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IW1_1279.jpgBrigid Kosgei, photo by London Marathon Media

NAIROBI (KEN): New Virgin Money London Marathon champion Brigid Kosgei says she wants to break the world record of 2:15:25 following last Sunday's achievement. "It was a sweet victory for me after good preparations in the last three months before the race. I'm still targeting to lower the world record and that's my next target," she told nation.co.ke.

IW1_1360.jpgBrigid Kosgei takes charge, photo by London Marathon Media

The long season has affected the quality of fields in Doha this year for the Diamond League opener in Doha, with some fine fields and some fields affected by athletes' concerns over the long season. In past years ( this writer has attended most since 2010). None the less, eight reigning world champions, nine Olympic champions and nine DL reigning champions will all be attending the 3 May event.

We will update you on the fields, as of 30 April. To check out the fields, please go to: https://doha.diamondleague.com/programme-results-doha/

Ibarguen_Caterine1a-Doha16.jpgCaterine Ibaurgen, competing in LJ in Doha, Photo by PhotoRun.net

Obiri_HellenFL-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri is fit, Wow, best field of the meet! photo by PhotoRun.net


Callum Hawkins, photo by London Marathon Media

LONDON (GBR): New Scottish record-holder Callum Hawkins admitted he nearly blacked out near the end of his 2:08:14 at the Virgin Money London Marathon last Sunday. Hawkins, who collapsed while leading at the end of the Commonwealth Games marathon last year, told BBC: "At the 40km mark, I looked down to grit my teeth and go but I had a bit of moment. Almost blackout, but I managed to get myself together.

The Skechers Performance LA Marathon was held on March 24, 2019. Starting at the LA Dodger Stadium, and finishing in the archtypal California beach city, Santa Monica. Nearly 25,000 ran in one of the events over the exceptional LA weekend.

IMG_0650(1).jpg2019 SPLAM, photo courtesy of Conqur Endurance

Skechers finished its four year run of sponsoring the LA Marathon, a near perfect sponsorship with Manhattan Beach based Skechers sponsoring the iconic marathon.

SPLAM Expo Day 1-343.jpgSPLAM Expo, photo courtesy of Conqur Endurance

Patrick Sang is one of the finest coaches in the world. Among his charges are Geoffrey Kamworor and Eliud Kipchoge. Before the London Marathon, Andy Edwards spoke with Patrick Sang.

PS.jpgCoach Patrick Sang, photo courtesy of NN Racing Team

Andy Edwards asked Patrick about the chances of Eliud Kipchoge in London, how his training had gone and how Eliud Kipchoge's fitness could compare with past events.

Patrick Sang was a fine athlete in his own right. He took silver medals in Tokyo 1991, Barcelona 1992 and Stuttgart 1993 in the 3000m steeplechase. Patrick Sang coaches a group of athletes under auspices of the NN Running team.

Andy Edwards covers major events for Race News service. Race News Service is a media partner of RunBlogRun and the RunningNetwork.

csm_khalifa_stadium_6936d98acf.jpgKhalifa Stadium, photo by LOC

This year Doha Diamond League has its 10th anniversary and the organisers are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with another night of world class athletics. The Khalifa International Stadium will be the place for this celebration on the 3rd of May, just months before the venue hosts the IAAF World Championships this autumn.

RunBlogRun covers hundreds of events each year, in road running, cross country, and indoor and outdoor track. We go to 35-40 events a year, around the globe, and we partner with like minded media teams on coverage. We have partnered with Race News Service, which is Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig, to provide levels of coverage at events we may not be able to attend.

I0000WhYzFFJ3ta8.jpgAndy Edwards interviewing Eliud Kipchoge, photo courtesy of London Marathon Media

Andy Edwards provides us insights into elite athletes and coaches, prior to and after the events. Conversant in Latin and Greek, Andy Edwards uses his lifelong appreciation of scholarship to provide us with contemporary athletic history. We are most fortunate for his and Joerg's support.

This is an interview with Eliud Kipchoge, who was preparing for his 4th London marathon. Kipchoge's confidence is the result of his focus, training, training group and team. Truth is, Eliud Kipchoge's DNA is about being a athletic warrior. His first huge win, at the age of 19, was when he won the 2003 WC 5,000m from Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham El Guerrouj. Even with less than 200m to go, announcers discounted the young Kipchoge's chances.

That does not happen any more. Enjoy Eliud Kipchoge speaking to Andy Edwards before the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Tempo runs have been around for decades. They have come to high school running over the past 2 decades as coaches have seen their effectiveness. Do just what it specifies, and yes, if you can run 17 minutes now instead of 18 minutes, up the pace.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 -warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 8 x 200m, 200m jog, good effort, cool down

IMG_4945.jpgTempo runs can be done on roads or track, photo by NAZ elite

In 1986, the Boston Marathon became a professional race. Guy Morse, the Executive Race Director took the race from an eccentric, iconic running event about to collapse, to an iconic, well financed, eccentric event that has become the place where real runners go, and where the industry meets to serve the key influencers in the sport. John Hancock, adidas and other major sponsors should be recognized as protecting that vision.

adidas's Adrian Leek and John Hancocks' David F. D'Alessandro were convinced, under Guy Morse's leadership and team, that the B.A.A. Boston Marathon had a bright future. Few sponsors had had such devotion to an event like adidas and John Hancock have to Boston, they go way beyond the call. And few people have had the enduring influence on an event like Guy Morse and his team. The result? The Boston Marathon is secure.

One more note. Way back in 1986, in an interview, Mr. D'Alessandro noted that for $3 million, he owned the city of Boston for a day. He observed me scribbling in a notebook and told me to make sure I had noted his quote in an accurate manner. I did. D'Alessandro loved Boston and he knew iconic when he saw it. His Boston sponsorship was a pivotal involvement for the Boston marathon.

For those who run Boston, this is not something to check off the to do list. One must qualify for the chance to run Boston. Then, one must make it through the lottery. The week around the marathon is a celebration of all things running. The Boston Marathon is a rite of spring. 580, 732 have finished the Boston Marathon since 1897: that's 380, 693 men and 200,072 as of 2018. The 30,000 plus who ran in 2019 had to train through the horrific winter of 2018-19, and this race is, more than any other, earned.

FinishArea-BostonMar19.jpgBoston 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

I ran Boston in 1986, with 4,904 others. My goal was 2:50 (I had run a 2:48.12 to qualify), and I went out in 2:40 pace through 15.5 miles, and then, it all fell apart. I hit 2:20 at 20 miles and my last 10k to 63 minutes. I learned to respect Boston, and have folllowed it ever since.

The podcast that follows is meant as a celebration of all things amazing about Boston. I love this race, and see the BAA as the protector of a sanctuary of our sport.

See you in Boston in 2020.

Ortega-McLeod-Pre18.jpgOrlando Ortega, Omar McLeod, 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the most exciting events at the Nike Pre Classic are the 110m hurdles. The 110m hurdles is a race that requires focus, balance and the management of speed. It is a sadists' delight. The first hurdle (42 inches or 1.067 meters high), is placed 13.72 meters (45 feet) from the start. Each hurdle is then placed 9.14 meters (30 feet) from each other. The distance from hurdle ten to the finish is 14.02 meters or 46 feet. The skill set required elicits agile, fit, speedsters, with some self confidence. This writer loves to watch the hurdlers build themselves up before the race. Anyone who does not think that the 110m hurdles is all about psychological warfare is sadly mistaken. The athlete who wins, is, as 1968 Olympic decathlete Bill Toomey once told me, the athlete who covets the win the most. This race is all about who wants it.

How does one run the hurdles? Former WR holder, first man under 13 seconds, and 110m hurdle great, now respected athletic manager, Renaldo Nehemiah told this writer the hurdles is about the management of speed.

Hit a hurdle? You will slow down. The quality of the field is so high in Pre, that you could loose. The race combines the speed of the 100m and the agility needed in hurdling.

The field for the Pre is stunning. Do not miss it!

Tom Gröschel and Anja Scherl are the winners of the Metro Marathon Düsseldorf. It is the first time in the history of the event that there are two national winners. Both also took the German Championship as this was included in the race. Tom Gröschel clocked 2:13:49 in cloudy but dry weather conditions, which is a fine personal best and the fastest time by a German this year. In a close finish New Zealand's Malcom Hicks was second in 2:13:51, just two seconds behind the winner. Denmark's Thijs Nijhuis took third place with 2:14:18.

DR2R9428.JPGTom Gröschel takes Dusseldorf, photo by David Young / rhein-marathon Düsseldorf GmbH

Only three weeks after running a marathon comeback race in Hannover, where she finished eighth in 2:32:31, Anja Scherl was a surprise late entry. She took the race in 2:32:56, followed by Hiruni Wijayaratne of Sri Lanka and Turkey's Ümmü Kiraz, who clocked 2:34:10 and 2:34:37 respectively. In her comeback marathon after injury Germany's Anna Hahner finished fourth in 2:36:09.

hochzwei_638523.jpgTadu Abatu wins Hamburg debut, photo by Hoch Zwei / Haspa Marathon Hamburg

Tadu Abatu and Dibabe Kuma celebrated success in duplicate for Ethiopia at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg on Sunday. In rainy conditions last year's runner-up Abatu clocked 2:08:25, winning a sprint finish from Ayele Abshero. His fellow-Ethiopian crossed the line just one second behind while Uganda's 2012 Olympic Marathon Champion Stephen Kiprotich was third in 2:08:31. It was the fourth time in a row that an Ethiopian runner triumphed in the men's race in Hamburg. Never before were the top three in Hamburg separated by just six seconds.


Dibaba Kuma wins in runaway at HASPA/Hamburg, photo Hoch Zwei / Haspa Marathon Hamburg

In contrast to the men, Dibabe Kuma ran away from her rivals soon after halfway. Although slowing in the second half the Ethiopian clocked the sixth fastest time ever run in Hamburg of 2:24:41 despite wet and cold weather. Kenya's Magdalyne Masai was second with 2:26:02 while Failuna Matanga of Tanzania finished third in 2:27:55.

EKNN1.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

Eliud Kipchoge showed on Sunday, April 28, 2019 that, once again, he is the finest racer of marathons in the world. Kipchoge was never in distress, he was playing with them. That, dear readers, is confidence.

Monday is the beginning of the week. After some fantastic races, from Drake and Penn Relays to London show that our sport is strong and growing. Enjoy your run today and focus on the core work.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by NAZ Elite

Monday, April 29, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 8 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Anyone who thought that Galen Rupp would retire after his injury has another thought coming.

In the recent (April 26, 2018) column by Ken Goe, Coach Alberto Salazar noted that Galen Rupp is running 60 miles a week and doing 60 miles a week in the water as well, which Coach Salazar considers equal to 100 miles a week. That's pretty darn impressive.

Kipchoge-Rupp-OlyGame16.jpgEliud Kipchoge, Galen Rupp, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

The two time Olympic medalist (2012, silver, 10,000m and 2016-bronze-Marathon) has miles to go before he sleeps. What is really impressive is the video, done by NIke Oregon Distance Project. The level of sophistication is what many will speak about, but to me, his attention to detail and that of the NODP is what it is all about.

Look at the successful athletes, Eliud KIpchoge, Haile Gebrselassie, for example, the winning is in the details. Rupp is a highly competitive person on the track and roads, and he wants to come back and improve his marathon. I sometimes wonder if he will tackle the 10,000m again, but I believe, alas, that is past.

Galen Rupp's continued improvement will add more to the Atlanta Olympic Marathon Trials next year. Rupp, Fauble and Ward give us three active Americans under 2:10.

Stay tuned on Galen Rupp's progress.

DohaDiamondLeague-Doha16.jpgDoha DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

DOHA (QAT): This year Doha Diamond League has its 10th anniversary and the organisers are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with another night of world class athletics. The Khalifa International Stadium will be the place for this celebration on the 3rd of May, just months before the venue hosts the IAAF World Championships this autumn. It will be also start of the 10th season of IAAF Diamond League, last in current format.

Eder_Larry-Doha16.jpgRunBlogRun in Doha, photo by PhotoRun.net

20190428_131402.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, post London, photo by Stuart Weir

Vivian Cheruiyot has been a world class athlete for more than two decades. Stuart Weir caught up with the 2018 London champion, who took second in 2019 in a tough battle with Brigid Kosgei.

Henderson_Jeff-Stockholm18.jpgJeff Henderson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Provo, Utah: Olympic long jump winner Jeff Henderson is in top shape, at Robison Invitational he achieved excellent 838 (+0.7) in long jump and won the 100 m final in 10.21 (-2.3). World leader Omar Craddock got 17.25 in triple jump and sprint World champion Tori Bowie returned to long jump for first time since 2014 with good 678 (+0.7).

Bowie_Tori-BosOut18.jpgTorie Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net


Eliud Kipchoge vs. Mo Farah, photo courtesy of the London Marathon

The story of the week was to be the amazing race between Eliud and Mo. And, to an extent it was. But, the presser by Mo Farah on his treatment in Ethiopia became bigger. It is a lesson from which Mo Farah can hone his game as he goes for bigger things in Doha and Tokyo. I offer a lesson I took from my father as a case in point.

