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I worked with Terry Ward, the former coach and AD at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, California from 1978-1981. Terry was a superb coach, but, more than anything, he was a keen observer of his athletes, the sport and world around him. I do not remember any real parent problems while I worked with him. Terry knew how to calm a parents' fears, and let them know, that he was the coach, they were the parents, and both jobs were quite important.

I seem to recall a story told to me by a coach friend. The coach had a young miler, who, after a great frosh season, was just not running up to par in his sophomore year. After some investigation, the coach found out that a parent was getting the young man up in the morning to run an extra five miles.

The coach was incredulous. But, he recovered quickly. He asked the parent to come to workout. In short order, the coach suggested that the young man might do better using that time for sleep, as he did not seem to be recovering very well. The parent was not getting it. The time spent running with the son was a cherished time.

The coach went home and slept on it. The next day, the coach suggested a compromise. The parent could run five miles with the son on Sundays, but, during the season, morning runs were verbotten. The parent got their time with the son, and the son's racing, after a couple weeks of extra sleep, improved!

Roy Stevenson is a contemporary of Rod Dixon and John Walker, two of the great New Zealand distance runners of the 1970s and 80s. A journalist for the past three decades, Roy has joined the team of AT&F to help us provide coaches resources from which they can improve their coaching technique. As coaching is both scientific and anecdotal, this column is a bit of both. We hope you agree.

FLA Relays.gifThe 2011 Florida Relays will be held this coming weekend, April 2-5, spells the opening of the Track & Field Relay season! This month we will have the Texas Relays, Kansas Relays, Penn Relays and Drake Relays, to name the big ones! Also this weekend, is the Carlsbad 5,000 meters in Carlsbad, CA.


Most brands have sent us creative approaches to branding our sport, and this one is a new approach on an old reliable. The Running Shoe, or expo is a long time approach in our sport. Jack Rabbit, a sports marketing company, is doing a NYC running show the weekend of April 22 in New York City. They have offered free pairs (limited to 25) of new Saucony Hattori's to the first folks who show up with the coupon. Fascinated to see the response!
Pittsburg M001.jpg

The 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburg Marathon sold out today! Indicative of the popularity of big city marathons, the 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburg Marathon announced that it's field had reached their goal of 22,000 in the five events over the weekend! Nice job Pittsburg! (And we love the logo!). It is also indicative of the success that large sportings goods chains are having with performance running footwear and the amazing amount of running footwear sold at Marathon & Race Expos.

David Oliver, 2010 USA Outdoor, photo by

David Oliver will be opening his 2011 outdoor season at the 2011 Florida Relays, later this week! In Virgin London Marathon news, Sammy Wanjiru, the 2009 champ, is out, with a knee injury.

Keflezighi-Larson-USAMOT04.JPGMeb Keflizeghi & coach Bob Larson, 2004 Olympic Trials, photo by

Coaches change lives.

My first high school coach was an Italian American Jesuit priest, named Father Ralph Passereli. A gentle man in his mid fifties, he was patient with a group of fifty unruly freshman cross country runners. Father Passereli earned our total respect, when he challenged us to a game of street basketball, and in his blacks outplayed some seriously shocked young athletes. We worshipped the guy.

My sophomore coach, Jim Marheinecke, was a Jesuit brother at the time. We called him Bro Jim. Brother ran about seventy miles a week and was just a real coach. Jim ran with Paul Heck, our future state champion, and Chuck Korte, a DeSmet graduate who went on to run sub 29 minutes for 10,000 meters. We wanted Jim to respect us, so, we trained hard and raced hard. 

When I moved to California, my high school, Bellarmine, went through a series of coaches, from Father Rocket Ray Devlin, to Senior Ochoa and Lynn Muth to Steve Pensinger. Steve was my junior year track coach and he, like Jim Marheinecke, got me to train over the summer and see what I could do. Pensinger was a tremendous athlete,
and he gave us respect and expected us to respect him and do the workouts.

Steve Polley was our senior year coach. Polley was a creative coach. He got that we were interested in girls and goofing off, yet he found a way to increase our training, tell us jokes and keep us focused on the prize-racing well.

My college coach, Dan Durante, was my coach and advisor or a dozen years. Under Dan, I improved all of my times, but most of all, I learnt how to train well, and develop my training programs. Dan was an engineer, and an athlete (he races 400 meters in senior competitions still). His training methods were always evolving, and that change really helped me develop. I ran 120-130 miles a week during my senior build up, and continued to improve as an athlete and a coach.

Coaches are educators, per the late Sam Adams, coach at UC Santa Barbara. Coaches change lives.

I have posted the following column by Roy Stevenson, one of the writers from American Track & Field.

2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Jr Women The Junior Women's World Cross Country Championships was a strong race once again. Photos by PhotoRun, and the photo gallery courtesy of Chuck Bartlett, RN Web editor. You can see the the minutes of running, the hard charging around the course, and the long, never-ending battle for the that next finishing position....
NCAA Indoor 400m champ,  Demetrius Pinder ran 20.73, and Jeremy Wariner ran 21.02, in the 200 meters at the Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona. This was Jeremy's second race of a very long season. Jeremy typically runs a few 200 meters, to get himself into some racing shape, and then opens up at the 400 meters at the end of April.

Thumbnail image for Wariner_Jeremy1_Lausanne10.JPG
Jeremy Wariner, 2010 Lausanne, photo by

2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Jr Men The 2011 World Cross Country Championships Junior Men's race is a view into the sports' future. Photos by PhotoRun and the photo gallery managed by RN Web editor Chuck Bartlett. The junior race was dominated and has been dominated by Kenya and Ethiopia for the past decade. It was great to see the young American team competing and getting a chance to see what global cross country is all about.

Hall_Sara-FifthAve09.JPGSara Hall, 2010 Continental Fifth Avenue Mile,photo by

The Stanford Invitational, always held the last weekend in March, has been a traditional opening salvo for U.S. distance running for a couple of decades. I remember running the 10,000 meters there in 1980 (Martin Luther King Games that year), and then, year, after year, watching it from the stands.

When I moved to Wisconsin, it was one of the weekends that I would return to the Bay Area, catching up with friends, and watching some great racing over the years. Apparently some great racing this year as Sara Hall showed that she can hurdle, steepling a fine 9:50.68 early season run. Jessica Pixler ran a superb 5,000 meters, running a world leader 15:25.58.

You heard it here, make sure you are at the 2011 Payton Jordan Invitational Distance Carnival, which will be the first weekend of May. Should be some sparkling competitions!
You will find me, hopefully, sitting up in the stands with Joe Mangan, and a few other track geeks, worshiping the sport as we should, on such a cool, hopefully calm, Sunday evening, watching a national record or two, or three, go into the record books. 

2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Women The battle over 8 kilometers for senior women never stopped. Shalane Flanagan, the top U.S. runner and first non-African to win a medal since 2002, fought hard the entire way, going from seventh to third in the final kilometer. Flanagan finished third with Molly Huddle in 18th, Magdelena Lewy in 19th and Blake Russell in 20th place. The U.S. women's team took third in the team race as well, with the best cross country team in many years! Thanks again to photos by and the production of the Gallery by Chuck Bartlett, RN Web master!

