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McCartney_Eliza-Stockholm17.jpgEliza McCartney, photo by

WELLINGTON (NZL): Olympic pole vault bronze medallist Eliza McCartney is hoping to matching her training form when she begins her European competition campaign next month. The New Zealander, who was disappointed with her 4.70m for second at the Commonwealth Games, told Newshub: "It's a frustrating thing when you're jumping better in training than you are in competition. I've always been the other way around, where I've been jumping lower in training and jumping higher in competitions, so it's actually quite a strange thing to get your head around."

McCartney_Eliza-WC17.jpgEliza McCartney, photo by

Women150.jpeg.jpgMarie Jose Ta Lou upsets Allyson Felix, 150 meters, photo by Phil Oldham, The Great Run Company

M100.jpeg.jpgThe men's 100 meters, with Richard Kilty winning, photo by Dan Vernon, The Great Run Company

2Y9A9152.jpegLonah Chemtai wins European Cup 10,000m, photo by David Wearn
2Y9A9805.jpegRichard Ringer, photo by David Wearn
Chemtai 31.33.03 WL, Ringer 27:36.52 EL
LONDON (GBR, May 19): Lonah Chemtai won the women's race at the European 10,000m Cup (part of Night of the 10 000 PB´s) in a world-leading time and Israeli record of 31:33.03 from Romania's Ancuta Bobocel, who smashed her PB with 31:43.12. Brit Charlotte Arter was third, also in a 32:15.71 PB. In a high quality men's race with seven runners breaking the 28-minute mark, Germany's Richard Ringer outsprinted France's Morhad Amdouni, 27:36.52 European lead (also PB) to 27:36.80 debut. Italy's Yemaneberhan Crippa was third in an Italian U23 record of 27:44.21 while Spain's European indoor 3000m champion Adel Mechaal debuted with 27:50.56 in fourth. 20-year-old Alex Yee was the first British finisher on his debut in fifth in 27:51.94, ahead of Andy Vernon (27:52.32) and Chris Thompson (27:52.56). There were also wins in the B races for Italy's Lorenzo Dini (28:30.01) and Romania's Roxana Barca (32:30.97). Men from Spain and women of Great Britain were the team winners.

GCGMan18-059_preview.jpeg.jpgAlina Talay, photo by Dan Vernon for The Great Run Company

GCGMan18-063_preview.jpeg.jpgFlying over the hurdles, photo by Phil Oldham, for the Great Run Company

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the 100m hurdles at the Arcadis CityGames in Manchester. Belarusian Alina Talay won the hurdles and she was quite effusive over her victory, the fans and the meet!

GCGMan18-047_preview.jpeg.jpgThe 200 meter hurdles in Manchester, photo by Dan Vernon for the Great Run Company

GCGMan18-048_preview.jpeg.jpgBershawn Jackson leads the 200m hurdles, photo by Phil Oldham for the Great Run Company

Stuart Weir writes about three time World Champion gold medalist (gold 2x, 4x400m, 1x, 400m hurdles), Bershawn Jackson, and his intention to retire at the end of 2018.

SimplyHealthGreatManchesterRun2018012_preview.jpeg.jpgMo Farah, photo from The Great Run Company

MANCHESTER (GBR): Four-time Olympic champion on the track Mo Farah says he will run a marathon this autumn, most likely New York or Chicago. Farah, who will race the Great Manchester Run 10k tomorrow, was also quoted in saying he was regularly tested while training in Ethiopia. "When I was in Ethiopia training for the London marathon I was pretty much tested on average every two weeks, and maybe even more than that," he said. "And when I was in Kenya I was tested a similar amount, although I haven't been since 2014."

IMG_3242.jpgWill Muktar Edris win the 3000 meters in Cambridge? photo by Mike Deering, for the Shoe Addicts

BOSTON (USA): Saturday at adidas Boston Boost Games will have at Henry Steinbrenner Stadium great 3000 m with World champion Muktar Edris and Hagos Gebrhiwot with steeple specialist Jairus Birech. In the women 5000 m Agnes Tirop will fight with Caroline Kipkirui and Molly Seidel. Nick Willis, Chris O´Hare and Charles Simotwo are in the men´s mile. Women 1500 m has Ethiopian favorites Dawit Seyaum with Gudaf Tsegay. Poland´s Marcin Lewandowski and Canadian Brandon McBride are in the 800 m, on the women side Ajee Wilson with Lynsey Sharp and Raevyn Rogers.

Diriba_BuzeLeds-BosOut17.jpGWho will win the 5000 meters? photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The up to date schedule, and info on parking at MIT can be found here:

The track season for high school ends over the next few weeks. Big meets abound. You have trained in track for 18 weeks and, if you add the 24 weeks for, you have been at it for 42 weeks! Take the gamble and run hard and fast, or, kick long and hard. You are ready!

IMG_5223.jpgReady to race? photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, May 19, 2018: warm up, race your primary distance. If no race, 40 minute run, 4 x 300 meters cut downs, cooldown

The Highgate Harriers' Night of 10,000m PBs is happening on May 19, 2018. It goes from 12:45 Local London time until nearly 9 pm. A day of worshipping the racing of 25 laps is a unique concept, and in 2018, the Highgate Harriers will also host the European Cup 10,000 meters.

Here's two video salutes to the 2017 and 2016 Night of 10,000m PBs!



To watch the 2018 version, live, please go to: The event is live in US, 7.30 AM Eastern time, 6.30 AM Central and 4.30 AM Pacific time.

Db952f4XUAwDjRW.jpg-large highgate 10k.jpg

110h.jpeg.jpgArcadis CityGames 110m hurdles, a big upset, photo by Philip Oldham

One of the magnifiscent parts of our sport, in my mind, is its uncertainty. No one is too good, no one is incapable of an error. In our wonderful human frailties, a moment is opened for another human who wants something more than the current star, finds the opening and competes above expectations. Stuart Weir witnessed such a race on Friday night, May 18. Here is his story on the sprint hurdles that did not follow the proverbial script.

STANLEY%20JOSEPH_preview.jpeg.jpgStanley Joseph wins Arcadis CityGames pole vault, photo by Philip Oldham

PO2_4662_preview.jpeg.jpgStanley Joseph, photo by Philip Oldham

The Arcadis CityGames had two field events, the pole vault and the long jump. Stuart Weir and I love the concept of the CityGames and Manchester has the perfect street plan for the street meet. The long jump and pole vault are quite popular with the crowd who visits each year, on their way home from work. With two good competitions, these events may have attracted new fans and new participants to the sport. At the most basic, it was a grand competition.

Ta Lou beats Felix
MANCHESTER (GBR, May 18): At Arcadis Great City Games Invitational Marie Josee Ta Lou beat Allyson Felix in the 150 m with 16.60 to 16.72. Amazing also the 12.74 (+0.7) by Belarus Alina Talay in the 100 m hurdles clearly over Isabelle Pedersen 13.03. In men´s 150 m Leon Reid won with 15.52 (-0.3) over Solomon Bockarie 15.57. Surprise in the 110 m hurdles as Damian Czykier of Poland in 13.67 (+0.2) beat David King 13.83, Andy Pozzi 13.90 and Aries Merritt 14.34. In the 100 m Harry Aikines-Aryeetey posted 10.35 (+0.5) to beat Richard Kilty 10.37. Bershawn Jackson was in class of his own when winning the 200 m hurdles in 22.58 (+2.0) ahead of Thomas Barr 23.19. In jumps French wins by Stanley Joseph 560 in the pole vault and Eloyse Lesueur in long jump 658 (+1.9).
RunBlogRun opines: The Arcadis Great CityGames in Manchester, England is a classic street games. The 150 meter race distance is once of the most popular at City Games. The crowds love the event as the event happens as many in Manchester walk home on a Friday night after work. The crowd numbers close to 20,000. If you want to see how this is done, check out the CityGames in NewCastle and Manchester (September and May) each year.

Mo Farah is a huge draw everywhere, but no where more than in UK. At past meetings, global media would get some questions with Mo, and the British press would have a group attempt, and some time with TV, and radio media. Mo Farah is pretty good with the media.

The doping questions seem pretty much modest this time. Mo Farah is wary, and rightly so, with the intrusive nature of questioning many times in UK. This was pretty mellow as he is a) in UK, b) ran a fine London Marathon and is no longer working with Alberto Salazar. British press chastized Mo because he moved to US and used a US coach. Whether there had been doping issues or suggestions or not, Mo would have been pummeled for training in US.

How good is Mo Farah? Mo proved in London that he can run against anyone in the marathon, and with the exception of Eliud Kipchoge, take a medal in World, Olympic and European marathon titles.

For Great Run Company, Mo Farah is perfect. The 40,000 10k runners love him, as do sponsors. Mo Farah has just taken ten days off after a brutal (yes, brutal) marathon. This will be a modest race on Sunday.

A wide ranging interview, we thank Stuart Weir for the coverage.

SimplyHealthGreatManchesterRun2018010_preview.jpeg.jpgMo Farah, Simply Health Manchester Great Run, photo by Cavendish Press/The Great Run Company


PHOTO: Matthew Centrowitz after winning his 1500m heat at the 2018 USATF Distance Classic at Occidental College in Los Angeles (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Here's David Monti's piece on the rather modest USATF Distance Classic, which was held on Thursday night. Some good indications of form coming around, from Johnny Gregorek, to one 2016 Olympic champion, Matthew Centrowitz.

Reposted May 18, 2018

This is from the 2017 adidas Boost Boston pressers. We thought that you might enjoy seeing three of adidas star athletes, Tori Bowie, Jeff Henderson and Sally Pearson speaking on racing and training. Do not miss the 2018 adidas Boost Boston, May 19-20, 2018!

Remember, the 2018 adidas Boost Boston is May 19-20, 2018. The old school meet is from 6-9 pm on Saturday at MIT, at the Henry G. Steinbrenner Stadium in Cambridge, MA ( The street meet is Sunday, May 20, 2018, at Charles Street in Boston, MA (, from 12:45 to 3 pm. Do not miss it. The meets are free. It is all about experiencing the finest sport in the world, track & field athletics!

Originally posted June 13, 2017

This is part 2 of the adidas Boost Boston Press conference, held, June 2 at the adiRunBase Boston. Geoff Wightman interviewed Tori Bowie, Jeff Henderson and Sally Pearson. The presser was filmed by The Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

Watch all three athletes this summer!

Bowie_ToriPc1-BosOut17.jpGTori Bowie, photo by

Henderson_JeffPc1-BosOut17.jpGJeff Henderson, photo by

Pearson_SallyPc1-BosOut17.jpGSally Pearson, photo by

Reposted May 18, 2018

Here's an interview with Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo from 2017. We hope you enjoy!

Remember, the 2018 adidas Boost Boston is May 19-20, 2018. The old school meet is from 6-9 pm on Saturday at MIT, at the Henry G. Steinbrenner Stadium in Cambridge, MA ( The street meet is Sunday, May 20, 2018, at Charles Street in Boston, MA (, from 12:45 to 3 pm. Do not miss it. The meets are free. It is all about experiencing the finest sport in the world, track & field athletics!

Originally posted June 2, 2017

The presser below is from the 2017 adidas Boost Boston presser, with Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo. Shaunae is racing in 2018, while Wayde Van Niekerk is recovering from injuries. Shaunae ran 22.06 to win the 200 meters in Shanghai, China last Saturday, in the second meet of the Diamond League 2018 series.

Wayde Van Niekerk is the 2015 World Champion, 2016 Olympic champion and World Record holder in the 400 meters, at 43.03. Tall, thoughtful, with a nice sense of humor, no one has run as fast at Wayde over 100m, 200m, 300m and 400 meters.

IMG_8731.JPGGoeff Wightman with Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by the Shoe Addicts

Shaunae Miller-Uibo is the 2016 Olympic champion over 400 meters, in one of the closest races of the Olympics. Last weekend, Shaunae finished second to her training partner, Tori Bowie, Shaunae took second in 21.91, a PB.

Both Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo will be racing at the adidas Boost Boston street games on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Remember, check out Dilboy Stadium for adias Boost Boston Somerville, 5 to 8 pm, tonight, June 2, 2017, for some fun middle distance races!

Today is Friday. It is an easy day of running for your team, so enjoy it. Big races this weekend, and good luck!