Miller_Shaunae-BosOut18.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by PhotoRun.net

GAINESVILLE: Olympic winner Shaunae Miller-Uibo clocked at Tom Jones Memorial in the 400 m not only World lead but also fastest time ever before end of May with 49.05. Behind her Shakima Wimbley 51.32 and Jamaican Chris-Ann Gordon 51.33. After great indoor season Grant Holloway achieved his season best (and 3rd career best) 13.25 (+1.5) in the hurdles. Machel Cedenio opened with 45.03 in the 400 m over indoor IAAF Tour winner Nathan Strother 45.64. Another Trinidad win for Kelly-Ann Baptiste in the 100 m with 11.22 (-0.6). In women hurdles Christina Clemons (formerly Manning) got fast 12.79 (+0.7) in heats and even better but windy 12.59 (+2.3) in the finals. Christian Taylor achieved windy 17.13 (+3.2) in triple with 16.65 (+1.2) legal. Cayman Island´s Kemar Hyman achieved the best legal 100 m time with 10.10 (+1.8) beating 200 m World number one 2019 Noah Lyles 10.14. In other race Jamaican Andre Ewers 10.22 (+0.1) and also windy 10.06 (+2.2) by Hakim Sani Brown from Japan. Florida clocked fast 38.52 in the 4x100 m.

Miller_ShaunaeFans-BosOut18.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by PhotoRun.net

article_head EK.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by London Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge won his 4th London, 11th of 12 marathons. Mosinet Geremew battled Kipchoge to the very end. Mo Farah took a step back. Lessons to be learned. Stuart Weir puts the men's race into perspective.

20190428_125032.jpgMo Farah, 5th place, 2:05.39, Mixed Zone, London Marathon, photo by Stuart Weir

20190428_125112.jpgCharlotte Purdue took 10th in a new PB in London, photo by Stuart Weirrr

20190428_131434.jpgGary Lough, Coach of Mo Farah, with British Media post London, photo by Stuart Weir

On a particularly good day for marathoning, Stuart Weir had much to wite about. Mo Farah had an off day, still running 2:05, but Charlotte Purdue and Callum Hawkins had fantastic days. Stuart, who covers athletics for RunBlogRun, wrote over 150 pieces for us in 2018. This is his first of 3 pieces on London today!

BATON ROUGE: Armand Duplantis and his World lead 594 and close attempt at 601. It was also school and facility record and 2nd best NCAA all-time. Jamaican Damar Forbes leaped to 811 (+2.0) in long jump and Rodney Brown got 64.60 in discus. On the women side Briton Lucy Bryan 450 PB in the pole vault, Trinidad´s Portious Warren PB in shot put 18.61 over Jeneva Stevens 18.44 and also PB for Janee Kassanavoid 73.00 in hammer ahead of Jeneah Stewart 72.70. Another top mark 22.78 PB (-0.1) in the 200 m by U20 sprinter Sha´Carri Richardson over Kimberlyn Duncan 23.11. Richardson also clocked windy 11.06 (+2.4) in the 100 m over Quanesha Burks 11.20. More windy sprints by Kary Vincent 10.07 (+2.6) in the 100 m, Trinidad´s Jereem Richards 20.43 (+2.4) in the 200 m and Tonea Marshall 12.74 (+3.9) women hurdles.

RunBlogRun opines: The careful development of young elite athletes is key. Mondo Duplantis is one of those talents who comes every few decades. The devotion of his parents, the support of his federation and the support of his college program all add up.

Duplantis_Lavillenie_Ph_Colombo01.jpgMondo Duplantis and Renaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

article_head.jpgBrigid Kosgei won London in 2:18.20, photo by Virgin Money London Marathon

article_head EK.jpgEliud Kipchoge won his 4th London in 2:02.38, photo by Virgin Money London Marathon

On a wonderful April day, 43,000 marathoners took to the streets of London . In this feature, Justin Lagat opines about the Kenyan wins in London!

Semenya_CasterFHL-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net
Semenya gets the 1500 m title
GERMISTON (RSA, May 26): World 800m champion Caster Semenya added the 1500m title at the South African Championships after she won the 5000m on Thursday. She clocked 4:13.59 to finish more than 15 seconds clear. She was not running in the 800 m heats, but is expected in the 4x400 m relay on Saturday. Tshepang Makhethe won the men's hammer with 72.25 PB, beating multiple national champion Chris Harmse 71.70 into second. Other winners included Antonio Alkana (110m hurdles, 13.38 -0.3 over Ruan De Vries 13.55), Khotso Mokoena (triple jump, 16.81 +0.4), Ryan Mphahlele (1500m, 3:43.60) and Mpho Links (high jump, 225). Akani Simbine was the fastest in the 200 m semifinals with 20.51 (-1.3) and Thapelo Phora with 45.32 in 400 m semifinals.
Semenya-Kipyego-SimpsonFH1c-WorCH17.jpgCaster Semenya takes bronze in London 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Long runs are a Sunday tradition. All distance runners do long runs. I recall Donavan Brazier telling me his long run was 8 miles! In high school, I did 9-14 miles on Sundays and in college did either 18, 20 or 22 miles. There is a freedom in long runs and those conversations with training partners are etched in our memories for many years.

Long runs build your endurance. The late Arthur Lydiard was right about that. They make you stronger and fitter.

Enjoy your long run today!

Then, watch the London marathon. Some fine performances today!

Sunday, April 28, 2019-warm up, 75-80 minutes, cooldown


gallery_display (1).jpgAbraham Kiptum, photo by PhotoRun.net
Half Marathon WR holder provisionally suspended
LONDON (GBR): Kenya's world half-marathon record-holder Abraham Kiptum, who had been one of the leading contenders for the Virgin Money London Marathon this Sunday, has been provisionally suspended by the Athletics Integrity Unit. The Kenyan, who is being investigated following a biological passport violation, ran 58:18 in Valencia in October last year to take five seconds from the previous world record. In a statement from London Marathon organisers, event director Hugh Brasher reacted: "We have a zero-tolerance policy on doping. London is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors and we recently announced a groundbreaking extensive intelligence-driven testing programme. This shows the programme is working. Cheats will be caught and there is no place for them in marathon running." It is not known from when is the violation and how his past results could be affected.
Runblogrun comments: Good job, AIU! That is what is supposed to happen, catch the cheats.
Manyonga_Luvo1-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by PhotoRun.net
Manyonga 835, Simbine 20.27, Cremona 21.51
GERMISTON (RSA, Apr 27): Akani Simbine won the 200 m during last day of South African Championships in 20.27 (-0.2). World champion Luvo Manyonga leaped to impressive 835 (+0.3) and beat his home rivals Rushwahl Samaai 821 (+1.3) and Zarck Visser 801 (+0.4). Huge improvement in men shot put by Orazio Cremona to 21.51 over World U20 champion Kyle Blignaut who also got his PB 20.03. Lindsey Hanekom won the 400 m hurdles in 48.81 PB over World U20 champion Sokwakhana Zazini 49.33 and Cornel Fredericks 49.87. Another U20 star from 2018 Zeney Van der Walt won the women race in 55.93 over multiple national winner Wenda Nel 56.07. In women´s long jump Linque Beneke 664 (-1.1) over Eljone Kruger 661 (+3.1). Olympic medalist Sunette Viljoen won javelin with 57.23. Gardeo Isaacs with 45.39 surprisingly beat Thapelo Phora 45.67 in the 400 m. Kabelo Mahlosi won the 800 m in 1:47.40 (1:46.54 in semifinals). South African national team topped 4x100 m 39.35 and Athletics Gauteng North provincial team 3:04.26 in the 4x400 m.
Manyonga_LuvoR-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by PhotoRun.net

IMG_5224.jpgTime for racing! photo by Mike Deering/ The Shoe Addicts

Saturdays are for racing. Around the country, most high schoolers who run track (1.3 million in 2019), are running, jumping and throwing somewhere. From big invites to small invites, from fine weather to hot weather. In Wisconsin where I live, the snow is coming.

Spring racing is the time for PBs. I recall breaking ten minutes for 2 miles the very first time. I was so excited, as it had taken so long. In the race, there were 20 in front of me, and the winning time was 8:55! I had just run 9:56 and was so happy.

Racing is about taking on challenges.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Take on the challenge.

Saturday, April 27, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Fridays and Saturdays in April and May are some of the big meets of the season. The sixteen to twenty weeks of training now is put on the line, as you have to show what you are made of. Can you rise to the challenge? All during the season, we have provided you workouts to help make you stronger, faster, and more confident.

It is all about progression. The problem is, that, like evolution, progress is not linear. One must focus on the present and do their best, day by day. And bad days come like good days. One learns from the bad days and the good ones too.

Fauble_ScottR-Boston19.JPGScott Fauble, 2019 BAA Boston, 2:09.09 PB, seventh place, photo by PhotoRun.net

Consider last weeks' races before you race this week.

Friday, April 25, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The London Marathon will be held this Sunday, on April 28, 2019. The fields on the elite mens and womens are two of the finest ever. The races should very exciting to watch, and digest. Providing us some insight into the race is Justin Lagat, who will be watching the race via TV in Kenya this weekend. We thank Justin for his observations and look forward to the race.

Keitany and Cheruiyot.jpgVivian Cheruiyot and Mary Keitany, photo by London Marathon

The 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon will be held on April 28, 2019. The fields are some of the finest ever, with Eliud Kipchoge and Mo Farah on the men's side and Mary Keitany, Vivian Cheruiyot, Brigid Kosgei on the women's side, plus Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson.

RunBlogRun has been fortunate enough to cover the marathon for nearly two decades. We will be watching it on BBC, and with the help of several on course viewers, will be providing mile by mile updates for you and some inside commentary that has entertained nearly a quarter of a million athletic fans each year.

mo and eliud;gallery_display.jpgEliud Kipchoge vs Mo Farah, courtesy of Virgin Money London Marathon

We love the London marathon! Why? The London marathon continues to innovate and support both the daily runner and the elite runner. With the deepest field of any World Marathon Majors, we will be fascinated to see the field put together by Spencer Barden, now that David Bedford has retired, will reply to the weather, conditions and competition.

The London Marathon was founded in 1981, and it was a British version of the NYC Marathon, that founders John Disley and Chris Brasher found when they visited the NYC Marathon in 1979.

I love the London marathon for its fields, its citizen runners, its celebration of all things British, and and the wonderful eccentricity that made the dream of the London marathon a reality and a dream for many.

Please enjoy our podcast, and thanks to Mike Deering and Brian Eder on making my words a podcast.

DeGrasse_Andre-Stockholm17.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by PhotoRun.net
Hughes_ZharnelFHL1-Lausanne15.jpgZarnel Hughes, photo by PhotoRun.net
Hughes and Prescod vs De Grasse and Blake
LONDON (GBR): European champion Zharnel Hughes and European silver medallist Reece Prescod will face treble Olympic medallist Andre de Grasse from Canada and Jamaica's former world champion Yohan Blake over 100m at the London Diamond League on 20 July, informs organisers. As announced last week, the women's 100m line-up features Dina Asher-Smith, double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson, Dafne Schippers and Marie-Josee Ta Lou.
Schippers_DaphneSF1a-WC17.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net
TaLou_Marie200SF1-WC17.jpgMarie Jose Ta Lou, photo by PhotoRun.net

Cherono-DesisaFH-BostonM19.jpgLawrence Cherono takes the win, photo by PhotoRun.net

Degefa_WorkneshFH-BostonM19.jpgWorknesh Degefa wins big, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Justin Lagat's piece on the Boston marathon, which was fascinating to watch. Justin provides his view from Kenya for the global events with Kenyan athletes and interest in his country.

It is late April. Your speed is coming around and your recovery is a fast. The workout today is one of my faves. 8 times 400 meters, with a 400m jog. Eight swift 400 meters (your mile pace) will tire you, but will enthuse you.

April and May means racing weather.

Take advantage of it! You are faster each day!

Fauble_ScottLeds-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble takes the lead, Boston 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, April 25, 2019-warm up, 8 x400m, 400m jog, 400m at mile pace, 200m jog, cooldown

Fridays and Saturdays in April and May are some of the big meets of the season. The sixteen to twenty weeks of training now is put on the line, as you have to show what you are made of. Can you rise to the challenge? All during the season, we have provided you workouts to help make you stronger, faster, and more confident.

It is all about progression. The problem is, that, like evolution, progress is not linear. One must focus on the present and do their best, day by day. And bad days come like good days. One learns from the bad days and the good ones too.

Fauble_ScottR-Boston19.JPGScott Fauble, 2019 BAA Boston, 2:09.09 PB, seventh place, photo by PhotoRun.net

Consider last weeks' races before you race this week.

