race.

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‪Your U20 women's winner at #iaafkampala2017 is Ethiopia's Gidey!‬

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U20 women's lead pack negotiates the first log obstacle about 1km into their championship race. #iaafkampala2017

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16 year old won gold today in #iaafkampala2017 Proudly Ugandan

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Jacob Kiplimo u 20 .jpgJacob Kiplimo wins U20. Uganda's first gold medalist at the World Cross Country Championships, photo courtesy of Roger Sedres (copyright)/IAAF

Geoffrey Kamworor senior mens race roger sedres .jpgGeoffrey Kamworor defends his title, with a brilliant last lap, photo courtesy of Roger Sedres (copyright)/IAAF

The 2017 IAAF World Cross Country in Kamapala was huge on the drama and hot and humid on the performances. The host country, Uganda, had much to cheer for, as Uganda took team bronze in women U20, gold single in men's U20 and bronze in men's senior race.

Kenya was the big winner today, with Ethiopia making them work hard for the medals. Here is Justin Lagat's jubilant piece on the Kenyan succeses' in Kampala.

Enjoy your long run today. After the run, check out the World Cross Country Champs, from Kampala, Uganda. Great performances there today, in very, hot and humid conditions! Check out how Geoffrey Kamworor defends his title!

Kamworor_GeoffreyFV_WXC11.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Sunday, March 26, 2017 Long run, 10-11 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

In my sophomore year of high school, I managed a 12:06 two mile and a 6:03 mile. After finishing at the very back of the pack in the WCAL 2 mile, I asked our coach, Father Ray Devlin, aka Rocket Ray, what I should do. Fr. Devlin, without knowing it, was a zen Master. He said two words: "Run More."

Chelimo-Gebrhiwet-FarahLastT1-Rio16.jpgMo Farah battles the field in the Rio 5000 meters, 100 meters to go! photo by

I began running two miles in the morning and two in the afternoon. I built up to 12-18 miles a day ( I am not recommending this for 15 year olds), probably closer to 12-14 miles a day. As I got stronger, I got faster and more confident. In the Fall cross country season, I finished tenth in the JV league, which, for me was a big deal. In the spring track season of my junior year, I ran 4:53 (year before, 6:03), 2:10 for the 800 (year before, 2:50), and in the two mile, 10:56 (year before, 12:06). I cut my mileage after that summer, not going over 100 miles a week again until college. But, I loved the training, I loved racing difficult courses, and the longer the race, the better I did. In the summer of 1976, Bob Lucas, Danny Grimes and I all ran our first 10,000 meters on the track. 25 laps for high schoolers was a long way. But, it was fun, and it was a new dicovery.

I have to admit I love the two mile distance. I did not break ten minutes until I arrived in college. Remember, it is all part of the journey.

Saturday, March 25, 2017. Race today, try a 800 and a 2 mile or a 400 meters and a mile. Remember to warm up and cooldown.

The 1975 World Cross Country championships was on a horse racing course in Rabat, Morocco. Ian Stewart, the eventual winner of the 1975 World cross noted that " it was terribly hot." The loops of the course, on the horse racing loop, had a huge crowd of Moroccan fans and was favorited by the His Highness, the King of Morocco. It was to be one of the finest of all the World Cross Country Championships.

billrodgers-thumb-500x375-11383.jpgBill Rodgers with his medal and memories from Rabat 1975, photo by Jeff Benjamin

The World Cross country always went out insanely fast, and 1975 was no different. The New Zealand team had John Walker, John Dixon, Jack Foster, Dick Quax, Euen Robertson, the US team had Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers, among others. Gaston Roelants, the famous Belgian runner, who had won four World cross titles, with some very fast starts, was there, and all of 39. And the race was off! Emiel Puttemans, WR holder at 5,000 meters, was racing on the Belgian team with Gaston Roelants. Franco Fava, the fine Italian runner and writer, was in the mix up front as well. So was 1972 Olympic marathon champion Frank Shorter, who would have one of his toughest races in Rabat.

John Walker, the Kiwi miler lead for a bit, but Bill Rodgers went to the front with Scotland's Ian Stewart and Spain's Mariano Haro in pursuit. Soon, the trio of Rodgers, Stewart and Haro were off. " I was not going to let Mariano get close to the finish, " noted Ian Stewart, as Stewart had told this writer of several tough races in Spain where Haro just pushed the entire way.

Ian Stewart ended up winning the race, with Mariano Haro in silver and American Bill Rodgers taking the bronze! A month later, Rodgers would win the Boston Marathon in AR of 2:09:55, while stopping to tie his shoes several times. Rodgers's amazing career was on. Here's the story about that race in Rabat:

Tony Migliozzi .jpgTony Migliozzi, in the lead, 2016 NYRR Indoor Marathon WR, photo courtesy of

The Armory NYC Indoor Marathon is to be held tomorrow, March 25, 2017. Among the field is Tony Migliozzi, the World Champion over 50k, and the man who was second in 2016, and who wants to change his position by one in 2017. Here is our story from Sabrina Yohannes.

Tiernan_PatrickQ-Rio16.jpgPatrick Tiernan, 5000 meters, Rio 2016 Olympics, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: The World Cross Country is the toughest distance race in the world. Years ago, Joe Henderson, RW long time writer and editor called cross country as "the meeting place of the miler and the marathoner." All of the finest distance runners in the world met each and every year. But the World Cross has become diluted and while the questions are being asked on how to fix World Cross, we have a long way to go. In any case, the World Cross always has hot, challenging conditions. Kampala will be beautiful and challenging!

KAMPALA (UGA): Australian Pat Tiernan is expecting Kampala to be "one of the toughest races" he has ever competed in, informs Athletics Australia. "This year I'll be going into races with the mentality that it is going to be tough, and that I'm going to have to earn every result I get. This race in Kampala will be very different to the cross country events I have done before. I'm expecting it to hurt, it will be one of the toughest race I've ever run," he said. Tiernan thinks the Australian team could challenge for a top-five finish in the team race and he is aiming to seal the 5000m and 10,000m qualifying times for the World Championships in London later in the season.

image001.jpgI wanted our readers to read a bit about the field for the NYC Indoor Marathon that is happening at the Armory on March 25, 2017! Watch for an even faster time than in 2016!

aarhus .jpg

RunBlogRun opines: Using the spirit of the Copenhagen based World Half Marathon Championshps in 2014, which was a wonderful day of running the fine Danish city, Aarhus will innovate to create an exciting World Cross Country. We look forward to their discussions on how to bring cross country back to its previous global prestige. Kampala is adding to the excitement of the sport, we look forward to seeing a second World Cross Country that is asking the question, how do we make cross country better?

profilelargeimg_i_537deb6d220374.75203426_orig.jpgAarhus has a history of a concern for low carbon footprint. We look forward to Aarhus showing how to keep our footprint from cross country events to a minimum.

AARHUS (DEN): Organisers of the 2019 World Cross Country Championships in Aarhus are planning to use their event as a platform to get the sport back onto the Olympic programme, informs "We want to produce an event which will reignite a serious discussion about the re-admittance of cross country to the Olympic Programme. It's not our discussion, but we want to enable it," said director of the Danish Athletic Federation Jakob Larsen, who is proposing innovative changes when the event is staged in Aarhus in 2019. As well as a kids' race and a mass participation race which could be integrated with the elite race, Larsen proposes the reintroduction of old school elements into the races. "We propose introduction of challenging course elements located in "Challenge zones"; some based on well-known elements of "Old School" cross country, others inspired by cyclo cross, XC eventing and Obstacle Course Runs," he said. Larsen will discuss some of his ideas with the IAAF in Kampala in the run-up to the World Cross Country Championships on Sunday.

To read the Long read by Mike Rowbottom, please go to:

A rainy day in San Jose, CA. Reminds me of the many days in high school, when we ran intervals on the dirt 352 yard track at Bellarmine, sloshing in the rain. We felt the harder the conditions, the better we were! This week, the new Terry Ward Track & Field Center opened at Bellarmine. I will be going by next week to take some pictures and do an audio on the track. The track now is a beautiful 400 meter facility.

yifter_viren_moscu80.jpgMiruts Yifter, Lasse Viren, Moscow 1980 Olympics, 10,000 meters, by Juan Jose Martinez

Terry Ward was the head coach at Bellarmine from for many years. I was fortunate to work under his thoughtful and cheerful eyes when I was a young coach. Terry had a sense of humor, knew the sport and had the confidence of the athletes. He grew the program from about two dozen ragtag cross country runners from 1972 to 1976, to the one hundred plus who come out for Bellarmine's iconic cross country team and track team (nearly 150, I believe).

Forty plus years later, I can tell you, the memories are key. The hard workouts and races, good and bad, challenged me to find what I was made of, it was a voyage of self discovery. Still is.

Enjoy your workout today.

Friday, March 24, 2017 warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Coe_Seb1a-IAAFgala16.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: We are happy that the IAAF Ethics Board is going to investigate the accusations focused on Frankie Fredericks. However, we do not understand why Mr. Fredericks has any active position within the IAAF while the investigation is going on. Didn't they suspend IAAF staff who were being investigated? The IAAF has to stay above reproach during these challenging times.

Our suggestion to Lord Coe is to reconsider his decision on those accused of wrong doing who are IAAF team members. The IAAF has to stay above reproach during these challenging times. If this investigation is to be taken seriously, the IAAF has to put a serious protocal in place.

Update March 24, 2017

The 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon had two fascinating races. On the men's side, the tension continued to build as the pack stayed together through the half marathon. Then, the field dropped to eight, then, six, then, four, and finally, it was down to Danial Limo and Elisha Barnu. Limo and Barnu ran a mile in 4:40 between Mile 23 and 24. Barnu had stomach problems, but stayed close, and in mile 24 to 25, running a 4:49. The leads changed four times over the last several miles, with Elisha Barnu gutting it out and taking the win. Here's how the top three men and top American discussed their races on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

IMG_7968.JPGLA Marathon Men: Elisha Barno, Danial Lemo, Willy Koitile, John Pickhaver (US Top Finisher), photo from RunBlogRun/TheShoeAddicts

The race came down to this: A huge pack went from 12 to ten, and then, to six, and finally, four. By 24 miles, it was down to Elisha Barno, first timer at LA, and Danial Lemo, 2015 Champ and 2016 3rd placer. Elisha Barno, citing some warm sports drink, had stomach distress in mile 23, when they ran 4:49. Then, Danial Lemo put down the hammer, running 4:40 and Barno, stomach distress and all, stayed close. Lemo charged back into the lead over mile 26, and won the race, putting 30 seconds in the last two miles. Here's the presser for Men, managed by Tom Feur. In third was Willy Koitile, who ran 2016 winner, Weldon Kirui down. Also, John Pickhaver, scored a five minute PB to take tenth. John Pickhaver works in Hollywood, and ran after work each night after long days. A nice presser!

This was filmed for Facebook LIVE on RunBlogRun by my unsteady hand.

(ENGLISH): GEOFFREY KAMWOROR TO DEFEND HIS WORLD CROSS COUNTRY TITLE IN KAMPALA Not since the five-year reign of Kenenisa Bekele from 2002 to 2006 has a senior man managed to win back-to-back world cross-country titles, but Geoffrey Kamworor will be aiming to do exactly that at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships Kampala 2017 on Sunday, March 26. Sunday's race will mark exactly one year since his triumph at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships Cardiff 2016, which also happens to be his most recent victory. Some of Geoffrey's impressive performances: - 2011 World Junior Cross Country Champion. - 3rd in his marathon debut at Berlin 2012 in 2:06:12. - Fastest half marathon of the year 2013 clocking 58:54 in RAK. - 2014 World Half Marathon Champion in 59:07. - 2015 World Senior Cross Country Champion. - In 2016 Geoffrey became, despite a fall at the start, only the third men in history to win the World Half Marathon Championships more than once. He took the win in 59:10. ---------------------------------------- GEOFFREY KAMWOROR DEFENDERÁ SU TÍTULO MUNDIAL DE CROSS COUNTRY EN KAMPALA No desde el reinado de Kenenisa Bekele de 2002 a 2006, un hombre ha logrado ganar títulos mundiales consecutivos en cross country, pero Geoffrey Kamworor intentará hacer exactamente eso en el Campeonato Mundial de Cross Country Kampala 2017, el domingo 26 de marzo. La carrera del domingo marcará exactamente un año desde su triunfo en el Campeonato Mundial de Medio Maratón de la IAAF en Cardiff 2016, que también es su victoria más reciente. Algunas de las impresionantes actuaciones de Geoffrey: - Campeón del Mundo Junior de Cross Country 2011. - 3ero en su debut en maratón en Berlín 2012 en 2:06:12. - La media maratón más rápida del año 2013 con 58:54 en RAK. - Campeón Mundial de Medio Maratón 2014 en 59:07. - Campeón del Mundo Senior de Cross Country 2015. - En 2016 Geoffrey se convirtió, a pesar de una caída en el inicio, en el tercer hombre en la historia en ganar el Campeonato Mundial de Medio Maratón más de una vez. Tomó la victoria en 59:10. • #somosrunners #run #athletics #atletismo #correr #crosscountry #xc #geoffreykamworor #worldcrosscountrychampionships #kampala2017 @iaafkampala2017

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RunBlogRun Opines: The 2012 Olympic marathon champion, Stephen Kiprotich is racing in his own country, Uganda. Uganda has put together a fine team and they look to be in the medal battle. Will Stephen KIprotich rise to the top of the field once again? How will the Ugandan men's team perform? We have only a few days to wait! The race is less that 52 hours from now!

