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The 2019 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix was held, for the 24th time at the Reggie Lewis Track & Field Center. The meet is the first stop on the IAAF World Indoor Tour, and @runblogrun visited Boston to cover this fine event.

Where do we begin? Amazing men's 800 meters with Donavan Brazier and Clayton Murphy! Then, there was the amazing women's mile, with Gabriella Stafford, now coached by Andy Young, coach of Laura Muir, in an epic battle with Eileen Purrier. In the Men's Mile, Yomif Kejelcha ran 3:51.70, just off the meet record, with such ease that one wonders how fast Mr. Kejelcha may run in 2019?

Brazier_DonavanFHL1-NewBalance19.JPGThe epic 800m battle! photo by PhotoRun.net

And it was the year of debuts! Kendall Ellis wins the 300m in 36.97, Gabby Thomas wins heat 2 of the 300m in 37.03 and Sydney McLaughlin wins the 500m, in 1:09.46. The new era of women sprinters has begun for New Balance.

Enjoy our podcast celebration of the meet! Thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts for the quick turn around and PhotoRun for many of the photos!

Oh, and know that @runblogrun will be at the entire IAAF Indoor World tourr, thanks to USATF Indoors!

Do not miss the USATF Indoors, on February 22,23,and 24, at Ocean Breeze AC, on Staten Island! You can buy your tickets here:

Danae_Rivers.jpgDanae Rivers, photo courtesy of Penn State

A few weeks ago, I recieved a text from David Hunter. David, as you know, is a long time senior writer for runblogrun.com. David had witnessed a new Collegiate record, in fact, he had called the event at meet at State College. The saying, "records are made to be broken" is often used. The truth is, a new record may look so beautiful, it looks easy. David Hunter reminds us that, as this 2019 track season will be full of records. We need to remember that the new record is the fruition of much focus, sweat and ups and downs. Our sport celebrates the challenges that we put on our all too mortal engines. Thanks, David!

The race began last Friday morning in the dark. At 6AM, the elite Men and women took off on the streets of Dubai, U.A.E. The men went out fast, 14:40 for 5k, 29:11 for 10K, 43:37 for 15k and 58:11 for 20k. By the half marathon, ten men were together, with a pace of 1:01:45 being achieved at the HM. Guye Adole, Lenni Berhanu were there, but not for long. The race began to break up at 25k, hit in 1:13:11, as Herpasse Negase, debut marathoner Getanah Molla and Asefa Mengstu. Emmanuel Saina fought gamely to stay in fourth as the trio passed 30k in 1:37.42 and the last pace maker was gone.

And then, there were three..

CO1_0478.jpegAsefa Mengstu, Getanah Molla, Herpasse Negasa, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

This podcast, short though it is, tells you the story of the battle of Asefa Mengstu, Herpasse Negase and Getanah Molla, a man who has run sub 13 minutes for 5000m last August and a 60 minute half in 2017. His 2:03:34 was a matter of time, and in Dubai, with great pace making, fine weather, a fast course and a financial incentive to race to the finish, Mr. Molla broke the course record.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on expediting the podcast through my travel schedule.

Thurrsdays are our long days on the track. This day is about effort, so no time keeping, do this on effort. We will be timing things soon enough.

IMG_5141.jpgSome time on the track, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Thursday, January 31, 2019-warm up, 20 minute run, 8 x 200 m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run, 8 x 350m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run, 8 x 200m, good pace, 100m jog, 1 mile easy, then cooldown.

The idea of progressive workouts is not new. Today, you have more options on training than everr before. We provide a very basic progrram that works for athletes. Coaches are encouraged to fine tune their workouts for their teams. Some athletes need more rest. Some need less.

IMG_8690.jpegHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Larry Eder

Wednesday, Januay 30, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Tempo runs are one of the simplest, but also most beneficial workouts you can do. I first heard about them through Coach Bill Dellinger at a Coaching clinic in about 1976. I began using his 10k drills the next year, and did not get the hang of tempo runs until late in my racing career.

Tempo runs, like fartlek, come in all shapes and sizes. Ben Rosario, the coach of HOKA NAZ elite, uses them with his marathoners. Consider this, Stephanie Bruce ran marathons in November and December, scoring a big PB in December. In January, Stephanie ran her first 5000m indoors and ran a PB of 15:44! Tempo works!

Steph Bruxe.jpgStephanie Bruce just ran 5k PB after 2 marathons in 31 days, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

The 2019 NB Indoor Boston GP is in year 24, and the standing room only crowd was treated to fine sprints, hurdles, long sprints and middle distance races. With two field events, the women's pole vault and women's shot put, the crowd found something for all athletic fans. The results are below and 150 pictures, courtresy of Photo Run, have been posted on twitter:@runblogrun and Instagram.

Watch for stories on the meet all week. The NB Indoor GP opens the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tourr, and the next event, Meeting Karlsruhe, is February 2.

Stafford_GabrielaFHL1-NewBalance19.JPGThe women's mile, Gabriella Stafford won over Erin Purrier, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have witnessed two Dubai Marathons in person. The magic of the Dubai Marathon is real. A fast, flat course, brutal competition, truly fit and focused athletes and a perform and take the prize purse (no appearance money) brings out the finest Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes. That Europeans and Americans are not there is sad, as this race is faster than anything on the North American continent.

CO1_0564.jpegGetanesh Molla, debut breaks CR! photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Getanah Molla has a PB of Half Marathon of 1:00.34 from 2017. He ran a 10k PB of 28:18 in Boulder, CO on May 28, 2018, and on August 31, 2018, Getanah Molla ran 12:59.58 for 5000m. Mr. Molla has the wheels, and in Dubai, he ran a debut that shows his pedigree.

Ruth Chepngetich has PBs of 15:17 forr 5000m (2017), 10k of 31:08 (2017) and Half Marathon PB of 1:06.19 (2017). Her PB in the marrathon in 2017 was 2:22.36 in Istanbul. In that same race in 2018, Ruth ran 2:18:35. In Dubai, with the most horrrible water stops I have ever witnessed, this women ran 2:17:08. She lost a minute, at the very least on the water stops.

CO1_0669.jpegRuth Chepngetich breaks Dubai CR with #3 All Time, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Pat Butcher, who emcees the Dubai broadcast with Paula Radcliffe, making it one of the finest marathon broadcast of the year.

Tuskys XC men -thumb-autox686-41366.jpgRhonex Kipruto wins Tuskys XC, photo by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat wrote this second piece over the weekend as Rhonex Kipruto took the Discovery XC this past weekend. Rhonex Kipruto looks ready for the Kenyan XC Trials, to be held next month.

DSC05016.jpgThe 361 USA Racing Cup, photo by The Shoe Addicts

The performance running business has at least 48 brands. The competition is fierce, as local running stores battle to stand out in a running culture that wants performance at a good price. How does a brand stand out in such competition? Well, the team at 361 USA has come up with a unique approach-The 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

At the recent 2018 Running Event in Austin, Texas, the brand 361 USA announced a unique approach to building attention and respect for the brand within the staffs of the local running specialty stores: The 361 Cup Retail Racling League. The competition is open to local running stores in the USA and Canada. Teams consist of four runners, two men and two women. Each team may have a local elite. The teams run 5k distance on a certified course, and the best 2 times for each team are used to develop a best average time. Sign ups are now through June 2019, and racing time is June 2019 to December 2019, with the top regional teams (five in USA and one in Canada) named in January 2020.

IMG_8565.jpg361 USA, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In March 2020, the teams will put their bragging rights on the line, racing in an established 5k road race, with the top team winning $50,000. We have provided a video below to explain the 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

To learn more about the Racing Cup, please go to: https://www.361usa.com/blogs/news/361-degrees-announces-retail-racing-cup

To learn more about 361 USA and their fine product, please go to: www.361usa.com.

Thompson_Elaine1-Pre17.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by Photorun.net
KINGSTON (JAM): Olympic 100 m champion Elaine Thompson says she is still bothered by Achilles injuries that affected her last year. The Jamaican, who started her season with 7.24 for 60m in Kingston, told loopjamaica.com: "Honestly, Achilles injury is a hard one to deal with, and I have dealt with it for a long time. It is like three years I have been dealing with it, but it is not like a muscle or a tendon, so it is hard to deal with medical-wise... Right now I am not feeling pain, I don't want to feel any pain, but at times there is a little soreness when I do intense training, and I am just working with the best of it right now, so that I can have a good season."

Fartlek is Swedish for speed play. It was run on soft, forgiving surfaces of Swedish trails. The workouts have as many varieties as you and your coach can consider. Arne Anderssen and Gunder Haag, the two Swedish milers who took the WR from 4:06.4 to 4:01.6 during WW2 popularized the sessions. A Holmer Fartlek, named after coach Gustav Holmer is an out and back run, where you run the second half faster than the first. No too fast, but enough to limit our talking. Then, follow up with stride outs.

IMG_5139.jpgStride outs, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Monday, January 28, 2019-warm up, 45 minute Holmer fartlek, go out easy 22.5 minutes, come back strong, 4 x 150m stride outs, core training, cooldown

Nageotte_KatieR1-NewBalance19.JPGKatie Nageotte clears 4.86m, photo by PhotoRun.net
Nageotte beats Stefanidi
BOSTON (USA, Jan 26): Distance races highlighted the first meet of the fourth edition of IAAF World Indoor Tour in the Reggie Lewis Center here. At the 24th New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, Ethiopian Yomif Kejelcha became 12th fastest ever performer indoors with 3:51.70 national record ahead of Bethwell Birgen 3:54.82 PB. Another World lead 7:37.41 by Hagos Gebrhiwot in the 3000 m clearly over Edward Cheserek 7:42.93. Top two were followed by European runners, Spain´s Adel Mechaal 7:45.56 and Brits Andrew Butchart 7:46.50 with Chris O´Hare 7:47.78. Great 800 m duel was won by Donavan Brazier 1:45.91 ahead of Clayton Murphy 1:45.94. German Konstanze Klosterhalfen who now trains in US won the 5000 m in excellent 15:15.80 WL over former World champion Jenny Simpson who competed at the distance after ten years with 15:33.38. Surprise mile winner was Canadian Gabriela Stafford 4:24.80 edging Elinor Purrier 4:24.88. Ethiopian Dawit Seyaum was third 4:26.84 ahead of Cory McGee 4:28.07 and then two national records. Yolanda Ngarambe 4:28.30 for Sweden and Ciara Mageean 4:28.31 for Ireland. Steeple World champion Emma Coburn was 10th 4:32.68. Raevyn Rogers won the 600 m in 1:27.31 when Georganne Moline fell. Young stars had pro debuts, Rai Benjamin 32.55 in the 300 m and Sydney McLaughlin 1:09.46 in the 500 m, for both personal bests. Also strong 36.97 in the 300 m by Kendall Ellis, Nathan Strother won men 400 m in 46.97. Michelle-Lee Ahye from Trinidad dominated the women 60 m in 7.21 and men´s hurdles were close with four athletes within 0.02. Jarrett Eaton got 7.64 win over Aaron Mallett 7.65 and Freddie Crittenden with Josh Thompson both 7.66. The only technical events produced World leads. Katie Nageotte 486 in pole vault over Olympic and World winner Katerini Stefanidi 471 and Maggie Ewen 19.28 in shot (also indoor PB) over German Christina Schwanitz 18.87.
RunBlogRun opines: Watch for our NB coverage on Sunday and Monday! The NB Indoor GP was fantastic! Excellent miles and 800 meters, plus tough 3000m and 5000m and a fine pole vault!
Nageotte_Katie1-NewBalance19.JPGKatie Nageotte, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat has seen the future, and it happened on Friday, January 25, in Dubai. Ruth Chepngetich ran 2:17.08 with Worknesh Degefa in 2:17:41. Ruth has run twice under 2:19. Justin reminds us how good that Chepngetich is: she lost seconds with her terrible water stops.

