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https___www.runnerspace.com_finishonempty2019.jpgThe NXN has been canceled in 2020.

This is a huge blow to many high school XC teams and XC afficianados.

This means no XC season?

I loved my all night flights to PDX, the night before NXN (I had 3 events that week each year).

The event was always a blast and the chance to see XC geeks and the top high school athletes in XC on a good course.

I'm going on a walk....

This is used with permission of both Mike Fanelli and Peter J. Thompson.

Bill Roe was a huge supporter of the sport, and a wonderful, colorful friend. Bill's affection of the sport, ability to dig through the bull shit and bureaucratic detritus that challenges our sport.

Bill Roe was a friend to many. I considered him a friend and a supporter of the cause.

I found this piece posted by Peter Thompson and Mike Fanelli. We hope that you enjoy it. It was an amazing day, and Bill Roe was all over it.

88423295_10157284858879075_6614619883495751680_n.jpg1978 A.A.U. Men's National XC, Greg Meyer over Alberto Salazarr, photo from Mike Fanelli's Track Garage

Katelyn Tuohy made history last week. She is now the most winning Gatorade Player of the Year, having won 3 cross country POYs and one in track & field, plus 2018 Gatorade Athlete of Yearr. Katelyn continues to impress and she has signed a letter of intent with North Carolina State.

We at @runblogrun give Katelyn Tuohy a hearty congratulations.

What lesson can we learn from Katelyn Tuohy?

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 8BSS.jpgKatelyn Tuohy, photo by Steven Sutton / DUOMO

Katelyn Tuohy has a remarkable drive and desire. She has a supportive coach, team and family. All though intangibles add to the ability of an athlete to succeed. Gatorade sees her as a role model, someone to learn from and admire.

The high school career of Katelyn Tuohy was well managed. Katelyn did not over race. She focused on her training and used racing to help her build her level of racing fitness.

We wish her continued success and enjoyment of her chosen sports.

This is the first track workout of the season, it will be brisk, but the pace should not be painful. Do the workout in flats and keep the jog easy.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum ELITE MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgWXC 2019, photo by Getty for IAAF

Wednesday: 30 min warmup run, 12 x 200m, at 2 mile pace, 200m jog, 20 minute cooldown

Obiri_HellenFL-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by

MenStart1a-CampaccioXC18.jpgCampaccio 2018, photo by

The second week of Recovery is coming to an end. Enjoy the day off on Friday, as the big season is coming.

2017-06-23 01.02.52.pngMolly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, Emily Sisson, 10,000m, photo by

Friday, Dec. 27, 2019: day off

Enjoy the day off.

2016-07-01 21.25.49.pngHayward Field, photo by

Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2019: day off

It is Chistmas eve. Enjoy your run. Enjoy the time with family and friends.

2011-02-27 14.16.56.pngBlocks, photo supplied by Brooks communications.

Tuesday: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

The Monday of holiday week is a day off. Enjoy it!

ZZBB1588 copy 2.JPGTime to run, photo by

Monday, Dec. 23, 2019 : day off

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