EeZnN5vXkAEsro8.jpgJemma Reekie and Laura Muir at Trieste, 1 August 2020, Photo Credit Laura Muir Twitter

Jemma Reekie has had an exciting 2020. And to top it off, Jemma beat her new housemate, Laura Muir, once again!

SS.jpgSha'Keela Saunders, photo by

Sha'Keela Saunders is an American long jumper, who took 3rd in the long jump, in the 2017 US Championships, and won the 2018 US Championships with a leap at 6.54m. In 2019, Sha'Keela Saunders was 9th in the Doha World Championships. Sha'Keela Saunders' PB is 6.90m in the LJ.

This is Stuart Weir's interview with Sha'Keela Saunders.

jw2.jpgJohn Walker sets a new WR of 3:49.4, Goteborg, Sweden, photo by

John Walker is the 1976 Olympic gold medalist at the 1,500m. John was also the silver medalist at the 1974 Commonwealth Games 1,500m in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The piece below is by Jeff Benjamin and his questions with Sir John Walker. As an aside, my favorite quote by John Walker, was in TFN, the bible of the sport. The late Jon Hendershott once queried Sir John on who he would prefer in the Montreal 1976 Olympic 1,500m final? Walker's reply was classic: "senior citizens".


RunBlogRun presents Socialing The Distance with Larry Eder Featuring Des Linden Clip 6 - Drug Testing/Whereabouts

Des Linden has done this elite athlete deal going on 15 year, and she has a take on the life style. She knows that the work that matters is the mundane. The day in, the day out, daily miles that can make some people loose it, Des seems to enjoy. The long tempo runs in rural Michigan build Des into the tough marathoner that toes the line.

Des Linden4.jpgDes Linden, photo by Brooks communication

dl.jpgDes Linden, photo by Brooks communications

Des Linden made two Olympic teams, in 2012 and 2016, both times in the marathon. On 29 February 2020, Des Linden came within eleven seconds of making the team, taking 4th in 2:29:03, with Sally Kipyego in 3rd place (2:28:52) on a challenging course, with hills everywhere.

What makes Des Linden so special?

Is it her consistent training? Is it her competitive spirit? Is it her love of the Boston marathon course? It is all of those and much more. It is putting together the miles, staying on plan, staying healthy, juggling an actual life, and working with a coach/advisor, over days, weeks, months, and yes, years, that make Des Linden so special.

In Clip #5, Des spoke with us about the 2020 Atlanta Marathon Trials.

Special thanks to Mike Deering, The Shoe Addicts, on the management and production with Socialing the Distance.

And thanks Des Linden!

RunBlogRun presents Socialing The Distance with Larry Eder Featuring Des Linden Clip 4 - Thoughts on the 10,000m

The 10k on the roads and the 10,000m on the track are different as night and day. The challenges with a 10k on the roads are many, with hills, challenging footing, and courses the chief contributing factors in a tough event. The 10,000m is 25 laps with 400m a lap.

Morris_150604_2327-thumb-500x750-12019.jpgDes Linden finishes the 5,000m, Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

It is a mental event. When one is very fit, the 10,000m can fly by. Not so, when one is having a bad 10,0000m.

Des Linden has done well over 25 laps, and it has helped her hone the speed needed in the marathon. In 2015, Des Linden took the silver medal in a tough 10,000m at the Pan Am Games. In the Pan Am 10,000m, Des Linden pushed the pace, challenging the pack, and only Brenda Flores could go by, and that was on the final straightaway. Des gives no quarter, and asks none, be it on road or track.

In Clip 4, we discuss the 10,000m with Des Linden.

Special thanks to Mike Deering, The Shoe Addicts, on the management and production with Socialing the Distance.

Laura Weightman, Part 3


 Laura Weightman3.jpg Laura Weightman, photo by

 Laura Weightman.jpg Laura Weightman, photo by

This is part 3 of 3, on Laura Weightman, by Stuart Weir. In the 2019 World Champs, Laura was 7th in the 5000m in 14:44.57. In 2014, and 2018, in Zurich and Berlin Euro Champs, Laura took the bronze at 1,500m. In the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Laura took the silver, and in 2018, in the Gold Coast, Laura took the gold at 5,000m. What will she do in 2021 and 2022?

Athletics Chat Episode 9


RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat with Larry Eder and Stuart Weir Episode 9

This was our scheduled topics in Athletics Chat 9. You know the drill, Larry is in San Jose, Caliornia and Stuart Weir, in Oxford, England.

In the Athletics Chats, we do our best to solve many global challenges.

In the end, it is, at the end of the day, this is about two athletic geeks wanting to talk track.

DSC02081.jpgShelby Houlihan, Karissa Schweizer, photo by Cortney White

1.Chicago Marathon now cancelled
2. London Marathon up in air
3. Inspiration Games
4. Update on B Champs
5. Big topics in UK
6.What about 2024 and 2028?
7. How will athletics change due to the pandemic?
8. Shelby Houlihan 14:23 and Mo Ahmed 12:47 at 5000m, wow!
9. Meets in UK?

The basic daily workouts that we provide should be the starting point for your training regimen. I built this program over 4 decades of coaching, training and getting advice from top coaches and athletes. The key is to develop a basic system that you can tune to your needs. That comes with experimentation. I have used hills as speed training, as well as speed work, repetitions, tempo and sustained and fartlek. Listen to your body, speak with your coach.

Enjoy the tempo today, and please, stay safe.

1206469063.jpgLaura Muir is exhausted, have you been there? photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Tuesday, 4 August 2020: warm up, 15 minutes easy, tempo run, 20 minutes, at pace 30 seconds above your ave mile pace for 5k now. So, if you ran 18 minutes for 5k, you can run 20 minutes at 6:20 mile pace, this is not to exhaust you, but to build you, 20 minute cooldown,

Jemma Reekie beats Laura Muir


1206456540.jpgJemma Reekie, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

1206467898.jpgLaura Muir, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

A good race over the weekend, with Muir and Reekie! Getting under 2 minutes with no races in 4 months is a good sign of fitness!

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