Pat Halloran took these shots of the 2011 Oregon Preview Classic. One of the first outdoor meets of the season, Halloran captured the action and drama of an early season track & field relays. The photo gallery was produced by RN web editor Chuck Bartlett. We hope you enjoy it! 
Christian Cantwell, Greece 2009, photo by

Webb_Alan-NewBalGP11.JPGAlan Webb, 2011 NB Indoor Grand Prix, photo by

Cherry_DamuQ_USOut.JpgDamu Cherry, 2010 USA Outdoor Champs, photo by

Christian Cantwell, Alan Webb and Damu Cherry have been announced to compete at the 2011 Drake Relays, to be held the end of April 2011. Drake Relays, sponsored by ASICS America, has been sold out for the past thirty years, and is one of the most popular track and field relays in the country!

2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Men The 2011 Senior Men's Cross Country race was a 12 kilometer battle of wills. Photo Run captured the action, kilometer after kilometer, surge after surge. Photos courtesy of our friends at and thanks to Chuck Bartlett for producing the photo galleries. We hope you enjoy!

Rome Marathon

The 2011 Acea Rome Marathon was held last Sunday, March 20, 2011. We have to thank for the photos and Chuck Bartlett, the Webmaster, for producing the photo gallery. We hope you enjoy the gallery and we have linked below, to a story on the race, courtesy of the website.
Updated March 24, 2011, 12:40 P.M.

This is the RBR interview of Mikal Peveto, the director of running for adidas America. adidas launched today, March 23, 2011, what they noted as one of their largest ad campaigns in recent memory. We reported on the new campaign earlier today, along with yesterday's announcement by adidas of the Golden Stripes T& F series.

michael.jpgMikal Peveto, director of running, adidas America, photo courtesy of adidas America

Mikal Peveto is one of the rarefied folks who have made their life's calling to make the perfect running shoe for millions. Peveto is a man possessed by the anecdotal, creative and yes, the scientific method.  We were able to get fifteen minutes with Mikal on the phone, and his enthusiasm, as always, comes over Mr. Graham Bell's invention. Peveto loves the battle and he has been back at adidas America for the past year, getting adidas Running back on track.

At a later time, we will get some more time with Mikal Peveto to discuss Running Specialty. Today, our chat was on the adidas ClimaCool, and a bit on Running Specialty. You can see Peveto's enthusiasm and love of the sport and the business.

Here is what Peveto had to say:

Thumbnail image for la26kristin burns5x8-large.jpg
LA 26, courtesy of  Kristin Burns/ LA Marathon

Charles Dickens is the writer who penned, " it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."Somehow, 23,542 finished the marathon on Sunday, in torrential rains. For some, crossing Brentwood was like a clearing a steeplechase pit.
Here is the official release from the LA Marathon team. Nicely done, it highlights a great race and a tremendous effort by the field. 97 percent of starters finished, and the average time was nearly ten minutes faster than last year!

Congrats to all who ran, all who watched an all who helped! RBR hopes to see you all there in 2012!

2011 NYC Half Marathon Video Photo Gallery

These photos were all shot by The video gallery, produced by Chuck Bartlett, RN Web editor, celebrates the 2011 NYC Half Marathon! We hope that you enjoy!

Powell, LeMaitre, Bolt, Blake, 2010 AREVA Paris, photo by

I have to admit, I love track & field and field & track. Anyway you do it.  Besides fast sprints, big throws, middle distance running, a great jump competition, or a epic battle of javelin throwers, there is not much I do not love about track & field. In the end, it comes down to the competition. Any time you forget that, remember, rule one, two, three of track & field: It's Competition, its' Presentation, then, its Competition and Presentation.

adidas America launched the adidas ClimaCool Ride today. adidas is offering this shoe in 26 different color waves. The adidas ClimaCool Ride is an example of just how hot the performance running category is, and also, how authentic performance product can be translated into product that can sell millions to folks who want to look good and run about once a year.

Running is hot right now. It is also at its' most competitive position in the past thirty years. We have embedded one of the adidas commercials, titled, "adidas is all in...". Well edited, superb video and photography, even Blanka Vlasic is in it! Katy Perry, Blanka Vlasic, David Beckham, all that is adidas is in this commercial.

Running has gone mainstream! Brands such as adidas can use their heritage, sports marketing assets and authenticity to sell a running shoe that is both a victory of form and function.

That is adidas' goal. Mikal Peveto, director of running for adidas America told RBR that he realizes that adidas has to show run specialty that adidas is serious about the channel. That is why, while adidas is selling some of the ClimaCool Ride product in run specialty, it is a product with a broader appeal, and that is the focus of the adidas ClimaCool Ride.

What is interesting to RBR is the investment put behind the product and after a long period of quiet, the brand adidas seems to be coming back. Watch for a short interview with Peveto later today.

At the end of the day, the adidas ClimaCool Ride will open many consumers' eyes to the adidas brand, and that is the hope of the adidas brand team.

What is fascinating is that the consumer will decide what brands make it and what don't. Only time will tell...
Pierre de Coubertin, former President and foun...

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The folks at USADA and WADA sure have been busy lately. Agent Mark Block had a few things to say about the press release that USADA sent out regarding Mr. Block's ten year suspension.

Not sure what Baron Pierre de Coubertin would say about all of this BALCO stuff. de Coubertin was the founder of the modern Olympic movement. Seems that, the ancient Olympics were shut down due to cheating, and graft, among other things, by emperor Theodosius I in either 393 or 394 A.D. The ancient Olympics had lasted from about 776 B.C. to 394 A.D. A thousand years! Pretty long in anyone's book. Seems that the cheating, bribes and betting had besmirched the whole Olympic ideal to the point that the emperor abolished them. About 1,500 years later, Baron Pierre de Coubertin comes along and, with the support of many who wanted to see the Olympics come back, established a modern Olympics movement.

Man is a creature of habit. If there is money or prestige, there is someone who cheats. Problem is, the level that it has been magnified to, in our modern media age of 24/7 observation, that it is quite hard to discern what is real and what is, well, bull manure. My father always told me, that if it smells like manure, it probably is manure. 

There are always cheats and scumbags. This does not mean that we should not try and limit the number of cheats and such in our sport. My fear is that what it makes the folks chasing the bad guys--do they have to become as bad as the people that they are chasing? Just something to consider on your run or walk tonight.

Oh, and saw that jury selection is going on for the Barry Bonds lawsuit. Now there is a gentleman who has besmirched his fine sport. A recent story, picked up on Track & Field News, noted that Mr. Bonds allegedly obscured the facts and may have impeded a federal investigation: Don't know about you, but I am shocked. 

(If you want to separate fact from fiction about the ancient Olympics, RBR suggests one spend some time at was a project done by Tufts University for the 1996 Olympics. Fascinating work. 


NEW YORK (USA): Agent Mark Block strongly disagrees with the arbitration panel's March 17th 2011 decision on USADA's charges that he violated the IAAF anti-doping rules. "The decision misstated the evidence," said Block, "and then USADA, in its press statement, compounded the error by overstating the decision. Many courts and arbitration panels have held that possession alone cannot constitute illegal trafficking," said Frankfurt Kurnit's Brian Maas, an attorney for Block. Here, there was no evidence that Block offered any athlete, including his wife, EPO or any like substance. "We believe the decision to extend the anti-trafficking rule to cover Mr. Block's case in this situation is reversible error," said Maas. The March 18th press release issued by USADA erroneously states that the panel decision "confirm[ed that] Block administered and supplied banned substances including 'the clear', 'the cream' and Modafanil." Maas said: "But there is no such finding in the panel's decision." Mr. Block has asked USADA to retract that portion of its press release and is preparing to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport on these and other grounds. Writes the statement of Block´s lawyers.


