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image0-4.jpegCoach Sean Brosnan and Jeff Benjamin, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-3.jpegNico Young (shown here), is coached by Sean Brosnan, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Jeff Benjamin reached out to fellow "The Running School "running camp alum and friend of almost 30 years Coach Sean Brosnan. Coach Sean Brosnan, whose young athlete, Nico Young, ran a fabulous 7:56.97 for 3000m at the elite Dr. Sanders Memorial 3000m at the 2020 Millrose Games.

Updated April 1, 2020

This is the update on how the COVID-19 coronavirus is being seen in the sport of global athletics. Thanks to EME News.

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

Liz McColgan-Nuttal MBE is one of the most iconic of Scottish distance runners. Liz was the gold medalist in the 1991 World Championships at 10,000m, and Olympic silver medalist at 10,000 in the 1988 Olympics. In the Commonweathl Games, Liz took gold in 1986 and 1990 (the only Scot to defend titles) and a bronze at the 3000m in 1990 as well. She won the NYC Marathon in 1991, in her marathon debut, as well as 1992 Tokyo and 1996 London (she also took 2nd in London in 1997 and 1998).

Jeff Benjamin caught up with Liz, who lives in Doha, Qatar with husband John Nuttal, who coaches in Doha.

liz_mccolgan.jpgLiz McColgan, 1991 World Champs, photo by Athletics Weekly

Today is the easy day. Keep social distancing. This is a real matter of life and death.

DSC00470.jpgJosh Thompson, photo by Cortney White

Tuesday, March 31, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

This is the update on how the coronavirus affects the global sport of athletics today...

5bd5bb93-5fb0-4177-8876-06bab6e12e00.jpgTokyo Stadium, photo by Japan Sport Council (copyright)

This is the statement from World Athletics on the change of dates of the Olympic games.

2020-03-30-tokyo-thumbnail-02.jpgGetty Images for

The IOC, IPC and Tokyo 2020 LOC made the joint announcement today. The 2021 dates are 23 July 2021 to 8 August 2021...

Paris 2024 also affected


2024_1.png.jpgParis-2024-banner.jpgThe postponement of the 2020 Olympics will affect the athletic calendars for many years. The 2024 Paris Olympics is an example...

Pete Julian was a fine college athlete and has been a Nike elite coach since 2013. Jeff Benjamin spoke with Pete on his suggestions on this series. We thank Pete for his time.

image1-2.jpegCraig Engels, Clayton Murphy, Jeff Benjamin, Pete Julian and Donavan Brazier, photo by Jeff Benjamin

rudisha.jpgDavid Rudisha, photo by

Watching David Rudisha win the gold medal in London, by leading from start to end, was thrilling. Watching Rudisha decimate the world record in that same event was a lifetime experience. Can David Rudisha make the Kenyan Olympic team? Well, the postponement to 2021, gives him another, much needed year.

image0-2.jpegTracy Sundlun gives Francie Larrieu Smith her NSAFR Hall of Fame award, 2020, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Francie Larrieu Smith is one of our most iconic athletes in modern American Track & Field. Francie made teams in 1976,

1980, 1988 and 1992. I knew of Francie when she ran for the San Jose Cindergals. This is an interview by Jeff Benjamin.

sumeunice.pngEunice Sum, photo by DeMadonna.S.r.L.

Eunice Sum spoke with Athletics Weekly on the challenges of training with Kenya closing stadiums, and stopping group training.

image0.jpegBryce Hoppell and Jeff Benjamin, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Bryce Hoppell took 4th in the World Championships this past October in Doha! His amazing run down the final stretch of the Khalifa Stadium was exciting to see and keeps us wondering just how far this young man will go! This interview was from Jeff Benjamin.

This is a little different. If you can get on track alone, do it. If not, then, go to roads. Please keep the social distancing. We will be doing this until at least April 30.

89108559_1075950999439205_3254974792436023296_o.jpgCopernicuc Cup meeting, Torun, Poland, photos by Copernicus Cup

Monday, March 30, 2020: warm up, go to a track, run 3 miles, jog turns, sprint straights OR, warm up, 30 minute run, stride 30 seconds, jog 90 seconds, times 15, cooldown

The long run was my favorite day of training. I worked on papers, I enjoyed the sounds, and smells of running in a new place.

13-20-397-slide.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

Sunday, March 29, 2020: Long runs, 85-90 minutes.

seb dan venon -2.jpgSeb Coe, photo by Dan Vernon, for World Athletics

I think that the following letter is exactly what Seb Coe should be speaking about. Seb gets it. This is a pandemic that many had never dreamed of, and those, who should have, did not prepare for. Seb Coe provides hope and promise, and reminds us of the huge task we have, of social distancing, for a long time to come, or, it will affect event more of us.

The sport will endure, and it will require some changes, and we will figure those changes out, in time...

This is a podcast that I did last January 2020.

I wanted to put my thoughts on Alberto Salazar into a podcast, where I, out of the hysteria on both sides, considered the coach, athlete and man. I have known Alberto since the 1980s, when I met him at the NCAA district meet, where he battled Henry Rono. I observed him for years, then, began to chat with him on coaching. I was fascinated with his approach and his thirst for knowledge.

In my mind, Alberto Salazar got too close to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Yep, a biblical reference. Did he push his athletes? Most definitely. Some did well, and some did not.

I recall a day in April 2013, when a media group, organized by the IAAF (now World Athletics), spent a day with Alberto Salazar, Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Matt Centrowitz and Cam Levins. It was fun, relaxed and fascinating.

Salazar_Eugene_08.jpgAlberto Salazar, Eugene 2008, photo by Wikipedia

His approach pushed the envelope, and some have said, spent too much time in the gray area. USADA and WADA could not let this happen, but, Alberto Salazar could not coach without this approach.

The sad thing is that, his athletic career, his coaching career, have all been tarnished by the bans and accusations.

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts, Mike Deering and our photographers for their kind assitance.

The qualification for the Games is the stickiest part of the postponement of 2020 to 2021 Tokyo. How do you qualify without track & field meets? Seb Coe is looking at this and trying to make an honest appraisal of the situation. I hope he speaks to some outside of World Athletics, about meets, and what athletes can do with such restricted training.

The challenges abound....

sebcoenewstalk.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

image0-3.jpegVicki Huber, 1992 World XC, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

Vicki Huber was one of the finest athletes in our sport in the 1980s. An NCAA champion, Vicki Huber put it all on the track, and she did well in college, and post collegiately. Now a coach, and mother, Vicki Huber knows what its like to juggle. Here are her ideas on how to manage this challenging time.

The battle with the coronavirus continues, and at this time, it is disheartening. Seb Coe, as president of World Athletics, has to juggle looking into the future, dealing with an IOC that, at best is pretentious, and at worst, can not make a decision until they are forced against a wall, and keeping the athletes, fans, coaches, sponsors and media updated in a way that does not put him in a box.

He's trying.

sebcoenbc.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

image0-2.jpegJeff Benjamin, Charlie Zipprich, Ray Flynn, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Jeff Benjamin sent questions to manager, meet director and famous Irish Miler, Ray Flynn. Ray Flynn is still the Irish NR holder at 3:33.5 at 1,500m, and has PBs of 3:49.77 for mile, 7:41.60 at 3000m, and 13:19.52 at 5000m. Ray competed in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics at 5000m. Ray Flynn has made the Millrose Games pretty special over the last decade.

The editor of RunBlogRun adds a story here: "Ray Flynn was one of the first elite athletes I had met. In 1980, at the RW Indoor Meeting, I held sweats for Ray Flynn, John Walker and Ray Wicksell. After the mile, Ray cooled down and let me run with him. It was a thrill for me, then 20, and having just run a 3000m the night before. Ray Flynn has a wicked sense of humor and has always been a class act."

Updated 1 April 2020

RunBlogRun opines:

My first interview with Seb Coe was in 2001 at Edmonton WC. I did a small interview for Nike at an event, and Seb was fun to interview. We talked about his athletics, and his views on the sport since his retirement. Charming, self depricating, Seb, then, as now, has a bit of concern dealing with media, but since I was not a member of the British media, we were fine.

Move ahead to 2015, in Beijing, before the stench of the Diacks hit the fan. Seb was conducting his first presser, and Seb was looking ahead with the promise of the future and trying to be nice to Lamine Diack.

I wonder sometimes, if Seb Coe had the ability to move into a parallel universe (think Philip K. Dick, and Man in the High Castle), if he would have taken this position.

It will not get any easier in the next 2 years. This is a note from EME News, on the challenges that the sport has to face in the upcoming years.

The storm clouds are gathering, please stay inside and practice social distancing.

sebcoearabianbiz.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

Hasay-Radcliffe-6554-OTM20.jpgJordan Hasay, with advisor, Paula Radcliffe, photo by Kevin Morris, @KevMofoto,

The 2020 Olympic Trials did not go well for Jordan Hasay. Dealing with injuries, and the pressure of personal attacks on her former coach, all added to the pressure. Battling injuries since 2018, Jordan had run 2:23.00 at Boston 2017 (3rd) and 2:20.57 in Chicago 2017 (3rd), and then the injury bug hit.