Thursday is a good fast workout day. Enjoy the 400 meters and see what you can do over the final 2 x 200 meters! I hope the sun is out today wherever you are running!

Ahmed_Mohammed1-Pre16.jpgMo Ahmed ran 13:04 this indoor season for Canadian NR! photo by

Thursday, March 23, 2017 warm up, six times 800 meters, 400m jog, 800 meters at current mile pace, finish with 2 x 200 meters, first at current 400m pace, second all out, jog 800 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Svein Arne Hansen is the President of the European Athletics Association. He is leading the sport of athletics in the 51 countries of the EAA. And he is trying to innovate. The social media of the European Athletics Associaiton attracts many young European track fans. The production of the European Indoors gave this viewer one of the finest indoor championships ever. And now, Hansen leads by example. He is suggesting a protocal for key players in both the IAAF, EAA and IOC, who might find themselves accused of wrong doing. He suggests that the accused step aside due to the problems such situations cause the organizations.

This comes at a time when IAAF President Seb Coe is dealing with the Le Monde accusations of Freddie Fredericks about alleged questionable activities around the Rio 2016 Olympic bid. Suggestions are that there are more people to be named, and such stench affects the entire sport. Does it not make sense, in a time of calmness, to develop a protocal for such situations. We hope that Lord Coe sees the suggestion that President Arne Hansen has provided as a smart way to react for the IAAF.

Continue to lead by example, European Athletic Association!

RunBlogRun opines: In Beijing 2015, Dafne Schippers won two medals, a silver in the 100 meters and a gold in the 200 meters. In the Rio Olympics, Elaine Thompson, of Jamaica, whom Schippers defeated in the 200 meters in Beijing, won the gold in both the 100 meters and 200 meters, with Schippers taking silver in the 200 meters.

Thompson and Schippers will meet on May 5 in Doha! What a way to start the outdoor season!

Thompson-Schippers-OlyGame16.jpgElaine Thompson and Dafne Schippers, photo by

Schippers vs Thompson
DOHA (QAT): Excellent head-to-heads have been confirmed for the Doha IAAF Diamond League opener on 5 May. World champion Dafne Schippers will go head-to-head with double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson over 200m while former Olympic champions Kirani James and LaShawn Merritt are set to go head-to-head over 400m. In a rematch of the Olympics, Ekaterini Stefanidi and Sandi Morris will renew their rivalry in the pole vault with world champion Yarisley Silva also in the field while home favourite Mutaz Essa Barshim will face strong opposition from Olympic medallists Erik Kynard and Robbie Grabarz in the high jump. From IAAF.

Norb Sander died unexpectedly on Friday, March 17, 2017. His funeral was yesterday, March 21, 2017 in Yonkers. I flew out to pay my respects and joined a full church, many still in shock over the loss of the very vital Norb Sander.


Dr. Norb Sander racing New York City Marathon in 1974, from the

The celebration was thoughtful and a dear friend of Norb's spoke, for five minutes about the parts of Norb's life many did not know: how much Norb loved the Jesuits and his education, his lifelong love of French and all things from France, and his love of stories. He spoke of Norb's lovely wife, Bridget Bennett Sander and four daughters, Eva Fitzgerald, Jessica, Emma and Phoebe Sander. He also spoke of Norb's mother, Gertude Sander, all of 95, as an example of the modeling that Norb had growing up.

Norb Sander 2.jpgMary Wittenberg, Dr. Norb Sander, Matthew Centrowitz, Eamonn Coghlan, Ray Flynn, from 2015 NYRR Millrose, photo by

In the following story, Jeff Benjamin reached out to several of Norb's contemporaries to remind us about his running beginnings and how the former NYC Marathon champion was part of the sport. Most of use know him from the Armory NYC, the"House that Norb built". His legacy will be around for years to come, but right now, his friends, and loved ones are sad, shaken and torn on the loss of this humorous, story telling lovely man.

As Norb Sander might say, "Qu'elle histoire!"

To read his obituary in the New York Times:

To read our feature on Norbert Sander, please go to:

Cait Chock has written for RunBlogRun for several years. Cait comes up with great ideas on athletes and their journeys, and I like them. Normally, I get knows from her when I am jet lagged in some country or city and the ideas wake me up. This is one of them. I have watched Blake Russell develop from a pretty good track runner to a fine marathoner, and yes, Olympian.

Blake Russell, USA title, LA Marathon .jpgBlake Russell, Winner 2015 USA Marathon title, LA Marathon, photo courtesy of USATF

Rebekah Broe is one of our favorite people in the sport. She has a wonderful enthusiasm for New Balance Track Spikes, the athletes and the sport. She is married to a fine coach and Olympian. Rebekah gets it. In this interview with the Shoe Addicts, Larry Eder asks Rebekah Broe to explain the 2017 Spring New Balance offerings for the track & field specialty. Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for this interview. And always, always, thanks to Rebekah Broe, who explains the product that her team has developed for the 1.4 million high school track & field athletes who compete in track and cross country in North America.

Memories come from the strangest places. Easy runs, goofing off, crazy fast speed work and races where you were challenged and you respond. For me, breaking five mintues for the mile was unthinkable in my sophomore year. I broke five minutes in my junior year, and took 90 seconds off my two mile that year as well. Lots of summer running and dedicated training my junior year in cross country and over the winter were the key. You all are running well, nave have ten weeks of training under your belt.

Kamworor_GeoffreyFV_WXC11.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Geoffrey Kamworor is one of my favorite athletes. He has battled Mo Farah on roads and track. He has defeated him on the roads, but never on the track! Will 2017 be his year?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Here's the 14th report for US and Canada results for 2016-2017. These very in depth results are compiled by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles manages TrackinSun Blog, which is quite cool and track geeky.


Enjoy this report and check out past reports as well. We always have a pdf of past issues, just search on and you wil find them!

RunBlogRun opines: Geoffrey Kamworor is defending his World Cross Country title. He wants to show just how fit he is and the World Cross will be a confidence builder as he focuses on the Kenyan Trials for London 2017. The Kenyan team is fantastic, but so is the US team, the home team from Uganda, and there will be some surprises. Looking forward to the World Cross on March 26!

Kamworor_GeoffreyFV_WXC11.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor winning World Cross in 2015, photo by

EMBU (KEN): Reigning champion Geoffrey Kamworor feels in "great shape" ahead of his title defence at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala, informs the Daily Nation. "I feel I'm in great shape now when I compare to how I was feeling during the trials. I started training in December and my aim was to make Team Kenya. Now I aim to defend my title in Kampala. My body feels great and I cannot wait to hit that trail in Kampala," he said. Kamworor added he only started training seriously in December as a consequence of injury followed by a minor road accident.

In our schedule, Tuesday workouts are one of the toughest days of week. This is a good workout, challenging and with some variety. Follow the workout, as it is to help you in the middle part of races, where, many times, races are won or lost.

Sisson-HuddleTF1a-NycHalf17.JPGEmily Sisson and Molly Huddle, photo by

Tuesday, March 21, 2017. warm up, 3 x 1200 m, 800m, 400m, with half distance jog. 400 meter jog between sets, first set at mile pace for 2 mile, second set at current mile pace, third set at current mile pace, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.


BryanMorseman.jpg: Bryan Morseman wins the Publix Georgia Marathon in 2:28:31. Credit Atlanta Track Club.


LaceyKrout.jpg: Lacey Krout earns overall female title at 2017 Publix Georgia Marathon in 2:53:19. Credit Atlanta Track Club.

Here's the release from the Atlanta Track Club on how they continue to innovate and bring in new runners to their various properties.

Mondays after a long run are pretty relaxed, so, enjoy the run, enjoy the stride outs, and do the sit ups, pull ups and push ups. Check out Elisha Barnu, who won the LA marathon on Sunday after puking while he was racing at 4:40 mile pace! I spoke to him after his race, and Elisha noted that warm sports drink is not good for your stomach.

Sisson-HuddleH1-NycHalf17.JPGEmily Sisson and Molly Huddle, training partners go 1,2 in United NYC Half, photo by

Monday, March 20, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Sisson-HuddleH1-NycHalf17.JPGEmily Sisson and Molly Huddle, 2017 United NYC Half, photo by
Hawkins_CallumH-NyHalf17.jpgCallum Hawkins leads Teshome Mekonnen and Feyisa Lelisa, 2017 United NYC Half, photo by
Huddle and Lilesa
NEW YORK (USA, Mar 19): Molly Huddle won her third successive title in the NYC Half in a close race against training partner and debutante Emily Sisson. Huddle and Sisson were neck-and-neck until the last 400m when Huddle pulled away to win in 68:19 from Sisson in 68:21. Burundi's Diane Nukuri was third in 69:13 ahead of Edna Kiplagat (69:37) ad Amy Cragg (69:38). Sweden's Sarah Lahti was the top European finisher in sixth, clocking 69:58 on her half marathon debut. The men's race was also decided with less than a kilometre remaining with Olympic marathon silver medallist Feyisa Lilesa pulling away from Brit Callum Hawkins, 60:04 to 60:08. Ethiopia's Teshome Mekonen was third in 60:28, one place ahead of defending champion Stephen Sambu (60:55). Chris Derrick was the top American finisher in sixth in 61:12. Further back, Abdi Abdirahman and Meb Keflezighi were 15th and 20th in 63:22 and 64:55 respectively.

Hill_Candace200SF-USOlyTr16.jpgCandace Hill, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: When we spoke with Candace Hill at the Global Athletics & Marketing Next Gen Forum, we were quite impressed with Ms. Hill. Candace made it very clear that she was forward focused and wanted to show how strong she was and race well. Her indoor season has been quite good, with some fine 300 meter racing. Her fine 400 meters shows that the agile athlete has many more PBs in front of her. That 400m and 200m double show her strength as she builds her racing focus for outdoors in 2017.

ATLANTA (USA, Mar 17): Great double at Yellow Jackett Invitational by Candace Hill getting 52.94 PB in the 400 m and 22.76 (+0.5) in the 200 m. Maurice Freeman won men 400 m in 46.18.

IMG_7977.JPGTop finishers: Hellen Jepkurgat, Jane Kibii, Angela Orjuela, Joanna Reyes (top 4), photo by The Shoe Addicts

The winner nearly did not get here. Her passport was less than six months from expiring, so she had to do an expedited Passport and Visa. Hellen Jepkurgat paid her way here, and took the lead from 14 miles and that party was over. Top Ethiopians, Mestawet Tufa and Kiruktayit Degefa folded, with Degefa finishing nine minutes back in fourth and Tufa not finishing. A titanic battle between Jane Kibii and Angela Orjuela was decided by six seconds at the finish. And Joanna Reyes, San Jose State grad, cross country runner at the newly ressurected program at Speed City, improved by fifteen minutes two seconds (from 2:50.58 to 2:37:56).

Moderated by Tom Feur, here's the FaceBook LIVE video of the presser!

Bolt_Usain200SFSt1-OlyGame16.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by
RunBlogRun opines: Can Usain Bolt run 9.70? We think so. If Usain Bolt can get himself in shape, and stay focused during his last season, then, we believe 9.70 is definitely in the cards for Mr. Bolt. Usain Bolt has pride in what he does. With Coach Mills challenging him, Usain Bolt, a very fit Mr. Bolt, can definitely run 9.70!
Bolt targets 9.7
KINGSTON (JAM): World record holder Usain Bolt wants to leave Jamaican fans with a special 9.7 farewell. Bolt will run his final race in Jamaica on June 10 at the Racers Grand Prix. The meet is dubbed "Salute to a Legend" and will be held at the National Stadium. "For me, it's just to put down a really fast time," Bolt was quoted by The Gleaner saying, while adding "I haven't really ran a fast time early in the season, so for me to run a 9.7, that would be very good."

Long runs on Sundays are either the beginning or the end of your week. I remember running a 30 miler, as I was preparing for the Boston Maraton, one year in sub-zero Pennsylvannia. We kept the water in the porch of my house, and would stop each ten mile loop to grab some non-frozen water.

Huddle_MollyINT-FLxcFinal.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

I also recall a dog that followed me for all of my fifteen mile run in the Santa Cruz mountains, and he was never out of breath. He would join me about once a month for my Sunday runs in the mountains.

Whatever your memories on long runs, enjoy them. You can write papers, discuss the world or just enjoy the wonders of nature.

Sunday, March 19, 2017. Long run, 10-11 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

Chepkirui_JoyceLeds-NycHalf16.JPGThe United NYC Half, March 2016, photo by

Road racing is not indoor track. Weather does play a part, but, always remember, everyone runs in the snow, hail or rain. Chris Lotsbom takes a look at how tactics could play a part in the race beginning in six hours.

RunBlogRun Opines: Emily Sisson will debut on Sunday at the half marathon distance, at the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. Chris Lotsbom met up with Emily before the race, and put together this nice view of the rising star.