The adidas Golden Stripes series is about one thing: Just, who is the fastest over the mile and 100 meters, at the high school level? Open for boys and girls in high school track & field, adidas is trying to encourage a sub four minute high school mile , a la Jim Ryun, for boys, a sub 4:35 high school mile for girls, and a fast 100 meters for boys and girls. Jim Ryun and Mo Greene are the major focus for the events, but the other cool opportunity is for the top high schoolers to meet Tyson Gay, Jeremy Wariner, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Jessica Ennis!

The qualifying meets are March 26 at Azusa Pacific, (adidas Meet of Champions),  Kansas Relays, April 20-23 and the Golden South Meet, May 28. The finals will be at the adidas Grand Prix, on Randalls Island, NY on June 11, 2011.

We like the program, and have enjoyed the videos already placed on Flotrack as part of the program, adidasgoldenstripes. We encourage all the fast athletes and those who want to be fast, to check it out!

geneti rain, by rich cruse-large.jpg
Markos Geneti walking on water, 2011 Honda LAM,
©2011 Rich Cruse/LA Marathon

The 23,352 finishers at the 2011 Honda LA Marathon, 97 percent of the starters, fought all that Mother Nature could throw at them, over the 26th running of the Honda LA Marathon, presented by K-Swiss.

On the men's side, Markos Geneti, in his debut marathon, decimated the Honda LAM course record, running 2:06:35. On the women's side, Buzenesh Deba, in her ninth marathon, battled Amy Hastings, in her debut, until 22 miles, when Deba made her move, finishing in 2:26:34, her personal best. Amy Hastings held on, finishing in second, and running 2:27:03.

RBR sent five questions to Honda LAM Race Director Peter Abraham to assess his race. This is what he sent us this morning.

Teddy Tamgho, Indoor WR, 2011 Euro Indoor, March 5, 2011,
photo by

In 1995, in Goteborg, Sweden, at the World Outdoor Championships, after Ivan Pedroso won his gold medal in the long jump, he thanked his country (Cuba) and dedicated his medal to his country's leader, Fidel Castro.

Senor Pedroso won many medals over his career, and his speeches, sparkling with Marxist ideology, were pleasantly consistent-the guy loves his country and his country's leader. Besides being a good Marxist, Ivan Pedroso is one of our sports' most talented long jumpers.

Now, Senor Pedroso is coaching Monsieur Teddy Tamgho, one of the most talented long jump and triple jumpers on this planet. Ivan Pedroso believes that Teddy Tamgho can break Jonathan Edwards WR in the triple jump of 18.29 meters. Senor Pedroso is targeting London 2012 for this huge effort. In his conversations, Ivan Pedroso is quite accurate: Teddy Tamgho will have to be in excellent shape to even venture into the same stratosphere as Jonathan Edwards.

Monsieur Tamgho just broke the WR indoors for the triple jump twice during the European Indoors on March 5, 2011. What was more fascinating to me was his long  jumping. Tamgho long jumped like a new jumper, preferring safe jumps over taking chances. In fact, two of his jumps warranted at least the silver medal in the Euro indoors, except that he jumped so far in front of the plasticine barrier that he missed the bronze medal by 2 cm and the silver by 5 cm!  

Teddy Tamgho will have his hands full in both Daegu and London. First, there is Phillip Idowu, who is just talented enough and fast enough to challenge Tamgho inch for inch. And if Dick Booth, the U.S. coach who is considered one of the world's top jump coaches, continues to develop his two young triple jumpers, it could be very crowded in London on the medal stands.

Idowu_Phillips1-Gateshead10.jpgPhillip Idowu, 2010 AVIVA Gateshead,
photo by

Some believe that World records are for small, quiet meets at the end of the season. World Champs and Olympic events are all about the competition. But, it could be, with one, two or, four exceptional jumpers, that both Daegu and London have very exciting triple jump competitions! In Goteborg, in 1995,  when Jonathan Edwards broke the world record for the triple jump twice, the crowd went absolutely crazy.

I dream of great triple jumps in Daegu and London.....


The Ragnar Relay Series is the largest series of overnight relay races in North America. I had met with the Ragnar team at the 2010 Running USA meeting and was quite impressed by what I had heard from participants and also from sponsors. I found this piece on their website, and thought RBR readers might enjoy learning about Ragnar. Nice to see companies developed from someone's dreams actually become reality!

image001_1.jpgPhotos courtesy of Ragnar Relays

What do I like about the relay concept? I remember my first relay, in 1976, the old Christmas Relays, from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay, California. It was an incredible event, and I took part in the old West Valley Christmas Relays as well as the present Christmas Relays in San Francisco. The feeling of being part of a team, doing something a little goofy, but fun, is all part of the attraction.

Thumbnail image for Geneti_Markos1-Carlsbad10.JPGMarkos Geneti, 2010 Carlsbad 5,000m, photo by

2004 World Indoor Champs bronze medalist at 3,000 meters and 2005 World Champ participant at 1,500 meters, Markos Geneti has always had leg speed. But today, he showed that he has the endurance, and guts to risk it all. Today, Markus Geneti took the lead early from course record holder Wesley Korir and just kept running. Geneti passed the women, who had a lead of 17 minutes three seconds (part of the $100k gender challenge), just passed the 20 mile mark. His country person, Buzenesh Deba, took Geneti's move as inspiration, to move past Amy Hastings, a US marathoner, who was on a roll, leading most of the Honda LA Marathon. Hastings was not done, and fought back, never giving up. Deba went by Hastings at 22 miles and won the race, in her personal best (after nine marathons) of 2:26.34. Hastings held on to run a 2:27:03 for second place.

But it was Markos Geneti's day! Taking $100k for the Gender Challenge, $25k for the win, and a new Honda, Markos Geneti showed that speed sure helps, even when one is cross flooded streets in Brentwood!

Farah_Mo-NYChalf11.JPG Mo Farah, 2011 NYC Half Marathon, photo by

Mo Farah won the NYCM Half marathon today. Running a new national record, Farah, the new European indoor Champion and summer European 5,000m/10,000m gold medalist, ran 1:00.23 to win from an excellent field. His victory was hard won, requiring a tough sprint to gain two seconds over Gebremariam.  In second place, Gebre Gebremariam, the 2010 ING NYCM champion, ran 1:00.25 and Galen Rupp, Farah's training partner, ran 1:00.30 for third place. 

Rupp_Galen-NYChalf11.JPGGalen Rupp, 2011 NYC Half Marathon, photo by

Ireland's Alistair Cragg set a national record in sixth place, running 1:00.49. Meb Keflizighi, 2009 ING NYCM champion, was fifteenth in 1:02.24. Notably, in 21rst, was Ryan Hall, who ran 1:03.53.

As many know, Mr. Hall  changed training sites, moving from Terrance Mahon and the Mammoth TC, to managing his own coaching ( he did list, for the record, "Jesus", as his coach, in a form required by USADA, the US drug agency, at the recent Aramco Houston Marathon).