Recovering from Atlanta, Jordan Hasay sent a note to Jeff Benjamin on how to keep it together during this difficult time.

An easy day is something to enjoy. Take a nap, watch Netflix (I love Occupied). Do something you can enjoy indoors. Keep with the social distancing as it will help keep you and those around you from getting sick.

IMG_3115.jpgLondon 2017, Allyson Felix, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, 28 March 2020: Easy 30 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

1289892_G08_W01.jpgPiotr Malachowski, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Piotr Malachowski, like many veteran athletes, are extending their careers one more year to compete in Tokyo 2021. This piece was posted on the European Athletics site.

CDC_2019-nCoV_Laboratory_Test_Kit-720x480.jpgTesting kit for the coronavirus, photo by Journalists Resource

AnneAudainGold.jpgAnne Audain, photo by Jack Dog Welch

Anne Audain is a 3 time Olympian for New Zealand, gold medalist at 3000m in 1983 Commonwealth Games, silver medalist at 10,000m in 1986 Commonwealth Games. She was Nike's first pro woman road racer, which got her a ban, which was later lifted. Anne Audain is one of the most colorful and inspirational athletes that I have ever met. Jeff Benjamin reached out to her for some ideas on how to deal with the current challenges.

Mariya Lasitskene is a 3 time world champion in the high jump. She is the finest high jumper of her era, and perhaps, the finest athlete in the her country, Russia. Due to being from Russia, Mariya has not been able to compete in an Olympics. As an ANA athlete, Mariya should be able to compete in the 2021 version of Tokyo.

TASS25575857.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by Moscow Times

image0.jpegJim Spivey and Jeff Benjamin, from Jeff Benjamin collection

Jim Spivey was a three time Olympian (1984, 1992, 1996) and five time World Championship team member (1983, 1987, 1991, 1993 and 1996. Jim also set the AR at 2000m with his 4:52.44, (Lausanne, Switzerland, 1987). Jeff Benjamin reached out to the former athlete and former coach, and asked him his thoughts on our current global challenges.

Dafne Schippers is a medalist at the 100m and 200m in World Championships, with two golds, one silver and two bronzes. Dafne took silver in the 200m in 2016 Olympics. She is in light training, hoping the the Paris 2020 EAA Champs happen.

dschippersr.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by World Athletics

Running Network's Jeff Benjamin, Kristin Andrews, Robby Andrews and Dad, Bob Andrews

This is the first in a series of columns on athletes who are dealing with the COVID-19 Novel coronavirus. The first one is on Robbie Andrews and sister, Kristin Andrews.

This piece is a must read for runners. Amby Burfoot won the 1968 Boston marathon. Amby was also a long time editor of Runners World, and is a fine writer and editor. All runners should read this!

ub_3Dmol.jpg1939 marathon shoe by adi Dassler, photo by adidas communications

This workout is long and challenging, but, keeps you strong and building endurance. Keep social distancing going, and hydrate!

Riley_Jacob-FH-OTM20.jpgGalen Rupp congratulates Jake Riley and Abdi Abdirahman at finish line! photo by Kevin Morris

Friday, March 27, 2020: Warm up, Fartlek, 60 minutes, 5 minutes at 10k pace, 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes at 8k pace, 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes at 5k pace, 10 minutes easy, 15 minutes moderate pace, then, cooldown

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCOVID-19 Coronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

This is the update on the novel coronavirus and how it is affecting the sport of athletics...

The Meetings Hauts-de-France Pas-De-Calais meeting was held on February 19, 2020. The meet was held at the Stade Couvert Liévin in Liévin, France. This is an iconic meeting site, as the first indoor meeting was held in Liévin thirty-two years ago. The French fans were treated to a fantastic meeting, with pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis clearing a mighty 6.07m, the first time in three meetings that Mondo did not set a World record. The women's events, which is the focus of this podcast, kept the fans entertained as well.


The fans were entertained as Gambia's Gina Bass won the 60m in 7.11! Jemme Reekie continued her fine season with a 2:00.34 win at 800m, and Ethiopia's Gudaf Tsegay's world leading 4:00.60 at 1,500m.

86994353_2391220134471841_2694124021460500480_o.jpgJemme Reekie takes the 800m, photo by Meeting Lieven / LF Photography r

The Liévin meet had so many amazing performances that World Athletics gave them the #1 rating for the season.

Special thanks to Meeting Liévin, LF Photography and Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts on the production of the podcast.

The Meetings Hauts-de-France Pas-De-Calais meeting was held on February 19, 2020. The meet was held at the Stade Couvert Liévin in Liévin, France. This is an iconic meeting site, as the first indoor meeting was held in Liévin thirty-two years ago. The French fans were treated to a fantastic meeting, with pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis clearing a mighty 6.07m, the first time in three meetings that Mondo did not set a World record.


The French fans had a treat with Ronnie Baker, US sprinter, running 6.49 and 6.44 at 60m, and Pascal Martinot Lagarde, who ran 7.49 in the 60 m hurdles.

The Liévin meet had so many amazing performances that World Athletics gave them the #1 rating for the season.

Special thanks to Meeting Liévin, LF Photography and Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts on the production of the podcast.

86933324_2391219594471895_2663268319276040192_o.jpgPascal Martinot Lagarde, Liévin, photo by LF Photography / Meeting Liévin

Why the U.S. Lagged Behind in the Drive to Postpone the Summer Olympics

New leadership was intended to build trust and confidence following an abuse scandal, but athletes say they are frustrated the organization fell behind in the groundswell to postpone the Games.

26virus-olympics-usoc-superJumbo-v2.jpgCredit...Noriko Hayashi for The New York Times.

(RunBlogRun opines: This is another fantastic piece by the NYT on the complicated scenario of the USOPC late response as the pressure built up to postpone the Summer Olympics from 2020 to 2021. )

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo Olympic Stadium, photo by South China News

We live in uncertain times. Each day has changes in the world. The Tokyo Olympics were moved from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus. 11,000 athletes now need to come to grips with an extra year of training.

The Muller Indoor Grand Prix Glasgow meeting was held on February 15, 2020. The meet was held at the Emirates Arena, in Glasgow, Scotland. The Emirates Arena hosted the 2019 European Indoor Athletics Champs to a fine crowd, the year before. The Scottish fans were there to see home grown stars like Laura Muir and Jemma Reeke.


The meet delivered. Not only was therre a WR in the pole vault, by Mondo Duplantis, but big wins by 1000m and 1,500m!

This podcast is about the women's events in Glasgow, and the excitement of the 4th meet of the 2020 World Indoor Tour.

Special thanks to Getty Images, British Athletics and Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts on the production of the podcast.

1206468883.jpgLaura Muir and her fans, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The Muller Indoor Grand Prix Glasgow meeting was held on February 15, 2020. The meet was held at the Emirates Arena, in Glasgow, Scotland. The Emirates Arena hosted the 2019 European Indoor Athletics Champs to a fine crowd, the year before. The Scottish fans were there to see home grown stars like Laura Muir and Jemma Reeke.


The meet delivered. Not only wins by Jemma Reeke and Laura Muir, but a new World Record in the pole vault by Mondo Duplantis. Mondo set his second WR in two meetings, taking the WR to 6.18 meters.

This podcast is about the men's events in Glasgow, and the excitement of the 4th meet of the 2020 World Indoor Tour.

Special thanks to Getty Images, British Athletics and Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts on the production of the podcast.

1206432631.jpgMondo Duplantis, 2020 Muller Indoor GP Glasgow, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Veronica Campbell-Brown is a fascinating athlete. Having first spoken to her in 2004, and knowing her long time manager, Claude Bryan helped in future meetings in the UK and at Olympic and World Championships. VCB is a tough athlete and did not give an inch or centimeter, to anyone. I always enjoyed the battles between VCB and Allyson Felix, which began in 2003.

In this piece, Stuart Weir writes of her interest in Tokyo 2020, but, the challenge now of 2021, with a growing child, and the complications of training in the time of the coronavirus.

20120806athletics-48.JPGLondon 2012, photo by Martin Bateman

Obviously, this has been going on for some time. Advance will invest in the IRONMAN portfolio, and they have RnR series as well. This means Wanda is out of running businesses, yet it is still a sponsor of the Diamond League and World Marathon Majors. Looking forward to seeing Advance involved, as Wanda did not invest in either IRONMAN nor RnR seriers, as consumers communicated frustration with the changeovers.

Good luck Advance.


The easy days give you time to explore your neighborhood, just keep up the social distancing (six feet)!

Hehir_Martin-OTM20.jpgHuge PB for Martin Hehir at 2020 Trials, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, 26 March 2020 : Easy 30 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

Felix_Allyson_082016_1200x300.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by

The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is concerning 11,000 athletes. Track & Field athletes take many years to achieve the level to get to a World Champs or Olympics. Allyson Felix has made 4 Olympic teams and eight World Champs. Can she add another year to her career?

