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Tokyo 2020.jpgThis is Justin Lagat's piece on the 2020 Tokyo Marathon, which has had to cancel its citizen runner event of 38,000.

IMG_2686-001.JPG1. Action in the women's 5,000m race, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_2751.JPG 2. Robert Kiprop, Newton KIpkirui and Daniel Simiyu in the last stages of the men's 5,000 race, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_2700.JPG3. Eunice Sum and Qualine Kiprop in the leading pack of the women's 1500m race, photo by Justin Lagat

This is a piece by Justin Lagat on the Athletics Kenya first athletics event of the year!

COL_Ryan.jpgColonel Seanl Ryan, WCAP Track & Field coach, photo by US Army

Chelimo.jpgPaul Chelimo takes USATF Indoor title, 2019, photo by FortCarsonMountaineer.com

This is the final piece of our Atlanta 2020 preview, done by Jeff Benjamin. Jeff just reminded me of this one!

This is an easy day. Check out the US Olympic Marathon Trials today! 200 plus men and 500 plus women are racing for three Olympic positions. Will be an amazing event!

abdirahman_abdi1.jpgAbdi Abdirahman is 44, and he is focused on making the 2020 US Olympic Marathon team! photo by NYRR Media

Saturday, Feb 29, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

IMG_1165.JPGSign at US Olympic Trials, photo by Larry Eder

The pressers were well attended, and the athletes were good interviews. I do get disturbed when Olympic reporters ask the easy questions, I.e, " how does the coronavirus affect you?" To which Scott Fauble noted the he did not have it. Also any questions on the Nike shoe, is, well just crap. How about recognizing the 700 plus stories here of how elite athletes made it to the Olympic Trials?

Fartlek is a key part of our plan. Speed play, as it translates, is as simple or complex as you desire. In this model, we keep it simple. As you get fit, you can add countless variations to the plan.

image1-2.jpegGalen Rupp, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Friday, Feb. 28, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 8 x 3 minutes at 2k pace, 3 minutes easy, 1 x 1 minute, 1k pace, 1 minute easy,1 minute easy, gentle cool down

As I walked around today, chatting with media, at the US Olympic Trials presser, a key observer aked me about Galen Rupp, "how good of shape is he in?" I noted that anyone who can run 61.30 or so for a half marathon is in fine shape. This 2020 Trials will take 2:10 to make the men's team. Galen would not be here if he could not compete. Jeff Benjamin asked Galen many questions and he answered them, thanks to agent Ricky Simms.

image0-5.jpegJeff Benjamin speaks with Galen Rupp, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-2.jpegGalen Rupp, Rio 2016, taken by Jeff Benjamin on the course!

25550455_1078501535623552_9147202918396595014_n.jpgPaula Radcliffe, Jordan Hasay, Joan Benoit Samuelson, photo by Chicago Marathon

Jordan Hasay was built to run marathons. She has has some fine days, and some difficult ones, as any marathoner will attest. Now advised by Paula Radcliffe, Jordan will be running the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials. Jeff Benjamin reached out to Jordan.

abdirahman_abdi1.jpgAbdi Abdiraham, photo by NYRR Media

Abdi Abdiraham is one of those few athletes who remains world class past 40. In fact, some of his best efforts have come past that age. Jeff Benjamin reached out to Abdi this past week, just before Atlanta 2020.

Jared Ward is one of a handful of men who can make the team. He has done this before, and he can do it again. Jeff Benjamin reached out to Jared and got back to us, at 2:10 speed!

He is one of the real players on Saturday!

image0-3.jpegJeff Benjamin and Jared Ward, by Jeff Benjamin

This was built up as the chance to see Des Linden prior to Atlanta 2020. The Brooks event was well choreographed, and you will see my part in the final minute. (we will post it separately).

The Brooks Club was set up in the Southpoint Club, where drip cofffee is a work of art, and where designers can work to their hearts content and drink coffee for $80 a month. Brooks set up the space well, showing off new product and retro.

Des Linden, Nikhail Jain and Mario Fraoli were in the media booth.

IMG_1131.JPGFeb 27, 2020, the Brooks Hyperion Presser, photo by Larry Eder

Des Linden is one of the most important marathoners of this century. She developed over many years and her development from high school track and cross country to college track and cross country. Her relationship with the Boston marathon, her seven runs there, and 2 times as an Olympian make her a crowd favorite and a perfect brand Ambassador for Brooks shoes. Des Linden looks like she has a fine chance to make her third Olympic team.

Nikhail Jain is one of my favorite shoe people. An aside, ten years ago, at Boston, I was with my footwear editor Cregg Weinmann. We found an unbusy corner in the Hynes convention center and one, by one, Nikhail explained each shoe to me in his then brand's collection. I have never seen a presentation like that since. Jain is one of the brightest shoe people in the business. His involvement in the Hyperion series makes total sense.

Mario Fraoli is content developer, coach, podcaster (themorningshakeout.com), blogger and a fine marathoner. He hosted the event with aplomb, juggling the need to keep Brooks happy, showcase Des, and also expose the fascinating story of how shoes get developed.

Agent Josh Cox was there to help Des Linden juggle her busy media day.

How will Des do on Saturday? I see Des Linden, keeping her stuff together and battling for a spot on the Olympic team, and making it. She knows how to weather these waters. She is a champion. Do not be surprised if she takes second once again, or, takes the whole shebang. Des Linden has guts.

This is a quick intro to the iconic Southpoint Club, now the Brooks Hyperion Club, just across from the American hotel (now a Doubletree but designed in 1950s hotel style, the teal Igloo ice boxes are so cool!

Des Linden is the highlight and the stories on how need, shoe tech and athlete interaction make fascinating bedfellows.

IMG_1133.JPGThe Brooks Hyperion Presser, Feb 27, 2020, photo by Larry Eder

180911-DesLinden-1900.jpgDes Linden training in Michigan, photo by Brooks communications

Updated Feb. 27, 2020

The Brooks presser is about an hour away. I am looking forward to it. I will be asking questions of Des Linden, one of the favorites of the Olympic Trials, and one of the most successful American woman distance runners. I pulled this piece from the archives, thinking that you might like it. She is aiming to make her third Olympic team.

Original post, March 20, 2019

This is a story written by David Hunter on 2018 Boston champ Desi Linden. That David was able to connect with Des Linden is thanks to Josh Cox, manager of Des Linden and, of course, Desi Linden. The 2018 Boston champion's life has changed, with that hard fought victory. Media interest, and sponsor interest became huge. Desi Linden, 2018 Boston champion, wants to defend her title in April 2019.

Desi Linden kept her running up, which gave her some focus, even though, the training prior to NYC was, well, challenging.

Desi Linden is a very focused, painfully honest, and a favorite of the running community. In this feature, David Hunter gives us a view of one of our finest American marathoners who will line up in less than four weeks at the starting line in Boston.

We wish her much luck.

After the tough day on Wednesday, take the day easy.

DSC07893.jpgChris O'Hare takes the win in Millrose, photo by Cortney White

Thursday, Feb 27, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

image0-2.jpegThe glory days: Ed Eyestone, Todd Williams and Pat Porter,

image1.jpegJeff Benjamin and Coach Ed Eyestone, photo by Jeff Benjamin

This is the second piece in our series on the Marathon Trials, by Jeff Benjamin.

The track day today is long, it is tough, but you can do it. Focus.

DSC07086.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by Cortney White.

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020: 30 min warmup run, 16 x 400m, Mile pace, 200m jog between each, 4 x 200m, Mile pace, 100m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

image0.jpegSporting his trademark mustache, Ric Rojas leads Olympic Champion Frank Shorter, and Stan Mavis, at an Indoor Race, photos courtesy of Rojas Running


"The Race That Didn't Count" The 1980 U.S. Olympic Trials 10K at Oregon-
L-R: Alex Kasich, Paul Geis, Paul Stemmer, Craig Virgin (1st), Ric Rojas, Stan Vernon, Stan Mavis, Alberto Salazar (3rd), Greg Fredericks (2nd)
c92578_f00104a68b004751b7948e1146a22f73~mv2.jpgNell Rojas, courtesy of Rojas Running
Jeff Benjamin did this story on Ric Rojas, one of the finest and most versatile of American runners of the 1970s and 1980s. Ric Rojas has also, one of the coolest mustaches of all times.

