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Bio: Race Results Weekly is the news service of record for global road racing, published by David and Jane Monti, with support of Chris Lotsbom. RunBlogRun publishes their stories with permission.


Mo Kedir, 3000m .jpgMohammad Kedir shows his stuff, 3000m NR for Espana! photo by Diamond League AG

This piece is from Race Results Weekly! David Monti puts together amazing pieces on the middle distances and distances. This piece is used with Race Results Weekly permission.

We loved the Gateshead DL, or as I called it Gateshead revisited!

The AJC Peachtree Road Race was held on July 3-4, 2021. The elite race was held early on 4 July, under conditions developed to respect the requirements of the pandemic, both national and local.

We thank David Monti for this piece and wanted you to see the quality of the racing with our marathon teams competing in the USA 10k champs and the largest 10k race in the world.


IMAGE: The top-3 male finishers from the 2021 AJC Peachtree Road Race (left to right): Fred Huxham (2nd), Sam Chelanga (1st) and Clayton Young (3rd). (Image via

This piece is on the Oslo Bislett Games, which occurred On July 1, 2021. My apologies for the delay, as I was catching up on our Olympic Trials coverage and travel back from Oregon to California. We are days from returning to lovely Wisconsin, our home. I have not been home in four months.

I love Race Results Weekly. David and Jane Monti's focus on middle and long distances gives us detail and commentary that we normally do not get see. Their news service provides current updates on global distance running around the world.

This piece is on the distance events in the Oslo Bislett Games. We hope that you enjoy it.

DSL_9739_1.jpgA big 5000m with Worku and Obiri! photo by Diamond League AG

This is a piece on the last day of the USA Olympic Trials, June 27, by Race Results Weekly. I had missed this piece last week, but I think that it sheds more light on the events.

Richard Sands wrote this piece on the Olympic Trials for Race Results Weekly, and we at RunBlogRun use this with permission.

3F61AFA1-B077-42D9-ACEB-F2C157A61F50.jpgCole Hocker takes lead from Matthew Centrowitz in Men's OT 1,500m, photo by Kevin Morris / Kevmofoto

This piece should be passed around! The weather will be monstrous this weekend in Eugene, Oregon, and USATF has moved the 10,000m for women, 20,000m race walks and the 5,000m for men to earlier times.

One wonders why they did not move the entire schedule to the evening on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

But, then, I am not the federation.

1500-women-1-OlyTrials21w.jpgWomen's 5000m, photo by Kevin Morris / Kevmofoto

Kincaid_Woody-OlyTrials21w.jpgWoody Kincaid wins the 10,000m with Grant Fisher in second, and Joe Klecker in third, photo by Kevin Morris /Kevmofoto

The announcement about Shelby Houlihan will change the complexion of the races at 1,500m and 5,000m at the Olympic Trials.

The announcement about Shelby Houlihan means that an athlete, who has shown no inclination to dope in the past, will miss a pivotal Olympic Trials and Olympic Games.

David Monti of Race Results Weekly has put the situation into one strong column. Please read this and then, read my next column on this sad situation.


PHOTO: Shelby Houlihan in 2018 (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly, used with permission)


PHOTO: Molly Huddle competing at the 2021 Mastercard New York Mini 10-K on June 12 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)
One of our most iconic distance athletes, Molly Huddle will not be competing in the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials due to a nagging injury. David Monti did this salute to the winner of 28 USATF Championships, including five titles at 10,000m, and three at 5,000m.
We will miss Molly Huddle this year.


PHOTO: Sara Hall wins the 2021 Mastercard New York Mini 10-K in 31:33, the fastest time ever by an American at the event (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly, used with permission)
This is the feature by Dave and Jane Monti of Race Results Weekly on the excellent win last weekend, at the Mastercard NY Mini 10-K, by Sara Hall, as she gears up for the U.S. Olympic Trials.
Just how good is Sara Hall? I think that she finally is accepting her own talent, and her drive and focus seem better than any time in her career. The steepler via 1,500m, turned 5,000m, then marathoner, now marathon and 10,000m athlete has been a unique evolution.


GRAPHIC: The 2021 Mastercard New York Mini 10-K logo (courtesy of New York Road Runners), used with permission.


Sara Hall winning the 2019 NYRR New York Mini 10-K in 32:27 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Great to see that NYRR is getting back, as it is safe, to hosting elite competitions.

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