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Our newest partner, Thorlos Experia ProLite sock has a Kickstarter campaign, which is good until Friday April 13, 2018. If you use the link below, you will be able to purchase 2 pairs for the price of one.

Thorlo is a fine brand of performance socks. We hope you can check them out.

Experia ProLite Product Shot.pngGet THORLO's New Experia Pro Lite pwfromance sock, three days left, get Intro price, buy one get one free!

- New
- Experia ProLite with NanoGLIDE® - 10X less friction (sexy product hero shot)
- Pre-release pricing on Kickstarter 50% OFF - Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair Free!
- Money back guarantee

Here is a news release on the Owaves company. Owaves is focused on bringing health and wellness to humans. They do it through apps that provide top notch advice and suggestions on how to include a healthy lifestyle in an all so crazy modern lifestyle

Check out the release below and for more information, go to owaves.

Team New Balance Athlete Brenda Martinez with RunIQ.jpgBrenda Martinez, Team New Balance, with RunIQ, photo by NB communications

RunIQ watch_NM_0707_032.jpgRun IQ Watch NM 0707, photo by NB communications

RunIQ watch_NM_0707_096.jpgRunIQ Watch NM 0707, photo by NB communications

image004.pngJabra earphones, photo by NB communications

New Balance Digital has launched their first wearable device, the NB Run IQ. NB cooperated with several of the top brands in technology to build this product. We saw a prototype in December and I am at the Consumer Electronics Show to see the product on January 5. More to come!

IMG_7043.JPGAmy Evans on adidas, #TRE16

Amy Evans did a four part interview at TRE 2016 with The Shoe Addicts on offerings from adidas for 2017 in their apparel range. Make sure you watch them and pass them around!

Amy Evans is a very articulate spokesperson for adidas. She understands her product, her line and her brand. adidas. adidas is on a nice upswing in their business in North America.

Thanks to Amy Evans and The Shoe Addicts. One final note. As Amy Evans did this series, there was a price increase on the Parley tank top from adidas. The correct price is $80.

IMG_6847.JPGTom Cox and Larry Eder, TRE 16, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Tom Cox spoke to The Shoe Addicts at TRE16 in December. Tom Cox manages Under Armour's Performance Eyewear, and has been involved in the sporting goods industry for over three decades. We asked Tom to show us some of the cool UA eyewear available for 2017. Tom understands the needs of athletes and why the eyewear would be of benefit to athletes.

Let us know what you think!

recoverite us.jpg

Updated December 23, 2016

This product, Recoverite, makes sense for athletic trainers as an economical way to manage recovery while on the road. We encourage you to reach out to the company for more information. Recoverite is looking for retailers in North America. Running stores that understand the needs of their more advanced customers will carry this product.

Updated November 26, 2016

So, about a month ago, a good friend, Andy Stubbs, called me from the land Down Under. By that, of course, I mean Australia. Andy is in the athlete management business in athletics. While doing some research for his athletes, Andy came upon a new product fusing compression recovery and ice therapy recovery. The product is called Recoverite. He asked me to look at the product concept. Recoverite, in my mind, makes a ton of sense: from a coaches' point of view, this is a product that trainers should use and athletes who see the value of compression and ice therapy recover will see the use.

Ice baths are a pain in the butt. If you have spent any time with distance runners or track athletes, you know what happens after a meet and the ice machines run out of ice. The mess in rooms is also a pain for everyone. Recoverite has compression product plus reusable ice bags, ending the mess, but getting the both of ice recovery and compression recovery for athletes. The concept, supported by science and common sense, is that both compression apparel and ice therapy are fine ways to speed recovery workouts and the delayed onset muscle soreness that comes with power and strength workouts. This type of recovery system makes sense for nearly all sports.

Where does this product make sense? Well, compression and ice therapy work in all sports where your muscles can get banged up, from road racing to track & field to rugby and all in between.

I was also thinking, with TRE 2016 upon us, that this product makes sense in running stores and team catalogs. The Recoverite product can be sold to athletes and their families and coaches and trainers.

The company is the work of Abel Podger and Andy Stubbs. Both Abdel and Andy will be at TRE this coming week. I have attached the media brochure from RecoveriteUS Brochure.pdf, plus their website:

I think that is a great idea. If you want to meet Abdel and Andy at the TRE2016, you can reach out to Andy at [email protected]

Stan Brajer is a long time executive in our sport. He has been with major brands for over three decades.

Stan Brajer Polar SS.pngStan Brajer, Senior VP, U.S. Sales, Polar

We interviewed Stan Brajer at the TRE Shoe regarding Polar. Polar is the grand daddy of heart rate monitors and they have, quite frankly, been taken for granted. The quality of their product, the quality of their research and their long time record for making fine product in the industry makes them a don not miss in training monitors. I worked with the parent company, Polar Electro, on an early heart monitor training program from 1991-1994. They were espoused by Coach Roy Benson, former Florida TC and early personal coach.

Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts for the interview, producing the interview and keeping me organized.

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