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Houlihan_ShelbyQ-USAo18.JPGShelby Houlihan, 1,500m heats, USATF Outdoors 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Shelby Houlihan woke up many fans with her brilliant 1,500m win at the 2018 Nike Pre Classic. Those who watched the 2017 and 2018 USATF Indoors were also impressed with Houlihan's huge finish speed. How will she fare in Des Moines, as she runs both the 1,500 meters and the 5000 meters? Well, senior writer David Hunter has some ideas, in his fine feature on Shelby Houlihan, Confidently Ready for Prime Time.

Very fast 100 meters in Madrid. Bingtian Su ran 9.91 in the final, a new Chinese NR. The big result was Filippo Tortu, who became the first Italian man to break 10 seconds, breaking the NR of the late, great Pietro Mennea, by running 9.99 for the 100 meters, taking second! A fantastic new Chinese NR and Italian NR at Meeting de Madrid today!

Thursday was a great opening day for the 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships. Here are some of the highlights:

The weather was foreboding, with some rain, and lots of humidity. The fans stayed and cheered and were rewarded with some fine performances!

Kara Winger wins her 8th javelin championships!

Winger_KaraW-Pre17.jpgKara Winger, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kara Winger destroyed the American record for the javelin on June 25, 2010. Kara did it in Des Moines, Iowa, with a throw of 66.67 meters/218-8. Now, eight years later, Kara wins her eighth national championships in the javelin, with a throw of 62.88 meters/206-8. Kara has the best throw by an American this year. Kara was asked if she will be back for a ninth championship attempt. Not surprisingly, she replied in the affirmative. For your information, Kara Winger won her first javelin title in 2008, and her name then, was Patterson.

Epic battle in Triple Jump!

Orji_KenturahW-USAout18.jpGKenturah Orji, photo by PhotoRun.net

Franklin_Tori1b-USAo18.JPGTori Franklin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kenturah Orji, former AR holder in TJ, leaps 14.34m on her first attempt, setting a MR and Stadium record. Tori Franklin, current TJ holder for US, reponds with 14.48m, breaking the meet and stadium records. On her third attempt, Kenturah Orji gets serious and leaps 14.59 meters, 47'-10.5", to take the lead. Try as she might, Tori Franklin tries three more times to get past Kenturah. On her sixth attempt, the current WL in the TJ hits 14.52m, winded aided, but is still 7 centimeters shy of Orji. When was last time you saw American women in 1rst and 4th on the TJ world list?

Women's Discus won by Stanford's Allman

Allman_ValarieQW-WC17.jpgValarie Allman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Valarie Allman, Stanford discus thrower, won the discus in 2018. She did it with an American leading thow of 63.55 meters, or 208-6. Such was Allman' domination, that she won by eight feet, with second place Maggie Ewan at 200-7, or 61.13 meters. Valarie took third in 2017, and has a best of 64.69 meters/212-3.

Rounds of 100 meters

Rodgers_MikeQ1b-USAo18.JPGMike Rodgers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fast times in the 100 meters.

Mike Rodgers ran a legal 9.89, to take over the world lead. Isiah Young and Cameron Burrell ran 9.93s in the first rounds, with Noah Lyles running a wind-aided 9.92. On the women's side, Ashley Henderson ran 10.91 to lead the women sprinters. Jennifer Prandini ran 10.95 for her heat win. Alea Hobbs ran 10.97 for her win and Dezerea Bryant won her heat in 10.99.

10,000 meter battles

Huddle_MollyFH-USAout18.jpGMolly Huddle wins 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle has tried to win 14 titles at the 10,000 meters, and she won four straight now. That was her 27th US title for Molly Huddle. Huddle took the field apart. Hitting the halfway in 16:14, Molly Huddle lead Marielle Hall, Stephanie Bruce, Molly Seidel, Emily Sisson, Sarah Pagnano. Huddle is brutal, and she wanted this race, very bad. Over the last three laps, Huddle ran 72 seconds, 71 seconds, and then, a final 64.5. Her last 800 meters were run in 2:13.5. Her 10,000 meter title was won in 31:55.32.

Lopez Lomong wins his first 10,000 meters

Lomong_LopezFV1-USAout18.jpGLopez Lomong wins 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lopez Lomong won his first title in the US Champs in 2009, over 1,500 meters. In 2010, he won once again. One of my favorite races to watch Lopez was at Payton Jordan, where, miscalculating laps, Lopez stormed a lap in 53 seconds. Figuring he had one more lap, Lopez ran a 63 second lap, and ran a 13:11 for 5000 meters. The guy has tremendous speed.

This race was slow, and Lopez Lomong bid his time. Waiting until the last 100 meters, Lopez Lomong went by Shadrack Kipchirchir and put one second on the second placer in the last hundred meters. Lopez won his first 10,000 meters in 28:58.38.

This is week 3 of recovery, enjoy it. 4 days of running and three days off. Today, Day 5, is a 35-40 minute run. Check out the new Star Wars movie, I hear it is good.

We really would like to suggest that you try the www.hokaoneonepostalnationals.com. It is a five person team series of events that is over 2 miles and 3200 meters. It's orgins date back to the 1950s and our friends at www.trackandfieldnews.com (if you love track & cross country, you will worship TFN).

Brown_Ce'AiraQ-USAo18.JPGCeAira Brown, 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, June 22, 2018, warm up, 35-40 minute run, cooldown,


Molly Huddle wins 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lomong_LopezFV-USAo18.JPGLopez Lomong wins 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 10,000 meters were two totally different races, both satisfying in their own rites. This feature, on middle and long distances for Day 1, was written by David Monti.

Coleman_ChristianPC-Pre18.JPGChristian Coleman, Pre Classi Presser, photo by PhotoRun.net

LOS ANGELES (USA): World indoor record holder at 60 m Christian Coleman will delay his return to competition until mid-July as he recovers from a hamstring injury, his manager said. "He will run his first race in Rabat," Emanuel Hudson said in a text message to Reuters. Rabat leg of IAAF Diamond League is planned for July 13.

Emma Coburn has worked very hard over the past decade to become the finest American steeplechaser ever, and our first World Champion at the distance. Her win in London last year was a wonderful thing to behold. Her two steeples in 2018, prior to Des Moines were tough races, one with a fall, and one with barriers at the men's heights, which shook up her race a bit. What was promising, to this observer, was how fast she recovered in the fall and in the second race, how hard her finish was.

In this fine feature, one of four features over the next four days, David Hunter writes about Emma Coburn, just after she qualified from the women's steeplechase final.

Emma Coburn has moved her competitions to the next level, she is much more aggressive and confident, and we look forward to seeing her go under nine minutes.

Coburn_Emma1-PreC17.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Thiam_NafissatouHJ-WorC17.jpgNafissatou Thiam, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lasitskene vs Thiam
PARIS (FRA): Renaud Lavillenie faces a loaded field on home soil in the pole vault in the Paris Diamond League including reigning European U20 champion Armand Duplantis, who cleared 5.91m on Tuesday night to defeat him in Montreuil. Reigning Olympic champion Thiago Braz and reigning world champion Sam Kendricks also feature in the line-up along with former world champions Shawn Barber and Pawel Wojciechowski as well as European indoor champion Piotr Lisek. In the high jump, Mariya Lasitskene faces world heptathlon champion Nafissatou Thiam and Bulgaria's Mirela Demireva, who recently cleared 2.00m for the first time in Stockholm. Olympic champion Caterine Ibarguen renews her rivalry with world champion Yulimar Rojas in the triple jump.
LaVillenie_Renaud1-PreC18.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net
Duplantis_Mondo-PreC18.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by PhotoRun.net

It is just after 10 am. I am sitting in my hotel room in Urbandale, Iowa, writing for the next couple of hours about the USATF Outdoors. Even in an off year, and with the wonderful weather today, this meet will be fascinating. The decathlon begins at 1 pm, and the women's discus final starts at 2 pm. Also in the afteroon, the women's javelin at 5 pm. At 5.15 pm, the women's triple jump, and then, round 1 of the men and women's 100 meters, with women at 5.45 pm and men at 6:10 pm for men's 100 meters.

Photographers-USAout17.jpgThe Photographers at US Nationals, photo by PhotoRun.net

The evening will finish with distance races, the women's 10,000 meters at 7 pm, the men's 10,000m at 7:40 pm and the men's 20,000m RW at 8:40 PM.

And now, for some stories....

Kipruto-ElBakkaliFV-Brussels17.jpgKipruto vs El Bakkali, photo by PhotoRun.net
Fast steeple expected
RABAT (MAR): Several notable head-to-heads have been announced for the IAAF Diamond League in Rabat on July 13. Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie takes on world champion Sam Kendricks in the pole vault. The men's javelin also features the last two global championships winners in Thomas Rohler and Johannes Vetter. Home interest will be on the men's steeplechase, where Morocco's Soufiane El Bakkali, the 2017 world silver medallist, takes on Olympic and world champion Conseslus Kipruto. The women's high jump sees Mariya Lasitskene face Mirela Demireva, who threatened her longstanding unbeaten record in Stockholm. Over 200m Diamond League champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo goes against Marie-Josee Ta Lou, the double world silver medallist. Caster Semenya steps up to 1000m, while home star Abdelaati Iguider will run the 3000m.

This is week 3 of recovery, enjoy it. 4 days of running and three days off. Today, Day 4, is an off day. Check out the new Star Wars movie, I hear it is good.

We really would like to suggest that you try the www.hokaoneonepostalnationals.com. It is a five person team series of events that is over 2 miles and 3200 meters. It's orgins date back to the 1950s and our friends at www.trackandfieldnews.com (if you love track & cross country, you will worship TFN).

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown wins 800m at Martinez Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

IMG_7492.jpgRobby Andrews wins USATF 1,500 meters in 2017, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

The USATF Outdoor Championships are upon us. We are in Urbandale, about 20 minutes from the Drake Stadium, as we prepare for the first day of the Championships. Here's a fine piece from David Monti with Race Results Weekly, which we use with their permission.

Baker-Coleman-PrescodFHL-Pre18.JPGRonnie Baker wins Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

The USATF Outdoor Championships will be held at Drake University from June 21 to June 24. A fun stadium from which to observe the action, we will probably deal with rain on Thursday and Friday and sun and humidity on Saturday and Sunday. Such is summer in the Mid West. A quick perusal of the declations will show that many of the top stars are not competing in the nationals in Des Moines, especially in the sprints and jumps, there are a strong combination of new stars and established stars in many of the events. From Ronnie Baker to Robby Andrews to Ryan Crouser on the men's side. One the women's side, from Courtney Okolo to Deejah Stevens to Emma Coburn and Jenny Springer, to Jenn Suhr and Sandi Morris.

Some athletes have been competing non stop since 2011. The last break year for elite Americans was 2014. What should be said is that, at the USATF Oudoors, there are alway some big surprises. Who will it be? That's the fun for track geeks.

2018 USATF Outdoor Schedule: USA Track & Field - Schedule.pdf

Status of Entries: http://www.usatf.org/Events---Calendar/2018/USATF-Outdoor-Championships/Status-of-Entries.aspx

Kawauchi_YukiFH1c-BostonMar18.jpgYuki Kawauchi winning 2018 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Boston Marathon in 2018 was one for the ages. The Weather Channel will show the pictures of marathoners being pushed along the course, and raging rains and winds that pummelled the marathoners for the entire duration of the race. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced today that Yuki Kawauchi is joining the field of the 2018 B of A Chicago Marathon, along with Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and Jordan Hasay. Exciting field in Chicago and, if they have good weather, could result in some very fast races!

This is the third day of the third week of recovery for high school athletes who have just completed track season.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown, photo by Kevin Morris

We really would like to suggest that you try the www.hokaoneonepostalnationals.com. It is a five person team series of events that is over 2 miles and 3200 meters. It's orgins date back to the 1950s and our friends at www.trackandfieldnews.com (if you love track & cross country, you will worship TFN).

This is week 3 of recovery, enjoy it. 4 days of running and three days off. Today is an off day. Check out the new Star Wars movie, I hear it is good.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018-warm up, 30-45 minute run, cooldown.

Manuel_Echevarria1a-Stockholm18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, Stockholm DL 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net
Echevarria in Germany
BAD LANGENSALZA (GER): Outstanding Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarria and world champion Luvo Manyonga both feature on the entry-list for the famous long jump meeting in Bad Langelsalza on 30 June, informs organisers. Ruswahl Samaai, Marquis Dendy and Henry Frayne are also on the entry-list. The women's entry-list is predominantly a domestic one with Sosthene Moguenara, Malaika Mihambo, Alexandra Wester and Melanie Bauschke among the leading names.

Here's a nice feature on NN Running Team member Stella Chesang, who won the Commonwealth Games 10,000m in April 2018. A versatile runner, where will we see her next?

NNTeamJan18_622.jpgStella Chesang, January 2018, photo courtesy of NN Running Team

Shubenkov_SergeyFH-Brussels17.jpgAries Merritt, Sergey Shubenkov, Devon Allen, Brussels DL 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net
Shubenkov 12.99 World lead
MONTREUIL (FRA, Jun 19): The Montreuil EA Classic meet celebrated on Tuesday in good weather one of its best editions. 2015 World champion Sergey Shubenkov as first this year achieved sub 13 at 110 m hurdles with 12.99 (+0.5). He missed his national mark only by 0.01. Second Gabriel Constantino posted Brazilian record 13.23 and third Pascal Martinot-Lagarde 13.28. Another World lead and fourth fastest ever 5:27.73 by Genzebe Dibaba in the 2000 m ahead of Meraf Bahta 5:37.12 Swedish record. Another top mark was the Chinese 100 m record 9.97 by Xie Zhenye (+0.9) beating Akani Simbine 10.04 and Camillo De Oliveira from Brazil 10.10 PB. Marie-Josee Talou was fast in the women 100 m in 10.95 (+1.1) clearly ahead of Carole Zahi 11.16 and Iveta Lalova-Collio 11.18. World U20 record holder Mondo Duplantis with 591 beat World record holder Renaud Lavillenie 586 as both tried at 596 (for Duplantis that would be WJR). French Ludvy Vaillant clocked 48.95 PB to win the 400 m hurdles. In women triple non-Russian European lead 2018 for Romanian Elena Panturoiu 14.47 (+1.4) PB beating Ana Peleteiro 14.32 (+1.7) and Rouguy Diallo 14.26 PB (+1.1). Top two went sub 2 in the 800 m with Francine Niyonsaba 1:59.71 over Ukrainian Natalya Prishchepa 1:59.83. Poland´s Karolina Koleczek topped the hurdles in 12.97 (+0.9). Moroccan Brahim Kaazouzi was the best in the 1500 m 3:35.94 and Albert Rop from Bahrain 13:11.84 in the 5000 m. Jean-Noel Cretinoir won triple 16.86 (+2.1, legal 16.52) ahead of Kevin Luron 16.82 (+1.3). Aleksandr Lesnoy was the best in the shot put 21.12.

