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Gydynia.jpgWorld Half-Marathon Championships Gdynia 2020, photo by World Athletics

WA COO Jon Ridgeon has suggested that the WC Half Marathon, held in the pandemic, is amazingly difficult.

Updated April 21, 2020

We recieved the following letter via Jeff Benjamin on 20 April 2020. It speaks of Coogans, a NY institution, closed on 17 March 2020. The NY Times posted a piece on the closing, noting that it was part of New York City that would not survive the modern plague. The New York Times titled it, "Coogans is Closing. This is the New York we are loosing." Please read it.

coogans letter .jpg

The following piece is by David Hunter, long time scribe for RunBlogRun. David penned this piece on December 16, 2013. It speaks of Peter Walsh, one of the triumviratre behind Coogans....please read it and know that Coogans was one of those positivesanctuaries of our sport.

Peter Walsh is one of the most energetic and positive people one would hope to meet. Walt Murphy and Larry Rawson, two of my mentors in this sport, introduced me to Peter at Coogans just a few years ago. What a place and what a wonderful person. Here is David Hunter's masterful piece on Peter and the magic that is Coogans.

millrose 105.jpg
Photo by Larry Eder, Millrose, year 105

The heptathlon in Doha was one of the finest competitions in recent memory.

The battle featured the Olympic, World and European Champion (Nafi Thiam) vs Katerina Johnson-Thompson, 2018 European silver medalist, 2018 World Indoor Champion. This was an event by event battle. The quality of the athletes is such that one error and a medal is gone.

Thompson_Katarina1a-Brussels19.jpgKaterina Johnson Thompson, photo by

Johnson-Thompson won 4 of 7 events. Her 2:07.26 was gutty and focused, giving her the gold medal. Nafi Thiam did not compete well, she had several sub par performances. In many of her past performances, Johnson-Thompson had a sub par event in her heptathlons. That was not the case in Doha.

Verena Preiner of Austria had a brilliant performance, taking the bronze in Doha.

The presser was exciting, and questions fun and answers complete.

Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts' Adam Johnson Eder on filming and Mike Deering on production.

The decathlon is two days of battling the elements, the events, emotions, and your body. The long time coach of Ashton Eaton is Harry Marra. Harry told me that the decathlon has ten ways to get injured. The 1968 Olympic gold medalist, Bill Toomey once told the media that the decathlon is ten ways to make mistakes.

At the end of day one, Damien Warner of Canada lead, with 4,513 points. In second, Pierce LaPage, CAN hit 4,486. Three points separated 2nd and 3rd, as Kevin Mayer had a score of 4,483.

Kaul_NiklasFL-Doha19.JPGNiklaus Kaul, photo by

In sixth place was Maicel Uibo, of Estonia, (4,317), and in 11th, Niklas Kaul, Germany, hit a score of 4,164.

Day 2 was nuts. Kevin Mayer hurt himself in the discus, then could not finish the pole vault. Damien Warner slowly began to disintegrate on day 2, as his lead went away and he found himself in the bronze medal position. Maicel Uibo, using a huge 5.40m pole vault, moved into the silver position. But it was youngster Niklaus Kaul, the young German decathlete, had won the discus (49.34m) and vaulted 5.00m. But, Kaul's javelin, a huge 79.05m, put him in gold medal contention. His 4:15.70 in the 1,500m gave him the gold, and Maicel Uibo followed in silver with Damian Warner in bronze.

The presser is amazing. Warner and Uibo give an exhilerating description of how to sell the decathlon. The final part of the presser had NIklaus Kaul speaking about his competition.

When Niklaus Kaul was asked who his hero was, he pointed to the back of the presser. Sitting there was Ashton Eaton and his wife, Brianne Theisen Eaton.

unnamed-3.jpgWorld Athletics Mile honorees, photo by Phillipe Fitte, World Athletics

unnamed-5.jpg220th World Athletics Council, photo by Phillipe Fitte

Each year, at the end of year Gala and at major championships and events, the World Council meets to discus governance of the sport. I try and read all of the council notes, as I would like to see what the Council sees as important.

unnamed-4.jpgContinental Tour, photo by Phillipe Fitte/ World Athletics

The word about the Continental Tour began in Doha, and it was announced this past week in Monaco. The full release was below...

unnamed-2.jpgBelgrade and Yangzhou sign to sponsor with World Athletics Seb Coe, photo by Phillipe Fitte for IAAF

unnamed.jpgWorld Athletes Council, photo by Phillipe Fitte

KhalifaStadium-Worlds19.JPgKhalifa Stadium, photo by

Well, just found this release, and it is important. The change in branding continues with the IAAF moving to World Athletics. Please check out the new site, which seems to be launching over time. r

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