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The tremendous performances last Monday, November 22, in Terra Haute, Indiana were captured by Special thanks to Victah Sailer traveling half way around the world (literally) in 48 hours-as he was in India the on November 20! Special thanks to Chuck Bartlett, RN webmaster, who produces the RN photo galleries!

Congrats once again to the Oklahoma State team who won the men's and the Villanova team,
who won the women's team titles!
New Balance

New Balance has added one of the nations' premier events, The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, to their Portfolio. However, read the entire release through. The days of giving a race numbers and a couple of pairs of shoes for prizes are long gone.

The astute running brand ties in the local retailers to manage their booths, if not take the risk on the product, using all media platforms available, from print, to digital and social networking to interact with the 5,000 plus runners at the event. The digital coaching program tool is quite popular, again, a way to enhance the relationship between the individual runner, the event, the running community and the sponsor. Another astute tool is to provide a high end performance top as part of the race package perhaps, knowing all too well, that in this competitive environment, success or failure comes one running footwear sale at a time.

Defar_MeseretFV1-Worldi10.jpg                    Meseret Defar, World Indoor 2010, Doha, Qatar, by

Meseret Defar wants to have a go at her own world records. Asafa Powell reminds track fans that elite athletes are only human and to not expect WR every time the big guys run. One of the real injustices that has been done to the sport of track & field is the expectation of records. Not possible all of the time. Our sport continues to be about great competition, like Christian Cantwell winning the World Champs on his final throw, or Blanka Vlasic duking it out with Chaunte Howard. It is all about the competition! 
                   Fabiana Murer, 2010 World Indoor Champion, photo by

Fabiana Murer is the Athlete of the Year in Brazil! With her World Indoor Championship and Samsung DL winner, Murer was a tough contender.

The USATF Convention begins on December 1 in Virginia Beach and goes through December 6. The ASBA Winter conference, held near Jacksonville, Florida, is December 5-7. A busy week and then the USCCTCA Convention will be here within a week! A very busy time for the
organization of our sport!

That does not even count the NXN finals (December 4), the Western FootLocker Regional (December 4) and the FootLocker National (December 11)! Oh, and I forgot the JO's and Winter XC! 

                        Jeremy Wariner, Lausanne, 2010, photo by

Jeremy Wariner told EME News that he will run one indoor race this year, and that his main goal is the World Championships in Daegu. Wariner had a great 2010 season. His other goal in 2011: run in the 43 second range again! That is pretty rarified world, running sub 44 seconds for the 400 meters. Let's see how fast Mr. Wariner can run in 2011!
For over thirty years, the Foot Locker Cross Country has been the Horatio Alger stories of American distance running. From Suzi Favor Hamilton to Bob Kennedy to Charles Alexander to Ceci St. Geme have all run there! The Nike NXN will be held next weekend, on December 4, the same day as the West FootLocker Regional, with the FootLocker Championships to be held on December 12 in San Diego, California.

High school cross country gets the focus for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the commentary from Walt Murphy on the three FootLocker regionals! 

Off to the CIF State Meet in Fresno, California, looking forward to seeing many old friends and watching the best in California! 
Webb_AlanQ-USA09.jpg                           Alan Webb, 2009 USA Outdoor, photo by

Track & Field News editor Garry Hill notes that he would prefer a world championships every year, giving his favorite sport ten days each year to nominate the best in athletics! E. Garry Hill makes some sense with this one! What do you think (send us your opinion to [email protected].) And also remember to subscribe to Track & Field News, the bible of our sport (

Congrats to Alan Webb who set a course record at the Applied Technology Silicon Valley in 13:34, with Galen Rupp in 13:39, and Scott Bauhs in 13:47! Also, congratulations to CTRN contributor Mark Winitz who put together an amazing field in both the men and women's 5k
in San Jose, CA yesterday.

Alan Webb is now being coached by Alberto Salazar, and training with Galen Rupp. Webb, the current record holder in the high school mile and the American record holder in the mile as well, is on the comeback trail. We wish him much luck. A great interview, and a favorite of many in the sport, Alan is running well once again, under Salazar's watchful eye.