The Dubai Marathon might be the site where a new WR can be set for woman. It could also happen in London, or Berlin. But, the truth is, Dubai comes at a time in the year, when weather in Dubai is perfect, and the course is fast, and the depth of competition could put the record of Paula Radcliffe seriously has shown this to the world!

Ruth Wins 2019.jpegRuth Chepngetich wins 2019 SC Dubai Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Warholm 45.56 national record
ULSTEINVIK (NOR, Jan 25): At the inaugural Karsten Warholm International in his hometown of Ulsteinvik, Karsten Warholm made an excellent season's opener, winning the 400m flat in a national record of 45.56 (21.53 through 200m) to shave 0.03 off his previous record and move up one place to eighth on the European all-time lists. Three-time world and European indoor champion Pavel Maslak was second in 47.10 with teammate Patrik Sorm third in 47.59. In the 3000m, Karoline Grovdal just missed Ingrid Kristiansen's national indoor record of 8:50.26 with a near solo 8:52.79 clocking. In the long jump winners Berlin medalist Serhiy Nykyforov from Ukraine 765 and Serbian U20 European champion Milica Gardasevic 631.
Warholm_KarstenPort-Stockholm18.jpgKarsten Warholm, 1912 Stockholm Olympic Stadium, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Chevron Houston Marathon continues to grow. The Aramco Half Marathon continues to draw fine athletes and the weekend, even with cold weather, had some exciting performances. Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the January 20, 2019 event. The Chevron Houston Marathon was the 2012 Trials host in 2012, and had the event taken from them in 2016. They contirnue to support Olympic Trials qualifiers with 47 qualifiers.

Korir_AlbertFV-Houston19.JPGAlbert Korir takes close marathon win, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kosgei_BrigidFH-Houston19.JPGBrigid Kosgei, Aramco Half Marathon Champ, photo by Photorun.net

Sumgong_JemimaFH1-OlyGames16.jpgJemima Sumgong, photo by PhotoRun.net

ITEN (KEN): Olympic marathon champion Jemima Sumgong from Kenya has had her doping ban doubled from four years to eight years, informs The Guardian. Sumgong tested positive for EPO in 2017 but her suspension was doubled by the IAAF after the AIU disciplinary tribunal ruled there was "compelling evidence" Sumgong had fabricated medical records, lied about being treated by an unqualified doctor and lied about her whereabouts. "We hope that it sends a message to dopers that the AIU has strong investigative capabilities and does not tolerate false evidence in doping cases. We also want to underline the vital support of Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya in pursuing this case. They are a valuable partner in the fight against doping in Kenya," said Athletics Integrity Unit head Brett Clothier.

RunBlogRun opines: Bravo IAAF. While it has taken much time, the IAAF, WADA have taken a big step forwards. Jemima Sumgong tried to lie about her medical records, which compounded the issue. Truth is, in Kenya, women athletes are compromised more than men as doctors get to their husbands who put pressure on athletes to cheat. An eight year ban is draconian, just the type of punishment that will be written about in the media, and perhaps deter a young athlete from cheating. Issue is, unfortunately, athletes and their teams see this, at times as a pure business decision. Chances of getting caught, while bigger than before, still are not detering some knuckleheads.

The 24th New Balance Indoor GP lived up to the hype. Standing room only crowd waited a bit outside as the NB team changed the Reggie from a high school format to the a professional event supported by New Balance. As the crowd came into the stands, the excitement was pronounced. The women for the masters' mile were on the track, some of the top women shot putters in the world were warming up as well as the several of the top women pole vaulters.

One of the events that caught my eye and had the crowd sceaming was the Men's 800 meters! Races do not get much closer!!!

Brazier_DonavanFHL1-NewBalance19.JPGDonavan Brazier over Clayton Murphy in 800 meters! photo by PhotoRun.net

CO1_0091.jpegThe start of the 2019 SC Dubai Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Columbo/Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon
RunBlogRun opines on SC Dubai Marathon: The conditions were near perfect: Cool, 65 degrees at start, 5-10 MPH wind, and temperature dropping to 61 F degrees by two hours into the race. Near perfect halfway for men and women (1:01:43 for men, 1:08:10 for women). And after 30k for the men, pacers gone, attritrion has them at 4-5. Then, the race got interesting with Getaneh Molla breaking Herpassa Negassa with 600 meters to go. On the women's side, Rosa Chepngetich followed up on her fab Istanbul Marathon performance, with her amazing 2:17:08. Worknesh Degefa held on for a gutty 2:17:41. What is the secret of Dubai? Talented athletes who want to race well, and have to race well to make money here, battling to the very finish, on a fast course, in near perfect weather. And the streaming video which can be seen here: https://www.runblogrun.com/2019/01/watch-the-2019-standard-chartered-marathon-live-january-24th-at-6pm-pst.html, was magnifiscent. Kudos to Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon providing free streaming video, free for all the world to see.
COL_2710.jpegGetanah Molla breaks CR with his 2:03:34, photo by Standard, Chartered Dubai Marathon
Super fast Dubai: 2:03:34 and 2:17:08
DUBAI (UAE, Jan 25): The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon once again produced super-fast times in both the men's and women's races. Ethiopia's Getaneh Molla made the fastest ever debut at the distance, winning the men's race in 2:03:34 (61:43/61:51) to lead an Ethiopian clean sweep ahead of Herpassa Negasa (2:03:40) and Asefa Mengistu (2:04:24). Kenya's Emmanuel Saina was fourth in 2:05:01 while Switzerland's Tadesse Abraham, who was aiming to break Mo Farah's European record of 2:05:11, was the first non-African finisher in tenth in 2:09:49 (63:14/66:35). Notable non-finishers included former winner Lemi Berhanu and Guye Adola. In the women's race, Kenya's Ruth Chepngetich moved to third on the world all-time lists behind Paula Radcliffe (2:15:25) and Mary Keitany (2:17:01) with 2:17:08 (68:10/68:58) ahead of former winner Worknesh Degefa who set an Ethiopian record of 2:17:41 to move to fourth on the world all-time lists. Worknesh Edesa was a distant third in 2:21:05.
Ruth Wins 2019.jpegRuth Chepngetich wins Dubai, photo by Giancarlo Columbo/StandardCharteredDubaiMarathon

Kellyn Taylor, on her long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

All of us have challenges. Running is about the effort, over time, that you put into the activity. With core work, long runs, tempo runs, fartlek, hills, interval and repetition runs, a runner is very similar to a fine painter. Your workout variations are your palette. How you choose to paint your subject, how you choose to build the color, or build your workouts, is up to you and your coach.

There was an Olympic champion who had achilles problems every time he ran on the track. His coach had him running on gentle trails for his long runs and moderate runs. For speed work, he did 800 meter hill repeats. To fine tune, he raced a variety of distances, seldom his prime distance, plus his coach fined tuned him on a soccer pitch. He ran a 5,000m around the sides of the soccer pitch. He side, he sprinted half, jogged half. In his first Olympics, he ran the 5000m in 14 minutes. He won 2 Olympic gold medals. Four years later, the athlete was concerned about his racing fitness. So the coach gave him the soccer pitch drill again. This time he ran the 5000m in 13:32 around the pitch, changing his speed every 50-60 meters for 5000 meters! He came into the event confident and won both races once again.

Long runs are your life blood if you are a distance runner. They are physically transformative, and psychologically as well.

Sunday-warm up, 55 minutes, cooldown

Saturdays during this part of the season can be a race or a moderate run. Using the indoor season to have some fun, and try some non prime distances is a great idea. It shakes up your normal days of running and gives you some speed work.

During indoor, my key rule is racing shorter or longer than the key distance. for milers, 800m, 1000m or 3000m are great. For 5000m, 800m, 1000m, and 1,500m are great, even an 8

IMG_5330.jpgA fast run, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saturday, January 27, 2019-warm up, race 800m, 1000m or 3200m, cooldown. Or, run 45 minutes easy.

In near perfect conditions, on a fast, but not overly fast course, a top notch field, competing to run fast times and for strong price purse (reduced from 2018), but with no appearance fees, added extra lustre to the 20th anniversary of the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. The race, which had humble beginnings, first woke a few people up with Haile Gebrselassies's back to back wins in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The 2:04:53, shocked people, but Haile Gebrselassie, one of our greatest athletes of times, also showed runners that Dubai was a) fast, and b)modest weather in January.

CO1_0091.jpegThe start of the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Peter Connerton is, the race director. Mr. Connerton is, well a character. That is how an American from the Midwest kindly describes a man who is both mercurial and eccentric. In the spirit of the late Fred Lebow and Chicago's Bob Bright, Peter Connerton believes in his race, wearing his emotions on his sleeves, and in a profession that demands one must be charming and patience in dealing with sponsors, local governments and local cultures, Mr. Connerton tends to listen to his own drummer. Connerton believes that one brings the best athletes to the line, and with them battling to the end for the prize purse. To say he has strong opinions on appearance money is an understatement. In the SC Dubai Marathon, his approach works, but it is, a small part of the success that has been built over two decades.

In 2018, my first visit to Dubai, UAE, there were seven men under 2 hours, five minutes, and and four women under 2 hours, nineteen minutes. How does one improve then? Mr. Connerton, showing self control that surprised a few people, noted in the Wednesday press conference, that the 2018 performances could stand for years.

Au contraire mes amis.

In 2019, both men's and women's CR were rewritten. This is the column on the men's race.

CO1_1364.jpegGetaneh Molla and Ruth Chepngetich, winners of 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Last year in Dubai, four women broke 2:19. Race Director Peter Connerton stated at the presser this past Wednesday, that the superlative performrances of 2018 would be goals for many in upcoming years.

Then, along comes Ruth Chepngetich. A relative new comer to the ranks of marathoning, Chepngetich shocked many in November 2018, by taking 4:01 off her PB for the marathon at the Instanbul Marartrhornrr, defending her 2017 title. With a PB of 66:12 for the half marathon, and only three marathons under her belt, many thought she would play a big part in the race, but gave the win to Worknesh Degefa, with a PB of 2:19:53.

How wrong they were, as Ruth Chepnegetich not only dominated the race, but reminds many that she may be one of the few athletes who can challenge Mary Keitany for marathon global domination.

Ruth Wins 2019.jpegRuth Chepngetich wins Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

When you see an elite athlete run a great race, know that the seeds of that race begain 12-15 years ago. Core training and the daily workouts are what build success. Many athletes sucked in high school, and many of those late developers had huge challenges. The top athletes who have had many successes also have challenges. Our sport is personal and emotional. It is about appreciating our mortal engines.

IMG_4945.jpgRunning in the fog, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, January 25, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Join us live from Dubai for the 2019 Marathon. Action kicks off just before 6:00 p.m. PST with the wheelchair followed by the Elite runners. Paula Radcliffe and Pat Butcher take us through the action as it happens. Follow @RunBlogRun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more live coverage.

The 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is hours away and I thought we would end our pre race posts with this piece. The Dubai Marathon will have fine weather, a tough group of elite athletes, fit and ready to roll and 20,000 runners celebrating the sport. Running is a global event and it celebrates the best in the human condition. Each year, and the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is in its 20th year, the Dubai marathon reminds us of the power of sport to unite us.

Geremew wins Dubai 2018.jpgGeremew takes the 2018 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, from Meet Management

Rola Abu Manneh is the first UAE female to manage a bank. Rola Abu Manneh is the CEO of Standard Chartered Dubai, and she was at the front table in the Dubai Marathon press conference this past Wednesday. We were fortunate to get a few minutes with the gracious CEO. Ms. Abu Manneh was quite pleased to explain why Standard Chartered continues to support this event in Dubai, after 15 years and her company supports nine marathons arund the world.