Sisson_Emily-BAA5k16.jpgEmily Sisson, photo by

I have followed Emily since she was a high schooler in Missouri. She had come a long way, and training with Molly Huddle and chatting with Kim Smith, one of our favorite athletes, is all good for Emily. The key is learning from the great athletes around yourself. Emily is learning and will continue to learn and develop.

We wish her much success.

Blake_YohanQ-Rio16.jpgYohan Blake, photo by

This is the second report on the Central American and Caribbean results for 2017. Special thanks to the man who compiles these results, Carles Baronet. Carlets Baronet edits TrackinSun blog (we highly encourage you to follow the blog and @trackinsun on twitter).

RunBlogRun opines: Callum Hawkins is the real thing. I watched him at London, run with guts and focus, and was quite impressed. Then came Rio, and Callum was there too. His runs in Edinburgh against Leonard Korir in mud and muck, and his 60 minute half marathon continue to open eyes. In my mind, Callum and his brother, coached by their father, is old school, new school. With some, running hard, being close to home, working with someone who understands you down to the mitochondria, is a good thing. Coaching is both art and science.

Hawkins_CallumFV-EuroXC16.jpgCallum Hawkins, Euro Cross Country 2016, photo by

We wish Callum Hawkins a fine run on Sunday and will be watching for his results! Thanks to Chris Lotsbom for his fine article, which we, of course, used with permission.

Kimetto_DennisFV1-Berlin14.jpgDennis Kimeto, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Dennis Kimetto is the world record holder. Running world records takes alot out of the athlete. I am not sure if many athletes can come back from such a strain on the body. Wilson Kipsang has come pretty darn close. Dennis Kimetto has had injury problems and he fell during training for 2017 Boston. We hope to see him in either a late Spring race or Fall race.

Kimetto out of Boston (EME news)

BOSTON (USA): World marathon record-holder Dennis Kimetto has pulled out of the Boston Marathon after injuring his knee during a fall in training, informs organisers. Kimetto was also forced to miss the Chicago Marathon last autumn due to injury. The elite fields are led by reigning champions Lemi Berhanu and Atsede Baysa from Ethiopia.

The 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon weekend began on Friday, March 17. The Expo opened around 10 am, and at 11 am, the presser began. Toni Reavis opened the presser and Tracey Russell, CEO of Conqur Endurance Group, the management group that includes LA Marathon in their portfolio (Santa Monica 5k, Pasadena Half Marathon & 5k, Skechers Performance LA Marathon).

Here's the presser from Friday morning. We will post the interviews with men, women and wheelchair athletes later today! Now, off to the Expo!

Wittenberg_Sander_Centrowitz_Coghlan_Flynn_Millrose_Smaller_2015_Jane_Monti.jpgWittenberg, Sander, Centrowitz, Coghlan, Flynn, photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly

Dr. Norb Sander passed away unexpectedly on Friday, March 17. Walt Murphy, long time publisher of Eastern Track and XC Express, put together a piece on how Norb truly changed the sport. His legacy, the Armory Track Center, is a positive sanctuary for all who enter its doors, and walk around the track.

Norb always had a great energy and knew his mission was important. That is why he succeeded in making the Armory a reality.

We will miss him each and every day.

Rupp_GalenKids-OlyTr16.jpgGalen Rupp, and two of his kids, photo by

RunBlogRun Opines: Come on. The media scrutiny is one thing, but Galen Rupp knows how to turn it all off. The only thing that matters for elite athletes is the event, and Galen Rupp has three kids, a lovely wife and strong support group. His training has reached 120-140 miles a week, and his sessions are progressing. It will be fun to see Galen in Boston. Galen Rupp has a secret weapon: he is not obsessed by social media, so it is much easier to turn it off and focus on that race in Boston. Remember, he has run two marathons. He won his first (U.S. Olympic Trials) and took Olympic bronze in second. He should be ready for Boston.

Rupp_GalenFV-Rio16.jpgGalen Rupp taking Olympic bronze, photo by

Rupp notes preparations are good (EME News)

BOSTON (USA): Galen Rupp has said his preparations for the Boston Marathon have not been affected by the latest doping allegations surrounding his training group at the Nike Oregon Project, informs Competitor Magazine "It doesn't really affect me a lot. I feel like we answered all of the questions that are out there. And when you've got the truth on your side, you know you've always followed the rules to a T, you really don't have anything to worry about, and so that stuff is just outside noise that I block out," he said.

Huddle_MollyFV-USAout14.jpgMolly Huddle and Shannon Rowbury, photo by

The battle for the race above was furious. Molly Huddle and Shannon Rowbury were, and are worthy adversaries. Shannon grabbed the lead down the final stretch, and Molly Huddle called from something inside herself and caught Shannon right near the line. Molly Huddle is the 10,000m AR, and Shannon has the 1,500m and 5,000m ARs. Watch them at the 2017 USA Outdoor Champs in Sacramento this coming June!

Saturday, March 18, 2017. Race today, try a 800 and a 2 mile or a 400 meters and a mile. If you can not race, try our 40 minutes fartlek workout. Remember to warm up and cooldown. Find a nice soccer pitch, and run hard for one minute (mile pace), then jog one minute, repeat 15 times, then, finish with a two minute hard, three minute easy.

Remember to warm up and cooldown.

As many of you know, Norb Sander, aka Dr. Norb Sander, Jr., 1974 NYC Marathon champion and the man of vision behind the ressurgence of the Fort Washington Armory, passed away on Friday March 17. The following is the statement from Michael Frankfurt, Chairman of the Armory Foundation, on the passing of our friend, Dr. Norbert Sander, Jr.

norb sander.jpgDr. Norb Sander, Jr. with some of the Armory Kids, photo courtesy of NYC Armory

luvo manyongo photo by John mcgrath.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by John McGrath
RunBlogRun opines: Luvo Manyonga, the silver medalist from Rio wants to give the Long Jump world a message. Luvo leaped 8.46 meters just a few weeks ago, and now, he has taken the longest jump since 2009 (Dwight Phillips, 8.74m, Irving Saladino, 8.63m ), with his 8.62 meters (+1.2 mps) in Pretoria, South Africa, today, March 17. Can not wait to see Luvo jump against the rest of the world in London in August! We are looking for video of the jump to post on twitter. Watch for updates!
Manyonga 862 African record (EME News)
PRETORIA (RSA, Mar 17): Olympic long jump silver medalist Luvo Manyonga achieved superb 862 (+1.2) African record and World lead during regional Gauteng North Championships. It is also best mark in the event since 2009 when Dwight Phillips (874) and Irving Saladino (863) jumped more. In the series also twice 834 and once 829. Jabolane Ncamane won the 800 m in 1:47.94 and Cornel Fredericks fast 400 m hurdles 49.27 ahead of Constant Pretorius 49.57 and Leroux Hamman 49.98. Fast also in the U18 race (youth height) Sokwakhana Zazini 48.84 what is the best ever time in this category and hurdles height. Female hurdler Wenda Nel won the 200 m in 23.91 (-1.4).


Dr. Norb Sander, courtesy of
Updated March 17, 2017. It is with a heavy heart, we announce that Dr. Norbert Sander, the 1974winner of the New York City Marathon, and the man who rebuilt the Fort Washington Armory, died early this morning. Norb was 74. He has been hailed as a visionary and "one of the good ones." David Hunter, the writer of the following article, suggested that I repost his piece from December 15, 2013, about the good Dr Sander.
David Hunter wrote this piece on Doctor Norb Sander, the man with the vision to have taken a beaten up armory, found the funding and the support to give New York a positive sanctuary for indoor track & field.
Farah_MoFH1a-Birmingham14.jpgMo Farah, Birmingham DL, 2014, photo by
Farah added to Racers GP line-up
KINGSTON (JAM): Latest top name for JN Racers Grand Prix on June 10 is Olympic and World gold medalist Mo Farah scheduled for a 3000 m race. Also confirmed Wayde van Niekerk and David Rudisha who will join Usain Bolt for his Jamaican farewell meet. Daegu 2011 Wold 100m champion Yohan Blake, former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell, London 2012 Olympic Games 200m silver medallist Warren Weir and Commonwealth Games 100m champion Kemar Bailey-Cole are among the locals expected to be on show. American sprinter Jenna Prandini, along with Jamaicans Danielle Williams, the world 100m hurdles champion, and Ristananna Tracey are also listed.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

It's Friday, and we are at the LA Marathon, covering the press events and the races over the weekend. 24,000 people are running the marathon, with several thousand running the 5k on Saturday.

Semenya_CasterFV1a-OlyGame16.jpgEven Olympians have tough days: Last weekend, 800m gold medalist Caster Semenya ran her first 3000 meters in 9:36.39. She admitted it was a bit long! photo by

Friday, March 17, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Skechers_Performance_Los_Angeles_Marathon_Logos_2016.jpgThe Skechers Performance division of Skechers has just extended their multi year sponsorship with Conqur Endurance Group, the team who manages the LA Marathon. The race in the City of Angels has the support of a global brand that is promoting the race on a global level, giving the marathon the brand awareness it needs to grow into a global event. This year, runners from over 60 countries are running the race from Downtown LA to the pier in Santa Monica. Here's the release on this event. This is good for the sport and good for the race.

Drossin-Kidane--WorldXC03.jpgDeena Drossin (Kastor) at World XC 2003, photo by

US marathon record holder Deena Kastor may well be best remembered for her feats on the road, but the seeds for her success were unquestionably honed in the white-hot competitive furnace of the IAAF World Cross Country Championships.


Immersed in athletics from a young age, Kastor "loved" cross country in her formative years and won her maiden national cross country title aged just 12.

Later while attending Agoura High School in Los Angeles County she earned a spot on successive US U20 teams to compete at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, where she went on to place 72nd and 40th, respectively, in Aix-les-Bains in France in 1990 and the following year in Antwerp.

Both U20 races were thrilling for the teenager. She recalls her pride at wearing the US uniform and although she has vague recollections of the specific races, she says: "I couldn't believe that runners surged into hills, on top of hills and again down the hill. I couldn't believe that mud, obstacles and weather had no hindrance on a blistering pace."

For complete story, please go to:

JrMenField-Flowers-WXC06.jpgFukuoka (2006 WXC), Men's Jr Race, photo by
Biggest World CC since 2006
KAMPALA (UGA): Final entry figures suggest the 2017 World Cross Country Championships in Kampala will be the biggest edition of the championships since 2006. A total of 557 athletes from 60 countries are set to compete in the Ugandan capital on 26 March. Those figures include the four athletes who are set to represent an Athlete Refugee Team in the mixed relay which will be guided by former world marathon record-holder Tegla Loroupe. In total, 13 countries are set to contest the inaugural mixed relay. From IAAF.

Huddle_MollyFV-BAA5k15.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

Sambu_StephenH-Philly16.jpgStephen Sambu, photo by

The United Airlines NYC Half Marathon has become a fixture in its short history. The perfect time for a test for elite marathoners gearing for Boston or London Marathons, the race has welcomed strong fields with fast and furious finishes. This year, 2017, should be no different.

We will provide coverage of the half marathon on same day we are covering the Skechers Performance LA Marathon LIVE in Los Angeles. Through the wonders of streaming video, we will wake up early, watch the race, and provide you some insights into this wonderful race.

This is also the first year New Balance is supporting the race, as they are now sponsoring all events by NYRR for next decade. We salute NB for supporting so many programs in the Big Apple that promote running in this global city.

Schippers_Dafne200Dive-OlyGames16.jpgDafne Schippers dives in 200 meters, RIO 2016, photo by
Schippers confirms Nassau
AMSTERDAM (NED): Dafne Schippers has confirmed she will compete at the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas next month, informs NOS. Schippers has been selected for the 4x100m along with Naomi Sedney, Jamile Samuel, Madiea Ghafoor and Marije van Hunenstijn. The top eight teams will gain automatic selection for the World Championships in London. Churandy Martina leads the Dutch men 4x100m team.

Updated March 16, 2017

Rumors persist about shoes being banned. Seem to be just rumors. Both are fine shoes, but, remember, shoes do not make the runner, runner makes the shoes. Both shoes are light and for fast running. Can they help make you more efficient? Perhaps. Are they better than shoes from five to ten years ago? Probably so! But, try to remember hype from reality.

I asked Cregg Weinmann the other day to write up a short piece on the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite and the adidas adizero Sub 2. Cregg was more than equal to the task as he had described, in alluring detail, the differences on the shoes. As our favorite shoe geek, Cregg Weinmann wrote the following description about the two very, very fast shoes for the elite of elites.

And remember to follow Cregg's Shoe Showdown on his Instagram (@theShueMann)!

Harrison_KendraFL-Lausanne16.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by
Harrison and Thompson for Kingston Invite
KINGSTON (JAM): Asafa Powell, Elaine Thompson, Andre De Grasse and Kendra "Keni" Harrison are the big names announced for the Jamaica Invitational on May 20 (IAAF World Challenge). The organizers also announced rising Jamaican star quarter-miler Javon Francis and American Lashawn Merritt (in the 200 m against De Grasse) will be on show. Thompson will run the 200 m. Powell will go in the men's 100 m against US Mike Rodgers. World and Olympic bronze medallist Shericka Jackson takes on fellow Jamaican Stephenie Ann McPherson in the 400m, while Olympic finalist Christania Williams will contest the 100m. Informs Trackalerts.

