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Thumbnail image for Rupp_GalenFV-USAout.jpgGalen Rupp, photo by

Updated December 27, 2016: This is the warmup and cooldown document for distance runners written by Roy Stevenson. Keep it in your training program and
We provided some suggestions for sprinters, jumpers, throwers, and now, distance runners, on their warm up and cool downs. Special thanks to American Track & Field writer Roy Stevenson, who has written for us for a few years now.

Here is his suggestions for distance runners:


Stephanie Brown-Trafton 2011 World Champs, photo by

Updated December 27, 2016: This piece is the warm up and cool up program for throwers. I thought it might be a good read over the holidays. It is written by Roy Stevenson, one of our most prolific.
The U.S. has had a long history in the throws. Nice to see Stephanie Brown-Trafton break her own US record in the discus last weekend, with her 67.74m throw in Maui!

The throws: Javelin, Discus, Hammer and Shot are ballistic events. They are technical events. And, as Olympic and World bronze medalist John Powell told us, day after day, it takes thousands of throws to be a great thrower. It also takes a smart warm up and cool down to care for the mortal engine.

Here are Roy Stevenson's suggestions for warming up and cooling down. As with all of Roy's pieces, he speaks to many of the top coaches and athletes for their advice on how to perform the warm up and cool down correctly for the thrower. Please pass this along to your team and fellow coaches.
Christian Taylor, 2011 WC gold medal, Triple Jump. photo by
Updated December 27, 2016: Found this piece in our archives, and thought it might make some sense for the coaches who are working with their jumpers for indoor season. Roy Stevenson wrote this series for our in 2012, and it makes huge sense for young jumpers. Proper warm up and cooldown is great way to prevent injuries.

The U.S.A. has a long tradition in the jumps: Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump. Christian Taylor and Will Claye have been ripping it up, indoors and outdoors in the Triple Jump for men. On the Women's Long Jump side, Brittney Reese is a long jump goddess, and Janay DeLoach just took silver at the world Indoor Champs. And how can we forget about Dwight Phillips, four time gold medalist (five time medalist). Can you spell RESPECT?

Jesse Williams took gold outdoors at the 2011 World Champs, and Chaunte Howard Lowe surprised, most of all, herself, with her win indoors in the high jump.

The jumps are technical events. A proper warm up is key to your success, as is the cool down. Ask any of the above, and they will tell you that, in the end, the jumps are won by those who are focused, ready and can compete on the big day. Are you ready?

Roy Stevenson wrote this piece for American Track & Field on warming up an cooling down for the jumps. We think you will find it educational.

Fartlek is speed play. It is a fun way to develop speed and build endurance. The great runners in Sweden in the 1920s and 1930s were the first to use it, on soft trails. The beauty of Fartlek is that it can be spontaneous. Short speed runs broken up by easy runs, long speed runs broken up by similar easy runs. Most elite middle distance runners use Fartlek.

20151212-_D3_0391.jpg2015 USATF Club Cross Country Champs, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, December 27, 2016: Warm up, A fun fartlek, A minute easy, a minute hard, do that twenty times, and then, cooldown. Warm up and cooldown about ten to fifteen minutes.

Rich Grawer.jpgRich Grawer, my sophomore cross country coach, photo by JerkswithRadio/

Anyone who reads this blog realizes that I hold coaches and teachers in high esteem. As the late, great Sam Adams (UC Santa Barbara) bellowed at me one time, " You know that ALL Coaches are EDUCATORS." Once I stopped trembling, I considered Coach Adam's important comment.

Here's my column on Rich Grawer, my first history teacher and sophomore head cross country coach at DeSmet. He was a real educator. And, he changed my life.

Happy Holidays from RunBlogRun!


XmasCard-2016.jpgHappy Holidays from The Running Network, RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts. We wish all of our readers and supporters the very best of holidays. Celebrate the gift of the holidays, and giving all year long.

In honor of our readers, partners and sponsors, we will be making a donation to Second Harvest Food Banks and Girls on the Run for the year of 2016.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the holidays with your family, friends and training partners!

Republished December 26, 2016. This piece is our friend, Jim Gerweck, on the 2016 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. The 2017 version will be on January 28, 2017 at the Reggie Lewis center. What will the 2017 version bring us?

This is the first piece for RunBlogRun by one of my favorite writers and people, Jim Gerweck. Jim Gerweck, Paul Merca and I are Slap Central, a group of track nerds, sports fans and journalists who have found a way to make a living from this sport we love.

Seyaum_DawitFV-NBind16.JPgDawitt Seyaum, photo by

Sitting next to Jim at the New Balance Indoor GP is kind of a right of passage. He travels up from his home with Victor Sailer, Tabitha Sailer and Photo Run team. This time, Victor had arrived from an all nighter back from the LA Marathon Trials.

I asked Jim to write about the distance races, which resonate with the Reggie Lewis crowd.

I hope you enjoy the article from one third of Slap Central. I know I did.

End of year is a great time to access what you did int 2016, and begin to make plans for 2017. That is why I always put three recovery weeks into the end of the year. You still will be fit if you run a midnight run or an early season indoor track race.

Enjoy the holidays and the holiday runs with friends.

20151212-_D3_0266.jpgNorthern Arizona Eite, XC 2015, photo by Justin Britton

Monday, December 26, 2016 : Warm up; 4-mile run with friends, cool down.

The holidays are not just a day or two, or seven. It is the spirit of giving, respect and love that we should live with all year long. Enjoy your holiday runs with family and friends.

20151212-_D3_0148.jpgWatching the race, photo by Justin Britton

Sunday, December 25, 2016: Long, relaxed run of 7-9 miles with friends. Long runs are great way to get the body moving during the holidays.

The cross country season is over. This is the first week of recovery at the end of the season. Enjoy the holiday and times with your friends.

20151212-_D3_0321.jpgTying shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Saturday, December 24, 2016 : Take a break, relax with friends. Enjoy the holidays.

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