Record year for the BAUHAUS gala -now an exciting Olympic season awaits



Karsten Warholm, photo by Etienne Fiacre

Stalh2.jpgDaniel Stahl celebrating post event, photo by Chris Cooper

The Bauhaus Galan 2020 meeting was an exciting meeting. This release is about the 2021 date....

Record year for the BAUHAUS galan - now an exciting Olympic season awaits

Jan Kowalski, who is the competition leader for the BAUHAUS galan, is pleased when he sums up the past season and he looks forward with confidence to 2021 he for Sweden's only world-class competition in athletics.

In 2020, the BAUHAUS Gala is ranked as the second best of the 372 galas evaluated by the International Athletics Federation, including the other Diamond League galas. The Diamond League gala in Stockholm has never had such a high ranking before.

tim©etiennefiacre.jpgTimothy Cheruiyot and Jakob Ingebrigtsen, photo by Etienne Fiacre

The BAUHAUS gala showed a sharp improvement from previous years where the gala was losing its Diamond League status.
Bauhaus DL .jpgBauhaus Galan, photo by

- We managed to put together a good starting field this year. It gave us the highest ranking of the gala ever, which is fantastic from a historical perspective, says Jan Kowalski.

There was a record-breaking international television interest in the BAUHAUS gala, which was broadcast in 158 countries.


Ajila Del Ponte, photo by Etienne Fiacre

Next year, the BAUHAUS gala will be held on July 4, which is a good date, a month before the Olympics in Tokyo and a week after the American Olympic competitions in athletics.

- We hope to see some of the world's best athletes make their final preparations for the Olympics and that we will have an audience in the Stadium's stands, says Jan Kowalski.

LJ KJT.jpgKaterina Johnson-Thomspon, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

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