Kipchoge-Koech-KenyaOT12.jpgKenyan Trials, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Justin Lagat's feature on the Kenyan National Championships, which are being held this coming weekend to pick the teams for the African Athletics Championships.


The Court of Arbitration for Sport has informed the IAAF this morning (19 June 2018) that it has received a request for arbitration filed by Caster Semenya vs/ IAAF. We await further information and stand ready to defend the new regulations which were introduced to address the following issue in Athletics:

Sex differences in physical attributes such as muscle size and strength and circulating haemoglobin levels give male athletes an insurmountable competitive advantage over female athletes in sports where size, strength and power matter. These advantages (which translate, in athletics, to an average 10-12% performance difference across all disciplines) make competition between men and women as meaningless and unfair as an adult competing against a child or a heavyweight boxer competing against a flyweight. Only men would qualify for elite-level competition; the best female athlete would not come close to qualifying.

The evidence gathered by the experts consulted by the IAAF (both peer-reviewed research and observational data from the field) suggests that having levels of circulating testosterone in the normal male range rather than in the normal female range, and being androgen-sensitive gives a female DSD athlete a performance advantage of at least 5-6% over a female athlete with testosterone levels in the normal female range (which is an enormous difference in events where milliseconds count). The effects are most clearly seen in races over distances between 400m and one mile, where the combination of increased lean body mass and elevated circulating haemoglobin appears to have the greatest combined impact.


RunBlogRun opines: This is going to be a huge mess. The IAAF is looking at this anticeptically, and the coverage of this arbitration suit will be covered as a human rights issue. Caster Semenya is well liked and popular among the fans, and it may be quite difficult for the IAAF to succeed in this process. If one questions our sentiments, just follow some of the twitter coverage of Caster Semenya's comments on her filing.

Brooks running sent us their release on their new signups for the Brooks Beasts Track Club. And the class of 2018 is amazing! We are quite impressed with the level of support and the level of intention that Brooks has put into this new class, post NCAA championships. In March, Brooks Beasts TC had strong representation in Birmingham World Indoors, taking the silver medal in the 800 meters (Drew Windle) and Katie Mackey's fine performance in the 3000 meters. In April, Desi Linden, a long time Hansons Brooks athlete, took the Boston Marathon, in horrific conditions.

In 2018, Brooks has put together some new, exciting faces to represent the Brooks Beasts TC. We shall see some of them in Des Moines, Iowa later this week!

IMG_2696_01.jpgJosh Kerr, photo by Brooks Running

David Ribich.jpgDavid Ribich, photo by Brooks Running

The high school track season has ended. Nice one mile and 2 mile records by Katelyn Tuohy at NB outdoors, a fine event. We encourage all track athletes to take a two week break after season. You will have great meets from Europe to watch on TV and streaming this summer. The USA Outdoors are in Des Moines, June 21-24. Lots of opportunities to watch the USA Outdoors (check out our friends at runnerspace.com).

Nearly 600,000 high school boys and girls will run cross country in North America this fall. RunBlogRun.com, sponsored by HOKAONEONE for the fifth year, will be supporting the 24 week cross country training program we do for high school athletes and their coaches. As always, we provide suggestions on a moderate program, and video tips from the coaches at HOKA ONE ONE's NJNYTC and Northern Arizona Elite. If you have specific questions, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you find resources for your training programs.

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown, Martinez Memorial, photo by Kevin Morris

We really would like to suggest that you try the www.hokaoneonepostalnationals.com. It is a five person team series of events that is over 2 miles and 3200 meters. It's orgins date back to the 1950s and our friends at www.trackandfieldnews.com (if you love track & cross country, you will worship TFN).

This is week 3 of recovery, enjoy it. 4 days of running and three days off. Today is an off day. Check out the new Star Wars movie, I hear it is good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018-day off

Simbine_Akani-BosOut18.jpgAkine Simbine, photo by PhotoRun.net
Fast sprints expected in Madrid
MADRID (ESP): Excellent fields have been assembled in the men's sprinting events for the Meeting de Madrid on Friday (IAAF World Challenge). The men's 100m line-up features the Ivory Coast's Arthur Cisse, who recently set a national 100m record of 9.94, the South African trio of Akani Simbine, Thando Roto and Henricho Bruintjies, all of whom have sub-10 100m PBs as well as China's world indoor 60m silver medallist Su Bingtian and Italy's European U20 100m champion Filippo Tortu. The men's 400m line-up includes all three Borlee brothers, world fourth-placer Babolooki Thebe, three-time world indoor champion Pavel Maslak as well as Luguelin Santos and top Spaniards Oscar Husillos and Bruno Hortelano while Olympic silver medallist Orlando Ortega faces Jamaica's Hansle Parchment and Garfield Darien on home soil in the 110m hurdles. In the field events, world indoor champion Danil Lysenko is confirmed for the high jump and Nelson Evora faces in-form Brazilian Almir dos Santos in the triple jump. Another new name confirmed for the meeting is Ethiopia's Gudaf Tsegay in the 1500m.

This is part of the HOKA ONE ONE's Coaching Corner, now in its third year with @RunBlogRun. The video series is shot and produced by @theshoeaddicts, the digital partner of RunBlogRun. The goal is to provide coaches resources on basic coaching questions. Today, we speak with Olympian John Trautmann, who, along with Tom Nohilly are assistant Coaches under Frank Gagliano at the HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC.

JOHN1-1.pngJohn Trautmann

Today's question: "What type of mileage should juniors and seniors do during their summer training?". An important question, and John Trautman, a top high school athlete, a fine college athlete while at Georgetown, and an Olympic athlete at 5000 meters. John also came back as a master's athlete, and set an age group Masters indoor mile record, at 4:12. John gets it. Listen to his wise words. To fine more about HOKA ONE ONE, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Wlodarczyk_AnitaW1b-WC17.jpgAnita Wlodarczyck, photo by PhotoRun.net
Fajdek_PawelW1a-WC17.jpgPawel Fajdek, photo by PhotoRun.net
Berry_Gwen-USOut17.jpgGwen Berry, photo by PhotoRun.net
More top names for Gyulai Memorial
SZEKESFEHERVAR (HUN): New names for the Istvan Gyulai Memorial meet Hungarian Grand Prix (EA Classic, on July 1-2) apart of 15 World Stars already announced in May are for example top hammer throws. Part of IAAF Hammer Challenge both competitions will offer top names. Both Polish World champions Pawel Fajdek and Anita Wlodarczyk, with US World leader Gwen Berry and Poland´s World leader Wojciech Nowicki. Men´s 100 m has Akani Simbine vs Ben Meite, in discus World medalists Andrius Gudzius and Daniel Stahl with World leader Fedrick Dacres. In the 800 m Nijel Amos is expected to run against Adam Kszczot, Clayton Murphy and Kipyegon Bett.
RunBlogRun opines: I was able to watch the Gyulai Meeting live from my hotel room in Europe last summer. Much better coverage than most U.S. meets. Blew my mind. Some great competitions and a loud crowd. Gyulai Memorial, named in honor of late IAAF VP Istvan Gyulai, is one of the more creative meets on the EA Challenge circuit. It is on the RunBlogRun bucket list.

This is the first in a new series on the women racing in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials for the Marathon team. Carolyn Mather will provide us her insights into the elite women, as they focus on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia for February 29, 2020. This piece is on Kellyn Taylor, who just won the Grandma's Marathon this past weekend, with a fine personal best! We thank Carolyn Mather for this fine piece.

Kellyn Taylor is a tough athlete. In the 2016 Trials, she finished sixth in the Trials Marathon, 4th in the 10,000m Trials and 12th in the 5,000 meters. Taylor had to drop out of the 2018 Boston Marathon, and, just 61 days later, wins Grandma's in a PB and course record!

Taylor_Kellyn-USOlyT16.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

The U.S. Olympic Trials for the Marathon team in 2020 is February 29, 2020 in Atlanta. The Atlanta Track Club Elite are looking for some marathon hopefuls to join their club. The second largest running organization in North America, ATC supports a strong group of athletes who are coached by Andrew Begley and his wife, 2008 Olympian, Amy Begley. The Begleys want to help these marathon dreamers achieve their dreams. Read the release below to learn how to reach the ATC. We think that this is a great program and applaud the Atlanta Track Club for supporting our sport!

Atlanta TC marathon photo .jpgOlympic hopefuls read on, photo courtesy of Atlanta Track Club

361 sprinject.jpg361 Spinject, $110, photo courtesy of Running Product Reviews

The Spinject is a new shoe from 361 which veers from their previous offerings in several ways. The upper is the first 361 shoe to offer a knit construction, here with little stretch, which offers a measure of support, the heel being a more standard engineered mesh with welded overlays merging the two halves (rear quarter and vamp) together.

alex wilson swiss 200m NR, twitter.jpgAlex Wilson sets 200m NR, found on twitter
Swiss 200 m record by Wilson
BERN (SUI, Jun 16): New international fixture in Switzerland, the Citius Meeting celebrated Swiss 200 m record by Alex Wilson 20.26 (-0.3). Behind him Brazilian Rodrigo do Nascimento 20.46 (he won the 100 m in 10.26 -0.2) and Solomon Bockarie 20.51. Mujinga Kambundji was the best in the 100 m in 11.23 (-0.2) and Dutch Madeia Ghafoor clocked 23.16 (-0.9) in the 200 m. Last year European U20 champion Jason Joseph clocked 13.46 (+0.9) PB in the 110 m Hurdles. In Switzerland living Lithuanian Agne Serksniene posted 51.80 in the 400 m. Great 4x400 m women relay as Britain clocked 3:28.59 over Belgium 3:29.06 national record and Switzerland 3:29.46 with Netherlands 3:30.57. In middle distances Australian Ryan Gregson 3:37.68 in the 1500 m, Kenyan Frederick Kiptoo 7:54.83 in the 3000 m and U20 Swiss talent Delia Sclabas 2:03.93 in women 800 m national junior record.

The U 20 Nationals and New Balance Outdoors were held last weekend. Still not sure why they are not combined, but that is another story. Now that high school season, for 99.9 percent of the 1.4 million who run track and cross country is over, it is time to speak about cross country. The 24 week cross country program, sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, a turn key, innovative program where you put together a five person team and race over 2miles or 3200m, from August 15 to December 15. This should be part of all 16,000 high school cross country programs in North America.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Monday, June 18, 2018-warm up, 35-40 minutes, cool down

We have suggested that most of the high school distance runners in the country take a two week break. Well, this is the third week of the Recovery, and we run 4 days, keeping it mellow. For those who just ended, take two weeks off, just run 2-3 days a week. If you are getting ready for cross country, follow our program (make sure you run it by Coach, very important, we want to help your coaches, not hinder them). If you are a upper classman, you might want to, in July add three morning runs a week. And always remember, foot health is key. Consider two pairs of training shoes for summer mileage, and alternate the shoes. Vary terrain, from grass to trails to roads. Give yourself a few weeks to get your body use to summer heat, so run early or late.

If you have questions, send us notes at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

163957250DP163_IAAF_Day_in_.jpgGalen Rupp and Mo Farah, A Day in the Life, April 2013, photo by Doug Pensinger/IAAF/Getty Images

Back in the 1980s, the late Fred Lebow, impressario for the NYC Marathon and Bob Bright, Race Director for the Chicago Marathon used to battle with each other in the media over who had the best marathon. It kept the newspapers, and RW and The Runner magazine full of stories on both of the marathons. Lebow and Bright were great promoters.

Today is quite different. In the fall, though. While there is some competition between NYC and Chicago, each marathon seems to have found its niche, and in 2017, each story had great stories. At the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Galen Rupp became the first American to win the Chicago Marathon since 2002 (Khalid Khannouchi), and before that, the victory of American Greg Meyer in 1982 (Joan Benoit Samuelson won in 1985).

Galen Rupp and Mo Farah will battle over the 26.2 miles of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2018. Galen Rupp won his first Marathon in February 2016 at the US Olympic Trials. His second marathon was the Rio Olympics, where he took a bronze medal. In his third marathon, a bit short on final preparation, Galen Rupp took second in the Boston Marathon in April 2017. His first run at the Chicago Marathon, resulted in a win in the Windy City in October 2017. Galen used that 10,000m speed and broke the race open with 8 kilometers to go, and ran to victory. Galen Rupp dropped out of the Boston Marathon in April 2018, and in May 2018, Rupp won the Prague Marathon in 2:06:07 PB.

Mo Farah ran his first marathon in 2014, at the London Marathon, where he finished sixth, in 2:08:36. Mo Farah, now focused on the marathon, spent 2010-2017 focused on 5000m-10,000m. Farah ran his second marathon (he ran a first half in 2013 of the London Marathon) in London 2018. His third place finish at the London Marathon, was a gutty performance in hot weather. Mo Farah ran a PB of 2:06:22, also an NR.

Now, two of the sports most popular athletes will compete against each other in Chicago. Rupp and Farah race very differently, which should provide some real excitement. Chicago has not had a race like this in decades. Rupp and Farah are former training partners, who have complementary temperaments. For Rupp, a long drive home, a move with which he is very comfortable, could be his choice. For Mo, as long as he can stay with Galen, he can try and Outkick Galen.

Who will do what? We will just have to wait and see. And that race, should be fun to observe.

