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Reposted on September 30, 2017.

This was a strong piece and has attracted much attention. Please make sure you read this piece from Fortune Magazine on one of the key future players in our sport.

The world of road racing is changing. And if you are not familiar with Dalian Wanda, you will be very soon. Wanda purchased IRONMAN brand less than two years ago. This past year, IRONMAN purchased Competitor Group (CGI) and Dalian Wanda became a ten year partner of the World Marathon Majors.

The sport, it is a changing. Marathon participation and half marathon participation is down significantly. CGI closed some races, as have others, this past year. In a recent interview with RunBlogRun, Naperville Running Company founder Kris Hartner suggested that race directors stop coming up with new races, and work on making existing races better.

Dalian Wanda is making a huge investment in endurance sports. They are betting the middle class Chinese will embrace running and endurance events. Dalian Wanda has been gobbling up much of the sporting events around the world. Lots of questions here, how will they make their mark on the sport, is it good for the sport and how will the competition react?

This fine article in Fortune and Endurance Sportswire is a good way to help you consider the changes to running that are right around the corner. More than anything, you will learn about Andrew Messick, the CEO at IRONMAN and the man who will interpret Dalian Wanda for the running community.

Andrew Messick.jpg

RACING KINGS: Andrew Messick who helped turn Ironman races into a global success, now leads Wanda's endurance-sports unit. He oversees the popular Rock 'n' Roll series of marathons and half-marathons. Photo: Brook Pifer (courtesy of Fortune magazine, all copyrights reserved for photographer and Fortune).

Reposted September 30, 2017.

We liked what David had to say here, and thought you should get them one after the other.

David Bedford is one of our sports' most iconic figures, having raced in the 1960s and 1970s in cross country, and on the track, against the finest in the world. His training was made to put him in tremendous shape, or destroy him. He did both on several occassions, with his 10,000m WR of 27:30.80 in 1973. His front running style and colorful commentary endeared him to generations of British and global athletic fans. His largest influence on the sport was his tenure as race director of the Virgin Money London Marathon, ending in 2012. David Bedford now orchestrates that fields at the Virgin Money London Marathon whtih the focus of a symphony conductor. Truth is, if an athlete is not in the London Marathon field, that is probably because David Bedford did not see how they fit into the race.

Screen Shot 2 DB 017-09-19 at 2.11.54 PM.pngDavid Bedford Explains it all, photo by The Shoe Addicts

This video was part of a one hour block spent with Mr. Bedford in May 2017. As fan and observer of Mr. Bedford, this was my dream interview. Special thanks to Adam Johnson Eder for the video work, and Algernon Felice and Mike Deering on the production end. The Shoe addicts produced this series of videos for RunBlogRun.

David Bedford does not get the respect nor appreciaiton of his championing of clean marathon running in particular and clean athletics in general. Here is his second part of a two part interview on Drug Testing in Track & Field. For our readers benefits, we have placed the link for part one on this page as well.

Part 1 of Drug Testing in Track & Field, click here:

Part 1 of David Bedford talks Drug Testing in Track & Field, see below.

Reposted September 30, 2017.

David Bedford did a fine job on defining issues, check out parts 1 and 2!

In May 2017, @runblogrun and @theshoeaddicts visited with David Bedford, the former WR for the 10,000 meters and one of Great Britian's most popular athletes. After David Bedford ended his elite racing, he spent over two decades managing the Virgin Money London Marathon. David now focuses on developing the elite fields at the Virgin Money London marathon.

IMG_8588.JPGDavid Bedford and his sample of White City track, photo by Larry Eder

We interviewed David Bedford on many subjects, including how drug testing is to work in Track & Field. Here is part 1.

Reposted on September 30, 2017

Someone just texted me about John's top ten tips, so I am reposting. A good one to make a copy for for your coaching files!

Reposted on August 31, 2017

As the Fall Cross Country season officially starts next week, we thought that we would repost this gem. Ten tips on coaching high school cross country runners.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.04.33 AM-2-thumb-500xauto-20111.pngJohn Trautmann and Larry Eder, NYC Marathon weekend, photo by The Shoe Addicts


Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs go 1,2, photo by

Updated September 30, 2017.

So, who are your top ten London Moments? Send them to us at [email protected]

This is David Hunter's Top Ten London Moments. Dave wears his heart on his sleeve about American athletes and he has picked some amazing moments. Watch for upcoming lists from some of our other writers on their favorite moments! What are your favorite moments. Tell us yours, and send them to [email protected].

Vetter_JohannesQ-WC17.jpgJohannes Vetter, photo by
Vetter is the Champion of the Year
APULIA (ITA): Javelin World champion Johannes Vetter is Champion of the Year 2017 voted on-line by 4000 sports persons who are supported by the German Sporthilfe. The award ceremony was part of the ending of a week in Italy spent by top German sports representatives. Last track athlete winning the award was Christine Obergfoll in 2013 and Steffi Nerius in 2009, interestingly all javelin throwers.
Vetter_JohannesQ1-WC17.jpgJohannes Vetter, photo by

The cross country season is just about one month old. For the twentieth season in a row, cross country continues to grow, with over 560,000 high school boys and girls are running this season. All 50 states and Puerto Rico (our hearts go out to our friends, family and fellow US citizens in Puerto Rico), have vibrant high school cross country programs.

van alstine xc .jpgSprinting for the finish, photo by Justin Britton

After your race, remember to consider the race and debrief yourself. What did you do right? What could you do better? What did your learn from the race? We should learn from our running each and every day.

Saturday, September 30, 2017. warm up, early season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters,


Usain Bolt in Oktoberfest

17AW_RT_World-Champs_Bolt_Anatomical_RYW_3507_rgb[1].jpgUsain Bolt photo by PUMA communications
Bolt at Oktoberfest
MUNICH (GER): As in past years fastest man on earth Usain Bolt was seen at Oktoberfest in Munich. On Wednesday he visited the event in the company of Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt who helped him throughout his career. "Finally I can enjoy the atmosphere here and mainly the beer without having a bad feeling about it," he was quoted by Munich TZ and

This day is an easy day after a hard race or workout on Friday. Enjoy your run and prepare for another race on Saturday!

Stretching HOKA .jpgTying your shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Friday, September 29, 2017 warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

Warholm_KarstenR1-WorCH17.jpgKarston Warholm doing his Eduard Munch impersonation, photo by
Warholm wants to run sub 48
OSLO (NOR): World champion at 400 m hurdles Karsten Warholm is back in full training for next season. In 2018 the European championships in Berlin will be the main goal for him. Also to break the 48 seconds barrier. "In training you lay the foundation. I always like to develop further. For this you need competitions, but money is not my main motivation. It's a cliché, but I'm not going to do this for the money," His competition program 2018 will be carefully compiled in consultation with his coach Leif Olaf Alnes.
Warholm_KarstenSt-WorCH17.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by
Walsh_TomR-London17.jpgTom Walsh, photo by
Walsh thinks both Birmingham and Gold Coast
CHRISTCHURCH (NZL): World shot put champion Tom Walsh has another week off before he resumes training ahead of the 2018 season, informs TV New Zealand. Walsh is targeting both the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham in March and the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast in April.
Gatlin_JustinFL-Lausanne17.jpgJustin Gatlin, photo by
Gatlin to run in Brazil this weekend
RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA): The fifth edition of the Mano a Mano street sprint at 100 m will be held this weekend at the Jockey Club Brasilero here. Main attraction will be Olympic and World medalist Justin Gatlin on the men side and first female Brasilian with sub 11 and last year winner Rosangela Santos. On Saturday the Brazilian qualification races will be staged and on Sunday the international ones. In the men final also Isiah Young from USA is confirmed. Brazilians Paulo André de Oliveira, Bruno Lins, Derick de Souza Silva and Luís Gabriel Pereira da Silva will fight on Saturday for two lanes for Sunday.
In women qualification Evelyn Santos, Franciela Krasucki, Geisa Coutinho and Andressa Fidelis will fight for places for Sunday. Also a race for paralympians will be staged.

Today is race day for your week! How are you feeling on race day? Being nervous is something you will have every time you race. It is how you handle the racing. The 1980 Olympic 800 meter champion, Steve Ovett noted once in an interview that, as he grew into racing, he no longer had a racing plan. He watched how his race played out and figured when to make his move. Try different tactics and find what you are comfortable with-how do you race best?

XC tying your shoe, hoKA .jpgFinal preps for racing, photo by Justin Britton

Thursday, September 28, 2017. warm up, warm up, early season race, jog 20 minutes, finish up with 8 times 40 seconds hard, jog two minutes in between, then, easy 2 mile cooldown. If no race, then, warm up, 50 minutes fartlek, two and one half minutes at 5k race pace, two and one half minutes easy, repeat ten times, cooldown.

The BMW Berlin Marathon was two fascinating races. The soggy conditions negated the chance of a world record, but they sure tried. Up until 30k, the record run was on, but the weather and the real racing negated the world record chase. Guye Adola and Eliud Kipchoge provided enough excitement over the last 12 kilometers to keep all interested. A fast and close race on the women's side had Gladys Cherono come out on top, after a hard run over the last 10k.

From SCC Events, here are highlights from the BMW Berlin Marathon!

Bekele_Kenenisa-Berlin17.JPGKenenisa Bekele, photo by

BERLIN (GER): Jos Hermens has said Kenenisa Bekele was too focused on his business interests in the build-up to the Berlin Marathon and implored him to take a more "professional" approach to the distance, informs LetsRun. "This cannot go on. He is not behaving professional. If you don't prepare well, you're not being professional. If you want to prepare for [a] marathon, you have to do the work, otherwise you're not professional. He has to make the decision to be disciplined and professional or he's going to stop his career. If you don't want to do the work, forget it, that's what I told him today. If you want to run a good marathon, you need preparation. If you don't do the homework, even with the big tank he has, it's tough in the marathon. In track and field you can get away with it maybe, but in the marathon, if you're not 100% fit and you can't do all the work, then you will hurt," he said.

Charities have changed the way our sport operates.

In the US, charities in running events were a big concern in the 1970s and 1980s. During the 1980s, some runners and events reached out to charities and by the 1990s, events like the Rock N Roll series built events around the base of thousands of charities runners.

John Hancock provides a list of approved non-profit charities for fundraising. At @runblogrun, we like that. We do remember a simpler day, but we also appreciate that runners of this generation like to do more with their running, and that John Hancock and other organizations have reached out to provide runners with an approved list of charities makes lots of sense!

HappyFinish-BostonM17.jpgHappy finish at 2017 Boston, photo by

Of course, it is the beginning of the Fall 2017 Marathon season. Over the next month, @runblogrun will cover at least 3 marathons live, as we have done for a decade. But, as we focus on the front of the parade, this moving, breathing entity that is the marathon, we wanted to give you a moment to appreciate all of the intangibles that come into play with a major marathon.

Consider, for the moment, the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. Fantastic races up front, 40,000 stories plus throughought the race, and 287 million mentions on twitter BEFORE the race. The amazing response on social media, raising 60 million pounds sterling ($80.317 million) on the race day.

Watch this interview with Event Director, Hugh Brasher, as he waxes poetically about the Virgin Money London race! Hugh is beaming about how well the race went, the response from the community and the media. The marathon, which happens on one day, has a year long build up. Staff, volunteers and the running community come together to run 26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometers fast, slow, or in between.

Races like Virgin Money London Marathon ( Hugh Brasher, Nick Bitel and David Bedford would remind you that no race is like the unique Virgin Money London Marthon), give back much to the sport, the community and the world.

Hugh Brasher speaks for race directors all around the world. Marathons big and small provide a special few hours for the participants, but also provide memories never forgotten. The support of charities allow the events and the great emotion from the events live on.

Finish line van Alstine .jpgThe thrill of victory, photo by Justin Britton

Today is Wednesday, September 27. Enjoy the easy run today!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Koji Murofushi-My Greatest Challenge



Koji Murofushi, London 2012, photo 1 of 3, photo by

Murofushi_KojiQ1-OlyGame12.jpgKoji Murofushi, London 2012, photo 2/3, photo by

Murofushi_Koji-OlyGame12.jpgKoji Murofushi, London 2012, photo 3/3, photo by

Koji Murofushi was the 2012 bronze medalist in the London 2012 Olympics. In an article written by Steve Landells for the IAAF website, Koji, the Japanese superstar, spoke about how he overcame his challenges in the hammer throw. New Editor for Coaching Atheltics, Kevin Mangan, posted this article on Watch for the changes that Kevin will bring to the site as we develop this resource for coaching education. To read the story on Koji Murofushi, please go to:

The steeplechase is one of the toughest races in the global sport of athletics. For nearly fifty years, Kenya has put a stamp on this event, but in 2017, three athletes from three countries medaled. Evan Jager, the American Olympic silver medalist, chalenged Rio gold medalist Conselsus Kipruto and Moroccan steeple ace Soufianne Elbakkali, and he ran it until the final 300 meters. Elbakkali took the lead, with Kipruto grabbing the race in the final meters. Jager hit the final water pit barrier, got up and battled back into third.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

A crazy race, and a relaxed presser. The steeplechase, like our sport, is a global event.

Hahner_AnnaFV-Berlin17.JPGAnna Hahner, photo by

BERLIN (GER): Anna Hahner has confirmed she is aiming to compete on home soil at the European Championships in Berlin next summer, informs Hahner finished fifth in the Berlin Marathon in 2:28:32, comfortably inside the qualifying mark of 2:32:00.

Pierre Ambroise-Bosse finally ran the race he had dreamed of for years, and won the world championships in 1:44.67. Adam Kzsczot finished strongest, taking silver in 1:44.95. In third, youngster Kipyegon Bett took the bronze medal in 1:45.21.

It was one of the finest press conferences of the championships. Adam and Pierre have raced against each others since they were juniors. Their conversation was animated and full of admiration for each other. Kipyegon was taking it all in, but this was a truly satisfying presser.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Kipchoge_EluidFV-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge, 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Eliud Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, September 24 in the style we have come to expect from the finest male marathoner in the world. Eliud Kipchoge had some tough moments, but he did not panic, as Guye Adole went ahead of Kipchoge just after 37 kilometers.

Eliud Kipchoge took the lead at 40 kilometers and went for the win in 2:03:32.

Here is the interview Eliud did with Andy Edwards of Race News Service after his 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon victory.

Anna Hahner was the first German woman in the Berlin Marathon. Along with her twin sister, Lisa, Anna Hahner and Lisa are the running darlings of German running. I watched the entire German broadcast of the BMW Berlin marathon. Besides the fact that I do not speak German, the coverage was pretty good. When Eliud Kipchoge went off world record pace and fell behind Guye Adola, the German TV focused on Anna Hahner and her running, which was pretty cool.

