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Stepanova_YuliyaQSt-Euro16.jpgYuliya Stepanova, photo by PhotoRun.net


RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA): "There have been many measures we've undertaken before the Games. We want to keep as many cheaters away from the Games as possible. We had a targeted testing programme, for which 2,200 athletes were selected, after having monitored their testing history. (These were athletes) which had made the biggest jumps in their performance. We had 700 recommendations for extra testing," said IOC President Thomas Bach in a press conference. "On top of this, we have the most comprehensive re-analysis programme for Beijing 2008 and London 2012, with 1200 tests completed. [There have been] 98 tests positive, as of today. In Rio, we will have up to 4500 tests for urine and 1000 tests for blood. For the first time in Rio, the IOC has decided to make sanctioning independent. So if athletes are positive, they are not sanctioned by the IOC, this will go direct to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, who will independently take measures", Bach concluded per olympic.org.

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA): Names of all 98 athletes from different sports to have tested positive following targeted re-analysis of drug tests at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games in Beijing and London respectively will not be confirmed until after Rio 2016, it was revealed. It is because the legal process is continuing to analyse each athlete implicated on a case-by-case basis. All those to have tested positive have, however, been barred from taking part at Rio 2016 with the IOC claiming this fulfills their primary obligation to stop drug cheats participating here. From insidethegames.

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA): A three-person IOC Executive Board panel has been selected to make final decisions on the eligibility of all Russian athletes competing at Rio 2016. The panel will consist of Germany's IOC Athletes' Commission chair Claudia Bokel, Turkey's IOC Medical Commission chair Uğur Erdener and Spain's Juan Antonio Samaranch. It will make rulings based on independent advice from arbitrators from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Only those who have been deemed eligible by International Federations will be considered, meaning those already barred have no means to gain a late reprieve.

Allen_Devon-USOlyTr16.jpgDevon Allen, photo by PhotoRun.net

EUGENE (USA): Statesmanjournal.com informs that US Olympic Trials 110 m hurdles winner Devon Allen has no small goals. As he prepares for the world stage, his goal is clear: "I'm going for the gold. People always talk about medaling, you know, go and medal. But I always just think about winning," Allen said. "Obviously, I want to win the gold medal. Any medal would be cool, but I'm going for the gold, for sure." It has been a long road to the Olympics for Allen, who also is a wide receiver on the Oregon football team. Oregon football practice begins August 8, which means Allen will miss much of fall camp. But Allen said that coach Mark Helfrich and the rest of the football team have been supportive of him throughout his journey. Depending how things go at the Olympics, Allen might have to decide between playing football at Oregon and turning pro as a track athlete.

Andrews-BlankenshipR-USOlyTr16.jpGRobbie Andrews, Ben Blankenship, photo by PhotoRun.net

Robbie Andrews and Ben Blankenship were among the athletes who came back to Eugene for the first Tracktown Summer Series on Friday, July 29, 2016. Here is our story from Lindsay Rossmiller, who has been writing prodigiously for RunBlogRun at the World Indoors, US Olympic Trials and Tracktown Summer series.

Norman_MichaelFHR-Poland16.jpgMichael Norman, photo by PhotoRun.net

LOS ANGELES (USA): World U20 200m champion Michael Norman has no immediate plans on turning professional after a stellar summer campaign in which he also finished fifth at the US 200m Olympic Trials. "I have intentions on going pro but I don't know when that opportunity will come up but as of right now, I'm going to college," he said. Norman will be training and studying at University of South California where he will be coached by Caryl Smith Gilbert and Quincy Watts.

Norman_MichaelM-Poland16.jpgMichael Norman, World U20 Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunBlogRun opines: Micheal Norman is a single example of this wonderful class of new athletes in our sport. In this day and age, I think, athletes should have choices on whether to go pro, go through the college system and then go pro, or something in between. An education is an important part of the life experience. Good luck, Micheal Norman, and make the right decision for you and your family.

Elliott Denman uses the experiences of Bobby Smith, the winner in the javelin in 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, to support his argument on the standards at the U.S. Olympic Trials. The story is compelling.

Smith_Bobby-USOlyT08.jpgBobby Smith, 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, photo by PhotoRun.net

Toth_MatejFV-World15.jpgMatej Toth, photo by PhotoRun.net

Toth will be ready
LIVIGNO (ITA): Slovak 50 km walking world champion from last year Matej Toth is in full preparation for the Olympic race currently at 2208 m altitude in Livigno, Italy. "Training is going well, I was able to achieve all what was planned in the same quantity and quality as last year before Beijing," said Toth who will fly to Brazil on August 6 but will be at Juiz de Fora camp before moving to Rio just 2 days before his race on August 19.

RunBlogRun Opines: I posted pieces on Yohan Deniz and Matej Toth to remind our dear readers that these guys are rock stars. Walking 50,000 meters, 31.6 miles in heat and humidity, while keeping allowable form is not something anyone can do. The Vo2 Max of race walkers is parallel to cross country skiers and highly trained distance runners. For Slovakia, Matej Toth is one of their finest athletes and millions will watch him on TV, rooting for Mr. Toth to bring home the hardward.

Diniz_YohannH1a-Euros14.jpgYohan Diniz, photo by PhotoRun.net

Diniz confirms only 50 km
FONT ROMEU (FRA): French walking world record holder Yohan Diniz confirmed he will not compete in both walking events in Rio but will concentrate on the 50 km. This week he had last trainings on the track and next two weeks will be devoted to work on the asphalt. "I had allergy problems (asthma attack related to pollen) and I put myself on the side. It is difficult to recover in these conditions. I thought that finally I was taking a risk by doubling. The 50 km distance is that I learned to master, I really know it well, while in the 20 km Im not so sure," he said for L´Équipe. He knows it will be his last olympic chance at age of 38.

Bolt_UsainHS-LondonDL15.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bolt in Rio
RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA): Agencies are informing that World fastest man Usain Bolt touched down in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday night. The Jamaican sprinter arrived at Rio International Airport at 9.02pm local time, after a transatlantic flight from London, where he competed in the Anniversary Games last week. Bolt was greeted by a scrum of media, excited airport staff and members of the public. He briefly posed for photos but said nothing before being whisked off in a private car. "I know the sport needs me to win and come out on top,"says Usain Bolt. He joined with the rest of the Jamaican team members - including Asafa Powell and Yohan Blake - who are already at a pre-Games training camp, which is based at a nearby naval academy.

RunBlogRun opines: Usain Bolt is one of my favorites. He is a few years old than my son, Adam, and I get a kick out of how he comports himself. Usain has a sense of humor, as well as prodigious talent, and a work ethic. Anyone who thinks the guy has not puked along the side of the track in Jamaica, after he survives one of Coach Francis's workouts, is hallucinating. One does not run world records at 100 meters or 200 meters without a lot of hard work, talent and drive. Why does everyone love Usain? Because he has fun, and he shares his fun, his victories and his joy of life with his fans. Hell, in Glasgow, Scotland, the guy even tried Haegis (something I ate for seventeen straight days)! Keeping sport light is part of why he is so beloved. And in an Olympics where Zika virus, water pollution, muggings, Russian sports doping, IOC appeasement of said Russian sports federations, global politics has reared its ugly head, we will need some athletes with great smiles, huge talents and big hearts.

We live in a world where the fingers on total destruction seem to be possessed, more and more by absolute madmen. For eighteen days, every four years, the world deserves those nearly three weeks of sports to be uninterupted by all the detritus I noted above. But, alas, we are human. When I feel really concerned, I think of Venuste Nyongabo, the 5000 meter champion from 1996, the first champion from his country, Burundi, which was in a civil war in 1995 and not much better in 1996. Venuste won the World Champs 1,500m in 1995, and then, won his country's first medal in 1996 in the Olympics. He had seen terrible things in his country, but his focus, his hard won victories and his smile afterwards said much to the world.

Athletes like Usain Bolt remind us that sports should be fun. That is what I am looking forward to, August 12-21.

HaywardFieldFE1a-USOlyTr16.jpGHayward Field, July 1, 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

The idea makes total sense. Bring the team concept to track & field. The ITA tried it in the early 1970s, and I remember watching the meets on TV as a teenager. But, besides the Olympics and World Champs, team events are few and far between. This time, with all of the trappings of the other pro sports, the Tracktown Summer series is premeiring tomorrow, and on ESPN as well!

Lori Shontz, a journalism professor at the University of Oregon, who, many will recall, worked with RunBlogRun.com to manage a team of journalism students to write daily about the Olympic Trials for RBR, is one of our two writers covering the Tracktown Series tomorrow evening.

Here is her piece on the press conference that preceeded the event.

Our friend, Carles Baronet, has surpassed even his own reports for 2016 so far. This report, 12, provides you with all of the results from around Europe through July 24. A perfect supplement to what you might need for our upcoming Olpmic track & field schedule. A fine summer in Europe so far, and RunBlogRun expects many of the finest Europeans to shine in Rio.

Special thanks once again, to our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet!

Storl_David1-Euro16.jpgDavid Storl, European Champs, July 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

In ten years of competing in USATF finals for the 1,500 meters, Leo Manzano's worst finish was third. In his eleventh year in the USATF finals, this year, the US Olympic Trials, Leo Manzano finished an oh so close fourth place.

Manzano_Leo1-USOlyTr16.jpGLeo Manzano, photo by PhotoRun.net

About an hour after the final, I saw Leo cooling down on the track. We greeted each other and I told him he had done himself proud. And he had.

Leo Manzano wrote this piece to encourage people to fight for their dreams. Please pass it around to your teams and athletes.


Nicholas Bett, photo by PhotoRun.net

NAIROBI (KEN): World 400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett has downplayed his poor form on the Diamond League circuit and has said he will "do wonders" in Rio next month, informs Capital FM. "I will do wonders in the Olympics, of course but the two Americans have proved to be tough this season. I have used the Diamond League to gauge myself and in training, I have polished all the grey areas and I am confident and ready for Rio," he said.

RunBlogRun opines: The 400 meter hurdles is still open. Kerron Clement is coming around into shape. The last two hurdles in London were, well brilliant event for Mr. Clement. Clement typically looks superstar until those last two hurdles, when, for the 400 meter hurdler, those last 2 get about a foot higher and lactate in the legs feel like an entire pro football defensive line is sitting one athlete's back. Nicholas Bett, the World Champ in 2015, will be in the thick of it in Rio.

Lyles_JosephusQ-NBiN16.jpgJosephus Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lyles_Noah200Q1-NBiN16.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net

BOSTON (USA): The junior sprinting talents Lyles brothers will be represented by Mark Wetmore and Global Athletics. Informs Flotrack. According to The Washington Post, the Lyles brothers have signed an eight year deal with adidas. adidas, who recently signed fellow Virginian high schooler Drew Hunter, has agreed to pay for the brothers' education and provide a chaperone at events until they turn 21. Noah is 19, while Josephus turned 18.

Runblogrun opines: Nicely done adidas! I am fascinated with the advent of more young athletes into the professional sport of athletics. With Candice Hill, Alexa Efraimson, Mary Cain, and others, several of the brands have looked to invest in young athletes over the long term. All hope they can see the success of an Allyson Felix, who has been a pro athlete for nearly half of her life.

What I like is that most agreements cover an education, coaching and long term approach to athlete development. What needs to happen, I believe, however, is a series of races and events that allow the athletes to develop and progress. Racing against the very top athletes at a young age may not make the most sense, all season long. Athletes take time to develop.

In speaking with Drew Hunter a couple of weeks ago, I liked that Drew was taking a gap year, to look at his future and plan it out. We wish the Lyles, Josephus and Noah, great success and as always, we thank the brands for continuing to support the next Generation of our sport!

Muir_Laura-Stockholm14.jpgLaura Muir, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Muller Anniversary Games were the last major athletics event prior to the Olympics. With fine performances for two days, Alex Mill picked four examples of brilliant GBR athletes showing their stuff prior to Rio. Here is how Alex viewed the performances. Alex Mill will be providing us his thoughts on the British performances in Rio during the ten days of Athletics of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Kiprop_AsbelFV-PreC16.jpGAsbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

Asbel Kiprop is, perhaps, the finest miler of his generation. His 1:49 first 800 meters in Monaco was a bit too quick, and Asbel, being human, fell to earth, finishing sixth. In this interview, done on July 24 in a conversation with our writer, Justin Lagat. Please note that Justin Lagat will be writing for us during the ten days of athletics in Rio!

It has been, so far, "Anno Horribilus" for the world of sport.

And, we should not be surprised.

There was a time, that athletes were expected to live by a higher standard, not a lower standard. In our current zeitgeist, where the cult of personality makes social media sirens more important than someone who cures Zika virus, we have forgotten what is important.

LondonJuly2515.JPGLondon DL, July 2016, from my workspace, photo by Larry Eder

The IOC is supposed to be the group that protects the culture of the Olympics. When Baron Pierre de Coubertin ressurected the Olympic Games, he knew he was fighting a tough battle. The Olympics had been cancelled since 375 AD, when the Roman emperor Theodosius cancelled the Olympic Games to gain favor with a new religious cult that was gaining strength in Rome at the time.

That new religious cult that Emperor Theodosius was trying to appease?

They were called Christians.

Just another example of how sports and politics have been bedfellows for thousands of years.

Vicaut_JimmyA-Euros16.jpgJimmy Vicaut, He's French, He won his medal, deal with it, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is report 11 for the 2016 European Athletics Outdoor season, compiled by Carles Baronet of TrackinSun. Our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet put 36 pp of results together for this report, covering Europeans through the Monaco meeting!


Morris 493 WL, Okolo 35.74 WL
HOUSTON (USA, Jul 23): Second and final American Track League meet here saw Sandi Morris in superb pole vault shape. In only her second meet since Ostrava injury she cleared 435, 450, 460, 470 in first, then needed two attempts at 480 and cleared World leading with US all-time outdoor best 493 in first try. Morris ended with three attempts at world record height of 507. Only Yelena Isinbayeva in 7 outdoor competitions jumped ever higher than 493.

Another World lead in women 300 m as Courtney Okolo clocked 35.74, also 7th fastest ever ahead of Kendall Baisden 36.39. Canadian champion Andre De Grasse win 10.02 (-0.3) beat over 100 m Asafa Powell 10.08 (he was faster in heats 10.05 +0.1), third Dexter Lee 10.14 PB. Vernon Norwood won the 400 m in 45.19, in this race Ashton Eaton was 5th in 45.63, he also managed 60.46 as 7th in javelin, both results 2016 bests for him. Cyrus Hostetler topped the event with 80.84. In expected 1000 m Clayton Murphy in 2:20.12 beat Matt Centrowitz 2:20.20.

Jenna Prandinin also showed top sprinting shape with 11.21 (+0.1) and 22.42 (+0.1) wins, here second Phyllis Francis (Rio bound at 400 m) 22.50 PB. In women hurdles Sharika Nelvis got 12.83 (-0.3) over Christina Manning 12.88, World champion Danielle Williams 12.89 and heptathlon star Brianne Theisen-Eaton 13.04. From rest of the events to note Wallace Spearmon 20.31 (+0.3) in the 200 m, Jamaican Andrew Riley 13.47 (-0.3) hurdles, also Jeshua Anderson 49.48 in the 400 m hurdles and Canadian Chanice Taylor-Chase women 400 m hurdles 55.55. The 800 m winner Ajee Wilson clocked 1:59.98 ahead of Jamaican Natoya Goule 2:00.33.

The Olympic Trials, is, for many, track geek summer camp. Ensconced in the dorms at the University of Oregon, enjoying three meals, with vegan offerings, and hot coffee, is more than most of us could have expected. Then, there was the nightly visits to the Wild Duck Cafe, the headquarters of fun in the Track Capital of Lane County.

With some two weeks of separation, and my clothes finally unpacked from my large travel case, and also washed, I might add, here are my final five lessons, points, what have you, from our Olympic Trials. I hope you enjoy.

HaywardFieldFE1-USOlyTr16.jpGThe 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, July 1-July 10, 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

Schippers_DafneR-Euro16.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Two British teams sub 38

LONDON (GBR, Jul 23): It was real British Super Saturday with Mo Farah clocking World lead at the end of two days of Muller Anniversary Games. Two British 4x100 m squads went sub 38 in the region of national record and mainly two fastest times 2016. Also wins for Hudson-Smith, Oskan-Clarke and Johnson-Thompson. Perkovic delivered discus meet record and is first Diamond Race winner, only needs to compete in the finals. The same goes for Stefanidi in pole vault.

Event by event


400 m (non-DL): Hudson-Smith confirmed with 45.03 as Eurochamp Rooney false started.
5000 m: Farah in top shape, 12:59.29 WL, his 4th best of career and fastest since 2012. Butchart in 2nd beats Africans.
110mH (non-DL): Bascou is ready with 13.20 (-1.0) clear win, but Pozzi 13.19 PB in heats (-0.8, did not run final due a to a cramp). Merritt out in heats.
400mH: Clement wins after strong finish 48.40, his fastest of 2016.
LJ: Chinese win for Shanghai top placer Gao 811 (+0.9) 6 cm ahead of Monaco winner Forbes 805 (-0.5).
SP: Kovacs with 22.04 beat Walsh and Storl (21.54 and 21.39, season top marks for both).
4x100 m (non-DL): What a British strength, first sub 38 of the year by two GBR teams. 37.78 and 37.81 and not all 8 can run in Rio.


100 m (non-DL): Surprise win for Ta Lou 10.96 (-0.7, first PB 10.96 in heats already) and Ahye 10.99 also beat SAFP 11.06 (11.03 in heats).
200 m: Schippers ruled clearly 22.13 (-0.8) some 0.50 against the rest.
800 m (non-DL): Oskan-Clarke in close finish 1:59.46 over Sharp and Ludlow.
SC: Ghribi moved into faster shape region with 9:21.35 win.
PV: Stefanidi 480 and has 4 wins out of 6 DL meets. Silva 472 and Murer retired at 432 (neck pain). Stefanidi needs only to compete in finals to win the DR.
LJ (non-DL): After HJ PB also LJ SB for KJT 684 (+0.9) beating specialist Proctor 680 (+0.1).
DT: Meet record for Perkovic 69.94 and nobody can beat her in Diamond Race after this win.

The U.S.O.C. press release on Team USA is always quite impressive. The team representing the US in the largest sports lovefest every four year, the Olympics. With three athletes on six teams, the team has Olympic champions, five timers, four timers, three timers and yes, first time Olympians.

I have to say, each and every Olympics has been an amazing experience. I am looking forward to my trip to Rio, to cover the Olympic Track & Field, plus the sights and sounds of the Olympic experience for you.

Felix_Allyson300M1c-OlyTr16.JPGAllyson Felix, on her way to her fourth Olympic team, photo by PhotoRun.net

Harrison_Keni-USOlyTr16.jpGKeni Harrison, photo by PhotoRun.net

Published July 22, 2016

Updated July 23, 2016

Keni Harrison ran a fantastic time in the 100m hurdles at the Pre Classic, with a 12.24. Then, at the Trials, Keni Harrison finished sixth in the Trials. What an agony! Finally, in London, on July 22, Keni Harrison breaks a WR that lasted 28 years, with her fine 12.20!

Keni is the focus of several Gifs, showing when she realized that she had not run a ho hum time, but the WR!

Here is Alex Mill's eyewitness story on the Keni's fine race!