This is a hard day on the track. Warm up, focus, and then, cooldown. The idea behind hard days on the track which is about preparing you to race. Callousing, which is a term that was a favorite of Coach Bill Dellinger, the 1964 Olympic bronze medalist at 5000 meters and long time head coach at the University of Oregon. Coach Dellinger got it (still does). I did his half marathon program in 1983, cut my mileage, increased my quality work, and cut my half marathon time by three minutes! While I was a young college coach, I would ask him and Coach Chaplin (University of Washington, Pullman), and they were both helpful and humorous.

Amos_NijelFV-PreC14.jpgNijel Amos, photo by

Enjoy the moment today. 300 meters are a blast. Take the workout one interval at a time.

Thursday, March 16, 2017. warm up, Two sets of 8 x 300 meters, 150 meter jog between each, first set of 300 meters at half mile race pace (2:20, then at 55 seconds), jog 800 meters before second set of 300 meters, run 300 meters in second set at 800 meter race pace, until last two 300 meters, then run them at 400 meter race pace, finish with 4 x 150 meter stride outs, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Duplantis_Mondo19-1R1a-NBiN17.JPGArmand Duplantis, photo by

NEW YORK (USA): Armand Duplantis has said he will compete at both the European U20 Championships in Grosseto and the World Championships in London this summer, informs Track & Field News. "Right now, I'm focused on London, the World Championships. And I want to go in there and make the finals for sure and see if I can get on the podium," he said. Duplantis set a world U20 pole vault record of 5.82m in New York last weekend.

I ran the first LA Marathon way back in 1986, and it was fascinating. I started at the very end of the marathon field and passed people the entire race, running a relaxed 3:36. Bill Burke was the impressario of the race at the time, and he was the first person (along with Marie Patrick) to get the support of the City of Angels. Remember, seven marathons had been attempted over the years and finally, the race took hold.

RunBlogRun will be at the marathon in 2017, thanks to sponsor, Skechers Performance. Watch for our live Instagram and Facebook coverage, plus Instagram, live coverage and during the weekend. Here is a piece on the upcoming highlights from the weekend.

14449876_1274163159294374_983787956368013035_n.jpgThe Start of Skechers LA Marathon, February 2016, photo courtesy of LA Marathon

Justin Lagat writes about the possible successes of the Kenyan teams in Kampala, Uganda at the end of this month. The World Cross Country continues to be affected by athletes from Kenya and Ethiopia who have emigrated to other countries, and Justin notes that in his column, including, for the first time, the USA. But, how can he not, with the addition of several young Kenyan athletes, several who have taken U.S. citizenship by joining the U.S. Army? How is this different than what is being done in Qatar and Bahrain? I am at a loss to explain the differences.

Barsoton_Leonard1-KenyaXC15.jpgLeonard Barsoton, Kenyan XC 2015, photo by


Agnes Tirop, 2017 Campaccio, photo by


Amy Cragg, Rio 2016 Olympics, photo by

Amy Cragg is the focus of this story by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly. Amy Cragg is running the 2017 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on March 19, 2017. Argueably, the half marathon field, for American women, is one of the finest every assembled. Shalane Flanagan is out with an injury and Jordan Hasay just completed the US 15k at Gate River, but the likes of Des Linden, Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson will all be there.

Sunday March 19 is very busy. In New York , the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon and, in Los Angeles, the Skechers Performance LA Marathon.

The outdoor season is beginning across the country. You are nine weeks ahead of many, so keep up the workouts, and remember to check your shoes!

Bahta_MerafFH-Euros14.jpgMeraf Bahta takes 5000m over Sifan Hassan, photo by

Wednesday, March 15, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Alberto Salazar piece.jpgThe above page is from the Alberto Salazar section of the, aka Runners Universe. The site has an amazing collection of the lifeworks of some of our sport's finest coaches, in all disciplines. And they are offered for a price.
We at RunBlogRun understand a for profit site on running. However, we have to pay writers, photographers and the like, for our articles. We were alerted to the fact that some coaches were not paid nor did they know their content was on the site. Upon further investigation, we have been hard pressed to find any coaches who have been paid for their work.
We have reached out to the and asked for comment, and there has been no response. We are now asking our readers to read this article and pass it around. Please understand that we have no arguement with the articles on the site. We do feel that coaches' lifework should not be posted without permission, and in case of for profit sites like, coaches should be compensated for the sale of their thoughts and information.
Special thanks to Jeff Benjamin for his investigation that follows.

Collins_KimQ-WorInd16.jpgKim Collins, photo by

BASSETERRE (SKN): Kim Collins could retire at the World Championships in London this August, informs organisers. "I think London will be my last. My oldest son now is 19. The kids are growing. But it's been great for the younger generation as it shows that if you take care of your body, you can have a long-lasting career," he said. Collins will be 41 at the World Championships in London.

RunBlogRun: I was there. I watched Kim Collins win the 100 meters in 2003 in Saint Denis, France. In 2011, i watchd Kimm Collins almost steal the gold from Yohan Blake. In 2016, in rainy Mancheters, I watched Kim Collins with the 100 meters from Trayvon Bromell. Kim Collins is one tough, and friendly sprinter!

Training be a grind anywhere you train, even in beautiful Kenya. In this column, Justin Lagat shares some of the issues on training in Kenya. He also salutes some elite athletes who continue to support the up and comers in the training groups.

IMG-20170302-WA0005.jpgRunners heading to workout, Eldoret, photo courtesy of Justin Lagat

IMG-20170302-WA0006.jpgAfter the workout in Eldoret (Justin Lagat with purple adidas jacket) photo from Justin Lagat

Jess-Judd-Inter-Counties-1250x750.jpgJessica Judd wins Intercounties, from Athletics Weekly

LOUGHBOROUGH (GBR): Former world U20 800m silver medallist Jessica Judd is "interested" in competing at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala after winning the British Trials in Loughborough, informs Athletics Weekly. "I'd be interested. You can never turn down a senior vest, really, but I'll sit down with my dad and talk it through. It's still up in the air, I guess, as I don't know if they're going to send a (women's) team," she said. However, men's winner Andy Vernon has ruled out competing in Kampala, preferring to focus on a spring half marathon ahead of the track season.

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10k road race in North America, and perhaps, el mundo-the world! The Lottery Registration begins Wednesday, March 15 and ends one minute before midnight (EDT) on March 22!

Do not miss the most humid and fun race of the Summer!

Start-Peachtree16.jpgAJC Peachtree start, photo by

Dibaba_Genzebe1f-Paris15.jpgGenzebe Dibaba, photo by
Genzebe for mixed relay
ADDIS ABABA (ETH): Ethiopia Athletics Federation (EAF) has named strong team to compete at the IAAF World CC Championships in Kampala. Informs Leaders will be Edris Muktar and Senbere Teferi who are both silver medalist at the last edition of the event. Special star in the mixed relay team will be multiple World record holder and World champion Genzebe Dibaba. With her Yomif Kejelcha, Tufa Welde and Cheluke Bone. In the men senior team also Dida Bonsa, Abadi Hadis, Hagos Gebrhiwot, Ibrahim Jeilan, Molla Getaneh and Jemal Yimer. In the women senior team Zerfie Limeneh, Sentayehu Lewetegn, Belaynesh Oljira, Enatnesg Alamrew, Gebeyanesh Ayele, Dera Dida and Zeineba Yimer. World U20 champion Selemon Birega leads the boys U20 team and African U20 record holder Letesenbet Gidey the girls U20 team.
RunBlogRun opines: The World Cross Country was the finest race for distance runners, where milers, 5000 meter runners and marathoners met each and every year. After a decade plus of decline in the Championship, questions are being asked and some innovations are being attempted. We applaud both the questions and attempts. The mixed relay should be a lot of fun to watch for fans.

Tuesdays on the track were a long tradition for me. I would build up to 16-20 times a 400 meters, then bring it back down. This week, with 8 times 400, we are working on some long speed work. It should be fast and fun. Remember to warm up and cooldown and change wet clothes. Pay attention to the apparel that you wear as well (Watch this to learn about apparel:

Amy Van Alstine in #GEXC2017.jpgAmy Van Alstine, Edinburgh XC, photo by Justin Britton

Enjoy the run today! If you are in snow in Northeast, be careful, and run indoors if you can. If not, dress warm and run in show for 80 seconds time 8, with minute jog in between. Snow is great strength work. If it is not safe, do not run!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017. warm up, 8 x 400 meters, 200 meter jog, 400 meters at current mile race pace (so, if you run 6:00 mile, pace is 90, if you run 4:40, pace is 70), 4 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

One of my favorite events to watch at the Pre Classic is the Men's shot put. Big guys throwing sixteen pound metal balls. And they throw them far, very far. The speed, the power, and the sounds!

Ryan Crouser, 2016 Olympic champion, is back. And he has already began his 2017 season with three throws over 22 meters down in New Zealand!

I can not wait to see how this match goes! The best in the shot put at Hayward Field! Surely, Pre will be there, in his hoodie, sharing a beverage and a burrito, as he watches the meet named in his honor.

Crouser_RyanW-USOlyTr16.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

The Pre Classic has been the meet that kept world class track and field alive in the U.S. in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. With the support of Nike, in honor of the late Steve Prefontaine, Nike has gathered, at Hayward Field, many of the finest athletes in our sport. Event after event, the nearly three hours of track and field geekdom enthralls both track and sports fan. In the first announcement of the fields of the 2017 Pre Classic (from February), we found out that the Rio medalists, plus many others, would be competing in the men's pole vault. Be there! Or make sure you watch some of the finest hours of track and field on TV!

LaVillenie-DaSilva-KendricksA-RioOlyG16.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, Thiago Braz Da Silva, Sam Kendricks, Rio 2016, photo by

When we would do fast workouts, we would pretend that we were Lee Evans, the 1968 Olympic gold medalist over 400 meters. Today, when you are running your stride outs, you can pretend you are Sydney McLaughlin, who, after her junior year, ran in the 2016 Olympics. Yesterday, Sydney ran 51.36 for the 400 meters, her personal best!

McLaughlin_SydneyQ1-NBiN17.JPGSydney McLaughlin, 400 meters, NB Indoor Nationals, March 11, 2017, photo by

Monday, March 13, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Duplantis_Mondo19-1R1a-NBiN17.JPGArmand Duplantis, 5.82m pole vault, photo by

The New Balance Indoor Nationals is the finest way for high school athletes to end the indoor season! From Armand Duplantis and his 5.82 meter pole vault, to Trey Cunningham's 7.45 and 7.40 in the 60 meter hurdles, the results are rich in great performances.

McLaughlin_SydneyQ-NBiN17.JPGSydney McLaughlin, 400m PB in 51.36, photo by

For more on the New Balance Nationals, please check out

adidas Silverstone half marathon.jpg

The London Marathon is on our travel schedule each and every year. The adidas Silverstone Half Marathon is a great test run for those running Silverstone. It is pretty low key, and by that, I mean, citizen runner. Like most years, Olympic paralympic superstar David Weir loves to race the Silverstone, and why not, as he has won six straight half marathons!

Looking forward to seeing David Weir and 40,000 of his friends on the London Marathon course!

