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The first half of the Diamond League Championships was held on August 29, 2019. The performances were spectacular, showing the finest athletes in our sport. The final half of the DL will be September 6, at the Van Damme Memorial. 20190827_182724.jpg

The Zurich poster, photo by Stuart Weir

20190829_185511.jpgZurich Weltklasse, August 29, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

This is the event by event highlights of the Weltklasse captures much of the excitement in the 2019 event!

This is part 3 of the Seb Coe's 41 Days of World Records, by Jeff Benjamin. It was a monumental task by Jeff, from the collection of quotes and interviews to the finding of photos and videos.

This story, on the 1,500m, is amazing!

Sebastian+Coe+sets+world+1500m+record+1981.jpgSeb Coe, 1,500m WR, 3:32.03, Weltklasse, 1979, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

The ISTAF meeting will have 37,000 fans in the stadium for the iconic event. Do not miss it, either in the stands or viewing it!

190830ISTAFpk_  008.JPGMalaika Mihambo, Armand Duplantis and Gina Lückenkemper at Friday's press conference. Credit essential: Camera4 / ISTAF

It's Labor Day weekend. My freshman year at De Smet (Creve Couer, Mo) was in 1972. I had just begun cross country. Father Passereli was our coach and he had suggested getting in a few miles over the weekend. We had gone to Johnson Shut ins, a series of natural pools in Missouri. I got my runs in, and also enjoyed fishing on the creeks for small mouth bass. Enjoy the weekend, and get your runs in. Those things do not change.

IMG_5000.jpgGet in your run, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday, August 31, 2019,: 50 minute easy run

We began podcasts a few years ago, and the response has been tremendous.

The deep thoughts series, on why we love Diamond League events. Monaco is always alot of fun. Most years, I would take the train down from Paris to Nice. Then, if can avoid getting pick pocketed (did happen), I take the bus to Menton. In Menton, I stay in a little hotel, Le Princesse et Richmond, just across from the beach. I stay for a week in Menton for cost of 2 nights in Monaco. The bus to Monaco, 2 Euros, is accessible and as I am only one in suit, rest of bus is families during the day, and rather colorful crowd on the 3am bus post meet.

Amos_NijelFV-Monaco18.jpgNijel Amos, photo by

Well, I have digressed. Some fine performances in Monaco. Big distance events, and pole vault, well, Piotr Lisek reminded all that he is not to be under estimated. Nijel Amos took the 800m out to another world.

Enjoy the podcast. Thanks to Mike Deering, The Shoe Addicts who keeps the podcast a) on time, b) focused, c) fun!

This is the beginning of a 3 day weekend. Make sure that you get your workouts in this weekend! That leaves you 70 hours to sleep and goof off!

IMG_5151.jpgGetting in an easy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, August 30, 2019: 55 minute park run, relaxed

IMG-20190829-WA0028.jpgThe end of the meeting, photo by Weltklasse Zuerich

IMG-20190829-WA0023.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by Weltklasse Zuerich

IMG-20190829-WA0012.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by Weltklasse Zuerich

This is Stuart Weir's first piece on the Weltklasse.

Seb 4 .jpeg

The Running Network's Jeff Benjamin (Center) hangs with Eamonn Coghlan (Left) and Sebastian Coe (Right) at the Runners World Magazine 25th Anniversary Gala Photo By Victah Sailer
This is part 2 of the 3 part series on Seb Coe and his 41 days of World Records in 1979, written by Jeff Benjamin. This second piece is on the second WR, the mile!

1979 seb 1.jpegMother Angela with Seb Coe, photo copyright The Daily Mail UK

1979 Seb coe 2.jpegDave Morecroft (2-), Rod Dixon (9), Frank Clement, Seb Coe (5), the 1976 AAA Champs, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1979 seb coe 3.jpegRod Dixon, Seb Coe, the 1976 AAA Champs, photo by Shutterstock, copyright with Shutterstock

This is part 1 of the three part series by Jeff Benjamin on the 40th anniversary of Seb Coe's 41 Days in 1979. This piece is on the 800m World Record. I recall the 800m record making the National news back in 1979. This piece brings back memories.

This is our 8th report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports! Carles loves athletics, and spends much time and concern building these lists. Edited by Carles Baronet - @Trackinsun - Please support the blogspot of Carles as well!

1170137090.jpgWomen's 200m, British Trials, August 25, 2019, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

M1500a.jpgBritish Trials, 1500m, August 25, 2019, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

WomenLeadEarly-USOlyT16.jpgWomen's 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, photo by

MenEarly-USOlyT16.jpgMen's 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, photo by

Today, the Atlanta Track Club announced some changes on the 2020 Trials course, due, in part, to input from athletes in test event this past March 2020. The full release is published below.

The fartlek today helps you work hard as you get tired. That is how you callous yourself for a race.

Fauble_Scott-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble, photo by

Thursday, August 29, 2019: 70 minute fartlek, 7 x 4 minutes, with 3 minute jog, 10 minute warm up, 11 minutes cooldown

Lyles_Noah1-Lausanne19.jpgLyles Noah takes the 200m in 19.50 at Lausanne DL, photo by

Lyles_NoahR-Lausanne19.jpgLyles Noah, 2019 Lausanne DL, photo by

This is the podcast of deep thoughts on the Lausanne DL meeting, which was held on 5 July 2019. We found five points of interest on the 2019 Athletissima meeting. It is always a highlight of the season, as the meets in July (Lausanne, Monaco, London) all come as athletes are putting their final touches on their fitness.

Timothy Cheruiyot set a WL of 3:28.77, with Jakob Ingebrigtsen's NR of 3:30.16. Piotr Lisek took the PV win and cleared 6.01m. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won the 100m in a WL 10.74. Mariya Lasitskene cleared 2.02m in the HJ. In a classic 400m duel, Salwa Eid Naser won in 49.17 over Aminatou Seyni's 49.19.

Special thanks to Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts.

Chorzow 2021 Silesia.jpgChorzow Silesia Stadium, photo by © DzejKej86 / WikiCommons

I recall, in the 1990s, the late James Dunaway was trying to explain to me the significance of the Zurich Weltklasse. The Weltklasse gained stature after the second World War, as US soldiers began to compete in the Weltklasse.

The Weltklasse meeting has always been a meet like few others in Europe. The picking of the Weltklasse as the 2020, 2021 Diamond league championships is a good move. It also shows the prestige of the meet.

The history of the Zurich Weltklasse is well documented, and this is how Stuart Weir shows the exciting post card series.

WeltKlasse 1928.jpg1928

Weltklasse 1988.jpg1988


KJT 5.JPGKaterina Johnson Thompson, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is a light hearted piece on Katerine Johnson-Thompson, as she prepares for the heptathlon in Doha. Stuart wrote this as his last column on the British Championships/World Trials.

1170137090.jpgThe women's 200m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Gemili 3.jpgThe men's 200m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The Men's and women's 200 meters are prime examples of the challenges for selectors in the British Trials. Stuart Weir wrote this column on the 200m on Day 2.

Wednesday is the easy day. Enjoy the run today and keep it relaxed, one day at a time.

IMG_4833.jpgEnjoy the easy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, August 28, 2019: 55 minute run, relaxed

The long jump is one of the tough competitions in the British Trials...this is the second piece on Day 2 by Stuart Weir.

Abi.jpgAbigail Irozuru, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

BL_27240_2019082540907977_20190826112836.JPGJessie Judd, 5000m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Wightman.JPGJake Wightman, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

W800.jpgThe women's 800m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The first column of day 2, by Stuart Weir, is on the distance events. Most of the events were held on Day 2. We thank Stuart Weir for his ability to help us appreciate a different approach to selecting teams for global events.

