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79cd9d2a-4c61-438c-a26f-003e928a20cb.jpgLindy Remigino, photo from USOC

Original post July 18, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

Lindy Remigino was the 1952 Olympic gold medalist in one of the most exciting 100 meters of all times! Lindy Rermigino was a unique man because, after his gold medal, he was a high school educator. To me, that is more special than his gold medal. This is my favorite post of July 2018.

Lindy Remigino, the 1952 Olympic gold medalist at 100 meters, died on 11 July 2018. He was 87 years old and, even with battling cancer, had lived a long and colorful life. In 1952, Lindy Remigino won the Olympic 100 meters by a margin of one inch, as four men had the same time, 10.4. Lindy was a New York area kid, born in Queens.

In the 100 meters (we have embedded the 100 meter race below), Lindy had the race won at 80 meters, but misjudged the finish line, and battled three men over the final 20 meters. A true photo finish, Remigino was given the win. He would go on to win a second gold in the 4x100 meter relay.

For 43 years after his Olympic medal, Lindy Remigino was a high school track coach, at Hartfield Public High School, where, during a career that spanned 43 years, Lindy's teams won 31 state titles.

I think of Lindy, as I recall meeting him in a group about two decades ago. I also remember the late Bud Greenspan writing about him. I respect his Olympic medals, but I truly respect him for coaching high school kids for 43 years. In those years, Lindy truly lived his Olympic ideals. Please keep Lindy's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Kiyeng_Hyvin1a-Oslo18.jpgHyvin Kiyeng, steeplechase winner, Bislett Games, photo by

Manangoi_ElijahFH-Oslo18.jpgElijah Manangoi, Dream Mile champion, photo by

Semenya_CasterFV-Oslo18.jpgCaster Semenya, 800 meter winner, World leader, photo by

Original Post on June 8, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

Justin Lagat covers the ups and downs of athletics in Kenya on a weekly basis. We are fortunate to see, through Justin's eyes, the complexities of the sport in Kenya.

Justin Lagat sent us this column from Kenya. Justin provides us a weekly column we call The View from Kenya. We hope that you like it. This was his highlights from the Bislett Oslo Games.

Nelvis_Sharika1-BosOut18.jpGSharika Nelvis, photo by, adidas Boost Boston, 20 May 2018

Original post May 31, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

Stuart Weir wrote this fine piece on the challenges and the speed of the 100m hurdles. That's why it is my fave May post.

The 100 meter hurdles is an event of precision. It is, also, an opportunity to make ten mistakes in 100 meters. The ten hurdles, which must be challenged, are set at the height of 83.8 centimeters (33.3 inches). The first hurdle is placed 13 meters from the starting line. The final hurdle is placed 10.5 meters from the finish. Each of the remaining nine 83.8 centimeter high hurdles are separated by 8.5 meters. The 100 meter hurdles reminds me of a very fast domino game. The women who dominate this event are agile, precise and ferociously competitive. That is what Stuart Weir witnessed in Rome today. Here is his story...

Morris_SandiH-WORLDi18.jpGSandi Morris, photo by

Original Post on March 3, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

This was one of the most exciting events of the championships. Stuart Weir helped us out through all of 2018 as I was recovering from April to October. Stuart has a fine sense of humor, which shows up in his columns.

I was watching Sandi Morris' last jump from the BBC radio live row in the media section. Ed Harry was calling the jump and it was truly exciting. With Ed Harry covering the vault, it allowed me to appreciate the tension and emotion in the tremendous vault competition at Birmingham. Here is Stuart Weir's comments on the amazing pole vault!

Chemutai_FancyLeds-RAK18.JPGThe most amazing women's RAK Half Marathon, won by Fancy Chemutai, photo by

Original Post February 12, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

The RAK was an excellent event last February. In this piece, Justin Lagat writes about the strength of Kenyan running on the roads and in cross country.

MenStart-RAK18.JPGThe Men's start of the RAK Half Marathon, photo by

The RAK Half Marathon, held last Friday, February 9, 2018, was a brilliant event. The depth of the event, the hard pace that was held, and the near perfect conditions should impress. They did impress Justin Lagat, and here's what he thinks the races of last weekend portend for his favorite athletes from Kenya.

Dubaipresser1.jpgTamirat Tola, Paula Radcliffe, Worknesh Degefa, Aselefech Mergia, Dubai Marathon presser, photo courtesy of Giancarlo Colombo/Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Original Postr on January 29, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

This was my favorite piece from January 2018. Paula Radcliffe is always so gracious and accomodating. Her thoughts on the WR and her views of the eliter marathon world are always illuminating.

Paula Radcliffe, the world record holder in the women's marathon, was in Dubai to do TV commentary for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon (you can see the complete video here:

We asked Paula Radcliffe for an interview. She agreed and we provided a few questions that kept it a lively interview. Paula was asked the following questions: 1. If she was made IAAF CEO for the day, what changes would she demand? 2. Do we overemphasize world records? 3. Where can the women's marathon record go?

We had planned five minutes and the interview went just over twelve. Paula Radcliffe is a thoughtful observer of our sport. We thank her for her time.

We added a third week of recoverry after some input of coaches around the country. It is pretty light and it gives you a healthy 3 week break over the holidays. Enjoy the New Year!


Monday, Decemberr 31, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

The long run is key to a distance runner's development. Enjoy the run today.

Hoka One One 2.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Sunday, December 30, 2018-warm up, 50 minutes run, in a park, cooldown

Let's face it, I love European athletics. European Athletics had a fantastic year. What is amazing to me, is how European Athletics is both looking into the future and caring about the present. Like any federation, EAA has its challenges, but what I admire is that they are actually trying to change things for the better. Here is the review of 2018:

1285465_G08_W01.jpgThe European Athletics Championships were the best in many years, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

Kipchoge_Eluid-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by

Miller_Shaunae1e-Pre18.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by

Kipchoge and Miller-Uibo

LONDON (GBR): Athletes of the Year 2018 by Athletics International (published by Peter Matthews and Mel Watman) are Eliud Kipchoge and Shaunae Miller-Uibo. Kenyan marathon runner won with 656 points ahead of Kevin Mayer 591 and Abderrahmane Samba 519. In the fourth place US sprinter Noah Lyles (340) ahead of Emmanuel Korir (228). Top jumper is Mondo Duplantis as 6th (202) ahead of Juan Miguel Echevarria (183) and Christian Coleman (166). Top ten is completed by Mutaz Essa Barshim (127) and Timothy Cheruiyot (125). In the women order second place for steeple WR holder Beatrice Chepkoech (493) and third Mariya Lasitskene (468). She is followed by Caster Semenya (391) and Caterine Ibarguen (373). In sixth place Dina Asher-Smith (305) ahead of Nafi Thiam (292) and Sandra Perkovic (219). There is a tie for 9th between Helen Obiri and Marie-Josee Ta Lou (126).

Kipchoge-SangA-IAAFgala18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by

Miller_ShaunaeA-Brussels17.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by

Again, enjoy your last day off in two recovery weeks.

Recovery is key on your chances of success in 2019. So, take the 2 weeks, 3 if you need.

Hoka One One 8.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, December 29, 2018-take the day off

The Carlsbad 5000 is one of the iconic races that only could be held on the West Coast. This race has had a history of fast racers and fine runners, and large fields. The challenges to the race have been the new ownership in the past year, which did not give the event the promotion that it deserved. Athletes such as Meseret Defar and Tirunesh Dibaba have run world records and world best times on the streets of Carlsbad.

The new management team, which includes the 2004 Olympic silver medalist, Meb Keflezighi is already promoting the event, with special registration rates prior to January 1, 2019.

Dibaba_TiruneshM-RAK17.jpgTirunesh Dibaba, photo by

Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Salomon Sonic RA Pro, $130. At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

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Salomon Sonic RA Pro For review, link in bio.

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Please enjoy the recovery time. Your body and mind need a break. In high school, you can make two serious peeks (of about 3-4 weeks) a year. If you want to run indoors, you have to decide if your fall and spring are the important times. You then, take a recovery few weeks and gently begin building up. Indoor season is the appetizer, outdoor if the main dish. Our schedule pre supposes that XC and outdoor are the important times of the year.

Hoka One One 6.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Friday, December 28, 2018-take the day off

Thumbnail image for parker_john.jpg
Photo of author, John L. Parker, Jr.
Original post: October 16, 2010
repost: December 27, 2018
This is one of those books, and writers, you must have on your rborok shelf. John L. Parker, Jr. wrote the cult classic, Once a Runnerr and this is the followup. Find it, read it, pass it along.