Coleman_ChristianQ-USAout15.jpgChristian Coleman, USA Outdoor 2015, photo by
Coleman special double: 6.45 and 20.11
COLLEGE STATION (USA, Mar 11): Christian Coleman confirmed during final day of NCAA Division I Championships (World leads in six events) who is the fastest US collegian currently. In the 200 m he got World leading and third fastest perfomer ever 20.11. Faster only 19.92 Frankie Fredericks and 20.10 Wallace Spearmon. Over 60 m he equaled the World leading 6.45 ahead of Cameron Burrell 6.54. Jereem Richards of Trinidad and Tobago as second overall (but winning his heat) in the 200 m got national recored 20.31 beating Just´n Thymes to superb 20.36 PB. Another World lead for Fred Kerley in the 400 m as his 44.85 PB is 4th best performer ever. Ahead of him only 44.57 Kerron Clement, 44.63 Michael Johnson and 44.80 Kirani James. Sub 46 also for Michael Cherry 45.64 and Mylik Kerley 45.75. Ariana Washington won women 200 m in 22.42 PB also a World lead with Hannah Cunliffe second 22.53 and Deanna Hill third 22.54 both life-time bests. Two fastest of the season in women 400 m as Shakima Wimbley and Kendall Ellis clocked identical 51.07 (both PB´s). Canadian Saga Watson won the other race in 51.84. And WL in sixth race of the day was the USC 3:27.03 in the women 4x400 m (3 Americans and Norway´s Amalie Iuel) over Oregon 3:27.07 (only US runners) and Texas AM 3:28.36 with Alabama 3:28.62. In men relay Texas AM 3:02.80 over Florida 3:03.52. In the women 60 m Cunliffe fulfilled favorite role in 7.14 ahead of Javianne Oliver 7.16 and Washington 7.20 PB. Hurdles winners Grant Holloway 7.58 (equaled his PB) and Sasha Wallace 7.90 beating Bahamian Devynne Charlton 7.93 to national record. Kenyan Emmanuel Korir 1:47.48 and Raevyn Rogers 2:01.09 topped the 800 m finals. In the mile events surprise men winner Briton Josh Kerr 4:03.22 and Karisa Nelson 4:31.24 personal best. Edward Cheserek was 2nd 4:05.42 but won the 3000 m in 7:55.91. In the women mile second Elinor Purrier 4:31.88 and third U20 athlete Danae Rivers 4:33.89. Women 3000 m title for Dani Jones 9:09.20 over 5k winner Karissa Schweizer 9:09.33. Trey Culver and Kyle Landon topped high jump (both 226), the same in women pole vault top two 445 (Lakan Taylor and Annie Rhodes). For all four life-time bests. Favorite wins in triple jump national record holder Keturah Orji 14.11 and Jamaican record holder Clive Pullen 16.86. Devon Williams scored career best 6177 points (7.75 hurdles) to win heptathlon over Briton Tim Duckworth 6165 national record and Estonian Karl Saluri 6051 PB.

seb and paula monaco race.jpgSeb Coe hands off to Paula Radcliffe, photo courtesy of Media Herculis

The Monaco Herculis DL sponsored a 10k road race on March 12. Included in the 10k is a fun relay, 3k leg and 7k leg. Note the picture above of IAAF president Seb Coe with Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe. Remember, the Herculis Monaco DL will be held July 21, 2017.

reina reider.jpgRana Reider, photo courtesy of Athletics Weekly(
Reider to lead Schippers coaching
ARNHEM (NED): Rana Reider has replaced Bart Bennema as Dafne Schippers' lead coach, informs De Volkskrant. "We have after the Olympics pressed the reset button. We wanted to take the next step. It is necessary to try new things," said Bennema, who added Schippers is in good shape ahead of the summer season. "She had a good winter. Dafne had a post-Olympic dip, but she is now completely fresh. Her times are faster again." She was not competing during the indoor season and no plans are yet public for the summer.
Thompson_Elaine200FHL1-OlyGames16.jpgThe Rio 200 meters (Elaine Thompson, Tori Bowie, Dafne Schippers), photo by
RunBlogRun opines: Dafne Schippers is the pride of the Netherlands. She is an extremely talented athlete. 2016 was a year where she did not achieve her goals, especially after her fine 2016. Changes with coaches are not lightly considered matters. Rana coaches Christian Taylor, Sharon Proctor, among other athletes. He understands speed development and his observations could be critical in Dafne's future development and success. RunBlogRun believes that Dafne Schippers is quite capable of global medals in 100m and 200 meters, with the 200 meters being gold medal territory. To battle Tori Bowie and Elaine Thompson, she will need to be 100 percent. Differences in gold, silver, bronze are miniscule. That is what coaching and training is all about.

Sunday is long run day. The long run is one of the key parts of the training cycle. It was always one of my favorite days of the week. I was lucky enough to train with friends and train on great trails or beautiful roads in Redwoods. Find a good place to run.

Magnani_MichelleFV-USAxc17.JPGMichelle Magnini, photo by

Sunday, March 12, 2017. Long run, 9-10 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

Stevens_Deajah200Q1-USOlyTr16.jpgDeajah Stevens, photo by

COLLEGE STATION (USA, Mar 10): Deajah Stevens clocked initially in 200 m heat at NCAA Indoor Champs 22.28 better than US record, but was later disqualified for lane violation. She qualified at least for the 60 m final in 7.17 PB. Fastest was Hannah Cunliffe 7.13 ahead of Javianna Oliver 7.14 PB. Fastest in the 200 m heats Ariana Washington 22.57 PB aDeajah Sted WL and Cunliffe 22.74. Kendals Ellis posted 51.59 PB in 400 m heats ahead of Shakima Wimbley 51.78. In the hurdles fast PB´s for Sasha Wallace 7.87 and Anna Cockrell 7.98, in-between 7.98 also for Bahamian Devynne Charlton. In men heats Christian Coleman 60 m PB 6.50, Cameron Burrell second fastest 6.53. In the 200 m Just´n Thymes 20.49 and PB for Trinidad´s Jereem Richards 20.50, also Coleman 20.51 and Briton Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake 20.55. World leader Fred Kerley posted 45.10 in 400 m heats ahead of Nigerian Kunle Fasasi 45.57 PB and his brother Mylik Kerley 45.68. Kenyan Emmanuel Korir was the best in 800 m heats 1:47.62 and Grant Holloway in the hurdles 7.64.

Duplantis_Mondo582-NBiN17.JPGArmand Duplantis at the 2017 NB Indoor Nationals, photo by

Armand Duplantis continues to impress the athletics world, as he clears a new World Junior record, with his fine clearance of 5.82 meters on Saturday, March 11, 2017.

Leonard Korir and Jordan Hasay won the USATF 15k titles on March 11 at the Gate River 15k. Leonard Korir won three major races in 2017 so far: the Edinburgh Great Cross Country Invitational on January 7, and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, on January 15.

Korir_Leonard-Houston17.JPGLeonard Korir, photo by

Hasay_Jordan-Houston17.JPGJordan Hasay, photo by

Korir has won all three races on his finely honed racing skills, and there was a closely contested finish in the men's 15k.

Jordan Hasay continues to build her fitness as she builds to the Boston Marathon. Her half marathon run in Houston, where she placed 4th in 68:40.

Jess-Judd-Inter-Counties-1250x750.jpgJesse Judd, photo from Athletics Weekly

LOUGHBOROUGH (GBR, Mar 11): Andy Vernon won the senior men's race at the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in 37:50 from Alex Teuten (38:14) and Andy Maud (38:19) while Jess Judd won the women's race from Claire Duck and former European XC champion Gemma Steel who lost both shoes in the race.

To read the complete story in Athletics Weekly, please go to:

RunBlogRun Opines: We are so happy for Jesse Judd. Jesse was a fine track athlete who has reinvented herself in the cross country world. We wish her the very best and hope to see her return to the long races on the track.

The stories and rumors continue.

Months ago, perhaps a year ago, there were sources out of French investigation that suggested that several of the IAAF World Championships during the reign of Lamine Diack were being investigated over rumored bribery.

StadiumWide-World13.jpgLushniki Stadium, Moscow 2013, photo by

This new story, in Reuters, notes that French authorities are looking into several IAAF championships regarding bribery allegations. Much of this has to do with lack of answers from Pappa Diack, the son of Lamine Diack, and the person all fingers seem to be pointing to in the alleged selling of World Championships.

HaywardFieldFE1a-USOlyTr16.jpgEugene, Oregon, Hayward Field, photo by

Well, the 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon is almost here! We asked the Shoe Addicts to provide a salute to one of our favorite marathons, and here it is! RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts will be at the Expo, and the race, telling the stories up front, in the middle and in the back of the race. In any race, there are as many stories as there are runners and walkers. What is special about the LA Marathon? Well, the LA Marathon was a dream of many, and several had tried it before. But, it was not until 1986 that the race became a reality ( I ran it that year, from the very back, finishing in 3:36). The race has evolved over the years and it continues to do so with title sponsor Skechers Performance.

Run the Skechers LA Marathon, savor it, enjoy it, and tell us about your experience! Thanks to The Shoe Addicts for doing this video!

Ali-Rollins-CastlinFL1-OlyGame16.jpgUSA hurdle sweep, Ali, Rollins, Castlin, photo by

Nice to see the USOC showing common sense and some forward thinking. Doping in sports is a business decision. The punishments must outweigh the results from doping.

The USOC is making steps in the right direction.

Cheserek_Edward1-Millrose15.jpgEdward Cheserek, photo by

COLLEGE STATION (USA, Mar 10): Several top marks during first day of NCAA Division I Championships. From finals Chris Nielsen equaled US U20 indoor record 570 in pole vault, in long jump KeAndre Bates 804, Egyptian Mostafa Hassan 21.27 in shot put. Edward Cheserek started his quest for wins with 13:41.20 in the 5000 m first place (he was also the best in mile prelims 3:59.30) ahead of Marc Scott 13:43.83. In women events Sha´keela Saunders overall PB 690 in long jump over Quanesha Burks 672 and triple specialist Keturah Orji 658. Raven Saunders improved in shot put to College record and World leading 19.56 and second Jamaican Danniel Thomas national record 18.40. Kendell Williams scored 4682 points in pentathlon what is her fourth indoor NCAA gold. Second Taliyah Brooks 4580 PB. Madeline Fagan cleared 193 PB to win high jump ahead of Greece Tatiana Gusin and Logan Boss, both 190. Fast 5000 m was won by Karissa Schweizer 15:19.14 over Erin Finn 15:27.36 and Anna Rohrer 15:29.83, personal bests for first and third.

If you are fortunate enough to be racing at the NB Indoor Nationals, good luck and enjoy the experiece today! If not, and you are not at a track meet today, make sure you workout out, and know that Outdoor season is just days away!

Jager_EvanFV1-USOlyTr16.jpgEvan Jager, photo by

Saturday, March 11, 2017. Easy day or day off. Warm up, 3-5 miles, cooldown. You had a hard week, so enjoy the easy day. If you need a day off, take it.

The last day of the 2017 European Indoor Athletics Championships were a fine day of competition. It also was a wonderfully enjoyable day of track and field. Why? The crowd was into the meet, cheered all of the athletes, the facilities were fantastic and the coffee was good, and inexpensive.

Having the best seats in the house also helped, as Ed Gordon, David Monti and I were at the end of the 60 meter finish, above the track.

Here is how I recalled the medalists on day three of one of the finest track championships that I have been fortunate to attend.

This has been a hard week. Todays' workout is a 200 meter repeat workout. 200 meters are great ways to keep control of your proper stride and form and develop your speed. Keep it light and deliver just what is asked.

Lipsey_CharleneFH-USind17.jpGCharlene Lipsey, photo by

Friday, March 10, 2017. warm up, 12 times 200 meters hard, 200 meters job, 200 meters at pace of current 800 meter racing, so if you can run 2:20 now, 400m at 70 seconds and 200 meters at 35 seconds. Ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Fraser_ShellyAnnQ-Rio16.jpgShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by

SAFP to miss the 2017 season KINGSTON (JAM): Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will miss the 2017 season as she is expecting her first child, informs Track Alerts. "All my focus heading into training for my 2017 season was on getting healthy and putting myself in the best possible fitness to successfully defend my title in London 2017. But life is filled with many blessings with God. So here I am thinking about being the greatest mother I can be with my biggest blessing and the promise God made me," she said on her social media accounts. Fraser-Pryce is aiming to return to action in 2018.

RunBlogRun opines: SAFP is one of the most delightful characters in our sport. She is also one of the most ferociously competitive athletes in our sport. I have interviewed her over several years, when she had rough starts to seasons and she would round into racing shape, as the Jamaican pocket rocket would run down the competition.

Carles Baronet wanted to begin coverage of South Africa and Oceana, and this is the third report of this area. We hope that you like it. Make sure that you check out the blog of our dear friend, Carles Baronet. You will make a Catalan very happy! Check out TrackinSun at

VanNiekerk_WaydePort-IAAFgala16.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, the fastest man over 400 meters, photo by

Manyonga 846 WL

luvo manyongo photo by John mcgrath.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by John McGrath (

BLOEMFONTEIN (RSA, Mar 8): South African World U20 200 m silver medalist Gift Leotlela won the 100 m at the Speed Series meet in hand timed 10.0. He beat Olympic winner Wayde Van Niekerk 10.1 and Emile Erasmus also 10.1. "I still have a lot of hard work to do," said Van Niekerk, adding he plans to compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m at the Free State championships at the weekend. In the 100m B-race (0.0), Leroux van Tonder's electronic time was 10.09 and runner-up Keenan Michau 10.12, which meet the qualifying standard for the world championships in London in August. Third-placed Hendrik Maartens clocked 10.15, which would have qualified him for last year's Olympics. Ruan De Vries admitted he was surprised by his 13.23 (+0.3) 110m hurdles national record, which must still be ratified. Very fast also second Junior Mkatini with 13.28, hopefully here the timing was ok. Long jumper Luvo Manyonga, silver medallist at last year's Rio Games leaped to excellent 846 (+0.2), early World lead. His foul during the series was measured at 872 level. National team with Erasmus, Sesele, Leotlela and Hlungwane clocked 39.03 in the 4x100 m. Rikenette Steenkamp won the hurdles in 13.09 (+0.3).

RunBlogRun: Want to really put your life in perspective? Read the story on Luvo Manyonga, by John McGrath!

This is a strange year. Without any World Indoor Championships, US track & field athletes had the choice of competing or not in Albuquerque. The performances in Albuquerque showed that, given a track, a facility, U.S. athletes will perform.

There are many more lessons to be learnt from many of the meets that I visit each and every year. I am trying, out of my respect for you, my readers, to provide real lessons. From my writing team, from my key observers on the ground in Albuquerque, here are the key lessons that I have learnt from the US indoor championships.