This is a nice piece on the European performances from European Athletics, a fine site that supports the federations of the European continent and has some pretty innovative approaches to anti doping and fun content to reach young athletes and fans.

Hahner_AnnaFV-Berlin17.JPGAnna Hahner, fifth place, 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Ennis_Jessica800m1-Rio16.jpgJessica Ennis-Hill, Rio 2016, photo by

SHEFFIELD (GBR): Former world and Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill has given birth to her second child, informs BBC News. Ennis-Hill announced her retirement last year after winning a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. She gave birth to her first child in 2014.

In the cold weather, on a cold London night, Wayde Van Niekerk won his third global championships in three years. Running 43.98, Wayde Van Niekerk made the run look relaxed. Steven Gardiner, the Bahamanian with the huge stride, ran 44.41 for the silver. In the bronze, a very happy Abdelalelah Harroun ran 44.48.

The presser was pretty interesting. Wayde Van Niekerk showed his class here, making some very supportive comments on Mr. Makwala, before all of the nastiness began.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

21949785_833266356832744_7669060381273196331_o.jpgRecho Kosgei, photo from Volare Management

Here's more on the story of marathoner Recho Kosgei, who collapsed just prior to finish of Warsaw marathon.

Barbora Spotakova won the javelin with a throw of 66.76m in the second attempt. Chinese athletes took the silver and the bronze medal, a big theme of the World Championships, with China's strong success in technical events. Lingwei Li threw 66.25m for the silver medal, her PB, in the third attempt. In the bronze medal position, HuiHui Lii threw 65.26m on her fifth attempt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Here is the press conference for the Javelin World Champs presser.

Tempo runs are part of your week for the rest of the season. We schedule them on Tuesdays. The workouts are a great way to build your mid race and overall race strength.

van alstine xc .jpgRunning for the finish, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, September 26, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above our

current 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay

focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Kipchoge_EluidFV-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge, photo by

Eliud Kipchoge wins Berlin Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) has come out as the champion of the 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon in a winning time of 2:03:32. In what was announced as the marathon of the century Kipchoge outran Guye Adole (ETH) in a battle that lasted all the way to the last kilometer.

In very tough weather conditions a world record attempt didn't prove feasible. Both Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele, who completed the star studded line up did not finish the race due to physical issues.

"I am disappointed that the world record wasn't possible today but I am happy to run this time in these conditions. I did not expect anyone other than Bekele and Kipsang with me at the finish line but this is sport and I am very happy for him that he ran such a great race." - Eliud Kipchoge

Kenenisa Bekele was disappointed with his DNF. The cold temperatures, rain and high humidity were the factor of his early exit. Bekele will start setting his sights on continued marathon success in 2018.

The pacing of fellow NN Running Team member Gideon Kipketer proved vital in the success of Eliud today and as he dropped out of the front group he managed to assist Kenenisa Bekele for another few kilometers.

Attached photos are free to use.

Berlin Marathon Flash-Back


Kipchoge-Bekele-Kipsang-Berlin17.JPGThe 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Cherono_Gladys-Berlin17.JPGGladys Cherono, photo by

Gladys Cherono had run 2:19:25 for her win in Berlin in 2015. This year, in soggy conditions, Gladys stayed behind, not taking the lead until after the 35k, and taking her second win at the Berlin Marathon with 2:20:23. This interview by Andy Edwards of Race News Service was with Gladys Cherono after her win.

Let's celebrate! @kipchogeeliud #KingofBerlin

A post shared by NN Running Team (@nnrunningteam) on

BERLIN (GER): Eliud Kipchoge's coach Patrick Sang has described his performance as "amazing," informs Wired. "In these terrible conditions, 2:03 is amazing. There was the mental challenge, the physical challenge, the environmental challenge. He is one of the great runners," he said.

Bekele_Kenenisa-Berlin17.JPGKenenisa Bekele, 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Kenenisa Bekele had a bad day in Berlin. In this post-race interview, Kenenisa Bekele tells Andy Edwards the reasons for his DNF. Kenenisa Bekele makes it quite clear that his career is not over. Is it just me, but why do people think that a top athlete has a bad race, and they are over? Moving from the track to the roads is difficult, remember Haile G's move to the marathon?

Special thanks to Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig of Race News Service, a digital partner of RunBlogRun, for providing these behind the scenes audio interviews from their marathon partners.

Hawkins_CallumLeds-WC17.jpgCallum Hawkins leads World Champs 2017 marathon, where he finished 4th! photo by

GLASGOW (GBR): World marathon fourth-placer Callum Hawkins will defend his half marathon title at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run in Glasgow on 1 October, informs organisers. Hawkins won last year in 60:24 but the course was later found to be short. Former European 10,000m champion Jo Pavey has been confirmed for the women's race.

This "crucible of endurance", Eliud Kipchoge (so described in story on, is considering returning to wonderful Berlin for the marathon, to get that World Record he has been so close to! Here's the piece from SCC Events with the post day race interview of the great runner.

Kipchoge_Eluid1-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge, BMW Berlin 2017 winner, photo by

If you want to understand, or perhaps appreciate, just how far Eliud Kipchoge has reached into the global culture, then, look no farther. I have posted below instagram posts from art culture biannual 032c, and also from footwear artist Virgil Abloh.

This interview is from, an iconic and important art and culture magazine, based in Berlin, and published in English. I love Berlin and its art scene. I call Berlin the city of San Francisco, but in German. It is one of my favorite cities.

Virgil Abloh, a footwear artist, flew from Paris to Berlin to meet with Eliud Kipchoge to discuss running, his footwear and his stature in the sport. Abloh noted that his running made the footwear even more important.

To read Abloh's interview of Eliud Kipchoge (which is nicely done):

Lasitskene_Maria-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Lausanne DL, photo by

Lasitskene_MariaR-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Lausanne DL, photo by

Lasitskene_MariaR1-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Latiskene, Lausanne DL, photo by

This is report 33 for the 2016-17 outdoor season for European Athletics, which is coming to a close. Our friend, Carles Baronet, our Catalan friend, juggles many things, including being the mayor of his village, as he compiles and edits these weekly reports.

Please enjoy!

XC tying your shoe, hoKA .jpgPreparing for race, photo by Justin Britton

This is the beginning of week 15, and the beginning of the week. Monday is a relaxed run, and some stride outs. Enjoy the day and enjoy running with your friends.

Kipchoge wins in rainy Berlin

Kipchoge wins in rainy Berlin
BERLIN (GER, Sep 24): Eliud Kipchoge confirmed his marathon supremacy with victory in an exciting but also rainy race, although his 2:03:23 was outside the much talked world record. Guye Adola surprisingly pushed him until the last 5km and clocked the fastest ever debut of 2:03:46 as Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele, two of the trio whose presence had made the marathon one of the most anticipated in history, dropped out. Adola and the big three were joined by Wilson Kipruto and two pacemakers in going through halfway in 61:29, slower than the 60:45 asked for beforehand, but on course for the 2:02:57 record belonging to Kipsang, but ultimately rain during the race may have been key. Bekele dropped off the pace at 22km and Kipsang at 30km (both would drop out before 35km), leaving the eventual first two alone, but it was from here and more especially from 35-40km that they started to veer off target. Adola, who has a half-marathon PB of 59:06, pulled a few metres in front at 37km, but Kipchoge had regained touch by 40km. Mosinet Geremew was third with 2:06:09. Kipchoge's splits: 14:28, 14:37, 14:40, 14:34, 14:33, 14:35, 14:41, 15:04, 6:25. Gladys Cherono, the 2015 winner, regained her title in 2:20:23, crossing the line 18 seconds in front of Ruti Aga, while Valary Aiyabei, who had been part of the three-way race until Cherono pulled away just before 35km, third in 2:20:53. Halfway was reached in 69:40. Anna Hahner was the lead German, clocking 2:28:32 in fifth. Italy's Catherine Bertone set a world W45 best of 2:28:34. A record number of 43,852 runners from 137 countries entered the 44th edition of the race, which belongs to the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series and is an IAAF Gold Label Road Race.

Kipchoge_EluidFV-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge wins 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Cherono_GladysFV-Berlin17.JPGGladys Cherono wins 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

This is David Monti's feature on the BMW Berlin Marathon from ealier today. Please enjoy David's eyewitness story on the marathon.

Adola-KipchogeH1-Berlin17.JPGThe battle is on, Guye Adola versus Eliud KIpchoge, photo by

Here's the presser from SCC Events on the momentus marathon today through the streets of Berlin!

The field for Berlin today was amazing. But mother nature played the final card, and the rain, humidity and coolness played a big part in the marathon, making the already difficult conditions more difficult.

Kipchoge_EluidAA-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge, winner, BMW Berlin 2017, photo by

Add into that Guye Adola, a 59:06 half marathoner who was running his first marathon, and Eliud KIpchoge had some surprises. As Justin Lagat reminds us, Eliud Kipchoge had some challenges today, as he has in Berlin 2015 and London 2016. Today was no different.

Eliud Kipchoge added to his legacy with this race. And as Justin reminds us, Eliud wants to run faster.

We think he will.

Long Runs are our Sunday workouts. They are one of the three most important workouts of the week. Over the summer, we have built up from 45 minutes to 80 minutes so far. We will build up to 90 minutes by the end of the season.

Remember, always hydrate before, during and after long runs. Remember to stretch with long runs, especially after.

Stretching HOKA .jpgTying your shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Kipchoge-Bekele-Kipsang-Milde-Berlin17_1.JPGEliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele, Wilson Kipsang, Mark Milde (Race Director), photo by

BERLIN (GER): Berlin Marathon already leads the ranking of marathons based on top 10 performances with 2:03:35 average. Second in this stat provided by Ken Nakamura is London (2:04:34) and third Dubai (2:04:36). But improvement is possible on the women side where Berlin is second with 2:19:55 average. Here the leader is London (2:18:26) and third place belongs to Dubai (2:20:05). In the average of five best marathons the Sunday co-favorite Wilson Kipsang leads with 2:03:45 but second Eliud Kipchoge (2:04:01) could attack his position. Kenenisa Bekele is 8th in this ranking with 2:05:18 average.
BERLIN (GER): The pace of 60:45 will be set for the lead group by Sammy Kitwara, Gideon Kipketer and Geoffrey Ronoh for the BMW Berlin Marathon world record attempt. Subsequent pacemakers have been asked to operate at 62:45, 64:00, 65:30 and 67:00 respectively, reports Alberto Stretti from the technical meeting.
BERLIN (GER): Race director of the BMW Berlin Marathon Mark Milde believes the world record of 2:02:57 could be beaten by half a minute in tomorrow's race. He further told Telegraph Sport: "It depends much on the weather, but if the weather is OK - and we have the usual good weather that we've had in recent years in Berlin - I am quite confident that the record will go. We have recruited the pacemakers in a way that they can, on a perfect day, go out at world record pace. It's about trying to get these runners into a mental place where they work together as long as possible and the competition element kicks in only at a later part. So when the pacemakers drop out with 10km to go, they don't start looking around but try to keep up the race with the pace high."
BERLIN (GER): Great Britain's distance running great Mo Farah is among many athletes and running experts who believe the world marathon record will fall at Berlin Marathon. "I will fortunately have landed in the states in good time to watch the race. It's possible (to break the world record)... I know Eliud can do it," Farah told Daily Nation at the Abu Dhabi International as he headed off on holiday in USA with his family after a rewarding season.

Kipyegon_FaithFH1b-London17.jpgFaith Kipyegon, Caster Semenya and Jenny Simpson, photo by

No one could have predicted that last 200 meters in the women's 1,500 meters. As Faith Kipyegon and Sifan Hassan battle over the last 200 meters, and Laura Muir battles by Jenny Simpson, the race comes down to the final 100 meters. Faith Kipyegon runs away for the win, and Jenny Simpson overcomes Laura Muir and Sifan Hassan, who fell out of the medals! Jenny Simpson added a fourth medal to her 1,500 meter medal haul (2011-Daegu, gold, 2013 Moscow-silver, 2016-Rio, bronze), with her silver medal.

Then the battle for the 1,500 meters' bronze medal was between Laura Muir and Caster Semenya. Many had forgotten about Caster Semenya, who used her 800 meter finishing speed over that last 50 meters to success.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Chris O'Hare-1.jpgChris O'Hare, British Trials 2017, photo by David Wearn

Long time writer Cathal Dennehy wrote this piece on Chris O'Hare for @runblogrun, as O'Hare reflected on his long and exciting season. Here's a good read on the BAA High Performance team athlete as he heads back to Scotland for a break with his family!

McLeod_OmarSF1c-WC17.jpgOmar McLeod, photo by

The 110 meter hurdles is a tough race. Not only does the successful hurdle have to be agile, they also must be fast and nearly flawless. Omar McLeod continued on his winning ways, taking gold in 13.04. Sergei Shubenkov took silver in 13.18 and Balazs Baji took bronze in 13.28. Right behind them, Garfield Darien and Aries Merritt were in the battle, except, they hit hurdles, putting them out of the medal race.

The presser gives the hurdlers a chance to speak about their races. Sergei Shubenkov dealt as well as he could with questions on him not being able to celebrate as a Russian but as an ANA athlete.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Tom Gale HJ.jpgTom Gale, HJ, photo by UK Athletics

This is Paul Halford's column for the week on British Athletics. Paul wrote on Tom Gale, the young high jumper who shows so much promise. We thank Paul, who writes a weekly column for @runblogrun on the athletes of British athletics.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

The hammer throw for women finally got its cred in London. In Rio, it was earlier in the day and, like the steeplechase, did not get the credit they deserved. Anita Wlodarczk is the Stephen Currey of the hammer throw. She lets her throwing do her speaking. Great speed, tremendous technique, Wlodarczyk is a tremendously emotional thrower, and anyone breathing, who spends five minutes watching her throw a hammer will become a fan. Wang Zhang (and her fourth placer team mate Wenxiu Zhang, showing that one of themes of London was the huge improvement by China in technical events). In third position, Malwina Kopron gave Poland the gold and bronze!

Wang-Wlodarczyk-KapronA-London17.jpgWang, Wlodarzyck, Kapron, Hammer throw medalists, London 2017, Photo By

Here's the HD video of the hammer presser from the Shoe Addicts. Thanks to Adam Johnson Eder, and Mike Deering for their daily coverage of the pressers in London!

