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Stuart Weir writes a piece, each DL on how the British athletes did. This is his column on Bauhaus Stockholm.

Updated paragraph on Eilish McColgan on 1 June.

A good day of running is about enjoying the moment. Enjoy.

IMG_5076.jpgA good run, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, May 31, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 6 x 150m, core training, cooldown

666429e6b3a97fb5369489682951f24c.jpgThe last race of Steve Prefontaine, 29 May 1975, photo from Pinterest

Steve Prefontaine died on 30 May 1975, the night after running one of his fastest 5000m. As a junior in high school in 1975, I recall the announcement on the TV news that night. I had a sick feeling in my stomach. Prefontaine was a rock star, and his races were seen on TV on many occassions.

Peter John L. Thompson provided us with the Eulogy read by Kenny Moore, a 1968 and 1972 Olympian, as well as long time writer in Sports Illustrated, which was given on 3 June 1975. In the 1980 Olympic Trials program, the Eulogy and photo by Brian Lanker, were run. The Eulogy still sends shivers down my back.

Kenny Moore - Eulogy Program v.2 Lanker.jpgThe photo and Eulogy. Photo by Brian Lanker, Eulogy by Kenny Moore, Updated jpeg by Peter John L. Thompson (download here: Kenny Moore - Eulogy Program v.2 Lanker.pdf)

The final piece is from 1984, written by Kenny Moore, on the legacy of Steve Prefontaine. When Pre died, he held all US records from 2000m to 10,000m. My thoughts on this day are for his family, friends and fans. A guy at 24 is just on the cusp of life. I picture Pre with grey hair, a hot coffee, and a big burrito, watching track meets in Coos Bay in an Oregon hoodie. I could see Pre as a high school track coach. How lucky those kids would have been.

Take a few minutes and think about the legacy of Steve Prefontaine.

Thoughts on PRE - Kenny Moore 06.06.84.jpgThoughts on Pre, 1984, by Kenny Moore (download here: Thoughts on PRE - Kenny Moore 06.06.84.pdf)

Special thanks to Peter John L. Thompson for these amazing files.

As Stuart Weir got over freezing in Stockholm last night, he sent this story for our reading pleasure. Some fine performances in the third of the DL meetings in 2019. We have a long season ahead of us, and Stuart Weir will be covering many of the meets along the way. Next week, Stuart is in Rome!

DiamondLeague-Stockholm18.jpgStockholm DL, photo by

EME News gives us event by event updates on each event from the 1912 Stadium. Thanks to EME News' Alfons Juck. The Bauhaus Galan event continues to draw fans each and every year.

20190530_190749_resized.jpgA cold and rainy day in Stockholm, photo by Stuart Weir, 30 May 2019

The men's races featured some exciting events in Stockholm. With the wind and cold adding drama to the events, the big races delivered some big performances. Here's what Stuart Weir had to say!

Norman_MichaelPC-Stockholm19.jpgMicheal Norman, photo by

Montler-Powell-Echevarria-Stockholm19.jpgThobias Montler, Mike Powell, Juan Echevarria, photo by

An exciting LJ in tough conditions, Thobias Montler reminded the field that Sweden has produced some strong jumpers. Here is how Stuart Weir viewed the competition and the

The conditions in Stockholm, Sweden at the end of May is similar to my home in Wisconsin. Cold, rain, winds, and sun all in the same day. The Bauhaus-Galan, held in the 1912 Olympic stadium, gave us some exciting early season performances.

20190530_171900.jpgBauhaus-Galan, 30 May 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

Norman_MichaelPC-Stockholm19.jpgMichael Norman, Stockholm presser, photo by

Echevarria_JuanPC-Stockholm19.jpgJuan Echevarria, 2019 Stockholm DL Presser, photo by PhotoRun


Discus throw: Daniel Ståhl, Sandra Perkovic, High Jump: Erika Kinsey, Yaroslava Mahuchik, photo by Stuart Weir

Here's your preview of the Diamond League stop today, meet 3 in 2019 at Bauhaus-Stockholm, today, May 30, 2019. Special thanks to EME News.

Walt Murphy has been and is a long time observer of our sport. Walt is also the publisher of Eastern Track and XCountry XPress. Walt is also one of the guys behind the geeky stats you hear quoted on NBC Sports coverage of our sport. This update on the Diamond League is from Walt Murphy's News and Results Service.

DiamondLeague-Stockholm18.jpgStockholm Diamond League, photo by

Today is a speed day. Warm up well, stay focused on your workout, and cooldown!

IMG_5330.jpgGetting in your speed work, photo by NAZ Elite

Thursday, May 30, 2019-warm up, 4 x600m, at mile pace, 4x200m cut downs, coold down

Wednesday is a day to consider the week past, and the week ahead. Enjoy the run, but keep the speed in control.

IMG_5275.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, May 28, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 6 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The sense of speed and fitness is compelling to all of us. I recall end of season workouts, where, for me, going 8 x 400m in 62-64, with a 200m jog felt like flying. I recall running a fast mile on the track, by myself and knowing, I was ready to race. Such are the feelings right now. Focus, and know that fast times are there.

IMG_5139.jpgEnjoying speed, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday, May 28, 2019-warm up, 8x 400 m, at 2 mile pace, 400 jog in between, 6x 150m, good effort, cool down

Noah Lyles is one of the most exciting athletes to come along in sports in a very long time.

Talented, hard working, focused, Noah is surrounded by a coach who sees his talent and how to nuture that rare talent. He is also supported by a management team (Global Athletics & Marketing) and a key sponsor (adidas).

Last October, Mark Wetmore and his tearm at Global athletics invited myself and a few other media members to interview GAM athletes. I did ten interviews (audio, video, and video tips). This is the first of those to appear.

Lyles_NoahR1-Monaco18.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by

Noah Lyles loves social media, yet harnesses that medium, and focuses on his training. His 9.86 WL, just edging Christian Coleman in Shanghai, is great for the sport! And, at least this for this writer, the 100m is not his best event!

Noah and I spent 15 minutes together geeking out on track. Noah Lyles is not Usain Bolt. No, Noah Lyles is Noah Lyles and he may be the savior of the sport.

Two Americans, Lyles and Coleman, and several very close, suggest a renaissance in American sprinting.

Thanks to Noah Lyles, Mark Wetmore, Global Athletics and adidas on this one.


The beginning of training for cross country is less than a month away. This is part of a 34 part video series on cross country with HOKA ONE ONE's NJNYTC coaching staff (Frank Gagliano, Tom Nohilly and John Trautmann).

This is videos 16-20. Thanks to The Shoe Addicts, for shooting and producing the video series for us.

Fauble_ScottLeds-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble, photo by

Kejelcha_YomifRL-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.netr

MONACO (MON): Yomif Kejelcha's world record for the indoor mile has been ratified by the IAAF. The Ethiopian set his 3:47.01 in Boston in March.

Monday is the beginning of the week. We suggest a 45 minute run, stride outs, and core workout. Keep the pace relaxed and think about the upcoming races.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCe'aira Brown takes the win, photo by Kevin Morris

Warner_DamianLJ-WC17.jpgDamian Warner takes WL in Gotzis with 8,711 pts! photo by

Johnson_KaterinaFL-Worlds18.jpgKaterina Johnson-Thompson won in Gotzis with lifetime best, and WL of 6,813! photo by

World leads: Warner 8711 and KJT 6813
GOTZIS (AUT, May 26): Katarina Johnson-Thompson won the heptathlon at the Gotzis Hypo-Meeting (IAAF CE Challenge) with a lifetime best and world leading score of 6813 points, winning by nearly 350 points from Latvia's Laura Ikauniece (6476) and Hungary's Xenia Krizsan who also set a PB of 6469 points. Johnson-Thompson was excellent in her last three events, topping the long jump with 6.68m before setting a 42.92m PB in the javelin and concluding her two days with 2:08.28 in the 800m to exceed the 6800 points barrier. Ikauniece also had a standout second day which included 54.13m in the javelin. World silver medallist Carolin Schaefer (6426) and USA's Kendell Williams (6412) also surpassed the 6400 points-barrier. In total, 17 athletes went over the 6000 points-barrier. Damian Warner won his fourth successive decathlon title in Gotzis also with a world-leading score of 8711 points, winning by a clear margin ahead of Grenada's Lindon Victor (8473) and Estonia's Maicel Uibo (8353). Germany's 2016 world U20 champion Niklas Kaul continues to improve with a 8336 PB in fourth while current world U20 champion Ashley Moloney (still an U20) was 13th with a 8038 PB. A total of 15 athletes surpassed 8000 points.


NIkola Ogrodnikova, photo by

Hoffman_Andreas-Glascow14.jpgAndreas Hofman, photo by

Hofmann 89.40 WL, Ogrodnikova 67.40 EL
OFFENBURG (GER, May 26): European silver medallist Andreas Hofmann surpassed Magnus Kirt's world lead of 89.33m with 89.40m in the fourth round in Offenburg javelin meeting. Hofmann also threw 88.23m in the third round. Bernhard Seifert improved his PB to 89.06m in the fourth round with European and Olympic champion Thomas Rohler a distant third with 85.47m. In the women's competition, Czech Nikola Ogrodnikova set a lifetime best and European leading mark of 67.40m in the third round to defeat European champion Christin Hussong (63.98m) with teammate Annika-Marie Fuchs improving her PB to 62.36m to finish third. India's Annu Rani also surpassed 60 metres with 60.70m.

This piece was from Justin Lagat on how big the Mumias AK T&F would be this weekend.

Jepkosgei_JanethFH-Brussels2010.jpgJaneth Jepkosgei, photo by

Korir-KumaH-OttawaM19.JPGKorir battles Kuma, photo by


Albert Korir, photo by

A. Korir 2:08:03
OTTAWA (CAN, May 25-26): Kenya's Albert Korir won the Ottawa Marathon in 2:08:03 (63:36/64:27) ahead of Ethiopians Abera Kuma (2:08:14) and Tsedat Ayana (2:08:53). Reid Coolsaet was the best Canadian in eighth in 2:17:37. Tigist Girma led an Ethiopian clean sweep in the women's race in a 2:26:34 PB (72:27/74:07) ahead of Betelhem Moges (2:27:00) and Etaferahu Temesgn (2:28:44). Rwanda's Salome Nyirarukundo was fourth in 2:30:44 with Dayna Pidhoresky the top Canadian in sixth in 2:37:19, one place ahead of Krista DuChene (2:38:46). Kenya's Dorcas Kimeli won the 10km on Saturday in 31:09, leading a clean sweep ahead of Valary Jemeli (31:12) and Paskalia Kipkoech (31:30). Morocco's Mohammed Ziani regained his title in the men's race in 28:12 ahead of Kenya's Wilfred Kimitei (28:16) and fellow Moroccan Reda El Aaraby (28:22).

Girma_TigistLeds-OttawaM19.JPGTigist Girma, photo by

Girma_TigistFH-OttawaM19.JPGTigist Girma, photo by PhotoRun.netr

BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon start 2018.jpgBLOM Beirut Marathon, photo by BLOM Beirut Marathon

Beirut, May 23 - The 2019 edition of the BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon is set to be the strongest yet with the announcement that this year's race will form part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Championships.

All participants in eligible categories will earn points according to their age, time and gender which will contribute to their AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Ranking aligned with the following age groups for men and women: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+.

With the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships set to take place in 2021, the qualification period will begin on October 13, 2019 and run until October 11, 2020, with the top two qualifying times earning participants ranking points.

It means age-group participants in this year's BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon now have more reason than ever to post a fast time at the event, which is an IAAF Silver Label Road Race.

Tim Hadzima, Executive Director of Abbott World Marathon Majors, said: "We are very excited about the response to the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings from marathons around the world. Our system gives runners a chance to run all over the world and all across the calendar on a truly global stage. We want to give them a chance to gain recognition like never before."

This year's BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon will take place on Sunday, November 10, 2019 and it's sure to be a hotly-contested edition. Last year's elite men's race was won by Mohamed Reda El Aaraby of Morocco in 2:10:41 with the women's title going to Ethiopia's Medina Deme Armino in 2:29:31.