Sowinski_ErikFH-USind17.jpGEric Sowinski wins the 600 meters, photo by

The womens' 800 meters was one of the finest races of the 2017 European Indoor Athletics Championships. It was on the third day, Sunday, March 5, 2017, and it was a battle between Selina Buchel, Switzerland, Shelayne Oskan-Clarke, GBR, and Anita Hinriksdottir of Iceland.

Buchel is the defending champion of Euro Indoors, and Shelayne Oksan-Clarke, a former field hockey player, looked great in the rounds. Anita Hinriksdottir had only been successful is she lead the entire way.

pf_1_ATW008101.pngThe close 800 meter finish, courtesy of European Athletics

Over the last 200 meters, Selina Buchel was able to hold of Shelayne Oksan-Clarke, to the delight of the crowd. The big surprise was that Iceland's star, Anita Hinriksdottir stayed on her feet when there was a physical challenge with less than 200 meters to go, and Anita stayed on her feet and was able to hold onto the bronze.

I called this race live, and it was fun, and tiring. Listen to the screaming and enthusiasm of the 15,000 plus fans in the Kombank Arena, the finest site to host an indoor championships that I have seen so far anywhere.

Maslak_PavelQ-WorInd16.jpgPavel Maslak, photo by
Maslak aims for triple-triple
PROSTEJOV (CZE): One of the stars of weekend´s European Indoors Czech quartermiler Pavel Maslak confirmed that his aim for next indoor season is to achieve a triple-triple of indoor titles. He already has one triple at European level (Goteborg, Prague, Belgrade) and now hopes for third gold in Birmingham at World Indoors in March 2018 after Sopot and Portland. "I know it will not be easy, but on the other hand as IAAF World Indoor Tour and wild card holder I will have more space for my best plan without trying to clock standards etc.," said Maslak. The Czech runner who since February 3, 2013 lost only one indoor 400 m final (this year in Torun to Bralon Taplin) also said that now he turns his sights on the outdoor season. "The goal is to get a sub 45 again and finals in London," informed Maslak who after short vacations will head for traditional training camp in Potchefstroom, South Africa on March 20.
RunBlogRun: Pavel Maslak is the Rodney Dangerfield of the 400 meter indoors. Maslak is a fine racer who is most relaxed on the banked curves of the fine indoor tracks across Europe. His win at Portland World Indoors, and his win in Belgrade has kept his streak going to five indoor terrestrial championships (Europeans, three, World Indoors, two). He will aim for Birmingham as well as hope to make the final in London.

This super results report is up until February 28, covering the US and Canada and compiled by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles is a track nerd from near Barcelona, and his blog, TrackinSun, is a must see.

Carles Baronet provides us results from around the world. Enjoy them, and please tell others. Have you signed up for our nightly newsletter? Just go to and sign up!

Centrowitz_MatthewRL-NBin17.JPGMatt Centrowitz winning NB indoor GP mile, photo by

Muir_LauraSF1a-Rio16.jpgLaura Muir, photo by
Muir is helping ticket sales
LONDON (GBR): Two-time European indoor champion Laura Muir has sparked a huge rush for tickets for this summer's IAAF World Championships London 2017 (04-13 August) following her stunning double gold medal win in Belgrade. Muir said: "I am really looking forward to London and to see that so many people are interested in my events is great for my confidence. I believe my confidence is showing in my performances and I was delighted to come away with two golds at the European Indoor Championships. Doing so many races back to back was great with a view to the IAAF World Championships in London and I can't wait to put in the hard work and see what I can achieve in front of a massive home crowd." The platform has already proved a huge success with 5,346 sales made from genuine athletics fans to other genuine athletics fans since tickets for all sessions across both Championships officially went back on sale at 10am on Wednesday 8 March. From a release by the organisers.
RunBlogRun: Laura Muir is the real thing. Her victories in the 1,500 meters and 3000 meters were entirely different races, and I find that comforting. Running out from 1200 meters in the 1,500 meters, Laura Muir put herself on the line way out, something she should not do in London 2018. She was rewarded with a Championship Record in the 1,500m, taking the one and only Doina Melinte, (Olympian in 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992) off the record books. In the 3000 meters, Laura Muir followed the swift running of Yasemin Can, and then, took off with one kilometer to go, gutting it out to an 8:35, a second CR. Muir is quoted as noting she will run the 1,500m and 5,000m in London. The track nerd British crowd will go absolutely bonkers with Laura and Mo, among others. My suggestions to British track fans: give up two cases of London Pride and you can get a few sessions.

The championships are upon us. The finest high school indoor meet of the year, the New Balance Indoor Championships, are coming up this weekend! Watch for coverage here! The USATF Indoors were last weekend as were the European Indoor Championships. And, the NCAA Indoor Champs are this weekend as well! Big track, and fun to watch!

I wanted to congratulate Shelby Houlihan, a 2016 Olympian who competed quite well in the steeplechase. Shelby won the 1 mile and 2 mile at the USA Indoor Champs! Shelby negative split the two mile in a pretty impressive manner. Enjoy your workout today and the time with your friends and hopefully, no phones.

It is not that I am not on my phone all day, like most of you. But, during workouts, one of the most wonderful things is the lack of interruption by modern media. Try it.

Houlihan_ShelbyFH-USind17.jpGShelby Houlihan, photo by

Hills are great work outs all year long. They build strength, endurance and speed. Some athletes use hills instead of track work, as they are better suited to the soft trails and hills. I wanted to include the workouts this spring as I noted several smart high school coaches using them in their regimens. One of my favorite athletes, Rob De Castella, who won World Championshp Marathon gold and Boston, among others, used hill repeats once a week during his career. Check him out and you will find his track times improved as well as his road times.

Blankenship_BenFH1a-USind17.jpGBen Blankenship won USATF mile over Chris Soratos this past weekend, photo by

Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Warm up, eight times 300 meters up a slight hill, jog bBack down, then, 6-8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

Bolt_Usain200Q-World15.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by

9.58 popular ticket
LONDON (GBR): Tickets for all athletics sessions at the London Stadium for World Championships will go back on sale from 8 March at 10.00 am. Organisers have also increased the availability of the massively popular 'Bolt ticket' - a £9.58 children's ticket in honour of the legendary Jamaican's 100m world record, following a huge response from families purchasing tickets. Across both championships more than 200,000 children's tickets have been purchased; for the IAAF World Championships 75,000 young fans have taken advantage of the 'Bolt ticket' whilst for the World Para Athletics Championships more than 100,000 tickets have been purchased for children as part of a Mayor of London backed schools ticket offer with 25,000 children's £5 tickets also snapped up. "It's great that the Bolt children's ticket has sold so well and that more children will get the chance to attend. Athletics is a sport for all the family and it's great to know that so many different age groups will be there in the stadium as a result of this offer. It feels good as an athlete to know children are getting a chance to enjoy the sport that has been so good to me," said Bolt.

Bolt_Usain200mPose-Beijing15.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by

So, it is Tuesday, March 7. I am heading through Customs in Denver ( this is the most frustratingly orchestrated Immigration/Customs check in any US airport in country), not in a good mood anyway, after forteen hours of flying so far, and saw noted from David Hunter. His Saturday piece, which I liked, had some mechanical errors and several good quotes were missing. He is mortified. So, here's the deal, please re read the piece, enjoy new pictures and take in the message that David Hunter was trying to note on Saturday. I, for one, believe it is better on Tuesday!

IMG_0829.JPGLeft to right: Ajee Wilson (new AR holder and #13 on the all-time world list at indoor 800m); Noah Lyles (USA HS record holder in the indoor and outdoor 200m); Sam Kendricks (reigning Oly pole vault bronze medalist); and Keni Harrison (WR holder, 100H). Photo and description courtesy of David Hunter.


The men of the two hour program: Lelisa Desisa, Zersenay Tadesse and Eliud Kipchoge, photo couresy of Nike communications

Plan for 2 hours

MONZA (ITA): An attempt on the sub-two hour marathon mark will take place in Monza, Italy later this year. Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese will all take to a 2.4km loop at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza complex which they will run 17.5 times. "The temperature hovers around 12 degrees Celsius and vapour pressure is under 12mmHg. Additionally, skies are typically overcast (minimising heat load on the runners) and air currents don't exhibit drastic directional shifts -- thanks to the course being perfectly situated off shore and amid many trees," said Nike in a release. Nike also unveiled product innovation within the Breaking2 project. The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite is the "concept car" footwear that is custom designed for each of the three runners participating in Nike's Breaking2 journey.


Breaking2 logo, courtesy of Nike communications

RunBlogRun opines: This has been described at Nike as their moon shot. I disagree, it is their Mars shot. The lessons from the adventure is what is key. The non race is a bit bizarre, and while I understand the rarefied circumstances needed for world record attempts, this continues to get media attention, for all of the wrong reasons. Energy return? That was a topic that Reebok built an entire genre of running and sports shoes around in the 1990s. Obviously fascinated to see these new shoes. And I have to say, Breaking2 logo is awesome: stark and clean.

napa valley marathon.jpgThe Kaiser Permanante Napa Valley Marathon has a very loyal following. Runners are creatures of habit and comfort. The Napa Valley Marathon has a high comfort quotient and a consistently high quality race management.

Here is this years' race story, from Mark Winitz.

0022_000358.jpgKombank Arena, Belgrade, Serbia, photo by European Athletics

BELGRADE (SRB): AIPS informs that the European Indoors were success also from media working conditions point of view. "We have worked to accommodate the needs of 650 accredited media, 250 written press, over 100 photographers, which is a lot more than usual, and which brings with it a new level of organizational needs. Thanks to the size of the venue, we have had the space to block seats and create the necessary photo positions," said EA Media consultant Stefan Thies. Kronen Zeitung journalist Olaf Brockmann (his last event for the paper but will continue as consultant for the IAAF) who has covered 22 European Athletics Indoor Championships, with reporting spanning over thirty years judged the media conditions in Belgrade as "very good."

RunBlogRun opines: With unobstructed views at seating, consistent wifi, reasonable charges for snacks, and an excellent official website, Media had great support. The European Indoor Championships were much better than some global venues that we have worked, and I have worked at nine Olympics, 20 World and 7 European champs, and Belgrade was one of the best. The reasonable hotel costs, meal costs and airfare also play into a strong venue.

0022_000358.jpgKombank Arena, Belgrade, photo by European Athletics

BELGRADE (SRB): Belgrade is planning to bid for the 2020 World Indoor Championships and the city is also considering a bid for the European Championships, informs "These Championships are very important for us to show what we are capable of. Our strategy is to promote Serbia as a country of sportsmen and women, and we will be a candidate for the World Indoors in 2020," said Belgrade's Mayor Sinisa Mali. "We are working very closely with the Government and looking at building a huge national stadium in Belgrade which could hold such an event, not just for athletics but other sports as well," he said on hosting an outdoor championships.

The winter is coming to an end. And your training is heating up. With New Balance Indoor within the next week and NCAA's this coming weekend, the indoor season is coming to a close. Your spring outdoor track season will start mid March and you have been training for eight whole weeks! Keep it up!

Chelimo_Paul1d-USind17.jpGRio silver medalist Paul Chelimo won the 2 mile USA champs this past weekend! photo by

Tuesday, March 7, 2017, warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown

RunBlogRun opines: Below this note, an IAAF memorandum arrived in my box early on Monday morning. This was just days after the Le Monde article on pecular deposits that appeared, during voting situations of Olympic import. Mr. Frankie Fredericks, who has denied the accusations, is a long time member of the IOC and IAAF. He has resigned from the IAAF committee he was on, as he noted the controversy could take away from the business the IAAF must do to grow and innovate the sport.

Frankie Fredericks in Copenhagen, on October 8, 2009, six days after the vote.
Frankie Fredericks, October 8, 2009, Six Days after vote, Photo: Navntoft, AFP (from Le Monde story. To read complete story:

Frankie Fredericks was accused by LeMonde of some pretty quesitonable activities. The IAAF has accepted Frankie Fredericks resignation and moved to replace Mr. Fredericks.

This was exactly what the IAAF should do. Stay focused on the plan and if something such as the LeMonde article will take away from the needed work.

0022_000341.jpgLaura Muir had a busy weekend in Belgrade, and won golds at 1,500m and 3,000m! photo courtesy of European Athletics/Getty Images

The 3000 meters was a totally different race than the 1,500 meters. When Laura Muir took off, in the last kilometer, she quickly put the field into the hurtzone. Breaking two Championship records in her races, Laura Muir won her first major championships in Belgrade. Here is how David Monti saw the masterful race!

Harrison_KeniQ1a-USind17.jpGKenni Harrison flies through 60m hurdles in 7.74!