The site for the 2020 USA Olympic Track & Field Trials was announced in June 2017 as Mount San Antonio College. The competition was rather tough and the possible sites of Eugene, Sacramento and San Antonio College were the final three. Observers noted that Eugene was a difficult choice with the challenges over when the rebuild of Hayward Field would actually be finished. To this day, the Hayward Field reconstruction seems to be in a disturbing conflict, with the University of Oregon on one side and Tracktown USA on another, with Nike, the company footing much of the bill, trying to figure out what is going on. Sacramento's bid was championed by the Sacramento Sports commission, which did not seem to take the bid seriously. The Mt.SAN ANTONIO College bid was well recieved and the 2020 site was named as the soon to be renovated (perhaps rebuilt is better term) Hilmer Lodge Stadium.

mt sac relays.jpgMt.SAC Relays, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hilmer Lodge Stadium has been the home of the Mt.SAC Relays for its existence. Now, there seems to be some issues between the city of Walnut and the Mt.SAC board. In an article from September 21, 2017,, in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the City of Walnut seems to want to stop the rebuilding of the stadium. If one reads the article, it seems the city of Walnut thought Hilmer Lodge would be a fixer upper, not a complete redo. The board at Mt.SAC may have omitted that they were redoing the stadium. So, the lines are drawn and the legal arguements are set to begin. Mt.SAC president and CEO Bill Scroggins told the SGV Tribune that there is time to make the schedule for June 2020 and he has battled Walnut before.

Seems like a face to face meeting, with a couple lawyers, the wounded parties and Mt.SAC is needed. Would save a lot of money and time and remind all that the stadium brings a young generation to the stadium, and families. Crime at track meets? That was one of things cited by city in complaint. Come on, is this just another gentrified city that does not want big sporting events or did Mt.SAC not give the whole story on the rebuild. Surely both sides do not need another lawsuit.

@RunBlogRun has this to say: Remember who the stadium is being built for and figure it out.

Here is the report 32 from Carles Baronet, at Track in Sun. Carles Baronet compiles and edits European Athletics Results nearly every week, exclusively for @runblogrun. The European season is coming to a close, and Carles, our friend from Catalonia, works on these reports tirelessly, and we appreciate his amazing work, and how its adds to our enjoyment of the sport!

Martin Rooney.jpegMartyn Rooney, 400m, British Trials, photo by David Wearn

For many of the high school cross country programs across the country, there are two cross country races a week during September and October. The challenge is to work out and race during the early season, with the focus on the end of the season.

Lutz_Craig3-USAxc17.JPGCraig Lutz, photo by

Saturday, September 23, 2017. warm up, early season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters,


Patrick Sang is one of hte finest coaches in the world. After his career as an athlete (think silver medals, Olympics and Worlds), Patrick Sang has developed some of the finest athletes in the world. Among his athletes is one Eliud Kipchoge, who, I call, the zen master of the marathon. Eliud Kipchoge is old school: cross country, track, then, road racing.

Here's Patrick Sang speaking to Andy Edwards of Race News Service on September 22, 2017 prior to the Berlin Marathon.

Sang%2c Patrick-thumb-500xauto-16429.jpgPatrick Sang, photo by Global Sports Communications

Tom Nohilly cover ).jpgUpdated September 22, 2017 to retitle video

Originally posted September 10, 2017.

This is our first of eight segments with Tom Nohilly, 1995 and 1997 World Championship steepler and now assistant coach at HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC. Tom Nohilly has given much to his sport, and his athletes listen to him. You will too. This is a basic series of questions on becoming better coaches. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts on their work on this series!

tom and kyle .jpgTom Nohilly and Kyle Merber, photo by Armory TC

Last year in Berlin, Kenenisa Bekele ran 2:03:03. Then, he fell at the Dubai Marathon and was not fully fit for racing in London. What was up with Kenenisa was on the lips of many? Well, one thing to remember, Kenenisa Bekele wants to win races, and when he is really fit, he provides exciting races and can definitely break the WR. But, dear readers, can he beat Eliud Kipchoge? Can he beat Wilson KIpsang once again?

We will have to wait a few days to see how this battle of the marathon pans out.

Here is the pre Berlin interview by Andy Edwards, of Race News Service of the one and only Kenenisa Bekele. Bekele owns the WRs for the 5000m and 10,000m. Can he get the marathon title? He wants it, but will Eliud Kipchoge stop him?

Bekele_KenenisaPC-Berlin17.JPGKenenisa Bekele, photo by

Updated September 22, 2017 to change numbering and art.

Title (0;00;06;01).jpg

Frank Gagliano is one of the finest coaches ever produced in our country. Gags is not just a coach, but educator, confessor and role model. He loves his athletes and they both respect and love him. This is not to say Frank Gagliano is the cuddly guy some might expect, but he gives you his all and expects you to have the same dedication.

Gags, from Shoe Addicts.pngCoach Frank Gagliano, aka Gags, photo from The Shoe Addicts

We are most fortunate to have caught up with Coach Gags last June to pick his brain on coaching cross country in Fall 2017. Here some of Gags' Gems. We hope you learn from them.

Walsh_TomR-London17.jpgTom Walsh, World Champion, shot put, photo by

Tom Walsh met with RunBlogRun at the Birmingham DL. We asked Tom to speak to us about how he built his mental strength for his throwing. Tom Walsh told us a story about his first junior international competition. He has used that event to motivate him for his years as a senior athlete. I encourage all coaches to listen to this and learn from it.

Athletes have to figure out their currency. What is important to them? What makes them tick? From there, they must figure out how to approach their competitons. How do they overcome challenging conditions?

That is surely what Tom Walsh did in London, where the officiating was very focused, and the throws were not as long as many expected. In the end of the day, Tom Walsh knew he had to have the longest throw of the night to win, make the the longest legal throw of the night.

And he did.


Asli Cakir Alptekin, photo by

ISTANBUL (TUR): Turkish athletics federation TAF has banned the former 2012 Olympic 1500m champion Asli Cakir Alptekin for life over a third doping offence, the Anadolu news agency said Friday. Cakir Alptekin was in 2015 stripped of both her Olympic and European 1500m titles and received an eight-year ban for anomalies in her biological passport. However this was later reduced to four years and she was eligible to compete again from this year as the start date of the ban was backdated to 2013. Anadolu said the latest violation was her third doping offence but did not give details of its nature. Informs AFP.

Eliud Kipchoge is considered the finest marathoner of the current era. The man has won London, Chicago, Berlin, and the Olympic marathon. Then, there was that amazing run in Monza, Italy, where Eliud Kipchoge had running fans transfixed as he ran 2:00:25 in the Nike sponsored breaking2 project.

On Sunday, Eliud Kipchoge will run against Kenenese Bekele and Wilson Kipsang. K. Ken Nakamura, one of our sports most prolific statisticians, noted that the 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon will be the best field since the 1984 Olympic men's marathon. That says alot.

Here is the short pre interview by Andy Edwards of Race News Service on September 22, 2017.

NNRunningTeam_047.jpgKenenisa Bekele with some of his NN running team partners, courtesy of Global Sports Communications

Updated September 22, 2017. This is our new series and we are reposting it with new art. We are getting great notes from our readers and thank Gags, John Trautmann and Tom Nohilly for their interest and HOKA ONE ONE for their support.

John Trautmann is one of the two assistant coaches of the HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. A 1992 Olympian at 5000 meters, John was a fine collegiate runner who faced more challenges from injuries during his elite career than competitors. In his 40s, John reached out to his college coach, Frank Gagliano and took the seven year journey to get back into shape, running a masters indoor mile of 4:12!

Title (0;00;06;01)_7.jpg

The Hoka Clayton, they're not just for running. #hokaoneone

A post shared by John Trautmann (@johntrautmann) on

Now John coaches some of the finest and most promising post collegiate American athletes with HOKA ONE ONE NYNJTC. Here is the first of eight segments with John Trautmann. Coach Trautmann reminds us that after track season, one must take a break. Big lesson for many who train all year round. Watch for our videos from Coaches Trautmann, Nohilly and Gagliano all fall season.

And remember to check out


Kipchoge, Bekele, Kipsang, Milde, Berlin Presser, September 22, 2017, photo by

This year's Berlin Marathon will be a tremendous event. The hype is this: Ken Nakamura, top statistician notes that the field is the finest since 1984 Olympic marathon. Kipchoge, Bekele and Kipsang all want to win, but, who will?

Updated with September 22, 2017: 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Coaching Clinic Series, Part 1: Frank Gagliano Speaks on why cross country is so important!

Title (0;00;06;01).jpg

Updated August 28, 2017

This is a short video that all high school coaches of cross country should see. Watch for our next video in the series on Thursday.

Frank Gagliano is one of the finest coaches every produced in America. A man of conviction, Gags, as he is know, with much affection and respect, has coached some of the finest middle distance runners for nearly sixty years.

Gags, from Shoe Addicts.pngFrank Gagliano, photo from The Shoe Addicts

Gags is now the head coach of the HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC. We caught up wtih Coach Gags in June at the Adrian Martinez Classic, held each year in Concord, Massachuesetts. This is the first in a series on cross country coaching, and the question of the segment is, Why is cross country so important?

Watch for these weekly, sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE. To learn more about the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, go to

Top innovations for Birmingham 2018

642628072.jpg400 meters, Muller Birmingham International, photo courtesy of British Athletics
Top innovations for Birmingham 2018
BIRMINGHAM (GBR): The next years World Indoor Championships in Birmingham will be full of innovations. One day will be added to the usual programme with Thursday staging on March 1 both high jumps as straight finals (men and women) at the same time. Later in the evening also women 3000 m will staged as straight final. During the next days also pole vault with 12 athletes and long jump, triple jump and shot put will be organised as straight finals with 16 participants. Another innovation in this events will be that only top 4 athletes will have the last sixth attempt in the competition. Top 8 will continue after three rounds.
RunBlogRun: I love the city of Birmingham. There is so much history, art, great food and pretty reasonable housing. Also, some fun places to run and walk around. Americans, Europeans, as well as the rest of the world should definitely go to the World Indoor! A fantastic event, a wonderful host and a well educated fan base, kind of Eugene with British accent. OH, and did I say how amazing the curry is?

We are finishing week 14 of our HOKA ONE ONE Fall XC Training Program. Thanks for supporting the program, and please sign up for the 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, this program is a fun addition to any cross country program.

Men-2.jpgHOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite, 2016 USATF XC champs, photo by Justin Britton

Enjoy your Friday and good luck on Saturday at your race!

Friday, September 22, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

U20MenLeaders-EuroXC16.jpg2016 European Cross Country Championships, photo by
555 runners from 34 countries
SAMORIN (SVK): According to preliminary entries some 555 runners from 34 countries (302 men and 253 women) are expected for the 24th European CC Championships in Samorin, Slovakia on December 10 this year. Record number of participants comes from the 20th edition in Belgrade 2013 with 525 runners from 36 countries. The biggest number 40 comes from Great Britain with maximum entries of 6 runners per event and a relay. France announced 38, Ireland 37 and Italy 36 runners. In the inaugural mixed relay so far 10 countries preliminary entered their teams. Senior races have 90 men and 80 women, U23 has 96 men and 67 women and U20 103 boys and 97 girls according to preliminary numbers.

Vail_RyanFV-SanJose13.jpgRyan Vail, photo by

Start-Montreal16.jpgMontreal RNR Weekend, photo by

MONTREAL (CAN): The Montreal Marathon on Sunday has been cancelled by organisers due to the heat, informs the Montreal Gazette. The forecast is predicting highs of 30C, although the half marathon and 10km events are still set to take place. "In consultation with medical services officials and our city partners, event organisers have determined that the unseasonably warm weather conditions are not suitable to provide a safe race experience for the 42.2 km distance. The full marathon will therefore not take place," said a statement from the race organisers.

Gladys Cherono has some pretty impressive credentials. Gladys has 5000m pb of 14:47.12, 10,000m pb of 30:29.23 and a half marathon (this year) of 1:06:07. In 2015, Gladys Cherono won the Berlin Marathon in 2:19:25.

Back in Berlin this week, Gladys Cherono wants to run sub 2:20 this coming weekend. Andy Edwards or Race News Servie interviewed Gladys Cherono on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Cherono_Gladys-BostonM17.jpgGladys Cherono, Boston 2017, photo by

Andre De Grasse back to training

DeGrasse_AndreM-Rio16.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by
De Grasse back to training
TORONTO (CAN): Fastest Canadian Andre De Grasse and his relay teammates will spend part of the next few weeks hosting a series of six-minute walks across Canada to raise awareness for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a rare and fatal lung condition. Six minutes, explained Akeem Haynes, because "respirologists use the six-minute mark as a judgement to see if the disease is progressing, and because six minutes seems like a marathon for (sufferers)." De Grasse, Haynes, Aaron Brown and Brendon Rodney met with the media in Toronto on Wednesday to talk about their work with IPF, part of a welcome competitive break after a largely disappointing season. De Grasse has recently been cleared to resume full training, as evident by a recent Instagram post -- the sprinter posted video of him playing soccer with a few friends and fellow Puma athletes on a trip last week to Germany. Informs

In a race that statistician K. Ken Nakamura described as the finest marathon field since the 1984 Olympic marathon, Wilson Kipsang, the former world record holder, should play a pivotal part in this Sunday's mens marathon. With Kenenisa Bekele, Eliud Kipchoge and Wilson Kipsang, many are forgetting about Wilson, who last year ran 2:03:13 against Kenenisa Bekele.

Wilson Kipsang won the Tokyo Marathon in the early Spring of 2017 after his second place in Berlin from September 2017.

This interview, done by Andy Edwards for Race News Service on September 21, 2017.

Kipsang_WilsonLedsH-Berlin16.jpgWilson Kipsang, Berlin Marathon 2016, photo by

The New Balance Bronx 10 mile will happen on September 24. The fourth race of the NYRR Five Borough series, the NB Bronx 10 mile will have over 14,000 runners running through the Bronx, the neighorhood where the NYRR was founded.

The BMW Berlin marathon is one of the fastest marathons in the world. This Sunday, the men's race is being veiwed with much anticipation, but do not forget the women's race as our friends at Race News Service have reminded us!

Aiyabei-Cherono-BerisoBib.JPG Valary Aiyabei, Gladys Cherono and Amane Beriso in Berlin, photo courtesy of SCC Events / Victah Sailer

Terrence Mahon will move back to California, with his wife, Jenn Rhines, at the end of 2017. At that time, he will retire as Director of B.A.A. High Perfrmance program.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.11.52 PM.pngTerrence Mahon, photo courtesy of the Shoe Addicts

Terrence Mahon was the founding director for the B.A.A. Performance Program, sponsored by adidas, since its beginnings. Terrance Mahon provided his group of athletes an opportunity to hone their talents in cross country, track & field and road racing. The program was a great development from the B.A.A. and adidas to help develop the next generation of athletes.

