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Bio: Larry Eder has had a 44 year involvement in the sport of athletics. Larry has experienced the sport as an athlete, coach, magazine publisher and now, journalist and blogger. His first article, on Don Bowden, America's first sub 4 minute miler, was published in RW in 1983. Larry has published several magazines on athletics, from American Track & Field to the U.S. version of Spikes magazine. He currently manages the content and marketing development of the RunningNetwork, The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun. Of RunBlogRun, his daily pilgrimage with the sport, Larry says: "I have to admit, I love traveling to far away meets, writing about the sport I love, and the athletes I respect, for my readers at, the most of anything I have ever done, except, maybe running itself."


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20151212-_D3_0404.jpgUSATF Club XC 2015, photo by

Getting back to school, start the running easy and build up once again. Enjoy this last week of recovery.

Bolt-CoeA1a-IAAFgala16.jpgUsain Bolt getting IAAF Athlete of year, photo by

Thompson_ElaineSea1-IAAFgala16.jpgElaine Thompson, IAAF Athlete of year, photo by

Bolt and Thompson by
BUDAPEST (HUN): Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson are the end of the year leaders of overall World rankings. In the men top ten 2nd Wayde Van Niekerk and tie for 3rd for Omar McLeod and Conseslus Kipruto. Christian Taylor is number 5 over Renaud Lavillenie, Mo Farah, Eliud Kipchoge, Ashton Eaton and Orlando Ortega. In the women situation just one point behind Thompson is Almaz Ayana, third Ruth Jebet. Then trowing stars Sandra Perkovic and Anita Wlodarczyk, position number 6 for Kendra Harrison and top ten is completed by Dafne Schippers, Tori Bowie, Caster Semenya and Hyvin Kiyeng.

Three weeks of recovery are a great way to give your body and mind a break from a long season. This is the third week of recovery. Enjoy this week, before we start the spring season of 2017.

20151212-_D3_0773.jpgWarming up, 2015 Club XC, photo by Justin Britton

Monday, January 2, 2017 : Warm up; 4-mile run with friends, 4 x 150 meter strideouts, cool down.

Long runs are one of the three major keys of success for middle and distance running. Build up long runs gradually. Run with your friends.

CHALL121215-8516.jpgThe USATF Club XC, December 2015, photo by Justin Britton

Sunday, January 1, 2017: Long, relaxed run of 7-9 miles with friends. Long runs are great way to get the body moving during the holidays.

Updated December 31, 2016.

Coaches, like teachers, do not get the respect that they deserve. The coaches who work with us, during our formative years, do much more than build athletes. They teach life lessons. Here is a new series that I am starting on how coaches change our lives.

Start-GreatXC04.jpgCross country start, photo by

Happy New Years Eve! Enjoy your last walk or run of the year. Review 2016 and consider the high points and low. Remember, you learn more from failures than successes, so review what did not work well.

2017 will be a wonderful year, full of promise and surprises. Breathe in life. Be inspired!

CHALL121215-9981.jpgGetting your shoes ready, photo by Justin Britton

Saturday, December 31, 2016: Take a break, relax with friends. Or, if you must, run an easy 4-5 miles, warm up and cooldown, and run with friends! Enjoy the holidays.

Recovery is both physical and spiritual. Watching movies, reading books, spending time with friends, in your light runs, all help rebuild after a long season.

20151212-_D3_0397.jpgUSATF Club XC, 2015, photo by

Friday, December 30, 2016: Warm up; 4-mile run, run on a soft surface, cool down.

The last few weeks of the year are a great time to unwind and recover from the long cross country season. The Indoor season is also going for many, but one must put together what the priorities are for the year. Your strength from cross country is not going way, and neither will most of your speed. Fartlek is a smart way to keep speed and endurance and give the brain a break.


Thursday, December 29, 2016: Warm up, Holmer Fartlek. This is old school. Warm up ten minutes, then, run somewhere in fifteen minutes, and see if you can return in 14 minutes, cooldown for ten minutes.

Five lessons from 2016 NXN


IMG_6979.JPG2016 NXN, December 3, 2016, photo by Larry Eder

The NXN nationals grew out of the Nike Border Clash, the battle between the 40 best of Oregon and Washington high school cross country runners, in a battle for cross country supremacy for the Northwest.

The NXN was a series of fine races in fine cross country weather, at the Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, Oregon on December 3, 2016.

Here my lessons from the NXN.

Today is a day off! Go see Rogue One (I saw it on IMAX yesterday, with 3D glasses, pretty cool!). Recovery is important for your body, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Athletics is like fine arts. Motivation is key, inspiration is paramount and focus is what makes it all come together.

Read as well! Once a Runner, by John Parker, A Clean Pair of Heels by Murray Halberg, The Unforgiving Minute by Ron Clarke, The Self Made Olympian by Ron Daws. 1980 Olympic marathoner Benji Durden used to read really goofy sci fi novels. Find your interest and take the time to treat your brain and imagination to food for your imagination.

Recover now, so you can be inspired this spring!

20151212-_D3_0405.jpg2015 USATF Club Cross Country, photo by Justin Britton

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