Mariya Lasitskene HJ FBK.jpgMariya Lasitskene, 2018 FBK Games, photo courtesy of FBK
Lasitskene continues to win
OPOLE (POL, Jun 17): World champion Mariya Lasitskene continues in her winning streak. On Sunday she repeated her last year win at special high jump meet in Opole, Poland (13th edition) with 194 first attempt clearance. Then she three times tried to improve her own meet record from last year by 1 cm to 201. She is now unbeaten in 43 finals. Norbert Kobielski won men with 226 and equaled his PB and afterwards tried at 230.

Lyles_NoahFHH1a-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net

In 2010, the USATF Championships were held in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a strange year, in that, with the European Championships, it was a year that US athletes were having an off year. During that year, we saw several ARs set, including Chris Solinsky breaking 27 minutes for the 10,000 meters.

The US Champs in Des Moines, Iowa, were a) hot, b) devoid of big crowds. Yet, for track geeks, it was satisfying.

Vicaut 9.92 second fastest 2018
MARSEILLE (FRA, Jun 16): European record holder Jimmy Vicaut is in shape. At the International meet in Marseille where he represents the local club he equaled second fastest in the World 2018 with 9.92 (+0.3). He clearly beat Ben Meite 10.14 and Simon Magakwe 10.19. Triple jump star Catherine Ibarguen from Colombia is in shape as she won the long jump with 687 (+0.5) national record over Eloyse Lesueur-Aymonin 680 (+1.2) and Shara Proctor 673 (+0.9). Fast PB in the 400 m hurdley by French Ludvy Vaillant 48.96 over Haron Koech 49.36 and Rasmus Magi 49.42. Jamaican Olympic medalist 2008 Kerron Stewart won the 100 m in 11.25 (-0.3) and Italian Libania Grenot 400 m in 51.51 over Perri Shakes-Drayton 51.97 and super star Allyson Felix 52.01. In the middle distances Moroccan Mostafa Smaili won the 800 m in 1:45.76 over Briton Andrew Osagie 1:45.79 and Briton Charlie Grice 3:36.48 in the 1500 m ahead of other European runners Belgian Isaac Kimeli 3:36.51, another Briton Jake Wighthman 3:37.04 and German Timo Benitz 3:37.74. Noelie Yarigo of Benin topped women 800 m in 2:01.68 and Ethiopian 19 years old Fantu Worku the 5000 m in 15:30.39.
RunBlogRun opines: Jimmy Vicaut is fit. When the French sprinter is on, he is really on, and Jimmy is one of my favorites to watch race. I went to Lille in 2015 to see him race, prior to Beijing. As Vicaut gets past the 50 meter mark, the French sprinter opens up, and, arms pumping, little motion in his upper body, he finishes quite well. Vicaut is a medal contender in any championship he enters. Looking forward to seeing Monsieur Vicaut race later this summer, perhaps, Berlin 2018.

IMG_9217.jpgJustin Gatlin, London 2017, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

IMG_0366.jpgChristian Coleman, London 2017, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Look, I love USATF Outdoors, and USATF Indoors. But, big revelation, I am a) track geek, b) make my living telling you, our dear and communicative readers, about the championships, our athletes, our coaches and the behind the scenes geek stuff you love. I realize that this is an off year. 2018 is a year that is needed, as, after Beijing 2015, Rio 2016, London 2017, athletes need a break. For those in Commonwealth Games countries and European athletics, they have a championship once again (as they did in 2014, 2016).

IMG_3838.jpgAllyson Felix, Sacramento 2017, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

In a fine piece in Reuters, edited by Gene Cherry, long time key observer of our sport, the media group reported that Christian Coleman and Justin Gatlin would not be at Des Moines. Then, it was updated that Brittney Reese had ended her season after a meet in Poland and would not compete any more in 2018. Delilah Mohammed, the Rio Olympic champion, also noted she would not be in Des Moines, and then, Allyson Felix's brother Wesley, her manager, let it out that Allyson would not compete.

As we get into the final day of week 2, Recovery program, we ask that you run 30-40 minutes on soft trails, and keep the run relaxed. One more week of relaxed running to come next week. It is also Father's Day, have a run or walk with your father.

Hoka One One 6.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com

Sunday, June 17, 2018, 30-40 minute run

The Long run is key to your existence as a a middle and long distance runner. Enjoy it, vary it, and run it with friends.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to find more about this fine brand, www.hokaoneone.com.

Sunday, June 15, 2018 : 70 minute run, relaxed

Allen_DevonQ1-USOut17.jpgDevon Allen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Devon Allen is one of our most talented athletes in the sport. That he has picked the toughest, most competitive event on the men's side of the sport. Allen was also a fine American football player. His recent foray at Pre, Devon ran 13.13 for the 110m hurdles, and looked very good. Here's a fun piece from Steve Landells, for the IAAF site, on what Devon loves about hurdling.

DES MOINES (USA): Noah Lyles has said on Twitter that he will only contest the 100m at the US Championships in Des Moines from 21-24 June.

This is week 2 of the recovery season. After a long season, we suggest 2-3 weeks of recovery before you begin the next training program. Make sure that you do some fun things during your break.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018-take the day off

This season, 1.1 million boys and girls competed in high school track. The final two meets, the NB Outdoors, and the USATF Juniors are upon us. Good luck to all who are still competing. For the majority of the athletes, consider your pbs, your challenges and look for inspiration, as cross country is just around the corner!

Hoka One One 10.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Saturday, June 16, 2018: Warm up, Race, cooldown

Well, the fiasco that surrounded the bidding of 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials continues. I have written a few pieces about the silliness and sadness that surrounds the rebidding of the 2020 Trials on May 22 and May 25. And recently, on June 11, 2018, Ken Stone, the man who has taken it upon himself to chronicle that absolute cluster that was, and is, the Olympic Trials, Ken wrote a piece titles USATF Denies Promising Mt.SAC the 2021 World Track & Field Trials. It is a juicy piece of journalism, I must say. A wonderful read. You just can not make this stuff up, as someone smarter than I said years ago.

Todd-smoke.jpgDoug Todd having some fun with mortars, prior to a cross country race photo courtesy of MT.SAC

As a public service, I will do an abridged version of the crisis surrounding the USATF rebidding of the Trials. It seems that, even with all of the documents flying around, there seems to be a true lack of communication. I sure do not want to take anyone away from Fox, or CNN or MSNBC and the daily saga of the current Nightmare Years, but I do believe I may humbly shed some light on the rebidding of the 2020 Trials. USATF seems to think that they are protecting the sport from the chance that Mt.SAC would not complete the renovation, rebuilding or whatever one wants to call it! Mt.SAC seems to be incredulous over their treatment from USATF.

I have read all of Ken Stone's pieces. Quite alot of research, I must say. I find it curious that Mr. Stone never seems to have spoken to Mr. Todd, a most affable human being, and someone who, on most occassions, seems be able to, how shall I say, "cut to the chase."

The current board of USATF tends to do what they see fit, which is just what the USOC wants them to do. There was some controversy over the 2016 Marathon Trials decisions, but the 2020 Trials rebidding shows at least one thing: USATF does not seem to communicate well. That there is so much difference between what Mt.SAC has noted and USATF has noted that anyone insane enough to bid for an Olympic Trials should be having nightmares.

In the documents surrounding this process, it is noted that USATF told Mt.SAC that they was significant pressure from the sponsors, which would include Nike, NBC. Lots of questions still in this quagmire.

The new site was to be announced on June 8, it is now June 15, and there seems to be some slight delay. Stay tuned for more updates.

Lyles_Noah1b-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Coleman_ChristianPC1-Rome18.jpgChristian Coleman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Norman_MichaelR1a-Poland16.jpgMichael Norman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lausanne is always right after the Meeting de Paris. These are two of my must do meets each year. And this year, will be no exception. Pretty amazing series of meetings and series of races and rivalries. Here's what Lausanne Meet management says about this fine meeting, to be held on July 5.

This is the European Athletics Report number 19, compiled and edited by Carles Baronet. Carles has done these reports for several years now, for @RunBlogRun, and we are very lucky to have this work.

Dafne Schippers.jpgDafne Schippers, FBK Games, June 3, 2018, photo from FBK Games

Meeting de Paris.jpg

Samba_AbderrahamanR-Oslo18.jpgAbderrahman Samba, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Meeting De Paris always looks has some great hurdle races. This time, the 110m hurdles, the 400 meter hurdles will both have a great fields. The 400 meter hurdles is a focus for the sport this year, with Samba and Warholm battling all season and setting records in many of the races. Here's a quick report from Meeting de Paris, one of my favorite meetings.

This is the second week of the Recovery time prior for the 2018 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals Summer Mileage program. This is a day off, so enjoy the break, because you only have one more week of this! Watch a Diamond League meet, or the NB Outdoors!

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Friday, June 15, 2018-off

The NB Outdoors is this weekend and USATF Juniors are next weekend. Here's an easy day before the big races!

Hoka One One 7.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, www.hokaoneone.com.

Friday, June 15, 2018, warm up: 30 minute run, cooldown


Stuart Weir suggested this review for us, as Greg Rutherford, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist, 2015 World Champion, 2014, 2016 European Champion, and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, has announced his retirement. Book sounds like a very good read!

Greg Rutherford is retiring. Good for Greg and his family. The long jumper who won gold in London 2012, Commonwealth Games 2014, European Champs 2014, World Championships 2015, and Rio 2016 bronze. Greg is hoping to compete in Berlin 2018 European Champs (he's won silver in European Champs 2006, gold in European 2014 and European 2016). I have always liked Greg Rutherford. I did not believe he got the respect that he deserved. The London 2012 Olympics, was magical. On the first Saturday of the athletic schedule. Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford won British gold medals that night. The crowd of 80,000 was ecstatic. I was at the very top of the stadium, around fifty meters, and the sound was deafening! It must have been amazing from the track, looking up at the 80,000 British fans.

I have always admired Greg Rutherford. He was one of the athletes who understood that he had to do a dance with the media to get coverage of his sport. Greg was always very good, and I recall some funny pressers with Greg Rutherford and Valerie Adams in Birmingham for the Diamond League. The fun ones always stand out. Greg Rutherford has a wicked sense of humor.

The long jump is a technical event, a very technical event. Sore ankles challenge the athlete. Greg is hoping to finish this season with the European 2018 Championships. Below is the story by Stuart Weir.

Greg-Rutherford-Manchester-CityGames-2017-Philip-Oldham-1250x750.jpgGreg Rutherford, Arcadis Manchester City Games, May 2017, photo by Philip Oldham

We are beginning the recovery running for track athletes who will run cross country in the fall. This is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, which begins August 15 and ends December 15. It is a great addition to your cross country season. To learn more on the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, click on the blue text you just saw.

Today is an easy, 30 minute run. Enjoy the run, and relax. No pressure.

IMG_5224.jpgA fast pair of racing spikes, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Thursday, June 14, 2018, warm up, 30 minute run, cooldown.

The key, at the end of the season, it to stay healthy, calloused and motivated. This workout shows that you are ready to fly.

IMG_5223.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more, please check out www.hokaoneone.com.

Thursday: warm up, 30 minute run, 1 x 400 meter, 800m race pace, five minute break, 1 x 300m, 800m race pace, four minute break, 1 x 250, 800m race pace, five minute walk, cooldown

image1.jpegCarl Lewis teaching "The Perfect Method", photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-2.jpegCarl Lewis working with some young athletes, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-3.jpegCarl Lewis, teaching "The Perfect Method", photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-4.jpegCarl Lewis and the class, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-5.jpegJeff Benjamin, Carl Lewis, Carl's Perfect Method partner, Kerry Sprick, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Barshim_Mutaz1-Pre18.JPGMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net

Echevarria1b_Juan-Rome18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's the round up on the 57th Ostrava Golden Spike from EME News!

Mike Powell broke Bob Beamon's 1968 Mexico City WR 8.90 meters with his jump in Tokyo of 8.95 meters. Mike provided his vest and number for the IAAF Heritage display for the upcoming World Cup. That moment was iconic, and especially with Juan Miguel Echevarria's fine jumping (8.54m and 8.66m at Ostrava Golden Spike).

mike powell .jpgMike Powell, photo by Pavel Labeda

The Ostrava Golden Spike Meeting had some fine performances this year, from a nice win by Justin Gatlin, to a big high jump by Mutaz Barshim in 2.38 meters, and a huge series of Long Jumps by Juan Miguel Echevarria (8.54m, and 8.66m). Big Hammer throws by Anita Wlodarczyk, win by 200 meters of Daphe Schippers and a deep steeplechase!

Echevarria_Juan-Rome18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net

Schippers_DafneFH-Rome17.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net


Juan Miguel Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net

Cuba's emerging long jump star 19-year-old Juan Miguel Echevarria almost jumped out of the pit at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Stockholm on Sunday night, registering a huge leap of 8.83m, the biggest jump in the world for almost 24 years.

Unfortunately for Echevarria, a 2.1m/s tailwind on the jump was just above the allowable wind limit for record purposes (2.00m/s), but it still puts him into the top five of all time in all conditions and in the company of some of the great legends of the sport, including world record-holder Mike Powell (8.95m), four-time Olympic champion Carl Lewis (8.87m) and former world record-holder Bob Beamon (8.90m).

Echevarria was not born the last time that someone jumped farther than he did in Stockholm yesterday - when Powell jumped 8.95m at high altitude in Sestriere, Italy, on 31 July 1994, with a huge 3.9m/s tailwind.

The young Cuban, who fell just short of reaching the final at the IAAF World Championships London 2017, has emerged as one of a new generation of starts this year. He broke through to beat world champion Luvo Manyonga and claim the world indoor title in Birmingham in March with a personal best leap of 8.46m.

Why should you run cross country? Well, if you like to run, challenge yourself and share challenges with people you might not have ever met before, then, run cross country. Good things are not easy. Cross country is not an easy sport, but it is a challenge and shows you, that, if you work hard and focus, you can achieve about anything.

Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, as this is week two of your recover, now take the day off!

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about HOKA ONE ONE's Postal Nationals, click on: HOKAONEONEPostalnationals.com.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018: take the day off, watch the Ostrava meet!

The season is coming to an end. If you have NB outdoors and USATF Juniors coming up, you are part of a million person movement, high school track & field.Enjoy it, be proud!