Head Table SCDM 2019.jpegRola Abu Manneh, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, is third from left, photo from Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Sponsorship is a tough battle. There are always reasons to cut back, but Standard Chartered understands the cultural climate they thrive in, and where running is going in the Gulf States. Rola Abu Manneh has succeeded Julian Wynter at CEO of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon and she contiunues her brand's tradition of supporting this fine event.

We thank Rola Abu Manneh for her time and look forward to seeing her at the race on Friday.

Hug_MarcelSt1-Berlin17.jpgMarcel Hug, ready for space, 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The sport of wheelchair racing has changed much over the years. GBTC team mates Bill Rodgers is shown, in 1979, passing wheelchair pioneer Bob Hall. The chairs were heavier then, and the racing was less sophisticated. So much has changed in 2019, including a competitive and profressional wheelchair circuit.

If you follow the wheelchair marathon racing scene, you know Marcel Hug. Marcel is one of the finest tacticians and a keen sprinter in the marathon season, where he does 8-12 marathons a year, including Bostorn and London, which are one week apart.

Hug_MarcelA1-BosMar16.jpgMarcel Hug, 2016 Boston Marathon Champ, photo by PhotoRun.net

I compare wheelchair racing to bicycle racing. The pack is tight, the racing is furious, and then, the sprint. It is quite exciting. Marcel was sitting next to me in the presser on Wednesday and he graciously complied with my request for an interview!

Good luck to Marcel Hug, who begins his defense in Dubai at 5.50 AM local time!

The 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is a few hours away! We did this preview podcast to psych you up! Weather is low 60s, a bit windy, but near perfection. A bevy of athletes, male and female, who want to prove themselves in this World Championship year, joined by 20,000 runners from around the Gulf States, Asia and Europe to run fast times on a fast course. Last year, seven men under 2:05 and four women under 2:19.

COL_1477-Dubai Marathon .jpgChasing fast times in Dubai, photo from 2018 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Enjoy our podcast. Thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts for getting this podcast together so fast. Remember the race begins at 6 PM California time, 8 PM Chicago time and 7 PM NYC time Thursday evening, January 24! Local time in Dubai will be at 6 AM.

We wiill cover the event live, and you can watch every exciting moment via streaming at http://bit.ly/2019DubaiMarathon_Live.

Enjoy the podcast!

The press conference was standing room only on the first floor of the Dubai Hilton. The best ranked global marathon of 2018, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, was introducing the top athletes, the sponsors and taking questions. I was fortunate to ask two questions. I asked Peter Connerton, the race director, how he could follow up with better races than 2018, with seven men under 2:05 and four women under 2:19! Peter noted that would be tough. I noted that he was keeping expectations down. I was impressed. Peter knows some things we do not know.

Geremew wins Dubai 2018.jpgMoisinet Geremew wins in 2018, who will win in 2019? photo by Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

The weather on Friday should be quite good. I walked 5k along the river this morning and it was 50-55 F at 7:30 AM. There was some wind, which could be a concern. The course is a fast 2:04 course. It does not have the gradual downill for the last 12k of Berlin, but it has a history of athletes competing until the very last steps!

That was my second question, to Paula Radcliffe: does the close competition help bring faster times? Paula said, that in many cases, yes, as the athletes are all out, and charging. The seven men last year, in the top places, battled until the very end! As did the women! What will 2019 bring? 14 hours to go and we will find out!

If Guye Adole is fit, we can see some fast running. A rumor is going around the hotel that an Ethiopian runner told media that he can break the Ethiopian record, which means under 2:03.03 or better?

The workout below, and many variations were the workouts of 1972 Olympian Jack Bachelor, training partner of Frank Shorter and Jeff Galloway. Bachelor would whip himself into shape with sets of 300m repeats with 20 minute runs in between. I still want you in flats in these runs and want the workout to be continuous. Do this on effort. The final set of 300 meters are to be hard, and the last three are about moving fast.

Version 3.jpgSoon, you will be racing, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday-warm up, 20 minute run, 8 x 300 m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run, 8 x 300m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run, 8 x300m, good pace, 100m jog, 1 mile easy, then cooldown.

Head Table SCDM 2019.jpeg

2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Presser Picture shows: (Left to right) Peter Connerton (Event Director), Ahmed Al Kamali (Event General Co-ordinator) Rola Abu Manneh (Standard Chartered Bank UAE, CEO), H.E Saeed Hareb (Secretary General, Dubai Sports Council), athlete and broadcaster Paula Radcliffe, and Guye Adola, the fastest man in the line-up for Friday's race.
Held on the first floor of the Dubai Hilton, the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon was a chance for the sponsors to be feted by the marathon team and the press. Dubai Marathon has awarded $12 million plus to elite athletes over the past 20 years. We have provided a video of the entire official presser session, and the Q&A from Pat Butcher, who co hosts the Live streaming on Friday. The weather should be cool, with perhaps a protective layer of fog. US viewers will see it on Thursday night, as we are nine hours ahead of NYC, 10 hours of Chicago and 12 hours ahead of the left Coast.
Sorry on the iphone movement in video. I get a bit jumpy during videos.

The emotion in athletics is huge. It is huge because it takes us months, perhaps years to build up the fitness and focus the effort on a key race. Days like Wednesday, with a moderate recovery run, stride outs and a core workout. At the end of a race, keeping your form, and being able to hold your final sprint better than others could down to core strength.

IMG_5275.jpgAfter a DNF at Boston, Kellyn Taylor knew she was fit, so she came back, and ran Grandma's Marathon in 2:24.50 CR, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, January 24, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Original post February 7, 2009

Repost January 21, 2019

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

I have not missed the Reebok Boston Indoor Games, if my memory serves me, since 1997. Each year, the team at Global Athletics & Marketing puts together almost three hours of the finest, most exciting and most competitive performances in our sport! 2009 will not be an exception! A few words on my predictions and also, a few honest words about a major footwear company and sponsoring major events...

The meet management has offered $25k prize for breaking the world mens's indoor record at the pole vault, the American or Wolrd Indoor women's record at the pole vault and the Women's American record at 5,000 meters! Jenn Stuczynski, shown above, is my pick to break the American indoor pole vault, and possibly the world indoor tonight!

The 2019 New Balance Indoor GP is now in its 24th year.

McLaughlin_SydneyWJR-USOut17.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Runblogrun will be there, January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, from 4 PM to 7 PM! This meet is all about putting together nearly three hours of the finest athletics seen in North America, with standing room only crowd who breathes track & field. While the sprints, shot put and pole vault always have their fans, this meet is about the middle distance races.

Nick Willis versus Yomif Kejelcha, the debuts of Gabby Thomas and Sydney McLaughlin, NB's next generation of stars, and Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn will delight.

The Mondo 200 meter track is all about fast and furious racing. Global Athletics & Marketing puts on this fine meet, which is sponsored by New Balance. 24 years ago, the modest indoor meeting founded by Mark Wetmore and Larry Barthlow was fun, but it has grown intro its own force. In 2019, the NB Indoor GP will be the beginning of the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tour.

Please enjoy our modest podcast, saluting this fantastic event. This writer has missed 2 years in the last 24. Special thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts, for cranking this one out as I landed in Dubai, UAE.

One of my biggest beefs on athletics media is geo blocking events. I salute Runnerspace and Flotrack on covering events for a subscription, but, I believe the big events should be free with no geo blocking. We want our sport to grow and with most of Europe having IAAF major championships on paid TV, we are loosing many younger viewers. I salute EAA showing so many events via streaming.

When Peter Connorton sent me a note that he would stream his 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, now in its 20th year, with no geo blocking. The link is http://bit.ly/2019DubaiMarathon_Live.

To complement the fine streaming coverage, featuring Paula Radcliffe and iconic author, Pat Butcher, @runblogrun will update kilo by kilometer, top notes on FB and twitter PLUS Instagram photos. Our audience tends to follow the streaming with our pithy commentary and images! A fantastic way to begin the year of 2019!

Mosinet.jpgMosinet Geremew leads seven under 2:05 in 2018, what will happen in 2019? photo by Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon


The tempo run is a key to your success, much like a long run and interval work. The tempo run will help you build your mid race pace, and it is deceptively simple in execution, but complex in how it builds your racing skills.

_DSC0529.jpgScott "Burrrito" Fauble is a man who respects complex carbohydrates, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday-warm up, 20 minute temp run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Mondays are the beginning of the week. We have a moderate run, followed by 200 meter repeats. Core training is 30 minutes of good work with medicine ball, pull ups, push ups, bent leg sit ups, jumping rope.

IMG_5151.jpgHeading out for a run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, January 21, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 10 x 200 meters, 200m jog, at good effort, core training, cooldown

Kosgei_BrigidFH-Houston19.JPGBrigid Kosgei, 2019 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net
Brigid Kosgei fast 65:50
HOUSTON (USA, Jan 20): Ahead of the London Marathon in April, Ethiopia's Shura Kitata and Kenya's Brigid Kosgei took victories ahead of strong elite fields at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Kitata clocked 60:11 (5km 14:30, 10km 28:32, 15km 42:49, 20km 57:15) ahead of teammate Jemal Yimer (60:14) and Kenya's Bedan Karoki (60:18). Australia's Pat Tiernan was the top non-African finisher in sixth in a 61:22 PB and Great Britain's Dewi Griffiths was the top European in eighth in 61:44, the second fastest time of his career. Kosgei won the women's race in a US all-comers' record of 65:50 (5km 16:07, 10km 31:33, 15km 46:51, 20km 62:30) by nearly one minute ahead of teammate Fancy Chemutai (66:48) and reigning champion Ruti Aga from Ethiopia in 66:56. Emily Sisson just missed the US record in fifth in 67:30 as the top nine finishers all broke the 70 minute-mark. Biruktayit Degefa ran a big negative split to win the women's marathon in 2:23:28 (72:52/70:36) to lead an Ethiopian clean sweep ahead of Belaynesh Fikadu (2:26:41) and debutantes Meseret Belete (2:26:56) and Buze Diriba (2:28:06). Kelsey Bruce was the top US finisher in sixth in 2:31:53 and 2004 Canadian 1500m Olympian Malindi Elmore was seventh on her debut in 2:32:15. Kara Goucher dropped out after the 31km mark. Kenya's Albert Korir won the men's race in 2:10:02 from Ethiopia's Yitayal Atnafu (2:10:08) and Justus Kimutai (2:10:25).
Lasitskene_Mariya-WorInd18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Birmingham 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lasitskene 203 over Chicherova 201
MOSCOW (RUS, Jan 20): Reigning World and European champion Mariya Lasitskene made an amazing gift for her coach Gennadiy Gabrilyan birthday, when she won the special mixed high jump meeting among men and women 'The Battle of the Sexes' in new World season best and meeting record 203. The 26-year-old Russian cleared all heights in first attempts, but was unsuccessful at 205. London Olympic champion Anna Chicherova repeated her season best of 201 as second and then had one failure at 203 and two unsuccessful, but very close jumps over 205. The best from men's field was Ilya Ivanyuk who cleared 226 and took third place overall. London Olympic champion Ivan Ukhov went over 223 (fourth place), but then he skipped 226 as well as 229 and didn't cope with 232.
Chicherova_Anna1-Brussels15.jpgAnna Chicherova, Brussels 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net
runblogrun opines: Lasitskene and Chicherova bring out the best in each other. This writer would love to see the two high jump dieties compete over a few meets indoors. The Battle of the Sexes are so intimate and give Russian fans a chance to see two of the finest high jumpers in the world.
Kiplimo_Kimutai-Bogota18.jpgJacob Kiplimo, Bogata 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kiplimo beats Cheptegei
SEVILLE (ESP, Jan 20): World U20 cross country champion Jacob Kiplimo had the better of Ugandan teammate Joshua Cheptegei at the Cross Internacional de Italica (IAAF CC Permit). Kiplimo broke away on the last lap of the senior men's 9.975km to win in 27:48 ahead of Cheptegei (28:04) and Bahrain's Alberto Rop (28:06). David Palacio was the leading domestic finisher in seventh in 28:49 ahead of Antonio Abadia (28:50) and Adel Mechaal (29:06). Kenya's steeple WR holder Beatrice Chepkoech took a gun-to-tape win in the senior women's 9.135km in 28:01 ahead of Uganda's Stella Chesang (28:35) and three-time European cross country champion Yasemin Can from Turkey (29:04). Trihas Gebre was leading Spaniard in sixth in 29:57.
Cheptegei_Joshua-WorC17.jpgJoshua Cheptegei, London WC 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon will be an awesome one! The fields for both the men's and women's elite are named. Our friend from Kenya, Justin Lagat, opines about the fields and the potential for marathon nirvana.

