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Bianca Williams - developments


DGpyH0GXgAAJc8T.jpgBianca Williams, photo by Getty / British Athletics

Women's 4x100m for Stuart.jpgBritish 4 x 100m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Bianca Williams to Darryl Neita GB.JPGBianca Williams to Darryl Neita, GB 4x100m, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is our update on Bianca Williams. It is sad to note that UK is having same issues as we have in US.

image002.jpgThe Atlanta Track Club is developing a program called "Common Ground". "Common Ground".

The "Common Ground" program is "designed to educate and inform its staff, leadership and members on issues of social justice and anti-racism. "

This is an important idea. We applaud the ATC on taking this approach. We live in a complicated time. Listening is an important skill.

Common Gound: Bob Holmes, Founder of South Fulton Running Partners, Intro

Bianca Times.jpgBianca Williams in the London Times....

DGpyH0GXgAAJc8T.jpgBianca Williams, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Bianca Williams to Darryl Neita GB.JPGBianca Williams to Darryl Neita, GB 4x100m, 2018 EAA Champs/ Berlin, photo by Getty Images / Berlin 2018

This is a powerful story. I asked Stuart Weir to relate the Bianca Williams story on being stopped in a curious manner, this time in theUK.

As a former athletics coach, I recall telling one of my relay teams that the clear reason that the security team at a major meet was spending an inordinate amount of time following the team, was because they were the only black team at the meet.

I wanted you, kind readers, to see that racism is not just a continental phenomenon, but a global one. The only way we can change society is to, at first, admit that there is a huge problem, that must be addressed.

GBerry.jpgGwen Berry, photo by

Nicely done by Max Siegel, CEO of USATF, who interceded on behalf of Gwen Berry.

iu.jpegGwen Berry, by World Athletics

Gwen Berry has paid a price for her raised fist at the 2019 Pan Am Games....

mj2.jpgMichael Johnson, photo by

Michael Johnson's iconic moments happened in Atlanta 1996 and Sevilla 1999. In Atlanta, Michael Johnson won both the 200m and 400m. His World record in the 200m, 19.32, would not be broken until 2008 (Usain Bolt, 19.30 and again in 2009, 19.19). His 400m World record at 400m, 43.18, was set in 1999, not broken until 2016 by Wayde Van Niekerk, with his 43.03.

Michael Johnson has come out strong about the senseless murder of George Floyd and how those with a platform have a responsibilty to stand up.

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