The idea on an easy day is to get some work in, but to do it in a way that you can recover. Hydrate, eat well and sleep well.

1_2733.jpgJulian Wanders, RAK half marathon, photo by COLOMBO

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

DSC07644.jpgElle Purrier, Gabriella Stafford DeBues, Jemma Reeke, 2020 NYRR Millrose, Feb. 8, 2020, photo by Cortney White

RunBlogRun opines: Jeff Benjamin is both fan and scribe. During the meet, at a frenetic pace, Jeff sent photos and texts on each of the Magic 13 events at Millrose, plus some of the other fine events of the evening. Jeff's note to me was short and sweet: "Millrose Games was the best event indoors, so far, in the 21rst century."

Hill work is key to your success. The ability to change gears, to handle a tough pace, to stay focused all get developed when you do a proper hill workout.

1_3432.jpgKibiwott Kandie, winner of RAK, photo by COLUMBO

Monday: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

ERKpzX-XUAIbIp5.jpgStuart Interviews Ronnie Baker, photo by Stuart Weir

87285616_2391224461138075_8546443851944951808_o.jpgRonnie Baker, photo by LF Photography

Ronnie Baker is the second best global indoor sprinter of 2020. His season, short and sweet, is being covered by Stuart Weir in this column.

87022955_2391224204471434_6294515691751997440_o.jpgNia Ali, photo by LF Photography


Christina Clemons, photo by LF Photography

As Stuart Weir has noted, the 60m hurdle wars have been quite close in the 2020 indoor season. This piece, focuses on WIT Lieven, but also provides a backdrop as we build to Tokyo 2020.

Sunday long runs should be part of any program. Enjoy the time with your friends.

Steeplechase.jpgThe indoor steeplechase was run in Lieven last week, barriers and no water jump! photo by LF photography

Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020: a modest long run, 70-75 minutes

Today is easy, you had 3 tough workouts this week. Enjoy the day!

1_2733.jpgJulain Wanders, ER, half marathon, photo by COLOMBO

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Yulimar Rojas ended the 2020 World Indoor Tour with a huge TJ of 15.43m, a fabulous new WR! Add to that the fast 6.44 by Ronnie Baker, who is showing exciting fitness and health after some injury troubles.


The Madrid meeting is intimate, and exciting. Sitting on the finish line stretch in 2019, I enjoyed the jumps and pole vault by Ahzelhika Siderova. The 60m hurdles and sprints got the 2,200 fans excited.

2020 was no exception.

This is the seventh and final meeting of the 2020 World Indoor Tour. Some amazing performancers in the final indoor meeting!


1_2979.jpgFancy Chemutai, Brigid Kosgei, photo by Colombo

1_5049.jpgAbabel Yeshaneh sets new WR of 64:31, Brigid Kosgei sets PB of 64:49, both under old HM WR! photo by Colombo

The RAK half marathon is under new management. The new team put together a fine race, with two womern under the world record and some very fast men. The following piece is under EME News.

86933324_2391219594471895_2663268319276040192_o.jpgPascal Martinot-Lagarde, photo by LF Photography

86994353_2391220134471841_2694124021460500480_o.jpgJemme Reekie, photo by LF Photography

86800364_2391219861138535_2620560818047025152_o.jpgJemme Reekie, photo by LF Photography

20200219_214008.jpgLieven, Pole Vault, photo by Stuart Weir

20200219_220312.jpgMondo Duplantis, sharing the love after the PV, photo by Stuart Weirr

This is the second piece on Lieven by Stuart Weir. We loved the meeting hosting the men's and women's pole vaults was well recieved. These were big events.

WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-06.pngThe sixth of the seven World Indoor Tour events was exciting. A sold out arena, with focused, exciting fields, and Lieven showed its promise. The 60m sprints and hurdles were hot for men and women. The pole vaults kept the fans entertained. And Lieven, now back as a major indoor event, showed its promise!

I love fartlek. The speed play, will build you and you can get as fit as you desire. Embrace fartlek, it is one of the special sauces that give you success.

1206456540.jpgJemma Reekie takes the 1,500m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Friday, Feb. 20, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 8 x 2 minutes at 2k pace, 3 minutes easy, 1 x 4 minutes, 3k pace, 4 minutes easy, 1 x 1 minute at 800m pace, 1 minute easy, gentle cool down

1206432631.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Duplantis fatigued
LIEVIN (FRA): On attempting 619 in Lievin, Armand Duplantis admitted he was suffering from some fatigue having just broken the world record in Glasgow, informs L'Equipe. "I felt my legs abandoned me a bit and I didn't have the same speed on the approach. On my attempts at 6.19m, I think the second attempt was the closest but again, I lacked the speed. I felt quite tired, Glasgow was only a few days ago," he said. "I think by Sunday I will have discovered my energy. The All Star Perche is a good name for the event. It is the All Star Game in our event. It's a cool place to jump. I don't promise anything but I will advise you to watch!"

454bdb52-7577-44fd-b724-1e4e79f84b0f.jpgThe British 4x400m, in Instanbul 2012, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

DO2G933W0AEgc9H.jpgGeoff Wightman and Perri Shakes Drayton

This is part 2 of the salute to Perri Shakes Drayton, by Stuart Weir. It is a must read.

20200219_214008.jpgWorld Indoor Tour, Lieven, Mondo Duplantis goes 6.07m, photo by Stuart Weir

The WIT Lieven meeting was excellent. It has announced its return to the Athletics stage, with the fine performances. This is the review of the Lieven meeting by Alfons Juck and his team at EmE News.

Perri Shakes Drayton announced her retirement. The fine British athlete spoke eloquently about the pain in retiring, giving light to a very emotional time for athletes of all levels. Stuart Weir wrote this 2 part piece on this fine athlete.

Prime Minister Theresa May with Perri Shakes Drayton, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Pete Julian .jpegCraig Engels, Clayton Murphy, Jeff Benjamin, Pete Julian, Donavan Brazier, photo by Jeff Benjamin

RunBlogRun notes: We observed Pete Julian on the side of the Reggie Lewis track after the 2020 NB Indoor GP. I went over to say hello. Pete Julian loves being a track coach, and at the end of the day, his small group of athletes works hard to those big races in the future. I did get a smile out of Pete when I asked if the new club, born out of the ashes of the Nike Oregon Project, would be called "Phil's Knights"?. Pete Julian gave a genuine laugh, "No, we are considering several names..."

Jeff Benjamin caught up with Pete Julian

Turbulent times at UK Athletics


1206459579.jpgLaura Muir, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

One of the big stories in athletics in this century has been the rise of UK Athletics and the fine athletes of Team GBR. But, since 2017-2018, there whispers has been in the news lately. We asked Stuart Weir to help put the entire maelstrom in perspective. We believe that UK Athletics needs to focus on excellent leadership, development of coaching talent at all levels, finding a proven marketing and sales team, and not forgetting the fact that there are other sports that sponsors can move to support.

Fine athletes like Laura Muir, KJT, Heather Bradshaw, Mo Farah, Jake Wightman, Chris O'Hare are the exception, rather than the rule. Half ass leadership, or leadership that is concerned with building their own CVs could destroy UK Athletics. Leadership is key.

DSC07893.jpgChris O'Hare take the NYRR Millrose Wanamaker Mile, photo by Cortney White

Pic 1 - 1964 Olympic 400 Hurdle Champion Rex Cawley & His Wife
Pic 2 - Jim & Anne Ryun with Amanda Benjamin and Ian Brooks
image2.jpegPic 3 - Steve Prefontaine's sister Linda
image3.jpegPic 4 - Josh Rowe, Alan Webb, Rita Finkel
Pic 5 - Tracy Sundlun flanked by Allyson Felix & Gerry Lindgren
RunBlogRun opines: One of the most unheralded groups in our sport is the NSAF. Since I met this group of merry athletic supporters, I have been touched with the focus and respect that have given to the sport, and the creative events that they have put together. They have survived changes in sponsorship, and they continue to give new generations of fine young American athletes chances to grow. They are part of the secret sauce that makes American athletics successful.
The NSAF Hall of Fame is a long time coming, and I think it is awonderful edition to the American sports scene. If you can get to the event, do it! @runblogrun's senior writer, Staten Island, Jeff Benjamin, will be there. I can not wait to see the stories!