John L. Parker, Jr. wrote the first booklet I ever read on running. The Frank Shorter Story was a RW book of the month that came out in 1973-74. I still have that copy. I have memorized it. Parker was able to capture much of Shorter and the runners of that era. His section on Shorter's marathon victory in Munich was how I entertained myself on fifteen miles (one mile loops) runs around a cemetery in college.

When I discovered Once A Runner, I found new friends. Quenton Cassidy, the would be miler, part time miscreant, and his mentor, the man who had been
there, Bruce Denton. The book went out of print in the late 70s, and became a huge hit twenty years later. That was a tribute to one of running's most important writers, John L. Parker, Jr.


Andreas Brugger, courtesy of der

ZURICH (SUI): Former Weltklasse Zurich meeting director (1973-2000) Andreas Brugger died at age of 91. He was the front runner in early stages of professional athletics and organisation of one day meetings. Just recently he was awarded at the IAAF Awards with the President Award. He was also the founder and first president of Euromeetings in 1979.

runblogrun opines: Truly one of the most innovative people in athletics, championed the Weltklasse, and the rise of the big one day meetings in our sport. He will be missed. Brugger was meet manager, deal maker, PR manager, kind of a Swiss P.T. Barnum. He was able to find the finest stars in the sport in a time when money was few and far between. Brugger was supported European Athletics when few else were and was able to move around the challenges in the sport with skill. All of the sport's stars came to his meeting.

Sven Arne Hansen had this to say about Andreas Brugger:

To appreciate more on the Weltklasse, under Andreas Brugger, please read this fine piece from 2000 on the Weltklasse, by Dieter Ringhofer, then, the athletics correspondent of the Zürich newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, $130. At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

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Morning run. How many of these shoes can you name?

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Cheptegei for Madrid
MADRID (ESP): World 10,000m silver medallist Joshua Cheptegei from Uganda has been added to the elite field for the San Silvestre Vallecana 10K in Madrid on 31 December, informs MARCA. Kenyan Brigid Kosgei is the leading name in the women's race. Cheptegei missed the summer track campaign due to a knee injury but has since returned with three wins on the roads, including a 41:05 world best for 15km in Nijmegen.
Cheptegei_Joshua-Pre15.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by

It is important, in your down weeks to do somethings that are fun. See a movie, visit a friend, read a book (yep, they exist, and read the print ones, they slow your brain down). Relaxing and recovery time is key to an athletes' success.

Hoka One One 4.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, December 27, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

Yes, you have a day off! Enjoy it!

IMG_0938.jpegA clean pair of heels, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, December 26, 2018-take the day off

Christmas Memory: Christmas Eve, 1972


I tell stories. My Dad tells stories. My Grandpa told stories.

I am a story teller.

This is a memory from 46 years ago. It's about 91 per cent true. I hope you enjoy it. I know this. On my tough days, I can close my eyes, and recall an amazing day with my family that gives me strength.

Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays to all.

Make your own memories.


Christmas 1972, photo from Eder family collection

Merry Christmas to all. On your run today, consider all of the good things in your life. You are a lucky person.

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE photo by The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, December 25, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

Lasitskene_MariyaPC-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by
Lasitskene 200 and good tries at 207
MINSK (BLR, Dec 22): World champion Mariya Lasitskene showed great early indoor season shape with nice two meters clearance at the special high jump meet Christmas Starts in Stolitsa Shopping Center. She also tried at her would-be PB 207 and the attempts were promising. Lasitskene equaled her meet record from last year and also equaled her own best ever result in the month of December (also Anna Chicherova 200 in December 2002). Both second and third Ukrainians Kateryna Tabashnyk (overall PB) and Yuliya Levchenko (indoor PB) cleared superb 198 in first and third attempts respectively. World and European U18 champion and Youth Olympic Games gold medalist Yaroslava Mahuchikh set new European indoor U20 record with 196 clearance. There is better mark of Mariya Kuchina 197 in 2011 in Trinec but was not ratified by EA for the U20 category. Mahuchikh was fourth and improved also the World U18 All-time indoor best (previous 195 by Marina Kuptsova 1998 and Iryna Kovalenko 2003) and equaled the overall U18 best when we take into account outdoor marks. In the men competition, reigning European silver medalist Maksim Nedosekau won with 230 meet record after two fouls at 228 and also tried at 234 national record. His compatriot Andrei Skabeika and Ukrainian Dmytro Demyanyuk shared second place with 220.

IMG_2691.jpgEnjoy the run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

This is the second week of recovery. If you need another, take it. Recovery time is really a personal thing.

Turnbull_Matt-SanJose10-720x405.jpgMatthew Turnbull, a picture from a few years ago, photo by Competitor Running

Matthew Turnbull is a seasoned elite athlete coordinator. RunBlogRun first met Matthew Turnbull when we worked for Brendan Foster's Great Run Company. His job entails not only developing relationships with the managers, and athletes, but also understanding what is important in vaious markets.

Matthew Turnbull worked with the late Mike Long, a legendary elite athlete coordinator at the RNR series, for several years. Turnbull honed his skills at the Great Run company and RNR series.

Now, Matthew Turnbull works with Global Athletics & Marketing, RNR Series (now owned by Ironman), and is working again with the Great Run Company. We met with Matthew at the RNR San Antonio Half Marathon and asked him to speak on the management of elite athletic fields. Matthew has worked with the RNR series for nearly a decade. The juggling is impressive as budgets vary. In observing Matthew, I have learned to appreciate the challenges and differences he has in managing each event. There is an art to developing elite fields, and Matthew Turnbull understands that, but also appreciate the management issues, including honoring budgets and the requirements of races.

Matthew Turnbull also worked on the Los Angeles Marathon in 2018. We interviewed Matthew there on the challenges of managing the elite field, on the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon.

I hope you enjoy the interview. We look forward to seeing the fields and fast races in 2019!

Bowie_Tori-BosOut18.jpgTori Bowie, photo by

Tori Bowie is one of our finest sprinters. In London 2017, Tori won the 100 meters with a brutal dive in the last meters. She recovered and anchored the US team to victory in the 4x100m. At the 2018 Pre Classic, Tori Bowie tore her quad in 2018, and changed coaches, after a time of rehab. Stuart Weir did this interview in mid 2018.

This is the first indoor update on the 2018-19 Indoor season by our dear friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles works all year long, giving us updated results on US, Europe, Asia, cross country, indoor and outdoor track. We thank Carles for his amazing work. You can see more of his excellent work at

Centrowitz_MatthewFV-NBind17.jpgMatthew Centrowitz, photo by

Chemos_Milcah1-Campaccio13.jpgMilcah Chemos, Campaccio 2013, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece two weeks ago. He spoke to Milcah Chemos, the former steeplechaser who now works with Athletics Kenya, on how athletes will be involved with getting their managers approved for representing athletes in Kenya. This can be problematic, as some managers were already blamed for things that they never did. This program was put in place because the athletes know their managers better than Athletics Kenya.

Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon, $120. At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

Original post: July 8, 2018

repost: December 23, 2018

The success of Noah Lyles, Shaunae Miller Uibo, Ajee' Wilson, among others has had me thinking. This summer, Sydney McLaughlin, Micheal Normanr and Rai Benjamin also ask us to consider the Next Generation of pros. I thought this piece on Mary Cain is a good one to contemplate.

I was reading a fine piece by our friend at, Robert Johnson. Robert was writing about a podcast edited and produced by Kyle Merber and Alexi Papas titled I love the idea ( and love that they are discussing Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince). Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a quite colorful character, flying mail flights prior to the opening of WW2. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, fighting for the Free French forces, disappeared over the Meditteranean sea in July 1944, and was presumed to have died.The Little Prince has been published in 300 plus languages. It is more than a children's book, reminding me of C.S. Lewis' seven book set, The Chronicles of Narnia.

AO-Winter2013_FC-thumb-500x669-8492.jpgMary Cain on Winter 2013 cover of Athletes Only

Before I write on Mary Cain, one more suggestion to Kyle and Alexi. They might like Stories of God, by Ranier Marie Rilke, seven stories for children to understand the meaning of God. Written in 1899, over seven nights, Rilke was most profound and, when, as a junior in high school, I read this book, I began my life long fascination with Rilke.

So, back from that digression.

Mary Cain is a fine athlete. In 2014, Mary went professional (after her appearance at the 2013 World Championships). Mary Cain was a fun young teenager, and she had serious running skills. Alberto Salazar, the co-founder and coach of the Nike Oregon Distance Project, was quite impressed by the young athlete and began to advise her.

