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One of these years, I am going to Gotzis! The multi-event at the end of May each year totally impresses, from the depth of the fields to the quality of the presentation to the knowledge of the audience.

This year, Damien Warner, Olympic champion, World Indoor Champion, and Katrina Johnson-Thompson, World Champion, Indoor & Outdoor, European Indoor champion, and second, European outdoor has had two tough years. KJT is going to Gotzis to show her fitness.

Damian Warner is one of the most articulate athletes in any discipline. Check out his convo with us at the World Champs in 2019, when he took Bronze, it is, well magnificent:

damian warner 2.jpgDamian Warner, 2021 Tokyo Olympian champion, decathlon, photo by World Athletics


Katrina Johnson-Thompson, WIC, pentathlon, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

M1500m .jpeg

Men's 1,500 meters, 2022 Muller British GP, photo by Martin Bateman

W1500m lo 1.jpeg

W1,500m: Laura Muir leads Jessica Hull, 2022 Muller British GP, photo by Martin Bateman

W1500m lo 2.jpeg

Keely Hodgkinson takes the 800m, 2022 Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Martin Bateman

The middle distances always entertain the British audience in Birmingham. And this last weekend was no exception! The men's 800m, women's 800m and both men's 1,500m and women's 1,500m were superb races. Stuart Weir, as usual, captures the essence of the races.

Laura Muir is getting into championship shape. Keely Hodgkinson is looking like a world beater. Abel Kipsang is on fire and Marco Arop continues to impress.

And again, killer photos by Martin Bateman.


Favour Ashe, photo from SEC

Favour Ofili LSU lo.jpeg

Favour Ofili, photo from LSU Track & Field

Deji Ogeyingbo sent this to me last week, and in the craziness of the weekend, I am posting it right now. I love the title," A tale of two 'Favours'!

Thanks Deji!

Justin Lagat is always on the lookout for a good story. This interview with Vibian Chepkirui is a wonderful example. Her fine runs at the Vienna City Marathon and her recent training suggest some even faster times in the future.

Vibian Chepkirui lo 1 JL .jpeg

Vibian Chepkirui spectating in a local road race in Iten, Kenya, photo by Justin Lagat

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk is from Ukraine. Maryna delivered one of two medals that Ukraine won at the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk took the silver medal in the World Indoor Champs triple jump and sixth in the long jump in Belgrade.

In this article, Stuart Weir provides a reality check for our audience, with someone who has experienced the invasion of Ukraine firsthand.

Again, we thank Martin Bateman for his superb photographs.

MBR lo 1.jpeg

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, 2022 Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Martin Bateman

This is one of Stuart Weir's favorite meets, and as you know, he loves the new venue! Birmingham is a wonderful city for sports. I spent years going to the major events, indoor and out, in the wonderful city of Birmingham.

This piece is on the women's long jump, one of the finest events of the Muller British Grand Prix / Birmingham Diamond League on May 21, 2022. Special thanks to Martin Bateman for his fine photos. Martin Bateman's photos complement Stuart Weir's text and we are most grateful for his photographic artistry.

Mihaimbo .jpeg

Malaika Mihambo, Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Martin Bateman

Ugen L lo 1.jpeg

Lorraine Ugen, Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Martin Bateman

Marcell Jacobs is the first Italian Olympic champion in the 100 meters ever! In March 2022, Marcel Jacobs defeated Christian Coleman over 60 meters in Belgrade, Serbia, at the World Indoor Championships.

Going into the World Athletics Outdoor Championships, the European Indoor Champ, World Indoor Champ and Olympic champion, Marcell Jacobs has stirred up excitement in Italy and all across Europe.

This piece is an update on Marcell Jacobs's current decision to withdraw from the Nike Pre Classic, to insure his health and fitness for July 14-25, when it really counts.

Marcel Jacobs-lo KKC.jpeg

Marcell Jacobs, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC


Marcell Jacobs, March 2022, 2022 World Athletics Indoor Championships, Belgrade, Serbia, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

The Tuesday workout is one of my favorites. A good 30-minute run, and 8 x 300 meters cutdowns, will make you feel fast. It is also a good workout a few days out from a big race. Keep the stretching slow and steady. And cool down well. Get wet clothes off asap, so you do not catch a cold. It is in the details that many lose their chances to excel.


The 10,000m, Sound Running, #Track Meet, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout today, May 24, 2022: Tuesday: Warm-up, 30 minutes moderate running, 8 x 300m, cut downs, 200 m walk-jog between, 6 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Stuart wrote this piece on the revamped Alexander Stadium, which was finished just in time for the Birmingham DL and the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Birmingham, England.

Alex stad lo 4.jpeg

Alexander Stadium, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Womens pv lo-1.jpeg

Women's Pole vault, Sandi Morris, photo by Martin Bateman

katie 1-lo .jpeg

Katie Nageotte, photo by Martin Bateman

holly b lo 2 .jpeg

Holly Bradshaw, photo by Martin Bateman

The women's pole vault is a popular event around the world. I have enjoyed the women's pole vault, indoor and out, at the Muller meetings, and before that, the AVIVA meetings in London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Monday is an easy day, after a race, and a long run on the last two days. Keep the running relaxed, and the stretching focused. A good day of speed tomorrow.

800m lo 1.jpeg

British Champs 800m, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Your workout for today, May 23, 2022, Monday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes moderate running, 6 x 150m stride outs, cooldown.

DAS 3 lo lo .jpeg

Dina Asher-Smith, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Dina Asher-Smith has raced the 400m, 200m and now, the 100m this season. She took a nice win in Birmingham and showed that her fitness is quite high. This story is by Deji Ogeyingbo. Deji writes two columns a week for us, including Deji's Doodles, which we publish on Fridays each week.

Sunday runs are all about getting in some mileage and clearing one's head. I have had very satisfying long runs through parks, around a soccer pitch, along the coast, and on quiet roads in a small town.

It is about your attitude, and what you are trying to accomplish. Enjoy your long run today.

Francine Nyonsaba Zurich 21 lo 1.jpeg

Francine Niyonsaba, Zurich 2021, photo by Diamond League AG

Your workout for today, May 22, 2022, Sunday: 75-80 minutes at a moderate pace, on trails.

The Muller British Grand Prix was an excellent meet and a fine day of track & field! This updated review of the meet is from EME News!

Tambieri 1 lo .jpeg

Gianmarco Tambieri, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Stuart Weir was in Birmingham, covering the meet for RunBlogRun and Athletics Weekly. This is his first piece on the Muller British Grand Prix. Watch for his upcoming stories on Sunday!

Muller BGP lo .jpeg

A great day of athletics in Birmingham at the Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Fans Birmingham lo 5.21.22.jpeg

The fans, Muller British GP/ Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Fan #1 lo res .jpeg

The number one fan, 2022 Muller British Grand Prix, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

The second stop on the 2022 Diamond League was the Muller British Grand Prix, or the Birmingham Diamond League, whichever you prefer to call it. Some fine performances and a strong British crowd was treated to some of their best running quite well.

This piece is from Justin Lagat, who was watching the meet from Iten, Kenya.

Alan Culpepper was takenfrom HOKA ONE ONE video

Last Thursday, May 19, 2022, Alan Culpepper, was announced as the new head coach of HOKA Northern Arizona Elite, replacing Ben Rosario as head coach. Ben has moved on to Executive Director of the esteemed club. Alan Culpepper has some serious wheels, from the 5000m to the marathon, and competed in the Athens 2004 Olympics, where he placed 12th.

A well-respected coach, Alan Culpepper beings as coach of HOKA Northern Arizona Elite in one month. We wish him luck!