World record in hurdles

LONDON (GBR, Jul 22): First day of Muller Anniversary Games at Olympic Stadium in London with some 40 000+ crowd in good summer weather was very special. First of all because of 100 m hurdles World record 12.20 (12.194) by Kendra Harrison. Then because of Usain Bolt confirming his fitness with fast 200 m. Then because Laura Muir winning the 1500 m in British record. Another national mark for the home crowd in women 4x100 m and World leads for Taylor triple and Miller 400 m. Fireworks at the end was the appropriate finale.

Event by event


100 m: Vicaut after 9.96 (+0.3) in heats confirmed his position with 10.02 (+0.4) win in finals.

200 m (non-DL): Bolt in his first 200 m of the year showed good shape, 19.89 (-0.3) is 5th best of 2016.

800 m: Bosse European lead 2016 1:43.88 over improved Canadian McBride 1:43.95 PB.

Emsley Carr Mile (non-DL): Kiplagat fulfilled the favorite role 3:53.04.

PV (non-DL): Lavillenie after Sotteville in top shape with 590 nice clearance and attempts at 597.

TJ: Taylor improved not only his own WL but also Edwards´s MR to 17.78 in last round (+0.6).

JT: First ever DL win for Czech Vadlejch 85.72.


400 m: Miller in her own class and WL and PB 49.55.

1500 m: European win in British record 3:57.49 Laura Muir, also meet record. 2nd fastest of the year.

100mH: World Record! Kendra Harrison had her Olympics at Olympic Stadium 12.20 (+0.3). Donkova forgotten. She got already in heats MR 12.40 (+0.2).

400mH (non-DL): Muhammad confirmed her Nr.1 position in lists 53.90. Eurochamp Petersen improved season best to 54.33 as 2nd.

4x100 m (non-DL: What an improvement by British girls 41.81 is WL, NR and MR. Philip, Henry, Asher-Smith, Neita.

HJ: Beitia in third attempt over 198 and gets the win. That is simple the experience. KJT 195 PB as 3rd.

Farah_MoFH-LondonDL15.jpgMo Farah, 2015 London Anniversary Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Super Saturday promised

LONDON (GBR): Second day of Muller Anniversary Games is promising British Super Saturday with Mo Farah in 5000 m and Jessica Ennis-Hill in long jump. It is nearly sold out, good weather promised, also IPC events will be held. Men 4x100 m could bring fast times, possibly the fastest of the year. Top International stars will be female sprinters Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in 100 m and Dafne Schippers in the 200 m.

Event by event preview


400 m (non-DL): Eurochamp Rooney vs Euroleader Hudson-Smith.
5000 m: Farah show. Strong Kenyans there I. Koech and Soi and ever young Lagat.
110mH (non-DL): Bascou to prove his Eurotitle against nice group headed by Aries Merritt. Heats and finals.
400mH: Amsterdam winner Copello against US trials winner Clement and sad looser from Eugene but World leader Dutch.
LJ: Forbes is Herculis winner, but Torneus jumped far in Spain.
SP: Kovacs to prove his shape in first duel 2016 with Storl.
4x100 m: Two British strong teams against Jamaica, USA, Brazil, Canada and France. First sub 38 of the year is possible.


100 m (non-DL): Fraser-Pryce against Ahye and Asher-Smith. Heats and finals.
200 m: Schippers show. Meet record 22.10 is in danger.
800 m (non-DL): Fans hoping for home win (Sharp), but Ludlow is in shape.
Steeple: Is Ghribi having the shape to win? Top Kenyans and Ethiopians missing. Surprise from Hills or Kipp?
PV: Stefanidi to continue in winning, but also Silva, Murer and again healthy Buchler there.
LJ: Multi stars JEH and KJT versus Proctor.
DT: Perkovic to win with motivation to improve the meet record 68.04.


Farah in good mood

LONDON (GBR): Olympic and World winner Mo Farah confirmed that 5000 m on Saturday will be his last race before the Rio Olympics and the double gold medallist from London 2012 was upbeat about his preparations leading up to the Olympic Games. "Everything has gone well and I'm on the right step, it's crazy to think that in three weeks' time it is the Olympics. It would be nice to win the race, but most importantly respect the guys and see what I can come away with. It's my last race, and in the past I've always competed well in my last races before big championships and it gives me a massive boost." He also said per BBC that he feels sympathy for the clean Russian athletes unable to compete at the Rio Olympics but says countries have to follow the rules and that he only wants to run against clean athletes. Express.co.uk is citing him about coming Olympics: "People always think, oh Mo will double up, he's going to win the two golds, but it won't be that easy. I have just got to do 10,000m, get through that and then once I've got that out the way, come back for the heats of the 5,000 and hopefully make it to the final." In response to reports of Kenyan long distance runners who are preparing to act as a team to beat Farah, he answered: "Let's bring it!"

The Crisis in Russian Athletics


Womens5kStart-WorChps13.jpgMoscow 2013, 5000 meter start, photo by PhotoRun.net


LAUSANNE (SUI): The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has issued its decisions in the arbitrations between the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), a number of Russian athletes (the Claimant Athletes) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The CAS has dismissed both the request for arbitration filed by the ROC and 68 Claimant Athletes, and the appeal filed by 67 of the same athletes against the IAAF decision to consider them as ineligible for the Olympic Games in Rio. The arbitrations were referred to a Panel of CAS arbitrators: Prof. Luigi Fumagalli, Italy (President), Mr Jeffrey G. Benz, United States and His Honour James Robert Reid QC, United Kingdom. The Panel held a hearing with the parties on 19 July 2016. The CAS Panel has confirmed the validity of the IAAF's decision to apply Rules 22.1(a) and 22.1A of the IAAF Competition Rules, which state that athletes whose national federation is suspended by the IAAF are ineligible for competitions held under the IAAF Rules, in accordance with the Olympic Tribunal Arbitral du Sport Court of Arbitration for Sport. The release also states that the ROC is entitled to enter as representatives of the Russian Federation in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the Russian track and field athletes who fulfil the criteria and are eligible to compete under IAAF Competition Rule 22.1A. Since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was not a party in the arbitrations, the CAS found that it had no jurisdiction to determine whether the IOC is entitled generally to accept or refuse the nomination by ROC of Russian track and field athletes to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

MONACO (MON): The IAAF has taken a strong stance on upholding the World Anti-Doping Code without fear and favour and is pleased that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has supported its position. Today's judgement has created a level playing field for athletes. The CAS award upholds the rights of the IAAF to use its rules for the protection of the sport, to protect clean athletes and support the credibility and integrity of competition. Says IAAF in a statement. IAAF President Sebastian Coe commented: "While we are thankful that our rules and our power to uphold our rules and the anti doping code have been supported, this is not a day for triumphant statements. I didn't come into this sport to stop athletes from competing. It is our federation's instinctive desire to include, not exclude. Beyond Rio the IAAF Taskforce will continue to work with Russia to establish a clean safe environment for its athletes so that its federation and team can return to international recognition and competition."

MELBOURNE (AUS): Athletics Australia Chief Executive Officer, Phil Jones, has made the following comments in the wake of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision to reject the appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian athletes. "Athletics Australia welcomes the decision by CAS to uphold the IAAF ban on Russian athletes competing in athletics at the upcoming Olympic Games. It is a victory for clean sport and sends a powerful message to people and organisations that breach doping rules for their own benefit," Jones said.

MOSCOW (RUS): RusAF president Dmitriy Shlakhtin said that one more appeal for any court against CAS decision will have zero effect. "We have only one way, we should go further. We need to be restored and we'll do all possible to return trust from the IAAF and IOC," Shlyakhtin told Sport-express. He's sure that the expected IOC decision would not bring any differences but he expressed hopes that IOC will meet even some 'cleanest' athletes' halfway. Shlyakhtin also assured that Russian track and field athletes would not lose state and regional support to continue their trainings.

MOSCOW (RUS): The ruling of the CAS banning Russian track and field athletes from competing at next month's Olympics in Rio is directed against athletes, RusAF general secretary Mikhail Butov told reporters on Thursday. "The largest frustration is that lots of 'clean' athletes have been punished," Butov said. "The athletes who have never been implicated in doping, will stay aside from the Olympics. The decision is directed against the athletes."

MOSCOW (RUS): The Russian sports authorities intend to turn to the IAAF ethics as no probes of this organization's activity are held, informs Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko. "We recognize and respect the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This is a judicial body but the IAAF's behavior and persistence cause indignation. Corruption has been exposed in it... Our athletes and we intend to apply to the ethics committee [of the IAAF]," Mutko said.

MOSCOW (RUS): Official statement of Russian Olympic Committee says that ROC is utterly frustrated with the ruling of the CAS on the ROC lawsuit against the IAAF. "The most dangerous precedent has been created and since that the entire sporting community will live under new laws. We do not know where today's CAS ruling has stemmed from and what has motivated it, but the ROC is determined in its activities to fight for the rights of all clean athletes to the end at any international human rights organizations as we are absolutely convinced that personal responsibility cannot and must not include the innocent ones," the statement said.

MOSCOW (RUS): "I'm very sad and disappointed. Total apathy. I would like to fight to the end but I'm not sure there is any sense to do that. What I have to do? Is there any reason to continue my trainings? Maybe, it would be better to finish my career? I know and understand nothing now," said 110 m hurdles reigning World champion Sergey Shubenkov. He also noted that he would never change the citizenship just for ability to compete in Rio.

ZHUKOVSKIY (RUS): Gennadiy Gabrilyan, coach of reigning high jump World champion Mariya Kuchina, says that they were prepared to work for a miracle at coming Olympics. He assured that Kuchina was ready to clear 203 in Rio and to win her event. Her 200 at Russian Cup on Thursday is "our answer to the IAAF. They must know that in spite of circumstances we're alive, clean and ready to fight for medal at any competitions," said Gabrilyan on his quote to Sport-Express.

MOSCOW (RUS): Two-time pole vault Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva said that she'll not be surprised if RusAF would not be restored by the IAAF during next four years. She'll continue her practices until IOC decision on July 24. "Then there will not be any sense to train if we'll be also denied by IOC. CAS statement says that IOC can allow some athletes to compete in Rio. Firstly, I took these words as weak hope but now I don't believe it could happen. Everything I can do is to appeal to International Court of Human Rights individually but it would not have nothing with Olympics as it'll be too late," said Isinbayeva. She also noted that "who ever won in Rio, it'll be only second place" without her participation. "To win in Rio with new world record was my goal. I don't know how high it would be, but I think not less than 510," Isinbayeva added.

LONDON (GBR): Usain Bolt spoke about the decision to ban the Russian athletics team from the Rio Olympics, informs AP. "It's a good message to show that if you cheat or you go against the rules then we're going to take serious action. This will scare a lot of people, or send a strong message that the sport is serious, we want a clean sport," he said. Bolt added that he wouldn't be against the authorities banning other nations who are in breach of the rules. "If you have the proof and you catch somebody I definitely feel you should take action. And if you feel banning the whole team is the right action then I am all for it."

LONDON (GBR): Insidethegames informs that a letter from 14 National Anti-Doping Agencies (NADOs) has been sent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to urge them to suspend the Russian Olympic Committee and provisionally deny Russian athletes entry to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The NADOs of Austria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States have all signed the letter to IOC President Thomas Bach.

London Diamond League Preview


Farah_MoFL1a-LondonDL15.jpgMo Farah, London DL, July 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

For much of Mo Farah's career, his last race before a major championship is at a DL in the UK. Running two miles, 3000 meters or 5000 meters, Mo Farah uses the race to finely hone his already fine racing skills to the highest of levels. Fans thrill to Mo running a last 800 meters in 1:53, or a killer last lap. With such an event as one of the final events of one of the evenings, the crowd goes away excited and ready for another day of athletics.


The MÜLLER Anniversary Games will be held in the Olympic Stadium in London, on July 22 and July 23. The meet is the last time many of our sport's finest athletes will compete before the Olympics, which will happen August 12-21. Enjoy the info below, which is how we recieve them when I am covering meets on site.

Please enjoy the starting lists, the schedules for Days 1 and 2!

Start Lists for July 22-23, 2016, Anniversary Games: Startlists.pdf

Schedule, July 22, 2016, Day 1: Schedule_Day1.pdf

Schedule, July 23, 2016, Day 2: Schedule_Day2.pdf

Biographical Start Lists, 22Jul16.pdf

Biographical Start Lists, 23Jul16.pdf

London Compact Media Info Sheets: London-2016-Compact-Media-Information-Sheets.pdf

To learn more about British Athletics, and its social media:

For more information visit www.britishathletics.org.uk

Follow us on:

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/britishathletics

Twitter - @britathletics

Youtube - www.youtube.com/britishathleticstv

Stadium-LondonDL15.jpgLondon Olympic Stadium, July 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya_Caster-Rome16.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

The treatment that Caster Semenya received in 2009 in Berlin is indefensible. However, that Caster Semenya will more than likely win both the 400m and 800m in Rio will open a rift in our sport that will be as deep and hurtful as the doping crisis. Pat Butcher, one of our sport's finest writers, wrote this piece on the Caster and her situation. Please make sure that you read globerunner.org every chance you can. Pat Butcher is thought provoking.

Bolt_UsainHS-LondonDL15.jpgUsain Bolt, London 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

The MÜLLER London Anniversary Games is one of the finest stops of the Diamond League. One of the major reasons I like it is the press conferences. It is one of the events where I can actually sit down and speak with the major athletes and have in depth discussions, all the while enjoying the company of my friends in the British media. I will miss the event this year, but you do not have to! Here is a piece from Craig Gundersen of British Athletics. Craig is part of the fine team in the media department at British Athletics. I see them each and every British meeting that I have attended for the past decade, and I truly enjoy and appreciate their concern for helping the media do their job. The team at British Athletics does a fantastic job at providing quotes, interview opps, and access for media at their four major events. I will miss them this weekend.


Kim Collins, photo by PhotoRun.net

Collins for 5th Olympics

BASSETERRE (SKN): Kim Collins has been cleared for Rio to compete for his country St. Kitts and Nevis. It will be his 5th olympics at age of 40. Collins and the St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee (SKNOC) issued a joint statement announcing that a path has now been cleared for his participation "following closure on the long-standing issues between the two parties". "I am extremely happy that our longstanding issues have finally been put to rest, and I will once again have the honour of representing my country in track and field," Collins said. Informs insidethegames.

RunBlogRun opines: Kim Collins is one of the most enduring athletes in the sport. That he is able to compete in his fifth Olympics is pretty incredible. We look forward to seeing him in Rio!

4fc6dc92-344a-497f-b4c9-7eb89f4387cf.jpgNiklas Kaul, photo by Getty Images, for IAAF

Kaul 8162 points after 71.59 javelin
BYDGOSZCZ (POL, Jul 20): Niklas Kaul scored the best ever mark in an U20 decathlon at the World U20 Championships in Bydgoszcz with his total of 8162. The world youth champion trailed Maksim Andraloits by nearly 400 points after eight events but the German reduced the deficit with a world U20 decathlon best of 71.59m in the javelin before finishing the day with 4:21.70 in the 1500m. Andraloits still set PBs of 48.79m and 4:43.65 for the last two events but finished more than 100 points behind the winner albeit in a national U20 record of 8046 with Estonia's Johannes Erm taking bronze in a national U20 record of 7879. The highlight on the track was a fast 3000m with Ethiopian Beyenu Degefa winning in a championship record of 8:41.76 to break a mark which has stood since 1992. Bahrain's Dalila Abdulkadir Gosa (8:46.42) and Germany's Konstanze Klosterhalfen (8:46.74) claimed silver and bronze respectively. In the last event of the evening, Noah Lyles claimed the 100m title in 10.17 ahead of Italy's Filippo Tortu (10.24) and Barbadian Mario Burke (10.26). On the in-field, Poland won their second medal of the champs with Klaudia Maruszewska adding four metres to her lifetime best with 57.59m ahead of South Africa's Jo-Ane Van Dyk (57.32m) and Turkey's Eda Tugsuz (56.71m). Elsewhere, world youth champion Maykel Masso won his second global title with 8.00m in the long jump while Alina Kenzel extended her world U20 lead to 17.58m to win the shot put.

Kipsang_Wilson1a-RAK16.jpgWilson Kipsang, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bekele_Kenenisa1g-Dubai15.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kipsang vs Bekele
BERLIN (GER): The BMW Berlin Marathon will see a duel of superstars Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele on 25th September. While Kenya's Kipsang has already won Germany's most prestigious road race, clocking a world record of 2:03:23 in 2013, it will be the first time that Ethiopia's Bekele competes on the roads in Germany. The Berlin race will be the first autumn marathon in the Abbott World Marathon Majors. "I'm happy to come back to Berlin where I ran my world record in 2013 because I really like the course in Berlin. My goal for this year in Berlin is to run as fast as possible. I like to compete in a strong competition and that's why I'm happy that Kenenisa Bekele also is running in Berlin. And I hope we can stimulate each other to run a fast time. Of course this will depend on the weather conditions on the day of the race and whether the pacemakers can do the right job, as they did during my world record race and for Dennis Kimetto when he ran the world record in Berlin a year later," said Wilson Kipsang. Bekele was not selected for Rio and is switching his focus to Berlin and a fast race.

Sam Kendricks is the Olympic Trials champion for the pole vault in 2016. In 2012, he was fourth in the Olympic Trials. Up until July 18, Sam Kendricks was the WL over the pole vault, with a 5.92m clearance, his then PB. This interview was done at the US Olympic Trials presser, and I thank Sam for his thoughtfulness and his love and respect for his event.

Robles_Dayron-Ostrava11.jpgDayron Robles, Photo by PhotoRun.net

Robles and Pichardo selected
HAVANA (CUB): Cuba selected 39 athletes for Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Among them 24 men and 15 women. Return in national vest for hurdles 2008 Olympic winner Dayron Robles who was selected along with Yordan O´Farrill and Jhoanis Portilla for 110 m hurdles. Robles last time competed for Cuba at London Games 2012. In the team also triple jumper Pedro Pablo Pichardo who did not compete yet in 2016. World champions Yarisley Silva and Denia Caballero are the top women names.

Jeremy Taiwo hung for this interview at the Brooks House during the Olympic Trials. It was fun speaking with the young decathlete, and listening to his dreams, his hard work and his respect for the decathlon, the truly Olympic event. Less than one week later, Jeremy Taiwo, running a 4:17 for the 1,500 meters, after nine other grueling events, added Olympian to his C.V. How good is Jeremy Taiwo? I believe he can be an Olympic medalist, and I do not fool with those types of descriptions.

10KStadium-World13.jpgMoscow 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net


LAUSANNE (SUI): The findings of the report show a shocking and unprecedented attack on the integrity of sports and on the Olympic Games. Therefore, the IOC will not hesitate to take the toughest sanctions available against any individual or organisation implicated," IOC President Thomas Bach said. The International Sports Organisations will now have to evaluate the IP Report and then take the appropriate measures, according to their respective rules. IOC also started disciplinary actions related to the involvement of officials within the Russian Ministry of Sports and other persons mentioned in the report because of violations of the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code. With regard to the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the IOC will carefully evaluate the IP Report. It will explore the legal options with regard to a collective ban of all Russian athletes for the Olympic Games 2016 versus the right to individual justice. In this respect, the IOC will have to take the CAS decision on 21 July 2016 concerning the IAAF rules into consideration, as well as the World Anti-Doping Code and the Olympic Charter. From IOC statement.

