Training Tips From COACH Alan Webb - by Jeff Benjamin- 2/25


Alan Webb is one of the finest milers and middle distance runners ever produced from this country. The amazing thing about Alan, no matter if it was a good day or bad day, the guy spoke with us. The pressure on Alan, and I am not saying this for you to feel sorry for him, was tremendous. In the end, Alan Webb put more pressure on himself than media and fans. That was because he knew, instictively, what he was capable of.

His versatility, from 1:43.84 for the 800 meters to the NR of 3:46.91 for the mile, to the 13:10.86 for the 5000 meters, to the 10,000m in 27:32.72 was more than impressive.

I have been fortunate to see Alan Webb at events with his wife and children. He is happy, which is a big deal for any retired elite athlete. Jeff Benjamin caught up with Alan regarding the new business that his wife, Julie started (not running related), and the coaching service Alan has become involved with,

Webb5KPenn05.jpgAlan Webb, Penn 2005, photo by

Training Tips From COACH Alan Webb - by Jeff Benjamin- 2/25

Wait a Sec!

"Coach" Alan Webb?!?
In recent stories it was reported that Alan and his wife Julia had started a family business which, to the surprise of some, had nothing to do with the Sport in which they had achieved such greatness in, as they started and own The Elite OnSite Fleet Services, a company dedicated to safe truck repairs.
Yet even with 2 young children to raise, that doesn't mean they both still don't have a pulse and passion for the going's on in the Sport that they both love.
Wife Julia (an 11-time All American) still is training and competing quite well with the NIKE Bowerman TC (A few years ago She set a unique Guinness World Record - running the fastest half marathon pushing a stroller (1:22:57) when youngest daughter Paula was 9 months old!).
Alan still follows the Sport and has been a guest speaker throughout the country as well as a counselor at Princeton Coach Jason Vigilante's Summer XC Camp -See -
But just looking over his past performances, one is still in awe of Alan Webb and what he's accomplished. Webb still holds the American national record in the mile, with a time of 3:46.91 set in 2007. Only 7 men in history have run faster and it is currently the fastest time run since the World record was set in 1999 (3:43.13). In 2001, he shattered Jim Ryun's 36 year old national high school record clocking 3:53.43. Three times the U.S. champion in the 1500m (including Olympic Trials winner in 2004), Webb represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the men's 1500 meters.
Retired in 2014 from running, he still inspires countless youth to chase their dreams and set big goals beyond athletics.
Now he's going on to the coaching level.
Webb joined up with fellow top notch runners Aaron Braun, Ryan Vail, Jess Tonn and others to form Rundoyen!

Each of these "Doyens" are coaches who are ready to help Runners of all abilities achieve their running goals. Through personal sessions, plans and customizations, Runners can benefit immensely from the training philosophies and encouragement given to them by these top athletes!

So Coach Alan Webb was asked to share 3 Running tips for runners of all abilities, and here they are!
Number one: Love getting out the door!
"If you have the ability to run, be grateful. Not everyone does. When you love what you do even when it hurts you are more likely to improve!"
Number two: Add skipping drills and dynamics stretching to your routine.
"After the first 3mins of your runs, stop and do three different dynamics stretches and three skipping drills.
My favs:
Legs swings
Walking toes touches
A skips
B skips
This will get your muscles primed and your plyometric system firing so you pop off of the ground as you should when you run!"
Number three: Add strides to your easy days.
"After your run, do 4x50-100 meter strides at smooth fast pace. Even on easy days you have this low cost high reward routine to improve your turnover. It will make your runs at slower pace feel more comfortable and it only takes about 5mins."
"Feel the need for speed!"
For more on the Rundoyen Program please check out -

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