All races will again start at the picturesque Beirut Waterfront on General Wissam El Hassan Avenue and wind their way around a scenic 42.195 KM course alongside the city's Mediterranean coast before participants cross two parallel finish lines at the historic Martyrs' Square in downtown Beirut.

"We, at Beirut Marathon Association, always strive for international standards, high levels of proficiency and accommodating our runners in any way we can," said Race Director Wissam Terro.

"Being part of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Ranking Qualifying Events within the BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon is a great added value to the event, where our Lebanese athletes can benefit from such opportunity and compete alongside international runners within the same age group. This will create new and amazing opportunities for our champions and put our race on the international map."


Sunday runs were always my favorites.

As a JC coach, I did a 10-15 miler on Sundays all year long, and would have up to 8 runners in the group. We would run through Los Altos, CA and our two hour runs were fun. I would run with my baby Jogger (my son, Adam was 3) and it was my favorite run of the week. Everyone from 800m to 10,000m ran the run, checking in with me for a mile, then off they went.

IMG_4945.jpgLong runs in the fog, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

In college, I ran long on Sunday and Wednesday. I wrote all my college papers on my long runs. A good long run allowed the papers to flow when I actually sat down to write. As a history major and art major, my athletics and university pursuits.

Enjoy the long runs.

Sunday, May 26, 2019-warm up, 75-80 minutes, cooldown

Holloway_GrantQ-USAout18.jpgGrant Holloway, photo by

Holloway 13.19, Richardson 10.99
JACKSONVILLE (USA, May 24): Grant Holloway clocked in first round of 110 m hurdles during NCAA East Preliminary Round fast 13.19 (+1.7), his main rival Daniel Roberts got 13.67 (+0.6). Impressive PB for Quincy Hall in the 400 m hurdles 48.54. Trevor Stewart was the best in the 400 m 44.77 and Jaron Flournoy in the 200 m with 20.18 (+0.8) PB. In the 100 m fastest by Ghana´s Joseph Amoah 10.10 (+1.2) PB over Waseem Williams 10.11 and Jamaican Raheem Chambers 10.14, in other race Japanese Hakim Sani Brown 10.13 (+0.7) over Demek Kemp 10.14. In women 100 m LSU sprinter Sha´Carri Richardson clocked as sixth ever U20 runner sub 11 with 10.99 (+0.7) over Kayla White 11.11. Ka´Tia Seymour clocked 11.15 (+0.1) and Jamaican Natalliah Whyte 11.16 (+0.3) in their races. Richardson also ahieved the fastest in the 200 m with 22.67 (+0.4) in the 200 m, Chloe Abbott posted PB 51.32 in the 400 m, Sharika Barnett in other race 51.35. Cortney Jones was the best in the hurdles 12.84 (+0.5) and in the 400 m hurdles new national record for St. Kitts and Nevis 56.31 by Reanda Richards. In discus Jamaicans, Roje Stona 61.36 PB and Shanice Love 61.04, in javelin Anderson Peters from Grenada 80.06.

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Dreams to reality! #Wonderboy🌹

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Daniels_TeahnaQ-USin18.jpgTeahna Daniels, photo by

Daniels 10.99, Gillespie 10.03

SACRAMENTO (USA, May 24): Fast sprints at NCAA West Preliminary Round as in the 100 m Cravon Gillespie won his race in 10.03 (+0.8) over Kristoffer Hari who equalled his own national record 10.26. In other race Nigerian sensation Divine Oduduru 10.06 (+1.1) and also Barbados Mario Burke in his race 10.08 (+0.9). In the 200 m Oduduru clocked windy 19.93 (2.5), Burke won his race in 20.40 PB (+1.3), but fastest legal 20.13 (+1.7) by Andrew Hudson, his personal best. Also Micaiah Harris windy 20.10 (+2.4) over Gillespie 20.47. In the 400 m fastest 44.78 by Kahmari Montgomery, in the 800 m Bryce Hoppel 1:46.09 and in hurdles Raleigh Adams 13.59 (+1.1) and Cameron Samuel 49.28. Jamaican hurdles sensation Janeek Brown clocked 12.89 (+0.2), also 22.81 (+2.0) in the 200 m. But NCAA Indoor champion 2016 Teahna Daniels improved to excellent 10.99 (+1.4) in her race, also Twanisha Terry 11.14 (+0.2). Fastest in 200 m first round Anglerne Angelus 22.72 (-0.1), in the 400 m Canadian Kyra Constantine 51.70 and in the 800 m Jazmine Frey 2:02.27. Jamaican Ranea McKenzie topped 400 m hurdles 56.24, Allie Ostrander steeple 9:40.05 and in discus Laulaga Tausaga 62.69 PB.

This is the piece on the USATF Distance Classic, that we missed last week on 16 May. Rachel Schneider took the 5000m in an excitng WL race! Thanks to USATF communications for the piece. The Oxy Classic is an amazing event and an important event.

Schneider_Rachel-USAxc19.jpgRachel Schneider, 2019 USATF XC, Feb. 2019, photo by

Schippers_DafneFL-Euro16.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by

Schippers openers 11.38 and 22.98
OORDEGEM (BEL, May 25): World champion Dafne Schippers started the season at IFAM Indoor with 11.38 (+1.2) in the 100 m and 22.98 (-0.3) in the 200 m. German Marius Probst got the 1500 m in 3:38.98 with Henrik Ingebrigtsen 6th in 3:40.23. Abe Gashahun from Ethiopia was the best in the 5000 m with 13:26.77 ahead of Younes Essalhi of Morocco 13:27.32. Nadine Visser clocked 13.17 (-1.1) in the hurdles, in heats US Jade Barber 13.09 (-0.3). Taymir Burnet was the best in men´s 100 m in 10.38 (+0.3). In the 400 m hurdles Briton Sebastian Rodger clocked 49.60, in other race Dutch Nick Smidt improved hugely to 49.79 (previous PB 50.63). In women 400 m hurdles Norwegian win by Line Kloster 56.74. Mali record holder Fode Sissoko won the 200 m in 20.58 (-0.7) and US Michael Berry the 400 m in 46.34. In steeple British Aimee Pratt 9:49.27 PB and Finland´s Topi Raitanen 8:29.27. Ben Broeders cleared 562 in the pole vault and Romanian Alexander Firfirica 63.78 in discus

How do you deal with the big race day? What I used to do is put a postcard on my medicine chest with my goals for the season. You can do this on your iphone. Things like "Each day, I get faster.", "Each day I get fitter.", "Each race I race smarter." Plus goals for season.

Keep your head in the big race. Challenge yourself.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown wins Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday, May 25, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race), cooldown

Reese_BrittneyH-WC17.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by

Ibarguen_CaterineFL-Moscow13.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, photo by

ROME (ITA): World champion Brittney Reese faces world and European indoor champion Ivana Spanovic and Olympic triple jump champion Caterine Ibargüen in the Rome Diamond League on 6 June, informs FIDAL. The line-up also features European champion and silver medallist Malaika Mihambo and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk and European indoor champion Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova.

1286953_G08_W01.jpgLaura Muir, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Great Britain's Laura Muir is confirmed for the Meeting de Montreuil, a European Athletics Classic Permit Meeting, on 11 June which will be her first race on French soil since the Paris Diamond League in 2016 when she set a British 1500m record of 3:55.22.

RunBlogRun congratulates on their use of social media and attracting young readers.

Filippo Tortu, the national record holder at 100m in Italy, is looking good in 2019, as his wind-aided 100m in Rieti on 24 May attests. The video of the race and a piece by EAA confirms.

1286975_G08_W01.jpgFilippo Tortu, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Semenya_CasterFH-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya takes 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.

Semenya for 2000 m
MONTREUIL (FRA): South African Caster Semenya is scheduled to run the 2000 m at the Montreuil Meet (EA Classic) on June 11 in France. In the tenth edition of the meet, thinis will be the first ever 2000 m race for Semenya who must compete at distances longer than mile according to the latest IAAF regulations.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown, photo by Kevin Morris

Today is Friday.

Keep it easy. And remember, your big race is Saturday. What do you want to do? How do you take the last 20 weeks and put that into a race? Think about the race as a game. And keep your finish late, until you can see the finish.

Friday, May 24, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 6 x 150m, core training, cooldown

BL_22501_2019030280535561.JPGFilip Ingebrigtsen, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

BERGEN (NOR, May 22): At Trond Mohn Games, surprise defeat in men´s 1500 m as Czech Filip Sasinek in 3:41.61 beat Filip Ingebrigtsen 3:42.00. In the 3000 m Henrik Ingebrigtsen won in 7:52.74 over young Serbian Elzan Bibic 7:53.16. German Caterina Granz was the best in women 1500 m 4:09.13 and Belgian Renee Eykens in the 600 m with 1:29.41. Tunisian Abdessalem Ayouni won the 800 m in 1:47.10 edging Andreas Bube of Denmark 1:47.53. US wins for Michael Berry in the 400 m 46.51 and Jade Barber 13.25 (-1.0) in the hurdles. Tie for 100 m first place for home Ezinne Okparaebo 11.84 (-0.2) and Trinidad´s Semoy Hackett. In throws Ola Stunes Isene got 62.94 discus win, in javelin home top name Sigrid Borge was second 60.46 behind US Kara Winger 60.80. Wictor Petersson from Sweden won the shot 19.71. World lead in 3000 m track walk by German Christopher Linke 10:57.45 ahead of Australian Dane Bird-Smith 10:59.09.

The IAAF provided this piece on the South American Championships, thanks to Eduardo Biscayart. This is the report on day one. To learn more, please go to the

De Morais.jpgAndressa De Morais, photo by Getty for the IAAF

ROME (ITA): At the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea on June 6 great women pole vault. Katerini Stefanidi takes on Sandi Morris. But in the mix also fresh European indoor champion Anzhelika Sidorova with 2015 World champion Yarisley Silva. Not missing Holly Bradshaw with Nikoleta Kiriakopoulou, French Ninon Guillon-Romarin and Robeilys Peinado from Venezuela. Home representative will be Sonia Malavisi.

Guliyev_RamilPort-Stockholm18.jpgRamil Guilieyev, photo by

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Men´s 200 m at Bauhaus Galan in Stockholm on May 30 will have World champion Ramil Guliyev with Shanghai winner Aaron Brown as headliners. Also running from South American Bernardo Baloyes, Alonso Edward and Alex Quinonez. From Trinidad World medalist Jereem Richards, Swiss record holder Alex Wilson and home sprinter Henrik Larsson.

RunBlogRun notes: Ramil Guilieyev is the London 2017 WC at 200m. He is a tough 200m racer and should be in the medal hunt in Doha. The 200m should be one of the highlights of Stockholm.

Fast feels good. But, before one can run fast, one must do the work.

You are now ready to run fast. Warm up well, and take your time cooling down.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, photo by

The 400m will feel fast and good. Jog a bit and then, run 4x 200m as cut downs. So if you run a 34 second 200m, make each one a bit faster.

Have fun!

Thursday, May 22, 2019-warm up, 4 x 400m, at 800m pace, 4x200m cut downs, coold down

Echevarria_Juan1a-Rome18.jpgJuan Echevarria, photo by

Manyonga_Luvo1-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by

RABAT (MAR): Rabat DL meeting promises a mouth-watering clash of the titans in the long jump, as Luvo Manyonga and Juan Miguel Echevarria go head to head. Both will have an eye on the meeting record of 8.38m, which is currently held jointly by Morocco's Yahya Berrabah and fellow South African Ruswahl Samaai.

McLaughlin_SydneyPre-NewBalance19.JPGSydney McLaughlin, photo by

OSLO (NOR): World U20 record-holder Sydney McLaughlin will contest her first 400m hurdles on the Diamond League circuit in Oslo on 13 June, informs organisers. McLaughlin faces both Olympic champion and teammate Dalilah Muhammad and European champion Lea Sprunger from Switzerland. Armand Duplantis is also confirmed for the pole vault.

