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If you want to bring your spring speed along slowly, but consistently, then, use fartlek. Holmer fartlek is one of the crudest forms of fartlek, but it works. Going out easy and coming back hard is a great way to get the ball rolling early in the season.

20151212-_D3_0397.jpgUSATF XC 2015, photo by Justin Britton

So, my iphone was exhausted after the tour of the NYRR RunCenter and New Balance RunHub.

It was a unique event, and the excitement of the young athletes, the smiles on the team from New York Road Runners and New Balance told the story. A dream for over a decade, the NYRR RunCenter is at the beginning. George Hirsch, Chairman of the NYRR noted that the RunCenter is just opening and we have little idea what more it can give the running community.

I liked the event. So, I filmed the entire thing (thanks to the suggestion of my son, Adam). The Shoe Addicts will provide a different perspective this coming week.

C16yj1OXAAUX9BQ.jpgNew Balance, Jenny Simpson, Brenda Martinez, photo courtesy of NYRR

What should we take from the events. Simply this. For the sport to grow and thrive, sponsors, running events and running clubs need to find common goals, and take unique approaches to the unique challenges in their local communities. In developing the NYRR RunCenter, NB RunHub and Youth Programs, the NYRR is inspiring another generation to run, jump and throw!

New Balance championing New York is a no brainer. CEO of New Balance, Rob De Martini noted to me that New York, the media capital of the world, has one of the most important marathons in the world. New Balance is at the beginning of a ten year relationship in the Big Apple. It should be good for NYRR, New York City, New Balance, and the sport.

Relationships, it is all about relationships.

The New York Road Runners RunCenter and the New Balance RunHub were introduced offiically today. RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts were among the media organizations there to cover the important event.

Why is the event important? As George Hirsch, Chairman of the New York Road Runners noted today, this moment was ten years in the making. Having a running center in the center of Manhattan, near Central Park, and open to all who run was key. Having a runner center that encourages the participation of young runners, means, as Tom Carleo, VP, Global Running at New Balance told us, another generation of runners is being encouraged.

NYRR RunCenter.jpgThis was the happy crowd at the NYRR RunCenter presser, includes NB CEO Rob DeMartini, NYRR Presidents Peter Ciaccia and Mike Capiraso, Brenda Martinez, Jenny Simpson, and Tom Carleo, VP Global Running.

This video is the intro to the New Balance RunHub and New York Road Runners Run Center, and we thought it is something that you should see! The NYRR continues to lead by example and their relationship with New Balance, as their partner in all things running is another example of how running is changing, for the better in the Big Apple.

Fred Lebow and Allan Steinfeld, I believe, would be happy with the NYRR RunCenter.

The video of the intro, gives you a pretty good idea of how the live event went...

I visited the OR Winter Market 2017 yesterday, January 10, 2017. It is a strange year, and a strange show. Next year, 2018, OR moves dates to a better time for the industry. This year, I saw Saucony, Brooks, HOKA, Altra all there. NB did not have a booth, HOKA was back from a year hiatus, and I went to the Brooks Business breakfast.

Here is what I learnt!

IMG_7250.JPGAnna Cavassa and Dan Sheridan hosting Brooks Business Breakfast,
photo by Larry Eder

Updated January 11, 2017

Dan Sheridan is a nineteen year veteran of the Brooks brand. Dan is the EVP, General Manager, Brooks North America. He and Anne Cavassa, Chief Customer Experience Officer, hosted the Brooks business breakfasts, an annual event at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Event.

The Brooks Business Breakfast has been a fixture for several years at Winter OR. The breakfast provides the business media a better chance to understand the business side of Brooks running. 2016 has been a tough year for the running industry and 2017 may have some challenges as well. For brands like Brooks, the more they focus on core business, the better their business seems to be.

RunBlogRun's Larry Eder sat down with Dan on Tuesday morning, January 10, 2017 to discuss the challenges in the specialty channel in 2016, and where the business is going in 2017.

Here is that interview. We thank Dan Sheridan for his time.

The good news is that Brooks is focused on performance running. That focus, they believe, will help them reach more of the running community in 2017.

You can find a fine interview with Anne on Facebook (RunBlogRun) as well. Special thanks to the Brooks communication team for the access and this fine event.

This is your fourth week of recovery from the cross country season. Enjoy your run today and run with your friends!

CHALL121215-9976.jpgThe team (HOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite), photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, January 11, 2017: A nice 5 mile run, in a park, on soft ground, keep it relaxed. Remember to warm up and cooldown.

On Tuesday, January 10, David Bedford, one of Great Britians' finest runners and one of the former director of the Virgin London Marathon, spoke to the Culture, Media & Sports Cultrue Committee. He was asked to relate the circumstances of his forwarding of information on the Russian athlete Shobukhova and Russian doping. Per Seb Coe's earlier discussion with Parliament, Coe noted that he did not read Bedford's note or comments, but forwarded them on the IAAF Ethics Committee.

When queried, per an article in Reuters (, David Bedford told Parliament that he was 'disappointed' in Seb Coe's response. The Culture, Media & Sport Committee has apparently requested Mr. Coe's presence once again. The IAAF has already responded that Mr. Coe has no more information for the Committee and does not show a willingness to once again participate.

What is this about?

Coe_Seb1a-IAAFgala16.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

A fartlek workout is a gift from our friends in Sweden. Fartlek means 'speed play'. In the years of World War 2, Swedish runners Gunder Hagg and Arne Andersson kept the mile alive, taking the record from 4:06.2 in 1942 to 4:01.4 in 1945! A strong component of their training was the speed play runs over soft trails in Sweden. Building speed and strength naturally was part of the concept.

20151212-_D3_0321.jpgTying your shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Some athletes have put themselves into world class shape just with fartlek because the variety is only limited by your creativity!

Try it, and have some fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017: Warm up, A fun fartlek, A minute easy, a minute hard, do that twenty times, and then, cooldown. Warm up and cooldown about ten to fifteen minutes.

Reposted on January 09, 2017

Originally published February 20, 2016

The second meet of my indoor journey in 2017 will be the Millrose Games! Here is my column on 2016 Millrose Games, which was a fantastic meet! Watch for our upcoming columns on the 2017 version and our live coverage on @runblogrun!

It is 7:51 PM Eastern time, as I am sitting down to write my missive on the 2016 NYRR Millrose Games. Shannon Rowbury is just finishing her cooldown, after a fine 4:24.35 mile tonight.

The truth is, after tweeting and instagraming for hours, it takes me a bit to bring my brain into a place where I can provide a near Luddite moment in the McLuhanesque world (come on guys, you have not read The Gutenberg Galaxy?).

But, as usual, I have digressed.

Nick and Matt.jpg

Suhr_Jenn-nbGP14.JPGJenn Suhr, photo by

Reposted January 09, 2017

The 2016 New Balance GP was a crazy weekend. I have covered the Olympic Trials on February 13 in Los Angeles, then jumped on a plane and did the red eye to Boston. The NB Indoor GP is back, thankfully, to its normal weekend, January 28, 2017. Make sure you are there!

Original post was February 2, 2016

Prior to her competition at the 2016 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix (February 14, 2016), Jenn Suhr did this interview with a group of the athletics press via conference call on February 2, 2016. Confident, thoughtful and relaxed, Jenn Suhr spoke about her focus, her competitions, and her goals.

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