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N Kolay Istanbul Marathon.jpeg

N KOLAY ISTANBUL MARATHON, photo credit: Spor Istanbul

The N Kolay Instanbul Marathon is coming back in force in 2021, and with 35,000 runners, one can run from Europe into Asia! This release gets you up to date!

FL banner.jpegThe East Bay Cross Country Championship Regionals and Nationals is now, in its 42nd year. It began, all those years ago as the Kinney Cross Country Championships, and moved to the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships.

Over the past 4 decades, the best of the best cross country runners from America's high schools have competed in this amazing event. The nationals began in San Diego, then, Orlando, and thankfully, returned to San Diego. The iconic nature of Balboa Park, in San Diego gives the East Bay nationals a historic home for the top American high school cross country runners.

Read on about how to compete in the 4 regionals.

CJ Albertson had an amazing day in Boston on October 11, 2021. His leading the Boston marathon for 1:40 gave the athlete and his sponsor Brooks almost two hours on the well watched global feed and the US Boston broadcast.

Matt Wisner wrote this column, on CJ Albertson and how he almost won Boston. It was great to see the Clovis community college coach, CJ Albertson, take the lead, and lead for 20 plus miles!

Doesn't everyone want to lead the Boston marathon?

Albertson_CJ-3-Boston21.jpgCJ Albertson takes the lead, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

This is the announcement on the World Athletics Awards. WA gives out 10 awards each year to celebrate the excitement of the sport.

WA Awards 2021.jpeg

This is Matt Wisner's 4th column. He has some concerns with the new World Athletics rankings. Several people have addressed their concerns about how to fine tune WA rankings to make it better.

McLaughlin_Sydney-Q1a-OlyTrials21w.jpgSydney McLauglin, does she need to race more to place higher in WA ranking system? photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

The European Athletics Championships will be held next August 2022 in Munich, Germany. It is one of my favorite championships, and I am hoping to cover the event ! The EA Championships have great fans and amazing athletes, always with big surprises!

Check out the release from our friends on European Athletics.

Munich Olympic Stadium .jpegMunich Olympic Stadium, photo by ArtWallpaperHi

E-YVa_AXsAIZSu9.jpgSifan Hassan, Van Damme Memorial, photo by Diamond League AG

warholm .jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by Diamond League AG

Sifan Hassan and Karsten Warholm were named 2021 EA Athletes of the year. Hassan won gold in 10,000m, 5,000m and took the bronze in the 1,500m! She was amazing. I actually think the 1,500m first round, where she fell got up and ran 43.9 in 300m to catch up. Her wins at the 10,000m and 5,000m showed a superior racing style and need to excel. Her bronze at the 1,500m, against two athletes who were faster than her, showed someone who does not give up. Sifan Hassan earned this one!

Karston Warholm set two world records at the 400m hurdles in 2021. His solo WR, and then, at Tokyo Olympics, his battle with Rai Benjamin, was one of the best tv sports moments of the summer. His races this summer, his ability to dig deeper than anyone in his event. His enthusiasm, his star power, and his talent show each time he battles the globe over 400 meters with ten hurdles, which seem to get taller as one gets farther in the race!

What is below is the amazing release from EA on the award winners from this weekend!

Dobromir Karamarinov.jpegDobromir Karamarinov, photo courtesy of Sprint.It

Dobromir Karamarinov has been elected unopposed to the sixth President of European athletics. We give Dobromir congratulations and congratulate EA on all of the good work that they are doing to build interest of our sport in Europe. The release is below, from European Athletics.

Sasha Zhoya on his way to a world U20 110m hurdles record photo by Roger Sedres.jpgSasha Zoya, photo by World Athletics / Dan Vernon

Crouser_Ryan-W-OlyTrials21w.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by Kevin Morris / Kevmofoto

World Athletics just ratified several new world records. We thought that you would enjoy this release, thanks to World Athletics.

Sam Farris is doing a weekly column for RunBlogRun. Her only requirement is to write stories about women in our sport. Sam wrote this piece about Tara Davis, the US Olympic Trials silver medalist (with a jump of 7.04m) and she took 6th at the Tokyo Olympics with a jump of 6.84m. On March 26, 2021, Tara Davis leaped 7.14m (with a +1.4mps wind).

This piece is by Sam Farris. Sam wrote for RunBlogRun at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Davis_Tara-Q-OlyTrials21Aw.jpgTara Davis, photo by @Kevmofoto/Kevin Morris

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