Julian Wanders is fastly rising in the NN Running Team. His road racing has been quite impressive, and his improvement on the track this season at the 10,000m and the 5,000m show that hard work, focus and challenging oneself can help make big improvements. This piece is on Julian Wanders.

Monaco5k19-007.jpgJulian Wanders running in Monaco, photo by NN Running Team

Ricardo Santos, the B.A.A. High perforrmance coach since February 2018, has taken the distance coach position at Stanford University. Morgan Uceny, one of our top former U.S. middle distance runners, who has been the core training coach for B.A.A. High Performance team, is taking over as interim head coach.

We wish Ricardo Santos the best of luck at Stanford, one of our favorite programs, and we look forward to seeing Morgan Uceny in her new role!

Uceny_MorganFV-BaaMile2014.jpgMorgan Uceny takes B.A.A. mile, April 2014, photo by

Tortu_FilippoPort-IAAFgala18.jpgFilippo Tortu, photo by

Tortu_FilippoR-Rome18.jpgFilippo Tortu, photo by

Filippo Tortu is back on the track. One of the finest and most popular Italian sprinters is back on the winning ways, having competed in Rovererto earlier today.

A world record is a thing of beauty. It is the 'perfect storm', with the athletes level of fitness, focus and conditions supporting the competition. Funny thing was, for the world record of Dalilah Muhammed, it had just stopped raining.

Muhammad_DalilahFH-USAout19.JPgDalilah Muhammed, July 28, 2019, photo by

Most fans were looking to WL (53.34) Sydney McLaughlin to show something special. In this race, Sydney McLaughlin went out in a very conservative manner. Not so for Dalilah Muhammed.

Muhammed went out fast, making up the stagger on the field. She came off the 300m mark in the lead, and she did not stop, going down the final stretch, in a nearly flawless run to the finish, clearing the last 2 hurdles, and running a WR of 52.20!

Muhammad_DalilahWR-USAout19.JPgDalilah Muhammed, 52.20 WR, 28 July 2019, photo by

Dalilah told the media post race:

"I'm still in shock. My coach said there's no way you can't do it. I was aiming for it the whole weekend. This year, the world record's been on my mind."

On top three: "We've all been fighting for those top three spots. We all want to come out on top."

The podcast is our salute to Dalilah Mohammed and perfect 52.20 seconds, breaking the WR of 52.34, set August 8, 2003 by Yuliya Pechonkina.

Special thanks to Mike Deering, The Shoe Addicts, who produces these podcasts.

Warholm_Karsten1-Rome18.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by

Benjamin_RaiQ1a-USAout19.jpgRai Benjamin, photo by

This race will be crazy exciting!

1286997_G08_W01.jpgThe Match Europe Vs. U.S.A. will be held in Minsk, Belarus on 9-10 September, 2019 and @runblogrun will be there! USATF named its team of 139 athletes and Europe recently named its team (a post on Europe is next!).

Why is this event important? Well, glad you asked. Americans love team games and the USA vs. Europe will be a perfect team battle, and it will be shown on NBC!

Engels_CraigFHH-USAout19.JPgCraig Engels, photo by

Felix_Allyson1a-USAo19.JPGAllyson Felix, photo by

Duplantis_MondoPC-Lausanne19.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by

Justyna Swiety Ersetic women 4x400 World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgJustyna Swiety Ersatic, photo by Getty Images/IAAF

The hills are the secret sauce of our summer mileage and fall programs.

IMG_4945.jpgGetting the miles in, photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, August 27, 2019: 20 minute warm up run, 3 x 11/2 miles, hilly runs, 1/2 mile cooldown, 20 minute cooldown

At the presser on the day before the Meeting Paris, Laurent Boquillet said the following:

"The first star of the PARIS MEETING this year will be the track. It's brand new, it's just been installed. And it looks incredible. Benjamin Compaoré, the French triple jump champion, tried it. He told me it's really fabulous. We are expecting more than 16 000 spectators on Saturday evening at Charléty Stadium. And they will have to arrive early, because good performances can be achieved from the beginning of the program. The 400m regional, for example, will see the Borlee brothers, Kevin and Dylan, take the start to try to achieve the required time for Doha. Jakob Ingebrigtsen wants to take advantage of the very high level of the 1500m to beat the junior world record. "

Over 16,500 fans enjoyed the fine meet on Saturday. I love the Meeting de Paris. I have been juggling covering the meeting with a busy athletic weekend. The presser at Paris is my fave of the year. I hope to be there in 2020.

Big events? Mais oui! Noah Lyles' 19.65! Tomas Walsh 22.45m! Sam Kendricks' 6.00m! And Hannah Green's totally cool finish in the 800m, from ninth to first!

csm_Diamond_League_Trophies_-_Zurich_2017_5568x3712_CVDL_3a1dd1501f.jpgDiamond League award photos by Gladys Chai von der Laage

csm_Diamond_League_Trophies_-_Zurich_2017_5568x3712_CVDL_3c90bd1c79.jpgDiamond League award photos by Gladys Chai von der Laage

This press release came from the IAAF Media Department early on Monday morning.

1169985464.jpgWomen's steeplechase, 24 August 2019, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The women's steeplechase is a relatively new event to global athletics. The event is actually one of the most iconic events in the sport and it is challenging to the final step. Stuart Weir wrote about the happy finish to this Championship event. This is his 4th piece for Day 1 of the British Trials.

1169949729.jpgThe men's 100m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The men's 100 meters at the British Trials were also fascinating. The British system, to an American, is much more complicated, but also, as Stuart Weir explains, complex once again.

1169949528.jpgDina Asher-Smith, Championship record, 100m, August 24, 2019, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1169949644.jpgThe 100m champion, Dina Asher-Smith, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is the third column on Day 1 of British Championships by Stuart Weir for 24 August 2019. The battle for second was facinating.

Stuart Weir wrote this on the field events for day 1. Weir's observations on how field events are treated in UK as opposed to USA are fascinating. The British champs have similarities to USATF champs, but also some strong differences.

Sophie McKinna .jpgSophia McKinna, makes Doha shot put standard, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

20190824_121336.jpgAugust 24, 2019, Alexander Stadium, photo by Stuart Weir

Brit.JPGThe mascot, photo by Stuart Weir

The British Championships are a fascinating couple of days. Stuart Weir covered the event for RunBlogRun. We thank him for his coverage.

This is our 7th report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports! Carles loves athletics, and spends much time and concern building these lists. Edited by Carles Baronet - @Trackinsun - Please support the blogspot of Carles as well!

LJ Mihambo winner.jpgMalaika Mihambo, 2019 Muller Anniversary London DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Hagos Gebrhiwet of Ethiopia leads Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway in the Men's 5000m.jpgHagos Gebrhewit battles Jakub Ingebritgsen, 2019 Muller Anniversary London DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The Monday run begins the week. Today is an easy 55 minute run, in a park, on a soccer pitch, or, on the roads. Enjoy the day!

IMG_2688.jpgGetting in the miles is key to your success, photo by NAZ Elite

Monday, August 26, 2019: 55 minute park run

1130126436.jpgMarie Jose Ta Lou, Muller GP Birrmingham Indoor, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Marie Jose Ta Lou has been busy. The London WC silver medalist at 100m and 200m has raced 18 times as of 24 August. The fine sprinter for C'ote D'Ivoire has raced 11 times over 100m and 7 times over 200m. Ta Lou possesses an explosive start, and batles all the way through the entire race. She is also proud to be from the African continent and to train in Africa as well. Marie Jose Ta Lou took 8th in the 200m, her lowest finish of the year. (The next weekend, Marie Jose Ta Lou took 2nd in the 100m.)

Andy Edwards spoke with Marie Jose Ta Lou, on 18 August 2019, pos event.