Friday, April 25, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Today, as I headed out of San Jose, CA, i saw the trail along the Guadalupe River. From 1974 to 1983, I ran on the trail several times a week, enjoying the sites and sounds along as the San Jose Airport developed. We could run 7 bridges, which would take us out to Alviso, and the smell of salty air would greet us. On the way back to Bellarmine, we could grab a few strawberries and the older Japanese American farmers would offer us a drink from their hose.

Today, I am thinking of Jim Linthicum, the long time coach and mentor at De Anza college. Today, April 24, there is a ceremony in honor of his tenurer at De Anza. Jim was the coach of Steve Pensinger, who coached us at Bellarmine in 1975. He changed my life. We would train on the 300m grass oval at De Anza and I broke five minutes in a track meet for the first time at De Anza.

I had to cancel my visit today as I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday before heart scan on Friday.

Today is also my late Mother, Marilu's birthday. I can hear voice calling out, as I took the lead in that mile at De Anza in the mile that day, against Sunnyvale. Mom came to many of my meets, for which I was always greatful. She always encouraged my runniing.

IMG_0938.jpegA day on the track is a good day, photo by Mike Deeing/The Shoe Addicts

Congrats to Jim Linthicum who made De Anza a sanctuary of athletics and influenced so many wonderful generations of athletes and coaches. I will be thinking of you all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Yavi_WinfredQ-Tampere18.jpgWinifred Yavi, photo by PhotoRun.net
Second gold for Yavi
DOHA (QAT, Apr 23): On the third day of the 23rd Asian Championships in Doha, Bahrain's Shitaye Eshete won the 10,000m in a championship record of 31:15.62 ahead of Japan's Hitomi Niiya who was also under the previous mark with 31:22.63. Teammate Winfred Yavi won the 3000m steeplechase in 9:46.18 after 5000 m gold while Bahrain also won the inaugural mixed relay ahead of India, 3:15.75 World lead to 3:16.47. Salwa Eid Naser, who clocked a 51.14 leg in the mixed relay, also equalled the championship record in the 200m heats in 22.84 and won bronze for Bahrain in the 4x100m in 43.61 behind China (42.87 World lead) and Kazakhstan (43.36). China as initial top placers (38.88) in men´s 4x100 m was disqualified and gold went to Thailand in 38.99. In the combined events, Uzbekistan's Ekaterina Vornina won the heptathlon with 6198 points and Japan's Keisuke Ushiro narrowly won the decathlon title ahead of Kuwait's Majed Al-Zaid, 7872 to 7838 points. Elsewhere, Uzbekistan's Nadezhda Dusanova cleared 1.90m to win the high jump, Chinese Li Ling pole vault 461 and Thailand's Parinya Chuaimaroeng won the triple jump with 13.72 (-1.5) with former Olympic champion Olga Rypakova from Kazakhstan a non-starter. Fastest in semifinals of 200 m Chinese Xie Zhenye 20.35 (+1.3) and in 110 m hurdles heats Xie Wenjun 13.47.

Samba_AbderrahmanFVL-Stockholm18.jpgAbderraham Samba, photo by Photorun.net

Samba thinks faster
DOHA (QAT): Abderrahmane Samba after his fastest ever April 400 m Hurdles time 47.51 said: "It is a good time, but I can go faster. I worked hard in training in South Africa and I am sure I can run faster. The plan was to push hard in the first 300 m. After the seventh hurdle I changed from 13 steps between the hurdles to 14. I had to deal also wit a head wind in the first metres of the race, that's why I wore my sunglasses," he said in his flash quote. This gives the event with Karsten Warholm and Rai Benjamin high hopes for very fast times when the Diamond League season will start.
Crouser_Ryan-Pre18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by PhotoRun.net
Crouser next one at Drake Relays
DES MOINES (USA): There will be some expectations at Drake Relays on Saturday when men´s shot put will be held as last of the technical events of the day. And it will be because the Olympic winner Ryan Crouser is scheduled to compete. His last weekend two efforts 22.74 and 22.73 were the best throws in last 29 years. And he aims for more. In recent quotes from him by trackandfieldnews.com he explained his health issues in winter and that in fact he did not had so much training before summer as he would expect. "I´m really happy with where I'm at because things have definitely not been ideal. It's still really early and to expect everything to be executing technically at a high intensity--you can't have that this early. You hope for it, but it's tough to do," Crouser said. After Drake his next competition scheduled is Doha Diamond League and early June than trip to Europe for meetings. On Saturday in the start list also NCAA standout Payton Otterdahl.

The tempo run makes you strong. It also helps you judge pace.


Warming up, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 -warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 6 x 300m, 100m jog, stride outs, cooldown

Diriba_Buze1-BAA10k18.jpgBuze Diriba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Buze Diriba won at the UAE Heathly Kidney run in 2018. She's back to defend on April 28!

Taylor_Christian1-Brussels17.jpgChristian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net
Pichardo_Pedro-Lausanne17.jpgPedro Pichardo, photo by PhotoRun.net
Taylor vs Pichardo
NANJING (CHN): Christian Taylor, Elaine Thompson and Omar McLeod are among the seven Olympic champions so far confirmed for the Nanjing World Challenge on 21 May. Taylor will go head-to-head with his long-time rival Pedro Pablo Pichardo in the triple jump, Thompson faces double world silver medallist Marie-Josee Ta Lou in the 200m and McLeod faces Olympic silver medallist Orlando Ortega and world record-holder Aries Merritt from the United States in the 110m hurdles. Olympic champion Jeff Henderson faces one day before in a street event world champion Luvo Manyonga and leading Chinese jumpers Wang Jianan, Huang Changzhou and Gao Xinglong in the long jump along with European outdoor and indoor champion Miltiadis Tentoglou. Three-time Olympic champion Tianna Bartoletta competes in the women's long jump. Elsewhere, Olympic champion Brianna McNeal is confirmed in the 100m hurdles and Olympic 400m hurdles champion Kerron Clement faces Turkey's world silver medallist Yasmani Copello in the 400m hurdles.

Flanagan_ShalaneFV1a-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net
PORTLAND (USA): Shalane Flanagan will undergo knee surgery. She wrote on Instagram: "After months of tedious rehabilitation for my knees we have come to the conclusion that surgery is the next step. I'm bummed that I couldn't heal them with less invasive treatment but excited to work my tail off way towards pain free walking and running again!"

View this post on Instagram

After months of tedious rehabilitation for my knees we have come to the conclusion that surgery is the next step. I'm bummed that I couldn't heal them with less invasive treatment but excited to work my tail off way towards pain free walking and running again! So today I'm off to Colorado with the support of my husband and family to get this healing party started!! ❤️💪🏼❤️💪🏼 If there is anything I know for sure, a setback is only a setup for a comeback. Never take your health for granted. Please send positive healing vibes my way! 💋💋

A post shared by Shalane Flanagan (@shalaneflanagan) on

Norman_MichaelPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgMichael Norman, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2019 Mt.SAC Relays had some fine performances, and the college, club and elite are all listed below. But the one that knocked track fans' proverbial socks off was the men's 400m, where Michael Norman opened up at 43.55, the 4th fastest 400m of all times. Not noted in the rush on Norman was one Rai Benjamin, who ran 44.31. Mr. Benjamin ran 47.02 last year for the 400m hurdles!

Samba_AbderrahmanPort-IAAFgala18.jpgAbderrrrrrahman Samba, photo by PhotoRun.net
Samba fastest in April ever 47.51
DOHA (QAT, Apr 22): On the second day of the Asian Championships four World leads were the highlights. Qatar's Abderrahman Samba smashed the championship record in the 400m hurdles by more than one second, improving the mark from 48.67 to 47.51 in his first competition of the season over the hurdles, also a World lead and fastest ever in April. Chinese Taipei's Chieh Chen was second in 48.92 with India's Jabir Madari Plliyalil third in 49.13. Samba's teammate Abubaker Haydar Abdalla just missed the championship record in the 800m but front ran to victory in 1:44.33 (51.09 through 400m) WL and PB to win by more than two seconds. There were also championship records and world-leading marks from China's Wang Zheng in the hammer with 75.66m ahead of compatriot Luo Na (72.23m) while Asian record-holder Chao-Tsun Cheng from Chinese Taipei won the javelin with 86.72m ahead of India's Shivpal Singh (86.23 PB) and Japan's Ryohei Arai (81.93m). Elsewhere on the track, Kazakhstan's Olga Safronova won the women's 100m title in a championship record of 11.17 (11.21 in the heat) ahead of China's Liang Xiaojing (11.28), Indian Dutee Chand clocked national record 11.26 in semifinals. Japan's Yoshihide Kiryu won the men's 100m title in 10.10 (10.12 in the semifinal) ahead of Indonesia's world U20 champion Lalu Muhammad Zohri who set a national record of 10.13. Kuwait's Yousef Karam clocked a national record of 44.84 to win a high quality 400m final ahead of Bahrain's Abbas Abubaker (45.14 PB) and Kazakhstan's Mikhail Litvin (45.25 national record) and Thailand lowered their national record and championship record to 38.72 to qualify fastest for the 4x100m final. Uzbekistan's Rulsan Kurbanov won the triple jump with a 16.93m PB, India's Tejinder Pal Singh went out to 20.22m in the shot put and China's Lu Minjia won the long jump with 6.38m. In other track finals, Vietnam's Thi Lan Quach won the 400m hurdles in 56.10 ahead of Bahrain's Aminat Yusuf Jamal (56.39) and India's Gomathi Marimuthu beat China's Wang Chunyu in the 800m, 2:02.70 PB to 2:02.96.
Samba_AbderrahamanR1-Oslo18.jpgAbderrahman Samba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Gong_Lijiao-Worlds18.jpgLijao Gong, photo by PhotoRun.net

Carter_Michelle1a-Tracktown17.jpgMichelle Carter, photo by PhotoRun.net

Schwanitz_Christina-Euro16.jpgChristina Schwanitz, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the finest women's shot put fields ever assembled in North America will be competing at Stanford University on 30 June. Lijao Gong, Michelle Carter and Christina Schwanitz will be competing at the Pre Classic, to be held one year at Stanford before returning to the new Hayward Field complex in 2020.

Tickets for the 45th annual edition of the Prefontaine Classic, to be held June 30 at Cobb Track & Angell Field in Stanford, Calif., are available now by clicking here or at gostanford.com/tickets. Tickets can also be ordered by calling 1-800-STANFORD.

We are cutting mileage and focusing on speed the next five to six weeks.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy your run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, Aprril 22, 2019 -warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 8 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Oduduru superb double 9.94 and 19.76
WACO (USA, Apr 20): Nigerian Divine Oduduru offered super fast 19.76 (+0.8) World lead and national record, also third best African ever in the 200 m at the Michael Johnson Invitational. He also improved in the 100 m to 9.94 (+0.8) another World lead and tied 6th best African performer mark. And all that within one hour. In the 100 m second Andrew Hudson 10.13 PB. Will London won the 400 m in 44.93 over South African Derrick Mokaleng 45.17. Norman Grimes got 49.75 in the 400 m hurdles and Baylor 3:03.17 in the 4x400 m. In pole vault personal bests for KC Lightfoot and Jacob Wooten, both 571. Jenn Suhr cleared in women pole vault 475. Morolake Akinosun won the 100 m in 11.20 (+1.5) and Ashley Spencer 400 m hurdles in 55.84. The 400 m World champion Phyllis Francis clocked 23.01 (+1.2) in the 200 m with hurdler Sharika Nelvis second 23.70.
Crouser_Ryan-Pre18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by Photorun.net
Crouser gets huge PB and WL 22.74
LONG BEACH (USA, Apr 20): Olympic winner Ryan Crouser achieved the top result of Beach Invitational in shot put with 22.74 World lead and PB. He got in fourth round 22.73 and then in fifth the best mark. It is also the best result in last 29 years since 1990. He moved to 6th best performer ever. In great depth Payton Otterdahl as second 21.37 PB ahead of Canadian Tim Nedow 21.18 PB and Adrian Piperi 21.01 PB with Dutch Denzel Comenentia 20.78. World lead also in triple jump by Omar Craddock 17.68 (0.0) PB beating World and Olympic winner Christian Taylor 17.18 (+1.6) with Donald Scott third 17.11 (+0.2). Chris Nilsen cleared third World lead of this meet: 582 in the pole vault and Jordan Latimer 802 (+2.0) in long jump (equalled PB) with Ben Williams 65.04 discus over Reggie Jagers 65.02. In women discus PB for Laulauga Tausaga 62.28 ahead of Jamaican Sha dae Lawrence 61.80. In shot Alyssa Wilson 18.02 over Tausaga also 18.02, for both life-time bests. Olivia Gruver cleared 466 in the pola vault and Jade Stepter scored a 200/400 double with 22.97 (+1.5) and 52.35.
Crouser_Ryan1-Oslo18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by PhotoRun.net

