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Start1-Peachtree16.jpgStart of 2016 AJC Peachtree, photo by

The USA 10k champs will be hosted by the Atlanta Track Club at their event, the AJC Peachtree Road Race. The Peachtree is the largest 10k in the country. This is the jewel in the crown of the Atlanta Track Club. It should be a fantastic event! It is on my bucket list.

Wilson_Ajee1a-Armory16.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by

Hunter_Drew-FalmouthM16.jpgDrew Hunter, photo by

Two of our most promising American athletes, Ajee' Wilson and Drew Hunter, will be dueling at the Armory Track Invitational on February 3-4. Ajee' Wilson loves to race at the Armory, as does Drew Hunter. They are popular with the fans and young athletes as well. Be there!

Wlodarczyk_AnitaQW-Rio16.jpgAnita Wlodarczyk, photo by

Wlodarczyk gets the award

WARSZAWA (POL): Hammer World record holder and Olympic winner Anita Wlodarczyk won the Poland´s Sports Person of the Year Poll. She won in 82nd edition of the poll for first time. In third place discus thrower Piotr Malachowski. She is first athletics representative to win this Przeglad Sportowy poll since 2000. Malachowski immediately announced he will offer his award for charity. Top coach of the year was Wlodarczyk guide Krzysztof Kaliszewski. Newcomer of the year is javelin record holder Maria Andrejczyk. Shot put legend Tomasz Majewski was also awarded at the end of his career. In the category event of the year two from athletics two nominations were registered (World U20 Championships in Bydgoszcz and Skolimowska Memorial in Warszawa) but the win went to European Handball Championships.

A smart note from the Boston Athletic Association on all the important dates in 2017 on their races and associated events. This is a great idea and all major events should do this! One thing is for certian, we will see you in Boston in April 2017!

WomensStart-BostonM16.jpg2016 Boston Marathon elite women's start, by

Clayton Murphy moved from fine college runner Olympic bronze medalist in 2016. I remember watching the 800 meter final in Rio. I was in the BBC One radio area, which had the most tremendous view in the stadium. As Clayton Murphy charged up the final straight, he took control of the bronze medal position and won his first Olympic medal. It was exciting to witness Clayton Murphy elevate himself to one of the finest 800 meters in the world in 2016. It was fun watching him develop, as our columnist, David Hunter, had kept RunBlogRun readers updated on Clayton's development over the past few years. Now, Clayton Murphy is an Olympic bronzem medalist. Where does he go in 2017.

Well, one of the first places is the 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

Now, Clayton Murphy who last year raced from 800 meter to 1,500 meters, has now moved to the 3000 meters. He will be running the 3000 meters at the 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on January 28, 2017.

Murphy_ClaytonFH1b-USOlyTr16.jpgClayton Murphy, win the Olympic Trials 2016, photo by

The 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix will be an exciting meet. At 3.30 PM on January 28, 2017, the meet begins and nearly three hours of exciting track and field will ensue. Indoor track has the competiton close to the fans, which is what athletes love about it. Reggie Lewis has a great Mondo surface, where races are fast and furious. Great competitions, exciting races, that is what you will find at the Reggie Lewis Center on the last Saturday in January 2017.

Murphy_ClaytonFH-Rio16.jpgClayton Murphy takes the bronze in Rio, photo by

The 3000 meter distance has been a favorite in Roxbury. From Dejen Gebremariam's one shoe victory, to Hagos Gebrhewit's 3000 meters indoor meet record.

Gebrhiwet_HagosFV1-Zurich16.jpgHagos Gebrihewit, photo by

How will Clayton Murphy do over 3000 meters? Well, this young man does not run dumb tactical races. If he can keep in contact, and if he is there with 200 meters to go, good luck, I am not betting against him.

Updated January 6, 2017

This is one of those zen interviews. A true Moment with Larry, before I noted them. Ashton Eaton would score a pb in 400 meter hurdles at the Glasgow DL on the next day, and I wanted to find out why he was focusing on the hurdles that summer of 2014.

This is one of those interviews that happens in a perfect storm.

Ashton Eaton was quite relaxed, it was to be his last 400 meter hurdle race of the year, and his experiment to give him a break from the decathlon had worked. This interview was done on July 10.
A day later, July 11, Ashton Eaton would take second in the 400 meter hurdles, running 48.69 in a huge break through.
Ashton Eaton, Glasgow, after his 400m hurdle PB,
photo by
During the Commonwealth Games, Ashton Eaton cheered on his wife, Brianne Theisen Eaton to her first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. I saw him there, asked if Coach Marra was nearby. He smiled and said, "Of course." I congratulated him on Brianne doing so well, and he smiled and said.
"It is all about Rio."
Take those words to heart!

Harry Marra, photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images for the IAAF,
A Day in the Life, April 2013
Updated January 6, 2017
Larry Eder opines: I finished a quick interview this morning with Harry Marra. Before I post that, I wanted to repost this interview from 2015 by David Hunter. David did a wonderful job describing one of the most important coaches in our sport. Harry Marra is a man of much generosity. He is also a keen observer, and analyst of athletic talent. He is also, finally, one of the kindest people I know. He loved the last seven years coaching Ashton and Brianne.
I love coaches. I love to watch them coach, I love to watch them with their athletes and with other coaches. They have a sacred trust: passing down centuries of athletic history and tradition, while using modern training techniques to help their athletes achieve a goal. Coaches build character.
Harry Marra is one of the finest coaches that I know. Coaches are confessors, cheerleaders, salesman, and shrinks, all rolled up into one. A great coach, and Harry Marra is that, toil their entire lives, enjoying those infrequent moments when things all jell.
Harry Marra is having the time of his life. In the 1990s, Harry and Fred Samara developed the VISA Decathlon program, saving one of the most iconic events in American sports history from disintegrating.
In the 2012, Harry Marra coached Ashton Eaton to his best performances, and a World record at the US Olympic Trials. When Harry Marra tells me just how good Brianne Theisen-Eaton is, I believe him.
Dave Hunter captured my friend as only Mr. Hunter could: with the respect that this fine coach deserves.

Team New Balance Athlete Brenda Martinez with RunIQ.jpgBrenda Martinez, Team New Balance, with RunIQ, photo by NB communications

RunIQ watch_NM_0707_032.jpgRun IQ Watch NM 0707, photo by NB communications

RunIQ watch_NM_0707_096.jpgRunIQ Watch NM 0707, photo by NB communications

image004.pngJabra earphones, photo by NB communications

New Balance Digital has launched their first wearable device, the NB Run IQ. NB cooperated with several of the top brands in technology to build this product. We saw a prototype in December and I am at the Consumer Electronics Show to see the product on January 5. More to come!

RunBlogRun opines: So, Gianni Merlo of AIPS sent Seb Coe an open letter on how he thought that all records should be scrapped in the sport to give the sport a new start. The IAAF has responded with the letter below.

My thoughts?

I think that we have to take a deep breath, and look at the sport we love, and see the shit storm it has become, and then figure out what we have to change. Sometimes, organizations get so big, that they forget that, in the end, the organization is all made of humans, and humans screw up.

The letter from the IAAF is a step in the right direction. Watch for the next step.

SteeplechaseMotion-Moscow13.jpgSteeplechase, photo by

The Diamond League season is one of my favorite parts of the season. I was fortunate to visit most of the meets in 2014 and 2015. In this second part of the fine series on the site by Mike Rowbottom, we learn about the highs and lows of performance in the 2016 season, before and after the Rio Olympic Games.

Enjoy the read, and remember, that the 2017 Diamond League season is only a mere four months off!

Muir_LauraSF1a-Rio16.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

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