Hoka One One 6.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to

Friday, May 18, 2018: warm up, 4 -5 miles easy, 4 times 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Nelvis-Lyles-BAAmile18.jpgSharika Nevlis, Noah Lyles, photo by
Lyles_NoahFL-Brussels17.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by
Super sprinting at Charles Street
BOSTON (USA): Sunday at Charles Street in Boston will see some top sprinting. Part of adidas Boston Boost Games Shaunae Miller-Uibo will run straight 150 m, in the men´s race Noah Lyles with Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake. In the 200 m Steven Gardiner with two recent sub 44 times will face World medalist Jereem Richards from Trinidad. Women´s 200 m (also straight) will have Shakima Wimbley against Jo Atkins. There will be also 100 m. In women race World champion Tori Bowie with hurdles World record holder Keni Harrison. Men´s 100 m field has Yohan Blake, Tyson Gay, Zharnel Hughes and Commonwealth Games winner Akani Simbine. Hurdles sprints offer Sharika Nelvis, Nadine Visser and Danielle Williams and in men category Orlando Ortega, Jarret Eaton and Aleec Harris. In the 200 m hurdles Shamier Little vs Cassandra Tate is the women duel and in men´s race Michael Stigler will have it tough with Byron Robinson and Eric Futch.

GCC_photocall_170518_001.jpgAllyson Felix, Bianca Williams, Andrew Pozzi, Aries Merritt, photo by Philip Oldham

Stuart Weir is in Manchester, England for us to cover the Manchester Great CityGames, which I visited in 2015 and 2016. One of my favorite events, this event will be on my bucket list again in 2019. Here's Stuart's preview of the well recieved street meet on the streets of Manchester. A well recieved event, the athletes love it, the fans love it, and it is part of the future of the sport. Oh, and thanks to Stuart, who is finally back in his home country after covering the Commonwealth Games and Doha for Runblogrun this season.

Ringer-Fifa-MechaalFH-Euros16.jpgAdel Mechaal, European Champs, 2016, 5000 meters, photo by
Mechaal to debut at 10k, Thompson, Vernon to star in European Cup 10,000m concurent event
Thompson-Farah1-Euros10.jpgChris Thompson, European Championships, 10,000m, 2010, photo by
LONDON (GBR): European indoor 3000m champion Adel Mechaal of Spain, who is making his 25-lap debut, is among the lead names for the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PB in London on Saturday, reports. With the event incorporating for the first time the European 10,000m Cup, Britain's resurgent Chris Thompson, who recently ran a 13:25 5000m, is the fastest in the field, followed by former European silver medallist Andy Vernon. Spain's Antonio Abadia defends his European Cup title, while compatriot Juan Perez will have high hopes too. European under-23 5000m champion Yeman Crippa makes his debut at the distance after his recent 13:18 over half the distance. Also making new ground is Morhad Amdouni of France, who ran 13:11 last year. Another home entrant of note in the men's event is the highly promising Alex Yee, who makes his 10,000m debut. French Florian Carvalho and Germany's Richard Ringer are among the overseas challengers. In the women's event, Germany's Sabrina Mockenhaupt chases a third European 10,000m title. Kenyan-born Israeli Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, who has a best of 31:39, should provide a stern challenge. Also in the field are Krisztina Papp of Hungary, Jip Vastenburg of Netherlands, Spain's Nuria Lugueros and Ana Lozano, and France's former European cross-country champion Sophie Duarte. Former European junior cross-country champion Emelia Gorecka is among the top Brits.
Night of 10,000m PBS Steve Osullivan.jpgNight of 10,000m Pbs, May 2017, photo by Steve O'Sullivan
RunBlogRun opines: This is a fantastic event. The Highgate Night of 10,000m PBs is one of my favorite events. Here is my video from last year, on why I loved the event:

GCC_photocall_170518_008.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by Philip Oldham

Allyson Felix may hold the record for having been on the most of our magazine covers. From American Track & Field, to Athletes Only, to California Track & Running News, Allyson Felix has been there. One of the finest athletes of her generation, Allyson can race from 100 meters to 400 meters. I have always challenged her to run the 400 meter hurdles, but she smiles and gives a definitive no. Stuart Weir interviewed Allyson here, at the Manchester Great CityGames, one of my favorite events.

Pavel Maslak, World Indoors, Photo by
Already 75% of tickets sold
PRAHA (CZE): Already 75% of tickets are sold for the IAAF Continental Cup in Ostrava in September. LOC head and Czech Athletics Federation president Libor Varhanik informed at todays press conference. The dates are September 8-9 and the event will be full of innovations. Something special will be the role of team Captains, for example Colin Jackson for Europe or Mike Powell for team Americas. In the promotion of the event kids are competing in a special feature "Ostrava supports the continents". The biggest global event of the 2018 summer season should attract many stars of the sport to compete in Czech Republic. Europe and Africa team will be selected based on the continental championships, teams of America and Asia/Pacific by the results in the 2018 season.

I can't explain the amazingness of yesterday evening. So many people excited about Athletics. The vibe in the stadion was something I have never ever experienced before. The very humble Wayde van Niekerk smashing another world record. Clarence Munyai following the humble footsteps of Wayde and smashing the junior world record. Isaac Makwala making Botswana proud finishing 2nd in the very unique 300m event. Usian Bolt greeting one of his favourite meetings and the best of all - My own sister finally running the well deserved sub 13 and getting a silver medal on an occasion such as this. I was definitely supporter of the occasion. Shouting and jumping. Ostrava I will never forget you! #ostravagoldenspike #ostrava #speedysteenkamp #100mhurdles #athletics #proudlysouthafrican

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Well, who could imagine this? The Pre Classic has Justin Gatlin versus Christian Coleman! It will be fun to see both at Hayward Field, dueling over 100 meters. Track geeks around the world will enjoy this one! And, be careful about thinking the old guy can not win anymore...

Coleman_ChristianQ1a-USind18.jpgChristian Coleman, photo by

Gatlin_JustinFHL1a-USOlyTr16.jpgJustin Gatlin, photo by

Thompson_Elaine1-Pre17.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by
Elaine Thompson the headliner
KINGSTON (JAM): Double Olympic sprint champion Elaine Thompson is among the top stars for the first IAAF World Challenge meeting of 2018, in Kingston on Saturday. The Jamaican will face Commonwealth Games silver and bronze medallists Christania Williams and Gayon Evans, plus Natasha Morrison, who was fifth in Gold Coast. Shericka Jackson, who won Commonwealth silver in 22.18, is another home star and headlines the 200m line-up. She faces world No.1 Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor of Nigeria and world 400m champion Phyllis Francis of USA. Kyra Jefferson, the NCAA record-holder and London World Championships finalist Kimberlyn Duncan will also be in the half-lap event. Kim Collins, the 2013 world 100m champion, comes out of retirement again and faces Ronnie Baker and Mike Rodgers, plus Jamaican Julian Forte. Olympic champion Kerron Clement returns as meeting record-holder in the 400m hurdles and is up against twice world junior champion Jaheel Hyde, Puerto Rican Javier Culson plus the in-form Bahamian Jeffery Gibson, the Commonwealth silver medallist. In the women's event, Commonwealth champion Janieve Russell is challenged by Olympic bronze medallist Ashley Spencer. Commonwealth bronze medallist Javon Francis goes in the men's 400m, where Demish Gaye, Bralon Taplin and Kevin Borlee are among the contenders. US record-holder Gwen Berry heads the entries for the first round of the IAAF World Hammer Challenge. Following her recent 75.96, world No.2 DeAnna Price is also included, as are fellow Americans Jessica Ramsey, Jeneva Stevens and Amanda Bingson. European hopes lie with Hungary's Reka Gyuratz. Commonwealth shot champion Danniel Thomas-Dodd is another to watch out for in the field. Olympic long jump champion Tianna Bartoletta makes out her 2018 outdoor debut, facing Christobel Nettey, the world No.1.

Today is one of my favorite workouts, 8 x 400 meters. Mile pace is fast and you feel fast. Warm up well, and cool down well.

IMG_5223.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, for more information, please go to

Thursday: warm up, 8 x 400 meters, 200 meter jog, pace at Mile pace, 30 minute run, cooldown

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.31.19 PM.pngReebok Floatride Run, Men's color wave, New from Reebok! photo by The Shoe Addicts.

Repost May 16, 2018

Original Post, April 30, 2018

Those who read this column on a daily basis keep up with the changes going on in our sport and the business of our sport. We announced Reebok's intentions of returning to performance running in November 2017. Well, the wait is over! The Reebok Floatride Run will be availalbe on May 1, 2018 on the website, and soon, in running retailers near you!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.32.14 PM.pngReebok Floatride Run, Women's color wave, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Reposted May 16, 2018, This is the 47th anniversary of the 1971 Dream Mile. Reread this fantastic story by Jeff Benjamin on the historic race!


SI Cover courtesy of Sports Illustrated.
Updated May 16, 2017. This is the 46th anniversary of the Dream Mile, that amazing race between Jim Ryun and Marty Liquori! We hope you enjoy rereading this fun piece by Jeff Benjamin.

The story of this article is another example of the potential with our sport. Jeff Benjamin, an early adaptor if there ever was one, began writing for American Athletics back in 1991, I believe. Jeff then did articles on Jim Spivey, the Dream Mile and Abel Kiviat. Jeff loves the sport, and has suggested articles and ideas for the past two decades. I always enjoy his notes.

What does a running geek with two daughters (Amanda & Brianna) do? Encourage them both to run, of course. Well, Amanda, his oldest, has joined her father at Millrose for the past several years. Amanda Benjamin wants to write about sports, and she is now a second generation in the Benjamin family to write for our publications and website.

Bosse_Pierre-WC17.jpgPierre Ambroise-Bosse, photo by

Going to Herculis Meeting in Monaco again.

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Top 800 m races
PARIS (FRA): World champions Pierre-Ambroise Bosse and Caster Semenya are confirmed for the Paris Diamond League on 30 June, informs organisers. Other world champions already confirmed for the Paris Diamond League are Mariya Lasitskene (high jump), Nafissatou Thiam (heptathlon) and Kevin Mayer (decathlon) as well as reigning world indoor champions Christian Coleman and Renaud Lavillenie.

Windle_DrewQ-USin18.jpgDrew Windle, photo by

I wanted to share with you a series on Danny Mackey. Danny Mackey is the founding coach for the Brooks Beast TC, one of the top clubs in the US dedicated to middle and long distance runners. It is, along with Hansons Brooks Distance Project, Brooks committment to running is daily reinforced with the Brooks Beasts, who are seen on the Brooks campus on many days. I also wanted you to realize that not all things in athletics come on the schedule that is planned. Danny Mackey is that coach who keeps going when his athletes have both good days and rough days. Why? Because the good days are just around the corner...

Reposted May 16, 2018

Original post, June 30, 2017

We posted this interview after the second adidas Boost Boston Games. Now, we are just before the third adidas Boost Boston Games, May 19-20, 2018 ( We wanted you to get an appreciation of this fine event. We will be covering it remotely, as @runblogrun had a cardiac catherization, and is in cardiac rehab, doing the vegan thing and watching all things track (and Brockmire) from the leather sofa in my farm house in Fort Atkinson, WI. But, if you are in Boston, go to the meet, either Saturday, May 19, or Sunday, May 20! It is FANTASTIC!

This interview was done with Brett Schumacher, Chief of Operations at Global Athletics and Marketing, on June 2, 2017, hours before the first of the two events that comprise the adidas Boost Boston Games. We wanted our readers to appreciate the complexity of events that combine old and new school in athletics.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.53.59 AM.pngBrett Schumacher, photo by The Shoe Addicts

The adidas Boost Boston Games is in its second year, and it was a huge improvement on the first year. This is the future of the sport, bringing the events to the fans. The building and taking apart of the street track, all in 48 hours, is a major feat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.55.41 AM.pngLarry Eder and Brett Schumacher discussing world domination, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Gatlin_JustinSelfie-USOlyTr16.jpgJustin Gatlin and his fans, photo by
Gatlin against Kiryu
OSAKA (JPN): World champion Justin Gatlin will face on Sunday at Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Osaka (IAAF World Challenge) team-mate Isiah Young and sub 10 home runner Yoshihide Kiryu. Also other sprint events have quality entry lists. Botswana´s Isaac Makwala competes in the 200 m against Chinese Xie Zhenye, US Brandon Carnes, Dedric Dukes and long jumper Jarrion Lawson. Top Japanese Genta Masuno in the 110 m hurdles is running with Greggmar Swift of Barbados. Estonian Rasmus Magi is scheduled for men 400 m hurdles with Eric Cray of Philippines and Japanese elite. Women 100 m has US Candace Hill and Jasmine Todd with Japanese record holder Chisato Fukushima. In the 400 m US Daina Harper is going against European challenge Justyna Ersetic-Swiety and Gunta Latiseva-Cudare. Queen Harrison is the main name in the 100 m hurdles and Canadian Sage Watson with Joanna Linkiewicz from Poland should fight for top position in 400 m hurdles along with Kemi Adekoya.