LAUSANNE (SUI): Among immediate actions of the IOC are that it will not organise or give patronage to any sports event or meeting in Russia. This includes plans for the European Games 2019 organised by the European Olympic Committees (EOC). The IOC will not grant any accreditation to any official of the Russian Ministry of Sport or any person implicated in the IP Report for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad Rio 2016. Because of the detailed references to the manipulation of samples during the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 the IOC asks all International Olympic Winter Sports Federations to freeze their preparations for major events in Russia, such as World Championships, World Cups or other major international competitions under their responsibility, and to actively look for alternative organisers. These provisional measures apply until 31 December 2016. They will be reviewed by the IOC EB at its meeting in December 2016. From IOC statement.

LAUSANNE (SUI): Insidethegames informs that double Olympic pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva says she is "optimistic" Russia's Rio 2016 athletics ban will be overturned at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) after speaking at an appeal hearing today. The appeal against this ruling was filed by jointly by the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 athletes with a decision due on Thursday (July 21). IAAF President Sebastian Coe was also in attendance today in Lausanne. "IAAF President Sebastian Coe attended the Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing today in Switzerland between The Russian Olympic Committee, Lyukman Adams and 67 other individual Russian Track & Field athletes v. the IAAF," the IAAF statement said. "Coe told CAS this morning he wanted to be at the hearing given the importance of the case for athletes and sport and he wanted to thank CAS for its willingness to expedite the hearing."

LAUSANNE (SUI): "The information and conclusions provided by Professor Richard McLaren and his investigative team have confirmed the correctness of the IAAF's recent decision to uphold the suspension of the Russian Athletics Federation (RUSAF), first imposed on 13 November 2015, and highlighted the strong leadership demonstrated by the sport of athletics in the fight against this most serious threat. While the focus now and in the coming days is rightly on whether the country's competitors will or will not be eligible to take part in next month's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we must not lose sight of the bigger story, which is the profound cultural, organisational and procedural changes required before all sports can confidently welcome clean sportsmen and sportswomen from Russia to future international events. As a member of the IAAF Council I will be pushing on behalf of all athletes and Member Federations in Europe for speedy clarification about the impact of the report's findings on the results of the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Athletics, the 139 so called "disappearing positive" test results in athletics and any other implications for our sport," said European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen in a statement

The best interviews should be similar to conversations between confidantes. If one appreciates the focus of the interview, and provides questions that encourage the interviewee to share deep thoughts with the interviewer and the audience, then, one is quite successful. Craig Vanderoef is one of those people that I have admired for nearly two decades. I love his enthusiasm for his vocation (apparel), I love his devlish sense of humor and I love his understanding of his brand, adidas, both from a historic view as well as the purveyor of performance apparel. Craig Vanderoef is an artist as well. His attention to detail, his focus on the look, feel, and performance of apparel is, for the good ones, a near obsession. This is the first part of the interview, shot by The Shoe addicts at the adidas House during the Olympic Trials. I really think that this is one of the finest interviews I have participated in many years.

Drew Hunter has captured the heart of high school track fans everywhere. His racing, his committment to his team, his fast times all keep him in front of our sport. While much of the spring, we thought he was going to Oregon. Then, surprise, during the Trials, adidas announced that they had signed him to go pro. In this interview, done at the adidas House near Hayward Field, Drew Hunter spoke to RunBlogRun about how he was going to take a gap year and begin his transition to a professional athlete. This interview was filmed by The Shoe Addicts.

Hill_CandaceQ-OlyTr16.JPGCandace Hill, photo by PhotoRun.net


BYDGOSZCZ (POL): The IAAF ambassador for the IAAF World U20 championships and sprint legend Ato Boldon said that being the coach surpasses anything he felt in his competitive days. "It's the worst. I've been in four Olympic finals, I do live TV to a billion people for a living, and none of that stresses me. The minute Khalifa has to run, my stomach is upset, I can't sleep, I'm nervous, I'm anxious," he said as coach of Trinidad and Tobago's Khalifa St Fort, who is one of the leading contenders for the women's 100m.

BYDGOSZCZ (POL): "By hosting this year's edition, Bydgoszcz becomes the first city to twice host the World U20 Championships. With more than 1500 athletes entered, this is set to become the biggest ever athletics event in Poland," informed IAAF General Secretary Jean Gracia.

BYDGOSZCZ (POL): Reigning shot put World junior champion Konrad Bukowiecki is going to defend his title at World U20 Champs in Bydgoszcz "even more so this year because we are in my home country. The world record (for the 6kg shot, 23.00m by Jacko Gill) is in the back of my mind and of course I'd like to beat it but first and foremost the goal is to defend my title," said Bukowiecki at Monday's press-conference noting that he'll do discus more for fun but also aims to achieve the final.

BYDGOSZCZ (POL): Reigning world youth champion in both 100 and 200m sprints Candace Hill said it would be the honour for her to bring the 100m title back to the US. Hill, who became the professional athlete this year, noted that her participation in this year US Olympic Trials was an incredible experience.

BYDGOSZCZ (POL): 100 m European Junior Champion 2015 and 60m World indoor junior record holder Ewa Swoboda expressed the hope she'll manage to improve her time and get the podium at the home Junior Worlds.

BYDGOSZCZ (POL): Fresh African 400 m champion in senior category Baboloki Thebe said that he was forced to prepare for 400m instead of his favourite 200m because of last year injury. "I'll run the 200m again next year. This year it's only the 400m. I ran 45 in my first race, so I was very happy with that," said Botswana's teenager being one of the main medal contenders here.

LaVillenie_Renaud1-Pre16.JPGRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lavillenie 596 WL
SOTTEVILLE-LES-ROUEN (FRA, Jul 18): Renaud Lavillenie is back to winning. At the Meeting national (EA Classic) he cleared World leading 596 in the pole vault. After no-heighting in Amsterdam very special return. He cleared 570 in first, 584 in second and winning 596 in first attempt. Then he fouled three times at 601. Second his brother Valentin Lavillenie 560. Keston Bledman of Trinidad won the 100 m in 10.27 (-0.7) over Ramon Gittens of Barbados 10.29. US hurdles wins by Jarret Eaton 13.39 (-0.2) and Christina Manning 12.87 (-0.7) over Belarus Alina Talay 12.88. French Stella Akakpo topped women 100 m in 11.40 (-0.6) just 0.01 ahead of US Lekeisha Lawson 11.41. Canadian Champion Carline Muir clocked 51.70 to win the 400 m ahead of Bahrain´s hurdler Kemi Adekoya 51.80. Kenyan wins by Emily Jerotich in the 800 m 2:00.89 and Barnabas Kipyego steeple 8:15.62. Here second Tunisian record holder Amor Benyahia 8:20.72. Youness Essahli of Morocco won the 1500 m in 3:37.45. In throws Ukrainian Dmytro Kosynsky 81.73 beat Olympic winner Keshorn Walcott 79.62 and Sweden´s Tracey Andersson came close to her national hammer record with 70.74.

Rudisha_David1c-NycDL15.jpgDavid Rudisha, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rudisha 1:43.35 WL, Simbine 9.89 NR
SZEKESFEHERVAR (HUN, Jul 18): What a edition of 6th István Gyulai Memorial (EA Classic). Olympic winner David Rudisha won the 800 m in World leading 1:43.35 over country-mates Jonathan Kitlit 1:44.16 and former WL holder Nicholas Kipkoech 1:44.90. Another special mark in men 100 m was the new South African record by Akani Simbine 9.89 (+1.9) over Asafa Powell who with 9.92 clocked his 96th sub 10. Mike Rodgers third 10.12 and Kim Collins fourth 10.13. Simbine confirmed his special form with 200 m improvement later in the evening with 20.16 (+0.7) beating Isiah Young 20.24 and Greek Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas 20.34. Olympic winner Kirani James remains unbeaten this year with 44.60 win over Tony McQuay 45.08. Sensational improvement for Donald Thomas after 9 years with 237 clearance in high jump over Bohdan Bondarenko 235 and Majed Aldin Ghazal 231. Home wins for Balazs Baji hurdles 13.33 (+1.2) after World leader Omar McLeod again after Monaco crashed out and Zoltan Kovago 67.13 in discus over Daniel Stahl 66.92 PB. Another Hungarian joy as Anita Marton improved her national record in women shot put to 19.49. But it was enough only for fourth place. Valerie Adams 20.19 (her 2016 best) with Christina Schwanitz 20.14 and Michelle Carter 19.56 were the top three. In terms of doubling Blessing Okagbare won windy 100 m 10.92 (+2.6) but was only 5th in long jump 634 (+0.4) whereas Tianna Bartoletta ended 3rd in 100 m 11.02 but won long jump 680 (+0.3). Second places for Marie-Josee Talou in 100 m 10.95 and Shara Proctor in long jump 671 (0.0). World champion Pawel Fajdek scored another clear hammer win with 81.11. Olympic and World winner Veronica Campbell-Brown scored 22.52 (+1.0) 200 m win over US sprinters Shalonda Solomon 22.63 and Tiffany Townsend also 22.63. Rio bound Nia Ali topped hurdles 12.76 (+1.8), fresh from national record in Monaco Francine Niyonsaba clocked 1:59.84 to win the 800 m ahead of Molly Ludlow 1:59.99. Remaining winners at 400 m hurdles Japan´s Keisuke Nozawa 49.26 and Ukrainian Hanna Titimets 55.15 and Silas Kiplagat in the 1500 m 3:36.70.

David Hunter is the senior writer for RunBlogRun. During the Trials, David wrote a daily piece for all ten days of the Trials, as part of our coverage team. This is his thoughts on the highlight and lowlight of Day two, July 2, 2016. Video from the Shoe Addicts.

windle2.jpgDrew Windle, photo courtesy of Paul Merca/PaulMercablogspot

Drew Windle ran in his first Olympic Trials, in the 800 meters, and made it to the semi-finals of the 800 meters. With an amazing season, from NCAA Division 2 Champion to new Brooks Beasts member, to his first Olympic Trials, Cait Chock reminds us that young middle distance runners like Drew are the future of the sport. Expect to see Drew Windle in many championships in the future.

Filippidis_Konstantinos-Pre16.JPGKonstantinos Filippidis, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the tenth report of the Summer Outdoor season from our friend, Carles Baronet. This contains all the results fit to print, up to July 4, 2016. Carles Baronet compiles the results for cross country, indoor and outdoor athletics of European Athletics for RunBlogRun.

Christine Ohuruogu at Great Newham London Run Family Run.jpgChristine Ohuruogu waves 15,000 runners off at Great Newham London Run, photo courtesy of Great Run Company

RunBlogRun opines: The Great Run company is the finest and largest company in the UK managing and promoting large participation sporting events. They do runs, swims and bike rides. They have found a wonderful way to combine elite events and mass participation events. We could learn much from them. What follows is a release on their event, the Great Newham London Run.


Olympic Gold Medallist and former World Champion, Christine Ohuruogu MBE, started the Great Newham London Run 10km and Family Run 2km today (July 17) which saw 15,000 runners become some of the first to run on the new track in the former Olympic Stadium.

Christine, who was brought up less than a mile from the Stadium and is set to run for Great Britain at the Rio 2016 Games in a few weeks, was an Honorary Starter for this year's Run alongside the Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, and inspirational 8-year-old Rio Woolf. She was supporting the Great Run Company and Newham council's drive to get more people active and was proud to be involved with the event. She commented:

"It was fantastic to see all these people running in the Olympic Stadium at the Great Newham London Run. Olympic athletes are often focussed on our own form and fitness, but it really is inspiring to see all these local people enjoying their running. It's a fantastic event and I would love to see even more people taking part. It's a real legacy of London 2012 and demonstrates the commitment that my borough, Newham, has made to use the Olympics to get more people into sport and fitness."

More than 11,000 people took part in the 10km Great Newham London Run and 3,500 children and parents ran in the 2km Family Run, organised by the Great Run Company in partnership with Newham Council. To download images of today's event visit: https://we.tl/EpdSJt9t1x

Both runs looped around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park before giving runners the only opportunity to run into the Stadium and cross the finish line where Mo Farah and Jess Ennis-Hill won gold in 2012.
Among these runners were 1,500 Newham residents who were able to take advantage of the 1,000 free places in the 10K and 500 free places in the Family Run.

Rio Woolf had the opportunity to test his new running blade on the new track, taking part in the family run with his parents, before heading to the Rio 2016 Paralympics as a guest of the organisers. Rio was born with a deficiency in his lower right leg and underwent an amputation at 14 months of age. He has a new running blade which he was thrilled about using on the new super-fast track.

James Denne, 30, from Honiton in Devon was the first male finisher across the line in 32 minutes 44 seconds. He said: "The atmosphere at the Great Newham London Run was incredible. I was in the stadium to see David Rudisha win gold at the Olympics and to think that I have followed him onto this track is amazing. I was going to sprint the last 300 metres but decided to slow down and enjoy the moment. It's been a phenomenal day."

The first female runner across the line was Katie White, 35, representing Garscube Harriers, Glasgow, who finished in 36 minutes and 31 seconds.

Entries are already open for next year's Great Newham London Run on Sunday 2 July at www.greatrun.org/London where this year's results are also available.

Brendan Foster, Chairman of the Great Run Company which organises the Great Newham London Run, said: "While I love seeing the majestic performances of legends like Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill for me today is what running is all about. At the heart of our sport is thousands of people getting their trainers on and getting out there for the challenge and the fun of running. What better place than the former Olympic Stadium in Newham to celebrate the achievements of every single runner, from the thousands of kids and parents in the Family Run today through to Usain Bolt who will run on the track next weekend.

"As the only chance to run on the Stadium track, the Great Newham London Run is fast becoming a must-do event in the running calendar and we want to work with Newham Council to make it the biggest running event in the country."

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: "It was a fantastic sight to see so many Newham residents and others from across the country taking to the track at the former Olympic Stadium. These events are precisely why our investment in the Stadium to make it a multi-purpose venue benefitting our local community was the right thing to do. We are committed to ensuring a lasting legacy from the 2012 Games and this event, which is growing in popularity every year, is part of this ambition."


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a place unlike any other. Spread across 560 acres of beautiful parklands with historic waterways, famous sporting venues and vibrant arts and events programme. At the Park's centre sits the former Olympic Stadium, a world-class, multi-use venue that will play host to Premier League football, concerts and international athletics and, coming soon, The Slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. As the new heart of east London, the Park will provide future homes, jobs and an unrivalled education and cultural district housing Sadler's Wells, V&A East, UAL's London College of Fashion and UCL East.

The London Legacy Development Corporation promotes and delivers physical, social, economic and environmental regeneration in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the surrounding area by maximising the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For more information visit our website (QueenElizabethOlympicPark.co.uk), sign up to our e-newsletter (QueenElizabethOlympicPark.co.uk/subscribe), follow us on Twitter (@noordinarypark) and like us on Facebook (facebook.com/QueenElizabethOlympicPark)

HaywardFieldFE-USOlyTr16.jpGHayward Field, July 1-10, 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Olympic Trials is one of my favorite events every four years. I hold it in the same esteem that I have for the major champs, from Worlds, to Commonwealth Games, to European Games, and yes, of course, the Olympics. The battles, the shear focus, the years of hard work to get there put the best athletes on the line, and then, the teams are decided, mostly, by the first three finishers.

It is also an adult summer camp. From my friends in the Oregon dorms, and the chatting at the Wild Duck Cafe each day, to the time spent with Aggies at the stands near the 1,500m starting line, to the media seating under the tent, the Trials are full of memories.

I spent most of the Trials posting pieces and editing pieces for our team of writers. This is my time to catch up on observations I made on the Trials. Here are my first five lessons from the Olympic Trials.


Derek Drouin is one of the world's finest high jumpers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Drouin 238 over Barshim 234
EBERSTADT (GER, Jul 17): Final day of the 38th High Jump meet in Eberstadt saw as in last year win of Canadian Derek Drouin with his best of the year 238. He tied so his 2nd best mark ever and wants to repeat the last year situation. He won in Eberstadt and then also in Beijing. The same should apply now for Rio. Drouin cleared all heights including the winning one in first attempt in 9th jump of the day. Second Mutaz Essa Barshim tried all to win, after going over 234, tried once at 236, then 238 and also once at 240. Some 1500 spectators saw German Eike Onnen as third with 232, fourth Joel Castro from Puertorico and fifth Briton Robbie Grabarz both 227.

Kovac_JoeW1-USOlyTr16.jpGJoe Kovacs, photo by PhotoRun.net

PHILADELPHIA (USA): "A gold medal, nothing less," said reigning shot put World champion Joe Kovacs announcing his plan for Rio Olympics. "I probably am the favorite going into Rio, statistics-wise, and to hope for anything less is not the right mindset. There are so many good people in the U.S. men's shot put, year in and year out, that to make the team, you have to expect to come back with a medal," Joe added.

Child_Eilidh1b-Glascow14.jpgEilidh Child Doyle, 2014 Glasgow GP, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 400 meter hurdles in Monaco was a fine race. Winning that race, in a PB, her first at the distance in two years, is Eilidh Doyle, who is one of a handful of athletes who will be battling for not only the final, but a possible medal in Rio. Such is the quality of the 400 meter hurdles in 2016, that 54 seconds or below will required, I believe, to make the final in Rio in less than one month. Here is Alex Mill's piece on this remarkable athlete.

Yego_Julius-RomeDL15.jpgJulius Yego, World Champion, javelin, photo by PhotoRun.net

NAIROBI (KEN): Reigning javelin throw World champion Julius Yego is heading to Rio Games with the goal to add the coveted Olympics gold medal on his decorated mantelpiece despite of 84.68m SP that ranked him 17th in the world. "I know I gonna be well despite the pain!" wrote Yego at his Facebook page next to the picture of his injured ankle strapped in bandage.

Grice_Charlie-Pre16.jpgCharlie Grice, photo by PhotoRun.net

In May, we visited Nuremberg, Germany during our visit to the adidas Global Headquarters and the adidas BOOST Meeting. During the visit, we were introduced to The Vingtage Bar, a bar where craftsmanship is key, and all drinks are specially made. After a handful of visits, we discussed with Craig Vanderoef, adidas Global director of running apparel, the notion of craftsmanship in all endeavors. The shoe addicts filmed and developed this first in a series for RunBlogRun. We hope that you like this.

Ayana_AlmazFL-Doha16.JPgAlmaz Ayana after Doha 3000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ayana for double
ADDIS ABEBA (ETH): Almaz Ayana, who tops the world lists at both 5000m and 10,000m this season, is seeking to become the second woman in history after compatriot Tirunesh Dibaba to win Olympic gold in both distances at Rio Olympics. It became clear after Ethiopia named its powerful 33 athletes' team (13 men and 20 women) for coming Games. London Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba is listed as reserve in the 5000 m (competing will be Senbere Teferi and Ababel Yeshaneh) as she is going to perform in 10 000 m only (added by Gelete Burka). Genzebe Dibaba will narrow her focus and compete over 1500 m (with Dawit Seyaum and Besu Sado), the event at which she holds the world record. London Olympic silver medallists Dejen Gebremeskel (5000 m, with Muktar Edris and Hagos Gebrhiwot) and Sofia Assefa (steeplechase, with Hiwot Ayalew and Etenesh Diro) will try to improve their Olympics achievement over the same distances. Former world champion Mohammed Aman is the sole Ethiopian entrant in the men's 800m when women's squad in this event consists Habitam Alemu, Tigist Assefa, Gudaf Tsegay. The women's marathon trio is headed by world champion Mare Dibaba (with Tirfi Tsegaye and Tigist Tufa) when Tesfaye Abera is strongest marathoner from the men side (with Lemi Berhanu and Feyisa Lelisa). In men 1500 m Aman Wote, Mekonen Gebremedhin and Dawit Wolde. Men 10000 m trio is Yigrem Demelash, Tamirat Tola with Abadi Embaye and men steeple Tafese Seboka, Chala Bayo with Hailemariam Amare. Also two female walkers for 20 km in the team, Yehualye Belete with Askale Tiksa.

