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Caster Semenya, London 2017, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Well, good for Caster Semenya. Give her 3-5 more 5000m, and she has a good shot at 15:10.00, depending on fitness.

Milers have to build fitness to handle 12.5 laps. If Caster gets to 15:10.00, it will be quite exciting.

We shall watch this spring to see how she competes.

The new world record by Ruth Cheonegetich is outstanding. The amateur coverage of the event, done by a crew that seems not to understand what sport was being covered shows once again that women's athletics is not getting the coverage it deserves.

TOKYO 2021: Overseas fans banned



Tokyo Olympic Stadium, photo by LOC

Overseas fans banned in Tokyo.

Probably worst kept secret in Olympic media. No bad guys here but pandemic. I wish LOC, IOC, and Government could be seamless in their communications.

Without fans, hotel sales, restaurants, street food, mementos will be terribly affected.

How will it affect the quality and fiscal vitality of the Olympics? Remember, IOC has about $2 billion US in insurance, which means that the estimated $15 billion to $20 billion spent on Tokyo 2020 infrastructure could be lost.

This is a moving, living, breathing entity. Stay tuned. Inside the Games doing a brilliant job in non-sensationalizing this important story!

1018776362.jpgIan Stewart, Stewart McSweyn, 2018 Emsley Carr Mile (Birmingham DL), photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

hall mcsweyan .jpgLinden Hall and Stewart McSweyn, photo and copyright

Linden Hall had a big 1000m today and Stewart McSweyn took the WL in the 5000m today in Australia.

Oh come on, Tokyo 2021? 50/50 on a good day!

cdc.jpgCovid 19, photo by

The Sound Running The Track Meet, held 4-5 December 2020. On 4 Dec 2020, it was a night of amazing 5000 meters racing! Jesse Williams and his team had excellent fields! The ability to put on an event now is quite challenging.

Some amazing 12.5 lappers! What a way to begin Olympic qualifying!

IMG_6304.jpgShelby Houlihan won Women's heat 1, 5000m, in 15:02.55, Sound Running The Track Meet, Women's 5000m heat 1, photo by Sound Running

Andre De Grasse.3jpg.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by

Andre De Grasse is coming back to his amazing form of 2016. Working with Coach Rana Reider, Andre De Grasse returned to amazing fitness in 2020, going 9.97 at 100m and 20.24 at 200m. Andre De Grasse also went 9.68 at 100 yards in July 2020. Donovan Bailey, the 1996 Atlanta Champion, and a fellow Canadian, believes that Andre De Grasse is one of the few men who could join Bailey as an Olympic champion.

I was there in 1996, and the mayhem that surrounded the 100m Olympic final affected all the 100m finalists but Donovan Bailey. The Canadian kept his cool and took command of the final, and took his gold. Bailey is an Olympic champion, and like Maurice Greene, knows how to handle the Olympic pressure.

Andre De Grasse showed his stuff in Doha 2019. He wants the Olympic title, and he wants it bad. Will he take the Olympic title in 2021?

We will just have to wait and see....

john coates ioc tokyo 2020.jpgJohn Coates, photo by

Look, the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics is a complete nightmare. The coronavirus has made the chances of Tokyo hosting an Olympics quite dicey. The juggling of 10,000 media and 10,000 athletes and determining how to manage 20,000 people and their coronavirus situations. Without a vaccine, this could be virtually impossible.

The IOC is dealing with a difficult situation with an usual method for them: a refreshingly clear message.

We will have to wait and see how this develops.

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo Stadium, photo by LOC

I feel bad for the Tokyo LOC. The money alone put into an Olympics is astounding. The money to support the postponement of the Olympics is insane-close to another billion U.S. dollars. Thomas Bach is the pope of the Olympics, he's the major domo. As the President of the Olympic movement, his thoughts, his comments, his photos are scrutinized each and every way.

Most of the time, Olympic speak is as arcane as Vatican speak. Typically, when a pontiff speaks, or writes, the words are so devoid of any meaning, that, it is said, both liberals and conservatives think the Pope is speaking to them. Likewise, Olympic speak is so full of rhetoric, that many get confused.

Well, Mr. Bach left nothing to the imagination today. He made it clear. Either Tokyo is in 2021, or it does not happen. Twelve billion U.S. dollars, per media, was spent on this Olympics. Bach knows that the future of the Olympics hangs in the balance. As media changes, how does the Olympic movement justify the huge dollars expected for media rights?

This is probably the first comment that I agree with Mr.. Bach on.

There's always a first.

GX6GoQ-M.jpgLijao Gong, 2017 London WC, photo by Michael Deering/ The Shoe Addicts

One of the huge themes in the last 2 decades in athletics has been the amazing evolution of Chinese athletics in the technical events. This writer remembers an early US vs China meet in May 1975, funded by the State Department, where, even then, it was obvious that the potential of Chinese athletics was huge! Gong Lijiao is an excellent example. Her global competitiveness has made her a star in her home country. This came from EME News.

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