Gong_Lijiao-Worlds18.jpgGong Lijao, photo by

Gong and Tsegay World leads

NANJING (CHN, May 21): After finishing second in Shanghai on Saturday, Gong Lijiao returned to winning form at the debut of IAAF World Challenge meeting in Nanjing with a world-leading mark of 19.84m to defeat Jamaica's Danniel Thomas-Dodd and Shanghai winner Chase Ealey from the United States who both threw 19.21m. Other home wins came from Wang Yu who cleared 2.31m (equalled World lead) in the high jump while Wang Zheng won a competitive hammer with 75.27m ahead of USA's DeAnna Price (74.21m) with world record-holder Anita Wlodarczyk third on her season's debut after surgery (73.64m). There was also a world lead in the 1500m as Gudaf Tsegay clocked 3:59.57 - the first sub-four minute clocking outdoors in 2019 - ahead of Ethiopian teammate Axumawit Embaye (4:00.17) with Sifan Hassan improving to third in 4:00.53. After winning the 1500m in Shanghai, Morocco's Rababe Arafi was second over 800m behind Kenya's Nelly Jepkosgei, 1:59.98 to 2:00.02. Botswana's Nijel Amos made it two wins from two this month in the 800m, winning in 1:44.38 from Kenya's Cornelius Tuwei (1:44.91) while Ben Kigen won the 3000m steeplechase in 8:08.94. In the sprints, Jamaica's Elaine Thompson won the 200m - her first race at the distance since April 2018 - in 22.40 ahead of Bahrain's Salwa Eid Naser in a 22.56 NR and US veteran Mike Rodgers won the 100m ahead of Andre de Grasse - both timed at 10.09. There were also close races in the sprint hurdles as Orlando Ortega pipped world and Olympic champion Omar McLeod, 13.27 to 13.28, while Brianna McNeal and Nia Ali were first and second in the 100m hurdles with both timed at 12.78. Germany's Olympic and European champion Thomas Rohler also won the javelin in a season's best of 86.39 over Jakub Vadlejch who improved after Shanghai 80 to 85.34 and Christian Taylor went out to 17.47m in the sixth round of the triple jump to beat teammate Omar Craddock's 17.42m. Japan´s Takatoshi Abe won the 400 m hurdles in 49.16 and Briton Jazmin Sawyers on day of her 25th birthday the long jump 656.

The Lausanne Athletissima meeting is one of my favorites. Held on 5 July, the stadium seats just under 20,000 and the Swiss crowd loves athletics. They are huge fans of Swiss athletes, and also love the stars. The last time I was there, Maria Lasitskene had a huge crowd of fans at one end and the men's PV was a big battle at the other end.

The pressers rock as well.

And with the 3 stars below, Mondo Duplantis, Sam Kendricks and Maria Lasitskene, it will be amazing!

Caster Semenya has raced from 200m to 5,000m this season. Her WL 800m of 1:54.98 was run in Doha on 3 May. This was two days after CAS ruled in support of the IAAF, meaning that Caster, due to her biological characteristics (XY), cannot race with women in events at 400m to the mile, without undertaking procedures to lower her natural testosterone to levels similar to women (XX).

Semenya_CasterFHL1-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya taking Pre Classic 2018 800m, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece for us, on Caster Semenya competing at the Nike Pre Classic, to be held 30 June 2019 in Palo Alto, CA. (To learn more on the Pre Classic, please go to

The women's 3000m at the Pre Classic will be a stunner, with Helen Obiri, Nadine Hassan, Tirunesh Dibaba, and Almaz Ayana all battling, you guessed it, Caster Semenya. Here's the fantastic release. Keep with meet announcements at

Semenya-Wilson-Niyonsaba-WorCH17.jpgCaster Semenya, London 2017, photo by

In my junior year of college, I learned how to lift with free weights. I did light weights, and built up sets that would take me 30 minutes. I did pull ups, push ups and bent leg sit ups.

Brown_CeAiraR-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown, the thrill of victory, photo by Kevin Morris

I had become tired of loosing form at end of races, and getting outkicked. So, I spoke to a couple of trainers, and they suggested a series of weights and exercises. It did not change overnight, but, in my senior year of college, after hundreds of races, I won my first race.

Core work is key to your future success. Learn about them.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 6 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Tuesday has been tempo workout for 20 weeks. For the rest of the season, we will be doing something different. Today is 4 fast 800m at mile pace, with a good recovery. Focus on the pace, and keep it relaxed.

IMG_5330.jpgFast running with your training partners, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday, May 21, 2019-warm up, 4 x 800m, at mile pace, 400 jog in between, 6x 150m, good effort, cool down

1285262_G08_W01.jpgTeam Europe in action at the IAAF Continental Cup Ostrava 2018, by Getty Images/ European Athletics

The website for The Match Europe v USA Minsk 2019 is now live and in addition to news about this historic contest, which will be staged in the Belarus capital on 9-10 September, there is also the opportunity to purchase to tickets and find out more about the host city itself.

The website ( can be found here and also contains links to Instagram and Facebook accounts for the event, which will be updated regularly.

The recently renovated 22,000-seater Dinamo National Olympic Stadium will be the venue for this innovative head-to-head competition, which will see many of the world's best athletes in action at the last major meeting before the IAAF World Championships Doha 2019.

Dinamo National Olympic Stadium in Minsk
Dinamo National Olympic Stadium in Minsk

Dinamo National Olympic Stadium in Minsk after the 2018 renovations

The brainchild of European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen, The Match harks back to the famous dual international matches of the 1960s and 70s and is aiming at establishing a regular Europe v USA rivalry, like those in golf which has the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup, which transcend just the sport's own aficionados and where every top performer in the sport is desperate to be selected and a member of the winning team.

"Team competition always brings out the best in athletes and fans love to see stars in peak condition fighting to lift the cup at the end of the day," said Hansen. "I am sure The Match will give the 2019 season an extra dimension of interest and it could well turn into a regular feature on the international calendar."

The Match organisers are expecting a capacity crowd over the two days of competition and local ticket sales have already been strong but if you can't be there in person then a television rights agreement has been signed with the European Athletics' International Partner the European Broadcasting Union, which will broadcast The Match around Europe and beyond.


10 world number one ranked athletes confirmed for BAUHAUS-galan

Harrison_KeniSF-USind18.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by

Latest name: 100m hurdles world record holder, Kendra Harrison

No less than 10 of the world's top ranked athletes will compete at BAUHAUS-galan at Stockholm Olympic Stadium on Thursday 30 May. The latest addition is USA's, Kendra Harrison, world record holder at 100m hurdles, who is also the fastest in the world this year.

Kendra Harrison has competed at BAUHAUS-galan before. In 2016 she was the winner of Susanna Kallur's much-publicised 100m hurdles comeback race. Harrison holds the world record of 12.20 which she set at the London Diamond League meeting three years ago. Will she come close to it at Stockholm in ten days' time?

"Michael Norman is the most exciting runner in the world at the moment"

One of athletics' most interesting names is American 400m runner, Michael Norman, from San Diego who, after the world indoor record in 2018 is just getting better and better. In his first outdoor competition of the year, he caused shock waves by running 43.45.

- Michael Norman is the most exciting runner in the world at the moment after opening his season a month ago just four tenths of a second from the world record. On Sunday he ran 200m in 19.84 into a headwind and I think that he can challenge the 400m world record in Stockholm, says Jan Kowalski, Meeting Director for BAUHAUS-galan.

Norman's 43.45 places him fourth on the world all-time list behind Wayde van Niekerk's world record of 43.03, the Olympic gold medal time in Rio 2016.

- I'm excited to be running my first 400m race in Europe against a world class field. With so much depth in the 400m around the world, the anticipation leading up to BAUHAUS-galan is getting me excited. I can't wait to see what the atmosphere is like and what fast times will come out of this meet.

Running's wunderkind Jakob Ingebrigtsen versus the world's elite

In the men's 1500m, world number one, Timothy Cheriuyot, is up against Norwegian European champion, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, 18, and his two brothers, Filip and Henrik. The other top ranked athletes are Ramil Guliyev (200m), Sam Kendricks (pole vault), Luvo Manyonga (long jump), Fedrick Dacres (discus), Laura Muir (1500m), Hellen Obiri (5000m), Mariya Lasitskene (high jump) and Sandra Perkovic (discus).

The star-studded field also includes the best Swedish athletes, amongst them international medalists Daniel Ståhl, Angelica Bengtsson, Andreas Kramer, Lovisa Lindh, and Moa Hjelmer.

BAUHAUS-galan looks set to produce a fantastic festival of athletics at Stockholm Stadium on 30 May.

BAUHAUS-galan's Diamond League events Thursday 30 May 2019
Men: 200m, 400m, 1500m, 400m hurdles, pole vault, long jump and discus.
Women: 200m, 800m, 5000m, 100m hurdles, high jump and discus.
Extra events: M 800m, W 1500m and pole vault.

24:1 iaaf.png

Following the success of last year's global event, IAAF Run 24-1 will return for its second edition on Saturday 2 June with a series of 24 one-mile runs staged around the world, to support the Global Running Day, the worldwide celebration that encourages everyone to get moving.

Beginning on the Pacific island of Fiji and ending 24 hours later in USA, the IAAF Run 24-1 initiative incorporates races held in 24 cities across 24 countries on six continents to create the largest continuous one-mile run to ever take place across multiple cities in 24 hours.

More than 12,000 runners participated in the inaugural IAAF Run 24-1 in 2018 and this year the participation is expected to increase across the 24 host cities.

Partnering with national athletics federations, sports ministries, city governments and race organisers around the world, the goal is to inspire and motivate people and communities to participate in the world's most accessible sport and experience the excitement and fun of running.

After the kick-off in Fiji, the global run moves to Melbourne and then to major capital cities in Asia such as Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore and Delhi. The Central Asian event will take place in Kazakhstan's capital Nur Sultan before the event moves to Africa with stops in Mauritius and Nairobi. It will then continue to Gaza and will cross over to Europe with a stop in Istanbul followed by Copenhagen, Milan and Birmingham. The global running campaign then moves back to Africa to Gaborone, Yaoundé and Rabat before crossing the Atlantic and reaching Sao Paulo, Santiago, Havana, Bogotá, Mexico, to USA and concluding the tour in Monaco.

"With our Run 24-1 event we offer people across the world a great opportunity to become part of a global community of walking and running," said IAAF President Sebastian Coe. "We know that health and happiness are often closely related to physical exercise, and I'm very happy that we at the IAAF, together with 24 member federations, will make it possible for thousands of people to run their first mile. And I am sure that for most of them it will be the first of many."

Registration is now open on the official website.

The track season is coming to an end for most of the 1.4 million high school athletes in track & field. State meets began the first weekend in May with some of the Southern states, and ends with California, normally the first weekend of June.

_DSC0501.jpgStephanie Rothstein Bruce, has scored PBs from 5k last week (15:17) to marathon, follow her at @twitter: @steph_rothstein, photo by NAZ Elite

What happens to the seniors? In NCAA and JUCO track, the total is about 200,000 on those teams, which means that one out of 7 high schoolers competes in collegiate athletics. As a former JC coach, I will tell you that, you should try out for your JC team. As a former D1 NCAA coach, and a walk on, I will tell you to do the same in 4 year schools. I was given a scholarship, one of the first at my university, Santa Clara, in my senior year.

In high school, I trained way too hard. In college, I broke my year into 2 twenty-six time periods, withr 2 weeks off at end of each season. During the final six weeks of each season, I would do extreme hard easy, where I had a speed day, then a 30 minute run, and only long run was unchanged. In both seasons, I ran six PBs in row, week after week.

I try and share successes and failures. I did not do well in League in high school, and that inspired me to see what I could do in college.

Like life, athletics is not a straight line to success. Enjoy!

Monday, May 20, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 6 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Manyonga_Luvo-Rome18.jpgLuva Manyonga photo by

Manyonga hopes to jump

NANJING (CHN): Men´s long jump at IAAF World Challenge meet in Nanjing will be held already on Monday at Wang Plaza in a special set up. World champion Luvo Manyonga after missing the competition on Saturday in Shanghai due to stomach problem hopes to compete, on the other hand Wang Jianan who was second in Shanghai cancelled his participation. In the start list also Jamaican winner from Saturday Tajay Gayle and European champion Miltiadis Tentoglou. Also jumping another Jamaican Damar Forbes and US Zack Bazile. The home group will be represented by Huang Changzhou, Zhang Yaoguang and Gao Xinglong.