M 1500.jpgMen's 1,500m at Alexander Stadium, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

SP028654.JPGShaunae Uibo Miller, 200m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

women's mile 2.jpgWomen's mile, Alexander Stadium, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Beatrice Chepkoech .jpgBeatrice Chepkoeck taking the steeplechase, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

The Birmingham DL results are below from last week, August 18, 2019. Thanks to the IAAF Meeting Results Services.

Max Burgin set the U20/U23 English record on 26 June 2019, when he blasted a fine 1:45.36. In his 4 races of note this season, Max, all of 17, has won his first four events. In the Birmingham Diamond League, against many of the finest in the world, Max took tenth in 1:47.99. It was not what he expected. For the promising seventeen year old, there are many more races in his future.

Max_Burgin_800_Loughborough-BMC-2019-by-Alan-Spink.jpgMax Burgin, photo by Athletics Weekly (copyright Athletics Weekly)

Andy Edwards of Race News Service spoke to Max Burgin post race at the Müller Grand Prix Birmingham. Special thanks to Andy Edwards on the interviews and Brian Eder/RunBlogRun partner on the production.

A long run is a good way to end the week. Today we suggest 80 to 85 minutes, at a pace where you can speak, and you find a some terrain with varied footing and some challenging hills. Keep it under control. See you Monday!

IMG_4997.jpgSunday is all about the long run, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday is about enjoying a sixth day of running. Find a fun place to run and enjoy the run.

IMG_4945.jpgA foggy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday, August 24, 2019: 50 minute easy run

The 2019 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships were 4 days of fine athletics. The 4th day of the championships had finals galore. The major distance events were exciting, as were the women's PV, HJ and the 110 hurdles plus both 200 meters. The top event of the day was the WR 400m hurdles with Dalilah Muhammed.

Brazier_DonavanFHH1-USAout19.JPgDonovan Brazier takes the 800m, photo by

Houlihan_Shelby5kFH1-USAout19.jpgShelby Houlihan takes the 5,000m, photo by

Lyles_NoahFH1 -USAout19.jpgNoah Lyles, Christian Coleman, photo by

Muhammad_DalilahFH1-USAout19.JPgDalilah Muhammed sets 400m H WR, photo by

In this podcast, we showcase the final day of the Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships. Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the podcasts.

Price_Deanna-USAout19.JPgDeanna Price, photo 1, photo by

Price_DeAnnaW-USAo19.JPGDeanna Price, photo 2, photo by

Price_DeAnnaW1a-USAo19.JPGDeanna Price, photo 3, photo by

Deanna Price threw the 4th longest throw in history at the US Championships. Her series was spectacular: 75.66m, 77.51m, 76.40m, 75.77m, 76.72m, and then, BOOM!, a final throw of 78.24m! The new American record, and World Leader! This is the second win and second consecutive AR in the hammer.

Deanna Pice had this to say on her throw: "This year has been hard. My right upper body was going forward and it also affected my hip flexer and right leg. There were times when I couldn't walk.My physical therapist was holding me together with duct tape and wires.."

This podcast is to salute Deanna on her amazing throw and new AR! Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the podcast!

Kendricks_Sam1-USAo19.JPGSam Kendricks, photo by

Kendricks_SamR-USAout19.JPgSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.netrr

Sam Kendricks had an amazing USATF championships. He cleared his first eight heights on first attempts. At 6.06m, he took two attempts, and cleared the new American record. Sam Kendricks is the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist in the pole vault. In 2017, Sam won the London World Champ s in the pole vault. In 2016, at the World Indoor Championships, Sam Kendricks took the silver, as he did in 2018 World Indoor Championships.

Sam Kendricks now has the World Leader of 6.06 meters.

This podcast is our salute to Sam Kendricks, one of our favorites. Special thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe addicts, for handling the production of the podcast.

Holt 1.jpegEric Holt breaks 4 minutes with a 3:58.88! photo by Jeff Benjamin

Eight Quick Questions For New Sub-4 Miler Eric Holt

By Jeff Benjamin

Coming up on a lap to go at last week's Jersey Shore Mile on the Track at Monmouth University, Garden State Track Club - New Balance Miler Eric Holt knew he had to go. After following the lead pack through splits of 58, 1:58, and 3 minutes, the Mt. Carmel high school and SUNY Binghamton Alum, Holt's dream of breaking the 4-minute barrier called for something dramatic, and he didn't let anyone down.

Taking off with 240 meters left in the race, Holt took the lead from the field, only to see Tim Gorman take it back. But running undeterred, Holt took the lead away from Gorman and stormed the last 30 yards to victory, running his last lap in 59.9 and finally breaking the mile barrier, clocking a time of 3 minutes 58.88 seconds in scoring a major upset.

Holt 2.jpegEric Holt, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Harrison_KeniSF1a-USAo19.JPGKeni Harrison takes 100m hurdles, 27 July 2019, photo by

Kerley-Norman-USAo19.JPGFred Kerley puts the hurt on Mike Norman, 27 July 2019, photo by

The third day of the Toyota USATF Championships featured 2 American records and two World Leaderr. Beside the records some really tough races to be in the top three. Special thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts on the production and management of the RBR Podasts. The third day was full of excitement, and upsets, as it build to the ultimate day, Day 4 of the Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships.

Akani Simbine.jpgAkani Simbine, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Akani Simbine won the 100m in London in July in his seasonal best of 9.93. In the 200m in 2019, Akani has gone 20.27. His 100m in Birmingham did not satsify his wants. Akani ran 10.15 in 4th in the first heat. In the final, Akani Simbine had the same time, 10.15, but the place was seventh. In this audio, Andy Edwards speaks with the South African, now global star.

Special thanks to Andy Edwards on his interview and Brian Eder (RunBlogRun partner) on the production.

The easy day of running today gives your body a break. Take it, and enjoy the relaxed run.

Fauble_Scott-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble took sixth in Boston in 2019, setting a huge PB of 2:09.09, photo by

Friday, August 23, 2019: 55 minute park run, relaxed

Konstanze Klosterhalfen.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen leads Gabriela DeBues-Stafford in mile, August 18, 2019, photo by Getty Images/ Britrish Athletics

Konstanze Klosterhalfen took the silver medal in the 3000m at the European Indoors last March in Glasgow. She has raced this summer well, and her solo 14: 26.76 (her 4th race at 5000m in 2019). In her first 5000m of 2019, she defeated Jeny Simpson.

Klosterhalfen is being trained at the NIke Oregon Distance Project by Coaches Salazar and Julian. She is a medal contender at 5,000m or 10,000m in Doha.

Klosterholfen set a new German NR of 4:21.11 in Birmingham. Andy Edwards interviewed Konstanze post event. We thank Andy Edwards for the interviews, and Brian Eder for the production.

1168760568.jpgNafissatou Thiam, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

1168760583.jpgNafissatou Thiam, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

The queen of the heptathlon is Nafissatou Thiam. Nafi Thiam has amazing speed, a high level of fitness, and an incredible desire to compete. In the LJ in Birmingham, Nafi Thiam took the win from Ivana Spanovic, 6.86m to 6.85m, in attempt 3. The 6.86 was the second NR for Thiam of the day.

Andy Edwards interviewed Nafi Thiam post event in Muller GP Birrmringham. Special thanks to Andy Edwards, for the interviews, and Brian Eder, on the production.

Gabriella DeBues-Stafford has been on a role in 2019.

She began her year with a second place in the 5000m in Glasgow (only behind Laura Muir), running 14:57.45 on 4 January 2019. On the 26 January 2019, Gabriela DeBues-Stafford surprised many with a fine 4:24.80 at the NB Indoor GP, taking the victory.