Tamberi " Goodbye My Rio!"


Tamberi_GianmarcoSelf-Euro16.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tamberi nightmare
PAVIA (ITA): "Wake me up from this nightmare... Give me back my dream please...All these years just for that competition, all these sacrifices just for that day... I'll come back stronger than before, but now I can really only cry! Goodbye my Rio!" posted Gianmarco Tamberi on his instagram. That means that Italian athletics team lost its main medal contender at Rio Olympics. Reigning World indoor and European champion Gianmarco Tamberi got an injury during his second attempt over 241 at Diamond League Herculis meeting in Monaco Friday night already after his victory there with new NR of 239. Saturdays' tomography examination by professor Francesco Benazzo in Pavia's San Matteo hospital diagnosed 50% lesion of the left ankle's (take-off foot) deltoid ligament. The surgery is planned for Monday.

Gatlin_Justin200-OlyTr16.JPG200 meters, US Olympic Trials, final, photo by PhotoRun.net

ORLANDO (USA): US sprinter Justin Gatlin confessed that his son's words 'You better win, Daddy!' would be the best inspiration for him in fight for Rio gold medal. "It makes me nervous. If my son says that, I'm trying to move mountains for him, so I've got to go out there with the intent to really try to do it," Gatlin told USMagazine.

RunBlogRun opines: Now that's pressure! We now understand what motivates Justin Gatlin.

Finley_Mason-OlyTr16.JPGMason Finley, photo by PhotoRun.net

KANSAS (USA): Mason Finley, who improved his PB to 66.72m to win US Trials and reached Olympic team, dreams of winning a gold medal in Rio being ranked only 13th in the world. "It's basically a mental game now. I've never been in an arena this big. Luckily, I have a coach who has. I definitely have that going for me, and I'm excited to see what I can do," said Finley coaching by Kansas University coach Andy Kokhanovsky, who competed in the 1996 Olympics for Ukraine.

Semenya_Caster1-Rome16.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya 1:55.33, Tamberi 239
MONACO (MON, Jul 15): The Monegasque Athletics Federation, after concerting with its President, H.S.H. Prince Albert II, has taken the decision to uphold the Herculis meeting. This evening's programme was kept strictly to the sporting events with no festivities. A tribute was done to all the innocent victims of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The top result of the meet was the World lead, Diamond League record, meet record and national record 1:55.33 by Caster Semenya. Also 7 European leads 2016 have been set. Gianmarco Tamberi was the emotional hero of the evening.

Event by event


200 m: Edward ruled in 20.10 (+0.1). Lemaitre improved his 2016 best to 20.24 over potential Eurochamp Martina 20.29. Costarican record for Brenes 20.33 in 4th.

400 m: On his 24th birthday World champ van Niekerk was the man to beat in easy looking 44.12. Interesting PB´s for Caribbeans Cedenio 44.34 and Taplin 44.38.

800 m (non-DL): In close finish young Alfred Kipketer in 1:44.47 beat Poland stars Kszczot 1:44.49 EL and Lewandowski 1:44.59.

1500 m: This was not Kiprop´s race (6th 3:32.03) nor Farah´s (5th in 3:31.74 EL). Kwemoi over Manangoi (3:30.49 and 3:31.19) was the Kenyan solution of the day. Revenge for Holusa 3:33.36 NR over Amsterdam medalists.

SC: Conseslus had no problems 8:08.11 despite Kipsiele who ran his fastest of 2016 8:08.32.

110mH: First loss of the season for McLeod who crashed after last hurdle, winning Ortega 13.04 (0.0) NR and EL over Bascou 13.12 PB and Martinot-Lagarde 13.17 SB.

HJ: What an emotional evening for Tamberi. First he cleared in 3rd attempt 239 new NR and EL and then unfortunately injured in second attempt at 241. Bondarenko was with him after clearing 237. WL holder Barshim tied for 4th (231).

LJ: Jamaican champ Forbes with 823 (+1.5) over Lapierre 821 (+1.3).

DT: No problem for Malachowski 65.57, some 2.70 m over the rest of the field.


100 m: Solo for Amsterdam heroine Schippers 10.94 (-0.5). VCB second 11.12, Bartoletta despite sub 10.8 at US Trials was not a factor (5th 11.21).

800 m: The race of the day. Semenya has the real potential to come close to Kratochvilova´s all-time mark. Here her best ever 1:55.33 with Niyonsaba 1:56.24 record for Burundi and initially third for Wambui 1:56.64 PB but she was later dq for lane infringement. Also Sum 1:57.47 SB, Ludlow 1:57.68 PB and Sharp 1:57.75 EL.

3000 m: Obiri topped Kenyan situation in excellent 8:24.27 over Cherono 8:27.25 and Kisa 8:28.33 PB. Fourth Grovdal 8:39.47 EL.

400mH: Doyle dominated in PB and EL 54.09. Second Tate 54.63 and third Eurowinner Petersen 54.81. Last Rio bound Spencer 56.46.

PV: Stefanidi shows she can think about 5 m. Here she won with 481 (and tried at 493) over Silva 471.

TJ: Ibarguen back to winning ways, 14.96 in last attempt.

SP: Adams got her best of 2016 20.05 and beat Eurowinner Schwanitz 19.81. US trials winner Carter third 19.58.

JT: Belarus Khaladovich scored another top win after Amsterdam with 65.62 over Mitchell 63.80 and Spotakova 63.34.

The Olympic Trials were televised on several platforms from July 1-10. I was able to watch the Trials most nights, after being at the Trials, in local restaurants or Wild Duck Cafe, the official meeting place for coaches, track nerds, athletes in Eugene.

We asked Jeff Benjamin to review a few of the nights of the TV broadcast, to give you, our readers, a little bit of analysis on the sport we love.

Coburn_EmmaQ1a-USOlyTr16.jpGEmma Coburn, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tamberi_GianmarcoHalf-Rome16.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by PhotoRun.net

A day after the horrific attacks in Nice, France, the Herculis Monaco meeting went on to a crowd that was enthusiastic but obviously affected the past 24 hours. With fine performances in many events, the men's high jump with Gianmarco Tiamberi and the deepest 800 meters in history, lead by Caster Semenya.

Here are the complete results.

This is a recent Conversation with Larry. In this edition, I speak on the kick of Bernard Lagat, who won the 5000 meters in fantastic fashion on Day Nine. What a last lap, what a race, and what a lap Bernard Lagat gave to us, with 52.82.

Merritt_LaShawn200SF1-OlyTr16.JPGLaShawn Merritt, photo by PhotoRun.net

PORTSMOUTH (USA): 400m Beijing Olympic champion LaShawn Merritt, who reached US Olympic team at both 400 and 200m, told reporters about his priority in Rio. "The main focus is the 400, that is the event I really want to win. As for the 200, right now I have the fastest time in the world, I enjoy the event, over these next couple of weeks I'll kind of learn how to run the event a little better. And as for the 4×400 relay, everybody loves that event. That closes the show," Merritt said.

While I am not in Monaco this year, the Herculis meeting is one of the finest meets on the circuit. I spent the last several summers going to the meet. After some introspection, here are my six reasons why the Monaco DL Herculis meeting is so fantastic.

Kipruto_ConseslusFH-Monaco12.jpgThe close finish on the steeplechase, Monaco DL (2012), photo by PhotoRun.net

OConnor-GarciaQW-OlyTr16.JPGSteeplechase in Tracktown, photo by PhotoRun.net

Updated on July 14, 2016

Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher made a movie called Tracktown. We had been hearing about the movie for some time. We asked Lindsay Rossmiller to view it and review it. Here is her review:

Emma Coburn ran a stellar race in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. Her race showed, once again, how amazing an athlete she is, and how she is focused on the steeplechase at the Rio Olympics. In this episode of Conversations with Larry, I speak about why Emma Coburn is our finest steeplechaser, as well as the American record holder.
Cregg Weinmann is the Review editor for the Running Network for footwear and apparel. This is his comments on the new HOKA ONE ONE tracks spike that was featured at the Olympic Trials. We are asking Cregg to provide to you, his thoughts and comments on the new equipment. This interview was filmed at the University of Oregon by The Shoe Addicts.

Kiprop_Asbel1-Pre16.JPGAsbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

Farah_MoH-PreC16.jpgMo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kiprop vs Farah
MONACO (MON): IAAF Diamond League continues after break on Friday with Herculis meeting of Monaco, the one which scored last year the highest ever by all-athletics.com. This year with Olympic Games coming it was not easy for the organisers to put the fields together. But as usual all middle distance races are promising something special. In that region also Omar McLeod over the hurdles and superb men high jump field.

Event by event


200m - Nobody in the field has broken 20 seconds this year. Fastest this year: Alonso Edward (20.06), Churandy Martina (20.11) and Shota Iizuka (20.11).
400m - Will Wayde van Niekerk break the 44-second mark for the first time this season?
800m (non-DL) - Kenya should dominate courtesy of sub-1:44 competitors Jonathan Kitlit, Nicholas Kipkoech and Alfred Kipketer but Poles Adam Kszczot and Marcin Lewandowski arrive fresh from a one-two in Amsterdam.
1500m - Asbel Kiprop has set the four fastest times of his career in Monaco: 3:26.69, 3:27.72, 3:28.45 and 3:28.88. Expect another fast race: pacemakers have been asked to reach 800m in 1:50 and the 1km mark in 2:17. Special guest Mo Farah.
3000m steeplechase - Can Conseslus Kipruto approach the world record? Pacemakers have been asked to reach 1km in 2:37 and 2km in 5:16.
110m hurdles - Omar McLeod is unbeaten this year. Top rival will be Orlando Ortega with the Americans missing.
Long jump - Rushwal Samaai will compete for the first time since winning the African title with a wind-aided 8.40m. His best wind-legal mark of 8.38m is still the best in the field.
High jump - All of the top names are here: Mutaz Barshim, Gianmarco Tamberi, Bohdan Bondarenko and Derek Drouin. And special guest Ghazal from Syria.
Discus - Polish duo of Piotr Malachowski and Robert Urbanek, can Gerd Kanter challenge them?


100m - Should be Tianna Bartoletta vs. Dafne Schippers. Schippers leads the head-to-head 5-0 but Bartoletta ran 10.78 at the US Olympic Trials.
800m - Will Margaret Wambui or Francine Niyonsaba get closer to Caster Semenya after her exploits at the African Champs? Expect her world-lead of 1:56.64 to be challenged with the pacemaker asked to cover the first lap in 55.
3000m - Kenyan trio of Hellen Obiri, Mercy Cherono and Janet Kisa should dominate with the top Ethiopians absent.
400m hurdles - Ashley Spencer was the best of the Americans after finishing second at the US Olympic Trials. How will Cassandra Tate and Shamier Little bounce back? European champion Sara Petersen also competes.
Triple jump - Will Caterine Ibarguen regain her winning form after a surprise defeat in Birmingham to Olga Rypakova?
Pole vault - Excellent field assembled including world champion Yarisley Silva, European champion Ekaterini Stefanidi and in-form Fabiana Murer who has cleared a 4.87 AR this year.
Javelin - Fine field here including Olympic champion Barbora Spotakova, world champion Katharina Molitor, European champion Tatiana Khaladovich and DL race leader Madara Palameika.
Shot put - Christina Schwanitz is back in top form with a 20.17m mark at the European Champs. Will Valerie Adams and Michelle Carter regain their 20m-plus form with Rio approaching?

One of the most exciting races of the week was the men's 200 meters. I expected LaShawn Merritt to use that next gear in the final stages, but, alas, LaShawn showed he was human. Justin Gatlin continued to excel and won the 200 meters. What a wonderful race, and moment in our sport. This was my focus in the Conversations with Larry.
Shelby Houlihan ran the race of her life in the 5,000 meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials, finishing second in 15:06.14. She is off to Rio. The 5000 meters was another example of the high level of competitiveness of American women in distance running. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Here is what Justin Lagat wrote for RunBlogRun about the Monaco DL, which happens in about sixteen hours!

Kipruto_Conseslus-Doha16.JPgConsesius Kipruto, can he break 8 minutes? photo by PhotoRun.net

This is from the archives.

I wrote this article three days after I started writing RunBlogRun in 2007, boy, was I wrong! Michael Johnson's 43.18, one of the most beautiful and iconic races that I have ever seen, is still there.

Wariner_JeremyR-Osaka07.jpgJeremy Wariner wins in Osaka, August 2007, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jeremy Wariner was in a great place in his long career in 2007, and his win in Osaka was quite impressive, but he did not break MJ's World Record. Now, I see how unfair it is to always challenge athletes to break World Records. While it is easy to say "Records are made to be broken", the important part of our sport is the racing. The battles between Jeremy Wariner and LaShawn Merritt were amazing and had many fans, like me, excited for each time that they raced!

Wariner_Jeremy-nycDL13.jpgJeremy Wariner, adidas NYC, June 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jeremy Wariner has gone out like a champion. He has more than likely raced one of his last races. We wish him the very best and thank him for a decade plus of amazing racing. Enjoy the time capsule into 2007.

We asked David Hunter to give us high highlights and lowlights of the days of the Olympic Trials. This is his response to Day 3. David Hunter is the senior writer for RunBlogRun, and wrote a daily column for us. This video was produced by the Shoe Addicts.

Semenya_Caster-Rome16.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya vs other African rivals
MONACO (MON): Jean-Pierre Schoebel, Director of the Athletics Meeting, revealed the list of athletes coming to the 2016 edition of Herculis. The competition is bound to be captivating only 3 weeks from the opening of the Rio Olympic Games. During the day of the meeting, the traditional 1000m races will occur with 42 races scheduled for runners with and without an athletics license. Also the Herculis Perche Tour is taking place. It will begin on Villefranche-sur-Mer's beach on July 12th, will pass by the Port Hercule in Monaco on July 13th and will end on the Sablettes beach in Menton on July 14th. Conseslus Kipruto headlines men steeple field, Caster Semenya will be checked in the women 800 m by strong Kenyan Margaret Wambui and Burundi´s Francine Nyionsaba. Hellen Obiri and Mercy Cherono will clash in women 3000 m and in non-DL 800 m World leader Nicholas Kipkoech will face a strong field headed by fresh European Champion Adam Kszczot.

Shannon Rowbury had developed her craft to high art. Her last straightaway is all about staying out of trouble and moving swiftly and without contention down the final meters, surprising a few of her competitors. Shannon's racing tactics are the kind that will help her gain a medal in international races. The American record holder was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Kerron Clement is a three time World Champion, and an Olympic silver medalist. The guy is, in my opinion, the most talented 400 meter hurdler in a generation. He just needs to figure out how to get over the ninth and tenth hurdles. Sometime, when he does, the world record goes bye-bye. This interview with the US champ was done by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Diniz_YohannFV1-Euros14.jpgYohan Diniz, photo by PhotoRun.net

PARIS (FRA): Walking 50 km three-time European champion and world record holder Yohann Diniz finally made the decision to perform in 50 km race only during Rio Games. "I have been preparing for both distances but intensity of my trainings pushed me to revise my plans. I prefer to put my whole self in the longer one and to use all my chances in Rio at this distance," said 38-year-old athletes to FFA.

There was no doubt in my mind that Brenda Martinez was going to make the 800 meters and 1,500 meters. The 800 meters hurt Brenda Martinez more than just about anyone else in the race. She handled it with the class of athlete that she is. She did not complain, she was composed and honest. When she came screaming down the final stretch in the 1,500 meters, the fans in Hayward were screaming for her as she and Amanda Eccleston battled down the stretch. Brenda made the team by .03! I always am tormented by those battles. It is, however, the world we live in. Amanda Eccleston ran an amazing race (and will make teams in the future). Brenda Martinez will not double in Rio, but she will be racing the 1,500 meters with her teammate, Jenny Simpson. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.
Galen Rupp had a busy Olympic Trials. First, he won the 10,000 meters, in an early evening run that turned Hayward into a furnace from hell. Then, he ran the 5000 meter semi finals, and moved to the 5000 meter final. This was sixteen weeks weeks after the Olympic Trials Marathon. What will Galen run in Rio? That's up to his coach, Alberto Salazar and Galen. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Ashley Spencer finished second in the 400 meter hurdles in 54.02, her personal best (the previous had been 54.51, set June 4, 2016). The 400 meter hurdles was one of the finest events of the Olympic Trials. All three of the top three ran personal bests in the 400 meter hurdles. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Monaco Diaries: Herculis News


Kiprop_AsbelFV-PreC16.jpGAsbel Kiprop loves Monaco, photo by PhotoRun.net


MONACO (MON): Diamond League meet Herculis supports COCO in order to help provide good quality education to children in developing countries. COCO is a charity working in remote regions of the developing world with local communities to promote children's education by combatting poverty and other factors which can impede education. The Herculis prize raised 4200 euro went towards one of COCO's Schools for Life project, a secondary school called Kindimba in rural Southern Tanzania.

MONACO (MON): World champion Caterine Ibarguen will be the top favorite of women triple at Herculis meet on Friday. She will face improved Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela, Olympic winner Olga Rypakova, Jamaican Kimberly Williams and top Europeans headed by European champion Patricia Mamona and European list leader Paraskevi Papahristou. In women javelin Czech Barbora Spotakova will have a chance for revenge after Amsterdam against gold medalist Tatsiana Khaladovich. Overseas opposition will be Australian Kathryn Mitchell and South African Sunette Viljoen.

Aries Merritt won the 2012 Olympic Games. Right after the Olympic Games, Aries set the World Record over the 110 meter hurdles. In 2013-2014, Aries fought injuries and also found out he was battling a rare genetic condition that would require a kidney transplant. Less than five days after winning the bronze medal in the Beijing 2015 Games, Aries underwent the first of two surgeries. The transplant went well, but a second surgery was needed when the kidneys needed to be placed properly. This interview was done after the 110 meter hurdle final, where Aries Merritt took fourth, missing the Olympic team by an hundreths of a second. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Lagat_Bernard5kR1d-OlyTr16.JPGBernard Lagat and Hassan Mead, photo by PhotoRun.net

TUCSON (USA): 41-year-old Bernard Lagat will make history next month in Rio as the oldest American ever to run at an Olympic Games but he confessed that never felt old. "I train with young guys. They push me every single day and at the end of the day, they tell me, 'Man you make us really feel bad,' because I don't give up. If you believe that you're old, you're going to run like an old man," Lagat said.

Allyson Felix surprised many with her 400 meter win at the Trials. She did quite well in the two rounds of the 200 meters and battled until the very end in the 200 meters. In 2016, Allyson Felix had injuries to overcome. Here is her interview, filmed by Tim Jeffreys, for the Shoe Addicts.