RunBlogRun has always enjoyed our discussions with Terrence Mahon, a fine coach who developed organically in this sport. A fine sense of humor, keen observation skills and the desire to help his athletes develop their full potential, Terrence was an excellent founding director of the B.A.A. High Performance Program.

We wish Terrence and Jenn the best of wishes on their return to California, and we look forward to the program he started, continueing to grow at the B.A.A. High Performance Program.

This is your race day. Again, if race days are different each week, then, juggle the schedule around, always with an easy day after a race day. The season is now in late September and you are starting to feel your racing shape. Stay focused and build towards the important events.

Fauble_Scott5-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Thursday, September 21, 2017. warm up, warm up, early season race, jog 20 minutes, finish up with 8 times 40 seconds hard, jog two minutes in between, then, easy 2 mile cooldown. If no race, then, warm up, 50 minutes fartlek, two and one half minutes at 5k race pace, two and one half minutes easy, repeat ten times, cooldown.


New Balance XC 900v4 $90

The XC 900 has been New Balance's top tier cross country racer. It has been a nice upgrade for the high school or collegiate harrier - sleeker material than entry level without breaking the bank, and round 4 is a top down revamp.


Saucony Kilkenny $65 Spike/$55 Spikeless

The Kilkenny is the oldest cross country model in the Saucony lineup, now in its 7th version. The platform retains its heritage - and why not? It has been effective from its introduction because it is a sleek and efficient racing shoe.

In our weekly schedule, you have three challenging workouts a week, and now, with racing, sometimes, many times, four. The recovery days are quite important. Keep the recovery days light and know that you need to recover from the hard workouts to get the benefit. It is consistency that means the most.

Screenshot 2017-07-29 17.38.06.pngReaching the finish, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, September 20, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Vivian Cheruiyot will run her second marathon at the Mainova Frankfurt marathon on October 29, 2017. RunBlogRun will be there to provide updates on each and every mile of Vivian's run in Frankfurt!

Read this release on Vivian's upcoming run over the streets of Frankfurt.

Cheruiyot_Vivian5kFH-OlyGames16.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, photo by

Rypakova_Olga-Zurich17.jpgOlga Rypakova, photo by
Haroun 45.68, Rypakova 14.32
ASHGABAT (TKM, Sep 19): Kazakhstan's Olga Rypakova claimed her second gold medal of the Asian Indoor Games, winning the triple jump title with 14.32m ahead of teammate Mariya Ovchinnikova (13.21m). Kazakhstan also won gold medals in the women's 60m with Viktoriya Zyabkina in 7.32 and the women's 400m with Elina Mikhina in 53.37. World bronze medallist Abdalelah Haroun won the 400m title in a fast 45.68 ahead of Saudi Arabia's Mazen El-Yassin (46.35 NR) and Kazakhstan's Mikhail Litvin (46.51 NR) while Iran's Hassan Taftian won the 60m title in a national record 6.55 ahead of Eric Cray from the Philippines (6.63) and Reza Ghasemi also from Iran (6.64). Elsewhere, India's Lakshmanan Govindan won the 3000m title in 8:02.30 and teammate Unnikrishnan Chithra the women 1500m in 4:27.77. Nguyen Tien Trong won men long jump with 748 NR and Thailand´s Suttisak Singok leads heptathlon after first day with 3207 points.


Brooks Mach 18 Spikeless $90

Brooks' Mach series of cross country racing shoes have provided excellent cross country performance, whether in spiked or spikeless models. Version number 18 is as good a product as any previous round.

Warholm_KarstenR1-WorCH17.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by

LAUSANNE (SUI): World 400m hurdles champion Karsten Warholm has also been nominated for the EA Rising Stars award. The other nominees on the men's side include Armand Duplantis, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Niklas Kaul, Myhaylo Kokhan, Maksim Nedasekau, Timo Northoff, Reece Prescod, Sergey Shirobokov and Miltiadis Tentoglou. The nominees on the for the women's award are: Maya Bruney, Yasemin Can, Alexandra Emilianov, Yasmin Giger, Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Sara Kolak, Yuliya Levchenko, Yaroslava Mahuchikh, Delia Sclabas and Alina Shukh.

Warholm_KarstenFHL-WorCH17.jpgKarsten Warholm takes World Champs 400m hurdle gold, photo by


ASICS Cross Freak 2 $85

Round two of the Cross Freak carries on the tradition established in its first round (and many versions of ASICS cross country spikes, spanning many decades).

Dana Zatopkova is 95

3011656_dana-zatopkova-v0.jpgDana Zatopkova throwing the javelin (1952 gold, 1960 silver), courtesy of CTK (all rights reserved for CTK)
I met Dana Zatopkova in 2001 in Edmonton. I witnessed Roman Sebrle go across an entire room of media and find this dimunutive, smiling women. Sebrle kissed her hand, as Dana smiled and spoke animatedly to Sebrle and his friend. Dana Zatopkova and her late husband, Emil, were royalty in the Czech Republic.
I recall Emil telling me the story of Dana coaching javelin throwers after her gold medal in 1952. "It was much easier to compete than to coach. Dana went back to throwing and took the silver medal in the javelin in 1960!"
A very happy birthday to Dana Zatopkova, who won javelin gold as her husband, Emil Zatopek, was winning the marathon, his third medal in 1952 Olympics, and his first marathon.
Legendary Zatopkova is 95
PRAHA (CZE): Special day for legendary Dana Zatopkova. The Czech 1952 Olympic winner in javelin celebrated her 95th birthday. Her late husband was another legend, the multiple olympic winner Emil Zatopek, he would be also 95 on the same day. Zatopkova visited his grave during the weekend in Roznov pod Radhostem. She also spoke to Czech media and confirmed "Im happy I have good friends around, they are helping me with the problems and situations coming with my age. But I had a very interesting life."


Altra Golden Spike $90

The Golden Spike, introduced last fall, continues as a top quality cross country spike with the brand's dual mantra of a zero drop profile and roomy toe. The upper is a ripstop minimesh supported by fused overlays, with a thin, sueded tongue and ankle collar.

Tempo runs are a great way to fine tune your racing and help you run faster. They are also team buiding exercises.

Fauble_Scott7-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Tuesday, September 19, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above ourcurrent 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Warner_DamianHH-London17.jpgDamien Warner, London 2017, photo by
Vetter_AnoukJav-London17.jpgAnouk Vetter, London 2017, photo by
Warner and Vetter
TALENCE (FRA, Sep 17): European champion and world bronze medallist Anouk Vetter won the heptathlon at the Talence Decastar with 6363 points. Vetter led overnight and she extended her advantage on the second day with marks of 6.18m in the long jump, 52.49m in the javelin and 2:20.99 in the 800m. Hungary's Xenia Krizsan (6282), Cuba's Yorgelis Rodriguez (6126) and Czech Republic's Eliska Klucinova (6126) all surpassed the 6000-point barrier as well. In the decathlon, overnight leader Damian Warner from Canada won with 8252 points ahead of Germany's Kai Kazmirek (8020) and Ukraine's Oleksiy Kasyanov (8016).

Runners World has been the focus of many in the running community since its inception. Somewhere in my archives, I have the first issue. I have always been grateful for my time at Runners World, 1981-1987, as it opened my opportunities in the media world.

1971may.jpg1971 cover of Runners World, courtesy of RW

My affection for the magazine has grown over the decades. My respect for the absolutely hard work of keeping a media culture vibrant and successful goes for Runner's World and Rodale Press.

A serious running publication in its early days, the average RW reader today is a woman, who sees running as a daily act of living. As the age demographic goes up, how does RW attract young runners, and more performance based runners? Former editor, Amby Burfoot once told me that we did not publish the magazine for ourselves, we published it for our readers. Sage advice for then, and now.

2014october.jpgOctober 2014, a recent redesign

But, how do you breathe new life and new growth into a cultural icon? That is Betty Wong Ortiz's job as Editor in Chief for RW. Her picks of Matt Gross Marissa Stephenson and Brian Dalek shows the level of professionalism that Ms. Ortiz considers in rebuilding her new challenge.

The media world is in an evolutionary spin right now, and so is Runner's World and Rodale. At RW, Betty Wong Ortiz, the new Editor in Chief, is bringing in key people to build the RW culture. Where will the magazine go in the future?

Stay tuned.

Rupp_GalenFV-Philly17.jpGGalen Rupp, photo by

Defar_MeseretFV1-Philly17.jpGMeseret Defar, photo by

It was hot and humid in Philly on Sunday for the RNR Philly Half Marathon. Galen Rupp gave a strong indication of his fitness, even in the hot weather, with his win in 1:02.18. Meseret Defar is back from her calf injury and her win here showed it, in 1:08:45. Here's all the facts from RNR's Hillary Freidman.

After Sunday's long run, Monday's workout is a moderate run with some stride outs. The season is now in week 14, with the high school season off to a great start!

Hehir_Martin3-USAxc17.JPGMartin Hehir, photo by

Monday, September 18, 2017. warm up, 50 minute easy run, 8 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

Paul Halford writes a weekly column for @runblogrun on British athletics. This is his column for the week of September 16. It is about Kyle Langford and Eilish McColgan, two of the rising stars of British athletics.

McColgan_Eilish-WC17.JPGEilish McColgan, photo by

IMG_20170909_110040.jpgA Picture of the top ten men and women (in white T-shirts) of the Safaricom Iten 10K road race, photo by Justin Lagat

This was a piece done by Justin Lagat on the Safaricom Iten 10k, held on September 9. Justin focuses on the fine performance on Edith Chelimo, who won the women's race in strong style and showing great fitness. Edith Chelimo is preparing for the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Now in its second year, the Mo & Larry show features Maurice Greene and Larry Eder. Maurice Greene dominated the 100 meters from 1997 to 2001, and has the World Championships medals (including 200 meters and 4x100 meters), plus Olympic medals to prove it.

Comp 1 (0;00;00;04).jpg

What is fun about these interviews? What is fun is how much we learn from Maurice each time we throw some questions at him. A sense of the current sprint battles, a keen eye for observation, and a finely honed sense of humor are three of Maurice Greene's best traits during this series. The information, from the life long observing of fine sprinting, and the deep down understanding of what makes champions tick, allows Maurice Greene to provide our viewers (especially coaches) a unique view of our sport. In the end, Maurice Greene loves the sport, and his appreciation for the sport comes through in each and every segment.

My suggestion? If you are high school coach, college coach or an athlete, save these videos. Maurice Greenes' comments on the racing in London were dead on. HIs prescient commentary will help you in future racing.


And finally, for the second year, adidas supported this video series. We are fortunate to have adidas as a sponsor who sees that better athletes and providing them insights from adidas ambassadors is a great way to celebrate our sport. Thanks, adidas and Spencer Nel!

Eliud Kipchoge.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo courtesy of NN Running team

The NN Running Team was the brainchild of Jos Hermans and his team at Global Sports Communications. Bringning in two major sponsors to underwrite the running of some of the finest men and women in global distance running was an eye opener.

Here are five of the events that we will see NN Running Team members this fall, courtesy of the communications manager, Rosemarie Smit at Global Sports Communications.

RunBlogRun opines: One of the biggest lessons, after natural disasters and disasters not so natural, are the amazing lessons we learn about how little differences there are among us. My personal experiences around the Loma Prieta Earthquake, from 1989, when I was visiting California from my then home, in Peterborough, New Hampshire. The acts of decency, and the thoughtful acts reminded me that there is do much good in the world, that we fail to remember.

Such is the case in this time of Hurricanes. Many groups are doing great things to help our friends, families and soon to be friends in the hurricane stricken areas.

I bring the Atlanta Track Club idea as an example. It is a great example of the kindness and thoughtfulness in most of us, even in such divisive times.

Nice one, Atlanta Track Club.

Harun_Makda-Sydney17.JPGMakda Harun wins Blackmores Sydney Marathon, photo by

Hattori_ShotaFV-Sydney17.JPGShota Hattori, photo by

When our fearless global photographer, Victah Sailer, sent us pictures from the Blackmores Sydney Marathon, we were called to action. You see, if Victah shoots pictures, we cover the race. That simple.

Victah also visited the zoo for us, to get a few pictures of awake Koala bears. Well, he had to do two visits, as the Koala's were blissfully asleep during his first visit. But, our fearless photographer was back a second time to provide us pictures of real, breathing and awake Koala bears. They look like I feel most morning prior to my morning coffee!

Koala1-Sydney17.JPGKoala, prepareing for Blackstones Sydney Marathon, photo by

Sailer_VictahKoala-Sydney17.JPGKoala bear concerned about photographer Victah Sailer getting close, photo by

Long runs are key to our success. They make you stronger and allow you to handle the rigors of the work we give you. We suggest that you you run long runs with your friends, but, once in a while, run them by yourself. If you have a problem, let the mind wander, and do not be suprised if you come up with suggestions to answer your problem.

Fauble_Scott11-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, in with the mud, photo by

Running is both physical and spiritual. Long runs are places where I have written term papers, considered new jobs and old jobs and considered other life changes. Learn about the power of your long runs.

Sunday, September 17, 2017. warm up, 75-80 minutes, in hills, cooldown

jordan hasay.JPGJeff Benjamin with Jordan Hasay, September 16, 2017, photo by

Jordan Hasay is running the RNR Philly Half marathon tomorrow. This interview, by Jeff Benjamin, was done on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Jordan Hasay, along with team mate Galen Rupp, will run Chicago Marathon in three weeks!

John Trautmann is one of two assistant coaches under Frank Gagliano at HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club! An Olympian, a national champ, John has seen all parts of the sport and spends his energy grooming the next generation of American middle distance runners. Here is his answere to another key question for young coaches.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.04.33 AM-2-thumb-500xauto-20111.png

John Trautman and Larry Eder, sitting on a bench, photo by RunBlogRun

Jeff Benjamin drove down to Philly to interview some of the top athletes at RNR Philadelphia Half marathon, a historically fast course. This is one of two stories on Nike Oregon project athletes. This piece is on two time Olympic medalist Galen Rupp (Olympic silver over 10,000m in 2012, Olympic bronze over marathon in 2016).

jeff and galen rupp .JPGJeff Benjamin with Galen Rupp, September 16, 2017, photo by Jeff Benjamin

The Zurich Weltklasse was my last meet to cover live in the 2017 season. I love Zurich, Switzerland and the Stadion Letzigrund is a fantastic stadium. There is not a bad seat in the entire stadium and Swiss fans showed up, event with the torrential rain.