Alan Culpepper, lo res .jpeg

Alan Culpepper, photo taken from HOKA ONE ONE video conference

One of the most famous rivalries in distance running was between Alain Mimoun and Emil Zatopek. In 1948, Emil Zatopek won the 10,000m, with Alain Mimoun finishing second. In the 1950 European Champs, Emil Zatopek won the 10,000m and 5,000m, with Alain Mimoun taking the silver. The same happened in 1952, when Emil Zatopek won the 10,000m, 5,000m, and the marathon. Alain Mimoun finished in silver, once again, in the 5,000m in 10,000m.

In 1956, Alain Mimoun's time came, as he took the marathon gold, and Emil Zatopek finished sixth. Alain waited for Emil to finish and shared with him that he had just become a father. His daughter, Olympia, had been born, but the French coaches did not tell him until after his marathon. Emil and Alain had formed a friendship over the years and were tough competitors as well.

Your workout today, May 21, 2022: Saturday, Saturday: warm-up, primary race distance or, 3 miles, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown.


Emil Zatopek, Alain Mimoun, photo courtesy of RunChile.Cl/Pinterest

This is a fascinating story by David Monti on Luis Grijalva, who is a very talented runner, living in US for twenty-two of his twenty-three years. Amazing kudos to Flynn Sports for supporting Luis and hats off to HOKA ONE ONE for supporting this young talent, as he has to deal with the chance of not being let back into the US without some very delicate legal maneuvering. We used this piece with permission of Race Results Weekly.


Luis Grijalva, Millrose 2022, photo by Jane Monti, Race Results Weekly, used with permission.

The Muller British GP/ Birmingham Diamond League happens on May 21, 2022. It should be very exciting! The second Diamond League meet of the 2022 season has some fantastic fields. This is from EME News, the best daily athletics news service in the sport.


Trayvon Bromell, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

This weekly column by Deji Ogeyingbo is becoming quite popular. In this weeks' column, Deji opines about Gabby Thomas, Francine Niyonsaba, the need to differentiate between Diamond League and other levels of meetings. And also, the level of competition in the women's 100m hurdles in insane!

Some good thought-provoking ideas!

Thanks, Deji!

Gabby Thomas lo 1 .jpeg

Gabby Thomas, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

As we get into league finals, conference finals, regionals, and so on, the stakes get higher and higher. The nerves play a big part. I recall watching a young Olympian in the semi-finals of the 100 meters in Athens in 2004. He was a nervous wreck. Then, I watched another, athlete, who had competed in big meets, who kept his cool. Guess who performed better?


Jakub Ingebrigtsen manages his daily stress. How do you manage your stress? photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Most humans get nervous before stressful events. The key is to harness that energy to accomplish something. Athletes who perform under pressure practice it in workouts. Some tell me that their workouts are much more intense than their races.

How do you deal with stress?

This is your workout for today, May 20, 2022, Friday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes moderate running, 6 x150m stride outs, cooldown

After I found out that I would not die challenging for the lead in the mile, I did it several other times that season. Each time, I would send up a second or third and get a PB. I love it!


This shoe was used by Emil Zatopek, who won 3 golds in the 1952 Olympics, one gold in the 1948 Olympics and a silver, and took sixth in the marathon in the 1956 Olympics, photo by adidas Communications

I was running about a mile faster per mile in the 2 mile than I did in my sophomore year, and I was running under 5 minutes consistently, which was good for me.

Success encourages success. How do you feel after you have run a good race?

Your workout for today, May 20, 2022, Thursday: Warm-up, 8 x 400m, 3000m pace, 200m jog, 6 x 150m, stride outs, cooldown

Clayton Murphy had a big win at the American Track League Puerto Rico Classic, held on May 12. Clayton, two time Olympian and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist at 800 meters, is back in Akron, Ohio and training with his college coach.

Dave Hunter, head of the unofficial Clayton Murphy track club, reached out to Clayton and spoke with him about his race, about his rebuilding in 2022 for the long season and about how good it feels to be racing well.


Clayton Murphy takes the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Well, we know that Marcell Jacobs is over his stomach flu. A nice 10.04, which was preceded by a windy 9.99 for the 100 meters tells us that the crazy long jumper from Italy is ready to roll! And the Nike Pre Classic is just less than a couple weeks away!

Marcell Jacobs 3.jpeg

Marcell Jacobs, Nairobi International Airport, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC

The first time that I tried to lead a race was in my junior year in high school. We had a dual meet against Sunnyvale High School. I was running the mile. Just off the first turn, I took the lead and lead through the 400 meters, in about 70. The top miler from Sunnyvale took the lead just at the top of the turn, and on the backstretch, I took it back, hitting the 880 in about 2:25. In the third lap, the lead changed several times, the runner from Sunnyvale would lead, then I would lead. My tactics were non-existent. As we hit the bell, we were together, and I took the lead once again, running down the backstretch. I was getting pretty excited, as my teammate Chris Schenone screamed, " Eder, Dream on!" I pushed around the final turn and was building a lead down the stretch when I began to run out of gas. First, the Sunnyvale runner sprinted by, taking the win, and then, our top 2 miler, Dan Greeney went by, and I finished third, in a 4:55.6, my best at the time.


adidas Interval, shoe that I trained and raced in 1974, photo courtesy of Steve Bence Blogspot (could not find a picture anywhere)

My brother Brian, 12 at the time, was there with my Mom. Brian had seen me run races at DeSmet (near St.Louis) when I placed last in a cross country race. Now, three years later, in California, he was watching me race, and he told me later that he liked watching me upfront. It would be six more years before I would win my first race (my senior year in college). I still can remember that race, some 47 years later.

Running is about the memories and friendships made.

Your workout today is , May 18, 2022, Wednesday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes, moderate running, 6 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

WL at the 100m, Ferdinand Omanyala will be competing at four meets in Europe in the next coming weeks. Ferdinand is focused on the African Championships next.

Omanyala lo .jpeg

Ferdinand Omanyala won the 100m in KIP KEINO CLASSIC, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC media

The Doha Diamond League has been around for over a decade. Its spot on the Diamond League schedule is back post-pandemic and the meet delivered in 2022. Great performances, tough fields, and an overly enthusiastic crowd highlight the 2022 event. Here are five big reasons why RunBlogRun believes the event rocked.

Incredible Legacy.jpg

Doha Diamond League, photo by Diamond League AG

Marcell Jacobs has a big day on May 28, 2022, when he runs the 100m at the Nike Pre Classic against one of the finest fields assembled in a Diamond League meet (let's see, Andre De Grasse, Fred Kerley, Ronnie Baker, Noah Lyles, Marvin Bracy, Kenny Bednarek, and Christian Coleman).

Marcell Jacobs, aka Crazy Long Jumper, will be racing the 100 meters in Savona, Italy tomorrow.

Marcell Jacobs .jpeg

Marcel Jacobs, Nairobi International Airport, May 5, 2022, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC media

The Sound Running TRACK MEET was held at San Juan Capistrano High School on May 6, 2022.

Some tremendous performances and some huge appearances by global athletes. Remember, the line from the movie, Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come."

Too many track meets have misunderstood that. Many in the sport feel that if they put on a meet with good athletes, almost on time, mediocre video, fans will just show up. Au contraire, mes amis.

Sound Running has made cool little meets. In making cool, little meets, Sound Running has attracted a world-wide audience.


Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Sound Running, TRACK MEET, May 6, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

The Kip Keino Classic happened on May 7, 2022. It was a fantastic meet with some world-leading marks, huge fan participation, and some hometown heroes! Here are my deep thoughts, ten days post-meet!