Hall, in an interview with RBR at the USA Half marathon championships, did speak about how he has added more rest to his training, and also cited using prayer as part of his discernment process for determining the correct training methods for his personal success. Changes in training take a lot of time to gauge, we wish Ryan the best as he trains for the 2011 BAA Boston marathon.


Rotich_Caroline1-NYChalf11.JPGCaroline Rotich, 2011 NYCM Half marathon, photo by

Caroline Rotich was the top women, running 1:08.52. Edna Kiplagat, the 2010 Honda LA marathon winner and 2010 ING NYCM marathon winner,  ran 1:09:00, her personal best.

Goucher_Kara-NYChalf11.JPGKara Goucher, 2011 NYCM Half marathon, photo by

Kara Goucher, 2007 WC bronze medalist at 10,000 meters, less than six months after the birth of her son, Colt, ran 1:09.03 (two months ago, she had run a 1:14 half marathon), for third. Jo Pavey of Great Britain ran 1:09.33 for sixth place, with Jessica August, the Euro 10,000m champion, who ran 1:10:00, for seventh place.

Rotich-FarahFL-NYChalf11.JPG Caroline Rotich & Mo Farah, 2011 NYC Half marathon winners, photo by

Pretty obvious that the Oregon Training Project continues to work, and that both Mo Farah and Galen Rupp are thriving. Fascinated to watch Kara Goucher at Boston (also Dez Davila), as she is rounding into shape. Alberto Salazar is doing it, as one might call, " old school"--for distance runners to get better, they need to race! Most importantly, Salazar has found a system that works for his team.

Rupp-FarahFL-NYChalf11.JPGGalen Rupp & Mo Farah, 2011 NYC Half Marathon, photo by

Farah and Rupp ran together for much of the race, with Rupp having a fall just past 15 kilometers. Mo Farah, in his longest road race of his career showed the presence of mind and a kick only developed from racing on the track. He won this race, giving it his all....

Shalane Flanagan, 2010 USA XC champs,
photo by

Shalane Flanagan lead one of the best US women's team to a bronze medal at the World Cross Country Championships, in Punta Umbria, Spain. Running a brilliant race, and finishing in third place (bronze medal), Flanagan was followed by Molly Huddle (17th), Magdelena Lewy Boulet (18th) and Blake Russell (19th), the U.S. women took third place.

Flanagan moved from seventh to third in the final kilometer, running 25:10 for the bronze medal! This was the best performance by a non-African women runner since 2004 at the world cross country!
Ashton Eaton, 2009 WC Berlin, photo by

Eaton continues to improve, building his pbs for Daegu, Korea. Nice runs by Mo Farah, who won the NYRR Half marathon in a UK record of 60:22. Galen Rupp was third (behind Gebre Gebremariam, ING NYC marathon winner for 2010). Rupp ran 60:30, a debut record. Kara Goucher ran 1:09.06 for third in the women's race. More details to come!
The 2011 Honda LA Marathon, presented by K-SWISS, is still in progress for most of the 26,000 starters, but the elite races have been decided!

Geneti_Markos1-Carlsbad10.JPGMarkos Geneti, 2010 Carlsbad 5,000m, photo by

Markus Geneti, running his debut marathon, ran a new course record of 2:06:35, the number six debut marathon of all time. Geneti, known for his fast 3,000m and 5,000m times, mostly indoors, used his 13:00 5,000 meter speed to just blast the course record into the present!

On the women's side, Amy Hastings, in her debut, lead over Buzenesh Deba, who lives in the Bronx, NY. Deba went by Hastings as Geneti went by the lead group of three women about 1:36 into the race, (just past 20 miles).

Geneti flew by and Deba followed, with Hastings and Deba breaking Dibaba, the third runner on the women's elite side. Hastings stayed with Deba until Deba busted away about 22 miles.

Buzunesh Deba ran 2:26.34 for the victory. Afterwards, she told the assembled media: "My husband wanted me to run a 2:24, but I don't like running in the rain."

Deba_Buzunesh_NYCM10.JpgBuzenesh Deba, 2010 ING New York City Marathon, photo by

Amy Hastings was rewarded by running a 2:27:03, in her debut, making her a real prospect for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. Amy had planned to run the Houston Marathon, but had an achilles problem, so ran the half there, hitting a 1:14, which disappointed her. Honda LA was a whole different matter for Hastings, who hit the halfway in 1:14.06, and ran a negative split on a rolling, challenging course! Great job by Amy Hastings !

Hastings_Amy-Houston11.JPGAmy Hastings, 2011 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, photo by

Most of the runners and walkers in Honda LA marathon are still out on roads as we write this, so best wishes to the nearly 26,000 runners and walkers who are still on the roads of LA!

More details to come. To follow the race, please check out, and


Piste d'athlétisme à 8 couloirs. Track and fie...

Image via Wikipedia

In articles published in Athletics Weekly on Friday, USADA suspended agent & coach Mark Block, for his involvement with the BALCO drug scandal. USADA is suspending Block from January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2019. Per the article in AW,  cited Block for supplying drugs to his wife, 2001 Edmonton 100 meter champion Zhanna Block and trying to hide his actions from USADA.

BALCO founder, Victor Conte, the former bass player for Tower of Power, and a part time nutritionist, and a tax cheat as well as a drug cheat, named Zhanna Block as one of the athletes he supplied "the cream" and "the clear". Conte has assisted USADA and WADA, after being backed against the wall, and now seems to be a source on anything drug related. (Sometimes, I think that Mr. Conte sure likes seeing himself on the TV or quoted in various media).

 Mr. Block is the twenty-fourth person indited by USADA over the BALCO affair. For more on the story, please read:

What continues to confound this writer is how USADA continues to use means that may be as pernicious as the drug cheats and drug suppliers. Hear-say, accusations from people who have everything to gain from accusing someone of drug use, evidence that may not hold up in any court around the world, and peer reviews on illicit drugs that would not pass a true peer review, those things all concern me. Do not get me wrong, I want USADA and WADA to succeed, I just want them to up their game.

Just the hint of drug use taints our sport. Someone jumps, throws or runs well, and someone thinks it has to be drugs.

Teddy Tamgho entertains Euro Indoor crowd! 2011 Euro Indoors, photo by

I have to say that the European Indoor Champs were one of the best events I have ever seen! The key, in speaking to several of the key observers in the sport, were "Presentation, Presentation and Presentation!"  That the French won the 4 x 400 meters on Sunday, that Tamgho, Lemaitre and Laveillene entertained the crowds each day, also helped!

NYRR club showed a lot of class by bringing over one of the top Japanese female marathoners, after the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan a week ago! A busy weekend.
Watch for the NYRR Half marathon and LA Marathon. Also note that RBR will be tweeting both events, so stay tuned on Sunday morning!
Burla_SerenaFL-Houston11.JPGSerena Burla, Second place, 2011 Aramco U.S.A. Half Marathon champs, photo by

At the press conference at the 2011 Aramco USA Half Marathon champs, Serena Burla, who took second in 2010, had just taken second in 2011. Serena, who had literally had a year from hell, was smiling and noting, " I take each day of running as a gift."