DSC07207.jpgThe battle over 3000m, NYRR Millrose Games, photo by Cortney White

The racing season is coming soon. Focus on the hard/easy days. Little by little, you are building your fitness and racing savvy.

Thursday, Feb 20, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

Outlook-1tzne0s2.png© image : Etienne Fiacre

Joshua Cheptegai set a new WR for 5k at 12:51 this past Sunday. Joshua ran by himself after 1k and was amazingly consistent, running a 2:36 for 1k, and then, increased the pace. Next goal is the World half marathon in Gdansk, Poland, on 29 March.

Maxsportsworldtwo028284.jpgLieven, Arena for World Indoor Tour

As part of his coverage of various events for @runblogrun, Stuart Weir always provides an introduction. The Lieven stadium will host the sixth of seven events in the World Indoor Tour.

300s are fun and at good pace, you get tired at end which is key. Focus. Big things await this spring.

DSC00470.jpgJosh Thompson takes the USATF 1,500m indoors! photo by Cortney White

Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020: 30 min warmup run, 16 x 300m, Mile pace, 100m jog between each, 4 x 200m, Mile pace, 100m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

I met Hugues Fabrice Zango in Doha last fall. HIs medal in the TJ was totally respected by Will Claye and Christian Taylor, the US dynamic duo in the TJ. Hughes is coached by Teddy Tamgho, 2013 WC in the TJ. He wants to do something big in Lieven. You must see this guy jump. He's amazing, and he's into jumping in such a way that one is drawn in.

Hughes Fabrice.jpgHughes Fabrice Zango, photo by World Athletics

Sandi_Morris_Bio.jpgSandi Morris, photo by Athlete Biz

Sandi Morris is on a roll, a 4.91m in Millrose, and a 4.90m at 2020 USATF Indoor Champs. She is now in Lieven, for a the WIT Lieven meeting on 19 Feb.

1206433206.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Mondo Duplantis is an amazing athlete. He is a fascinating conundrum. Allowed to be a young person, and allowed and encouraged to do something that he loves to do.

Tuesday is a relaxed day, and keep it that way. M,W, and Friday are your tough days.

DSC07327.jpgThe Men's 3000m, 2020 NYRR Millrose, photo by Cortney White

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-06.pngThe sixth meeting of the World Indoor Tour should be alot of fun to watch. Stuart Weir will be covering the meeting for @runblogrun. We look forward to the meeting on the 19 Feb!

Donavan Brazier was given a task by his coach, Pete Julian. Coach Julian wanted Donavan to go out slow, and fly over the last 400m. So, that is exactly what Donavan Brazier did. His first 400m was a 53 split, and his second was run in 51.18! Brazier normally leads, and this time, he took off past Bryce Hoppel, with 200m to go, using a final furlong of 24.59 to break his own AR of 1:44.41. Brazier ran 1:44.22, a new AR.

Brazier had finished his short indoor season. Without a World Indoor Championships, Coach Julian took his athletes back to the training track and refocused them on the big prize, Tokyo 2020.

We congratulate Donavan on his new AR and look forward to seeing him race later in 2020.

DSC07086.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by Cortney White

Kandie.jpgKibiwot Kandie wins Sao Salvestre, photo from You Tube

qjyzi9lm4mlsjgry4ad5e48185fcd49c.jpgSheila Chelangat, photo by Jonah Onyango (Standard)

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on ther Kenyan CC champs, and updated us on the new winners, and the confusion near the finish in the men's senior race.

Mondo Duplantis has now set 2 World records in one week. His first, in Torun, Poland, in 6.17m, exhilerated the fans. Mondo had teased the world of athletics with his three attempts at 6.17m in Dusseldorf on 4 Feb.

In this podcast, we celebrate the importance of the world record, the joy that Mondo brings to the sport, and the excitement of the pole vault. I love doing podcast, because it allows me to consider the athlete or the event.

Mondo had cleared 5.52m, 5.72 meters, 5.92 meters, and 6.01 meters before attemptring the world-record height of 6.17 meters.

Consider this: Mondo Duplantis cleared 6.17m on his sixth jump of the day, and second attempt at 6.17m. Most of us think that he cleared the 6.17m by at least 5 cm!

Special thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts for producing this podcast.

We loved this art work, posted on the LSU site (we believe it was done by Aaron Hernandez)


1-TW2_0172.jpgMalaika Mihambo, photo by ISTAF INDOOR / Camera 4

ISTAF is one of the most creative management groups in athletics. They put on the oldest continuous athletic meeting (75 years) at the Olympic stadium in Berlin, which attracts over 70,000 fans each summer. Now, indoors, ISTAF indoor Berlin has the largest indoor meeting of the year, 12,500 fans going to the meeting. In 2021, ISTAF will add a second indoor meeting. We hope to have both meets on our indoor visits in 2021.

Malaika Mihambo leaped 7.07m at the ISTAF indoor Berlin! The 2018 European champion/2019 WC, Mihambo is the finest jumper of her generation, has the speed, technique and focus to take the LJ into the stratosphere.

The hill work that you do now, in February, will help you race better in April and May. Stay focused on the goals.

DSC07664.jpgElle Purrier, Millrose 2020, photo by Cortney White

Monday Feb 17, 2020 : Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

I love Albequerque.

The setting is intimate, and for geeks, and young athletes, it is a good thing. But, not good long term for the sport. The altitude hurts performances.

However, even with many athletes not going to Albequerque, the meet was surprisingly good.

Case in point. Christian Coleman had, singularly, the worst start I have seen in a major race. I love Christian, but the start was like, lets see how badly we can screw up, yet the finest sprinter at the 100m did it. His 6.37 was in spite of his start. I know Christian, and he will be focused for the next two months on his start, and that is what we want. We want Christian angry, so he just takes names in Tokyo!

Christian-Coleman-wins-the-100m_16d7c7860ae_medium.jpegChristian Coleman in Doha, photo by Gulf News

Ryan Crouser is scary. 22.60m? Damn! Wait til he gets fit and Joe Kovacs and Tomas Walsh get him really worked up. I have to tell you, the Tokyo men's shot put could be the finest event on the entire athletics schedule. I believe it will take 22.50-22.60 to medal! These guys are big, and FAST. The shot is about speed, little grasshopper (okay, check on David Carridine in Kung Fu (1966), tremendous show )! These guys put on, one of the best shows in the sport (and don't get me started on watching Will Claye and Christian Taylor in the TJ, those guys are amazing).

Nice win by Josh Thompson!

9fea4c20-b9e2-411d-b45b-07721dbc9fd1.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by World Athletics

This morning we woke up to the Ugandan champion not breaking, but destroying the 5k road WR with his fab 5k of 12:51. Consider that, three miles at 4:08 in a row, and then, kicking it in! Joshua Cheptegai is the finest 5k-10k man in the world. Can not wait until Tokyo!

image003.jpgPhotocredits: Etienne Fiacre / Monaco Run

Joshua Cheptegai is one of the finest distance runners in the world. That is a fact. His 10,000m victory in Doha told us that. The biggest star in Uganda since the late John Akii-Bua, has inspired an entire generation in Uganda. His smooth style, and his amazing speed was put to the test today, in Monaco, as he averaged 4:08 per 1600m in his amazing 12:51 for the 5k road race he ran today.

The long run is on Sunday.

Consider this, Shelby Houlihan does 15-16 mile runs at altitude. Why? Her coaches, Jerry Schumacher, Pascal Dobert, and Shalane Flanagan have built her up to that distance.

We are building you all up to 90 minutes this season and you will do it fine. So, find a friend and get out there!

Shelby_Houlihan_2018_USA_1500m_champ-0x270.jpgShelby Houlihan, photo by Bring Back the Mile!

Sunday, Feb 16, 2020: a modest long run, 65-70 minutes

The World Indoor Tour stopped at Glasgow on Feb 15, 2020 and the fans at the Emirates arena were treated to four hours of exciting athletics. EME News did what they do best and sent out a play by play of each event.


1206438244.jpgMorgan Lake, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is the last and final (7th piece) from Stuart on Feb. 15, 2020. Stuart has this lifelong love of athletics, and his appreciation of the athletes, and the absolute focus they must have to get their bodies to compete at their very best is always visible. This piece is on the jumps in Glasgow.