Mary Cain became one of those athletes who choose to go professional as a high schooler, a very small percentage of athletes who go from the 1.4 million high school boys and girls in track & cross country, skip the 130,000 young men and women in college track and cross country (including community college), and go professional, among the estimated several thousand athletes making from a few thousand to several million for their athletic prowess.

Felix_AllysonR-OlyGames16.jpgAllyson Felix, Rio 2016, in her finest competitive race, photo by
runblogrun opines: Allyson Felix was able to enjoy much of her pregnancy outside of the eyes of the media. We think that is good. That she choose to share her challenges is her decision, and we respect that. Best wishes to Allyson, Camryn and her husband. If so inclinded, check out our recent magnum opus on Allyson, as J. Stuart Weir asked 28 questions: of the famed sprinter.
In my belief, Allyson Felix is unique in the sport. She is a racer. She is the finest racer of her generation. Her speed over 100m-400m is excellent, but it is her racing skills that make Felix unique. She has focus, drive, and desire. A work ethic that is to be respected, her finest race was the Rio 400m, where she took the silver, but, due to jingoistic US television, the race did not end up according to NBC producers plans, and instead of celebrating one of the finest races in Olympic history, where 2 athletes put it all on the line, it was suggested that the gold medalist did something untoward.
Allyson Felix gets it. We look forward to seeing her build to Tokyo 2020. At the end of the day, Allyson Felix knows that she has to earn it, one gut wrenching race at a time.
Felix_Allyson200Q-USAout17.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by

The holidays are here. Make sure you get in your long run, then, do something holiday season wise! Donate some time or some money to someone in need. Give thanks for your good things in life.

IMG_5141.jpgA nice winter run on the track, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, December 23, 2018-warm up, 50 minutes run, in a park, cooldown

Today is the biggest day of holiday shopping in the year, so enjoy the time with the family, and friends. Remember to do something nice for someone who is not expecting it. Human kindness is important. Be thankful for all you have, and no matter what or who you believe in, do something nice that no one will know about.

Thanks for reading our coverage all season.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

We are a day closer to Christmas, and most schools are now closing for two weeks. We will provide you with daily workouts, and if you have any questions, please send me a note at [email protected].

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Bradshaw_HollyR-WC17.jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by

BIRMINGHAM (GBR): Olympic champion Ekaterini Stefanidi and British record-holder Holly Bradshaw have been confirmed for the pole vault at the Muller Indoor Grand Prix Birmingham on 16 February. "I always absolutely love competing in the UK, especially at the Muller Indoor Grand Prix, as not only do the British fans make a great atmosphere but I also know that the fields are always built to be incredibly strong which means every athlete is excited and motivated to achieve the best possible performance," said the Greek Stefanidi.

Stefandini_Katerina1a-Millrose18.jpgKaterina Stefanidi, photo by

Atlanta hawk.jpgAtlanta Hawk, photo by Joaquin Lara

I like the way ATC thinks. This approach to their finishers tshirt is awesome. Now, if you recall, ATC givers out a Peachtree tshirt to all finishers who break 60 minutes for ten kilometers. The idea of having tshirt designs curated by key city players is a fun media idea that all race directors around the US should rob. Great idea!

Chepkoech_Beatrice-Monaco18.jpgBeatrice Chepkoech enroute to WR, photo by
Chepkoech WR
MOUNTAIN VIEW (USA): Track and Field News´s 24-member international voting panel had no trouble in finding its 2018 winner as Women's Performance Of The Year. Beatrice Chepkoech's crushing of the World Record was all that it took for her to become the first steepler ever to earn the top spot. She received 21 of the votes for No. 1, 2 for No. 2 and her other at No. 3. The remaining 3 No. 1s all went to runner-up Caster Semenya. Third place for Shaunae Miller-Uibo 48.97 in the 400 m, fourth 52.75 WJR by Sydney McLaughlin at 400 m hurdles and fifth Sandra Perkovic with 71.38 in discus.
runblogrun opines: Beatrice Chepkoech's WR showed that she has the talent to reduce the record even more. Nice pick by TF&N.
Chepkoech_BeatriceWR1a-Monaco18.jpgBeatrice Chepkoech, after her WR, photo by

Campbell_KemoyQ-Rio16.jpgKemoy Campbell, photo by

Goule_NatoyaFHH-Pre18.jpgNatoye Goule, photo by

Dr. Norb Sander was the man behind the Armory. Through charm, grace, and lots of phone calls, Norb made the NYC Armory the sanctuary of our sport that it is today. Norb passed away two years ago now, and, in his honor, this meet was named.

I love to go to the Armory. Over 130,000 young athletes race on the track each season, learning life lessons on the 200m Mondo track. With over sixty events a season, the NYC Armory teaches a new generation of athletes and entertains fans each and every season.

Semenya_CasterFH-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya, Pre Classic, photo by

Semenya is TFN AOY
MOUNTAIN VIEW (USA): Caster Semenya is the TFN Women Athlete of the Year 2018. She collected 17 votes for No. 1. The other nods for the top spot went to Beatrice Chepkoech (7), Shaunae Miller-Uibo (4), Mariya Lasitskene (2) and Caterine Ibargüen (1), who finished as Nos. 2-5 in that order. In sixth position Salwa Eid-Naser ahead of European heroes Nafi Thiam, Sandra Perkovic and Anita Wlodarczyk. In the 10th place Ivory Coast sprinter Marie-Josee Ta Lou.
runblogrurn opines: Caster Semenya has shown her talents all season, from 400m to 1,500m. After her double at the Commonwealth Games, early in the season, Caster Semenya dominated the 800 meters all season long.
Semenya_CasterFV-Monaco18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

Original post: August 26, 2009
Repost December 20, 2018

This interview was done nine years ago. Rob De Martini was early in his time at NB, and many of us were curious to meet him. In his decade plus at the helm of the largest privately held running shoe brand on the planet Earth, Rob lead NB from $1.4 billion in sales to nearly $5 billion in global sales (estimates are mine, 2018). Rob ends his tenure on December 31, 2018, with Joe Preston, to take over the helm. Jim Davis has been fortunate to have Mr. De Martini at leading the brand, and Joe Preston will do a fine job. Credit should all go to Jim Davis, who has chosen a talented team to lead this iconic brand.


Rob De Martini, courtesy of

Here is an archived interview with Rob De Martini, someone we genuinely liked. A class act, a keen observer, De Martini shook up NB, but really, truly, helped them move to the next part of the evolutionary cycle. That is what a great manager does.

We have also linked an interview with Rob De Martini from early in 2017: (

The original interview RBR, August 26, 2009, Rob De Martini

New Balance has been around since 1905. I remember seeing my first pair of NB running shoes at Crystal Springs, a well respected cross country course in Belmont, California, in the Fall of 1975. I purchased my first pair in 1977, as the running boom was about to burst open at the seams. I think that those were the 305s. Real runners were using them: Kevin Ryan, Bobby Hodge, Vin Fleming, Randy Thomas, all were members of the New Balance Track Club, at the time.

New Balance has gone from being an old jogger's brand to a performance brand, and the largest, privately held running footwear brand in North America. Like most brands, it has gone through its challenges over the past few years, and still resides in the top five in the performance footwear food chain. New Balance also shaped generations of women's feeling on the sport and cause related running, with the early adoption of the Susan J. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure series.

Rob DeMartini is the President and CEO of New Balance. Brought in by Jim Davis, the Chairman of New Balance, who purchased the brand in 1974, DeMartini is a former executive with the Tyson Foods Brand. We asked Rob to give us his thoughts on where New Balance is going right now, its future and its challenges. His answers provide some good food for thought!


Rob DeMartini, New Balance President & CEO, photo courtesy of NB communications.

brooks logo happy .png

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 was launched on November 1. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 features the new support system called GuideRails, and it is being well recieved by runners both familiar and new to the Brooks Adrenaline. We've included a release on the new shoe. Right below the release, we have the new video on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19.

Original post: November 22, 2018

Repost: December 20, 2018

This shoe is surprising many Brooks fans. Make sure you check it out!

RRS_GTS19_FB_1200x630_7.jpgBrooks Andrenaline GTS 19, photo from Brooks communications

Brooks Launches Adrenaline GTS 19 Featuring Innovative New GuideRails Support System

Brooks Running Company brought its innovative GuideRails support system to the historic Adrenaline GTS franchise with the new Adrenaline GTS 19, which launched Nov. 1. The updated GuideRails system delivered smart support that focuses on stability at the most injury-prone part of a runner's body, the knee. The Adrenaline GTS 19 went on sale on November online at and at retailers worldwide for $130.