Burla is one of our top athletes, and what she had to overcome this past year shows us once again, the power of human spirit and how important love and support is for someone facing life's constant challenges.

I was asked the other day, who I thought could be the big surprise for 2012 in the marathon. Serena Burla is on the short list.

Gentle readers, it has come to our attention that Texas Relays is moved back one week! As a public service to 40,000 fans who will be worshiping the sport the second weekend of April, we have provided a handy schedule!

David Rudisha, 2010 Belgacom Van Damme Memorial,
photo by

Flanagan_Shalane-USxc10.jpgShalane Flanagan, 2010 USA Winter XC,
photo by

Jeremy Wariner, 2010 Lausanne,
photo by

This is a very busy weekend in the world of Athletics. David Rudisha is competing over 800 meters in Sydney, Australia on Saturday. Jeremy Wariner and Sanya Richards-Ross are racing at the TCU invitational (over 200 meters). Shalane Flanagan leads, arguably, the best womens U.S. cross country team in decades to the 2011 World XC in Punta Umbria, Spain. The U.S. has a very good shot at the bronze.

In New York City on Sunday, Mo Farah and Galen Rupp will be racing over the half marathon distance. In Los Angleles, Wesley Korir will try to defend his 2010 victory at the Honda LA Marathon on Sunday as well. Joined by 25,000 of his closest friends, Korir will be treated to a great course and the resurrection of one of the country's most important marathons....
Meb Keflezighi lives the American dream. An immigrant family coming to a land where all can find their dreams. Meb's book, with the help of Dick Patrick, is titled Run to Overcome! Dick Patrick writes a column for
American Track & Field titled Starting Blocks.

We asked James Dunaway, editor of American Track & Field, to read the book and write a review, and here is what he wrote! We hope that all of you go out and buy this book! RBR highly recommends it!

One of my favorite titles is Coaching Athletics Quarterly. With the addition of Toby Cook as editor, we are finally getting it to where it should be. Several strong pieces, I particularly enjoy the piece by Coach Dave Frank. Enjoy!
Flag of Kobe city, Hyogo, Japan

Flag of Kobe City, Japan

There are times, and situations that rock our very perceptions of life, and challenge us to remember, what is very important in our lives.

Such an event happened on Friday, March 11, when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, centered in north central Japan, shook most the island nation. While the earthquake, the most severe in the last 160 years in Japan, was severe, and there was immediate loss of life, the devastation wrought by the tsunami which followed, is still being determined. As of today, over 2,900 people have died and 7,800 are officially missing, per CNN. Financial Times newspaper has suggested that the final death toll could be much, much  higher.

RBR sent text messages to our friends at ASICS and Mizuno. ASICS is headquartered in Kobe, Japan and Mizuno is headquartered in Osaka. Both were farther from the earthquake center and the tsunmami, and we were told that first indications that both staffs were shaken, but alive.

This is the digital version of the American Track & Field, Winter 2010/11. Some strong articles here and a salute to David Oliver, Allyson Felix, Queen Harrison and Ashton Eaton! We hope that you enjoy it!

Here is the digital version of the Athletes Only Winter 2010/11 issue. Strong cross country coverage, All-American T&F teams, plus 2010 FootLocker XC and 2010 NXN coverage.It is one of our favorite covers, please tell us what you think, [email protected].
Thumbnail image for Haile wins Dubai 10.jpg
Haile Gebrselassie, 2010 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon,
photo by

Sanya Richards, 2009 World Championships, Berlin, photo by

Sanya Richards, the 2009 World Champion at 400 meters, is opening her 2011 season this coming weekend. She will be running the 200 meters at the TCU invitational. This is her first race since the US champs in Des Moines, Iowa last summer.

The 2011 New Balance Nationals Indoor was, let's face it, a huge success. New Balance , with the Nationals Indoor & Outdoor, have a platform to reach the high school athlete for years to come. High school records at the 5,000m distance, pentathlon, and an amazing three races by Lukas Verzbicas. Hats off to the National Scholastic Sports Foundation, who has supported high school and junior track & field in this country when many found it a passing phase! On a selfish front, it is great to see several footwear brands supporting various major events in our sport. High School track & field continues to thrive! Special thanks to for their great photos, Chuck Bartlett, the RN webmaster, for his production talents and the athletes, officials and sponsors who made this event such a great success!
Lukas Verzbicas wins the 2011 NB Nationals Indoor Mile!
photo by

Lukas Verzbic had a very, very busy weekend at the 2011 New Balance Nationals Indoor: On Friday, he runs, wins and sets a new high school record for the 5,000 meters. On Sunday, within three hours, Verzbicas had added two more wins to his weekend! Please find the superb article by Chris Lotsbom, junior editor at Race Results Weekly (which you also should be reading):
College Station, Texas

Image via Wikipedia

The second day was even better in College Station, at the NCAA Indoor Champs. We hope that you enjoy the thoughts and words of James Dunaway, editor of American Track & Field and correspondent extraordinaire for the IAAF:

This is a tremendous piece, courtesy of the IAAF, regarding Yelena Isinbayeva, who is moving back to her former coach, Evgeniy Trofimov.  Isinbayeva, the world record holder, indoor and out in the pole vault, has had two very difficult years. The piece gives a good view into where Isinbayeva is at this time....special thanks to the IAAF and also to Nickolai Dolgoplov.

Isinbayeva_YelenaFL1a-Zurich09.jpgYelena Isinbayeva, 2009 Zurich, photo by

A tremendous weekend of track & field around the US, with the NCAA Indoor Champs in Texas, and the New Balance Indoor high school champs in New York. On my walk into the office this morning, I called a keen observer of the sport, and while we hailed Lukas Verzbicas for his tremendous triple, this keen observer reminded me about Jordan Hasay: " Jordan has been doing some speedwork. That she could win the mile and the 3,000 meters, in such tough competition, shows that Hasay has gone from a top high schooler to being able to battle with the best collegiate athletes..."

I could not have said it better....

Jordan Hasay, 2010 USA Juniors, photo by


Gunnar Nixon, 2011 NB Nationals Indoor, photo by

The 2011 New Balance Nationals Indoor, Day 2, was quite a day indeed, as Gunnar Nixon defended his national title and then destroyed the national record! Read Chris Lotsbom's story......

Water tower on the campus of Texas A&M Univers...

Image via Wikipedia

Brianne Theisen set a collegiate record for the pentathlon at College Station on Saturday. Here is AT&F editor James Dunaway, writing for the IAAF, describing day 1 of the NCAAs (note that Dunaway has been to over 50 NCAA Champs).

Kenenisa Bekele, 2009 World Outdoor Champs, Berlin,
photo by

Kenenisa Bekele, the world record holder at 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters, has been injured since early in 2010.

Bekele is the World Champion at 10,000m in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009. Bekele took the bronze over 5,000 meters in 2003 and gold over 5,000 meters in 2009!. Bekele's 5,000m/10,000m wins in 2009 were unprecedented at the World Champs!

In the Olympic venues, Bekele has gold in 2004 and 2008 at 10,000 meters and gold in 2008 over 5,000 meters. His 5,000m/10,000m double at the 2008 Beijing Olympics allowed his name to be mentioned in the same breath as Hannes Kolehmanen (1912),  Emil Zatopek (1952), Lasse Viren (1972 & 1976) and Miruts Yifter (1980).

