Usain Bolt runs 45.54 in Jamaica, by Alfons Juck, Note by Larry Eder


Well, Usain Bolt is rounding into shape. Coach Mills had Usain running 400 meter races, for strength now. I remember hearing about Carl Lewis monday workout, a 400 m in 46, then a 300 m, then a 200 m, then rolling 150s. The late Coach Bud Winter had Lee Evans doing a series of 350 meter runs that were just brutal. Bolt is obviously beginning his three year move to the 400 meters, but, as Coach Mills knows, the 100 meters record can be lowered this year, and with Berlin a long way away (six months), it is all about how good of shape the body is in.

Why did I not include the 200 meters as a record that Usain will break this year? Well, thoughtful reader, the 200 meter record, in my mind, is superior to the 100 meter record. If Bolt is challenged, if he can improve on that abysmal start, and if he runs through the finish, Usain Bolt, who is NOT a classic 100 meter runner, then we will see some just mind boggling running!

(Usain Bolt winning the Olympic 200 meters in Beijing, photo by

Bolt 45.54 KINGSTON (JAM, Feb 21): Fastest man in the world Usain Bolt was faster at 400 m on Saturday at UWI Gatorade Invitational Meet than last weekend. He posted his third best time ever 45.54 at 400 m. The week before his time was 46.35. His next known race is planned for Jamaican Invitational early May, but that needs to be confirmed.

Japan wins Ekiden

YOKOHAMA (JPN, Feb 22): Japan won the last women Ekiden of Yokohama with final time of 2:15:05. Second Kenya (2:16:58) beating Kanto-Tokyo team (2:17:45) and Kyushu team (2:18:43). Russia was fifth (2:19:23) and USA seventh (2:20:27). Yuriko Kobayashi opened a lead for Japan at first 5 km stage (15:21) and the same was followed at second stage by Yuri Kano (32:05 10 km). Yoko Shibui achieved then the fastest last 5.195 km in 16:29.

Mitsuya wins the 30 km

KUMAMOTO (JPN, Feb 22): Yu Mitsuya won the 30 km of Kumanichi in 1:29:55. The world record here is 1:28:00 by another Japanese Takayuki Matsumiya 1:28:00 from February 2005.

US Short Round-Up of Saturday (Feb 21)

ANN ARBOR: Adam Harris clocked at Silverstone Invitational 6.60 at 60 m.

NORMAN: Slovak hammer thrower Libor Charfreitag finished his weight throw season with 23.56 win at Sooner Open meet.

CLEMSON: Jamaican Eric Keddo clocked 7.69 at 60 m Hurdles.

HOUSTON: At Southland Conference Teddy Williams achieved 6.64 60 m win.

MANKATO: Katelin Rains improved in Pole Vault to 440 cm.

BLACKSBURG: Nigerian Joke Odumosu improved at 400 m here to 52.78

Additions and corrections

ATHENS (GRE): The case of pole vaulter Mariánna Zahariádi: she was born to a Cypriot father and a Greek mother. Until 2007 she was competing for Greece. Last year she decided for the first time to seek the Cypriot nationality, mainly because she would have more chances for competing in big championships, given that there were 4-5 Greek athletes with better marks than her. It seems, however, that her application was not processed by the Cypriot authorities in due time to compete in the World Junior Championships, which she ultimately missed. In the following months, things concerning her status remained unclear. For the 2009 indoor season her main goal was to clear 4.20, which was the standard set by the Cypriot Federation for Turin, as compared to 4.35, which is the Greek Federation standard, hoping to get finally the Cypriot Nationality. But now that she is over 4.41, which would normally be a national indoor record both for Greece and Cyprus, we have to wait for a few more days to see what she will finally do. Until then, please do not refer to her 4.41 mark as a National Record for any country. If she opts for Cyprus, this mark will be probably retroactively recognized, but not for now. Informs Thomas Constas.

FLORO (NOR): From the meet also to note that Briton Leon Baptiste clocked 10.52 at 100 m, Sweden´s Robert Kronberg 7.77 at 60 m Hurdles and Martin Krabbe qualified for Torino at 60 m as the Danish sprinter posted 6.70 personal best.

WIEN (AUT): Please correct that Clemens Zeller´s 60 m (6.95) and 200 m (21.32) were season bests, not personal. Not Bettina Muller-Weissina (did not compete due to flu), but Doris Roser got the women 60 m title in 7.55 (but 7.44 in heats).

LEIPZIG (GER): Correct time of Sabrina Mockenhaupt at 3000 m is 8:57.44.

Special thanks to Alfons Juck, EME News.

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