A special note of thanks to the media team at the KIP KEINO CLASSIC, they provided superb photos and many, allowing global media to get the word out about the Continental Tour gold meeting. I am still shocked that some meets, much larger than the KIP KEINO CLASSIC send a few photos, or none at all, to global media. If one wants to promote the sport, and one knows that major newspapers and magazines have little or no money for photos and sports content, then, why not make the smart decision and provide global media some support?

kip keino classic poster 1.jpeg

Seb Coe collage .jpeg

top left: Seb Coe on SI cover, Jeff Benjamin, Seb Coe about 1992, Jeff and Seb Coe, 2016, Seb Coe note, from the Jeff Benjamin archives

The series that Jeff Benjamin did in honor of the late Kenny Moore would not have been complete without this recollection by Seb Coe.

The likes of Jack Bacheler, Craig Virgin, Ron Tabb, Pat Tyson, Frank Shorter, and Seb Coe add to the patina of the picture that we have of Kenny Moore, Olympian, journalist, Oregonian. Kenny Moore gave us insights into his subjects that we did not have before. For Jeff and myself, our dreams were to write one piece as thoughtful as Kenny Moore.

Thanks to Seb Coe for this recollection. And thanks to Jeff Benjamin, our senior editor, and mayor of Staten Island, for his love and devotion to the sport.

I have the memory deep in my brain. During my junior year at Bellarmine, we had a workout, tw0 sets of 330-yard runs. We would do a set of 8, and I ran them in 52-53, then a 20-minute run around the campus, then, another set of 8 times 330 yards, then, a run to the Rose Gardens and back. We were quite tired. But, there was confidence, as Coach Steve Pensinger built our fitness. The next week I broke five minutes for the mile on the 352-yard dirt track that was Bellarmine's track, built way back in 1912 for the old University of the Pacific.

The 400m track at BCP is glorious now. But, if you sit in the stands, you can hear the voices of generations of athletes goofing off during warm up. Happily, I was among them.

Enjoy your workout.


Jakob Ingebrigtsen takes 5000m at Sound Running #TRACK MEET, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout today, May 17, 2022, Tuesday: Warm-up, 30 minutes moderate running, 8 x 300m, cut downs, 200 m walk-jog between, 6 x 150m stride outs, cooldown.

The Doha Diamond League was the opener of the 2022 Diamond League season. Big performances in many events.

W3000m lo .jpeg

Women's 3000m, photo by Diamond League AG

Abel Kipsang .jpeg

Abel Kipsang, photo by Diamond League AG

Stuart Weir wrote this piece, his seventh on the Doha DL about the British performances in Doha. Stuart Weir is covering the Birmingham DL this weekend.

DAS lo 1.jpeg

Dina Asher-Smith, photo by Diamond League AG

Dan Rowden lo 1.jpeg

Daniel Rowden, photo by British Athletics

Naomi M lo 1 .jpeg

Naomi Metzger, photo by British Athletics

Monday is an easy day. Make sure that you enjoy the easy days, as the hard days and race days are coming up, faster and faster.


Sound Running TRACK MEET, May 6, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout today, May 16, 2022, Monday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes moderate running, 6 x 150m stride outs, cooldown.

The Doha DL was to be a one-day meeting. Thanks to gusty winds it became a two day meeting, when the pole vault was moved indoors on

Saturday, due to the gusty winds on Friday!

Thanks to World Athletics for the results!

Keni Harrison lo 1 .jpeg

Keni Harrison, 2022 Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG

This is the sixth column by Stuart Weir on the opening meeting of the Diamond League season 2022. I always like this column that Stuart does on the good, bad, and whatever of the meets. It is where I see that Stuart is thinking about the most recent event of the season.

It's those eight hours on the plane that Stuart had on the return flight that gives him the time to come up with these gems. Thanks, Stuart!

Incredible Legacy.jpg

Doha Diamond League, the crowd at the Qatar Sports Club, photo by Diamond League AG

W3000m lo .jpeg

Women's 3000m, 2022 Doha Diamond League, photo by Diamond League AG

Faith Kipyegon lo 1.jpeg

Faith Kipyegon, 2021 Zurich DL, photo by Diamond League AG

Francine Nyonsaba Zurich 21 lo 1.jpeg

Francine Nyonsaba, 2021 Zurich Diamond League, photo by Diamond League AG

Stuart wrote his fifth piece on the Doha Diamond League about the women's 3000 meters, which came down to a tremendous battle between Francine Nyonsaba and Faith Kipyegon.

The 200 meters is one of the most popular events in our sport. And in 2022, the fields were incredible in Doha. Both men and women competed against the finest in the world and both races lived up to the hype.

Stuart put this article together and lets us hear from the winners in both races.

We can not wait to see the sprint fields at Nike Pre Classic in two weeks!

Gabby Thomas lo 1 .jpeg

Gabby Thomas took the 200m in Doha (this photo is from the Bermuda Games), photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Noah Lyles lo 2 .jpeg

Noah Lyles took the Men's 200m in 19.72 (this picture is from Bermuda Games), photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

In his third column on the Doha Diamond League opener, Stuart Weir wrote about the Winners and Losers. Stuart just returned to his home in Oxford, England, and wrote 3 more columns for us!


Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, photo via Stuart Weir

Keni Harrison lo 1 .jpeg

Keni Harrison, 2022 Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG

Abel Kipsang .jpeg

Abel Kipsang, 2022 Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG

Long runs are a great chance to get in some miles, with friends. A long run in the Santa Cruz mountains is how we spent Sunday mornings when I ran at Santa Clara University.

Our runs varied over three Sundays, beginning at 18 miles, then 20 miles, then 22 miles.


Lex Young ran 13:43.95 for 5000 meters at the Sound Running Track Meet on May 6, 2022. Lex ran the #2 time for a high schooler, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

In the first half of the run, we had a gradual downhill, through the roads bordered by old-growth Redwood trees. Most Sunday mornings, the weather would be cool, in the 50 and 60s, and we would tell jokes and keep it light. About ten miles into the run, Coach Durante would take us on the first uphill and the mood changed. The talking came more sporadic and we would focus on running one long uphill after another. The plan by our coach was to get us warmed up and have up push uphill for 50 minutes to an hour.

The long runs gave us confidence, and it sure helped racing cross country distances and our track distances as well.

Enjoy your run.

Your workout today, May 15, 2022, Sunday: 70-75 minutes at a moderate pace, on trails

Races on Saturdays were a huge part of my high school season. For some reason, we would compete at many small relays and some big meets too. I recall the King City Invitational as being a big one in my era. I ran a 2-mile with about 40 runners in it. The winning time was just over 9 minutes and I ran my PB that day of 10:26.9, which put me in about 30th place.

Big races would get me psyched up, how about you?

Track surface photo generic.jpg

Your workout today, May 14, 2022, Saturday: warm-up, primary race distance or, 3 miles, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown

Shaunae Miller Uibo lo 1 .jpeg

Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Doha DL, photo by Stuart Weir

El B steeple lo 1 .jpeg

Soufianne El Bakkali, Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG


Women's 3000m, Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG

This is Deji's Doodles. Deji does this weekly column on the happenings of track & field in the past week.


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kip Keino Classic, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the Doha Diamond League, which happened earlier today. Justin writes a weekly column for RunBlogRun on running in Kenya and how Kenyan athletes perform on the global stage.