Hoka One One 3.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com

Jenkins_EricFVR-USAout17.jpgEric Jenkins wins 5000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

PORTLAND (USA, Jun 10): On the second day of the Portland Track Festival, Eric Jenkins won the 5000m in a fast 13:21.41. Olympic 800m bronze medallist Clayton Murphy won the 1500m in 3:40.25 from Drew Hunter (3:41.05), Eric Avila (3:41.25) and Ryan Hill (3:41.42). Drew Windle won the 800m in 1:47.50 and Olympic 1500m champion Matt Centrowitz won a separate 800m race in 1:48.29. Marielle Hall won the women's 5000m in 15:16.57 from Canadians Jessica O'Connell (15:18.36) and Rachel Cliff (15:23.22). Stephanie Brown won the 1500m in 4:06.71 from Emily Lipari (4:07.30) and Australia's Georgia Griffith won the 800m in 2:01.40 from Canada's Jenna Westaway in 2:02.06. Canada's Regan Yee also won the women's 3000m steeplechase in 9:45.58.

Murphy_Clayton-Sander18.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by PhotoRun.net

Reese_Brittney1b-USin18.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by PhotoRun.net

CHORZOW (POL): World long jump champion Brittney Reese said after her win at Kusocinski Memorial that this was her last meet of 2018 and from now on she will concentrate on preparation for 2019. Reese is not planning to compete at US Championships.

Reese_BrittneyH-USin18.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ryan Crouser, throwing at Pre Classic, May 26, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net
Crouser wants to attack his PB
OSTRAVA (CZE): Ryan Crouser is looking to surpass his lifetime best of 22.65m in the Ostrava Golden Spike on Wednesday, informs organisers. "It should be fun because everyone except two people have PBs over 22m. I am excited and I hope that I will stay in the ring. My goal is of course an attempt over 22.65m" he said. Crouser will renew his rivalry with world indoor and outdoor champion Tom Walsh. "I always want to beat him and he wants to beat me. Off season when I train and prepare for the next one I am thinking about him training and it motivates me to push harder," he said when asked about the rivalry.

MDP2018-Lagarde-Carre.jpgPascal Martinot-Lagarde

warholm samba .jpgKarston Warholm vs Abderrahman Samba poster

The Meeting De Paris 2018 is the seventh of the Diamond League meetings this season. Held in Charlety Stadium, the meet is well organized, and features many of the stars of French athletics. A great series of pressers is held at the Paris meeting each year, that is why it is one of my favorite events. I also like walking around Paris late at night, and observing people. Paris, in June and July, is a wonderful place to visit. The Meeting de Paris is trying to capture the imagination of the next generation of French fans and star athletes.

Manuel_Echevarria1-Stockholm18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net
Juan Miguel Echevarria in Ostrava with Powell watching him
STOCKHOLM (SWE): Juan Miguel Echevarria "is not thinking" about the nine metre line despite producing the world's longest jump since 1995 with a marginally wind-aided 8.83m in Stockholm. "Today, I wanted over 8.50m but I didn't think I could jump so far! I want to jump at this level for a long time but it's early season so I will just take it all step by step. I'm not even thinking about nine meters - I will have to keep working very hard in order to jump that, it is a huge barrier," he said. Echevarria will also compete in Ostrava on Wednesday evening where World record holder Mike Powell and European record holder Robert Emmiyan are guests of honour and will add spice to the competition.
Manuel_Echevarria1a-Stockholm18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net

Today is the second of three weeks for recovery running. Our simple program for recovery is based on three days of running and four days of fun each week. You need a break, and we at @runblogrun are supporting the whole idea!


CeAira Brown wins Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Today is a fast workout for the athletes keyed in on the championships over the next two weeks.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown leads Martinez Classic, June 7, 2018, photo by Kevin Morris

Tuesday, June 12, 2018: warm up, 6 x 200 meters, at 800 meter race pace, walk three minutes between each, 6 x 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Steve Miller .jpgSteve Miller, photo courtesy of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

RunBlogRun opines: Steve Miller spoke to Jeff Benjamin about his friend, Joe Newton, who passed away last year at the age of 88. Jeff wrote several tributes about Joe Newton, the famous coach of York High school. Steve Miller coached at a competitor school, Elmhurst.

Coach Miller, as I call him, was very kind to me during my formative years. I was running my second 10,000 meters, at the Martin Luther King Games, in 1980, at Stanford. Coach Mike Tomesello was about to pull me off the track, with less than a lap to go in the race. Steve Miller grabbed him and, I found out later, told him a joke. As I am kicking for home, Tomesello is laughing with Miller. I was able to finish my race, and run a big PB. Steve did not know me, but many of his athletes at Cal Poly did and I was allowed to finish the race. It took me twenty years before I was able to thank Steve Miller, now the Board Chair for USA Track & Field. Steve Miller is one of the finest coaches I ever met, and one of the most inspirational. His athletes loved him. We are most appreciative that Steve Miller worked with Jeff on this piece honoring one of our most important coaches, Joe Newton. Joe Newton was a coach ahead of time, always learning, always observing.

This is report 24 on the USA-Canada results for 2017-18. Each report is compiled, edited and producted by Carles Baronet for the readers of @runblogrun. Carles also manages the European reports for runblogrun. We thank our friend from Catalonia for his labor of love on these reports.

Morris_SandiR-Stockholm18.jpgSandi Morris, Bauhaus Galan Stockholm 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Manuel_Echevarria1a-Stockholm18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria soars to 8.83 meter wind aided! photo by PhotoRun.net

Samba_Abderrahman-Stockholm18.jpgAbderrahman Samba, scores another NR, MR, PB with 47.41 over 400m hurdles, photo by PhotoRun.net

We are so happy for our friends in Stockholm. Bauhaus Galan was a SRO meet, with some fantastic performances, and we hope that some new sponsors come in an support the steadfast support that Stockholm has now. Great performances, fine rivalries, wonderful weather and a crowd who knows track and field, from local to the global stars. Here's a quick synopsis from EME news, event by event.

Dacres_FedrickW-Stockholm18.jpgFedrick Dacres, discus, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ugen_Lorraine-Stockholm18.jpgLorraine Ugen, long jump, photo by PhotoRun.net

P1080351.JPGBauhaus Ant, photo by Stuart Weir

Here's Stuart Weir's final piece on Stockholm, sent just before he jumped on a plane to head home. We hope that you enjoyed our team's coverage of this fine Diamond League meeting!

Kipchoge_EluidFV-Berlin17.JPGEliud Kipchoge winning BMW Berlin 2016, photo by Victah Sailer/PhotoRun.net

After his London victories and his Rio gold medal, many believed that Eliud Kipchoge was the greatest marathoner who ever lived. After his performance at Monza Grand Prix race track, where, in a demonstration of his sponsor's ability to organize an event to the very last detail (and provide the finest streaming experience ever), Eliud KIpchoge showed that, at the end of the day, his pure joy of running, for two hours, no minutes and 25 seconds made him the supreme marathoner of any generation.

I recall asking London Marathon impressario David Bedford what we knew after Monza. David, in a look he could only do, a combination of bemusement and befuddlement, said, "Well, Eliud is the finest marathoner in the world."

Eliud Kipchoge is able to put himself through a regimen that few others can tolerate. He has muscle memory where some have no muscle. Last April, Paula Radcliffe, who knows something about human limits, described Eliud Kipchoge as the Zen Master of the marathon.

Well, on 16 September, Eliud Kipchoge, near the top of his human potential, will compete on the streets of Berlin. The last twelve kilometers in Berlin are welcoming, and see a reduction in the slight elevation for those grueling last 12 kilometers in any marathon. With Kipchoge's PB of 2:03:05, can we see a new PB for the man?

I am not sure. What I do know is that, we will see a race of many dimensions. Eliud Kipchoge does not race the marathon in a frivolous manner. A man who pursued cross country, track, and now marathoning with every muscle neuron he possesses, Eliud Kipchoge will run his finest performance on the day, a self described "beautiful race," and then, as Kenny Moore once stated, after running the perfect 5000m in a dream, turn to mist.

Eliud Kipchoge knows how to get the most out of himself. Anyone who races against him should realize that fact.

Asher_DianeFH-Stockholm18.jpgBlessing Okabbare, Murielle Ahoure, Dina Asher-Smith, Bauhaus Galan Stockholm DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the 18th report on European Athletics Results, compiled and edited by Carles Baronet. Carles manages results reports on USA-Canada and European Results all year long, exclusively for the readers of @runblogrun. We are most thankful for Carles Baronet's support, our friend from Catalonia.

Remember, this is time for recovery. If you are done with your season, you need to take a two week break. We provide a gentle nudge to get out three days a week, while you rest, play video games, have fun with friends, sleep, relax for the next fourteen days. We begin some organized workouts next week (four days a week), and we get the ball rolling during the first week of July, sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

To learn more about the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, here's the link to the exciting program, that begins August 15 and ends December 15. You need five team members, and will race two miles or 3200 meters. It is alot of fun and can add to your cross country program.

Monday, June 11, 2018-take the day off

This is the week after all state meets are done. The athletes who are focused now on their Junior nationals, NB outdoors, or a regional invitational are at the top of their form. This week includes some moderate fast running, some rest and lots of focus. The weather is better across North America, and after 22 weeks of training, your bodies are at the point of high level fitness. Good luck!

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown wins 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Lasitskene_Mariya-Stockholm18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, high jump, photo by PhotoRun.net

Manuel_Echevarria-Stockholm18.jpgJuan Miguel Echevarria, long jump, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Stuart Weir's final column on Stockholm, a homage to our friend, Alfons Juck, who produces EME News daily. There are some great story tellers in our sports genre. Stuart Weir sent us these observances ( about the same time he reminded me the year is not 2012, dutifully corrected).

The Bauhaus Galan Stockholm Meeting was held at the 1912 Olympic stadium in front of a standing room only crowd. Some amazing performances on a sunny day in Stockholm. World leaders, great races and amazing rivalries, as the DL continues to elevate the rivalries. The six DL meets so far this year remind us, it is all about the competition.

Asher_DianeFH-Stockholm18.jpgBlessing Okabbare, Murielle Ahoure and Dina Asher-Smith, Bauhaus Galan, photo by PhotoRun.net

Morris_Sandi-Stockholm18.jpgSandi Morris, Bauhaus Galan, Stockholm, June 10, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's Stuart Weir's second story on the meet, and Sandi Morris's excellent week.


Guda Tsegay, Laura Muir, Stockholm DL 1,500 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Stuart Weir's column on the women's 1,500 meters, the last event on the Bauhaus Galan schedule. Stuart had some fascinating observances on the rather unique approach to pace making as exemplified in the women's 1,500 meters in Stockholm.

20180610_092641.jpgBranding in the hotel, Bauhaus Galan, Stockholm, Sweden, photo by Stuart Weir

As part of the many responsibilities that we throw at Stuart Weir is to provide unique observations on the meets. This series of photos is on the branding of the meet.

stadium.jpg1912 Olympic stadium, Photos: Yanan Li and Henrik Trygg of mediabank.visitstockholm.com

stadium fireworks.jpgFirewooks in stadium, Photos Yanan Li and Henrik Trygg of mediabank.visitstockholm.com

bfb7f0936ae7947dcee50b62272a2ecb.jpgStadion entrance, Photos Yanan Li and Henrik Trygg of mediabank.visitstockholm.com

The 1912 Olympic Stadium is one of my favorite stadiums in Europe. In my first time in the Stadium, Chris Turner, then, IAAF Press Manager, gave me the geek tour. I walked on the wooden warm up track, the one used by Paavo Nurmi, and before him, Jim Thorpe. We thank Stuart Weir for giving us a bit of back ground on the

110f1058a39f0250b4c9babed6396c56.jpgStockholm, Photos: Yanan Li and Henrik Trygg of mediabank.visitstockholm.com

93952c5961ee6b91a99cc17650dba041.jpgAnother view of Stockholm, Photos: Yanan Li and Henrik Trygg of mediabank.visitstockholm.com

As part of our journalistic services, RunBlogRun hopes to educate. Stuart Weir has decided to give us a bit of background on Stockholm, Sweden. I appreciated that. I have spent a week in Stockholm for most of the past decade, around the Bauhaus Galen meeting. I also spent some time in Goteborg, Sweden, aroud the World Champs in 1995 (amazing) and European Indoors (2013).

Thanks, Stuart, for educating us.

Our bodies are made to move, young and old, and in between. Right now, after an arduous season, your body, mind and soul needs a break. In the two weeks of recovery we suggest running three days a week, and this is one of those days. 30-40 minutes, run and have fun.


Sunday, June 10, 2018: easy 30-40 minutes

After a good race day, find a trail and run relaxed and share it with a friend. Talk over the race and think about the next one. Run sixty to seventy minutes and talk the entire time. The talking test makes sure that you are not training hard.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown takes it out, Martinez Classic, June 7, 2018, photo by Kevin Morris

Sunday, June 10: 70 minute run, relaxed

Rohler_ThomasW1b-Pre18.jpgThomas Rohler, 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net
Thomas Rohler 90.75
DESSAU (GER, Jun 8): Home star Thomas Rohler highlighted the 20th edition of Anhalt Meet here with 90.75 javelin win. He missed the meet record of Sergey Makarov from 2003 only by 11 cm. Second Andreas Hofmann 87.22 over Marcin Krukowski 82.42 and Julius Yego 80.13. Another top mark was the 10.05 (+0.2) 100 m win by Turkey´s Jak Ali Harvey beating Henricho Bruintjies 10.22. Kenyan Nicholas Bett won the steeple in 8:13.18 over Chala Beyo 8:17.45. In other races wins for US Erik Sowinski 1:45.80 in the 800 m, Kenyan Hillary Ngetich 3:39.15 in the 1500 m and Benin´s Noelle Yarigo 2:01.56 in the 800 m. World champion Sam Kendricks cleared 570 to win the pole vault over another World champion Shawn Barber also 570. In long jump wins for Ukrainian Serhey Nikiforov 794 (+0.9) and Sosthene Moguenara 667 (+0.1). In women sprints Jamaican Kerron Stewart 11.30 (0.0), US Joanna Atkins 23.03 (+1.0) and Botswana´s Amantle Montsho 51.92.