The fifth meeting of the 2020 World Indoor Tour, hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Emirates Arena, was an excellent meeting. The WR in the pole vault, some fast sprints and hurdles, kept fans on the edge of their seats.


1206459536.jpgEmirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, Feb 15, 2020, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1206455393.jpgMen's 60m hurdles, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1206480111.jpgHeather Paton, GB, was ony pic we had on women's 60m hurdles, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

1206474146.jpgJessie Knight, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Stuart Weir, after enjoying 4 amazing hours of athletics, wrote seven pieces on the magnifiscent meet that was Glasgow. This is his fifth! What do I enjoy about Stuart? Stuart's writing elicits pictures, and fills in the pieces that one does not find in the TV broadcast. It is like radio for my mind. One is able to use their imagination to add to the wondrous events we cover in athletics.

1206442709-2.jpgThe Men's 60m, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

The 60 meters, Men and Women, were both exciting races. This is story on the sprints in Glasgow, by Stuart Weir.

1206456556.jpgJemme Reekie, Muller Indoor GP, Feb. 15, 2020, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Jemme Reekie set a British NR (and Scottish NR) of the 800m in 1:57.91 on Jan.25 in Glasgow. On Feb. 8, in the famed NY Armory, Jemme Reekie took third in the Wanamaker mile, setting NRs in 1,500m (4:00.52) and Mile (4:17.58). On Feb 15, Jemma Reekie was to race in Glasgow over 1,500m. Stuart Weir wrote this piece.

1206432631.jpgMondo Duplantis sets second WR indoor in one week! photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1206432689.jpgMondo Duplantis clears 6.18m, a second WR in one week! photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

A second WR in one week, and our man in Glasgow, Stuart Weir, wrote this up on the 6.18m WR by twenty year old Mondo Duplantis. Mondo Duplantis went 6.18m, on his first attempt at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, on Feb. 15, 2020.

1206459536.jpgThe Müller Indoor Grand Prix, Feb 15, 2020, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The Müller Indoor Grand Prix is the fifth of seven meets on the 2020 World Indoor Tour. We are grateful to have Stuart Weir at the meet to give us his view of this excellent event.

The ability to build up your fitness requires focus. One must put much aside, and eat well, sleep well, hydrate well, but also recover well. In college, my training partner, Paul and I, would do our hard days with a local junior college team. We would do our easy days by ourselves. We could not go out and run fast on easy days, because we would not be ready for the hard days and the racing days. After all, we are all merely mortal engines.

1206469063.jpgLaura Muir was just wiped out after her 1000m in Glasgow earlier today. Listen to your body, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

The challenge of fartlek is your creativity. Use it to build fitness and racing sharpness.

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 6BSS.jpgKatelyn Tuohy, photo by Steve Sutton / DUOMO

Friday, Feb 14, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 8 x 3 minutes at 3k pace, 3 minutes easy, 2 x 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy, 20 minute cooldown

201819-180126ISTAFindoor_028.JPG2019 ISTAF Berlin Indoor, photo:r ISTAF: Camera 4

A most creative approach to indoor athletics, the ISTAF management team has put together another fine event, to be held on Friday, Feb. 14.

Mataz Essa Barshim opens 2020 in Doha


e46dc63b-3698-45d8-83c1-d73a5f2dc30c.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by World Athletics

The gold medal that Barshim won in Doha was one of the highlights of any World championships since 1983! Barshim had been injured, and he was being pushed-could he compete? 48,000 fans watched, holding their collective breaths as he delivered the performance of his life. In that moment, the royal family of Qatar, the LOC, and the sponsors made their collective return on investment. In that high jump clearance, Doha was supreme, as was Mutaz Essa Barshim...r

1290319_G08_W01.jpgPhil Healy produced one of the highlights at the AIT Grand Prix in Athlone, winning the 200m in an Irish record of 23.10, photo and copyright by Sam Barnes/ Sportslife

A well respected meeting, and the performances were highlighted by Irish favorites!


WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-07.pngThe lasting impression that I had from Madrid was, well, the closeness of the track, the stands and how excited the fans became in the tiny facility. I was sitting with coaches, athletes near the pole vault and jumps. I spent much of the evening observing coachers and athletes and their relationships. The meet started out quietly and built up. The fans got into it, and the Spanish athletes were feted.

The TJ, th

We have 3 meets left in the 2020 World Indoor Tour. I did this video just before the series began and forgot about it. Last year, when I went on the tour, I really got into it. I loved visiting the cities, the athletic facilities, and enjoyed the excitement of the meetings. This season is no different, except I am remotely observing the series from snowy Wisconsin.

When I did this podcast, I was planning to go to Europe. A last minute sponsor cancellation caboshed that idea and we have been working with our writing team to cover the events. The podcast is fun, short and informative.

I can tell you this: the intimacy of the small facilities, the involvement of the announcers, the fans applause, and the competition of the athletes, all makes for a masterful night of athletics. Get to these events in 2020, or plan to see all in 2021.


Enjoy the podcast. Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of this podcast.

The intimacy of the Albequerque Convention Center allows media, fans, athletes and coaches to interact. I recall a few years back, speaking with Paula Radcliffe and her husband, who had driven down from Flagstaff to see the meet.

This is an off year, with the coronavirus ending the World Indoor Championships in 2020. But, there will be fascinating battles, especially Elle Purrier and Shelby Houlihan in the 1,500m.

TRACK & FIELD US National Indoor Champs by Steven Sutton DUOMO 23 February 2019 Women Mile Colleen Quigley - 2AS.jpgColleen Quigly, photo by Steven Sutton / DUOMO

Katelyn Tuohy made history last week. She is now the most winning Gatorade Player of the Year, having won 3 cross country POYs and one in track & field, plus 2018 Gatorade Athlete of Yearr. Katelyn continues to impress and she has signed a letter of intent with North Carolina State.

We at @runblogrun give Katelyn Tuohy a hearty congratulations.

What lesson can we learn from Katelyn Tuohy?

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 8BSS.jpgKatelyn Tuohy, photo by Steven Sutton / DUOMO

Katelyn Tuohy has a remarkable drive and desire. She has a supportive coach, team and family. All though intangibles add to the ability of an athlete to succeed. Gatorade sees her as a role model, someone to learn from and admire.

The high school career of Katelyn Tuohy was well managed. Katelyn did not over race. She focused on her training and used racing to help her build her level of racing fitness.

We wish her continued success and enjoyment of her chosen sports.

The change in the relationship between BBC and UK Athletics began when UK Athletics dumped Fast Track and took on the job by themselves. In 2013, the BBC cut the number of events and the word got out that BBC was not happy.

UK Athletics ignored not only BBC but also its largest sponsors because the former management did not want one sponsor with 50 million sterling but several sponsors making up that 50 million sterling. A past sponsor who offered 15 million sterling did not have the phone calls returned. This writer spoke to the former sponsor himself.

The real story here is still the same. Alan Pascoe, Jon Ridgeon and Ian Stewart, who had saved UK Athletics, were completely hosed because someone thought that they could do it cheaper and better.

Be careful what you wish for.

Sean Ingle, one of our fave writers, did this piece justice. Well done, Sean!


unnamed-4.jpgClearwater, Florida, photo by RNR

- Clearwater, Florida joins the 2020 calendar as the newest Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series event; First Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series event in Florida since 2013
- Special presale registration now open for seven days before general registration opens on March 18

This is good news for RNR series. Over the past few years, participation has dropped 15-30 percent across the country due the changes instituted by new ownership. The change in staff, where nearly 100 of the 128 long term staff left, and the belief by management that there was not much difference between multi event cultures and running cultures hurt the event series. Lack of marketing support (such as giving miniscule discounts on people flying from North America to European events) cost the events. The disruption caused by firing long time pr teams, photographers and the lack of knowledge and support of local media meant that much less of the community knew about the events. While it saved immediate dollars, it has cost dollars to RNR as runners, walkers take their race entries, and travel dollars elsewhere.

Lesson one: 7 million running finishers in US each year pick and choose where and when they race. They also support events that understand that they have choices. Ownership that supports local communities all year get support from the running community.