IMG_5253.jpgLance Brauman, Stadium Adi Dassler, May 2016, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

This video is from our archives. Lance Brauman is the coach of Pure Athletics, one of the top clubs for elite sprinters and jumpers around the world. Among his athletes are Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Noah Lyles, and Josephus Lyles. In 2018, his athletes are on an amazing and exciting beginning to their seasons. This is the third video in the series, and it concerns final race preparations and cooldowns after the race.

This interview was shot by the Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun on May 14, 2016 at the Novina Hotel in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Lance Brauman, and several of his Pure Athletics squad were training at the Adi Dassler SportzPlatz between DOHA DL (May 6) and adidas BOOST Meeting (May 13-14) in May 2016. The theme of this interview series is the focus and observation skills needed to be a successful coach.

In the 2018 season, Lance Brauman's athletes have started off quite well. Noah Lyles ran 19.83 for 200 meters Doha, and Shaunae Miller won the 200 meters in 22.06 in Shanghai. Their next races will be May 19-20 in Boston, MA at the adidas Boost Boston Meeting. To learn more about the meet, please go to

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has done one of the smartest pr releases I have seen. They have announced, quite early, the return of two Americans to the sites of their finest marathon runs.

Galen Rupp is the defending champion of 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Galen Rupp battled Abel Kirui, two time World Champion, and put a charge in over the last 12 kilometers that showed Rupp has the wheels to run a World Marathon Majors. Rupp debuted at the 2016 Marathon Trials, which he won. In his second marathon, Rupp was the bronze medalist in the Olympic marathon. In his third marathon, with some injury challenges, Rupp took second in 2017 Boston. HIs win in Chicago was his first Marathon Majors victory. Galen Rupp dropped out of Boston around 19 miles in the harsh weather, suffering from asthma. He came back three weeks later, to win Prague Marathon in 2:06:07, the second fastest time by an American (remember Khalid Khannouchi?). Now, Galen is focusing for Chicago, a course he knows and a course that is fast.

Galen Rupp wins Chicago 2017.jpgGalen Rupp leads Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2:09:20, photo courtesy of Bank of America

For Jordan Hasay, Jordan returns to Chicago, where she ran 2:20:57 for third place in the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Jordan Hasay has run two marathons, Boston 2017 and Chicago 2017. She pulled out of Boston 2018 with some foot issues and is just getting back to running. We wish her great luck. Jordan Hasay ran a gutty race in Chicago, staying close to Tirunesh Dibaba, and finishing third, taking two minutes off her 2:23:00 debut.

Jordan Hasay, Chicago 2017.jpgJordan Hasay, third place, 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, photo by Bank of America

Why is this a savvy move? The media has not paid attention in many of the major marathons in US without US winners. The problem is multi level. The races do little to tell the story and allow elite marathoners, some who speak little or no English, to develop a rapport with media. Just look at Chicago last year, then, New York with Shalane Flanagan and now, Boston with Desi LInden. If any of those race do not figure out that they must push American elite marathoners over all else, then, they are delusional.

Chicago had several years where, many media believed the races just called in the performances. That changed in 2017, with Rupp and Hasay running so well. See you in Chicago on October 7, 2018!

567998_full.jpgThe Brooks PR Invitational has evolved over the years. The meet began as an indoor meeting, and the idea was simple: bring together some of the finest high school track & field athletes, and let them run fast, very fast. The meet was held at the end of the indoor season. Then, the meeting moved outdoors. Now, in 2018, a new ranking program for high school teams provides a unique approach, as over 1500 school teams and 150,000 athletes are involved! A great idea!

IMG_5223.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to

There have been some amazing performances this past weekend. Katelyn Touhy ran a 9:47 for the 3200 meters, en route hitting the 1600m in 4:45. She came back the next day, and won the 1600m in 4:45. Sydney McLaughlin, in only her third 400 meter hurdles for the year, broke the WJR once again with her 52.75 for a 400 meters with ten intermediate hurdles. Yep, the 400 meter hurdles is the most sadistic race on the track. But what do we learn from these two athletes? Athletes at all levels do better with planning.

Think about it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018: warm up, Easy 55-60 minutes, cooldown, on soft ground, 4 x 150 meter stride outs

15 World Stars for Gyulai Memorial
SZEKESFEHERVAR (HUN): The 8th edition of Istvan Guylai Memorial in Szekesfehervar (EA Classic) announced for July 2 in total 15 World stars to compete. Bahamian stars Steven Gardiner and Shaunae Miller-Uibo are confirmed for the 400 m. Great duel in high jump as Mutaz Essa Barshim will face Danil Lysenko. Genzebe Dibaba is scheduled for the mile and World champion Elijah Manangoi for 1000 m. Also to note in the 110 m hurdles for home star and World medalist Balazs Baji the Jamaican Omar McLeod and Sergey Shubenkov. Shot put has another Hungarian top athlete Anita Marton against Christina Schwanitz. World record holder Anita Wlodarczyk goes for hammer, another London winner Christian Taylor is in triple jump, Tianna Bartoletta promised the double (100 m and long jump) and Czech Zuzana Hejnova is confirmed for the 400 m hurdles.
RunBlogRun opines: The Gyulai Memorial is on my bucket list. Watching the meet on TV, I was impressed with the interaction between crowd and stars. Check out the Instagram for the meet. (Oh, and you must see @TheKoriMonster)

The battle for the 110m hurdles, photo by Errol Anderson, for the IAAF

The Doha Diamond League and Shanghai Diamond League meetings are now past us for the 2018 season. What a fantastic opening for the Diamond League in 2018!

Reposted May 15, 2018

The adidas Boost Boston Games will be held on May 19-20, 2018. Here's all you need to know about this exciting event!

Original post April 5, 2018

The adidas Boost Games is one of the most creative meets that I attend each year. adidas Boost is the combination of old and new. An old school track meet on the 19th of May and a new school street meet on May 20th are the charm of this exciting event. For our sport to grow, we must embrace real change and find the parts of our tradition that make sense to celebrate.

Bowie_Tori1-BosOut17.jpgTori Bowie, photo by

Tori Bowie is the fastest woman in the world. Her 100 meters last summer was paradigm changing. Tori's final ten meters in London, I must admit, I have watched twenty times. Tori wanted that race more than anyone else in that final. She coveted the race. Then, I remembered a conversation that I had with Bill Toomey, 1968 Olympic gold medalist at the decathlon. I once asked Bill what made him the gold medalist and not others ( I had asked Milt Campbell and Bob Mathias the same question). Toomey had the best answer. "You have to covet the decathlon."

Miller_Shaunae1-BosOut17.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by

Shaunae Miller-Uibo had an unbelievable race in Rio, which she never recieved the credit she deserved. It is one of the five finest races, in my mind, I have ever seen in women's track & field. Two great athletes, giving it their all. Yet, American TV announces, ill informed at best, failed to see two great athletes giving it their all, but someone doing something all the could, as they trained, to get across the finish line first.

But, I have digressed.

Both Tori Bowie and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, adidas sponsored athletes, will be two of the fine athletes in Boston over May 19-20. I sure hope you find a way to get there! @runblogrun and @theshoeaddicts will be!

Crouser_RyanPort1-Lausanne17.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

CHULA VISTA (USA, May 14): Olympic winner Ryan Crouser achieved at Chula Vista shot put meet second best in the World this year 22.21. In his superb series he had two more 22 throws with 22.10 and 22.02.

This piece by David Hunter on the challenges of being an elite American track & field athlete may be his most important. Casmir Loxsom is his focus. Cas is fighting the good fight. He is battling to be at the top of the 800 meter heap, and with so few sponsors, you are either the best, for the most part, or you do not find a sponsor. This piece makes a ton of sense, and we wish Casmir Loxsom the best this season. Our sport is brutally honest, but, the truth is this. Until those in power figure out how to communicate the excitement of our sport to the general sports fan, athletics will continue to get scraps from the global sponsors of sport. Our sport requires a different approach, and a sponsor who realizes just how deep the support of athletics is around the world.

Loxsom_CasimirQ-USOut17.jpgCasmir Loxsom, photo by

Duplantis_Armand-Millrose17.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by

Mondo Duplantis has been breaking World Records in the pole vault for several years. He is a unique talent. Mondo is fortunate to have parents who were both athletes. His father is his coach, and his mother understands that, for Mondo to be a human, he needs to be able to be a typical teenager. Issue is, this kid is the finest athlete in sports crazy Sweden, and could be, in six or seven years, the finest pole vaulter in the world. Mondo Duplantis natural attitude, and amazing talent could bring us an athlete with a world appreciation similar to one Usain Bolt.

Me and my state champ sister doing a light fuel up #borntofly

A post shared by Mondo Duplantis (@mondo_duplantis) on

But, I have digressed.


Lance Brauman, Coach, Pure Athletics

Lance Brauman is the coach of Pure Athletics, one of the top clubs for elite sprinters and jumpers around the world. Among his athletes are Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Noah Lyles, and Josephus Lyles. In 2018, his athletes are on an amazing and exciting beginning to their seasons. Lance is one of the few coaches, who has had ten women run under 11 seconds and ten men run under 10 seconds in his training group. At the World Indoors, Lance Brauman coached Shakima Wimbley, who took the silver medal in the 400 meters and gold in the 4x400 meters!


Lance Brauman, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

This interview was shot by the Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun on May 14, 2016 at the Novina Hotel in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Lance Brauman, and several of his Pure Athletics squad were training at the Adi Dassler SportzPlatz between DOHA DL (May 6) and adidas BOOST Meeting (May 13-14) in May 2016. In this interview, Lance Brauman speaks to RunBlogRun regarding the managing of athletes in between athletics events while juggling global travel. We spent several days observing this fine coach. In this video, Lance Brauman speaks about meet warm-up!

IMG_2633.jpgJosephus Lyles, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Track time is Tuesday. The two sessions with the 200 meters are a little different workout. I recall doing a workout where we would do four sets of 200 meter repeats with 20 minute runs in between. But, that is for a different time of the season. Today is about running smooth, and staying efficient. The big races are here! Challenge yourself and set a new PB!

IMG_5224.jpgA day at the track, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, May 15, 2018: warm up, 20 minutes run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog, at 800 meter pace, 20 minute run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter job, at 600 meter pace, cooldown

Hoka One One 7.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Here's five exciting shoes that The Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, have filmed for 2018. The Shoe Addicts are the digital partners of RunBlogRun, and they meet with many of our brand partners. We asked them to pick five shoes that they found interesting for 2018.

Here you go!

Five Exciting Running Shoes:

1.Saucony Ride ISO
2.Reebok Floatride Run
3.Brooks Levitate
4.Puma Netfit
5.Hoka One One Clifton 5 (one of the new updates in this video)
To research running shoes, check out our partner,

Norman 44.40/19.84w, Brissett 12.75 WJR
PALO ALTO: Michael Norman confirmed his status at PAC 12 Conference Championships. The World indoor record holder improved his 400 m PB to 44.40 and also clocked windy 19.84 (+2.8) to win the 200 m. Chanel Brissett (will be 19 in August) won the women 100 m hurdles in 12.75 (+1.7) what is new World U20 record pending the usual procedures. Official IAAF mark is 12.84 of Cuban Aliuska Lopez back in 1987. Behind her Dior Hall 12.83 and Anna Cockrell 12.88. Kendall Ellis won the 400 m in World leading 49.99 ahead of Makenzie Dunmore 50.63 PB (won also windy 200 m 22.37 +2.9). The 100 m finals were wind assisted. Cravon Gillespie 10.05 (+2.9) and Twanisha Terry 10.96 (+2.6). Antigua´s Rai Benjamin clocked superb 48.46 in the 400 m hurdles and Sabrina Southerland 2:02.18 in the 800 m. USC women achieved 42.85 in the 4x100 m and Alissa Brooks-Johnson scored 5977 in heptathlon.

maxresdefault.jpgLance Brauman, Coach, Pure Athletics

Lance Brauman is the coach of Pure Athletics, one of the top clubs for elite sprinters and jumpers around the world. Among his athletes are Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Noah Lyles, and Josephus Lyles. In 2018, his athletes are on an amazing and exciting beginning to their seasons. This video concerns the tough juggling of long travel, training and racing. This video is from our Archives.

