2019 HOKA ONE ONE Spring Track & Field Training Week 22, Day 6: Championship weeks 1 and Recovery Weeks 1


When Bill Dellinger was in the US military, he spent time in Alaska and trained alone. He had a way of counting steps to do his intervals. How did he know he was running fast enough? Well, he made 3 Olympic teams and won and Olympic bronze medal. When the late Ron Daws needed hill workouts, he would run up and down stair cases, and when he needed heat training, he bundled up and sweated and sweated. He made one Olympic team. When Emil Zatopek neede to train and do laundry, he put the offending clothes in a bathtub and jogged on top of it for an hour. In 1952, he won the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon in the Olympics.

IMG_5141.jpgGood luck racing today! photo by NAZ Elite

One must innovate.

In racing, one must call upon the voices inside and take control. When I lead my first race as a junior in high school, I had never done it before. It felt good. I took the lead 3 or 4 times during the race, finally leading with 70 to go, only to get caught by two seniors. I ran my PB and also taught myself that I could challenge runners who were faster than me. This was kind of tough for a guy who had finished consistent last in his freshman and sophomore years.

Take a shot, challenge yourself this weekend!

Championship Week 1, Day 6

Saturday, warm up, race, do your very best, cooldown

Recovery Week 1, Day 6

take a day off!

And remember, as you are ending one season, and beginning another, check out www.hokaoneone.com running shoes. Make sure you take off 2 weeks after track season.


Coach Ben Rosario with athlete Ben Bruce, photo by Justin Britton/USA XC

Weeks 22, Champ week 1, or Recovery Week 1

Monday: warm up, 30 minute run, 8 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Tuesday: warm up, 4x400m, mile pace, 400 m jog, 30 minute jog, cooldown

Wednesday; warm up, 45 minutes, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Thursday: warm up, 6 x 200m, 800m pace, 30 minute jog, cooldown

Friday: warm up, 30 minute run, 8 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Saturday: warm up, race, cooldown

Sunday; warm up, 75 minute run

Recovery Week 1

Monday: day off

Tuesday: 30-45 minute run, trails

Wednesday: day off

Thursday: 30-45 minute run

Friday: day off

Saturday: day off

Sunday: Long run, 60-75 minutes

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