Keitany_Mary1-NYC17.JPGMary Keitany, 2017 NYC Marathon, photo by Photorun.net

Mary Keitany, Brigid Kosgrei and Gladys Cherono in the women's field, along with Americans Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson. On the men's side, Mo Farah, Eliud Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang and Abraham Kiptum will provide some great viewing. A few weeks ago, someone reminded me how hot the Tokyo Marathon will be. They picked Brigid Kosgei as the one to watch for Tokyo.

Kosgei_BrigidFH1-Houston19.JPGBrigid Kosgei, 2019 Aramco Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

On a final note, Eliud Kipchoge knows he can be beat by Mo Farah, that is one of the reason's why Kipchoge is the best marathoner in the world. That is why Kipchoge will run his race, and not a race that gives any advantages to Mo Farah.

Farah_Mo-WorC17.jpgMo Farah, 2017 World Championships, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kipchoge_Eluid1j-Berlin18.JPGEliud Kipchoge, 2018 Berlin Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Guy Adola.jpgGuye Adola, photo from Dubai Marathon

There is magic in Dubai. Last year, we were treated to the deepest finishes in men's and women's marathons, with seven men under 2:05, NEVER DONE BEFORE, and four women under 2:20, NEVER DONE BEFORE! The competitiveness, the weather, the course, and the prize purse all add up to encouraging fast running on a wonderfully designed course.

Guy Adola is a fine athlete with a PB of 2:03.46. With his health returned, can he take advantage of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon magic?

Watch for our coverage of the Dubai Marathon, starting January 23, Live from Dubai. Check our coverage of the Dubai Marathon on runblogrun.

Original post, January 11, 2011
Repost, January 20, 2019
A look back to 2011!
The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.
NB's Andy Baddeley wins 2010 NB Indoor,
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Boston Indoor Games has been in existence since 1996. In my humble opinion, the meet has developed a standard that is hard pressed to match indoors in North America, and it stands up very well to the meets I visit in Europe!

In this economic time, sponsors are hard to find. Sponsors who stay with an event are even harder. In its fifteen years, Boston Indoor Games has had several footwear companies as sponsors. The first sponsor was New Balance, way back in 1996, and guess what? They're back!

The Long Run is a relatively new addition to long distance training. Alf Shrubb, the great 19th century and early 20th century. Shrubb walked vigorously everry day and ran very fast 2-6 miles. In one race he broke WR for 4 miles, six miles, 7 miles, 10 miles, 11 miles, 12 miles! One race, 300,000 fans watched him race, and were betting on his race, but that is another story.

The great Emil Zatopek, who won the 5000m, 10,000m and marathon in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics did workouts of 40 times 400 meters, to test himself. One time, he ran 300 meter repeats in high snow around his house. For several weeks, he would hold his breath walking for minutes, to build his lungs.

It was a New Zealand milkman, Arthur Lydiard, who was embarrased in his mid 30s being outrun by a man in his 60s. Lydiard trained up to 200 miles a week, and convinced a group of young men from his neighorhood to train with him. They ran 100 miles a week, then did hill work, then, developed speed. Each week they did 18-22 miles hilly run. Lydiard believed that long runs developed capillarization and a more efficient circulation system. In Lydiard's training group was Peter Snell, 1960 gold at 800m, 1964 gold at 800m and 1,500m, John Davies, 1964 bronze at 1,500m, Murray Halberg, 1960 5000m gold medalist, Barry Magee, 1960 bronze medalist marathon. In 1968, he trained Juan Martinez, Mexico's 4th placer in 5000m and 10,000m. In 1970, he assisted Finnish Federation, and in 1972, Lasse Viren, coached by Lydiard educated Rolf Hakkola, won the 5000m and 10,000m, as he did in 1976. New Zealand coaches got Lydiard, and John Walker, 1976 gold 1500m, Rod Dixon, 1972 bronze 1500, Dick Quax, 1976 silver 5000m and Dick Taylor, 1974 Commonwealth 10,000m gold.

IMG_4945.jpgA long run with friends, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

I was fortunate to meet Arthur in 1985 (thanks Jim Howell) and in 1999, and helped the famous coach organize a 20 city coaching tour with Arthur in the U.S. One of my favorite evenings, in 1999, was at Essen Haus in Madison, WI with Joe Hanson, Jerry Schumacher and Arthur, talking late into the night on training. Arthur loved to talk, and he loved young athletes. He passed away in 2004, on a coaching education tour. He was a wonderfully eccentric, colorful character in our sport. Now, all long distance training has been influenced by the former New Zealand milkman.

On your long run today, enjoy the weather, and consider how lucky you are to be able to move, and not worry about the safety of your run. Long runs take you to a place where you can write papers, consider paintings, and enjoy the company of dear friends. Never underestimate the power of the long run.

Sunday, Januarry 20, 2019-warm up, 55 minutes, cooldown

Kara Goucher is a World Championship silver medalist at 10,000 meters. Kara Goucher is also a two time Olympian (2008 and 2012). Her attempt at the marathon gave her a heartr breaking fourth place finish in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. When I caught up with Kara last month in San Antonio, she was relaxed and confident, having put in some good training since Colt, her son, began school in the fall. " I took runs from 4 miles to 12 miles, " Kara Goucher had told me. She also noted how excited she was to run Chevron Houston. In San Antonio, Kara Goucher finished 3rd in 1:15:59.

Kara Goucher.jpgKara Goucher, photo courtesy of Colorado Running Magazine

One month later, Kara Goucher is about to run her first marathon in nearly 3 years, which finds her healthy and positive. Kara Goucher is 40 years old now, and she is running relaxed. We wish her much luck, thinking that she may be in 2:36 to 2:40 shape.

Kara Goucher is one of the most popular women athletes in social media. The 2 time Olympian writes with emotion and care, and many women runners appreciate the young mom juggling family, and career.

Good luck Kara!

Chicherova_Anna1a-Brussels15.jpgAnna Chicherova, photo by PhotoRun.net
Chicherova beats Lasitskene
CHELYABINSK (RUS, Jan 17): Performances of two London Olympics champions became highlights of Lukashevich and Seredkin Memorial, annual special jumping meeting. Anna Chicherova went over 201 (all heights were cleared by the 36-year-old Russian in first attempt) and after one foul at 203 she stopped. Reigning World and European champion Mariya Lasitskene was second with 197. 16-year-old Adelina Khalikova improved her indoor PB to 184 as fourth lost to Tatyana Odinyova in countdown. On the men side, Ivan Ukhov was best with 231 and after two failures at 235 he did not continue. World junior champion 2014 Mikhail Akimenko repeated his PB 228 as second over Semen Pozdnyakov 225. In pole vault Georgiy Gorokhov won with 560 over Yevgeniy Lukyanenko 550. Irina Ivanova (22) improved her PB to 455 to win women's event ahead of Lyudmila Petrova and Mariya Zakharutkina (both 435).
Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Stecchi and Lavillenie in a tie
NEVERS (FRA, Jan 19): There was a tie for the first place at the 2nd leg of Perche Elite Tour here. World record holder Renaud Lavillenie and Italian Claudio Michel Stecchi both cleared 570 in third attempt. For the Italian an overall PB. Then he tried at 575 and Lavillenie passed but was not succesful at 580. But he only tried twice as he felt his right tibia like in Tignes and as a matter of precaution stopped. He will see the doctor on Monday. Third Axel Chapelle, fourth Didac Salas of Spain and fifth Mathieu Collet all cleared 552. Swiss Angelica Moser won women with 440.
Kara Goucher is racing the Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday, 20 January 2019. Here are some of her thoughts from a month ago...

Original post, December 11, 2018

RePost, January 19, 2019

Kara Goucher is a two time Olympian and World Championship Silver medalist at 10,000 meters. In 2008 and 2012, Kara ran on Olympic teams, and did so well. In 2016, Kara Goucher came oh so close to making the Olympic team, finishing a difficult 4th place.

Goucher_Kara-Lisbon09.jpgKara Goucher, Lisbon 2009, photo by Photorun.net

I caught up with Kara Goucher just before her half marathon run in San Antonio, Texas. Kara was excited. She had run 110 miles a week since the late summer, and was feeling good. "This is the first race that I have had interrest in since the 2016 Trials." was how Kara explained it to me.

Kara is married to Adam Goucher, a 2000 Olympian at 5000 meters. They have a son named Colt, just entering second grade. Kara spoke to www.runblogrun.com on a variety of subjects. She spoke about her career as an elite track athlete, and her move to the marathon.

This is a second run at a career at running. Kara is taking one day at a time. At San Antonio, Kara ran 1:15:56, and she began slow. Kara Goucher is planning to run the Houston Marathon on January 19, 2019.

We wish her much luck.

Thanks to Brian Eder on producing our Sound Cloud interviews.

Stefanidi and Nageotte 474
RENO (USA, Jan 18): Greece's European champion Katerina Stefanidi cleared 474 to beat American Katie Nageotte on countback at the UCS Pole Vault Summit in Reno. Both achieved the top mark in second attempt and failed at 486. But Nageotte needed three attempts at 456 and that decided. USA's Lexi Jacobus equalled her PB of 466 to place third. Three more got 456, in a tie for fourth returning Canadian record holder Alysha Newman and Morgan Leleux and as sixth Annie Johnigan. Male European Champion Armand Duplantis, last year's world No.1, cleared only his opening height 551 in first and then had three failures at 571. That resulted to a tie for fourth with Kevin King (551). Winner was Matt Ludwig (571) with runner-up Seito Yamamoto of Japan (571) and third-placed Andrew Irwin (561). Former World champion Shawn Barber no-heighted at 526.
Nageotte_KatieR-Worlds18.jpgKatie Nageotte, photo by PhotoRun.net
runblogrun opines: This is where it all started. The team behind this fine event began this in the early 1990s. Everything else is imitation. We covered the first event when we did American Athletics! Humbled to see my friends doing good things all these years.
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Good Morning! Competition day is underway! #PVS2019

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Gebrhiwet_Hagos-Campaccio19.jpgHagos Gebrhewit, CampaccioXC 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net-Boston, January 26, 2019

Stefanidi_Ekaterina1-Monaco18.jpgEkaterina Stefanidi, Monaco 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net, Karlsruhe, February 2, 2019

Echevarria_Manuel1f-Stockholm18.jpgManuel Echevarria, Stockholm 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net, Torun, Poland, February 6, 2019

Schippers_DaphneQ-WORLDi18.jpgDafne Schippers, World Indoor 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net, Madrid, February 8, 2019r

775199425AB00071_24th_Europ.JPGLaura Muir, European Championships, August 2018, photo by Getty Images/Berlin 2018, Muller Indoor GP, Birmingham, February 16, 2019

1015150248.jpgHenrik and Jakub Ingebrigtsen, European 1,500m, August 2018, photo by Getty Images/Berlin 2018 , Dusseldorf, February 20, 2019

The IAAF World Indoor Tour gives you fantastic track and field in North America & Europe! Watch for complete coverage of all the meets by RunBlogRun and the IAAF. We look forward to seeing you in Boston for the launch!

Original February 2, 2010

Repost, January 19, 2019

A look back to 2011!