Manyonga_Luvo1-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by

Crouser_Ryan-Oslo18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Crouser 22.67 another big one

TUCSON (USA, May 18): Olympic winner Ryan Crouser confirmed his shape at Elite Classic second day of throwing meet with another huge 22.67 and three more 22+ throws in shot put. Second David Pless 21.06 PB ahead of Jonathan Jones 20.86 and Dutch Denzel Comenentia 20.82 (his 2nd best ever). In B group new national record for Mexico by Uziel Munoz 20.83. Sean Donnelly improved in hammer to 77.59 PB. Brian Williams got 65.42 in discus and Canadian Brittany Crew 18.46 in women shot ahead of Monique Riddick 18.40.

Crouser_RyanPC-Lausanne17.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Cabellero_Denia-Lausanne15.jpgDenia Caballero, photo by

Caballero 68.43 WL
HAVANA (CUB, May 18): World champion in discus from 2015 Denia Caballero achieved at local meet World leading 68.43, her best since 2015. Liadagmis Povea got 15.00 in triple jump with slightly irregular wind +2.1. In men triple jump Cristian Napoles 17.43 ahead of Andy Diaz 17.21, wind speed not known.

Cabellero_DeniaR-Lausanne15.jpgDenia Caballero, photo by

The TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2019 is an IAAF Gold Label Road Race and Asia's leading 10km road race. The following story is by Phil Minshull. Photos from ProCam International.

Ethiopia's Andamlak Belihu winning the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2019.JPGEthiopia's Andamlak Belihu triumphs at the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2019, photo by ProCam International

Kenya's Agnes Tirop winning the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2019.JPGKenya's Agnes Tirop defends her women's title, photo by ProCam International

Harrison_KeniSF-USind18.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by

K. Harrison 12.47 WL, Claye 17.40
BAIE MAHAULT (FRA, May 18) World record holder Keni Harrison clocked World leading 12.47 (0.0) at 100 m hurdles at the Meeting Guadeloupe Grande Caraibe. Second World champion 2015 Danielle Williams from Jamaica 12.70. Olympic games triple jump fourth placer Keturah Orji this time won long jump with 680 (+1.1) and beat the top star of the event Brittney Reese 673 (twice) and Chanice Porter from Jamaica also 673 with World leader Chantel Malone fifth 649. Jamaican Chrisann Gordon won the 400 m in 50.66 ahead of reigning World champion Phylis Francis 50.86. Briton Jodie Williams got the 200 m in 22.92 (+0.3) and Raevyn Rogers the 800 m in 2:00.67. European champion Zharnel Hughes posted 10.03 (-0.9) in the 100 m clearly ahead of Bryce Robinson 10.18. French holder of World U20 record Wilhelm Belocian won the 110 m hurdles in his fastest time since 2016 13.35 (-0.1) edging Shane Brathwaite from Barbados 13.36. Favorite at 400 m hurdles Kyron McMaster lost to Byron Robinson, both 49.37. Will Claye opened with great 17.40 (0.0) in triple in his first competition since May 2018 over Chris Benard 16.94 (0.0), Guyana´s Emanuel Archibald achieved 796 (0.0) in long jump.

Claye_Will1a-Pre18.jpgWill Claye, photo by

Gatlin_JustinFL-Lausanne17.jpgJustin Gatlin, photo by

Norman_MichaelPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgMichael Norman, photo by

The Osaka Seiko Golden Grand Prix was held May 19, and Justin Gatlin and Michael Norman lead the performances at the IAAF World Challenge Meeting today.

Norman 19.84, Gatlin 10.00, Japan 38.00 WL

OSAKA (JPN, May 19): US sensation Mike Norman was one of the outstanding performers at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Osaka (17 000 spectators), winning the 200m in an equal lifetime best of 19.84 (-0.4) by more than half-a-second from Chinese Taipei's Chun-Han Yang in 20.50. Bulgaria's Ivet Lalova-Collio was another impressive winner of the 200m, clocking 22.55 (+0.5) for her fastest time since the 2016 Olympics ahead of US Kyra Jefferson in 23.00. Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad notched up another comfortable win in the 400m hurdles in 53.88 ahead of Barbados' Tia-Adana Belle 55.42 but the margin in the men's 100m was considerably smaller with world champion Justin Gatlin clocking 10.00 (+1.7) to pip Yoshihide Kiryu by 0.01 with reigning world U20 champion Lalu Muhammad Zohri, 18, improving his NR to 10.03, also Asian U20 record. Fourth Yuki Koike got 10.04 PB. The outcome was reversed in the 4x100m relay as the Japanese team put last week's disaster at the World Relays behind them to win in a world-leading 38.00 to the United States' 38.73. Sharika Nelvis nipped world champion Sally Pearson in the 100m hurdles - both were timed at 12.70 (+0.4) - and world U20 bronze medallist Shunsuke Izumiya from Japan, still a junior, took victory in the 110m hurdles in a wind-aded 13.26 (2.9). In the women's hammer, China's Wang Zheng broke the Japanese all-comers' record with 75.27 (second World leader Gwen Berry 74.09) and Lithuania's Edis Matusevicius went out to 84.55m in the javelin. Elsewhere, Omar Craddock won the men's triple jump with 17.16 (-0.4) and Naoto Tobe won the men's high jump with 2.27m. Kenya's Jonathan Kitilit won the 800m in 1:46.37 and compatriot Philemon Ruto won the 3000m steeplechase in 8:22.65. US Vernon Norwood got the 400 m in 45.79, also Mikiah Brisco the women 100 m in 11.33 (-2.2). Benin´s Noelle Yarigo topped the 800 m in 2:03.18. Three more winners in technical events were Australian Brooke Stratton in long jump (666, -0.2), Chinese Huang Bokai 561 in pole vault and Yu Yuzhen 60.88 in javelin. With help from IAAF.

Yohan Diniz is back and he kicked butt in the race walking world today in his 3:37 50km, the longest event in our sport. Here are the complete results from Latvia!

Diniz_YohannFV-Euros14.jpgYohan Diniz, photo by

Diniz_Yohann-WorCH17.jpgYohan Diniz, photo by

Diniz returns with a bang 3:37:43 WL at 50 km
ALYTUS (LTU, May 19): In his first race at the distance since winning the world title in 2017, France's Yohann Diniz won the 50km race walk at the European Race Walking Cup in Lithuania in a championship record and world-leading time of 3:37:43 ahead of Belarus' Dmitry Dziubin (3:45:51) with Portugal's 43-year-old Joao Vieira a surprise third in 3:46:38. Led by reigning champion Ivan Banzeruk in sixth, Ukraine successfully defended their team title. On her debut at the distance, Eleonora Giorgi from Italy won the first edition of the women's 50km race walk in a European record of 4:04:50 while Spain's Julia Takacs was also under the old mark in second with 4:05:46 NR. Reigning world and European champion Ines Henriques was a distant third in 4:13:57. With three finishers inside the top eight led by Valentina Myronchuk in fourth in a 4:15:50 PB, Ukraine also won the women's team title. There was a home win in the women's 20km race walk for Zivile Vaiciukeviciute in 1:29:48 ahead of Spaniards Laura Garcia-Caro (1:29:55) and Raquel Gonzalez (1:30:17) with Spain also lifting the team title while Sweden's Perseus Karlstrom kept up his unbeaten start to the year with a win in the men's 20km race walk in a European-leading 1:19:54 from neutral athlete Vasiliy Mizinov (1:20:18) and European silver medallist Diego Garcia (1:20:23). Spain won the team title from Great Britain whose silver medal was their first medal in European Race Walking Cup history. Meryem Bekmez won the women's U20 10km in 45:37 by more than one minute and also led Turkey to the team title while Italy's Riccardo Orsoni won the men's U20 10km in 42:43, also leading Italy to the team win.

Diniz_YohannFV-Euros14.jpgYohan Diniz, photo by

IMG_4997.jpgLong runs are key to your success, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Long runs are key to your success. It is all about the consistency. Sunday after Sunday, with friends, in the parks, and telling stories, is good for your heart, sole and foot speed. Enjoy them.

Sunday, May 19, 2019-warm up, 75-80 minutes, cooldown

Samba_Abderrahman-Stockholm18.jpgAbderrrahman Samba takes 400m Hurdles in 47.27, photo by

IMG_8333.JPGThe 100m final, photo by Omega/IAAF

EME News is the daily news service on athletics, founded by Alfons Juck. This is his DL event review.

IMG_8333.JPGThe finish line of the men's 100m, photo by Omega/IAAF

IMG_8334.JPGNoah Lyles seems happy after his victory in the 100m, photo courtesy of IAAF

The second stop of the Diamond League showed that, big rivalries rock! The men's 100m, the men's 5000m, the women's PV, the women's 400m and the women's 100m were exciting! Here's the full results!

Okay, take this down.

For our sport to succeed, we must have rivalries.

Oh, yes, Rivalries where the best actually race against each other. I did not want there to be a misunderstanding.

Last year, in the 400m hurdles, Abderrahman Samba and Karston Warholm battled, race after glorious race. Samba ran 46.98 and Warholm ran 47.64.

Then, in early June, Rai Benjamin, a collegian in the U.S. ran 47.02!

Benjamin_Rai-NewBalance19.jpgRai Benjamin, photo by

That they did not meet last summer.

The day of reckoning would be 18 May 2019.

So, Abderrahman Samba ran 44.60 over 400m flat on 9 April. Then, Rai Benjamin run 44.31 over the flat 400m on 20 April. On 22 April Samba ran 47.51 to win the Asian Champs at 400m hurdles. Over 4x400m, Qatar won in 3:03.95 on 24 April.

Samba_Abderrahman-Stockholm18.jpgAbderrahman Samba, photo by

The 400 m hurdles is one of the toughest events in our sport. You take a 400 meter flat, add ten hurdles and see what happens.

In Shanghai, Rai Benjamin gave it all he's got, leading past the 8th hurdle. Abderrahman Samba paced his race well, making his move midway through the distance between hurdles 8 and 9. Benjamin was spent, and could not offer any resistance, as Samba went on to win in 47.27 WL. Benjamin finished second in 47.80. Thomas Barr of Ireland ,in 49.41, finished third.

An ebullent Abderrahman Samba told the mixed zone:

"It is a great feeling for the first Diamond League race of the season. It was a great race and Rai and I pushed each other to the line. The main goal is the World Championships (in Doha) later this year. This year is a big year and I feel better this year."

Rai Benjamin noted after his second place:

"This is my first Diamond League competition in the 400m hurdles and I am quite excited about the result today. I have not set up any specific objectives for myself since it is still in the very early stage of this season. I will go back home after this stop, keep training and do my best in the coming competitions."

As a track fan, this event should be watched. Samba, Benjamin and Warholm will all have chances to shake this event up! Stay tuned!

Video of Shanghai DL 400m hurdles, courtesy of IAAF/Diamond League:

Jeff Shaver is a track geek. He is also a man with a well developed sense of humor, spends one third of the year in China, and works in the computer business. His first piece for me was 24 years ago as he covered the Super Toto meeting, a famous event in Japan where one could sit in a super sized toilet by the Toto company. Being a curious sort, Jeff took a picture of said structure. We believe, with no proof, that it became one of the first viral photos on the internet.

IMG_3844.JPEGShanghai Stadium, May 18, 2019, photo by Jeff Shaver

For the tenth Shanghai DL, Jeff Shaver found himself to be the only media person in the stadium's media section. We have included Jeff's comments on the meet, with some unique pictures and one film.

IMG_3845.JPEGThe 5000 meters, photo by Jeff Shaver, May 18, 2019, Shanghai DL

Taplin.PNGMicheal Cherry, USA, changing shoes, photo by Jeff Shaver, May 18, 2019

IMG_3848.JPEG"Men's 400m 5th placer Braion Taplin of Grenada puking in the mixed zone after running 45.93". Our writer, Mr. Shaver, noted: "think it was the Kung Pao "chicken", photo by Jeff Shaver, this could be the Moment of Jeff for the meet.