It seems like some of those lessons are being learnt in the home office. We wish the series best wishes, but underestimating what makes a formerly good race a mediocre race is not something to be taken lightly. RNR has competition from all sides. The new sponsorship does not seem to be investing, but looking for a fast return. This came to our attention over 18 months ago when a triathlete, who had spent $4500 on his family going to a triathlon, had noticed cut backs in services in first year of ownership change. He did not return to the event.

With over 30,000 running events in North America in any given year, and with the great races continuing to grow, rand even good races loosing marketing support, all race management should be wary of the current zeitgeist. Marketers want more for their dollars. Runners talk with their debit cards.

Or as one might do in first year of Latin, Exel an cadat, or, "Excel or perish."

The fast 200m and 300m on Wednesday is probably making you a bit tight. Warm up well, and slowly, keep the run relaxed and stay focused on the stride outs, so that can shake out the lactic acid. Cooldown well.

IMG_1448.jpgElle Purrier, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, Feb. 12, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-03.pngThe 15th PSD Meeting Dusseldorf was the third event of the 2020 World Athletics Indoor Tour. This meet is held in a miniscule facility, seating 2,200, which sells out. There will be big move in 2021. Here's my five deep thoughts on the PSD Dusseldorf meeting:

IMG_6975.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Karsten Warholm is the 2017 and 2019 World Champion in the 400m intermediate hurdles. Karsten evolved from a young multi eventer to a fine 400m runner, to the finest 400m intermediate hurdler in the world. Warholm is a fine athlete, who always looks for challenges. We shall see what he does in Paris 2020 European Athletic Championships.

My first Pre Classic was in the early 1990s. I have missed few since.

Gosh, how I love this meet. I did not see a European meet until 1995, and the Pre Classic was a revelation. Tom Jordan and his team built this meet as a homage to the late Steve Prefontaine, who had hosted a small series of elite meets in Oregon before his death.

Jordan was fortunate to get the support of Nike athletics. That meant that Nike would support the meeting with their finest athletes. And they have, since the mid 1980s.

The men's pole vault field announced today via the Pre Classic press release is a case in point. The men's PV will be the finest field outside of the Olympics. Watch upcoming releases on the other events at the Pre Classic, coming June 6-7, 2020.

Ken, Duplantis, Lavillenie.jpgr

WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-02.pngThe International Meeting Karlsruhe was the second stop of the 2020 World Athletics Indoor Tour, and was held on 31 January 2020. I enjoyed visiting this meeting in 2019, and hope to visit the event in 2021. Here are my top five deep thoughts on the event in 2020:

1283727_G08_W01.jpgKonrad Bukowiecki, photo by European Athletics

RunBlogRun loves all athletic events. We will not miss a good shot put. We love the emotion, the focus, the camraderie and the idea of the athletic giants who throw steel balls 20 plus meters. I have watched Konrad Bukowiecki several times, and can only imagine how excited he was in Lodz, with a plethora of Polish athletics fans. And how can you now like the hair cut?

We like to get updates from managers (send to [email protected]), and will begin posting them. This is the weekly update from Rosa Associati. Alessia Trost, the fine Italian high jumper, will be busy competing this week.

Alessio Trost.jpgAlessia Trost, photo by Fidal.it.

leonardo-fabbri-620x264-550x234.jpgLeonardo Fabbri, photo by atleticanotzie.Myblog.it

National records are important. I try and recognize records around the world because it is important for American fans to appreciate how fortunate we are in the sport of athletics, and how global our sport truly is. Looking forward to see Leonardo Fabbri throw even farther.

This is a new weekly update, courtesy of Federico Rosa's management group, Rosa Associati. This update features performances in indoor athletics and in cross country. What is fascinating to me is how many young athletes are featured. I love seeing athletes develop and enjoy those break throughs. Special thanks to Stefano Cugusi, who so diligently provides these updates.

One of the fine athletes featured is Thiago Braz Da Silva, the Rio 2016 gold medalist. Thiago is always competing, and has overcome the challenges since his gold medal. That Da Silva had that moment is more than most, I see him as a challenge each time that he competes, what will he do next?

Thiago Braz.jpgThiago Braz Da Silva, photo courtesy of BBC.com

Victor Chuma is one of those amazing athletes who surprise us with big performances each and every weekend of the year. It is the plethora of fine athletes, especially from East Africa, that many see each weekend.

This is the weekly column frorm NN Running Team. We thank, the club and its sponsors, including Nike, for this support.

NNMediaWeek20-511.jpgVictor Chuma, photo by NN Running team

f438db01-fea2-4fc4-83d4-477832cd544a.jpgLuis Zayas, photo by World Athletics

gettyimages-944633542-612x612.jpgJamal Wilson, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

The 26th Banskobystrická latka (EA Indoor Special Premium) is one of those amazingly creative and exciting single event competitions, that combine an enthused crowd, a fine site and some of the finest athletes in their events. What these events need most is a savvy global sponsor who sees the opportunity in taking the event global on terrestrial and streaming TV.

The days on the track get longer and faster. Today is about 200m and 300m. We suggest that they are done in flats. Warm up well, and stay focused. Make sure that you cool down.

IMG_1727.jpgChris O'Hare, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020: 30 min warmup run, 16 x 200m, Mile pace, 100m jog between each, 4 x 300m, Mile pace, 150m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

Nafi Thiam to race in Ghent...


Nafi-Thiam-About.jpgNafi Thiam, photo by Nafithiam.com

Nafi Thiam is one of our most talented multi eventers. An Olympic and World Champ, Nafisattou is focusing on Tokyo 2020.

WA_Indoor_Tour_Logo_FC_LB-Glasgow.pngThe World Indoor Tour moves to Glasgow, Scotland and the Emirates Arena. My last trip to Scotland was in 2017, and I love Glasgow. The crowd in the Emirates Arena will be going crazy on Saturday, Feb 15, as they welcome Jemme Reekie and Laura Muir.

image001.pngThe ASICS LA Marathon is just a month a way (well, actually 27 days). ASICS was a long time sponsor, and is now back with the marathon in the City of Angels. We love this race, the ability to see the iconic communties in LA, and to finish in one of the most amazing finish lines, along the coast, in Santa Monica!

If you get a chance to run this one, do it!

Joshua Cheptegai for Monaco 5k


The Doha gold medalist, Joshua Cheptegai of Uganda, is at the top of his game. His win at WXC was also impressive. How fast can Joshua go for 5k on the roads on Feb 16? A little early for the Ugandan super star, but I can see a 13 minute 5k.

Cheptegei.jpgJoshua Cheptegai takes the Doha 10,000m, photo courtesy of Ugandawatchdog

This was a piece that I found in the Journalists Resource. I thought that it was an important story.

robina-weermeijer-qIK_fc-4fmw-unsplash-scaled-e1580759420772-720x480.jpgPhoto by (Unsplash)

Today is Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. Enjoy the run and strideouts.

IMG_1584.jpgBryce Hoppel and Jake Wightman, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Yulimar Rojas, the queen of the TJ, set a NR/WL of 15.03m in Metz in the sixth round. The fifteen meter plus jump was second WL of day! Check out the video!

The queen of the high jump, Mariya Lasitskene, a women who is championing a new age in Russian athletics, continues to move up the high jump indoor all time list! Check out the video on Mariya's 2.05m, her new PB.

A long time fan of athletics just called me, this sunny Monday morning. Still excited about watching the Millrose Games, my friend told me that it was "the finest meet of the year." With no World Indoors, most Americans focused on Millrose.

The big talk is about Ellie Purrier, coached by Olympian Mark Coogan, an old school coach, who does it the old fashioned way: build up, some mileage, long tough days, take your time to progress. Ellie Purrier showed her amazing talents in this exciting race, taking down the AR of Mary Decker Slaney, an American icon.

This piece was done by the USATF communications team.

I love hills. They can build endurance, strength, speed and confidence. When I coached at community college, my head coach, Joe Mangan, each season could get young athletes in shape in six weeks with hill runs. I have noted here that the 1976 Olympic gold medalist Lasse Viren used hill repeats up to 800m to build his leg speed for the 5000m and 10,000m in Montreal. He fine tuned his speed with fast slow sides of a soccer pitch for 5000m.

Enjoy the hills!

I0000K4Kms.IzmH4.jpgWomen's 3000m, photo by Kevin Morris

Monday, Feb. 10, 2020: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown


I know that this may come as a surprise to many, but the other events in the Copernicus Cup were exciting as well....EME News has provided updates on each event.