IMG_2245.jpgNoah Lyles, the thrill of victory, 2018 USATF Champs, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Noah Lyles spoke with media yesterday, 24 March 2020, and gave his opinion on much of the Tokyo 2020 to 2021 controversy...r

DSC07086.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by Cortney White

Donavan Brazier ran 2 big races in 2020, a 600m that was second fastest ever, and he finished it with a yawn. At Millrose, Donavan waited to take the lead until 600m and took over the race, setting a new AR of 1:44.22. Then, the season changed....

The continued effects of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus in athletics will be seen throughout 2020...

Anniversary 2018 British Athletics.jpgSAFP, 2018 Anniversary Games, photo by British Athletics

unnamed.jpgEuropean Athletics

This is an update on the European Athletics board, which was discussing the upcoming EAA Champs in Paris and what should happen, in the time of the coronavirus....

RunBlogRun comments: The New York Times has done a tremendous job on covering the coronavirus. Their top notch coverage of the IOC challenges with postponing the Olympics has been top notch. Juliet Macur, Karen Crouse, Andrew Keh and

Olympians Have Another Year to Prepare for Tokyo. It's a Blessing and a Curse.

The life of an Olympic athlete can be challenging and austere, and the training schedule can be relentless. Most athletes wanted a postponement, though even that has its challenges.

merlin_170873595_d00d020f-9965-4df3-8a74-c29558cae2da-superJumbo.jpgCredit...Noriko Hayashi for The New York Times

Take the hills strongly, and keep the recovery long. Get out of wet clothes asap. Hydrate. Cooldown.

DSC00470.jpgJosh Thompson takes the 1,500m, photo by Cortney White

Wednesday, March 25, 2020: Warm up, 60 minute run, with 8-9 hills of 2-3 minutes up, and same amount recovery, cooldown

Tokyo 2020 is now Tokyo 2021


This is the EME news update on the Tokyo 2020 going to Tokyo 2021...

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo 2020 Olympic stadium, photo by South China Morning Post (retains copyright)

This is a fantastic new column by Jon Mulkeen and Bob Ramsak, check it out daily:

DPI03888.jpgLoLo Jones on Kevin Harts' show, Cold as Balls, on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel

The following was from LoLo Jones:

This is the update on the impacts of the virus, COVID-19, on 24 March 24, 2020...

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

This is a fantastic new column by Jon Mulkeen and Bob Ramsak, check it out daily:

This piece is from Katerina Johnson-Thompson, spoke via twitter on the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics...

fbk.jpgOh, how I love the FBK Games. In 2011, I met Marcin Lewandowski there, and we went from Amsterdam to Hengelo via car. I also spent time in airport in 2012 with Dathan Ritzenhein, after he ran for the 10,000m there. It was also the place where I would see Jos Hermans team and I have grown very fond of them.

The meet will be back in 2021. I hope to be there.

Daphe Schippers.jpgDaphne Schippers, photo by world Athletics

EP-180609912.jpgHayward Field, art from Eugene-Register Guard

The Olympic Trials will have to be rescheduled...this is a release on the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials, per the Communications Department...

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo 2020, photo by Getty Images (copyright)

The World Athletics did a positive statement of support for the IOC's postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This was a huge decision, and the repurcussions will affect the sports world for the next decade.

2020-03-24-tokyo-thumbnail-01.jpgIOC photo by Getty Images for

The IOC made the announcement early on Tuesday, 24 March 2020. The announcement is to postpone until 2021. This is the release from IOC.

This is an easy day. Remember to keep social distancing. Be careful. Hydrate.

DSC00435.jpgUSATF indoors 1,500m, photo by Cortney White

Tuesday, March 25, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

This is the updated news on 23 March on the many ways the pandemic has affected our sport....CDC_2019-nCoV_Laboratory_Test_Kit-720x480.jpgTesting for coronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

1280019_G08_W01.jpgThe decision on the 2020 European Athletics Championships will be made soon.....

ahtletics canada .pngTeam Canada was the first to pull out of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Team Australia was soon to follow. Athletics Canada, the governing body of track & field in our neighbors to the north, announced support of that decision on 23 March...

Coleman gulf news .jpgChristian Coleman, photo by

Christian Coleman spoke of the frustration and challenges of the isolation of athletes in the time of COVID-19...

British Athletics is the focus point of much ire at this time. The recent report on the lack of transparency by British Athletics is not the end of it. James Dasaolu, 2014 European champion, was recently denied a chance to workout. His response to the denial and the comments by British Athletics can be read below:

Dasaolu.jpgJames Dasaolu, photo by World Athletics

This is the second week where California is under self quarantine. New York is going that way, and quite frankly, if you want this nightmere to end, you and your families should do the same. Keep six feet from people when you are outside. Facetime family and call them, stay in touch.

1206456540.jpgJemme Reek, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Monday, March 23, 2020: Holmer Fartlek, warm up, 50 minutes, go out on run in 26 minutes, come back in 24 minutes, gentle coold down

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronovirus photo by Journalist Resource

This is the daily update on the coronavirus and how it is making a total mess of our sport in 2020. The truth is, we must do this to keep those we know and love healthy. This is no joke. Cancellations are a small price to pay to keep the death toll frrom COVID-19 down. This is the biggest epedmic we have had in world since 1919, when 30 million died around the world.

pHmN9jdCG5e3JbMT4nKpP6.jpgThe World Athletics association is supporting the IOC time table on making a decision on Tokyo 2020....

87022955_2391224204471434_6294515691751997440_o.jpgNia Ali, taking the 60m hurdles in Lievern, photo by Getty Images/ Lievin

IOC confirms scenario planning



The IOC has decided that they will make a decision on the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which will be postponed, but not cancelled, in four weeks..

This interview of high jumper Levern Spencer was done by RBR world jorno Stuart Weir. Levern has been in three Olympics, eight World Championships, over the past twenty years. Stuart spoke with Levern in Glasgow this past February 2020. r

levern spencer.jpgLevern Spencer, photo by Facebook

Okay, so long runs are how you make it. I did a 30k run one time, when I was staying in a KOA campground, with a 2k side walk loop around it. I just got going and had a blast. In France, runs are limited to 2k from your home during the coronavirus. Find a run that is close, and that you can enjoy. Then, let the mind go...

DSC09592.jpgPaul Chelimo leads the 3000m, 2020 USATF Indoors, photo by Cortney White

Sunday, March 22, 2020: Long runs, 75-80 minutes.

CDC_2019-nCoV_Laboratory_Test_Kit-720x480.jpgTesting for coronavirus kit, photo by Journalists Resource

This is the update on global athletics and the coronavirus....thanks to EME News...

Barshim.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by Diamond League

Mutaz Essa Barshim had his moment of zen at the 2020 World Championships in his home country. In front of 48,000 fans, Mutaz delivered on the world's greatest stage, taking the gold in the high jump.

Now, Mutaz Essa Barshim, is like many of us, getting some food shopping in, and training. Qatar has stopped all events for 30 days and is not allowing flights into the country for fifteen days.

This is a fun interview with the Jamaican pocket rocket, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, by Stuart Weir. Thanks to Stuart for finding this one. SAFP is one of the finest sprinters in the world and a deadly relay runner.

565940679_LZ_9088_82D633047E0343E5A82D4B9C52A83706.JPGShelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

Piotr Malachowski is one of the most successful discus throwers of his generation. His discus PB is 71.84m, and rates his fifth best ever. He has two Olympic silvers (2008, 2016), Piotr was Beijng gold (2015) and silver in Moscow (2013) and Berlin (2009). Add two golds at European Champs (2010 and 2016), and you have an athlete who has seen competion on the global scale.

Piotr, like many, is concerned on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics controversy.

piotr malachiowksi.jpgPiotr Malachowski, photo by

NAFI.jpgNafi Thiam, photo by Belga

This piece, translated from Sports.Be , tells us of how Nafi Thiam, the Olympic and World Champ gold and silver medalist, is dealing with training during the challenging times of the coronavirus.

thomas rohler, 20170331iat01.jpgThomas Röhler, photo from

RunBlogRun opines: Thomas Röhler is one of those athletes that makes me happy that I write about athletics. A talented athlete, Thomas is hard working, competitive, and loves his event. In Doha 2017, I spent some time with him and several of the German javelin throwers. The javelin is one of the oldest events in athletics. The following of the event is connecting with the sporting traditions of the ancient Greeks.

I was influenced by watching Miklos Nemeth, the great Hungarian, destroy the WR in Montreal in 1976. The look on Miklos's face, when he destroyed the WR and finally lived up to the pressure put on him by the sport and his country's fans, (his father, Imre, was Olympic hammer champion in 1948) is amazing. His leap after his winning throw (his first) is also emotional. The look of satisfaction on his face still emotes a reaction from me.

In Doha, I watched Thomas Röhler throw a world leading 93.90m in 2017. In 2018, Thomas threw 91.78m in Doha. Thomas liked the training in the warm weather, and he and his coach enjoyed the early season competition.

Oh, how it will differ in 2020.

Saturday is a light day. Keep it that way. Take some time to begin a garden. Take some time to read a real book. Speak via phone or text, to a friend.