Huddle_Molly5k1-OlyTr16.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by PhotoRun.net

ELMIRA (USA): As expected, Molly Huddle decided to relinquish her Olympics spot in the women's 5,000 meters after winning the event Sunday night at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Huddle will focus her attention in Rio de Janeiro on the 10,000 meters. She won that event at the U.S. Trials on July 2 on her way to becoming the first woman to win U.S. championships in both the 5K and 10K in the same year. Last year US runner finished fourth at Beijing Worlds over 10000m.

RunBlogRun opines: Of course, Molly Huddle is not running the 5000 meters. If she did, that would give her two less 20 milers in her build up to her marathond debut. Molly Huddle will do her thing over 10,000m, hopefully garnering a medal, and then, it is off to the Big Apple in November.

McLaughlin_SydneyFL-OlyTr16.JPG.JPGSydney McLaughlin, 400m WJR, cheeseburger lover, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the tenth story from Lindsay Rossmiller on the Olympic Trials. Each day of the Trials, Lindsay picked an athlete that interested her, and write for us at RunBlogRun. This is a fun way to end the Trials, with Lindsay's piece on the new World Junior Record.

Jenny Simpson won the 1,500 meters in her own hard charging style! This is the interview of her, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Huddle_Molly5kLedsH-OlyTr16.JPGMolly Huddle completes her 5k/10k double, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bowie_Tori200a-OlyTr16.JPGTori Bowie wins the 200 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

CentrowitzLedsAndrews-OlyTr16.JPGCentrowitz leads Andrews in 1,500 meters photo by PhotoRun.net

Suhr_Jenn1a-OlyTr16.JPGJenn Suhr, ten time pole vault champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

The final day of the 2016 Olympic Trials lived up to all of the hype, from the pole vault to the 400 meter hurdles, to the 1,500 meters ! Here is how Kyle O'Connor saw it!

Jenna Prandini, with a final leap, made a lunge at the tape and made the Olympic team. Prandini was third and Allyson Felix was relegated to fourth. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.
Justin Gatlin won the 100 meters and 200 meters at the 2016 Olympic Trials. The 200 meters was all the more sweeter as he battled LaShawn Merritt. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Muhammad_Dalilah-OlyTr16.JPGDalilah Mohammed, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the tenth article from Mark Winitz on the athletic performances of the athletes from California. This is Mark's articles on day Ten!

Huddle-Conley-Infeld-HoulihanH-OlyTr16.JPGMolly Huddle, Kim Conley, Emily Infeld, Shelby Houlihan, photo by PhotoRun.net

The women's distance races in Eugene were fantastic. The level of American middle and long distance runners has never been higher. In his final piece for the Olympic Trials, David Hunter wrote this piece about the 5000 meter women's final.

Linden_DesiFL-UsaOlyTr16.jpgDesi Linden, photo by PhotoRun.net

Updated July 12, 2016 by Larry Eder

This was a piece that we did after the Olympic Trials. Now, five weeks out, the story has even more relevance. Desi Linden, if you follow her tweets, is training well and taking names. The Olympic Marathon in Rio is a race of redemption of some sorts for Desi, as in the London Olympic Marathon, she had to drop out with an injury.

What I know of Desi is this. She is an athlete who focuses on the "unsexy" things: the daily runs, the tempo runs, the long runs. One day at a time. A successful marathon is like that. The mellow demeanor post or pre race is how she is off the roads. On the roads, Desi Linden is relentless. Just rewatch the 2011 Boston Marathon.

Her comeback from injuries was pretty amazing. Most athletes screw it up. One realizes that there was something missing as one rebuilds, but one can not put a word to it. Desi did not have to put a name on it, she just built up, and from her support group, Brooks Hansons DP, her husband, her manager, Desi found the extra encouragement she needed to make a more than complete comeback.

The Trials was a tough race, and a race that may not have gone as Desi wanted or expected, but her drive over the second half shows that Desi Linden has what it takes to do well in Rio.

We wish her much success!

We asked Cait Chock to catch up with Desi Linden, after the Olympic Marathon Trials, and write about Desi's thoughts during and after the marathon.

This was done after Desi's trip to Bali for a vacation, which is a good thing after the heat and pressure she endured during the Los Angeles Trials.

Cregg Weinmann is the Footwear and Apparel Review Editor for the Running Network. We asked Cregg to speak about the new Nike Zoome Victory 3. This was filmed by the Shoe Addicts.
We asked the Footwear and Apparel review editor of the RunningNetwork to give us his thoughts on the Nike's Superfly Elite, one of Nike's finest track spikes. This is the beginning of a series on the top performance running shoes. We hope you like it. The video was filmed and produced by the Shoe Addicts.
So, we sat David Hunter in a dorm room, put a camera on him, and quizzed him with brutal questions. The questions were like: Highlights and Low Lights of each day of the Trials. We did this for each and every day! Here is Day 1!

Frerich_Courtney1-USOlyTr16.jpGCourtney Frerichs, photo by PhotoRun.net

The steeplechase is an event fraught with challenges. It is also one of the most iconic and historic of athletic events. The later one gets in the race, the larger the barriers seem to be! Courtney Frerichs had an amazing race on Day 7 of the Trials. This is how Lindsay Rossmiller wrote about Frerich's race and her excitement over her amazing 2016 season!

Fajdek_PawelWide1a-Worlds15.jpgPawel Fadjek, photo by PhotoRun.net


"We have given a voice to clean athletes on how they want our sport to be in the future with them wearing "I Run Clean, I Jump Clean, I Throw Clean" bibs. They have shown their commitment to a drug-free sport by carrying this message. These Championships have been the moment for the athletes to make this statement," EA President after the championships.

Netherlands improving their national record in women 4x100 m and winning in 42.04. Only Germany, Russia, France have been better, Bulgaria has the same time in the history.
Pawel Fajdek with three 80 + throws and all six valid throws would be the champion.

Patricia Mamona winning the triple jump.

Angelika Cichocka beating Sifan Hassan in women 1500 m. Super close 5000 m men finish.

Schwanitz shot put (also 2nd best in the World 2016), Copello 400 m hurdles (also NR), Grenot 400 m, Roleder 100 mHurdles. From first day Can 10 000 m. On Friday no European lead 2016. On Saturday in relays Great Britain 3:26.42, 3:01.63 and 38.12 and also Max Hess 17.20 in triple jump. Added on last day in both 4x400 m relays by Great Britain women and Belgium men. Also British women team is the only World lead of the event. Also David Storl 21.31 in shot put and Gesa-Felicitas Krause in women steeple 9:18.85.

MEDALS (32 countries)
POL 6-5-1, GER 5-4-7, GBR 5-3-8, TUR 4-5-3, ESP 3-4-1, NED 4-1-2.

POINTS (38 countries)
GBR 172, GER 163, POL 149, FRA 105, TUR 104, NED 101.

AGENT RANKINGS (by individual gold medals)
Czeslaw Zapala 5, Valentina Fedyushina and Daniel Wessfeldt 4, Carinne Knapp-Messerschmidt and Caroline Feith 3, Robert Wagner 2, Julia Garcia, Steffen Keil, Aivar Karotamm, Ricky Simms, Helena van der Plaetsen, Rene Auguin, Alberto Armas, Marcello Magnani, Janusz Szydlowski, Jesus Olivan, Olga Nazarova, Karen Locke, Pavel Voronkov, Vera Michallek, Flavio Calligaris, Marco Tamberi, Marc Corstjens, Kerstin Pohlers, Miguel Mostaza 1.

Stefanidi PV, Abraham HM, Moreira HM. Also European U23 record by Yasemin Can in women 10 000 m.


AMSTERDAM (NED): Closest finish ever in men 5000 m in Amsterdam. Here are the differences. Ilias Fifa was 3 thousands over Mechaal and 6 thousands over Ringer. The times Fifa 13:40.844, Mechaal 13:40.847 and Ringer 13:30.850. Also Henrik Ingebrigtsen was close with 13:40.857.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Top splits in the 4x400 m finals in men race Pavel Maslak 44.4 ahead of Kevin Borlee 44.46 and Rafal Omelko 44.51. In women Libania Grenot 49.73 ahead of Olha Zemlyak 49.81 and Floria Guei 49.92.

AMSTERDAM (NED): The best European champs for Switzerland with 5 medals and 13 top 8 positions and still one of top medal hopes Nicole Buchler was not competing. Former top achievements were 3 medals in 1969 and 9 top 8 positions back in 1938.

AMSTERDAM (NED): "The Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships - my first as European Athletics President -- have been a great success. We have created many new European champions and stars for the future over the past few days, seen great performances, incredible emotions, wonderful stories. It has been fantastic to watch the Dutch athletes do so well, creating an unforgettable 'Oranje' atmosphere at the historic Olympic Stadium here in Amsterdam. Indeed, the fans have been an integral part of the success of these Championships, with around 125,000 tickets sold meaning a packed stadium almost every night. We have seen Athletics like Never Before, and I have very much enjoyed competitions in the Museum Square and the Half Marathon with the start and finish in the city. We have also integrated IPC events and a mass participation race within the framework of the Championships for the first time, and they have been welcome additions.I have really enjoyed as well the innovative Victory Ceremonies just outside of the stadium," said EA President Svein Arne Hansen in his statement after the event.

AMSTERDAM (NED): EA President Svein Arne Hansen also informd about anti-doping activities: "Our anti-doping experts have been working tirelessly during these Championships, with an extensive testing programme in collaboration with the IAAF. Over 100 blood samples and around 200 urine samples have been collected. The testing plan has involved target testing for specific analysis as well as random testing for track, field and road events. I want to once again thank the media for their efforts in exposing doping problems. We must not relent in our combined efforts."

AMSTERDAM (NED): Poland for first time topped the medals standings at Euro Champs.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Top individual with two gold medals was Dafne Schippers.

Klishina_Darya1-Doha15.jpgDarya Klishina, photo by PhotoRun.net

Klishina cleared
MONACO (MON): European long jump champion Darya Klishina is cleared. The IAAF Doping Review Board has agreed that she meets the exceptional eligibility criteria to compete in International Competition as a neutral athlete under Competition Rule 22.1A. She is now eligible to compete in International Competitions as an independent neutral athlete. Darya Klishina's participation as a neutral athlete in International Competition is still subject to acceptance by the organiser of the competition in question, in accordance with the rules of that competition. The Doping Review Board received a total of 136 applications from Russian athletes seeking exceptional eligibility to compete in an individual capacity under a separate provision in Competition Rule 22.1A(b), namely on the basis that they are not tainted by RUSAF's failure to put in place adequate anti-doping systems because they have been subject to other, fully adequate systems outside of the country for a sufficiently long period to provide a substantial assurance of integrity. Most of these applications have now been reviewed by the Doping Review Board with the exception of the applications for the European Youth Championships in Tbilisi which were withdrawn so not reviewed.

Klishina thanks
MOSCOW (RUS): Two-time European indoor champion Darya Klishina said thanks to the IAAF for its decision that allows her to perform at international competitions and at the Rio Olympics as neutral athlete. "My special thanks goes to my outstanding coach and great person Loren Seagrave without whom my career simply would not be possible. Also, I appreciate every effort of IMG Academy and its staff to create the best possible, safe and clean environment for me," Klishina posted at her Facebook page.

Allen_DevonFL1-OlyTr16.JPGDevon Allen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Devon Allen finished his 110 meter final with a roar from Duck fans, as he took the 110 meter hurdles in 13.03! That was just one of the highlights of Day Nine in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

Schippers_DafneFL-EuroInd15.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net


"I can't believe it. Two years ago I didn't make it to the final but now I have won gold. They could have tried anything today but I would have won anyway. It was all so very easy," Filip Ingebrigtsen after 51.5 final lap.

Ekaterini Stefanidi clearing nicely championships record 481 taking the mark from Yelena Isinbayeva, 480 in 2006.

Ingebrigtsen´s getting two medals (young Jakob is European U15 best holder in 1500 m 3:42.44 and will compete at World U20 Champs) and the winner was Filip not Henrik. Another surprise was Nataliya Prishchepa winning the 800 m.

Malachowski, Bascou, Stefanidi, Can fulfilled the expectations in their events. Barbora Spotakova not winning the javelin, even not getting a medal. Polat Kemboi Arikan the 10 000 m winner did not finish the HM.

Schwanitz shot put (also 2nd best in the World 2016), Copello 400 m hurdles (also NR), Grenot 400 m, Roleder 100 mHurdles. From first day Can 10 000 m. On Friday no European lead 2016. On Saturday in relays Great Britain 3:26.42, 3:01.63 and 38.12 and also Max Hess 17.20 in triple jump.

MEDALS (28 countries)
TUR 4-5-2, GER 3-4-3, GBR 3-1-5, POL 3-1-0, NED 3-0-2, FRA 2-3-3

POINTS (33 countries)
GBR 122, GER 108, FRA 78, TUR 76, NED 68, POL 63

AGENT RANKINGS (by individual gold medals)
Valentina Fedyushina 4, Carinne Knapp-Messerschmidt and Caroline Feith 3, Daniel Wessfeldt and Czeslaw Zapala 2, Julia Garcia, Steffen Keil, Robert Wagner, Aivar Karotamm, Ricky Simms, Helena van der Plaetsen, Rene Auguin, Alberto Armas, Marcello Magnani, Janusz Szydlowski, Jesus Olivan, Olga Nazarova, Karen Locke, Pavel Voronkov, Vera Michallek 1. Agent of Tadesse Abraham not known. No agent for Filip Ingebrigtsen.

Stefanidi PV, Abraham HM, Moreira HM.

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

HM: Base meet records in HM by Abraham and Moreira.
Hep: Djimou won third medal (2gold,silver) in @Euro_Champs Heptathlon.
PV: Stefanidi won first gold for GRE in @Euro_Champs WPV.
TJ: 17.20 is the shortest winning distance at @Euro_Champs TJ since 1978
DT: Milanov won first medal for BEL at @Euro_Champs DT. Kanter won 4th medal at @Euro_Champs DT; he bacame 2nd DT (after Milde) to win four @Euro_Champs medal. Malachowski won second gold at @Euro_Champs SP; he won in 2010; he became third (after Consolini and R Harting) to do so.
1500m: NOR became 4th nation (SWE, FRG, GBR (twice), ESP(thrice)) to win multiple medals at @Euro_Champs 1500m. 3:46.65 is the slowest winning (Auto) time for @Euro_Champs 1500m.
800m: Pryshchupa became second @Euro_Champs 800m champ who previously won Euro Junior (in her case 1500m at junior).
110mH:13.25 by Bascou is the fastest 110mH in Amsterdam.
5000m: Yasemin Can became only the second woman (after Great Sonia O'Sullivan) to win both 5000m and 10000m in @Euro_Champs. First British women 5000 m medal at Eurochamps by Twell.
JT: First medals for BLR and CRO at @Euro_Champs in WJT.
4x100m: 38.12 by GBR is the fastest qualifying time in @Euro_Champs at 4x100mR.
4x400m: 3:04.65 by Turkey is the fastest time that failed to qualify for the final of 4x400mR in the @Euro_Champs.


AMSTERDAM (NED): Debut of Half Marathon at Eurochamps in Amsterdam streets in nice weather was supported greatly by fans. In men race Swiss Tadesse Abraham clocked 1:02:03 to beat Turkey´s fast marathoner Kaan Kigen Ozbilen 1:02:27. Bronze for Italian Marathon Eurowinner Daniele Meucci 1:02:38. Sara Moreira decided in last stages in nice solo for the gold for Portugal in 1:10.19. Second Italian Veronica Inglese 1:10:35 and Portugal success supported by bronze of Jessica Augusto 1:10:55. in team standings Portugal ahead of Italy and Turkey, in men ranking Switzerland ahead of Spain and Italy.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Who will be third French olympian at 110 m hurdles is the question after final in Amsterdam. Wilhelm Belocian and Dimitri Bascou are clear. Aurel Manga finished 6th and that makes better position to Diamond League winner Pascal Martinot-Lagarde to be named as third.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Best splits in 4x400 m semifinals were achieved by Pavel Maslak 44.1 and Lisanne de Witte 50.8.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Sprint queen Dafne Schippers was saved by Dutch team in the 4x100 m for the finals only, fortunately the girls without her maneged to qualify. Nadine Broersen was adviced by doctor because of her illnes to withdraw from the final 800 m in the heptathlon. British hurdler Andy Pozzi was not running the final because of calf cramp.

Here is Mark Winitz's ninth column on the performances of the California athletes at the US Olympic Trials.

Claye_WillTJ-OlyTr16.JPGWill Claye, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lagat_Bernard5kKids-OlyTr16.JPGBernard Lagat and his kids, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bernard Lagat ran his race, as did most of the field in the 5000 meters, and his splendid last lap finished off the field! In this feature, David Hunter speaks on how Father Time is a bit curious about our running friend, Bernard Lagat, who can run 52 second laps at the age of 41!


Maggie Malone, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Lindsay Rossmiller's ninth story for RunBlogRun this Olympic Trials. We trusted her judgement and she provided a wonderful series of personal views.

Lagat-Mead-ChelimoH1e-OlyTr16.JPGBernard Lagat, Paul Chelimo and Hassan Mead, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mark Cullen took a different approach to day nine, and his comments on events large and small are a lot of fun to read.

HaywardFieldFE1-USOlyTr16.jpGHayward Field, 2016 US Olympic Trials, photo by PhotoRun.net

I nearly forgot about this gem. I asked Stuart Weir to write on the differences of our systems, and he did a nice discussion on our two systems.

Gatlin_Justin200Q-USOlyTr16.jpGJustin Gatlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Gatlin had a superb Olympic Trials. First, he won the 100 meters, and then, he won the 200 meters. Here is how Elliott Denman assesses his ten days in Eugene.

Finley_Mason-OlyTr16.JPGMason Finley, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mason Finley gives us a good shot at discus success in Rio, per long time observer Elliott Denman. Her is what Elliott Denman notes about the young thrower, who has lost 85 pounds to be a healthier human and a better discus thrower.

