In my long runs, in my long walks, there is a time when I am just enjoying the sites, and staying in the present, feeling my breathing, listening to the birds and, it is then, that I realize that I am lucky to be experiencing all of those wonderful views, sounds, and smells. Enjoy the run today, stay in the moment. Stay safe.

775199425AB00070_24th_Europ.JPGLaura Muir takes the 1,500m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Sunday, 23 May 2020: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist resource

This is how the COVID-19 virus affected the sport on 23 May 2020, thanks to EME News....

The WDL Call room happens on Sunday, 24 May. It will feature Mondo Duplantis and Karston Warholm, two of our most spirited athletes, and it should be fun. The WDL Call room is hosted by Tom Byrne, and his wide range of athletic geek dom, plus his sense of humor should keep it exciting. Tom has been a keen observer of athletics for most of his life.

Don't miss it! Info is below as well as links!

stockholm.jpgThe Karston and Mondo Show, emceed by Tom Byrne

Justin Lagat, our Kenyan senior writer, had a rather frustrating experience with an athlete. The athlete agreed to an interview, and then went silent. No return calls, no texts, no communication. My guess is, this happens to all athletics media writers, and of course, in other fields of journalism. Justin opines on why this may not be the best recourse for some athletes or managers.

NNEthiopia20-025.jpgPhoto by NN running team

1206432631.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by Getty Images / Brlitish Athletics

Mondo Duplantis is going to be in Sweden for some time in the future...


This is a new program from RunBlogRun.

Each week, hopefully, Stuart Weir and I will speak via the wonders of modern technology, speaking 30-40 minutes on 4 weekly topics on global athletics. Stuart Weir is our de facto European correspondent. He wrote 150 pieces in 2019 for RunBlogRun. His first hand experience on the Diamond League circuit, the British athletics circuit, World championships and Olympic Games give him a unique view into the sport.

Stuart Weir and I have different views on the same situation, and that will keep it fun. I will handle the politics, and Stuart will discuss everything else. He just does not like sports politics.

Neil-Black-Dubai-training-camp-by-Getty-for-BA.jpgNeil Black, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

In this first episode, we speak about the following:

00.00-8:46, Neil Black, former UK Performance has died, some thoughts-Larry, Stuart
8:46-14:09-Larry only-challenges with new schedule, travel,
14:09-19:45-How British media has changed in athletics coverage, Larry, Stuart
19:46-23:07-The 2020 Schedule, European Champs as example, Larry, Stuart
23:08-26:07-London GP-how the meet was structured , Larry, Stuart
26:31-29:14, Seb Coe, speaking with media, Larry, Stuart
29:15-34:00, If I were head of WA for a day, Larry, Stuart
34:01-36:17, Will Olympics happen in 2021? Larry, Stuart
36:17-40:00, Epilogue, Larry,
We will also post as single topics as well. We hope you like this. If you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

This is a challenging workout. Consider the pace, and know that this should get you breathing hard. Cooldown well, and stay safe.

775199424HL00079_24th_Europ.JPGMens' 10,000m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Saturday, 23 May 2020: warm up, Fartlek: 50 minutes, 10 minutes good pace, 15 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 10 minutes good pace, cooldown.

stockholm.jpgThe always charming Karston Warholm, and studious Mondo Duplantis, photos by Wanda Diamond League

The Wanda Diamond League Call room will be shown on 24 May at 18:00 GMT (12 noon IN NY, 11 AM IN CHICAGO, 9 AM IN SFO). Tom Byrne, a fine journalist is hosting the show, and it should be a blast, with Mondo and Karsten. It should be entertaining! The link to the coverage is

john coates ioc tokyo 2020.jpgJohn Coates, photo by

Look, the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics is a complete nightmare. The coronavirus has made the chances of Tokyo hosting an Olympics quite dicey. The juggling of 10,000 media and 10,000 athletes and determining how to manage 20,000 people and their coronavirus situations. Without a vaccine, this could be virtually impossible.

The IOC is dealing with a difficult situation with an usual method for them: a refreshingly clear message.

We will have to wait and see how this develops.

This is Friday. An easy day after the hill charges of Thursday, so keep it focused, and keep it easy. Enjoy the time outside and keep up the social distancing, it makes a big difference.

unidentified 1.JPGWomen's 10,000m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Friday, 22 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

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