Ten Revelations from the World Championships


Greetings sports fans! Well, my negotiations to re enter the time and space of North America is still going on. While my body has been here for 24 hours, my stomach is somewhere over Asia, and my sleep patterns are just plain gone...here, as promised
are ten revelations from the World champs in Osaka!

1. Adam Nelson and Reese Hoffa, in competition, and out of competition, show that athletes can train together and compete all out. The class that these two showed in their press conference, that you can admire your competition and compete against them all at the same time. Both are articulate, thoughtful athletes.

2. As well meaning as the press conferences were after the events, they were too short. While the staff had too many to juggle, events that had huge audiences abroad did just not get the time to discuss their events.

3. Tyson Gay is the best sprinter of his era. Problem, Asafa Powell thinks he is the best sprinter of his era, and Derrick Atkins is pretty darn close. This means, you guessed it! Some great sprint action. One other thing. If Tyson Gay says that he can feel for Asafa Powell not winning the medal, he can mean it and also like that he, Tyson Gay won the gold medal. Get past this block that sprinters a) can only boast and howl b) do not have complicated feelings and issues.

4. Kara Goucher has opened the floodgates. The days of U.S. distance women and men who thought that making the World Champs team was enough are gone. The goal in competing internationally, is to do the best against the best. Kara Goucher knows that, and just did that. And what an interview!

5. Brad Walker's haircut is the reason his won the pole vault. Look, if Brad Walker thinks that taking two strawberry pop tarts, coating them with peanut butter and putting them on each arm would help him win a medal I would do it. This guy stayed totally cool as the best vaulters in the world forgot how to a) vault b) complete vault c) both of the above. He also gave the U.S. it's first gold medal in pv in a World Champs-on the men's side!

6. Breaux Greer' hair-it should have its own Bravo show. I am so happy Breux won a medal, but the next time he purposely fouls a javelin throw, I am going to take the Breaux is Jav Deity on my chest and rip it off! Greet competed well,and now has a medal to prove it. Now, Mr. Greer, focus on the prize.. Beijing.

7. Allyson Felix is the best 200 meter women runner in the world, period and ran both relays with class, and style. As her agent, Renaldo Nehemiah told me in June, Allyson would have something to show us at the end of the summer. Her 21.98 for 200 meters dusted the field!

8. Lauryn Williams-what do I say? First, you are the best 100 meter runner in U.S. Why? You delivered WHEN you were supposed to, and in my mind, your medal should have been gold. Note to self, teach finish line judges to understand that whole torso deal in determining who wins races, not raised arms. Great job by Lauryn running through rounds, then running the relay. Ms. Williams can cook on the relays.

9. Bernard Lagat shows that good things take time. Lagat was patient and moved a this right time to take gold in the 1,500 meters and hold off Rhashid Ramzi. In the 5,000 meters, his challenge was Eliud Kipchoge, who tried to hold Bernard off, but he did it when it counted, with a few meters to spare.

10. Alan Webb had a tough day at the office. That's okay. Somedays are good, some are bad. Alan did 19 of 20 things right in the 1,500 final, and ran a 54 last lap. His semi, where he ran a 52.7 last 400 meters, was tough on him. He showed class in the press conference, and his ability for self review and introspection will help him on his way to medaling in the Worlds or Olympics.

That is it for now, some more thoughts on the Worlds tommorow.

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