The Asian Games are down to one more day of track & field. Some strong performances. Biggest revelation: India will be a track and field super power in the not too distant future! Some stunning performances from the Indian women's team!


Happy Turkey Day.jpg
I am in San Jose, California for Thanksgiving. My parents live in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. On Thanksgiving morning, I got up, took a nice 6.5 mile walk through Willow Glen and noticed the starting line of a very small Turkey Trot, the WG Turkey Trot, which runs down Lincoln Avenue and a bit on Nevada Avenue.

Just a few miles away, 15,000 local runners were lining up for the Applied Technologies Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10k. There was also an elite 5k, where Alan Webb won, running 13:34, and his training partner, Galen Rupp, ran 13:37.

As I hit the halfway point of my walk, I grabbed my cup of coffee at the Willow Glen Roasting Company and headed back, watching the locals run the WG Turkey trot and couples walking their Baby Joggers with the kids sleeping. It is one of the things I love about San Jose: it is a pretty good size city with the feel of a small town.

On way walk, I called my nieces and nephews and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving! Two hours walking allows you to see alot of the neighborhoods and just helps me keep my sanity.
I wanted to thank all of you for reading on a daily basis, and the magazines and websites we are involved with as well!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is about time with the people you love, and being thankful for all things, good, bad and strange. I am thankful for having made a living for the past thirty years at something I love doing, with people I care about.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And thanks for being part of my world! 

Happy Thanksgiving.jpg
Photos by Larry Eder off my iphone.

Liu_XiangQ-Worldi10.jpg         Liu Xiang, World Indoors, Doha, Qatar, March 2010, by

After two years of trials and tribulations, Liu Xiang ran 13.09 for the 110m hurdles, taking his third Asian Games title. Samsung DL for 2011 events have been finalized, and Galen Rupp and Alan Webb will be running the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5k in San Jose, CA on Thanksgiving, with 15,000 running the 10k at the same event!

Excellent article by Elliot Almond in San Jose Mercury News of Galen Rupp's increase in mileage from 80 miles a week to 100 miles under the watchful eyes of Alberto Salazar, his coach. Alan Webb will also be running the 5k, as he has been working with Salazar for the past several months. Congrats to Mark Winitz, who put together the impressive 5k field at the
Applied Materials Silcon Valley Turkey Trot 5k!

Japan University Team, Chiba Ekiden victor, 2:07:52, photo by
Shelia Reid, Villanova, NCAA XC Champs, 2010, photo by

In tough conditions, including, 30 mile gusts, it came down to three women with 400 meters to go. As Jordan Hasay began to put the proverbial peddle to the metal, Sheila Reid and Emily Enfield went around Hasay. Reid then showed her kick and won by three seconds in 20:07, with Enfield in 20:10 and Hasay in 20:13. ! Villanova destroyed the team competition. Congrats to Villanova coach Gina Procaccio!

On the men's side, Sam Chelanga took the leaders through the mile in 4:34 and just broke the competition down to Stephan Sambu and Luke Puskedra. Chelanga defended in 29:10 with Sambu and Puskedra not far behind. Oklahoma State ran a brilliant team race, winning in 73 points. Florida State and Wisconsin followed with smart, tactical team races.
Congrats to Oklahoma State coach David Smith!
This is the day for Cross Country! Terre Haute is windy today, but watch the NCAA LIVe coverage of the women's and men's cross country titles!

This is the third video that we have posted from theshoeaddicts. In truth, it was the first video
that they ever did. It is light-hearted and it gives an answer to the question: What is Freedom?
We hope that you like it.

For more information on theshoeaddicts, check out their Facebook page: theshoeaddicts.

bc12_poster.jpg              Nike 2010 BorderClash poster, courtesy of Nike &

So, it was way back in 1998 that the Nike BorderClash took a foothold in our sport and just has gotten better and better. Unfortunately, this will be the first year that I have missed it, but we will have coverage and a story on the event.

