Shalane Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net

A tough day for Shalane Flanagan, Amy Cragg and Adriana Nelson in the land of Boston today...

Lelisa Desisa, 2015 Boston Marathon champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter has been writing for RunBlogRun for nearly three and one half years. Mr.  Hunter says it has been "three or four of the best months of his life". Sarcasm aside, David is a fine writer who loves the sport and is working on his second act. A former banker and lawyer, with a 2:31 marathon PB, Hunter gets it. 

I started working with David at the suggestion of Creigh Kelly, a mentor, confidant and a friend in this world we call running. Creigh was right: Hunter got it and still does. 

This is his first piece of two today on the Boston Marathon. The poor guy sat next to me in the second to last row of the Boston Media room. With Jim Gerwick on the other side, my nine hours in Boston media room were eventful, with moments of focus and frivolity. 

As Steve Martin, the noted American comedian and philosopher noted, " Some people get paid for selling Bic pens and I get paid for doing this."


Desi Linden, Boston 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Desi Linden is the best U.S. women marathoner in 2015, with her gutty, tough performance at the 2015 Boston marathon. Linden pushed the pace from eight miles on and ran it like a fartlek workout, finishing fourth, when it came down to some fast kicks over the last mile and a half. 

Cathal Dennehy wrote this assessment of her Trials of Miles and Miles of Trials (as John Parker noted in Once a Runner, a book all runners should read). 

Caroline Rotich wins over Mare Dibaba, April 20, 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net

Our dear friends, and writer and photographer for Racing South and Running Journal, Steve and Carolyn Mather were at home, with Steve recovering from some health issues. Carolyn wrote this piece for RunBlogRun from her view on the world of the web. 
Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainPose-Olympic12.jpg
Usain Bolt, London 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

While you are watching the Boston marathon coverage, we have provided some track results to give you a little more athletics to ponder. 

Stephen Mokoka, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stephen Mokoka has set a South African NR at 5,000 meters, and in the process, run the fastest time in the world so far, of 13:11.44! EME News also provided some of the highlights of results from Saturday, April 18, 2015 from around the world! 
Cathal Dennehy wrote this piece on the Boston 5k and Boston miles on Saturday, April 18, 2015. The BAA has made it a fixture of the weekend! Nice job, BAA! 

Molly Huddle and Ben True, Boston 5k, photo by PhotoRun.net
Sarah Brown, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sarah Brown has opened the outdoor season well with a nice win at Mt.SAC in a world leading 4:08.51 for the 1,500 meters. Healthy and fit, Sarah recently ran a nice 5k on the roads....
Dejen Gebremeskel, photo by PhotoRun.net

Dejen Gebremeskel is an Olympic silver medalist. He is a bronze medalist at Worlds in 2011 and World Indoors at 3000m in 2014. With 5000m best of 12:46.81 and 10,000m of 26:51.02, Dejan is one tough racer.

In the B.A.A. elite mile, Dejen just took the lead and did not let up. Scary to think what he could run a mile in, and also, what kind of shape he is in this early in the season! 
Want to hear what a really enthusiastic crowd is supposed to sound! On the Saturday of the European Indoors, I watched Pavel Maslak just kick total butt and ethuse 17,000 plus fans in the O2 Arena in lovely Prague! 

Pavel Maslak, SOPOT 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is how I called it and just listen to the crowd, close your eyes and think of Pavel Maslak just flying around the track, winning by nearly a second! 

A masterful moment of track and field, lasting just over 45 seconds! 

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