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Bio: Dave Hunter, who ran his marathon P.R. of 2:31:40 on the highly revered Boston Marathon course back in the Paleozoic era, is a track and field announcer, broadcaster, and journalist.


So, while you were enjoying a movie, the snow on the East Coast or the South, or perhaps, the rain in the West, David Hunter was multi tasking a the University of Akron. David emcceed the Akron Pole Vault Convention this past weekend and wrote this piece for RunBlogRun.

Special thanks to Margaret Hunter, the wife (very, patient wife) of David Hunter. Margaret has a sense of humor, and also is skilled at using the camera, and she provided us pictures of David Hunter at work at the Akron Pole Vault Convention.


David Hunter interviews Shawn Barber, photo by Margaret Hunter

Dennis MItchell, Akron .jpgDennis Mitchell, courtesy of

David Hunter has been writing for RunBlogRun for nearly five years now, if my memory correctly serves me. A few years ago, I asked David to begin a series on some of the top coaches across the country, and how the skill set to be a successful coach. Coaching is both art and science. David Hunter gets that, and his feature, this feature, on the amazing coach at the University of Akron, Dennis Mitchell, is a perfect example of the amazing men and women who populate our sport, teaching their student athletes how to run, jump and throw, but more importantly, live and thrive in our complicated world.

Updated December 29, 2016

Forty years ago today, Ivo Van Damme was killed in an auto accident. He was the hero of a nation, and his silver medals in Montreal in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters made the tall, strong, gutty Belgian an athlete on the cusp of stardom. Here is the piece done by David Hunter on this fine athlete.

For Belgium, Van Damme's premature death in an auto accident in December 1976 extinguished a budding legacy for Belgian middle distance running at the time. The Van Damme Memorial, managed by friends of the late athlete, is a fitting tribute to a fine athlete. David Hunter got it right: for Belgium, Ivo Van Damme was their equivalent of Steve Prefontaine.

Ivo Van Damme was a brilliant Belgian runner whose life was cut short a year after the death of Steve Prefontaine. Van Damme, as one will find out, was not the "usual Belgian". Van Damme was the silver medalist in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. His death, in the Christmas season of 1976, was a shock to his countrymen.

Dave Hunter wrote this piece after his visit to the Van Damme Memorial, a meet established in the honor of the fallen Belgian runner.

Huddle_MollyWideF-NYC16.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

This feature on Molly Huddle, on her amazing year of 2016, was written by David Hunter. Molly's hard fought year, like the years that preceded it, are like a tapestry of the athlete's complete career. Many more races to run for Molly Huddle, as David Hunter writes in this fine piece. We, her fans are most fortunate.

I have always been fascinated with Dwight Stones. I felt that, for many years, Dwight Stones was the only guy who got field events in the U.S., and hence, if he was not on a telecast, field event coverage was geared for those with consciousness of a small soap dish.

Dwight Stones by Jonathan Jude Kainas.jpgDwight Stones, photo by Jonathan Jude Kalnas

Stones educated a few generations on field events. In this feature by David Hunter, our fearless scribe encapsulates a four decade long career both as an athlete and a sports broadcaster.

Thanks, Dwight!

Thanks, David!

Crouser_RyanWide-Rio16.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Ryan Crouser totally dominated the Rio Olympic shot put. Ryan Crouser totally dominated the U.S. Olympic Trials. Watching Ryan throw is quite exciting. This guy knows how to compete. Enjoy this fantastic feature by David Hunter on the 23 year old superstar. Just how good can Ryan Crouser be? Pretty exciting if you are a track and field fan!

Lance Harter: A Pioneer in our Sport


WC_FEA_RALLY_008_r600x400.jpgUniversity of Arkansas T&F team, with Coach Lance Harter, photo by Andy Shape for

Recently, I interviewed Dominique Scott, the Arkansas grad who has just turned pro. She was relating her first NCAA Championships, and how she was so fortunate to share it with her now husband, family, team and of course, Coach Lance Harter. The admiration and affection that Dominque had for Coach Harter resonated with me, as I had heard, over many years, kind words of appreciation for this important coach in our sport.

This is David Hunter's feature on Lance Harter. On the eve of the NCAA cross country Championships in Terre Haute, David reminded me that this was the perfect time to post this tribute to this fine coach. We hope you like it.

usainbolt.jpgUsain Bolt, adidas GP 2015, photo by Kevin Morris

This picture says it all: Why Usain Bolt has been so important to the sport of athletics, and why we need new stars who resonate with the sport. We asked David Hunter to opine on Men and Women AOYs. This is his piece on Men's AOY for 2016.

Tell us what you think! Email me at [email protected].

Wlodarczyk_AnitaR1-Rio16.JPGAnita Wlodarczyk goes airborne, Rio 2016, photo by

Anita Wlodarczyk, the Olympic champion in the hammer throw put on quite a show in Rio this past summer, showing just how dominating in her event she truly is. In his first of two columns on the 2016 Athletes of the Year, David Hunter provides his arguement on his pick for Women Athlete of the Year.

We like his arguement.

For this glorious day in November, the Big Apple shone. The 46th New York City Marathon, and the 40th anniversary of the Five Boroughs Marathon showed off the City that truly never sleeps in all of its sporting splendor. Mary Keitany tamed the tough course, for the third straight time, and Ghirmay Ghebrselassie won the first time here, but also was the first from his country, Eritrea to win in New York-not bad for a 20 year old who has won the World Championships and placed 4th in the Rio Olympics!

Here is the feature by our senior writer, David Hunter, a man who has seen many marathons and run many as well. We hope you enjoy David's look into marathoning in the Big Apple. We sure have!

Ghebreslassie_Ghirmay-Rio16.JPGGhirmay Ghebrselassie, Rio Olympics to New York, photo by

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