IMG_5254.jpgLance Brauman, May 2016, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

This interview was shot by the Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun on May 14, 2016 at the Novina Hotel in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Lance Brauman, and several of his Pure Athletics squad were training at the Adi Dassler SportzPlatz between DOHA DL (May 6) and adidas BOOST Meeting (May 13-14) in May 2016. In this interview, Lance Brauman speaks to RunBlogRun regarding the managing of athletes in between athletics events while juggling global travel.

McLaughlin 52.75 WJR, more WL´s
KNOXVILLE (USA, May 13): Sydney McLaughlin broke her own world junior 400m hurdles record with 52.75 at the final of the day of SEC Championships. Beating the two-week-old previous best of 53.60m, she also moved to ninth on the all-time list. The result is also a World lead and College record. She also helped University of Kentucky to a win in the 4x400m in 3:25.99. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico took 0.18 off her 100m hurdles national record and WL with a winning 12.40 (+1.2) ahead of Alexis Duncan 12.79 PB. Another world lead went to Grant Holloway in the men's sprint hurdles 13.15 PB (+0.9) with Daniel Roberts 13.27 PB as second. Kendal Williams completed a sprint double in 9.99 (+1.1)/20.15 (+0.8). Second Jamaican Raheem Chambers 10.10 over Mustaqeem Williams 10.12 who was 2nd in the 200 m with 20.25. Aleia Hobbs won the 100m in 10.92 (+1.5) ahead of Shania Collins 10.99 PB and Tamara Clark 11.02 while 19-year-old Lynna Irby took the 200m in a PB 22.25 beating Collins 22.47. LSU women with Brisco, Johnson, Misher and Hobbs clocked college record and World lead 42.05 in the 4x100 m beating Kentucky 42.30. The 400m saw fast times too from Jamaican Nathon Allen (44.28) and Nathan Strother (44.34). Jamaican Kemar Mowatt got the 400 m hurdles in 49.32 and LSU just edged Arkansas in the 4x100 both teams timed with 38.76. Texas AM won the 4x400 m in 3:01.17 over LSU 3:01.98. US Tahar Triki won the triple with 16.91 (+0.6) PB. From women events to note Sharrika Barnett 50.69 PB in the 400 m and Alexis Jacobus 465 in pole vault with Keturah Orji 14.62 (+1.5) in triple ahead of French Yanis David 14.05 outdoor PB (+1.9).

Shuemann Cregg.pngCregg Weinmann, aka @theshuemann (Instagram)

Cregg Weinmann, aka @theshuemann, RunBlogRun shoe reviewer, speaking on trends in 2018, and some fine product for runners of all shapes, sizes and footstrikes. Cregg has reviewed running footwear for The Running Network since 1998. We are trying a different approach with our shoe reviews. This is our first video review with Cregg, examining the key players and those who are making a unique contribution to performance running footwear. The video is 18 minutes long. Tell us what you think. We cover trends in training, different types of traiing shoes, some unique racing shoes, track spikes and how to prepare your feet for using racing flats and track spikes. We hope that you enjoy it.

a-history-of-adidas-adi-dasslers-first-track-and-field-shoes-designboom03.jpgTrack spike, 1928, built by Adi Dassler

#reebok, #skechers, #brooks, #nike, #altrarunning, #mizuno, #361usa, #hokaoneone, #underarmour, #onrunning, #runningproductreviews, #runningnetwork, #theshoeaddicts,

Monday mornings are nice relaxed runs and some cut downs to add a little culture to the day. So, enjoy those 300 meter repeats.

Hoka One One 2.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more, go to

Monday, May 14, 2018: warm up, 50 minutes, 4 x 300 meters cut downs ( only rule is increase speed, so if start at 58, then, 57, then, 56, then, 55), cooldown

Marilu Diaries: Stan & Marilu


13699942_10205992099870964_2375851239538718629_n.jpgMarilu and Stan Eder, circa 1957 (the baby bump is moi)

Reposted May 13, 2018

This is the second Mother's Day since we lost my Mom, Marilu Eder. Marilu lived, and died with an amazing dignity and sense of love. She instilled in all five of her children a sense of adventure and the belief that they should try and live their dreams. I miss her daily, and think about her daily.

Updated May 14, 2017

This is the first Mother's Day since my Mom, Marilu has died. She passed away at home on September 20, 2016. My father had been caring for her for 18 months. She went into hospice two weeks before her death. She last spoke the week before her death. I remember the day like it was yesterday. At the time, we wanted her pain to end. I think of her each day and the lessons that she taught my brothers and sisters and our children are immense. My father is doing pretty well now too. I thought you might like to read these two stories about my mother, a women of strength, intelligence and beauty.

This story was written on September 16, 2016, four days before her death.

The picture above is from New Years Eve, 1957. My parents had been married in November 1957. Nine months, ten days later, I was born, so the tiny baby bump tells the observer that I was already stating my presence.

My parents met 62 years ago and have been married nearly 58 years. My mother is in hospice now, and I wanted to share a few memories of this magnifcent women, whom I call Mom.

McLaughlin_SydneyWJR-USOut17.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by

Sydney McLaughlin continues her assault of the 400 meter intermediate hurdles. It has been a fascinating first year of college, as Coach Edrick Floreal developed her leg speed through the indoor and outdoor season. In her 400 meter hurdle opener, Ms. McLaughlin ran 53.60 for the 400 meter hurdles, breaking the WJR (yep, her own).

So, on May 13, Sydney McLaughlin runs a flawless final in the 400 meter hurdles, runnign 52.75, just .41 off the World Record and setting a new Collegiate record with her amazing run!

We fangirled just a little #SEC

A post shared by Ellie Bachmann (@ellie.bachmann) on

How fast can Sydney McLaughlin go? Well, that world record is not far off, and Coach Floreal gets it completely. The University of Kentucky won the SEC today as well (Sydney came back in the 4x400 meters).

Tori Franklin 14.84 US record and WL
BAIE MAHAULT (FRA, May 12): The 14th Guadeloupe International meet top triple jumping. Tori Franklin in second round improved the US record to 14.84 (0.0, also a World lead) and was also better than the previous mark 14.71 by Keturah Orji from Rio Games in third round with 14.78. Second Spanish Ana Peleteiro improved to 14.42 (0.0) with World champion Yulimar Rojas after three fouls not continuing in the competition. Men´s competition had also top level with World indoor medalist Brazilian Almir dos Santos winning with 17.53 (+0.3) PB ahead of Will Claye 17.40 (0.0) and World leader Pedro Pablo Pichardo also 17.40 (0.0). US Omar Craddock got 17.11 as fourth and 2008 Olympic winner Nelson Evora was 8th with 16.62. Donald Thomas of Bahamas cleared 225 to win the high jump. Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi topped the 800 m in 2:01.97 with fellow Olympic medalist Margaret Wambui third 2:02.61. Hicham Sigueni of Morocco won the 3000 m in 7:53.47. In hurdles US wins for Jarret Eaton 13.57 (-0.5) and World champion Kori Carter 13.04 (-0.8). TJ Holmes with 49.25 beat Bershawn Jackson 49.32 in men´s 400 m hurdles. Allyson Felix in season opener won the 100 m in 11.30 (0.0) and in men´s sprint Mike Rodgers beat Bryce Robinson, both with 10.14 (-0.1). Shakima Wimbley was the best in the 400 m in good quality 50.64 ahead of Jade Stepter 51.36 and World Indoor champion Courtney Okolo 51.73.
RunBlogRun opines: So happy to see such a talent as Tori Franklin in the women's TJ for the U.S. Franklin had two jumps in Guadeloupe, 14.84m, 14.78m over the current TJ of Keturah Orji's previous AR of 14.71m. With Orji and Franklin, we should see a US record over 15 meters in the not so distant future.

I have this incredible sense of peace and joy within me right now. Contentment with everything that my life is and a lack of worry for what my future will be. I know that God has a plan for me and will guide every next step for the betterment of my life. So I worry not. I can't tell you how much it means to be WORLD LEADING and to have this American Record. For years I've had this lofty goal out in the distance, one that at times seemed unrealistic. As i'd talk about it with past coaches each one knew it was something I wanted to achieve. To finally do it on May 12th 2018 was above and beyond anything I could've imagined. Its...literally a dream come true. But, I am not finished. I am not finished. God has blessed me with health, with support and with so much love from everyone and for that i am grateful and I thank all of you. Love you to a million billion pieces. LIVE HAPPII #livehappii #takenotice #oiselle #americanrecordholder

A post shared by Tori Franklin (@livehappii) on

Tuohy_KatelynH-Millrose18.jpgKatelyn Touhy, photo by

Katelyn Touhy stole the show at the Loucks Games with her double, 3200m win on Friday, and 1600m on Saturday. Her 3200m was a new National record, breaking a 22 year old high school record, set by Kim Mortenson.

Sophomore Katelyn Touhy, running only against the clock, after hitting the mile in 4:45.95, ran four more laps, by herself, not only breaking the meet record at the Glenn D. Loucks Games (May 11, 2018), but the 22 year old National High School record held by Kim Mortenson (9:48.59, 1996, Thousand Oaks, CA). Katelyn Touhy, who won the 2017 Nike NXN title after taking 13th as a freshman, has been rewriting the indoor and now, outdoor record books.

Running 71 second laps for four laps, the pace slowed to 75 second laps, but Katelyn Touhy, the finest sophomore in high school distance running, stayed focused and ran 9:47.88, with a fine 9:10.4 for 3000 meters en route.

The fine article, written on Milesplit (, has Kately Touhy expressing some disappointment over her final time. Her coach, Kyle Murphy, who expressed his pleasure with her run, also put her high standards in perspective.

Congrats Katelyn Touhy! Looking forward to seeing you race once again!

25 laps of fun #nrxc #nationalrecord #VAshowcase

A post shared by Katelyn Tuohy (@katelyntuohy) on

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at  12.44.58.png

Fifteen year old Max Burgin ran 1:47:50 at the British Milers Club Sport City in Manchester, England on May 12, just eight days before his sixteenth birthday! Max's 1:47.50 is a 15 year old world record. Here's the following update from Peter J. Thompson.

Here's a quick final stretch of the race, courtesy of our friends at Vinco:

Peter John Thompson reported to @runblogrun that Max Burgin ran 1:49.42 just one month after his fifteenth birthday in 2017!

Thanks to Peter Thompson here's the yearly progression for Max Burgin over 800 meters and cross country.

Max Burgin - Progression at 800m

at age 15, 8 days before 16th birthday
at age 15, one month after 15th birthday
at age 14
at age 13, 3 days after his 13th birthday
at age 12
Good to see that Max Burgin runs cross country and the England Athletics Park Runs -
Max Burgin's Progression at 5Km Park Runs and Cross Country Championships
5Km Park Run
English Schools
English National
X-C (Club)

* The English Schools and English National Championships are offset by one year - so for the two-year age bands for each organization, one year an athlete is at the top of their age group for the Schools and the bottom for the National and the next year vice versa. This strategy means that the athlete is encouraged in their development not trying every two years to physically and psychologically deal with being at the bottom of their age group.

Long runs are the cherry on the ice cream sundae of training. Always loved my long runs, always will. Enjoy your Sunday runs with some friends, and find a cool place to run. I used to love running in cemetaries (on the roads or trails, be respectful).

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to

Sunday, May 12, 2018: Relaxed Long run, 70 minutes with friends, at pace you can talk. Long runs are all about the socializing and building endurance.

McLeod_OmarFV-PreC17.jpgOmar McLeod, photo by

The 110 meter hurdles, like the 100 meter hurdles, is one of our most competitive events across the sport. Most of the time, the best 8 or 9 hurdlers are always out there, battling for a win. Omar McLeod, the Olympic and World Champion, is one of those 110 meter hurdlers.

Here's what Omar McLeod said about his victory:

"It's a great victory. I was overcome with emotion. I would normally have two races by this time of the season. I have been battling a lot of injuries this winter, a had a hamstring strain, shin splints and a month ago I picked up a slight adductor problem. Today I was running on blind trust. It was great to come out here and complete the three-peat. This meet loves the hurdles and their hurdlers."

McLeod loves competition. And he had a classic in Shanghai. Orlando Ortega and Sergey Shubenkov battled him, and will be battling him all through the season. Aries Merritt, who ran a bit jet lagged, should be rounding into shape as well. So, this 2018 season over the 110 meter hurdles is starting out well!

In Shanghai, Omar battled Orlando Ortega to the very end. The 110 meter hurdles gives one a chance to screw up ten times in one race. McLeod was ready to race. Frustrated by the season, Omar McLeod had been thwarted from making the World Indoors as the Jamaican Federation had failed to procur a VISA for the defending champion.

