RBR Flash! Dwain Chambers 'Appeal Rejected: He will not compete in Beijing, by Larry Eder


In a copyrighted story on Inside the Games (http://www.insidethegames.com/
), a British blog that follows the developments leading towards, London 2012, it was noted that Dwain Chambers' Appeal to British
courts was rejected: He will not run in Beijing...

British Justice Sir Colin Mackay responded to the appeal by Chamber's legal team that Chambers was being inhibited from his chosen profession and that he had served his time and should be able to make the British Olympic team.

Dwain Chambers admitted to using a series of illegal substances ( noted as seven by Mr. Victor Conte on a BBC show last year) and was banned for two years. Upon his return, he has fought to represent British international teams, medaling in Valencia at the World Indoors.

Feelings on Chambers are mixed. Some see him as one of the few athletes who admitted use and taking his ban, has tried to come back. Others see him as not caring about the sport or anyone else, just himself.

Dwain Chambers recently won the British Olympic Trials, running the 100 meters in 10.00.

In the end, Justice Mackay had this to say, " "(But) In my judgment it would take a much better case than the claimant has presented to persuade me to overturn the status quo at this stage and compel his selection for the Games."

In the end, Runblogrun applauds Judge Mackay's decision and appreciates the delicacy of the situation. In all honesty, for drug testing to work and be respected, the price of being caught cheating has to be very, very high.

For the complete text, please go to http://www.insidethegames.com/

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