The brainchild of John Truax and Josh Rowe, the BorderClash is one of the singularly wonderfully creative consequences of running with friends, and perhaps some coffee and
adult beverages shared (not in that order). The idea of seeing who is the best in the Pacific
Northwest in high school cross country is the theme here, and the Nike campus has been the perfect place to hold the event, and catch up with friends in the sport.

The Nike BorderClash also gave birth to the NXN, the Nike cross country nationals, which gives the high school scene two championships to judge the best-the FootLocker (held on December 11) and the Nike NXN (held on December 4).

But, this Sunday, 40 boys and 40 girls from Washington and Oregon will duke it out over 4.4 kilometers, to see who gets to take home a Nike, the winged goddess of Victory. Should be fun!

To read about last year's epic battle, please check out:


                                 Usain Bolt in Laussane, photo by

So, 9.4 is possible?, read on.
                    Wallace Spearmon, USA Outdoor 2010, photo by

Per TFN, the bible of the sport, Wallace Spearmon's 19.90 or better time for six straight
years over the 200 meter distance! And yes, Haile Gebrselassie will run through London
2012-look, get off the guys' back, we have all had days like Haile had in ING NYCM. It was
one of the most honest moments from a fascinating athlete.

I am in Austin, Texas at the Runnng Event. This show, now in its fifth year, has 1,440 attendees (500 from running stores, representing 300 storefronts), plus 200 plus exhibitors, making it the most important specialty running show on the globe! More updates from there today, off to check out some footwear and apparel!

The Perfect Mile

Image via Wikipedia

At the time, it was John Landy, Roger Bannister and one lone American, Wes Santee, chasing the sub four minute mile. Santee ran a 4:00.5 for the mile! The book, the Perfect Mile, by Neal Bascomb, tells the story of these three men, who were followed world wide, in wonderful detail.

Through Wes's friend, Timothy Champman, I found out that Wes Santee had cancer, which he learnt about less than a year ago. Wes died yesterday, in the company of his family. He was 78.

Keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was one of the great ones!
Liu Xiang poster.jpg
           Front page of Youth Daily, August 2008, Beijing, photo by Larry Eder

The tickets for Liu Xiang's hurdle rounds are selling on the black market for 20 times face value, per Alfons Juck! The regular tickets for the hurdles at the Asian Games are sold out!
Sure hope Liu hurdles well!  This gives you a small idea of how popular Liu Xiang is in China.
On the day of his injury in 2008, Chinese national TV played day long films on Liu Xiang and
his coach, it was amazing to witness.

Recently, I was walking the expo hall at the ING New York City Marathon, when I spotted an old friend. This friend, Kirk Richardson, was walking the floor with one of his Columbia colleagues. As the conversation moved on, I asked about Mark Nenow, the GM at Columbia and one of Richardson's partners in crime.

Well, soon, I became aware of a picture of Mark Nenow, sitting in a very large shoe. Apparently, Mr. Nenow had been trying to a) educate, b) cajole, c) confuse or d) all of the above, the Columbia team at a recent off site. I am not sure if he was successful, but someone got a picture out of the meeting.

Knowing that the only person who would enjoy showing Mr. Nenow off is a life size shoe more than me would be his friends and colleagues, I bring you Mark Nenow, caught in a truly zen moment, in a prone position in a very large Columbia shoe.

Thumbnail image for F11 Giant Shoe 3.png
What I ask, gentle readers, is for someone much more creative than me to suggest a description for this photo. If I like the description, or perhaps, if it is printable without
some federal group investigating me, then the winner's description of said photo will be
run beneath said photo and the winner will receive a hat of his or her choice from Cal track,
ATF of athletes only-whatever I can find in my garage! Send your descriptions to [email protected] with Subject line, What is Nenow Doing?

Take this as a bit of a build up for the Running Event, in Austin, Texas, November 15-18. If you are not going, you should hock those autographed pictures of Randy Mantooth and get yourself to Austin for the show! It is a great show and chance to exchange ideas in the industry.