Norman_MichaelQ-USAout18.jpgMichael Norman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Shocking 43.45 by Norman
TORRANCE (USA, Apr 20): Michael Norman shocked everybody with his early top shape at the Mt.SAC Relays as he not only achieved WL and fastest ever in April 43.45 but also equalled the fourth best performer ever mark and sixth best ever performance. Behind him hurdler Rai Benjamin improved to 44.31. Another World lead in women high jump as Vashti Cunningham cleared 197. Third World lead by World record holder Keni Harrison in 100 m hurdles 12.63 (+0.3) over Jasmine Camacho-Quinn 12.93, Pedra Seymour of Bahamas won the other heat 12.88 (+1.1) and Cortney Jones another 12.82 (+1.1). Brazilian Paulo Camilo won both sprints in 10.21 (-1.6) and 20.30 (+0.5) over Ameer Webb 10.33 and 20.64. In women sprints Teahna Daniels 11.20 (-0.9) over Twanisha Terry also 11.21 and Jenna Prandini 11.33, hurdler Brianna Rollins-McNeal got 11.31 in other race. NCAA champion 2018 Anglerne Annelus in 22.81 (-0.5) beat Prandini 22.93 over 200 m and hurdles Olympic winner Dalilah Muhammad achieved 51.62 in the 400 m over Kendal Ellis 51.75. Isaiah Jewett clocked 1:46.11 in the 800 m, Trey Cunningham 13.47 (-0.9) high hurdles, Cameron Samuel 49.79 PB in the 400 m hurdles (he will be 20 in September). In other technical events Canadian Django Lovett 230 in high jump, Annie Rhodes-Johnigan 465 in the pole vault. Brazilian Eliane Martins leaped to 666 (0.0) in long jump, Jeneva Stevens 18.15 in shot over Rachel Fatherly 18.05 PB and in discus another Brazilian win by Fernanda Martins 64.16 over Jamaican Shadae Lawrence 63.89 national record. In men´s relays Brazil 38.76 and USC 3:03.54, in women USC 42.93 and Hayes All-Stars 3:29.88 (with Sydney McLaughlin 50.1 as first runner).
Norman_MichaelPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgMicheal Norman, photo by PhotoRun.net
Gong_Lijiao-Worlds18.jpgGong LiJao, photo by PhotoRun.net
Gong and Lyu winning, Obienna the surprise
DOHA (QAT, Apr 21): 23rd Asian Championships started with 8 finals, in men´s steeple winner John Koech from Bahrain clocked World leading 8:25.87 ahead of Avinash Sable from India 8:30.19. Chinese female throwing stars won as expected. World champion Gong Lijiao shot 19.18 ahead of Noora Jasim who got 18.00 national record for Bahrain and second Chinese Song Jiayuan third 17.70. Also Lyu Huihui was the best in javelin with meet record 65.83 over India´s Annu Rani 60.22 as second entered Chinese Liu Shiying was a non-starter. The biggest surprise of the day was the pole vault win by Ernest John Obienna from Philippines (coached by Vitaliy Petrov) who cleared 571 not only national but also meet record over Chinese and Japanese favorites, silver for Zhang Wei and bronze for Huang Bokai, both 566. London Olympic medalist Ehsan Hadadi won the discus with meet record 65.95, second Iran´s Behnam Shiri Jabilou 60.89. World medalist Salwa Naser from Bahrain was a clear 400 m winner in 51.34, Kazakhstan´s Elina Mikhina way back second in 53.19. In long distances before spare crowds gold medals for Bahrain also. Dawit Fikadu got the 10 000 m in 28:26.30 PB over team-mate Hassan Chani 28:31.30 and India´s Murli Kumar Gavit 28:38.34 PB. In women 5000 m Winfred Yavi achieved 15:28.87 PB to win over team-mate Bontu Rebitu 15:29.60 and again bronze for Indiaby Parul Chaudhary 15:36.03 PB.

I have fond memories of the Mt.SAC Relays. Joe Mangan and I, while coaching at Foothill college, loved the Mt.SAC each year. Enjoying the junior college events, the distance carnival and the elite events, were fantastic.

Here is Thursday night results....

adidas_shoe.jpgSpikes by adi Dassler, circa 1928, courtesy adidas

Long runs are for what? At the end of a week, a long run can either be a brain cleanser, or a body awakener. It is also a time to fabricate stories and get your friends to laugh. Enjoy. Long runs are good for the soul!

Fauble-WardH-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble, Jared Ward, top 2 Americans in Boston, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sunday, April 21, 2019 -warm up, 75 minutes, cooldown

The big invites on the holiday weekend are always a lot of fun. I recall coaching Junior college and watching our athletes do well in the 3000m, 1,500m and relays.

In high school, I remember watching Eric Hulst run 8.55 as a sophomore for 2 miles at the San Jose Invitational.

Enjoy the racring!

Saturday, April 20, 2019 -warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Fauble_ScottLeds-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble leading in Boston, chase your dreams! photo by PhotoRun.net

Carter_KoriFHL-USAout18.jpgKori Carter, photo by PhotoRun.net

Spencer_Ashley1-PreC17.jpgAshley Spencer, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 400m hurdles is one of the toughest races on the oval. Combining the speed of the 400m and the endurance and precision of the hurdles, many athletes who experience the race for the first time swear that the hurdles got higher as they went around the track. Drake Relays is the celebration of all things midwest plus some of the finest athletes in the world in key events. That is due to Hy-vee, the sponsor, who puts in a reported $500k a year into this fine meet.

We suggest that you, 1), go the the meet, and 2), buy lots of stuff at Hy-vee!

Harrison_KeniQ1-USAo18.jpgKeni Harrison, how fast will she go in Des Moines next weekend? photo by PhotoRun.net

Keni Harrison is the World record holder in the 100m hurdles. That perfect race came on July 22, 2016 at the London Muller Anniversary Games, when Keni ran a scintilating 12.20, breaking the 1988 WR of Yordonka Donkova's 12.21. There had been some confusion as Harrison had leant at the finishline and was not given the correct time in that race.

What can she do at the end of the April? We will just be waiting one more week!

Hiltz-Kampf-Osika-Lipari-BAAMile19.JPGHiltz, Kampf, Osika, Lipari just battled in Boston, how will they do in Des Moines? photo by PhotoRun.net

The Blue Mile is a big thing at the Drake Relays (presented by Hyvee). The mens and womens fields are stacked. Watch for these exciting events, to be held on 4/23/19.

This week celebrates Passover and the Easter Holiday. I wish all a good Passover and a Happy Easter. Much more connects us all than separates. That is my big less in having visited five to six dozen countries.

Enjoy the holiday, lots of races this weekend. A big weekend for PBs!

IMG_2691.jpgEnjoy your run! photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, April 19, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Asher_Dina200QH-WC17.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by PhotoRun.net
TaLou_Marie200SF1-London17.jpgMarie Jose Ta Lou, photo by PhotoRun.net
Dina A-Smith vs Talou
DOHA (QAT): Triple European champion Dina Asher-Smith and reigning world and European champion Ramil Guliyev will both launch their seasons in earnest over 200m in the Doha Diamond League. Asher-Smith will face a line-up including double world silver medallist Marie Josee Ta Lou and world 400m champion Phyllis Francis. "I am excited to start my season in Doha for the first time and test out the track at the Khalifa International Stadium ahead of the World Championships. The female sprints have so many extremely talented women at the moment and I expect Doha to be a great race," said Asher-Smith. In the men's 200m, Guliyev faces Jereem Richards, Alonso Edward, Alex Quinonez and Aaron Brown in the men's 200m; all of whom broke the 20 second-barrier in 2018. "Breaking the championship record and my lifetime best in Berlin was fantastic but I am sure I can go even faster. Of course my big aim is to defend my world title in Doha and I know I will probably have to break my lifetime best to do that," he said. Jamaica's Janieve Russell and Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad will also renew their rivalry in the 400m hurdles.
McLaughlin_SydneyFL-NewBalance19.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net
Pro debut for McLaughlin outside USA
SHANGHAI (CHN): The four fastest sprinters in the world last year will go head-to-head on Saturday 18 May in a bid to win the men's 100m at the Shanghai Diamond League. Christian Coleman against Su Bingtian and British Reece Prescod. With more US presence Ronnie Baker, Noah Lyles and Mike Rodgers. The women's 100m line-up is no less impressive with Jamaica's double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson racing against Marie José Ta Lou and Michelle-Lee Ahye. The field also includes Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor from Nigeria and US Aleia Hobbs, Jenna Prandini and Ashley Henderson. The Shanghai 400m races are equally strong with world silver medallist, Steven Gardiner, looking to repeat last year's victory in the men's race against Qatar's world bronze medallist, Abdalelleh Haroun, and the man he pushed into second in 2018, Isaac Makwala of Botswana. Akeem Bloomfield was one of the others and the Jamaican will also be in contention along with compatriot Nathon Allen and US trio Nathan Strother, Michael Cherry and Fred Kerley. In the women's one-lap race, Bahrain's world silver medallist Salwa Eid Nasser, takes on Poland's European champion Justyna Swiety-Ersetic and teenage hurdles sensation, Sydney McLaughlin in her pro IAAF Diamond League debut. She'll be joined by fellow US sprinters, Shakima Wimbley and Jessica Beard, while world and Olympic finalist Stephenie Ann McPherson goes for Jamaica.
Hayes-McLaughlin-NewBalance19.jpgCoach Joanna Hayes (yep, the 2004 gold medalist, 100m hurdles), and Sydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

200 meter repeats were one of my favorite workouts. It is also a way to learn to change gears in racing. The first set will be moderate, at mile pace, and the second, will be tougher. In the second part, do exactly what is asked. No more.

IMG_5141.jpgWorking on the track, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, April 18, 2019-warm up, 12 x 200, mile pace, 200m jog, 12 x 200, 800m pace, 200m jog, cooldown

Dibaba_TiruneshW-Berlin18.jpgTirunesh Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Derrick_Chris-BAA10k18.jpgChris Derrick, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tirunesh out of London
LONDON (GBR): Ethiopia's Tirunesh Dibaba has pulled out of the London Marathon on 28 April due to "personal reasons," informs organisers. Other notable withdrawals from the women's race include Allie Kieffer from the United States, Switzerland's Maude Mathys and Martina Strahl and Denmark's Anna Holm Jorgensen, the daughter of Henrik Jorgensen, the 1988 London Marathon. Chris Derrick from the United States and Canada's Cam Levins have both pulled out of the men's race.
Levins_CamFL-Toronto18.JPGCam Levins, photo by PhotoRun.net

In this piece, European 10,000m siilver medalist looks to the next chapter of his career, as he moves to the marathon and looks at his second London Marathon.

BashirAbdi-002.jpgBashir Abdi, photo by PhotoRun.net

Burka_Gelete1a-OttawaM18.jpgGeleta Burka, photo by PhotoRun.net
Burka wins, Calvin French record
PARIS (FRA, Apr 14): Former world indoor 1500m champion Gelete Burka had the best win of her marathon career thus far, winning the Paris Marathon in 2:22:47 (71:09/71:38) and leading an Ethiopian clean sweep ahead of Azmera Gebru (2:22:52) and Azmera Abreha (2:23:35). Clemence Calvin, whose doping suspension was lifted on the eve of the race, finished strongly to finish fourth in a big lifetime best and French record of 2:23:41 (71:09/72:32), breaking Christelle Daunay's mark of 2:24:22 from 2010. Abrha Milaw led an Ethiopian one-two in the men's race in 2:07:05 ahead of Asefa Mengistu (2:07:25) with reigning two-time champion Paul Lonyangata from Kenya having to settle for third in 2:07:29. Former European 10,000m champion Polat Kemboi Arikan was the first European finisher in sixth in 2:08:14 while the current European 10,000m champion Morhad Amdouni was eighth on his debut in 2:09:14.
Calvin_ClemenceM-EuroXC12.jpgClemence Calvin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's the truth abou the running business. At the end of the day, for a brand to be successful, they must make great shoes, one season after another. Most brands complicate the situation by trying to change programs that were working, or they under value the human capital that made them a success. I reposted this video because of the Boston Marathon Expo. The line was outside the Hynes this year, per my observers, due to security. The huge reason why Boston Expo thrives is that the running community gets to talk and share ideas.

Watch for our updates on the industry later this week. But, until then, watch my Conversations with Larry video and consider how many brands are screwing up their running business because they do not listen to the consumer, or their staffs. Also note that the brands that do succeed normally have management who go to the shows and understand that talking to the community is good for business.

