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This is the podcast for the Day 7 of the Rio Olympics with Moments with Larry. Day seven was an amazing day of track & field. Truth was, something to savor on each of the ten days. We hope that you enjoy the podcast series, let us know. You can always reach us at [email protected] . Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for production of the podcasts and Brian Eder for shooting the videos, and laughing at my jokes for ten days.

Jager_EvanQ-OlyGame16.jpgEzekial Kemboi, Evan Jager, photo by

Coburn_Emma1a-Rio16.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by

Thirty-two medals was the final count for the U.S. team in Rio for track & field. The absolute best performance since 1932 for the U.S. in an Olympics. This was my ninth Olympics writing about the sport we love, and Rio was, an amazing testament to the pride of the Brazilian people. It was also a question that needs to be answered--what is the IOC doing? We will leave that question for another day, but for now, enjoy Moments with Larry podcast, my review of day six of track & field. Special thanks to Brian Eder, for the company and filming. Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts, who produce and manage our video assets.

Remember, deadline for early application is 11/29/16 at 2 P.M.

This is the day 5 podcast for Olympic Moments with Larry. On Day 5, we covered the highlights of that fine day of Olympic Track & Field. The podcast was filmed in Engenhao, at the apartment where I was staying for the Olympics. We were across from the Olympic Stadium and railroad station.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts. They were fun to make and great memories of the Rio Olympics. Special thanks to Brian Eder for the filming and company and The Shoe Addicts on producing the podcast.


Larry Eder in Engenhao, against my favorite wall of graffitti, photo by Brian Eder

Olympic Moments with Larry has been one of my favorite projects. It was shot in Engenhao, a suburb of Rio, where the train station and Olympic stadium are located. We filmed the highlight videos (one done for each day) during the ten days of Rio Olympic Track & Field.

This podcast was for day four. Special thanks to Brian Eder for filming the videos and The Shoe Addicts for producing the video series. Video is just below the photo.

StadiumWide-Rio16.jpgEngenhao Stadio Olimpico, photo by

IMG_5931.JPGLarry in Engenhao, photo by Brian Eder

This is part three of Moments with Larry, our review of day three of the 2016 Rio Olympic Track & Field championships. This series of Olympic moments was filmed in Engenhao, from our apartment for the 2016 Rio Olympics, by Brian Eder. The video series was produced by The Shoe Addicts.

This is part of the Moments of Larry from the Rio 2016 Olympics. We did a highlight video from each day of the Rio track and field Olympics. This is my video on Day two, the best moments, from my opinion. We filmed the video at our apartment in Engenhao, just across from the stadium. Special thanks to Brian Eder for the filming and company and The Shoe Addicts for producing the video.

Farah-TanuiLastTurn-Rio16.jpgThe final turn of Rio 10,000 meters, photo by

The Rio 2016 Olympics had many levels of stories. This podcast series is called Moments with Larry, with my takeaways from the Rio Olympic Track & Field schedule. Filmed an recorded in Rio, in Engenhao, the colorful suburb of Rio, located near the Engenhao Train Station and Olympic Stadium. Here are my recollections of day one, filmed before we left the wonderful culture of Brazil. The video podcast is right below the picture. Enjoy! Special thanks to Brian Eder for filming me and for the Shoe Addicts in producing the video and podcast!

Ayana_AlmazWR-OlyGame16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by

The series Olympic Moments with Larry was one of the most fun projects that I have done. My brother, Brian and I filmed them in Rio, at our little apartment across from the Engenhao Olympic Stadium. We reviewed each day and the importance of the Rio Olympics. This is a podcast series, so you can download and enjoy on your phone while you are running or walking. Let us know what you think about this series! Thanks to Brian, who continues to amaze me, and our team at The Shoe Addicts (Algeron Felice, Mike Deering and Adam Eder), who continue to inspire me.
IMG_5931.JPGLarry Eder in Rio, near Engenhao, photo by Brian Eder

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 9.43.25 AM.pngLora Vaccaro, Executive Director of AKTIV USA

We met with Lora Vaccoro, Executive Director of AKTIV USA on Saturday, November 5, the night before the New York City Marathon. Lora is articulate and thoughtful, with a wealth of experience in non profits and appareciation for the sport of running. Lora's goal is to promote the goals of AKTIV USA and the AKTIV Against Cancer, the organizaiton founded by Helle Aenensen and the late Grete Waitz. The organization is active in Norway, Ethiopia and now, the USA.

To learn more on AKTIV and its goal of integrating fitness into programs to fight cancer, please go to

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