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Bolt-CoeA1-IAAFgala16.jpgUsain Bolt, with Seb Coe, photo by

Bolt number 32 by Forbes
KINGSTON (JAM): Trackalerts informs that Usain Bolt is the one of the highest paid athletes across all sports. According to Forbes Magazine Bolt is 32nd ranked among the world's highest paid sportsmen. Per Forbes he is said to be earning US$32.5 million yearly - US$2.5 in appearance fees and US$30 million in endorsements. The top 100 list, which is without any other track and field athlete, has Portuguese and Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, at the top with US$80m - US$56m salary and US$32m endorsements and Argentina and Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, US$81.4m with 53.4m and $28m, respectively.

Farah_Mo5kFV-OlyGames16.jpgMo Farah, photo by

LONDON (GBR): Mo Farah has confirmed he will move to the marathon after the 2017 World Championships in London, informs Reuters. "I do have a lot of plans to run the marathon. My aim is to get the world champs out of the way then see what I can do on the road. I believe I have to learn about the event, I have to understand what it takes," he said.

RunBlogRun Opines: Mo Farah has a future on the roads, and his leg speed will help him in that pursuit. As a selfish fan, I love seeing him on the track, as he has won the 10,000m and 5,000m every which way possible. Another road to run for Mo Farah.

Jeptoo_RitaFV-Bogota14.jpgRita Jeptoo, photo by

BOSTON (USA): The Boston Athletic Association will attempt to recover $175,000 from disgraced former Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo, informs Business Daily Africa. "We are exploring legal options and will take whatever steps are reasonable and necessary to ensure compliance," said a spokesperson from the association.

RunBlogRun opines: We applaud the BAA making the attempt to recover money from the banned runner, Rita Jeptoo, who, as all drug positives, stole money from the Boston marathon, and the sport with their cheating.

DAgostino-HamblinQ1-OlyGame16.jpgNicki Hamblin and Abby D'Agostino, Rio 2016, photo by

DAgostino-HamblinQ-OlyGame16.jpgAbbey D'Agostino and Nicki Hamblin, Rio 2016, photo by

2016 personalities by Spikes
MONACO (MON): published their personalities of 2016 in athletics. This are the names beyond the medal podium and their roles as ambassadors for the sport of track and field are just as important. Canadian walker Evan Dunfee as he did not filled another protest after counter-protest from Japan after the olympic 50 km race. Major Tim Peake for running a marathon in space on a intergalactic treadmill. Tegla Loroupe as Chef de Mission for the Olympic Refugee team. Piotr Malachowski who donated the funds for olympic silver to Olek Szymanski, the three year old son of family friends to have treatment for a rare form of cancer. Gabriele Grunewald having already bounced back twice from cancer and following successful surgery, she is already back running. Alexi Pappas who competed for Greece in the Olympic 10 000 m also released TrackTown, a film she directed and starred in, to sell-out screenings across the USA, has become a regular correspondent for the New York Times, and appeared on the anniversary cover of Runners' World alongside pint-sized comic megastar Kevin Hart. Syrian high jumper Majd Eddin Ghazal who in preparation for Rio 2016 trained at a Damascus stadium that boasted only "an old landing area, several hurdles and one weight". Despite that, he was one of the best high jumpers in the world in 2016. Ed Whitlock who at the age of 85 became the oldest man in history to break four hours for the marathon, running 3:56:38 at the 2016 Toronto Waterfront Marathon. And finally New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin and USA's Abbey D'Agostino who accidently tangled with each other in the 5000 m heats at Rio 2016. First, D'Agostino helped Hamblin to her feet, before herself falling, clearly stricken. Hamblin automatically returned the favour. And they were strangers before the race. Writes the Spikes.


Corey Bellemore, photo courtesy of Corey Bellemore

AUSTIN (USA, Dec 17): Corey Bellemore trailed after one beer, but quickly took over the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on the first lap and dominated the rest of the race. Bellemore, the world record holder, was at 67 seconds at the the start of the second beer, 2:21 at the start of the third, 3:36 at the fourth, and 4:49 at the finish. In her first ever competitive beer mile, Ali Grace Morgan ran 6:07--but was disqualified for leaving too much beer in her cans. Caitlin Batten won in 6:29 after leading most of the race. Veteran beer miler and Austinite Andrea Fisher was second in 6:31, marking her second runner-up finish at the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships. From

RunBlogRun opines: This Beer Mile is getting some traction. If one checks, there are more articles on Beer Miler Corey Bellemore than the woman who won IAAF Athlete of Year, Almaz Ayana. adidas provided product for Corey, a 1:47.5 800 meter runner, and had several inquiries on Mr. Bellemore. Much of that was due to his manager's fine promotional efforts, which, RunBlogRun understands were better than some athlete at much higher levels recieve.