The World Record on Saturday, Feb. 9 set off this chain reaction of comments from around the world. EME News captured a few of the most prominent...

The World record set on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, in Torun, Poland was amazing. European Athletics called it spectacular. The 20 year old, Swedish/ American is an amazing athlete. Watch the Polish crowd in Torun: an athletic savvy crowd, and they loved the performance of young Swede, and they loved his enthusiasm.

Mondo Duplantis is the real thing. He's a young man whose found something he loves, does it well, and gets paid for the sport he loves. Can he go higher than 6.17m? I believe that Mondo Duplantis is at the early high of his career, and he has several Olympics, World Champs and European Champs ahead of him. And we are the lucky ones, the media and the fans.

1290295_G08_W01.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

unnamed.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo (and copyright) by Jean Paul Durand (for World Athletics)

The media alerts from World Athletics are some of the team's finest work. This one, on Mondo Duplantis, is no exception. I love the comment from Renaud Lavillenie on the morning of Torun. Mondo Duplantis is one of the amazing stars of our sport, he is the next generation of super star. The young Swedish star is one of the most physcially talented athletes that I have seen, and his love of the sport is obvious.

Sundays are for long runs. The Long run allow you to get some endurance work in, and to build focus. I always suggest long runs with friends, as that makes the run go faster. Enjoy the run.

IMG_0782.jpgBethwell Birgen won 3000ms in Boston and Karlsruhe, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Sunday, Feb 9, 2020: a modest long run, 60-65 minutes

The 113 th NYRR Millrose Games was one of the finest meets in the event history. Among the highlights were Elinor Purrier, who destroyed the AR of Mary Decker Slaney (4:20.5), with her fine 4:16.85. Ajee' Wilson, in her debut for 2020, won the 800m in an AR 1:58.30. And Donavan Brazier, in his second outing of 2020, won the 800m, his first win at Millrose ever, in a new AR 1:44.22, breaking his former AR of 1:44.41 ( I missed that on twitter! ).

IMG_1834.jpgDonavan Brazier now has 2 wins in 2020, with his 1:44.22 AR in Millrose, his first win in Millrose, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

WA_Indoor_Tour_Logo_FC_LB-Torun.pngThis meet became a Mondo Duplantis watch, after his performance in PSD Dusseldorf, and his second attempt at 6.17m had been so achingly close. In his sixth jump, and his second attempt, again at 6.17m, was the big one.

Mondo Duplantis is now the World Indoor record holder. My guess is that 6.20m is coming soon.

Mondo Duplantis.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by © Gladys Chai von der Laage

After his amazingly close second attempt at 6.17m in Dusseldorf, and the word was, "World Record". Well, Mondo Duplantis delivered the World record on his sixth attempt, and his second attempt at the 6.17m height. Mondo cleared the height by several centimeters. The reaction of the crowd was boisterous.

84108863_1419453898234871_9028033221970886656_n.jpgKenya team singlet, photo by Justin Lagat

84111947_1419453834901544_7940070765548797952_n.jpgKenya team singlet, photo by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat did this piece on the Kenyan team uniforms and the Kenyan social commentary on it. Something about social media allows people to be ugly, and this seems to be a global phenomenon.

Sorrry, Valerie Adams!

We missed this last month, while I was traveling.

I have to admit, Valerie Adams is not only one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen, but also one of the funniest interviews I have ever witnessed. I seem to recall a British Athletics presser with Greg Rutherford and Valerie Adams about 2015, and Greg and Valerie were just having fun!

Val Adams.jpgValerie Adams, photo by worldathletics.org

Valerie Adams may be the most under appreciated Olyrmpic and WC in our current era.

Congrats to Valerie Adams on qualifying for Tokyo in the shot put! It's great to see such a class act back on the competition trail.

This is a light Saturday, so enjoy the workout and do not miss the Torun or Millrose Games.

IMG_0678.jpgBethwell Birgen and Ed Cheserek, 3000m, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

joe kovacs.jpgJoe Kovacs, photo courtesy of ESPN.com.uk

cf204ae7-b9e5-450f-b626-0ff723d1f862.jpgRyan Crouser, photo courtesy of World Athletics

The Millrose Games will have 13 super special elite events, and I can not say which is my fave, well, yet. I must say that Joe Kovacs vs Ryan Crouser. This is the best of the best in the shot put in US throwing circles. rr

IMG_1834.jpgDonavan Brazier runs 1:14.39, second fastest 600m in history, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Mondo Duplantis may be the most talented athlete of his generation. Yes, he has that wonderful ego, and a matched level of competitiveness, but the talent, and the work ethic are there as well.

Watch the interview below. Mondo Duplantis is getting to that place that Renaud Lavillenie was in 2014, when he not only broke the WR, but gashed his foot when he went for the moon.


I recall watching a video of David Bedford, the former WR holder at 10,000m, and former elite coordinator of the Virgin London Maratrhon as he ran one of the fastest 10,000m in history solo. How solo? Well, by 1000m, he had 20 seconds. By the last 800m, Bedford had lapped the field, some twice, and was doing this in a GBR vs France International. In the video you see Bedford, churning up the track, in his own heaven and hell at the same time, as team mate Alan Pascoe cheers him on from the field. Bedford was having one of those momernts. He had a few in his career.

A few weeks ago, I watched Donavan Brazier look back, ho-hum, and run the second fastest 600m indoors in history. When I spoke with him ten minutes later, he was fully recovered. Brazier said something about always being ready for a fast time. He said it so matter of factly, I was surprised.

World records are peculiar things. You MUST have the perfect storm. Mondo Duplantis is coming to that place where 6.10 meters may seem commonplace. Only his coach and he know his fitness, but, I suspect it is amazing.

Watch him jump in Torun. One does not need to be in Donetsk, in an old airodome, among a cloud of rising cigarette smoke, to set a World record. The Polish fans will go crazy.


When I visited Torun, Poland in 2019 for the 2019, I was taken by the city, the beauty, the history, the track, well, just about everything. I staid in the Nicholas hotel (city was home of Nicolas Copernicus). I found a kebob shop owned by a kid from Alexandria, Egypt who told me that dinner was only "five bucks"!The facility used the Sopot World 2014 track and the crowd was electric, cheering on all, but pleading with the Polish stars to deliver and give Torun some Polish winners.

Tonight should be no different! The local stars, and the global stars will be there. So will Mondo Duplantis. Dare we say 6.17m?

The fartlek workout set for Friday means that you can get in 3 good workouts in a week, as you prepare for the upcoming season.

IMG_0437.jpgLucy Jenks takes the Junior Girls' Mile, NB Indoor Mile, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Friday, Feb. 7, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 10 x 2 minutes at 3k pace, 3k easy, cooldown

Birmingham-Diamond-League,-2016,-credit-Ricky-Simms-3.jpgMo Farah, photo by Ricky Simms

As one builds up for a marathon, things hurt. Mo Farah apparently got a sore achilles and is tending to it, and focused on the London Marathon training, as he has a big race coming up on the streets of London.

gettyimages-1015108650-612x612.jpgMateusz Przybylko, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

The 2018 European Champion, Mateusz Przybylko, will open 2020 in Chemnitz. I was fortunate to see Mateusz jump on the World Indoor Tour last year. He is a fave with the German crowds and is quite demostrative.

1283727_G08_W01.jpgKonrad Bukowiecki, photo courtesy of European Athletics

The young Polish star opens the 2020 season in style, with his 21.88m WL in Ostrava. Bukowiecki had come in from Dusseldorf for the Feb 5 event. I hope to visit Ostrava soon to see both indoor and outdoor events.

im-150781.jpgClockwise from top left: Nike Air Zoom Alphafly, Nike Air Zoom Victory, Nike Air Zoom Tempo, and Nike Air Zoom Viperfly.PHOTO: NIKE

The shoe controversy continues. This fine piece puts much of the furor into perspective. This furor is not over. Excellent piece by Khadeeja Safdar and Rachel Bachman.

IMG_1133.jpgJessica Hull takes 2020 NB Indoor GP 1,500m, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Jessica Hull is on a roll in 2020. Her 1500m indoor PB in Boston showed a confident, fit Aussie ready to take on the world. Her 5000m national title, at the Melbourne Track Classic, has also qualified her for Tokyo!

