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Updated 2/12/21

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Not sure that much has changed since I wrote this 3 weeks ago.

The Olympics is a close to a global religion that we actually have.

Sports transcends the activity and it gives many something to cheer about. And the seven billion people on this planet, having dealt with the pandemic in 2020, would sure like to see an Olympics in 2021. The sad thing is, with current medical knowledge and innoculations, it may be impossible to hold the Olympics without a huge loss of life.

Tokyo Olympic Stadium .jpgTokyo Olympic stadium photo by World Athletics

The issue is this. Can Tokyo hold an Olympics, with COVID 19, and the challenges we currently have? The IOC is steadfast, with Thomas Bach saying 'it will happen'. So does Seb Coe, head of Wold Athletics, qualifying that it will 'happen in some form". Yet, up to 80 percent of the people in Japan have noted that they would like to see it cancelled in 2021.

The athletes want to compete, as they have been waiting almost a year now.

What does the IOC do?



2020-03-30-tokyo-thumbnail-02.jpgTokyo 2020, photo by IOC

5bd5bb93-5fb0-4177-8876-06bab6e12e00.jpgTokyo Olympic Stadium, photo by IOC

What is happening in Tokyo?

It changes by the minute....

WHM women - Jepchirchir 02.jpgPeres Jepchirchir, photo by Dan Vernon /WCH Gydnia

The brilliant racing by Peres Jepchirchir in 2020, can they continue in 2021? Peres Jepchirchir wants to compete in Tokyo on the Kenya team. But, will Tokyo happen?

Dick Fosbury is no flop


100_4569.JPGDick Fosbury, with his original shoe, 2011, photo by Stuart Weir

Dick Fosbury changed the high jump forever with his paradigm changing approach the high jump. Stuart Weir did this piece on the merry prankster of the high jump...

20120811athletics31825.JPGChaunte Lowe, London 2012, photo by Martin Bateman

Chaunte Lowe is an amazingly inspiring athlete. Stuart Weir did this piece on Chaunte Lowe....

High intro


Barshim jumps for joy at London 2017 World Championships.jpgMutaz Barshim jumps for joy after the London 2017 World Championships, photo by Qatar Olympic Committee

This is the first in a series on the high jump, by Stuart Weir.

image0_1.jpegRafer Johnson, taking the torch to LA 1984, photos: LA84 foundation

image1_1.jpegRafer Johnson, taking the torch to LA 1984, photos: LA84 foundation

Updated 14 December 2020, added photos, corrected grammar, added coach's name.

Rafer Johnson was the 1956 Olympic silver medalist in the decathlon, and the 1960 Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon, in one of the closest decathlons in Olympic history.

When Rafer Johnson died on 2 December 2020, he had lived a historic life. Rafer Johnson had lived a life that included American politics, Special Olympics, the Olympic movement and the iconic history of Americans in the decathlon.

Rafer Johnson was a role model. Rafer Johnson was a man of character.

Jeff Benjamin spoke with the living American decathlon gold medalists about how Rafer Johnson influenced them. This is the piece that you will see below:

Steve G .jpgSteven Gardiner, photo by World Athletics

Stuart Weir interviewed Steven Gardiner in October 2020. Here is the 20 questions that Steven answered, one wonders how many questions that Stuart actually asked Steven, but that is beyond my pay grade.

Well, enjoy the interview.

DPI03570.jpgLolo Jones, Kevin Hart, Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud

Lolo Jones is one talented athlete. She has been world class at 100m and 60m hurdles, plus bobsled, Winter and Summer.

She almost took Olympic gold in 2008, and now she will go back in a bobsled.

DSC00265.jpg2019 USA Champs, 10,000m, photo by Cortney White

The Olympic qualification time begins on December 1, 2020. Some exciting events coming up in the next weeks.

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