Baker_RonnieFHH-USind17.jpGRonnie Baker sprints 6.45, photo by

World leads Harrison and Baker

ALBUQUERQUE (USA, Mar 5): World 100 m hurdles record-holder Keni Harrison clocked a world-leading 7.74 in the 60m hurdles heats to tie Gail Devers' champs record before winning the final in 7.81 by 0.01 from Jasmin Stowers in 7.82 (7.92 heat). Christina Manning clocked 7.87 in the heat but was a distant third in the final in 8.02. Aries Merritt won his first US indoor title since 2012 with victory in the men's 60m hurdles in 7.51 from Aleec Harris (7.54) and Jarret Eaton (7.59). Ronnie Baker won the 60m in a world-leading 6.45 (6.54 heat) from LeShon Collins (6.54) while Morolake Akinosun won the women's 60m in 7.08 from Dezerea Bryant (7.11). In the 600m, Ajee Wilson approached Olga Kotlyarova's world best of 1:23.44 with victory in 1:23.84 from Courtney Okolo (1:24.00) while Erik Sowinski won the men's 600m in a very fast 1:15.07 from world record-holder Casimir Loxsom (1:15.18). Other track highlights: 1000m wins for Clayton Murphy (2:18.60) and Charlene Lipsey (2:37.97), Shelby Houlihan did the double with victory in the two miles in 10:19.14 while Ben Blankenship won the mile in 3:59.22 from Cristian Soratos (3:59.56), Garrett Heath (4:00.31) and Evan Jager (4:00.38). On the field, Michelle Carter went out to 19.03 in the shot put, Sandi Morris won the pole vault with 4.70m from Katie Nagoette and Mary Saxer with 4.65m and there were also wins for Vashti Cunningham in the high jump (1.96m) and Chris Carter in the triple jump (17.10m).

So, Ronnie Baker has spent a bit of time this indoor season in Europe. In Torun on February 11 (that's in Poland, and a very hot indoor meeting, I must say), Ronnie Baker cranked a 6.46 to wake a few people up.

He did even better in Albuquerque. I interviewed Ronnie on Friday (watch for interview this week), and he was confident and thoughtful.

That is the way Elliott Denman, our long time supporter from New Jersey and a 1956 Olympian in the race walk, who covered Albuquerque in team fashino with David Hunter, to give you a complete view of the 2017 USATF Indoors.

Baker_RonnieQ-USind17.jpGRonnie Baker, photo by

Cunningham_Vashti1a-USind17.jpGVashti Cunningham, High Jump, photo by

Lipsey_CharleneFH-USind17.jpGCharlene Lipsey takes 1000 meters, photo by

0022_000358.jpgKombank Arena, home of 2017 European Indoor Championships, photo courtesy of European Athletics/Getty Images

It is Monday, 6 March. I am sitting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express, sucking down an espresso with milk and editing stories. I have had three delightful, but long and exhausting days in Belgrade. Two nights ended at Chicken Kings, a late night refuge for Belgradians who have endurred too many inexpensive Serbian beers, and need sustenance. The final night, I enjoyed a dinner at Chez Nik, a cafe by the Kombank Arena, then, found some friends and spent a couple of hours chatting about athletics.

This is Stuart Weir's last piece for the European Athletics Indoor Championships, and I am sad. Stu has this wonderful way of opening my eyes to athletes, events and situations that always appear at various events.

That clarity of vision is key for me in working with the writers we do around the world. Their views, their insights help us see the absolute beauty and emotion of our sport, and just how fortunate we are to be involved in this global sport of athletics.

Thanks Stuart, see you another 18 places this year.

Philip_AshaQ-Sopot14.jpgAsha Philip, Sopot 2014, what a difference two years makes! photo by

Asha Philip stayed poised and in control of her emotions before the start of the 60 meters. With all of the challenges she has had, Asha Philip put everything together, at the right moment. And for Asha, the right moment was in Belgrade, Serbia.

Stuart Weir makes me smile. I see him at major championships and when I am allowed out of North America. His life long viewing of the sport comes into play, as this article about the new gold medalist, an athlete who had made 4th places her near permanent position.

This was going to be a down year at the USA Indoor Championships, but as David Hunter writes, many came to the top, both stars that are old and new to the sport. From Keni Harrison to Eric Sowinski, from Sandi Morris to Aries Merritt, the 2017 USA Indoor Champs shows the strength once again, for the sport in the U.S.A.

Harrison_KendraQ-USind17.jpGKendra Harrison wins 60m hurdles, photo by

Houlihan_ShelbyFH-USind17.jpGA busy weekend double for Shelby Houlihan, photo by

Sowinski_ErikFH-USind17.jpGEric Sowinski wins a big 600 meters! photo by

Morris_Sandi1-USind17.jpGSandi Morris wins pole vault, photo by

Watching day three of the 2017 European Indoors was an amazing treat for a track and field fan. For Serbia to get their gold medal from Ivana Spanovic, and the way she did it, with jumps of 7.16 meters, WL, 7.24 meters, best indoor jump since 1989, and 7.17 meters, was amazing. It was a special moment in athletics.

Here are some of the other highlights from EME News, the fine global news service from Alfons Juck.

1280891_G08_W01.jpgIvana Spanovic leaping 7.24 meters! photo (copyright by Getty Images) by Getty Images/European Athletics

This Monday has a pretty good workout. It is day after a long run, but pace is doable. Warm up well, this shakes your body up a bit, just remember to stay with the workouts, no more.

Lipsey_CharleneQ1a-USind17.jpGCharlene Lipsey, USATF Indoors, March 4, 2017, photo by

Monday, March 6, 2017. Warm up, 6 mile run, 8 times 200 meters, with 200 meter jog, pace is that of your mile pace, so if you run 5:20 for mile, 400 meters in 80 seconds, 200 meters in 40 seconds. Push ups, sit ups (bent leg), Ten each, cooldown.

0022_000331.jpgOpening ceremonies, 2017 European Indoor Athletics Championships, Belgrade, photo courtesy of European Athletics

Here is, once again, all of the news that is fit to print from behind the scenes courtesy of Alfonz Juck and our friends at EME News.

Kipruto-Chebii-LakeBiwa17.JPGVincent Kipruto and Ezekial Chebii, photo by

Chebii_Ezekiel-LakeBiwa17.JPGEzekial Chebii wins Lake Biwa, photo by

Chebii gets Lake Biwa

OTSU (JPN, Mar 5): Kenyan Ezekiel Chebii won the 72nd Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon in 2:09:06 ahead of Vincent Kipruto 2:09:15 and Ugandan Solomon Mutai who clocked life-time best 2:09:59. Top Japanese was Satoru Sasaki as fourth 2:10:10.

Chebeii_EzekielFV-LakeBiwa17.JPGEzekila Chebii wins Lake Biwa Marathon, March 5, 2017, photo by

Sasaki_Satoru-LakeBiwa17.JPGSatoru Sasaki, 4th in 2:10:10, Lake Biwa Marathon, photo by

The second day of the 2017 European Indoor Athletics championships were, well, exhausting. Great performances, gutty performances, real performances abounded. The crowd loved Ivana Spanovic World Leading 7.03m long jump! More to come!

Here's my audio of the entire evening highlights, done at midnight, when there was no one in the Kombank Arena!

This is Elliott Denman's first column for us on the 2017 USATF Indoor Championships. It is on all of the exciting and not so exciting running in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elliott Denman and David Hunter are covering the meeting for RunBlogRun this year...and we thank them for their insights and views of the championships.

Lyles_NoahFHH1-USind17.jpGNoah Lyles sets WR for 300m with his 31.87, photo by

Berry_Gwen1a-USind17.jpGGwen Berry, Weight throw WR, 25.60m/84'00", photo by

Berry_GwenWR-USind17.jpGGwen Berry sets weight throw World Best! photo by

All-time bests 31.87 Lyles and 25.60 Berry
ALBUQUERQUE (USA, Mar 4): World bests in the men's 300 meters and women's weight throw highlighted an action-packed Saturday at the USATF Indoor Championships at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Teenage sensation Noah Lyles clocked a world record in the 300 m with 31.87 ahead of Paul Dedewo 31.92. Gwen Berry set an all-time world best on her final attempt in the weight throw with 25.60. DeAnna Price moved up to No. 4 on the all-time world list with her 24.30 to take second, and Felisha Johnson 24.22 third. Phyllis Francis won in the 300 meters in 36.15, the second-fastest time ever by an American and No. 7 on the world all-time list. Jo Atkins was second in 36.18. Candace Hill won the other final race in 36.56 World U20 all-time best. Olympic 5000 m silver medalist Paul Chelimo was an unstoppable force as he ran away from a very deep and strong field to take gold by more than 10 seconds in 8:28.53. Olympic bronze medalist Sam Kendricks cleared 585 in the pole vault. La Derrick Ward won long jump with 793. Darien Moore stunned shot put field with 20.78 PB win. 2012 Olympic silver medalist Erik Kynard won his eighth consecutive USATF title indoors and outdoors in the men's high jump, with 230. Shelby Houlihan won her first USATF Indoor title in the women's mile in 4:45.18. Erica Bougard won after pentathlon also the long jump with 644. After a runner-up finish in 2016 behind Rio Olympian Curtis Beach, Japheth Cato had his day in the Land of Enchantment, scoring 5,738 points to win his first national title in the men's heptathlon. In preliminary competition, top performances included Ajee' Wilson's 1:26.57 in the 600m, missing her own meet record by .01, and Erik Sowinski's 1:15.51 in the men's 600, a lifetime best and the equal seventh-fastest time in history.

The first two sessions of the 2017 European Indoor Championships featured finals in the evening, but both sessions were quite entertaining. Here is my audio review of the first day of the 34th European Indoor Championships.

This championships is truly one of the finest, indoors or out, that I have attended. A fine facility, happy volunteers, great wifi and fine coffee! Oh, and I discovered Chicken Kings, a robustly simple eating establishment, for late night food forays.

Thanks, Belgrade!

Berry_Gwen-USind17.jpGGwen Berry, Weight throw WR, 25.60m/84'00"

Well, David Hunter and Elliott Denman is covering the USATF indoors for us in great style. This is his third column in three days! A fine one on Day two! Watch for Elliott Denman's right after this!

The USATF Indoors is in Albequerque, New Mexico. The meet, in a non-championship year, has been quite good, with two World records and a World Junior best. On Thursday, I sat down and recorded this piece on how the US champs should play out. Listen and see how close I am on the meet's success!

In college, my team would run 15-22 miles on Sundays, through the Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Jose, California. My coach Dan Durante, read this book on ghost towns in the Santa Cruz mountains and developed a run, along long abandoned roads, that would take us to the Redwood tree covered roads in the mountains. We would run from Dan's house, down gentle downhills, and return up, some of the more daunting hill stretches one would find in daily training. For Dan Durante, hills were his secret weapon. In the spring, I would build up to 20 times a 600m hill (remember, this was in college, senior year), then move to the track. After that, my times would improve each and every year.

Balouris_Elaina1-USAxc17.JPGElaine Balouris, USATC XC, February 4, 2017, photo by

I do recall being in a cross country race where the final 300 meters were straight up. I was so confindent in my training that I allowed my competitor to catch up. Once I hit the bottom of the hill, I put my head down, pumped my arms and that, was, well, that. Confidence is a dangerous thing.

Those long runs made me relax anythime I found a hill in a race. The long grinds would separate our group of ten to fifteen until the final five miles when it would be down to Paul Gyorey and myself. "Geza" as I called Paul, was an engineer, but we would chat on everything: girls, politics, girls. The last ten to twelve minutes though was pure agony, and we pushed up the final hills. We knew afterwards, once changed, we could read the paper, have some breakfast and head back to uni for a day of studying (well, after a nap).

Enjoy your run.

Sunday, March 5, 2017. Long run, 9-10 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

1280883_G08_W01, getty european, muir.jpgLaura Muir wins Euro Indoor 1,500 meters, photo courtesy of Getty Images/European Athletics

An exciting run by Laura Muir as she went with most of the race ahead of her, and was pursued by Konstanze Kloserhalfen. Tomorrow, Laura will run the 3000 meters. This piece is from David Monti, who provides RunBlogRun great content on distance races around the world.

Oh, Stuart Weir has to bring up Brexit. Truth be told, when I heard about Brexit, I knew then that the US presideny sweepstakes was about to get truly bizarre. And, well, it did.

So here's how Stuart and I work. If we are in the same city, same stadium, he drops by, and discusses an idea for ten to thirty seconds. That is about as long as my attention span goes, and then, I am off on some social media tangent.

0022_000341.jpgLaura Muir running 1,500m heats, photo courtesy of Getty Images/European Athletics

How to appreciate Mr. Weir?

Kind of like me eating haggis in Glasgow for sixteen straight days at the Doghouse, a small, but influential tavern near the ehotels that I like to frequent (August 2014). After sixteen days of haggis, different bits each day mind you, I had a revelation. I could eat anything. Also, I told some Scottish media that I was single handedly going to get the U.S. back into the Commonwealth, because I love the Commonwealth Games. One believed me.

So, what am I saying?

Is reading Mr. Weir's stories like eathing haggis? Well, yes, in this way. Your taste buds are opened to new tastes and ideas, and you see the humor in all of life. Truth is, Stuart is a gentle spirit who has come to realize that there is humor, joy and beauty in all of our lives, including sport. He makes me smile even after I have watched CNN for fifteen minutes.

Oh, and I came up with the title.

Time for some haggis.

Late in the game, Nafissatou Thiam, the Rio Olympic gold medalist at the heptathlon, decided to compete in the European Indoors in Belgrade. She had not focused her training on the pentathlon, so she was making a gamble.

It would prove to be a very good gamble.