361 booth .pngThe 361 USA booth at 2018 Running Event, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Walsh_TomH-Pre18.jpgTom Walsh, photo by PhotoRun.net
Walsh vs Crouser
DOHA (QAT): Men´s shot put at IAAF Diamond League opener in Doha on May 3 will have the clash of World champion Tom Walsh with Olympic winner Ryan Crouser. The line-up also features 2017 Diamond League champion Darrell Hill and top Europeans Michal Haratyk with Tomas Stanek. In the field also David Storl with Joe Kovacs. The men's discus also boasts a star-studded line-up featuring world and European champion Andrius Gudzius from Lithuania, world and European silver medallist Daniel Stahl from Sweden and Olympic champion Christoph Harting from Germany. They will be joined by the London bronze medallist Mason Finley and Olympic silver medallist Piotr Malachowski from Poland. Bulgaria's Mirela Demireva who was not competing indoors is heading the women high jump. The line-up also includes Elena Vallortigara from Italy, former European indoor champion Airine Palsyte from Lithuania and Ukraine's Kateryna Tabashnyk with young star Yaroslava Mahuchikh.
Crouser_Ryan-Oslo18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by PhotoRun.net

Guy Morse took the Boston Marathon, kicking and screaming into the modern age. This video series was done by The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun. The 4 part series provides some amazing insights into the challenges in taking an iconic amateur event like the BAA Boston Marathon and bringing it into the modern world of sports. Morse was involved with adidas, Gatorade and of course, John Hancock, and the long term agreements that give the Boston marathon its financial stability.

Morse_Guy-WorldMM06.jpgGuy Morse, 2006 WMM, photo by PhotoRun.net

Flanagan_ShalaneH1b-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net

BOSTON (USA): Former New York Marathon champion Shalane Flanagan admits she might require knee surgery if she plans to return to elite level racing, informs NBC Sport. "My knees are not doing so well. They've been hurting. So I have to figure that out. I may need surgery. I'm not sure. That's kind of scary. But I know that it's going to pass. I'm going to be better for it. And I'm going to appreciate my health when I can do a lot of running," she said.

Flanagan_FV-OlyGames16.jpgShalane Flanagan, 2016 Rio Olympics, photo by PhotoRun.net

The body works in fascinating ways. As spring hits around the country, warm weather is coming to most of the country, our bodies discover that they can run fast. A few races, and our bodies say, well, time to find warp speed. The work over the winter helped build your enduance, and your speed. You just needed some racing.

Some people take longer than others. I just needed 4-5 races to race over the mile and 6-7 to race over 2 miles.

Consider Scott Fauble, who yesterday ran 2:09.09 at Boston, finishing seventh. His 3 minute, 26 second PB was masterful and inspiring.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Tempo runs are a key to your success. And you will use them in the future as you move up in distances. In high school, many of us ran 2 miles or 3200 meters. As you get more advanced in your running, tempos become even more important.

Yesterday, Scott Fauble took seventh in the Boston Marathon. Scott runs for HOKA NAZ Elite and has a propensity for very large burritoes. In Boston, he averaged 4:55 a mile for 26.2 miles running 2:09.09. A good high schooler, and good college runner, Scott has blossomed on the roads. His focused training, his sense of humor, those burritoes, listening to his coach and tempo runs all played a part in his development.

Where will you go? How fast will you run? Remember, tempo runs, burritoes and focus.

Tuesday, April 17, 2019-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 times 800m, 2 mile pace, 400m jog between, cooldown

Fauble_Scott-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble, 7th place, 2:09.09, Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

When I asked David Hunter to write about the men and women elite fields in Boston, I knew what I would get. Hunter prepares thoughtfully and reviews the events forensically. In David's features, we see how the races develop and how damn hard it is to be an elite athlete. The story of Lawrence Cherono and the sub theme of Scott Fauble and Jared Ward are important players in US marathon sweepstakes are key.

Cherono-Desisa-Boston19.JPGCherono and Lelisa call upon their inner speed, photo by PhotoRun

Enjoy this piece on the 2019 Boston Marathon, the men's elite field in particular, provided by Senior Writer David Hunter.

Cherono-DesisaFH-Boston19.JPGAnd it comes to the final meters, photo by PhotoRun

Cherono vs Desisa, the final strides, photo by PhotoRun
Lawrence Cherono, photo by PhotoRun
The nightmare for an elite athlete is to have to battle athletes at the very end of the marathon. By 24-25 miles, the athlete is feeling a) exhausted, b) grumpy and c) see a and b. To muster up a kick is something that should not be for the squeamish. NBC announcer Craig Masback noted such when he worried out loud about Lelisa Desisa and his hamstrings. None the less, Cherono and Desisa battled, for 580 meters, beforer Desisa, the 2018 NYC champion, and 2013, and 2015 Boston champion, knew his race was lost.
Just how close was the race? Well, the closest since 1988, thirty-one years ago.

Degefa_WorkneshFHL-BostonM19.jpgWorknesh Degefa wins 2019 Boston Marathon, in 2:23.31, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Boston Marathon is true rite of Spring. This year, the weather looked to be horrific early on, but as RunBlogRun senior writer David Hunter noted, prior to the race: "Thunder claps at 7:00 AM in Back Bay. Strong rain. Windshield wipers on at full speed. Had hooded slicker on. But pants got soacked during ten minute walk to Copley Plaza Hotel. Looks Like rain stopped in Hopkinton and Ashland. Temp in 60's. Meaningful tailwind.Could get to 70 later in the day. Much better than '18. Miserable 90 minutes ago. But looks improving now."

David Hunter's text was prescient. The weather gods showed their might, and then, gave the 34,000 plus marathoners a glorious day to PB!

David did the features, as he has done today. Unfortunately, with a stomach bug, I attempted to watch from lovely Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, but the streaming had some issues. I followed off the Boston Marathon application, which was quite good.

But nothing filled in the picture until David's piece arrived. Another wonderful day in Boston! Thinking of my friends in the Charlesmark and the Lenox, as well as 34,000 friends of running.

Degefa_WorkneshLeds-Boston19.JPGWorknesh Degefa building her lead, photo by PhotoRun.net

Carolyn Mather has missed few major marathons in the past 4 decades in the U.S. She knows most of the elite U.S. women and has written for the iconic Running Journal (now on hiatus as publisher Bruce Morrison has taken ill), since the last 1970s. We asked Carolyn to opine on the women's race today and she put together this focused piece on the top elite and top elite American women.

Monday is a moderate day. Focus on one piece of the workout at a time.

Monday, April 15, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 6 times 300 meter cut downs, easy jogs between, 150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

IMG_0938.jpegA clean pair of heels, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Obiri_HellenFH-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri takes the 2019 WXC in Aarhus, photo by PhotoRun.net

Runblogrun asked Justin Lagat to provide a reason for the less than stellar performances in Aarhus, Denmark. Justin provided five reasons.

European Athletics continues to grow and make some impressive moves that bode well for the future of the sport in Europe. The re-election of Sven Arne Hansen as President of EAA is a good omen.

Hansen_SvenArne-EuroXC18.jpgSven Arne Hansen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Original post April 16, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

Repost April 14, 2019

David Hunter has written for runblogrun for many years. David covered the Boston Marathon by his lonesome this year. The previous several years, David and I had spent the Boston Marathon day covering the event from the media center. I had had heart surgery on April 11. So, I watched the event via Columbia (bootleg) and Poland. Next year, in Boston.

Des Linden is a unique athletic archtype in our American running culture. Well liked, with a self depricating sense of humor, keen observation skills and the work ethic only surpassed by Joan Benoit Samuelson in her heyday, Desi Linden took all of those skills and built a win today in Boston. Her win was the result of a combination of her skills and her desire.

Linden_Desi-Boston18.JPGDes Linden running into history, photo by PhotoRun.net

A digression.

The 1968 Olympic decathlon champ, Bill Toomey, gave me the following theory. The one who wins an athletic competition is the one who covets the event the most. In 1968, Toomey practiced the high jump in the rain in Santa Barbara, telling himself that it might rain in Mexico City. And sure enough it did. His vault poles were lost in transist, but that was another story.

Des Linden had run five Boston marathons. Her experience helped her in her sixth Boston marathon. Des Linden had ground out some serious miles and workouts. She had run some cold long runs in Michigan and she probably had some runs that beat her up more than Boston in 2018. Most of all, Des Linden coveted this race, this crazy race from Hopkinton to Boston more than anyone else in the elite field.

Linden-Burla-Flanagan-Boston18.JPGDes Linden, Serena Burla, Shalane Flanagan, Boston marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter gets that across as he builds the arguement that Des Linden put all of her talents together to win this race, this 2018 Boston Marathon. When asked later if an his athlete could have won Boston if it had been better conditions, Coach Kevin Hanson, the zen master of coaching, noted, " But the conditions were not better."

Enough said.

Desiree Linden won the 2018 BAA Boston Marathon in the most god awful conditions in the past four decades. She is a Boston marathon legend.

Case closed.

Kawauchi_YukiA-Boston18.JPGYuki Kawauchi, photo by PhotoRun.net

Original post, April 16, 2018

Repost, April 14, 2019

Keflezighi_MebFV1-Boston14.jpgMeb Keflezighi winning the 2014 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

On the eve of the 2019 Boston Marathon, Skechers sent us this short interview with Meb Keflezighi about his Boston Marathon win and his 2019 Grand Marshal role on Monday!

Nancy Kiprop has been on the global stage since 2004, when she ran a 4:25.04 in Spain. Kiprop debuted over the marathon distance in 2007, when she ran 2:46.24 in Hong Kong. Nancy broke 2:30 for the first time, in Valencia, on November 15, 2015 in 2:27.34.

Kiprop_Nancy-Frankfurt18.jpgNancy Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

Andy Edwards interviewed Nancy Kiprop prior to her racing in the Vienna City Marathon on Sunday, April 7. Andy Edwards and Jorg Wenig are Race News Service. Race News Service promotes races around the world with video, audio and text content.

At the Vienna City Marathon marathon, Nancy Kiprop ran a PB of 2:22.12 on 7 April, one month after a 1:09.12 at the Maraton de Paris on 10 March 2019.

Robert Chemosin just raced at the 2019 Vienna City Marathon. Prior to the race, Robert spoke with Andy Edwards of Race News Service. Robert Chemosin has run marathons since 2015, when he ran a 2:08:05 PB.

Chemosin_RobertFV1-RomeH15.jpgRobert Chemosin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Robert finished 8th in 2:10.19. Chemosin has raced from the 5k to the full marathon. PBs of 28.54 for 10k, 43.14 for 15k and 59.19 for the half marathon, Chemosin is one of those guys in the front pack, looking for a big day.

Kenneth Keter is a Kenyan distance runner with a PB of 2:07.34 from the 2018 Frankfurt Marathon. Kennth has also run 27:50 (Praha, Sept 2016), for 10k, 44:16 for 15k (1 May 2016) in Le Puy-en Velay, FRA and 59:48 for the half marathon in Venlo, NED on 20 March 2016.

KENNETH-KETER.jpgKenneth Keter, photo courtesy of Daily Kenya News

Kenneth Keter was interviewed by Andy Edwards of Race News Service, our global partner. Andy and his partner, Jorg Wenig manage communications for several of the finest global events in our sport.

Kenneth Keter finished 10th at the Vienna City Marathon, in 2:10.15 on 7 April 2018.

Kenneth is one of the fine Kenyan athletes, looking for his big break. His Half Marathon suggest that a big marathon is ahead of him, perhaps a 2:05. We will have to wait and see.

EvaWutti_5NH9416_HerbertNeubauer.jpgEva Wutti, photo courtesy of Sparkasse

Eva Wutti did this interview prior to her run at the Vienna City Marathon on April 7, 2019. Evan finished sixth in 2:34.12. Eva Wutti is a pro cylist and pro triathlete. She was 4th in the 2018 Madrid ETU Challenge Long Distance European Championships in September 2018. Her discussion prior to the Vienna City Marathon with Andy Edwards of Race News Service.

Andy added the following on the champion triathlete:

"Eva is Austrian and a former champion triathlete, winner of the women's Ironman titles 2014 in Barcelona, 2013 Copenhagen and twice winner of the Klagenfurt event in Austria, 2015 and 2017. The latter was her last triathlon. Eva describes - in excellent English - how she watched the London Marathon in 2015 and that inspired her wish to become a marathon runner, change sports. Eva made her marathon debut here in Vienna last year, finished 7th in 2:37:59 and hopes to break 2:34 on Sunday, ultimately her goals are to run Olympic and World Champs marathon. Eva says that was what she felt was missing in triathlon, the big race to go for...She currently lives in Barcelona but has prepared for Vienna City Marathon at her usual base in Graz in Austria."

An excellent second marathon by Evan Wutti.

IMG_8269.jpgOur sport is challenging, photo by Mike Deering/TheShoeAddicts

When one challenges limits, as we do in athletics each and every day, there are good days and bad days. At the end of my sophomore year in high school, I had moved to California from Missouri, was homesick and had finished dead last in the 2 mile at the WCAL League meet. Despondent, I walked over to my coach, Fr. Rocket Ray Devlin, S.J.. Father Devlin was a man of some complication, but contemplation was not one of his gifts. I asked Father how I could get better. Father Devlin took about 30 seconds, then noted, "run more".

I took that to heart, and started with two miles a day, building up to 15-16 miles a day. Now, a caveat. This was 1974, and we thought running could cure anything. So, I built up over the summer, and by the fall, I was about ten pounds thinner, and had run many miles over the summer. That fall, I took tenth in JV, and was no longer finishing at the back of the pack. The improvement motivated me, and in my junior year, I began to run much faster, and train much harder.