The Army Ten Miler, by Orrin Konheim


Orrin Konheim wrote this piece after the Army Ten Miler and his personal experience with said race. Orrin has written geek pieces for us in the past, but this one is a departure, and quite frankly, he made me laugh. As laughter is part of my health regimen, I thank profusely thank Orrin.

33902488_1838231642900802_8598315391749455872_o.jpgThe start of the Army Ten Miler, photo courtesy of race Facebook site

The Holiday rush has begun. Enjoy the workout.

Thursday, December 20, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

IMG_5334.jpgA good run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

IMG_2691.jpgA morning run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

This is the first week of recovery. Enjoy it. If you are doing a short indoor season, then, follow the workouts, which are light. Enjoy the holidays.

Lyles_Noah1-Monaco18.jpgNoah Lyles wins 200m in Monaco, photo by

Lyles is US AOY by TFN
MOUNTAIN VIEW (USA): US Male AOY 2018 by Track and Field News is sprinter Noah Lyles. He got 22 from the 26 possible number one votes and was a clear winner with 255 points. The other three number ones went to another sprinter Christian Coleman who was second (211) and one to pole vaulter Sam Kendricks (204). Six athletes repeated top ten position. Fourth for Christian Taylor ahead of Ryan Crouser and Ronnie Baker. In the 7th Michael Norman over Fred Kerley with distance runners Evan Jager and Paul Chelimo completing the top ten. Lyles was voted US AOY also by USATF.
runblogrun notes: Well, TFN is 2/2. Noah Lyles showed his amazing talent was not just a tease, but serious global sprint power. Noah Lyles has a sense of humor, is entertaining, and has gobbs of talent. But, also, with the guidance of Lance Braumann.Noah Lyles is developing into, what this writer believes, could be the finest American male sprinter in decades. Some have said, quietly, the next "Usain Bolt." That is unfair. Usain was comfortable in his own skin, as is Noah. Noah is quite talented, and his final 50 meters in the 200 meters is, well unequalled in this current world. Lyles looks to be a player for Doha 2019 and Tokyo 2020.
Congrats Noah Lyles!
Lyles_Noah1-Pre18.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic, photo by

The Represent Running Series is one of the major initiatives by JT Service in the Bay Area. The Represent Running Series is one of the more creative series of events in our sport. The Represent Running Series now has an offiical partner with Decathlon, the global sporting goods channel. Here is the release on the new partner, Decathlon.


Linden_DesiFL-Boston18.jpgDes Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon Champion, photo by

John Hancock announced the 2019 USA Boston Marathon Elite team this morning. The Boston Marathon will have one of the finest fields in years. One of the things that JH has done well over the past half decade is putting the finest Americans together in most iconic of all marathons.

We will be waiting to see until April 15, 2019.

Houlihan_ShelbyFH-USAout18.jpgShelby Houlihan takes USATF 1,500m, photo by

Shelby Houlihan number one in USA

MOUNTAIN VIEW (USA): Miler Shelby Houlihan is the US Women´s AOY 2018 by Track and Field News. She got 259 points ahead of Sandi Morris (236) and Keni Harrison (196). Houlihan was at 18 out of 27 votes as 43rd number one and first 1500 m runner not named Mary Slaney to get the title. Only 4 of this year's Top 10 are repeaters from last year: Emma Coburn is 10th and was No. 2, Sandi Morris is 2nd and was fourth, Ajee' Wilson is 5th and was 6th and Keni Harrison is 3rd and was 7th. Last year's No. 1, Tori Bowie, was injured most of the season and received no votes. Also in top ten 4th DeAnna Price, 6th Shamier Little, 7th Brianna McNeal, 8th Keturah Orji and 9th Erica Bougard. Informs trackandfieldnews.comr.
Houlihan_ShelbyFHL1-Pre18.jpgShelby Houlihan takes the Prer Classic, photo by

runblogrun opines: Well done TFN! The Bible of the sport picked Shelby Houlihan as their Female AOYR. Shelby won the indoor and outdoor USATF doubles. Shelby Houlihan now has world class endurance to go with her world class kick. Jerry Schumacher, coach of aforementioned Ms. Houlihan gets this, and Shelby has evolved in 2018 as to a global player at 1,500m.

Watch her in Doha 2019 and Tokyo 2020. TFN sure got this one right. Shelby Houlihan is one of the finest of America's athletes in the middle distances. With Houlihan and Simpson, we have two athletes who can medal over 1,500m on the global stage.

Caterine Ibarguen was the finest long jump and triple jumper in 2018. One of the disciplines is tough enough, and two is even more impressive. This is release on Caterine from Global Sports Communications.


Caterine Ibarguen and Prince Albert, photo by Global Sports Communications

This is the type of release that athletics managers need to do. If your athlete wins an award, celebrate it. Eliud Kipchoge has had an awesome year.

EC.jpgEliud Kipchoge and IAAF Prez Seb Coe, photo by NN Running team

HB5Q4984.jpgAhmed Al Kamali (second from left), Worknesh Degefa, Peter Connerton, Julian Wynter, Tamirat Tola, HE Saeed Hareb, Paula Radcliffe, Aselefech Mergia, photo courtesy of Dubai Marathon.

Original post: January 28, 2018

repost December 18, 2018

This is a video from Dubia Marathon. Julian Wynter was a fun interview, as he actually understood why sponsoring a marathon in a global venue makes business sense. I wish we could send this to all marketing Vps. Dubai Marathon is January 26, 2019.

From original post (Jan 28, 2018):

RunBlogRun just spent four days in Dubai. We were there for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. We sat down with Julian Wynter, the CEO of Standard Chartered U.A.E, the title sponsor of the Dubai Marathon.

The Standard Chartered Bank has, as a former U.S. president noted, "that vision thing." Julian Wynter was charming and thoughtful. I wanted to find out how his bank decided on sponsoring the race in its first years (first year had about 600 competitors), and how its kept the sponsorship, now that the event is at 30,000. Mr. Wynter explained to me that Standard Chartered sponsors nine global marathons (including Dubai), many of which you have read about at this site. We like and admire sponsors who are in it for the long run.

We thank Julian Wynter for his time and comments.

Enjoy the interview and, if you have a Standard Chartered Bank in your environs, please support them, as they are putting their proverbial money where their mouth is.

Peter Connerton .jpgPeter Connerton, from You Tube, courtesy of Dubai Marathon

Original post: January 24, 2018

repost: December 18, 2018

We are just over a month from the 2019 Dubai Marathon, so we thought we would begin to tease you on the event in 2019. This marathon is fast and exciting!

Peter Connerton is the race director of the 2018 Standard Chartered Marathon. In this interview from the Dubai Marathon media team, Peter speaks about attracting more runners and walkers to the 18th Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon.

Peter Connerton is proud of how his team and sponsors have seen this event go from 600 people to 27,000. He has lots to be proud about. The 2017 Dubai Marathon again opened the global marathon season with some fantastic performances, amazing depth and and increased participation. We look forward to seeing what the 2018 race will bring.

This is the beginning of week 1 of our first recovery week. We do this twice a year. Keep the workouts light, and have some fun, go see a movie, check out the new game updates you missed in early season.

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Mekhissi_Mahiedine-Rome18.jpgMahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad, photo by

PARIS (FRA): European steeple champion Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad said the World Championships in Doha is his main goal for 2019. For he also confirmed he wants to run in Glasgow at European Indoor Championships. "I'll see if it's 1500m or 3000m, the choice will depend on my races by then. A cross? It's possible. I like it, that's why I started to run, my first love. You are in nature, the conditions are difficult, it forges the mind, even for everyday life. In addition, there is the contact with the spectators, who are very close to you at the edge of the course. You do not have the bearings of the track, obstacles in the same place on the steeple. In fact, you run more naturally," he described.


Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad, photo by

The TSK25k is one of the finest races in India. The race is managed by ProCam, and is the final big event of the season. Phil Minshull wrote the following release on the TSK25K. The ProCam series has helped build the visibility and status of road racing in the India.

Elite fields in the ProCam races feature top athletes from Ethiopia and Kenya as well as Indian elite athletes. We look forward to writing more on this race series.