Stafford_Gabrielle-Pre19.jpgGabriela DeBues-Stafford, photo by

Now training with Laura Muir, Gabriela DeBues-Stafford has had a super season. On the 30 May, Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, took the lead with less than 400m to go in a fine 5,000m, setting a Canadian NR with a fine 14:51.59 in 4th. A series of fine 1,5000 (SB of 4:00.26), and miles (SB of 4:17.87), Gabriela took second in the mile in Birmingham, with a fine 4:22.47.

Andy Edwards interviewed Gabriela DeBues-Stafford post race. Special thanks to Andy Edwards for interview and Brian Eder for production services.

Omar McLeod of Jamaica (R) and Daniel Roberts of United States (L) .jpgOmar McLeod, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Omar McLeod is the Rio 2016 gold medalist and London 2017 gold medalist at 110m hurdles. The 110m hudles is one of the toughest events in athletics. It provides the hurdler ten times to screw up the event in 110 meters. McLeod takes on the top hurdlers in the world all season long. In Birmingham, he won a close one.

Andy Edwards interviewed Omar post race, and we hope you enjoy the audio on this one! Omar McLeod will be dealing with some tough competitors in Doha, Qatar.

Thanks to Andy Edwards on the interviews and Brian Eder on the production issues.

Kamworor_Geoffrey-London17.jpgGeoffrey Kamoworor, photo by

Tirop_AgnesFH-Stockholm19.jpgAgnes Tirop, photo by

Agnes Tirop and Geoffrey Kamworor took the Kenyan 10,000m titles earlier today. Here's what Justin Lagat had to say about the big day at the Kenyan Trials.

A fartlek workout can do many things for an athlete. The ability to get into extremely high level of fitness. This workout is a tough one, and will get you tired, if done right.

IMG_5330.jpgDo the tough days with your friends, challenge each other, photo by NAZ Elite

Thursday: 70 minute fartlek, 7 x 4 minutes, with 3 minute jog, 10 minute warm up, 11 minutes cooldown

Lewandowski_MarcinFL1-WorInd18.jpgMarcin Lewandowski, photo by

Haratyk_Michal-Pre18.jpgMichal Haratyk, photo by

Lisek_Piotr1-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo by

The second day of the Toyota USATF Outdoors was June 26, 2019. Held in Drake Stadium, in lovely Des Moines, Iowa, the crowd of 7000 (seats 14,000) enjoyed two exciting 100 meter finals. Big heats, and some fine field events. Here's our take on the second day of the championships...

Benjamin_RaiSF1-USAo19.JPGRai Benjamin, Day 2, 2019 Toyota USATF Outdoors, photo by

Clemons_ChristinaQ-USAout19.JPgChristina Clemons, Day 2, 2019 Toyota USATF Outdoors, photo by

Coleman_ChristianM1-USAout19.JPgChristian Coleman, 100m, Day 2, 2019 Toyota USATF Outdoors, photo by

Daniels_TeahnaFH1a-USAo19.JPGTeahna Daniels wins the 100m championships, photo by

Special thanks to Mike Deering handling the production with RunBlogRun podcasts (the Shoe Addicts) who put up with my histrionics. Day 2 was magnifiscent.

The Toyota USATF Outdoors was held July 25-28, 2019 at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, Iowa. About five thousand fans (seats 14,000) enjoyed the first day of heats, and 10,000m finals. The first round of the 100m for men and women was also held.

The two 25 lap races had some fine performances and amazing drama, as the races build to a battle with the final pursuers of the top 3 positions. The finishes are fast and furious, as we, the fans, applaud

SissonLedsHallHuddle-USAo19.JPGEmily Sisson leads the leading pack of the 10,000m, photo by

Lomong_LopezFH-USAo19.JPGLopez Lomong wins his second 10,000m title, photo by

The Drake Stadium, in Des Moines, Iowa, is a good stadium. We have enjoyed the 3 championships since 2010 in Des Moines. Iowa. Here's our podcast on the exciting first day of the 2019 Toyotay USATF Outdoors.

fans at bhx.jpgFans in Birmingham, February 16, 2019, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

The 2019 Indoor Tour de Larry was my infamous US-European tour (Boston, Karlsruhe, ToRun, Madrid, Birmingham, and Dusseldorf. The tour began the night before Boston, as I left Dubai and flew 14 hours to Boston, to enjoy the NB Indoor GP. The Karlsruhe Meeting was fantastic, the facility was excellent, the crowd was enthusiastic and the meet showed me the promise of global indoors. Torun, Poland was the next, and the Polish fans' enthusiasm, plus the home of Nicolas Copernicus was quite exciting (Poland is track crazy). The smallest footprint was the Madrid Indoor Meeting. The faciity held 2000 Spanish fans who loved the fast moving meet. Birmingham was my next stop, for a week of curry, athletics and friends. The final week of the tour was in Dusseldorf, and that meeting was, well, fast and furious.


My return to the US was for the Toyota USA Indoors, which was held on Staten Island. An exciting meet, but after five weeks of travel, my body was worn out and I missed the Europearn Indoors.

IMG_6881.JPGMy global office, Birmingham, England, NAIA Stadium, February 10,11 and 16, 2019, photo by RunBlogRun

Here is the entire podcast series on the Tour de Larry! Thanks to sponsors Nike and USATF, for production Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts, for RunBlogRun, Brian Eder, for marketing, Adam Johnson Eder/The Shoe Addicts.

The NN Running team has provided us colorful columns on their athletes and their progressions. The idea of Jos Hermans, former WR at the hour run, the NN Running team brings the sponsorship of a global financial concern and a global sports power (Nike). This week we look to Jonathan Korir, a late bloomer in road running. In his third marathon, Jonathan has hit 2:06.51.

Let's see what he can do this fall....

159May-243.jpgJonathan Korir, photo by NN Running Team

Can Jenny Simpson do it once again? Those racing skills that Jenny Simpson has developed over the past decade will be used in battling the athletes that the NYRR has assembled this year. Jenny is the most bemedaled American middle distance runners in history. Can she take this one?

Simpson_JennyFHH-5thAve18.JPGJenny Simpson takes 2018 Fifth Avenue Mile, photo by

Simpson_Jenny1b-5thAve18.JPGJenny Simpson, photo by

Today is Wednesday, August 21, 2019. This is an easy day for training.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy the easy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, August 21, 2019: 55 minute run, relaxed

This is our 6th report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports! Carles loves athletics, and spends much time and concern building these lists. Edited by Carles Baronet - @Trackinsun - Please support the blogspot of Carles as well!

Polish track fans.jpgPolish fans at the European Team Champs, Super League, Bydgoszcz, Poland, August 9-11, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir is right. The top event in Birmingham was the women's 200 meters. And even after such a satisfying race, one is still confounded about how the women's 200m in Doha will play out. That, in my mind, keeps the event quite exciting!

This is how Stuart Weir saw the furlong at the Alexander stadium.

1168772826.jpgThe 200 meters is on, the battle is on, Birmingham DL, August 18, 2019, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

SP028614.JPGMiller-Uibo, Asher-Smith, Fraser-Pryce battle over the 200m, Birmingham DL, August 18, 2019, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

SP028631.JPGShaunae Miller-Uibo takes the 200m, August 18, 2019, Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images for the British Athletics

Nijel Amos has been one of our favorites for years. The leg speed of a fine 400m runner, the endurance of a fine middle distance runner, and the jesticulations, in the final stretch of a race, that can only be compared to the iconric British singer, Joe Cocker. He has battled back from the heights of 2012, and an Olympic silver medal, to, seven years later, possessing the fastest time of the year in 2019.

In 2012, the young Botswanan ran 1:41.73, taking silver to David Rudisha's amazing WR run. In 2014, Nijel Amos took gold in the Commonwealth Games and also the 2014 World Cup in Marrakesh, Morocco. He battled injuries in 2015 and 2016, taking fifth in the 2017 London World Championships.