Lasitskene_MariyaPC-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by

Mariya Lasitskene won her 39th high jump competition in a row with her win in Shanghai. The height, 1.97 meters, means little, but the high level of competition, and the level of athleticism that Lasitskene (nee Kuchina) exhibits each time she competes is something that must be experienced.

Her level of domination is truly under appreciated. The high jump super star has a high level of fitness, but also, a very high level of mental domination of her competitors in the events. Don't believe me, just watch the competition for a few heights. Lasitskene would be a fine poker player: no emotion, no revealing of effort.

Mirela Demireva cleared 1.94 meters. She made Mariya Lasitskene work for her 39th victory, which is the way it should be. Lasitskene cleared 1.97 meters to take the win.

Mariya Lasitskene wins @shanghaiDL in 1.97m, High Jump - Women Pts 1 Lasitskene , Mariya ANA 1.97 8 2 Demireva , Mirela BUL 1.94 7 3 Jungfleisch , Marie-Laurence GER 1.88 6 4 Okuneva , Oksana UKR 1.85 5 4 Spencer , Levern LCA 1.85 5 ...

-- RunBlogRun (@RunBlogRun) May 12, 2018

Lasitskene cleared 2.06 meters on 6 July 2017 at the Athletissima DL in Lausanne, Switzerland. In near perfect conditions, Lasitskene showed her talent and fitness. Having won World championships in 2015 Beijing, London 2017, and the World Indoors in March 2018, Lasitskene only needs a gold medal in Tokyo 2020 to show her place in athletic history.

A wonderful interview, Mariya Lasitsekene spoke to @runblogrun in Birmingham after her long indoor season. She was so happy to have exceled in a long season and anticipated taking a nice break before the outdoor season. Now, as the outdoor season is starting, Lasitskene begins with a nice win in Shanghai, China.

LaVillenie_Renaud1-Lausanne16.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by

Renaud Lavillenie is on a roll. His win at the World Indoor, against Sam Kendricks, Piotr Lisek, and Raphael Holzdeppe, to name but a few, gave him a renewed confidence.

His jumping so far this spring, including a 5.95 meter clearance in Austin, Texas shows a man who has regained fitness and is healthy after a time of fitness challenges.

In Shanghai, Renaud Lavillenie was dealing with weather and jet lag, as were the other vaulters. Lavillenie passed at 5.31 meters, 5.46 meters and 5.61 meters. Renaud took 5.71 meters on his second attempt. He also took two attempts at 5.81 meters, and like Lisek made three attempts at 5.86 meters. Lavillenie won as Lisek needed three attempts at 5.81 meters.

This win is a nice way to start the dL for Lavillenie. The bottom line is, unlike the past three years, Renaud is healthy and confident.

"I am feeling happy. It was not an easy day today. The conditions were very hard. It was nice to get the win (Lavillenie's first at the Shanghai meet since 2014). There is definitely more room for improvement. I only jumped off 16 steps today and my full run up is 20. The most important thing for me is I am injury- free, and I wasn't last season."

The men's pole vault continues to be on of our most entertaining events ont he circuilt.

Gardiner_StephenSF1-WorC17.jpgSteven Gardiner, photo by

The tall Bahamian, Steven Gardiner, is two for two this season. His 43.87 for the win in Doha was exciting and made a real statement. Gardiner collapsed after his race, as he had done in 2017. In Shanghai, Steven ran a sub 44 second time for the second week in a row, taking a second win over Isaac Makwaala.

How fast can Gardiner run? He looks like he has some faster times in those long legs as of yet, so it will be fun to see what kind of a season Gardiner will put together.

Steven Gardiner is the real thing. He comes off the 300 meters in charge, and his long strides just take him away from the competition. Gardiner has real leg speed, and his health and endurance will make him one of the exciting stories of 2018. Running under 44 seconds for the 400 meters is the difference between good 400 meter runners and great 400 meter runners. Steven Gardiner, aka Speedy Steve, is showing us what he is made of. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Gardiner later in the season.

Miller_ShaunaeFH-Brussels17.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, in action, photo by

The Olympic champion at 400 meters, Shaunae Miller-Uibo dominated the 200 meters in Shanghai. In truth, there was nothing anyone could have done to defeat Miller-Uibo. The 200 meters may be her perfect distance. To several media groups, Shaunae Miller-Uibo made it clear that 2018 was about racing the 200 meters. Training for the 400 meters with her coach, Lance Brauman, Miller-Uibo would use that speed and strength to race the 200 meters. Running 22.06 in early May, it will be fascinating to see just how fast the Bahamian superstar can run the furlong this season!

Prescod_ReeceSF-WC17.jpgReece Prescod upsets the stars, photo by

In a meet with some surprises, Reece Prescod upset the entire field of 100 meter stars. In fact, the seventh place of Justin Gatlin, may be the worse placing ever for the World Champion.

Reece_Prescod_-_Men_s_100m_-_Shanghai_2018_1500x1000_EA_257924_5af701037.jpgReece Prescod, photo by Errol Anderson for Shanghai DL

Watching the race live, it is obvious that Reece Prescod, the young British sprinter, was a mere after thought. And why not? Justin Gatlin, Andre De Grasse, Bingtian Su, among others. And as Su is flying down the the track, Reece Prescod begins to put together a fine race, on the outside of the track. Halfway into the race, Reece is not in the race, and over the last forty meters, Prescod is flying.

When the race ends, Bingtian Su accepts the accolades of the Chinese crowd. But, in the results, there is no first place! Su thought he had won, but it was not so! Reece Prescod, in his first Diamond League 100 meter final, had won the race, in the rain, and against a fine field.

Work hard play hard 🏆🈵

A post shared by Reece (@reeceprescod) on

Watch this young man, as the British sprinter has some serious wheels and looked fantastic as he raced for the win! Reece Presod has a smooth style, and he ran a contained race, taking the win, and then, seeming lost in the pack of finishers who had no clue on what went on.

Track season is now at the height of the season. Last nigth, Katelyn Touhy broke the national record for the 3200 meters, with her 9:47. Dream big!

IMG_5223.jpgFinishing a fine race, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

Saturday, May 12, 2018: warm up, race your primary distance. If no race, 40 minute run, 4 x 300 meters cut downs, cooldown

keni harrison.jpgStuart Weir interviewing Keni Harrison, photo from Stuart Weir

This is Stuart's column on the competitive nature of the women's 100 meter hurdles and how it opened in Doha last Friday. Stuart has written one other column on Doha DL. Watch for it later today.

Friday is an easy day for many high school runners. Make sure you watch the Shanghai Diamond League tomorrow on TV or You Tube.

Hoka One One 8.jpgHOKA ONE ONE is sponsor of our daily training programs, to learn more, go to

Friday, May 11, 2018: warm up, 4 -5 miles easy, 4 times 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Night of 10,000m PBS Steve Osullivan.jpg

Night of 10,000m PBs, photo by Steve O'Sullivan for Highgate Harriers

The night of 10,000 meter PBs is one of my favorite events EVER. This year, the event is on May 19, 2018, at Hampstead Heath track and it will feature the European Cup 10,000 meters. I have been twice. In 2016, I survived driving fromManchester to London with Pete Riley, the sports marketing manager for NB in GBR. Pete has quite creative way of slowing down his car on country roads (it will be a major column in @runblogrun, perhaps a movie). In 2017, I stayed nearby and covered the event with my son, Adam. It was, again a blast. In 2016, I was lucky enough to meet my hero, Nick Rose, European 5000m champion, and classic British distance runner, with David Bedford, another classic.

Db952f4XUAwDjRW.jpg-large highgate 10k.jpg

This year, I am unable to make the event. Here's the release on the event from Race Director Ben Pochee, who will be developing a pedestrian bridge over the track this year. We think that it sounds fantastic! Also, there are a mere handful of athletics events that one can enjoy an adult beverage while watching runners do their best over 25 laps of 400 meters. Oh, and to sponsors looking for a great event, the Highgate Harriers Night of 10,000m PBs should be considered for sponsorship. It has all the things one desires in a track event: enthused fans, great opps for activation, light and fun culture, and the amazing combination of fine competition with sports entertainment!

Dave Bedford.jpgDavid Bedford with a new Beer brand, photo courtesy of Highgate Harriers

Why is the Highgate Night of 10,000m PBs so damn good? Well, the combination of real, enthused track fans, good, local food trucks, entertainment, and a unique way to view 10,000 meters, while having a few cold beverages is a perfect way to activate a crowd. The Highgate 10k is a night of fun, combining sports and entertainment, with enough respect given to the competitors and enough fun for even the most callous of pretend sports fans and real sport fans.

This is a fun article. Diamond League website provides five things to look out for in Shanghai Diamond League meeting. Some fine expected performances even with no Christian Coleman and David Rudisha. For me, the men's PV, the men's 400 meters, and the women's steeplechase, plus the men's 5000 meters should be huge highlights. For the Chinese crowd, each event will have someone local to cheer. That is one of the brightest orchestrations of a meet I have seen in some time, as Chinese athletes will be in all sixteen events. For many of the 40,00 plus fans, the Shanghai DL will be a sports happening. With Chinese athletes in each event, it should warm the response in the meet as well!

Allyson Felix, photo by
Marie-Jose TaLou, photo by
Felix for Manchester
MANCHESTER (GBR): Six-time Olympic champion Allyson Felix will compete at the Manchester Great CityGames on 18 May. She will run the 150m at which she set a world best 16.36 on the specially laid pop-up track in the city in 2013. The American will take on double world silver medallist Marie Josee Ta Lou, as well as Brits Cheriece Hylton and Bianca Williams.
RunBlogRun: Seriously, one of the tastiest races so far in the season. At this distance of 150 meters, Felix and Ta-Lou could be very even. The Great City Games Manchester is one of my favorites. I have been going for several years, having missed it in 2017, and now, again in 2018. A great venue for both, and the 20,000 plus fans on the course.

Oh, the Diamond Leauge is upon us! Doha was last weekend, and I have spent much of the week watching and rewatching highlight videos from You Tube on the fantastic meet! Now, Shanghai! Our friend, Justin Lagat wrote this today, after his tempo run in Eldoret, and by the power of the digital age, we have it on runblogrun! Enjoy!

IMG_4339.jpgSamuel Tefera wins WIC 2018, can he win in Shanghai? photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The second Diamond League Meeting of 2018 has some seriously exciting events. Here's the previews of the meet, courtesy of EME News. Remember to watch this excellent event on Saturday, May 12!

Gong_Lijiao-Worlds18.jpgGong Lijao, photo by

For the past three years, we have seen one of the truly most innovative events in our sport, the adidas Boost Boston Games. Combine an old school track meet with a new school street meet. That is what Global Athletics & Marketing, and their title sponsor, global athletic collosus, adidas, are doing.

The 2020 USA Track & Field Trials will be an amazing event. Now that the event is being rebid, many are confused. We are confused. In the desire to add to that confusion, we have noted the three points below. We do this as a way to open the discussion to hope for some clarity and transparency to be added to the process.

There is obvious genuine concern by USA Track & Field. No one wants to open the process again. We are just curious why.

Stadium-West-Grandstand.jpgWest Grandstands, conception from Mt.SAC

Today is a nice session of fast 400 meters. You will feel fast and furious today. Keep the 30 minute run relaxed and cooldown well!

IMG_5223.jpgTime to run fast, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addict. Check out, our sponsor, and their fine running footwear.

Thursday, May 10, 2018: warm up, 8 x 400 meters, 200 meter job, pace at Mile pace, 30 minute run, cooldown

Reposted May 09, 2018

The Highgate Night of 10,000m PBs is to be held on May 19, 2018. We will not be there in 2018, but the event has grown in stature, and will feature the European Cup 10,000 meters, which should be awesome! Make sure you watch this video and then, watch the race, or if you are in London, go to the race !

Originally posted May 2017

This visit to London was fun. It was my second visit to Highgate Harriers amazing night of 10,000m PBs. In 2018, we hope to be there as well, as the Night of 10,000m PBs will feature the European Cup 10,000m a well!

It is fantastic to see that the most original event on the globe, the Highgate Night of 10,000m PBs will incorporate the European cup 10,000m next year. The team with the Highgate Harriers is creative, hard working and loves the sport! We will be there, one way or another! So, re read this piece, toast the Highgate Harriers, and get your butt in gear to run the 10,000m in Highgate!