Shannon Rowbury is the American record holder as the 1,500 meters. She has run well through the 1,500 meter rounds, and will be in the US Trials final on July 10. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Michael Norman is one of two high school sprinters in the 200 meters. His front running style has been well recieved by the fans in Eugene! This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Queen Harrison is one of our countries' finest 100m/400m hurdlers. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Noah Lyles is the second high school sprinter in the 200 meters at the Olympic Trials. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
I have said it before, and I will say it again, Matt Centrowitz has the speed, the racing savy and the ego to be one of the finest middle distance runners in the world. He dominated his first round and semi final in the 1,500 meters. Final on Sunday, July 10. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Mary Cain was the phenom just a few years ago. She has grown up and the battles and competition are much tougher. She is in the final on Sunday, July 10, in the 1,500 meters! This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Kyle Merber has deftly moved between the 1,500 meter heat and semi final, and has made the final of the 1,500 meters, as one of HOKA ONE ONE's four finalists. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Kerron Clement is one of the finest 400 meter hurdlers in the world, and multiple World Champion. He could and should own the WR at the 400 meter hurdles. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Johnny Dutch is one of our finest 400 meter hurdlers, from the class of 2010. He will be in the 400 meter final on July 10. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Jenn Suhr is the American record holder, indoor and out, for the pole vault. In 2008, she took the silver, in 2012, she took the Olympic gold. In 2016, Jenn won the world indoor. She qualified for the US Trials pv final, on Sunday, July 10, with one jump, at 4.50 meters. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Brianna Rollins delivered in the 100 meter hurdle final, running 12.33, the fourth fastest time by an American ever. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
We really like Alexa Efraimson, who has moved onto the final of the women's 1,500 meters on Sunday, July 10, 2016. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Andrew Bayer ran a courageous race in the steeple final, finishing fourth in the final in a gutty race. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Emily Infeld ran a brilliant and gutty 10,000m on day two to make the team. After her 5000 meter semi, she will be in the final on July 10. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Jenny Simpson is the finest American women 1,500 meter runner of her generation. She won the 2011 World Championships, and was second in the 2013 World Championships. She will be in the final on Sunday, July 10, in the 1,500 meters. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Andrew Wheating made the Olympic team in 2008 in the 800 meters. In 2016, he is in the final of the 1,500 meters, on July 10, in a true battle royale. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Christina Epps took second in the triple jump with a leap of 14.17m. It is the first time three American women have made the Olympic A standard since the 1990's, I believe. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Keturah Orji is the top triple jumper in the U.S., recently taking the American record for the triple jump! This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
This is Stephanie Garcia, one of the top steeplers in the U.S. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Matt Centrowtiz, the 2016 World Indoor Champion at 1,500 meters, ran fine in the rounds in Eugene, and will be in the final of the U.S. Trials on July 10, 2016. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Mekhissi_MahiedineQ-World13.jpgMehidine Mekhissi, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Alfons Juck's review of day three of the European Champs. Nice to see Monsieur Mekhissi keep his kit on during the steeplechase. In the 2014, after winning the race, the French steepler was disqualified. The finest of European steeplers won the steeple in 2016, and was rewarded with the gold medal.

Shelby Houlihan was third in her 5,000 meter heat, in 15:26.10. She will race in the final on July 10, the final day of the US Trials. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts.
Robbie Andrews was second in the US Indoor Champs in a closely contested race. He will be racing the 1,500 meter final, having raced through both rounds with the precision of a surgeon. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts.

This was an update on the key moments in the recent Kenyan Olympic Trials, held the first weekend in July in Eldoret, Kenya. The feature is from Justin Lagat, who has his own websites, www.kenyanathlete.com.

Kiprop_Asbel-Pre16.JPGAsbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle won the 10,000 meters on day two. On day seven, she dominated her heat in the semi-finals of the 5,000 meters. She will run the final on Day ten, July 10, 2016. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts.
Kim Conley had a rough time in the 10,000 meters. She ran well in the semi final in the 5,000 meters on July 7, and will be in the final on July 10. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts.

Carter_KoriSF1-USOlyTr16.jpGKori Carter, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is the review of the performances of athletes related to the Golden State of California, by Mark Winitz. This is Mark's article on Day 8.

Donn Cabral had to run one of the finest races of his life to make the team, his second, in the battle that was the steeplechase final. Several athletes had their dreams shattered in the closing seconds of the final lap, and Donn Cabral was one of the three.

Here is David Hunter's fine tome on the Princeton steeplechaser! Cabral_Donn-USOlyTr16.jpG

Donn Cabral, by PhotoRun.net

Here is the wrap up of Day Seven, by Hannah Bonnie. Hannah is one of the track journalists in the program at the University of Oregon headed by Professoer Lori Shontz. This group of young journalist has been providing us highlights of each day for the Olympic Trials.

Carson_HannahQ1a-OlyTr16.JPGHannah Carson, Javelin, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 800 meters was a hard race for Brenda Martinez, and not of her own making. She is, as Lindsay Rossmiller tells us here, on the cusp of another final, the 1,500 meters, and how will she fare? Well all hope, as track fans, very well, and the ghost of adversity ignores her.

Martinez_BrendaSF1-OlyTr16.JPGBrenda Martinez, photo by PhotoRun.net

Winkler_Rudy-USOlyTr16.jpgRudy Winkler, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lindsay Rossmiller's story for Day six was Rudy Winkler, the winner in the men's hammer throw, which, for the first time was hosted on the main field of Hayward Field, to the delight of the the crowd there that night!

Jager_EvanQ-OlyTr16.JPGEvan Jager, photo by PhotoRun.net

Evan Jager told the media that this victory was the hardest one of his national titles. Here is how Mark Cullen saw the race.

Cregg Weinmann is the Footwear and Apparel review Editor for the Running Network. In this track spike video, Cregg is speaking about the Brooks The Wire 4.
Cregg Weimann is the Running Network Footwear and Apparel Reviewer. The Shoe Addicts filmed Cregg speak about the Brooks Elmn8, one of their new track spikes!

Martinez_BrendaSF1a-OlyTr16.JPGBrenda Martinez, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Mark Winitz's seventh piece on the exploits of athletes from California!

As the founding coach of the Brooks Beasts, Danny Mackey works with some of the most promising middle distance runners in the land. In this video, numero 4 in the series, Danny Mackey speaks about simulating races in workouts. This video was shot on July 7, at the Brooks House in Eugene, Oregon.
Michelle Carter is the finest women shot putter in the U.S. She would win the OT shot put only two days later! This video was filmed by the Shoe Addicts.
Keturah Orji is the finest women triple jumper in the U.S. She destroyed the US record during the NCAA Champs. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Aries Merritt is the 2012 Olympic Champion at 110m hurdles, the World record holder at 110 meter hurdles, and 2015 World Championship bronze medalist at the 110 meter hurdles. Aries had two kidney surgeries last year: one was a transplant, and the other was to fix an issue. He is hurdling well and will be in the final on July 9, 2016. This video was filmed by the Shoe Addicts.
Christian Taylor is the finest triple jumper of his generation, having won the World Champs in 2011, the Olympics in 2012 and the World Champs in 2015. His jump of 18.22 meters gives him the third best peformance and makes him the second best perfomer in history. What can he do? We think 18.35 meters, but we are triple jump geeks! This video was filmed by the Shoe Addicts.
Gwen Berry was second in the hammer throw, with a throw of 73.09m as well, but she took the silver because her second throw of 72.04m was better than the 71.66m second throw of Deanna Price! This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Deanna Price was third in the hammer throw with a throw of 73.09 meters on Day five of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Amanda Bingson was fourth in the hammer throw with a throw of 70.30m in the Day five hammer throw. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10k in the world. Most importantly, it is the largest 4th of July race in our country, and many thousands desire "the shirt". "The Shirt" is given to runners who complete the 10k under sixty minutes, and the shirt is coveted.

Here are some highlights from this years's race! Special thanks to the Atlanta Track Club for the updates and information on the race! This race should be on your bucket list!

Abdirahman_Abdi-Peachtree16.jpgAbdi Abdirhaman, first US finisher, photo by PhotoRun.net

Amber Campbell won the hammer throw on July 6, in 74.03m, 242-10, on July 6, 2016. What a wonderful hammer throw competition. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.

This piece was first published on June 14, 2007. After two years of cajoling by my brother, Brian, I started RunBlogRun on June 11, 2007. Now, nine years later, I am not sure much of what I observed in 2007 has changed.

I thought it would be an appropriate time to republish, as we are all enjoying the finest track meet in the world, the U.S. Olympic Trials. I believe that we have made some progress on issues, but most are still staring us in the face.

In keeping with the time capsule, here is a picture of Tariku Bekele, from Reebok GP NYC, June 2007:

Bekele_TarikuFE-RBKnyc07.jpgTariku Bekele, Reebok NYC Gp, 2007, photo by Photorun.net

Raevyn Rogers took fifth in that catastrophic 800 meter final in 2:00.59. This is her interview, filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016, Day 4.

Hurdles-USout11.JPGHurdles at Tracktown, photo by PhotoRun.net

As David Hunter reminds us, the 100 meter hurdles today will be amazing! Here is his story on the amazing 100 meter hurdles, coming up today in Eugene!

Brenda Martinez was totally screwed in the 800 meter final of the Olympic Trials. Through no fault of her own, Brenda was knocked out of contention. She did not get the respect that she deserved from terrestrial television, as they focused on the side show aspects of the event. Brenda Martinez showed how much class she has with the compartment she showed in the mixed zone. This was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Beitia_Ruth-Pre16.JPGRuth Beitia, 2016 Euro HJ Champ, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ruth Beitia won the European HJ on day 2. Interestingly enough, when I asked Vashti Cunningham, US HJ phenom, who she admires most, "Ruth Beitia"!


"This could actually be a perfect way to end my career but I still have one last dream I hope to achieve, which is winning a medal at the Olympics in Rio," Ruth Beitia after winning the high jump.
"After everything that happened last year, this has so much significance," Thomas van der Plaetsen decathlon winner.

Churandy Martina coming from behind and winning the 100 m by 0.005 over Jak Ali Harvey (10.061 to 10.066). Also his fastest of the year.

Javelin winner Zigismunds Sirmais with personal best 86.66 m.

Thomas Rohler 5th in javelin, Jimmy Vicaut 3rd in 100 m. Also out in qualifications German throwers Wierig in discus and Hussong in javelin.

Schwanitz shot put (also 2nd best in the World 2016), Copello 400 m hurdles (also NR), Grenot 400 m, Roleder 100 mHurdles. From first day Can 10 000 m.

MEDALS (17 countries)
GER 2-0-1, TUR 1-1-1, GBR 1-0-1

POINTS (22 countries)
GBR 35, GER 32, BUL 18

AGENT RANKINGS (by individual gold medals)
Julia Garcia, Carinne Knapp-Messerschmidt, Steffen Keil, Robert Wagner, Aivar Karotamm, Ricky Simms, Helena van der Plaetsen, Caroline Feith, Valentina Fedyushina 1

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

JT: First gold for Latvia in men javelin at Eurochamps. Third medal for Vesely (gold in 2012, silver in 2014).

LJ: 0cm difference between 3rd and 4th ties minimum at LJ in @Euro_Champs Previously in 1958 and 1982 difference bet 3rd and 4th was also 0cm.

100 m: 10.03 by Vicaut is the fastest 100m semi in Euro Championships.

100mH: 12.62 is the fastest winning time in W100mH in @Euro_Champs since 2006.

200m: Asher-Smith won first gold for GBR at W200m in @Euro_Champs.

SP: Dereli won first medal for TUR at WSP in Euro @Euro_Champs.

HJ: Ruth Beitia won third gold at WHJ in @Euro_Champs. She now has most gold at WHJ in EUro, one more than great Iolanda Balas (1958, 1962).

Dec: 8218 is the lowest winning score at Decathlon in @Euro_Champs since 1974, although technically speaking current score is valid since 1985.

400mH: 48.42 by Copello is the fastest semi final time at 400mH in European Championships.


AMSTERDAM (NED): Fionnuala McCormack has lashed out at foreign athletes running for Turkey after finishing fourth in the 10,000m at the European Championships in a race won by Kenyan-born Yasemin Can, informs the Irish Independent. "There doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it. People have taken such a soft approach. It's a joke really," she said.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Jenny Meadows has announced her retirement from athletics after exiting in the semi-finals of the 800m at the European Championships, informs BBC. "It is time to pass over to the next generation. I did think my career would either end here or in Rio in a few weeks' time. I've done this sport for 28 years, I've given my all and it's taken a lot from me. I definitely won't miss it," said Meadows. The Brit won the 2011 European indoor 800m title after Evgeniya Zinurova was disqualified for a doping offence and Meadows wants to become further involved in anti-doping.

AMSTERDAM (NED): World 200m finalist Zharnel Hughes has been struggling with a knee injury this summer. He finished fourth at the UK Championships and didn't progress through his heat at the European Championships. . "I need to rest up now and get myself sorted for next year," he said.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Disqualification of European Indoor Champion 2015 and World Indoor silver medalist this year Jakub Holusa remained valid despite the protest of Czech Team. Jury of Appeal decided that his disqualification was right, he with his way of running sent Swedish runner out of the track which was against the rules.

Ryan Hill is a favorite. The 2016 World Indoor silver medalist at 3000 meters has serious wheels, and how we love fast finishers! Ryan was filmed by Tim Jeffries for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, after the 5000 meter semi finals, which he dominated with a certian runner from the University of Portland!
Donn Cabral is one of our most experienced world class steeplechasers. Don made the final and should be a real factor, and, in my mind, make the team. This interview was done by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts, on July 4, Day 4.
Sam Kendricks is the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials champion at the pole vault. Sam cleared 5.91 meters or 19-4.25 to win the Trials. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.
On February 13, Galen Rupp won the Olympic Trials marathon in his debut. On July 1, Galen Rupp won the 10,000 meters, his eighth title at the distance. On July 4, Galen Rupp moved to the 5,000 meter final with the second to last qualifying mark. Managing that energy! This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

Can_YaseminFV1-Euro16.jpgYasemin Can, Euro Champs 10k winner, photo by PhotoRun.net

Yasemin Can was first medalist for the European Champs. Yasemin Can won in 31:12.86, Dulce Felix of Portugal was second in 31:19.03, a PB! In third was Karoline Grovdal of Norway, who ran 31:23.45. Fionola McCormack of Ireland was fourth in 31:30.74.

EME NEWS (JUL 6, 2016)


"I will follow someone, I cannot run alone," said 10 000 m winner Yasemin Can, European U23 record and European lead 2016 31:12.86. She achieved the time in virtually solo run. Turkish winners here in Amsterdam are getting gold coins worth of approximately 60-65 000 euro.

88.23 by Antti Ruuskanen the best result ever at European Champs in qualification, second best in the World 2016 and 7th best ever in any competition in qualification.

World and European medalists out in qualifications, Tavernier hammer, Jonathan Borlee 400 m, Simic high jump, Klaas hammer, Ugen long jump. Also Scherbarth pole vault, Kinsey high jump, Langat and Tsenov steeple.

MEDALS (3 countries)
TUR 1-0-0, POR 0-1-0, NOR 0-0-1

POINTS (7 countries)

AGENT RANKINGS (by individual gold medals)
Yasemin Can no official agent for the moment.


AMSTERDAM (NED): Delighted Susanna Kallur ends her eight-year wait as she qualifies for 100 m hurdles semifinals. At just before noon on this opening morning of the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, a triple gold medallist found herself transported back in time. She stood in her lane, she sat on her block number, she went through some pre-race routines and then, she clenched her right fist.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Four of the Zurich gold medallists took the first successful steps in the defence of their titles on the opening morning of the 23rd European Athletics Championships. Ruth Beitia, Anita Wlodarczyk and Greg Rutherford in technical events and Martyn Rooney in 400 m qualification.

AMSTERDAM (NED): British media are writing that Greg Rutherford, the Olympic long jump champion, has claimed he is risking permanent hearing loss in his left ear by continuing to compete. The 29-year-old said the whiplash injury he suffered in his last competition - the Birmingham Diamond League a month ago - had caused a severe inner ear condition. He will compete in the long jump final on Thursday.

AMSTERDAM (NED): EA President Svein Arne Hansen has officially opened the continental governing body's Young Leaders Forum as the participants set about tackling the five-day programme. The Norwegian was on hand to deliver a short speech at the start of the Forum, which aims to equip young people to design and deliver projects that benefit the grassroots of athletics and local communities. From Insidethegames.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Museumplain debut throws were of excellent level in both women discus (more than 12 qualifiers) and javelin. Legendary Jan Zelezny is the only coach having three men javelin finalists, "the conditions were excellent and also wind played will," he said.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Yuliya Stepanova ended as disqualified in the 800 m heat at European Championships. She was left walking solemnly down the finishing straight to the line with a television camera crew backtracking in front of her after she had suddenly halted on the final bend to clutch her right foot, already 40 metres adrift of the field. Running under a neutral flag, Stepanova received no more than a neutral reaction as she was introduced to the crowd. "I had an injury three weeks before but I kept on training and then I had an inflammation as a result of the hard training," she said.

AMSTERDAM (POL): Polish top middle distance runners Angelika Cichocka and Sofia Ennaoui did not run the 800 m and opted for 1500 m only. Both were entered in both events.

AMSTERDAM (NED): One of the pole vault favorites Nicole Buchler of Switzerland did not compete in the qualification due to muscle injury.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Sprained knee was the reason of withdrawal of French sub 2 minute 800 m runner Justine Fedronic.

AMSTERDAM (NED): The evening's activities concluded with the presentation of gold medals to two European 20 kilometres walkers who have now been declared winners at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin following retrospective doping disqualifications for Russian athletes. Sergey Kirdyapkin's punishment meant promotion in the 50km men's walk for Norway's Trond Nymark, and Ireland's Olive Loughnane received her belated 20km gold from IAAF President Sebastian Coe following the ban on Olga Kaniskina.

AMSTERDAM (NED): Another injury is reported from Austrian team. Long distance World finalist Jennifer Wenth will not run the 5000 m due to muscle strain. It is nothing major just does not want to risk before Olympic Games.

This presser at the Brooks House on July 6, focused on the 5000 meters and 1,500 meters, with Garrett Heath, Gabby Grunewald, Izaic Yorks, and Katie Mackey. This was filmed by the Shoe addicts.
Boris Berian is the 2016 World Indoor Champion at 800 meters. He is also the 2016 US indoor champion at 800 meters. And now, he is on his first Olympic team, having taken second in the 800 meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials! This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.
Charles Jock was third in the 800 meter final at the Olympic Trials. In one of his finest performances of his career, Charles battled with the best 800 meter runners in the US and came through shining! Charles Jock also road his bike to Hayward Field, and then, after making the Olympic team, road home on his bike. Kind of cool. This video was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.
Clayton Murphy won the 800 meters in a battle with Boris Berian. The NCAA champion at 1,500 meters has won all of his 800 meters this year, a 3000 meter and his 1,500 meters as well. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.
This interview was done with Stephanie Garcia, after her semi final in the steeplechase on July 4, 2016. On July 7, 2016, Stephanie Garcia was in second most of the race, until the last barrier where she fell, but got up and finished fifth. This was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.

This is a fun piece on Robby Andrews, of whom I expect great things. Just as I am posting this, Robbie ran the easiest 52.88 last lap to move onto round 2 of the 1,500 meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Morris_150604_7038.jpgRobbie Andrews, photo by Kevin Morris

Leah O'Connor ran 9:35.37 in her semi final of the women's steeplechase on July 4, 2016. The filming was done by Tim Jeffrey for the Shoe Addicts.
Bridget Franek competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials. She has returned to the sport, after going back to university and a changed approach to her training and her life. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys, for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.
Ben True finished tenth in the 10,000 meters on Friday, July 1, 2016. He has recovered, and has now qualified for the 5000 meter final. This interview was done after the qualifying round, and filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 4, 2016.

McCullough_Conor-USOlyTr16.jpgConor McCullough, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mark Winitz has been writing a daily column on the exploits of the athletes from the Golden State of California. Here is day six.

Ajee' Wilson kept her cool in a race that had people's Olympic dreams shattered right behind her, in the 800 meter final. Keeping her cool helped her finish strong and take the silver for the 800 meters. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addcits.
Will Claye was the bronze medalist in the long jump, with a fine leap of 8.42 meters. However, because he did not achieve an A standard (he leaped 8.14m, which was .01m less than 8.15m A standard). Will Claye will be competing in the TJ. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Shalaya Kipp is competing in her second Olympic Trials. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts after the semi-finals of the steeplechase, on July 4, 2016.