El B steeple lo 1 .jpeg

Soufiane El Bakkali, Doha DL 2022, photo by Diamond League AG


Women's 3000m, Doha DL, photo by Diamond League AG


Cooper Institute, 1975, photo by Cooper Institute

Top Row L-R Dr. Mike Pollock, Kenny Moore, Steve Prefontaine, Jim Crawford, Ted Casteneda, Philip Ndoo, Unidentified, Dr. Kenneth Cooper. Middle Row: Jeff Galloway, Doug Brown, Russell Pate, Perry Pittman, Gary Tuttle, Richard Pettigrew, Mike Manley. Bottom Row: Unidentified, Ron Wayne, Jim Johnson, Paul Geis, Don Kardong, Unidentified, Frank Shorter

This is the sixth piece in the series by Jeff Benjamin on Remembering Kenny Moore. This piece by Frank Shorter, the teammate of the late Kenny Moore on the 1972 Olympic team.

Pat tyson lo 1 .jpeg

In a pic from the 2021 Olympic Trials -L-R, John Combe, Jeff Benjamin, Coach Bill Dellinger, Coach Pat Tyson, Tony Gulotta

Pat Tyson was the roommate of the late Steve Prefontaine. Pat Tyson was one of the finest high school coaches in the country. Now, Pat Tyson is coaching at Gonzaga University.

This was Pat Tyson's remembrance of Kenny Moore, who passed away on May 4, 2022.


Craig Virgin, photo courtesy of Jeff Benjamin

I first heard of Craig Virgin in 1972, when I ran for DeSmet Jesuit in Creve Coeur, Missouri. I read about Craig racing in Illinois. I still have the cover of Craig Virgin on TFN winning NCAA Cross country in 1976.

Jeff Benjamin reached out to Craig Virgin about his memories of the late Kenny Moore. We thank him for his comments.


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kip Keino Classic, 100m, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC

When SAFP ran 10.67 last weekend in her opener at 100m, many of us were astounded. As RBR senior editor Stuart Weir noted, "what's next"?

Stuart explores that question and her astounding opening in this column.

The easy run days were when the stories and jokes would always come out.

De Bues Stafford .jpeg

Gabrielle DeBues Stafford, Sinclaire Johnson, W1500m, Sound Running, Track Meet, May 6, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout today is May 12, 2022, Friday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes of moderate running, 6 x100m stride outs, cooldown

The Doha Diamond League is the first of the 2022 Diamond League meetings, and it happens on May 13, 2022.

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the Doha DL meeting.


Olympic & Sports Museum, Doha, Qatar, photo by Qatar Olympic Association

Today is a good workout, with some speed. Enjoy the stride-outs after the four repeats 600 meters. Make sure that your cooldown is done well.

Brosnan Sahlman.jpeg

Coach Sean Brosnan with Colin Sahlman, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout today, May 12, 2022, Thursday: Warm-up, 4 x 600m, 1500m pace, 400m jog, 6 x 150m, stride outs, cooldown

In this piece, Dave Hunter writes about the 2021 Olympic gold medalist and 2022 World Champ indoor silver medalist Katie Nageotte. Katie speaks about the motivation to compete, overcoming her fears of competition, and how she prepared for the Tokyo Olympics in the crazy year that was 2021.

David Hunter will be sending us pieces each week, once again, and we are happy to see him back. Watch for his columns on Wednesday! And watch for David's coverage of the NCAA Outdoor, US Champs and World Outdoors!

Katie Nageotte PV lo 1.jpeg

Katie Nageotte, 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

The Diamond League is upon us!

Thanks to Justin Lagat, we have a preview on the Doha Diamond league, which will happen this coming Friday, May 13. Justin gives us a play by play on the middle distance events and what could happen in the Quatar Sports Club!

Watch for tweets from Justin Lagat, Deji Ogeyingbo, Stuart Weir and myself, keeping you up to date! And do not miss watching the Doha Diamond League via Peacocok TV on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 11 am Eastern, 10 am Central and 8 am Pacific US time!

Faith Kipyegon lo Doha 1.jpeg

Faith Kipyegon won at the Doha Dl 2021, will she do it again? photo by Diamond League Ag

Many talk about alternative training. Two of my favorite stories come from Ron Daws, the US Olympian who ran the 1968 marathon and Emil Zatopek, who won gold in 1948, and 1952 and, then ran the marathon in 1956.

Ron Daws had to get a workout it, but he was having a challenge with the time. He had some old clothes to put on to workout and so, he ran (it was bitterly cold outside) up and down the stairs in his office space to get in his run, dried off in the old clothes, and went back to work. He got his run in.


Track spike, circa 1924-1928, photo courtesy of adidas Communications

Emil Zatopek had promised to do the laundry one evening, so he filled the tub with clothes, put in the laundry soap and water, and ran on the clothes, in the tub for two hours!

Enjoy the workout!

Your workout today, May 11, 2022, is: Wednesday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes, moderate running, 6 x 100m stride outs, cooldown

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has been on the sprint scene since 2008. She has won eighteen medals in global championships since then. In 2021, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce took the silver in the 100 meters, and gold in the 4 x 100 meters.

Do not underestimate SAFP, ever. She is terribly competitive, and she does not give up until after the finish line is passed. SAFP knows how to compete, and knows that she wants to compete. She is fascinating to watch in each and every competition.

In 2013, in an interview with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, SAFP told me that she needs to race a lot, that is how she gets herself in racing shape.

SAFP, lo 1.jpeg

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Nairobi Airport, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC media

In 2021, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce ran 10.60 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and defeated Olympic champion, Elaine Thompson. She also ran 21.79 for 200 meters.

Those who think that SAFP is considering retirement are wrong.

Marcel Jacobs has had an amazing year.

Marcel Jacobs won the European Athletics Indoor Championships 60 meters in March 2021. It was a big surprise to many, as Jacobs controlled the heats and the final in Torun, Poland.

Still, later that spring, Marcel Jacobs began to improve over the 100 meters, setting the NR at 100 meters on more than one occasion. By the time Marcel Jacobs got to Tokyo, he was still underestimated.

Marcel Jacobs, lo KKC 2.jpeg

Marcel Jacobs, Olympic champion, World Indoor Champion, European Indoor Champion, is numero uno! photo: KIP KEINO CLASSIC media

Each round, Marcel Jacobs looked better in Tokyo. Still, many thought Bingtian Su was the man after the semi-finals. In the Tokyo final, Marcel Jacobs used the technique that his coach had drilled into him, and got out strong, battling Kerley and DeGrasse. It was about 60 meters that the Italian stallion took control. Jacob's strength from 60 to 90 meters is where he wins the race.

Still, after the Olympics, some said that Jacobs was lucky, he did not have everyone there.

By everyone, they meant Christian Coleman.

In Belgrade, Serbia, in March 2022, Marcel Jacobs defeated Christian Coleman and Marvin Bracy at the line, in the men's 60 meters. Now, the crazy long jumper, the Twitter handle used by Jacobs, referring to his long jump forays prior to becoming a sprinter, had won both indoor and outdoor titles. He is the fastest man alive, in 2021 and now, 2022.

Click on the sound cloud audio featuring Marcel Jacobs speaking with the media at the Nairobi airport, May 2022. Special thanks to Justin Lagat, who covered the meet for RunBlogRun, and the KIP KEINO CLASSIC media team, who provided the audio files.

Fred Kerley opened in 2022 in fine fashion.

