Nike talks World Indoors 2018: Week 1, Day 7, a look back at 2012 World Indoors Long Jump and Brittney Reese's Amazing Leap!


For the next two months, Nike is sponsoring a daily homage to the World Indoors. From Monday to Friday, we feature athletes from US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. On Saturdays and Sundays, we feature a great moment from World Indoor Championship history, again thanks to sponsor, Nike. We hope that you like this series.

Today, we feature that amazing Brittney Reese, winning her second of three World Indoors in 2012 with a phenomenal 7.23 meters!

Reese_Brittney-Worlds12.jpgBrittney Reese goes airborne, Istanbul, Turkey, March 2012, photo by

How do you describe Brittney Reese?

A long jumper with a basketball emotion?

A sprinter who jumps, or a jumper who sprints?

Brittney Reese is one of the most ferocious competitor that I have ever known.

Reese_BrittneyQ-World12.jpgBrittney Reese, March 11, 2012, photo by

In March 2012, at the Atakoy Athletics Arena in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted the 2012 World Indoors Championships. It was an amazing event. A strong crowd, my first time in Turkey, and I had the luck of spending some time traveling with Mr. Ubiquitous (look it up, Gary Morgan.

In between being nearly mauled by a roving German shepard on way home to my hotel, and having glorious food, and meeting wonderful people, there were three great days of track & field, March 9-11, 2012.

Brittney Reese is an all around athlete. I have seen each of her big jumps, and love when when she puts it all together in the big ones. In the World Championships, it was down to one more jump and Brittney Reese put on her work face, and took off down the runway. Her run was fast, but it is in her huge leap, her athleticisim, her focus to get the very last centimeter, that Brittney Reese needs to be recognized for!

On March 11, Brittney Reese started with two fouls. Her 6.82 meters put her in second in round three. Shara Proctor had leaped 6.86 meters to take the lead. In round five, Brittney Reese leaped 6.92 meters to take the lead.

In round six, Shara Proctor improved to 6.88m, a British NR. But, Janay De Loach leaped 6.98 meters, a World leader and the gold medal position was now held by Janay.

Brittney had one jump left. And she delivered. Her jump, of 7 meters, 23 centimeters, was the finest jump since 1989, and number four all time! Reese was only 14 centimeters behind WR indoor jump by Heike Dreschler.

Brittney Reese set history, defending her 2010 title from Doha, with a dominating leap that was, well, breath taking. How does an athlete, with the pressure on her, with one final leap, dominate an event? Reese has done it at least a half dozen times in big meets.

The leap of 7.23 meters was an indoor American record!

As Brittney Reese made history in 2012, we look to see her defend her title from Portland 2016, in Birmingham in March 2018.

Reese_BrittneyQH-World12.jpgBrittney Reese, making history, 7.23 meters on March 11, 2017, photo by

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