DSC09480.jpgShelby Houlihan, photo by Cortney White

Saturday, March 19, 2020: Easy 30 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts


The independent review of the UKA Athletics board decisions is 130 pages long. We will get into it this weekend and provide some updates over the updates. The UKA made some controversal decisions, which were looked at by the Independent review. Stay tuned on this one.


This is the podcast for the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe 2020. The meet was held on 31 January 2020. The Karlsruhe facility seats 4,500 and it was sold out for a month prior to the meet. The meet is exciting, and intimate facility gets people excited. The excitement of the 60m hurdles, 60 meters, 400 meters, 1,500 meters, 3000 meters, plus the long jump and th high jump.

Yaroslava Mahuchikh set a new U20 WR of 2.02m, to thrill the crowd.

Special thanks to Mike Deering, and the photo team at Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe in the podcasts.

83163362_2679691208795985_9171174972888973312_n.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, Yaroslava Mahuchikh, Sam Kendricks, photo by WIT Karlsruhe

Friday is a long fartlek. This fartlek is long, with long running in between. This helps build up the strength, and we are doing the recovery so that the immune system is less challenged.

DSC09411.jpgWomen's 3000m, photo by Cortney White

Friday: Warm up, Fartlek, 60 minutes, 5 minutes at 10k pace, 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes at 8k pace, 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes at 5k pace, 10 minutes easy, 15 minutes moderate pace, then, cooldown

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalists Resource

The Coronavirus is in early stages in US, and panic buying, rumors and bad info is everywhere. The numbers that the Trump administration saw last week, based on British calculations, sugggested up to 2.2 million could die in the U.S. This is NO JOKE. Isolate yourself. Do not get your older relatives sick, do not travel, and do not horde anything.

Acts of kindness abound. In San Jose, my Dad's neighbors are treating him to nice home made hot meals at night. Good people, and that is the majority, will show their true selves. Keep the social distancing-six feet, and stay healthy!

tre19_brs_circle_stacked_2020_logo_rgb.jpgThe new owners of the Formula 4 media empire, Diversified Communications, have cancelled the event....

gettyimages-1178841962-612x612.jpgNiklaus Kaul, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

nike bw.pngThe Nike response was classy. I like the two for one support of local community efforts...

air Lavillenie r.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by You Tube/ Diamond League

Renaud Lavillenie is the man. @AirLavillenie, as he is called on twitter, has PBs of 6.05m outdoors and 6.16m indoors. An Olympic gold and silver medalist, five time WC medalist, and three time European champion, Renaud knows how to compete and when. He is very carefully evaluating the situation around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Brooks.jpgJim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running, photo by Seattles Business Times

Jim Weber took a huge chance when he took over Brooks. He let go a reportedly $5 million client, to the consternation of many. But, Weber was right. He knew that he had to focus Brooks on its core business, and he had to find its secret sauce.

I spoke with Jim Weber in Atlanta, on the weekend of the Olympic Trials, where he outfitted 80 athletes. His top athlete, two time Olympian Des Linden, took 4th, barely missing her third Olympic team.

The following letter was posted 17 March 2020 on the coronavirus...

zl3UIWZC7D5ADrIH.jpgSeb Coe, photo by Inside the Games

You think that you have a tough job. I sure do not envy Seb Coe. He has dealt with one cluster storm after another. As Thomas Bach continues to spout off on how the Olympics will be held on time, it is not really an option for Lord Coe to come out with a different opinion from the first or second most important Summer Olympic sport.

ua.pngWe like that CEOs are speaking about fitness...

This is a time of daily change. One of the things that you can do is take care of yourself, working out using social distancing (which means six feet between you and someone else). Hydrate. Eat complex carbohydrates.

DSC09334.jpgWomen's 3000m at 2020 USATF Indoors, photo by Cortney White

Thursday, March 19, 2020 : Easy 30 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

The Drake Relays has been an iconic event in the Midwest for over one hundred years.

The meet was postponed late this afternoon...

f7ca0813c13ef6e4229c9063670be7905ac964e8bb4e00cd1ea7a991766ad353.jpgDrake Relays, photo by @El_lars, copyright Lars Hulsebus

Well, running in the times of the coronavirus is about running among cancelled everything.

And it is going to be like this for some time.

My suggestion? Go find Alan Sillitoe's The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner...or check out the movie!


Andy Pozzi British Athletics.JPGAndrew Pozzi, photo by British Athletics

Eilidh Doyle  British Athltics.JPGEilidh Doyle, photo by British Athletics

Glasgow British Athletics.jpgEmirates Arena, photo by British Athletics

This piece came in today, from our British friend, Stuart Weir. Stuart has to stay close to home for a while, with life in the age of the coronavirus...

This is the Wendesday workout. A hill workout, with extra recovery time.

DSC07324.jpgThe men's 3000m, photo by Cortney White

Wednesday, March 18, 2020: Warm up, 60 minute run, with 8 hills of 2-3 minutes up, and same amount recovery (3 minutes), cooldown

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

This is the update for 17 March 2020 from EME News.

76148390-7597-4331-9e23-cb11f83cdc3a.jpgGreek pole vaulter Katerina Stefanidi (AFP / Getty Images) © Copyright

Bob Ramsak is the associate editor for the World Athletics site. This is part of a series on how athletes are dealing with the coronavirus.

1280019_G08_W01.jpgSven Arne Hansen has been hospitalized with a stroke. Please keep the European Athletics president in your thoughts and prayers. Sven Arne has done so much to help focus the European Athletics Association.

Justin Lagat wrote this piece yesterday on how the coronavirus is affecting running in Kenya. Life is changing acrross the globe. Be careful, please.

13-20-397-slide.jpgEliud Kipchoge, training in Kenya, photo by NN Running team

Okay, welcome to the new world, the world of the Coronavirus pandemic...

Here's the truth, no one has a clue what is happening, one day to the, take it, one day at a time...

These workouts are set up so that you can build up fitness gradually, and not challenge your immune system...

DSC07629.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, photo by Cortney White

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 : Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

The 2020 Penn Relays has been cancelled. The only major relays that is still in operation in 2020 is Drake Relays. Florida, Kansas and Mt.SAC have all been cancelled.

PR20_CoronavirusUpdate_Splash.jpgPenn Relays canceled, photo by Penn Relays

This is today's update on global events afffected by the coronavirus epidemic.

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus model, photo from Journalist Resource

Kevin Mayer .jpgKevin Mayer, photo by

Kevin Mayer is an amazing athlete. The WR holder in the decathlon is a French superstar. But, he is in a quandry. How does he qualify for 2020 Tokyo when, last Friday, US President Trump shut down travel from Europe (includng France). On Monday, 16 March 2020, French President Macron put all of France under lockdown, except for food shopping and help of those in need.

Kevin Mayer, like many potential Olympians, may not have a chance to even qualify for Tokyo 2020.

8798f46d-f7c8-45c3-9c46-f46691249529.jpgItalian distance runner Yemaneberhan Crippa (Getty Images) © Copyright

fa16e942-b1c7-4a68-8273-1345e28ce09b.jpgElena Vallortigara in the high jump at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in London (Getty Images)Elena Vallortigara at the Diamond League meeting in London (© Getty Images)

This piece gives you a view into the Italian coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to Nazareno Orlandi (FIDAL) and Bob Ramsak for World Athletics

These are workouts you can do, that will keep you fit, but not beat up your immune system. We have changed workouts to include fartlek and hillwork. All is at sub maximal levels.

DSC07893.jpgChris O'Hare takes Millrose Games Wanamaker Mile, photo by Cortney White

Monday: Holmer Fartlek, warm up, 50 minutes, go out on run in 26 minutes, come back in 24 minutes, gentle coold down

1975_MARfin_Rodgers,Bill-thumb.jpgBill Rodgers en route, 1975 Boston, photo by BAA

The most iconic of marathons, Boston, has been postponed....

It is one thing to hold the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is a totally another to hold it in with a global pandemic going on. How do you hold qualifying events if the events have been cancelled?

The IOC is holding on that the Tokyo Olympics will be held on schedule. Most experts believe that they have one month to decide.


The 2020 World Indoor Tour was a huge success. That the World Championships were postponed means little in regards to the winter series success. @RunBlogRun is finishing a series of podcasts on the World Indoor 2020 meetings. This is the podcast on the PSD Meeting Dusseldorf, which will become part of the ISTAF Indoor series in 2020.

The highlight of the meet was the attempts by Mondo Duplantis at the WR, and his near misses at 6.16m.

84730100_2963534897023985_2719741645955268608_o.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by PSD Meeting Dusseldorf

85063117_2963535080357300_1318352447869026304_o.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by PSD Meeting Dusseldorf

My big impression is this: Mondo Duplantis is the finest athlete of his generation. He is not the next Usain Bolt. He is Mondo Duplantis. He is liked by athletes and fans his age. HIs ability is extraordinary. His fitness is the same. But the big story here is this: Athletics has the ability to attract the world, especially in this current time of the pandemic. How does athletics build new fans in this current time?

Thanks to Mike Deering and The Shoe Addicts for producing the podcast, and the PSD Meeting Dusseldorf team.