Long runs were relaxing for me. They also provided solace for me when my racing did not go with my expectations.

Use your long runs on Sundays to consider your past week of running. Enjoy the run and consider how to enjoy your running more.

Sunday, April 14, 2019-warm up, 75 minutes, cooldown

Last Sunday, Ed Cheserek, to the delight of his fans and of his sponsor, Skechers, took the win in Carlsbad. His time of 13:29 was a WR equalling event, as the IAAF began recognizing road WRs in 2019.

Cheserek_EdwardFH-Carlsbad5k19.JPgEd Cheserek takes the Carlsbad 5000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

What is good about this event is that, under new ownership, the Carlsbad 5000 has a team that wants to grow the event. They more than doubled the prize money in 2019, from $10,500 to $24,000!

We hope that this event finds a new sponsor, as the event is one of the iconic ones!

Thanks to Dan Cruz, one of my fave PR guys, on his piece on the 2019 Carlsbad 5000.

Lokedi_SharonFH-Carlsbad5k.JPgSharon Lukedi takes the win in Carlsbad, photo by PhotoRun.net

image1.jpegTom Fleming, Toshiko Seko, Bill Rodgers, 1979 Boston, photographer unknown

The era of Bill Rodgers in road running was unique. Rodgers was an easy going killer. The guy could run 140 miles a week in his sleep, one time winning 38 races of all distances in a row, quietly juggling global travel and 4 world class marathons in a year. That mellowness, along with his GBTC team mates, watched by perhaps the most eccentric and joyous coach in distance running (Bill Squires), allowed Bill Rodgers to focus his killer instinct into some brutally contested road races.

A few years ago, Bill Rodgers told this writer that in all of his good Boston's he felt poorly until he hit the hills. Frank Shorter called Bill Rodgers 'a freak of nature' out of awe and respect for his ability to train and compete at such a high level for so many years.

Jeff Benjamin's feature on the 40th anniversary of Bill Rodgers' finest victory is a joy to read, and takes us back to a time when social media was trading TFN gossip after a track workout, sharing the NY Marathon issues by The Runner, coming out 2 months after the event, and Bill Rodgers was "Bill".

Do I wish we were back at that time? What I wish for was that races appreciation for the need of the media to build interest in the sport, by video, audio and text content. Bill Rodgers was Bill because of all the stories wrritten by Joe Concanon, Tom Dederian and Kenny Moore, giving us an inner view into the amazing road warrior that was Bill Rodgers.

Dominic_RobertFH1-BAAmile19.JPGIn his first pro race, Robert Dominico wins a close BAA Invite mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hiltz-LipariFH1a-BAAmile19.JPGNicki Hiltz battles Emily Lipari in BAA Invite Mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

The BAA Invite Mile has become an institution in Boston. On Boston Saturday, the Invite Mile is part of the Boston Marathon Weekend. It has become a big fan favorite. The fields feature top young milers, and are well recieved. The close finishes were exciting, and here is an superb piece by James O'Brien for the BAA official site: https://www.baa.org/news. James O'Brien is also the publisher of the New York Athletic Club publication, Wingfoot, one of the oldest and most prestigious athletic club publications in North America.

Gebrhiwet_HagosFV-BAA5km19.JPgHagos Gebrehewit takes the BAA 5k, photo by PhotoRun.net

The BAA 5K has developed into a key event of the BAA Boston Marathon weekend. The event had 8,484 runners competing in the Back Bay of Boston, held on Saturday morning before the Boston marathon. The elite race features some of the finest American, Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes at the distance, and gets Boston Saturday started.

Barbara Heubner, reknowned running journalist on all things Boston running, and a great friend of @runblogrun, wrote the following feature, for https://www.baa.org/news (please check the site daily for updates on the weekend).

Ngige_MonicahFV-BAA5km19.JPgMonica Ngige wins the BAA 5k in a new PB, 15:16, photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, the running gods know that Boston marathon runners are a special breed. The weather was tough in 2018, and now, in 2019, deja vu all over again. This year, the wind and rain are back, but, the temperatures are the question. So, please be careful.

LindenHelpsFlanagan1-Boston18.JPGLinden helps Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net

The weather in Boston is always changing. This year, the B.A.A. announced a warning for Inclement weather on Monday, April 15, 2019. The B.A.A. notes winds, rain and temperaturers varying, depending on the weather cast, 30 to 60.

Please read the update below and be prepared.


Women's leaders from Boston 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Update 4/13/19-3 PM: The weather on Saturday is 70 degrees and wonderful! Monday is expected rainy, less wind than 2018 and in 50s to 70s. Again watch the weather updates.

Ekiru_TitusFV-Milan19.jpgTitus Eriku, Generali Marathon Milano, photo by PhotoRun.net


Vivian Kipligat wins Milano in 2:22.25, fastest time in Italy by women ever, and new Course record, photo by PhotoRun

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about the success of the Kenyans over the weekend of April 6-7. It was also the first weekend that two sub 2:05 marathons were run in the same weekend.

Racing in April is one of the highlights of high school spring racing. Running in one of the many heats of a big invitational, the excitement of the events, many runners set their very bests. I recall running a 2 mile in King City, California at the King City Invitational. Lap after lap, I was running faster than I ever had. I recall that it was so very easy that day. In a section with 40 fellow runners, I ran my PB for two miles.

_DSC0529.jpgScott Fauble running his PB in NYC, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Racing is now in the high season, stay focused and good luck!

Saturday, April 13, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Bondarenko_BohdanQ-WorC17.jpgBohdan Bondarenko, photo by PhotoRun.net
Bondarenko wants to have the comeback in Shanghai
KYIV (UKR): High jump world champion 2013 and Rio Olympic bronze medalist Bohdan Bondarenko plans to start his competition season at Shanghai Diamond League on May 18. It will be after one year break his first competition. 29-year-old Ukrainian didn't perform since 24 August 2017, when he cleared 231 for third place at the Diamond League final in Brussels. "My main task for now is just to start to compete. We are working a lot on the technical part. I want to show high quality jumps this summer," Bondarenko told XSport.
Asher_Dina-Stockholm18.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by PhotoRun.net
Dina against Thompson, Schippers and Talou
LONDON (GBR): Treble European champion Dina Asher-Smith will face a star-studded line-up in the 100m in the London IAAF Diamond League on 21 July, informs organisers. The line-up also features Olympic 100m and 200m champion Elaine Thompson, two-time world 200m champion Dafne Schippers and double world silver medallist Marie-Josee Ta Lou from the Ivory Coast. The quartet holds 18 Olympic and world medals between them, with the figure growing to 39 medals when taking European and Commonwealth Games medals into account. Thompson is the fastest in the line-up with a 10.70 PB.
Hansen_SvenArne-EuroXC18.jpgSven Arne Hansen, photo by PhotoRun.net
Hansen to continue with delivering the change
PRAGUE (CZE): The 2019 European Athletics Congress on April 13 will be highlighted by the election of the European Athletics President, Vice Presidents and Council Members. "Elections are often referred to as historic, but I believe that this description is genuinely appropriate on this occasion because we will take important steps towards improving the gender balance of our senior positions," said European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen, who will be standing unopposed for a second four-year term. Britain´s Cherry Alexander looks set to become the first woman in the history of the organisation to become European Athletics Vice President. The venue for the Congress is the Hilton Prague in the centre of the Czech capital. Candidates will make their presentations on Friday 12 April, the elections will take place during the main part of the Congress on Saturday 13 April and the first meeting of the newly-elected Council will be on Sunday 14 April. In additional to the elections, the Congress will also hear the financial reports for 2017 and 2018 and approve the financial plan for 2020-23 as well as consider amendments to the constitution and proposals from both the Council and European Athletics Member Federations. From European Athletics.

Mo Aman for Brazil

Aman_Mohammed-Pre16.jpgMo Aman, photo by PhotoRun.net
Aman for Brazil
BRAGANCA PAULISTA (BRA): The 35th edition of Grande Prêmio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo (IAAF World Challenge) will be held on April 28 and announced its first global star, the 2013 World Champion in the 800 m Mohammed Aman from Ethiopia. Against him in-shape Lucirio Garrido from Venezuela. In the 1500 m confirmed are Kenyan Michael Kibet with Morrocans Hicham Ouladha, Younéss Essalhi and Hicham Akankam. In women´s 3000 m more Ethiopians Beyenu Degefa and Tigist Ketema.

Friday is a day of core, light run and stride outs. Good luck on Saturday's racing.

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, April 12, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The idea of the big day is about building your strength and speed. Make sure that you focus one set of 4x400m at a time. A big good cooldown is important.

IMG_5141.jpgFocus is on the track, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, April 11, 2019-warm up, 16 times 400m, mile pace, 200m jog, cooldown


Abderraham Samba, photo by PhotoRun.net

DOHA (QAT): Athletics Asia is reporting that 29 athletes will represent Qatar at the Asian Championships from 21-24 April in Doha. The team will include Abdalelah Haroun (400m) Abderrahman Samba (400m hurdles) and Ashraf El Seify (hammer). "Our athletes are ready to make the country proud. We prepared well for this competition and we realise how great an opportunity it is to build on our success at the Asian Games and brace ourselves for the World Championships in September," said Qatar Athletics Federation President Dr. Thani Abdulrahman Al Kuwari.

Ritzenhein_DathanH-BaaHalf17.jpgDathan Ritzenhein, photo by PhotoRun.net

BOSTON (USA): US marathoner Dathan Ritzenhein says he will go into the Boston Marathon this Monday with a "healthy fear" of the distance as he bids to complete his first marathon in nearly four years. After running his PB of 2:07:47 in 2012, he had a DNF in New York in 2016 and was a late withdrawal from last year's Boston.

BOSTON (USA): After missing the Boston and Chicago Marathons through injury last year, Jordan Hasay has said she feels "really fresh and really good" ahead of the Boston Marathon, informs Women's Running. "This time I'm raring to go. I feel mentally really fresh and really good. It's a really great spot to be in," she said. Hasay has also confirmed she plans to contest an autumn marathon ahead of the US Olympic Trials in 2020. "I've only raced two marathons ever, so I want the experience," she said. Hasay finished third on her debut in the Boston Marathon in 2017 in 2:23:00.

Hasay_Jordan-HoustonM17.jpgJordan Hasay, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wednesday is an easy day, after the tempo run, and enjoy the run, and the stride outs. Keep the strideouts relaxed and focus on the form. Focus then on your core training.

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, April 10, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Organisers of the Bauhaus Galan Stockholm Diamond League have announced Henrik Ingebrigtsen will be joining Filip and Jakob in the 1500m on 30 May.

Ingebrigsten_JakobFV1-EuroXC18.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ekiru_TitusFV-Milan19.jpgTitus Eriku wins Milan, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kiplagat_VivianR1-Milan19.jpgVivian Kiplagat wins Milano Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net
Italian All-comers records
MILAN (ITA, Apr 7): Titus Ekiru and Vivian Kiplagat shattered the Italian all-comers' records at the Generali Milan Marathon. Ekiru clocked 2:04:46 (62:29/62:15) to take nearly three minutes off his previous lifetime best of 2:07:43 and also the Italian all-comers' record of 2:07:13. Evans Chebet (2:07:22) and Edwin Koech (2:08:24) made it a Kenyan clean sweep. Stefano La Rosa was the best Italian finisher in seventh in 2:14:16. In the women's race, Kiplagat stopped the clock at 2:22:25 (71:06/71:19) to break the previous Italian all-comers' record of 2:22:53, as well as Margaret Okayo's long-standing course record of 2:24:59. Kiplagat won by more than 10 minutes ahead of teammate Joan Kigen (2:32:32) with Ethiopia's Abebe Ayelu third in 2:37:50.
Kipserem_Marius-Milan13.jpgMarius Kipserem, photo by PhotoRun.net
Ozbilen_Kaan-EuroXC18.jpgKaan Kigen Ozbilen, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kipserem 2:04:11 PB, Kaan Kigen 2:05:26 EL
ROTTERDAM (NED, Apr 7): Kenya's Marius Kipserem smashed the course record in the Rotterdam Marathon with a 2:04:11 PB (62:17/61:54) ahead of Turkey's Kaan Kigen Ozbilen who moved to second on the European all-time list behind Mo Farah with a 2:05:26 NR, also European lead 2019. Fellow Kenyan Emmanuel Saina was third in 2:05:42 while Abdi Nageeye smashed the Dutch record with 2:06:18 to finish fourth and also move to fourth on the European all-time list. European champion Koen Naert just missed the Belgian record but was seventh in a big lifetime best of 2:07:39 courtesy of a negative split (64:03/63:36). Ethiopia's Ashete Bekere won the women's race in 2:22:55 ahead of Kenya's Stella Barsosio (2:23:37) and Aliphine Tuliamuk from the United States in third (2:26:48).

Tuesday is tempo day. We also get you to exhaustion, and have you focus on finishing strong.