TSK25K 2018 men's winner Birhanu        Legese.jpgTSK25K 2018 men's winner Birhanu Legese, photo by ProCam International

TSK25K 2018 women's winner Dibaba        Kuma.jpgTSK25K 2018 women's winner Dibaba Kuma, photo by ProCam International

KeitanyLedsGudetaTusa59B-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany takes the lead, photo by

The NYC Marathon, started out as a staid event. Then, in the women's race, Desi Linden decided to shake it up, and went back into the pack. It was a huge pack that hit the halfway in NYC. Then, Mary Keitany took off. Her second half of the race was run in 66:58. But for a dozen women around the world, that second half would have been one of the fastest half marathons for women EVER.

Mary Keitany ran with abandon. Her pace was relentless, and she barely missed running the Course record, with a furious last half marathon. In that second half, Mary showed that she is the only woman who can challenge the currrent world record for women in the marathon. No one has ever run a second half of a marathon like Mary Keitany.

That, kind reader is why Mary Keitany is the 2018 NYRR Pro Performer of the Year.

The ASBA is one of my favorite organizations. They insure that the sports facilities that we use are built at a high quality. They also provide educational content for the men and women who build the athletic facilities. I had not missed this convention in about 15 years, but have now missed it. This is their list of award winners.


GAQ-Guests-0008-1024x683.jpgGeorgia Aquarium, photo courtesy of Georgia Aquarium

This looks like alot of fun! If one is going to attract new runners, and their families, then, ATC should be applauded for this unique partner for a marathon. Before the marathon, this would be a fun way to keep the family entertained and a great place to consider the challenges of the marathon.

This is the beginning of week 1 of our first recovery week. We do this twice a year. Keep the workouts light, and have some fun, go see a movie, check out the new game updates you missed in early season.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

The Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Marathon was held as part of the Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Marathon & Half Marathon weekend. Brett Morley, a young and aspiring marathoner won the marathon all by his lonesome. Brett Morley had hoped for a sub 2:30 time, but the sun had its way, and clear, sunny and humid day added to the 26.2 miles, as 2:30:41 kept him close.

credit Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series.jpgBrett Morley, photo by Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Brett was a fun interview, and spoke about his plans to race in the spring at another marathon. We wish him cool weather and a new PB.

RunBlogRun began its month of December by visiting San Antonio. On the night before the aforementioned RNR San Antonio, this writer became lost on a walk, adding a mile onto the planned 3 mile distance, blaming it on GPS. Well, Silas Kipruto did not get lost on Sunday, leading from the first steps, and winning in 1:04.20. Silas Kipruto won the RNR San Antonio Half Marathon on December 3, 2018.

credit Sarah Crabill_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (4).jpgSilas Kipruto, photo by Sarah Crabill_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Silas had a rough experiece in a race the week before, and came to San Antonio at the last moment. We did this quick interview with Silas just after the race. Silas Kipruto lead nearly 18,000 half marathoners and marathoners through a nearly perfect day in San Antonio!

The final long run of the season is a great time to consider your season. What is good, what needs improvement? We will give you some ideas in this column.

IMG_4833.jpgA long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Sunday, December 16, 2018-warm up, 75-85 minute run, cool down

Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Brooks Ghost 11, $120. At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

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New round of test shoes arriving daily...

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Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit . At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

In Atlanta, Georgia, on February 29, 2020, the team for U.S. men and women will be determined for the marathon distance. The top 3 men and women in the US Olympic Marathon Team Trials will be named to the US Olympic team for Tokyo 2020.

Mind my words here, there will be surprises in the top three on both men and women. The Trials in 2020 will be both the beginning and ends of careers for many U.S. athletes. The marathon is a brutal game, focus, training, luck and focus (didn't I say that already?) will be key.

Tokyo 2020, just so you know, will be hot as hell. It could make the conditions in Dubai (World Champs) look like the easy day. Winners in Tokyo will also be surprises, so get ready to watch. Hot, humid no matter if it is 6 am or 9 pm.

In Chicago last fall, Sarah Crouch finished as first American in 2:32:37, a six second PB from a PB that was six years ago. I inteviewed Sarah post event, and, as always, enjoy her enthusiasm. But what struck me about Sarah was that she was recovering from a recent surgery that would have stopped mere mortals from competing.


Sarah Crouch, 2018 Houston Marathon, photo by

Sarah Crouch hit the half in 1:15:10, with the lead pack, and kept the battle on, much of the time on her lonesome. Crouch is just the kind of athlete who could surprise us in Atlanta in 2020. Her drive, and the lack of pressure, will give her some assistance as she pursues one of the toughest teams to make on the U.S. Olympic team.

The runs come, one at a time, the building fatigue comes, and the tough sessions, done in the company of a few quail or rabbits, can not be shown in the up close and personal video intros on terrestrial television. Those loops, continuous, with sound and smells, play in the athletes' head, as they put the next 6 to 8 thousand miles on their bodies, in search for that complete race.

We look forward to seeing where Sarah Crouch shows us that she can go in the next 14 months. We hope you enjoy the inteview below with Sarah Crouch.

After a long season of challenging races, many schools have ended their seasons with fast races. We have suggested the 2 mile or 3200m, to end the season. Good luck to all who race this weekend.

Steph Bruxe.jpgStephanie Bruce ran 2 marathons in 29 days and set a super PB of 2:29:21 at Cal International! photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, December 25, 2018-warm up, 5k race, cooldown, cooldown

The running event 2018 was held in Austin, Texas from November 27-30, 2018. It is a meeting place of the local running stores and the retailers who cater to this running channel.

DSC05016.jpgThe 361 Retail Cup trophy, photo by The Shoe Addicts

The Formula 4 Media team was considered a bit, well, nuts, when they began the show just over a decade ago. The decade has seen amazing changes in our business channel. There was amazing growth and many thought it would not end. It did, and the channel has new success, but also requires new business skills.

The Diversified Communications team has purchased The running event, and did a superb job in their first management of the show.

I did this video (thanks to The Shoe Addicts), to reinforce the need for this important show and human gathering. To be successful, running retailers need to be more alert and more focused.

DSC05019.jpg361 USA brand, photo by The Shoe Addicts

We use the example of the 361 USA brand, to show how brands must be nimble and creative to stand out in our business. Watch for more on this brand!

The final week of cross country is upon us. Post NXN, Post FootLocker, now is time to get in, a final race of the season, and add a fast time to the end of your season!

IMG_5139.jpgTime to run fast, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, December 14, 2018-warm up, easy 30 minutes, 4 x 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Niels de Vos stepped down at UK Athletics on September 14, 2018 per BBC sports, after 11 years at the helm. On October 5, 2018, Niels de Vos was announced as new CEO for Eugene 2021.

Niels de Vos headed UKA for 11 years. During that time, he oversaw one of the finest periods in British Athletics. During this time, Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis, among others have emerged, and two retired. London 2012 and London 2017 hosted 2 of the finest events of their caliber and British fans reminded the world that they love athletics.

During his tenure, Fast Track Agency, under Alan Pascoe and Jon Rigdeon(now CMO of IAAF) were uncerimoniously sacked as sponsor development team, and Nike contract was signed after a controversial ending of a long term adidas agreement. Niels de Vos did it, to use the line attributed to the late Frank Sinatra, "his way."

We reached out to Niels de Vos via social media and he graciously answered the questions noted below. We thank him for his time and wish him well. While de Vos has been surrounded by sharks before, the first World Champs in U.S., and in the land the Nike built, has its own challenges.

The job of CEO is not a beauty contest. It matters little if one is well liked, one must be respected. Actually, it is much better if the CEO is feared. The job of heading a global event is fraught with land mines, and land sharks for that matter. Niels de Vos knows that he must deliver on a major event with many constituencies fighting for his time, his money and for the control of this event.

In the end, Niels de Vos was hired, because, at the end of the day, he must keep control of the event for Eugene 2021 to succeed.

Niels+de+Vos+IAAF+LOC+Press+Conference+zNuQoGnmsu2l.jpgNiels de Vos, photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Europe/IAAF

CIMStacked.pngThe Cal International Marathon is one of the finest marathons in the known world. It caters to runners who want to run their very best. In 2018, 99 women and 54 men qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials in Sacramento. Among the teams that did well was Zap reebok Fitness. Five athletes competed, five athletes got their Trials qualifier. Among them was Joanna Thompson, who wrote the following piece (Joanna scored a PB of 2:42.25), on her team mates.