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

Nick Willis winning the Rbk mile in 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net.

In a wide ranging series of interviews, it was quite obvious that the Reebok Boston Indoor Games 2010, like the fourteen that have preceeded it, will be a barn burner. Three hours of great competitions, and three hours with some amazing athletes showing their stuff. RBR spoke to Bernard Lagat, Nick Willis, Anna Willard Pierce and Tirunesh Dibaba at today's Press Conference. Here is what they had to say. One thing, do not be surprised if Nick Willis, the 2008 Olympic silver medalist at 1,500 meters, runs a bit faster than the 3:53.43 mile he ran last year!

Early races are about learning from the experience and seeing where you are at. In an 800m, 1000m, or 3000, you will be fine on endurance, but, short on leg speed.

Version 3.jpgA day at the track, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, January 19, 2019-warm up, race 800m, 1000m or 3200m, cooldown. Or, run 45 minutes easy.

Sisson-HuddleH1-NycHalf17.JPGEmma Sisson and Molly Huddle, 2017 NYC Half Marathon, photo by PhortoRun.net

The 2019 Virgin London Marathon continues to prove that not only does it have the finest field of the spring marathon season, but also the deepest. Spencer Barden has taken over the orchestratrion of the elite field, taking over after the retirement of David Bedford, and the field continues to show a quality of thought and appreciation of how to orchestrate a field to bring out the very best in the key players in the field.

In that light, it is fantastic to see American distance runners Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson are going to be racing the streets of London. Molly Huddle is the former AR 5000m, and holds the 10,000m and half marathon. Emily Sisson holds the AR debut half marathon. Finding a successful training partner is not easy. Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson are training partners.

Training partners help the other when the other is having a bad day. Perhaps partners switch interval leads. Or, on a tough tempo run, partners juggle the lead, helping both achieve the desired goals. As the author of Once a Runner, John Parker, described it, training partners understand the other due to the time spent, or, the "Miles of Trials and Trials of Miles." Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson encourage each other, and challenge each other to give their very best.

RunBlogRun looks forward to covering the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon this year, with Americans Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson in the fray. To see the entire London Marathon elite field, click here.

Original post, February 1, 2012

RePost, January 18, 2019

A look back to 2012!

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

The Reggie Lewis Center, which has been the host facility for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix since its inception, has seen some amazing races. In our sport, it is really about the competition, not the records, but you would never know!

In the end, he or she who can put it all together, who can run, jump or throw, faster, longer or farther than the competition is the winner. Who can put it all on the line, with five thousand cheering, clapping fans, encouraging you to pull that extra bit of energy, that extra centimeter, that extra kick over the last lap to make the difference

Simpson_Jen1c-NewBalGP11.JPGJenny Simpson, 2011 NB Indoor GP, photo by PhotoRun.net

DSC_1517.jpgBedan Karoki, RAK 2018, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

DSC_1551.jpgJamal Yimer, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

(Houston, TX): Six runners with sub-one hour lifetime bests will compete in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon on Sunday. The line-up features Ethiopians Jemal Yimer (58:33) and London and New York Marathon runner-up Shura Kitata (59:16) and multiple world cross country and half marathon medallist Bedan Karoki from Kenya (58:42). Six sub-67 minute competitors line up in the women's race: Kenyans Fancy Chemutai (64:52), Edith Chelimo (65:52), Gladys Cherono (66:07), Mary Wacera (66:29) and Brigid Kosgei (66:35) and reigning champion Ruti Aga from Ethiopia (66:39). The US hopes are led by Emily Sisson (68:21) and Kenyan-born Sally Kipyego (68:31) who makes her debut as a US citizen.

The development in athletics is all about consistent workouts, focus, attention to details and health. The easy days and hard days are there for a reason. At each level, the athlete needs hard and easy days. Enjoy the day today and try an unusual distance tomorrow.

IMG_5141.jpgA few stride outs,photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Friday, January 18, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

image1.jpegTommy Leonard and Jeff Benjamin, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Tommy Leonard was one of those wonderfully colorful and eccentric people in our sport, that, if you met him once, you would never forget that meeting. My first visit to Falmouth Road Race was in 1985, with Kim Wrinkle, Dan Ferrera, and we slept on the floor of Coach Bill Squires the night before. Meeting Tommy Leonard with Coach Squires was one of those life moments. Falmouth Road Race weekend was Tommy Leonard's weekend, as he was the indominatable spirit behind the race that exemplifies the New England summer race circuit.

image2.jpegBill Rodgers with the Tommy Leonard adult beverage, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Tommy Leonard passed away on January 15, 2019. We asked Jeff Benjamin to reach out to friends to provide thoughts on Tommy and his place in the history of New England road racing.

image3.jpegTommy Leonard painting, photo by Jeff Benjamin

642628072.jpg400m battles in Birmingham, courtesy of British Athletics/Getty Images

Su, Ujah, Prescod, Kilty
BIRMINGHAM (GBR): World indoor 60m silver medallist Su Bingtian is confirmed for the Muller Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham (IAAF World Indoor Tour) on 16 February, informs organisers. Su faces a strong British contingent including European 100m silver medallist Reece Prescod, two-time European indoor champion Richard Kilty and CJ Ujah, part of the gold medal-winning 4x100m team at the 2017 World Championships. "I know that where the 100m is concerned I have one of the best finishes in the world at the moment, but equally my start can be another massive strength with work. Racing over 60m in Birmingham against some of the top guys is only going to contribute towards that getting stronger and stronger, so it's a big test that I'm looking forward to," said Prescod. Laura Muir, Andrew Pozzi and Ekaterini Stefanidi are also confirmed for Birmingham.
runblogrun opines: The Birmingham Meeting (16 February) is one of my favorite meetings of the year. The crowd, the Arena, the track, and the wonderful fields come together to provide the finest indoor meeting in Europe. I hope that our readers get a chance to visit the meeting, but, until then, find a way to watch it on BBC.
642617832.jpgLaura Muir, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

The sold out stands in the Reggie Lewis Center will shake on January 26 once again, as the fine fields of the 24th NB Indoor GP will race around the 200m Mondo oval from 4 pm to 7 pm. For twenty four years now, the fields of the NB Indoor GP have entertained the track fans who cheer on the fine athletes that have battled on this track.

The release below tells us more about the exciting fields on January 26, 2019 at the 24th New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

Brazier-BerianPC-NBind18.jpGBrazier, Berian, photo by PhotoRun.net

MOSCOW (RUS): Reigning high jump World and European champion Mariya Lasitskene said that her indoor competition schedule will not be influenced by late dates of Doha Worlds. "Of course, it [late date of World Championships 2019] changes our preparations, but it has nothing to do with indoor season. But I know for sure, that we're not going to start our summer season from the Doha Diamond League. It's too early. As for the rest, I think we will not change much, because we already have experience of such situations. My coach knows how to keep my me in shape," Lasitskene who will jump on Thursday at Lukashevich Memorial told TASS.

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMaria Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net

Original post, January 23, 2008
Repost, January 17, 2009


Jennifer Stuczynski, photo by PhotoRun.net (Jenn is now Jenn Suhr)

The Boston Indoor GB is rich in history. This piece is ten years old.

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

One of the characteristics of a revolution is change. Indoor track and field has had bastions for decades in the cities of Boston and New York. In New York, the impressario was and is Dr. Norb Sanders and his NY Armory. In Boston, it is the Reggie Lewis Center and the team, lead by Keith McDermott, that supports the sixty plus high school meets. In both cities, great facilities have risen from dreams and hard work. Neither center would have happened without many people asking hard questions and not relying on easy answers.

Like the saving of indoor prep track and field, which was what Sanders and McDermott have done in their respective cities, elite track and field on the indoor level was also saved. The rebirth of elite indoor track and field in Boston and the saving of the oldest indoor track meet in the U.S. involved one marketing company-Global Athletics & Marketing.

The renaissance of elite track and field in this country is due to many reasons, many people and groups. It has not been an easy battle. One of the reasons why Global Athletics has played such a huge part is because they have been able to answer many disparate needs through uniting many groups for a common cause.

This is one of my favorite workouts. I did it in the 1970s, once a week and it helped me, after 10-12 weeks, run Pbs in 800m, Mile and 3200m. The runs are done at talking pace and the 300ms at mile pace. Over the last set of 300 meters, always make sure the last 3 are fastest and the final one is good effort. You are, as my training partners Tim and Danny Gruber would say, Reinforcing the neuromuscular loop (thanks Coach Riggs). Lots of muscle memory, you need to remind yourself that, when you are tired, you always have a kick. A last 300 meters, increasing the speed each 100m, (thanks Coach Dellinger) can win races for you.

IMG_5141.jpgGetting on the track is fun, photo Photorun.net

Thursday, January 17, 2019-warm up, 20 minute run, 8 x 300m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run, 8 x 300m, good pace, 100m jog, 20 minute run,

8 x300m, good pace, 100m jog, 1 mile easy, then cooldown.

Ekaterina Stefanidi, photo by PhotoRun.net
Stefanidi starts this week in Reno
ATHENS (GRE): Ekaterini Stefanidi is planning a full indoor campaign culminating with the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow from 1-3 March. Stefanidi will open her indoor season at the Reno Pole Vault Summit (18 Jan) and will compete at the IAAF World Indoor Tour events in Boston (26 Jan), Karlsruhe (2 Feb), Birmingham (16 Feb) and Dusseldorf (20 Feb). Stefanidi will also compete at the Perche Elite Tour in Rouen (9 Feb) ahead of her title defence in Glasgow. Stefanidi cleared 4.85m to win gold in Belgrade two years ago.
Stefanidi_EkateriniBib-NBind17.jpgEkaterina Stefanidi, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter wrote this piece on one of the true Cathedrals of Sport, the Zurich Letzigrund Stadium. It is a tremendous stadium from which to witness the best in our sport.

Rainbow-Euros14.jpgStadion Letzigrund, photo by PhotoRun.net

David has written for us for several years, and we thought this was a grand way to start off his writing in 2019, with a story about one of the finest stadiums in the world. We are also quite grateful to the always thoughtful Steve Cram, who expressed what many feel are the amazing qualities of the Stadion Letzigrund.

Kejelcha for mile
BOSTON (USA): World indoor 3000m champion Yomif Kejelcha from Ethiopia will step down to contest the mile at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston on 26 January when he will face two-time Olympic 1500m medallist Nick Willis, informs organisers. Kejelcha's teammate Hagos Gebrhiwet faces Edward Cheserek in the 3000m and Clayton Murphy, Boris Berian and Donavan Brazier are all confirmed for the 800m. On the women's side, Jenny Simpson goes head-to-head with Konstanze Klosterhalfen over 5000m and Lynsey Sharp faces Raevyn Rogers and Georganne Moline over 600m.
Kejelcha_YomifFV-Brussels15.jpgYomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.net
Runblogrun opines: The NB Men's mile may be the best event of the evening. Yomif Kejelcha is the 2016 and 2018 World Indoor Champ at 3,000m, and 2017 London 4th placer in 5,000m. Nick Willis is the 2008 Olympic silver medalist, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist at 1,500m plus 3 times medalist at Commonwealth Games. Kejelcha has run 3:52.61 for mile, 4:57.74i for 2000m, 7:28.00 for 3000m, 12:46.79 for 5000m. Nick Willis has run 1:45.54 for 800m, 3:29.66 for 1,500m, 3:49.83 for mile, 7:36.91 for 3000m. Willis one of the cagiest indoor racers of all times and his close in the 1,500m in the Olympics in 2016 has to be rewatched. Kejelcha is fast and furious. A confidence in his racing will come and once it hits, Yomif Kejelcha could blow the World indoor mile off the charts!
The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

Original post, January 15, 2014

Repost, January 16, 2019

This is a story from the wayback machine. We go back to 2014. We hope you enjoy!