Manyonga_Luvo-Zurich17.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by

I love radio. It is one of the most efficient global platforms of communication. It provides context, emotions, and information. I am fortunate to do some radio for BBC Live Five and I am fascinated with their approach to their craft.

This is a my audio report on the Zurich Weltklasse, event by event. I hope that you enjoy it! Please provide suggestions on how I can do it better. Email me at [email protected].

PA-32392354-696x470.jpgRabah Yousif, Matthew Hudson-Smith, Daniel Cowan, Martyn Rooney, British 4x400m bronze medalist, photo courtesy of British Press Association

Butchart-Farah-WC17.jpgAndrew Butchart, Mo Farah, Yomelif Kejelchar, Paul Chelimo, 5000m, Rio 2016, photo by

Paul Halford writes a weekly column on British Athletics. We missed his column last week, so we are catching up today! Paul writes on the amazing Daniel Cowan, who I watched win the 400m in Birmingham and also run the third leg in 4x400m in British relay at London World Champs.

Across North America, on Saturday, September 16, hundreds of cross country races have happened in cities big and small, and there are more to come. It is early in the season, so work on honing those skills!

Hehir_Martin2-USAxc17.JPGMartin Hehir, photo by

Be part of the movement! 560,000 high school boys and girls are running cross country this season!

Saturday, Sepmber 16, 2017 warm up, early season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters, cooldown.

Or, if you do not race, warm up, go to track run fast on straights and jog turns, for three miles, then, cool down.

Today is Friday, and an easy day for cross country runners. Enjoy your run today, as you prepare for your second race of the week.

Taylor_Kellyn17-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

Friday, September 15, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

The women's 100 meters was full of surprises.

Bowie_ToriFL-WC17.JPGTori Bowie, gold medalist, 100 meters, photo by

Elaine Thompson, who had won everything over the last two years, was not having one of her best races. Tori Bowie put together a great run, with her final 40 meters giving her the win, with a brilliant finish and lean at the finish line, taking the title from Marie-Josee Tal Lou, with Dafne Schippers taking the bronze.

TaLou_MarieFL-WC17.JPGMarie-Josee Ta Lou, silver medalist, 100 meters, photo by

In the presser, Tori Bowie let her running do her talking, and Marie Josee Ta Lou and Daphne Schippers spoke about their races, and the races to come. The immediate impression in listening to these pressers is the immense pride that the athletes have in reprsenting their countries. I was truly touched by Marie Josee Ta Lou and her pride in representing the Ivory Coast.

Schippers_DaphneSF-WC17.JPGDafne Schippers, bronze, 100 meters, photo by

Dafne Schippers was all smiles. Her first of three events was over, and she had a medal to show for it. A year of new coaching under Rana Reider had paid off. Schippers was setting her sites on the 200 meters.

Tori Bowie will get used to press conferences, as she will have many more, I suspect, in her future.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Mutaz Barshim speaks about WR (in 2018)

Barshim_Mutaz-Zurich17.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by
Barshim speaks about WR
DOHA (QAT): Mutaz Essa Barshim has hinted the world high jump record of 2.45m could fall next summer, informs the Gulf Times. "2.40m in a championship season is good. What counts are the medals and the titles this year. You get the titles, and then you have the rest of the season and other seasons to go for the records. Next season, we have the world indoors in March, and so my next aim is that. But I don't think there are any major championships in summer, and that's when you can focus on records and individual goals," he said upom his arrival to Doha after athletics summer.
RunBlogRun opines: 2018 will have a Commonwealth Games and European Athletics Championships, but, it will not be a global championships. Watch for some record attempts in 2018, and Mutaz Barshim kept his shape this season, and he wants to jump much higher in 2018. It will be fun to watch!

Walsh_TomFL-WC17.JPGTom Walsh, gold medalist, shot put, NZ, photo by

The shot put is a dynamic event featuring the fastest and strongest throwers of the world. The shot put is a universal event and is followed everywhere. Shot putters are, as a whole, very colorful characters, who like to throw sixteen pound metal balls as far as they can. They spends ten to fifteen years of their lives to perfect this esoteric skill.

Kovacs_JoeFL1a-WC17.JPGJoe Kovacs, silver medalist, USA, photo by

In London, with some very zealous officiating, the job is to, as always, get the longest legal throw off during the competition. That is what Tom Walsh did. His 22.03 meters was the longest legal throw of the event. Joe Kovacs took silver in 21.66 meters, and Stipe Zunic took the bronze, his first global medal, with a throw of 21.46 meters.

Zunic_StipeFL-WC17.JPGStipe Zunic, bronze, shot put, photo by

During the presser, Tom Walsh saw the humor in everything, as did Joe Kovacs and Stipe Zunic. There was a protect by both Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs prior to the presser. Both were thrown out, and the presser started.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

That adds a bit of tension to the video, but these three guys are athletic warriors, and they deserve our respect.

Korir_MarkFV-Frankfurt16.jpgMark Korir, photo by

Mark Korir, who won the 2016 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, will defend his title on October 29, 2017 on the streets of Frankfurt, Germany, it was announced the the marathon directors on September 13. RunBlogRun will cover the fine German marathon live on runblogrun on October 29!

Warner_Damian400-London17.jpGDamian Warner, photo by

LONDON (CAN): Decathlete Damian Warner is competing in Talence this weekend only in order to make up for his below-par fifth at the World Championships when he was ill with norovirus, he told London Free Press. "If London went the way I thought it would, I don't think I would've done another decathlon," he said. "Since it didn't go too well there and I was pretty upset, I didn't want to end my season like that. I want to go out here and show people London was a fluke and it's not going to happen again."

Stefandini_EkateriniFL1c-WC17.JPGEkaterina Stefanidi, gold medalist, pole vault, photo by

One of the events that has saved track & field is the women's pole vault. Fans love the event everywhere it is held. The excitement of clearances, the speed and the immediate celebration of athletes as they clear heights allows fans to get involved with the event.

The women's pole vault was ridiculed, like the women's steeplechase, when it first started. From nearly the very start, both events were quite popular. In 1991, I recieved a letter of chastisement to our then pub, American Athletics, on the pole vault. The writer noted, "you show the steeplechase on the cover today, what's next, the women's pole vault?"

Peinado-Morris-SilvaFL-WC17.JPGPeinado, Morris, Silva, three of four PV medalists, photo by

The success of the women's pole vault is now that the event has been embraced with global enthusiasm. The athleticism, the speed, the excitement of the athletes and the personalities of the athletes all shine through. Such was the case at the London World Championships, with 35,000 watching during qualifying and 55,000 at the final.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Ekaterina Stefanidi was about to quit the sport a few years ago, but she held on, and is now the finest pole vaulter in the world, taking gold in London at 4.91 meters, a Greek NR. Sandi Morris cleared five meters in 2016, and has won World Indoor, Olympic and World outdoor silver medals in the last two years. In London, she battled Ekaterina Stefeanidi, taking the silver, at 4.75 meters. Robeilys Peinado, Venezuala picked the right day and right time to set a NR of 4.65 meters, tying with former World Champion Yarislays Silva, Cuba, at 4.65 meters.

The presser was relaxed, with some good points made by Stefanidi and Morris.

Jereem Richards had an excellent London 2017 World Championships. In the 200 meters, Jereem ran a fine 200 meters, taking the bronze medal in the 200 meter final. Then, as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago 4x400 meter team, Jereem and his team mates upset the US 4x400 meter team in a brilliant relay run in the London World Champs.

Richards_JereemFL-WC17.JPGJereem Richards, photo by

The University of Alabama sprinter has given up his last year of college elgibility at the NCAA and turned pro on September 12 and will run for adidas. He will be managed by Global Athletics & Marketing, located in Boston, MA.

Jereem Richards was quite pleased to know that Maurice Greene, 100m gold medalist WC in 1997, 1999 and 2001 predicted his medal on the Mo & Larry show, a video show regarding the London World Champs prior to his 200 meter race. RunBlogRun wishes Jereem a great 2018 and is happy to see that he continues to matriculate at the University of Alabama to finish his college degree!

Vetter-Thiam-SchaferFL1-WC17.JPGAnnouk Vetter, Nafissitou Thiam and Caroline Schafer, photo by

The multi events are enourmous athletic jousting matches over one hour, one day or two days. The Heptathlon calls on the finest women athletes from around the world. The London World Championships heptathlon featured a close battle with Thiam, Schafer and Vetter.

In the post event pressers, you have tired athletes. For day three through day ten, we did not miss a presser. The Shoe Addicts, led by Adam Johnson Eder and Mike Deering, were there each session. Brian Eder and I would join from the track. The Shoe Addicts shot the pressers in high res, along iwth FB live and I was lucky to ask quetions of the athletes each and every session but Usain Bolt's final presser.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

In all pressers, the athletes were open to questions, some more than others. These pressers are true gems, I suggest all coaches and fans watch them, and archive them.

Sir Mo Farah just ended his track career with a brilliant 5000 meter win in Zurich, taking on nemesis Muktar Edris, among others to end his season with a win on August 24.

GNR2017-025.jpgMo Farah winning his fourth Great Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

On September 10, Sir Mo won the Great North Run in 60:06. And that same day, the Virgin Money London Marathon announced the Mo would be at their race in the spring. One might ask, where else would Mo Farah have gone, but the spring marathon with the deepest pockets on the circuit?

It will be fascinating to see how Mo Farah moves on to the marathon distance. At @runblogrun, we believe that Mo learnt a major lesson in his London 2014 opening marathon, and we should probably see a different racer.

I know we will be there to watch the race, will you?

Thursday is race day. If your race day is Tuesday, then switch this with Tuesday workout. Idea is that, early in season, you need to get in workouts on race days as that the big races are much later on!

Taylor_Kellyn10-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

If you do not have a race day, I will suggest a workout below!

Thursday, September 14, 2017, warm up, early season race, jog 20 minutes, finish up with 8 times 40 seconds hard,jog two minutes in between, then, easy 2 mile cooldown.

Or, if no race,

warm up, three times six minutes race pace, on trails, with four minute jog in between, finish with 6 times 150 meter strideouts, eacy 25-30 minute cooldown.

Thomas Bach, IOC president said that the votes for Paris and LA were unanimous, and that it was important that the IOC announce the best cities for hosting 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games. Thomas Bach told the BBC that he believed that the IOC picked the best cities for both games.

@RunBlogRun notes that Paris will be hosting the games exactly 100 years after it last hosted the Olympic Games, and LA will be hosting 44 years after its' last hosting in 1984 (first in 1932).

Paris 2024 group is ecstatic. They learnt from their upset loss for 2012 and were on the top of their game!

Los Angeles 2028 is the host 44 years after its 1984 Olympic hosting. Keys for LA success were the many buildings already created and the support of the entertainment industry. Key players: Mayor of Los Angele, Eric Garcetti, and LA LOC head everything, Casey Wasserman.

The easy days are supposed to be easy. Some of your great memories will be from those kinds of days. It is the sharing of time, the sharing of workouts, deep thoughts, less than deep thoughts and just breathing in and out that provide you memories years later. Two notes on FB from my birthday were from the guy who first was nice to me on my high school team, Dave, and the guy, who became my very best friend, Robert.

Merber_Kyle4xMFH-OConnor17.jpgWR 4x1 mile indoors, by HOKA NYNJTC, photo by (Runner is the one and only Kyle Merber)

The writer of Once a Runner, a book you must read, called it the "Miles of Trials and Trials of Miles."

Remember that, you will be quizzed:).

Wednesday, September 13, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Updated September 12, 2017 with photos from Dan Vernon Photography

GNR2017-001.jpgMary Keitany wins Great North Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNR2017-004.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, taking second in Great North Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNR2017-005.jpgMary Keitany and Vivian Cheruiyot, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

RunBlogRun writes: Stuart Weir covered the Great CityGames on Saturday, and, on Sunday, covered Great North Run on Sunday for us. This is his article on Mary Keitany.

Mo Farah has just ended a part of his career, and is on to the next stage. From 2010 to 2017, Mo Farah took less than gold in two track races, one, a 10,000 meters in 2011 and the other, a 5,000 meters in 2017. From 2012 to 2017, he won six straight 10,000 meter global championships, and six straight 5000 meter championships from 2011 to 2016.

Mo_Smile_19_native_1600.jpgMo Farah scene from "Smile", screen shot courtesy of Nike communications

thebraveathlete1.JPGThis is a review of The Brave Athlete, written by Jeff Benjamin. Jeff has written for American Athletics, American Track & Field and RunBlogRun. Jeff is a high school history teacher, life long runner and observer of the sport!

RunBlogRun comments: The HOKA ONE ONE Long Island Mile is becoming an institution. This year, the rain, the death of David Torrence was felt by everyone in attendance. This is Jeff Benjamin's column on the event. If you want to get more of a feel for the HOKA ONE ONE Long Island mile, please go to @runblogrun on Instagram.

lipari at long island .jpgEmily Lipari, photo by Jeff Benjamin

IMG_9830.JPGThe milers from David Torrence Mile take a moment for their friend, photo by Jeff Benjmain

OlympicStadium_WC09.jpgBerlin Stadium, WC 2009, photo by
Berlin 2018: 75 000 tickets sold
BERLIN (GER): First record for Berlin European Championships 2018. 330 days before the event already 75 000 tickets have been sold. It is the best start ever for the championships in terms of ticket sales. London World Championships succes contributed, top foreign sales came from Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland and Netherlands. In total 300 000 spectators are expected. New in offer are hospitality tickets with exclusive service.
2016 European Champs 1,500 meters, photo by

GNR2017-025.jpgMo Farah wins fourth Great North Run in 60:06, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNR2017-029.jpgJake Robertson takes second in 60:12 at Great North Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNR2017-030.jpgMo Farah, post race, Great North Run, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

Updated Tuesday, September 12, 2017, with photos by Dan Vernon Photography

RunBlogRun introduces column: Stuart Weir writes about the men's Great North Run, and espeically, Mo Farah. This is Stuart's final column on the weekend in NewCastle/Gateshead.

Tuesday is a tough day on our schedule. We are introducing tempo runs this week. They are a great way to callous yourself for racing and they are a great way to build your middle part of the race, where many runners slow down.

clifton 4.jpg

The key to tempo running is this: Do what is asked. You are to run a 20 minute run at pace that is 30 seconds per mile over your normal 5k racing pace at this time. So, if you race at six minutes a mile, tempo pace is 6:30 a mile. As you get fitter, these workouts really help prepare you for the current season.

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Tuesday, warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above ourcurrent 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown.

My first cross country race was a long time ago. It was on my birthday, September 11, in 1972. I ran a two mile race in the afternoon, and fished all morning.

I remember how hard it was to run the entire course, and I had to walk a few times. But finishing on the soccer field was cool, and I was hooked.