We hope that you enjoy!

The 100 meters for men ended the Shanghai Diamong League meeting with a Great Moment! The two top American sprinters captured sports fans everywhere, as the race will be replayed tens of thousands of times on TV, You Tube, blogs, websites and on hand held devices. It was the tenth anniversary of the meeting, The crowd, from our Chinese correspondent Jeff Shaver, was "Packed stadium. Crowd primarily cheering for the Chinese athletes. A loud horn section in the upper decks went crazy for the Ethiopians during the Men's 5000m and the Women's 1500m".

Everyone got into the 100m, as it had stories for the globe. Here is how I saw the race....

Coleman_ChristianPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgChristian Coleman, the 60m WR holder, photo by

The mens' 100 meters featured Christian Coleman, 60m WR, fastest man from 2018, and Noah Lyles, fastest man at 200m in 2018, DL champ with a fine sense of humor an boisterous demeanor.

Christian is a bit more guarded, and so the two finest sprinters in the world lined up.

Lyles_NoahR1-Monaco18.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 Diamond League champ, WL in 2018, 200m, photo by

Coleman has been working on being healthy and getting his start down. His start, when on, is furious. Coleman flies down the track, and is hard to beat. In 2018, however, Coleman was dealing with injuries and was shown to be mortal. Coleman rested, trained and focused. Lots to deal with in 2019 and 2020. Coleman is, as World and Olympic champ Maurice Greene told this writer, on a good day, capable of 9.65. AT LEAST 9.65. Remember that caveat.

Noah, in 2018, had a coming out year. Having shown some brilliant moments in 2017, Coach Lance Brauman built Noah Lyles into a healthy, fit, and confident young sprinter. Brauman knew Lyles was, healthy, one of the finest long sprinters that he has had seen. But, Brauman would not say that. He had to show Lyles how to believe in it himself. Each workout, done successfully, builds the confidence. Each race, done successfully, gives the inner voice the confidence needed for the next race.

Kipruto_Conseslus-Monaco18.jpgConseslus Kipruto, photo by

With Kipruto injured, Justin Lagat, our man in Kenya, wonders who will continue the tradition for Kenya of utter domination of global steeplechase events? A good question!

I remember my mile and 2 mile PBs from high school like they were yesterday.

I ran my mile PB at Fremont High School in San Jose, CA in March of 1976. The race was won by Joe Mangan, who would go on to be the head coach of Foothill College in Los Altos, CA some fifteen years later. What I recall about the race is that I actually kicked the last 300 meters hard, finishing six seconds behind Joe, in 4:45.4. I had already run the 2 mile in 10:38, another PB. What I recall is how good I felt finishing.

The 2 mile PB was at a big Invitational. It was about two weeks before the League finals, so late April 1976. The meet was called the King City Invitational. I believe that there were at least 50 in the event. The race was won in about 9:20, and I remember, again, feeling good each lap and kicking the last lap, finishing in 10:28.0, a ten second PB. My parents and girlfriend were there, which made it extra special. I finished 38th in a field of 50.

I hurt my foot the week before League finals, and did not run well. I trained over the summer with my best friend, Bob Lucas. We were both going to Santa Clara, and we wanted to be fit. So we raced our first 10ks, one hour run championships and 10,000m on the track that summer. It was fun, and it lead to a life long involvement in the sport.

Enjoy the race. Focus on the moment and challenge yourself to something unknown.

Saturday, May 18, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Fridays are easy! The day before big race. Watch the Shanghai DL on Saturday, to psyche up!

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgBreaking the tape, photo by Kevin Morris, Morrisphoto

Friday, May 18, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

David Hunter wrote a unique piece this time. Well, truth is, Mr. Hunter is rather unique. He is in a second or 4th career track. After managing a law firm and a family bank, David sent me a piece about six years ago, after an introduction from a friend.

We get together a few times each year, Boston, US champs and perhaps a World Championships.

This piece came after a phone call last week. David was struck by his trip through the Midwestern back roads.

Enjoy it. I know that I did.

temp.PNGBlocks, photo courtesy Brooks Running

Eliud Kipchoge has won four London Marathons now. His 2:02.38 was an amazing performance, as he took on all comers, including the exciting Mosinet Geremew, and Mo Farah, among others.

Many wonder how long Eliud Kipchoge will last at the top? Eliud is unique. A highly talented athlete, with a breadth of experience, Eliud Kipchoge is the Zen warrior of the marathon. He is focused on the present. His last 5k in London was a case in point. His ability to break the race open when he so desired was an exhilerating sporting experience to watch.

TL2_3955.jpgEliud Kipchoge, 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, photo by London Marathon Media

This interview of Eliud Kipchoge was done on 28 April 2018 by Andy Edwards of Race News Service.

Eliud Kipchoge speaks after his finest victory.

The Shanghai DL meet is to be held on May 18, 2018. Jeff Shaver, special correspondent to @runblogrun, will be covering the second DL of the season for us. The following is the preview by EME News.

The men's 400m hurdles race is probably one of the most exciting duels of this or and season, with Samba's 46.98 and Benjamin's 47.02, the opening in 2019 could be very fast.

The women's 1,500m looks exciting as well as the women's steeplechase.

Samba_Abderrahman-Stockholm18.jpgAbderhaman Samba, photo by

Benjamin_Rai-NewBalance19.jpgRai Benjamin, photo by

Daniel Romanchuk won the Chicago marathon in 2018, and he has been unstoppable since. In April 2019, Daniel won both Chicago and London marathons. Andy Edwards interviewed Daniel after his exciting London win.

TL2_4017.jpgDaniel Romanchuk, photo by London Marathon Media

Romanchuk had taken third in London in 2018 and in Boston. His big victories also show off the program at the Univeristy of Illinois at Champaign. In Daniel Romanchuk, we find amazing strength, speed and racing savvy for someone so new to the sport. Special thanks to Andy Edwards of Race News Service, on the fine interviews that he provided on the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Funny how things change.

A 2:05 time in a marathon is pretty special, yet, Mo Farah finished 5th in London in 2019, and ran 2:05.39. Many media groups in London savaged Farah for his perrformnace.

20190428_125032.jpgMo Farah in mixed zone, photo by Stuart Weir

This interview was done on 28 April, in the mixed zone, as Mo Farah was coming in from his fifth place finish. Andy Edwards approached Mo Farah after a race that he was obviously not happy with, and did this short piece.

Consequently, Mo Farah is still up in air about Doha World Champs on the track. He is not running the marathon in Doha, however. He will be running the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on 13 October 2019.

The two fastest marathon times ever on Danish soil. That is the goal for this year's Copenhagen Marathon, and preconditions have never been better.

copenhagen m.jpgLast years winner and holder of the race record William Morwabe will be back at Telenor Copenhagen Marathon. (Photo: Sparta)

The days on the track now are fast and furious. The warmups and cooldowns take longer. Stay focused on any changes, a slight cold, tight muscles, and hydrate, sleep well and eat well, cutting back on junk.

Today is a fun and fast day. Enjoy the 400 meters and 200 meters.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown leads, 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morrris

Thursday, May 16, 2019-warm up, 6 x 400m, 400m jog, 800m pace, 2 x 200m, cut downs, coold down

Noah Lyles to battle Michael Norman on June 6 in Rome, photo by
Kipyegon_FaithFV-PreC17.jpgFaith Kipyegon leads field in Shanghai on May 18! photo by
Tortu_FilippoR-Rome18.jpgFilippo Tortu looking to better PB in Rome on June 6, photo by
ElBakkali_SoufianeFV1-Monaco18.jpgSoufianne El Bakaali to thrill in Rabat on June 16, photo by
ROME (ITA): An excellent men's 200m has been assembled for the Golden Gala Rome Diamond League on 6 June when top US sprinters Noah Lyles and Mike Norman and reigning world and European champion Ramil Guliyev from Turkey will all clash. World bronze medallist Jereem Richards and Italian 100m record-holder Filippo Tortu are also confirmed. In the women's 100m, treble European champion Dina Asher-Smith faces double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson from Jamaica and double world silver medallist Marie-Josee Ta Lou from the Ivory Coast. European indoor champion Gianmarco Tamberi faces European champion and silver medallist Mateusz Przybylko and Maksim Nedasekau on home soil in the high jump. Czech Republic's Barbora Spotakova returns to competition in the javelin up against European champion Christin Hussong from Germany and China's Lyu Huihui and her main home rival Nikola Ogrodnikova.
SHANGHAI (CHN): The best women 1500 m field so far in 2019 is assembled for the Saturday meet. Meet record 3:56.82 of Faith Kipyegon from 2016 could be under threat, and World lead for sure. In total five entered runners are having sub 4 personal best. Sifan Hassan of Netherlands, Moroccan Rababe Arafi, Kenyan Winny Chebet and Ethiopians Dawit Seyaoum and Gudaf Tsegay.
ROME (ITA): Filippo Tortu is looking to break his 200m PB of 20.34 when he lines up in the Rome Diamond League next month, informs FIDAL. "The minimum goal is a personal best. I really want to run the 200m to see if I can do it at the World Championship in Doha. Rome, therefore, will be a fundamental race for this year, but also for the next one, the one in Tokyo," he said.
RABAT (MAR): Local superstars Abdelaati Iguider and Soufiane El Bakkali are set to grace the track in Rabat when the Road to the Final reaches Africa on June 16. The sixth IAAF Diamond League meeting of the year, the Meeting International Mohammed VI will welcome a host of international stars to Morocco, while home fans will be able to cheer on both Iguider (5000m) and El Bakkali (3000m steeplechase) in the long distance events.
Norman and Gatlin in Osaka
OSAKA (JPN): World class athletics continues in Japan on Sunday with Golden Grand Prix meet (IAAF World Challenge) in Osaka. Michael Norman runs the 200 m against Ameer Webb, in the 100 m Justin Gatlin with Cameron Burrell and Yoshihide Kiryu. Women hurdles will have World champion Sally Pearson against Sharika Nelvis and Queen Harrison. World leader Omar Craddock is in the triple, Olympic winner Dalilah Muhammad against Georganne Moline in women 400 m hurdles. Naoto Tobe is the star of high jump, Brits Lorraine Ugen and Shara Proctor are scheduled for women long jump. Women hammer has US duo Deanna Price and Gwen Berry against Joanna Fiodorow from Poland.
Norman_MichaelPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgMichael Norman, photo by

Wednesdays is weeks like this are light, and relaxed. Funny thing is, your 45 minute now is faster and longer in distance than your early season runs. Now the key is to stay in race as long as possible and making your best move to finish. The longer you can stay in the race, the more options you will have.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown, 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris/MorrisFoto

Wednesday, May 15, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The largest half marathon in US, the Brooklyn Half, is being held May 18, in Brooklyn, New York, with 27,000 expected runners. The half marathon distance is an exciting distance and popular with runners, new and veterans. Here's the info on the race:

Keflezighi_MebBW-FLfinals16.jpgMeb Keflezighi, photo by

galen rupp.pngGalen Rupp, photo courtesy of Bank of America Chicago Marathon

mo chicago.pngMo Farah, 2018 Chicago Marathon, photo courtesy of Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced big news on May 9, 2019. Mo Farah returns to Chicago. Galen Rupp, after surgery, returns to Chicago. Jordan Hasay, after a 3rd in Boston and recovery from injuries, will return to Chicago to see how fast she can run. Wheelchair stars Daniel Romanchuk and Manuela Schar will also be defending! Chicago does it once again!

This column was done by the USATF comm deparment. They are indespensible. When I am at championship events, the USATF comm team finds great quotes and looks for that image you need. They are also liasons on finding that elusive athletic star. This is the update on Day, May 12, 2019.

Aleia Hobbs USA women 4x100 final World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgAleia Hobbs takes the 4x100m for the USA, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

Donavan Brazier USA mixed 2x2x400 2019-05-11 World Relays Yokohama 2019 by Roger Sedres.JPGDonavan Brazier won the mixed 2x2x400m, photo by Roger Sedres/IAAF

The first day was good for the USA at Yokohama. Here's what USATF comm had to say. Like the 2x2x400m, it is tough. And the shuttle hurdles? Totally cool.