Thompson_Joanna-BAA5k16.jpgJoanna Thompson, photo by

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series® is one of the finest series of global events in our sport! The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series® has a fantastic sales offer today on all of their events! Check it out!

credit Sarah Crabill_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (3).jpgDes Linden cheers on new friend, photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images for

Barega_SelemonFV-Pre18.jpgSelemon Barega, photo by

runblogrun comments: Selemon Barega is one of the real recent finds of the global sport of athletics. His 5000 meter racing in 2018 has been, well, incredible! I can not wait to watch Selemon race cross country!

Barega for Campaccio
SAN GIORGIO SU LEGNANO (ITA): Ethiopia's Selemon Barega has been confirmed for the Campaccio Cross Country on 6 January, informs organisers. Barega, who clocked a world-leading 12:43.02 for 5000m in Brussels last summer, will face Italians Daniele Meucci, Yemaneberhan Crippa and Yohanes Chiappinelli, Kenyan steeplechaser Benjamin Kigen and former European cross country champion Aras Kaya from Turkey. In the women's race, three-time European cross country champion Yasemin Can faces Kenyans Norah Tanui and Gloria Kite and Bahrain's Winfred Yavi.
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I too runners del #campaccio2019. Spaventoso!!!

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A short, quick workout this week. A 2 mile run on the track where one sprints the straights and jogs the turns. This is a great way to focus on speed development. It is also a fun way to fine tune your racing skills.

IMG_5330.jpgTime to race, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, December 13, 2018-warm up, two miles on track, jog turns, sprint turns, cooldown

Gesa-Felicitas Krause.JPGGesa Felicitas Krause with Berlino, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

DORTMUND (GER): European 3000m steeplechase champion Gesa Felicitas Krause will compete in the PSD Bank Indoor Meeting in Dortmund on 27 January, informs It will be her first race since the European Championships in Berlin and she will arrive directly from training in Potchefstroom, South Africa.Championships in Berlin and she will arrive directly from training in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

TILBURG (NED): Filip Ingebrigtsen said he didn't have any expectations before the senior men's race at the European Cross Country Championships. "I competed a couple of times as an U23 and U20 and I never finished top twenty. To come here and win the senior race with this level of athletes, is something I didn't dream of before," he said. Coach and father Gjert confirmed that all three Ingebrigtsens are planning to compete at the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow next March, although the distance is still undecided.
TILBURG (NED): Jakob Ingebrigtsen wanted to run in both the U20 and senior races at the European Cross Country Championships, informs NRK. "The rules are the rules. That's just how it is. This is to ensure good participation in the junior classes, so it does nothing. He is a junior," said his coach and father Gjert. Jakob said: "It's more prestigious to do well in the senior class. I think I would have given Filip a pretty good fight in this race, so it's a bit stupid."
TILBURG (NED): Gjert Ingebrigtsen asked Jakob Ingebrigtsen's school to make sure he was isolated from the other pupils in order to avoid illness ahead of the European Cross Country Championships, informs NRK.
TILBURG (NED): After running the first leg of Spain's gold medal-winning team at the European Cross Country Championships, Saul Ordonez will shift his focus to the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow, informs MARCA. "It is true that it has been a great year and closing it with the gold medal is an extra motivation for the indoor track season in which I have the highest hopes," he said. The 800m in Glasgow will be wide open as reigning champion Adam Kszczot isn't planning to compete indoors in 2019.
TILBURG (NED): Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal admitted she miscounted the laps in the senior women's race in which she won a fourth successive bronze medal. "I felt I was getting stronger throughout the race. So when the bell rang I was disappointed, I thought we would have two more laps to go," she said.
TILBURG (NED): European U23 5000m silver medallist Simon Debognies fractured his foot in Tilburg after tripping on one of the obstacles and will miss the start of the 2019 season. "I tripped over one of the obstacles in the second lap and injured my left foot badly. This later turned out to have caused a fracture in my navicular bone. The pain didn't allow me to perform as I should have and the race course, with a lot of turns and hills, made it even foot will be in plaster for 6 weeks before I can start my recovery. Hope to be back soon!⁣" he said on his Instagram page.
TILBURG (NED): After winning U20 silver at the European Cross Country Championships, Delia Sclabas will race over 5 km in Zurich at the Silvester Lauf on Sunday, informs Swiss Athletics.

Dina Asher-Smith to double

Asher_DinaSF-Oregon14.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by
Asher-Smith to double
LONDON (GBR): Triple European sprint champion Dina Asher-Smith plans to double up at next year's World Championships, according to her coach. John Blackie told the Press Association that winning both 100m and 200m at the Europeans this year helped make the decision. "The intent (in Berlin) was, if we can do two, then maybe come the World Championships, we may go for the double again. British Athletics are not keen on doing two but we are now," he said.

Mariya Lasitskene home schedule

Lasitskene_Mariya1-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by
Lasitskene home schedule
MOSCOW (RUS): The annual Lukashevich and Seryodkin Memorial in Chelyabinsk on January 17 will be the first indoor competition in 2019 for multiple World and European champion in women's high jump Mariya Lasitskene. Then she plans to perform at Battle of the Sexes in Moscow on January 20, Ozolin and Dyachkov Memorial (Moscow, January 25), Stalingrad Cup (Volgograd, January 27), Russian Winter on February 3 and national indoors on February 13-15 (both in Moscow). Informs TASS referring to Lasitskene's manager Olga Nazarova. Lasitskene is also waiting for IAAF clearance to compete as ANA for possible international meetings in 2019.

This week is the end of the cross country season. It is the perfect time to find a fast event and run it.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Wednesday, December 12, 2018-warm up, easy 30 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown, cooldown.

Kawauchi_YukiH-BostonM18.jpgYuki Kawauchi, photo by

The 2019 B.A.A. Boston Marathon announced that their 4 defending champions will return to race the streets of Boston. The 2018 Boston Marathon was a horrifically challenging event. Amazing thing was that, in 2018, 30 percent more marathoners qualified for 2019 than in a normal year.

LindenPassesChesire-Boston18.jpgDes Linden, photo by

What will 2019 bring?

The fields are going to be epic! Do not miss it!

Wilson_Ajee1c-Sander18.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by

Murphy_Clayton-Sander18.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by

The Millrose Games will be quite exciting in 2019. Keep the date open, February 9, 2019. Here's an exciting press release on the middle distances.

So, with the season ending this past week, we are suggesting a nice, fast, flat 5k, or Holiday relay to end your season! If you must, a 3k indoors could be fun as well! We will also remind you that the HOKA ONE ONE Postal nationals have 4 more days, check :

IMG_5000.jpgA good morning run, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Tuesday, December 11, 2018-warm up, 1 x mile, at current 5k race pace, cooldown

The final week of cross country is here. Enjoy it. Some are beginning indoor. We will suggest 2 weeks of recovery and an easy indoor season start.

IMG_5000.jpgAn early run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Monday, December 10, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown

Masciarelli_SydneyFH-FLcc18.JPgSydney Mascarelli wins 40th FootLocker! photo by

The 40th FootLocker Cross Country Champs lived up to the hype. In the girls event, Katelynne Hart lead until the last few hundred meters, when Sydney Mascarelli, a first timer at the Finals, battled Hart until the last few meters when Mascarelli took control, winning 17:00.3 to 17:01.6!

To see the girls' race, watch here:

The boys event followed, with 13 boys at 2 miles, and then, the battle began. Cole Hocker flew over the last 300 meters, taking a six second lead, as Jake Renfree took seocnd in 15:19.5 to Hockers' 15:13.17!

Hocker_ColeFH-FLcc18.JPgCole Hocker wins 40th FootLocker Cross Country, photo by

To see the boys' event, watch here:

Two fantastic races, great ways to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the FootLocker Cross Country Nationals!

The 2018 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon was held on 9 December 2018. With over 60,000 participants over the weekend, this amazing race is among the largest on the planet. With 90 percent humidty, the race had also some of the toughest conditions. Justin Lagat wrote about this fine event for us.

bDMIGq_singapore-marathon.png2018 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, photo by

1285771_G08_W01.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen wins European XC, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

The largest global xc champs was held on 9 December 2018 in the Netherlands. Some fine racing and 14 countries took medals, with 554 athletes and 38 countries competing. EAA continues to shine, with innovations, and especially free streaming video and excellent content.

The Abu Dhabi had its premier running on Friday. While it is too early to make a full assessment, it seems that, due to a last night change by a municipality enroute, there is some question about the length of the event. Our sources suggest that while the race management had to accomodate the change in road use, it may have shortened the event by 400-500 meters. Details will continue to come in, and we will update, upon confirmation.