Earliest club shot, during its founding year a...

Image via Wikipedia

To the right is the earliest picture on record of the West Ham club formerly known at Thames Ironworks, from 1895.

I remember being in the Atlanta stadium and hearing how the local professional baseball team would destroy such a wonderful stadium and track facility. This was in 1996. Now, it seems like one of the two actual bidders on the 2012 Stadium post London Olympics, has the same idea!

Tradition be damned. Legacy be damned. It will be fascinating to see how this works out. The sad thing is, three years after London 2012, a potential world championships in Europe was declined, for the second time, by London.

Here is a question for us to consider on our walks, runs or workouts tonight? If the World Champs are held outside of Europe and North America for three straight World Champs, what happens to new track fans? I am all for we are the world, we are the children, and I loved both Osaka and Beijing, and will enjoy Daegu.

The issue is that track fans in US and Europe will stay up all night to watch the sport, if someone cares to show it on terrestial tv or digital. It is all sounding too much, like, to quote a philospher of American baseball, Yogi Berra, " It is like deja vu all over again."

AAM logo.jpg
If we expect to be taken seriously in this sport, we need to learn to play well with others. The AAM meeting (release below), just finished earlier today in Boston, MA included 40 athletic managers, 4 shoe companies, several meet directors from the Samsung Diamond League , and several representatives IAAF and USATF.

If one reads the release verbatim, one would be pleased to see that many topics were addressed, and while answers may not have been found, the beginnings of a conversation have been started. RBR has already received several positive phone calls on the meetings, and encourages more shoe company representatives, and managers to take note of next years meetings.

Scottish hammer throw illustration from Frank ...

Image via Wikipedia

Martin Bingisser is a devotee of the hammer throw. Okay, he's a hammer geek. And for most of you, dear readers, you can replace the word hammer with hurdle, distance, jumps, etc. It is a good thing. Consider his note and comments. If we truly believe that track & field has an event for everyone, then, Martin makes a heck of a lot of sense....
Haile and Meb, 2010 ING NYCM, photo by

The 2010 ING NYCM may have been the best, in terms of media involvement. The numbers of fans who were on the course to see Edison Pena should not be estimated. The retirement of Haile Gebrselassie was true drama and may have been one of the most honest moments of frustration by the worlds' best distance runner, that we have ever witnessed. One keen observer of the sport noted that it was one thing for Haile to be beat on the road by other competitors, it is totally another to be defeated by his body. The finishing rate of 98.5 percent is amazing as well! Congrats to the ING NYCM team and all 44, 380 plus who finished the marathon this year!

This week, there is an Agents & Representatives meeting in Boston. The meeting will be discussing several proposals that establish a clear message that drug cheats will not be tolerated in the sport. There is also some furor over how some sponsors have not been following IAAF rules over logo size and design. RBR hopes that these can be worked out in a collegial and thoughtful way. For our sport to grow and prosper, we need to be seen as professional.


The 2009-2010 World Marathon Majors luncheon is held on the Monday after the ING NYCM Marathon. It is highlighted by one of the most superb film shorts on both the series and the WMM winners. This year, it was Sammy Wanjiru, who had won 2009 Virgin London, 2009 Bank of American Chicago and then his stunning win at the Bank of America 2010 Chicago Marathon, after dueling Tsegaye Kebede for 26.2 miles.!  Liliya Shobukhova had won 2009 Bank of America Chicago, then 2010 Virgin London and 2010 Bank of America Chicago. Shobukhova, the former 5,000 meter European champion, used her tremendous speed and ran a come from behind win in Chicago this year that also set a new Russian record.

Sammy Wanjiru's story is one of redemption-a rough 2010 year, with a huge comeback at Chicago. Liliya's is a look into the marathon's future for 2012: the Olympic marathon will surely be a dynamic race in London.

A special thanks to MarathonFoto for sponsoring the WMM luncheons, which give media and sponsors a chance to celebrate the very best of our sport.