Nijel Amos has had both moments of brilliance, and moments of frustration. Since 2016, Nijel has been coached by Mark Rowland, the coach of the Nike Oregon TC. Mark and I spoke about Nijel at dinner in 2017, and the iconic coach spoke at length, and with affection, about his rather new athlete. Nijel is obviously fit and ready to role in 2019. Monaco showed that...

On 12 July 2019, Nijel Amos won the Herculis Monaco DL 800m in WL 1:41.89, showing that he is fit in 2019!

Amos_NijelFV-Monaco18.jpgNijel Amos, photo by

Here's the Five questions we sent to Nijel Amos. Thanks to Federico Rosa, his manager at Rosa Associati, for getting the interview done.

Nijel Amos has recovered from an early season injury, and is fit and ready to race. His focus is fixed onto the Doha 2019 World Championships, September 26-October 5, 2019. His ability to consider his changes from seven years ago make for an exciting build up to Doha!

The 2019 Pre Classic was an amazing event. We called it, Pre in Exile. The Pre meet had moved to Palo Alto in 2019 only. The event had a strong crowd, huge performances, and exciting finishes. It also showed that Palo Alto should host a Diamond League meeting every year!

The crowd of 8,000 plus were entertained by two complete hours of amazing competition and the finest athletes on the Nike roster, plus some of the finest global athletes who were not with Nike. My fave events? Well, the men's 2 mile, the men's PV and the women's 3000m.

My favorite quote, comes from Rai Benjamin, who was seated with his family in front of me, after his masterful 47.16. Of Justin Gatlin, Rai noted, " Justin still has some serious moves at 36."

Cheptegei_JoshuaFH-PreC19.JPGJoshue Cheptegai held off Paul Chelimo, photo by

Holly Bradshaw 1 .jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Katie Nageotte.jpgKatie Nageotte, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the women's pole vault. Enjoy the piece and the amazing photos by Getty Images for British Athletics. The women's pole vault is one of the most watched events in global athletics.

Justin Lagat is covering the 2019 Kenyan National Championships this week. In this piece, Justin focused on the upcoming 10,000m special races on August 21. Thanks to Justin, our senior writer in Kenya, on this weekly column, A view from Kenya.

Cheptai_Irene-DiscoveryXC17.jpgIrene Cheptai, back from maternity leave, photo by

Kamworor_Geoffrey-London17.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Kipruto_RhonexFH-Peachtree19.jpgRhonex Kipruto wins the 50th Peachtree, photo by

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the 100m hurdles. Stuart always finds something that we do not know. In this case, the fastest women in the world, Danielle Williams, had a nightmare in Jamaica.

1168766075.jpg100m hurdles, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Hills change your attitude. I embraced the hills early in my career, and knew I could get up a hill fast, and fly down the back of the hill. I do recall ending a 10,000m brutal cross country event with the last 300m completely uphill. i put my head down and just charged to the top, passing a guy in the final meters and feeling a bit, well, sick.

Hills were our weapon of choice in junior college. 4 weeks of hills and we could get anyone fit. It was fun, and a learning experience.

IMG_5076.jpgGetting into the groove, photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, August 20, 2019: 20 minute warm up run, 3 x 11/2 miles, hilly runs, 1/2 mile cooldown, 20 minute cooldown

Konstanze Klosterhalfen.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

This is Stuart's first column on the Muller GP Birmingham.

1288762_G08_W01.jpgKaryna Taranda and Dzmitry Nabokau are among 10 Belarusian athletes to represent Team Europe at The Match: Europe v USA in Minsk on 9-10 September, photo copyright The Match organizers/European Athletics

With 20 days to go, The MATCH, Europe VS. USA is heating up!

The meet will be held in Belarus on September 9-10, 2019. Here is the updated news:! Here is the schedule:!

RunBlogRun will be there to cover the meet and provide views of the city of Minsk, Belarus to our kind readers. Belarus, host to the MATCH, has just announced their team!

How does one explain Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce? I have had interviews with Jamaican pocket rocket, and learned something new each time. Rumors of her demise as a global sprint champion have been passed on, yet, she gets back in the blocks and takes on the best. This season has been fun to watch. At the Pre Classic, SAFP told us how much she loved being in shape again. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has run 10.74 this season. She has had more ups than downs in 2019. It is still a month away from the World Championships.

SP018375.JPGShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Andy Edwards interviewed SAFP on Saturday, August 17 at the Muller GP Birmingham Presser.

London DL kicks butt!

The Muller Anniversary Games was held on July 20-21, 2019, and it was a big success. Each year, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, British fans get to see the finest of GBR athletes plus some of the finest athletes in the world. BBC does 3 plus hours live each day.

The meet is always a hit, and in 2019, it was a huge hit. Here are my top moments!

1163163981.jpgA big fan of athletics, Lord Coe, IAAF, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Keni Harrison is the prohibitive favorite for the upcoming Doha World Championships in the 100m hurdles. Keni has WRs in the 60m and 100m hurdles. Harrison has mastered the most precise events of the athletic schedule, that combination of sprinting and clearing barriers (hurdling), where being a bit off is the difference between making it and not making a final.

Harrison_KeniFL-Stockholm19.jpgKeni Harrison, photo at 2019 Bauhaus Stockholm, photo by

Andy Edwards did this interview of the finest women hurdler in the world at the presser for Muller GP Birmingham, on August 17, 2019.

Hughes de Grasse.jpgAndre De Grasse, London 2017 Diamond League, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Canada's Andre De Grasse is just about back to his shape of 2016. The fine sprinter has had a good first half of 2019. The Birmingham DL is the final regular Diamond League meeting of 2019. In 2020, all changes. Andy Edwards spoke with Andre de Grasse, prior to the DL meet hosted at the Alexander Stadium, on August 17, 2019.

Andy Edwards provides RunBlogRun with some fine interviews for our readers in the global world of athletics.

Monday always begins the training week. Eight weeks into the summer mileage program, we are getting you in shape just as school is about to begin.The hard days are getting harder, and races are about to begin.

IMG_4833.jpgGetting in your miles, photo by NAZ Elite

One day at a time...

Monday, August 19, 2019: 55 minute park run

In college, I ran long runs on Sundays, every weekend, in the Santa Cruz mountains. With the cool weather, and shade provided by ancient Redwoods, the run would go downhill on the way out, and then, as we began to turn around, the long grind began. The pace quickened, our conversations short, and the focus more determined. The hills were relentless, as the sun shone through the Redwoods. We hit the final mile, this long, challenging mile, and we hit our coaches' driveway, spent, but satisfied. The long run hard been completed.

Make your long run memories...

IMG_4945.jpgThe long run, photo by NAZ Elite

Sunday, August 18, 2019: 75-85 minute long run

The Birmingham Diamond League will be held on August 18, 2019 at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, England. I love this meet, and I love this city. Birmingham has the best curry in country, and I always meet new friends. Ian Stewart, then Meet Director of said event, brought me there in 2005 and I was hooked. Spencer Barden, now elite Meet director, keeps the excitement alive and growing. Orchestrating fine fields, capturing the attention of the fans, and keeping BBC happy, are all done.

Sixty WC medalists will be in Birmingham this weekend! Watch for pieces by Stuart Weir, audio by Andy Edwards and remote live updates by RunBlogRun to enhance your viewing pleasure (NBCN, Eurosport, BBC).

Correction: The Stadium in Birmingham is Alexander Stadium, my apologies to the City of Birmingham. Thanks to Mike Deering, The Shoe Addicts for expediting this podcast. Stuart Weir gently reminded me that it is not Prince Alexander Stadium, but Alexander Stadium. Sorry about that!