Andy Vernon wins the Highgate 10k Night of the 10,000m PB's, photo by David Wearn

Lavillenie_Renaud1d-WORLDi18.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by
Lavillenie with superb field
SHANGHAI (CHN): World record holder in pole vault Renaud Lavillenie will compete next on Saturday at Shanghai Diamond League. After that he plans a light schedule with appearances at Prefontaine Classic in Eugene and Kusocinski Memorial in Chorzow, Poland on June 8. On Saturday against him three last World champions (Kendricks, Barber, Holzdeppe) with Piotr Lisek and fresh Commonwealth Games winner Kurtis Marschall from Australia.

RunBlogRun opines: The men's pole vault in Shanghai is tremendous, with Sam Kendricks, Shawn Barber and Raphael Holzdeppe. Let's see just how fit the French superstar is!

The Stanford Invitational, and then, the Payton Jordan Invitational, have, over the past two decades, changed the nature of distance racing on the West Coast of North America. Giving credit where it is due, Vin Lananna and Mike Reilly developed the meetings under their tenure at the Farm in Palo Alto, CA. The current management has done a tremendous job to develop the events and build on the stature previously created.

The Stanford Invite had been around, but, with the development of the Payton Jordan and added significance of the Stanford Invite, distance runners had a chance to race 5000 meters, 10,000 meters and steeplechase, along with 800m and 1,500m at key times of the season.

They are now the standards by which other meetings are judged. The amazing Highgate night of 10,000m PBs looks to Palo Alto for inspiration, as Europe needs meetings such as Payton Jordan. adidas provided such an event on its campus in 2016 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, when the 10,000m there lead the world.

Payton Jordan was moved to Thursday, May 3, different from its iconic Friday nights, but, the gods of distance running (several are probably graduate students at Stanford), breathed, and a cool, clear evening graced the campus.

Here are our lessons from this year's Payton Jordan:

Felix to run the 100 m
BAIE MAHAULT (FRA): Guadeloupe meet organizers announced 6-time Olympic gold medalist & 11-time World Champion Allyson Felix for her first appearance on the French Caribbean island, May 12th competing in the 100m. The stadium in Baie-Mahault will be buzzing. Also there Pedro Pablo Pichardo in the triple jump. In this event also former world triple jump champion Teddy Tamgho could return to competition.

The Diamond League is fourteen track meets that are track geek heaven. It could be, if presented well, the way for many potentional track fans to be brought into the sport. Shanghai has some of the finest fields of the early season, and it is one of the meets that is on my bucket list. I have been to China twice, in 2008 and in 2015, for the Olympics and World Championships. The crowds have been appreciative and supportive of all the athletes who competed. The Shanghai DL should be a fantastic meeting.

Manyonga_Luvo-Stockholm17.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by

One of the highlights of the Pre Classic each year is the Bowerman Mile. Truth is, the Pre Classic is two and half hours of clash versus clash, a fantastic afternoon for track and field fans.

Manangoi_ElijahFHR-WorCH17.jpgElijah Manangoi, 2017 London World Championships, photo by

The mile in 2018 will be one of the best. You have the gold and silver medalists from London 2017 versus the new Kid on the block, Jakub Ingebrigsten, one of the famous Ingebrigsten brothers, who won the 1,500m (Jabub) and 5,000m (Henrik) at the Payton Jordan last Thursday night!

IMG_1371.jpgBen Blankenship, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Des Davila in Kenya.jpg

Desi Davila, watching a cross country race,
photo by Justin Lagat
Reposted May 9, 2018
Originally posted on January 27, 2014
Now that Des Linden is the 2018 Champion, she has to put up with rereading stories about her from the golden olden days. This one is from January 2014, when Justin Lagat visited with Des as she watched the Discovery cross country races. Truth is, Desi Linden worked her butt off to win Boston. She likes a good beer, and a good shot of whiskey. Add that to 120-140 miles a week, that is solid running geek! Thanks to Justin Lagat for reminding me of this gem!
Desi Davila ran one of the guttiest marathon races that I have ever seen, way back in April 2011. Davila's brave race was one of the most exciting races in Boston marathon history. Now that Desi is healthy again, she is training in Kenya, picking up some base work.
Justin Lagat, our Kenyan correspondent, met with Desi near Eldoret, Kenya, on her way to training in Iten, Kenya.

Wednesdays are always pretty relaxed days. Keep it casual, and enjoy the strideouts. You have some big races coming.

Hoka One One 10.jpgHOKA ONE ONE sponsors our daily training programs. To show support, please check out their fine running shoes at

Wednesday, May 9, 2018: warm up, Easy 55-60 minutes, cooldown, on soft ground, 4 x 150 meter stride outs

Duplantis_GregMondo-Millrose17.jpgGreg Duplantis (father and coach) and Mondo Duplantis, photo by

Mondo continues his assault on the U20 pole vault records. Will Mondo be the next superstar in European athletics? Here's a story from European athletics.

The European Athletics site is one of our favorite sites on athletics in the world. They use video, social media and text content with a better understanding of the platforms and cultures than most who write about our sport. This fine article is on the European performances at the 2018 Doha DL.

Rohler_ThomasQ1-WC17.jpgThomas Rohler, photo by

Linden_DesiFH1-Boston18.JPGDesi Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon champion, photo by

Sellers_Sarah-Boston18.JPGSarah Sellers, second place, 2018 Boston Marathon, photo by

DuChene_Krista-Boston18.JPGKrista DuChene, 2018 Boston Marathon 3rd place, photo by

The New York Mini 10k is one of the most historic races in our sport. Now in its forty-sixth year, the former CrazyLegs 10k has seen many of the iconic women distance runners of the past four plus decades. A nice release on the top three women from 2018 Boston being invited to the June 9 race is a nice touch for the 2018 year! One of my favorite races of the year, the course is tough and challenges runners of all ages and levels of fitness. Of course, it is a great place to see many of the key movers and shakers in our sport of road running.

Ingebrigtsen_Jacub-Pre17.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, Pre Classic 2017, photo by

The Ingebrigtsens are superstars in their homeland, Norway. Henrik, the 17 year old wunderkid, won the 1,500 meters at the Payton Jordan with a fine sprint, holding off Olympic silver medalist Paul Chelimo and Olympic gold medalist Matthew Centrowitz. Near perfect weather in Palo Alto, California must have reminded the brothers of the perfect racing weather during the summers in Scandanavia.

The women's 1,500 meters featured a battle between Sara Vaughn (NYAC) who won in 4:11.70 over Christine Aragon (Stanford), 4:12.28.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen, the three time European medalist over 1500 meters (2012-gold, 2014-silver, 2016-bronze) and Indoor European medalist over 3000 meters (2015-bronze, 2017-silver) ran the WL of 13:16.97, with a 56.9 last 400 meters (1:58 for last 800 meters, 3:02 for last 1200 meters). Twelve men ran under 13:26.8 and four men ran under 13:20!

The women's 5000 meters was won by Swedens' Meraf Bahta, in 15:15.33, and 15 women under 15:28!

The 10,000 meters were also deep in Payton Jordan once again, with Jessica Tonn of Brooks Beasts TC won in 31:54.83, with five under 32 minutes. On the men's side, Shadrack Kipchirchir won in 27:39.65, with four men under 28 minutes (Garrett Heath ran 27:56.11).

To find the complete results for Payton Jordan, please go to:

This is a fun workout. Two sets of 200 meter repeats, in between 20 minute runs, Should be fun! Think fast!

IMG_5224.jpgA good pair of spikes, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Tuesday, May 8, 2018: warm up, 20 minutes run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog, at 800 meter pace, 20 minute run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter job, at 600 meter pace, cooldown.

This is the 20th report on USA-Canada result for 2017-18. It is compiled and edited by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles has a fantasic blog, track in sun, blogspot. Thanks Carles!

IMG_7617.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts


Gong_Lijiao-Worlds18.jpgGong Lijao, photo by

SHANGHAI (CHN): Chinese athletes will compete in all 16 events. Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye, dubbed as the Dash Duo in China, will line up at star-filled Men's 100m. Men's 110m hurdles, the legacy discipline in Shanghai even after the retirement of the legendary Liu Xiang, will see Xie Wenjun to compete. Both Mens' Pole Vault and Men's Long Jump will have three Chinese athletes. On the women's side, Gong Lijiao, the shot put winner of London World Championship and Diamond Trophy owner in 2017, will seek to continue her dominance in Shanghai. While Lu Huihui, the bronze medalist of World Championship in London and meeting record holder, will compete at women's Javelin.

RunBlogRun opines: We do not have to back to far, say May 1975, when a US team competed against a Chinese national team. Many saw the potential of the second most populous country in the world in our sport of athletics. Truth is, China's success in track & field has been one of the underlying themes in the sport. Over the past several World Champs, relays, sprinters, technical events (shot, javelin, hammer, jumps), China has found talent. Their relay teams are spot on, and their jumpers and throwers are tremendous. In Shanghai, the meet will showcase many of China's finest stars. The meet is on my bucket list, but, alas, another year.

Su_BingtianSF-WorInd18.jpgSu Bingtian, photo by

Morris_Sandi1-Worlds18.jpgSandi Morris, photo by

DOHA (QAT): Sandi Morris said she sprained her ankle in Doha where she cleared 4.84m to claim the win and that her goal this season is to break the world record. "I'm proud of my result and my new motto is: you're not out until you miss out three times in a row! I jumped 4.84m today and I feel like I'm on a roll this year. I sprained my ankle a tiny bit, but I'm okay. My goal is, of course, 5.01m - I want to break the world record this year. You won't break it unless you attempt it!" she said.

RunBlogRun opines: Sandi Morris had a do or die moment in Birmingham. Could she beat Katerina Stefanidi? Would she allow herself to be second once again, or would she challenge herself. I was sitting in the BBC radio booth when Sandi Morris took the lead from the Russian vaulter. Morris became the warrior of the pole vault and her clearances gave herself confidence. Morris can win anything now.

Mutaz Barshim celebrates after winning gold at London 2017 World Championships.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by

The World Outdoor Athletics Championships will be held in Doha, Qatar in 2019. The following release discusses some of the exciting innovations that will be introduced in Doha in September 2019. Watch for more stories and video on the 2019 World Outdoor Athletics Championships coming to @runblogrun!

Harrison_KeniPort-IAAFgala16.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by

DOHA (QAT): Kendra Harrison's aim for the 2018 season is to improve her world 100m hurdles record of 12.20. "I didn't get the start that I wanted, but definitely got the final I wanted. My aim for the season is to set another PB. I'm looking forward for tougher competition as well. I don't doubt any of the other girls in the race, but I just need to look to do my best," she said.

RunBlogRun opines: The WR holder in the 100 meter hurdles is now the World Indoor Champion. A huge accomplishment, Keni Harrison picked the toughest event on the track from which to excel. Her runs in Birmingham were better with each round. In Doha, Harrison and Rollins-McNeal gave the fans the closest race of the entire meeting. Harrison accelerated over the last three hurdles to win. That, dear readers, is presence of mind.

Harrison_KeniSF-USind18.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by

From my little house in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, my current habitat, I have much time for contemplation. In between listening to my favorite music, watching Hulu, Netflix, walks and making vegan dishes, I have much time to consider our sport. Here is the second of those columns.

Eliud Kipchoge win .jpgEliud Kipchoge wins 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon, photo courtesy of VM London Marathon

Gardiner_StephenSF1-WorC17.jpgSteve Gardiner, photo by

SHANGHAI (CHN): Men´s 400 m will have 5 runners from Doha opener competing. All top three Steven Gardiner with Abdalleleh Haroun and Isaac Makwala. Also fifth placer Baboloki Thebe and US Vernon Norwood. Four new names (Shanghai track has 9 lanes) will be triple jump Olympic and World winner Christian Taylor with Fred Kerley and Michael Cherry all from USA added by home Guo Zhongze. Meet record 44.02 will be under threat (Jeremy Wariner in 2007 and Kirani James in 2013).

In my little house in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, my current habitat, I have much time for contemplation. In between listening to my favorite music, watching Hulu, Netflix, walks and making vegan dishes, I have much time to consider our sport. Here is the first of those columns.

LindenHelpsFlanagan1-Boston18.JPGDesi Linden assisting Shalane Flanagan, 2018 Boston, photo by

A relaxed Monday run, finishing with 300 meter cut downs reminds your body that it must finish fast at the end of races. And the big races are upon us!

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about our sponsor, please go to

Monday, May 7, 2018: warm up, 50 minutes, 4 x 300 meters cut downs ( only rule is increase speed, so if start at 58, then, 57, then, 56, then, 55), cooldown

Stadium-West-Grandstand.jpgWest Grandstand, Mt.SAC

While we were not privy on any of the discussions or meetings between USATF and Mt.SAC, it seems that the removal of the Trials from Mt.SAC has surprised many, at best, and caused confusion with many, at the worst.