Fred had run 9.99 in the 100 meters, 19.80 at 200 meters, and 44.47 at 400 meters before he left for Nairobi, Kenya. Fred Kerley won the Olympic silver medal in the 100 meters. Fred Kerley surprised most of the sport with his move to the 100 meters at the Olympic Trials in July 2021. Fred Kerley told RunBlogRun's Stuart Weir that he made the decision to move to the 100m with his coach just six weeks prior to the Trials because of an injury that concerned Fred and his coach.

Fred Kerley and fans lo 2 .jpeg

Fred Kerley and his fans, Nairobi Airport, photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC

The truth is this, Fred Kerley is one of the most talented athletes in our sport. That is both good and challenging. Which event or events should he choose for the US champs?

I think that he can make the 100m and 200m or 200m and 400m, or 100m and 400m. Such choices! What should he do?

RunBlogRun presents

Conversations with Larry:

Streaming Video, should it be free, paid, or mixed?

In the old days, if you put a camera up on a track, and filmed the races, you could get $9.95 because fans wanted to see meets that terrestrial TV had all but abandoned. Meets were of different levels of quality and the federations felt, if they put on a meeting, people would come.

Not so anymore.

Flotrack and Runnerspace provide content almost every day. It is mostly paid content, but a loyal fan base supports it. Peacock TV supports track and road racing so that real fans can pay $4.99 a month and enjoy better coverage that is seen, many times on NBC.


Allie Baker, Sound Running, Track meet, May 6, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Streaming video has freed our sport. Nike championed it with NXN meets and supported media such as my sites to post live coverage to our readers. World Athletics has posted meets, in areas with no commercial sponsor, via FB, Twitter and it is brilliant. Young fans love it.

Best streaming EVER? Still say Breaking two hours streaming from 2017 was excellent. Nike spent a reported $30 million on the streaming. The program was excellent, and I wanted it from my hotel in Doha, Qatar, speaking with 275,000 fans who were commenting on my comments on the program! And most of them were new to the sport!

YouTube has video clips each day, no way to keep up with them.

And podcasts!

Sound Running and MIles of Trials with Portlandia offered streaming for the price of a large super burrito or a coffee, and share that revenue with the athletes.

Now, I am sounding off on why the mixed approach makes sense and may save our sport.

Find all of our Socialing The Distance interview series here:

Find all of our Athletics Chat episodes here:

Find all of our Conversations with Larry here:

ConvosWLarry #RunBlogRun #theshoeaddicts



Ron Tabb, 1983 Boston, where he took second. The photo was from his Twitter page. Photo credit: Boston Marathon

Ron Tabb is a former marathon, coach, bar owner, and lifelong runner. Ron contributed this memory of Kenny Moore, who passed away last week. Ron took second in the 1983 Boston Marathon, competed in the 1983 World Championships, and was 4th in the US Olympic Trials marathon. Tabb also coached Mary Decker-Slaney for two years, and encouraged Meb Keflezighi to run the marathon. But, that is another story.

We thank Ron Tabb for his thoughtful contribution to the memories of the late Kenny Moore.

liquori benjamin lo .jpeg

Marty Liquori and jeff Benjamin as mere teenagers, from a long time ago, photo from Jeff Benjamin Archives

Marty Liquori is one of the great ones. The third high schooler to break 4 minutes for the mile, the Essex Catholic senior ran 3:59.6, also making the 1968 Olympic team at 1,500m.

Plagued with injuries, Marty ran a 3:52.2 in 1975, and an 8:17.12 AR for 2 miles. My favorite Marty Liquori race was in 1977, when he battled Miruts Yifter in the World Cup 5000m, running an AR of 13:15.1. Marty Liquori was ranked Number 1 in 5000 by the bible of the sport, Track & Field News. Many would disagree and note his frequent battles against Jim Ryun.

Marty Liquori went on to found the Athletic Attic franchise and became a fine sports announcer, seen on ESPN, ABC and NBC.

Jeff Benjamin did this interview with Marty Liquori about his friend, the late Kenny Moore, who passed away on May 4, 2022.

200-meter repeats are a lot of fun, most of the time. These 200m repeats are not too fast, but you will feel fast and furious when you do them!

Your workout today, May 10, 2022:

Tuesday: Warm-up, 30 minutes moderate running, 12 x 200m, cut downs, 100 m walk-jog between, cooldown


This is Colin Sahlman. Colin just ran 3:39.59 for the 1,500m, taking 4th in his race at Sound Running's Track Meet! It is the #4 all time high school boys 1,500-meter time. Colin goes to Newbury Park High School. His coach is Sean Brosnan. Colin ran against elite men in the field. Photo: @Kevmofoto

The Eugene WC 2022 is probably the one and only time in our lifetimes that track and field in the US has a real chance to become a major sport again in the United States.

Inside the Games did an exclusive story on the working meetings between World Athletics and NBC. The piece was written by Mike Rowbottom, one of our favorite writers on the world of sports.

Mondo lo .jpeg

Mondo Duplantis, photo by Diamond League AG

The Wanda Diamond League Finals have been planned from 2022-2027. This release provides access to the plans.


Track spike, circa 1924-1928, cobbled by Adi Dassler, co-founder of adidas, photo by adidas Communications

This is Monday, the first day of the week. After a race on Saturday and a long run on Sunday, you need a break. Monday is an easy day. Please keep it that way!

Kenny Moore @ Hayward Field Eugene  1973 ???   0137890-R1-E004.jpeg

Kenny Moore racing, photo by Jeff Johnson

Your workout for today, May 9, 2022, Monday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes moderate running, 6 x 100m stride outs, cooldown

The Ratingen Meeting featured a fine decathlon and heptathlon. The complete results are shown below:

Simon Ehammer .jpeg

Simon Ehammer, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

The Seiko Golden Grand Prix was held in Tokyo, Japan, on Sunday, May 8, 2022. Held in the Tokyo Olympic stadium, the audience was treated to some noteworthy performances, from Christian Coleman's opening 100m in 2022 to Keni Harrison's swift 100m hurdles.

The full results are below.

Rai B. Mike Norman lo .jpeg

Rai Benjamin, Mike Norman, 2022 Seiko Golden Grand Prix, photo by SEIKO GOLDEN GRAND PRIX

Kenny Moore died on May 4, 2022. The two-time Olympian and long-time journalist built a career based on honesty and authenticity. His coverage of the sport, and of the athletes who inhabit our sport was built on his experiences as an athlete.

Kenny Moore ran the marathon in Mexico in 1968. Jack Bacheler ran the 5000m. In 1972, the US team in the marathon was Frank Shorter, Kenny Moore and Jack Bacheler, with Shorter taking gold, Moore in 4th, and Bacheler in 9th.

This memory was provided by Jack Bachelor, Kenny Moore's teammate on both the 1968 & 1972 Olympic teams. We thank Jack for his comments and thoughts.


Left to right: Kenny Moore, Jack Bacheler, Pat Bacheler, Michelle Shorter, Frank Shorter. Colorado Springs, October 28, 2018, photo courtesy of Jack Bacheler

Christian Coleman opened his season in style at the Seiko Grand Prix, as did Michael Norma and Rai Benjamin. The Seiko Golden Grand Prix is on the Continental World Tour, highlighting events around the world, and giving athletes even more chances to compete at a world-class event.

Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce .jpeg

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is on fire! 10.67a to open her season? Wow! photo by KIP KEINO CLASSIC

Justin Lagat was at the Kip Keino Classic, and attended a World Athletics conference on journalism as well. In between his busy schedule, he provided this piece for RunBlogRun.