Add six World Cross country titles over 12k, five over 4k, and one can see that Kenenisa Bekele has been a dominant force in long distances over the past decade.

Bekele is beginning to train once again, with his eyes firmly set on London 2012, one wonders aloud whether we will see him in 2011, defending his titles from Berlin?

It  takes a certain level of fitness to run the last 3,000m of a 5,000m race in 7:35, the last 2,000m in 4:56, last mile in 3:57.01 and a last 400 meters in 53.28, as Bekele did in Beijing in 2008.

Can Bekele regain this level of racing fitness? Only time will tell.....

Waverly Neer, breaks girls 5,000m HSR,
New Balance Nationals Indoor, photo by

 The 2011 New Balance Nationals Indoor opened with a night of amazing distance running! While many would consider anytime Lukas Verzbicas races, that the possibility of a record is there, the girl's 5,000 meter record was truly unforeseen.

Verzbicas_Lukas-NBind11.JPGLukas Verzbicas, photo from 2011 NB Indoor Grand Prix, photo by

Lukas Verzbicas, alone after the kilometer, put 43 seconds on his competitors as he broke his own High School record for the 5,000 meters, by eleven seconds! Verzbicas ran 14:06.78!

Waverly Neer, a freshman, broke the girl's high school record by eight seconds, running a fine 16:35.15. What an evening-the continued crowning of Oregon bound Verzbicas as one of the greats of high school distance running and the revelation of a new girl high school distance phenom! Congrats to the New Balance 2011 Nationals Indoor for opening day 1 with such a night of records!

Thumbnail image for Farah_Mo-EuroInd11.jpgMo Farah, 2011 European Indoor Champs, photo by

Mo Farah is officially now part of the Nike Oregon project, and officially now running for Nike, his new sponsor. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that once Mo began his coaching relationship with Alberto Salazar, Mo would soon run for the swoosh. Mo's first race for Nike will be the NYC Half marathon on March 20, 2011.

In another matter, Caster Semenya ran her personal best of 54.03 for the 400 meters. It seems that, no matter how much her team protests, that some type of treatment has  been conducted so that Caster can compete as a women.

This is a busy weekend for indoor track & field, with the NCAA Indoor Champs this weekend,
and the New Balance Indoor Champs this weekend at the NB NYC Armory! We wish athletes in both venues the best of luck and thank both organizing committees, officials and sponsors to promoting our sport!

I have been in Orlando, Florida for the past two days, interviewing Jessica Ennis, Tyson Gay, Jeremy Wariner, Blanka Vlasic and Veronica Campbell-Brown (thanks adidas!). Watch for those interviews in upcoming runblogruns and certain magazines. Now, off to the airport!


Sally Meyerhoff, a graduate of Duke University and promising national class marathoner (and dabbling triathlete), was killed on March 9 while training on her bike in Arizona. She apparently did not yield to a truck and was killed instantly while on a training ride. Please keep her family, friends and Sally in your thoughts and prayers.

Sally Meyerhoff, 2010 MORE Half Marathon, photo by

Bolt_UsainPose_Lausanne10.jpgUsain Bolt in Lausanne, photo by

Usain Bolt will draw athletes to any track meet in the world. Add Tyson Gay, and Asafa Powell, and you have world class drawing power. My dream: four to six races a year, with a sponsor who sees the global draw of such amazing races. Our sport is about competition, first, competition second, competition third.

The Brooks PR Invitational was held February 27, 2011 at the Dempsey Fieldhouse at the University of Washington at Seattle. The sponsor, Brooks Running, invited the top ten high school boys and girls to compete over the distances of 60 meters, 60 meter hurdles, 400 meters, 800 meters, one mile and two miles. The response was very impressive for a first year, or any year, for that matter. There were seven number one times and seven number two times in the country for 2011 set at the meet. Probably the most impressive was the girls' two mile, which had the top ten performances at the distance for 2011.

What I liked about the event was that Brooks has committed to supporting high school track & field, which is a key development. Congrats to Jesse Williams and his team at Brooks, and to Dave Larsen, VP of Marketing & Light Hauling, and Jim Weber, President of Brooks, for supporting the plan! It takes a lot of people to make an event like this work.

Kudos to the marketing team at Brooks, the chaperons, the officials and the athletes, for making it a memorable event. We hope that you enjoy the photo gallery, which was supplied by Brooks, and special thanks to Chuck Bartlett for producing the photo gallery!

In this update, Alfons Juck, our man about the world, updates us on all things geek regarding the 2011 European Indoor Athletics Championships. The Indoor was, simply, one of the most enjoyable and exciting events that I have ever witnessed. The crowd was great, the facility was perfect, and Paris, well, where else would you want to be in late February-early March? I spent all day Monday traveling back, starting with a walk at 6 am, around Paris, then a taxi out to Charles de Gaulle airport. I miss it already....

Tamgho_Teddy1d-EuroInd11.jpgTeddy Tamgho, 2011 Euro Indoors, photo by

To paraphrase a line used about Frank Sinatra, " It's Teddy Tamgho's world, we just live in it. The guy was, well, amazing, with a world record and then a tie of his new world record, in round 2 and round 4.

Jonathan Edwards, the only man to jump over sixty feet, had one word to describe Teddy Tamgho, " Brilliant."

Wilson Kipsang, 2011 Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon,
photo by

Wilson Kipsang continues to build his marathon resume, and this time gave him another win, and another course record!
Lavillenie clears 6.03m! 2011 Euro Indoors, Photo by

Renaud Lavillenie won the event by 5.85m. Now, it was time to entertain his French fans, and that he did. First, he set a stadium record, and the crowd went nuts....
Mo Farah, 2011 Euro Indoors, photo by

The fact is, Mo Farah defended his 2009 Torino win. He did it in a very tactical race, but he also showed a more profound understanding of what he was out there to do: make a long run for home and win the race.
Christophe Lemaitre, 2011 Euro Indoor Champs, photo by

Christophe Lemaitre took the bronze medal today to Dwain Chambers (silver) and Francis Obikwelu. It was a tremendous race, but not the race that Lemaitre expected. Important lessons for a young, talented sprinter to learn before he goes to Daegu....
Teddy Tamgho, 2011 Euro Indoor Champs, photo by

Teddy Tamgho did the deadly double in Paris and he nearly succeeded. His long jumping needs a bit of work, but he came oh so close, to winning either a bronze or silver-he was 2 and 5 cm down from taking those medals. In fact, his safety jumping means that he is making huge improvements!
This is the second session of the second day of the 2011 European Indoor Champs. I will finish up the reporting on three wonderful finals, but thought, before my battery went out, that you might enjoy this amazing evening of track & field.

Here is a picture of Carolin Nytra, the new 2011 Euro Champ at the 60 meter hurdles, who ran 7.80 last night for a European leader!


Lavillenie_RenaudQ1-EuroInd11.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, 2011 Euro Indoor Champs,
photo by

One of the wonderful moments of coming to the European Athletics Indoor Champs for 2011 is seeing many of my friends and colleagues. One of my favorites is Alfons Juck, the meet director of the Ostrava Golden Spike and the man behind our global daily updates. Alfons is an agent, raconteur, meet director, but most importantly, he is a man who loves our sport, and I am honored to have him as a friend.