We also understand that Global Atheltics & Marketing has decided, in light of the interest in the Flotrack Beer Mile Champs, to begin a division devoted sole to Beer Milers. Let's see how fast Mr. Bellemore can run without four beers, and congrats to our friends at!

Kitwara_Sammy-BostonM16.jpgSammy Kitwara, photo by

Kitwara 2:09:59
TAIPEI (TPE, Dec 18): Two months after finishing second in the Amsterdam Marathon in 2:05:45, Sammy Kitwara claimed the first marathon victory of his career in the Taipei Marathon in a course record of 2:09:59. Mercy Kibarus won the women's race in 2:36:33.

Kibiwot_Viola-Pre16.jpgViola Kibiwott, photo by

HOUILLES (FRA, Dec 18): On her 10 km debut, world 5000m fourth-placer Viola Kibiwott won the Corrida de Houilles in 31:14 ahead of Katrina Wootton in a big PB of 31:47 to move into the UK all-time top-10. Carolyne Jepkosgei was a distant third in 32:54. The top four finishes were all credited with the same finishing time of 28:19 but defending champion Cornelius Kangogo winning his third title ahead of Jemal Yimer Mekonnen and El-Mahjoud Dazza. Julien Wanders was the top European finisher in sixth in a Swiss record of 28:21.

Bolt-Powell-Rome11.jpgUsain Bolt and Asafa Powell, photo by

Powell and others to join Bolt
MELBOURNE (AUS): Usain Bolt will be joined on the Bolt All-Stars team for the Nitro Athletics Melbourne Series next February by former world 100m record-holder Asafa Powell and former world 100m silver medallist Michael Frater, informs organisers. "Some meets have made significant changes, but the Nitro series is really pushing the envelope to a whole new level. I'm excited to be a part of it," said Powell. Other top names to confirm their participation are 2008 Olympic 100m hurdles champion Dawn Harper-Nelson, 2008 Olympic 100m silver medallist Richard Thompson, 2013 world 110m hurdles silver medallist Ryan Wilson and US Rio Olympian in women sprints Jenna Prandini. "One thing I truly like about the Nitro concept is that the athletes will have more interactions with the fans. I love competing but getting to talk with the fans and seeing their appreciation of your talent and hard work has a special place with me," said Harper-Nelson.

Coe_Seb1a-IAAFgala16.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

MONACO (MON): IAAF President Sebastian Coe has described his anger at the 2012 Olympics being subverted by strong allegations of Russian doping, informs "Anybody that makes it in to an Olympic Stadium has probably devoted over half their life to doing that and the thought that with such callous and malintent [sic] that that dream could just be snatched away is just horrendous and that's why I'm angry and I'm always angry when clean athletes have their opportunities stripped from them. The scale of duplicity was extraordinary and the lengths that one single system has gone to subvert the dream and ambitions of clean athletes is equally shocking," he said. All Russian samples taken from the London Olympics will now be retested by the IOC.

RunBlogRun opines: The London 2012 allegations against the Russian sport federations will result in all being retested. This is the continued focus of the IAAF to clean up the sport and bring Russia, as a clean athletic federation, back into the sport.

Aregawi_Abeba-World15.jpgAbeba Aregawi, photo by

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Abeba Aregawi has met the requirements to compete in the national team again, informs Expressen. "She has gone through our anti-doping education and even the Swedish Sports Confederation. When I met her in Stockholm recently we also decided that the Federal doctor Sverker Nilsson will be her Medical Adviser. It is to him that she will turn to as soon as she needs to take medication," said head coach Karin Torneklint.

RunBlogRun: Another example of the crisis with athletes moving their nationality to other countries without really living there or being part of the culture. Aregawi is the poster women for this. This is out of control.

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