Omanyala lo .jpeg

Ferdinand Omanyala won the KIp Keino Classic in WL 9.85! photo courtesy of KIP KEINO CLASSIC

Deji Ogeyingbo wrote this piece on the amazing run by Ferdinand Omanyala, who managed the field, and a false start (mechanical error) to take the world leader and make sure that everybody in the world now knows that Kenya produces sprinters, javelin throwers and distance runners!

The decathlon and heptathlon are tough events. The late, great Bob Mathias, Olympic gold in 1948 and 1952 once said that the decathlon gives you ten ways to make a mistake. Well, Garrett Scantling and Anna Hall, the winners at the USATF Combined Championships had WL and PB performances. Now, set for Eugene and the World Champs, this time to recover should be a big thing for both as the US sends a strong team in both multi-events!

Garrett Scantlin lo 1 .jpeg

Garrett Scantling, 2021 US Olympic Trials, photo by Kevin Morris/ @kevmofoto

Our sport is about redemption. The decathlon and heptathlon are unforgiving. Last March, Garrett had to drop out of the World Indoors, and he took the win in a big PB. Last Olympic Trials, Anna Hall came crashing down in the 100m hurdles. Anna came back with focus and beautiful performance, setting a PB and World leader. The picture brought tears to my eyes, but, the honesty in the feelings and her return to great form honors her legacy.

Anna Hall lo 1.jpeg

Anna Hall, 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

I have to admit, I love the Multi-events! I saw my first one in 1968 when I watched Bill Toomey on the TV, black and white, and then, watching the film the late Bud Greenspan did on the decathlon. The history of our sport, if appreciated, allows one to see that all the great athletes are standing on the shoulders of those who preceded them. Mr. Scantling and Ms. Hall have the focus, talent, and drive to challenge the records that they set this weekend.

Multi events are one of the coolest events to watch, a two-day chess game and the athletes are the finest athletes in the world, period.

Sunday runs have been part of the plans of a long-distance runner for over a hundred years. In the late 1950s, a New Zealand milkman named Arthur Lydiard, used anecdotal and scientific methods to build the most popular training program for middle and long-distance runners. His athletes won the gold in the 800m, 5000m and bronze in the marathon in 1960 and won gold in the 800m and 1,500m (plus bronze in 1,500) in 1964. He tested 200-mile weeks on himself and came up with a system that gave periods of training in specific focuses. In his 40s, Lydiard won New Zealand Marathon championships himself.

Running has changed since the early 20th century, but long runs are still part of what helps runners develop. Enjoy the long run.

adidas marathon shoe 1939.jpeg

Marathon shoe, 1939, Adi Dassler, co-founder of adidas, GbH cobbled this shoe, photo by adidas Communications

Your workout today, May 8, 2022: Sunday: 70-75 minutes moderate pace, on trails

Races on Saturdays are fun now. The warm weather, the several months of training have put you in good shape. Stay relaxed in your big events. Know that being nervous is okay, but use it as a benefit. Stay focused, think about where you want to make your move in a race prior to the race. Visualize yourself (check out this piece from Mike Spino) being successful. Good luck this weekend!

AAU Miami 1969 3 mile .jpeg

Kenny Moore, AAU 3 Mile, 1969, photo by Jeff Johnson. Two-time Olympian, and Sports Illustrated writer died this past week, at 78. Check out his book, Best Efforts.

Your workout today is May 7, 2022, Saturday: warm-up, primary race distance or, 3 miles, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown

RunBlogRun presents Socialing the Distance,
featuring Roisin Willis, HS Indoor record holder,
800 meters, and member, DMR world best team
Roisin Willis was a lot of fun to interview. We enjoyed speaking with her about racing indoors on the East coast, her running, and her plans to go to Stanford in the fall.
We wish her the best of luck in the fall at Stanford, but also, this final season in high school in Stevens Point, Wisconsin!
Roisin Willis, photo by @kevmofoto

Tambieri Barshim .jpeg

Mutaz Barshim, Gianmarco Tamberi, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics

Mutaz Barshim and Gianmarco Tamberi are the co-gold medalists in the Olympic high jump. Their battle in Tokyo was intense, and their decision to share the gold medal and not take the jump-off was profound. One of the most important finishes in the Olympic games, and it let the billions who watched the Olympic games see that there is more to the sport than the color of a medal.


Chorzow Stadium, photo by Dan Vernon Photography for World Athletics

The One-day meeting season has been restructured for 2022, and this is the release that World Athletics sent out.

Andre De Grasse lo.jpeg

Andre De Grasse, photo courtesy of PUMA AG

I will make an admission here. I have always wanted to interview Andre De Grasse. I like his attitude. I love his tenacity and his racy savvy is, well, unquestionable. Andre De Grasse got his gold in Tokyo, and he did it with style in the heat of Tokyo.

How will Andre de Grasse fare in 2022? He has two championships, if he chooses, the Worlds and Commonwealths.

Well, we can watch him next weekend in Doha!

RunBlogRun presents

Athletics Chat Episode 97

Epilogue Clip

In the epilogue clip, Larry Eder has some final words on the topics discussed in the Athletics Chat. He spent some time on Mo Farah and the fine race just completed

by Eilish McColgan that morning (May 2, 2022).

Liz Mccolgan vitaliy 10k .jpeg

Eilish McColgan, Vitality 10,000m, photo by Vitality 10000

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AthleticsChat #RunBlogRun #theshoeaddicts


Athletics Chat 97

RunBlogRun presents
Athletics Chat
Episode 97
Eilish Vitality .jpeg
Eilish McColgan ran 30:23 on May 2, 2022, just two seconds off Paula Radcliffe's ER! photo by Vitality 10000
Each Monday, Stuart Weir (Oxford) and Larry Eder (Wisconsin) discuss the challenges of the sport for the week. This week, we discussed the following topics:
1. Mo Farah, is he going to compete in the elite track in the future?
2. Erriyon Knighton just ran 19.49. Just how good is he?
3. Eilish McColgan ran 30:23 on Monday. Is she in medal contention for Eugene, Birmingham or Munich?
4. Stuart Weir is going to the Doha DL next week. What does he think about one of our favorite meets of the year?
5. The early World Championships shakes up 2022. How will it affect athletes desire to compete in the Diamond League?
6. Stuart provided a Bianca Williams update.
Find all of our Socialing The Distance interview series here:
Find all of our Athletics Chat episodes here:
Find all of our Conversations with Larry here:

I learned about Mike Spino, I believe, in 1975, in an article in Runners' World. I was fascinated with his thoughts on mindful running and his desire to help runners enjoy their running at a higher level. His visualization techniques are used in some form or another by most of the elite and professional athletes, regardless of sports. Mike Spino has been influenced by his studies with the late Percy Cerutty and the late Mihaly Igloi. I believe Mike trained under both.

Enjoy this first article from Mike Spino for RunBlogRun!


Herb Elliott (1960 Olympic 1,500m champ) chasing his coach, Percy Cerrutty, photo Herald Newspaper / Australia

This is Deji's Doodles. Deji sent it early, but I wanted to keep it on for Friday, so you, our readers, could get used to seeing this fun column. Deji Ogeyingbo has his ears and eyes on the sport daily and writes two columns a week for us.

Enjoy this column and the great track & field that you will see this weekend.

SAFP Mboma 2 lo .jpeg

Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce will battle Christine Mboma this weekend in Nairobi, Kenya.

The easy days now precede fast days of racing or workouts. Enjoy the break, for tomorrow you will race!