Thiam_NafissatouSH-EuroInd15.jpgNafissatou Thiam, Praha 2015, photo by

Piotr Lisek overcame some tough incidents in training to win the gold medal in the pole vault at the 2017 European Indoor Athletics Championships. A fun competition, with five vaulters vying for medals. Here is how we saw it...

0022_000359.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo courtesy of Getty Images/European Athletics

0022_000307-Doyle.jpgEilidh Doyle, 400 meter semi-final, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

EME News provides daily news for the well-informed track and field fans and observers. One of his finest services is his daily reports on the global, regional and national championships.

0022_000341.jpgLaura Muir and Amela Terzic, 1,500m heats, photo by European Athletics

Less than six hours separated Laura Muir's 3000m and 1,500m qualifying heats. The 3000m was a bit difficult because it was so darn slow for Muir, and the 1,500 meters was challenging, but Muir responded and moved to the final for the 1,500 meters on Saturday, March 4. Here's the fine story from David Monti of Race Results Weekly on Muir's journey in Belgrade.

0022_000358.jpgKombank Arena, Belgrade, photo courtesy of European Athletics
There are three American media in Belgrade: Ed Gordon (editor of TAFWA All-time Indoor lists), David Monti (Race Results Weekly) and myself, Larry Eder (RunBlogRun/RunningNetwork). This is one of two pieces that David wrote for Day one and Laura Muir. Please enjoy!
As always RRW pieces used with permission of the publisher.

I really enjoyed racing two miles at all comers meets in the early spring and late summer. Eight laps at race pace was a good rust burner. I particularly enjoyed a race in about 1980, when I was 21. I was in a two mile with four guys and we hit the first mile in 5:08 and ran the second in 5:00, which was pretty good for me back then. I remember that, for about three laps, the four of us worked in unison, pushing as fast as we could until that final lap when we all gave it a shot. Afterwards, I remember shaking each others hands and noting that one of the guys was in his fifties!

Enjoy your race today!

Keflezighi_MebH1a-HoustonM14.jpgMeb Keflezighi, en route to 2014 Boston victory, photo by

Saturday, March 4, 2017. Race day. Race 800m, 1000 meters or 2 miles. If you can not race, do the following: Warm Up, Short Fartlek workout. Forty minute fartlek, one minute fast, one minute slow, repeat 20 times, cooldown easy three miles. If you have raced three straight weekends, then consider 2 miles, and see how it feel.

Well, we are global this weekend.

Yours truly (Larry Eder) is in Belgrade and David Hunter and Elliott Denman are covering the USA Indoors. Here is David's first column, on the multi events! It is a gem, as usual. David looks behind the scenes to provide a full picture of events!

Special thanks to, for providing us same day photos from Albuquerque to enhance Mr. Hunter's fine feature!

Bougard_Erica800-USind17.jpGErica Bougard, March 3, 2017, photo by

0022_000358.jpgKombank Arena, home of 2017 European Indoor Championships, photo by

The 34th European Indoor Athletics championships started quietly in the morning session, and then, ended with a bang (literally) in the evening. It is 10 PM local time in Belgrade, and I am starting to tire.

Here's a reasonable commentary on the evening session, considering my jet lag.

0022_000336-hurdle hell.jpgIsabelle Pedersen and her cold corner of hurdle hell, photo courtesy of European Athletics

So, I asked Stuart Weir to write a column each and every day of the 34th European Indoor Athletics Championships, with focus on key themes and also the British team. As a resident of the former colonies, I am always fascinated by the British team. I am also fascinated about the European experience with 49 of 51 countries in Europe competing in this wonderful championships.

The European Indoor Athletics championships features 564 athletes from 49 countries. Hosted in Belgrade, Serbia, the meet is the largest athletic gathering in Serbia, and they are quite proud of it.

The 2017 European Indoor Athletics are the the largest indoor athletics championships in the world in 2017. Serbia is providing a fine facility and lots of enthusiasm from its volunteers for the largest sporting event in Serbia in 2017.

Storl_DavidQ-EuroInd15.jpgDavid Storl, photo by

Well, good afternoon from Belgrade! This is your athletic pilgrim, Larry Eder, sitting, where I should be seated, with Americans Ed Goron, David Monti and myself. We are quite a distance from the European Press, which Stuart Weir noted, is quite appropriate.

I recorded this audio on Thursday evening, in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt. They have phone rooms, so I can not disturb others who are having a beverage while waiting for the next Lufthansa flight.

My thoughts (first) on the Belgrade European Indoor Champs. Enjoy and beware, I will try and do an audio each night. I am also posting Instgram videos as well!

My friends are electric.

Fridays are pretty relaxed days. Enjoy your run, and make sure you put some effort into your strideouts. Always remember that you have to be in the hunt to use a strong kick.

Soratos_Christian-Millrose17.jpGChristian Soratos, won the Men's Mile at Millrose, photo by

Friday, March 3, 2017. Warm up, easy, three miles to five miles, soft ground, and finish with 6 x 150 meters, cooldown, plus five push ups, five bent leg sit ups.

Merber_KyleFV-OConnor17.JPGKyle Merber anchors the 4xMile WR, photo by

Updated February 26, 2017.

Congrats to Kyle Merber on his fine 3:52.22 for second behind Robert Cheserek (3:52.01) after BU Last Chance!

Kyle Merber has had a fantastic indoor season. Sabrinna Yohannes caught up with Kyle and here's the piece that she did for

Updated March 2, 2017. Special thanks to the sharp eyes of Alan Shank.

This is an unusual year for the USATF indoor Championships. There is not world indoors, so some athletes have chosen to compete and some have not. The athletes who have committed are a fascinating crew and there are key races to watch over the weekend. Here are some of the questions I believe that will be answered this coming weekend on the women's side in Albequerque this weekend.

Wilson_Ajee-NBgames17.JPGAjee' Wilson, photo by

At the upcoming USATF Indoors, March 3-5, 2017, some of the finest athletes in American track & field will be racing in the cool environs of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Now, the altitude adds some drama to the middle distance races, making the finishes faster and the early part of races time to grab a nap.

Chelimo_PaulR-NBind17.jpGPaul Chelimo, photo by

But, this year, there are some fun rivalries, and, with a World Champs being outdoors and not indoors, the Championships are about one thing, just who is the very best in early 2017.

Here are five questions we at RunBlogRun want answered from the men's races!

642617832.jpgLaura Muir is doubling in Belgrade, will she take home two golds? Photo by Getty/British Athletics

We are less than ten hours from the start of the 2017 European Indoor Athletics Championships. Here is the preview, event by event, short and sweet, by EME News.

Here's a release from the European Athletics association on the European Indoor Championships, which have 546 athletes from 49 countries competing in Friday-Sunday, March 3-5, 2017. See you there!

This is our last results update before the 2017 Indoor European Athletics Championships! I hope that it helps in your enjoyment of the event. Special thanks, once again to Carles Baronet, our friend from Catalonia, who finds results for you, our readers, seen in few other places.

Butchart_Andrew-NBin17.JPGAndrew Butchart, photo by

Keitany_MaryMadiBr1-NYC16.JPGMary Keitany, in the lead, 2016 TCS NYC Marathon, photo by

Want to get into the TCS New York City Marathon? Well, the NYRR have a great idea on how to bring in more marathoners...

I thought that we would shake it up a bit, and get you on some long hills. The 300 meter repeats up a hill is a great workout for 400m-800m runners, and for distance runners too! A few weeks of these and you feel like you can do anything.

Hawkins_Callum-EuroXC16.jpgCallum Hawkins, Scottish distance star, photo by

Callum Hawkins is one of those guys who has done the work. Recently he ran a 60:00 half marathon (February 2017, Japan)! His PB in the marathon is from his 8th in 2:10:52 at the 2016 Virgin London Marathon. In Rio, Callum took ninth in the Olympic marathon in 2:11.52. His brother, Derek was also on the British marathon team for Rio.

Thursday, Warm up, ten times 300 meters up a slight hill, jog back down, and then, go to the track, and run six times 150 meter stride outs, then, long cooldown.

Klishina_Darya1-EuroInd13.jpgDarya Klishina, photo by


BELGRADE (SRB): From pre 2015 Euroindoor champions competing this year will be 7 winners from Goteborg 2013 (Maslak, Kszczot, Ibrahimov, Kolasinac, Talay, Beitia and Klishina), from Paris 2011 five winners (Kszczot, Svoboda, Povkh, Rosolova, Klishina), from Torino 2009 Estonian Ksenija Balta, from 2007 Birmingham Susanna Kallur and Andrew Howe and from 2005 Madrid only Kallur.

BELGRADE (SRB): At the end at European indoors 48 countries will participate. It is the second biggest number at European Indoor Championships, Prague 2015 had 49. Not competing from EA members apart of Russia are Liechtenstein and Kosovo.

BELGRADE (SRB): Head of European Indoors LOC, former top 400 m runner Slobodan Brankovic is also now Director of Serbian Athletics Federation. Until now he was the general secretary. Apart of this he is also Vice President of Balkan Athletics.

BELGRADE (SRB): The youngest participant at Euroindoors is Armenian female 60 m runner Gayane Chiloyan, currently 16 years old. Italian triple jump legend Fabrizio Donato is the oldest with 40 years. He will be also the oldest ever competitor at European Indoors in men triple jump.

BELGRADE (SRB): Spanish high jump star Ruth Beitia and Slovak triple jumper Dana Veldakova will compete for 8th time at the European Indoors this weekend and that is the highest number from all competitors this year.

MOSCOW (RUS): RusAF informed TASS agency that the federation will not support financially the participation of Darya Klishina in Belgrade. She is the only one Russian athlete competing as neutral athlete in Serbia.

BELGRADE (SRB): British Athletics have named 25-year-old multi-eventer Ashley Bryant as captain of its team at the European Athletics Indoor Championships. "It's an absolute honour to be chosen as Captain of such a strong team heading out to Belgrade," said Bryant, whose fifth-place in Amsterdam last year was the highest finish by a Brit in the decathlon at the European Athletics Championships since 1986 British Athletics also announced that Katarina Johnson-Thompson has withdrawn from the team and will not travel to Belgrade on Wednesday morning. The pentathlon winner 2015 was scheduled to compete in long jump.

BELGRADE (SRB): Most of the teams were arriving on Wednesday to Belgrade. They were able to train in the warm-up hall, official training in Kombank Arena will be held on Thursday.

Kiprotich_Stephen-World15.jpgStephen Kiprotich, photo by

Stephen Kiprotich is the 2012 London Olympic marathon champion. His run in London was gutty, tough and Olympian. Kiprotich took a message home to his country, Uganda, which has a proud athletic tradition.

Meeting with Mr. Kiprotich, one finds a humble man who wants to run fast, and win big races. He has overcome serious back problems, to run against the very best marathoners in the world.

This writer has a different approach to fast times on the roads. While I enjoy fast times, I want to see just how good an athlete is when the chips are down. When they are battling a few other talented athletes at 38k to go, and that little voice is saying, " jog, please." But, they listen to that other voice, which tells them to push onward.

Stephen Kiprotich is one of those runners. He is one of the few people in the world, in the world, who can pull an Olympic gold medal out of his files. Stephen Kiprotich earned it. He ran against the very best in the world and beat them.

Watch Stephen Kiprotich in Hamburg. His time to win a big city marathon is just about here.

WR holder Jepchirchir for Prague HM

Jepchirchir_PeresFV1-RAK17.jpgPeres Jepchirchir breaks WR Half Marathon, photo by

PRAHA (CZE): The streets of Prague will be graced by the greatest collection of elite athletes ever to run a half-marathon in the Czech Republic on Saturday, April 1, for the 19th edition of the Sportisimo Prague Half-Marathon, organizers announced. The women's field is particularly compelling, led by the reigning IAAF World Half-Marathon champion, Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya, who is also the newly minted world record holder (1:05:06). She will be challenged by compatriot Violah Jepchumba, who not only won the race last year but also ran the fastest half-marathon of 2016 (1:05:51). Another Kenyan, Joyciline Jepkosgei, who recently set a personal best of 1:06:08 at the RAK Half-Marathon last month, should also challenge for the title. Men field is strong enough for chasing sub one hour. Four Kenyans --Barselius Kipyego, Leonard Patrick Komon, Geoffrey Yegon and Vincent Yator-- have all run sub-60:00 during their careers. Komon, the world record holder for both 10-K and 15-K on the roads, is the fastest with a 59:15 career best. Kipyego has run 59:15, Yegon 59:44, and Yator 59:55. The men's field also has two Olympic medalists, Galen Rupp of the United States and Tamirat Tola of Ethiopia. Rupp --who earned the silver medal in the 10,000m in London in 2012, and the bronze medal in the marathon in Rio in 2016-- will be using this race as a tune up for his Boston Marathon debut in April. 2014 European Marathon champion Daniele Meucci of Italy (1:01:06) is the top European entrant. Informs RRW.

After the long Tuesday workout, here is an easy day. Enjoy it!

Keflezighi_Meb-Rio16.jpgMeb Keflezighi in Rio, photo by

Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Warm up, 6 miles, on soft surfaces, 6 times 150 meters, Ten sit ups and ten push ups, cooldown.

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