High Jumpers are a rare lot.

Trying to see how close they can get to the sun, high jumpers win their event by making the highest clearance in their event. They are stopped when they miss three attempts at the attempted clearance. Each time a jumper attempts a height, they are overcoming a wall of negativity.

But still, there are athletes who choose to devote their athletic careers to the event and their are fans who are always situated by the high jump apron, wanting to see those rare athletes who can clear the bar, higher and higher, and who, dare to try and get closer to the sun than other human beings.

Yesterday, on May 5, 2016, in Doha, Qatar, we were fortunate enough to speak with Erik Kynard, Derek Drouin, the World Champion, and Robbie Grabberz, and talk high jump. A great group of athletes, all three had interesting comments on their craft and how our sport, the sport they love, should be presented. A good listen.

Tori Bowie is racing the 100 meters in Doha tonight. As the US champion in 2015, and World Champs bronze medalist, Tori Bowie has continued to develop as an elite sprinter.

In a relaxed interview yesterday, a few journalists, including me, had chance to speak with Tori on her training, racing and development as an athlete.

Bowie_ToriFL-USout15.jpgTori Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net

mcmanus.jpgMike McManus, Senior Global Director of Sports Marketing, Running, adidas

adidas will be hosting and introducing two new events in May and June. The adidas BOOST Athletics Meeting in Herzogenaurach, Germany, on the Adi Dassler Stadium track, on May 13-14. In June, adidas will host, with Global Athletics, a two day adidas BOOST Boston meeting on June 17-18. RunBlogRun caught up with Mike last week to discus the two new events on the athletics calendar, and why you should be interested.

Nicholas Herbelot of L'Equipe and myself were fortunate to interview Tori Bowie, one of the finest sprinters to come out of the U.S.

What was interesting with Tori is the changes for her, between her college training and her elite training.

Tori was the bronze medalist at the 100 meters in Beijing last summer. She has also won the 100 meters at the US Champs and the NCAA's. What is fascinating in this interview is Tori Bowie's journey as an elite athlete. She does not brag, but she does believe in herself.

Like many, this writer is curious to see how she can put all the knowledge she has learnt into her starts and her racing. Tori Bowie will be racing the 100 meters tonight in Doha.

The first presser of the Doha DL week was Femi Ogunode, Qatar's finest sprinter and a four time Asian Games champion. Matched with Femi was LaShawn Merritt, one of the finest 400 meter runners of his generation, Olympic and World Champion as well.

While LaShawn Merritt has been to the top of the food chain in the 400 meters, and he has tremendous competition, he presented himself as a man renewed, with a new coach, with strong speed over 200 meters and his finest start ever over 400 meters (44.2).

Femi Ogunode is the best sprinter of his region. His goal? " To be in the top three in both the 100 meters and 200 meters in RIO." Tall goals. In the 200 meters in Doha, in front of his home crowd, Femi Ogunode wants to win and win big.

Here is the interview we did with Femi and LaShawn on May 3, 2016, in Doha, Qatar.

David Oliver has been world class for a decade. Early in his career, while battling in his event, he sold shoes at FootLocker. Oliver has a low key, almost devil may care attitude, but that is not David Oliver.

David Oliver is the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist and 2013 World Champion. In between those races, he has had highs and lows. Oliver knows that comes with the territory.

Oliver_David-Paris15.jpgDavid Oliver, photo by PhotoRun.net

When you are a world class athlete in athletics, and you choose the 110m hurdles, you are always on the brink.

In my world, there are competitive events and then, there are COMPETITIVE, GUT WRENCHING EVENTS. The Men's 110 meter hurldes is in the second classification. Perhaps our friend, Jason Richardson said it best, at an adidas New York Presser. Jason noted that 110m hurdlers compete against each other, week in, week out, as they are not the most popular of track events.

I believe that is changing. The 110 Meter Hurdles combines sprinting and hurdling, two yin and yang activities. "One must control your speed in the hurdles, " is how Renaldo Nehemiah noted the hurdles' distinction.

My affinity for the hurdlers, both men and women, is that they battle each other, and have fun with each other, all at the same time.

The presser below features Hansle Parchement, Omar McLeod and David Oliver, three of the finest practicers of their craft. This interview was done on May 5, 2016, in Doha, Qatar.

The 2016 DOHA Preview


Larry Eder comments:

The Doha DL is the opening meet of outdoor athletics around the world for 2016. This is the beginning of the Road to Rio for many. With such top rivalries and such loaded fields, the events in DOHA not only produce world leaders but give fans and media and the athletes a good indication of what needs to be done in the early season.

This is my third time in DOHA for a Diamond League meeting. The facility is top notch, the support of the media is fantastic and the excitement has been brewing for several days now.

Here are the short previews from Alfons Juck! Enjoy!

Seyaum_DawitFH1-Doha15.jpgDoha DL 1500m in 2015! Photo by PHotoRun.net

The presser on Thursday, May 5 was the chance for Seb Coe, President of the IAAF to shine. With the assistance of Christian Taylor, Femi Ogunode, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Dafne Schippers, Seb Coe got his message out.

You ask, well, what was the message?

Read on.


Suhr_Jenn1a-NBin16.jpgJenn Suhr, photo by PhotoRun.net

Suhr in Germany
HERZOGENAURACH (GER): Pole vault Indoor World record holder and Olympic winner Jenn Suhr is the latest top name confirmed for adidas Boost Meeting in Herzogenaurach on May 13. She will face top Germans Silke Spiegelburg with Kristina Gadschiew. The competition will be held before the entry to adidas factory outlets. In the stadium on the track on Friday and Saturday Yohan Blake will run the 100 m against Marvin Bracy, Keston Bledman and Gerald Phiri. In the 200 m a top clash between Warren Weir, Nickel Ashmeade and Alonso Edward could be expected. US David Verburg and Tony McQuay are the stars of the 400 m. In women 100 m Tori Bowie will run with Octavious Freeman, Trinidad´s Michelle-Lee Ahye and British Desiree Henry. The top names for long distance races have been already announced with Meseret Defar competing in the 10 000 m.

Larry Eder responds: Jenn Suhr is part of the exciting new two day meeting in Herzogenaurach, Germany, to be held on the Adi Dassler track on May 13-14, 2016. Watch for more details on May 5!

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