In the way that championship distance races are run these days, the first half goes by slow and the second half finishes with a blazing last kilometer. In such situations, spirited athletes, keying off the crowds, or, just perhaps having the day of their lives, challenge and sometimes surprise. This happened in the 10,000 meters. 

Joyce Chepkirui winning in Prague, photo by

Overcoming a sub-par start, Kemar Bailey-Cole of Jamaica, won his first global title, taking the 2014 Commonwealth Games 100 meters in 10.00. Adam Gemili, England, took the silver in 10.10 and Nickel Ashmeade, gave Jamaica their second medal in the 100 meters, when he took the bronze in 10.12. 

The start of the Men's 100 meters, 
photo courtesy of Ricky Simms/PACE Sports Management
Blessing Okagbare, Pre Classic 2013, photo by

(Glasgow, Scotland, 28 July 2014) Blessing Okagbare, Nigeria's finest sprinter, takes CG Gold in a CG record! 

Blessing Okagbare, the talented sprinter and long jumper from Nigeria not only won the 100 meters in fine fashion, but set the Commonwealth Games record in her fine exhibition of world class sprinting. 

Women's 100 meters-Blessing Just does it! 

A fine start, and Blessing Okagbare, NGR, takes the lead, and leaves the field, running 10.85 GR! Veronica Campbell-Brown, JAM, coming to silver, in 11.03, and Kerron Stewart, JAM, in bronze in 11.07, Asaha Philip, ENG, is fourth in 11.18, PB. #glasgow2014

Blessing Okagbare has a fine start, that is understood. But, what stood out on Tuesday night was her ability to accelerate from the mid-point of the race. Veronica Campbell-Brown ran a tough race, taking the silver in 11.03 and Kerron Stewart was the bronze medalist in 11.07. 

This was Blessing Okagbare's race, and she set a Commonwealth Games record, plus her own personal best. 10.85 is flying.  

With the knowledge that she had won, Blessing Okagbare exhibited a wonderful smile as she took in the acknowledgement of the crowd and the well deserved accolades on a race well-run. 

Blessing Okagbare won the bronze medal in the long jump in the 2012 London Olympics. In Moscow, last summer, Blessing won the silver in the long jump and the bronze in the 200 meters. 

But on Monday night, in front of 44,000 athletics fans, in the wonderful venue that is Hampden Park, Blessing Okagbare performed when she needed to perform. Okagbare had a strong start, and was in the middle of the battle mid-way through the race, battling with the likes of Veronica Campbell-Brown and Kerron Stewart. 

It was, however, Blessing's mid race surge that put the race in the proverbial bag, as an ecstatic Okagbare had a three meter lead at the finish, with no one within striking distance! 

This is Alex Mill's second piece for RunBlogRun. Alex is a uni student in UK who loves track and field, but most importantly, understands the value of the written word and well-crafted story telling. His piece here, focused on silver medalist in the men's 100 meters, Adam Gemili, adds to the patina surrounding the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We hope that you will like it! 

Adam Gemili, from 2012 World Juniors, 
photo by

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Seven, Day Two, Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up, 20-min. tempo run, 1-mile cool down. To de- termine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 18:50 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:05 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:35-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month., #saucony500


Dawit Seyaum, photo by

Dawit Seyaum has a few medals on her wall. In 2013, Dawit took silver in the World Youth Championships. Her next medal was gold, when she won the 1,500 meters at the African Junior Championships. 

In 2014, Dawit Seyaum broke four minutes, for the first time. On June 8, 2014, in Marrakesh, Morocco, Dawit ran 3:59.53 for the 1,500 meters, the new Ethiopian Junior record. 

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Vin Lananna, photo by

Vin Lananna had lots to be happy about at the conclusion of the World Juniors. He did not expect, nor should he, that four Ethiopians would disappear from the World Junior Championships. This may be speculation by me, but in several events, Ethiopian athletes have left to seek asylum, which could be the case here. 
Mike Shelley, photo by

In this column, Justin Lagat points out a few things about viewing the Commonwealth games from Kenya. 

Here is Alex Mill's first piece for RunBlogRun! Alex will be writing a piece each day on the Commonwealth Games for us! This piece is on the 5,000 meters! 

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Michael Shelley improved on his silver medal from New Dehli and upset the form charts in the marathon. Shelley is coached by Dick Telford. Dick worked with Rob De Castella back in the 1980s. (I remember quite a memorable workout with Dick, 8 x 400 meters in 72s as Rob was doing 8 x 400 in 62s in front of us, with 40 second 200 meter jogs in between). 

Filomena Cheyech won the women' marathon, the winner of Toronto Scotiabank Marathon. And Caleb Ndiku, with his gold dyed hair, took gold in the 5,000 meters, using a 1:54 for the last 800 meters! 


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