Keitany_Finish_Mini-2018_Crop_Jane_Monti.jpgKeitany wins NYRR Mini 10k, photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly

Mary Keitany dominated the NYRR New York Mini today, running 30:59 on a difficult and challenging course. Here is Rich Sands, writing for Race Results Weekly, writing about her fine effort on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Ordonez-WindleW-Worlds18.jpgSaul Ordonez, World Indoors, Birmingham, photo by PhotoRun.net
Tilahun Haile 13:04.63 WL
HUELVA (ESP, Jun 8): One of the highlights of the Iberoamericano de Atletismo Meeting in Huelva (EA Classic) was a fast 800m which saw Saul Ordonez win in a European-leading mark and lifetime best of 1:44.44 on home soil from world indoor finalist Alvaro de Arriba (1:44.99) with Ethiopian teenager Tolesa Bodena third in a 1:45.46 PB. Reigning world champion Pierre-Ambroise Bosse was DQ'd. Morocco's Malika Akkaoui won the women's 800m in 2:00.48 from Ethiopia's Mahelet Mulugeta (2:00.78) while 17-year-old Ethiopian Melese Nberet won the men's 1500m in 3:39.42. There was also a win for Ethiopia in a good quality 5000m with Tilahun Haile winning in 13:04.63 World lead from Eritrea's Aron Kifle (13:09.06) with European 10,000m bronze medallist Antonia Abadia fourth in 13:24.18. In other middle and long distance action, Marta Perez won the 1500m on home soil in 4:07.10 and Maria Perez won the 3000m race walk in a Spanish record of 12:00.87. Kenya's Barnabas Kipyego won the 3000m steeplechase in 8:19.21 with Hungary's Viktoria Gyurkes winning the women's 3000m steeplechase in a 9:37.02 PB. Elsewhere, Quincy Downing won the 400m hurdles in 49.00 from Kenya's Aron Koech (49.28), Lucas Bua set a 400m PB of 45.25 to win on home soil from Slovenia's Luka Janezic (45.38) and reigning two-time European champion Libania Grenot from Italy won the women's 400m in 51.81. Field event highlights included Christina Schwanitz extending her win streak in the shot put to five competitions in 2018 with 19.21m, Moldova's Zalina Petrivskaya winning the hammer with 69.29m and Ana Peleteiro winning the triple jump on home soil with 13.90m.

DfPe4uoXUAAQoAb.jpgSteve Gardiner and Ramil Guiliyev, a battle over 200 meters, photo by Carol Austin

The Bauhaus Galen Presser has always been a good press conference in the past. This year was on exception, as Steve Gardiner, Ramil Guilyev, Jenny Simpson, Brenda Martinez, Karston Warholm and Sam Kendricks, along with Luvo Manyonga spoke about their specialties and their rivalries.

The 1912 Olympic stadium in Stockholm, Sweden is full of the ghosts of Jim Thorpe, Paavo Nurmi, Gunder Haag, Ron Clarke, among others. I remember, in 2011, Usain Bolt spending over an hour signing autographs with young Swedish fans waiting to meet their superstar. Those cool, clear Scandanavian evenings offer some of the finest weather for middle and long distance racing. The knowledgable crowd in Stockholm also provides the athletes with a crowd that truly appreciates their level of fitness and focus.

Don't miss the Bauhaus Stockholm DL on Sunday, June 10, 2018!

This will be a great season! 😊

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Dibaba, Gudzius, Berry World leads
CHORZOW (POL, Jun 8): Three World leads highlighted the 64th Kusocinski Memorial (EA Classic) in new environment of big and modern Slaski Stadium of Chorzow with some 20 000 spectators. World indoor 1500m and 3000m champion Genzebe Dibaba from Ethiopia stormed to a world-leading 3:56.68 in her first 1500m of the outdoor season winning by over eight seconds from teammate Axumawit Embaye (4:04.90) with Germany's Diana Sujew third in (4:05.95). In the last event on the track, Kenya's Ferguson Rotich edged out home favourite Adam Kszczot in the 800m, 1:45.70 to 1:46.12, but Justyna Swiety-Ersetic scored a huge win on home soil ahead of Allyson Felix in the 400m, 51.11 to 51.35. Other track highlights included Sergey Shubenkov winning his third 110m hurdles race in six days in 13.25 and Ewa Swoboda beating Tatjana Pinto in the 100m, 11.30 to 11.32. Just 24 hours after finishing second in Oslo, Ryan Crouser turned the tables on Tom Walsh, 22.27m to 21.63m, with Poland's Michal Haratyk third in 21.58m. After victory in Turku on Tuesday, Wojciech Nowicki produced back-to-back wins over reigning world and European champion Pawel Fajdek in the hammer with a 80.63m PB in rounds three and four ahead of Fajdek (80.04m) and Olympic champion Dilshod Nazarov (78.18m). In the women's hammer, Gwen Berry regained her US hammer record with her opening throw of 77.78 also WL (also 77.19m in round four) to move to fourth on the world all-time lists, defeating world record-holder Anita Wlodarczyk (75.52m) in the process. World discus champion Andrius Gudzius maintained his excellent form by improving his PB to 69.30 WL ahead of Iran's Ehsan Hadadi (66.68m) with former global winners Robert Harting (65.13m) and Piotr Malachowski (64.10m) third and fourth respectively. Renaud Lavillenie cleared 5.91m in the pole vault before three attempts at 6.01m ahead of Pawel Wojciechowski (5.71m) and Piotr Lisek (5.51m), Canada's Christabel Nettey went out to 6.88m in the long jump to defeat Brittney Reese by one centimetre and Japan's Naoto Tobe cleared 2.30m in the high jump ahead of Maciej Grynienko who improved to 2.27m. American Paul Dedewo broke the 45-second barrier once again in the 400m, winning in 44.56 ahead of former world and Olympic medallist Luguelin Santos (44.75) with world indoor 4x400m champion Karol Zalewski third on home soil in a 45.15 PB (2nd best European 2018).

filip poster.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen poster, June 6, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

The Bislett Oslo Meeting was first held in 1965. It is one of the grand daddy's of the European circuit, and the ghost of the late Ron Clarke, among others, smiles on this fine meeting. Gobs of records have been set on this track. Yet, with all of that success, Oslo has battled to get the fans to return.

Karoline GRovdal.jpgKaroline Grovdal poster, Oslo, Norway, June 6, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

The Bislett Games lost the long time sponsor in Exxon Mobil, and rumors were, as rumors do, suggested that the meet would continue to have challenges. Last winter, the meet management put together a long term approach to building the meet. Telling the local stories, from Karoline Groval, The Ingebrigtsen brothers, Sondre Moen and, of course Karston Warholm.

Karsten.jpgKarston Warholm poster, June 6, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

Surprisingly, the promotions, with posters around the city (yes, they actually promoted the meet, which is something few meets around the world have any clue about), and built a super hero type them, and yes, it worked! SRO crowd, plus a crowd that was interested in the meet!

The orchestrating of fields, promoting local heroes and the best of the global stars, was how Meet Directors like Ian Stewart and Marathon impressario David Bedford did their events. Bring in a local story, build it up and promote some of the finest athletes in the world as well. In these days of further scrutiny on budgets, it just makes sense to build the local stories and promote the finest in the world as well. This mixture fascinates the fans and media as well.

We were sent this video from our friends in Oslo. It is a 360 view of the stadium, with a large, interested crowd in the stadium. This video should be plasted around all sports marketing proposals for track & field. Oslo got it right. Their athletic heroes, for the most part, did well, and they have the story from which to begin 2019 story telling.

In the end, all sports are about telling the stories, reaching and identifying with the audiences. Bislett Oslo did a fine job. Let's hope that they build on this meeting and idea for next year.

Benjamin_WebAction.jpgRai Benjamin, photo courtesy of USC Trojans

Benjamin sensational 47.02, Norman 43.61 WL
EUGENE (USA, Jun 8): Historical performances during Friday programme of men finals at NCAA Championships. Antigua´s Rai Benjamin improved to unexpected 47.02 at 400 m hurdles. He tied so the second fastest ever by Edwin Moses from 1983 (at that time World record). Only World record holder Kevin Young has ever run faster with 46.78. Behind him Kenny Selmon 48.12 PB and David Kendziera 48.42 PB with Kemar Mowatt 48.83. Another top highlight in the 400 m 43.61 by Michael Norman what is the 11th best performance all-time and 6th best ever performer and of course also a World lead. Behind him Jamaicans Akeem Bloomfield 43.94 PB (just 0.01 behind national record) and Nathon Allen 44.13 PB. Another World lead in 4x400 m by USC 2:59.00 beating Texas AM 2:59.91 and LSU 3.00.56. Houston won 4x100 m in 38.17. World leader Michael Saruni from Kenya was only third in the 800 m final 1:45.31, he was beaten by Isaiah Harris 1:44.76 and Canadian Marco Arop 1:45.25. Cameron Burrell won the 100 m in 10.13 (-0.9) over Elijah Hall 10.17 and Andre Ewers 10.19, in the 200 m Nigerian Divine Oduduru 20.28 (0.0) over Ewers 20.29. Grant Holloway topped the hurdles as expected in 13.42 (-1.1). In jumps overseas wins, Tejaswin Shankar from India 224 in high jump, Tahar Triki from Alger 16.79 (-0.7) in triple.
RunBlogRun opines: The whispers are gone. Rai Benjamin ran a race for the ages, as the USC Trojan ran the second fastest time in history in the rain. As RunBlogRun notes once in a while, "well I'm no doctor, but there has to be a few brands opening their check books for these two." We hope that they stay in school another year, but that may not be realistic. Oh, one more thing. Benjamin, Samba and Warholm in same race, I would PAY to see.

If you are in your first week of Recovery from track and field, watch some track on TV, go check out Star Wars, or bing watch Occupied, my favorite TV show from Norway! But do not run today, it is time to vegetate.

4259726.jpgAn old Television

Saturday, June 9, 2018: Take the day off

After 21 weeks of training, you are fit, focused and ready to roll. Warm up well, take your time, and focus on the race. Watch the finish, bide your time, and make the move you won't regret.

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown takes the 800m, Martinez Classic, June 7, 2018, photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday: Warm up, Race, cooldown

So, the last column for the last few Diamond Leagues, from Stuart Weir, has been the good, the bad and, the ugly. Not to be outdone, Stuart Weir is up to it again. And then, there's the cat...

cat.jpgRunBlogRun wonders what Norwegians charge for a cat at a track meet, photo by Stuart Weir

Samba-Barshim-Oslo18.jpgAbderaaham Samba and Mutaz Barshim, two winners from Qatar, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Bislett Oslo Games were a huge success! A sell out crowd, first in several years shows that their approach to the meet, showcasing stars of Norway with well picked global stars, made a lot of sense and was a good fiscal approach. The Diamond League has now had five every good meets, with more focused approaches in each market (Doha, Shangha, Eugene, Rome, Oslo).

Will this help the Diamond League find sponsors in the future? We sure hope so!

10000m finish Oslo Dominic Kiptarus.jpgDominic Kiptarus and Stewart McSweyn, 28:05.34-28:05.37, photo by Stuart Weir

Kiyeng_Hyvin1a-Oslo18.jpgHyvin Kiyeng, steeplechase winner, Bislett Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Manangoi_ElijahFH-Oslo18.jpgElijah Manangoi, Dream Mile champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

Semenya_CasterFV-Oslo18.jpgCaster Semenya, 800 meter winner, World leader, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat sent us this column from Kenya. Justin provides us a weekly column we call The View from Kenya. We hope that you like it. This was his highlights from the Bislett Oslo Games.

Tom Nohilly is one of the assistant coaches at the HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. This club focuses on middle distance runners, from 800 meters to 10,000 meters. This is the 19th of 34 videos, sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE, to support high school cross country in general and the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals in particular. The Postal Nationals run from August 15-December 15 and can be a wonderful addition to your cross country racing in the fall of 2018. To participate, just click here: it takes a five person team to race 2 miles or 3200 meters.

Cross country, as former RW editor Joe Henderson said, so wisely, so many years ago, is the "meeting place of the miler and the marathoner." Cross country is the building block for all middle and long distance runners. If you want to run well at 800 meters on up, run cross country. If you are a smart 400 meter runner or have a smart 400 meter runner coach, know that, way back in the 1960s, the late coach Bud Winter at San Jose State had all of his 400 meter runners running cross country, and that included the one and only Lee Evans, former WR holder at 400 meters (look him up).

TOM1-1.pngTom Nohilly, Assistant Coach, HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC

HOKA ONE ONE is sponsoring our daily cross country program, which started June 3. We get into full swing the first week of July, but many are just slowing down. HOKA ONE ONE has sponsored our training program, now both track and cross country seasons. We are most appreciative of their support. Each day, we send our programs to 16,000 boys and girls high school programs (about 37,553 individual head coaches). We provide daily workouts to give coaches a parameter from which to begin their personal programs for their teams. Some use them 100 percent. Some pick and choose. We think both is okay. Our goals are to increase healthy participation in cross country and develop American distance runners. HOKA ONE ONE gets it and supports our daily obsessions.

Here is the perfect time for video 19: Why is cross country so important? Tom Nohilly is not only a fine coach, but a fine athlete. In both 1992 and 1996, Tom Nohilly finished fourth in the Olympic Trials steeplechase. In 1989, Tom won the NCAA steeplechase. Now, he coaches the athletes of the NJNYTC.

So, Stuart Weir is a man who travels a bit. He writes for @runblogrun at 20 plus events a year. His observations add to the color and appreciation for the events. I truly enjoy going to events with Stuart, as we see so many different things at the meets. His keen, experienced eye, and his level of trust from the athletes allow him to reach out with some of our world's finest athletes. I give Stuart very few parameters, except, update us on British performances.

So, here is his update on athletes of the British persuasion in Oslo.