Saturday at Paris-Bercy Palais des sports was one of the most memorable days of my sporting life. Watching the French crowd enjoy Renaud LaVillenie break both the meet record (at 5.91m), but then, the 6.03m World leader, European leader and French National record. And Jermoe Clavier took second in the pole vault.That same night, Leslie Djhones won the 400 meters and Goomis Kafetien of France took the silver, with Teddy Tamgho just .05 out of the silver and .02 out of the bronze in the long jump! Truly an evening of pride for the French sports fan!

And let me tell you, if Christophe Lemaitre wins the 60 meters tomorrow, well, the Palais des Sports will set a record for boisterous cheering!

Stadium-EuroInd11.jpgPalais des Sports, Paris-Bercy, March 5, 2011, photo by

Palais de Sports, Paris-Bercy, March 5, 2011,
 photo by

Greetings from the Euro Indoor Champs, Day 2, in Paris! 49 countries are competing in the largest indoor sports event of 2011. Already, Germany has three medals (Shot put gold, 60m hurdles gold, Shot put silver), with France already with two (heptathlon gold, hurdle bronze).

Saturday's opening session was all about Christophe Lemaitre. This is only my second time watching him run, and he is a sprinter in the rough. This young man has real wheels, and it should be interesting to see him in the rounds. Also, Teddy Tamgho is doing the long jump/triple jump double, which is strangely interesting. More to come.....

Wilson Kipsang speaking at Lake Biwa Press Conference, March 4, 2011, photo by

So, who will bust it out in Lake Biwa? Our roving photographer/marathon commentator, Victah Sailer, has his opinions, so read on....
Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida, 2011 Euro Champion, photo by

In a moment straight out of Hollywood, with French fans screaming, no one know who won the heptathlon! Running a brilliant 2:18.99 for the final event, the 800 meters, Antoinette nana Djimou Ida of France won the heptathlon by a scant 17 points! Her score was 4723!

In second, Austra Skujyte of Lithuania, scored 4706, her 2:26.54 not enough to hold off Djimou! And in third, Remona Fransen of the Netherlands, who had two personal bests in the first three events, ran 2;16.24, to nail down the bronze, with her 4,665, just 58 points behind the silver.

Paris will be celebrating tonight, as they already have two medals, just one behind Germany in the 2011 European Indoor Athletic Championships.

Updated Sunday, March 6, 2011


Petr Svoboda winning 2011 Euro Champs 60 m hurdles! photo by

Surprising even himself, Czech hurdler Petr Svoboda ran a scintillating 60 meter hurdle final, running 7.49 to take the European Indoor Championships. Garfield Darien of France gave France its second medal of the day, running a pb of 7.56. In third, Adrien Deghelt of Belgium hurdled a pb of 7.57.

Felipe Vivancos of Spain was fourth in 7.59 and in fifth, Konstantin Shavanov of Russia hurdled his pb of 7.61.

The night was Svoboda's, who pulled his shirt off and pointed and smiled to the crowd, who enjoyed the pure joy of winning a gold medal for one's country!

Updated March 6, 2011

In  a race that,  again, lived up to the hype, Carolin Nytra of Germany barely nipped Tiffany Ofili of Great Britain at the tape, both running 7.80 for the 60 meter hurdles! Christina Vukicevic of Norway held on for third in 7.83, a National record and Derval O'Rourke of Ireland, was fourth, in 7.96, her seasonal best.

Carolin Nytra ran the European leader with her 7.80 and Tiffnay Ofili of Great Britian set her second national record of the day, having run 7.89 in the semi-final!

This was a dead heat! Per our friend in IAAF Communications, Bob Ramsak, there has not been a dead heat in Euro Indoor hurdles in 37 years! Truly a memorable race, and what a battle for first place! 

Carolin Nytra (left) racing Priscilla Lopes-Schleip, 2010 Lausanne, photo by
Bartels_Ralf-EuroInd09.jpgRalf Bartels, 2009 Euro Indoor, photo by

Ralf Bartels of Germany told the press in the mixed zone that he knew he was ready for a throw of 21 plus meters. In his first round, he threw 19.74m, then 20.80m, to take the lead, then, in round 4, he threw 21.16 meters! He fouled in round five and in round six threw 21.09m, but the fourth round gave him the gold!

In second, David Storl of Germany used his third attempt to hit 20.75m for the silver medal. In third, Maksim Sidorov hit 20.55m in his third attempt, and did not improve on that. Nezdad Mulabegovic of Croatia threw 20.45 in round five, for a National record, and Marco Schmidt of Germay gave the Germans three in the top five, with his throw of 20.29m.

At the end of the day, though, it was Ralf Bartels, the grand man of the German shot put, who added another medal to his already glowing medal collection!

After a two hour break, where I got in a nice walk on a cool, late Winter day in Paris, the second session has begun. Lots going on, so let's get started!
Palais de Omnisports, track at Paris-Bercy, photo by Larry Eder

I have just finished the first session of Day1 in the Euro Indoors 2011. Very nice crowd, very enthusiastic. Some big surprises. Most of all, a great track meet, even with many of the top stars missing. Enough stars and athletes breaking out to make it fascinating!

On the other side of the world, David Rudisha ran 1:43.88 and Bernard Lagat ran 13:08.43 to get the season outdoors off to a good start!

Welcome to's coverage of the 2011 European Indoor Champs, held at the Palais de Omnisport, Paris-Bercy, March 4-6, 2011. We will cover the sessions LIVE, with short updates off and LIVE reports from Just check our Session updates and we will give you reports on each event, as they happen! Thanks forreading our blogs! (Remember,  you can also read all reports off sites! (If you want to contact us, either try twitter or [email protected]).
preHome.jpgWelcome to RBR's coverage of the 2011 European Athletics Indoor Championships, held at the Palias de Omnisport, in Paris-Bercy! The event is three days, from Friday through Sunday and features athletes from 49 of the 50 European countries!

We have provided a complete schedule of events for your viewing pleasure. Note that 28 countries will be showing 150 hours of the Euro Indoors (enterprising North Americans should
be able to find viewing options-and feel free to pass them along to RBR as we will post).

RBR will update events via twitter each session, plus a review on RBR!

For more geek information, please use the following links:

Official website for the competition:

Official website for European Athletics:

Official website for the FFA:


Sammy Wanjiru takes 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon,
 photo by

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon continues to show how popular the sport of road running has become. Like many of the major marathons, B of A Chicago Marathon, version 34 closed weeks ahead of last year as the limit of 45,000 runners was hit only thirty-one days after the opening of registration! Congratulations to Carey Pinkowski and his team and we can not wait to see the race in October 2011! 

Lagat_BernardFV_USOut.JpgBernard Lagat winning USA Outdoor 5,000m (2010), photo by

In a highly anticipated opener, Bernard Lagat led five under the World Champs A standard of 13:20, with his fine 13:08.43 opening 5,000 meters. Running nearly perfect pace: 2:39 for 1k, 5:22 for 2k, 7:58 for 3k and 10:40.8 for 4k. With one lap to go, hit in 12:11, Lagat, Solinsky and Australia's Colin Birmingham, who took over second place and look poised to take the win, however, Bernard Lagat put a stop to that. Birmingham ran a pb of 13:10.02 by fifteen seconds in taking second place. Solinsky held on for third in 13:10.28! Matt Tegenkemp ran 13:16.27, holding off Andy Bumbalough, who ran out of his mind, in 13:16.77-a fifteen second pb!  Craig Mottram ran 13:25.15, his best in three years, and Tim Nelson, another member of the Wisconsin running mafia (Solinsky, Tegenkamp, Jager-wll kindof, Nelson, Simon Barui) ran 13:28.09!

