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Bio: Since 2013, Justin Lagat has written for RunBlogRun. His weekly column is called A view from Kenya. Justin writes about the world of Kenyan athletics on a weekly basis and during championships, provides us additional insights into the sport.


Twitter: @kenyanathlete

Kamworor_GeoffreyLeds1-WorldHalf16.jpgWorld Half Marathon, photo by

This is Justin Lagat's first column for 2017. Justin observed these lessons on races in Kenya, and here are some of his lessons.

Bekele-KipsangH1a-Berlin16.jpgKenenisa Bekele versus Wilson Kipsang, photo by

Our friend from Kenya, Justin Lagat, considers the year 2017, as a great year for fast races and World records.

Whitlock_EdSt-Toronto16.jpgEd Whitlock, photo by

The affable young at heart gent pictured above is not out of a Dickensian novel. No, dear readers, he is one of the finest runners in the world. Ed Whitlock, who I hope to interview some day soon, is all of 85 and has broke four hours for the marathon at that age.

And, he is an inspiration for Justin Lagat, our friend and correspondent from Kenya. Justin's column is a huge example of the universality of our sport and the goodness that can be derived.

Read on and see who Justin speaks of as inspirations. A proper end of year column.

Justin Lagat, this is an unique interview. Mark Lokwanamoi is a journeymen marathoner, who is trying to figure out his future. Lagat's column was written in November, right after the Nairobi Marathon. I am fascinated with the people we get to meet through Justin. I hope that you enjoy Justin's weekly A view from Kenya. Check out his website at

DSCN8172.JPGMark Lokwanamoi, photo by

Amos_NijelFV-PreC14.jpgNijel Amos, Pre Classic 14, photo by

Nijel Amos is one of the true characters of our sport. A middle distance runner with a blazing finish, Nijel Amos looks like a man possessed with his final kick. Amos always starts with about 100 meters out. His arms are flailing across his chest, as he gasps and groans for air. As he grabs with his arms for air, Amos makes up space, and in many cases, wins his races. Nijel Amos looks like a You Tube version of the British singer Joe Cocker performing "Cry me a River".

This interview of Nijel Amos was done by Justin Lagat. Justin writes a weekly column for us on running in Kenya, or one of the athletes who make Kenyan athletics so special. We thank Justin Lagat for his fine writing.

DSCN8496.JPGMoses Mukono and Ronald Kirui sprinting to the finish line in the men's senior race,

photo by Justin Lagat

DSCN8417.JPGIrene Cheptai leading the women's senior race, photo by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat wrote this piece for us on the November 27 cross country race. Justin provides a weekly view from Kenya for RunBlogRun readers! We thank our friend for his detailed observations of running in Kenya.

DSCN8357.JPGThe entertainment arena at the 2016 Kass Marathon, photo by Justin Lagat/www.kenyanathlete

DSCN8359.JPG70 year old David Sang after participating in the 2016 Kass marathon, photo by Justin Lagat/www.kenyanathlete

Justin Lagat writes for RunBlogRun on a weekly basis. He provides us a weekly column with a view from Kenya, by interviewing athletes, covering events and providing our readers a view of the sport we can find fascinating. This is a column on the changing faces of road racing.

image2.JPGGert Briene, after Nairobi Half Marathon, photo by

I met Gert Briene at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. He came up to me and said, " I know your writer, Justin Lagat." And from then, we shared our thoughts about running in general and his experiences running around the world.

This piece is written by Justin Lagat about his friend, Gert Briene.

Tuskys Wareng XC.jpgJunior race at Tuskys Wareng cross country, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this preview of one of the exciting cross country races coming up on the schedule in Eldoret, the Tuskys Wareng cross country race. Justin writes pieces for each week and then, during championships, Justin provides us a view from Kenya literally! Justin will watch the major events with friends and give us an unique view into Kenyan athletics.

14513589_1089793194409309_840798221_o.jpgAlfred Koech, courtesy of Kenyan Athlete

14556153_1088965807825381_751785037_n.jpgAlfred Koech and his coach, Sarah Jamieson, photo from Kenyan Athlete

Alfred Koech is racing and attending college in Australia. He has taken a different route for Kenyan athletes looking for an education outside of their country. This is a nice piece by Justin Lagat on this athlete and his dream of using his running to gain a fine education.

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