IMG_6365.jpgTempo work, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 times 800m, 2 mile pace, 400m jog between, cooldown

Coleman_ChristianQ-USind18.jpgChristian Coleman, photo by PhotoRun.net
Coleman for double
LOS ANGELES (USA): World indoor record holder Christian Coleman plans for a sprint double at US championships in July. Informs Reuters per confirmation of his agent Emanuel Hudson. "He's healthy. We are not putting him in a whole bunch of meets and his last likely race, in Lausanne, will be 20 days before the U.S. championships," Hudson said.
Kendricks_Sam1-Pre18.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net
Morris_Sandi1a-Oslo18.jpgSandi Morris, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kendricks and Morris for Drake Relays
DES MOINES (USA): Sam Kendricks and Sandi Morris will defend their titles in the pole vault at the Drake Relays on 27 April. Meanwhile, US indoor champion Andrew Irwin and Kortney Ross, who jumped a PB of 463 indoors this winter, will compete in the street event held in the city two days beforehand. In the men 200 m the headliner will be Wallace Spearmon who is the meet record holder against US sprinters Ameer Webb, Vernon Norwood along with Dominican Republic Yancarlos Martinez and Turkey´s European 100 m medalist Jak Ali Harvey. The event will also have a local flavor as former UNI standout Brandon Carnes returns and Indian Hills Community College freshman Kenny Bednarek makes his Relays debut.

Super four from Kenya

Obiri_Hellen-CampaccioXC18.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kipruto_Conseslus1-Pre18.jpgConseslus Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net
Super four from Kenya
DOHA (QAT): Kenyans Hellen Obiri, Conseslus Kipruto, Timothy Cheruiyot and Emmanuel Korir who all won the Diamond League titles in their respective events in 2018 will compete in the Doha Diamond League on 3 May. Obiri will contest the 3000m in which she will face world indoor record-holder Genzebe Dibaba as well as teammates Caroline Kipkoech, Beatrice Chepkoech and Agnes Tirop while Kipruto will renew his rivalry with Morocco's Soufiane El Bakkali in the 3000m steeplechase. In the 800m, Korir faces a line-up including Botswana's Nijel Amos, USA's Donavan Brazier and Poles Marcin Lewandowski and Adam Kszczot while Cheruiyot faces training partner Elijah Manangoi and former world indoor champion Ayanleh Souleiman from Djibouti in the 1500m.

Monday is a relaxed day. Enjoy the run, stay focused on the core and stride outs.

IMG_6143.jpgTime to focus, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Monday, April 8, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 6 times 300 meter cut downs, easy jogs between, 150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Abraham_TadesseFH1-Euros16.jpgTadesse Abraham, photo by PhotoRun.net

VIENNA (AUT): Tadesse Abraham was disappointed not to get closer to Mo Farah's European record in the Vienna Marathon yesterday when he finished second in 2:07:24, informs organisers. "I was disappointed not to have got close to the record but I could still feel Dubai in my legs [2:09:50 in January]. I'll probably run the World Championships in Doha but shall discuss with my coach first," he said.

Abraham_Tadesse-Ottawa15.jpgTadesse Abraham, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMaria Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lasitskene leads the list for Prefontaine
STANFORD (USA): Mariya Lasitskene, the world's dominant women's high jumper, will be facing on June 30 an incredible collection of young Prefontaine Classic débutantes as she attempts to repeat her success from the '17 edition, where she raised the meet record to 203. Also in the field from Ukraine World medalist Yulia Levchenko and U20 record holder Yaroslava Mahuchikh. Morgan Lake, Erika Kinsey and Airine Palsyte are other Europeans beeing invited. The US high jump class will be represented by Vashti Cunningham.

mo moves 35k.pngMo Farah, photo by Sean Hartnett/Chicago Marathon
Farah for Vitality 10 km road race
LONDON (GBR): Chicago Marathon winner Mo Farah is confirmed to defend his title in the Vitality London 10,000 on the road on 27 May, informs organisers. Farah will be looking for his sixth victory in the race having previously won in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2018. The Vitality London 10,000 also incorporates the British Athletics 10km Championships for both men and women.

The long run we prescribe is 75-90 minutes, at a pace where you can speak full words. Add some hills and change the terrain, and you have a complete run. Train on Sundays with friends and enjoy the company, talk through the week. Long runs can tend towards the contemplative. Many work through upcoming projects and gain understanding of challenges from the past week.

IMG_5330.jpgA long run on the trails, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, April 7, 2019-warm up, 75 minutes, cooldown

2019 Prague.jpgBernard Kimeli runs 59:07, photo by RunCzech

Another fast half marathon in Prague continues to show and depth and speed of the RunCzech events. Check out the results and race story below.

The Carlsbad 5000 had fallen onto hard times. The new group, featuring Ashley Graham, Hawi Keflezighi, Meb Keflezighi and a group of industry investors is trying to save it.

The field is quite good, and we hope that the community continues to support this iconic event! Looking forward to seeing Ed Cheserek and Hassan Mead battle!

Cheserek_EdFV1-NBiGP18.jpgEd Cheserek, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mead_Hassan-Falmouth18.jpgHassan Mead, photo by PhotoRun.net

Now in its 19th year, the Generali Milano Marathon will have 40,000 participating this weekend, and that is only the humans. On Friday night, one hundred dogs sniffed, walked, ran and made new friends in the Dog Run.

cow.jpgAn Italian cow mascot for Nestle's Frutolla, a yoghurt product, photo by Larry Eder

The Generali Milano Marathon hosted the Bridgestone School run on Saturday, and 13,000 kids and their parents ran and walked with them, as a large Italian cow mascot, quite popular with the kids, did high fives. The 3k run/walk ended in the Expo area, which was getting crowded as marathoners and relay runners, their families toured the expo.

IMG_7707.JPGGiancarlo Tambieri, Euro Champ, HJ and Bridgestone spokesperson, with suttle promo for Winter Olympics 2026 bid by Milano, photo by Larry Eder

Thee was something for every type of runner, and non-runner at the Milano Running Festival.

The HAJ Hannover Marathon is about the German national championships, as well as some global racing. The HAJ Hannover marathon is part of the crazy opening weekend of the spring road racing season. Arne Gabius will have seven sub 2:09 runners to race with! Should be interesting.

Gabius-EichelBib-Hannover19-2.JPGArne Gabius and Race Director Steffi Eichel, photo by Victah Sailer/www.photorun.net

Keter_Chemosin_Abraham_VCM_Leo Hagen.jpg

Kenneth Keter, Robert Chemosin and Tadesse Abraham during the press conference in Vienna. Photo: Vienna City Marathon / Leo Hagen

The Vienna City Marathon has Tadesse Abraham chasing Mo Farah's 2:05.11 ER from the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Let's see how close Abraham can get to Farah's ER. It is a big difference between 2:06.40 and 2:05.11.

1286645_G08_W01.jpgSifan Hassan, from Generali Berlin HM organizers

Siffan Hassan is one of the fine athletes who has revitalized European Athletics. For young men, young women, from Norway to Greece, there are role models to learn from. The multi European champ, in XC, indoor and outdoor track, is moving to the longer distances. I for one, want to see her run the 10,000m on the track, but I will leave that to her coaches, Pete Julian and Alberto Salazar.

The Berlin HM could be a scorcher on Sunday, April 7.

1939 Marathon.jpgOne of the busiest weekends of the year is a prime example of the good and the challenges in the sport. With so many events in running, it is hard to promote events. In Italy, there are 2 major marathons. I am in Milan and will be coveing it live at 9 am on Sunday. Below, thanks to EME News, is some of the events that will happen on Sunday!

The racing season is upon us. This weekend was the Arcadia Invitational, the big west coast outdoor invitational. Around the country, the big meets are beginning. Stay focused in your races. Let them develop organically and make your move from a different place each week. Always cooldown and warm up well, and remember to get into dry clothes post race.

IMG_5139.jpgMake sure you warm up well, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, April 7, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

For running to grow, it must evolve. This year, participation in Canada and US is down 12-15 percent. The few exceptions are Chicago, NYC and Boston, plus key events like Big Sur, Flying Pig and LAM.

The folks at Conqur Endurance shook things up a bit with the press conference. They took the Presser from the confines of the Staples Center to Griffith Park, and increased media attention. I did interviews of Juan Luis Barrios and Weldon Kirui while there.

DSC_1897.jpgWeldon Kirui, 2018 SPLAM winner, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

Weldon Kirui had won 2 times until 2019. His dream, however, of a third win did not come to fruition, as he took fifth, a fine performance, but, not, alas, his goal.

This interview is interesting for several reasons. The focus of Weldon comes to the front stage, in spite of jet lag and a few other issues. The desires of so many elite marathoners intertwine, reminding us, how does one convince themselves that it is their day.

In the end, Elisha Barno took victory, 150 meters from the finish, right from the hands of John Korir. It made for great moments in LA Marathon history. My guess is that Weldon KIrui will be back.

Kellyn Taylor is one of the most versatile of American distance runners, having competed in 5000m and 10,000m in 2012 Olympic Trials, and 5,000m, 10,000m and Marathon in 2016 Olympic Trials, finishing 4th in 2016 at 10,000m and 6th in marathon in 2016 Trials. Last June, Kellyn Taylor made the major break through, winning the fabled Grandma's marathon, and setting a new CR/PB of 2:24.19.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, putting in the miles, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

This came after Kellyn DNFed in the cold nightmare that was Boston 2018. Coach Ben Rosario knew that Kellyn had a good one in her, and she showed that at Grandma's! We look forward to her race in Prague on May 5.

The Generali Milan Marathon will have 24,000 runners on Sunday, April 7. There will be about 9000 marathoners and 16,000 relay runners on Sunday. Add to that, 11,000 kids on Saturday and 100 dogs and their owners on Friday night, and you have a healthy 37,000 in the city of Milan this weekend, making the Generali Milan Marathon the 4th largest marathon in Italy.

The Milan Marathon began in 2000, and had a field of two thousand in its first year, and after a few different dates, has settled on early April. Th early April date has proved rmost popular, as the field has grown, year after year, for several years now.


The fields who run the cobble stoned streets of central Milano will be lead by fast men and women from the global sport that is running. The men's field is lead by Samuel Kosgei Kiplimo (2:06.53), Samuel Wanjiku (2:07:04), Edwin Koech (2:07.13) and Titus Ekiru (PB 2:07.43). The women's race features Vivian Kiplagat, Wude Yime, Kasahun Aynalem, Doris Changewyo, and Joan Kigen.

Will we see course records? The men's is 2:07.12 and the women's is 2:24.59. I am getting some info that the course records are the goals.

On Saturday, @runblogrun will be at the Childrens' races at 9.30 AM and the Elite athlete intro at 11 am.

Check out the course so you can see how the marathon showcases the city of Milan.

What do you do after a big PB? In my senior year, I ran a mile PB, then, two days later, my 2 mile PB.

After a big race, I would keep it easy, on soft ground, and, then some stride outs. My easy core work, helped me recover from a day of hard racing.

IMG_6766.jpg1,500m heats, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Friday, April 5, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The Boston Marathon is the most iconic of the modern marathons. The week of the Boston Marathon is a meeting place of the industry, and the place where the running gossip is at its apogee.

The week of hotels, meals, tourist events adds up, and this report shows that. Boston Marathon is good for the city of Boston.

Kawauchi-LindenA-BostonMar18.jpgKawauchi, Linden, 2018 BAA Boston Champions, photo by PhotoRun.net

Berlin 2018 .jpgBerlin 2018, photo by Getty Images/ Berlin 2018

European Athletics is on a roll. The Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships were, by many accounts, one of the best in decades. The financial impact of the championships was analyzed and it just goes to show, unless you totally screw it up (which happens often), that athletics can be a huge moneymaker.

The Credit Union Cherry Blosson 10 mile is a must go to race! I recall running it years ago and watching Greg Meyer, 1983 Boston champ, battling the top athletes on the roads. It was like watching the movie Raging Bull, one fast punch or push, one after the other as the elite headed around the course, with the citizen runners, intent on running very, very fast.

I watched Jemal Yimer debut over the half at RAK in 2018, and Buze Diriba is one tough athlete.

Check out the race on April 7!

Yimer_Jemal-Houston19.jpgJemal Yimer, photo by PhotoRun.net

The B.A.A. 5k and Invitaitional Miles have taken off on Boston Marathon weekend. The events feature many world class athletes, especially the top athletes of adidas, New Balance and Saucony, among others. The events give the many fans and families of Boston Marathoners something fun to do besides frequent the Expo.

We have been at Boston weekend since 1986 as RunningNetwork, American Athletics and or RunBlogRun!


Here's the list of athletes and schedules for Boston marathon weekend! Enjoy Boston!

This piece is on where we will see the NN Running Team in the spring of 2019. The piece came from Steve Landells for the NN Running team. As you know, thei club usually has someone racing around the world on the global running circuit.

The club not only has current heroes, but also has several upcoming stars to watch.