Devon Allen shuttle hurdles - Roger Sedres.JPGDevon Allen, winning Shuttle hurdles, photo by Roger Sedres/IAAF

Tempo runs are key to your development. They make you strong and give you confidence. Stay focused!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 4x 150m, good effort, cool down

IMG_5330.jpgTempo runs are best done with friends, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

This is Stuart's final column on the 2019 IAAF World Relays. He liked the World Relays, but, what does it mean?


Yokohama Stadium, May 12, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

4bf35882-996a-4352-bfdf-1742c83d8801.jpgMatgorzata Holub-Kowalik, Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz, Anna Lielbasinska and Justyna Swiety-Ersetic, Hardest names to pronouce, and they won! Poland's 4x400m team. photo by Roger Sedres/IAAF

This is one of my favorite columns. Stuart does this at most meets. Glad he found time to get this one done!

JeVon Hutchison USA men 4x400 heats 2019-05-11 World Relays Yokohama 2019 by Roger Sedres.JPGJevon Hutchinson, USA, Martyn Rooney, GBR, 4x400m heats, Yokohama, May 11, 2019, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

Stuck in the Doha airport, Stuart wrote 3 more pieces for @runblogrun. Thats what happens when one goes from 2 hours to 5 hours. Thanks Stuart! Fascinated with UK approach to relays, wonder if it could work in USA?

There is little less satisfying for a track fan, than disqualifications. There were enough in Yokohama to give one a bitter aftertaste. And, it hurts the sport. Stuart Weir has a novel idea on how to announce the medal winners.

I like it.

Machel Cedenio TRI men 4x400 World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgMachel Cedeno anchored TTO to a win over USA (Paul Dedewo), then USA DQed for a lane violation, photo by Roger Sedres, for IAAF

Eliud Kipchoge just won the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon on April 28, 2019 in the second fastest time in history, 2:02.28. Now, he has his eyes focused on a sub 2 hour marathon! NN Running team opines on his ten wins.

eknn2.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by Virgin London Marathon

Mondays begin the week. Think about what is coming this week and consider your goals. But, also, just focus today on the run, your core work and the stride outs. Enjoy the movement, enjoy the difference in how fit you are from a few months ago. Enjoy the desire to race. You are ready to roll.

IMG_8690.jpegHave you checked your shoes? photo by RunBlogRun

Monday, May 13, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 8 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Maroussia Pare France 4x200 women World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgMaroussia Pare leads upset for France in 4x200m, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

Well, if you think the 4x100m, 4x400m were exciting, you need to read about the 4x200m! Stuart Weir wrote this fine piece.

Machel Cedenio TRI men 4x400 World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgMachel Cedeno (TTO) holds onto his win, as Paul Dedewo (USA) wins, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

Justyna Swiety Ersetic women 4x400 World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgJustyna Swiety Ersatec (POL) holds of Courtney Okolo (USA) in 4x400m, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

Well the 4x400m was full of surprises, but a lane violation in the 4x400m? Stuart Weir explains it all...

Brazil men 4x100m World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgBrazil gold winning 4x100m, photo by Roger Sedres/IAAF

Stuart Weir writes about the sprint relays in Yokohama in this column on day 2 of the 2019 IAAF World Relays.

Aleia Hobbs USA women 4x100 final World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgAleia Hobbs anchors 4x100m, photo by Roger Sedres, for the IAAF

Justyna Swiety Ersetic women 4x400 World Relays - Roger Sedres.jpgJustyna Swiety Ersatec anchors Poland's 4x400m win over USA, photo by Roger Sedres, for the IAAF

The 4th IAAF World Relays was a success. As Mark Cullen of @trackerati noted so well, its all about the baton....

IMG_8404.JPGThe picture above was taken in 1981. On the left is me, Larry Eder. On the right is my mother, Marilu Eder. My Mom passed away on at home on 20 September 2016. My father took care of her for the last 18 months of her life. She had gone from being a 79 year old woman who did Zumba, dance class and could walk with me for 2 hours, to see her body and mind no longer listen to her. I was there much of the time, especially the last year, when Mom went from nursing home to family home, to hospice at family home.

My Mom really supported my running. She encouraged all 5 of us to do the things we desired. In my 2nd year of running, Mom took me to a real live running store, Cambrian Sports, and I purchased a pair of Onitsuka Tigers and adidas Interval spikes. The total cost was $66. Understand that, in my freshman sophmore years, I had run in Kmart special tennis shoes, costing $5 a pair. Mom convinced my father that this was a worthy endeavor.

Mom had brought my brother and sisters to see me race as a freshman in St. Louis. She also came when I was in high school. Mom and Dad were there when I won my first college race, during my senior year in college. They were there when I ran my first marathon.

The picture above was taken at a reception. Mom had asked me to go, and I finished my 22 mile Sunday run, and found some clean clothes in my dorm room, and headed over to the house to join her. I remember we had fun, talking with family friends. She also offered some humorous advice on my approach to woman at the time.

Today is mother's Day. If your Mom has passed, think of the good things and times you had with your Mom. If your Mom is alive, see her, talk to her. If you do not talk to your Mom, pull your head out and find a way to start the conversation. I would do anything to talk to my Mom today, and anyday, for that matter.

Think about this on your run today.

Sunday, May 12, 2019-warm up, 75-80 minutes, cooldown

Donavan Brazier USA mixed 2x2x400 2019-05-11 World Relays Yokohama 2019 by Roger Sedres.JPGDonavan Brazier, 4x400m heats, May 11, 2019, photo by Roger Sedres, IAAF

This is Stuart Weir's coverage of the 2019 IAAF Worl Relays, day 1, May 11, 2019. It is the 4th time that the Relays have been held. We look forward to Day 2, just hours away, with the finals. Thanks once again to Stuart, on juggling jet lag, and two weeks on the road, to cover Doha DL and the IAAF World Relays!

20190510_133800 - Copy.jpgIAAF Presser, photo by Stuart Weir

20190510_141648-1.jpgMedia seating, May 10, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

20190510_133700.jpgThe night before Yokohama, photo by Stuart Weir

The 4th IAAF World Relays are being held in Yokohama, Japan May 11-12, 2019. Stuart Weir has been on the road two weeks to cover Doha DL and Yokohama for us. This is his intro on the World Relays.

Holloway_GrantQ1-USAout18.jpgGrant Holloway, photo by

Holloway 13.07 WL
FAYETTEVILLE (USA, May 10): Grant Holloway moved his result level again. The super talented Florida sprinter/hurdler improved in his best event to superb World lead 13.07 (+0.8) in the 110 m hurdles heats. Multiple NCAA Champion had as best until Friday at SEC Champs 13.15 from last year. It is also meet record, facility record and second fastest in collegiate history. Second Daniel Roberts 13.31. Japanes Hakim Sani Brown was fastest in 100 m heats with 10.10 (0.0). Quincy Hall posted fastest 400 m prelim with 45.40. Women hurdles also solid heat times by Tonea Marshall 12.83 (+0.1) and Jamaican Janeek Brown 12.84 (+0.2). Chloe Abbott posted 51.80 in women 400 m prelims, with Wadeline Jonathas from Haiti 51.81. Talented jumper JuVaughn Harrison won high jump 224 and was second in long jump 802 (+0.1) behind Ja´Mari Ward 810 (+0.1). In women long jump French Yanis David 665 (+1.3) and in heptathlon Amanda Froynes from Norway 5801 points personal best (daughter of agent Stale Jan Froynes).

With nearly fifty brands of running footwear in the highly competitive performance running channel, how does one stand out in this crowded, competitive market?

Well, 361 USA has found a way, and it has been well recieved.


The 360 USA booth at the 2018 Running Event, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In this video, Ike Alvear, Head of Sales, explains the rules of the 361 USA Retailers Cup. By the deadline, April 1, 361 USA surpassed their goal in 2019, of 50, with over sixty teams and with a few more to be approved.

The teams of 4 (must include 2 women, and up to one local star) race 5ks. There are six regions and the top teams get a trip to the designated national race where the teams will race for at least $50,000 for the win.

Watch for more info on this soon!

Version 3.jpgTime to race, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Saturday is all about the racing. Warm up well, and challenge yourself. Good luck. It is your day today!

Saturday, May 11, 2019-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Fridays are changing during high part of high school season.

I remember the excitement of dual meets, sometimes 2 to a week, and relays on the weekends. The season got to some level of normalcy in March and then, in April and early May, the big meets came.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoying a warm up run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Keep Fridays easy with the big races on Saturdays. Focus on your warm ups and take some time to focus on the event. Take some quiet time and isolate yourself so you can think of your goals.

Good luck on Saturday. Challenge yourself.

Friday, May 10, 2019 -warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

IMG_0709.jpgA Happy LAM finisher, photo by Conqur Endurance Group
The City of Los Angeles Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in the US, and is getting a global reputation. As we get closer to LA 2028, the event will get more and more important.
ASICS will return to the City of Los Angeles on March 8, 2020, as the footwear and apparell sponsor, after a four year departure. ASICS is building up as we get closer to Tokyo 2020!
Watch here for more updates on LAM and ASICS.
Nice job by our friends at Conqur Endurance Group!
And finally, here's the podcast we produced on the 2019 Los Angelese Marathon!

Lasitskene_MariaQ1-WC17.jpgMariya Lasitsekene, photo by

Kinsey_Erika-NBind18.jpgErika Kinsey, photo by

Mahuchikh_YaroslavaFL-YthOly18.jpgYaroslava Manhuchikich, photo by

The high jump is an event that entrances. The jump converts horizontal motion with a huge change to verticarl motion, all the time, attempting to clear a height. The event ends, not with a clearance, but a series of 3 misses. Fans are fascinated as the athletes, some of the finest in all of athletics, are swift, emotional, and simply stunning.

The high jump is always a draw in Stockholm, one of my favorite venues in all of Europe. The 1912 Olympic stadium has been the home of many events and many of the greats have raced, jumped and thrown.

Do not miss this meeting, held on May 30!

Doping+in+Elite+Sports+-+Voices+of+French+sportspeople+and+Their+Doctors%2C+1950-2010.jpgA few weeks ago, Christrophe Brissonneau sent me his new book, via Linked in. A thoughtful letter to me showed that Christophe was a) serious and b) knew how to get attention from an editor (moi) who gets 1100 emails a day off 8 sites. While 350 are, on the average, from a) the King of Central African kingdom who is offering me $15 mllion for a loan of $7500, b) a chance to see pornography that I have not thought of yet, c) loans for up to $2 million with no collateral and d) how President Trump has either saved the US or put us on the path to total destruction.

I have digressed.

This book, Doping in Elite sports, has looked like something I would like to read. I came from an era when I could chat with former Soviet bloc coaches, and have translated East German coaching books. I learned that some cheated, some did not. I learned that it was much more complicated than just people cheated and how most federations looked away from the cheating in the 60s and 70s. Now, much has come to bite us on the proverbial backside.

Mike Rowbottom beat me to it. Today, May 9, he posted his deep thoughts on Inside the Games site. It is a wonderful piece.

I love Mike Rowbottom. Mike does not have to worry. I will not visit his house and peer in his windows. Like about a dozen other scribes, Mike writes about things that challenge me and with a love of journalism that is found less and less today. I am glad my friends at Inside the Games use him often. His crisp writing, his sense of humor, and his access to reality are found in neary every word he writes.

Read this, and you might want to check out the book. Sometimes, complicated topics can not be understood in 20 twitter blasts. rr

Thanks Mike, and hope to see you soon.

bceccbdd-469f-4d23-a3f2-3e10e99ea7cc.jpgYokohama in the morning, photo by Getty Images for IAAF

The World Relays is one of the most fun events that I have ever attended. Our man in the world, Stuart Weir, will be covering Yokohama for @runblogrun. Our friends at the IAAF will provide you with some fun and entertaining coverage of all things Yokohma. Enjoy!