Abu Dhabi M01536_full.jpg

The course was measured to IAAF standards. There was a last minute course change near 33-35 kilometers that shortened the course. This can be viewed if one looks at official event video. Splits are off.

Truth is, things happen. If one is old enough, the 1998 San Diego rock n roll was halted by a train and citizen runners were held up for 40 minutes to 48 minutes. I recall hearing that the death knell of San Diego. But,Tim Murphy and Tracy Sundlun kept it alive.

Our sport loves to eat its young. I am sure that Abu Dhabi team will figure it out.

In the meantime, Justin Lagat is busy this weekend, with several events in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.The sport continues to grow, and Abu Dhabi Marathon is an example how the sport will continue to thrive.

The XC season is about to close. We will post Xc training until December 17. We thanks our partner,, who believe in supporting young performance athletes as well as ultra, core runners and newbie runners. Please check out HOKA ONE ONE and see if they work for your running needs!

Now, enjoy your long run!

_DSC0529.jpgScott Fauble scored a PB in NYC on November 4, 2018, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, December 9, 2018-warm up, 75-85 minute run, cool down

FootLockerFinalist-FLxc17.JPG2018 FootLocker National Finalists, photo by

The most iconic of the high school championships is the FootLocker Cross Country Championshps. Held today, December 8, 2018 in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, the FootLocker pits the top 40 boys and top 40 girls in the country against each other in one amazing battle over 5000 meters. And you can watch it right here! The live broadcast begins at 11 AM Eastern time, with the girls race at 12.15 PM and the boys's race at 1 PM. Do not miss it! Thanks to sponsors FootLocker, EastBay and New Balance for the streaming video!

This is it. If you are running the FootLocker today, this is the culmination of years of work. If you are not, watch it here at 11 AM Eastern today and be inspired.

IMG_5139.jpgStride outs, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, December 8, 2018-warm up, 5k race, cooldown, or a 40 minute fartlek, four times, five minutes at 5k pace, five minutes easy, one minute easy, cooldown

The FL champs are on Saturday! Enjoy the rainy day.

IMG_4945.jpgA morning run, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Friday, December 7, 2018-warm up, easy 30 minutes, 4 x 150 meters strideouts, cooldown

The final ProCam event of the year, the TSK25k, will have a fast field. This is the release done by Phil Minshull on the fine event. ProCam has developed a fine series of events, showcasing global road racing in India.

Degitu Azimeew 15k.jpg
Ethiopia's Degitu Azimeraw winning at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K

The storied 200 meter indoor track at the famed Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, will, once again, host the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, it was announced earlier today. Now in its 24th year, the New Balance Indoor GP is one of the iconic meets of the global indoor season. The NBIGP has seen nine world records, 13 American records and numerous national records from our global competitors.

Global Athletics & Marketing announced that Jenny Simpson (gold in 2011, silver in 2013 and 2017 and an Olympic bronze in 2016. Since her sponsorship by New Balance in 2010, Jenny Simpson has been America's most prolific medalist in the middle distances. And do not forget her seven wins at the United NYC Fifth Avenue Mile! At the famed Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, Jenny Simpson will line up for the 5000 meters!

Simpson_JennyFV1-NBiGP18.jpgJenny Simpson, photo by

Title sponsor New Balance will also showcase Emma Coburn, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist and 2017 World champion at the "Reggie", as Emma will move down to the mile. Emma is one of the finest steeple chasers in the world, and her medals in two global championships hint at her racing prowess.

Coburn_Emma1-Monaco18.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by

One of newest athletes to join the NB team is NCAA indoor 200m champion Gabby Thomas, who will be competing over 300 meters, a very exciting lap and a half at the "Reggie".

522408.jpgGabby Thomas, photo by New Balance

If you can get to the NB indoor GP, do it. Tickets are available at several price points, and the seats will get you into the loudest stands in Boston! Do not miss it, January 26 is the date, and 3.45 PM is the start!

ATF_winter09 1-thumb-400x533-657.jpgMeb Keflezighi takes the Big Apple, ATF cover

Nice to see the nicest guy in sport moving to another role. The Carlsbad 5000 will be in fine hands! Watch for more info coming soon!

Ibarguen_Catarine-Zurich18.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, photo by

Caterine Ibarguen is the finest athlete from her country of Columbia. As famed athletics writer Mike Rowbottom wrote for the IAAF, the golden woman of the jumps has come into her own. I have to confess, that I love the competitive nature of Ms. Ibarguen. She does not like to loose, and she will fight to the very last jump, treating her fans and, especially her fans in Columbia, to amazing feats of athleticism.

Ibarguen_CaterineR-Oslo18.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, photo by

Caterine Ibarguen won an award given mostly to the big name sprinters and distance runners. In 2018, Caterine Ibarguen showed that, by being the finest long jump and triple jumper in the world, the Columbian superstar is the IAAF Female Athlete of the year.

The Valencia Marathon put itself on the proverbial big time list with its 2018 results! The move of the marathon to December put some finely fit athletes into the mix and records abound. A Course record is one thing, but two course records PLUS a masters World record does impress.

Here is how Justin Lagat saw the race.

salida-maraton-valencia.jpgMaraton de Valencia, photo by Valencia Cuidad del running

Today is Thursday, big FL event is this weekend. Just an easy, two miles on the track, and sprint the straights, jog the turns.

IMG_5000.jpgA nice run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, December 6, 2018-warm up, two miles on track, jog turns, sprint turns, cooldown

This is the week befoe the FootLocker XC. Keep it light this week, as this is you big race!

IMG_2688.jpgA morning run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, December 5, 2018-warm up, easy 30 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown, cooldown.

This week is all about keeping what you need in reserve. You have made it this far. Time to put all of you into one sixteen minute time period. If you have made it to the final of NXN or Footlocker, you are among the best in the country. Time to run for you.

Steph Bruxe.jpgConsider Stephanie Bruce. Twice in 29 days, she dug into the well. In NYC, she ran 2:30.59 for 11th. On December 1, 2018, Stephanie called on her inner voice, and ran a PB of 2:29.21, finishing 2nd women at Cal International. Photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday, December 4, 2018-warm up, 1 x mile, at current 5k race pace, cooldown

credit Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (3).jpgSasha Gollish wins Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon photo by Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Sasha Gollish won the Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon on Sunday, December 2, 2018 in 1:13.35.

This was a bit of redemption for a year that has been, well, less than optimal. Last weekend, Gollish was nearly trampled at the Canadian XC Champs and DNFed. The half win has put her on the right track, once again, one month out from the Houston Marathon. Sasha was ebullent post event, as the feeling of a good event when one has had unsatisfactory competitions really changes one's view.

credit Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (4).jpgSasha Gollish wins Rock 'n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon photo by Donald Miralle_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, photo 2

Sasha Gollish runs for Skechers Canada. She is known as a 1,500m athlete, who has ventured up to the roads. A light stride, Gollish took the lead, and she built a lead of over 90 seconds over Alia Gray and a returning Kara Goucher.

A good memory, Sasha reminded me that she had raced in San Antonio in 2015, and I had interviewed her post race those three years ago. Special thanks to Brian Eder, partner at runblogrun, who produces our audio series.

Des Linden has been busy all summer and fall. And, it has not stopped. This last weekend, Desi was in San Antonio, Texas, for one of her sponsors, Rock 'n Roll series. At San Antonio, Des was running the half marathon with two of her biggest fans, who won a contest put together by the race series.

Des Linden is recovering from the recent NYC Marathon. In the recent race of five boroughs, Desi shook up the race a bit, off a slow pace, and battled her way to sixth place. Desi was not happy with the performance. She has analyzed and analyzed the race. "If I had taken it out earlier, the race would have been different." One can see the mind of Desi Linden churning, and if we were allowed a peak inside, we would see Desi Linden breaking the race wide open.

Linden_DesiFH-BostonMar18.jpgDesi Linden makes history, photo by

Desi Linden is an old fashioned road racer. Put a line in chalf on the road, and have her race to the next chalf line. No fans, no audience, just gutty racing. Linden loves to go out hard and see who can stay with her. in 2011, in Boston, she almost won the race, seeing who is the tougher athlete. Smiling, Desi Linden remembers that race, "it went just like I had imagined, until the very end."

Linden_Desi-NYC18.JPGDes in the Big Apple, photo by

But, the 2018 Boston Marathon changed her life. Desi Linden won Boston in the most horrific of conditions. She is an icon now. The media was all over her, and this was not just the running media. Desi Linden is now the Boston marathon champion. Sponsors love her, runners love her. Just Saturday, a young mother with 2 children, who raced the marathon, said to me, "You know, Des is here." Desi Linden is now running.