Campbell_Amber1-USOlyTr16.jpgAmber Campbell, photo by PhotoRun.net

Isaac Gibson wrote our day six coverage on the hammer time in Hayward. Special thanks to Professor Lori Shontz for the support of her team of track journalists who have helped us all week with daily coverage of the Olympic Trials.

Grace-Williams-WilsonFL-OlyTr16.JPGKate Grace, Churonu Williams, Ajee' Wilson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Elliott Denman's heartfelt piece on Ajee' Wilson, and athlete he has followed since she started running.

In this second of the series, Coach Danny Mackey Explains it all, Danny Mackey, Coach of the Brooks Beasts, offers some suggestions on how to view the 10,000 meter and 5000 meter races, and just how very different they are for athlete and coach. This video was shot by the Shoe Addicts at the Brooks House on July 6.

Danny Mackey is the coach for the Brooks Beasts, a middle distance club based in Seattle, WA. One of our favorite coaches, Danny is that fine combination of scientific theory and its practical application. In this first of the Coach Danny Explains it all, Danny Mackey speaks on the 10,000 meter and the peculiar way one must approach to be successful!
Natasha Hastings was third in the 400 meters on July 3, Day 3, in 50.17. This was her third Olympic Trials and her first individual event! The first Olympic team member for Under Armour, her brand, and the first Olympic individual berth for the 400 meter specialist. Tim Jeffries filmed this for the Shoe Addicts.

RunBlogRun: Courtney Frerichs showed amazing talent in the NCAA, here is how RRW sees her in the Olympic Trials!

Bush_Nicole_Frerichs_Courtney_USOT_2016_Steeple_Qualifying_Lotsbom_500w.jpgPHOTO: Nicole Bush and Courtney Frerichs competing in the preliminary round of the steeplechase at the 2016 USA Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore. (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

Tyson Gay finished fifth in the 100 meters in 10.03. This is his fourth Olympic Trials and probably his last. Did like his James Harden beard this season as well. Here is the interview filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts on July 3, 2016.

David Hunter began writing about Clayton Murphy in the spring of 2015 for RunBlogRun. And he has been right on every occassion. During the final, Dave kept his recorder on and did the race live, next to me, as Clayton Murphy ran his race. And a wonderful race it was! Here is David Hunter's feature on Clayton Murphy and Boris Berian's fine battle.

Murphy-Berian1a-OlyTr16.JPGClayton Murphy and Boris Berian battle over 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kendricks_Sam1d-OlyTr16.JPGSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sam Kendricks won the pole vault on Day 4, with his 5.91m clearance and three attempts at 6.00 meters, he made believers of his fans. This piece was written by Lindsay Rossmiller on the American king of the pole vault.

On our nation's birthday, Mark Cullen ventured out to take a look at the experience of being at the Olympic Trials. Mark writes htttp://www.trackerati.com, and he is writing a daily for us, well as close as I can to posting them. This is a fun column on the 4th of July, heartfelt and full of the love and admiration most of the 22,000 plus have here for the sport each and every day in Tracktown.


We missed this one! On June 25-27, the British Olympic Trials were held, and Alex Mill was there for RunBlogRun. Somehow in the week, we forgot to post Alex and then, Stuart Weir (his columns are coming), on the selection of the GBR team for the 2016 Olympics!

Here you go!

Grice_Charlie1-Pre16.jpgCharlie Grice, GBR 1,500m Trials Champ, photo by PhotoRun.net

LIndsay Rossmiller wrote this piece on Ashton Eaton and provides us some the details to what makes Ashton Eaton tick. Eaton is the finest male athletics specialist in the world, and his wife, Brianne Theisen-Eaton is battling the best in the heptathlon.

His 8,750 was exceptional, considering the injuries he has dealt with this spring. Now, onto Rio.

Eaton_AshtonPV-USOlyTr16.jpGAshton Eaton, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Gatlin won the 100 meters in a battle with young Trayvon Bromell and Marvin Bracy. This is Mr. Gatlin's third Olympic Trials victory. His time of 9.80 is one of the fastest times in 2016. Mr. Gatlin has tweeted that the US would go 1,2,3 in Rio, to the consternation of One Usain Bolt. The interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Marvin Bracy has a challenging outdoor season. About three weeks ago, it began to change. On June 18, Marvin Bracy defeated Yohan Blake on a street 100 meters in Boston. His ability to hold on in the 100 meter final in the Olympic Trials gave him third place and a huge smile as he went through the mixed zone. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts on July 3, 2016.
Marquis Goodwin will be able to tell family and friends that he competed in the best long jump competition in the history of the sport. Marquis Goodwin was seventh in 8.25 meters. With eighth place at 8.12 meters, and a third place tie at 8.42 meters, the fans in Hayward Field were treated to an epic competition. This interview was filmed after the final, by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Ashton Eaton is the greatest athlete in the world. Competing in the decathlon, as the late Bob Mathias (48, 52 champion) noted to @runblogrun, " You have ten events with which to make mistakes." Ashton Eaton, as his coach Harry Marra will tell, you, is not only a fine human being, but a fine competitor. His victory this year, with some injury challenges, is even sweeter. Two years ago, while we were sitting in Glasgow, for the Commonwealth Games, Ashton Eaton looked at me and said, " It is all about Rio." Remember that. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts. Filmed on July 3, 2016.
Allyson Felix overcame injuries and a short build up to win the 400 meters. Coming off the turn, Allyson Felix was in sixth and ran her way to victory. It may have been her finest 400 meters in her long career. Her time of 49.68 is the world leader. This interview, done post final, was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Gil Roberts took second in the 400 meters. In one of the finest performances of his life, Gil Roberts kept his cool and ran down the final straight as everyone else's dreams were disintegrating. Here is Mr. Roberts comments post race, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 3, 2016, post final.
LaShawn Merritt told @runblogrun in May, at the Doha DL, that he had two focuses in 2016: Eugene and Rio. In the final, LaShawn Merritt came off the turn and the field melted in his presence as he burnt a mark on the Hayward track. Running 43.97, LaShawn Merritt was sending a message to South Africa and Grenada. The mens' 400 meter in Rio will be a righteous forty-three plus seconds. The interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys, for the Shoe Addicts on July 3, 2016, the day that LaShawn Merritt remined the world who he he is, an Olympic champion.
Chaunte Lowe had tough competition in her fourth Olympic Trials visit. And after her competition, which she won in 2.01m, the world leader, she had made team numero four! Here is her victorious interview post event, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts on July 3, 2016.
Jenna Prandini is a proud Oregon graduate. She was one of the six Ducks or former Ducks in the women's 100 meters in Eugene, Oregon. This was the interview filmed with Jenna right after her final on July 3. Filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. A fine sprinter, Jenna Prandini has many fine races ahead of her.
Vashti Cunningham finished second in her first Olympic Trials high jump, with a clearance of 1.97m. Vashti is a competitor and channels a veteran competitor when she enters the high jump apron. This interview was done post event on July 3, and filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. Vashti Cunningham should be to the next four Olympics what Chaunte Lowe has been to the past four.
Taylor Ellis Watson finished fourth in a tough 400 meters on Day three, won by Allyson Felix. Taylor ran 50.25 and should see work on the 4x400m relay team. Here is the interview filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts, shot on July 3, 2016.
Micheal Berry, a graduate of Oregon, ran 45.90 for 8th place in the 400 meters. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. The battle over the 400 meters was full of surprises on Day three.
Okay, Brittney Reese took the long jump into the stratosphere. Her 7.31 meters, 23-11.75 for you who do not understand metrics, is the best jump in the world in twelve years. And Brittney told me the other night that she can jump farther! A wonderful competitor, RunBlogRun has designated Brittney Reese as Long Jump Goddess, and that is the subject of Conversation with Larry !

After watchng the epic battle between Chaunte Lowe and Vashti Cunningham, David Hunter informed me that he would write about the clash of generations. He did a fine job communicating the effort and the competition between the two athletes, though separated by a generation, providing the fans a great competition.

Cunningham_VashtiR-USOlyTr16.jpGVashti Cunningham, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lowe_Chaunte1a-USOlyTr16.jpGChaunte Lowe, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kylee O'Connor was the lucky journalist to cover the highlights of day four. A day with many fine events, with ecstacy, and much agony, centered around the women's 800 meters. It is part of the story with the U.S. Olympic Trials, where athletes begin their careers, end their careers and question why that they have careers.


Day four was an amazing day of track and field. The 800 meter races alone were worth the ticket, but add into the men's javelin, men's pole vault, and 5000 meter heats for men, as well as steeple heats kept the excitement going! Here is Mark Winitz's column on Day Four and the performances of the athletes from California!

Berian_BorisQ1a-OlyTr16.JPGBoris Berian, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ashley Higginson competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials in the steeplechase, and since then, has been one of the top steeplers in the U.S. Ashley just completed her bar exams successfully, besides training for the Olympic Trials. Ashley was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.

EME News -- Amsterdam Special


The 2016 European Championships are being held in Amsterdam, starting on July 6, and with the best turnout and largest teams in many years, the meet should be a great part of the build up to Rio. Next to the US Olympic Trials, I love to go to the European Champs: great competition and wonderful crowds. We will provide daily updates from Amsterdam with our team of writers and with the help from Alfonz Juck and his team at EME NEWS.

LaVillenie_RenaudQ1d-EuroInd15.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have watched Galen Rupp since he was a young high school runner with some promise. Midway through his high school career, he and Alberto Salazar began their coach/Athlete relationship and, the rest is history. Coach and athlete relationships are complicated and worthy of some discussion. With Galen Rupp's 10,000 meter win and his marathon win, in this Conversations with Larry, I discuss why Galen Rupp has made my pinball team.

Gatlin_JustinSelfie-USOlyTr16.jpG Justin Gatlin takes a selfie, photo by PhotoRun.net

EUGENE (USA, Jul 3): Six World leads on Sunday at US Olympic Trials. Hot off the heels of Elaine Thompson's 10.70 victory at the Jamaican Trials, English Gardner confirmed her excellent shape by winning the 100m at the American Olympic Trials in a wind-legal 10.74 ahead of world long jump champion Tianna Bartoletta (10.78) and Tori Bowie (10.78). Bartoletta was given second by 0.003. Morolake Akinosun (10.95) and Jenna Prandini (10.96) also broke the 11-second mark although the latter was tipped to make the top three after posting a wind-aided 10.81 in the heats. Top 4 clocked Pb´s. There were also fast times in the semi-finals but they were all wind-aided: Bowie 10.74, Gardner 10.74, Bartoletta 10.79, Prandini 10.86. In the men's 100m, Justin Gatlin came good in Eugene with his two fastest times of the year so far. The 2004 Olympic champion clocked 9.83 in the semi-finals before winning the final in 9.80 ahead of Trayvon Bromell (9.84 equaled PB) and Marvin Bracy (9.98). Seasoned campaigners Mike Rodgers (9.98) and Tyson Gay (10.00) were fourth and fifth respectively. In semis PB for Christian Coleman 9.95. The long jump final was accompanied by a strong tailwind but the standard was excellent with Damarcus Simpson only placing eighth despite jumping 8.12m. Jeff Henderson claimed the title with 8.59m (2.9) ahead of Jarrion Lawson (also seventh in the 100m final in 10.07) whose best mark of 8.58m was wind-legal WL and PB and Will Claye 8.42m. Marquis Dendy also jumped 8.42 PB but Claye had already jumped 8.38m and prevailed on countback. LaShawn Merritt won the 400m in a world-leading 43.97 ahead of Gil Roberts (44.73) and David Verburg (44.82) with fastest qualifier Tony McQuay only fifth in 45.30 while Allyson Felix eclipsed Shaunae Miller's world-lead in the women's 400m with victory in 49.68 ahead of Phyllis Francis (49.94 PB) and Natasha Hastings (50.17). Out for Francena McCorory and Courtney Okolo. Ashton Eaton put together a solid second day to win the decathlon in a world-leading 8750 ahead of Jeremy Taiwo (8425 PB) and Zach Ziemek (8413 PB). Eaton's second day: 13.60 110mH, 41.39m DT, 5.25m PV, 57.84m JT, 4:25.15 1500m. Chaunte Lowe made her fourth Olympic team with her first 2m-plus jump in four years with 2.01 WL ahead of Vashti Cunningham (1.97 equaled outdoor US junior record) and Inika McPherson (1.93m).

EUGENE (USA): Bob Kersee admits Allyson Felix is still not at full fitness despite setting a world-leading mark in the 400m final. "She ran it the way we wanted to her run it. I thought she'd run 49.7. The conditioning is not quite there, but she's the fastest one in the field," he said.

EUGENE (USA): Jeff Henderson dedicated his long jump win to his mother who suffers from Alzheimer's. "She's had it since I got out of high school. I don't know whether she'll be aware of what I've done, but I'll be glad to go home and let her know much I love her." he said. His 1 cm winning margin is the smallest ever at LJ in US Olympic Trials.

EUGENE (USA): English Gardner was determined to make the Olympic team for Rio after finishing seventh in the final at the 2012 Olympic Trials. "I remember in 2012, I sat in the car, and I cried. I cried my eyes out and came to the realisation that I never wanted to feel that feeling again, and so when I crossed the line and saw the results, I didn't really care if I came in first, second or third, I was just excited that I made the team. With the help of these ladies, we were able to give the show that we promised from the beginning," she said. Her winning 10.74 is the fastest non-FloJo time at US Olympic Trials, the 10.78 is the fastest 2nd and 3rd place time ever at the Trials and best 3rd ever.

EUGENE (USA): Justin Gatlin made third Olympic team at 100m tying his coach Dennis Mitchell who made the team from 1988 to 1996. The 10.02 by Clayton Vaughn is the fastest non-qualifier for the 100m final in the US Olympic Trials.

EUGENE (USA): Chaunte Howard Lowe made 4th Olympic team. Amy Acuff made five from 1996 to 2012. She also tied her US Olympic Trials record from 2012.


Kate Grace wins the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, photo by PhotoRun.net

What a gut wrenching race!

The women's 800 meters is a race that most of the 18,000 plus fans on July 4 were waiting for, and it did deliver.

But in ways we did not expect.

Alysia Montano took the race out hard, in 27.73 for 200 meters and hitting the 400 meters in 57.46, with Raevyn Rogers on her shoulder, with Ajee' Wilson in third, and Molly Ludlow in fourth. Just before the 600 meter mark, Ajee' Wilson put the peddle to the metal and took the lead, hitting the 600 meters in 1:27.98, with Brenda Martinez in second, Raeyvn Rogers in third, and Alysia Montano, starting to slow down, in fourth.

Just about the middle of the Bowerman turn, Brenda Martinez got fouled, and Alysia Montano went down, hard.

Kate Grace and Ajee' Wilson kept their cool, and charged away, as Chrishuna Williams moved from seventh to third, and Molly Ludlow moved up from fifth, but could not get by Williams.

Kate Grace won in 1:59.10, Ajee' Wilson was second in 1:59.51, and Chrishuna Williams was in third in1:59.59 with Molly Ludlow in 1:59.63.

Raevyn Rogers finished in fith in 2:00.59, Phoebe Wright was sixth in 2:02.55, with Brenda Martinez, who had her shoe virtually clipped off, was sixth in 2:06.63, and Alysia Montano, who went to the track and hit the ground hard, got up, and fell several times, before finishing in 3:06.77.

Here is what I believed happened: Alysia Montano was running out of gas, and as she started to collapse, and then someone clipped Brenda Martinez, who was in fine position to move.

I suspect that there might be a protest or two on this one, but as I am no Doctor, we will just have to wait.

Around 6:20 PM, we confirmed an appeal. Our contact said that the appeal was being discussed amicably.

Around 7 pm, we were told that the chance of a rerun, which we never considered, was on the table.

Around 7.20 PM we saw an email from Amanda Brooks, Marketing and communications manager for USA Track & Field:

"Incidental contact ruled in the women's 800 meters, No DQ"

Okay, so there you have it, Kate Gace has won the 800 meters at Olympic Trials, with Ajee' Wilson in second and Chrishinu Williams taking third.

A team who won their positions the old fashioned way. It is sad about Brenda Martinez and Alysia Montano, and I hope that they come back in 2017, and perhaps, Brenda, in the 1,500 meters.

Felix_Allyson300M1a-OlyTr16.JPGAllyson Felix won the 400 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Mark Winitz Day Three feature on U.S. Olympic Trials and the fate of the athletes from the Golden State.

Henderson_Jeffery1-OlyTr16.JPGJeffrey Henderson flies 8.59 meters and wins LJ! photo by PhotoRun.net

An amazing long jump, which many see, and rightly so, as the finest long jump competition in history. Here is how Mark Cullen saw the fine event on day three!

Gardner_EnglishFHH-OlyTr16.JPGEnglish Gardner wins the 100 meters, A duck is always a duck! photo by PhotoRun.net

RunblogRun opines: One of the finest days in track and field I have ever seen, and definitely, the finest long jump for men ever! Here is how Kylee 0'Connor covered day three for us. One of the track journalists with Professor Lori Shontz, Kylee also wrote about the 20k on June 30. Enjoy our day three coverage.

Lyles_Noah1-NBoN15.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net

Noah Lyles is one of the fine young athletes who are competing at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Elliott Denman writes about his school, his family and his dream. This is Elliott Denman's third column for the 2016 Olympic Trials. As Elliott Denman was a 1956 Olympian at 50k, he has been to a few of these battles for the top three.

RunBlogRun: Molly Huddle dominated the 10,000 meters as a series of challengers gave it their shot. Emily Infeld kept her cool, and stayed out of the fray, taking second. Murielle Hall, in her finest race over this distance, matched the challenges and held on until the last two laps, in a race heavy with pressure and humidity. Here is the view from RRW, used with permission, on Molly's superb race.


PHOTO: Marielle Hall, Emily Infeld and Molly Huddle on their way to the podium at the 2016 USA Olympic Trials 10,000m (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

10000menfield-USOlyTr16.jpGAnd they run, Men's 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Last night, on a Runnerspace.com program, "Fireside Chat", I was fortunate to be part of the program. John Godina, finest shot put/discus thrower of his generation, noted that TV has good coverage only during major events such as Olympics.

Think of that when you read Jeff Benjamin's reviews of the NBC coverage of this 2016 Olympic Trials.

Hall-Infeld-Huddle-USOlyTr16.jpGMolly Huddle, Murielle Hall, Emily Infeld, and then, there were three, 10,000m, Day two, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Mark Cullen's view of the 10,000 meter race on the morning of day two. Mark's is two of the three views we have of the women's 10,000 meters and the significance of the race. Mark Cullen is writing one column a day for us, so that you, kind readers, see the Olympic Trials from a myriad of views.

RunBlogRun opines: Molly Huddle is a student of the sport. A fine distance runner from 5,000 meters on up, Molly will be debuting over the marathon distance after the Rio Olympics, at the TCS New York City Marathon. But, from now until August, we will be seeing Molly Huddle on the track. Here is David Hunter's story about her 10,000 meter victory on Day two.

Huddle_MollyLeds-USOlyTr16.jpGMolly Huddle leads the 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Card_KelseyFE-OlyTr16.JPGKelsey Card makes the team! photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Lindsay Rossmiller's second column for RunBlogRun on the discus thrower, Kelsey Card (On Wisconsin!), and her excitemetn at making the team for Rio! The Olympic Trials are about the beginnings, middles and ends of athletes careers, it is brutal in its honesty.

