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Morris_SandiH-WORLDi18.jpGSandi Morris, photo by

Original Post on March 3, 2018

Repost December 31, 2018

This was one of the most exciting events of the championships. Stuart Weir helped us out through all of 2018 as I was recovering from April to October. Stuart has a fine sense of humor, which shows up in his columns.

I was watching Sandi Morris' last jump from the BBC radio live row in the media section. Ed Harry was calling the jump and it was truly exciting. With Ed Harry covering the vault, it allowed me to appreciate the tension and emotion in the tremendous vault competition at Birmingham. Here is Stuart Weir's comments on the amazing pole vault!

IMG_7355.jpgMaicel Uibo, bronze medalist, World Indoor Birmingham heptathlon, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

ATLANTA: Decathlon World lead and personal best for Estonian Maicel Uibo 8407 points at Spec Towns Invitational. His marks: 11.12 (1.0); 7.42 (-0,2); 14.71; 2.13; 50.29 - 14.97 (0.3); 47.83; 5.17; 64.42; 4.34.63. Second Briton Tim Duckworth improved to 8145 and third another Estonian Johannes Erm 8020 PB.

RunBlogRun opines: Maicel Uibo is an Estonian multi eventer. In Estonia, they don't play baseball, but they do enjoy multi events. In fact, they have this monstrosity that is actually 20 events, yep a double decathlon, but I have digressed. Maicel Uibo is the proud hubby of one Shaunae Miller-Uibo, who knows her way around a furlong and a 400 meters.

Windle_DrewQ-WorInd18.jpgDrew Windle, photo by

The 800 meters is one of the most difficult races to perfect. That wild combination of speed and endurance, the 800 meters is a like a chess game while running as fast as you can. Tactics, that ability to keep some speed for the final battle down the final stretch, is key. All of the greats had that ability to make the race their very own. Drew Windle is learning about how to make the race his race.

Drew Windle went up against many of the finest 800 meter runners in the world and came out with a silver medal. In part 2 of the interview with The Shoe Addicts, Drew speaks about his preparations for the World Indoors, his training group, his support from family and friends.

Thanks, Drew, for speaking with us!

Windle_DrewQ-WORLDSi18.jpgDrew Windle, photo by

Drew Windle won his first global medal at the World Indoors in Birmingham, England, March 1-4, 2018. Drew had run a stellar race to make the team in Albuquqerque, and his races in Birmingham were also well crafted. Adding to the drama for Mr. Windle, he was disqualified from the final for 86 minutes. Thanks to the tireless efforts of his coach, Danny Mackey and USATF officials, Drew was reinstated and his first global medal was a reality.

What do we know about Drew Windle? Do you know his parents and girlfriend try to visit most of his races? Drew gave us a ton of time in Birmingham on the night of his silver medal performance.

We sent out an FB live video, but this is the HD coverage of the Shoe Addicts from the post event interview. Drew Windle race tactics reminds me of David Wottle, the 1972 Olympic gold medalist. Windle has great leg speed over the last 200 meters.

This young middle distance racer has some even finer races in his future.

Sam Kendricks, Renaud Lavillenie, and Piotr Lisek battled in Birmingham on the last night of the championships. Vaulters are tremendous athletes. Sam Kendricks and Renuad Lavillenie can compete during the big meets, and have fun with each other before and after. Sam Kendricks may be the most likeable athlete in our sport, if not, he's close. His interviews are thoughtful, and humorous.

This is Sam Kendrick's interview with The Shoe Addicts.

Looking forward to the pole vault outdoors!

Okolo_CourtneyFHL-WorInd18.jpgCourtney Okolo, photo by

Courtney Okolo lead, from the start to finish, in the 400 meters in Birmingham. Running the 400 meters on the Birmingham track was tough for many, as the huge number of disqualifications showed, but Courtney ran a finest race of this season. Her gold medal was well won. The 400 meters is two laps on the 200 meter indoor track, and it take supreme judgement to run the 400 meters well. Congrats, Courtney Okolo.

Courtney Okolo has had a fine indoor season, with her wins in USATF Indoors, golds at 400 meters and 4x400 meters. Pretty darn impressive.

Here is the interview from The Shoe Addicts with Courtney, post her gold medal 400 meter race.

Coleman_ChristianFH-Worlds18.jpgChristian Coleman just does it, 60 meter World champs gold, photo by

Christian Coleman has had an amazing indoor season. His 6.37 for 60 meters on January 20 at Clemson. On February 17, Christian Coleman ran an imperfect 60 meters, and, with his arms outstretched, destroyed the world record with a sizzling 6.34 for the 60 meters. The electronic blocks, the electronic start, the drug testing all means that Christian got his world record.

On March 3, 2018, Christian Coleman ran a better, but still, imperfect race, winning his first global championships, with a championship record of 6.37. Here is his interview with the Shoe Addicts post race, on the evening of March 3, 2018.

Christian Coleman is a tremendous athlete with huge promise. After Coleman's race, I asked Maurice Greene, the previous world record holder for the 60 meters about Christian. Maurice Greene told @runblogrun that Christian Coleman can, if he work out a few more things in his racing, a bit faster over 60 meters and 9.65 or better in the 100 meters. That's high praise from Maurice Greene.

Morris_Sandi3-WORLDi18.jpGSandi Morris, photo by

Sandi Morris is the gold medal winner from the women's pole vault at the World Indoors in Birmingham. This is part 2 of the interview from Birmingham with The Shoe Addicts.

In this section, we asked Sandi about her use of social media and where she sees the status of American women's pole vaulting. Sandi Morris is always an interesting interview.

This pole vault competition was pivotal for her. She defeated Ekaterine Stefanidi and Ashelika Siderova in the same competition, and took her first global title.

Here's part 2 of the interview.

Morris_Sandi-WORLDi18.jpGSandi Morris, photo by

Sandi Morris won her first global gold medal in Birmingham in exciting fashion. On Day 3, right after Christian Coleman's course record, Sandi Morris battled Ekaterina Stefanidi and Anzhelika Sidorova.

Sidorova cleared 4.80 meters and 4.85 meters, and the only one to clear 4.85 meters. Stefanidi missed at 4.90 meters. On her second attempt, Sandi Morris fought back, and cleared 4.90 meters. Sidorova cleared 4.90 meters on her third attempt.

This is where Sandi Morris excells. She got tough. Clearing 4.90 meters on her second attempt, Sandi Morris cleared 4.95 meters on her second attempt. Siderova missed on all three clearances by 4.95 meters.

Here's part one of our interview with Sandi Morris, as she was beginning to comprehend how her life had just changed.

Thanks to The Shoe Addicts on their two part video series on Sandi.

IMG_8255.jpgShakima Wimbley, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Shakima Wimbley was part of the gold, silver punch by the USA in the 400 meters at the World Indoor, lead by Courtney Okolo. Shakima was also a member of the 4x400 meter relay in Birmingham. Shakima chased Courtney Okolo for 400 meters, battling with Eilidh Doyle, and taking the silver medal while Doyle took the bronze. A fun interview, Shakima was our biggest FB Live video from the World Indoors!

Shakima Wimbley ran 51.47 for the silver medal in Birmingham. This was her second World Championship team, as Shakima ran on the gold medal winning team from London 2017. The 4x400 meter gold at the Birmingham World Indoors was won by the U.S in 3:23:85.

Shakima Wimbley is a talented 400 meter runner. We will be seeing her for many years in the future.

We hope you like this HD video from The Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of RunBlogRun.

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