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The relationship between the Boston Marathon and adidas was forged in the late 1980s by Guy Morse, the first Executive Director of the BAA Boston Marathon and Adrian Leek, former global running head at adidas. Guy and Adrian understood that they had something special in Boston, and, with the longest enduring footwear and apparel sponsorship for an event in our sport, the creation of an official line of apparel and footwear specials became part of the Boston marathon culture. One sees Boston Marathon apparel far and wide around the world. For the Boston Marathon faithful, the yearly adidas jacket, shirt and shorts are part of their lives.

In this short video, I show you a bit of the booth on the last day, the first day that there were not lines (well in the last two hours). But, take this talking point: adidas worked hard (like ASICS at New York), to build the apparel line into something to be treasured, and that success can not be taken for granted.

Amy Evans of adidas spoke with the Shoe Addicts on the new products and special attributes of new adidas performance apparel for 2017. This interview was done at the adidas Booth for the Running Event 2016, in Orlando.

IMG_7043.JPGAmy Evans on video

adidas is having a bit of a brand renaissance in North America. Always a fine brand, the fashion product is doing well, but, it must be added the adidas BOOST product line continues to shine, as does the new apparel line.

This is the second of Amy Evans' four videos with the The Shoe Addicts for December 2016. One note Amy asked us to remind our kind viewers of: the adidas Parley tank top has had a price change, to $80.

Special thanks to Amy Evans for her time and giving us an appreciation of the new product line, and The Shoe addicts for their interview and production.

IMG_7042.JPGAmy Evans, photo from The Shoe Addicts

This is the beginning of a four part series on adidas apparel for 2017. adidas' Amy Evans spoke to The Shoe Addicts at the Running Event 2016 in Orlando last week, on upcoming adidas apparel product launches and updates. As Amy Evans tells us, runners like to look good, so adidas has focused on both fashion and function with the new apparel for 2017. Special thanks to Amy Evans for her knowledge and enthusiasm and The Shoe Addicts, the partners of RunBlogRun, for their video creations. Just one correction: The adidas Parley top retails for $80, not the $65 noted. Sorry about that!

What is the difference between a running short that is made of performance fibers, and fits well, sold for $50, and a pair of shorts you buy at Marshalls?

Truth is, the running media has done a pretty good job defining needs in running footwear. But, I believe that we have not done a good job in defining needs in running performance apparel.

Craig Vanderoeff.pngCraig Vanderoef, looking for the perfect running tight

So, we began this discussion with Craig Vanderoef in May of 2016, and began recording segments in July 2016. This is part three in our discussion on the making of great performance apparel.

That is the goal of Craig Vanderoef, adidas Senior Global Director of Running Apparel. Craig gets it, and is past obsession in making fine performance apparel for adidas. We thank Craig for his time. This video series was produced by The Shoe Addicts.

Part 3 of Craig Vanderoef video is just below.

Craig Vanderoeff.pngCraig Vanderoef

Craig Vanderoef looks at performance apparel like few others in the world. Articulate, witty and always looking for a good conversation, Craig Vanderoeff spends his days looking for the perfect fabric for the perfect running apparel. We caught up with Craig at the adidas House at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. Over a few hours, we discussed many aspects of the form and function of perfomance running apparel.

Craig Vanderoeff is the Senior Director of Global Running Apparel for adidas. He loves a well thought out, well executed piece of running apparel. He wants his apparel to answer the questions and needs of runners.

This is part two of a multi part series on perfomance apparel. We hope that you enjoy the series. We thank Craig Vanderoef for his insights and honesty. We thank The Shoe Addicts for their work on this series.

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