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Eliud Kipchoge takes NN Mission Marathon, photo by NN Running


Elaine Thompson Herah, 2021 Pre Classic, photo by How Lao Photography

Athletics Weekly is one of oldest global magazines on track & field. AW was founded in 1945 (using a number 3 on its first issue, as post war England did not allow premier magazines, only established publications) and Track & Field News founded in 1948.

AW picked Elaine Thompson Herah and Eliud Kipchoge as their top athletes for 2021.



The World Athletics Awards celebrate all that is good and exciting for the sport of Athletics. We will go into much more depth this coming week, but wanted to get the word out on these amazing athletes, coaches, officials and key players in the media.


An early track spike, circa 1924-1928, cobbled by Adi Dassler, photo by adidas Communications

This is Sam Fariss's fifth piece for RunBlogRun. She wanted to explore how Sha' Carrie Richardson and Usain Bolt's interchange would be seen in the social world. Sha'Carrie Richardson is one of the most talented athletes in the American sport. She is also an athlete who has had to deal with challenging personal issues in front of millions of the curious on social media. How would you do with such a lack of privacy?

RIchardson_SheCarri-VL2-OlyTrials21w.jpgSha'Carri Richardson, photo to Kevin Morris /

This is Matt Wisner's weekly column. This is column 3, which I had missed. You will column #4 tomorrow. Matt runs the 800m at the University of Oregon. Over the summer, he wrote for @runblogrun at the Olympic Trials and remotely for the Olympics. Matt wrote this piece on the Oregon cross country camp. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Matt Wisner 800m .jpg

Matt Wisner, photo from Matt Wisner

IMG_1075.JPGMegan Tapper, 2021 Tokyo Olympics, photo by British Athletics

Megan Tapper may have been one of the happiest Olympic bronze medalists in Tokyo! I remember watching her on TV and thinking, Megan gets it. The Olympic Games is watched by billions, and only 2,000 track & field athletes compete, from 209 countries in the global games. Stuart Weir wrote this piece on Megan.

Su Bingtian 9.95


su bingtian china .jpegSu Bingtian, photo by

Su Bingtian looked primed to win the 100m final in Tokyo with his exciting semi final PB run. Alas, It was Marcel Jacobs' night. His 9.95 was a wonderful way for the top Asian male sprinter to end this exciting 2021 season.

Thanks to the constant search for the next story to satisfy our readers, we have found that Karsten Warholm has decided to look for new challenges. We had heard that he was considering the 800m, and that makes sense, as Edwin Moses, Harald Schmidd, among other 400m hurdlers had looked at the 800m, and run quite well, both under 1:45 PBs. The Norwegian Viking was looking for a new challenge. And, did he find it!


Karsten Warhlom with an incredulous Jonathan Edwards, London 2017, photo by Martin Bateman

Ashton Eaton, way back in 2014, took a year off from the decathlon and ran intermediate hurdles. I recall speaking with him in Glasgow, Scotland, after he achieved his 400m hurdle PB.

And then, we heard rumor that Karsten Warholm was looking at the decathlon to see if he could be challenged. Karsten, however, took a different approach, wearing a Sumo suit and battling all ten events in a short period of time. We are not sure if this can be considered a record, as we are not sure he made it over the pole vaul.

Here is our photo graphic evidence ! Thanks to NRK Sports!

What a season for Karsten Warholm! His world record in Oslo, 46.70, and then, his 45.94 in Tokyo! This was over the 400m hurdles, combining the sadism of the 400m, and adding ten barriers! It is a true example of will over the the pain and agony of the 400m hurdles.

Karsten Warholm has ended his season! What will 2022 bring?

In the last Continental Tour event of 2021, Trayvon Bromell, Ferdinand Omanyala and Fred Kerley left the proverbially best until last. In his first truly healthy season since 2016, Trayvon Bromell ran a PB 9.76 at the 100m. In front of his home crowd, Ferdinad Omanyala showed that Kenyans are sprinters, javelin throwers and distance runners, with his NR and Continental record of 9.77. And the man who changed from the 400m, where he ran 43.64, added a new 200m PB of 19.76.

This is the quick update on the entire meeting by EME News. Thanks to Alfons Juck, Paul Halford and Steven Mills.

This was the final Continental Tour Meeting of 2021. A long season, which began in the spring. Now, many of the athletes are showing the exhaustion of a long season well-run.

Trayvon Bromell left the very best until last, running 9.76 WL. To the delight of the Kenyan fans, Ferdinand Omanyala ran a new NR and African record, 9.77, also a PB.

In the 200m, Fred Kerley ran a 19.76 PB at 200m ( Fred has now run 9.84 for 100m, 19.76 for 200 and 43.64 for 400m) to win in Nairobi. Christine Mboma won the 200m in 22.39 , her slowest time of the season in a major race!

Faith Kipyegon won the 1,500m at her leisure, in 4:02.40.


Ferdinand Omanyala, the fastest man in Africa, set NR and AR of 9.77 battling Trayvon Bromell in Nairobi, photo by Diamond League AG

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