Hassan_SifanFHL-Birmingham15.jpgSifan Hassan wins at Birmingham DL in 2015! photo by

Hassan.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

1130126511.jpgSamuel Tefera's Magnifiscent 1,500m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

The sun is up. I got out early this morning in Fort Atkinson. I love this time. A few cars out. Dedicated dog walkers. Some fitness types, fast, slow, in between. I am walking along Sherman avenue towards the Hospital. Time for blood tests. The river can be seen through friends back yards. The walk back and forth wakes me up, and I am glad once again, that I am alive.

Enjoy your run.

IMG_5000.jpgA morning run, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday, August 17, 2019: 50 minute easy run

Friday is a day to unwind. Enjoy the run. Think about how workouts have gone this week, and how to improve. Find a friend to run with today. Listen to them. Learn from them.

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, August 16, 2019 : 55 minute park run, relaxed

The fartlek today is a key in your racing fitness. You run hard for 3 minutes, then jog for 2 minutes, and repeat ten times. You will be tired. It is a tough simulation for a XC race.

IMG_5275.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by

Thursday, August 15, 2019: 70 minute fartlek,10 x 3 minutes, with 2 minute jog, 10 minute warm up, 10 minutes cooldown

20190810_192049.jpgAmazing Polish fans, photo by Stuart Weir

This is, I must admit, my favorite columnn of each event. What will Stuart come up with next? Loved his awards. I have to admit that I am adding one, Best Improvisational move. Goes to Steve Mills, who found a unique way to sit on the diminutive seats assigned to Media. Please see below:

P1080886.JPGBest Improvisational Move: Steve Mills finds a way to seat, photo by Stuart Weir

image13.jpgRachel Miller, photo from YouTube

The concern in building a new generation of athletics fans is ongoing. Purposeful, diverse columns, audio, video, text based features that give you a unique view into the sport are what it is all about. Stuart Weir gets it. His love of the sport, his appreciation of the humans involved, in their success and failures, are what make his pieces so, well gripping. The women's 4x100m team in GBR does not get much of the recongnition that they deserve. Their strength is in the fluidity of their approach. Thanks, Stuartr, on writing this on your train delay on Monday.

BL_28901_2019022832157498-thumb-500xauto-43358.jpgRachel Miller, photo by European Athletics/Getty Images

Lisek_PiotrR1a-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek took the win Bydgoszcz, this is from his 6.01NR in Lausanne! photo by

Piotr is one of our favorite European athletes. We have interviewed Piotr all over, but especially loved his comments, along iwth Sam Kendricks in Torun, on the uniqueness of pole vaulters. This is Stuartr Weir's thoughtful comments on the hosts of the 2019 Super League.

Williams_JodieR-Lausanne19.jpgJodie Williams, photo by (Lausanne 2019)

Stuart Weir likes to give us a view of the major champs, from several view points. This is the GBR view. Nice to see our friend, Jodie Willaims, doing so well.

The grind has begun. You are now into week 7. You can feel the strength. The easy runs are better now and faster. You like the challenges, althought you slightly curse your coach and or @runblogrun during 20 times a minute, or five hilly miles.

It is rainy today in Wisconsin. I am taking my umbrella as I do my walk today. I find that my 45 minute walks, and 2 hour walks do similar things as when I was running 60 miles a week in high school or 120-140 miles a week in college.

The build up is important. Your body can handle the challenges that your spirit questions.

Be brave. Take the challenges.

IMG_5330.jpgTaking an easy run with the crew, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, August 14, 2019: 55 minute run, relaxed

The hilly miles reakky build you up. The miles also build you for racing season..

IMG_5141.jpgWarming up, photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 : 20 minute warm up run, 3 x hilly mile, 5 minute job, 6 x 150m strideouts

20190809_175950.jpgBritish Fans in Bydgosxcz, photo by Stuart Weir

This is Stuart's comments on Day 2, and the plethora of GBR second places.....

Monday is the beginning of the week. We begin the week with an easy run, and then, we build into the tough days. Watch your training and how your body reacts to the challenges of the week's workouts.

IMG_4997.jpgA Monday run, photo by NAZ Elite

Monday, August 12, 2019 : 55 minute park run

Polish track fans.jpgPolish fans, Bydgoszcz, August 10, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

Here's an update on the 2019 European Team Championships, with all of the behind the scenes info, from EME News by Alfons Juck.

photo ETCH 2019 .jpgBydgoszcz, August 9, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

This is the behind the scenes info on the 9th of August 2019, as the Euro team champs was about to begin. Thanks to Alfons Juck.

This is our 5th report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports! Carles loves athletics, and spends much time and concern building these lists. Edited by Carles Baronet - @Trackinsun - Please support the blogspot of Carles as well!

Hassan.jpgSifan Hassan, after her 14:22 NR/EL/ER, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

159June-511.jpgNN Running team enjoying sporting updates, photo by NN Running Team

This series comes from Global Sports Communications, founded by Jos Hermans. Steven Landells, a well respected writer, writes these columns each week and we publish them. Why do I like them? We get a bit of the unusual information on athletes, like what they do besides running. It feels good.

Polish track fans.jpg

The fans at The Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium, Bydgoszcz, Poland, photo by Stuart Weir

stadium bydgo.jpgThe Outside of Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium, Bydgoszcz, Poland, photo by Stuart Weir

tribune.jpgThe media tribune, Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium, Bydgoszcz, Poland, photo by Stuart Weir

This is the second day piece by Stuart Weir. Why do I love Stuart's coverage of events? Stuart finds the stories behind the stories. The EAA is challenging itself to grow in the future. Money and sponsors are needed, but the programs are coming together. One step at a time.

I love the Sunday long run. Sunday long runs are part of the distance running tradition. Get into the long run, and enjoy the activity. Know that you are buildig your body, heart and soles.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy the long life, photo by NAZ Elite

Sunday, August 11, 2019: 70-80 minute long run

photo ETCH 2019 .jpgThe Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium, Bydgoszcz, Poland, photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir is in Bydgoszcz to cover the 2019 European team championships for RunBlogRun. We hope that you enjoy his observations.

Eaton-TheisenM-Rio16.jpgThe Eatons (Ashton Eaton, Brianne Thiesen-Eaton), photo by

Eatons, the ambassadors
MONACO (MON): World and Olympic decathlon champion Ashton Eaton and 2016 world indoor pentathlon champion Brianne Theisen-Eaton have been named as ambassadors for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019. With 50 days to go until the IAAF's showpiece event gets under way in the Qatari capital, the Eatons are looking forward to 10 days of enthralling athletics action from 27 September until 6 October in what will be their first World Championships as spectators.

20190808_191705.jpgPoster for 2019 European Team Championships Super League, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Stuart Weir has gone to Bydgoszcz, Poland, for the European Team Championships Super League, which is being held August 09-11, 2019. Stuart has been covering the world of athletics for us for many years now. I hope to join him at the Match in Minsk, Belarus, and then, Doha, Qatar.

A relaxed run in a park, or a soccer pitch, is a good way to spend a Saturday run. Just keep it relaxed.

IMG_2691.jpgA relaxed run on a Saturday, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday, August 10, 2019 : 50 minute easy run

Jepkosgei_JoycilineM-RAK18.jpgJocyline Jepkosgei is debuting in the marrathon, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the elite women athlete, Joyciline Jepkosgei and her debut at the NYC Marathon.

The Rabat Diamond League was held on 16 June 2019. The meet had some extraordinary events, including Genzebe Dibaba's WB 3:55.47 and Sifan Hassan's NR/PB of 3:55.93! In our podcast below, we have highlight five big thoughts on the Morocco DL event. The Meet replaced the adidas NYC GP, held in NYC for many years.

Special thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts, who has managed our 2018 and 2019 PodCast projects. He has had to deal with me, which is no mean feat.

Dibaba_GenzebeR-Rome19.jpgGenzebe Dibaba, photo by

The easy Friday run allows you to recover from Thursday's mighty Fartlek workout.