Laura Muir explains it all Oslo.jpgLaura Muir, post 800 meters, Bislett, photo by Stuart Weir

Dina Asher Smith .jpgDina Asher-Smith, Bislett Oslo Games, photo by Stuart Weir


Sandi Morris takes PV in 4.81 meters, Bislett Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Khaladovich_Tatsiana-Oslo18.jpgA NR and PB for Tatsiana Khaladovich, Bislett Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Walsh_Tom-Oslo18.jpgTom Walsh responds to Ryan Crouser's 22.21m, with his 22.29m throw! photo by PhotoRun.net

Gudzius_AndriusR-Oslo18.jpgAndrius Gudzius has two big throws! photo by PhotoRun.net

The field events were pretty exciting as well in Bislett Oslo Games. Sold out crowds had a real track & field feast with the women's PV, Triple jump, javelin and men's shot put and discus, plus the snow ball throw. Here's Stuart Weir's take on the field events from Oslo on June 7, 2018.

After a long track season, your body needs a break. We suggest two to three weeks of recovery running, easy time off. Your body and mind needs a break. Read a few books. See some movies. Take a long walk. Vegetate. Your body and mind will thank you with PBs in the fall.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown, 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Friday, June 8, 2018-off

We are one week from the NB Nationals and two weeks from USATF Juniors. For those focusing on those events, keep with our program now, which is focused on speed, recovery and using the callousing of past 21 weeks to run your best races now. If you are done with track and running cross country, please take a two week break, as your body needs it as does your mind (we have suggested two weeks of recovery in daily emails).

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, 2018 Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris/MorrisFoto

Friday, June 8, 2018, warm up, 30 minute run, cooldown

The 2018 Bislett Oslo Games was a huge success. There was wonderful weather, and some fine competitions. The meet organizers focused on Norwegian stars. A poster campaign around the city promoted the stars and rivalries. It was great story telling. Watch for our stories on the Oslo Meeting.

Karsten.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by Stuart Weir

Ahoure_Michelle1-Pre18.JPGMurielle Ahoure, photo by PhotoRun.net

Dina Asher Smith .jpgA jubilant Dina Asher-Smith, photo by Stuart Weir

The women's 100 meters this year is much more of a global affair, with Murielle Ahoure and Marie-Josee Ta Lou going 1,2 in the World Indoors. In the Diamond League, Murielle Ahoure, Marie-Josee Ta Lou and Shauane Miller-Uibo have been turning heads. But, in Oslo, Murielle Ahoure and Dina Asher-Smith battled over the 100 meters, with two very fast times. Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the global stage that is the women's 100 meters.

IAAF Partners with UN Environment on Clean Air campaign, here's video from Haile Gebrselassie

Here's the release and video from the IAAF on their new Clean Air campaign. This is a natural campaign for our sport and the global federation. The video is nicely done by the Little Emperor.

grovdal and coburn .jpgKaroline Grovdal and Emma Coburn, photo by Stuart Weir

W steeplechase .jpgEmma Coburn vs Karoline Grovdal poster, photo by Stuart Weir

Lyles_Noah-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic, 200 meters, May 26, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Noah Lyles is one of the finest 200 meter runners in our sport. On May 4, Noah Lyles won the first 200 meters of the Diamond League season, in Doha, Qatar. Noah ran 19.83 for the 200 meters, taking the lead over the last fifty meters, and starting 2018 as he ended his Diamond League season in 2017, with a win. On May 20, Noah took the 150 meters in the adidas Boost Boston Games, Noah ran 14.77, a very fast time for that seldom run distance. On May 26, at the Nike Prefontaine Classic, the only Diamond League meeting in North America, Noah Lyles dominated the 200 meter field by equalling the world leader, with his fine 19.69.

Lyles_Noah1a-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic 200 meters, May 26, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lots of people run fast, but Noah really seems to like what he does. As sport merges athletic performance and entertainment, the sport looks for the next generation of stars. Noah Lyles is a mere 20 years old. He is the future of the sport. As the sport searches for the next superstar, fans see the athletes who seem accessible, enjoy the sport and run amazing races. Noah Lyles has caught the attention of many fans, young and old.

We asked Lance Brauman, the coach of PURE Athletics, a high performance athletic club, focused on sprinters and jumpers, to speak about Noah Lyles, one of his athletes. Among the athletes who train with this club and Coach Brauman, are Noah Lyles, Josephus Lyles, Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Shakima Wimbley.

IMG_5253.jpgLance Brauman, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Today is an easy, easy 30 minute run. Have some fun. Run to a park and hang out. Do something with your friends. Also, watch the video of the Bislett Oslo meet tonight!

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Thursday, June 7, 2018-easy 30 minutes

This is Thursday, June 7. For those finishing up their track seasons, this is a set of 200 meter repeats. Warm up well, and run relaxed. The key in championship races is to a) keep your head, b) focus for opportunities, and c), hold your finish as long as you can.

IMG_5223.jpgEnjoy running fast! photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, June 7, 2018: warm up, 4x200 meters, 200 meter walk, 200m at current 800 meter race speed, cooldown

20180606200004_982704.jpgFilip Ingebrigtsen, Elijah Maningoi, Henrik Ingebrigtsen, Bislett Presser, Strawberry Party, photo by 24 Live Blog

The Dream Mile has been a big deal in Oslo for over three decades. This year, as Oslo focuses on its homegrown talent, battling many of the best in the world, and two of the three currently racing Ingebrigtsen brothers, Filip and Henrik, will be battling London World Champion Elijah Maningoi (he was silver medalist in Beijing and took gold at the Commonwealth Games in April).

Felix_Allyson200Q1-USAout17.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by PhotoRun.net
Reese_Brittney1b-USin18.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by PhotoRun.net
Felix and Reese in Poland
LaVillenie_Renaud1-PreC18.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net
CHORZOW (POL): Renovated Slaski Stadium here is looking forward to Friday´s debut with top international athletics. The oldest Polish Meeting Kusocinski Memorial (EA Classic) will stage its 64th edition here. And with some international top stars. French World record holder Renaud Lavillenie is facing home duo Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski in pole vault. Genzebe Dibaba will run her first outdoor European race in 2018 in the 1500 m with the goal to attack the 4 minutes barrier. In shot put Olympic winner Ryan Crouser and World champion Tom Walsh are clashing not only with Michal Haratyk and Konrad Bukowiecki but also with German David Storl. Two female US stars will enhance the quality of the event with expected up to 30 000 spectators. Multiple Olympic winner Allyson Felix will run her first 400 m of the year against Polish elite headed by improved Justyna Swiety-Ersetic. World champion Brittney Reese in long jump plans her only competition in Europe here with the aim to attack the World lead of 699 against Shara Proctor and Christabel Nettey. From London 2017 winners also there Andrius Gudzius in duel with Olympic champion 2012 Robert Harting, Ehsan Hadadi and home top duo Piotr Malachowski and Robert Urbanek. Another World champion competing is Sergey Shubenkov in the 110 m hurdles. Kipyegon Bett and Ferguson Rotich will ran against Adam Kszczot the 800 m, US sprinter Deajah Stevens is clashing with Ewa Swoboda in the 100 m. Both hammers are part of IAAF Hammer Challenge. Men with local heroes Pawel Fajdek and Wojciech Nowicki against Briton Nick Miller, Olympic winner Dilshod Nazarov and in-shape Bence Halasz of Hungary. On the women side second competition of the season for World and European gold medalist Anita Wlodarczyk. In high jump European leader Dmitriy Nabokau against Andriy Protsenko and home Sylwester Bednarek. In the 400 m in-shape US runner Paul Dedewo competes against top Polish this year Karol Zalewski.
RunBlogRun: Well, Chorzow is rocking this year. The fields are as good as some Diamond League meetings. We shall hope to be watching this meet on Polish TV (how I watched FBK Games).

Strawberry 1.jpgStrawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir, June 6, 2018

Strawberry 2.jpgStrawberry Party, June 6, 2018, Oslo, Norway, photo by Stuart Weir

invitation.jpgAn invitation to the Strawberry Party, photo by Stuart Weir

Okay, if you are reading RunBlogRun, you are an athletics geek, or, will soon be diagnosed as one. It is okay, there were many famous and functioning track geeks, although, I can not think of any. So, back from the digression. The Strawberry Party is one of the THE cool events on the European circuit. I remember reading the Runner Magazine in the 80s and reading about elite athletes gossiping over strawberries and such.

mayor hall 1 .jpgThe Mayors Hall, Oslo, Norway, (where Nobel Prizes are given out), photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir, only as part of a journalistic endeavor, wrote this piece on the Strawberry Party, and provided gobs of pictures for us. Thanks Stuart for taking a tough one for us!

Mayor hall 2.jpgMayor's Hall (doesn't every Norwegian have this in their home?), photo by Stuart Weir

Karoline Grovdahl, Emma Coburn .jpgKaroline Grovdal, Emma Coburn, photo by Stuart Weir

Nicola Sutton is one of my favorite media team members on the circuit. Hearing her fine questions during the Oslo pressers almost took me from Wisconsin to Norway. Here's one of her pieces for the Bislett Oslo Games, on Emma Coburn, the World Champion at the steeplechase. Emma had a strong race in Rome, down to the final water jump, and even with a fall, she ran a 9:08.

Coburn_EmmaFH-London17.jpgEmma Coburn wins London 2017 World Championships, photo by PhotoRun.net

Emma Coburn has higher aspirations in Oslo. Coburn has developed a quiet confidence, after her London win. She ran aggresively in Rome, and steeplers fall. Emma sounded ready for Oslo at the presser this morning.

We thank Nicole Sutton for this article and look forward to seeing her on the circuit. Ms. Sutton works several of the media teams in key meetings around the global circuit.

The press conference in Oslo, Norway is always in a wonderful setting and is followed by the Stawberry Party, one of the most unique events of the Diamond League series. The presser is held in an amazing site as well. We included the embed for the presser, in its entirety.

Emma C presser.jpg

Emma Coburn, Karoline Grovdal, Oslo Bislett Presser, photo by Stuart Weir

Media hard at work, presser Oslo .jpgThe Oslo Bislett Press Conference, photo by Stuart Weir

The press conference has a strong schedule. Here was the schedule:

Bislett Games press conference:

17:00: Dalilah Muhammad, Line Kloster, Zuzana Hejnová, Amalie Iuel

17:30: Mutaz Barshim, Fabian Delryd, Majd Eddin Ghazal, Danil Lysenko

17:45: Henrik Ingebrigtsen, Filip Ingebrigtsen, Elijah Manangoi

18:05: Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal, Emma Coburn

18:20: Karsten Warholm, Abderrahman Samba, Yasmani Copello, Kerron Clement

Alfons Juck gave great questions. Sad thing was, with exception of friend, Nicola Sutton, no questions from media in press conference. This is not so much for press conference, but sure is great for fans.

Best interplay was with the high jumpers, Barshim, Delryd, Ghazal and Lysenko. Also, loved the unplanned moment with Samba and Barshim, during the 400 meter hurdles. The pressers are well orchestrated, and you can speed around the pressers, to your fave moments. A nice presser.

Norway 1.jpgIn front of Central Train Station, Oslo, Norway, photo by Stuart Weir

A track & field meet resembles, some think, a three ring circus. There is something always going on, and whether you like sprints, jump, throws, or distance races, you will find something that you like.

Norway 2.jpgOslo Opera House, photo by Stuart Weir

The Diamond League meetings are a way to focus that excitement and enthusiasm. In 2018, meets such as Oslo and Stockholm have focused on the stories that are most popular in the local markets and events such as Doha, Shanghai and Prefontaine did the same. Each meet so far, in 2018, has had a great story or two to support local media and local athletic fans.

Norway 3.jpgFerry to Denmark, photo by Stuart Weir

Track & Field is at the crossroads. With so many sports trying to get time from fans, how does track & field stand out? We have to tell better stories, and draw our fans in.

Oslo Tram .jpgOslo Tram, photo by Stuart Weir

Here is the first piece from Stuart Weir on the 2018 Oslo Bislett Games.

Go see a movie. Relax, take a nap, do something you never do. Just lay back and read a book. Binge watch some Net Flix (you migh check out Swedish detective show, Wallander).

Just take it easy the next two weeks.

20151212-ROSA0047.jpgGetting spikes ready for racing, photo by Justin Britton

The championship weeks are upon us. Last weekend, in California, a sophomore won the 3200m at the state meet, by keeping his head, listening to his coach (Walt Lange) and learning from the history of his school and sport (Jesuit High of Carmicheal). Get inspired. Challenge yourself. That is what our sport is all about!

Hoka One One 10.jpgHOKA ONE ONE supports your sport, please check out their fine footwear, www.hokaoneone.com.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018: warm up, 45-50 minutes, easy, cooldown

Perkovic_SandraR1-Rome18.jpgSandra Perkovic, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Paavo Nurmi Games is one of the longest enduring meets in our sport. Nearly 13,000 watched a fine early evening of track and field in historic Turku, Finland. Named in honor of the great Flying Finn, Paavo Nurmi, the meet had some strong performances, World champ Ramil Guiliyev defeated Luxolo Adams, in the 200 meters, who had defeated Guiliyev at the FBK Games on Sunday. Pawel Fedjek, hammer deity, was upset by Wojciech Nowicki, and Sergey Shubenkov wins a second 110m hurdles in three days, in 13.18. On the women's side, Tori Franklin (14.11m, TJ) and Sandra Perkovic (66.82m) lead the way.

In the battle for the javelin Magnus Kirt defeated Johannes Vetter, Thomas Rohler and Finnish javelin god, Tero PItamaki, with a throw of 88.73 meters.

Moen_Sondre1-CampaccioXC18.jpgSondre Moen, looking for a big PB in 10,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

The eve of the Oslo Bislett Games is almost here. The planning for the meet, one of the most storied in Europe, has been in planning since late in the fall. Focusing on the stars of Norway, this year will be a great experiment. Budgets across the League are tight, as 2018 is a non global championships year and sponsors are, well, wary.


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The Ingebrigtsen brothers, Karoline Grovdal, Sondre Moen, and Karston Warholm are all there, and they will be big draws. The wonderful weather, and some fine rivalries will be showcased. Watch for coverage from @runblogrun's Stuart Weir and @runblogrun social media.

image1-3.jpegRod Dixon with his KIDS marathon group, photo by Jeff Benjamin

This is one of the most amazing programs I have ever seen! Rod Dixon is bringing another generation into our sport. The charming Kiwi, who has raced from 800 meters to the marathon, including his paradigm changing NYC Marathon in 1983, which was on global television, brought the marathon to the world of sports entertainment. Here's a fine piece by Jeff Benjamin.