Kipchoge_EluidCar-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, what will he do in London? photo by PhotoRun.net


Nancy Kiprop and Maja Neuenschwander during the press conference in Vienna. Photo: Vienna City Marathon / Leo Hagen

The Vienna City Marathon is April 7, a very busy weekend in the marathon world. The release below tells the story of the upcoming women's race.

Ibarguen_CaterineR-Oslo18.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Two of our sports' most enigmatic and exciting athletes, Caterine Ibarguen andr Tianna Bartroletta, will be competing in Doha, the opening of the 2019 Diamond League.

Bartoletta_TianaLJsand-USAout17.jpgTianna Bartoletta, photo by PhotoRun.net

JOHN1-1.pngThe HOKA ONE ONE Coaching Corner is a series of tips from Frank Gagliano, Tom Nohilly and John Trautmann, coaches of the HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. This is tips 11-15, geared to high school track and cross country coaches, and the issues that they face with coaching the 650,000 high school athletes who run middle distance and cross country.

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts on their production of the series, plus Frank Gagliano, Tom Nohilly and John Trautmann for their time, as well as HOKA ONE ONE for their sponsorship.

Aries Merritt, the 2012 Olympic champion and current WR holder at the 110m hurdles, has donated his WR setting spikes to the IAAF Heritage Department for their exhibit at the Doha 2019 World Championships.

Aries Merritt set the current WR of 12.80 on 7 September 2012 in Brussels, at the Meeting Van Damme. When I spoke to him, one week later, Aries confided that he had felt the WR was in him for some time, and in fact had a DQ the race prior to the WR. In speaking with many WR holders over the years, many speak of the ease of effort in their big races, something they hoped to experience again.

Oliver-Merritt-Richardson-PorterFH-Monaco12.jpgAries Merritt, 12.80 WR, 110m hurdles, 7 September 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

Aries Merritt is one of our sports' amazing athletes and amazing stories, and his involvement will also add more interest to the Heritage exhibit. To learn more, please find the release below!

The idea of developing a kick is a not as easy as it looks. Some go out a long way from the finish, say, 600m, and increase each 200m. I developed a strong kick from 300m out, but prepared myself with 500m out, and tried to keep something for the last 100 meters. The best kicker I have met? Well, tie between Nick Willis and Bernard Lagat. Willis has this magical finish and gets himself into finals with these whisping moves with 50m to go. His bronze medal in Rio was the most amazing kick of the race. Bernard Lagat in 2007, when he took the 1500m and 5000m, was sensational. Lagat kept his cool until 20 meters to go in Osaka, and saw his place for gold.

IMG_6630.jpgFocus, focus, focus, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Find your strengths and weaknesses, and build on the strengths.

Thursday, April 4, 2019-warm up, 16 times 400m, mile pace, 200m jog, cooldown

The track season is upon us. April has come in with some fine weather in the West, and cool weather in the Midwest and East. I always found that, in high school, I needed about 3-5 weeks of good racing, and then, I would begin to really get focused. My junior year was where I became competitive and learned to listen to my coach and my body. I worked hard and enjoyed the easy days with my team mates. PBs in the mile by a minute, and 2 miles by 90 seconds put me into the races.

DSC04626.jpgMen's 1,500m, Des Moines 2018, photo by Adam Johnson Eder/The Shoe Addicts

So, I tried things. My junior PB was set in the mile by challenging the best miler in the area for 3 laps, taking the lead so many times he became flustered and walked off the track. I found myself in the lead, and was chased down by a two seniors. After that, I had some plans. After having finished last for so many races, I had some real fun getting into the thick of things. Yet, it would be five more years before I won my first race.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

DeGrasse_Andre-Stockholm17.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by PhotoRun.net
Canada 38.34 World lead
GAINESVILLE (USA, Mar 30): Canada with Gavin Smellie, Aaron Brown, Brendon Rodney and Andre De Grasse clocked World leading 38.34 in the 4x100 m at the Florida Relays. Second Tumbleweed TC 38.74 and in other race Florida 38.69. Also in the 4x400 m World lead for Pure Athletics 3:01.46 over USA High Performance 3:01.82. In women 4x100 m Pure Athletics got World leading 42.92 over USA High Performance 43.06 and in the 4x400 m also World lead for USA High Performance 3:26.29 over Canada 3:28.54, in college race South Carolina 3:27.53 ahead of Florida 3:27.76 and Alabama 3:28.60. Thea LaFond from Dominica achieved triple jump national record 14.38 (+0.6) over French Yanis David 14.05 (+2.2, legal 14.00). In shot put Eldred Henry from British Virgin Islands 20.36 and Canadian Brittany Crew 17.78 ahead of Portious Warren from Trinidad 17.43 PB among women. 20 years old Jamaican Roje Stona improved in discus to 61.22.
DeGrasse_AndreFV-Oslo17.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by PhotoRun.net

Obiri_HellenFV1a-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hellen Obiri picks the most challenging cross country course in ages to take her gold medal. Stuart Weir wrote this piece on Hellen Obiri, an athlete that he has seen win some pretty impressive titles. While Stuart was not in Aarhus, this piece on one of his favorite athletes is most heartfelt.

Suhr_JennR-Pre18.jpgJenn Suhr, Olympic gold and silver, photo by PhotoRun.net
Suhr 491 in pole vault WL
AUSTIN (USA, Mar 30): Olympic winner Jenn Suhr higlighted Texas Relays final day with superb 491 World leading clearance in pole vault. She also tried at 501. In relays wins for USA Red (Carnes, Burrell, Robinson, Rodgers) 39.19 and with M. Kerley, Chambers, Bailey, Spratling 3:03.94 in the 4x400 m. But college races were faster with LSU 38.41 over Houston 38.45 and Texas AM 3:03.30. In women 4x100 m US Blue (K. Harrison, Prandini, K. Carter, Meadows) got 43.12 over USA White (Nelvis, Henderson, Akinosun, Bowie) 43.68. In the 4x400 m USA White (Stepter, Little, Beard, Francis) 3:28.34 over USA Red (Blocker, Spencer, Akinosun, Okolo) 3:28.65 and USA Stars (K. Harrison, K. Carter, Prandini, Baisden) 3:29.56. Another World lead in women 100 m hurdles 12.96 (+1.6) by Tonea Marshall over Jamaican Janeek Brown 12.97. In technical events Jeron Robinson cleared 228 in high jump, Devin King 572 in pole vault and in shot outdoor PB´s for Payton Otterdahl 21.24 with Adrian Piperi 20.49. In women discus Italian Daisy Osakue another PB 60.13. From windy sprints to note Cordero Gray and Micah Larkins both 10.11 (+3.0 and +2.9), high schooler Matthew Boling 10.20 (+2.2). In women 100 m Sha´Carri Richardson 10.91 (+4.3).
Suhr_JennH1b-Pre18.jpgJenn Suhr, photo by PhotoRun.net

361 USA announced the 361 USA Retailers Cup at the 2018 Running Event. This is the second video update of the series.

Meet Scott Dvorak. Scott Dvorak is a former elite runner, who with Scott Hichmann, founded the Charlotte Running Company in 2000. Scott also has an event company and is a keen observer of both the sport and industry.

Each year, at the Running Event, I would catch up with Scott Dvorak and ask him about the 1) top running shoes in his market, 2) top service by brands, and his thoughts on running in the past year.

Scott 1.pngScott Dvorak and Larry Eder, TRE 2018, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Scott Dvorak is the first commissioner of the 361 USA Retailers Cup. We met with Scott at the 2018 TRE event to speak about the 361 USA Retailers Cup, and how it benefits the staffs of local running stores. The Shoe Addicts shot this video of Scott Dvorak as I asked him about the importance of ther 361 Retailers Cup.

Check it out! And make sure that you sign your store up for the 361 USA Retailers Cup!

To learn more about 361 USA and their Retailers' Cup:

361 USA announces Retail Racing Cup


361 USA Retail Racers Cup video (sponsored)


PALO ALTO: Stanford Invitational produced on Friday World leading and PB 30:49.57 in women 10 000 m by Emily Sisson ahead of Molly Huddle 30:58.46. Vashti Cunningham equalled World lead in high jump 194 and last year NCAA Champion Olivia Gruver improved to excellent 473 in the pole vault. Also to note hurdles Olympic winners running flat sprints, Brianna Rollins-McNeal 11.43 PB (-0.2) in the 100 m and Dalilah Muhammad 52.63 in the 400 m. Australian Jessica Hull got big personal best 15:34.93 in the 5000 m ahead of Chinese Xu Shuangshuang 15:36.48 PB and Carrie Dimoff 15:36.82 excellent PB at age of 35. In the men´s 100 m windy 10.07 (+2.8) for Japanese Yuki Koike and Conner Mantz 28:18.18 in the 10 000 m ahead of Clayton Young 28:18.50, life-time bests for both.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum ELITE MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpg2019 World XC, photo by Lars Moller

The 2019 World Cross Country was, by all standards, a huge success. An honest course, great crowds, strong social media showcasing the event made the World Cross a huge success. The blemishes on the event were few, as the biggest issue was a few countries continuing to put athletes in U20 teams that were highly questionable.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum THE ROOF - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgThe view from the roof, 2019 World XC, photo by Lars Moller

Aarhus 2019 is an example of why the sport should be housed in countries that have long traditions with cross country. The IAAF is not the United Nations. In this day, when many worry on security issues, the IAAF needs to give high consideration to security when rewarding championships to upcoming events.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI WINS SENIOR MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgJoshua Cheptegai takes the Senior Men's race, photo by Lars Moller

None the less, Denmark hosted a fine championship and should be recognized as such!

Tempo runs are key to your development. We do them each Tuesday and while it seems boring, it makes you a fitter runner and racer. Make sure you warm up and cooldown well.

IMG_0938.jpegA day on the track, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, April 2, 2019-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 times 800m, 2 mile pace, 400m jog between, cooldown

Ahmed_MohammedQ-WC17.jpgthe 5000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

AARHUS (DEN): Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei said his concerns for the future of the Diamond League were allayed by a meeting with IAAF president Seb Coe and chief executive Jon Ridgeon. He had believed the world governing body's changes, which included not having any distances further than 3000m as part of the programme from next year would disadvantage African athletes. The world governing body clarified that organisers were free to include 5000m outside the main programme and that runners, coaches and agents who had been consulted during the process said they were unlikely to race six times over twelve and a half laps over the Diamond League series. Tuwei said after the meeting in Aarhus: "I am satisfied that our athletes will receive sufficient opportunities to compete internationally in 2020 and I am reassured by the IAAF's undertaking that the impact of these decisions will be considered again at the end of each season and member federations consulted about any changes that might be needed." From IAAF.

The World XC is the meeting place of distance runners of all makes. Joe Henderson, former RW editor, called cross country, "the meeting place of mile and marathoner." Aarhus was a tough course and a huge success. Here is Justin Lagat's comments on the World Cross Country, which happened on March 30, 2019.

Kidanu-Worku-Mengesha-Worldxc19.jpg2019 World Cross Country, photo by PhotoRun.net


Joshua Cheptegai, photo by PhotoRun.net

At the 2017 World Cross, Joshua Cheptegai took off, in front of his countrymen and looked to be headed for a win on the hot, humid Ugandan course. But, in the last lap, his dreams came apart, as Geoffrey Kamworor took the third of his World cross titles. Joshua Cheptegai, the 2018 5000m/10,000m Commonwealth Champ, the 2017 London World 10,000m silver medalist considered this tough race for the past 2 yearsrr. On March 30, 2019, in Aarhus, Denmark, Joshua Cheptegai took control, and did not let up, winning his first world cross country title. The following is the press release on Cheptegai's win!

Cheptegei_JoshuaM-Worldxc19.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kendricks-Duplantis-LaVillenie-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, Mondo Duplantis, Renaud Lavillenie, photo by Photorun

The men's pole vault is one of the Alpha events in athletics at this time. The close knit, competitive athletes in the pole vault community shook it up over the past decade. With stars from France, USA, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Italy, the pole vault has something for everyone. From Sam Kendricks (USA), to Mondo Duplantis (SWE), to Renaud Lavillenie (FRA), to Tigor Morganov, Thiago Braz, and finally Canada's Shawn Barber have cleared the mystical six meters.

This year, the Pre Classic will be held at the Stanford's Cobb & Angell Field on 30 June 2019. Do not miss this exciting DL event, the only one of its kind in North America in 2019!

Cheptegei_JoshuaFV-Worldxc19.jpgJoshua Cheptegai takes win at 2019 IAAF WC, photo by Photorun.net

Obiri_HellenFV-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri takes World XC, photo by PhotoRun.net

The World Cross Country was, by all indications a big success. A tough cross country course, and a great celebration of one of the most iconic parts of our sport!

This begins week 13 of the Spring training. The workout is moderate, with 50 minute run, some core work and stride outs. Enjoy the workout and enjoy the time with your friends.

IMG_2688.jpgGetting in your Monday run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Monday, March 31, 2019-warm up, 50 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 6 times 300 meter cut downs, easy jogs between, 4 X 150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

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