Dana Zatopkova, the 1952 Olympic javelin champion, widow of the late Emil Zatopek, was the doyen of Czech Athletics. She died, on Friday morning, March 13, 2020, in a Czech hospital.

RunBlogRun is saddened by this news. We have a story on Dana, to relate. (This is from Larry Eder).

"In 2001, I was in Edmonton for the World Championships. I was walking with Tomas Dvorak and Roman Sebrle, the amazing Czech Decathletes. These men are, well towering. We entered a press meeting, and the Czech decathletes smiled, as both saw a diminutive figure across the room. Now understand, this room was expansive, and full of media chowing down free wine and free food, some like it was their first meal in years. Tomas and Roman excused themselves, and went across the room, parting the media as they moved to the smiling figure. Dvorak and Sebrle, one after another, gave the woman a huge kiss and a huge smile, and she embraced both, speaking emotionally in Czech to both. I stood a few feet away and watched how much affection both of the young decathletes had for Dana Zatopkova, and was touched. It reminded me of how athletes had told me about meeting her husband, Emil.

In 1991, Emil Zatopek had told me that Dana was a much better coach than he, but like Emil, she was frustrated coaching and came back to competition, taking the bronze medal in 1960 in the Olympic Javelin.

Dana Zatopkova was one of the finest athletes that Europe has ever seen. Yet, it was in her support of Czech sport and athletes that she will be missed..."

1290422_G08_W01.jpgPhoto: Czech Olympic Team

Dana Zatopkova won the gold medal in the javelin at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki on the same day husband Emil Zatopek won the 5000m title

The piece below is from the European Athletics site.

This is used with permission of both Mike Fanelli and Peter J. Thompson.

Bill Roe was a huge supporter of the sport, and a wonderful, colorful friend. Bill's affection of the sport, ability to dig through the bull shit and bureaucratic detritus that challenges our sport.

Bill Roe was a friend to many. I considered him a friend and a supporter of the cause.

I found this piece posted by Peter Thompson and Mike Fanelli. We hope that you enjoy it. It was an amazing day, and Bill Roe was all over it.

88423295_10157284858879075_6614619883495751680_n.jpg1978 A.A.U. Men's National XC, Greg Meyer over Alberto Salazarr, photo from Mike Fanelli's Track Garage

Global athletics and running events are being cancelled hourly. The coronavirus pandemic, based on fact, and sometimes fear, is the cause of this concern. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still at a very early stage in the U.S. This is the update on event changes from EME News.

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist Resource

Sunday is a long run day. Long runs build your immune system, so we encourage them. We will be changing workouts during the coronavirus epidemic. Be careful. Hydrate, sleep, wash hands 20 seconds. Do not take this lightly.

image3.jpegVan Cortlandt Park, photo by Jeff Benjjamin

Sunday, March 15, 2020: Long runs, 75-80 minutes.

cc569d3ef70a533651efb296853f9180.jpgThe postponing of athletic events has many consequences. In the case of the 2020 London Marathon, the British Marathon Trials were to be held during the London Marathon. British Athletics has to hold a Trials, what will they do?

nyrr.pngThis is the note sent out by the NYRR to explain the cancellation of events for 30 days, due to the coronavirus.

13-20-397-slide.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

We all wanted to see Eliud Kipchoge battle Kenenisa Bekele, but that, alas, is not to be this spring. Eliud Kipchoge was rather diplomatic. This is his comments post London announcement.

A quick note. I have known Mike Fanelli since 1978-79, when he competed in the Paul Masson Winery Marathon. I spent some time with Mike at the 1980 Olympic Trials, and we ran the Norcal 10,000m together in 1981. Since then, it was his time at Reebok, then Mizuno, then working with major events. But, Mike's most lasting effect on the sport is the popularity of his daily affirmation on the glory days of athletics. Mike writes amazing columns on the sport, and from the best Track and Field Garage on the globe, photos, programs and artifacts that remind us how athletics is both global and a life long love for many.

We have asked Mike Fanelli if we may, on a much more regular basis, reprint his fine columns. This is the beginning of that relationship. We also encourage all track geeks to sign up for Mike Fanelli's track geek daily journeys by friending Mike Fanelli on Facebook.

And, thanks again, Mike Fanelli, for opening the sport up to many...

cunninghamelkhart.jpegGlenn Cunningham, from the Mike Fanelli Track & Field Garage

A light day. Keep on running, it keeps you healthy. Especially in the time of the global pandemic, running keeps you grounded and brings down anxiety.

Abdirahman_Abdi-R1a-OTM20.jpgAbdi Abdirahman made his fifth Olympic team! He's 43! What's your running dream? photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday, March 14, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

unnamed.jpgRace walking, photo from World Athletics

Belarus government has put limits on events in their country, and the RW team champs was postponed today. The World Athletics offices will be closed as well.

atlantatrackcluborg_161334604.jpgAJC Peachtree logo

The release below announces that the open registration begins for the 2020 AJC Peachtree road race, which begins March 15, 2020-March 31 2020. The world's largest 10k is scheduled on July 4, 2020. The management team at Atlanta TC has just hosted the Olympic Trials and the PUBLIX Atlanta Marathon.

The Boston Marathon, the most iconic of marathons, has been postponed until September 14. Kudos to the B.A.A., city of Boston, all towns and villages along the historic course, and all city services, and sponsors, on finding a date and keeping the history alive.

This was leaked 48 hours ago, but we did not respond until the official word comes. Please note that we will keep all updates coming. Looking forward to seeing you all in Boston on 14 September!

BAA.jpg2020 Boston Marathon course, from B.A.A.

This was no surprise. What is not being taken into consideration is the unknown territory we are now in. One thing to cancel an event. Another is to postpone and reschedule.

Remember, 40,000 people is like four towns of the size I live in, moving for six to eight hours. In the release below, Hugh Brasher thanked all of the villages and townships along the London course in the release noted below.

Keep running, wash your hands, hydrate and keep training!

london m.jpg

Speed play is how Fartlek is translated from Swedish. It is a very mature training platform, and it can build your fitness to a very high level. Fartlek can be done by self or with a group. Just be careful with the current health crisis.

Linden_Des-FH1-OTM20.jpgDes Linden just misses the Olympic team, photo by Kevin Morris

Friday, March 13, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 5 x 5:00 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy, pace is 5k race pace, gentle cool down

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCOVID-19 Coronavirus, photo courtesy of Journalist Resource

Well, all hell broke loose today. NCAA indoor champs cancelled as athletes warming up on track at Albuquerque convention center. Boston Globe noting the Boston marathon being postponed, yet, BAA has not noted a postponement. More news below...

CUgitOxVEAEAM9k.jpgFrancie Larrieu on cover of RW book of month, circa 1974

Francie Larrieu was an athlete of amazing breath and stature. From 1972 to 1992, ( Olympic teams in 1972, 1976, 1980, 1988 and 1992), from 1,500m to the marathon, she was, well amazing. This is Jeff Benjamin's salute to the famous Cindergal from San Jose!

Ajee' Wilson set an AR at 800m by .31 seconds, with her sterling performances of AR 1:58.29. Her race at the Millrose Games was a classic. Pace setter La Tavia Thomas hit the 200m in 26.88 and 400m in 56.22. At the 400m, a restrained Ajee' Wilson hit the 400m in 57.51. France's Cynthia Anais kept Wilson out of the lead post pace setter. Anais lead at 500m in 1:12.49.

This race resembled a roller derby. After France's Anais took lead, Jamaica's took the lead and lead at the 600m in 1:28.16. The patented Ajee' Wilson move took place over the last furlong, and Ajee' Wilson just moved away, one second plus ahead of Natoya Goule (1:59.35).

What does this tell us about Ajee' Wilson? That she is fit! We can not wait until we can see her outdoors in 2020.

Thanks, on this podcast, to Mike Deering, on podcast production, Jeff Benjamin, Courtney Ware.

The coronavirus is affecting global sport, the EAA has responded on its Throwing Cup...


Anyone who reads @runblogrun knows how I begin my day: read @EMENews, read, and check out Today, I found this piece by Michael Houston on Inside the games yesterday.

NNLondonRace-065.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

The most prestigious high school indoor championsips, the NBNI, was cancelled late last night. The release was sent just around midnight and I missed it. This meet is how events should be run, championing the finest athletes in athletics. The brainchild and labor of love of NSAF and sponsored by New Balance will be back in 2021.


NBI. jpg.jpg

The 300 m repeats on Wednesday may have left you a bit sore. Hydrate, stretch slowly, and run relaxed.

DSC07644.jpgElle Purrier, Jemme Reekie, Gabriela Stafford Deboes, photo by Cortney Ware

Thursday, March 12, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, courtesy of

This is the updated list of events affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the global athletics market.

Justin Lagat, our senior writer in Kenya, wrote this piece on the effect that canceled events in Europe will have on the Eldoret City Marathon and other local Kenyan events. This also comes on the heel of Athletics Kenya not allowing top athletes to travel outside of Kenya.

NNLondonRace-065.jpgEliud Kipchoge, will he be affected by the Athletics Kenya announcement on elite athlete travel? photo by NN Running team

This is track day. Today is 300 meters repeats. You will feel fast and quick. Enjoy the recovery. Stay focused, and taking one at a time.