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

The Reggie Lewis Center is one of the two top sites in North America for indoor track & field. One of the main reasons for that success is Keith McDermott, who has looked over the facility with thoughtful concern, and lots of elbow grease, since 1998. A former sprinter and long jumper, Keith gets track and field and appreciates what a life changing experience the sport can be for the boys and girls of the Boston metro area.

Rich Kenah, 1997 World Champ bronze medalist at 800 meters, and partner in Global Athletics & Marketing, the group that has produced and managed the New Balance Indoor GP since its inception, goes even farther in his praise of Mr. McDermott: Keith McDermott's "support of the meet since the 90s is one of the reasons that the New Balance Grand Prix continues to thrive."
Keith McDermott, photo courtesy of NBIGP

The lore of running is that nearly anyone can do it. If one puts an effort into the activity, and is consistent, improvement will come. Like all things in life, there are times of challenge, and that is where one learns something about oneself. Spring track season was always a challenge for me. It was not until my junior year that I began to score points for my team. I had run lots of miles all summer and went from dead last to taking a tenth place in the JV league. In my junior year of track, I began to score varsity points, nearly winnng several tough races. It was not until my senior year in college that I won my first race. I had run nearly 350 races by then, and I was able to savor the victory.

IMG_5000.jpgA morning run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Now, 38 years later, I think of my friends, daily training and racing with much affection. The lessons learned in our sport transcend the sport, they are about the wonders of the human condition.

Wednesdays are about a good run, some core work and strideouts. Savor them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Karston Warholm has a meet


Warholm has own meet
ULSTEINVIK (NOR): The International indoor meet in Ulsteinvik "Karsten Warholm International" on January 25 will see the clash of local hero and 400 m Hurdles World and European champion Karsten Warholm with Czech Indoor Star and triple World and European Indoor champion Pavel Maslak. Also confirmed are other Norwegian top names like Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal, Hedda Hynne and Amalie Iuel. Serbian European U20 Champion Milica Gardasevic will compete in the women long jump. In men long jump Ukrainian Berlin medalist Serhiy Nykyforov vs Sweden´s Andreas Otterling.
Warholm_KarstenPort-Stockholm18.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by PhotoRun.net

WASHINGTON (USA): World 3000m steeplechase silver medallist Courtney Frerichs has paid tribute to sports psychologists for helping her overcome feelings of struggling to come up to expectations following her career high point in London 2017. The American told Runner's World: "I think I tried to strive for perfection too much in my training and races. It actually started to become very overwhelming, and I started really struggling through training. I felt that I wasn't mentally putting races together as well as I could have. More than anything, I really needed to figure things out. I was putting so much pressure on myself because of the accomplishment I had from Worlds." She credited Sean McCann, a senior sport psychologist for the U.S. Olympic Committee, and said she would use him on an ongoing basis.

Frerichs_Courtney1-Monaco18.jpgCourtney Frerichs, photo by PhotoRun.net

Daphne Schippers in Karlsruhe

Schippers in Karlsruhe
KARLSRUHE (GER): World 200m champion Dafne Schippers is set to appear in the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe on 2 February. The Dutchwoman will face Mujinga Kambundji, the multiple Swiss record-holder who won world indoor bronze last year, organisers inform. The sell-out meeting is the second meeting of this winter's IAAF World Indoor Tour series.
Schippers_DaphneQ-WORLDi18.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kipchoge thinks sub 2 possible


Kipchoge thinks sub 2 possible
NAIROBI (KEN): After last year taking more than a minute off the world record with 2:01:39, Olympic marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge said he believes a sub-two-hour marathon is possible. "With the right training, the right environment and the right people, and with the right thinking, then all is possible. However, it requires someone to have the belief," he said, writes Daily Nation.
Kipchoge_Eluid-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by PhotoRun.net


Ryan Whiting, photo by PhotoRun.net
Christian Cantwell, photo by PhotoRun.net
Original post, February 2, 2015
New Post, January 15, 2019
The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com or by calling 1-877-849-8722.
On Saturday night, February 7, at the 2015 New Balance Indoor GP, two of the finest shot putters in the world, Ryan Whiting and Christian Cantwell, will be throwing a sixteen pound ball in the Reggie Lewis Center. Some people watch Monster Truck races. I want Big Guys throw sixteen pound steel balls (well, indoors they have a covering).

We have bought back Temp runs. These runs callous the middle distance runner. I believe the tempo work really helps you keep your mid race pace. These workouts are one of the 3 key days a week you must not miss.

Fauble_Scott6-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday-warm up, 20 minute temp run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

McLaughlin_SydneyR-USOlyTr16.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sydney McLaughlin is one of the most exciting athletes in our sport. Sydney won the NCAA Championships 400m hurdles as a freshman. Then, after the summer, the rumors began about the bidding war on Ms. McLaughlin. At the end of the battle, New Balance came out on top. Paying an impressive amount of money, NB adds to their list of athletes, which includes Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn and and Gabby Thomas.

Sydney McLaughlin will be running in her NB gear at the NB Indoor GP. To the best of my knowledge, this is her debut as a professional. Do not miss it!

McLaughlin_SydneyQ-USOlyTr16.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Across most of the US, over 1million athletes, in high school track are beginning to train. This is week 2 for our program for 2019. We begin to work this week. The vacation is over. We need to work hard for the next 8-10 weeks. Get used to it. Eat well, sleep well, and warm up and cool down. And watch your shoes!

Also, please begin my 3 exercises, 5 bent leg sit ups, 5 push ups, 2 pull ups, do them M,W,F.

IMG_5139.jpgDoing Stride outs, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Huddle_MollyFV-Houston18.jpgMolly Huddle, Aramco Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Houston Marathon Weekend is one week away. One of the most successful marathons in the world, Houston continues to innovate and build their 5k, Half Marathon and Marathon events. This release is on the health of sponsors.

Kejelcha_YomifFV-PreC15.jpgYomif Kejelcha, photo by Photorun.net
Top doubles for Kejelcha and Klosterhalfen
SEATTLE (USA, Jan 12): Great doubles at the UW Preview meet at 307 m oversized track. Ethiopian World Indoor champion Yomif Kejelcha clocked 2:18.34 in the 1000 m (his first ever) and after 50 minutes 3:52.61 PB in the mile. German Konstanze Klosterhalfen went to 2:43.07 in the 1000 m (her first ever) and 4:29.06 (indoor PB) over the mile with only 20 minutes in-between. Behind her Katie Mackey 4:30.02. In the men 1000 second Olympic medalist Clayton Murphy 2:18.64 and Brannon Kidder third 2:19.18 and Sam Prakel fourth 2:19.87. In the mile second Amos Bartelsmeyer 3:55.32 PB. Craig Engels won the 3000 m in huge life-time best 7:50.79 over Dillon Maggard 7:51.84 PB and Henry Wynne 7:52.23 PB. Women 3000 m went to Eleanor Fulton 9:02.84 (big PB) ahead of Shannon Rowbury (first track race since summer 2017 after baby break) 9:03.00. Briton Josh Kerr won the 800 m in 1:49.61 and Australian Louis Stenmark the 600 m in 1:17.59. Oraine Palmer from Jamaica improved to 6.65 in the 60 m and Katie Nageotte went over 465 in the pole vault.

img_0026.jpgOn the trails, photo by Lane 9 Project

Orrin Konheim wrote this piece about the Lane 9 Project, a non-profit organization located in Washington D.C., dedicated to teaching active women and girls about nutrition, fertility, women's health, eating disorder recovery and sport.

img_0026.jpgOn the trails, photo by Lane 9 Project

Orrin Konheim wrote this piece about the Lane 9 Project, a non-profit organization located in Washington D.C., dedicated to teaching active women and girls about nutrition, fertility, women's health, eating disorder recovery and sport.

Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzhelika Sidorova, photo by Photorun.net

NOVOCHEBOKSARSK (RUS, Jan 12): Pole vault world indoor and European silver medallist Anzhelika Sidorova has topped world season list with 485 clearance in first attempt to win Chuvashia Governor Cup meet. Second Olga Mullina went over 445. Yekaterina Ishova won women 3000 m in 9:09.88.

runblogrun opines: Anzhelika Sidorova is one of the few pole vaulters who can challenge for the big medals. Her best jumps are still ahead of her, and a smart 4.85m clearance this early suggest a high level of fitness.

Sidorova_AnzelikaQ1-World15.jpgAnzhelika Sidorova, photo by Photorun.net

Justin Lagat sent this in early in January. His View from Kenya gives us a view into the Kenyan running culture. This reminds us that to be a great athlete, you need to be out there all year long.

Kirui_AbelGroup1f-Kenya12.jpgTraining group in Kenya, photo by Photorun.net

xc4 (1 of 1)-7.jpgElite Women's race is off, photo by Steven Ashworth/for Great Run Company

xc4 (1 of 1)-9.jpgLaura Muir takes the relay win for Great Britain, photo by Steven Ashworth/for Great Run Company

xc4 (1 of 1)-11.jpgHillary Bor takes senior men's win, photo by Steven Ashworth/for Great Run Company

Europe wins

STIRLING (GBR, Jan 12): Team Europe successfully defend their overall title at the Simplyhealth Great Stirling XCountry (EA CC Permit) with 55 points ahead of Great Britain (84) and the USA (90). Germany's Elena Burkard won the women's 6km in 20:01 ahead of Brit Charlotte Arter (20:06) and Denmark's Anna Emilie Moller (20:11) before Hillary Bor won the men's 8km for the United States in 23:48 ahead of Sweden's Napoleon Solomon (23:48) and Spain's Adel Mechaal (23:49). Reigning two-time winner Leonard Korir was fourth in 23:49 and former three-time winner Garrett Heath had to settle for fifth in 23:56. Anchored by Laura Muir, Great Britain won the mixed 4x1500m relay in 17:36 from Europe (17:45) and the United States (18:01).
xc4 (1 of 1)-13.jpgThe senior men's race, photo by Steven Ashworth/Great Run Company

The long run builds up your strength and endurance. Long runs are a key component to weekly training. Enjoy the run. You have survived the first week! Nice job!

IMG_4945.jpgOut for the long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, Januarrry 13, 2019 : Long run, easy 50-55 minutes, cooldown

Kipchoge_Eluid-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by Photorun.net

Chepkoech_Beatrice-Monaco18.jpgBeatrice Chepkoech, photo by Photorun.net

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the SOYA awards from Safaricom for 2018. Justin writes a column once a week for us on the running in culture of Kenya. Justin is a kean observer of the sport.

Shannon Rowbury returns to racing


Rowbury_ShannonQ1a-London17.jpgShannon Rowbury, photo by Photorun.net

Shannon Rowbury has returned to racing. The three time Olympian, (2008, 2012 and 2016) began training in September 2018, after having had her baby on June 30, 2018. Shannon Rowbury is one of our fiercest racers, and holds American records at 1,500m (3:56.29) and 5,000m (14:38.92). Shannon obviously has the dream of a 4th Olympic team on her mind.

To make the 2019 and 2020 teams will be very challenging. The level of American women distance runners continues to excel. Shannon will have to be at he best to make the team and to battle on the global athletic stage. Peter Julian is coaching Shannon as she returns to fitness. Rowbury will use the skills that won her a bronze in Berlin in 2009 in the 1,500m and in 2016, at the World indoor in Portland ove 3000m.

As Shannon builds toward elite fitness, this 3000m indoors was her first race back. She ran a 9:03, taking second in a closely fought race to Eleanor Fulton. We wish Shannon Rowbury much luck as she returns to racing.