                Gebre Gebrmariam winning 2010 Healthy Kidney 10k, by

In winning the 2010 ING NYCM, Gebre Gebrmariam showed the cunning of a veteran road racer, which he is. He also was debuting over 26.2 miles, and he won, going away, with 64 second lead at the finish! In the process, he defeated the world record holder in the marathon.
Here is how the race was won!
                       Haile Gebrselassie, 2009 real, Berlin, photo by

Haile Gebrselassie, two time Olympic 10,000 m gold medalist, four-time World Champion at 10,000 meters, 27 time world record holder, has announced his retirement today, in the ING NYCM press conference held just after the marathon.

In tears, Haile took one question, and confirmed that he will not be racing anymore. This came as a shock to his friends, sponsors and the sport. Sean Hartnett, a good friend of Haile Gebrselassie (Haile calls Sean " Dr. Marathon"), told RBR that "Haile seems to feel that it is one thing to be defeated by competitors, it is another to be defeated by one's own body."

The world record holder in the marathon, at 2:03:59, Haile had his right knee drained yesterday afternoon, but showed huge class by starting the race, and running well until just before he grimaced in pain, on the Queensboro bridge at 1:19:40 into the race (just before sixteen miles), and dropped out of the race.

Meb Keflezighi, sixth place today, last year's victor, praised Haile just after his announcement, as a "great role model, the world's greatest distance runner and huge legacy to the sport."

Haile Gebrselassie had run 28:02 at the BUPA Great Manchester 10k, 59:33 for the BUPA
Great North Run half marathon, and 2:06:09 at the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon in 2010. He had dropped out of the NYC Half marathon with a breathing issue. At the age of 37,
Haile has had a storied career.

At the Friday press conference, the normally ebullent Haile was a bit introspective as his huge rival and friend, Paul Tergat introduced him. Haile had announced on his twitter account today that finishing NYC might be hard, as he had a problem with his knee.

Obviously, we will update on future developments here. RBR had been told that Haile was to run Tokyo Marathon next spring. It was obvious that Haile was speaking from his heart, and that he was distressed.

RBR thanks Haile Gebrselassie for his nearly two decades of racing and inspiration.


Kipligat_Edna-B2B10.JPG                      Edna Kiplagat, 2010 Bay to Breakers, photo by

n a truly tactical and exciting race, the women's race kept fans of the ING NYCM Marathon on their toes! Edna Kiplagat took the win, with a daring and gutty run over the last thirteen minutes, with Shalane Flanagan in second and Mary Keitany, both in their debut! Here is how the race unfolded:

Thumbnail image for ATF_winter09 1.jpg
The 2010 ING NYCM marathon has started. We are just before the start of the men's race. The weather conditions are superb and the women's race looks to be a tactical affair and the men's may be the same thing. Meb is fit, and with Haile's knee worries, this race may change in complextion. Marlison dos Santos, two time winner, is here too! Could be tight finish!
 On Saturday afternoon, Haile Gebrselassie had fluid drained from his knee. While he noted to that the knee felt better, he twittered out, " finishing NY marathon today will be tough..I have some inflamation in my right knee.'

Haile Gebrselassie noted in his twitter on Sunday his concern about finishing. This does change the complexion of the race. I will be curious to see if he starts the race....

Haile Gebrselassie, 2009 real, -Berlin Marathon, photo by

Haile Gebrselassie, winning 2009 real, -Berlin, by Will he win ING NYCM in 2010?

The ING NYCM weekend is an old home week for many in the running community. The last day of press conferences at the recently closed Tavern on the Green site, is a celebration of things new and things old. The excitement in the air this year was for several reasons: Edison Pena, Haile Gebrselassie and Dave Letterman. On Thursday, Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who ran 3-6 miles during his 69 day stay underground, captured the heart of the Big Apple. David Letterman, the iconic television talk show host, dedicated the entire show to a 40 minute interview of Senor Pena.

Haile Gebrselassie, the world record holder in the marathon, is in rarefied territory for the five borough race. There was some word that Haile had a slight injury, but my guess is that, once he gets to the line, Haile will give Peter Kamais, Gebre Gebremariam tough races.