Kenny and pre.jpeg

Kenny Moore, Steve Prefontaine, Hayward Field, photo by Jeff Johnson

Your workout for today, May 6, 2022:

Friday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes moderate running, 6 x100m stride outs, cooldown

Mondo lo .jpeg

Mondo Duplantis, Oslo 2021, photo by Diamond League AG

Mondo Duplantis, the king of the pole vault, will be visiting Oslo for the Bislett Games on June 16, 2022. We will be watching the meet, will you?

The Arkansas Twilight and the USATF Combined events championships are this coming weekend. Should be a good competition. Who will make the decathlon team and heptathlon teams for Eugene?


2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

kip keino classic poster 1.jpeg

The Kip Keino Classic is held on May 7, 2022. The Continental Tour gold meeting will be held at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya. The sprint fields are pretty special in this meet, and we could see some huge performances this weekend. EME news writes about the stars of the sport coming to Nairobi.

RunBlogRun presents

Socialising The Distance

with Larry Eder

Featuring Jonathan Marcus,

Co-Host of the On Coaching Podcast & Founder/Coach of High-Performance West

j marcus.jpeg

Jonathan Marcus, photo by HMMRMedia

I have been waiting several years to speak with Jonathan Marcus. Jonathan is a fine coach and podcaster. We spoke for 45 minutes on the art of

coaching and specific challenges for high school coaching. Thanks, Jonathan!

Jonathan Marcus on Twitter:

High-Performance West website:

On Coaching Podcast:


Find all of our Socialing The Distance interview series here:

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SocialingTheDistance #RunBlogRun #theshoeaddicts


As the Russian attack on Ukraine enters its third month, 1972 Olympic silver medalist Yevgeny Arzhanov corresponds with senior East Coast writer Jeff Benjamin on survival in both Kyiv and now Lviv.

Let's be ballpark frank here. My sympathies are with Ukraine. There is no reason for Mr. Putin to attack Ukraine but that his economy is in shambles, he's terrified of NATO and the EU and even in its current Balkanized version, the US is still an adversary.

We will continue to update you on the 800-meter Olympic silver medalist's condition and that of his family.

1972 Olympic 800m _ccexpress.jpeg

Dave Wottle takes the gold medal, Yevgeny Arzanhov, leaping for silver, Mike Boit, bronze, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

SAFP 1.jpeg

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by Kip Keino Classic media team

I remember interviewing SAFP about a decade ago at the Nike Pre Classic. It was one of the first times that we met. I recall being at the Pre presser and speaking to SAFP all by my lonesome. She was funny, and relaxed. Many were wanting to know if she could win in Moscow 2013 after her wins in London 2012. Shelly-Ann told me something that I always remember each season with her, she said " I need a lot of races to get me into racing shape."

SAFP is now in Nairobi and she will be competing on Saturday at the Kip Keino Classic.

Marcell Jacobs .jpeg

Marcell Jacobs, photo by Kip Keino Classic media team

Marcell Jacobs is the 2021 European Indoor Champion at 60 meters, which surprised some. His win in Tokyo, taking gold in the 100m and 4x100m made all of Italy, and Europe proud as the former long jumper dominated the 100m final, setting a new PB. For those who said that Marcell was lucky in Tokyo, the Italian Stallion took gold in Belgrade, Serbia as the World Indoor Championships at the 60 meters.

Marcell will be running the 100 meters at the Kip Keino Classic this weekend, May 7, 2022.

Check out the piece from the Kip Keino Classic media team!

fred kerley.jpeg

Fred Kerley vs Marcell Jacobs, Kip Keino Classic digital poster!

Fred Kerley has arrived for the KIp Keino Classic, in Nairobi, Kenya. Justin Lagat, our senior editor in Kenya, will be there, LIVE, covering the meet for RunBlogRun! Do not miss a moment!

This interview is courtesy of Kip Keino Classic Media team, and thanks to Justin Lagat for sending it to us!

The recent rise of Nigeria's latest sprint sensation Favour Ofili did not just start in 2021. A lot has been put behind the scenes since she joined Louisiana State University and teamed up with Dennis Shaver, who has tutored her until this point.

Despite suffering the ignominy of not competing at the Tokyo Olympics, under Shaver's tutelage, Ofili rose above such disappointment to win three medals (200m Bronze, 4x400m Gold, 4x100m Bronze) at the World Junior U20 Championships in Nairobi in 2021.

More recently, Ofili has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. During the indoor season this year, the Nigerian International clocked an African and National record of 22.46 over the 200m.

Ofili was currently the world leader over the 200m when she broke the Nigerian four-year 200m record by clocking 21.96 at the Tom Jones Invitational. We talked with her coach about her potential and what he hopes she achieves this season.

Dennis Shaver fixed .jpeg

Coach Dennis Shaver, photo courtesy of USTFCCCA

This is a fun workout. You will feel fast. I liked repeat 800s, and then, the stride outs just keep you feeling fast. Do not slouch on the cooldown.


Gerry Lindgrean, Kenny Moore, Hayward Field, photo courtesy of University of Oregon archives

Kenny Moore, (1943-2022) died yesterday. He was the finest track & field journalist of our era. Check out his book of interviews, called Best Efforts.

Your workout for today, May 5, 2022, Thursday: Warm-up, 4 x 800m, 1500m pace, 400m jog, 6 x 150m, stride outs, cooldown

Mo Farah, the photographer


The Great North Run is one of my favorite events to visit. I always enjoyed the Great City Games on Saturday and the Great North Run on Sunday. The picture below is one of my favorites with my brother, taken in September 2015, during the Great North Run PR event.


Larry Eder and Brian Eder, Gateshead/Newcastle, photo by Mo Farah

I love the shot put. The Men's shot put has Tomas Walsh, Ryan Crouser, Joe Kovacs, and Darlan Romani at Hayward Field. The shot put ring at Hayward is perfectly situated for fans to worship the sixteen-pound orb.

One hopes that the Men's shot put will get the respect that it deserves. Kovacs versus Crouser is cool, but add Tomas Walsh and Darlan Romani, and you have the potential for a super-shot put competition.

Do not miss the Men's shot put. It should be crazy big throws and a real battle!

Well done, Nike Pre Classic!

Shot put.jpeg

I met Josh way back in 1998. He and Johnny Truax, partners in running frivolity at Nike, were birthing the Nike Border Clash, which birthed the NIke Nationals XC. Josh then went to New Balance and built some fine events focused on high schoolers.

Josh Rowe, the good looking pic .jpeg

Josh Rowe, photo by NSAF

Now, Josh Rowe has been named the NSAF Executive Director. Jim Spier has retired after 30 years of building the wonderful organization that puts young athletes first, and finds the ways to encourage competition and open their horizons to the global sport.

We wish Jim Spier the very best and miss him and the late Mike Byrnes visits to California in the 1990s to grab dinner in Half Moon Bay and talk track. The NSAF is one of the most important organizations in our sport.

Read the press release and consider this, NSAF has moved into the next generation. Good job! And congrats Josh.

Oh, read our interview with this good looking guy as well! Click here:

Oh, and thanks to Steve Underwood, who provides the communications from NSAF.

I just posted a piece by Peter Thompson on the late Kenny Moore. I now publish a piece by Mike Fanelli.

Truth is, Mike Fanelli is the biggest track geek that I know, and his daily soliloquies on the sport warm more hearts in our sport than anyone I know. Mike wrote this touching piece on his daily Facebook column about the finest writer in our sport, Kenny Moore.

(You also should friend Mike Fanelli, if you are really a track geek).

Thanks to Mike for allowing me to repost some of his wonderful pieces.