Gregg_Brendan-0289-OTM20.jpgBrendan Gregg, photo by Kevin Morris

Wednesday, March 11, 2020: 30 min warmup run, 16 x 300m, 800m pace, 300m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

RunBlogRun opines:

The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting all aspects of our lives. In Italy, in the past 72 hours, the Prime Minister first announced schools and universities closed until March 15, now it is April 3. Then, he announced 1/3 of the Italian population would be in quarantine. In the last 24 hours, Prime Minister Giusseppe Conte announced the all of Italy will be quarantined, going from 16 million Italians to 60 million Italians. Cafes close at 6 pm. No large gatherings. The Catholic church halted daily mass in some parishes. The quarantine is the largest in Europe in a non wartime era.

New York is the media capital of the world. Eleven million people live in the metro areas. City services will be challenged with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The NYRR, after consulting with the city and state, came to the right conclusion. It is difficult, but they had to cancell the United NYC Half.

nyc half .jpg

The release is below.

Kudos to the NYRR. This had to be a difficult decision. This writer asks readers to go back to Hurricane Katrina in 2012. The NYRR and Mayor Bloomberg told the already assembled marathoners that the race would go on. Then, it was cancelled. The NYRR recieved much negative comments in the media and it hurt the reputation of the club.

Kudos to the NYRR. When you have 25,000 people running and walking, many services that could be used to control the COVID-19 coronavirus, will be able to be used to control the coronavirus.

NYRR gets an A on this one!

5bf7fecdebc469fdbbc171644ae63ff5_L.jpgLester Lescay, photo by

That athletics in Cuba is so good should surprise no one. The lack of great facilities are noted by some. That is not the entire story. Cuba is a proud country. It possesses fine coaches who understand their events ( espec. the jumps), and can improvize. Cuba also possesses amazing athletic talent, just waiting for someone to motivate them.

RunBlogRun opines: The NB 2 mile at the Reggie Lewis opened my eyes to the ferocity of Elle Purrier's finish. As she took off on the final furlong of the 2 mile, she passed Dominique Scott and Emma Coburn, and ran a good 9:29.17. Elle used a 63.17 on the final 400m, and a swift 29.82 last 200m. She did not sprint away, she sped away.

Purrier_Elinor-4-NBiGP20w.jpgElle Purrier takes the 2 mile, Jan. 25, 2020, photo by Kevin Morris

The Millrose mile was fascinating. Elle Purrier, coached by Mark Coogan, kept her cool. In that final 200m, where the emotions get confused, and heart wants to sprint, and the legs said, take a sauna, Elle kept under control. Her attack, on that final straight, was surgical: precise, exquisite, and little bloodshed. The situation was this: there was no way in hell anyone, anyone was catchng Purrier.

DSC07664.jpgElle Purrier takes the AR, in 4:16.85, photo by Cortney Ware


Remember, dear runners, when we began American Athletics in the Spring of 1989, we put Mary Decker Slaney on the cover. Elle Purrier took the most esoteric of Slaney's records off the books.

What does that mean?

I can not wait to see Shelby Houlihan and Elle Purrier over 5000m this summer.

Enjoy the podcast celebrating Elle Purrier and her AR!

Thanks Mike Deering, Cortney White, Kevin Morris.

RunBlogRun opines: The coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus shows both the good and not so good in the conundrum of being part of the modern media. Allow me to explain. By the time January 2020 hit, I was getting, from sources with China and those in the medical community, that the coronavirus was something to respect. As someone who is in his sixties and who has 3 stents, plus just recovered from thyroid cancer, I am the poster child for those in the coronavirus food chain. So, I did some things. I cancelled a month long trip to Europe. I cancelled plans to go to World Indoors. I meticulously wash my hands. I take Vitamin C daily. I workout and sleep well.

Common sense things.

The speed of modern media is also its weakness. This column, from, , is a primer on how to cover a health crisis, when media speed in almost instantaneous, and the chance for grevious errors are huge. I might also suggest that the themes presented here can be guidelines for covering other types of issues as well.

CDC_2019-nCoV_Laboratory_Test_Kit-720x480.jpgLab test kit for the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Lab test kit for the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

RunBlogRun opines: The first time I was aware of Eliud KIpchoge was with 300m left in the 5000m at the 2003 World Championships. Kenenisa Bekele and Hicham El Guerrouj. This was the race I had waited for! The young Kenyan would, rain on the Kings of Distances parades. The young Kipchoge had taken on the two finest distance runners in the world and had beat them.

Below is a fine piece on the three medals that Eliud Kipchoge has won in the Olympics.

Thanks to NN Running team for these weekly columns and Nike for their kind support.

NNLondonRace-065.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by Virgin Money London media

Today is a modest day, keep it that way, big Wednesday coming.

Seidel_Molly-5059-OTM20.jpgIn her debut at marathon, Molly Seidel makes the Olympic team! photo by Kevin Morris

Tuesday, March 8, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Monday has been hill day. They are one of the secret sauces of training.

Abdirahman-Riley-OTM20.jpgJake Riley makes his first Olympic team, Abdi Abdirahman makes his 5th and Galen Rupp just made his 4th! photo by Kevin Morris

Monday, March 9, 2020: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

Jarrrrion Lawson cleared !!!


Nice to see Jarrion Lawson has been vindicated. Looking forward to seeing him jump and sprint again.

d55a2686-3a40-4df2-abb9-4b8e9e6ec6c9.pngJarrion Lawson, photo by World Athletics

barcelona maratone .jpgBarcelona Marathon, photo by

The coronavirus is affecting large events. Many are being postponed, many are being cancelled. This is just the beginning. The next month will be quite difficult as goverments, WHO and CDC comes to understand what we are dealing with. This is our centuries' 1919 Philadelphia flu. Many will get sick, many will be quaranteened and we will question all of the assurances of modern life.

The coronavirus is making the fall of 2020 even busier. A half dozen global events have now changed dates from Spring 2020 to Fall 2020! Tens of thousands of global runners will change their training and travel plans due to Paris Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Paris Half, and World Half postponing or outright cancelling their events.

What do you do if you won the World Half, and the NYRR NYC Marathon? Well, if you are Geoffrey Kamworor, you have to make some decisions.

48736919807_95262b2a86_k-1024x683-300x200-thumb-500x333-51857.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Jo Pavey.jpgJo Pavey, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Jo Pavey is a highly popular athlete in the UK. She has made International teams in cross, track and on the roads. I watched her battle in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth and 2014 European Champs 10,000m. She was amazing. I was in Osaka in 2007, and the women's 10,000m was amazing. Kara Goucher took the bronze, Kim Smith fifth and Jo Pavey was fourth. The Turkish champion, Elvan Abeylegesse, was caught on a doping charge.

Jo Pavey is a remarkable athlete, and role model. I am happy to see her get her get her medal.

928e01b0-6ff5-4fa8-9251-0bf121daeebc.pngRunBlogRun OPINES: This was a difficult decision to make for the LOC, Mayor of Gydnia, and World Athletics. This was the right decision. The corronavirus is an example of the challenges of a global society and Mother Nature.

Kosgei 1 London.jpgBrigid Kosgei winning the 2019 Virgin London Marathon, photo by London Marathon

This decision is too fluid to decide. Our contacts note that the decision may be coming soon, and may also be very, very close. The coronavirus is growing rapidly in the UK, and the media is all over it.

In college, Dan Durante was my coach. Dan was a fine sprinter in his youth (and as a master). Dan was also an engineer. To describe Dan, I would like to borrow a line from Kenny Moore, who, in describing Ron Hill (one of GB's finest marathoners, and author of Long Hard Road), noted that Mr. Hill "was possessed by the scientific method." That aptly describes my coach.

We had these Tuesday workouts, in off season and in cross country, where we ran 20 repeat hills, about five miles, and we would get sore. Dan began washing our legs down with this terribly cold water from a hose. The next day, our legs would be fully recovered. Long runs werer 18-22 miles through the Santa Cruz mountains, where we might catch upon Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), on his Vespa, chatting along side us on the deserted Santa Cruz roads.

20200229 RUPP Galen2 kl.JPGGalen Rupp, 2020 Olympic Trials Champion, photo by Kirby Lee

These memories inspire me to this day, as did Dan Durante. He taught us to use our minds and spirit. Coaches are educators, cheerleaders, confessors, and role models. I was lucky. My coaches were all role models, and I go back to their memories for wise counsel.

Sunday, March 8, 2020: Long runs, 75-80 minutes.

53BCB588-AB32-4DBF-9269-BF87FA7827B1.jpegCourtesy Photo Attached - Defending champion Elisha Barno and Zane Robertson.

I love the LA Marathon. I ran the first LA Marathon while I was still working at Runner's World. The LAM is one of the most colorful and fun marathons on the globe. It has 25,000 runners this year. It could have 40,000. 92 percent of the actual marathoners drive to LAM. This year, LAM has a new presenting sponsor, ASICS, and a fine PR guy Dan Cruz, who sent us this release. Dan Cruz and Matt Turnbull, both class acts, are working on LAM this year!

