This is Thursday, and you have a challenging workout today! Follow it, as we build you towards the fall ! Make sure that you do your warm up and cooldown!

Taylor_Kellyn15-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

Thursday, warm up, One mile warm up, 4 minutes uphill or hilly run, 4 minutes recovery, repeatfour times, then, six minutes hard run uphill or hilly run, four minutes recover, then, One mile easy run, cooldown.

It is no bit of whimsy that we begin this new and important series with the OR Summer Market first day. RunBlogRun is posing seven questions to a dozen key executives in the performance running industry. We are posting them in position of their response. We have reached ten, and still have two to reach.

Jim Weber Headshot.jpgJim Weber, photo courtesy of Brooks Running

Today, we feature Jim Weber, long time CEO of Brooks Running. Jim Weber and his team (he always speaks of his team) took the brand from a ninety year old runnign brand to one of the key players in the market.

The industry had its halycon days in the 2005-2014 period, and then, the world changed. Running specialty is taking hits, and so are the performance running brands. Entities like Amazon have changed the land scape of the business. On top of that, there are way too many mediocre races, which are hurting the business and the running brand.

But, I have digressed.

Please enjoy the seven questions answered by Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running.

Updated July 26, 2017

Originally posted October 10, 2016 as podcast!

This is our podcast from the Rio Olympics. I was fortunate to do a daily conversation with Maurice Greene, one of the finest sprinters of all times, the WC from 1997, 1999 and Olympic champ in 2000. Maurice's experience as an athlete, his view of the sport, makes him a perfect commentator on the sport of athletics. Here's our conversation on his admiration for Wayde Van Niekerk.

The men's 400 meters in Rio runs through my head almost daily. It may have been one of the amazing races of all times. At 300 meters, I wanted the three finest 400 meter runners of our era, LaShawn Merritt, Kirani James and Wayde van Niekerk nearly even. Then Wayde van Niekerk started to race. As van Niekerk put the rest of himself into the last loney one hundred meters, I saw Micheal Johnson's 43.18 became number two on the All-time list.

VanNiekerk_WaydeSF-Rio16.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by

Wayde Van Niekerk had put himself in agony after past 400 meter races. That is why he sometimes hates the distance (his word). This time, 43.03 was his final time and a World record for the ages. Even Usain Bolt was totally impressed after the race.

Listen to Maurice Greene in this podcast. It may be our best. Remember, as Maurice says, this guy will put all of himself into the race. How do you beat him? I met Wayde in June 2016 and was totally impressed. A thoughtful, modest young athlete with exceptional ability and exceptional pain threshold.

I believe he will run faster, over 100 meters, 200 meters and yes, 400 meters.

Thanks to Maurice Greene, Brian Eder and the Shoe Addicts. Thanks to adidas for the support.

Here's some deep thoughts from Stuart Weir on the Monaco DL, and how it adds to the excitement of the buildup to the London 2017 World Championships, August 4-13.

@evanjager take the win with a new WL in the 3000m SC - Men #monaco #diamondleague #herculisEBS #results

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Between the long runs, fartlek runs, hill workouts, and tempo runs, there are easy days. Easy days are meant to be easy. As we try to tell you, your body needs to recover from hard workouts to gain benefits. So, when we say easy, take it easy.

Men HOKA ONA 2016 XC Justin Britton.jpgHOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite at 2016 Xc Champs, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, July 25, 2017. warm up, easy 40-45 minute minute run, three times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

Team-Additions-British athletics.pngRunBlogRun opines: The British Athletics team is named below. Five athletes were added today, July 25, as Greg Rutherford, 2012 Olympic champ, 2014 Commonwealth champ, 2014 European Athletics Games champ, 2015 World Champ, and 2016 Olympic bronze, has pulled out of the long jump due to worsening injuries.

Shara Proctor Jazmin Sawyer were named to the long jump. Lennie Waite was named to the 3000m steeplechase, Marc Scott in the 5000 meters and Jess Turner in the 400m hurdles.

As you get later and later into the summer, the strength and endurance that you are developing, one day after another, will be more and more evident. As you get into August, the paces that challenges you now will be your easy running.

Taylor_Kellyn9-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, in the mud and snow, photo by

Know that each minute you spend running up hills will be helping you as you race in the fall. You are putting gas into the proverbial running tank.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017. warm up, easy 2 miles, run eight 200 meter hill repeats, shorten stride, pump arms, look down at your feet, jog down easy, 30 minute run, then, cooldown

Here's our review of the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2, the Runningnetwork's Fall 2016 Best Value Category Award Winner , from our footwear review archives, at

So, we are going to be running the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 award winners in the Running Network Shoe Reviews over the next week. Why? Well, the Summer Outdoor Retailer Trade show is upon us, where we will see some upcoming product, and also, we get notes from readers about deals on great shoes. The Fall and Spring winners are available in many stores around the country and we encourage you to continue to search for that perfect running shoe! We also encourage you to purchase locally, at your local running store!

We wanted to remind you of the fine shoes that have come out over the last year, and how, if you find these gems in a local running store, test them out and get a pair, or two!

Special thanks to the team who puts together the Running Network shoe reviews, as they have since 1998: Marg Sumner, RN Proofreader, Kristen Cerer, Designer, Alex Larsen, Ad Traffic Manager, Christine Johnson, Project Manager, Cregg Weinmann, RN Footwear Review Editor.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 2, $100


"This fall's update to the light stability Charged Bandit has called on innovations from other Under Armour shoes. Now the upper features Speedform lasting (a UA exclusive that's created in a brassiere factory), complete with its flexible heel clip, no-sew overlays, gusseted tongue, and a new, sleek-fitting upper."

To read the entire review on the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 , and why it won, click here:

To find more content on footwear reviews, please go to

To download the entire six page Fall 2016 Running Network Shoe Review, click here: 2016 Fall Shoe Review PRINT.pdf

Field in the mens steeplechase.jpegBritish Trials Steeplechase, photo by David Wearn

This is report 25, from Carles Baronet, our editor for European Athletics Results. Carles compiles these reports all season long, from over 24 countries in this report. Special thanks to our friend from Catalonia.

IMG_7492.jpgRobbie Andrews wins USATF 1,500m, photo by Mike Deering/TheShoeAddicts

DSC_9124-2.jpgKeni Harrison, 100m hurdles, USATF champs, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

The USATF team for London is one of the best team in years, perhaps, just perhaps, even better than Rio? Well, we shall have to wait and see over the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing them in London! Here's the most complete roster that we can find, courtesy of Amanda Brooks, USATF marketing and communications manager.

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