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Bio: Deji Ogeyingbo is one of Nigeria’s leading Track and Field Journalists as he has worked in various capacities as a writer, content creator, and reporter for radio and TV stations in the country and Africa. Deji has covered varying degrees of Sporting competitions within and outside Nigeria which includes, African Championships and World Junior Championships. Also, he founded one of Nigeria’s leading Sports PR and Branding company in Nikau Sports in 2020, a company that aims to change the narrative of how athletes are perceived in Nigeria while looking to grow their image to the highest possible level.


This is Deji Ogeyingbo's third column for RunBlogRun. We think that you will enjoy learning about Ferdinand Omanyala, the fastest man in Africa.

082121_PreClassicDay198706.JPGElaine Thompson-Heran, 2021 Nike Pre Classic, is she the GOAT at 100m?, photo by How Lao Photography

Elaine Thompson-Heron is one of the most spectacular athletes of this generation. She may be as Deji Ogeyinbgo notes in his second column for RunBlogRun, the greatest runner of all time in the women's 100m. Her consistency in 2021 was mind boggling.

In her races, this observer notes that her last 40 meters are her strength, she does not shut down like most other sprinters do, and she (and Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce) push to the bitter end of the race.

Thanks Deji! Love your style of writing and glad that you are on board! You can follow Deji Ogayingbo on twitter at @deji_oges

This is the first piece by Deji Ogeyingo, a Nigerian track & field journalist, for RunBlogRun. He will be appearing twice a week, one Mondays, he will write on Nigerian athletics and Fridays, he will write about African Athletics and other subjects that interest him.

In his first piece, Deji wanted to give us his perspective on Nigerian athletes who have competed for Nigeria, and also the US Collegiate system as well. Nigeria has a tremendous number of athletes who compete in the U.S. system, and also, for other countries.

Imaobong Nse Uko photo by Roger Sedres.jpg

Nse Imaobong, WU20 Championships, photo by Roger Sedres / World Athletic

We are very lucky to have Deji added to our team. We hope you enjoy his writing and insights!

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