Here is the statement from Mt.SAC on the USATF decision.

Truth is, Mt.SAC was doing an exceptional job in handling the renovation, the lawsuits and the timeliness of the rebuild. All indications were that the second lawsuit would be decided in a fashion similar to the first.

That is, perhaps, the reason for so much consternation with the USATF announcement.

A keen observer spoke with me recently. After a discussion on the matters of the re opening of the Trials search, the observer responded: "Why does USATF seem to continue to shoot itself in the foot? The 2021 World Champs, the 2020 Team Trials, what is going on? "

That would be a good question to start with.

aerial-02-17-0526-flat.jpgRendition of Mt.SAC Track complex, photo courtesy of Mt.SAC

Curious to know what is going on now? Well, that will take some time.

There are different opinions on how the reopening of the 2020 Trials transpired. Suffice it to say, Mt.SAC waited for over an hour before Mt.SAC was told that they would no longer be hosting the 2020 Trials. Scott Reid wrote the piece, Mt.SAC Loses 2020 Olympic Track & Field Trials.

The lawsuits concerned USATF, it seems. Perhaps there was concern from the USOC. Whatever transpired, Mt.SAC is out of the picture. Conflicting stories on who will bid (Des Moines, Sacramento, Eugene, and Mt.SAC are mentioned).

Eugene has several challenges. Tracktown USA is rumored to have some changes in its management and all indications are that Vin Lananna's involvement is negligible, at best. Lananna's recent issues with USATF, and reported supoena from DOJ over the 2021 Eugene World Champs has changed the role of the USATF President.

Right now, the re opening of the 2020 Team Trials does not put the process in a positive light. We will update as we see more information. The official release is below...

Kiprop_Asbel-Pre17.jpgAsbel Kiprop, photo by

This is the official note from Athletics Integrity, a new unit of the IAAF, in regards to Asbel Kiprop's long facebook statement, which can be found here: The note from the IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit follows this beginning commentary.

Doping in Kenya is a crisis. From this fiasco, it is obvious that we have several issues: 1) Doping is out of control in Kenya. 2) The leaking of testing results continues to be an issue within the sport, 3). Doping should be managed in Kenya by a group from outside the country, 4) The money in the sport makes doping a business decision. Young athletes see, every day, that the chances of being caught are minimal. Hence, saying you are against doping and doing little effective testing gives the real message.

We celebrate the IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit. They do a difficult task in a difficult time. However, the suggestion that local team announced the testing a day prior to testing and perhaps took money suggests that a local team needs to be better evaluated.

The crisis athlete at this level is a huge story in Kenya. It must be handled with precision. In Kenya, many see the doping of Asbel Kiprop as the West trying to deface a son of Kenya. Here's the most recent BBC Sports piece on Asbel Kiprop :

Kiprop_AsbelPort1c-Kenya17.jpgAsbel Kiprop, photo by

Derrick_Chris-Peachtree17.jpgChris Derrick, photo by

Tuliamuk_Aliphine-Houston18.jpgAliphine Tuliamuk, photo by

Congrats to Chris Derrick on his win at the USATF Half Marathon. Aliphine Tuliamuck won the women's half marathon race. Chris Derrick won by one second for Parket Stinson and three seconds by Andrew Colley. Aliphine won by three seconds over Sara Hall, 1:10:04 to 1:10:07, and Rochelle Kanuho (1:10:49).

Fraser_ShellyAnn-PreC16.jpgShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by
Fraser-Pryce in first race since Rio Games
KINGSTON (JAM, May 5): Return of Olympic and World gold medalist after baby break. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce clocked in the 100 m at All-Comers meet 11.52 (+0.2) as second behind Shericka Jackson 11.31 (+0.8). It was first race for Fraser-Pryce since Olympic relay final in Rio on August 19, 2016. Stephanie McPherson won the 200 m in 23.02 (+0.3) ahead of hurdler Janieve Russell 23.43 and Sherone Simpson 23.46. Tyquendo Tracey won men´s 100 m in 10.29 (+0.4) just edging Jevaughn Minzie 10.29 with Nesta Carter fourth 10.40. 400 m runner Javon Francis won the 200 m in 20.69 (-2.7). Good long jump by Tajay Gayle 802 (+0.4). In impressive throws Commonwealth winner Fedrick Dacres topped discus 66.53 ahead of Travis Smikle 64.43. In shot put O´Dean Richards with 20.62 beat Dacres 20.34.

Duplantis_Armand-WORLDi18.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by

Mondo Duplantis has done it once again. The World U 20 record holder cleared. 5.93 meters at the Louisianna state high school meet and broke his own U20 record, set in March 2018, at the Texas Relays in Austin, Texas, where he cleared 5.92 meters.

In this competition, Mondo cleared all three heights on first attempts. Duplantis started at 5.45 meters, then, 5.84 meters, and finally, 5.93 meters. Mondo Duplantis is one of the finest young vaulters in our sport. His leg speed over 100 meters (10.64, I believe), shows that Mondo is the real thing. Always a lot of fun to watch, Mondo will be one of the great stars of our sport in future years.

What do I like about Mondo the most? His parents. Both coaches and parents, they have allowed Mondo Duplantis to be a teenager, which is really key in his long term development.

Last high school meet and ending on a 5.93m 19'5.5"! @borntoflyfilm #borntofly

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Rupp_Galen1c-Boston17.jpGGalen Rupp, photo by

Galen Rupp ran a strong marathon, and a PB by over three minutes and thirteen seconds, with his VW Prague Marathon win on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Rupp ran a smart race, hitting the halfway in 1:03:02, and running the last 2.2 kilometers in 6:26.

Rupp recovered from his misadventure in Boston, and ran a three plus minute PB in Prague, winning by 55 seconds.

GALEN RUPP RUNS INTO 2ND ON U.S. ALL-TIME LIST WITH 2:06:07 WIN AT PRAGUE MARATHON - Today, America's most prominent distance runner Galen Rupp had partaken in his 6th marathon start of his career and left with a result most assuring for U.S. fans. Rupp has earned two medals on the Olympic stage--silver in the 10,000m (2012) and bronze in the marathon (2016)--but had yet to produce a time in the marathon that was to the level of his 26:44.36 PB on the track. To the credit of the pacers and the only sub-2:05 man in the field Sisay Lemma, Rupp was driven to the line in 2:06:07 to win by 55 seconds. At times in the race the pace had slowed considerably (they went from a 29:36 split to a 30:40), but once the last pacesetter dropped Lemma and Rupp formed a tag team effort to increase the pace back up. A 14:39 split put them back up on pace and if they maintained that to the finish they would have run under the course record (2:05:39) and American record (2:05:38). As expected, the pace died down again and the final 10k split was run in 29:54, but still leaving sub 2:06 as a possibility. After dropping Lemma, Rupp made a hard drive toward the finish but would come just short of 2:05. He managed to split evenly for the halves (63:02/63:05), but there always will be the "might've been" if pace didn't drop in the race's middle sections. - RACE RESULTS - [USA 🇺🇸] GALEN RUPP'S PB SPLITS AT PRAGUE MARATHON (🇨🇿) ・・ 1st/2nd Halves: 63:02 / 63:05 = 2:06:07 ・・ CKPT - Clock Time | 5km Split | 10km Split 05km - 14:52 | 14:52 | 10km - 29:36 | 14:44 | 29:36 15km - 44:28 | 14:52 | 20km - 59:45 | 15:17 | 30:09 HALF 1:03:02 | ( 2:06:04 Overall M-Pace ) 25km 1:15:08 | 15:23 | 30km 1:29:47 | 14:39 | 30:02 35km 1:44:49 | 15:02 | 40km 1:59:41 | 14:52 | 29:54 FULL🏁 2:06:07 | ( ~4:48.6/mi [~2:59.3/km] ) ・・ Last 2.2K in 6:26 min (14:39 5km pace) ••• CV: ~:47 = 2:05:20 - #galenrupp #praguemarathon #teamusa #iaaf #marathonmajors #milesplit #letsrun #flotrack #usatf #worlderunners #worldrunners #goat #nikeplus #justdoit #nikerunning #tracknation #trackandfield #track #raceday #runnershigh #runnerslife #goldmedal #runnerspace #tracklife #trackday #runner #run #runners #running

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A crazy weekend of track and field and road running. And on Sundays, for many of us, it is time for a long run. The long run is a 70-90 minute workout where we run with our friends, on varied courses and terrains, to build our strength and endurance. Even during the high racing season, we keep doing our long runs. I have to admit, it was my day to unwind and consider the workouts for the week. We actually ran with our coach, Dan Durante, for the first 1 hour 40 (we alternated 1:50, 2 hours, 2:20 over three weeks), and then he sent us up these god awful hills for 20-40 minutes. That was the important time.

Hoka One One 2.jpgHOKA ONE ONE sponsors @runblogrun's daily training program, check out the site to learn more on HOKA ONE ONE.

With programs such as that, I improved from 36 minutes to just over 31 minutes for 10,000 meters and from 17 minutes to just over fifteen minutes, twenty seconds for 5000 meters.

Sunday, May 6, 2015: Relaxed Long run, 70 minutes with friends, at pace you can talk. Long runs are all about the socializing and building endurance.

IAAF RW.jpgTaicang 2018 World RW Team Champs, photo by Getty Images for IAAF

The 2018 IAAF World Race Walking Team Champs are happening in Taicang, China. On the first day, a new 50k women's WR for the race walk was set in an exciting race. Here's the Flash story from the IAAF's Jon Mulkeen, one of our sport's keenest observers.

Race days are big now. How fast can you run the 1,500M? the mile? the 3200m? Relax and have some fun!

IMG_5223.jpgA day at the races, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts,

Saturday, May 5, 2018: warm up, race your primary distance. If no race, 40 minute run, 4 x 300 meters cut downs, cooldown

USA's Noah Lyles had a stunning upset with first place in the Men's 200m.jpgA stunning upset by Noah Lyles in the 200 meters, photo by Doha Diamond League LOC

The Doha Diamond League meeting is, as it has been for the past nine years, the opening of the Diamond League elite meet series. And each year, the Doha DL meeting has something that shakes up the athletic season, or perhaps, portends some of the great themes of the year.

The warm weather, and appreciative crowd encourages some of the finest athletes in the world, many who have witnessed the challenges that Mother Nature can bring in winter. And while observers such as @runblogrun might sense a few WL, we have to admit that the Doha 2018 meet had some pretty amazing moments, namely:

Caster Semenya continues her move up to 1,500 meters, breaking four minutes for the metric mile, with a 3:59.92 NR, her second NR at 1,500 meters in two races.

a good crowd, Doha 2018.jpgThe crowded stands, 2018 Doha Diamond League, Doha, Qatar, photo by Stuart Weir


The Shoe Addicts did a series of three videos on Saucony Running shoes recently. This is the third video, and a text based one at that. This video covers some of the benefits of the running shoe, the Saucony RIDE ISO. These videos are in support of one of their retail partners, The Running Warehouse. The Saucony RIDE ISO is one of the fine training shoes from Saucony running. We encourage you to check out their running line, a line with a long tradition in the running culture.

To learn more about their shoes, you can check the video done with The Shoe Addicts on Tim Ritchie, a Saucony Freedom Track Club athlete and his five favorite Saucony training shoes:

TaLou_MarieSF-WorInd18.jpgMarie Jose Ta Lou, photo by

The women's 100 meters in Doha was a fantastic example of the high quality of women's athletics. Marie Jose Ta Lou, the 2018 World Indoor silver medalist at 60 meters, had a wonderful start and pushed through, running a PB of 10.85! Here's Stuart Weir column on the women's 100 meters and the emergence of Marie Jose Ta Lou as the next force in the sprints.

Abderrahman Samba celebrates after breaking Diamond League 400m hurdles record.jpgAbdeerhaman Samba soaking in the accolades in Doha, photo from Doha DL LOC

Here's the lead story from Stuart Weir on the highlights of the Doha Diamond League. Stuart Weir knows what you are interested in: the highlights, the curious and the moments of clarity. We have some amazing athletes in our sport and Stuart Weir wants you to know about them.


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Rupp_Galen1d-USOlyT16.jpgGalen Rupp, photo by

Galen Rupp is made for the marathon. His 10,000m and 5,000m speed will always help him make a surgical break, when the time comes, in the marathon. He had a bad one in Boston, but, in pulling out at 19 miles, Rupp did not sustain too much damage. His race this weekend in Prague could be a good one.