It happened all at once. After a big winter of hill repeats and mileage, I started racing. The first 3000m really sucked. On a 165 yard indoor track, I had my butt handed to me by a guy I beat in fall cross country by 45 seconds! I was not a happy camper. I ran a PB, but, I did not take into account that 120 miles a week and 20 times an 800m hill did to you. The next 4 weeks, I felt okay, but no finish, but I was amazingly close to my PBs. Was I over-trained?

Why, yes.

Fauble_Scott1-BostonMar19.jpgScott Fauble ran a 2:09.09 at Boston, three plus minutes PB in the pressure cooked environment of Boston, photo by

So, I listened to my body. Cut my mileage to 50 miles a week, and ran hard, easy days. Like 3 x 3/4 mle, warm up and cooldown. next day, 30 minutes, one run. By the end of two weeks, I ran a 2 mile PB. The following week, I ran a near PB over 5000m on the track. On the next week, I an an hour track races, just under 11 miles, feeling really good. I kept the hard easy thing for 8 weeks, and in all those races, ran PBs, and thought, maybe, I had something going here. I kept my long 20 miler on Sunday, as that was my time, but cut my speed sessions to short and fast, like 8 times 400m, or a fast mile, a fast 3/4, a fast 1/2. Easy days, 30 minutes. Oh, and I slept 8 hours a night.One sessions, I jogged on the grass for 3 miles and then, ran a fast mile and went back to running on the grass.

The last race was a six mile on the roads. I got out hard, just under 5 minutes a mile. I remember hearing "10.08" at two miles. By 3 miles, one guy was with me, and he looked like a 1,500m guy (was, former Villanova guy). We finished on the track, last 800m. I was all out on the last lap, which was 62 seconds for me. The 1500m guy dusted me, taking me by six seconds. I had run 31.08 PB and the year before, I had run 32.40. The 31.08 was the easiest race of my life.

It was one of those perfect races. You will have one this month. Enjoy!

Thursday, 9 May 2019-warm up, 2x 4x400m, 400m jog, first set of 400m at mile pace, 200m jog, second set of 400m at 800m pace, cooldown

Wednesday is all about core and a modest run. Laugh, tell stories, and enjoy your team mates. That is what it is all about.

IMG_5141.jpgStride outs, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 -warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

SAMBA Abderrahaman - 400m Hurdles -  Doha 2017.jpgAbderrahaman Samba, 400mh, photo by Doha LOC

Haroun wins bronze at London 2017.jpgAbadelah Haroun, photo by Doha LOC

Barshim_MutazR-WC17.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by

Stuart Weir wrote this column as his last from Doha last Friday, before his trek to Tokyo, then Yokohama, Japan. In this column, Stuart looks to the future of athletics in Qatar, with the absense of 3 huge stars for Doha this coming September: Haroun, Barshim and Samba.

Special thanks to Peter J. Thompson on this one.

A fine, long read on the long, complicated, battle between Caster Semenya vs. IAAF and the CAS decision. Ms. Lambelet Coleman, a former member of Athletics West, puts the issue in the perspective needed. She does not make light of Ms. Semenya's situation, but does put the situation in light of female athletics and the battles waged against women's athletics.

An important read.

The battle continues.

The IAAF has continued the war of words with the WMA. In effect, they are doing what they should have done ten years ago, and providing specifics on their categorization of female athletes as females (XX) , not males (XY).

The truth is, one wonders outloud whether this could have been decided 10 years ago. The IAAF looks quite bad, PR wise, when played against Caster Semenya, who is an amazing figure for young people who feel out of the normal realms of society.

The letter below, gives the IAAF's side on their new rules.

20190503_202610.jpgCaster Semenya speaks with the media, 3 May, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

logo_top_en.pngThe World Medical Association and the IAAF have not seen eye to eye on the IAAF rules on women athletes. In looking at it, it seems that the WMA may be relying more on emotion that on scientific fact, if there is such in this matter.

The women's steeplechase looks to be one of the finest outside of a World Champs or Olympics. WR holder Beatrice Chepkoech, WC Emma Coburn, and AR holder Courtney Freirich, among the fine field coming to Stanford on the 30th of June.

Consider this, the finest athletes in the world will be there, and you can see them close up! So, give up that second six pack of artisan beer a week or the second hand made, soy milk mocha latte of the day, and you have a ticket! Check out!

Chepkoech_Beatrice-Monaco18.jpgBeatrice Chepkoech, WR holder, photo by

Coburn_Emma-USAout18.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by

IMG_4945.jpgRunning in the fog, photo by NAZ elite

I learned about tempo runs in the late 1970s. I had met Coach Bill Dellinger at a coaching clinic. Coach Dellinger had a wry sense of humor, and was quite thoughtful with his comments. Tempo runs helped me race more effectively.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 8 x 200m, 200m jog, good effort, cool down

In most of his appearances, Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks, reminds his media friends that they are only interested in people who run. When Weber took over Brooks in 2001, one of the first things he did was let go one of his largest clients. Jim had figured out that the client was a) problematic, and b)while biggest client, did not make money from client. How could you give up a big client? Weber explained it as the mantra was to stay focused on running building profitability.

Well, it worked, as Barrons noted in their recent in their recent piece on Jim Weber, Brooks has 21 percent of the performance running business, second only to Nike. Brooks stays focused on running. Sounds easy, but it has not. Since 2001, we at @runblogrun have watched several brands try and challenge Brooks, but they loose focus on the prize.

Brooks has a long time relationship with RNR series, and the Marine Corp Marathon and related events. Brooks just signed with Marine Corps once again. Why? Because Brooks understands that keeping communication with their consumers is key. These grass roots events keep the brand focused and remind them that the consumer-brand relationship is key.

The Marine Corps Marathon is an iconic, old school event. The field is strong and the course is honest. Runners come back, year after year to the Marine Corps Marathon. While footwear brand sponsorship is getting harder to fine, as brands are looking for events that work with them to build their brands and the event.

(photo by Brooks Running).

Monday is the beginning of the week. I used to enjoy time before practice. Warm ups at West Valley College, where I did my track work in college, was fun. There was stretching, telling stories, and more stretching. The long warm up and cool down was 3-4 miles, in the neighorhoods of Saratoga, CA. Running with Doc, Karbo, Jim Thylin, Tom Dorst, and my daily training partner, Paul Geza Gyorey, was fun. We went to West Valley on Monday, Wednesday for tough days. We did not go on easy days as we were doing double workouts and knew what worked for us. We raced 30-35 times a year, 2 miles to 10,000m, and picked the months of November and May to race well.

We learned about easy days, and they were important. Keep it relaxed on Mondays!

IMG_1161.jpgBen Rosario, the coach, speaks with Ben Bruce, photo by Justin Britton for HOKA ONE ONE

Monday, May 6, 2019-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 8 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

csm_qtickets_e75360843d.jpgWe asked Justin to write about the Doha DL. This is his story, with the view from Kenya.

Dina still winning.jpgDina Asher-Smith (this pic is 2018 European Champs), photo by Getty/Berlin2018

In each DL event in 2018, Stuart Weir did 5-10 pieces a meet. He also wrote about our friends across the pond, in each and every meeting. I have watched the amazing evolution in UK athletics. Some fine athletes and some fine athletes in the future. Dina Asher-Smith continues her rise in athletics, after winning the 100m/200m in Berlin back in 2018. In Doha, Dina ran a WL 22.26!

Here's Stuart Weir's piece on Brits in Doha.

The week before the Doha Diamond League was deeply difficult for Caster Semenya. In Sean Ingle's detailed behind the scene feature, on the CAS decision, no matter what side you find yourself on, there is sympathy for Ms. Semenya. The emotional price in the week before the IAAF vs Caster Semenya decision by CAS.

Just prior the meet, and less than 8 days before the new IAAF rules go into effect, Caste Semenya entered the 800m in Doha. Many would have just been impressed if she had finished the race, but Caster ran a 1:54.98 world leader. Here is how Stuart Weir saw it from his seats in Doha.

20190503_202610.jpgCaster Semenya with media, post 1:54.98 WL, photo by Stuart Weir

Today is your long run. It is Sunday evening here and I am about to go out for 80 minutes. I live in Wisconsin, and speak with my girlfriend who lives in California while we work out. We get a walk in most nights for 70 or 80 minutes.

I wanted to tell you that, if you want to share your run you can do it like I do, but just be careful with the earphones. I live in a small town and watch traffic constantly.

Walmsley-preWS.freshdirt.jpgJim Walmsley set the Western States 100m by 16 minutes in his win there, photo courtesy of Trail Runner magazine

Jim Walmsley, who I met last winter at a trade show, is an ultra runner. That's an understatement. He is one of the best. So, his sponsor, HOKA ONE ONE, put on the ultra version of the sub 2 hour marathon, the sub 6 hour 100k and the 50 mile world record attempt. They did it to promote the launch of new HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X, a cool new, fast racing shoe.

Well, Jim broke the world record for 50 miles, which dates back to 1983! Jim ran 4:50:07, a 5.48 per mile for 50 single miles! Unfathomable for you now, but for most of you, racing a 10k is a big challenge.

Enjoy your long run today!

Stahl_DanielQ-WC17.jpgDaniel Stahl hits 70.56m in the discus! photo by

Semenya_CasterFHL1-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya runs 1:54.98 WL in Doha, photo by

The Doha DL is the opening of the 2019 Diamond League, as it has been for ten years. Eight World leaders, five Meet records, 2 Diamond League records. Hows that for a fine opening?

Khalifa Stadium (1).jpg

Khalifa Stadium, 3 May 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

The following piece is the intro by Stuart Weir on the the Khalifa Stadium, new home of Doha DL and WC Doha 2019. As we post this, Stuart had provided 5 stories, 2 videos and a dozen photos on Doha DL and has just landed in Tokyo, as he will be covering the Yokahama meeting, aka the IAAF World Relays, which are next weekend.

Khalifa Stadium (3).jpgStuart Weir, the selfie, 3 May 2019, photo by

Before I began writing, I was a high school coach in athletics. After that, I was a college coach and finally, a junior college coach. While I have read many books on coaching athletics, my most important lessons have been, well anecdotal. What do I mean?

I was fortunate to have had tremendous coaches, from Rich Grawer, Jim Marheinecke, Ralph Passerelli, S.J. (DeSmet), to Terry Ward (Bellarmine), Santa Clara (Dan Durante) and while coaching at Foothill, worked with the late Hank Ketels and Joe Mangan.

Joe and I would have picked up some beef jerky and sunflower seeds, and spent 3 hours driving to a meet discussing the conundrums with Semenya vs. IAAF.

Semenya-Wilson-Niyonsaba-WorCH17.jpgCaster Semenya, 2016 Rio Olympics, photo by

In its imperious style, I sometimes think of the IAAF as the Catholic Church in the Renaissance, as they dealt with Galileo. Much of what was decided then was found to be incorrect a lifetime later. Something had to be done, but few seem completely happy with the decision.

I recall hushed conversations about Caster Semenya in 2009 in Berlin. I recall the booing of Semenya, and her consternation. In 2009, she was not privy to what would haunt her for the next decade. As Caster Semenya has been harassed, Lynsey Sharp, who did her thesis on DSD athletes, has had death threats throughout the CAS process.

Semenya_CasterFHL1-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya wins Pre Classic, photo by

CAS is right, the decision that they made on 2 May will be the most important decision that they have made in 35 years. But, alas, it is not over. The IAAF missed the time to end this controversy a decade ago. Now, their imperious nature makes them easy prey.

I have interviewed Caster Semenya many times. I truly like Caster, and see her humanity. I also see that the IAAF is caught in a no win situation.

I am asking that, as Stuart Weir asks below, that we take the time to consider both sides. Lives are affected.

34efa343-26f3-4335-83a3-d827e64eb576.jpgHamid Ben Daoud , Lonah Chemtai Saltpeter, Kellyn Taylor, Amos Kipruto, Jirka Homolac, photo by RunCzech

The 2019 VW Prague Marathon is to be held on 5 May 2019. RunCzech will be providing streaming video for the race, which will be 8:50 AM CET in Prague, 1:50 AM NY time, 12:50 AM Chicago time, 11:50 PM (Which is Saturday, 4 May). For Americans, watching Kellyn Taylor, who ran 2:24.50 in Grandma's Marathon.