The need for easy days is key in the training cycle. Your body needs stress and less stress. Focus on the training.

IMG_0961.jpgCruz Culpepper, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, February 6, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150m strideouts

The 2020 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix was held on January 25, 2020 at the Reggie Lewis Center, the home of the NBindoor since its beginning some 25 years ago. I have missed the meet one time, in 2018, due to a crazy flight schedule from the Middle East. Now, I fly all night from Dubai, get to Boston a few hours before the meet. The meet is that good.

IMG_1448.jpgElle Purrier gave meet sponsor a big win, just a bit of a surprise, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

This was one of the finest meets that I have ever seen, and I come back here each year out of respect to the team that puts on the event. Mark Wetmore, CEO of Global Athletics & Marketing, and his amazing team not only put the meet together, but, have to have the meet taken down as there is always a big high school meet the very next day. The Reggie Lewis Center is a sanctuary of sport, and puts on 70-80 indoor track meets, and daily high school workouts abound.

We did a podcast on the meet already, and we hope that you listen to it. What follows is my top six deep thoughts on the meet! Thanks to Mark Wetmore, Matt McCarron and Sandra Nel for their kind assistance.

Well, obviously, Mondo Duplantis is one hot athlete. His close attempts at the 6.17m height were amazing. Our friend, EME News' Alfons Juck, put the video below together, and it should get you geek side excited. Mondo will be in Torun, and then, Glasgow.

Mondo is just what the sport needs: he loves the sport, he loves the pole vault, and he is amazingly competitive, talented and confident. We can not wait to see how high he can go this winter.

Armand_Duplantis_-_Oslo_2019_Press_Conference_12417_5d2c6dd4c6.jpgMondo Duplantis, 2019 Oslo Diamond League Presser, photo courtesy of Diamond League

Mondo.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by european-athletics.org

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, its Mondo Duplantis, to take a line from the Old Superman TV show (You Tube it). Mondo showed that he is in shape and confident, making a game attempt at 6.17m, a new world record. Mondo made the 2000 fans in Dusseldorf quite happy.


Malaika Mihambo at last year's ISTAF INDOOR. Credit essential: ISTAF INDOOR / Camera 4

The ISTAF Indoor Meeting will be held on 14 February 2020. The ISTAF indoor has some amazing performances, and is, in all recent years, the largest indoor meeting in Europe. This meet is on the wish list to travel at RunBlogRun.

Mondo PUMA .jpgMondo Duplantis in PUMA photo

Mondo Duplantis has shown his stardom potential for the past few years. His European Athletic Champs in 2018, in Berlin, was fantastic. His WC with Sam Kendricks was also a battle. Now, Mondo is beginning to provide the fans with a glimpse into his future. He did just that in Dusseldorf earlier today.

This was one of my favorite workouts. In most seasons, I would build up from 8 times 400m to 20 times 400m, always at 2 mile pace. In the last 4 of each session, I would suggest that you begin to work on the final finish. With 4 to go, try and move well on the seond half, with 3 to go, move with 100m to go, with 2 to go, move with 250m to go and on the final 400m, move with 300m to go, increase with 200m, and see what you can do with the last 100m. Now, catch your breath! And keep the cooldown relaxed.

IMG_1133.jpgJessica Hull taking the women's 1,500m at 2020 NB Indoor GP, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday: 30 min warmup run, 12 x 400m, at 2 mile pace, 100m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

image002.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by John Nepolitan for Millrose Games

image003.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, photo by John Nepolitan for the Millrose Games

Reigning Olympic shot put gold medalist Ryan Crouser and defending Women's NYRR Wanamaker Mile champion Konstanze Klosterhalfen from Germany will face strong challenges in their respective NYRR Millrose Games' events at The Armory.

Photos by John Nepolitan

The Millrose Games can get even the least likely track fan excited! Why? Because of the plethora of big competitions and fine competitors, the intimacy of the fans and the feeling in the air, the meet just gets people excited! Check out the big 13 elite events planned for this coming weekend!

Eliud Kipchoge pixathlon_739769.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running Team

The NN Running team provides weekly updates on the team, and portfolio of athletes who win marathons, track events and road races all over the world.

It was over 26 years ago that I met, and interviewed, the finest distance runner of the 20th century. His name was Emil Zatopek, he won Olympic medals in 1948 (gold in 10,000m, silver in 5,000m), 1952 (gold in 5000m, 10,000 and marathon). In 1952, just as he finished the 5000m, taking the gold, as his wife, Dana won the javelin (she took silver in 1960 too.

Emil Zatopek was a soldier in the Czech Army. He would great his competitors at the starting line, in six languages. He was called the Czech Locomotive. In our interview (took six hours), Emil explained the feeling of competing then, and his hard training. Much of his running was in heavy boots. He ran in snow, he ran in a tub full of water and clothes, he held his breath for minutes, until he collapsed outside of his doorstep, trying to build his lung capacity.

He also defied the Soviet government in 1968, during the Czech Spring revolt. He lost his commission and was put in a jail cell. He was then humiliated, and physically brutalized until he could no longer run. Could you hold your ideals under constant beatings?

The man I met in 1991 was a gentle, thoughtful person, wanting to know about the world. He loved seeing the world. Athletics gave him that opportunity. He was, still an optimist. Running can do that.


Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

Want to know the finest book on running royalty EVER? Then, buy, read, gift the book on Emil Zatopek, by Pat Butcher: https://www.globerunner.org/books/

We love Piotr Lisek. Piotr is the fine Polish pole vaulter who we see competing with Sam Kendricks, Renaud Lavillenie and Mondo Duplantis. This crew keeps it quite entertaining!

56a8b1e9-cc13-483e-92cf-38008a2baf95.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo by World Athletics

2416.1500mNAT_ASN2792.1088x.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen, photo by JRS Sports Management

Filip Ingebrigtsen is the 2017 London WC bronze medalist at 1,500m. He is also part of the brothers Ingebrigtsen, who are putting Norway back on the map in athletics.

rrockhold.jpgCole Rockhold, photo by B.A.A.

Jerrell Mock .jpgJerrell Mock, phot by B.A.A.

Fascinating message that B.A.A. is giving those who want to run for the iconic club. Under new coach Mark Carroll, watch B.A.A. pick up young marathoners as well as good collegiate runners.

kZHfbXy9r3c.jpgMahuchikh 198, Kendricks 580

COTTBUS (GER, Jan 29): World 2019 silver medalist Yaroslava Mahuchikh beat in duel number one World 2017 silver medalist Yulia Levchenko with 198 to 196 at the 18th Springer Meeting in Germany. Mahuchikh also tried to improve her World Indoor U20 record with 202 attempts. Third Polish record holder Kamila Licwinko 194 over German Imke Onnen and Lithuanian Airine Palsyte, both 192. World champion Sam Kendricks started the pole vault season with a win, he cleared 580 and had two attempts at World leading 583. Surprise second Ben Broeders with 575 Belgian record and third and fourth with 570 Cole Walsh and Kostadinos Filippidis. Next positions for Shawn Barber and Pawel Wojciechowski, both 550. Piotr Lisek did not jump due to a slight injury in the warm-up.

WA_Indoor_Tour_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-03.pngThe PSD Meeting Dusseldorf is one of my favorite indoor events. I attended in 2019, but had to cancel in 2020 due to sponsor withdrawal at the last minute. Such is life. The Messehalle in Dusseldorf allows the placement of a 200m banked track and 4500-5000 seats. The PSD Meeting has been sold out for weeks, and the local support puts it over the top.

Monday is the hill day. Focus on going up, and jog down. The hill work is the secret sauce. This is a big day in the week.

7b60e445bfaf4aa90378748e0a5e9840.jpgJohn Walker, 1976 Olympic gold, 1,500m, first man under 3:50 in the mile, photo by Optimum sports

I love John Walker. He, Rod Dixon, Dick Quax, Lorrraine Moller were the athletes who influenced me from New Zealand. I adopted the Walker and Dixon two focuses a year (broke up into 26 weeks twice a year), and my running took off. Walker, Dixon, Quax used hills all of the year. One week, while building up for his 15-20 mile races a year, John Walker lead a marathon, running 5 minute pace for 22 miles, before jogging off into the sunset.