In this interview with David Monti, we learn more from what Galen did not say. He turned off the Boston experience in order to focus on the task at hand. He was not being uncommunicative, the guy genuinely has no interest in the past bad experience. You can be sure Galen Rupp, Coach Alberto Salazar and team debriefed.

Also, Galen Rupp loves the track. Last year's 10,000m in Sacramento did not make him a happy camper. Galen is a very competitive guy, and he did not like being beat. One can expect a few forays into 25 laps so he can end on a winning note. But, who knows, I may be totally off my rockers.

What experience will change a young fan's life? That is part of the plan with Global stars of athletics visiting the Aspire Academy. A master class by Sandi Morris (WC Indoor gold, Olympic silver), Dawn Harper Nelson (Olympic gold, silver), Johannes Vetter (WC gold), Katie Nageotte (US Indoor champ) motivated the young athletes. This is the type of thing that should be done with each and every pro track meet in the world. Bravo to Doha Diamond League on this important endeavor.

aspire Master class .jpgAspire Master Class, photo from Doha Diamond League LOC

Olympic Silver medallist Sandi Morris demonstrating pol vault to a schoolkid.jpgOlympian Sandi Morris showing the young students how to pole vault, photo from Doha Diamond League LOC

Schoolchildren getting some tips from Gold olympic medallist Dawn Harper-Nelson.jpgSchoolchildren getting some tips and having fun with Olympic champion Dawn Harper Nelson, photo from Doha Diamond League LOC

Schoolchildren racing against World Champions in a relay.jpgSchoolchildren battle World Champions in a fun relay! photo by Doha Diamond League LOC

Selfies with Olympic silver medallist Andre De Grasse.jpegSelfies with Andre De Grasse, Olympic medalist 100m/200m, photo by Doha Diamond League LOC

Here's your Friday recovery run day! Make sure watch Diamond League opener, which will have some fantastic rivalries!

Hoka One One 6.jpgHOKA ONE ONE sponsors this training program, we encourage our readers to check out

Friday, May 4, 2018: warm up, 4 -5 miles easy, 4 times 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Incredible Legacy.jpgThe Incredible Legacy, photo from Qatar Olympic Committee

Here's the preview of the Doha DL meeting, the 9th year of this fine event. Preview courtesy of Alfons Juck, our friend at EME News.

(R-L) Jenny Simpson, Mutaz Barshim, Katerina Stefanidi, Thomas Rohler, Hellen Obiri, Christian Taylor and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake.jpgNow that's a selfie! , , , , , and , photo by , , , , , , , , ,

The Diamond League 2018 will open for 2018 in Doha, Qatar on Friday, May 4, 2018. The Presser, which we posted at, covered many topics.

Our intrepid traveler, J. Stuart Weir, was paid the big bucks, (well, Sterling, to be entirely accurate) to ask the difficult questions. The so-called difficult questions will also make you smile, knowing, that like the fans who follow them, elite athletes have events and athletes that they admire.

Sandi Morris pv .jpgSandi Morris, shown having some fun teaching students at Aspire Academy the basics of the pole vault, photo by J. Stuart Weir

This is Stu's third piece from Doha, Qatar. Dealing with jet lap, Stuart provides @runblogrun's kind readers with an insider's view of over twenty meets a year. His sense of humor not withstanding, Stuart just came in from Australia, with his ever patient wife, Lynne, and now will cover the meet for us tomorrow, May 4. This piece is on the amazing pole vault field in Doha, Qatar.

Dr Thani Abdulrahman Al Kuwari, and Oceania Area President and IAAF Executive Board and Council Member, Geoff Gardner joined nine World and Olympic champions.jpg

Nathaneel Mitchell-Blake, Thomas Rohler, Mutaz Barshim, Katerina Stefanidi, Meeting Director Dr. Thani Al Kuwari, Christian Taylor, Hellen Obiri, IAAF Council Member, Geoff Gardner, Jenny Simpson, photo by Stuart Weir

An excellent and relaxed job by Nathaneel Mitchell-Blake and Jenny Simpson a the 2018 IAAF Diamond League opening presser for the Doha DL meeting today! This is the entire presser (we will also post highlights) in the local shopping center just off the HQ hotel. It is a casual setting, but good interplay with some of the superstars of the sport. Special thanks to Matthew Quine, you know him from Matt is the IAAF Media Manager for the Diamond League.

Some big questions to be answered in Doha. How will Hellen Obiri and Jenny Simpson tangle? How fast is Caster Semenya, after her 4:00 1,500 meters in Gold Coast? Who is fast and furious in the sprints? And, who will win the battles over the women's PV, Katerina Stefanidi, Sandi Morris, Katie Nageotte?

These and other exciting answers to your questions on May 4!

The world of running in Kenya is once again upended with allegations of doping against one of its most popular and successful athletes, Asbel Kiprop. Asbel is the three time World Champion (2011, 2013, 2015) and London 2012 gold medalist, originally silver medalist, but elevated with the positive test of Rhashid Ramzi (Bahrain).

Kiprop_AsbelPort1c-Kenya17.jpgAsbel Kiprop, photo by

In a story that circulating in British media over the last 48 hours, the Guardian reported the alleged positive test, which has not been confirmed by the IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit. Here's the story from the Guardian:

The test was leaked, which happens in most of these cases, and had been only noted to Mr. Kiprop in early February. In the Kenyan newspaper, the Star on 2 May 2018:

The rumor mill in our sport is amazing. Within 24 hours of a rumor getting out, it can be global. This one is sad, once again. Manager Federico Rosa noted to the Kenyan Star that he is still trying to find information on the alleged test and that it would be terribly sad if it were true.

The following is the response, via Facebook account of Asbel Kiprop, upon a request from many media, among them, our Kenyan writer, Justin Lagat.

This story is developing.

A good, fast day on the track. Warm up well, and follow this workout to the letter.

IMG_5224.jpgA good day on the track, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, May 3, 2018: warm up, 8 x 400 meters, 200 meter jog, 400m pace at Mile pace, 30 minute run, cooldown

doha DL .jpgDoha DL, photo courtesy of Diamond League

This is Stuart Weir's second preview for the Doha DL, the first of the Diamond League meetings for 2018. Watch for more stories on Thursday, May 3, 2018. Stuart covers 20 events for @runblogrun each year, and we are grateful for his coverage.

IMG_6545.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

DOHA (QAT): Women´s 100 m hurdles could be one of the highlights on Friday as currently top two fastest on the planet will compete together for first time since London DL 2016. Keni Harrison the World record holder since that race with 12.20 will run against Olympic winner Brianna Rollins-McNeal. The Rio gold medalist achieved this year already 12.43 (current World lead) at MtSAC Relays, Harrison posted windy 12.40 and 12.37. The meet record 12.35 by Jasmin Stowers from 2015 will be in danger. In direct clashes their head-to-head is 5:5 per tilastopaja source.

RunBlogRun opines: Keni Harrison is ready to roll, as is Brianna Rollins-McNeal! Watch for a 12.30 to 12.32! The weather will be warm, and both athletes are ready to roll!

FASTWICH 8.pngSaucony Fastwich 8

Tim Ritchie is the 2017 U.S. National marathon champion. Tim runs for Saucony's Freedom Track Club. In this video, shot by The Shoe Addicts for Saucony, Tim Ritchie spoke about his five favorite Saucony training and racing shoes. Here's the video that was produced for Runningwarehouse, the retail partner of Saucony.

Tim Ritchie recommended the Saucony Fastwich 8, Saucony Guide ISO, Saucony Hurricane ISO, Saucony Liberty ISO and Saucony Ride ISO.

LIBERTY ISO.pngSaucony Liberty ISO

Barshim_MutazR-WorInd18.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by

DOHA (QAT): Qatar's Mutaz Barshim begins his 2018 outdoor campaign on the back of his most successful season ever, which saw him become 2017 World Champion, Diamond League Champion, IAAF World Athlete of the Year and the first high jumper since 2004 to be undefeated for a whole season. Despite this incredible success, Barshim remains as motivated and focussed as ever with his sights firmly set on victory at a home World Championships in 2019, Olympic gold in 2020 and the elusive high jump world-record that has been standing for 25 years. "Winning the Olympic gold is the ultimate goal for me. I have already won Olympic silver and bronze but still not the gold."

RunBlogRun opines: I have witnessed Mutaz Barshim compete from Malmo, Sweden to Paris, France, to Doha, Qatar, to Beijing, China. A supreme competitor, Barshim is getting into his prime competition years. Can he surpass 2.46m? I believe so, and he might just do it in 2019 in his home country! Barshim is the ultimate competitor and likes to get pushed in competition. I respected Mutaz in Birmingham, where he had an amazing. No excuses for Barshim, he wants to win, but realizes, in this sport, it does not happen each and every competition.

Coe-Barshim-AlbertA-IAAFgala17.jpgSeb Coe, Mutaz Barshim, Prince Albert of Monaco, photo by

This is the 12th report of the European Athletics results, compiled and edited by Carles Baronet. Carles researches the results from 51 members of the European Athletics Association. Here's the most recent results from around the European continent. Thanks once again to our friend, Carles Baronet!

Guliyev_RamilSF-World15.jpgRamil Guliyev, photo by

Rohler_ThomasQ-WC17.jpgThomas Rohler, photo by

DOHA (QAT): Olympic javelin champion Thomas Rohler is confident going into the opening Diamond League meeting on Friday, reports. As he prepares to face world champion and fellow German Johannes Vetter, he announced he had just returned from working on explosive power at a training camp in the Algarve.

RunBlogRun opines: At the 2016 Doha DL, Thomas Rohler threw a big one. How will he fare in the 2017 opener? A fantastic field in Doha in the javelin, with Johannes Vetter and Thomas Rohler.

This is report 19 on USA-Canada, 2017-18. All our stat reports are compiled by Carles Baronet. Carles works very hard to give you, our @runblogrun readers, the most complete results on a weekly basis (4 USA and one European, until European high season). We hope you enjoy and thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, for his labor of love for our sport.

Crouser_RyanR1-Brussels17.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Oh, Congrats to Ryan Crouser on his 22.01 meter win against sleep deprived Tom Walsh. I love those two guys. Big guys who throw a sixteen pound orb over 22 meters! Dear god! Nice to see Ryan back in groove and Tom getting some competition. I predict new WR for shot put with these two guys (also a few others out there who can push it).

You are getting very fit. If you ran cross country and then, followed out Winter and spring program, you are getting awesomely fit. Make sure you are hydrating (8-10 glasses of water a day). Make sure you are eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, good fish (sardines, anchovies, salmon, trout), and yes, you can do well as a vegan, just make sure you do tofu ( I love tofu sausages, tempeh and grilling tofu with curry power and olive oil). You have a mortal engine, power it well.

Hoka One One 3.jpgHOKA ONE ONE supports our training programs. We ask you do one thing: check out a pair of their shoes! go to

Wednesday, May 2, 2018: warm up, Easy 55-60 minutes, cooldown, on soft ground, 4 x 150 meter stride outs

The 2018 Diamond League opens up on Friday, May 4. Here's our friend from Kenya, Justin Lagat, speaking on all things middle distance and some of the excitement coming in Doha.

Obiri_HellenFV-Brussels17.jpgHelen Obiri, photo by

If I am not going to be at an event, either Stuart Weir or Cathal Dennehy will be there. This time, Stuart Weir is covering the opening for the Diamond League 2018 season. Here is Stuart Weir's first article on the 2018 event. Doha is one of my favorite events on the circuit and a great place to catch up on the health and fitness of athletes. Incredible Legacy.jpgDoha Diamond League, photo by Qatar Olympic Committee

This type of workout gets some fatigue going, then, encourages you to finish fast. Your big races the rest of the season can be decided in the last few strides. Will you be there at the end of the race? That is what you train for.

IMG_5223.jpgHOKA ONE ONE track spikes, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts, to learn more about HOKA ONE ONE, to to

Tuesday, May 1, 2018: warm up, 20 minutes run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog, at 800 meter pace, 20 minute run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter job, at 600 meter pace, cooldown

This type of workout gets some fatigue going, then, encourages you to finish fast. Your big races the rest of the season can be decided in the last few strides. Will you be there at the end of the race? That is what you train for.

IMG_5223.jpgHOKA ONE ONE track spikes, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts, to learn more about HOKA ONE ONE, to to

Tuesday, May 1, 2018: warm up, 20 minutes run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog, at 800 meter pace, 20 minute run, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter job, at 600 meter pace, cooldown

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