Kellyn Taylor is one of the finest American women marathoners of all times. Let's see what she can do tomorrow!

A fantastic beginning to the 2019 Diamond League season. With the long season, many did not expect the fine performances that happened on Friday. From the amazing discus series at the beginning to the meet to the gutty, finish in the women's 3000m. Here's the full results from Doha, Qatar. Thanks to the IAAF and Doha DL LOC for their help!

A fantastic beginning to the 2019 season!

Saturday is race day. The season is now in high swing, in May. The big events are nearly upon us. Enjoy the weekend!

Taylor_Kellyn40-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor is running VW Prague on 5 May 2019, we wish her good luck! photo by

Fridays are days for reflection. Consider the past week and also think about the upcoming races! Good luck this weekend!

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy your run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, May 3, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Ekiru_TitusFV-Milan19.jpgA jubilant Titus Ekiru wins the 2019 Generali Milano Marathon, photo by Milano Marathon

A quick, 4 day trip to Milan, Italy, courtesy of RCS Rizzoli's Andrea Trabuio, Director of RCS Mass Events, gave me a good view of the health of the Milano Marathon and why Americans should visit:

1. Milano is a modern European city, showcasing the history of Italy, both old and new. In my short visit, I enjoyed a couple nice walks in the center of Milan and a nice relaxed Saturday afternoon in a cafe in the new shopping area.

2. The Milano Running Festival showcases top races, clinics, and athletics experiences for young athletes (learn to pole vault, sprint, or high jump), as well as enjoying Italian street food in the Expo as well.

3. The kids race, with 13,000 young kids running 3k with their friends and parents was a lot of fun to watch.

4. The dogs race was held on Friday night, and had 100 dogs and their human partners in the new addition to the Marathon Milano.

5.On Sunday, April 7, 2019, Titus Eriku and Vivian Kiplagat lead 7,000 marathoners and 18,000 marathon relay runners aound the center of Milan. Titus ran 2:04.46, a new course record and fastest time on Italian soil for a man. Vivian Kiplagat ran 2:22.25, breaking Margaret Okayo's course record and also becoming the fastest time for a woman in Italy.

Kiplagat_VivianR1-Milan19.jpgVivian Kiplagat takes 2019 Generali Milano Marathon! photo by Milano Marathon

So, come to the fastest race in Italy next year, enjoy the Milano Running Festival and enjoy the fine city of Milano. To learn more, please go to

Way back in 1999, I had made prognostications on the Sevilla 1999 WC. Someone noted that I might be "smoking too much on the crack pipe". So, in honor of that thoughtful fan, I have found my 1999 crack pipe, hidden with my stash of posters of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Scorpion, and made some prognositcations (actually no crack was smoked in the process of doing these prognostications, just say NO, as the late Nancy Reagan would say).

After watching Chris Dennis prognosticate on Doha DL, we sucked down a large cup of Lavazza espresso, in my kitchen in Fort Atkinson, WI, listening to Steve Earle (Copperhead Row) for more fortification! We picked All events and all winning performances! Are we crazy? That is a good question.

Now, to Mr. Dennis comments:

And my deep thoughts:

NL SU.jpgNoah Lyles and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, photos by

The adidas Boost Boston Games, which will be held June 16, 2019, is now in its 4th year. adidas continues to innovate with this meet, now taking it all to the streets. The adidas Boost Boston Games is a lot of fun, and with the fields, we are excited once again!

58902132_2925904540768054_1181117539703324672_n.jpgRyan Crouser vs. Joe Kovacs, Doha 2019 DL Presser, photo by Jiro Mochizuki, for IAAF Diamond League (copyrigh 2019 by Jiro Mochizuki)

59285577_2925905877434587_5858462230718185472_o.jpgTina Bartoletta involved in deep thought, Doha 2019 DL Presser, photo by Jiro Mochizuki, for IAAF Diamond League (copyright 2019 by Jiro Mochizuki)

59658275_2925905500767958_1433452958606950400_o.jpgSam Kendricks, Doha 2019 DL Presser, photo by Jiro Mochizuki, for IAAF Diamond League (copyright 2019 by Jiro Mochizuki)

EME News previews all of the major events. If you do not subscribe, then, you are not a real track geek!

58916869_2925906034101238_3308484630335717376_o.jpgTomas Walsh, Doha 2019 DL Presser, photo by Jiro Mochizuki, for IAAF Diamond League (copyrigh 2019 by Jiro Mochizuki)

59285577_2925905877434587_5858462230718185472_o.jpgTianna Bartoletta, Doha 2019 DL Presser, 3 May 2019, photo by Jiro Mochizuki, for IAAF Diamond League (copyrigh 2019 by Jiro Mochizuki)

The main presser at DL events is a litmus test for the media. There are the prepared statements of sponsors and federations, and some relaxed comments by the top athletes, emcee and of course IAAF Prez Seb Coe.

Seb Coe stayed on message, keeping the comments on Doha DL, and gently, but firmly discounting questions on the CAS decision, Doha World Champs.

Dina Asher-Smith is opening early for the Briton. After her double wins at 100m/200m in the 2018 European Outdoor Champs, Dina is quite the item in British media, including commercial sponsorships and fashion media. Since I met her 2014, Dina has always been quite relaxed with the media and willingly answers questions.

Sam Kendricks spoke about his friend, Mondo Duplantis, who just jumped 5.94m, and Sam's 5.90m. Sam is one of the most quoteable athletes and he loves competitions.

Tianna Bartoletta spoke about elongating the season, with a U.S. Trials 3 months from Doha DL (May 3-end of July), and build a better strength base. Tianna is eminently quotable and a real joy to interview.

more notes on Presser

Korir_Emmanuel-Pre18.jpgEmmanuel Korirr, photo by

Emmanuel Korir opened many eyes with his 1.42.05 on 22 July , 2018 for the 800 meters. His time was the sixth fastest all times! One month before, at the Kenyan National championships, Emmanuel had run 44.21, on 23 June 2018 in Narobi.

Truth was, Emmanuel had risen fast. In 2016, Emmanuel Korir had run 1:46.94 in Nairorbi, Kenya. On June 3, 2017, Emmanuel took the win at the NCAA Outdoor in 1:45.03. On July 21, 2017, in the amazing Stade Louis II in Monaco, Emmanual won his first DL. In 2018, Emmanuel won Doha DL( 4 May 2018, in 1:45.21, Pre Classic (25 May 2018) in 1:45.16, London DL (22 July 2018) in a superb 1:42.05 PB, then Birmingham DL in 1:42.79, and finally, Van Damme in 1:44.72 on 31 August 2018.

What will he do in Doha? With his 400m speed, and racing prowess, Emmanuel Korir reminds this writer of one Cuban star, Alberto Juantorena. Enjoy this video from the IAAF on Mr. Korir in Doha. He opens there at the Doha DL, tomorrow on 3 May 2019.

The track at Bellarmine during my high school days was 352 yards. It was built in 1912 for the University of the Pacific. The lovely 400m track now at Bellarmine is magnifiscent. Our dirt track flooded and on those days, we ran barefoot sloshing up the mud puddles. I recall running a 5:18 mile in the mud and rain at the end of cross country with Chris Yamasaki and Pete Dolan.

IMG_2688.jpgGetting in the miles, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Our long days of track were sets of 200m, 300m or 400m on the track. Today is two sets of fast 400m repeats. Enjoy, and listen to your body.

Thursday, 1 May 2019-warm up, 2x 4x400m, 400m jog, first set of 400m at mile pace, 200m jog, second set of 400m at 800m pace, cooldown

Brazier_Donavan-NewBalance19.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by

DOHA (QAT): US Donavan Brazier, setting the new collegiate record in the 800m at the 2016 NCAA outdoor Championship isn't just enough, as the 22 year-old Texas A&M alumnus has his eyes firmly set on achieving greater heights in his professional career - starting with the 2019 IAAF Doha Diamond League being the first box to be ticked. "I'm excited to be here and I look forward to giving my best on Friday," Brazier said and added he loves to cook aside from the outdoor hobby of fishing.

Brazier_Donavan1b-NewBalance19.jpgDonavan Brazier, photo by

Donovan Brazier Explains it all, June 2017, part 1r:

Donovan Brazier Explains it all, June 2017, part 2:

Donovan Brazier Explains it all, June 2017, part 3:

The Doha Diamond League kicks off the 2019 Diamond League, now in its tenth year. Huge changes are on the horizon, some welcomed, some not, in the 2020 season. But the opening event of the season is quite early in the season, and yet, in this year, with a season six weeks longer than most, the Doha DL has some spectacular fields. We are looking at one, the men's shot put!

Crouser_Ryan-Oslo18.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Among the most primal of events is the shot put. It is about big, fast people throwing metal orbits many meters. It is an event that demands focus, devotion, speed and emotion. The field in Doha on 3 May will be amazing, and I am suggesting, no, hoping, for some big throws in Doha!

BB201004.jpgMary Keitany, photo by Paul Gregory for Virgin Money London Marathon

Mary Keitany has run 2:17.01, all by her lonesome. In April 2017, Mary Keitany ran a fearless race from the front, setting a women's race WRr in 2:17.01. A 3 time London champion, a four time NYC champion (only Grete Waitz, at 9, has won more NYC marathons). In 2019, Mary Keitany is one of the finest women athletes in the world.

Andy Edwards spoke with Mary Keitany, prior to the 2019 London Marathon, for his company, Race News Service. We thank Andy for his interviews, which give us an intimate view into the world of elite racing.

Korir_Emmanuel-Pre18.jpgEmmanuel Korir, photo by

DOHA (QAT): Kenya's Emmanuel Korir is looking forward to a strong performance in the 800 at the Doha Diamond League on Friday. "My first stop is in Doha. I want to start strong and gauge my performance throughout the season. Hopefully, I will peak and win gold at the World Championships," he told Xinhua.

Korir_Emmanuel-Pre18.jpgEmmanuel Korir, photo by

Romanchuk_TonyJH-BostonM19.jpgDaniel Romanchuk, 2019 Boston Marathon Champion, April 15, 2019, photo by

Daniel Romanchuk won the Boston Marathon in 2019. His time, 1:21.36, the fastest time by an American male wheelchair racer. Daniel competed in his first marathon at the age of 14, and it was the Baltimore Marathon. As an elite athlete, Daniel competed in London in April 2018, he took 3rd. In Octobe 2018, Daniel Romanchuk won the Chicago marathon.

This inteview was done by Andy Edwards, Race News Service, prior to the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon. Romanchuck improved his place ment in 2019 from his third placement in 2018 London. His approach to racing is very positive. A strong addition to the sport.

In sports politics, nothing is left to conjecture. The point is this, the battle between Caster Semenya and the IAAF left nothing unsaid. I have admiration for Caster Semenya, she is a class act, and person who I have enjoyed in interviews and been impressed by her demeanor. As crudely as the IAAF has handled this situation, much was on the line.

In the end, the IAAF has now set up Female Elgibility regulations, something they should have been done in 2007-2009. I do not believe that we are done with this battle.

I hope that Caster moves up to the 5000 meters.

Semenya_CasterFV-Monaco18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

JB2_2445.jpgEmily Sisson enroute to 2:23.08 debut, photo courtesy of London Marathon Media

The London Marathon was the debut marathon for Emily Sisson. Emily used the global showcase to run a fine 2:23.08. How good is that? Only Jordan Hasay has a faster debut (2:23.00). We asked Molly Hanson, a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh, and a former UW-Madison journalism student and UW Badger track athlete to cover the two Americans racing in London. Molly Hanson wrote this piece on Emily Sisson and Molly Huddle.This is her first piece for RunBlogRun.

Wednesdays are for thinking. While I would be doing a medicine ball workout, plus pull ups, push ups and sit ups, I would let my mind wander. The 45 minute run after core was a time for considering the week past. I would try to see what the lessons were from the past week.

What lessons did you learn in the last week?

IMG_6763.jpgThe time to run fast, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, May 1, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

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