Kenny Moore warming up at old Hayward Field, photo courtesy of University of Oregon communications

In the days before the internet, Kenny Moore was a bastion of sports journalism, specifically track & field. The thing was, Kenny could write about anything, but his love, athletics, and the humans who would run, jump and throw, were his subjects. His appreciation of those athletes came through in all of his writing.

I could not afford a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but my family doctor had it, and I would devour Kenny Moore's wonderful writing in SI. The truth was this, Kenny Moore had experienced all the joy and sadness that comes with being a world-class athlete. A two-time Olympian, and a three-time Oregon letter athlete at the University of Oregon, Kenny got it. He gave us track fans and new runners something to appreciate. He was not afraid of a multisyllabic word and he did not condescend. His honesty, sometimes across your face writing elevated the reader and the sport.


Munich 1972, Frank Shorter with Kenny Moore, the photo is probably from Sports Illustrated, taken from Peter Thompson's Facebook post. Copyright belongs to Photographer.

If you want to truly appreciate his writing, read The Observer, in his book #BestEfforts, from 1980.

We will miss Kenny Moore, but we will have his legacy. No one could capture his subjects, from Lasse Viren to Steve Prefontaine, as Kenny Moore did. I will miss him tremendously. But, I do, have his book, Best Efforts at my bedside. When I wake up late at night, I open to any page, and I am there, running with Kenny Moore, through a Finnish park with Lasse Viren, or jogging with Frank Shorter prior to Fukuoka.

Kenny Moore, RIP.

Thanks to Peter Thompson for the note below. Special thanks to Jeff Benjamin for the alert.

Valerie Allman .jpeg

So, we have been waxing poetically about the Men's 100 meters, and the women's 200 meters. But, just as impressive is the Women's discus field, with Sandra Perkovic, Valerie Allman and Kristin Pudenz. This will be an amazing discus competition, and the field is one of the deepest ever. If you have not seen Valerie Allman throw, you must. She is just more than the 2021 Olympic champion and has set the AR twice in the last year.

Face it, Perkovic and Allman are the two finest discus throwers on the planet. The wonderful throwing that has happened at Hayward Field, suggests that we may see a once in the lifetime discus battle.

I have to say, the Pre Classic folks are really impressing me this year...

It was going to happen.

The man who took silver (10,000m) and gold (5,000) in Daegu 2011, then, gold in both 10,000m and 5,000m in London 2012 and Rio 2016, then, gold in both 10,000m and 5,000m in Moscow 2013, and Beijing 2015, and gold in the 10,000m and silver in the 5000m in London 2017 is actually human.

At thirty-nine years of age, Mo Farah, the finest British distance runner of all times, was beaten by a young club runner, Elliss Cross, who paid his 37 pounds Sterling for the race entry himself and put 4 seconds on Mo in the last 800 meters.

Mo Farah responded honestly and praised the young runner, Ellis Cross, who ran 28:40 to Mo's 28:44. That is not slow-moving, but it is not World Champs running either. I have to say that Ellis Cross is not some five minute miler, 28:40 is moving. Just remember the line all runners live by, one is only as good as their last race.

This piece is by Stuart Weir.

Vitality 10k .jpeg

Vitality London 10k, Mens' elite, photo copyright by Vitality 10000.

Eilish Vitality .jpeg

Eilish McColgan, photo copyrighted by Vitality 10,000

Liz wins Vitality .jpeg

Eilish McColgan, photo copyrighted by Vitality 10,000

Eilish McColgan just ran a brilliant 5k, and now a brilliant 10k! I was asked if she will be in medal contention. I think she gets better as she gets longer, I think she is getting deadly over 10,000m and that the marathon is most definitely in her future.

This piece is by Stuart Weir.

May is a big month for high schoolers in track & field. Most places in the country have had almost a month of good weather (well, except Wisconsin and Nebraska), and with a good month or two of outdoor training, lots of athletes show some serious wheels.

Good luck this month, and remember, the easy days are what allow you to recover from the hard days so you can race well.

Hacker-Payamps- GarciaRomo-Kemboi-8217-Penn22.jpg

Olin Hacker, 2022 Penn Relays, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout for today, May 4, 2022: Wednesday: warm-up, 40-50 minutes, moderate running, 6 x 100m stride outs, cooldown

RunBlogRun presents
Conversations with Larry
Topic: NIKE Prefontaine Classic Men's 100m
The Men's field is not the only amazing field at Pre in 2022.
But, for the moment, just drool over the possible battle over 100 meters in the newly renovated Hayward
Field. With Andre De Grasse, Fred Kerley, Kenny Bednarek, Ronnie Baker, Noah Lyles, Marvin Bracy, Christian Coleman and Marcel Jacobs, the Nike Pre Classic has outdone itself!
Watch my podcast and see how effusive that I am about this impending modern classic!
FQz0WQxVIAEOyRC_ccexpress (1).jpeg
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Well, May is early for many, but with the World Champs in July, all of the world is waking up to track & field! The Gaborone International meet, in Botswana, is no exception! Big sprints by Letsile Tebogo and Christine Mboma.

Deji Ogeyingbo, our Nigerian editor, wrote a strong piece on Letsile, take a look here:

Letsile Tebogo photo by Dan Vernon_ccexpress.jpeg

Letsile Tebogo, photo from WA U20, by Dan Vernon for World Athletics

The feeling of running fast is exhilarating. Today's workout is one that will get you winded, but give you confidence. 300-meter repeats were one of my favorites and were how I worked on my finish. Moving with 300m to go gave me a bit of an advantage as most hold off their kicks until later. I learned to increase my speed at 300m, then, 200m, and finally push with about 50-60 to go. The great Bernard Lagat won two World Championships with 50m to go, telling me afterwards that most people could not move with such a short distance. Always keeps something left for the last straight.


Callum Elson, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Your workout for today, May 3, 2022, Tuesday: Warm-up, 30 minutes moderate running, 12 x 300m, cut downs, 100 m walk-jog between, cooldown

Yesterday, a letter from Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, appeared. Nike employees saw it first, and then, it began appearing in the digital universe. Nike turned 50 on May 1, 2022.

Nike letter.jpeg

Running shoes have changed. In my first year of running (1972), I purchased two pairs of white lo top tennis shoes from K-Mart ($4.99). I blistered like mad, would pop them, put hydrogen peroxide on them and hope they would quickly heal. I was then introduced to Tuff Skin, something from Mueller sports I believe. It helped build callouses on one's feet and the blisters became less pronounced.

This was my running regimen in my freshman and sophomore years at Desmet and Bellarmine. In my sophomore year, Mom took me to Camden sports where I purchased a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Cortez leather training shoes and the adidas Interval track spike. Mom spent $74 (1974) and she told me not to worry about the money. I put 1000 miles training in the Cortez, then had them resoled by Jeff Sink up in Mountain View.

It was in the fall of 1975 that I purchased my first Nike shoes, the Nike waffle racer. My whole Varsity team at Bellarmine bought them, I think. They were so cool. Nike had yellow and green shoes, and we thought that they were cool.


Nike Waffle Racer (1975), with original box (Twitter)

The Penn Relays is back! In its 126th version, the Penn Relays satisfied fans, athletes and media alike. This is how David Hunter saw the amazing track and field circus. We thank him for covering the happenings at Franklin Field.

Athing Mu .jpeg

Athing Mu takes the 600m at Penn, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

The long run on Sundays is part of a weekly program. If you want to be a distance runner, a long run on Sundays needs to be respected. Vary the surfaces, vary the distances and vary the places that you run.

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Elle Purrier St. Pierre, NB Indor GP, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Your workout today, May 1, 2022, Sunday: 70-75 minutes moderate pace, on trails

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