Kirani James, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kirani is back
KINGSTON (JAM): After health issues which kept him out from 2017 season the 2012 Olympic 400 m winner Kirani James is back in full training. His comeback race is now set for next weekend at Racers Grand Prix in Kingston (June 9).
RunBlogRun opines: One of the most amazing athletes in our sport, Kirani James World Champion (gold in WC in 2011, bronze in 2015), Olympic champion (gold in London 2012, silver in Rio 2016) returns to racing after a year away from the sport. Nice to see Kirani returning to the sport.
Kirani James, photo by PhotoRun.net

I was watching the FBK Games on Sunday, and was amazed how strong the streaming video was from Hengelo. An abbreviated schedule for the meeting, some entertainment and some fun just outside of the stadium showed that Global Sports Communications was reinvigorating the Fannie Blankers-Koen Games.

Here's a column I published on my LInked in last month. With such a big track weekend coming, I thought that you might fight it worthy of a read!

Breaking2_Group_Lelisa_Zersenay_Eliud_native_1600.jpgBreaking 2 PR from May 2017, courtesy of Nike communications

Manyonga_LuvoR-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, Rome DL 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Warholm_KarstenFV-Oslo17.jpgKarston Warholm wins his first 400m hurdles, June 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rudish_DavidFV-Oslo10.jpgDavid Rudisha wins his first Oslo Bislett, 4 June 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net

Eaton_AshtonR-Glascow14.jpgAshton Eaton, July 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's three big moments from the Oslo Bislett Games, one of the most prestigious meetings in all the world. Cathal Denney, one of our sports' premier writers, wrote this piece for the IAAF website. We use this piece with full credit to our friends at www.iaaf.org.

24-1 logo .jpg24-1.jpg24 Cities, 24 hours, 24 1 Mile Races, for #globalrunningday

Here's the update from the IAAF on their Global Running Day Celebration.

Global Running Day .jpg

Photo for European Athletics courtesy of Getty Images/EuropeanAthletics

Global Running Day (June 6) promises to be a busy affair this year, with more than 600 race organisers having already signed up to take part in the worldwide event.

Here's the column from European Athletics website:

This is the first week of the soft launch. It is a recovery week, first of two for those who ended track competitions recently. Do something different, take a break, hang with friends, turn off your iphones, and computers. Just relax. We suggest a few runs a week, nothing of big effort. Your body needs to recover.

20151212-ROSA0247.jpgCross country is coming soon! photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, June 5, 2018-easy 30 minutes

This is day 2 of the championship weeks as some of you build to NB Outdoors, AAU and USATF Juniors. For those not competing anymore in track, we have the soft launch of the HOKA ONE ONE Postal XC Training in next note. For those working on the championships, it is key that you get some rest, hydrate, warm up and cooldown well.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com

Tuesday, June 5, 2018: warm up, 4 times 400 meters, 400 meter walk in between, 400 meters at 800m race speed, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

Lyles_NoahFHL-BosOut18.jpGNoah Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lyles vs Hughes vs Blake
KINGSTON (JAM): Meet director of Racers Grand Prix Glen Mills has said he is not looking for Diamond League status for the event, informs the Jamaica Gleaner. "What we want to do is provide a platform that we can showcase the high level of athletics that we have developed here in Jamaica, and we are a country with a huge appreciation for track and field," he said. "We have put together some very competitive races, and if the conditions are right, we could see a lot of world-leading times," Mills said. "For example, the men's 100 should be great because we have Noah Lyles, who has run 19.69, and if you have run that fast, then your 100m should be really good." He will face Zharnel Hughes who is concetrating on 100 m this year and also 2011 World champion Yohan Blake. In the women's 100m, super talent Briana Williams will test herself against the big girls as she gets ready for the World Under-20 Championship in July. Williams, who is ranked in the world in the Under-20 category, will line-up against World champion Tori Bowie, Commonwealth Games silver and bronze medallists Christania Williams, and Gayon Evans. Olympic Champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Commonwealth Games silver medallist Shericka Jackson should keep fans on their toes in the women's 200m as Jackson looks to turn the tide on Miller-Uibo, who claimed the title at the Commonwealth Game

laura muir runs .jpgLaura Muir showing off her bib for Glasgow 2019!

Here's a release on the awarding of the coverage for the 2019 European Indoor Championships. European Athletics has reached out to the world's next generation of athletic fans through streaming video, social media and exceptional content, featuring the stars of European athletics. RunBlogRun has covered four Euro Indoor Champs and truly enjoyed the events! Looking forward to Glasgow!

Rodgers 9.92, Leeper 44.42, Crouser 22.31
PRAGUE (CZE, Jun 4): Great Odlozil Memorial (EA Classic) at Juliska Stadium in nice summer evening and good weather for top marks. At the end the fastest 100m race of the year as US Mike Rodgers clocked 9.92 (+1.7, his fastest since 2015) after easy 10.05 (0.0) in heats. Behind him Briton Ojie Edoborun 10.04 and Emre Barnes 10.08 for Turkey, personal bests for both. Paralympian Blake Leeper achieved superb meet record, PB and para World record 44.42 in the 400 m, way behind second local hero Pavel Maslak 45.73. Another top mark was the show by Olympic shot put winner Ryan Crouser with three 22 marks: 22.31, 22.28 and 22.09. The best one meet record and Czech all-comers mark. Aleksandr Lesnoy beat Tomas Stanek who just starts the season 20.77 to 20.71. Jakub Vadlejch won the javelin with great 89.02 season best and his second best ever. Second Adrian Mardare Moldova´s record 84.43.

Georganne Moline won the 400 m hurdles in another meet record 54.04 over Cassandra Tate 54.94 and local star Zuzana Hejnova 55.40. Also meet record by World U20 Champion 2016 Elvira Herman of Belarus 12.69 (+1.0) also a PB. Behind her Rikenette Steenkamp clocked South African record 12.91. In the memorial 1500 m event Brahim Kaazouzi won in 3:35.58 beating Charlie Grice 3:35.88 and Jakub Holusa 3:36.98. Saudi Arabian record for Khalid Al Mouwaled in the hurdles 13.36 (+0.9) ahead of Antonio Alkana 13.42 and Czech Petr Svoboda 13.54 in season opener Berlin standard. Czech Republic clocked 38.99 meet record in 4x100 m in the pre-programme what is the fastest time by the team since 1972. Other winners Tianna Bartoletta (653) and Vladyslav Mazur (803) in long jump, Vladyslav Malykhin 555 in the pole vault and 2:02.77 by Chaltu Shume of Ethiopia in women 800 m.

Lasitskene_MariyaPC-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net

In a matter of three days, Mariya Lasitskene moved the World Lead from 2.02 meters to 2.03 meters. The World Champion in the high jump also added a 40th and 41rst wins to her tally, again, hinting at her domination of the event.

At the FBK Games, held in Hengelo, The Netherlands in honor of Fannie Blankers Koen, a women who won four Olympic medals in post war London's modest Olympic games, Blankers-Koen challenged the paradigms in place for women in sports: women never competed in their thirties and dear God, never after having had held children.

Today, in many events and championships, the women's events are as exciting if not more than some of the men's events. In the high jump, observing Lasitskene clear 2 meters is like watching a painter put the final touches on a fine painting. In Lausanne in 2017, Lasitskene cleared 2.06 meters, and showed the Swiss crowd a unique night of athletics.

At the FBK Games, her performance was also long and exciting. Lasitskene cleared 1.88 meters and 1.91 meters on her first attempts. She then missed one time at 1.94 meters, and focused herself once again. Her attempt at 1.97 meter was clean. Lasitskene then passed at 2 meters and attacked 2.03 meters, clearing on her second attempt. At 2.05 meters, her attempts were imperfect, as she was tiring.

Watching Lasitskene jump is like entering the athlete's private world. She speaks to herself, and she masks most emotion. She knows what whe must do to clear the height, and it does not seem to matter if she jumps in front of five people or 50,000.

Her jumping Hengelo tells us one thing: watch for Mariya Lasitskene to clear better heights this summer. This writer hopes to see her soar in Berlin in August.

203 🌝 @fbkgames #fbkgames #highjump #cska #trackandfield #hengelo

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Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net

The new owner of the FBK Games, Global Sports Communications did a fine job with the meeting. Selecting eleven events, having music and some activities that could capture the interest of young and old, GSC shook up a meet that was loosing its local support.

Simpson_Jenny-PreC18.jpgJenny Simpson, photo by PhotoRun.net

This year, the success was palatable, from the streaming video I viewed. A nice turnout, some key stars and most of all, some close races, and the meet was successful with its new approach. In fact, the streaming video was the best of the year so far, and that was with the announcing in Polish.

Manyonga_Luvo1-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fine performances by Mariya Lasitskene, Jenny Simpson, Sam Kendricks, Dafne Schippers and the trio in the men's LJ (Luvo Manyonga, Jeff Henderson and Marquis Dendy), and a deep 400 meters (with Christian Taylor running a PB of 45.07 in fourth!).

Taylor_Christian-Pre18.JPGChristian Taylor, trading the TJ for a 400 meters, CT ran 45.07 PB! photo by PhotoRun.net

Reinventing itself, that is what the sport needs to do. At FBK Games, they have taken the first steps!

Schippers_DafneFV-Lausanne17.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Baker-Coleman-PrescodFHL-Pre18.JPGRonnie Baker wins Pre Classic 100 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lyles_NoahFH-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles blazes the 200 meters at 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here's report 23 for the USA-Canada results, from Carles Baronet, Track in Sun. Carles edits and compiles all of our results for @runblogrun. We are grateful each week.

Kiyeng_HyvinFL-Rome18.jpgHyvin Kiyeng, Rome DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Moen_Sondre1-CampaccioXC18.jpgSondre Moen, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Oslo Bislett Games are the Diamond League meeting number five, and is being held on June 7. Our friends in Oslo have focused on some key rivalries for Scandanavia. Here is Justin Lagat's View from Kenya.

This is a recovery week for track athletes or the soft launch week one for cross country. Have some fun, see Star Wars, see movies, hang out with friends. Take a hike, take a nap. Give your body some rest time.

Oh, and get some new shoes for cross country training!

Hoka One One 7.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the training program, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Here's the report for last week for the update 17 for the European Athletics Results 2017-2018, from Carles Baronet, our friend from Catalonia. Carles is getting very busy this summer with updated European results!

Perkovic_Sandra1a-Rome18.jpgSandra Perkovic, discus thrower supreme, photo by PhotoRun.net

Perkovic_Sandra1-Rome18.jpgSandra Perkovic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Perkovic_SandraR1-Rome18.jpgSandra Perkovic, go discus go! photo by PhotoRun.net

The state meets have finished, and now, we build to USATF Juniors, NB Outdoors and AAUs. For those who are done with track and field, take two weeks off (watch our suggestions for two weeks of active rest).

Hoka One One 4.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about the brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com

Monday, June 4, 2018: warm up, 45 minutes, 6 times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

FBK Games in new style with 2 World leads
Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, HJ WL of 2.03 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net
Simpson_Jenny-Pre18.JPGJenny Simpson, WL, Mile, 4:24.72, photo by PhotoRun.net
HENGELO (NED, Jun 3): Two world leads and three meet records highlighted the 2018 edition of IAAF World Challenge meet. The 37th FBK Games were staged for first time in experimental format, friendly for spectators with musical break and fewer events (11). Mariya Lasitskene improved her world lead (also equaled MR) to 2.03m to extend her win streak to 41 competitions before three attempts at 2.05m. There were also wins in field events for fellow world champions Sam Kendricks with 5.81m in the pole vault while Luvo Manyonga, who began with four fouls, jumped 8.18m on his sixth attempt to surpass Olympic champion Jeff Henderson's 8.15m. On the track, Dafne Schippers closed the programme with victory in the 200m in 22.44 ahead of Bulgaria's Ivet Lalova-Collio (22.79) with Blessing Okagbare finishing a distant sixth in 23.03. In the men's 200m, Luxolo Adams clocked 20.34 to defeat European champion Bruno Hortelano in 20.35, who was racing for the first time over 200m since the 2016 Olympics, and Fred Kerley in 20.43. World bronze medallist Abdalelah Haroun from Qatar won the men's 400m in a meeting record of 44.35 from Paul Dedewo (44.50 PB) and Mike Cherry (44.90) with Christian Taylor fourth, improving his PB from 45.17 to 45.07. There was also a meet record of 50.88 from Shakima Wimbley in the women's 400m, beating Botswana's Christina Botlogetswe (51.00 PB) and Justyna Swiety-Ersetic (51.48). Kenya's Jonathan Kitilit won a good quality 800m in 1:43.77 from Australian youngster Joseph Deng (1:44.97) and Jenny Simpson won the mile in a world-leading 4:25.71 from Ethiopia's Besu Sado (4:25.99). Olympic champion Brianna McNeal won the 100m hurdles in 12.66 from Queen Harrison (12.93) and Nadine Visser (12.94) and Sergey Shubenkov won the 110m hurdles in a season's best of 13.23 from Orlando Ortega (13.38).

Simpson_Jenny-Pre18.JPGJenny Simpson, Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the highlights, for me, of the FBK Games was the women's mile. Jenny Simpson is a racer. She knows how to influence a race, and when to make her move. How did that come about?

Jenny Simpson makes few bad moves as a 1,500 meter racer. In her Rio bronze medal run, but especially, in her London silver medal run, Simpson made a series of moves that kept her in the battle, and allowed her to take advantage of her speed and positioning, gaining her a silver medal. Her racing skills have been hard won. Race after race, workout after workout, Simpson and her team have worked to prepare her for the upcoming battles.

In a career that has seen ten sub four minute 1,500 meters, gold and two silver medals (2011, 2013, 2017), in World Championships, and and Olympic bronze medal. To me, her silver medal in London and her bronze medal in Rio cemented Jenny Simpson as the finest American middle distance racer of her generation.

This season, Jenny Simpson is fitter than she has ever been. Her race in Eugene had her leading for much of the race, and she finished third, as four women went under 4 minutes. Here's what she said to the media after the race:

"It was a little windy coming around the curve on the backstretch, and you remember that only when you're the one doing all the hard work. I just did the best I could. You open up, you run as hard as you can, you dive at the line and unfortunately, I came up third."