On the US side, Meb Keflizighi, the defending champion will be joined by Tim Nelson, Dathan Ritzenhein, Jorge Torres and Shalane Flanagan on the line. Mary Keitany, should be quite tough on this course, as the prohibitive favorite.

After touring the Expo the last few days, it was apparent, once again, the the sport is healthy, people are buying shoes, apparel, all things running. Tomorrow, 40,000 runners will settle down for their 40,000 unique experiences as they run 26.2 miles through the five boroughs.

Congrats to Mary Wittenberg and the NYRR team on such a superb 2010 ING NYCM week. The late Fred Lebow will be smiling tonight as he sees this years field once again celebrate all that is good with New York City.....
CTRN-09NOV_ 1.jpg

To paraphrase, " it's Meb's world, we just live in it." The ING NYCM marathon is just about here. As I flew in from a vacation to Newark, the airport was getting busy, the weather on Thursday was awful and planes were delayed. But, by mid-day Friday, all will be good with
the Big Apple. Looking forward to seeing many of you around the city this weekend!

Too bad that London withdrew from the 2015 WC bidding process as it seems that many of the proposals on how to use London 2012 stadium do not include the athletics track. For 2015, looks like we are going to Beijing! The IAAF will have the final say about that one!

51bDueeUx2L._SS500_.jpg                                  Meb's book with Dick Patrick, Run to Overcome

I was so very happy to hear that the NYRR had developed a Journalism Award in the name of George Hirsch. From his time at New Times, to the Runner and to Runners World, George championed the cause of running journalists.

As Walt Murphy pens, Dick Patrick kept our sport in the world of print when few were writing about the sport on a large scale. A thoughtful writer, Patrick lets his concern about the athletes, coaches and causes in our sport to be felt by his readers.

Dick has written Starting Blocks in American Track & Field since 2004. As the publisher of AT&F it is wonderful to see Dick Patrick and in a month, James Dunaway celebrated for their contributions to our sport. I thank the NYRR for their stand up job with this award!

ATF_winter09 1.jpg
 American Track & Field magazine, Winter 2009 issue cover
On Thursday, November 4, 2010, James Dunaway, Executive Editor of American Track & Field, and one of the most well known writers in our sport, was named to the Class of 2010 for the USATF Hall of Fame.

James Dunaway has edited American Track & Field and Athletes Only since 2003-2004 season. Over the next year, James is working on a book project. But for the last seven seasons, Dunaway has worked tirelessly to make the publication better. James is a student of the written word and does not suffer fools. He is generous with his time, and loves our sport. At 82, Dunaway has seen 14 Summer Olympic Games, credentialed as a member of the print media in all Summer Olympics since 1956.

As the Publisher of American Track & Field, I have to express my gratitude to USATF for recognizing James's talent and fierce love of the sport he has written so many words about!

Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who ran 3-6 miles a day, in the caves, and listened to music on his iphone, during his 69 days in an underground mine, has taken a very cynical town, and given it some whimsy. Check out the video and then, the note from Walt Murphy below!
           Meb Keflezighi winning 2009 ING NYCM, photo by

The ING NYCM marathon week is upon us! Walt Murphy has provided RBR readers with a list of options to enhance your enjoyment of the marathon weekend! May we humbly suggest that RBR and the RunningNetwork will be covering the marathon via twitter LIVE for the entire elite race for both men and women, plus will follow up with a How the Race was Won report on how both races were won.

Thanks to, we will also feature, via photo galleries celebrating the ING NYCM. We hope you enjoy!

RBR gets to the Big Apple on Thursday evening. Looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend!

             Wilson Kiprotich Kipsang running 2:04:57 in Frankfurt! photo by

Wilson Kiprotich Kipsang broke the Commerzbank Franktfurt course record with his fine 2:04;57 and Caroline Kilel ran 2:23:25, her PB. Congrats to the management team at Frankfurt who have built the race into an institution in German running!

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