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The work is paying off. 9:03 for my 3k opener (currently #3 in the World 😜) and a hard 6x800m session post-race. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Slowly but surely I'm getting back into shape. Today was my first track race postpartum. My baby was born June 30, 2018 and I started running again September 1. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm not gonna lie, when Coach Pete suggested racing a 3k a couple weeks ago I was like 😱. I've been grinding away and have been proud of my progress, but I just wasn't sure where my fitness was. It's one thing to get beat on the roads where I don't have much experience, but it's another to step back on the oval where I've had years of tears and sweat and heartbreak and extreme pride. The track holds so many emotions for me and I definitely had some angst about returning so soon. But as always, Coach knows best. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It was good to face my fears. Better to rip off the band aide and see what I was facing. It did feel hard, but everything does these days, and most of all, it was just fun to be back. The thrill of competing is quite intoxicating and the running community is like family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to everyone who cheered me on today. The track is my home, and it's nice to be back. I'm looking forward to the summer!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #athletemom #siennarosaleen

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Damn, I look good in red 👀 As some of you may heard, I have joined the Bowerman Track Club and will be coached by Jerry Schumacher. I'm looking forward to creating more memories like the one in the photo with the BTC. I hope you all will continue to follow and support me as I embark down this new path. At this time I would like to thank Alberto and the Nike Oregon Project for everything they have done for me over the past six years that enabled me to win the 2016 Olympic Games, 2016 World Indoor Championships, silver at the 2013 World Championships and six USA titles. I please ask you all to be respectful to me and both groups with my decision at this time. Thank you #BowermanBabes

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The worst kept secret in athletic gossip circles was that Matthew Centrowitz, 2016 Olympic champion at 1,500 meters, was moving to another training group. Centrowitz was the 2013 Wold Championship silver medalist and 2011 World Championship bronze medal. In 2015, Matthew took 8th in the, 1500 meters. Matthew Centrowitz has more racing tactics in his little finger than most people have in their entire bodies. This young man is a tough racer, and a savvy racer.

Matthew was coached by Alberto Salazar and Peter Julian at the Nike Oregon TC for six years. He is now being coached by Jerry Schumacher of the Nike Bowermanr TC. Why did he change? Well, sometimes, in careers, athletes need a change. Matthew showed much class and thanked Alberto and Peter for their assistance. It is as simple as that, and that is all I really, and you need to know.

Matthew was the focus of many salacious comments in social media. I am not sure why people think being anonymous to send spurious comments are okay. I have no respect for people like that. But, as we all know, some people have no class. Why did he change coaches? That is between Matthew and his advisors. All we should care about is if he gets his mojo back. More than likely, we shall see Matthew move up to 5000 meters, where he will be absolutely dangerous. But, then, that is just me.

In 2012, I told our readers that Matthew Centrowitz had the talent and ego (much needed) to be an Olympic and World Champion. He has one of them, I think he might be in line to win another.

Centrowitz_MattFH1a-OlyGames16.jpgCentrowitz wins Olympic 1,500m, photo by Photorun.net

Marcel Hug.jpgMarcel Hug, photo by Dubai Marathon

The 2019 Dubai Marathon continues to announce additions to their always fine fields. Marcel Hug, one of the finest wheelchair racers on the planet, will defend his title on January 25, 2019. This is the feature on Marcel Hug, prior to his appearance in Dubai for the 2019 race.

This is Saturday, and early in the season, find an all comers meet, or indoor meet where you can race a 3000m, 800m, 1000m or 600m. Warm up well and tell stories while you cooldown.

Hoka One One 3.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Photorun.net

Saturday, January 12, 2019: warm up, 3k race, of 3200m, or 1000m/600m, cool down

Enjoy the workout today. It is fun and relaxed. The spring is about the build up. Enjoy things outside of the sport.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Friday, January 11, 2019: warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

1015150248.jpgIngebrigtsens, 2018 European Champs, photo by Getty Images/Berlin 2018
Three Ingebrigtsens in one race
DUSSELDORF (GER): Henrik, Filip and Jakob Ingebrigtsen are all confirmed for the PSD Bank Meeting in Dusseldorf (last meet of IAAF World Indoor Tour 2019) where they will contest the 1500m, informs organisers. The line-up also features European indoor champions Marcin Lewandowski and Jakub Holusa as well as 2014 world indoor champion Ayanleh Souleiman from Djibouti. Tickets for the meeting have already sold out. Last time the three runners were in the same race was at European Championships in Berlin with Jakob winning, Henrik was fourth and Filip 12th.
Ingebrigtsen_FilipFV-EuroXC18.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen wins 2018 European XC, photo by Photorun.net

Lavillenie gets 582 opener
TIGNES (FRA, Jan 10): World record holder Renaud Lavillenie opened the indoor season 2019 in great style. At the Tignes Pole Vault meet in the ski resort in altitude he cleared all heights 551, 565 and 582 in first attempt. After that he closely missed three times 590. Second place Thiebaut Collet and tie for third Mathieu Collet with Romain Gavillon and also fifth Stanley Joseph and sixth Ethan Cormont, all five jumped 541. "It was not so simple. Last year (he had also made his first meet in Tignes), I had a good session on Tuesday to assimilate altitude and travel. This time, because of this injury (shin splints on the top of the tibia in the right knee), I had no landmarks, I was almost blind, not sure poles that I could use. Nevertheless, I managed to be pretty technically fine. The big satisfaction is to pass the first three bars on the first try, without much difficulty. At 590, I had to change the pole, there is less margin," he said for L´Equipe. His next competition will be on January 19 in Nevers.
Kendricks-LaVilleniePC1-Lausanne17.jpgLavillenie, Kendricks, photo by Photorun.net

The 49th running of TCS NYC Marathon will be held on November 3, 2019. The NYC Marathon was held in Central Park in the early years, and in 1976 the race was run through all five boroughs. And the Five Boroughs race was to be run ONLY in 1976!

Now, in its 49th year, the day to get application is January 14, 2019. Please read below for instructions.

Desisa_LelisaW1a-NYC18.JPGLelisa Desisa, NYC Marathon 2018, photo by Photorun.net

Berhanu wins Dubai Marathon 2015.jpegLemi Berhanu wins 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo courtesy of Standard Dubai Chartered Marathon

Degefa-2.jpgWorknesh Degefa, 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

The 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon will be held January 25, 2019. The race, now in its 20th year, is the first elite global marathon of the year, with depth unprecedented up front, in both the elite fields of the men and women. The race is held on a fast course, starting under the cover and coolness of the early morrning darkness.

If one were looking for a WC mark or Tokyo 2020 mark, Dubai is the place and time where one can achieve their goals.

Last year's races were mind boggling. The weather, the pacing, the racing were fantastic, and the final meters, in both men and women, were exciting! Do not miss the 2019 race, and note that @runblogrun will be covering the race week and event live. To see results from 2000-2018, go to Dubai Marathon results.

Tomaz Majewski for EA Council

Majewski_TomaszR-Skolimowska16.jpgTomaz Majewski, photo by Photorun.net
Majewski for EA Council
WARSAW (POL): Tomasz Majewski, the 2008 and 2012 Olympic shot put champion will be Poland's nomination for the European Athletics council when officials meet to discuss its new formation on 13 April in Prague at EA Election Congress, the national athletics federation reported.
Majewski_TomaszQ-Rio16.jpgTomas Majewski, photo by Photorun.net

Core work is one of the keys to your success in middle distance running. Elite runners know that nutrition, core, consistent training, sports psychology and a healthy coach/athlete relationship are keys of success. Find a core program that your school trainer and coach support.

I learned about core from reading about the European athletes in the 1970s, Joaquim Cruz (1984 Olympic champ, 800m). The differences at the end of the season means inches decide top placings. Core work is one of those details that makes sense in your final races. Core training is an investment into your future.

IMG_6763.jpgLining up, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, January 9, 2019r: swimming, biking, weights, and core work, 30 minutes easy running

Muir_Laura1d-Pre18.jpgLaura Muir, photo by PhotoRun.net

BIRMINGHAM (GBR): Double world indoor medallist Laura Muir is among several top athletes confirming their attendance at the SPAR British Athletics Inrrdoor Championships in Birmingham on 9-10 February. Also present at the event, used as a trial for the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow in March will be world indoor 60m hurdles champion Andrew Pozzi and world indoor pentathlon champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson. European reigning indoor 60 m gold medalist Richard Kilty plans also to run. Asha Philip, Jazmin Sawyers, Andrew Butchart, Eilidh Doyle, Eilish McColgan, Chris O'Hare, Lynsey Sharp and Tom Bosworth will also be looking to confirm places in Glasgow.

Geoffrey Kamworor, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kamworor wants to win in Aarhus
NAIROBI (KEN): Geoffrey Kamworor has confirmed he wants to go for his third world cross-country senior title in Aarhus, Denmark, in March. The 2015 and 2017 winner has focused on marathon more recently, following up his 2017 New York win with third in the city in November. He also has three world half titles to his name. "I feel I have unfinished business in cross country. My target is to win a third senior title in Denmark. But that will have to wait because I must get my body in shape and the Kenya Police cross country championships will help me do that," said Kamworor, quoted by Xinhua. According to nation.co.ke, he will begin his season at the National Police Service Cross Country Championships on 26 January.
Kamworor_GeoffreyPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by Photorun.net

Echevarria_Juan1-Rome18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by Photorun.net

KARLSRUHE (GER): Cuban long jump star Juan Miguel Echevarria has been confirmed for the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe on 2 February. The Cuban, who jumped a marginally wind-aided 8.83m last year, will be back to defend his title after it was last year the prelude to his world indoor win. Germany's European silver medallist Fabian Heinle and four-time German champion Julian Howard will provide opposition in the sell-out second meeting of the IAAF World Indoor Tour.

Echevarria_MiguelPort-IAAFgala18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by Photorun.net

Lavillenie plans for 2024
PARIS (FRA): Pole Vault World record holder Renaud Lavillenie said he wants to compete at Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. Informs L´Equipe. He will be 37 at that time. Lavillenie will begin his indoor campaign in Ski resort Tignes on Thursday with his first competition.
LaVillenie_RenaudPort-IAAFgala18.jpgLavillenie, IAAF Gala 2018, photo by Photorun.net

Today is Wednesday. It is a bit cold out there (well, much of the country). If you run outside, keep your sweats on in your 200m strideouts. Keep the 200m in control.

IMG_1161.jpgCoach Ben Rosario with Ben Bruce, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, January 9, 2019: warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 200 meter stride outs, cool down.

VCB pregnant
ATLANTA (USA): After Allyson Felix another top sprinter expects motherhood. Olympic and World gold medalist Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown expects her first child, she confirms on twitter. "Our lives will soon change forever, #BabyComingSoon @omarobrown," the 36-year-old shared on her Instagram page. "We look forward to parenthood and all the joys and challenges that come with it. We pray for strength and wisdom to be the best parents possible. "At this moment, I am uncertain if I will return to competition, as the main focus is to welcome our baby, and to provide the best environment filled with love, warmth, and care." From Trackalerts.
Campbell_Veronica200Q-World15.jpgValerie Campbell Brown, photo by PhotoRun.net

USATF announced, on January 2, 2019, a sponsorship with Toyota. Toyota is building towards its Olympic involvement in 2020. The USATF release is below and the Toyotal release is right here.

What does this tell us? That the USOC and Olympic sponsors recognize USATF as one of their top medal producers. Toyota picked several US sport federations with which to partner in 2020.


MAMMOTH LAKES (USA): After some difficulties in recent years, former teen talent Mary Cain has announced she has been working out with Mammoth Track Club. The 22-year-old, who is still world junior indoor record-holder for 1000m, wrote on Instagram: "Coming to the end of my first week in Mammoth and it's been an absolute blast! So thankful to the whole @mammothtccrew and @alexipappas for welcoming me and helping me put my best foot forward in this new year. One week down and two weeks to go!"

Cain_MarySF-OIyTr16.jpgMary Cain, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Atlanta Track Club and USATF unveiled the course map forr the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials yesterday, January 7, 2019. The release is below as is the video of the course.