Monday, Feb 3, 2020: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, jog down the hills, easy, cooldown


Josh Thompson, photo courtesy of Bowerman TC

The Bowerman TC was busy on both coasts this past weekend. In Boston, Josh Thompson was quite busy, while Evan Jager was opening in Seattle with a 3:56.50 mile. Josh was running a WL 1,500m in Boston!

48d2f5c8-27aa-4f0d-9efd-199a63d16aaa.jpgFabrice Zango Hughes, photo courtesy of World Athletics

We met Fabrice Zango Hughes in the medal ceremony for the TJ in the Doha TJ Medal Ceremony, and he was being praised by Americans Christan Taylor (gold) and Will Claye (silver). Fabrice trains with Teddy Tamgho.


The race is not over until it over...

Check out the video below and you will understand why I say this, over and over....

Before yesterday's race, Laura Muir had an Indoor PB of 1:59.50. Jemma Reekie, the training partner of Laura Muir, had a PB of 2:01.43. The 4J Studios Championships was going well, with Laura Muir leading through 700m, when Jemma Reekie, double U23 European champion, put her kick into high gear and put daylight between herself and the 4 time European indoor champion, Laura Muir. It was not that Laura Muir was giving up, no way! Muir ran a fine PB of 1:58.44.

It was the amazing show of speed, as Jemma Reekie, arms pumping, knees lifting as she completely erased her PB and destroyed the ten year old British record of Jenny Meadows (1:58.43). Jemma Reekie had just 1:57.91! A PB by almost 4 seconds!

Jemma Reekie just set British and Scottish records!

palais des sports.jpgGoteborg, Sweden, 2013 European Championships, photo by runblogrun.com

This is an update by EME News team Alfons Juck, Paul Halford and Stephen Mills on the global indoor scene. Lots of work goes into this.

ml.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo copyright by Sputniknews.com

Mariya Lasitskene is the 3 time World Outdoor HJ Champion. She is the finest women high jumper in the world. She is a perfectionist. She holds herself to a higher standard, and demands excellence. Watch her in any competition. The smiles come out after 2.02m.

On Feb 1, Mariya Lasitskene smiled. She moved the WL to 2.04m, upping her seasonal best and indoor PB. The event was the Battle of the Sexes in Moscow, in the arena known as Salyt Geraklion.

Kristina Korolova was second in 1.90m.

In the competition, Men and Women compete together and rankings are based on the World Athletics tables.

First man was Ilya Ivanyuk, in 2.23m, who finished third overall, based on WA rankings. Ivanyuk is the World bronze medalist.

For more entertainment value, I have posted the Doha Women's HJ presser. Just listen to Lasitskene, happy after a competition, but not giving the media, whom she knows, any quarter.

2020 US Indoor (Feb 1) results


uw dempsey .jpgUW Dempsey Indoor Athletics Facility, photo by gohuskies.com

This is the update from EME News on the indoor US events from this past weekend. Thansk to Alfons Juck, Paul Halford and Stephen Mills.

Long runs give me many memories. It was over 45 years ago that David Hughes befriended me on a solitary uphill run at Lexington Dam. I had just moved from Saint Louis, and a school I loved (DeSmet) to San Jose, a big city, and school (Bellarmine), where I was an outsider. David took me aside, got me to loosen up, laugh and screw around. David and I see each other occassionallly now, and that knowledge of all the miles, all the workouts, are now muscle memory.

Make memories. Enjoy your runs.

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 4CSS.jpgKatelyn Tuohy, photo by DUOMO/Steve Sutton

Sundayrr, February 2, 2020: a modest long run, 60-65 minutes

Filip Ing.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen, photo by World Athletics

Filip Ingebrigtsen is one of the three active Ingebrigtsen brothers. Filip is he second oldest, and @runblogrun was able to interview him in Dusseldorf in 2019, among other events. Jeff Benjamin sent him 4 questions and we thank Filip for his prompt response.

TRACK & FIELD US National Indoor Champs by Steven Sutton DUOMO 24 February 2019 Men 60HH - 2ASS_1.jpgThe 60m hurdles, photo by Steven Sutton/ DUOMO

Millrose Games: Harrison vs Ali, McLeod vs Holloway

NEW YORK (USA): The 113th NYRR Millrose Games will host many of the world's best track & field men and women to perform on center stage on February 8 at The Armory New Balance Track & Field Center in Washington Heights in New York City. This year's NYRR Millrose Games field is arguably the most talented overall since the meet moved to The Armory in 2012. Allyson Felix headlines the women's side in the 60 m. Also Ajee Wilson and Laura Muir in the 800 m, Sandi Morris in pole vault, Kenni Harrison and Nia Ali at 60 m hurdles, Wadeline Jonathas in the 400 m, Konstanze Klosterhalfen with Nikki Hiltz and Elinir Purrier in the Wanamaker mile. Men´s shot put has Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs from the memorable Doha battle. Another superb duel is Omar McLeod against Grant Holloway in the 60 m hurdles. Another marquee event is the 800 m with Donavan Brazier, Michael Saruni and Bryce Hoppel. In the Wanamaker mile Filip Ingebrigtsen, Nick Willis and Chris O´Hare. Ronnie Baker returns in the 60 m, Rai Benjamin and Obi Igbokwe are in the 300 m and Kenyan Paul Tanui in the 10 000 m.

This interview is part of a series developed by Jeff Benjamin, on the amazing mile fields in the Millrose Games Wanamaker Millrose Mile Games. Jeff sent questions out to a plethora of milers, and thankfully, many of them responded.

Eric Jenkins is one of the fine new generation of middle distance runners, with talents from 1,500m to 5000m. Outdoor PBs for Eric Jenkins go from 1:51.58 at 800m, 3:35.94 at 1,500m, 3:57.09 at the mile, 7:38.19 at 3000m, 13:07.33 at 5000m, and a 10,000m PB of 27:48.02. Indoor PBs for Eric are impressive; 3:53.23 for the mile, 7:49.43 at 3000m, and a fab 13:05.85 at 5000m.

image0-5.jpegEric Jenkins, Millrose Champion, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1.jpegEric Jenkins and the writer, Jeff Benjamin, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Eamonn Coghlan is the Chairman of the Boards. He was the finest indoor miler of any generation. He was also 4th in Olympic finals twice, and the first 5000m WC, in 1983, when he won his global title. A class act, and always, a supporter of the sport, Eamonn keeps up on the sport. I witnessed Eamonn Coghlan and David Bedford make a bet on Jakob Ingebrigtsen winning a global title at 5000m, which I found fascinating. Beers were involved.

A digression, and my apologies...Jeff Benjamin just did this piece with Eamon Coghlan, one of my true heroes...

image2.jpegEamonn Coghlan, Oct 2019, photo by Jeff Benjamin


image0.jpegL-R, Running Network Senior Writer Jeff Benjamin,Eamonn Coghlan, NY State Assemblyman & Villanova Track Alum Michael Cusick,
Staten Island Running Association President Michael Schnall

Carlos_Villarrealk.jpgCarlos Villarreal, photo by Arizona.com

Possessing a long, enduring kick, Carlos Villarreal took gold in Lima, Peru last summer at the 1,500m in 3:37.22. It is not that the time is so fast, it is that Villarreal has a vicious kick, and he used in one of the toughest venues, the Pan Am Games, and at altitude. This young athlete is going to shake it up in Millrose.

The 3 hard days a week are making you tougher, fitter and more focused! The work you did in cross country is giving you a strong base, and as we build up the stress levels, you will respond with some excellent racing. You need to sleep 8-10 hours a night, grab a nap occassionally, hydrate (coffee okay, tea okay, sodas, junk coffee is no good, except occassionally), eat well. I eat 85 vegan 15 percent fish, and did like this running 140 miles a week, I also ate everything and ran like that. Key is, listen to your body. Oh, and you must have fun! In all the years I trained and raced, I went to parties, movies, etc. Life is to be lived.

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 6BSS.jpgKatelyn Touhy, photo by DUOMO/Steve Sutton

Why do I enjoy Katelyn Tuohy? She has been able to be at the top of the high school food chain without many of the issues that follow other promsing young woman athletes. Her support group must be amazing. I would like to meet them someday.

Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

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