RunBlogRun opines: Very sad about Nick Symmonds injuries three weeks ago. He will be missed in Eugene. I think, though, that Nick was whispering in Cas Loxsom's ear as he went from round to round.

Symmonds_USA_Champs_2015_800m_Final_90m_To_Go_David_Monti_600h.jpgPhoto: Nick Symmonds sprinting to victory in the 800m at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Eugene, Ore., in 2015 (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly). Used with permission.

Kiprop_AsbelFV-Doha16.JPgAsbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Kenyan Trials, held last weekend, were full of surprises. Here is the day two recap from Justin Lagat, our correspondent from Kenya.

Ashley_WhitneyFE1c-OlyTr16.JPGWhitlye Ashley, discus winner, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Mark Winitz's day two column on the performances of the athletes from the Golden State, California!

Ariana Washtingon took sixth in the epic 100 meter final on July 3, 2016. Tim Jeffreys shot this interview in the mixed zone after her fine semi final and 100 meter final. Ariana Washington made her Oregon fans proud!

RunBlogRun opines: This may be the finest and most hard won championship in Galen Rupp's eight 10,000 meter victorys. Here is RRW's view of the fine race from Day 1. Rupp_Kipchirchir_Korir_Olympic_Trials_2016_10K_Podium_Lotsbom.jpg

PHOTO: Galen Rupp, Shadrack Kipchirchir and Leonard Korir show off their medals after the 10,000m at the 2016 USA Olympic Trials (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly, story and photo used with permission.

RunBlogRun opines: The US Olympic Trials are the most brutal and honest of assessments of how an athlete will do on the global stage. Ten magnifiscent days of track & field, and nights to talk track. Donovan Brazier came into the Trials as a pretty definite player in the 800 meters. He did not make it out of round one. Here is how Elliott Denman wrote about Donovan and his introduction to the US Olympic Trials.

Brazier_DonavanQ-USOlyTr16.jpGDonovan Brazier, bad day in Eugene, photo by PhotoRun.net

Gatlin_JustinQ-OlyTr16.JPGJustin Gatlin wins the 100 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Gatlin exuded confidence in the pre meet presser on June 30. Not bragging, but confident that his experience would make it.

Justin Gatlin had some competition, from Travyon Bromell, who ran 9.94 in round one and 9.86 in round two, to Marvin Bracy, to guys like Jerrion Lawson, Tyson Gay and Mike Rodgers.

In the final, Justin Gatlin got out well, with Marvin Bracy to his outside, doing quite well. In lane six, Trayvon Bromell moved up to Justin Gatlin. Bromell had the best start of all.

We had a horse race!

Justin Gatlin and Trayvon Bromell put it all out, and did not stop until after the finish. Justin Gatlin used that experience to win this one, in 9.80, with Trayvon Bromell in second, in 9.84, and Marvin Bracy in third, in 9.98!

In fourth was Mike Rodgers in 10.00, fifth was Tyson Gay in 10.03, and sixth was Christian Coleman in 10.06!

Well, we will have some real races in Rio, with Yohan Blake winning 100m at Jamaican champs and Usain Bolt with a slight injury.

More to come!

Gardner_EnglishQ-USOlyTr16.jpGEnglish Gardner just did it! photo by PhotoRun.net

At the press conference number two, held on June 30, English Gardner was quick to say, with a smile, that she was here to win. Well, she did just that.

Tori Bowie, Tianna Bartoletta and English Gardner got out well, with Bowie just a bit behind. Tianna Bartoletta took off, and was not giving up an inch, churning down the middle of the race. English Gardner, arms pumping, and focused on the finish line, just would not stop.

English Gardner ran 10.74 for the win, with Tianna Bartoletta in second in 10.78 and Tori Bowie in 10.78. Tori Bowie seemed to let up just a bit around midway and could not get up to Bartoletta and Gardner.

Tori Bowie's third place, 10.78, is the fastest non-winning time in an Olympic Trials ever.

Morolake Akinosun was fourth in 10.95. Jenna Prandini was fifth in 10.96 and Ariana Washington was sixth in 11.01.

More to come!

This may have been Galen Rupp's finest victory over 10,000 meters. Battling a tough field, and Mother Nature, plus a challenge over the last 450 meters, Galen Rupp had no time to coast! Here is David Hunter's fine tome to Galen Rupp's finest 10,000 meter victory!

Rupp_Galen1a-OlyTr16.JPGGalen Rupp just does it, photo by PhotoRun.net

Raevyn Rogers finished 4th, behind Alysia Montano in semi final 2, where she ran 2:00.61. She has made the final and her speed and now, experience, should prove her well in the final, held on July 3. Here is her interview, done by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts!
Justin Gatlin won his heat in 10.03. He looked ready to race, as he put on the mantle of a tough, veteran sprinter. He will have much competition this year, and he knows it. Here is how Justin spoke with our Tim Jeffreys, filming for the Shoe Addicts, at the mixed zone after round 1.
Brenda Martinez ran 1:59.64 to lead the semi final qualifiers in the 800 meters. Martinez looks to be ready and fit, and the women's 800 meters on July 3 will be one of the highlights of the meet! Here is our interview with Brenda, right after the semi final, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.
Brittney Reese owns the long jump. With her 7.31 meter leap yesterday, her hold on the long jump and LJ history, becomes even more secure. Her second attempt, a foul, was noted by some to be around 7.45 meters to dare we say, 7.50 meters? Just know, Britteny Reese is happy with her jumping, and when we saw her hours later and she was happy and not soar from her personal best. This interview was done in the mixed zone, by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts, right after her final!
After his first round, where Jeremy Wariner poured on the speed at the last meters of the 400 meter, I hoped for his magic to return. In his 400 meter semi final, it all came crashing down and Jeremy did not finish. The 2004 Olympic champion leaves the Olympic Trials as he came in, with a long and honorable career over 400 meters. Here is his interview with Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts after his sem final.
Clayton Murphy won the NCAA 1,500m title a few weeks ago and it changed his life. A few days later, he won his second 1,500m in less than a week, at the Portland Track Classic. But as his 1,500 was just a skosh off the Olympic A standard, Mr. Murphy, who also possesses keen 800 meter speed and one Pan Am gold from 2015, ran the 800 meters in Eugene. He won his semi last night by the skimmest of margins, and will probably use that skill in the 800 meter finals on Monday, July 3. Oh, Doyle Sports marketing signed Mr. Murphy and negotiated a deal with Nike for him. So, he has three meals, plus some money in the bank. Now, time to race. This interview was done after Clayton's semi by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts.
Well, after watching Boris Berian run 49.72 and 1:45.72 in the 800 meter semi final, I am changing my clothes. This man is the 800 meters Beast Master. There are a few people who will challenge him and the race should come down, on Monday, July 3 to the wire. But, Boris has other ideas...This video was shot by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts right after Mr. Berians' righteous semi final!

Adam Nelson is one of the athletes I respect the most. I am, and you should be, humbled to be in such an athletes' presence. For twelve years, someone else got the credit for the gold medal in the shotput that should have been Mr. Nelsons. Can you even consider how such an action would affect you?

Nelson_AdamQFE-USOlyTr16.jpGAdam Nelson, 2004 Olympic gold medalist, photo by PhotoRun.net

The truth is this: Adam Nelson is an Olympian and one of the finest and most colorful competitors in an event known for color and characters. If you do not enjoy the shot put, then, you have not seen a great competition with big men throwing sixteen pound metal balls as far as they can will them.

Adam Nelson is an Olympian. He is a gold and silver medalist. And he is a total class act, giving honor to his country, his sport and his family. Here is Lindsay Rossmiller's fine piece on Adam Nelson. This is the first of ten this Olympic Trials from Ms. Rossmiller who is developing quite a group of fans of her writing, I among them.

Keeler McJunkin wrote the Day two recap for RunBlogRun. Keeler is in the track journalism class at the University of Oregon managed by Professor Lori Shontz, who is supporting our coverage with her team of budding journalists. Watch for this service each and every day as you see, before your eyes, another generation of track & field journalists keeping the flame lit.

Reese_Brittney1a-OlyTr16.JPGBrittney Reese, Long Jump Goddess, goes 7.31m! photo by PhotoRun.net

And yes, Brittney Reese's 7.31 meters is the performance, so far, of the meet!

Jordan Hasay took ninth in the 10,000 meters on Day 2, running in 32:43.43 in the US Olympic Trials. Jordan has been fighting injuries, ran a gallant race. This is her interview from the mixed zone, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Kellyn Taylor took sixth in the US Olympic Trials marathon in February 2016. On Day two of the US Olympic Track & Field Trials, Kellyn Taylor took fourth in the 10,000m running 32:11.30, in a gutty race that saw her just off making the US Olympic team. This interview was done with Kellyn in the mixed zone, right after her race, by Tim Jeffreys, for the Shoe Addicts.
The women's 10,000 meters was a fantastic race on Saturday, July 2. Molly Huddle, Emily Enfeld and Marielle Hall all ran their own races, and found the way to stay in contention. While it was not as hot as Friday night, it was a challenging race. This press conference was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun.
In heat 3, of the first round of the women's 400 meters, an era came to an end. Sanya Richards Ross started off well, and as Courtney Okolo went on to win, in 50.78, Sanya stopped right after the 200 meters, and did not finish. The 2012 Olympic champion showed the class that she is made of, and did this interview with Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts on July 1, 2016.
The pole vault is always an exciting event, but with the focus on the men's and women's pole vaults at the World Indoor, the event is finally getting some of the focus and respect it needs. The fields a the US Trials will be no exception, from Jenn Suhr, the World Indoor Champion and AR holder to the exception field that challenges her. And one can not event begin to speak about the Rio Olympics, as the pole vaults could be two of the finest events fo the entire Olympics. Those are the subjects of today's Conversation with Larry.
The men's 10,000 meters has been called the March of Death. It was hot and humid and many of the top contenders were reduced to jogging, some not finishing. Galen Rupp showed his supremacy at this event with his fine win, in 27:55.04. Shadrack Kipkirchir, of the US Army, took second in 28:01.52, all six of those seconds of separation came during the final 200 meters, and Leonard Korir, who ran 28:16.97 for third. Here is their presser after the difficult race, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
In this most recent Conversations with Larry, shot on the University of Oregon campus, Larry takes a stab at the prediction business. In this case, he discusses why Christian Taylor should be setting a new WR in the triple jump quite soon. That is, of course, after he wins the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games.
2016 World Indoor silver medalist at 800 meters, Ajee' Wilson, continues her in form racing, having won her heat in 2:01.81. Ajee' has moved to the final, which will be held on Monday, July 4. Wilson was filmed by Tim Jeffreys, for the Shoe Addicts, on July 2 after her semi final. Ajee' Wilson looks to be in the thick of a tight battle for the three spots to Rio on the 800 meter US team.
English Gardner ran 10.81 here at the Pre Classic. A fine Duck while she ran at the University of Oregon, English is possessed of a fun confidence and a great sense of humor. That is besides her fine sprint speed and amazing competitive nature. This interview was done at the second press conference held for the US Olympic Trials by the Shoe Addicts.
Olympic silver medalist and Olympic champion Adam Nelson finished seventh on Friday's shot put final. This interview was fllmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. Adam came out of retirement earlier this spring to give it one more shot. We thank him for all he has done for our sport and wish him the best in the future. His leadership is needed to help grow the sport to the next level.
Joe Kovacs took second in the Men's shot put on July 1, 2016. Here is the post event interview with Joe, caught by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. Joe Kovacs wil be joining Darrell Hill and Ryan Crouser on the US shot put team to Rio!
Reese Hoffa is one of our most decorated and colorful shot putters of his generation. Reese placed fifth in Friday's shot put final, and is considering if it is time to retire from the shot. Here is his intiview, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts, on July 1, 2016. We thank Reese Hoffa for all he has given to his sport.

M-10000b-OlyTr16.JPGMen's 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mark Winitz will be writing a column a day on the happenings of athletes from the Golden State. This is the column for Day 1 plus Race Walks.

This is Mark Cullen's column for day one. We are fortunate to have him writng for us on many of the Tracktown16 days. His piece is on the Men's shot put, one of the two finals on July 1.

Crouser_RyanFEQ1-OlyTr16.JPGRyan Crouser, winner, shot put, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kovac_JoeW1-USOlyTr16.jpGJoe Kovacs, second in shot put, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hill_DarrellFEQ-OlyTr16.JPGDarrell Hill, third place, shot put, photo by PhotoRun.net

A great first day of track and field in Eugene. Only two finals, in the men's 10,000 meters and men's shot put, and they entertained the crowd!

HaywardFieldFE-USOlyTr16.jpGTracktown16, Hayward Field, July 1, 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

After his eighth 10,000 meter championship, Galen Rupp was pleased, by exhausted after a hot and humid battle over twenty-five laps. This interview was shot by Tim Jeffreys for The Shoe Addicts. The interview was shot right after the 10,000m victory by Galen Rupp in the official mixed zone on July 1, 2016.

I like English Gardner. I like her fighting style and her attitude. This women wants to be the best sprinter in the world. Over the next few days, she will challenge the ideas she has with the ideas from other sprinters with some confidence. David Hunter captured much of that attitude in this fine article to preview her racing this coming weekend.

Gardner_English1-Pre16.JPGEnglish Gardner, her race be won, photo by PhotoRun.net

Emily Enfeld won the silver medal in the 10,000 meters yesterday. In a classic race, Emily Enfeld listened to her coach, Jerry Schumacher, whispering in her ear, "stay out of trouble, do not do anything but stay with the leaders, and no big moves", which she did for twenty two laps. At twenty three laps, it was Molly Huddle, Marielle Hall and Emily Enfeld. At twenty three laps, it was Molly Huddle and Emily Enfeld, and Emily had made the team. Hours later, when asked when she knew she was on the team, Emily said, " with one hundred meters to go, I was focused." This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts!
Molly Huddle won the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials in the 10,000 meters with style and speed. Focusing on the 5k/10k double, Molly kept a strong enough pace to bring it to three, then, two and then, five seconds of real estate at the finish. Here is her interview post race, filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
Sam Kendricks, the silver medalist from the 2016 World Indoors, spoke after his qualifying jump of 5.55m in the Men's Pole vault on Day 2. The video was done by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts.
This interview was done by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts. It took place after the 10,000 meter final, on July 1, 2016. Ben True, finished 11th in 29:04.21, farther back than Mr. True so desired. Here are his comments and thoughts after the hot, humid and draining race. This is one of the interviews where one realizes that even the best runners have races that do not fit their plans.

Mackey_KatieFV1-Stockholm15.jpgKatie Mackey storms to win in Stockholm, August 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

I was there. I saw Katie Mackey move well through the pack, take the lead over the last kilometer and win her first Diamond League race! A talented middle distance runner, Katie Mackey is one of those fine runners who could put it all together at this Olympic Trials.

Here is a fine story by Cait Chock on the dual persona of Katie Mackey.

For this version of Conversations with Larry, your favorite blogger/commentator explains why he loves women's distance racing. In Larry's mind, much of the racing is a gutty and exciting as the men's elite races. That's because women runners seem to be more willing to put everything on the line. It is always about the comptetion.
Leonard Korir of the US Army took the coveted third place at the US Olympic Trials for 10,000 meters, running 28:16.97. Leonard kept his cool in a race that was far from that. First, Ben True went back into the pack, then, Bernard Lagat dropped out, then, it was Hassan Mead's time to drop out. Korir battled into third and kept it, cementing his seat to Rio. This interview was filmed by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun's coverage fo the US Olympic Trials.
Shadrack Kipkirchir of the US Army team took second in the 10,000 meters Olympic Trials on Friday night, July 1. His time was 28:01.52, and he challenged Galen Rupp with one lap to go. Rupp went by with 200 meters to go, and Shadrack held his position to make the team and go to Rio! Here is the interview caught by Tim Jeffreys for the Shoe Addicts, a bit after the tortuous 25 laps at Hayward Field, where so many athletes were taken from racing to jogging.

john_nunn_20K_racewalk_winner.jpegJohn Nunn, 20k, photo by Dillon Vibes

This story is from Elliott Denman, one of our longest enduring writers. Elliott wrote for us with American Athletics, American Track & Field and now, RunBlogRun. A 1956 Olympic race walker, Elliott has written about nearly every event on the athletic calendar for us, and he will be doing a daily column at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

In your favorite new docudrama, Conversations with Larry, your hero, Larry, speaks thoughtfully about why he loves the US Olympic Trials. This has meant that Larry has actually changed his opinions and opened himself up (Dear God, the horror) to new ideas.
Brooks Beast held a Press conference for their 800 meter and 10,000 meter runners on July 1. Big news was Nick Symmonds' injury prior to the Trials start. Derek Lactoan, PR manager for Brooks manages these, and Jesse Williams, Sports Marketing Manager and Danny Mackey, Brooks Beasts coach, were also in attendance. Jake Riley, Cas Loxsom, Shaqille Walker, Jeremy Taiwo are the featured athletes.

franzarnowskiusatftv.jpgDr. Frank Zarnowski, the Dean of Multi-events, photo courtesy of USATF.TV

I first met Dr. Zarnowski during the early 1990s, as part of the VISA Decathlon program. Listening to Zeke speak on the history of the decathlon with precision and love, are some of the highlights of my time in our sport. Here is a fine piece by David Hunter on the Dean of Multi-eventers, Dr. Frank Zarnowski.

At the recent NCAA champs, one long time observer of the sport noted that Frank Zarnowski's commentating on the NCAA was "the finest commentating I have ever heard at a sporting event."

Enough said.

Keni Harrison has run the second fastest 100 meter hurdles in history. Her 12.24 in Eugene, Oregon on May 28 was spectacular. Her run in the misty and cold rain in Stockholm, in 12.66, was impressive as well. This is from the interview that Keni gave the media on June 29 at the USA Press conference two for the Olympic Trials. The Shoe Addicts produced this interview for RunBlogRun.
Vashti Cunningham won the USA Indoor Champs, and a week later, won the World Indoor Champs in the high jump. A thoughtful young woman, surrounded by her supportive family, Vashti is gently taking on the mantle of one of the finest high jumpers in the sport. Will she be to the high jump what Allyson Felix is to the sprints? Here is our coverage of the USATF presser with Vashti from day two!

20160630_112650.jpgMaria Michta-Coffey, winner of Women's 20k RW, photo by Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen wrote for us in Beijing in 2015. Here is his first piece of the Olympic Trials for RunBlogRun, on the men's and women's 20k race walks. Mark has a superb blog at www.trackerati.com.


Caleb Ndiku leading men's 5000m final in the final la, photo by Justin Lagat

The Kenyan Olympic Trials are being held in Eldoret, Kenya. As our Kenyan correspondent, Justin Lagat, noted to me in a short note, "the crowds are large and we have been standing all day." Here are some of the highlights of day one from Justin Lagat.

SamBell.pngSam Bell, design and photo courtesy of USTFCCCA.org

Sam Bell was a giant among track coaches. A track & field coach who could and had coached each and every event in track & field, Sam Bell was one of the last of a generation of coaches, like Bill Bowerman, who could coach any of the disciplines in our sport.

Here is a warm tribute from several of his athletes and admirers, including his athletes, Terry Brahm, Jim Spivey and Charles Marsala, as well as IAAF president Sebastian Coe. Special thanks to Jeff Benjamin for compiling this series of comments on Coach Bell.

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