Now, 45 years later, I am still involved with the sport. The daily workouts and stories we do on @runblogrun are my dream come true. I wanted to be involved in the sport, and, still am. I think of you, the 560,000 high school boys and girls who run cross country with awe, each and every day. You are challenging yourself to new heights. Your cross country running helps you in all of your other life endeavors.

Have a great day, and enjoy your run today!

Men-4.jpg2016 USATF XC with HOKA Northern Arizona Elite team, photo by Justin Britton

Simpson-Weightman-JuddW-5thAve17.JPGSimpson, Weightman, Judd, photo by

Simpson-Weightman-JuddW1-5thAve17.JPGSimpson, Weightman, Judd, photo by

Willis_NickFH-5thAve17.JPGNick Willis takes NB Fifth Mile, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Rich Sands wrote this piece for Race Results Weekly on the final race of the global season for middle distance runners. Here's Rich Sand's feature on the NB Fifth Avenue Mile.

GNCG2017-119.jpgLynsey Sharp, warming up for 500 meters, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNCG2017-106.jpgThe battle for women's 500 meters, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

GNCG2017-152.jpgThe battle for women's mile, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

RunBlogRun opines on Stuart Weir's second piece on Great CityGames: Stuart Weir wrote this piece on his two favorite races at the City Games. Stuart follows all of the athletes, so he has great affinity to athletes who have battled challenges and overcome those challenges. We learn about the athletes when we read Stuart's columns, and that is the key: insight into why these athletes run, jump and throw in this silly world.

GNCG2017-152.jpgThe close battle over the women's mile, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

RunBlogRun introduces this column by Stuart Weir: The Great City Games and Great North Run are two of my favorite events. This year, they were same weekend as NB Fifth Avenue Mile. I was unable to attend either event this year, as the long season had gotten the best of me.

I was thankful, as always, for Stuart Weir's coverage of both events in Newcaste. This piece was on the Saturday events.

The Track Man, Track Man, .JPGThis is a new book review from Jeff Benjamin. We ask Jeff to provide book reviews for @runblogrun, and this is one of his newest. The 2016 Olympic champion has two books out currently, and Jeff, of course, has reviewed both for us.

Long runs in college were run in the Santa Cruz mountains. My coach, Dan Durante, had a menagerie of animals on his property, including, but not limited to; a llama, a tortoise, rabbits, and I believe goats. The llama was not very happy when I put a small seat on its back, and spit profusely at me.

The runs were through the ghost towns of the Santa Cruz mountains. We had a 14 miler, an 18 miler and the 22 miler. Dan Durante had researched these in his spare time from being a professor at Santa Clara in engineering and working a a major technology company.

Smith_Scott8-USAxc17.JPGScott Smith, photo by

Dan knew all of the tricks. He would run the first ten with us, mostly downhill and then, when we started the grind, that long run to the top, he would take a cut off and meet us back at his home. The long runs were tough, and also satisfying.

There was that part of the run, the last 20-25 minutes, when we were pushing hard, running uphill and there was no respite. Paul Gyorey, my team mate, who I called "Geza", would trade leads as we went up the long drive home.

There was something satisfying about the run. Part of it was that we knew we could handle a hill anywhere on a race course. The confidence after these runs built all season.

Thats what we hope for you, with our runs. Just as not many hills, well, yet.

Sunday, September 10, 2017. warm up, 75-80 minutes, in hills, cooldown

Smith_Scott4-USAxc17.JPGScott Smith, photo by

The fall cross country season will see 560,000 high school boys and girls racing across 50 states, with Alaska having the first state meet in early October. As we hit the second week of September, most cross country runners are getting their racing legs, and there are 2 races a week. A small meet during the week, and an invitational on the weekend!

Good luck this weekend. Remember to get out well, and focus on a part of the race that you see needs improvement.

Saturday, September 8, 2017. warm up, early season cross country race, if not, easy 4 mile run, 4x150 meters, cooldown.

The New Balance Fifth Avenue mile is going to be held on Sunday, September 10. 29 elite milers are in the Big Apple. 27 of them competed in London and three won medals!

The Fifth avenue mile is in its 37th year and over 6000 athletes will be competing. Meet Director Peter Ciaccia told the media in a call in presser that the 2017 NB Fifth Avenue mile might set a record in terms of participation.

Jenny Simpson, 2017 World Champ silver medalist at 1,500 meters, and Emma Coburn, 2017 World Championships gold medalist at the steeple, plus Courtney Frerichs, 2017 World Championships silver medalist at the steeplechase will all be there.

Can Jenny Simpson win again? We will just have to wait and see. On Sunday, NBC sports will carry the miles live at 1.30 Eastern time U.S.

If you are in NYC, run! If you are around the world, watch, get inspired, then run!

Way back in 1996, Kenny Moore, one of the finest writers to even write about our sport, wrote about the triple jump. His article was on Jonathan Edwards, the World Record holder in the Triple Jump. In August 1995, Jonathan Edwards, a mild mannered British long jumper, destroyed the TJ world record, not once, but twice, in front of 45,000 fans in Goteborg, Sweden!

Ibarguen_Caterine-WorC17.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, photo by

The triple jump for women had been, the real estate of woman from the former Soviet bloc. Then came Caterine Ibarguen, a fast, technically profiscient Columbian who brought emotion and attention to the triple jump. Ibarguen won medals in every global and regional TJ championship from 2012 to 2016 (all gold but 2012, silver in London). In 2017, she touched Earth once again, as Yulimar Rojas, battling Ibarguen through each round.

Rojas_Yulimar1-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by

Yulimar Rojas is from Venezuala, and is as talented as Ibarguen, who has competed since 1999 in the high jump, long jump, triple jump (oh, and heptathlon).

Rojas dropped the big one in the fifth round, with a 14.91 meters. It was as if two great dancers were challenging each other. In the sixth round, Ibarguen took the challenge and leaped 14.88 meters, just missing taking Rojas off the top.

Rypakova_Olga-WorC17.jpgOlga Rypkaova, photo by

In third, Olga Rypakova, who has medals from Beijing, London and Rio, reminded the world that she is still competing, with her 14.77 meter jump.

An interesting presser, with Spanish and Russian being spoken, as the three finest triple jumpers in the world spoke about their event.

The Great North Run weekend is one of my favorite of the year. The City Games on Saturday, followed by a huge half marathon on Sunday is a great way to celebrate running in Northern England.

This year, Mo Farah and Mary Keitany will be leading 57,000 of their closest friends. The course is fast and pretty flat. In past years, Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie and Mo Farah have battled through the streets of Gateshead and NewCastle.

This year, Brendan Foster, founder of the Great Run Company, and 1976 Olympic bronze medalist at 10,000 meters, will be the race starter.

We will be watching it via streaming video very early from California, so good luck to all 57,000 running the Great North Run!

It's that time of the year again Great North Run!!! Looking to Sunday half marathon..!! #onemomile

A post shared by Sir Mo Farah🇬🇧🥇🥇🥇🥇 (@gomofarah) on

The women's 1,500 meters in London was a scorcher. In a presser for the New Balance Fifth Avenue mile on September 7, Jenny Simpson, the silver medalist, noted that, if one did not consider the entire 1,500 meter rounds and final, one did not get a full appreciation of the event. Jenny Simpson was spot on.

Faith Kipyegon is the Olympic champion. She is fearless, and her speed over the last lap is exciting to watch. With 250 meters to go, Sifan Hassan was in full run, and Faith Kipyegon was right there. The duel was on. If one watches the race, one sees the dynamic duo gaining some real estate on Jenny Simpson, with Laura Muir moving into third as well.

Semenya-Kipyego-SimpsonFH1d-WorCH17.jpgCaster Semenya, Faith Kipyegon, Jenny Simpson, the battle for London, photo by

But that was not for long. Sifan Hassan came back to Simpson and Muir. Simpson ran on the inside, ala Steve Ovett, GBR's fine runner from the 1970s and 1980s, (Moscow 1980 800m champion), and moved from fourth to bronze, to silver, and was still gaining at the finish. As Hassan collapsed, Faith Kipyegon pressed on for the finish.

What most had not considered, was one Caster Semenya. Caster Semenya was making a last ditch run, pretty impressive for an 800 meter specialist, to take a medal in the 1,500 meters. Look at the picture, as she nips Laura Muir at the finish, with Semenya taking the bronze.

The presser was informative and full of information on Jenny Simpson, the consumate tactician, Caster Semenya, the consumate politician, and Faith Kipyegon, a very happy gold medalist.

McLeod_OmarSF1-WC17.JPGOmar McLeod, 110m hurdles, gold, photo by

The banning of Russia from the London World Championships was not an esoteric concept if one went to the London pressers. Sergey Shubokov, the fine Russian hurdler, was competing for ANA, which meant, he was Russian but could not represent Russia in the World Champs. It was something that had to be done, considing the level of Soviet and now Russian cheating in sport. This does not mean that other countries are not doing it as we speak, but the level of depravity that the Russian Federation used makes many transgressions by others pail in comparison.

Shubenkov_SergeyQ-WC2017.jpgSergey Shubenkov, photo by

One of the main reasons that Sergey Shubenkov was allowed to compete was that the IAAF saw him as a clean athlete, one who was tested on a consistent basis and one who was invited to participate in the world community of athletes. Sounds silly, but it is not.

Baji_BalazsFL-WorC17.jpgBalazs Baji, bronze medalist, 110m hurdles, photo by

Omar McLeod won the 110m hurdles in 13.04. That wonderful Jamaican talent, with his sub 10 second speed and his hurdle technique, which is near perfection. McLead took the gold, and Shubenkov took the silver in 13.14, and Balazs Baji took the bronze, becoming the first Hungarian to win a hurdle medal, staying ahead of France's Garfield Darien and Aries Merritt, the WR holder and London 2012 champion.

A fun presser, and some good questions and answers.

Jepkosgei_Joyciline-RAK17.jpgJoyciline Jepkosgei, photo by
Jepkosgei thinks sub 30
PRAGUE (CZE): World half marathon record-holder Joyciline Jepkosgei from Kenya believes a sub-30 minute performance is possible for 10km on the roads, informs organisers. "I don't think there's any difference between road and track times, so it should be possible to run under 30 minutes on the road. But this is a good competition. I cannot say I will win," said Jepkosgei ahead of the Birell Prague Grand Prix which takes place tomorrow. Jepkosgei clocked 64:52 in the Prague Half Marathon in April, passing through the 10km checkpoint in 30:04.

Wlodarczyk_AnitaW-WC17.JPGAnita Wlodarczyk, 1/3, taming the hammer, photo by

The hammer throw is one of the oldest events in the sport. Take fifteen or twenty minutes to watch the men and women who throw the magnifiscent orb sixty to eight-five meters across the field, and you are hooked. Anita Wlodarczyk is the Paavo Nurmi of the hammer: she sets WRs nearly at whim. Remember that: "nearly". The hammer throw is a demanding mistress, and Anita Wlodarczyk puts all of her energy, speed, control and focus into hurling that mighty beast over eighty meters!

Wlodarczyk_AnitaW1a-WC17.JPGAnita Wlodarczyk, taming the hammer, 2/3, photo of

The London World Champs were again a chance to watch the Polish star give a lesson in hammer throwing, which she did. I have been fortunate to see her throw, from Doha in May to the Birmingham and London in August.

Wlodarczyk_AnitaW1b-WC17.JPGAnita Wlodarczyk, taming the hammer, 3/3, photo by

In Doha, there were about thirty people watching Anita Wlodarczyk and Pawel Fajdek opening their season. It was like watching a dual meet in cross country, where parents, friends, team mates, a few dogs and a few lost people cheer you on. Yet, we were watching a half dozen of the finest athletes in the world! Three months later, this writer watched Wlodarczyk in front of 55,000 interested track fans.

Do me a favor. This year, on your to do list, put, watching a hammer throw. You will be glad that you did.

After this week, you need an easy day! Four days of classes, an early season race, plus hurricanes and earthquakes on the news, it has been an exhausting week.

How was your first race? That's okay, just remember, try and improve something each race. Take a bit of improvement each race, and you will be going in the right direction.

XC HOKA Nor Ariz Elite .jpgRace is on, USAXC 2016, photo by Justin Britton

Recently I had dinner with friends. We were speaking about racing, and one of our mutal friends, a coach, had told his athlete not to lead if he wanted to win. Makes alot of sense. Get out there, and move up through the crowd, and then, with about 800 meters to go, make your move. Both ways can work. Some athletes like to lead from early on, controlling the pace, and others wait until the very, very end of the race to show their presense.

If you want to be inspired, go on You Tube and find the London World Champs women's 1,500 meters. Watch Jenny Simpson. Jenny very seldom makes a wrong move in a big race. Pretty cool.

Well, dream about the big races, but run and enjoy your run today.

Friday, September 8, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

RunBlogRun opines: As Sifan Hassan and Faith Kipyegon went into their own battle of the stars with 250 meters to go in London, Jenny Simpson had other thoughts. She thought one might not stay at that pace, and bidded her time. Simpson was right, and she was rewarded with a silver WC medal, giving her four medals in global competitions in her storied career.

Simpson_Jenny-WC17.JPGJenny Simpson, photo by

As Jenny Simpson ends her season, with the NB Fifth Avenue mile, Cathal Denney caught up with her on her NB presser to discus that unique racing savy.

I recall the New Balance announcement in 2010 that NB had sponsored Jenny Simpson. Many so called experts thought NB had over stretched the New England brand's boundaries. Looking back over this past 8 years, I think New Balance got amazing return for their investment.

Between Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn and Brenda Martinez, they have three of the finest American distance runners in decades and another generation on the rise.

It must be the shoes.

Please enjoy this fine piece on America's finest women middle distance racer, Jenny Simpson, by Cathal Dennehy, a long time writer for the IAAF and RunBlogRun. We are fortunate to work with him.

New Balance is in its second year of sponsorship for the Fifth Avenue Mile, the oldest and most prestigious road mile in the globe. Now in its 37th year, the NB Fifth Avenue mile is the official end of the summer track season for many middle distance runners.

Rich Sands, writing for Race Results Weekly, wrote this piece, which we use with permission.

Simpson_JennyFL-WC17.JPGJenny Simpson, London 1,500m silver, photo by


Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs going 1,2, steeplechase, photo by

Hoka-449.jpgDavid Torrence, photo from HOKA communications

We lost David Torrence just over ten days ago. A fine middle distance runner, who ran 1:45 for 800 meters to 13:16 for 5000 meters, I had just watched David run a 3:56.10 mile in Birmingham, England on August 20.