Atlanta Track Club - Photo by Paul Ward (1).jpgAtlanta Track Club, photo by Paul Ward

We are adding corework to your season this week. Core strength is critical. At the end of the race, a win can come down who can keep their form torgether at the end of the race, and keep their final move together the longest.

IMG_1107.jpegPrepping for race, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, January 8, 2019: swimming, biking, weights, and core work, 30 minutes easy running

We are adding corework to your season this week. Core strength is critical. At the end of the race, a win can come down who can keep their form torgether at the end of the race, and keep their final move together the longest.

IMG_1107.jpegPrepping for race, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, January 8, 2019: swimming, biking, weights, and core work, 30 minutes easy running

Gebre_Trihas1a-Euro10k15.jpgTrihas Gebre, photo by PhotoRun.net
rrWaithaka and Gebre
AMOREBIETA (ESP, Jan 6): World U20 5000 m silver medallist Stanley Waithaka won the senior men's 10.7km at the Cross Zornotza in Amorebieta (EA CC Permit) in a tight finish ahead of Ugandan teenager Oscar Chelimo with the top two both timed at 31:58. Fellow Kenyan Solomon Boit was third in 32:03 with Belgium's Jeroen d'Hoedt the top non-African finisher in fourth in 32:57, one place ahead of European U20 cross country silver medallist Ouassim Oumaiz. Trihas Gebre won the women's 8.7km title by nearly a minute from Elena Loyo, 30:36 to 31:28.

Trihas Gebre, photo by PHotoRun.net

image3.jpegJeff Benjamin, Sir Roger Bannister, Brianna, Amanda Benjamin, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Original post, March 6, 2018

repost, January 8, 2019

We are all saddened by the loss of Sir Roger Bannister, the first man who broke four minutes for the mile. As part of that coverage, here is a piece by Jeff Benjamin on pursuing Sir Roger for an autograph and to meet his hero. Jeff is our long time, long suffering East Coast Senior Editor from Staten Island who loves the sport he writes about with every fiber of his being. Enjoy.

Kiplagat_Edna-WC17.jpgEdna KIplagat, photo by Photorun.net

ELDORET (KEN): Edna Kiplagat, the 2011 and 2013 world marathon champion, intends to try to compete in the championships for the fifth time this year. The 39-year-old Kenyan, who won silver last time out, told Xinhua news agency: "I love the World Championships because it lacks the pace setters. It is an open race. I have won two times and if I am given an opportunity to represent my country, it will be honor I cannot turn down. It will offer me a chance to go for my third gold."

Kiplagat_EdnaFL-WC17.jpgEdna Kiplagat, photo by Photorun.net

POCallahan 3Z3Royx7_400x400.jpgPierce O'Callaghan, photo by Pierce O'Callaghan twitter
O´Callaghan in new position
DOHA (QAT): As preparations step up a gear for the World Championships, the Doha 2019 Organising Committee has appointed Ireland´s Pierce O'Callaghan as Director of Readiness to oversee and monitor overall planning and readiness and ensure the effective implementation of the key milestones between the IAAF and the Local Organising Committee for the World Athletics Championships. O'Callaghan, who was director of operations for the IAAF World Championships London 2017, takes up his position this month and will spend time in both Doha and Monaco to ensure the successful delivery of the IAAF's flagship event. Tickets for the Championships went on sale in November with strong sales recorded in Germany, UK, USA and Australia. The Doha 2019 Organising Committee will announce in February details of special fan travel and accommodation packages. They will also unveil their mascot, begin a schools programme and launch their volunteer programme.

DSCN0113.JPGNolene Conrad, photo by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat was pretty excited about this column. I liked it very, very much. Justin Lagat gives our readers a personal look into running in Kenya each and every week. This column is about Nolene Conrad, a South Africa marathoner.

The 2019 track indoor season is under way, 119,000 high school boys and girls run indoor. The indoor season ends mid March. The outdoor season will have just over 956,000 boys and girls in high school competing.

To be successful in the long season, one must make both goals and focuses. If you want to do well outdoors, the indoor season is a short, focused season, pretty much fitness tests. That is the approach here. For 800m to 5000m, we will train the same in January, and in February, we will begin seperate workouts.

We suggest core work twice a week, and some alternative training. Warm ups and cooldowns are essential when running fast. Long runs should have cooldowns after.

Make sure you get good training shoes and track spikes.

IMG_0938.jpegTrack season 2019 is here! photo by The Shoe Addicts

Monday, January 7, 2019: warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

Great names for Houston!

Great names for Houston
HOUSTON (USA): Fancy Chemutai, the second fastest woman in history, leads top fields for the Aramco Houston Half-marathon on 20 January, while the line-up for the accompanying Chevron Houston Marathon is equally impressive. Edith Chelimo (65:52), 2014 world champion Gladys Cherono (66:07), 2016 winner Mary Wacera (66:29) and Brigid Kosgei (66:35) help boost a strong Kenyan line-up for the women's half. Ethiopia's defending champion Ruti Aga (66:39) is the fastest non-Kenyan. Emily Sisson (68:21) and Aliphine Tuliamuk (69:16) lead the domestic challenge in the line-up which has 10 sub-70 women. Kenya's Bedan Karoki, the 2016 world half silver medallist, is the quickest in the men's field with his 58:42 PB. Ethiopia's Shura Kitata, who was runner-up in the London Marathon last year, Kenya's Benard Ngeno, Bahrain's El Hassan El Abbassi and Kenya's Geoffrey Koech have also run under the hour. Diego Estrada (60:51) is the quickest American in the field, while Japan's Suguru Osako (61:13), USA's Luke Puskedra (61:29) and GB's Dewi Griffiths (61:33) are other notable inclusions. Ethiopia's Biruktayit Degefa, Kara Goucher, the former world 10,000m silver medallist, will have the home support. Ethiopia's Muluhabt Tsega and Sechale Delasa are the next quickest, while Kenya's Sarah Kiptoo and Ethiopia's Gebayenesh Ayele have also run under 2:27. Ethiopia's Abayneh Ayele, who ran 2:06:45 in 2016, the fastest on paper in the men's field. Compatriot Yitayal Atnafu, Kenya's Dominic Ondoro and Ethiopia's Birhanu Gedefa are the next fastest in the line-up.
Sisson_Emily-USAout18.jpgEmily Sisson, photo by PhotoRun.net
Gebrhiwot beats Barega
SAN GIORGIO SU LEGNANO (ITA, Jan 6): Hagos Gebrhiwet defeated Ethiopian teammate Selemon Barega over 10km at the Campaccio Cross Country (IAAF CC Permit), 29:18 to 29:22. Uganda's Albert Chemutai was third in 29:23 with home favourites Yemaneberhan Crippa (29:56) and Daniele Meucci (30:11) fourth and fifth respectively. After a number of late withdrawals, three-time European cross country champion Yasemin Can from Turkey was an easy winner of the senior women's 6km in 19:21 ahead of little-known Ethiopian Silenat Ysmaw (19:37) and Kenya's Caroline Chepkemoi (19:46). Late entrant Lonah Chemtai Salpeter from Israel was fourth in 19:58 followed by Italians Sara Dossena (20:24) and European U20 CC Champion Nadia Battocletti (20:51).

No indoors for Christian Taylor


No indoors for Taylor
ATLANTA (USA): World and Olympic gold medalist in triple jump Christian Taylor will as usual not compete in the indoor season and concentrate on preparation to defend his global title in Doha. Confirms his agent Paul Doyle. Taylor is double Olympic winner and triple World champion. He last time competed indoors back in 2012.
Taylor_Christian-Brussels17.jpgChristian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net
Muir 14:52.02, Stafford 14:57.02 Canadian record
GLASGOW (GBR, Jan 4): European champion Laura Muir opened her season with victory over 5000 m at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow at local Milers Meet in an excellent 14:52.02, a time that has only been bettered indoors by 11 athletes including Muir herself with 14:49.12 in 2017. Behind Muir, Gabriela Stafford clocked 14:57.02 on her debut to shatter the Canadian indoor 5000m record and just miss the outright mark of 14:54.98. Sol Sweeney won the 3000m in 7:56.79 and European U20 1500m champion Jemma Reekie won the women's 3000m in 9:16.48. Eilidh Doyle clocked 24.29 in a mixed 200m.
Muir_Laura15-WorInd18.jpgLaura Muir, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the final day of recovery. Today is a long run day. Go out with your friends, and go to the trails. Enjoy the time with your friends, and know that, to be successful at running, one must take the build on your fitness, day after day, week after week, year after year. To be a successful world class athlete, one will spend 12-15 years developing your mortal engine. There are life lessons to be learned.

IMG_1630.jpegCoach Tom Nohilly massaging NJNYTC, photo by RunBlogRun

Sunday, January 6, 2019: Long run, easy 50 minutes

Enjoy your last day off for some time.

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, January 6, 2018-take the day off

Kosgei_BrigidFV-Bogota17.jpgBrigid Kosgei, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat wrote several columns over the holidays, this the first. Justin wrote on some of the fine performances by Kenyan athletes in 2018.

Enjoy your Friday run.

Hoka One One 4.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Friday, January 4, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

Today is the middle of week three for the last week of the holidays. Enjoy the day off. If you need to run, walk, or bike, keep it light and relaxed.

IMG_8690.jpegHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Larry Eder/RunBlogRun

Thursday, January 3, 2018-take the day off

Enjoy the run today. Keep the run relaxed, and enjoy the stride outs.

IMG_0938.jpegA clean pair of heels, to quote Murrray Halberg, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, January 2, 2018-warm up, 45 minute run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cool down

Original post, December 9, 2018

Repost January 1, 2019

Stuart Weir did 3 interviews in December: Tori Bowie, Caster Semenya, Allyson Felix. This was his finest of the month.

Stuart Weir is everywhere. Stuart keeps me laughing and our readers interested with his interviews and questions to our sport's favorite athletes. He came to me last fall and offered a series of interviews on key athletes. This interview with Allyson Felix, is, well, extensive.

Allyson has been around the sport since the year 2000. She has been on the covers of California Track & running News, American Track & Field, Coaching Athletics and Athletes Only. Allyson is always good in an interview. I tend to catch up with her and her manager/brother Wesley, on the bus to the Doha DL most years.

In 2018, Stuart was our eyes and ears for most of the year. This is a fun interview. Enjoy!

Felix_Allyson200Q-USAout17.jpgAllyson Felix, 2017, photo by Photorun.net

Original post September 16, 2018

Repost January 1, 2019

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on Eliud Kipchoge's amazing WR in Berlin. This was my favorite piece of September 2018.

The marathon came early in Wisconsin, at 2 in the morning. Last year, I was fortunate to view it on German TV, but from Hawaii. This year, the streaming was a challenge, so I covered it via kilometer splits, then, Polish TV, Kenyan TV and a few more sources.

Justin Lagat gives us the view from Kenya, and one tweet noted that more Kenyans were watching the marathon than attending church services on this spectacular Sunday!

Kipchoge_EluidH-Berlin18.JPGEliud Kipchoge sets World record of 2:01.39, photo by Photorun.net

Original post, August 11, 2018

Repost, January 1, 2019

Stuart Weir covered the world for RunBlogRun in 2018. During the daily coverage of the European Championships, we had just over 100,000 readers a day, thanks to Stuart's tireless efforts. This is my favorite post of August 2018.

The men's 1,500 meters in Berlin was an absolutely amazing race. Stuart Weir has captured it below. Stuart called it an epic race, and as he uses the term "epic" much less than I do, then, I suggest that we believe him! Watch it on You Tube when you can! Stuart Weir also asked me if I liked the piece, and I must say, it is my favorite of the week.

17 years old! Take a bow @jakobing #EC2018

A post shared by European Athletics (@europeanathletics) on

This is New Years Day, enjoy it with your friends and family.

Hoka One One 2.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, January 1, 2019-take the day off

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