Updated March 7, 2020

Matt Turbull is an elite athlete coordinator. Matt has put together some amazing fields, on challenging budgets. Athletes work with Matt because he has built trust with them. It takes more than money to get top athletes to fly around the world, although that sure helps. As Matt is managing the elite field at the LAM on Sunday, we thought you might like to see this interview.

Updated March 24, 2017

We thought you might like to see this video with Matthew Turnbull. Matthew is the elite athlete coordinator for the Skechers Performance LA Marathon. Matthew also is elite athlete coordinator for the 2017 Carlsbad 5000 meters, an amazing race the first weekend of April

Matthew Turnbull is the Elite Athlete Coordinator for the Skechers Performance LA Marathon. This is his first year in LA at the Marathon. The team at Conqur Endurance Group are in good hands.

Turnbull_Matt-SanJose10.jpgMatthew Turnbull, when he was a wee lad (2010, San Jose), photo by Competitor Group

Matthew is one of the most respected Elite Athlete Coordinators in the biz. He has done consulting for Competitor Group, Global Athletics & Marketing and began his journey in elite athlete relationships at the Great Run Company, the finest race management company in the UK.

Here is a quick interview I did with Matthew, asking him to self grade himself on the 2017 Skechers Performance LA Marathon.

DSC_1854.jpgWeldon Kirui wins in 2018, photo by Brian Eder/ RunBlogRun

DSC_1897.jpgWeldon Kirui, 2018 LAM winner, photo by Brian Eder / RunBlogRun

The LA Marathon happens 8 March 2020. 25,000 runners and walkers will run the 35th version of the LA Marathon. Skecher's Weldon Kirui won in 2016 and 2018. Both Kirui and 2019 winner Elisha Barno are competing in LA on Sunday. Thanks to Taylor Olson Cooney of Skechers PR for this interview. Skechers' sponsorship of LAM ended in 2019, ASICS America has returned as the presenting sponsor.

The body is a curious thing. The harder you challenge it, within reason, the tougher it becomes. But, what is the right amount hard days and recovery days. I recall, in college, running 120 miles a week, going to school full time and enjoying a robust social life. I raced 30-35 times a year, and enjoyed the racing. Cross country, a bit of indoor, outdoor and perhaps some road racing. After college, it was more on the road racing, a bit of cross country, and a marathon or two.

The juggling was tough, and there were days when I wanted to crawl in a ball on my bed, and just collapse.

NNPT19CampLife-049.jpgEven world class athletes have fun! photo by NN Running team

In high school, the notion is to get the basics down. Keep the mileage in control. Most can do well in 40-50 miles a week. Listen to your body.

Saturday, March 7, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig comprise the media group, Race News Service. Race News Service is a global service that provides partners, such as Running Network and RunBlogRun with content from key events around the world.

NNBerlin19Race-142.jpgKenenisa Bekele, oh so close in 2019 Berlin, what can he do in London? photo by NN Running Team

Andy Edwards interviewed Kenenisa Bekele after his fine win at the Vitality Big Half Marathon on March 1, 2020. Kenenisa ran 60.22, a new course record, and that gives one an indication of the shape that Bekele is in, and how he regards his upcoming duel with Eliud KIpchoge.

You see, Kenenisa Bekele has the fire again. He knows that he is gaining fitness, he knows he is making ungodly monery, and he wants, oh, how he wants, to defeat Eliud Kipchoge.

Bekele had to deal with Haile Gebresalassie during most of his track career. Even when he put down a near four minute mile in Paris in 2003, in the 10,000m, to win gold, he knew that Haile won the PR battle. So, Kenenisa Bekele listened to his manager. He improved his mastery of English, he became more talkative, and most importantly as his manager, Jos Hermans noted a few years ago, Kenenisa Bekele now respects the marathon.

Okay, an aside....

The 1968 Olympic decathlon gold medalist, Bill Toomey, told me in an interview in 1996 something I never forgot, that is appropos here, in this exact circumstances: "The one who wins is the one who covets the medal the most."

Bekele knows that KIpchoge knows, that anyone can be beat. Who wants it more?

Even with the coronavirus, it seems that London may happen, in one way or another. The elite race could be one of the finest ever.

And Kenenisa Bekele wants one more accolade: he wants the marathon WR to add to his 5000m and 10,000m WRs.

Then, Kenenisa Bekele would be the finest distance runner of all times.

tomas walsh .jpgTomas Walsh, photo by

Why do I love the shot put? It is about athlete vs. athlete. It is unguarded. The athletes have to call on an inner strength to focus all of their drive, technique and muscle memory into an eighteen to twenty three meterr throw.

Tomas Walsh knows how to call on his inner strength. Tomas Walsh is competitive. That smile hides little. He likes competition, and he respects his competition. He also knows that if he makes any mistake, then it is second place.

Tomas Walsh threw 21.70m today.

Brittany Crew defeated Valeria Adams, another competitive Kiwi.

efe2655a-eed2-4eab-ac9c-16c12aaa124a.jpgTomas Walsh, controlling the steel orb, photo copyright belongs with World Athletics

The 2020 NYRR Millrose Games should be examined in each and every sports marketing class at every college and university in North America. What was so special? Well, it was the perfect storm. Many athletes had cut back on the indoor season due to the 2020 Tokyo, then, the coronavirus. Ray Flynn then put together 13 elite events with some fine athletes. On top of that, expectations by the fans wanting top noth events, draw five thousand fans into the NB T&F Armory.

Thanks to Mike Deering, Cortney White for their help on this podcast.

DSC07664.jpgElle Purrier sets AR in mile in 4:16.75! photo by Cortney White

SP020483-753819.JPGNaomi Ogbeta, Triple Jump, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is the final piece of on the 2020 SPAR British Indoor Championships, by Stuart Weir. The championships, held in the time of coronavirus, has complicated the indoor season. This is the final piece of some of the events on Day 2. We thank Stuart Weir on his efforts and love of the sport...

20200222_170253.jpgThe stands in Glasgow, 2020 SPAR British Indoors Glasgow, Scotland, photo by Stuart Weir

arena 2.JPGThe 2020 SPAR British Indoor Championships, Feb. 22-23, 2020, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

The SPAR British Indoor Champs were held over two days in Glasgow, Scotland. This is Stuart's highlights and lowlights on day the Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland.

SP021619-753964.JPGGuy Learmouth takes a close 800m in 1:46.98 PB lead 3 others to PBs! photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

SP021914-753968.JPGKeely Hodgkinson takes women's 800m, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

This is the article on the 800 meters, on day 2 of the 2020 SPAR British Indoor Championships, in Glasgow, Scotland.

One of the events that I try to attend is the SPAR British Indoor Champs, as it gives me a big chance to see some of the finest British Athletes early in the year. The British Champs had some big performances, and we asked Stuart Weir to cover the event, this year in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Emirates Arena, one of my favorite athletic venues.

SP029661-753283.JPGSophie Cook takes British Indoor Champs, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

SP019641-753381.JPGAmy Hunt, 60m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Bramble.JPGDan Bramble takes the long jump, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is the first of a series on the 2020 SPAR British Indoor Athletics Championships, Glasgow, Scotland, by Stuart Weir. The championships were two weeks ago, the series is solid and this will help us see some of the new stars in British Athletics.

The Friday speed play is getting you fit. Each week, you should feel a bit more fluid and a bit faster on your feet. Follow the workout closely.


Cruz Culpepper wins NBIGP in 4:11, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe addicts

Friday, March 6, 2020: Fartlek, 50 minutes, 8 x 3 minutes at 2k pace, 3 minutes easy, 1 x 1 minute, 1k pace, 1 minute easy,1 minute easy, gentle cool down.

The 113th NYRR Millrose Games was astounding. Meet director Ray Flynn builds this meet around thirteen events that he puts together with someone who is both agent and past elite athlete. Flynn's appreciation of the history and iconic nature of the Millrose Games can be seen in each event he picks and how he puts the fields together.

We did this podcast in a couple of parts. Why? Because we want you to savor and experience the excitement of the meet. The thirteen elite events are highlighted, and the fans love it. I have to believe that the late Dr. Norb Sander would be happy that his legacy continues.

Special thanks to Mike Deering, Cortney White and the NYRR Millrose Games for their assistance.

DSC07343.jpgJustyn Knight, photo by Cortney White

After a track day, it is really important that you keep it under control. Keep the run modest and talk the whole way. Focus on the stride outs, but keep them light. Cooldown well.

DSC07593.jpgElle Purrer, 2020 Millrose by Cortney White

Thursday, March 5, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150m strideouts


lam-asics-dated-logo-white-on-blue-web.jpgThe LA Marathon will go on as planned. I salute the LAM folks. The coronavirus should be respected, but races have very few of the people being harmed by the Covid-19 novel coronavirus. Healthy people, if they get anything, seem to be getting a lighter version of the virus. The rash of cancelled events do not seem to understand even the basics from the CDC and WHO guidelines.

We wish thre 25,000 who will run LAM the very best of races and continued health.