As good of a runner as David was, he was a finer human being. On your run today, work hard, breathe in, breathe out and consider David Torrence, his wide smile, his family, his friends and how lucky we are to have friends, family and team mates.

David would have liked that.

Thursday, September 7, 2017. warm up, warm up, early season race, jog 20 minutes, finish up with 8 times 40 seconds hard, jog two minutes in between, then, easy 2 mile cooldown.

David Oliver is retiring, per NBC Olympic sports. It was in the twitter world today, so it must be true.

Retiring is such a personal thing for an elite athlete. But, in the rarefied world of the 110m hurdles, David Oliver has been around for a heck of a long time. He has an Olympic medal, a World Championship title, indoor and outdoors, plus four US outdoor titles.

David Oliver has moments of great highs and lows in our sport. He has lived life well, reminding the media that, when he first ran 13.2, he was working in a footwear store. Being an elite hurdler for over a decade is a huge tribute to David's drive and athleticism.

In 2011, the Shoe Addicts, our video partners, did this video focus on David Oliver, to promote David and his running at the 2011 Nike Pre Classic. Check it out, because it captures our friend and great athlete:

David Oliver is a class act, a fine athlete, and most of all, a great role model.

We will miss him.

Teferi_SenbereH1-Rome16.jpgSenbere Teferi, photo by
Teferi fast 10 km on the road
TILBURG (NED, Sep 3): Ethiopia's Senbere Teferi won the Tilburg Ladies Run 10km in a fast 30:38 ahead of Kenyans Agnes Tirop (31:00) and Beatrice Mutai (31:28) with Uganda's Stella Chesang fourth in 32:13. In the individual road 10 km the Teferi time is one of fastest in 2017 per David Monti, RRW. She was competing on Friday at IAAF DL final in Brussels as 3rd in the 5000 m.
Kenya's Rodgers Kwemoi defended his title over 10-miles in 45:03 ahead of teammate Evans Chebet (45:06) and Uganda's Abdallah Mande (45:39). Abdi Nageeye was the top Dutch runner in fourth in 46:26 while former world and Olympic marathon champion Stephen Kiprotich was seventh in 47:27.
Fastest time of year is Fancy Chemutai (KEN) ran 30:23 in Appingedam on 24 June,

Seventeen time NCAA Champion Ed Cheserek has signed a long term agreement with Skechers Performance, it was announced on BusinessWire today. Ed Cheserek is one of the most popular athletes on the collegiate circuit and much has been made of what he will do post NCAA. There had been much scuttlebutt about where @KingCheserek would land, and it is in Manhattan Beach, headquarters of Skechers Performance.

Ed cheserek.jpgEd Cheserek signs with SKECHERS Performance, photo by BusinessWire

Tola_Fate-2.jpgFate Tola, photo courtesy of

Hall_Sara1-SanDiego15.jpgSara Hall, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: The Mainova Frankfurt marathon is one of my favorite marathons of the year. It is a truly German marathon, which would make Americans recall big marathons in US in the 1980s. A combination of serious running booths, plus triathlon booths, road races and lots of natural foods.

The runners are a bit different than U.S. and do remind you of American running in the 1980s, with a bit more serious focus on running and running a good time.

I like the course, which takes in the historic sites of Frankfurt, and which features a unique finish, in the major Trade Show hall in Frankfurt and reminds me of a Pink Floyd or Genesis concert and a road race finish. I also enjoy interviewing the athletes, as each year, there are new global stars who debut or have a big race in Frankfurt.

The course is fast, and has cool weather. Watch @runblogrun's live coverage on October 29, thanks to the support of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.

The Boston Marathon registration is about to begin. Please read the instructions and if you have questions, there is an email to send questions! Do it now, so you do not have problems in the future.

Spring 2014 CTRN.jpg

Justin Lagat did this interview of Mary Keitany today, September 6, prior to her flight to Newcastle, England for the Great North Run, one of @runblogrun's favorite events.

Here is Justin's note to me on the story: " I did a short interview with Mary Keitany today, and already sent to you. She is an amazing lady, told me that she has been following my writing and thinks I am one special journalist given that I run faster than any journalist she knows. "

We thank Justin for the speed of his effort today and also for his views from Kenya!

Keitany_Mary1a-RAK17.jpgMary Keitany, RAK, February 2017, photo by

The Fall cross country season is upon us. If you have been working out with us since June or July, you have 10-14 weeks under your belt, and you will do fine. If you have not, be patient and focus on being ready to race in October.

Here is an easy day workout, as we have a race day for tomorrow.

clifton 4.jpgEasy run day, photo from HOKA ONE ONE

Wednesday, September 7, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy stretching.

Kendricks_Sam1a-London17.jpGSam Kendricks, photo by

AACHEN (Germany): Reigning world pole vault champion Sam Kendricks is set to go head-to-head with former world champion Pawel Wojciechowski in Aachen at the Domspringen pole vault meet on Wednesday, informs The field also includes European U23 champion Ben Broeders, Frenchman Stanley Joseph and Dutch record-holder Menno Vloon along with top German vaulters Karsten Dilla and Tobias Scherbarth. The event is expected to attract 5000 spectators.

The art of coaching


There are nearly 34,000 head high school track coaches in North America. They work with 1.4 million boys and girls from December to June. Coaches are educators, cheerleaders, confessors, technicians, and life changers.

For most of my life, I have been fortunate to be around some of the finest men and women on this planet. I had some great coaches in high school and college, some who changed my life. My love of the sport, my fascination with the history of the sport and my ability to stay focused came from lessons I learned from the sport and the coaches who I met along the way.

I wrote about Coach Rich Grawer this past year. Mr. Grawer was my sophomore cross country coach and also coach of the DeSmet Basketball team. Mr. Grawer took the BBall team to state and then moved onto Saint Louis University and showed his genius at the highly competitive college level. Mr. Grawer was also my freshman history teacher.

In Mr. Grawer, I recognized how inspiring a coach could be, and also my skills as a historian were honed in that freshman year. Grawer challenged us and encouraged us.

Those lessons in life came back to me after the long jump presser.

I was heading over to say hello to Raina Reider and I noticed him, much quieter than I normally saw him, with a tearful Tianna Bartoletta. Tianna had a tough long jump, taking four jumps to get her marks. In her final two attempts, Tianna got herself into the medals and took the bronze.

Tianna had been so articulate during the first USATF presser and during the LJ presser, I sensed she was struggling a bit. I did not know about the personal maelstrom she was enduring at the time. I made a point of asking her if she realized how amazing her battling back into the medals?

She responded and told the media about her battle on the long jump runway.

But, after the race, it was a few kind words from her coach Rana Reider, that made the difference.

The technique of the long jump can be taught each and every day on the track.

The lessons of life can not be scheduled, where, sometimes, just making it through the day is a victory.

That is where coaching is an art.

Cragg_Amy-WC17.JPGAmy Cragg, photo by

PORTLAND (USA): World bronze medallist Amy Cragg is "definitely" planning to compete in a spring marathon next year, informs "I'll definitely be doing a spring marathon but we don't know which one yet. Once we figure out which marathon, we'll work backwards and if we could fit in some road races for the marathon, that is what we'll do," she said.

Tori Bowie's Excellent Adventure


At the Pre Classic this past May 27-28, we were treated to some amazing performances. On Saturday, we were waiting for Elaine Thompson to run a fast 200 meters. She did run a fast 200 meters. There was just one problem: Tori Bowie ran even faster, with a 21.77. And, so did Shaunae Miller-Uibo, running 21.91.

At the nationals, in hot, hot Sacramento, Tori Bowie won the 100 meters in 10.94. Tori looked better each and every round. In the 200 meters, Tori Bowie took third, and was obviously worn out. After the race, she told media that she might focus on one race in London.

Tori Bowie is a fascinating athlete. Over the past three years, Tori Bowie has developed a confidence in her running, her coaching and herself. In Beijing, even running races that were less than her best, Tori Bowie took a bronze in the 100 meters. In 2016, Tori Bowie took silver in the 100 meters, bronze in the 200 meters and gold in the 4x 100 meters. In Rio, Tori told the media that she liked winning medals and that was obvious. Bowie took silver in the 100 meters with a last rush to the finish. Her bronze in the 200 meters was another example of the glass being half full. Bowie's last fifty meters was better than her competition. She seem to decide that she wanted to run in the last section of the race. In the relay, it was obvious: Tori Bowie really wanted to run.

This is our 31rst report on European Athletics for 2016-17 season! It is prepared just for @runblogrun and its readers courtesy by of Carles Baronet. Carles is from Catalonia, and he is very proud of his coverage of event results around the world. And, he should be. He spends much of the weekend on compiling and editing the results. We are getting to the end of the season. If you need any earlier reports, just go our SEARCH option at @runblogrun and write in European Athletics results.

Rypakova_Olga1-Zurich17.jpgOlga Rypkaova, photo by

I have been wanting to write this one for a few weeks. I really like Elaine Thompson. I have intereviewed her several times, my favorite being in Birmingham Muller Indoor GP last February. Elaine is delightful. She keeps it light, she has no time for BS and she is a champion.

Our sport is a sport, this is not professional wrestling, roller derby or boxing. Athletics is about putting the best athletes together and having them run, jump or throw their hearts out. Our job as media? Is to help the fans understand and appreciate that individuals in this sport and to protect the integrity of the sport.

Elaine Thompson did not win medals in London. She ran a race that was not her best. Was she frustrated? Of course! How did she respond? She won in Birmingham and Brussels, and ran against Shaunae Miller-Uibo in the 200 meters.

In the Zurich presser, she was pressed on her sub par race in London. Elaine Thompson smiled, and made no excuses. She was focused on the next race.

Afterwards, I spoke to Lance Brauman, coach of Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Noah Lyles, among others. I mentioned to Lance how classy Elaine Thompson had remained, even with a chance to make excuses. Coach Brauman looked me straight in the eye, with one of those "You're kidding me?" looks, and said, "That's what a champion does."

Enough said.

Brena Martinez.jpgBrenda Martinez, photo by Justin Britton

Lauren Johnson-4.jpgLauren Johnson, photo by Justin Britton

Lipari_Emily-BosOut17.jpGEmily Lipari, photo by

Here's Jeff Benjamin's update on the HOKA ONE ONE Long Island Women's mile! The HOKA ONE ONE Long Island Miles are being held on 6 September 2017.

Jeffery-Eggleston.jpgJeff Eggleston, photo by Kevin Morris

The RNR VA Beach is one of the RNR series' most popular events. Here is the release from Dan Cruz on the race from this past weekend.

Welcome back to the school year! And what better way to take your attention from American History and Algebra 2 but a hard workout? Well, you will really like us today, but remember, one part at a time.

Ben Bruce, XC 2016 USATF.jpgBen Bruce, USATF XC 2016, photo by

Tuesday, September 5, 2017. warm up, one mile easy, two miles, run 800 at 5k race pace , jog 400m, run 1320 at 5k race pace, jog 400 meters, six times hills, 200 meters, pump arms, keep stride short going up, jog down hills, easy mile cooldown, easy stretching.

Rupp_Galen1a-Boston17.jpGGalen Rupp, Boston 2017, photo by

NEW HAVEN (USA, Sep 4): Galen Rupp took a narrow victory at the USATF 20K Championships on the road to next month's Chicago Marathon, winning by one second in 59:04 ahead of Leonard Korir (59:05) and Sam Chelanga (59:16) with Christo Landry fourth (60:36). Jordan Hasay took a runaway victory in the women's race in 66:35 ahead of reigning champion Aliphine Tuliamuk (67:49) and Sara Hall (67:53).

Hasay_Jordan1a-BostonM17.jpgJordan Hasay, photo by

hassan vs kipyegon .pngFaith Kipyegon vs. Sifan Hassan, 2015 Brussels, same battles, different year, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: This is David Hunter's piece on the Brussels DL and the challenges in covering such a meet in the modern era, when a power outage complicates those living in a digital age.

The power outage in Brussels could have taken away the amazing lustre of this end of season event, and the new approach to the DL final. But, while there was no light or power in the media room, journalists did it old school. The mixed zone become even more important and the athletes kept the energy up, as the crowds in the half lit stadium continued to enjoy the last Diamond league meeting of the season.

Here is David Hunter's fine piece on the Memorial Van Damme, one of our favorite meets to cover each season.

We also include a photo from David Hunter and Margaret Hunter. Margaret travels to many of the meets and has put up with David and I doing track geek things at major events. Her photo skills have provided us with insights into major meetings around the world.

IMG_0939.JPGDavid Hunter and Margaret Hunter, photo courtesy of Margaret Hunter, Brussels DL, pre outage

This photo shows David Hunter and Margeret prior to the great Brussels power outage.

The 200 meters Men's final was an exciting race. Wayde Van Niekerk, having won the 400 meters, and run 200 meters twice, was a bit fatigued. Jereem Richards, who was marked by 1997,1999 , and 2001 World Champ 100 meters Maurice Greene, was ready. And so was Turkey's Ramiel Guliyev.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

The race was honest, challenging and brutal. Van Niekerk put his heart into the race, and nearly came out with the double. But, dear and kind readers, our sport has no awards for "nearly". The runner who gets his or her torso across the plane of the finish line first is the victor. Ramiel Guliyev's fine finish showed precision, heart and experience. His finish took the gold away from Wayde Van Niekerk, who still has not recieved the credit he deserves for his 400m/200m double attempt. Two medals, six races, very difficult fields.

For Ramiel Guliyev, who has lived in Turkey for six years, having been a fine young European champion from Azerbijan, and saw more opportunities in Turkey. Guliyev focused on the 200 meters, and his focus was rewarded with the gold.

For Jereem Richards, this young man has the future ahead of him. A fine turn, and a blistering finish, Richards took the bronze. This young man will run much faster and will win more medals.

The presser was remarkable for the honesty. Van Niekerk spoke a bit about the maelstrom of bullshit that developed around the South African. Wayde Van Niekerk had nothing to do with Isaac Makwala not running up to his promise, that blame rests squarely with Mr. Makwala and his federation. Anyone who wants to spend a few hours researching that debacle will see what truly happened. Remember, one must show up and run races to even be elgible to win medals. Ramiel Guliyev was one of those quiet souls who lets his running do his speaking for him. Yet, Ramiel was a pleasant surprise. Ramiel also reminds us how global our sport is. Remember Venuste Nyongabo in 1995?

Pressers are a lot of fun, and the energy is fascinating. Check this one out.