IMG_4945.jpgA foggy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, August 9, 2019: 55 minute park run, relaxed

The meeting in the Stade Louis II is one of the finest meets in the world. Fast times, big 800ms, big 1,500m, big vaults, big throws, you name it, Monaco Herculis has it! An appreciative crowd, the fans explode with big performances.

P1080842.JPGThe Monaco Herculis poster, July 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

20190712_190406.jpgMonaco, 12 July 2019, photo by Stuart Weirr

Here's the five big ones from Monaco in 2019!

Lyles_Noah-Lausanne19.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by

The Athletissima meet is held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The beauty of Lausanne, and its Olympic history is inspiring. One walk around the lake and parks give you a land that time has forgot. The Lausanne DL meeting is a wonderful event. Swiss fans do not go to many events, but will come to see their national athletes and have much pride in their performances. The stadium, Pontaise, is a wonderful sanctuary to our sport.

2019 was a special year in Lausanne. Here are my five lessons from the meeting:

Sally Pearson ends the career


One of the classiest athletes of all times, has announced the end of her career. Sally Pearson has won two World outdoor titles in he career, in Daegu in 2011 and London in 2017. The 2012 Olympic title was also won by Sally Pearson. Sally Pearson has reached that point in her career when she knew the price was too much.

Sally Pearson possesses an amazing spirit and focus. Her win in 2017 world championships was one of my favorites, and the 2012 Olympics was just special!

Best wishes Sally Pearson, and thanks for shooting for the stars!

Pearson_SallyQ1a-WORLDSi18.jpgSally Pearson, 2018 World Indoors, photo by

Felix_AllysonQ-USAo19.JPGAllyson Felix, photo by

Crouser_RyanW1-USAo19.JPGRyan Crouser, photo by

Coleman_ChristianFH-USAo19.JPGThe men's 100m, photo by

This is the review that Jeff Benjamin did on the first part of the TV coverage of the Toyota USATF Outdoor champs, July 25-28, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa.

This fartlek is fun and fast. One minute hard, one minute easy, and it will wear you out. Keep the warm up brisk and cooldown easy.

IMG_5334.jpgGo fast, go slow, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, August 8, 2019: 60 minute fartlek, 20 times 1 minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes easy before and after, keep it good effort

Echevarria_Juan1a-Lausanne19.jpgJuan Luis Echevarria, photo by

Elaine 2.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Jeff Benjamin did this review of the Nike Pre Classic for RunBlogRun. The Pre in Exile was hosted in Palo Alto, CA, and it was fantastic!

Kipyegon_Faith-Pre19.JPGThe women's 1,500m was amazing! photo by

in between the tough days are the easy days. Both have their places in the modern training program. Wednesday is a relaxed run around a park or pitch. Enjoy the run.

IMG_5139.jpgA day on the track, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, August 7, 2019: 55 minute run, relaxed

The hilly miles on Tuesdays will not only build strength, but also confidence and endurance. The hilly miles are not about speed, but developing the skills required to adjust to the varied footing in cross country.

IMG_5330.jpgDo your hard runs with company photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, August 6, 2019: 20 minute warm up run, 4 times hilly mile, 5 minute jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

Mondays suck. First day of week. Boomtown Rats have song, " I don't like Mondays", covers my feelings. So, on Mondays, after a long run on Sundays, we keep it relaxed, and fun on Monday.

Enjoy the run, okay?

IMG_2688.jpgEnjoy the run today! photo by NAZ elite

Monday, August 5, 2019: 55 minute park run

Mihambo_Malaika-Rome19.jpgMalaika Mihambo, photo by

Malaika Mihambo has had four performances over 7 meters in 2019. On 6 June 2019, at the Pietro Mennea Golden Gala, Malaika leaped 7.07m, a new PB! On 14 June 2019, at the Anhalt 2019 meeting, in Dassau, Germany, the European champion jumped 7.05m, her second best ever! At the London Diamond League, on 21 July 2019, Malaika flew 7.02m, to take the win. In the German Championships today, Malaika Mihambo put herself in World Contention with a flying, soaring, amazing 7.16m! On to Doha!

Klosterhalfen_KonstanzaFHH-NewBalance19.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, photo by

Konstanze Klosterhalfen has had some fine performances. This 5000m at the German championships, with an amazing crowd, saw Konstanze Klosterhalfen run 14:26.76, lapping all but second place. A masterful performance puts Konstanze in fine shape just two months from Doha!

In the book Pre!, by Tom Jordan, there is an anecdote on the late American iconoclastic runner, that I must say, I truly enjoy. They said that Pre did not like runs over 15 miles, and in fact, anything over 10 miles, he got majorly annoyed. One of his team mates noted a run in the rain, when they ran 13 miles in the cemetary behind the track. In 1980, I tried to do that although I could not duplicate the rain that Pre had that day.

IMG_4945.jpgLove the long run, photo by

I ran in cemetaries alot in college. I was at Santa Clara, and my job was cemetary guard. There was a one mile loop around the cemetary, all on gravel, with some hard top. I would do this about 2-3 times a week, in the evenings, besides my morning runs. Lots of jackrabbits, some other wild creatures. I had some company on those runs, and the long conversations were always the highlight of the runs.

I always thought that I would like to build a cemetary with running and walking paths, plus playgrounds. What a better to remember those who preceeded us?

Sunday, August 4, 2019: 70-80 minute long run

Pearson_SallyR-WorCH17.jpgSally Pearson, photo by

The 2017 WC at the 100m hurdles, Sally Pearson, is back into the racing season. We hope to see her getting into higher fitness levels and battle in the Great North City Games. The Great North City Games is a wonderful event, which I have attended several times, at the very end of the season.

Amos_NigelPort1a-Kenya17.jpgNijel Amos, photo by

Nijel Amos has overcome many challenges, and the man with the fastest time in the world is back in racing fitness. Alfons Juck wrote about the 800m WL who will return to the Diamond League.

Warholm_Karsten-Stockholm19.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by

A very swift 400m hurdles by Karsten Warholm was run at the Norwegian National Championships. Here is how Alfons Juck wrote about it. rrr

Coleman_Christian1c-Pre19.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by

The fastest male 100m sprinter of 2019 is Christian Coleman. Coleman is building towards Doha with fast times (9.81) and big races: Shanghai, (18 May 2019, 9.86, 2nd), Oslo-Bislett (13 June 2019, 9.85, 1rst), Pre in Exile (Palo Alto), (30 June 2019, 9.81 WL, 1rst), USATF Champs (25 July 2019, H4, 10.29, Irst), USATF Champs (SF2, 9.96, 1rst), USATF Champs (F, 9.99, 1rst). Last year, when I asked Maurice Greene, 97,99, 2001 WC 100m, and 2000 and 2004 Olympian, about Mr. Coleman, Maurice noted, " if he makes a few small changes, he can go under 9.7"!

Saturday is an easy day of running. The idea is that with 3 big days of work a week, one needs 4 days of easy runs. It gives your body time to recover, and build just a little more strength and endurance. Little bit by little bit. Focus on the prize.

IMG_5275.jpgTake your run, photo by NAZ Elite

Saturday, August 3, 2019: 50 minute easy run

W5000.jpgThe Women's 5000m is a tough, global event, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the Doha championships, about how the season is developing.

1163345180.jpgWho will win in Tokyo? photo by British Athletics/Getty Images

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be an amazing events and the fans will go crazy! Here's why!

This is our 4th report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports!


We also want to remind you about an exciting new event, September 9-10, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. The Match, Europe VS. USA will feature many of the stars of our sport over two days. NBC will be covering it. RunBlogRun will be covering it, thanks to the EAA.