I know Desi Linden appreciates that, after six runs in Boston, she finally won. She also appreciates the financial support from sponsors allows her to live the life of a nomadic world class distance runner. But, for Desi Linden, putting in 120-140 miles a week, on a solitary road in upstate Michigan, is, well her karma. After Des Linden won in Boston, her dharma runs with her kharma.

Desi Linden is now coached by Walt Drenth, her former college coach. Her long time sponsor, Brooks, loves her. Her manager, Josh Cox, knows how special and unique this time is. Cox juggles press junkets, media meets and training and racing for Desi, just like a former elite athlete should.

Jon Ridgeon named new IAAF CEO


Jon Ridgeon has been named new IAAF CEO, it was announced today at the IAAF Council meetings in Monaco. Afte approval of the IAAF Council, it was announced that Ridgeon will take over his new position in March 2019.

Why should you care?

jon idgeon .jpg

Jon Ridgeon, by Philip Fitte/Getty/IAAF

Jon Ridgeon is part of the team (Alan Pascoe, Ian Stewart) that helped bring British Athletics back from the brink of financial disaster, to become the best funded athletic federation in our sport. It was the innovation put in place under that team the shook up athletics in the British Isles and lead to both Olympic and World Championship success in 2012 and 2017.

Jon Ridgeon is charming, bright and pragmatic. He understands that, for the sport to grow, he will need to shake some things up. His sense of humor will do him well as the IAAF moves through its next set of challenges. Having Jon Ridgeon at the marketing helm allows Seb Coe to do the charm offensive that Lord Coe is so good at, and gives Jon Ridgeon a chance to shape up the financial health of the IAAF.

Tuskys XC women.jpgAgnes Tirop battles at Tuskys XC, photo by Justin Lagat

Tuskys XC men .jpgRhonex Kipruto leads at Tuskys XC, photo by Justin Lagat

This is Justin Lagat's piece from last week, November 25, on the Tuskys Wareng XC race. We missed it, with all of the holiday events last week. We hope you enjoy!

We are down to the last 2 weeks of cross country season. We are keeping this week light as the season is coming to a close. Some are also doing a light indoor season. If you keep your long run, and some light stride outs, you will surprise yourself with your racing fitness.

IMG_5141.jpgGetting in some strideouts, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, December 3, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown

credit Sarah Crabill_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (1).jpgKara Goucher, Sasha Gollish, Alia Gray, photo by Sarah Grabill, Getty for RNR

credit Sarah Crabill_Getty Images for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (4).jpgSilas Kipruto won the Half marathon, photo by Sarah Grabill, Getty for RNR

The RNR San Antonio Races gave almost 20,000 human beings a chance to enjoy a day of movement. On a wonderful day which featured cool weather and then, increasingly warmer weather. This writer observed the half marathon from the pace truck and then watched thousands finish in the half marathon, the top finishers in the marathon finish and I was able to chat with some of the athletes and their families. I then figured out how lucky the athletes were to be in San Antonio today, with the amazing volunteers, staff and local support.

Watch for our continuing coverage of RNR San Antonio.

The word on the Valencia Marathon 2018 was that, with ten sub 2:10 men, the race would be fast. The women's field was fast as well. In the following piece, Emeterio Valiente writes for the IAAF on this emerging marathon. A new course record for men and women in the marathon, as well as Spanish all comers records, plus a new Asian men's record was set in Valencia. The city of Valencia now has hosted screamingly fast half and full marathons.

Gebresilase_LeulFV-Ottawa17.jpgLeul Gebreselassie, photo by

1285541_G08_W01.jpgRenaud Lavillenie at the 2018 All Star Perche event in Clermont-Ferrand, photo by Meet Management

The European Athletics Indoor Permit series is continuing to grow. We hope to visit some of the events to see athletes prior to the European Indoor Champs in Glasgow.

Street meets for future

Lyles_NoahH-BosOut18.jpGadidas Boost Boston Street Games
Street meets for future
RALEIGH (USA): Street meets, competitions in city centers and nearby areas emphasizing sprints and field events, are growing in popularity in the United States and Europe. Already a common practice at some DL meets, street meets will be introduced to IAAF events where and when there is the right venue, the IAAF said in a statement to Reuters. "Extensive consultation has indicated a strong appetite for an urban athletics circuit or an increase in urban athletics competitions," the IAAF statement said. That increase is already underway in the United States with the American Track League (ATL, founder Paul Doyle) expanding its offerings of high entertainment, up-close competitions to street meets next year in Atlanta (July 2-3), Greenville, South Carolina (July 6), Charlotte, North Carolina (July 13) and Omaha, Nebraska (Aug 1). The popular adidas Boost Boston Games are planned for June 16.

The long run, especially at the end of the season is a time to reflect. It is the time to consider the good times and tough times of the season, and how the last 24 weeks have gone for you. It is a time to enjoy the fall and early winter and know that there are times to plan for the next season.

One more week, and you will see that seasons do end.

IMG_4997.jpgThe long run beckons, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, December 2, 2018-warm up, 75-85 minute run, cool down

Desi Linden has been quite busy in the second half of 2018. After winning the 2018 Boston Marathon, and inspiring many, Desi changed coaching and took sixth in NYC. But, the media and publicity she has undertaken since Boston has been, in her words, a bit more arduous than her training.

IMG_5533.JPGDesi Linden, photo by Larry Eder

In San Antonio, Desi is helping 2 contest winners run the Half marathon tomorrow. She is pacing the two winners to a 1:50-1:55 half marathon, which should be a fun excursion for Desi on Sunday.

Desi Linden is an example of how amazing American women distance runners are doing. We look forward to seeing how she fares in 2019, under the tutelage of Walt Drenth, her college coach.

In our upcoming 22 minute interview, Desi speaks about her magnifiscent obsession. In this video, Desi provides 3 tips on getting more out of the half marathon.

In an election watched by many of the key players in American Athletics, Willie Banks, former Wr in the Triple Jump defeated Stephanie Hightower, 391 to 217, in what one of our observers described as a partisan campaign. The voting was for IAAF Council Nominee.

56539108333__340E2695-7938-46FC-8C69-590AC5FE9C7B.jpegWillie Banks

Several names had come up to challenge Ms. Hightower, a long time leader in the sport, who has been the focus of much vitriol since the 2014 reversal of the floor vote in favor of Bob Hersh. Since then, legislation had been passed so that votes by the floor would be honored by the board, unless the Board found "cause". Now, I am no doctor, but "cause" is, well problematic. Ms. Hightower became the focal point of the frustration with the USATF board, who has made a series of decisions that over-rided popular decisions.

We spoke to Willie Banks just prior to the Board of Directors Meeting. Here is the quick interview ( a more expansive one should be posted later this week).

Kara Goucher is happy and fit. This past summer and fall, Kara built up to 110 miles a week, and with no pain, she is back to giving racing a go. "When Colt (their son), went to school, I went from 4 mile runs to 12 mile runs." Gradually building her fitness, Kara Goucher has decided to give the marathon a go again. Her last one was in the 2016 Olympic Trials, where she came an oh so close 4th place.

Watch for our upcoming interview with Kara. But for now, here is a short video from the NCAA Xc champion and 2 time Olympian (as well as World Champs silver medalist at 10,000m in 2007), has provided three suggestions on how to enjoy your half marathon experience.

So, I was walking around the running event, and I was very happy to see the number of high end racing shoes, track spikes and XC racers.That challenged me to consider the importance of specialty shoes, and what they mean to the sport.

The brands that do full lines (sprint, middle distance, field events) are the top brands in running. Wow, what a coincidence? Let's get serious. Nike, adidas, ASICS, NB, Brooks, and now, Under Armour see that putting together this product is now about making big money, but about enticing the young consumer and the more serious athlete.

tf.jpgUA Track spike, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

1.5 million high school boys and girls compete in high school XC and track. 600,000 in XC and 900,000 in track. The kids in XC and track purchase 765,000 (approx) racers and specialty shoes in North America. Those same kids average 3-6 pairs of training shoes each, at average price of $150 each.

This is my Larry rant for the week! Support the brands that support the sport!

Today is NXN and FL West. It is the big one, the event you wanted to do all year. Stay focused. All those miles have added up.

IMG_5275.jpgBuliding to the big one, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Saturday, December 1, 2018, -warm up, 5k race, cooldown, or a 40 minute fartlek, four times, five minutes at 5k pace, five minutes easy, one minute easy, cooldown

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