I will let you in on a secret. I have done thousands of interviews, over the 39 years that I have been writing about this sport that I love. Tomas Walsh, Valerie Adams and Nick Willis are absolutely some of the finest athletes, but also human beings that I have ever met. Kiwis all, Walsh is competitive about everything and can be quite explicit on what makes him happy and when he has been treated poorly. One of the best senses of humor and also one of the most competitive athletes of any era is Dame Valerie Adams. I respect her also because of the level of decorum she has kept in the light of the drug cheats she has been subjected to in her career. Nick Willis? Nick Willis makes everything look so darn easy, and it is not. His agent Mark Wetmore reminded me of this, when, in Rio in 2016, Nick scooted himself into a bronze medal and oh,r so close to the silver. His 43rd sub 4 minute mile, but also making it the 18th year he had broken a four minute mile, equaling the record of another Kiwi, Sir John Walker. I would never, ever wager against a fit Nick Willis in a championship race. Willis smells the route to a medal. And that last 50 meters? Willis is a deadly finisher.

The Tokyo Olympics is on, as of now. This note from IOC Prez Bach is fascinating....

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the Olympic 10,000m and the lack of a Kenyan winner on the men's side since 1968! With all of the Kenyan wins at every other distance. Will we see a Kenyan man take gold in Tokyo at 10,000m?

1_3432.jpgKibiwot Kandie is one of the men who Justin Lagat suggests as a Tokyo 2020 player, photo by COLOMBO

Ruth Jebet is the 2016 Rio Olympic champion at the steeplechase. On 27 August 2016, Ruth Jebet set a new WR in the steeplechase, in 8:52.78.

Then, the wall came tumbling down.

On 1 December 2017, the Bahraini (born Kenyan) tested positive for EPO. Ruth Jebet was given a provisional ban in 2018 after the positive test of December 2017.

Jebet.jpgRuth Jebet wins gold in Rio 2016, photo by

On 4 March, 2020, the French newsite and digital TV, that the Athletic Integrity Unit (AIU) had announced that Ruth Jebet has been banned for 4 years, for using EPO, a blood booster meant for controlling Leukemia. EPO was first developed the AMGEN company, which helped the then IAAF (now World Athletics) in the 1990s to understand the drug and how endurance athletes were illegally using this to gain a fitness advantage.

This means that Ruth Jebet will be unable to defend her title from Rio in Tokyo 2020 (which begins 24 July 2020-ends 9 August 2020).

Jebet's world record of 8:52.78, set August 2016, we decimated in August 2018 by Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech, who is also the 2019 World Champion, with her 8:44.32. Chepkoech's mark was put under the proverbial microscope due to the fact that two of the past 3 WR's in the women's steeplechase have both been banned since their world leading marks.

Sixteen times the 200m is a good workout. You feel swift, move well and get the sense that, after ten weeks of work, you are getting fit. The ability to turn over is key. 200ms are great tests. You also can focus on good form.

20200229 RILEY Jacob2 KL.JPGJacob Riley, after 3 years of injuries, took second in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, photo by Kirby Lee

Wednesday, March 4, 2020: 30 min warmup run, 16 x 200m, Mile pace, 100m jog between each, 2 x 400m, 200m jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

NNBerlin19Race-142.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by NN Running team

Kenenisa Bekele is rounding into shape for the 2020 Virgin Money London marathon, which will pit Bekele against Kipchoge. This should be a wonderful duel.

bu_news-en-1506953878.jpgThis was the site of the fast 5000m on Feb. 28 where Paul Tanui ran 13:25. This was among the performances last week by Rosa Associati. Thanks to Steven Cugusi.

Novel Coronavirus News...


We really are at the beginning of the CoVid 19 Coronavirus. Events will be cancelled, some events will be postponed. What will happen with the Tokyo Olympics? What will happen with the European Athletics Championships?

There is much misinformation on the Coronavirus. The CDC site on Coronavirus is

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgNovel Coronavirus, art from CDC

Special thanks to Mark Winitz on the KP Napa Valley Marathon release. The Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon was held on March 1, 2020. A record setting 4,500 ran the marathon/half marathon, and 600 ran the 5k.

napa vm.png

-Running Network Senior Writer Jeff Benjamin
-Ken Popejoy
-Jim Spivey
-Mike Durkin
-Craig Virgin

Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece on Craig Virgin and his place in the NSAF Hall of Fame!

Today is Tuesday. It is an easy day and you should savor it. I loved to let my mind wander of the easy days and I did my best to take easy days easy. Lots of times, you get into a groove, and you feel like flying. Save that speed and effort for hard days and races.

Harvey_Brian-0990-OTM20.jpgBrian Harvey, 2020 US Olympic Trials, photo by Kevin Morris

Tuesday, March 3, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

48736919807_95262b2a86_k-1024x683-300x200.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

The Kenyan team will be excellent in Gydnia!

87039883_2391223567804831_1021557885454254080_o.jpgPascal Martinot Lagarde, photo by LF Photography

The WIT Lieven meet was fantastic. Stuart Weir noted that it was one of the best meets that he had even witnessed. Well World Athletics agrees, check below!


Cember.jpgAbigail Cember took women's marathon in 3:00:00! photo by Publix Atlanta Marathon

Kopecky.jpgBenjamin Kopecky wins men's marathon in 2:29.49, photo by Publix Atlanta Marathon

Godina Devers.jpgOlympians John Godina (shot put), and Gail Devers (sprints, hurdles) just compled the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon! photo by Publix Atlanta Marathon

Team USA at PAM.jpgTeam USA at the Publix Atlanta Marathon, photo by Publix Atlanta Marathon

One day after hosting the 2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon, the Atlanta Track Club hosted the Publix Atlanta Marathon. Here's the story:

dabf1b1a-39f4-4c30-b0ed-aa4860b23908.jpgBirhanu Legese, photo courtesy of World Athletics

This update came from NN Running team on the Tokyo Marathon!

On Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020, seven hundred men and women lined up in Atlanta, Georgia to see who would make the US Olympic marathon team. Lots of dreams were dashed, and many dreams exceeded. Do you have an Olympic dream? Daily running gets you closer to your dreams.

2020 oly teams.jpg2020 U.S. Marathon Trials team, Molly Seidel, Aliphine Tuliamuk, Sally Kipyego, Jacob Riley, Abdi Abdirahman, photo by

Monday, March 2, 2020: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

siderova.jpgAnzehlika Siderova, courtesy of Zurich Diamond League

Big pole vault news! Siderova takes the World Lead!

The Last Chance meet always gets some fast times as the 200m indoor facility is ungodly fast. It was proven again on Friday night with some screamingly fast mens' 5000ms! Shadrack Kipchirchir set a WL of 13:08.25. Marc Scott's 13:08.87 took down Mo Farah's 13:09.16 from 2017!

bu_news-en-1506953878.jpgBoston University, photo by Beynon surfaces

DSC07629.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, Millrose 2020, photor by Cortney White

Germany's Konstanze Klosterhalfen broke the European indoor 5000m record and Karissa Schweizer set an AR indoor at 3000m on Thursday night at the famed BU Last Chance Invitational.

The course did not have a flat section on it. The winds hit you hard in the face, and made the course even harder. Put 230 of the finest U.S. men and 460 of the finest US women, and you had a day of reckoning. The Atlanta Track Club did a fantastic job, and the accolades came from athletes, coaches and fans.

In the mens race, the big pack as about 50 seconds back from 8:27 steeple/2;13.27 marathon man Brian Shrader, who lead the marathon by 50 seconds at the halfway in 1:04:53. Galen Rupp put in a big surge, taking the lead between 16-17. Augustus Maiyo, Leonard Korir, Abdi Abdiraham and Matt McDonald were there. Then comes Jacob Riley and the battle for second raged as Galen Rupp looked better and better as he began to move away, taking the second OT marathon title, (equalling only Frank Shorter's 2 wins) in 2:09.20. Jacob Riley took second in 2:10.02 PB and Abdi Abdirahman took the bronze irrn 2:10:03.

2020 oly teams.jpgThe men's and women's US Olympic teams for the Tokyo 2020 Marathon team! photo by AJC

Aliphine Tuliamuk and Molly Seidel broke away after 21 miles with Emily Sisson, Molly Huddle, Des Linden, Emma Bates, Laura Thweat, Kellyn Taylor all there. Seidel, in her debut, and Tuliamuk and Kipyego wanted the team badly, and they made it. The three 8 mile loops were tough enough, but the wind, the cold and the fans all kept the marathoners in a state of constant involvement. Aliphine Tuliamuk took the women's title in 2:27.23, Molly Seidel was second, in her debut, in 2:27.31, and Sally Kipyego was third in 2:28:52. Des Linden was a heart breaking 2:29.03, 11 seconds back!

The Atlanta Track Club put on an excellent Olympic Trials.

tuliamuk.jpgAliphine Tuliamuk, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

Check out the broadcast on NBC sports or You Tube on the Trials Marathon. It was inspiring!

IMG_1226.JPGOlympic Trials Media center, Atlanta, GA, photo by Larry Eder

Sunday, March 1, 2020: a modest long run, 70-75 minutes

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