Here's the link to more information:

Laviai Nielsen.jpgLavai Nielson sets a 400m PB! photo by Getty Images/British athletics

The fartlek workout on Thursday was tough. You will be sore today. Warm up well, and keep the pace modest. cooldown well and find something fun to do tonight, or take a good nap and watch Netflix or some of the USATF outdoor meet on You Tube.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, photo by

Friday, August 2, 2019: 55 minute park run, relaxed

We have posted both the Swiss Federal Tribunal decision to revoke the Super-Provisional Order 31 May 2019 after hearing the IAAF arguments and IAAF response to the decision. What does it mean? Caster Semenya will not be permitted to compete in IAAF events per DSD Regulations. How will she react? I am not sure, but we will keep you informed.

Semenya_CasterFH-PreC19.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

The Bislett Oslo Meeting was held on 13 June 2019. It was one of the most traditional summer meetings of the European circuit. The ghosts of Ron Clarke, Jim Hogan, Horace Ashenfelter, Gunder Hagg, Fannie Blankers Koen, who all competed in Oslo are there. The fans in Oslo are something special. The stadium was built in 1917, and the focus was speed skating and track and field.

Some big performances here, with full results: DLM-OSL19_13062019.txt. Big events with Christian Coleman in the 100m, Sam Kendricks in the PV, the big womens' steeplechase, the big high jump with Maria Lasitskene, and the big win by Sydney McLaughlin.

20190613_191144.jpgBislett Stadium, photo by Stuart Weir

Special thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts, who manages the production on the Podcast series. We hope you enjoy our deep thoughts on the Bislett Oslo Games.

Echevarria_Juan-Lausanne19.jpgJuan Luis Echevarria, photo by

Echevarria_Juan1-Lausanne19.jpgJuan Luis Echevarria, photo by

Juan Luis Echevarria has jumped 8.34m in 2019. He is 10th on the all time Men's Long Jump list, with a 8.68m, which was completed on 30 June 2018, on Bad Lagensalza, Germany. Echevarria had an injury at London DL ( 20-21 July 2019), but has thankfully recovered.

What did Mark Twain say? " There's lies, damned lies and statistics."

Kerley-Norman1a-USAo19.JPGFred Kerley upsets Mike Norman in a fab 400m, photo by

Well, the statistics below tell a story. One of the true gems in the sport world is the USATF championships, which is minimally promoted locally and domestically. Tickets are still reasonable, and whole familes can attend without taking a second mortgage.

SissonLedsHallHuddle-USAo19.JPGEmily Sisson leading the players in the 10,000m, photo by

The USATF Championships may be the biggest secret global sports deal, only known to the athletes, coaches and families of athletes. The stadium was 1/3 full on Thursday, 1/2 full on Friday and 2/3 full on Saturday and Sunday (track holds 14,500).

Houlihan_Shelby5kFH1-USAout19.jpgShelby Houlihan, photo by

I can not say enough about the event. Check out the facts...

Lyles_NoahFH -USAout19.jpgNoah Lyles, taking the 200m, photo by

The Rome Diamond League took place on June 6, 2019. The meet was tremendous. From the 5000 meters, to the long jump, the world's finest athletes are beginning to come out of their slumbers to remind us that the WC are months away!

The battle between Noah Lyles and Mike Norman over 200 meters was the highlight of the Pietro Mennea Memorial.

Thanks to Mike Deering for his patience and hard work on these podcasts. Special thanks to PhotoRun, the Diamond League, and the IAAF for their assistance in this series.

Bekele_TelahunFH-Rome19.jpgTelehun Bekele takes the 5000m in Rome, photo by

Bondarenko_BohdanR1a-Rome19.jpgBohdan Bondarenko, photo by

Dibaba_GenzebeFH-Rome19.jpgGenzebe Dibaba runs Laura Muir, photo by

Mihambo_Malaika-Rome19.jpgMalaika Mihambo, photo


Noah Lyles, Mike Norman, photo by


Donovan Brazier takes the 800m over Clayton Murphy, photo by

The last day of the championships was electric. Big, exciting events, and Des Moines weather to keep it real. The finals all had their own drama, and surprises are around me. It was the 3 ring circus, the perfect challenge for someone who can not concentrate, such as myself. Watching the field events can be a challenge, but some of the biggest drama was in the field events.

Coburn_EmmaFHL-USAout19.JPgEmma Coburn dominated the steeplechase, photo by

Lomong_Lopez5kR1-USAout19.jpgLopez Lomong battles Paul Chelimo to the wire, at about 4,950 meters, photo by

The 5000m was exciting down the final, desperate steps, as Lopez Lomong, healthy and full of vigor, drive and need, took the title just feet before the finsih from a gutty Paul Chelimo. In the 1,500m, Craig Engels took the title, just .04 ahead of Matthew Centrowitz. In the women's 5000m, Shelby Houliahan charged to her second title the weekend.

Engels_CraigFH1b-USAout19.jpgCraig Engels achieves his dreams, photo by

So many events to ponder, watch for out Top 5 lists on each of USATF's four days of track nirvana, coming soon.

The track was wet and slippery. As a former coach, I remember one of my athletes hitting a hurdle head on, in a rainy northern California meet, and knocked out cold, needing smelling salts to wake up. It scared me to my core.

I had a bit of trepedation watching the field line up in the 400m hurdles. How fast would Sydney McLaughlin go? She had already defeated Dalailah Muhammad. With a 53.32 WL, it was only a matter of time before Sydney let er rip, and chase the WR (at least that is what I suggested in last week's podcast).

Muhammad_DalilahFH-USAout19.JPgDalailah Muhammed setting WR 52.20 at 400m hurdles, photo by

Well, Dalailah Muhammed had other ideas. Getting out hard, Dalailah made up the stagger quickly. She was not running fast, Ms. Muhammed was running ferociously. Clean hurdle clearance after clean hurdle clearance, and a screaming turn, Muhammed hit the 300m mark in the lead. Sydney McLaughlin had run conservatively, and was fighting to get into the race.

Muhammad_DalilahFH1-USAout19.JPgDalailah Muhammed, fast and furious, 52.20 WR 400m Hurdles, photo by

As I watched Dalialah Muhammed roar down the track, it became apparent that something special was a foot. When the clock showed 52.17, then updated to 52.20, I knew the 2003 WR of Yuliya Petochkina at 52.34 was gone. I had been at the previous WR, in Gothenburg in 1995, when Kim Batten and Tonja Buford-Bailey took down Sally Gunnell's WR. McLaughlin ran 52.88, not a PB but close.

Muhammed_DalilahFHL-USAout19.JPgDalailah Muhammed, focused, one stride at a time, photo by

On Monday, July 29 BBC World Service asked me if we should just give Dalailah Muhammed the 400m H gold medal. I was a bit, well, apprehensive. I think that Ms. Muhammed may have just motivated Sydney McLaughlin a bit more.

The thing is, Dalailah Muhammed is not going to give up an inch, and she has the skills, fitness and talent to dominate the event the rest of 2019 and 2020. It Sydney McLaughlin, or anyone else wants the title, they will have to take it from her. This event is going to be, well, EPIC!

to be continued....

This is our third report on the 2019 European Athletics results since the beginning of July. We thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, who compiles and edits these amazing reports!


We also want to remind you about an exciting new event, September 9-10, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. The Match, Europe VS. USA will feature many of the stars of our sport over two days. NBC will be covering it. RunBlogRun will be covering it, thanks to the EAA. Here's the link to more information:

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMaria Lasitskane, photo by

This will be one of the toughest workouts of the summer. You may not like me afterwards. So begin relaxed and make the last five the fastest and hardest. The idea is to get you to change gears and run when you are fatigued.

IMG_5330.jpgDo this workout with your friends, you can take turns complaining, photo by NAZ Elite

Thursday, 1 August 2019: 70 minute fartlek, 25 times 1 minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes easy before and after, keep it good effort

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