Rudisha_David-Brussels10.JPGDavid Rudisha, 2010 Belgacom Van Damme, Brussels, photo by

David Rudisha opened 2011 with a fine 1:43.88! And not far behind Mr. Rudisha is the owner of sun tan salons in Eugene, Oregon, none other than Nick Symmonds! Nick ran 1:45.09.

Symmonds_NickFV2_USOut.Jpg                   Nick Symmonds wins 2010 USA Outdoor 800m, photo by

In his best opener ever, Alan Webb took third in the 1,500m in 3:37.82, with Nick Willis, the 2008 Olympic silver medalist right behind. Will Leer, one of RBR's new favorite runners, ran 3:41.12. RBR spent some time with Mr. Leer in Boston after the NB Indoor Grand Prix, and besides the current Ted Nugent (Amboy Dukes era) mustache, finds his racing and training inspiring.

Aussie Sally Pierson won the 100m (11.52 to 11.61) and 200 m (23.36 to 23.64) over the US's Mikele Barber. Great Britain's Jemma Simpson won the 1,500m in 4:08.49.

Hoffa_Reese1-Pre09.jpg Reese Hoffa, 2009 Nike Pre Classic, photo by

Reese Hoffa, one of our favorite shot putters, hit 21.10m to add .02 to his world leading throw. Valeria Adams won the women's shot in 20.13m, and 2009 WC in discus, Dani Samuels, won the discus in 61.00m. All in all, a great opening to the 2011 Outdoor global athletics season!

Vili_Valerie-nycDL10.JPG                     Valerie Adams, 2010 adidas GP, photo by 

Well, Greetings from Paris. Actually, I am in Bercy at the Palais Omnispors de Paris-Bercy! My ten hours of flying went well, watched the King Speech (fine movie, moving performances by Colin Firth and Goeffrey Rush), edited a few articles, then some sleep. The three hours from Charles de Gaulle to Bercy were a rush, but still traffic outside of Paris is, well, LA with smaller cars and French accents. God, I love Paris! Perhaps, some union will strike and my stay will be complete!

So, here is the news so far today:

Rupp_Galen-Reebok10 copy.JPG                   Galen Rupp, 2010 Rbk Boston 5,000m, photo by

Galen Rupp is running the NYC half marathon! In the last month, (Feb 12), Galen raced the 5,000m indoors in Dusseldorf, running 13:21.63, then ran the 5,000m AR at the Aviva Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham, in 13:11.44 (Feb.19), then took second at the US Champs in Albuquerque, NM (Feb. 27) in 7:59, after spending three days in Melbourne, on an aborted trip to Christchurch, New Zealand, to run a 10,000m, which was canceled due to the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated Christchurch.

Now, Galen will run his longest race on March 20: the NYC Half marathon. Remember that the only other road race that Galen has run of note is the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turket Trot 5k, in 13:39, where he took second to Alan Webb! RBR wonders if Mr. Rupp and Mr. Salazar are considering a marathon bid for 2012? The U.S. men's marathon trials are but ten months away and the race, at least in this observer's mind, is wide, wide open.

LeMaitre_ChristopheFH-Euros10.jpgChristophe LeMaitre, 2010 European Championships, Barcelona, photo by

So, if you are a French athlete and you are competing in Bercy, there might be une petite pressure: The President of the French Athletics Federation told the local media that he wants more French medals than the previous Euro Indoor here in Bercy in 1994. If you are, say Christophe Lemaitre, who is running the 60 meters, and the guy needs a bit more track to unwind a pair of legs more suited for the 200 meters and 400 meters, then you have some challenges ahead. None the less, Lemaitre is here, and the French sports media, who make the US sports media look like rubes, will have lots to write about the next four days! Stay tuned!

Oh, and in the who will run USA Track & Field rumor mill, which changes every 30 minutes, here is the latest: Depending on who you believe, it seems that a) one candidate was offered the job and turned it down, or b) two candidates are being interviewed a second time this coming weekend, or c), both a and b. In any case, kudos to the board to keeping their mouths shut and making it so hard for RBR and friends to write a factual story. As one observant coach noted, " Look, whoever we get, it will sure be better than before...."

MileMenStart1-USAInd11.JpgMen's mile: a little bit of roller derby, and a lot of elbows! 2011 USA Indoors, photo by

On day two of the USA Indoors, I was in Seattle, watching a supremely satisfying Brooks PR invitational. The USA Indoors had nine world leaders and two ARs, and yet, a race that many said was the most satisfying of the day, the men's mile, did not get on ESPN (would love someone from the production team to explain that).

Mike Rodgers 6.49 and 6.48 were highlights, as was the AR of 15-11 1/2, 4.86m from Jenn Suhr and the shot put of Jill Camerena-Williams, which gave Jill the AR with a massive 65-2 1/2.

Rodgers_MikeDat-USind11.JPGMichael Rodgers: " You must bring out your A game all of the time!" photo by

I see the opportunities in our sport! It is not that people won't watch or come to our elite meets, it is how, I believe that messaging in done. Media is about developing a conversation with the consumer. This conversation must be constant.

We have learnt with and the runningnetwork. The more content, relevant and timely, the more our numbers grow. Check out USATF's web goddess, Katie Landry, who is posting interviews, video and developing their social networking opportunities. One of the best examples of how the digital world can help running is Jean Knaack at the RRCA. Jean has developed the 1,300 club RRCA (177,000 members) website with newsletters, email blasts,
relevant information, so that the members of RRCA always have access.

If you are going to sell tickets for a track meet, then you need to a) do it early, b) build up to the event and c) stay consistent.

The story by Elliot tells it all. There were amazing performances. Let's make sure that the crowds build so that future sponsors and TV shows the excitement of our sport!

Flag of Paris

The European Indoor Championships open Friday, March 5 in Paris, France. 49 of 50 eligible countries are entering athletes in the bi-annual event. On Sunday, road racing takes center stage in Paris as 30,000 runners will be traversing the streets of Paris for the Paris "semi" marathon. Watch for coverage of both events by RBR this coming weekend!

The confluence of indoor track and field and road racing in Paris is a perfect example of the global opportunities in our sport. At this time, athletics at grass roots (track & field and road running) is booming. The disconnect seems to be at the professional level and that is due, in my humble opinion in the territory issue. Dogs are not the only creatures who mark their territory. For our sport to get out of the minor-major sport mode and re- emerge as the major sport that athletics once was and should be, we need to look at our sport with a different eye. What is truly innovative? Well, perhaps being on time would be a start. Promoting the meet more than the week before would be a good thing. Perhaps we have to start with the assumption, that while sports fans might be receptive, we have to start with our strengths: competitive events are fun and emotional.  Keep the schedule simple and organized.

Tell us what you think, email me at [email protected].
Our friends from Virgin London Marathon and adidas do this event, and we highly recommend

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