The 400 meter intermediate hurdles was the creation of a depraved individual, or someone who was into opera. The results are always dramatic as, when fine athletes are met with the combined hells of 400 meters all out and ten hurdles added to said situation, certian things happen. One, there is the feeling that, as one gets to hurdles 8, 9 and 10, there is a subtle increase in height, and a definite increase in the energy needed to clear said barriers. While this suggestion of increased height is all merely a scene from a William S. Burroughs' novel, the damage is done.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

The exceptional 400 meter hurlder knows that the race is won in those last grueling two hurdles, where one calls on more than heart, endurance and focus. One calls on that inner strength, and all those hours spent running over hurdles and sprinting all out.

Such was the case of the women's 400 meter hurdles in London. Kori Carter, a young woman who has been on the cusp for three years, finally, called off her inner demons and enjoined them in the cause. That cause? To take her over that final barrier in a minute lead, and to run from Delilah Muhammad, the world leader in the event.

Carter won her gold. Muhammed won her silver and Ristianna Tracey, the young Jamaican star, took the bronze. Veteran medalist Zuzana Hejnova took fourth.

Watch this presser. Nice to see a former Stanford athlete run to her promise. Now that the devil is off her back, lets see how fast Kori Carter can run. Watch for her to fly in 2018.

This is report 30 from our friend from Catalonia. Carles Baronet provides @runblogrun amazingly detailed reports on results on a weekly basis in cross country, indoor, roads and outdoor track & field. The detail is amazing, as Carles spends much of each weekend putting together results from up to 51 countries and locales.

Vadlejch_JakubH1-Zurich17.jpgJakub Vladejch, javelin, photo by

This presser is truly a gem. It is in my top 4 from London, along with Adam Kzczot, Pierre Ambroise Bosse and Kipyegon Bett on the 800 meters, Tomas Walsh, Joe Kovacs and Stipe Zuni in the men's shot put, and Faith Kipyegon, Jenny Simpson and Caster Semenya (women's 1,500 meters).

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Christian Taylor, Will Claye and Nelson Evora were fun to watch competing in London, but they were mesmerizing in their presser. In pressers, most of the major reporters had asked questions in mixed zone, and with our front row positions, thanks to Adam Johnson Eder of The Shoe Addicts, I was positioned to ask questions of nearly each athlete. Taylor, Claye are great communicators and their affection for Nelson Evora, the Methuselah of the triple jump (five medals so far), was obvious. Nelson Evora did not let his frustration over being able to only compete once in major meetings in 2017. Evora is a tremendous talent, and at his advanced age (for a triple jumper), Nelson should be revered.

Brownign Ross book 1.JPG

RunBlogRun opines: Our sport has a colorful history, with characters who devoted their lives to our sport. Characters is a word use with much respect. It is this writer's given that most of us humans learn from failures and challenges. While those challenges and failures make great fodder for historians, there can be, from such situations the equivalent of hell on earth.

Browning Ross is one of the true characters of our sport. Jeff Benjamin, a long time writer for American Athletics, American Track & Field and now, RunBlogRun is a high school teacher who specializes in American history. Jeff provides us with a series of book reviews at his leisure. This is one of them.

Labor Day is here. It is the official end of summer for most high schoolers. Across the country, 22 million high school students are moaning to themselves, as 12 weeks of summer are gone. But, don't fret, dear readers, as 560,000 high school boys and girls are now focusing on cross country running, between Biology 101, Trigonometry 101 and European History.

We have changed name to Fall Cross country, which will go for the next 12 weeks and then, we switch to championship mode. The workouts I use over the summer have come from 45 years of association with cross country, first as an athlete, then, as a coach. The collective knowledge I gained from great coaches like Rich Grawer, the late Jim Marheinecke, Terry Ward, Dan Durante, Joe Mangan, Jeff Johnson, Frank Gaglianoa, the late Arthur Lydiard, and Pat Clohessy are in these workouts. Of course, historical greats like Joe Vigil, Bob Larsen, and the many that I have interviewed are all fused into one. As one fine coach told me, "Always be open to learning."

Men HOKA ONA 2016 XC Justin Britton.jpgHOKA Northern Arizona Elite, racing 2016 USATF XC, photo by Justin Britton

And finally, our sponsors. HOKA ONE ONE has sponsored this training program for two years now. Lee Cox and Mike McManus see the future of the sport, in the hearts, minds and feet of high school cross country and track runners. HOKA ONE ONE has been a huge supporter of RunBlogRun and the RunningNetwork from the day Deckers brought HOKA ONE ONE to the world.

The video series that accompanies our HOKA ONE ONE training series is filmed, managed and produced by The SHOE Addicts. Check out their site for amazing video and very cool running playlists!

A special thanks to the 16,000 cross country coaches and their 560,000 athletes, to whom we dedicate this daily labor of love.

Monday, September 4, 2017.

Monday, warm up, one mile easy, 45 minutes, on grass, Fartlek workout, one minute hard, one minute easy, repeat 22 times, then, jog a bit, and follow up with 4x 150 meter stride outs, one mile cooldown, easy stretching.

Rutherford_GregA-Rio16.jpgGreg Rutherford, photo by

LONDON (GBR): World and Olympic winner in long jump Greg Rutherford underwent a surgery to fix a hernia problem on Thursday. He said on twitter that he was going to fix another problem following the end of the season, with a picture of him on a hospital bed. "Heading down to have my groin chopped up and then reconstructed soon. They just need me to get changed... Have a tasty hernia that needs sorting out. Can't wait," Rutherford said. Afterwards he said: "Looking forward to getting rehab started and turning my wobbly body back into an athletes body. I'm a new man. Thanks for the kind messages. Hopefully the surgery has fixed an issue I've been dealing with since 2012 (which worsened this year)."

The women's 400 meters was one of the most surprising events of the London 2017 World Champs. With 50 meters to go, Shaunae Miller-Uibo was leading, and then, she looked up to the big screen, and then, hit her foot on the track, and then, her race fell apart. Phyllis Francis ran the race of her life, with a PB of 49.92. Salwa Eid Nassar, of Bahrain, who was running fantastically through the rounds, took silver in an NR of 50.06. Allyson Felix took her fifteenth medal in World Championships, in 50.08.

The presser was interesting, full things said and not said. Phyllis Francis ran a gutty race, as did Nassar. Kudos to Allyson Felix who got out of the race as much as she could have, in cold and wet conditions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

One of the most exciting events of the London World Championships was the men's 400 meter hurdles. Karston Warholm, a former decathlete turned hurdler, with fine 400 meter speed and pretty impressive 400m hurdle technique, took the gold from Kerron Clement, who tapped the final hurdle, not only losing the gold, but providing an opening for a hard charging Yasmin Copello, who took silver to Clement's bronze.

The 400 meter hurdles is one of the toughest races on the track, requiring the speed of the 400 meters and ten hurdles, which get higher the later one gets into the race.

Here's one of my favorite pressers from the championships.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

LONDON (GBR): Mo Farah has talked about meeting the Queen when he was knighted. He said on The Jonathan Ross Show, screened this weekend: "Prince Harry was there - he's a great character, he's always up for a laugh, he's a good lad and I remember Harry saying to the Queen, 'He's stopping [running].' And she goes, 'Mo, why are you stopping?' And I'm like, 'I've done enough on the track.' And she was like, 'Leave him, he has done far too much running.' She kind of knew who I was, I was surprised."

The women's shot put was a victory for Lijao Gong, the top Chinese shot putter, won the shot with a throw of 19.94m. Anita Marton, the fine Hungarian thrower, took the silver on her last throw, with a 19.49m, taking the silver from Michelle Carter, the 2016 Olympic champion, who finished in bronze with a throw of 19.14m.

The Shoe Addicts filmed all of the pressers from Day 2 on, and these presser are great insights into the finest athletes in our sport.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

David Torrence was a fine athlete, with PBs that were the envy of many. His versatility, from 800 meters (1:45.14), 1,500 meters (3:33.23), mile (3:52.01), 3000 meters (7:40.78), and 5000 meters (13;16.53) was impressive, but it was his personality and joy of living that affected his friends, family and fans.

I have been wanting to write something about David for the past week. So, here it goes.

Tom Walsh has motivation for 2018...


Walsh_TomW-London17.jpGTom Walsh, photo by

BRUSSELS (BEL): World shot put champion Tom Walsh was "annoyed" with his performance in the Brussels Diamond League last night where he finished sixth with 21.38m, informs Radio NZ. "Really annoyed with myself for not being able to focused and do what I needed to I was just trying too hard and I know when I try to hard it just doesn't work. I was trying to throw far rather than just letting it happen and that doesn't work but it does give a kick up the arse (and) does motivate me for next year but I am really disappointed with the way I finished," he said. Walsh will take six weeks off before he resumes training.

There is hot weather in much of the country. So, plan on running early or late in the day. Long runs are important, but your health is more important. If you feel it is too dangerous to run long, shorten your run, wear light clothes, and hydrate please.

Smith_Scott8-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Sunday, September 3, 2017. warm up, 75 minutes, in hills, cooldown

Justin Lagat wrote this last piece on the Brussels DL and the final meet of the 2017 Diamond League series. Providing @runblogrun readers with a view from Kenya, Justin Lagat has surprised us with some great insights into the finest athletes in Kenya.

ElBakkali-Kipruto-Jager-WC17.JPGElBakkali, Kipruto and Jager, photo by

Saina_Betsy-Falmouth16.jpgBetsy Saina, Falmouth 2016, photo by

ELDORET (KEN): Betsy Saina has been training under the tutelage of Patrick Sang and Richard Metto in the build-up to the New York Marathon on 5 November, informs the Daily Nation. "It's exciting training in Kenya and for sure nothing is easy! Everything needs some hard training but I'm having a good transition from track. I will not be in New York to ruin anyone's party but my goal is to put myself in the mix and be competitive. Marathon is a different animal so I will be really careful. I will train hard and hope to stay healthy and have a great race. We still have two months to put everything together," she said. Saina will be racing in the Great North Run next weekend.

20170831_113036.jpgMannekin Pis, a statue of a boy on a mission, photo by Stuart Weir

RunBlogRun opines: Stuart Weir wrote this piece on Brussels, the home of the Memorial Van Damme, before his three other pieces on Brussels were posted.

Stuart Weir went to nine Diamond League meets plus the World Champs and Paralympics for @runblogrun in 2017. Stuart makes me smile. His sense of humor, his love the the world and his genuine affection for our sport and its characters comes out in every word he writes.

Stuart Weir will cover the Great North Run for @runblogrun as I am staying home in the former colonies.

I missed this one, but, since it made me laugh, and Stuart Weir worked so hard on it, well, we had to post it.

Thanks Stuart!

Updated September 2, 2017

Originally posted March 30, 2017

Tracey Russell and her team have rebuilt the LA Marathon and are building the premier marathon in Southern California. Registration for 2018 opened on August 31, 2017. To register, please go to:

We caught up with Tracey Russell, CEO of the Conqur Endurance Group, company that puts on the Skechers Performance LA Marathon. Tracey explained much of the changes over the past two years in LA, and how Skechers Performance has come on board and really helped the LA Marathon up the game.

A fun interview with lots to think about, as LA Marathon, now in its 32nd year, seems to be back on track to build to be an even larger marathon presence in the sport.


The weather this weekend is scary in several places around the country. We suggest running early in the morning or in the evening if it is too hot, or you are in flood areas. With forest fires on West coast, floods in Texas, and hot weather in other parts of country, think before you run.

Taylor_Kellyn17-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

Saturday, September 2, 2017. warm up, 5k trail race, the more hills, the better, cooldown. NOTE, if you it too hot, in flood area, keep day easy.

Morris_Sandi-WC17.JPGSandi Morris, a great year in 2017, photo by

Sandi Morris had a super year in 2017. In all likelihood, the bible of the sport should see her as numero two in the pole vault. Sandi has been on this silver medal thing since World Indoors 2016. In this piece by Stuart Weir, he writes about Sandi Morris and her wonderful season.

Stuart Weir wrote his second column on Brussels on our Bahamian friend, Shaunae Miller-Uibo. Shaunae Miller-Uibo, in my mind is a true champion. Her London World Champs was less than her dreams, but she showed class, laughed a bit and then, over the past two weeks, ran well over 100 meters, 200 meters PB and WL, and 400 meters WL.

Miller_ShaunaeFL1-Zurich17.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by

The Memorial Van Damme is a fine meet. The crowd is enthusiastic, the events are well planned and the weather, most years, is nearly perfect. That was not so in 2017, as the power outage in the same part of Brussels as the stadium was located meant that emergency generators were needed. There were no results, no lighting, power or wifi in media room, making media coverage pretty difficult. On top of that, the crowd was treated to some fine, end of season performances and the new format was a huge success.

Mother Nature reminded the world of athletics who is in charge in Brussels. With a huge power outage, after a strong rain, the meet was cold and the lack of lighting and power made the final of the Diamond League a huge challege. Here is Stuart Weir's first of three pieces on the final outdoor DL of the season.

Beautiful evening here in #Brussels 👌 #sunset #athletics #AGMemorialVanDamme #BrusselsDL

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Reposted September 1, 2017.

The Ivo Van Damme Memorial will be run in less than a dozen hours. RunBlogRun pulled this from our archives. It is a tribue to Ivo Van Damme, who was, as David Hunter wrote in 2014, Belgium's equivalent to Steve Prefontaine.

It is also about some of the emotions that many are feeling about the recent loss of David Torrence.


Hill_DarrellW-PreC17.jpgDarrell Hill, Pre Classic 2017, photo by
Surprise: Hill 22.44 MR
BRUSSELS (BEL, Aug 31): London Worlds 11th placer Darrell Hill produced a huge throw in the sixth round of the shot put to claim victory in the IAAF Diamond League final and 50 000 USD at the Place de la Monnaie in downtown Brussels. Hill extended his lifetime best from 21.91m to 22.44m (also a meet record) to defeat Olympic champion Ryan Crouser who had two throws over 22m (22.24m, 22.37m) and Joe Kovacs (21.62m). Hill came close to Kovacs' Diamond League record of 22.56m and also moves to 13th on the world outdoor all-time lists. In a high quality competition, David Storl and Tomas Stanek were fourth (21.47m) and fifth (21.39m) respectively but recently crowned world champion Tom Walsh had to settle for sixth with 21.38m.
Hill_DarrellW1-PreC17.jpgDarrell Hill, Pre Classic 2017, photo by

This is Labor Day weekend. Next week, we begin Fall cross country training after the summer of cross country mileage. Those who trained over the summer should see some amazing benefits. Watch the videos from Coaches Gagliano, Trautmann and Nohilly. Save them, and refer to them, there is much knowlege there.

Taylor_Kellyn17-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

Enjoy the run today, as the season begins in a few short weeks!

Friday, September 1, 2017. warm up, easy 40-45 minute run with two 150 meter stride outs, then cooldo

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