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2018_0412_osucascades_forcelab-7_29085883958_o.jpgChristine Pollard, at FORCE Lab, photo by FORCE Lab

2018_0418_osucascades_forcelab-20_29085884348_o.jpgExamining a runner and his shoes, photo by FORCE Lab

This was an interesting release on a virtual event for runners, hosted at OSU.

im-150781.jpgClockwise from top left: Nike Air Zoom Alphafly, Nike Air Zoom Victory, Nike Air Zoom Tempo, and Nike Air Zoom Viperfly.PHOTO: NIKE

The shoe controversy continues. This fine piece puts much of the furor into perspective. This furor is not over. Excellent piece by Khadeeja Safdar and Rachel Bachman.

The FootLocker and USATF JOs end the season for high schoolers. Two days out from the last meet of the year, just keep it relaxed and think about how much you have improved over the season, and how much you want to end on a positive note.


Foot Locker Cross Country Championships, 2018, photo by

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019: warm up, easy jog, 30 minutes.


Under Armour spike, photo by The Shoe Addicts

When I meet with footwear brands, the discussion always goes to reaching young runners. I always hear, then, "Well, we can not afford to do a spike line."

Under my breath, I say, "that is not the point."

So, look at the numbers. 1.4 million boys and girls competed in track and cross country in 2019. That is 560,000 high school cross country, and 900,000 in high school track. Of those 1.4 million, 500,000 run both. So, you have 500,000 boys and girls running 46 weeks a year, six days a week, with average workout of two hours, five minutes. The 500,000 purchase an average of 5 pairs of training shoes a year, the 900,000 purchase 3-4 pairs of running shoes. Average price? $120 in track only, $160 in both.

5.2 million pairs of shoes a year due to high school athletics, the largest high school sport, next to football, and basketball. Now, do I have your attention.

I recall a conversation with my old buddy, David Murphy, when he was ensconced in adidas. He shared that adidas probably lost $100 on each pair of track spikes it sold. In 2019, just over 700,000 pairs of specialty track spikes and 100,000 pairs of XC racing shoes were sold.

Track spikes give many young athletes their first chance to see other shoe brands. adidas, ASICS, Brooks, Nike, New Balance, PUMA, Saucony, and now, Under Armour have developed their own line.

It also is the brand's investment in the next generation of consumers. PUMA used to do well with a sprint and distance shoe only for junior high school athletes. Find a niche and stick to it.

The key is to invest, in your present and future!

Now, check out my rant, and enjoy walking the floor today in Austin. I hear Jim Weber is buying a few beers tonight.

Some of us remember the Super Show. It was a monstrosity of a show, and filled the coffers of the city of Atlanta in the 1980s and 1990s. In its heyday, retailers and media had nightly parties and entertainment. I recall meeting the late Horst Dassler of adidas there, watching Phil Knight standing on a keg at a Nike party, and the rap group, Technotronic, entertaining at the Reebok party.

All good things come to an end. By the mid 1990s, Nike had pulled out, then, Reebok pulled out. While other shows came and went, like Outdoor Retailer, the ghost of the Super Show stayed in the hearts of some.


The Running Event came out of a need, but also a vision. The Formula 4 team made an audacious move when they announced the show. They gambled everything. And, the new owner, Diversified Communications, is betting on the business to grow.

The Running Event is a success because the team that invented it had help from the community. It is a community event. Yearly communication, face to face, is important.

This video, done at TRE18, is my feelings, in a nutshell, on the need for the running event.

This is the beginning of a series of columns by me, Larry Eder on the show I love, the Running Event. Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to cancel my trip to TRE19, so I am sitting in the GVA cafe in Morgan Hill, CA and sharing my thoughts on this wondrous event. I will miss you all, especally the many times I give Joe Rubio trouble at the Hilton bar, or enjoy a cocktail at the various watering holes at the show and around Austin. I have never missed a TRE, and hope to see you all again in Austin in 2020.

So, I am going to pen a few columns on the big themes I have been hearing all year....

001.jpgHere is the truth. Brooks should have gone to the great running cemetary in the sky in the 1980s, somehow, it stayed alive. In 2019, It battles several brands, who stay focused on performance running, a $2 billion a year business. Brooks buried ASICS about five years ago, as the iconic brand lost its focus, and now, leads running performance. But, as Brooks management knows, one is only as good as their last shoe sale...

NikeVaporFly4pcFlyknit.jpgNike Vaporfly Next 4%

NikeZoomNext%.jpgNike Zoom Next %

eliud-kipchoge-nike-alphafly-copy.jpgEliud Kipchoge's Nike AlphaFly prototype, photo: INEOS 159, found on

Original Post: November 13, 2019

Updated post: December 4, 2019

Special TRE 2019 Post:

How do local running stores feel about these special shoes? Why, they love them. If you are picked by Nike (top 20-50 store, based on volume), this is Christmas. Top local runners, aka the key influencers are buying this shoe, no matter the price. Nike is taking ASICS users away in droves, among the brands hurt by this shoe.

The controversy is raging. Can you have too much aid from a shoe? Should one company have nearly all new technology protected, and where does business and sport overlap?

And also, is the IAAF equipped to make such decisions, knowing that the brand they censure could be a potential next sponsor?

Cregg Weinmann has been the RN footwear editor since 1998, life long runner and a man who has spent nearly six decades using and examining running shoes. We asked Cregg to look at this controversy and shed some light onto the topic.

190424_SS19_RUN_JM_Reflective_W_600_1193_0-2.jpgUA HOVR Reflective Spring Summer 2019, photo by UA Running

The importance of Global Running Day gets bigger and bigger each day. Take a look at the release from Under Armour on their programming from Global Running Day.

With nearly fifty brands of running footwear in the highly competitive performance running channel, how does one stand out in this crowded, competitive market?

Well, 361 USA has found a way, and it has been well recieved.


The 360 USA booth at the 2018 Running Event, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In this video, Ike Alvear, Head of Sales, explains the rules of the 361 USA Retailers Cup. By the deadline, April 1, 361 USA surpassed their goal in 2019, of 50, with over sixty teams and with a few more to be approved.

The teams of 4 (must include 2 women, and up to one local star) race 5ks. There are six regions and the top teams get a trip to the designated national race where the teams will race for at least $50,000 for the win.

Watch for more info on this soon!

Original post, January 15, 2014

Repost, January 16, 2019

This is a story from the wayback machine. We go back to 2014. We hope you enjoy!

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

The Reggie Lewis Center is one of the two top sites in North America for indoor track & field. One of the main reasons for that success is Keith McDermott, who has looked over the facility with thoughtful concern, and lots of elbow grease, since 1998. A former sprinter and long jumper, Keith gets track and field and appreciates what a life changing experience the sport can be for the boys and girls of the Boston metro area.

Rich Kenah, 1997 World Champ bronze medalist at 800 meters, and partner in Global Athletics & Marketing, the group that has produced and managed the New Balance Indoor GP since its inception, goes even farther in his praise of Mr. McDermott: Keith McDermott's "support of the meet since the 90s is one of the reasons that the New Balance Grand Prix continues to thrive."
Keith McDermott, photo courtesy of NBIGP

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