"I'm really happy with the run. It was my first 1,500 of the season, and it was sub-four, I did a lot of the hard work and I think it's a very different place from Jenny Simpson one year ago."

In the mile, Jenny Simpson made her final move on the last straightaway. Her increase in speed gave her the lead the final fifty meters to go! Her final charge across the finish line gave her the win and World Lead of 4:25.72. Simpson also lead thirteen under 4 minutes, 30 seconds for the mile.

The longest race of the FBK Games was a huge hit. It is also part of Jenny Simpson's early European racing tour for 2018. Watch her, this could be a fast season.

FBK Games.jpgThe FBK Games recieved a makeover this year. Focusing on eleven events, with a strong focus on rivalries, the new owners of the FBK Games, Global Sports Communications, did a fine job. Getting more fans to the meet, keeping them enthused and selling the sport are key.

Manyonga_Luvo1-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, photo by PhotoRun.net

Some fine races, with Jenny Simpson leading 13 women under 4:30 in the mile and a world leader was a good start. Mariya Lasitskene winning her 41rst HJ victory and setting a World leader with her 2.03 meter clearance, and three attempts at 2.05 meters.

A fine long jump with Luvo Manyonga, who had three fouls, then, on his final jump, took the lead, with an 8.18 meter leap, to leapfrog over Jeff Henderson (8.15m) and Marcus Dendy (8.13m).

Dafne Schippers won the 200 meters, to the delight of her home crowd, ending the meet on a near perfect note! FBK Games will be on my bucket list for 2019.

A superb streaming video program for FBK this year! It is not like being there, but fine coverage this year!

Hofmann_AndreasQ-WC17.jpgAndreas Hofmann, photo by PhotoRun.net

OFFENBURG (GER, Jun 2): Andreas Hofmann moved to eighth on the world all-time lists with a massive throw of 92.06m in Offenburg, beating reigning world champion Johannes Vetter's 86.27m and Bernhard Seifert's 85.17m. Hofmann also had throws of 89.70m in the first round, plus three more over 87m. China's Liu Shiying won the women's competition with 64.08m from Christin Hussong (63.52m) and Kara Winger (62.67m) with former world champion Katharina Molitor fifth with 59.38m.

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Rome DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mariya Lasitskene won her 40th consecutive win in a row, at the Rome Golden Gala. Lasitskene truly competes against herself, once she gets past 1.96 meters, and in Rome, it was no different.

Lasitskene cleared 1.84 meters and 1.88 meters on her first attempts. At 1.91 meters, Lasitskene took two attempts to clear, but was back on track for one attempts at 1.94m, 1.97 meters and 2.02 meters. She made three game attempts at 2.04 meters and did not clear. She was very tired by 2.04 meters.

In Rome, Lasitskene cleared 2.02 meters, and gave the world another World Leader. After her competition, Lasitskene said to the assembled media: "This meeting has a very good atmosphere, I am happy to beat my SB, I am happy to be here in Rome. It is good to compete in Stockholm soon for the next DL meeting.

In today's competition I got everything I wanted emotionally. At 1.91m I missed my first and then I was angry with myself. The audience was great, it helped a lot. And the atmosphere was so motivating. I am sure that everyone can beat me any time. So I must not relax."

Mariya Lasitskene is a perfectionist. She is also a rare talent. Watch her at the first heights. She tends to get a bit impatient with the lower heights. Lasitskene seems to relax at the larger heights. Will she break the world record? I believe so.

First though, we must respect her absolute domination of her event.

Wilson_Ajee-BosOut18.jpGAjee' Wilson wins 800m in Boston, photo by PhotoRun.net

NEW YORK (USA): World indoor and outdoor 800m medallist Ajee' Wilson is planning a switch up to the 1500m later in her career, informs Track & Field News. "Over the past couple of years I've felt myself change. I deal with or handle workouts better and I'm training better. I definitely think there's more than 800 I want to do, I can do, and as I get older, you will see me stepping into the 1500. I don't know if it's my prime yet, but I definitely know that I'm coming into my own," she said. Wilson has already improved her 1500m PB to 4:05.18 this year.

Sunday is your long run day. Enjoy the run with your friends. Try some trails and roads, vary the terrain. It is healthier for your feet.

Hoka One One 6.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, for more info on this fine brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Sunday, June 3, 2018: 70 minute run, relaxed

Lasitskene_Mariya-Rome18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Rome Golden Gala, photo by PhotoRun.net

TaLou_MarieFH1-Rome18.jpgMarie-Josee Ta Lou, Rome Golden Gala, photo by PhotoRun.net

Manyonga_LuvoR-Rome18.jpgLuvo Manyonga, Rome Golden Gala, photo by PhotoRun.net

Nelvis_Sharika1a-Rome18.jpgSharika Nelvis, Rome Golden Gala, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2018 Golden Gala Pietro Mennea had some excellent performances. Here's the complete results of the Rome DL from 31 May.

In a copyrighted story from Reuters, Christian Coleman, the current world record holder at 60 meters and the 2018 World Indoor Champion at 60 meters has been withdrawn from the Oslo Diamond League and Stockholm Diamond League by his manager, Emmanuel Hudson. Mr. Hudson cites this as a precautionary measure due to hamstring injury that has not completed healed.

Coleman_ChristianPC-Rome18.jpgChristian Coleman, Rome Golden Gala Press Conference, May 30, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

In the Reuters story, Christian Coleman injured his hamstring in workouts in April. Coleman pulled out of Shanghai as a precautionary measure. In Eugene, Coleman ran a wind-aided 9.84, to finish second to Ronnie Baker's wind aided 9.78.

After his race in Eugene, Coleman noted to the media: "I felt pretty good, that was my season opener, so you know just take it from there and get better. I feel real good about it, just knocking the rust off, got a long season ahead of me, so I'm excited about it."

In Rome, Christian Coleman and Ronnie Baker battled for much of the race, and, after 80 meters, Baker took the lead, winning in a legal 9.93, with Christian Coleman falling back to fourth. Jimmy Vicaut, the European record holder at 100 meters, took seocnd with Italy's young star, Filippo Torto.

Baker_RonnieFH1-Rome18.jpgTortu, Baker, Coleman (in pain), Rome DL 100 meters, May 31, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

We wish Christian Coleman a speedy recovery. The Reuters' article also noted that Mr. Coleman is next scheduled to race at the Paris Diamond League Meeting on June 30.

How does the loss of a major star affect the meetings involved? The Diamond League is built around celebrating the rivalries of the sports' stars. If the stars can not compete, should be be at the meet to meet with young fans and do media events? This is one of the major problems our sport has not grappled with, but comes up each time a major athlete is injured before a major event.

Kipruto_ConseslusFV-Rome18.jpgConseslus Kipruto, Rome DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Conseslus Kipruto is the finest male steeplechaser in the world. He keeps the great tradition held for many years by Ezekial Kemboi. He continues to battle American Evan Jager and Moroccan Soufianne El Bakkali. These three men, along with Benjamin Kigen, are at the top of the food chain. Oh, and I have missed one, the hard charging Frenchman, Mahiedine Mekhissi-Bennebad, and we do not want to do that, if you get my drift.

Can Conseslus Kipruto break the World Record in the Men's steeplechase, held since 2004 by Saif Saeed Shaheen, of 7:53.63? As some will recall, Saif Saeed Shaheen (first represented Qatar in 2003) was the former Stephen Cherono, who moved from Kenya to Qatar, and Shaheen won the 2003 and 2005 World Champs steeplechases while representing Qatar.

Kipruto is a fine racer. 7:53 is a crazy fast time. He is going to need perfect weather, perfect pacing and the best field the sport can find.

After Rome, Consesus told the media: " I'm happy I won and the time was important for me-a world lead is good. I wasn't impressed after Shanghai and Eugene, so they helped me to wake up." Eugene woke up Conseslus, as Benjamin Kigen kicked his butt and Evan Jager ran him breathless, to the tape. If that was not a wake up call, then, well, call me a contrarian.

" Today though, I was ready and I used my experience here-after winning in the last two years-but I know I can run faster. I keep promising I will return here and I always keep my promises." added Kipruto.

Kipruto_ConseslusFH-London17.jpgKipruto, El Bakkali, Jager, Mekhissi-Benabbad, the steeplechase gang of four, photo by PhotoRun.net

Conseslus Kipruto is a pretty good hurdler. But Shaheen was a perfect hurdler. The guy had no wasted motion! I watched him race and I was, well, in awe.

Conseslus Kipruto is a better closer and his resolve is unquestioned. In a race for the record, Kipruto has to be careful. Such an attempt is the perfect place for Evan Jager to use that 3:32 1,500m speed and mow Kipruto down. Mekhissi-Benneabad and El Bakkali have amazing speed.

So, the zen question comes, little grasshopper, does Conseslus really want to go for the WR?

Conseslus Kipruto added the following quip to his quote in the mixed zone: " Now, I have four weeks to focus on training before attempting the world record in the Monaco Diamond League. I will put all of my effort in there - I'm ready for it."

Conseslus Kipruto has won Olympic gold and World Championship gold. The only thing left? The World record in the men's steeplechase.

Monaco Herculis the perfect stadium to attempt a WR, and with the fields put together in that stadium, it could see several men under 8 minutes. Stay tuned, sports fans.

FBK Games.jpgRegassa-Medhin-Gebrselassie-Belete-Merga-Hengelo12.jpgHaile Gebrselassie's last 10,000m on track, May 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

The FBK Games is one of the true gems of athletics on the IAAF World Challenge circuit. The finest meet in the Netherlands, the Fannie Blankers Koen Games are held in honor of one of the finest athletes to ever come out of the Netherland, Fannie Blankers-Koen, who won four Olympic gold medals medals in the 1948 London Olympics, plus two bronze, one silver and five gold European Athletics medals between 1938 and 1950!

Fannie Blankers-Koen won her medals after giving birth to her children, something unheard of in her day. She challenged the then limits to women's sport, and in 1999, the IAAF named her Female Athlete of the Century.

The FBK Games is held in Hengelo, The Netherlands. The facility has seen world records over 2 miles, 5000 meters, 10,000 meters, by Haile Gebrselassie and 5000m WR by Kenenisa Bekele.

Jos Herman's company, Global Sports Communications, took over the meeting in 2018. We wish them well. RunBlogRun hopes to be back in Hengelo in 2019.

To see the entry fields, please, click here: Entrylist FBK Games 2018 (by May 22) NEW.pdf

To see the list of world records created, at FBK click here: FBK Games wereld records.pdf

To see the records for the FBK games, which are pretty damn impressive: meeting records.pdf

To see how to watch the streaming of the meet, for free, click here: http://www.watchathletics.com/schedule/watchlive/3790

Well, the hot mess that is the rebuild, renovation, razing of Hayward Field, take your choice, is growing. Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, graduate of the University of Oregon (and Stanford, for that matter), has done an interview, and a very good one at that, with the hometown paper, Eugene's Registar-Guard.

First question. Is track & field the ONLY sport that complains when someone donates $200 million plus to redo an icon? Baseball stadiums are redone, football stadiums are redone. Track & Field seems to be the only sport that truly eats its young, or old, for that matter.

HaywardFieldFE1-USOlyTr16.jpgHayward Field, July 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

The interview features great photos, audio bites, and a well written story, by Austin Meek. In the story, Phil Knight notes that, the University of Oregon is important to him, hence he and his wife, Penny, have given several hundred million to the university. Mr. Knight also supported the rebuild of Hayward Field, sacred ground for Mr. Knight and his brand, Nike, for many reasons. At first, Mr. Knight was asked to give $50 million, and he and his wife agreed, then, it was $75 million, and he noted approval, then, it was $100 million, and by $125 million, Mr. Knight was, well, not a happy camper. He pulled out of the project, per the story. And then, he came back to the project.

FRFW_Lead_Pack_2018_David_Monti.JPGThe lead pack at Freihoffer's Run for Women, photo by David Monti, Race Results Weekly

Nukuri_Pagano_Leading_FRFW_2018_David_Monti.JPGDiane Nukuri, Laura Pagano battle for Freihoffer's Run for Women title, photo by David Monti, RRW

The Freihoffer's Run for Women is one of those iconic races that celebrate women's running, and have so, for decades. David Monti wrote this piece for RRW, which we use with permission.

Today is one of the big race days of the season. Good luck to all who are racing. Remember, you have put 20 weeks of track and 22 weeks of cross country toward your goals.

Brown_Ceaira-PreC18.jpgCeiara Brown has broken 2 minutes for the 800m this season, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saturday, June 2, 2018: Warm up, Race, cooldown

The poof of the pasta is in the eating.jpgSandra Perkovic, photo by Colombo/FIDAL

P1080233.JPGChristian Coleman post race: interviews are hard enough...photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir has been at Doha, Pre, and now, Rome. He is a keen observer of the sport. He also has a sense of humor. Most of all, Stuart Weir acts as the eyes and ears of the RunBlogRun reader. How do I describe you? RunBlogRun readers are the ultimate athletics fans, cross country, indoor, outdoor, road running. They want to learn something about the athlete, the event or the discipline that they did not know before. Many times, they use our social coverage while they are at the meets or watching them on a digital device. Stuart observes and puts to pen those observations. The good, the bad and the ugly is such a column. Because of it, we learn that elite athletes have a lot to juggle at a major event, and that their event is just the start.

FOMnew.jpegRunBlogRun opines: One of the events we love is the Saint Louis Festival of Miles. Having been born in St.Louis and attended DeSmet Jesuit Prep for two years, and having run my first mile ever on the noted Saint Louis University High track facility (somewhere around 6:08 in 1972), I must provide a shout out. Festival of Miles is one of those creative approaches to our sport that thrive with a small, but enthusiastic group of eccentrics. Hello Big River Running crew and thanks to all of the event sponsors! Great things from great people.

A relaxed run is all that you need to do the day before your big race. Try and get a nap.

Hoka One One 5.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this brand, please go to www.hokaoneone.com.

Friday, June 1, 2018: warm up, 30 minute run, cooldown

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