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The ASBA champions the track and tennis court building community. I have gone to their meetings over the last 20 years. They are an incredible group and they are a great resource, when coaches, ADs and communities want to develop a great track or tennis court.

This is the 2020 awards, sent ot me by the ASBA editor, Mary Helen Sprecher.

This celebrates the top Facilities in 2020.


Outstanding Indoor Track Facility of the Year, Indoor Track & Field Facility at Gately Park, photo by website

ASBA.jpgThe ASBA is the organization that supports the building of excellent athletic facilities. If you are a coach, athletic director, and you have a need to build an athletic facility, then contact the ASBA. They know their stuff.

The idea of speed play is Scandanavian. In Swedish, it is called fartlek. The anecdotal history is this: Gosta Holmer, a 1912 and 1920 Olympian was coaching the Swedish cross country and was, well, incensed by their lack of drive. He created a system that calls for self knowledge, focus and the ability to challenge oneself. A fartlek workout can be as gentle as one wants, or as unforgiving as one can handle. I can recall sessions of 4 times 9 minutes hard, with five minutes relaxed, on the roads in rural Pennsylvannia and a gut wrenching session off 40 times 30 seconds on, 1 minute jogging, which I would do about ten days before I did a 10,000m on the track.

1984_lopes.jpgCarles Lopes, a 36 year old Portugese athlete, who had taken Olympic silver at 10,000m in 1976, won the LA Olympic marathon in 1984. He was the oldest man to ever the Olympic marathon distance. Photo by

In retrospect, one can get, with a hill session, a fartlek session and a tempo run, in scary fitness. Enjoy the challenges today.

Saturday, June 6, 2020: warm up, Fartlek: 50 minutes, 10 minutes good pace, 15 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 10 minutes good pace, cooldown.

This is the second week of the USA-Canada Indoor results of the 2019-20 Indoor season. This is compiled and edited by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, Track in Sun. Carles spends many hours each week putting these results together. We thank him for putting this bi weekly updates together.

Korir_EmmanaelFHL-Millrose18.jpgEmmanuel Korir, photo by

For much of my college running career, I ran long runs in Almaden Quicksilver Park in South San Jose, California. Running on the trails of the park had great hills and beautiful vistas. My coach, Dan Durante, was an Arthur Lydiard fan. We did a two hour run each Sunday. The runs built our endurance and strength.

IMG_4945.jpgA long run in the fog, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Enjoy your long run.

Sunday, March 3, 2019-warm up, 65-70 minutes, cooldown


Ryan Whiting, photo by
Christian Cantwell, photo by
Original post, February 2, 2015
New Post, January 15, 2019
The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at or by calling 1-877-849-8722.
On Saturday night, February 7, at the 2015 New Balance Indoor GP, two of the finest shot putters in the world, Ryan Whiting and Christian Cantwell, will be throwing a sixteen pound ball in the Reggie Lewis Center. Some people watch Monster Truck races. I want Big Guys throw sixteen pound steel balls (well, indoors they have a covering).

The Drake Relays is the largest Relay meeting in the Midwest and has sold out for over three decades. The sponsor, Hy-Vee, is one of the largest supporters of track & field in North America. The events that they sponsor at the Drake Relays has added to the brand of the Relays. If you are in the Midwest, please purchase from Hy-Vee stores, as they have put their money where their mouth is-they actually sponsor our sport!

James-MerrittFH1-Drake14.jpgKirani James and LaShawn Merritt duel at Drake Relays 2015, photo by

Updated July 16, 2017. Originally published January 20, 2017.

As we get into the middle of July, many of the 550,000 high school boys and girls who will run high school cross country in the fall of 2017, we have been reposting the suggestions from Coach Frank Gagliano, HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC. "Gags" has coached cross country runners for over fifty years. Gags provides some good ideas on coaching cross country runners for the Fall.

Coach Gags explains it all -thumb-500x273-21143.pngFrank Gagliano and Larry Eder, November 4, 2016, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Coaching is both art and science. Great coaches are made, carefully hones over decades. They learn from successes and from failures. They learn from discussions with fellow coaches. They never stop learning.

Coach Gags is an example of such a person. He is one of the finest coaches in the world. He is more, however, than a man who will teach you how to run a better 800 meters or finish faster in a semi-final. He challenges you to be a better human being. That is what coaches do, help us be our better selves. The late Sam Adam, coach and Director of Track & Field at UC Santa Barbara once told me to always remember, that coaches are educators.

Here is part three of our interview with Frank Gagliano, coach of the HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of RunBlogRun.

Rohler has a busy schedule
JENA (GER): Javelin sensation from Doha Thomas Rohler has now a full competition programme. He will throw on Saturday at a special javelin meet in Offenburg organised by another German thrower Johannes Vetter. Then he flies to Kawasaki for the IAAF World Challenge meet in Japan on May 22. Next meet will be Golden Gala of Rome, his home meet in Jena on June 11 followed by two competitions in Finland. Turku Paavo Nurmi Games as already announced on June 13 and Kuortane on June 17. He will meet current world record holder Jan Zelezny on June 28in Czech Republic at the IAAF World Challenge Ostrava Golden Spike.
RunBlogRun opines: Thomas Rohler threw 93.90 meters, becomng the second longest thrower ever, at last week's Doha DL meeting. Thomas began throwing the javelin at the age of 17. Until then, from the age of ten, Thomas competed in various track & field events as is part of German sports programs. He had qualified for the London 2012 Olympics, but, as he was under 20, the German Federation did not allow him to compete in London. Rohler won the Rio Olympics, and how has this Monster throw. Looking forward to seeing how Thomas does later in the season.

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